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lovethedanielhd · a month ago
Tumblr media
The first one was Grandmaster-
This was inspired from Phineas and Ferb skbdn
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peterbarnes · 23 days ago
Dating Loki Would Include...
Tumblr media
Slight!au- if Loki and Sylvie didn’t get kicked off the train on Lamentis
- you met on the train in Lamentis 
- he definitely didn’t expect to meet anyone while escaping sudden death
- but for the life of him he could not take his eyes of you
- Sylvie got so mad at him 
- “we have a mission, dimwit, don’t get distracted”
- but there you sat in one of the booths by yourself
- Loki swears that your eyes were sparkling but you always said it was the lighting
- he wanted to get your attention 
- so of course he gets up and starts singing with the all workers
- you couldn’t help but laugh at his display
- and when the song slowed and Loki began to sing in Asgardian he shifted away from all of the other people and sang straight to you
- he did have a beautiful voice but it was the serene look on his face that drew you in
- you had no idea who he was at the time but you didn’t care
- you just knew you suddenly wanted to learn everything about him
- and you did rather quickly
- because when he finished singing you waved him over
- this boy was so eager he practically ran to sit with you
- but he tried to play it cool and smug from there on out
- you learned so much about him
- he gushed about his mother, recounted his childhood, and even showed you how he could make beautiful fireworks appear in the palm of his hand
- “Well, I always did believe in magic"
- “Ah yes, well, it is a rather easy spell, child’s play really-”
- “I wasn’t talking about the spell. You’re magic”
- that’s the moment he realized you were unlike anyone he’d ever met
- after the train escaped Lamentis and you guys didn’t perish in an apocalypse (yay!) he wanted you to come with him
- “Loki-”
- “Your home was just destroyed, you have nowhere to go! Come with me, let me show you the universe”
- Sylvie was rolling her eyes and groaning in disgust the whole time
- “You two lovebirds done yet?”
- You still have no idea why you went with him
- you just remember a feeling in your gut telling you it was the right thing to do
- and it was
- because after escaping Lamentis and the TVA, Loki finally gets to breathe
- and that meant he could live his life with you 
- he really stepped up to the plate as a partner
- because he basically worships you
- will travel wherever you want because he promised you the universe
- but no matter where you go, he always manages to cling to you like a koala at night
- you’re lying on your back with his head in the crook of your neck and his arms wrapped around your middle
- his little snores are so cute ✨
- sometimes he’ll wake up in the middle of the night just to admire you
- he runs his hands over you and cups your face just to make sure that you’re real
- that you really chose him
- and that he’s not alone
- he doesn’t even care when he catches you drooling a bit
- he definitely uses pet names, but not that many
- love
- dove
- darling
- oh yea and his accent makes it sound so much better
- and eventually
- he calls you my (wife/husband/spouse)
- but that’s usually in private when you guys are alone and all domestic
- BUT if someone’s hitting on you or giving you a problem he definitely will whip out that pet name so people know that you are his
- because he can get quite jealous
- sometimes you find it endearing but sometimes he’ll literally try to fight people or magic them and you have to calm him down
- it’s all just because he’s insecure
- he thinks you deserve better and he’s scared you’ll leave him
- “Loki, I’m not going anywhere. You’re it for me. You’re my forever.”
- That becomes a pet name you call him
- My forever
- It’s usually said in soft whispers
- in the middle of the night half asleep
- or when you give him comforting forehead kisses
- it’s a main source of comfort for him
- you are a main source of comfort for him
- and him for you
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tinymintywolf · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
love is pain and suffering, love can be a lonely thing ☆
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peterbarnes · 10 days ago
Maybe |Part 2|
Summary: You work at the TVA, and everything changes one day when Loki shows up. But then he leaves you and runs off with the Variant you’ve been hunting. What happens when he comes back?
Word Count: 2.5k
A/N: I don’t know what happened, but the first post of this disappeared from my blog??? Anyway, here it is again. Hopefully tumblr won’t eat it this time. Enjoy the angst!!
Part 1
Tumblr media
He was gone.
The first chance he got to escape, and he took it.
“You okay, [Y/N]?” You heard a voice say softly behind you. You didn’t bother to turn around, there’s only one person in the TVA who’d bother to check on you.
“Yeah, fine, Mobius… Have you found anything?” You swiveled around in your desk chair towards the white-haired man. He looked paler than ever, holding a file that looked as if it were permanently stuck to his hand.
Mobius shook his head. The hand that wasn’t holding the file went up to his face and rubbed his tired eyes. You could only imagine how calloused his fingers must be from all the reports he had to write for this case.
“Dead ends everywhere. It’s hard to detect them when they’re probably jumping from apocalypse to apocalypse.”
Your eyes made their way to the monitor behind him that displayed the sacred timeline. No new branches.
“We shouldn’t have trusted him-” Mobius continued.
“Trusting him wasn’t the problem,” you interrupted sharply. “ The problem was not giving him an incentive to stay and help us. He would’ve done anything we asked if we promised him some sort of reward.”
“Always so logical,” Mobius sighed. “Can’t you just accept the fact that maybe he’s just the bad guy?”
You stared daggers at the man in front of you. If looks could kill, Mobius would've disintegrated within seconds.
“Nobody is good or bad, Mobius. We all do things of both natures.”
“I know you had a soft spot for him-”
“That has nothing to do with this- I’m an analyst. Assessing situations objectively and logically is my job,” you snapped. You gritted your teeth and your hands clenched. Who does he think he is questioning me like this?
“Except you’re not assessing this case objectively, [Y/N],” Mobius exclaimed, the frustration in his voice evident. He threw the file down on your desk before grabbing the back of your chair, forcing you to look him dead in the eye.
“Don’t lecture me about my job, Mobius. I know what I’m doing and I’m damn good at it.”
“You’re letting him get inside your head-”
The disruption made both you and your co-worker’s heads snap towards the sound. You rushed out of your chair and towards the monitor, where a large orange branch grew from the sacred timeline. It was unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Instead of a small, straight line, the branch was long and curved, its growth rapid and alarming.  
“Okay, that’s not someone stepping on the wrong leaf,” he let out, his voice getting excited at the possibility of a lead. “You ever seen a branch like that?”
“There’s never been a nexus event large or unstable enough to cause something this… chaotic.”
You watched in wonder as the branch continued to inch its way towards the red line at the top of the screen.
“Hunters!” Mobius hollered throughout the room. Within seconds, at least a dozen of them were circled around the two of you, B-15 present at the very front. Completely in sync, they all activated their pruning weapons, the glow emitting a bright, orange light throughout the dark room.
“What are our orders, Mobius?” B-15 asked, already in her fighting stance with her legs planted and her fingers tightly gripped around her weapon.
“Go get them.”
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
You heard him before you saw him.
Since you had no combat training, Mobius told you to wait in the interrogation room while the hunters captured Loki and his variant.
The room was eerily quiet. So much so that you didn’t really know what to do with yourself as you waited. You could barely stay still from all of the anxiety you felt throughout your body. You had almost chewed all of your nails off before his booming voice sounded throughout the room.
“I should have an equal amount of security. This is insulting!”
As soon as his voice trailed off the double red doors flew open, banging against the beige walls adjacent to them.
When Loki stepped into the room, his eyes stopped on where you sat, right in the center of his viewpoint.
“[Y/N],” he whispered.
You gave him a once over, noticing how unkempt he looked. His raven hair was messy and fell unevenly over his face, and the TVA uniform he dorned was covered in what appeared to be dirt. His face looked the same, though. His features were still soft, like they were every time he looked at you before he left. You could’ve swore you saw an apology swimming in his ocean eyes, but you convinced yourself you had only imagined it. Get a grip, [Y/L/N]. Do your job.
“Take a seat, Mr. Laufeyson,” you told him, trying to keep your voice monotone and as professional as possible.
“Mr. Laufeyson?” Loki questioned before being pushed into the bright red chair across from you by the hunters gripping his arms. “You’ve never called me that before.”
“What would you prefer then? The God of Self-Sabotage? The God of Back-Stabbing?” You snapped.
