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#marvel oneshot
weasleygirl7 · 4 months ago
A Glorious Purpose (Loki x Fem!Reader)
In which Loki watches his future and finds you play a much larger role than he had expected... SPOILERS FOR LOKI SERIES!!! Send any requests my way :) I’ve got some free time and I’m ready to WRITE!
Tumblr media
The screen showed a pixelated version of the Avengers… and you. You who he had seen mere hours ago fighting against him, and then whom he had seen two versions of. He had smelled the cologne of the two Tony’s, just as he had beheld the two Y/N’s.
He hadn’t originally noticed you dressed as a guard until he had heard the subtle, yet sharp intake of breath, a breath not all that different from the gasp he had made moments ago when seeing his mother on this damned screen, a gasp of pain. You were clearly older, a scar on your cheek that hadn’t been there mere moments ago at the top of Avengers tower as you had nudged Romanoff with a grin as you settled into the elevator. This older you had locked eyes with him for a fleeting second until being broken apart by the commotion of the Hulk smashing through the stairwell door and sending everyone scrambling.
It had struck him as odd at the time, yes, but he had been preoccupied with other details (such as escaping) rather than wondering why the mighty avengers had decided to play around with time. He’d had only a couple of conversations with you until now, and none of them entirely delightful seeing as you were on opposing sides, and the recognition held in future you’s eyes had unsettled him more than he’d care to say.
Glancing once more at the table before him, Loki pulled out a chair and sat. The round device before him was no more complicated than anything else he’d seen before, and a twist of a knob later, he was skipping through his life on film.
Stop. His mother, dead on the floor. His doing, according to Mobius. A manifestation of the pain and suffering he had been supposedly born to cause. A shuddering breath escaped him.
Twist. Images of Thor and... you for some reason flickered past like voices on the wind, glimpses of some life he had never lived, some life he was meant to live. And Odin, his... well, the closest thing to a father Loki had ever known.
Stop. “I love you, my sons.” He saw himself, an older Loki, beside his father. Another shuddering breath escaped him. My sons… Odin had seen this Loki, this version of him, as his true son. He had not hesitated, had not made him an afterthought behind Thor. Tears welled up in his vision, and try as he may, Loki could not stop them. “Remember this place. Home.” He watched as his father died before his very eyes, saw himself stand beside Thor as brothers once more, united in their grief. He saw You, coming to his side and placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.
Stop.  You, kissing him. His hands tangled in your hair. You pull away with a gasp for air, a smile playing on your lips as you trace a delicate hand across his cheek. “You are good, Loki Laufeyson, and you deserve good things.” His future self breaths a small laugh as he shakes his head, placing his hand atop your own. “You are the good in me, my love.”
Stop. Thor, his hair cut and trimmed short, staring at Loki with… love. “Loki, I thought the world of you. I thought we were gonna fight side by side forever.” Loki drew yet another shuddering breath and looked away. Forever.
Stop. You. You, on the Bifrost beside himself, Thor (missing an eye no less), and who appeared to be a Valkyrie from the stories his mother would tell them as children. You, weapon in hand and looking slightly worse for wear, sweat dripping down your face as you shot him a sly grin.
Stop.Thor, a newfound patch on his eye, turning. “Maybe you’re not so bad after all, brother.” A sly grin on his future self’s face as he replied, “Maybe not.” A thanks from Thor, his voice deep and true, “If you were here, I might even give you a hug.” Loki can’t stop the incredulous laugh from leaving his lips as he watches the scene before him. His soft brother, still soft. A quiet response from his future self, “I’m here.” A soft click indicating the opening of a door, laughter from offscreen. Your voice rings out playfully, “Oh please, don’t let me interrupt. I’d like to see this.” 
Stop. Himself, panting and suddenly thrusting a knife upwards at Thanos… who makes no movement of defense, a glittering gold gauntlet already adorning his fist. Loki’s smile falls into a grimace as realization strikes him. “Undying?” The giant asks and he hears scraping from the sidelines. A glance of his future self’s eyes turns the screen on you, beaten and bloody, struggling on your knees with a hand of one of Thanos’ children’s clamped tightly over your mouth. Tears fall from your eyes as you flail against their grip, fighting. This future Loki merely nods towards you. Thanos’ voice cuts through the silence.  “Undying? You should choose your words more carefully.”
