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There will be inappropriate use of that piano in Sinister Strange's Sanctum in part 4 of You Belong To Me. I'm really excited about it.
There is also going to now be an extra "mid-credit" epilogue smut piece after part 4 is done. Because it's Marvel & why not?
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So I am rewatching #Multiverse of Madness...
And obviously according to the movie and Wong there are an infinite amount of Universes.
So can we just think about the fact that, maybe -technically, any #Irondad fic is happening in some Universe?
So that means Tony is alive and happy and so is Peter, this case is closed.
I have decided .
Thank you for coming to my Ted talk
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Tumblr media
me watching that scene of MoM
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dellaliz19 · a month ago
Marvel: Behold, our first explicitly lesbian characters!
Also Marvel: YEET.
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automaticmiddle · a month ago
Did Wanda gaslight? Yes. Did she gatekeep? Yes. Did she girlboss? Yes. What more could you want from a movie?
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psycolynx · a month ago
Just saw Multiverse of Madness. Marvel has yet again decided that single goatee dudes with issues voicing their feelings must adopt the first teen they see.
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purplemushroooms · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
For those of you who did know: America Chavez is a lesbian. She also has two mothers.
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vampy-doll · a month ago
Doctor strange: “the only other avenger I can call is a guy with a Mohawk and a bow and arrow”
Sam and Bucky just out here fixing boats for fun:
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mundanesofketterdam · a month ago
Yes Elizabeth Olsen was wonderful. Yes she deserves an Oscar. But yk WHO ELSE WAS PHENOMENOL???????
Benedict CUMBERBATCH!!!! Benedict WONG!!!!! Rachel MCADAMS !!!!!!
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You Belong To Me
Smut - Explicit content - NSFW - 18+ only!
Click here for Part 2
Pairing: Sinister Stephen Strange x Reader, Stephen Strange x Reader
Summary: Awoken from sleep by the teasing kisses of your sorcerer, but one look in his eyes tells you something is off. Is he really your Stephen Strange? Or is he something more sinister?
Warnings: Smut (NSFW) - 18+ ONLY - fingering, dubious consent, deception, breeding kink, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, dirty talk, pet names, jealousy, language, kinda cheating?
Spoiler free as I haven't seen MoM yet. I was waiting until I finished this. Spelling & grammar errors will be fixed as I find them.
Tumblr media
Stephen was supposed to have the day off. That was the plan anyway, but when your boyfriend was a Master of the Mystic Arts things never really seem to go as planned. 
He had been working around the clock on learning as much as he could about the multiverse. Not that there was much that was known. So he kept reading & re-reading, studying & re-studying, the same things over & over. Almost as if he expected new information to magically reveal itself on the pages. Which to be fair, in this case is something that could maybe actually happen with the texts at the Sanctum & Kamar-Taj.  
So after several threats, from both Wong & yourself, that you would slip him a sleeping pill if he didn't relent & take a day off to catch up on sleep, with maybe some extra-curricular activities with you, you finally managed to pry him away from his books. 
It's not that he has been neglecting your relationship or anything. If anything he'd been a little more clingy. Sneaking up behind you for hugs & little reassuring kisses on your neck. Bringing his books to wherever you were sitting just to be in the same room as you. Leaving a hand touching you at night. It didn't matter where, so long as he could feel your warm skin under his palm. It was like he was scared you were gonna disappear if he wasn't right there. 
However your sex life had suffered a bit. He wasn't as playful or spontaneous, which he was never that spontaneous to begin with, nor as adventurous as he used to be in the bedroom. You were still having sex on a regular basis, & he still made sure you were both satisfied. 
You would usually get down & dirty at least a few times a week, but lately he seemed to be forcing himself to make love to you. It wasn't that he was saying no or anything like that, of course if that was the case you would stop, but it was like his head was somewhere else completely. Like his body was just going through the motions. The heat & hunger was missing.
So you would be lying if you said you weren't a bit disappointed when Stephen & Wong got called away to deal with something mystical somewhere. Truth be told you weren't really listening when they told you. You were busy hoping your new lingerie you bought to tempt Stephen into spending the day in bed with you wouldn't go to complete waste. Hopefully they could handle this quickly. 
You sent the two of them off with a slightly frisky kiss & a promise to take care of Stephen when he got back. Whispering in his ear that you meant that in more ways than one. 
Wong just gestured at Strange, politely pretending that he didn't hear what you had just said, & mouthed a silent 'sorry' to you. 
You smiled at Wong & waved your hand nonchalantly at him. You knew it wasn't his fault. If anything he had been trying even harder than you to get Stephen to take some time off. Saying it was to get Stephen out of his way, but you knew he was secretly worried about him too. He was worried about the both of you.
He was a great friend, even if he did enjoy driving Stephen up a wall from time to time. His intentions were always good.
Soon the portal closed down & you found yourself alone in the giant old building. After turning in a circle for a moment trying to figure out what to do now, you eventually decided to retire to the bedroom you & Stephen shared. You figured laying down with a book seemed like a good way to pass the time. You had a ton of books that you had every intention to read when you bought them, but just never did. 
Once you had finally settled on something to read you pulled back the covers on the large stupidly comfortable bed & decided to strip down to your new underwear. Both for comfort & so that when Stephen returned you could give him a sexy little surprise. 