You expected him to let out a bitter laugh and shake his head before making up some quip to mock you. But none of that came. Loki sat still in his chair, eyes trailing to the floor in what looked like shame.
The hard look in your eyes faltered at his vulnerable state. Why couldn’t you have just stayed with me, Loki? That’s what you really wanted to say.
“I’m sorry, [Y/N],” he whispered, his eyes now off the floor and locked with yours. “Really, I am. I went with Sylvie because-”
“The variant.”
You jotted that down on the notepad you had placed in front of you.
“Is that with an I-E or just an I?” You drawled sarcastically.
Loki’s voice had lost all of its gentleness as he spoke your name. He sounded determined, and when you looked up from your notes you saw that drive reflected in his eyes.
“I’m glad you found me and that I was taken back here, even if I’m a prisoner, because there’s something I need to tell you.”
“And what’s that?” You asked, dropping your pen and leaning forward on the table. “You’ll help us now? You’ll never betray me again? Honestly, just save your bullshit for someone else-”
“The TVA is lying to you!” He exclaimed, hand slamming down on the table in frustration. “And if you would just quit your snarky comments for two seconds, I could explain to you how.” He took a breath, trying to calm down the fire that ignited inside him as you had egged him on.” I messed up. I know. I know and I’m sorry. I-I never wanted to hurt you. But I’m trying to make it right. Please let me make it right.”
For the first time, Loki looked truly desperate. But not desperate to get some sort of reward or glory. He was desperate for you to believe him. It was written all over his face- in his furrowed brows, his pleading eyes, and soft voice that was so light it was close to cracking.
You felt the walls you had built up inside you before you saw him slowly start to crumble, brick by brick. You turned to the hunters who stood by the door, preventing anyone from getting in or out.
“Leave us, please,” you told them.
“Ma’am are you sure?”
“That’s an order.”
The hunters wore skeptical looks on their faces and made questioning eyes towards each other but obeyed nonetheless. Once they had cleared out you turned back to the demigod in front of you.
“I- you told me you were gonna stick around. And then when we went to Roxxcart, you protected me from the Variant. All of that was obviously just some show to you-”
“No, it wasn’t-”
“Even if it wasn’t, that’s what it felt like to me, okay? So why should I believe you now?”
Loki paused and looked unsure, as if he was trying to form the right words to say in his head.
“Sylvie told me…”
“Sylvie? The variant?” You scoffed. “So now I’m supposed to trust the word of two Loki’s? Fan-fucking-tastic.”
“You know, you never sweared this much before you know. You had a softer demeanor”
“That’s what happens when I’m angry. And, frankly, I’m pissed.”
Before you could understand what he was doing, Loki reached across the small, round table and took your hand in his. He may look different and disheveled, but his hands felt the same. They were still cold to the touch, but smooth nonetheless. And they were so gentle. For a man who always talked about conquering and battle, you expected his hands to be like another weapon of his. But as his thumb rubbed circles over your palm, that thought completely evaporated from your mind.
“Sorry. I-I’m just confused,” you whispered, interlacing your fingers further with his. “I don’t know what to do, or what to believe anymore. Everything here has been strange since you left. C-20 went crazy from whatever the var- sorry, Sylvie did to her. And Ravonna won’t tell me anything.”
“That’s because she’s keeping secrets from you,” Loki told you, head turning from you to the door continuously as if he was afraid someone was gonna barge in any second.
“What secrets?”
“You’re all variants- everyone at the TVA. The timekeepers didn’t create you, they stole you from the timeline. You had a life. Maybe even a family…”
You slowly removed your hand from his and sat back in your chair, closing your eyes.
“Loki, you do realize what you sound like right?”
“I might be the God of Lies, but I’m not lying. Not to you. Never to you.”
Suddenly, the doors of the room flew open with a large thud, and you nearly jumped out of your seat. Loki actually had and stepped in front of you, ready to fight off whoever came in, even with the collar on that blocked his magic.
“Relax, it’s just me.”
Mobius strutted towards the two of you, but this time, instead of a file in his hand, he held a TemPad.
“You couldn’t have walked in like a normal person?” You asked, your hand on your heart trying to calm it down. “Nearly gave me a heart attack.”
“I like the theatrics.”
You and Loki rolled your eyes at his childish antics.
“Look,” Mobius started. “I heard you guys outside… he’s right.”
“What are you talking about, Mobius. I don’t have any memories from the sacred timeline.”
“They must have been erased somehow. I took Ravonna’s TemPad,” he said, lifting the device in his hand.
“You WHAT?”
Both of the men shushed you at your outburst, and you let out a weak sorry in response.
“She killed C-20.”
Silence overcame the room. It was all-consuming, as if you were trapped in a box filled with rising water, about to drown.
“W-What?” Your voice wavered at what your friend had just said. “That’s not possible.”
“Sylvie enchanted C-20, showed her memories from her life on the sacred timeline. She started to act up and rebel. She was too much of a risk to the order of the TVA… so they axed her.”
Mobius was very clear with his words, but your brain was scrambling trying to comprehend them. You had just seen C-20 a few days ago. You had eaten lunch together, laughed together. Is it really possible for things to go so bad in such a short time? For everything you thought you knew about yourself and your life to completely shatter before you?
“I’m a variant?” Your voice cracked. You could feel the tears stinging your eyes as you imagined the life that had been stolen from you. It was as if you could feel it sitting in the back of your mind somewhere, stuck, trapped. And no matter what you did, how hard you tried, you couldn’t reach it.
You felt Loki take your hand again, but this time he pressed a quick kiss to your knuckles in an attempt to comfort you.
“I’m sorry you had to find out like this,” he said, his lips still close enough to your hand that you could feel them move over your skin.
“I’m sorry I didn’t believe you,” you told him.
“Well I can hardly blame you for that,” he chuckled.
You couldn’t help but beam at him. He came back. He came back for you.
“What do we do now?” You asked, determination lacing your voice.
“We burn this place to the ground,” Loki growled. “Come on.”
He pulled you out of your chair and the three of you made your way towards the double doors before they flew open for the third and final time.
Except, instead of a friend stood four hunters, pruning weapons lit up and ready. And in the middle of them stood Ravonna herself, Mobius’s TemPad in hand.
“I think you have something of mine,” she spoke to Mobius. Her face and her voice displayed no emotion. It was like she was a soldier. But who’s her commander?
“Yeah!” Mobius exclaimed, face lighting up to sell his act. “I got all the way down here before I even realized I picked up yours.”
He handed it back to one of the hunters that stood in front of Ravonna.
“What’s the problem, Ravonna?” you asked, smiling at her. On the inside, you were really thinking of all the torturous things you could do to her. Gun? No, too quick. Poison on the other hand…
She glared daggers into you. And when she didn’t respond, you could tell the act was up. There was no way you were making it out of here alive. But Loki, Ravonna needed him to give to the timekeepers. She wouldn’t prune him here. You squeezed Loki’s hand before turning to him. He shot you a look, as if to say what are you doing?
You pressed a loving kiss to his cheek and made sure to linger there long enough to whisper in his ear, “stay strong, darling. Everything will work out in the end, I promise.”
“You know where I’d go if I could go anywhere?” You asked, turning back to the woman who stood before you. All of the fear and hesitation left your body. You weren’t going to die without finally speaking your mind. “Wherever it is I’m really from. Wherever I had a life before the TVA came along.”
You spoke every word with conviction and passion as you thought about what could’ve been. You felt Loki watching you, but you couldn’t tell if he was proud or if he was hoping you would put your head down and lay low.
But at the end of the day, it didn’t matter because you’d barely finished your sentence before you heard Ravonna roar “prune them!”
And then there was only darkness.
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tinymintywolf · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ive been in a costume designing mood so here's my take on mysterio!
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moonlitdesertdreams · a month ago
Your Fool.
Summary: Loki and the reader have fun at a party in Avengers Tower. Set in a happy universe where we're ignoring Infinity War and Endgame and the Avengers are a big happy family :) Inspired by the train scene in Loki 1.03 "Lamentis"
Tags: Avenger!Reader, Loki, Loki Series, Alternate Universe, Loki x Reader, happy universe
WARNINGS: context spoilers for 1.03 of Loki i guess..? Other than that, nothing, just fluff and cutesy shit.