Loki stands to his feet and watches as his future self is lifted into the air by the neck, choked forcefully. He sees himself struggle to no avail, his suffering long and drawn out. His words broken and strained, “You... will never be... a god.” The snap of his neck. His death. Gasping and taking frantic steps back, Loki watches as his brother and you grieve over his body. Thor crying silently while you frantically shake his body, begging him to wake up and come back to you.
An explosion marking the end of the tape. He scoffs, despair and regret boiling up in his chest.
A glorious purpose indeed.
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alisonsfics · a month ago
summer days and sundresses
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
request: “maybe Bucky’s kryptonite are sundresses. He can’t control his reaction since he has feelings for the reader but never voiced them. It makes him act when he see’s others reactions and leads to pent up sexual tension sex because the both have been dancing around each other not admitting their feelings. SMUT and fluff please!” - @msunravelled
word count: 2.5k
warnings: smut, unprotected sex, fingering, handjob, swearing, semi-public sex, definite sundress kink, exhibitionism kinda, minors DNI
Tumblr media
“Morning, Buck.” Steve and Natasha chorused as Bucky walked into the kitchen. He gave them a sleepy smile before making a bowl of cereal.
He joined the both of them at the island. “So, you have any plans today?” Steve asked, looking towards Bucky. He shook his head, still barely awake. “Come on, Barnes. It’s our day off. You should go out and do something. Maybe you could finally ask out you-know-who.” Natasha said, smirking at Bucky.
Bucky instantly straightened up in his seat and glanced around the room to make sure you were nowhere to be seen. The pair couldn’t help but giggle at his wide-eyed expression.
“She could hear you.” Bucky hissed. Bucky wasn’t normally super paranoid or jumpy, everything was different with you. Everyone knew Bucky was head over heels for you, well everyone except you.
“Why don’t you ask her out? You’ve liked her for two years. I guarantee she likes you too, but she won’t be single forever.” Steve explained.
The only thing that scared Bucky more than confessing his feelings was seeing you with another man.
The chemistry between the two of you was undeniable. You both had come so close to finally confessing, but it never happened. The team had been rooting for you both to finally get together.
They noticed the giddy smiles on your faces when you were alone together. They noticed how your eyes always found each other from across the room. They noticed how you both danced around your feelings for two years.
Then, you walked in.
Bucky was fucking mesmerized. He froze in his seat as his eyes trailed over your floral sundress. “Good morning guys.” You said, with a kind smile.
“Wow,” Bucky mumbled under his breath. He noticed how his heart sped up as he laid eyes on you. The dress ended right below your ass and fit you perfectly.
“You look amazing. This dress is gorgeous. Wouldn’t you say so Barnes?” Natasha started with a genuine compliment, but was always acting as a wingwoman.
Bucky choked on his cup of coffee, and he felt his face become eight different shades of red. “What? Do you not like it?” You asked. You had picked the dress out specifically hoping Bucky would like it, and you were really worried that it had the opposite effect.
“No no no. It’s great, it really is.” He rambled, having to mentally remind himself to look at your eyes and nothing else.
Bucky was reminded of why he had never asked you out: you made Bucky nervous, really nervous.
All he wanted to do was tell you how pretty you were and kiss you. Every time he tried to ask you out, he would say the wrong thing. Two years of pining had really gotten to him. There was no pressure towards the beginning, but now he wanted it all to be perfect.
You and Bucky knew how to perfectly press each other’s buttons. No one knew whether or not you both did it on purpose.
“I’m going to go out with some friends. I’ll see you all later.” You said, smiling as you left the compound.
“What the fuck am I going to do?” Bucky muttered under his breath. He ran his fingers through his hair, tugging on the strands. The stool squeaked against the floor as Bucky forcefully stood off and marched towards his room.
“Have fun with your cold shower, Barnes.” Natasha joked, unable to keep the smirk off her face. Bucky’s response was simple: his middle finger flying up as he walked away.
Somehow everyday it got harder for Bucky to keep his feelings a secret. Sometimes that was because all he wanted to do was pull you into his arms and tell you how much you meant to him. Sometimes it was because he wanted to pin you against the wall and make you scream his name. At this moment, it was the latter.