Facing the long mirror in the corner of the room you discarded your shirt & jeans. Leaving you standing in just the sheer dark blue lace accented with metallic silver. You let your fingertips slip down the sides of your ribcage down your body & over your hips to the swell of your thighs. Gazing at your own reflection as you did.
You were rather pleased with how the scalloped edge of the bra made your breasts look fuller & the cheeky cut of the panties made your ass look rounder. You hoped that Stephen would feel the same when he got to see you in them. You missed the feel of his hands on your skin. The way he used to touch you. Like the feel of your skin under his fingers, & under his lips, was his reason for waking.
Before you could recede farther into your thoughts you quickly pushed them aside. All relationships had their ups & downs. You were sure that was all this was. You loved him, & he loved you. You were his, & he was yours.
You grabbed the book you had chosen & began to snuggle in under the covers. The blankets & sheets smelled like the both of you, & it immediately soothed any fear or doubt in your mind. 
Until you suddenly heard a small noise from somewhere in the corner of the room & you froze. You scanned the room thoroughly. There was not even a breeze to drift the curtains. It had to be your imagination. Deciding your brain was already getting the best of you for picking a Stephen King novel to read. That seemed about right.
Once you had cocooned yourself in the sheets you grabbed the book & opened it to the first page. Once you started you knew you would settle in & the time would pass quickly.
You have no idea how far you made it into the book or why you were suddenly racked with exhaustion, but you soon felt your eyelids grow unbearably heavy & your grip on the pages loosening. Before long you succumbed to the feeling & fell into a deep sleep. 
Completely unaware of the man who was watching from afar. Who had been watching you & waiting. Planning for this moment.
You were slowly pulled from your sleep by the sensation of a warm body laying down behind yours. Nerve endings firing & pulling you back to your surroundings as you felt his fingertips dance over your skin & through your hair. Feeling the chill of the room around you as the blanket was pulled back from you & your body now exposed to the figure behind you.
You could tell it was Stephen. Everything from the cadence of his breath on your ear, to the textured scars that changed the way his fingers felt told you it was him. 
You must have started to stir. Maybe he noticed your breath pattern change or your eyes moving beneath your eyelids. Either way he knew you were awake now, even if you hadn't yet opened your eyes. Now he could really have his fun with you.
"Hello kitten," Feeling a soft kiss placed on your neck. "Don't you look irresistible." Stephen was purring against the flesh just below your ear. Sending shivers down your spine. 
"Wrapped up all nice & pretty, like a little present. Just for me."
He began peppering your neck with kisses & licks. Adding in little nibbles when he hit a particularly sensitive spot. You could feel his lips curl into a smile with every gasp you made.
You kept your eyes closed & let yourself enjoy the way he was teasing you & trying to seduce you. This was the side of Stephen you had been missing. 
What you couldn't see was the dark glint hidden in his eyes that flashed as you moaned his name when one of those nibbles turned into a full fledged bite.
"Just for you baby. Since you were supposed to have the day off, I took the liberty of planning for us to spend it exactly like this."
A broad proud smile on your face as his fingers started to drag up & down your side. Arching your back & pressing back against him when his fingers slid over the front of your hip bone.
You bit your lower lip & wiggled against him once you felt his hard cock slide against your ass even through the layers of robes he still wore. He growled. His voice low in your ear. He pressed his large palm flat against your low belly holding you still against him. Ceasing your movement but keeping your bodies flush together. 
"Now now, be a good girl. Wouldn't want me to have to punish you, now would we? I have my own plans for us." His voice held a firmness you were unfamiliar with. This was a new little game & it caught you by surprise. Not that you were objecting.
You pulled back from his lips & gazed into his eyes. The eyes of the man you loved. The man who you could read like a book. There was something off about him right now, but you couldn't quite put your finger on it. Suddenly he felt different. There was a warmth missing from his eyes. A mystery now seemed to lay hidden in his icy blue gaze. 
You closed your eyes & let his lips fall to your's again. This time you deepened the kiss. Letting his tongue penetrate your lips & lick against yours. Ignoring the slight trepidation that now tugged at the very back of your mind. There was no reason for you to feel uneasy in Stephen's arms. It was probably just lingering stress & frustration at him being called away.
Even his kiss felt hungrier & more insistent, but to be fair as you were a little frustrated your's probably did too. He kissed you like he wanted to devour your very soul. Pulling a high pitched whimper from you as he bit your lower lip hard. A low chuckle reverberated through his chest & you felt his lips turn up against yours, before his tongue darted out to lick & soothe the now tender spot he had just bitten. 
He began placing small open mouthed kisses along your jaw & neck. The hand he had pressed to your low abdomen massaging the flesh & digging his fingertips into the layers of muscle there. Like he was trying to hold your womb in his hand. It felt possessive & primal.
You crumbled at Stephen's dominance, letting your muscles relax & your body move to melt against him. 
Feeling any resistance leave your form, he took the opportunity to push you back so you were flat on the bed & he could position himself on top of you. His hands placed on either side of your head caging you in.
Your legs immediately spread to let his body sink down & his pelvis press flush to yours. Craving the feel of his skin against yours you started pulling at the robes still against the sides of his hips.