Word Count: 1001
Tumblr media
“I think I’ve had a bit too much to drink for this.”
You dug in your heels as Loki attempted to pull you onto the dance floor. Your actions almost sent you both into a tumble, and the God narrowed his eyes playfully.
The Avengers Tower was lit up in twinkling lights and disco balls, celebrating the anniversary of the team’s official assembly. Considering all of the gaudy parties were organized by none other than Iron Man himself, this one was rather tame. Various S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and higer-ups milled about, and most of the Avengers, apart from Wanda and Vision, were present. Natasha, Pepper, and yourself had been chatting idly on the sidelines, all rather buzzed and sated for the evening. Steve, Sam, and Bucky sipped Asgardian ale beside Thor.
Thor, who happened to share a bit too much ale with his younger brother tonight.
It was not often Loki allowed his guard to slip around his former enemies, but the liquid courage he had been consuming to calm his nerves seemed to have shot to his head after the first hour. He wore a toned down version of his Asgardian formal wear, more soft fabrics in dark black and subtle flashes of green as opposed to his customary shining gold accents and emerald tunics.
“It can never be too much to drink, darling, only too little.” Loki protested.
Natasha and Pepper smirked at the exchange. “I think Loki’s idea is great, Y/N.”
You blushed red as you tuned back into the Asgardian notes which the band had received sheet music from Thor to play. Tony protested it as much as humanly possible, but as it turned out, the poor musicians were more scared of offending the God of Thunder than the Man of Iron. Regardless of the ancient origin, most of the songs were upbeat and strong, supplemented by the occasional Earth drum to spice it up.
“I don’t know any of the steps, and I’m not sure I can even walk a straight line! I don’t wanna embarrass myself, Loki.” You motioned to the few journalists who had been given VIP access to the celebration. “If I end up in People magazine drunk and dancing, the public will really have a field day.”
“Stark is always intoxicated and doing foolish things in front of the camera!” Loki’s responses were still sharp and witty despite his obvious intoxication.
The God of Mischief was much more unsteady than usual, swaying on his boots and standing far closer than he normally did. Despite your known relationship, public displays of affection were low on his list of favorites.
You sighed as Loki pleaded with his eyes, and lifted a hand to pinch the bridge of your nose. “Alright, alright.”
Loki smiled brightly, leaning in to kiss your lips briefly. “Phenomenal. Come now, we shan’t waste time!”
As Pepper and Natasha laughed at your lack of a backbone, you pointed at the once-threatening supervillain.
“I have two rules, Lokes.” You tapped his nose with your finger, “No spinning, and no magic teleportation. I’m gonna be hungover already.”
Loki wrinkled his nose at the nickname, but smiled nonetheless. “Understood. Come on.”
You allowed your insane partner to lead you onto the dancefloor, glowering at the corner where Tony and Rhodey wolf-whistled from.
“I hate you, Tony.” You called, giving him the biggest smile you could manage.
“Love you too, spitfire.” He teased.
“Enough babbling. Take my hands.” Loki demanded your attention from Tony, grasping your hands in his.
He proceeded to talk you through a jilting dance, making the jig sound like a simple cakewalk. You stared blankly at him until he began to lead, and you were forced to avoid his rapidly moving feet. The pattern you fell into was easy after a few minutes, and you giggled whenever Loki tugged you close and spun in a slow circle. The happiness in his eyes was almost tangible, spreading over you like a warm breeze.
“I never knew you were so talented, Mr. Laufeyson.” You teased and prodded at his cheek when the current song slowed.
“Only when there's a beautiful partner on my arm.” He returned. Loki lowered his face to yours to claim your lips.
You hummed softly into the kiss, pulling back when he nipped at your bottom lip.
“Don’t start here.” You warned, wrapping your fingers into his lapels and tugging down, “It’s too early to leave.”
Your partner only muttered something nonsensical against your temple, stumbling a bit in his drunken fervor. The music began to rise to a higher volume again, and Loki paused from his ministrations. His blue eyes lit up, and he wordlessly opened his mouth as if he was waiting for something.
Much to your surprise, Loki began crooning to you in Old Norse to the beat of the music, all soft consonants and long vowels. His voice was butter, melting its way across your skin and through your stiff limbs. The low singing continued for a few lines, until the music picked up and he kept pace with it, chanting out a harsher and less delicate beat.
Loki wrapped an arm around your shoulders then, pulling you in a circle and continuing to chant. You threw your head back in a laugh, gobsmacked and beyond amused at his ridiculousness. It wasn’t until that moment you noticed the number of gazes set upon the pair of you, and you paused.
“Loki.” You laid a hand on his chest, catching your breath. “We’re attracting attention.”
“Well of course,” He broke into English easily, the Nordic accent slipping away, “I’m a fantastic performer, and you look ravishing tonight. Why wouldn’t they look?”
You could only laugh, wrapping the God of Mischief in a tight hug as sarcastic applause echoed off the walls. You stood on your toes to put your mouth beside his ear. “For a gazillion year old deity, you sure are a fool sometimes.”
“Yes, my dear, but I’m your fool.”
Tumblr media
Marvel Masterlist || Send me ideas
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moonbaby26 · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Title: Reunion (Part 1)
Pairing: Loki x Goddess!Reader
Summary: You were a goddess from the Greek pantheon and Loki’s former lover. Separated during the events of the first Thor movie and Loki’s initial supposed death, he learns you had given birth to his child during his time away. Initially disbelieving, his possessiveness for you finally brings him back to Midgard to take what is his. Story set somewhere after Thor: The Dark World, but before Avengers: Age of Ultron.
Notes: This started as just a prompt for Father’s Day back in June, and is more a “What If?” type spinoff from my main Loki x Goddess!Reader series still in progress. If you like the pairing though, you can check out more of that AU on my masterlist below. The daughter in this also remains unnamed as just like the reader, they’re yours to fill in the gaps how you will. 💚
Warnings: Angst, self hatred, grief, but also eventual fluff/comfort.
My Masterlist
The first time Loki had ever heard of the child’s existence, it had been from Thor. Clumsily blurted out, really only moments after the thunder god had just snatched Loki by the throat, pulling them both from the sky.
They’d plummeted from the humans’ aircraft to then argue on some rocky cliff face in the middle of the night. Just another instance in a long line of disagreements between them to be sure, but on that night it had all been about Loki’s right to rule Midgard through the aid of the Chitauri.
The god of mischief had laughed in his brother’s face as well, honestly laughed at the sheer absurdity and the perceived desperation he thought the Asgardians must now have to stop him. The lows and the lies they would stoop to just to try and delay or distract him from his goals.
Yet Thor had insisted it was real, that you hadn’t known you were with child. And that by the time you had known, it’d been too late. The bifrost had been destroyed, and Loki lost along with it as far as anyone had believed.
But Loki’s mind had still been clouded then as well, unable to see the obvious truth in Thor’s anger. The scepter, the tesseract…and Thanos, it had all trapped him, amplified the worst in him. And everything, all of it had soon spun into further nightmare.
Because only such a short time later, he’d found himself defeated and alone in the dungeons directly beneath the very palace he’d once called home.
Alone except for Frigga and her visits. But even a mother’s love couldn’t save him then. She had told him again that it was fact. That you had had a child in the time he’d been gone, and Loki had still argued with her. He so clearly remembered the hurt in her eyes as well as he’d asked her why she would even care about such a bastard creature even if it were all true.
Shamefully, that disgust had been his first real reaction as he’d finally started to believe her. Because he’d carried all that self hatred, the wound still so fresh of learning that he was never a part of the family he’d been raised by. And to him, it’d been a legitimate question then. Why should the queen of Asgard concern herself with a half frost giant, half Olympian and whatever crime against the natural order that could possibly be?
But in that calm way of hers, in that forgiving voice of hers which he now wished so often he could only hear one more time, Frigga had said, “I care because she is my grandchild, just as you are my son. As you always have been and always will be.”