After a very long shower, Bucky knew he needed a distraction.
He headed out the side doors of the compound and walked over to the outside gym, where there were various weights and training equipment.
When a car pulled up in the driveway, it naturally took Bucky’s attention. He quickly noticed you in the passenger seat, and then he noticed a guy in the drivers seat. He felt his fists clench at his side as he watched the man’s gaze.
This mystery guy was having a hard time not letting his eyes roll down your chest. Finally, after what felt like years to Bucky, you got out of the car and the mysterious man drove away.
You quickly noticed Bucky outside. He was the only one around and he was shirtless, so it’s no surprise he caught your attention.
“Hey, James.” You said, giggling as you walked up to him. Bucky groaned and tried to hide his smile. He placed down his weights and took a sip of his water. “I told you not to call me that.” He said, leaning back against the cold, concrete walls of the compound.
Bucky hated when everyone called him James, but something in him almost found it cute when you did it. He couldn’t let you or anyone else know that though.
He could hear his heartbeat in his ears as you walked closer to him. “That’s a really pretty dress.” Bucky said, surprised that he actually said it out loud.
You gave him a small appreciate smile. Neither of you knew what to say. Bucky’s mind raced as he tried to come up with something to say.
“So how was your date?” He asked, the words once again coming out of his mouth before he thought them through. He wanted to hit himself in the face. He knew it made him sound jealous, but it just slipped out.
He waited, anxiously, for your reaction. You just stood there with your eyebrows furrowed, until you finally realized what he meant. “That wasn’t a date, Bucky.” You assured him. He breathed a sigh of relief.
“Why do you seem so relieved that it wasn’t a date?” You asked, a small smirk forming on your face. For the first time, you were taking a step towards confessing your feelings, or getting Bucky to confess his.
Bucky's eyes went wide. Part of him thought he misheard you.
He couldn’t come up with a single coherent thought, so he stood there in silence.
It forced you to make the next move.
You took a few more steps towards him, so you were only inches apart. You placed your hands on each of his shoulders. You were reminded that he was shirtless, as the heat radiated off his chest. “Were you relieved that it wasn’t a date?” You asked, cocking your head to the side.
The close proximity gave Bucky the perfect view down the front of your dress. He forced himself to look into your eyes and tried to ignore how close you were to him. He shut his eyes for a second, trying to stop the effect your dress was having on him.
He couldn’t.
“You have no fucking idea.” He said, quickly before pulling you into a kiss. You kissed him back instantly, letting your hands caress his chest as his arms wrapped around your waist.
He loved the feeling of your body pressed up against his. It felt perfect.
He quickly spun you around and pinned you against the wall. He ran his hands up and down your sides, wanting to touch you everywhere. He’d dreamed about what it would be like to hold you. It was passing all his expectations.
Your mouths met in a quick and passionate kiss. The kiss was rushed. You both had wanted each other for too long.
His tongue grazed over your bottom lip. You whimpered as he tugged on your bottom lip with his teeth.
“This dress has been driving me crazy.” He mumbled against your lips. His hands slipped under your dress and he grasped at your ass. “I hoped you would like it.” You said, smirking.
You pulled away to gasp for air, resting your head against the building. He peppered kisses down your collarbone, stopping once he got to the top of your dress. He left wet kisses all over your chest.
You noticed how his eyes had darkened with lust. He quickly looked around, making sure the two of you were alone. “Hey, I have an idea.” He whispered, cupping your face. You could tell from his expression that it was going to be a naughty idea.
“I wanna take you right here, sweetheart.” He told you, placing kisses in the palm of your hand. You felt like your face was on fire. You quickly looked around the empty yard.
No one was around, but anyone could come outside at any moment.
“Are you turned on?” He asked, as you squirmed under his gaze. You felt even more embarrassed as he figured you out. “But it’s so risky,” you complained.
He pulled you into another quick kiss. “I know that excites you. I can see it in your eyes, sweetheart.” He said, cupping your ass through your dress.
“Fuck me, Barnes.” You said, simply. As soon as you gave him permission, his hands were up your dress. He cursed under his breath when he felt how wet you were.