He rolled his hips hard against yours several times roughly as his eyes locked on yours, it was almost a predatory gesture. A show that he could easily overpower you if he wanted too. His intensity knocked the breath from your chest.
Whenever things got dicey during a fight he always got more intense in the bedroom, like he needed your body on his to ground him again. Like he needed to be inside you to feel safe again, & it always drove you wild. 
The want in his eyes made you moan & arch your back to try & grind yourself against him. Needing the friction of him back against your clit. He smirked in delight as he could smell your arousal for him starting to drip from you. Your panties were now soaked for him. 
Stephen leaned back on knees & surveyed you beneath him. Feeling his gaze move up & down your body you started to writhe. Grasping at the straps of your bra, eventually pulling the cups down to expose your breasts. Biting your lower lip, you let your finger start to tease & tug at your nipples. You were enjoying putting on a bit of a show for your lover. Showing him how he made you feel. How bad you wanted him.
He rewarded your eager efforts by starting to rub at his erect cock through his pants. His hips thrusting against his hand when you put your hands under your tits & started to jiggle them up & down for him. 
"That's a good girl. So needy for me to fuck you, hmm? My filthy little plaything. My little slut. Tell me what you want. Beg for it & I might give it to you." His voice now gravelly & almost a growl.
You didn't need to be told twice.
"Yes Stephen, please. Need you to fuck me so bad. Been wanting your cock inside me all day. Missed you being this way with me. Got me so fucking wet. Please baby."
Suddenly with a snap of his fingers you were both naked. The feeling of the cool air against your warm wet pussy making your hips buck. Stephen's cock throbbed at the sight. 
He slowly ran his hands up your thighs before bringing his hands down to your core. Using his thumbs he caressed your pussy lips & spread your cunt open. Licking his lips as he took in the sight of your folds glistening for him.
His lewd gaze & the sight of his leaking cock so close & yet so far from where you needed it causing a new wave heat to flood to your sex. Your hole reflexively clenching at the feeling of your juices dripping down your slit. It looked like your pussy was trying to suck his cock in before it even touched you.
"My my, you do have a hungry little pussy here don't you? She looks awfully tight though, kitten. Good thing she's drooling for me. Wanting to be stretched by my big cock. I dont have the patience right now to open up your pretty little fuck hole first."
His verbal teasing was already doing a number on you, making you even more desperate. When he lined himself up only to start dragging his tip up & down your slit you were on the verge of tears. 
Just as you opened your mouth to start pleading again for him to fuck you he threw your legs over his shoulders & slammed all the way inside you. The shock forced a scream from your lungs.
The pain & pleasure hit you in a wave. A sharp searing pain that soothed into a dull throbbing as Stephen stalled out. Leaving his cock completely buried inside you. He stilled just long enough to let your breath come back to you. 
He looked into your eyes & lowered his forehead to yours as he began to set a slow steady rhythm with deep thrusts. 
You matched moan for moan. The feeling of your body against his felt like it had him hypnotized. It was only once you moaned his name that he was snapped from his stupor. 
"Oh, Stephen! Fuck. That feels so good."
In the moment his fingers began to dig into your hips tighter & he began to fuck into you harder. "You feel even better, kitten. God, you are perfect." 
He sat up slightly & took in all of you below him. The way your hair was scattered on the pillow. The way your jaw was slack. The pebbling of your stiff perky nipples. All so perfect. 
Then his eyes fell to the spot where you joined together. He watched his long hard cock slide in & out of your swollen pussy. His cock soaked in your slick, glistening everytime he pulled his hips back. Occasionally he could see your beautiful cunt contract around his length. 
He slid one hand over your hip onto your pubic bone & let his thumb start to tease your clit. Using your wetness to aid his fingertip in sliding back & forth before switching to circles, then moving back to a stroking motion. Finding just the right angle & touch to make you whimper. 
Slowly he began to pick up the speed of his touches. Pulling more sweet little sounds from you as he did. He was already so addicted to your sounds. 
When you reached out & began to cling to his arms & he could feel you starting to squirm he couldn't help but start whispering little cooing praises to you.
"That's it. So good sweetheart. You take me so perfectly. So perfect for me. All for me. Just for me." 
His praises turned more possessive & demanding as he felt you teetering on the edge, & his own need growing more insistent. Little pleas of yes, just like that, & the sorcerer's name beginning to fall from your own lips in response. 
"All for me. Your pleasure, your body, your love. All of you. Mine. Tell me you are mine. Tell me you belong to me. Tell me as you cum on my cock. Who do you belong to?! Tell me!"
You spasmed below him as he finished pulling you apart. A wail of pleasure racking your body even before you could form a single word. His fingers not relenting as your body rode wave after wave. 
He still wanted his answer. 
His other hand released your hip & came up to wrap around your chin. He pulled you forward & brought you closer to his face while his cock & the fingers of his other hand kept their unyielding pace. His teeth clenched & now growling, he yelled "tell me who you belong to?!"
You were practically sobbing at both the intensity of the orgasm you just had & at Stephen's emotional intensity. The answer came out soft & breathy but swimming in adoration for the man pulling you apart. 
"You, Stephen. I belong to you. I'm yours, Stephen. I'm yours. I belong to you." 