And then she too was gone.
The days that followed after Frigga’s murder were also a blur, himself consumed back into that abyss of loss. He had lost his identity, his home, his freedom, and all semblances he’d ever known of love in quick succession.
But even if he hadn’t been imprisoned, even if time had allowed him to reconcile with you somewhere in between his suffering under Thanos’ Black Order and his quest for vengeance for Frigga, he would not have tried to find you.
Because he could not, for all the realms, imagine that you would still love him. You’d only fallen for a lie after all, a version of himself that had never truly existed. There had never been a Loki Odinson. He was only ever an unwanted runt. Laufey’s son, left on a frozen rock to die.
But in some sort of cosmic joke, he still drew breath then even as he still did now. After being cast out by the frost giants, then cast out from Asgard. After failing Thanos at the hands of the Avengers, after losing to the dark elves on Svartalfheim…it had been defeat after defeat.
Yet through it all he’d kept crawling back out from the ashes, clawing towards eventual glory, towards glorious purpose.
And after his second “death” on Svartalfheim, he could have fled back into the universe, to anywhere. But the sentiments and the memories he had so often mocked Thor for, had still held too strong for him as well in the end.
He’d gone back to Asgard instead, back to his once home, and to the ghosts of his past there. Odin was only old and tired, then further weakened by the loss of Frigga. So Loki had mercifully relieved the old liar of that pain, that burden of the throne.
He’d placed the strongest magic he could upon his former father. He’d given Odin a new, conflict free identity and left him on Midgard, out of the way and out of his story at last.
Yet after the brief elation of such a long deserved victory, Loki’s thoughts had eventually turned back to what else he’d wanted when there was nothing more in Asgard to take. When those days had stretched longer one after another, himself alone again even among the adoration and respect he’d always most wanted.
So often as a youth, that final pinnacle of the throne had come with you alongside it in his mind’s eye. And with that kingship at last in hand, buried emotions had begun to resurface for the goddess who had once claimed to love him.
He didn’t care anymore if you would only see him as a monster now. He’d wanted to win properly, fully. So he’d needed you back in Asgard. He’d wanted everything that was his. And if that now even included a bastard half breed of a child, then so be it.
With Thor away again, off fighting and trying to tame the realms back into submission, that is when Loki had decided to visit Midgard once more with his intentions for you in mind.
And like anything he did, he’d initially tried to be calculating. Once he’d found you, he’d wanted to know your new habits. The times you came and went, whether you were always alone or not. He’d wanted to have a plan.
He knew how to gather that information. Piecing together what little Thor and Frigga had already told him, the new name you went by, and then tricking a human public records servant to look up the rest on their electronic machines had been simple enough.
You now lived in a place called Pensacola, Florida. Right on the beach of course, to be expected for any offspring of Poseidon. You worked at some sort of hospital for sea creatures, taking the wounded, mending them, and releasing them back into the ocean. Also unsurprising, as you had always liked tending to broken things hadn’t you?
Though even then, the thought of you living and working alongside these petty humans had irked him. They did not deserve you. And in disguise of course, he’d passed your new home several times, walking back and forth on the sidewalk to see if this place should be considered worthy for a goddess, to see if you were there.
The dwelling the records had said you lived in was built high, but more like a one story home on stilts. The living area appeared to all be on the second story, with long wooden stairs leading up to it. He’d seen many structures built that way as he’d walked though, supposing it was for storms. If the sea were to angrily rise, the water could run beneath to spare damage to the main quarters.
Yet that was laughable as well for a woman who could control the tides on a whim. And he’d just been thinking if he should inspect the inside, when his stomach had abruptly tightened.
He’d heard your voice. A sound that had not met his ears since before Thor’s botched coronation and the ill fated battle at Jotunheim that followed. His head had whipped around to see you walking down the sidewalk toward him then. You were laughing, though not at him as you’d looked down at the small child whose hand you now held.
“So, today was macaroni day? That’s exciting.” You’d smiled. “And you colored too?”
The child had some piece of paper in their other hand, trying to hold it up to be seen.
“Is that Elsa? Or Anna?” You’d asked teasingly.
“Elsa!” The little girl had exclaimed.
His breath had hitched in his chest at the sight. He had wanted to see you of course, he’d come here expressly for this very reason. But he didn’t expect the sudden, unique pain. He didn’t expect at all how it would actually feel.
You were a goddess. His goddess. He knew you would look the very same as you always had, it’d only been a little over three years now that the two of you had been apart. The light and warmth of yours that he’d held in his arms so many nights before, of course that had not changed.
But seeing you together then, you with what he now knew as his own child. Happy, playful…suddenly all he’d wanted to do was leave and never return. Because he couldn’t ruin this. What right did he really have to even be here? The girl wouldn’t know who he was. And if she did see his face, wouldn’t it only frighten her? Was she yet old enough to have seen replayed footage of the battle of New York on those human machines?
In the end, wasn’t he only the horned devil who’d opened the portal to unleash those alien hordes onto the streets of her world before the Avengers had stopped him? A monster is all he was. Not even standing there on behalf of love in that moment, but of possessive pride and arrogance.
To his further surprise though, he’d also felt that foreign wetness starting in his eyes just as the two of you had walked right past him on the sidewalk. Humans were riding up and down on bicycles, walking their dogs. To you he was just anyone else as you’d only paused nearer the bottom of the stairs to your home. He’d seen you reaching into your pocket with your free hand, pulling out a set of keys before you’d picked the child up into your arms to carry her up the stairs.
And as you’d held her, her head was then positioned over your shoulder. She’d looked back towards the street just by chance. And for only a moment, he’d made eye contact with her.
He could see himself in her features, he could see you as well. Her human looking skin tone may only be an illusion, so much like his own. But it didn’t matter. He knew she was worth protecting instantaneously then as they’d briefly locked eyes. How could he have ever thought anything less?
By the time you’d gone inside and the door had clicked shut, he was glad though as he couldn’t stifle the sound that then left him as his face contorted.
He had truly been the worst kind of fool.
A few days later
It was late Friday night, which you were glad for as this week had seemed particularly long. At the wildlife center it’d just been one crisis after another. Pelicans swallowing fish hooks, turtles swallowing plastic, even a young dolphin that’d been struck by a boat propellor.
If more humans could see on a day to day basis the kind of damage their carelessness caused, you really did think they’d at least try to change their ways for the better. They weren’t all inherently cruel in your mind, just terribly short sighted. It took real work to make them see any larger picture.
But, at least some were trying. Your coworkers among them, who were also pleasantly shocked this month when your facility had received another generous grant from Stark Industries for new equipment. Your friends had tried to ask you several times what on Earth your connection to that man was. And you’d just had to smile and say Tony Stark must enjoy a good tax write off.
In reality it was more Thor who you owed for that initial connection. The thunder god did drop in from time to time to check on his “favorite” and as you often pointed out, only niece. Thor had insisted from the beginning that you and your daughter live somewhere safe. And with Asgardian riches meaning little on Midgard, he’d gone to his fellow Avenger Iron Man requesting favors for you in exchange for Thor’s work consistently done in protecting this realm.
To your surprise though, Tony had actually taken a very hands on approach. He’d met you personally several times even in the beginning, though he still insisted on calling you Ariel. Which only much later you fully understood the joke of with your daughter’s growing penchant for those musical cartoons.
But Tony had bought this house. And his girlfriend Pepper had found you that job and the best daycare. But their gifts you still didn’t take for free either. Their world was your home too. And when they needed your help to fight back any new threat, they also knew exactly where to find you. You were now in Nick Fury’s files just like all the others. And they had and would call on you when necessary.
You looked over, seeing her holding up that tablet, which now had a spinning icon where whatever video she was watching had been. “Baby, it’s late. It’s just buffering. But screen time should have been over half an hour ago anyway.”
You used to tell her that the internet ran out after a certain time of night, but she was getting a little too smart for that now as you just extended your hand. “Come on, give it up. Go brush your teeth.”
You’d like to think that the strong headedness you were starting to see in her was only from her father’s side. But in reality, you could only imagine how many times you’d given that same pouty look to your own father before she did finally relinquish her precious tablet.