It was sinful. He should have been ashamed by how turned on he was already. He couldn’t help it. He had been dreaming of this moment for years.
His hand slipped under your lace panties. “You alright there, James?” You teased, feeling his erection pressed against your leg.
“You’re fucking dripping.” He mumbled, a quiet moan falling from his lips. You continued to smirk. You moved your hand under your dress and guided his fingers through your folds. “You gonna finger fuck me or are you just teasing?” You questioned.
The question brought him back into reality, and he curled his fingers inside of you. You whimpered and leaned your head back against the wall. “Not so cocky now, huh?” He said, proceeding to push his fingers in and out of you.
You jutted your hips against his hand. “That’s what I thought.” He said, chuckling. You made no effort to hide the moans that effortlessly fell from your lips.
He pushed his thumb up against your clit and drew tight circles. You squealed. His hand clasped over your mouth, while applying more pressure to your clit. “Gotta stay quiet,” he told you. You nodded your head.
You bit down on your lip, trying to hold back your moans. “You look so fuckin’ sexy when you do that.” Bucky said, meeting your lips in a kiss. You could feel his very prominent erection, still pressed up against your thigh.
You palmed him through his gym shorts, which weren’t leaving much to the imagination. “Oh, baby. What are you doing?” He moaned out.
“We can both feel good, just keep going.” You told him. He nodded, returning his attention to you. He added another finger, causing you to gasp. You gripped his cock through his shorts.
He noticed that you were already pulsing around his fingers. “Are you close?” He mumbled, breathlessly. You nodded, biting down on your lip. He moved his fingers faster. You leaned your forehead against his shoulder, you were panting as you slipped your hand into his shorts.
You tried to focus on making him feel good, but all you could think about was how close you were. You wrapped your hand around his cock, earning a groan from him.
“I’m really…almost,” you moaned, squeezing your eyes shut. You came on his fingers, calling out his name. “There you go, sweetheart.” He said, coaxing you down from your orgasm.
He moved your hand out of his shorts. “I want you to finish too.” You told him. He shook his head. “Please just let me fuck you up against this wall.” His words came out as a beg.
You could tell how much he needed you. You pulled his cock out of his boxers, rubbing your thumb over his tip. He cursed under his breath, pushing his hips into your hand.
You heard a loud ripping sound, and then saw Bucky put your ripped panties in his pocket. “I need you.” He mumbled, lining himself up. You were almost drooling as you looked down at his cock.
He slowly pushed his tip into you, not wanting to hurt you. “Please go faster,” you begged him.
You were literally begging for his cock, and he couldn’t resist. His pushed himself inside of you, until he bottomed out. You mouth fell open as you tried to adjust to his size. “You feel so good around me.” He praised, pressing a kiss to your ear lobe.
He grabbed ahold of your hips before thrusting into you again. You held back a moan and tugged on his hair.
You grabbed his hands and moved them away from your hips. You moved his hands to the back of your thighs before grabbing his shoulders and jumping up.
He realized what you were doing and caught you. “Look at you so desperate to get fucked against this wall.” He teased, wrapping your legs around his waist.
He began effortlessly thrusting in and out of you. All you could do was moan as he fucked you into oblivion.
“You feel so good.” You mumbled, connecting Bucky’s lips in a kiss. His mouth muffled your moans, which was good because neither of you were trying to alert the rest of the compound to your current activity.
His lips slotted against yours. He softly bit down on your lip, earning another moan from you.
“Do you know how fucking wonderful this dress is? Is that why you wore it? Did you know I wouldn’t be able to resist you?” He whispered in your ear. His dirty words made you whimper.
When you didn’t respond, he attached his lips behind your ear. He softly sucked on the skin, surprised when you let out a loud moan. “Is that your sweet spot?” He asked, repeating the motion.
You buried your face in his neck, trying to muffle the sounds coming from you. “I love making you feel good.” He told you, speeding up his pace.
The sound of his wet thrusts were only turning you on more. “I’m gonna cum, sweetheart.” He mumbled, pressing a quick kiss to your lips. “Me too,” you mumbled.