He lunged forward & let you drop to the bed. He kept his hand around your chin & moved his other to the back of one of your thighs. Pressing your legs back to your chest & practically folding you in half. Scooting forward to give himself the most leverage he could to chase his own orgasm. To get as deep inside of you as he could. All of his movements stopped in place once he got you in the position he wanted.
"I'm going to fuck a baby into you now kitten. So I never have to let you go. Fill you with my seed & wait for it to take root. Watch you grow with our child. Is that what you want? For me to breed you?" 
He paused with his lips hovering above yours & his clear blue eyes looking into your soul making your brain stop functioning. His grip was tight enough you couldn't move your head to nod, so you whispered a pleading wanton "yes!". 
His lips crashed down to yours as he heard your response. His kiss was needy & feral. His hips suddenly back to crashing against yours hard & fast. He was no longer a man, but an animal in heat. Like his life depended on his need to fill you. 
Before long his thrusts were starting to lose rhythm despite maintaining their jackhammering speed. He clung tight to you & began speaking again. You had no idea if it was more to you or himself. His eyes clamped shut, envisioning in his head the scenario he described in detail.
"You will be even more stunning with your stomach stretched taut & your breasts heavy with milk for our babies. You'll be such a good little wife & mother. I will keep you pregnant, & everyone will know that you are mine. Don't worry. Daddy will take good care of mommy & all our little ones. I won't let anyone or anything touch you. My wife. My children. Mine!"
His orgasm roared over him. The last word, mine, coming through gritted teeth.
The feeling of him spilling inside you felt electric, like you had touched a live wire & couldn't let go. You were caught blindsided by a soul shattering orgasm, triggered by Stephen's. It was like nothing you had ever felt before & it sent you spiraling into an abyss. A high pitched moan ripped from your chest & your body convulsed, frenzied chants of "love you Stephen, love you so much."
You lay mentally suspended between two worlds. Maintaining your grip on Stephen's shoulders as he rolled off of you & pulled you into his arms. Your face immediately slotted into the crook of his neck & you let your eyes close.
Stephen laid staring blankly at the ceiling. For the first time in longer than he could remember he felt a warmth bloom in his chest right under where your hand was placed. It was disarming, but he knew it would only fuel his infatuation with you. 
Having to temper his outward emotion before he spoke, he allowed himself to break for a single moment & confess. "I love you too, y/n. More than you could possibly fathom. Now, rest my love."
Your only response is a contented hum & kiss barely ghosting his collarbone.
Once you had drifted off into a heavy sleep, feeling thoroughly debauched & loved, Stephen made himself leave your arms. Immediately feeling the icy chill return to his heart, it served as the only thing that numbed the pain. For now anyway. 
He redressed with a simple wave of his hand. Except now his normal blue robes were black. His appearance also shifted back to its original state. His hair & goatee slightly longer & more disheveled. His pallor was made more starker by the heavy dark circles under his eyes. The creases on his forehead slightly deeper.
He no longer needed to disguise himself as "your Stephen". Thankfully next time he came to you he would reveal his true self, but for today you had to believe he was the other Stephen. 
He knew you could sense a difference in him, but you had chosen to ignore it anyway. You had willingly given your body to him despite it. You even said you had missed the way he had touched you. Played with you. Ruined you. You had wanted him. Even if you didn't know it was him yet.
He slowly walked around the bed to study your serene figure a few moments longer. You had captivated him at first sight & enchanted him the moment you spoke his name. You were the siren that tormented his thoughts. He knew your song was meant for him & him alone. That other cheap imitation of him didn't deserve you. That Vegas magician couldn't care for you, couldn't love you, couldn't worship you like you should be. 
Like he could. Like he would.
He allowed himself to press one more kiss to your forehead before placing his hand back over your low belly & rubbing his thumb back & forth. Focusing on the mental image of your belly growing  swollen & round under his touch. A subtle shimmer sparking from his fingertips as his lips curled up into a dark smile & the ominous flash returned to his eyes.
"I'll see you again soon my love. I meant everything I said. You'll belong to me soon enough. Both of you will. I've made quite sure of that now, & there will be nothing your sweet Doctor can do to stop me." 
He reluctantly pulled away from you & opened a portal back to his own universe. He had been watching you for so long & now that he has had all of you once he was even more determined to complete his plans & bring you home. To be with him. Where you belonged & where he would make his perfect little family with you. This time he would get what he wanted. Even if he had to kill for it.
Across the city, a portal opened in an alley between abandoned buildings. Your Stephen & Wong both came tumbling from the sky landing amongst the scattered refuse. The Cloak of Levitation grabbing at both of them to slow their descent & soften their impact. Something, or someone, had tricked them & then left them trapped in a mirror dimension neither of them could control. With it choosing only to release them now. 
A heavy silence between them as they exchanged glances. Something bad was coming. It had already been there. The closer they got to the Sanctum the clearer it became, & the more they could feel the lingering malevolent presence that hung heavy in the air. 
Stephen's chest began to ache as the realization hit them both. The thought neither of them had dared vocalize until that moment.
They had been lured away not just from the Sanctum, which appeared to be completely untouched & clearly not the intended target of the unknown foe. No. They could both now feel that whatever it was, whoever it was, it wanted you.