You quickly plugged it in, purposefully out of reach on the kitchen island before you went to help her get ready for bed.
It took a while, as always of course. So much bargaining. Could she have just one more cup of water? No, she didn’t want to sleep with this toy, it had to be that toy that you hadn’t seen for a week. Then digging through her toybox to find it, then it was the ceiling fan needs to be on. No it’s blowing on me, it needs to be off.
Mommy, leave the door cracked. No, leave it shut. Mommy, can you put the sounds on? No, not the water sounds, the thunder! Mommy, you’re sure there’s nothing in the closet?
It was just amazing how quickly someone so small could become a master of stall tactics when they really wanted to be.
By the time you were sure that she was finally asleep, her sound machine then going with her bedroom door shut, you probably should have been asleep yourself. But there was also something to be said for getting a rare moment alone.
You’d changed out of your work clothes at last, now just in underwear and a long t-shirt as you went back to the kitchen. You’d left only the overhead stove light on. And with the beach house’s open floor plan, it was enough to cast a dim light into the living room as well as you’d grabbed a bottle of wine off the counter, considering the label.
One of your coworkers had recommended this brand to try. You’d planned to pour just a bit into a glass and then go turn on one of those streaming shows in the living room that they’d also told you about. It wouldn’t have been a terrible way to wind down the night.
You’d opened one of the kitchen cupboards to pull out said wine glass, but the cupboard doors had a glass face themselves. And just as you’d begun to shut it, that’s when you caught the silhouette of a man reflected in black behind you.
The wine glass shattered as you released it to the floor. Yourself then whirling your body around, with your metal spear materializing into your hands even as the figure in the seemingly tailored black suit caught the weapon just as quickly in his own overly strong grip.
The silver of your spear still glinted in the low fluorescent light. The intruder’s pale hand enclosed around the side of it, having just stopped the deadly tip from reaching his throat.
But he said nothing at first, those familiar blue eyes just meeting the widening, horrified expression in your own gaze as recognition took hold of you.
You had never fainted in your life that you could remember, but you’d never felt closer to it either than you did in that very moment. Because it could not be.
“You must have been told that I was dead once more,” Loki finally broke the silence though, realizing your truly stunned reaction could mean nothing else.
And it did sound like a voice from beyond the grave. The god you had loved for so very long. But he’d left you. He’d thrown all of it away to chase madness, to chase power and vengeance. He’d left you alone with only the memory of him, mourning him all the while raising a girl who would never even know her own father.
He must have still seen that heavy disbelief in your eyes though as he spoke quietly again after a few more moments. “I’m no imposter if that’s what you’re thinking...” But he looked thoughtful for a moment before continuing. “It is me, my goddess. Not a ghost, not an illusion…not a nightmare. Your mind would be too strong for such games regardless. Our connection would be too intimate to fabricate…don’t you know your lover when you see him?”
The tone, the stance, it was perfect. That was true. But you were not so arrogant as to think there would be no being capable of deceiving you to this scale.
In your shock it was difficult to think of proper questions though, even as you tried, your voice sounding embarrassingly weak. “Then, when and where was the last time we were together? What did you promise me then?”
He did seem to consider for only a moment, but with an expression that changed little before he answered. “You think I would forget sneaking you back into my quarters on Asgard that night before Thor’s coronation? And how long we made love over and over as you tried to both console me from that event’s sheer insult as well as dissuade me from letting the frost giants into Odin’s vault to disrupt it?”
But there was a hint of a tragic kind of humor in his eyes as he only continued. “I promised you I was in control. That no one would get hurt…that it’d all be fine. The coronation would be delayed and it’d be something we could just laugh about when I next came back to Midgard for you…”
But you never had seen him after. You’d returned home, and the next you’d known all the Olympians were buzzing that there had been a coup in Asgard. You were not allowed back then. You’d never been back since.
It might be true that a powerful psychic could still pull those little details from you though. But what were the odds that any psychic creature that skilled would also be so equally adept at shape shifting? To perfect his body, his voice as well…no, somehow in your heart you knew this was not deception. Even if a trick may have hurt far less.
And as that equally amazing yet horrible realization continued to settle over you, you finally began to lower your spear with one hand. But simultaneously your other palm just met the side of his face before you could stop yourself, with a slap that echoed through the room almost as loud as his brother’s thunder.
And you could see that equally familiar little flare of anger and surprise in his eyes as he turned his face back to look at you after the hit. The redness and beginnings of a bruise already starting to form on his pale cheek from the sheer force of it.
But you did not strike him again. Your eyes were already blurring then as the first tears formed, and you could soon feel them edging out down the sides of your face. Emotion drawn from a well of sadness you had thought would one day run dry. But it never did. You lived of course, you smiled and laughed even after he had been gone. But the mourning did not ever really leave you.
It could be in the middle of the day, anywhere, doing anything when a thought of him would cross your mind and that pit would swallow you whole all over again. You’d had to process his death twice already. And what being in any realm, of any status, deserved to go through that more than once with the one that they truly loved?
But his eyes were still on you as you saw his brief anger fade to confusion, and then…was it actually something closer to regret?
Your spear just clattered to the floor alongside the broken glass as you felt Loki’s arms wrap abruptly around you. That same grip that had held you for more nights than you could now count.
“I should have come sooner…you did not deserve this.” He said then, his voice sounding odd at last as if he may now be struggling to keep it even himself.
“You left us,” You breathed harshly in return though, pulling back enough to look at him again with your now reddening eyes.
But you could see the sadness in his own face even more now, clearer then in a way that both only wounded and frustrated you further. It would have been easier honestly if you could make yourself hate him. If he could stand there just looking as arrogant and pompous as everyone else always thought that he was.
But here, right now as he held you in some insufficient attempt at comfort, he only looked near as broken as you.
And you couldn’t help it. Even though it made no sense, even though you should just be screaming at him, demanding explanations and apologies…you’d missed him so much. You had wanted him back so badly, more than you’d ever wanted anything else before.
And here he was. The Fates knowing more than you ever could as he escaped death once again. You moved forward before you even consciously decided to, and you were kissing him then through the tears. Your lips against his. And even after all that had happened, all that he had done, he still tasted just the same.
But he only pressed into it as well, just as hard, opening his mouth to taste you soon enough as if the two of you had never stopped.
There was a desperation more than you’d ever felt however. That sadness, anger, and hurt overflowing still even as you pushed him so his back was now against the kitchen island. You felt him widen the stance of his legs, letting you in between them as his hands moved roughly to your hips.
He hadn’t forgotten you. No, it was then that you knew that he’d never stopped wanting you either. But why then? Why did he let you think over and over that he was dead? Why did he put you through all of this!?
And as you finally broke the heated kiss to look at him again, both of you then a literal mess standing here in this modern mortal kitchen with shards of glass and your spear made by Hephaestus himself on the floor beneath you, you also knew that there would be no sleep had tonight.
You needed…no, you deserved answers.
The broken glass had been cleaned up and your weapon put back away, all lights now turned off as you’d opened the blinds in the living room to let the moonlight in from off the beach instead.
You felt like your hands might be trying to shake slightly though, and after another moment’s thought you opened one of the windows slightly as well. That salt smell and cool sea air drifting in with the sound of the waves. It was a comfort and added bit of strength you felt you needed then as you rounded back to the couch.
And Loki just sat there waiting for you in the dark. Maddeningly elegant looking again in the moonlight, one leg crossed over the other and his eyes never leaving you.
You sat down on the couch with him as well, but with a little distance still. You felt like you hadn’t let out all of your pent up anger yet. But you knew that wouldn’t get you anywhere either.
“So how long have you been watching us?” Is what you finally asked. Knowing full well that him finally revealing himself to you again wouldn’t have been a spur of the moment decision on his part. To sneak in here so easily, he had to have learned the surroundings some time before now.
“Not long. Only this week,” He answered plainly though.
“Why?” You responded a little tersely, but not looking back at him. You felt the more you would look at him, the more your memories returned and the less objective you could be.
“I needed to see you.” He just gave another short answer.