Stephen Strange taglist: @shackleschains, @glitterylokislut
Let me know if you want to be tagged in stories for everything or for a specific charector. It's currently a lot of Strange & Bucky ❤
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Tumblr media
found it on reedit
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Wanda in all of the MoM teasers:
Tumblr media
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www-zoloft-com · a month ago
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me after finding out Clea's Strange's wife and successor in the comics
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bohemienne-221b · a month ago
im sorry but the main character in MoM was def WANDA.
The depth of her grief and sorrow... Oh man just. INCREDIBLE.
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iolikethemoon · a month ago
I don't mind Wanda becoming a villain but i really hate how they have treated this character. One can only manage up to a certain level their grief and their feelings on a healthy way. But ultimately you need support from other people.
Wanda loses her brother and no one really cares. Only Vision seems to see her as something more than a weapon or a tool or something dangerous.
Then Wanda loses Vision and no one really cares. No one really checks on her. And she creates a fake town and a fake life (as a way to deal with all this trauma) and is seen once again as a villain, a dangerous creature.
And finally she loses her (fake) life and her children and no one really cares. Dr Strange only visits her because he needs help. Not because he's a friend and he's worried. Not even because of the Westview incident (which is a big call for help). Only because he needs her.
So I can only imagine how lonely Wanda must have felt. How the grief must have drown her and how once again she has become the villain.
I know any of this excuses her actions but everyone has failed Wanda Maximoff. Even in the end the only person who brings her comfort is Wanda (from another universe).
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yerittalgi · a month ago
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mcuincorrectlexi · a month ago
Bucky, making chicken and dumpling soup, dropping a dumpling in the floor: This is sadder then the time I fell off the train.
Steve, choking on his coffee: Excuse me??
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A/N: Guys I finally wrote it. There may be a part 2 just let me know if you’re interested. Part 2 would most likely include non-con/dub-con, a fight between regular Stephen and dark! Stephen, etc.
WARNINGS: kidnapping, drugging, manipulation, grief, unhealthy coping mechanisms, violence, murder, mentions of SA
Parings: dark!dr strange x reader; dark! Stephen strange x reader; Stephen strange x reader
The cold that gripped her body was unforgiving — it’s burning mouth kissing each inch of her shivering body. It overcame her, devouring her in one measly bite.
Her body collapsed to the earth beneath her with a loud crack, the echoing sound bouncing off the deserted city of New York and sending shockwaves of noise into her ears. Upon the impact, her small frame rolled, the cement scraping her shoulders and bare legs. The sound of fabric ripping was earned as her body came to halt, and a loud groan of pain escaped her.
She was silent as the stinging rolled in currents throughout her body, her face scrunched with an excruciating pain.
Very slowly, her eyes fell open, the hue of blue meeting that haunting scenery that surrounded her. The mere sight of it sent a cold surge of fear through her body, shocking her into movement as she quickly sat up in her place.
Her head snapped to the left, than to the right, taking in her unfamiliar surroundings.
It was a familiar place — yes, she had seen it before, for it was unmistakably her home in New York — however, this universe was completely and shockingly different.
Black smudges of what appeared to be ink covered just about every object in her eyesight, practically devouring each building, each car, and every ounce of mass that once made up the universe.
Where was she?
She pushed herself up slowly, a hiss of pain escaping her as she brushed off gravel and dirt from her scarred and bruised knees. To her surprise, the ruble did not fall to the dirt beneath her, instead turning into the black ink like substance that consumed everything else and seemingly beginning to evaporate.
Her mouth parted as she watched this happen before her eyes, her brows furrowing in confusion as she watched it slowly disappear.
Her breath hitched slightly, her eyes glistening with a new found urge — get the fuck out of here.
She turned, jogging quickly down the empty street in search for anything, anyone, that could help her leave this world safely. She was powerless with multiversal travel , a mere gifted mortal stuck in a decaying universe that would surely consume her if she stayed.
What was she going to do?
One minute, she had been traveling the multiverse with a young teenage girl and Doctor Stephen Strange, fighting desperately to defeat the Scarlet Witch and prevent her from taking anymore lives, the next, she was falling through a star shaped portal — alone — where she landed here.
Suddenly, she felt fairly regretful for joining America and Stephen, wishing deeply she could go back and decide to stay in the warm comfort of her bed.
At that thought, she froze in her place, her eyes brightening with the knowledge she had picked up from both America and Stephen — everyone had a variant, including Stephen.
She had to find this universe’s Doctor Strange.
Her head snapped upwards, her eyes scanning the tall skylines and buildings in search for the familiar structure she had grown to know all to well.
Finally, her gaze fell upon a decaying Sanctum, a sigh of relief escaping her as she began to sprint towards the building in a state of urgency.
The sooner she could get out, the better.
Soon enough, she found herself on the doorstep of the sanctum, her feet freezing to the concrete below her. Something gripped her, her body becoming cold with the fear that washed through her.
She felt frozen in her place, her head leaning upwards to stare at the large building that towered over her.
The building was decaying, black matter eating away at the brick and foundation, the sky consuming it hungrily.
Taking a deep breath, she muttered a small prayer for protection beneath her breath, her hand coming to grip the small Norse ax necklace that hung on her neck. Gripping the steel doorknob, she pushed the thick wooden door open.
The first thing she noticed was the beautiful staircase that seemed to go on and on. Merely feet away from her sat the wooden pathway, a collection of dust and dirt laying thickly on the untouched wood.