“But you didn’t before?” You countered, knowing how long it’d already been since the convergence and everything Thor had said Loki had given his life for on Svartalfheim. Where had the god of mischief really been since then? What had he been doing?
He gave a kind of half sigh, and you felt him shift on the couch. “I didn’t come here to antagonize you. I swear to that. But I had to deal with Odin first before I could move forward with anything else in my life. And now that is finally done.”
“What?” You did look reflexively back to him at the mention of the Allfather and all the additional dire implications that could possibly mean. You knew Loki too well to think for a moment that anything between he and Odin right now could possibly have a peaceful ending. But he didn’t respond back right away, only frustrating you further. “Loki…if you’re still keeping secrets, this isn’t…it’s not going to work.”
Your feelings were already too raw, you couldn’t handle those old games right now.
But you only saw an odd look come into his eyes, it wasn’t sly or condescending by any means. Closer to a flicker of more desperation if anything before he spoke to you again.
“If I trust you, then you have to do the same in return. Of course I can tell you everything that’s happened since I escaped death on Svartalfheim. But I’m not ready to deal with my brother’s judgements just yet about my dealings with Odin. This must stay between us for now.”
Yet you still stiffened, aware of everything Thor had already done for you in Loki’s absence. And knowing that the only real confidants you had left in the mortal realm were now in the Avengers. Letting yourself become beholden to Loki once more, jeopardizing the life you’d made for you and your daughter here….it was a lot to ask. “You’ve got a lot of nerve giving me stipulations on anything right now, you understand that right?”
He smirked just a little, the first hint of one you’d seen since his arrival. But it still looked all too regretful. “Take the truth…I’ll tell it. That’s all I can offer you. Then whatever you feel -or don’t- for me afterward, I can do nothing but accept it. But I want you to show me the truth as well. I want to see the time I’ve missed. I want to know what I’ve cost us.” He continued quietly though, as you felt his hand graze yours as you held onto the couch. You hadn’t sat far enough away after all.
You knew what he was really asking for then. He wanted to take the shortcut of looking directly into your memories, which he could only do through physical touch. But all your emotion, all the pain, everything would be there, hot and searing as if it was happening again in real time.
But he needed to feel it too didn’t he? You did want him to, even as much as you knew you weren’t ready to relive any of it yourself. No, you couldn’t overthink this, or else you might lose your nerve as you answered. “Then get it over with please. Look into my mind…but before the morning comes you’re going to tell me why you did what you did as well. I can’t just let all that go, Loki. Even for you…”
“I know.” Was all he responded though. Yet there was a heaviness to it as he watched you finally move closer and he raised his open hand in front of you.
You knew what you had to do as you took a breath before bowing your head slightly, nearly touching it against his hand before he moved in to close the rest of the distance.
You felt the tension in him, the last bit of hesitation before his fingers gripped firmly upon your scalp. You tried to steel yourself as well before the gates opened up. But no one could, not to that kind of force as in only another instant it was like a switch had been flipped inside your brain. A hit akin to a bomb going off inside your consciousness as he forced his way in.
The invasiveness was painful enough on its own, but you didn’t fight as he pulled those last few years of memories rapidly to the surface. And it was all only the truth as the scenes flashed by faster and faster.
The night you’d first been in denial, learning the news that he had turned on his own family. Everyone just telling you that he had gone mad. And you arguing, even fighting to try and escape to go to him as your father Poseidon with the help of your brothers had locked you all in your family’s palace in the depths of the sea.
Zeus had commanded that no Olympian be allowed to interfere in Asgard’s battle for succession to the throne. And under penalty of death you’d had to wait and agonize, not knowing who would come out alive. Waiting for any bit of information, confused and frightened how this could even be before word finally came that Odin had retained the throne. Loki had been defeated.
But somehow when they’d eventually said that Loki had died, it was made even worse when the story had started to twist towards suicide. Because they’d told you he hadn’t been slain in battle at all, that he’d let go of the bifrost. He’d chosen to die as he’d fallen into the void.
That was what you’d been made to believe over and over, by so many who had of course never approved of your mixed race coupling with him to begin with. Some had even mocked you then too for the seeming realization that his pride and desire for the throne had been the only thing he couldn’t live without in the end. The only thing he appeared to truly love in the end.
But your depression, and the mourning that followed only became more complex as you’d realized his equally cruel parting gift. A pregnancy that kept you feeling sick and weak for months as your body had constantly tried to reject the foreign entity inside it. And the added stress of your father only hoping that the unborn would actually die so you could return to the fold and close that embarrassing chapter for your whole family at last.
Only your mother queen Amphitrite and your sister Rhode had not turned their backs on you during your difficult pregnancy. Helping you still hunt, still eat and defend yourself, yourself otherwise alone and exiled to the ocean’s most remote places before the child finally came.
But as you’d feared, the baby couldn’t even breathe underwater. You’d had to return to the surface just to keep her alive. That screaming, blue skinned child that you’d had no idea how to take care of at the time. The girl not truly Jotun, but not of your kind either, something trapped in between.
She could not survive the depths of the sea, nor was her foreign blood allowed on Olympus. So you’d had to finally give up your royal life in the oceans for good to raise her on land among the mortals.
But not long after had come the shock that Loki was still alive. Yet only starting that cycle of heartbreak all over again for you as you’d just had to watch on a human television as the man you’d loved unleashed a foreign army to wreak havoc in the very realm you were then attempting to safely raise his own daughter in. There had been so much anger and additional confusion within you at that new layer of betrayal.
But even when he had been defeated and imprisoned, you’d still begged to be able to see him. Even if he’d forsaken you, you desired to have some sort of closure at least. But Odin had refused your requests time and time again. Yes, the bifrost had also still been broken then, but you and the Allfather both knew there were other ways to cross the realms if he would only let you.
But Odin considered your child illegitimate, and insisted that neither of you had any rights in Asgard. There was no sense of goodwill to help you either when his anger and desire to further punish Loki was something insurmountable at the time. Only Frigga had reached out to you via the ravens, wanting to know as much about the girl she considered her grandchild as she could.
You had still retained hope however. In Frigga’s letters she had promised that Odin would eventually soften. She believed the Allfather’s disappointment and great hurt at Loki’s actions were being unfairly projected onto you and your daughter. But she saw it as temporary. She encouraged you to stay strong.
You had almost started to believe her too, before your world crashed to ashes all over again. Her letters had suddenly stopped. And one day, out the blue Thor had come to you with horrific new truth.
You’d been so relieved to see him for the most fleeting moment too, thinking maybe Frigga had sent him. That he may take you to visit Asgard at last, yourself briefly believing that Odin had finally relented. But it was not to be. Thor had instead come to tell you about the Queen’s murder and Loki’s self-sacrifice against the dark elves who had her blood on their hands. Frigga had been killed and Loki had avenged her. And even if not Asgardian by blood, Thor had been so adamant that Loki’s soul would have found Valhalla then.
And you’d cried in front of Thor that day, really cried in a way the you hadn’t allowed yourself with every set back before. You’d finally broken down as he’d held you, neither of you knowing what else to do. But he’d also promised you then that Loki’s daughter would never feel the pains you all had. He’d sworn that she would grow up safe on Midgard, happy. And with no other real choice, you had accepted his and Tony Stark’s eventual offer. This home, this life. You’d become an Avenger in order to protect her from worldly threats just like the attacks made by her own father, you’d-
As you felt Loki’s mind suddenly uncoil itself from your memories, you could also feel the new tears now running down your face again. You looked up at him, surprised that he’d broken the connection so soon.
But as you stared at him, you realized you weren’t the only one then in tears.
Loki blinked, that stinging wetness only growing stronger as he pulled his hand shakily back away from you.
He couldn’t take another moment. Every single thing you’d felt was as strong in his emotions now as if they’d come from within himself. And he’d had to stop when that final burst of your memories had showed that his own actions had pushed you right into being dependent on the very people he’d once most hated. You were now enlisted to fight against “villains” just like himself.
“You’re one of them,” He breathed, unable to stop that hint of accusation in his tone even as he only wanted to pull you back into his arms now.
You belonged to him. You were his goddess. But Tony goddamned Stark had provided you this home. His own mate and child were now indebted and even affectionate with that egotistical human.
It was irrational for him to feel this angry, some part of his logical mind still knew that of course. In none of your memories had he seen you take anyone else as a lover in any capacity. But the jealousy was so real, the many times Thor had now visited you as well. He’d seen that level of intimacy regardless, you’d needed them because you’d had no one else. And he hated it. The thought of you closer to them, trusting them now far more than himself.
But before you could argue the obvious that he had no right to criticize when he hadn’t been here to be your partner, when he’d left you with a fatherless child, he just took you around the waist regardless. He pulled you against him on the couch, his back leaning into the armrest and your chest now against his.
If you wanted to strike him again he didn’t care as he spoke unevenly, holding you tighter. “I never wanted this. You think I didn’t care about you, but that is not how it was. I was a lie! I was a lie Odin created, and I couldn’t accept it. Yes, I thought I had nothing left. Because I was a fool that believed you could only hate me as much as I hated myself…”
But he’d seen your mind, making it all the more heartbreaking with the truth that his being a frost giant had barely even registered in your important or painful memories. Because you truly did not care. You’d just wanted him back, in any way or form.
Your only anger towards him had been for being abandoned, for being left in the dark, not understanding his violence and his selfishness in these recent years. Your thinking that he now only cared more about conquering realms than he did about loving you or protecting his own child.
“I promised to tell you everything, and I will. But know I never would have hurt you. I never would have let the Chitauri touch you or the girl. I just wanted some kind of control back in my life. Even if I’d won then, I would have come back to you eventually. You’re all I have left…” And he only felt the slightest relief when you didn’t argue, when you didn’t berate him in all the ways he knew he still deserved, your warmth actually just settling further against his chest as he then laid his chin atop your head.
“I love you, I never stopped.” You did finally speak though, as he felt you reaching up to still wipe at your own eyes. “Don’t forget that again.”
He closed his eyes a moment, the pain of those words so real, but even he couldn’t deny them when he knew it was the truth. “Only actual death could ever separate me from you again, goddess.” He promised back. “I have so much to make amends to you for, but I’m here now. And I will not waste this chance if you’ll have me…”
He felt you shift, and as he opened his eyes again he could see you looking up at him once more. The simple touch of your soft hand then against his hair had him taking another breath before your lips met his again.
The physical comfort was so needed, so necessary as he let the two of you sink further down onto the couch. He took greedily still, even after so many years together, he kissed you like his survival depended on it.
Because maybe it did.
After a little while longer though, he felt you move again, you pulling a blanket that had been messily on top the couch then down around you both.
Evidently this is where the two of you would be resting tonight.
But there were still many hours until morning, and you had demanded the truth. He would tell you too. There’d be no more secrets between you. Before sunrise, you would know about Thanos, about the scepter and the tesseract, and how he’d escaped.
He would tell you where Odin really was and how he’d taken back Asgard from the former king. He could only be at your mercy now though, hoping you would understand enough to let him handle this how he needed to. He wasn’t ready to confess to Thor, but all illusions must fall in the end. Eventually that time would come as well. But not yet.
Right now was only about repairing what he’d had with you. And beginning the new chapter with the child he’d yet to even meet. He had failed the girl to this point, but he could at least start to make amends now. To try and be the real father that he had so wished Odin would have been.
By morning all could begin anew. Even devils got second, or in his case even third or fourth chances it seemed. He could and would not let this slip away from him again.
(To be continued!)
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Tumblr media
It's Bold!!🕷️💚🕸️ I redesigned my spider-sona, Bold Jumper! May do my other characters from their universe eventually but I've been absolutely itching to fix them up. They're lookin fresh and ready to flirt with their villains
Here is comparison between old and new version :)
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Forbidden 7
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Stark!Reader
Summary: You’re Tony’s sister and you just so happen to be very attracted to the one man that gets on your brother’s nerves, Steve Rogers. Unknowingly to you, the older man also has his eyes on you despite your circumstances.
Warnings: none
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By the time you all had pulled into the driveway of the cabin the sun was already dipping in the sky, the rays of light shimmering against the murky waters of the lake to your right
Piling out of Nat's car you all gathered your belongings from the trunk before joining the men on the porch. You poked Steve's side trying to break him out of his slump but the soldier didn't pay you any attention as he hastly entered the cabin leaving you confused and a little hurt
That's weird
Brushing off the slight hurt you followed Tony's directions to the rooms for the females which were down the corridor on the left and claimed the one with the best view of the lake. Dropping your bag on the floor you removed your crop top and undid the button on your shorts, you were going to take a swim in the water before it got too late
"Lady Y/N- oh sorry" the God of thunder stood in your doorway, shirtless and dressed in his swim trunks, he had his eyes trained on ceiling, regretting not knocking before entering your room
"Thor you've seen worse, what's up?" chuckling you tied your hair up in a bun, removing the stray strands of hair that felling in your face
"I was going to ask you to go swimming but I see that you're thinking the same as me" his blue eyes looked you over, lingering on your chest that was clad in the blue spandex bikini top
"What are we waiting for then, let's go" grabbing a towel you and Thor walked out your room and headed to the main area almost knocking into Bucky and Nat as you rounded the corner
"Race you there!" before you could even process what he said Thor was already out the door and off the porch, grunting you took off behind him
"Not fair blondie!"
Kicking your flip flops off you shimmied out of your jean shorts and ran into the water, diving when you've made it far enough to do so. The cold water sent shock waves through your body as came up for air, wiping the droplets from your face you smiled, it's been so long since you were able to fully relax
Thor was equally enjoying the water as he made a few laps in the lake, making sure to splash you as he kicked his legs. Tipping your body back you outstretched your arms and legs successfully floating at the surface
The sky was now painted in a pinkish-purple colour, a few clouds scattered across and you had never witnessed something this beautiful before
Back on the porch Tony and Steve were observing the two closely in the lake, both thinking differently about the situation
"Rogers am I seeing right? Are those two a thing?" as much as Tony was against his baby sister dating he'll admit the two did make a good pair
Steve's blood was boiling as Thor scooped you up and spun you around making you giggle like a litte school girl. He wasn't mad at Thor but mainly mad at himself, he should be the one making you laugh until you could barely breathe, smile so hard until your face hurt yet but he let you slip away
"They might be" he was hoping, scratch that, Steve was praying that you two weren't but the more he looked at you two get handsy with one another his heart broke more
"I'm gonna go get a beer" not waiting for Tony's response he ducked back into the kitchen gripping the corner of the kitchen island so hard he had to remind himself to stop before he broke it
"He's gone" Thor whispered into your hair as you clung to his torso. Thor knows that Steve has the biggest crush on you and he surely hadn't missed the glares from the super soldier
The cheeky God thought that it would be smart to get under the man's skin by getting closer to Y/N. She knew what he was doing and played along, still hurt by Steve giving her the cold shoulder back on the compound and on the porch
Releasing him you splashed some water in his face before making your way to the shore, Clint was working on getting the firepit started while the rest of the team emerged from the cabin getting themselves comfortable around the fire
Wrapping yourself in your towel you walked over to the group taking a beer out of the cooler. Bucky opened it for you and you thanked him before sitting opposite Steve. The orange flames casted a warm glow on his pale skin, his blue eyes were trained on you as you took a swig from your drink
For a moment you thought that he was going to say something to you but you were wrong, he downed his beer and joined in on Clint and Nat's conversation. Bucky and Sam were arguing about red wing over you as you were seated between the two, you sighed picking at the label on the bottle not bothering to pay attention to your friends
"Dollface you alright?" Bucky nudged you with his metal arm noticing that something was bugging you
"I'm fine, just tired from my swim earlier" lie, you were bumbed that Steve was admant on not speaking to you
"Swimming, sure" snapping your head in Steve's direction you picked up on his clenched jaw as he glared at you
"The water was nice you guys should've taken a dip" brushing him off you looked at Bucky
"One man's not enough" you saw Bucky scrunched his face up at his friend's harshness, you felt your temper start to rise as Steve shot daggers at you
Everyone fell quiet, picking up on the tension between the two. Downing the rest of your beer you placed the bottle down before standing, all eyes were on you curious to see what you were going to do. Opening your mouth to speak you quickly shut it not wanting to spoil anyone's night, shaking your head you left the group behind heading to the cabin
Who does he think he is? First he leads you on, got to know you better and now, it was like a switch had flipped in him and you didn't recognise the man who stole your heart
The screen door slammed shut as you made a direct b-line to the kitchen just needing to get away from Steve and his mood swings. The door opened and just your luck the soldier came in
"What the hell is your problem?" you were so over his crappy attitude
"I don't have a problem"
"Could've fooled me, all day you've been ignoring me, hell you barely even spoke to me" stepping closer to him you didn't break your eye contact
"Now tonight you're shooting your smartass remarks at me, what the fuck did I do Steve?" staring down at you all Steve was thinking about was kissing you, every fibre of his being was screaming out for him to do it
"I know yo-" the soldier shut you up, crashing his lips against yours taking you by surprise
At first you were tense but you eagerly returned the kiss, you swore you were hearing fireworks in the background. Your lips molded together perfectly, they fit like they were made for each other
Steve's large hands rested on your hips pulling you closer to him as he deepened the kiss. He enjoyed every second of this moment, he loved the way you were clinging onto him like your life depended on it
You both broke apart but still had your foreheads pressed together as you both remembered how to breathe
He suddenly dropped his hands and stepped away from you and you were confused but that subsided when Clint entered the room
Your face was flushed from the intensity of his kiss, with one last look at you Steve turned on his heels and returned to the group
Sweet baby Jesus, that was amazing
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nexusnyx · 10 days ago
— pairing: bucky barnes x female reader
— summary: bucky only notices what is happening to him when steve points out how much he’s been staring. when he realizes it and feels what it means, he decides to do something about it.