The next thing she noticed was the sound of an ocean.
Taking a few steps closer to the staircase, she examined the water that sat beneath the stairs, sand meeting the fresh liquid.
Crouching slightly, she let her fingers gently graze the water, and when the very tips were submerged, she quickly took them out, a cry of pain leaving her.
The water was ice cold, the temperature freezing her finger tips in an instant.
She quickly stood, her head snapping towards the staircase once again. Cradling her hand to her torn shirt in an attempt to bring her fingers warmth, she stepped onto the worn wood, the groan of the stairs filling the house with an eerie noise.
When she finally reached the top of the stairs, she found herself calling out for the sorcerer, her light and airy voice carrying throughout the melting foundation.
She cast a worried look at her aching hand, noticing the color of deep blue that had stained her fingertips. They burned with a pain unfamiliar to her, and with a shaky breath, she wrapped her other hand around them.
This universe was drawing her power from her.
“May I help you?” A soft voice asked, and she jumped in her place, her head turning quickly to the direction from which it came.
Her eyes fell upon another set of stairs where a man stood, his frame tall and slender as he slowly made his way down.
She could recognize the voice immediately, and though it was different in tone and volume, her eyes lit with relief.
He didn’t look at her, his eyes casted downwards as he reached the bottom. He wore a set of blue, grey, and black robes, the fabric flowing from his body in an elegant manor.
This Stephen was no doubt Stephen Strange, but as he finally lifted his gaze to look at her, she found herself silenced in quiet surprise.
Beneath his eyes were blue and purple bags, the usual blue of his pupils now stained a dark color. They looked black, as if he were a man possessed and consumed by the devil himself.
Though he stood tall and assertive, his shoulders were drooped with the weight of the universe, the beasts of burden dragging him down until he looked pathetic and miserable.
This wasn’t her Stephen.
When his eyes fell upon her face, his posture and composure seemed to have shifted completely, his lips parting slightly in awe as he looked at her.
She watched as his eyes dragged along her every feature and detail, and she struggled to speak.
Something was wrong.
He sounded pathetic, awestruck and wonder lacing his words as he watched her carefully.
“No — I’m not-“ she tried to begin, but he cut her off.
“I know. You aren’t…my (Y/N)…” he stated, a sigh leaving him. He approached her softly and slowly, as if he were afraid of scaring her.
She felt frozen as his hand came to grip her chin ever so slightly, his dark eyes darting across her face as he examined her. “But you are (Y/N),” he finally concluded, his brows furrowing slightly.
It was as if he were seeing the moon for the first time. His eyes were wide with adoration, absolute infatuation radiating off him like an electric current.
It was disturbing, standing there as his black eyes stared into her green ones.
She shivered slightly at the touch of his cold hand, and she backed away from him quickly, remembering what she had learned throughout her multiversal travel: never trust anyone.
Having realized he might’ve scared her, he quickly drew his hand back, his lips pressing into a thin line.
“I need to get back home,” she finally asserted, not noticing the way his eyes seemed to darken at her statement.
He raised a brow, a deep exhale leaving him as he folded his hands behind his back.
Her eyes trailed along the messy room before finally reaching the large window. She stepped closer to it, bringing her arms to wrap around herself.
The view was absolutely beautiful.
Death was a beautiful little thing.
“Home?” He asked her, joining her near the window. He carefully cast her a look, his eyes again stuck on the woman’s face.
It had been years since he had laid his eyes on her.
She nodded silently in reply, her eyes still fixated on the decaying world in front of her.
“I got lost,” she finally began, turning to look at him. She met his eyes instantly — they were cold, nothing but black seen. “I got separated from my Stephen.”
He stiffened in his place slightly, his head tilting in interest. “Your Stephen?”
She nodded in response, looking outside the window once again. “There are variants of everyone in the different universes. In the grant scheme of things, there are an infinite amount of possibilities — of pathways — that we haven’t taken. It’s the “what-if’s” that define the multiverse.”
He stared at her in silence, nothing but the sound of his breathing providing any sound. He was captivated with her voice, clinging into each and every word she spoke.
“From what I’m seeing, this universe is coming to an end,” she finally concluded, peering at the beautiful black hole that sucked everything into it. Black liquid floated throughout the air, carrying with it the universe piece by piece. “What happened here?” She whispered, her hand coming to rest on the railing beside the window.
Stephen was silent for a minute, his eyes still stuck on her face. He couldn’t bring himself to look away in fear that she would disappear, again, and he would never see her again.
He couldn’t let that happen.
“Things just got out of hand,” he replied, his voice deep with the weight of the world. He gave her a small look, taking in her features quickly.
She looked tired and weak, but just as he remembered.
“Would you like some tea?” The Sorcerer asked, not waiting for answer as he strode into a small section of the room that contained a porcelain tea pot and a glass cup.
“Are you the only one left?” She asked quietly, turning to look at him as he prepared a cup of tea for her.
As he handed her the warm cup, he cringed slightly at how pitiful she looked. Her eyes glistened with sadness for a universe that wasn’t even hers, the thought of Stephen being alone making her feel guilty.
Slowly, he nodded, unknowing of what to say to the woman. He hated pity, especially from the woman he had sacrificed everything for.
If only she knew.
“How did you become separated with me?” He asked her curiously, and she moved away from her place at the window. Quickly, she moved towards the large desk that sat at the center of the room, her eyes glancing across each paper that sat thrown messily onto it. Stephen watched carefully as she brought the cup to her lips, taking a big gulp from the tea.
“For the last twenty four hours, we’ve been fighting a losing battle,” she started, ignoring his heavy stare that continued to linger on her. Every move she made was being watched like a guardian, and she began to feel herself growing slightly uncomfortable. “We are merely ants compared to the Scarlet Witch. She could crush us any moment. We were trying to contain her — trying to neutralize the threat she posed, but it was no use.”
Her breath hitched slightly at the memory of hugging Stephen. They had finally reached their destination, and out of an uncontainable joy, she had thrown her arms around his frame, hugging him tightly.
One second she was wrapped in his arms — the next, she was shaking in the cold on the decaying universe.
“She closed in on us and grabbed the young girl she had been hunting, but not before shoving my Stephen and I into two separate universes. I need to get back to him.” The last part was a plea, her voice raising an octave. She stared at him now, her palms resting down against the table.
She was desperate.
“What am I to you…in your universe?” He asked, the question nipping at his insides like an unforgiving disease. He simply could not stop himself, for his undying need for her was slowly killing him.
At this question, she looked at him, her mouth pressing into a thin line. She said wasn’t expecting his question, and she found herself caught off guard.
She was silent, pondering his question as he starred at her. She shifted uncomfortably, sitting herself down on a wooden stool that sat empty.
She didn’t know what to answer with, for she didn’t even know what they were. Though there had been a few stolen kisses and hugs, lingering looks of absolute adoration, and an undeniable connection between the two, nothing had been established.
She sighed quietly, her unharmed hand coming to rub against her collarbone. “In all honesty, I have no idea.”
The variant raised a brow, gesturing for her to continue.
“I mean, it’s never been…established.”
Stephen nodded slowly, his arms crossed in deep concentration.
“What about you? What were you and…I? Her? I don’t know it’s all confusing —“
A humorless chuckle escaped him, amusement branding his face at her rambling. For the hundredth time, his mind began to reply memories of their life together — or lack there of.
Her face haunted his dreams every night, glimpses of what could have been dragging him down to the very bottom of the sea.
He could remember everything.
“I could say the same,” he began, his voice rough with remorse. “You were murdered before we could establish that.” He ended with a dry chuckle, his voice cracking slightly as if he were on the verge of a breakdown.
And yet he held himself together, blinking away the foggy memories from his eyes before turning back to her. She was silent, staring up at him in surprise.
Murdered? She was murdered?
“Can I ask how?“ she asked carefully, her voice soft. She didn’t want to push boundaries to far, for this man seemed to be on the cusp of being labeled as deranged. She room another drink, doing her best to ignore his heavy gaze.
Stephen nodded, allowing himself to lean his back against a wooden pillar beside the girl.
“She was with me — here, actually.” He paused to gesture to the room they both stood in, the faded blue light of universe illuminating across the large wooden walls and floors. “It was late; I told her she should stay here, with me — I knew it was dangerous — but she refused. She told me she needed to feed her cat and do some cleaning tonight, so she needed to be home.” He small smile crept along his lips as he allowed the faint memory to replay in his mind. Her wearing his shirt, that stubborn glint in her eyes that never ceased to disappear, the way her lips would curl when she smiled.
All he saw was her.
“I tried to reason with her, but if you’re any way like her, I’m sure you understand that she refused. Started saying how she could handle herself and that I needed to have more faith in her.”
He paused again, moving towards the window once more. He gazed out of it, his arms folded behind his back as he stared in silent anguish.
“I let her go,” he bitterly concluded, his voice wavering slightly. Guilt washed over him, voices of unreasonable paranoia screaming at him.
It was his fault.
“Next thing I know, I’m seeing the NYPD pull her body out of the lake. Autopsy says she was sexually assaulted, murdered, and dumped into the water. Put up one hell of a fight though.”
She wanted to say something, anything that could take his pain away, but she knew it was useless, so instead she asked: “did they ever catch the people?”
At this question, Stephen’s eyes lit slightly, and he looked at her. “No.” He paused, his eyes scanning her every feature. “But I did, and I killed each and every single one of those bastards.” From his voice dripped absolute disgust as he replayed the news footage in his mind. His mind was like a twenty four hour movie theater, his photographic memory never seeming to be able to forget the horrific and gruesome murder of the love of his life.
Never again.
She took the final drink of her tea, swallowing the last drop of liquid. She had to admit — it was one of the best things she had ever consumed. It was unlike anything she had tried before.
The young woman lifted herself from the stool, her feet carrying her to Stephen once again. She hesitated slightly, lifting her hand to rest on his shoulder in comfort. “I’m sorry, Stephen.”
At the feel of her hand, he found himself leaning into her touch. The softness of her fingers comforted him, the familiar warmth that radiated off her body engulfing him like a hug. He could feel himself choking up, for he was finally with her again. She was standing right there, comforting him like she had always done.
She was exactly how he remembered her to be.
“You have the powers as well?” He found himself asking, and at this, she gave a weary smile before nodding.