Tumblr media
a/n: reblogs/feedback/likes are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged!
warnings: explicit language, sensitive content; it’s mostly fluff!
words: 1.2k 
it’s steve’s fault.
then again, if bucky's being honest to himself, a lot of things in his life are.
problems started by steve come through one of two ways: either he puts his fits up, or he worded things a certain way.
in this particular case, the problem was his words.
weekdays meant debriefs, meetings and team assessment and response practice.
practice meant kicking steve's ass for at least a couple of hours until he learned something useful and managed a maneuver in bucky's Asset-trained defense—steve finally smiled, practice ended, repeat.
somewhere in the middle of that routine, a missing step slipped by him completely until steve pointed it out on a random wednesday afternoon.
"you do that a lot, you know?" steve asked, looking up at bucky.
he was sitting on the floor — getting his ass kicked involved a lot of floor kissing when fighting Bucky — and instead of getting up, he had opted for laying on the ground to dry some sweat off with a towel and drink some water.
"do what a lot?" bucky asks.
"stare at her."
the three words make bucky's head snap back in steve's direction.
he wants to play dumb and say 'what are you talking about', but his eyes were watching. they were glued to the figure on the other side of the fighting ring, sparring with nat and dancing with movements so precise only a fellow widow could evade and counter against.
nat was an old friend, but you—you were the movement in the room that always caught his eyes.
if there was ever a widow too dangerous, it was you. just like nat, your webs no longer caught innocent blood, but bucky was no innocent and every time you walked in the premises, he was stuck.
"damn, buck." steve's surprised laughter brings him back to the moment—denying was useless, so playing dumb was too.
"shut up," bucky huffed as a response.
the tip of his ears felt remotely warm and the bubbling inside his chest felt foreign and familiar at the same time.
by the look glinting in steve's blue eyes, he saw it too.
"haven't seen you look this coy or try to play dumb in a while," says steve. his voice is tentative, so bucky feels a little calmer about how nervous he feels to be feeling weird in the first place.
steve's words cause two troubles all at once: first one had the easiest fix—he was staring and it takes only a minute of Asset-level analysis to realize that he's been staring for a while now. the issue comes and goes with ease because as soon as he's made aware of it, bucky's next thought is,
how can i not stare? she's mesmerizing.
the second trouble was the one freezing him in his spot for half a second: the staring came from a bubbly, warm place inside of bucky that he thought had been lost decades ago, beat off of him inside the cold of a cryo chamber, away from any kind or tender touches.
"is this a distracting tactic?" bucky asks. he knows steve will pretend to rise to the bait because, at the end of the day, that's how good of a friend steve rogers is. "'cause it ain't working, stevie. get off your ass, you need to lose again."
"oh, it's so on."
for one week, bucky assesses his situation.
steve was right—he does that. a lot.
as soon as you walked in, his eyes found your frame no matter what he was doing.
a little bit of observing proved that his senses being attuned to you extended further than simply eyesight—bucky heard your carefully trained steps whenever you were relaxed enough to not hide your presence, he smelled your orange-citrus shampoo and peachy body lotion (the two things were the only scented luxuries bucky ever noted you allow yourself ever since being freed from the Red Room and it twisted his guts into knots how the mixture between the two of them drove him dizzy every single time).
bucky stared in the mornings when his eyes were barely open and the coffee had only started kicking in, but how could he not?
how could he not when you trailed after wanda in your long black henleys that you used as pijamas, whispering to yourself at times, eyes struggling to open?
how could he not when you made the romanian girl giggle in the morning when no one else would, and made sure to smile at him too from above your coffee even though you were the furthest from being a morning person yourself?
bucky stared because he had to.
because everything in you demaned him to.
the warmth spread inside his chest every time he was the one responsible for your laughter in the rare Game Nights the group managed to get between missions. it spread when you took his side during meetings, specially the important ones where he still felt stiff voicing his opinions.
bucky's eyes stared because they'd found something worth looking at for the first time in decades.
at the end of the week, bucky corners steve with a question he’s been running non-stop since the morning.
“do you think she’s noticed?” bucky asks.
steve startles just a little and answers without a single question, even though this is the first time they see each other that day and this conversation had ended in the practice room days ago.
“uhm. i think she hasn’t, but that’s only because you two are playing cat and mouse with the staring thing,” a grin spreads across steve’s face as he says the words, and bucky hears the ones in between the lines.
she’s been looking when you’re not.
bucky freezes for a second and the grin solidifies in steve’s face. decades might’ve passed, but steve will never forget the keys that play bucky like a piano. he’ll never unlearn the decades of setting traps that catch a barnes, and he knows better than anyone that bucky only feels insecure when he really likes a dame, the same way he knows that insecurity flies right off as soon as he knows he’s actually got a shot.
bucky feels a grin too on the corner of his lips, something old and almost unfamiliar by now, but that lights a spark in steve’s eyes like nothing has until now.
“you sure about that?” bucky asks him.
“positive,” steve chuckles, then starts strutting towards the kitchen with a new-found confidence.
bucky saw a glimpse of that easy and swaggy stride back in the war: the i have everything i’ve ever wanted rogers power-walk.
it makes him want to chuckle too. he follows steve for the food and for the information.
“if me seeing it with my own two eyes hadn’t been enough, me catching y/n and nat whispering your name and stopping as soon as i walk in would’ve been,” steve says and oh.
“yeah,” steve laughs out loud when the realization hits bucky, and he starts separating the seasonings wanda obligated him to use whenever he was in the kitchen. “so the real question here is, buck: what are you gonna do about it?”
bucky smiled to himself, shoving every insecurity to the back of his head and focusing on all the windows of possiblity forming.
“i have a few ideas,” he smiled at steve.
                              ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ 
part 2...? tell me what you think / if you want a continuation :)
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spidertams · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
These are the looks they showed up in at the press conference in which they told to the world they were dad and daughter... lmao real Starkness (That is Guinevere Stark, my marvel oc by the way)
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magebomb · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
There’s a ‘spidersona’ trend going around right now, so I took advantage of that to apparently make a whole ‘nother OC or smth. 
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tinymintywolf · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
I've been wanting to do some fake comic covers for my marvel characters, I finally had time for one! 👀
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