She felt her stomach flip ever so slightly, a small unusual feeling beginning to spread across her body. She did her best to push away the feeling, but his intruding gaze was making it hard for her to keep herself together.
“Did she have them?” She asked, her voice wavering slightly.
Stephen nodded, a sad smile tugging at his lips. He could remember waking up beside her each morning, the warmth of her body wrapped in his arms.
Now everything was so fucking cold.
She young woman hummed softly, unsure of what to say. She felt awkward, the weight of this man’s burden crushing her. She didn’t know what to do, nor what to say, to make him feel better.
This Stephen was a weak fragile shell of what her Stephen is. The variants trauma frightened her in all honesty, for his eyes were so black it was if he were about to drop dead at that very moment.
“I need to get back,” she finally stated, moving away from the man. She wiped the dried blood from her lip, wincing slightly as the bruise that was beginning to form.
At this assertion, Stephen quickly drew himself away from the window. “Where is your Stephen?” He asked, ignoring her statement. His eyes watched her carefully, his voice hardening slightly. It was a small shift in tone, and yet the woman barely missed it.
She glanced at him carefully, pausing before speaking. Though his tone shift was small, she had picked it up. Cradling her hand in her unhurt one, she cautiously proceeded. “As I said, we were separated…I have no clue where he is, but I’m sure he’ll be able to find me somehow,” she emphasized the last bit, her vision blurring ever so slightly.
She blinked, adjusting her eyesight accordingly as he stared at her. “I really need to leave, Stephen. I’m growing weak here,” she tried again, a dull ache in her head beginning to form. It came softly at first, like a knock upon a wooden door, but soon she found it almost unbearable. The palm of her hand reached up to press against her temple, blinking rapidly in an attempt to ease the pain.
“You think he’ll be able to find you? In here?” The variant asked, though it sounded more like a statement. He gestured to the wide window, the black hole outside sucking in the universe, the grey hues illuminating along the walls of the room in an eerie and yet beautiful way. “I don’t think so,” he finally concluded, a dry chuckle leaving his lips.
He looked at her again, and for the first time in a very long time, he had won.
“I’ve been waiting for this day,” Stephen lowly stated, a sinister smile branding itself onto his face. He stepped closer to her, watching as she struggled to find words and piece together what had been done to her. “I’ve been searching across the entire multiverse for decades, waiting to find another her.”
She stumbled in her place slightly, her hand coming to grip the wall to keep herself up. She dropped the glass cup, her eyes stuck on the pristine porcelain as it slowly fell to the wooden floors beneath her feet and shattered.
The tea.
“And yet everywhere I looked, she just wasn’t the same. They weren’t her.” He stated the last part bitterly, his vision burning with hatred. “Here I was, alone and desperate. I couldn’t even close my eyes — seeing other versions of myself living the life I once had, what I could have had with her,” he spat, venom lacing his words. “I tried everything, I sacrificed everything for her, and it just wasn’t enough!”
His voice broke, and a shaky sigh escaped him. His hand reached up to grip his face, rubbing exhaustively at the area. “Why did these other versions of myself get to be happy? Why did they get her? After all, I’m a good man. I’ve done my duty as Earths protector, and yet the universe decides to punish me, ” He stood right in front of her now, his eyes tracing every inch of her frightened face as his voice dropped to a low tone, “Now that — that wasn’t fair.”
She wanted to cry, her breathing quickening as he closed in on her. She pushed herself back against the wall, trying to put distance between the two.
“So I killed them. I killed each and every one of those variants so I could make the different versions of myself feel what I had felt — so I could finally sleep and not see her face,” he seethed, his voice dry. There was nothing — no shame, no remorse.
“Stephen —“ a wave of dizziness overcame her, and her grip on the wall faulted. She found herself collapsing, a helpless cry escaping her when she landed straight into the sorcerers arms. His strong hold on her waist felt nauseating, her skin crawling at the feel of his stone cold skin.
“And when I closed my eyes at night, I no longer saw her. I saw you. You are everything like her; you are her. ” His breath was on her neck now, his voice low and quiet. Her body shook violently, tears clouding her vision. “You have no idea just how long I’ve been searching for you, (Y/N). Everywhere I looked, you weren’t there.” His grip on her body tightened, and he leaned into her, taking a sharp inhale as she struggled against him. “And next thing I know, you’re here, like a present from the universe. Now I know I’ve finally won.”
“Please,” she struggled to speak, trying to escape from his grip; however, her body protested against her minds commands, and what she was able to fight against was quickly swatted away by the older man. She fought him, her body falling weakly to his feet. “Stop!” she sobbed, and he wrapped his arms more tightly around her mid section, pulling her up from the floor. “Stop fighting this,” he growled threateningly into her ear, her backside pressed dangerously close into his chest. “You and I are meant to be, (Y/N).” His arms were wrapped around her tightly, one hand coming to grip at her jaw to keep her head still. “Please! Let me go!” She desperately cried as he dragged her away from the wall towards an unknown destination.
Her vision was black and white, her mind heavy with the drugs that had been fed to her. She wanted to be sick — the feeling of his hands gripping her body sending waves of absolute horror and disgust through her veins.
Stephen smiled — it was a sick little thing, the corners of his lips turning up in an amused expression. “Believe me,” he muttered roughly into her ear.
“I have no intention of ever letting you go again.”
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