You could feel his thrusts start getting sloppier. You pushed your hips forward to meet his. Bucky let out a low grunt as he came inside of you. His thrusts were messy as he pulled your lips into a kiss.
It wasn’t long before you were cumming. You both gasped for air, trying to recover. You wiped his hair away from his sweaty forehead.
“I am so fucking crazy about you.” He said, grabbing the back of your neck and kissing you. “I’m pretty crazy about you too.” You said, with a giant smile on your face.
taglist: @laurakirsten0502​ @miraclesoflove​ @nathaliabakes @millipop18 @azghedaheda @shyinadarkplace @vanteguccir @missroro @bookfrog242 @buckys-doll17 @ice-dtae @leyannrae @sia2raw @nyx2021 @just-a-littlebit-of-everything @shyconversationalbookworm @shadowhuntyi @lovelokiqueen @ruzannetheseahorse @superdeath @wandaswifeyforlifey @spookyqueen @heyamina @sunwardsss @studentville-struggles @impossibleapricotlampbat @infjkiki @weirdfishy @lickmymelaninn @hailey-a-s @andreasworlsboring101 @glassesandthunderthighs @holding-on-to-my-youth @fanofalltheficsx @lukes-orange-beanie @golden-hoax @mostly-marvel-musings @madisondelstan @spookyparadisesheep @n3ssm0nique @beyondthesefourwalls @basicfangirlx @v-is-obsessive @i-wish-i-knew-what-i-was @reniescarlett @multiplums @alotofrandomfangirling @bbl32 @who-the-hell-is-sebastianstan @stressydepressyandlemonzesty @faykyrie @dorothea-hwldr @cherryyxbabyy @lovethemfictionalboys @starsdancegirl
Let me know if you want to be added to my taglist for all my imagines or for a specific character/fandom!!
Requests OPEN
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adrinktostopyourthirst · a month ago
Bucky Barnes | Series | Pride and Privacy
PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7 |
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Nurse!Reader
Warnings: Dare I say... fluff. And a teeny, tiny bit of angst.
Plot: Bucky works on himself as he gets used to a roommate. Turns out, she has a much better room than him and he crossed the line.
Words: 4,571
Tumblr media
“How is the new apartment?” Dr. Raynor asks Bucky as her head cocks to the side, patiently waiting for his answer.
After trying another therapist, he decided to swallow his pride and ask Dr. Raynor back. After all, she is the one that helped him through the conditions of his pardon.
He is far from ‘fixed’, he knows that. His therapy sessions had to continue, but he really just did not feel like getting up close and personal with a new therapist. So he asked Dr. Raynor back, pushing the little smirk on her face when he did to the back of his mind.
“It’s fine. Just an apartment.” He shrugs, his gloved hands folded over each other.
Raynor nods slowly, taking in his words before letting out a sigh and putting down her notebook. “It’s not, James. This is your chance to build something for yourself.” She explains, the rest of her words going in one ear and out the other.
He has heard the speech before and has to refrain from rolling his eyes at her judging words. Bucky isn’t sure whether he appreciates her honesty, or whether it makes him want to punch something.
Probably both.
“How’s the roommate?” She pulls him out of his daze and his gaze returns to her.
Bucky sits up, straightening his back as he raises his shoulders in another indifferent shrug, “ Just fine.”
“What is she like?”
Bucky has to think. His roommate is busy. She desperately needed someone to take up the other bedroom in the apartment after her friend moved abroad. He desperately needed a room after his apartment complex collapsing in on itself. His roommate works hard, scrambling to make ends meet sometimes. So when she is home, she quietly sits on the couch or retreats to her room.
Bucky wondered at first if she knew who he was when he applied for the room. When he asked, she reassured him that she did. When he asked her why she decided to take him in, she explained to him that she is a nurse.
That was plenty of explanation for him. He’d worked with nurses in the army plenty of times and they always had a certain understanding of people. Most of them, anyways.
He wonders if he respected the profession so much because he vaguely remembers his mom being a nurse, too.
Moving into her apartment was a breeze. He has exactly two duffel bags of personal belongings, so it didn’t take him too much effort to settle in.
Between exploring the current century, assisting on missions and attending his therapy sessions, they worked around each other perfectly and never got in the other ones way.
Sometimes she left some food for him and sometimes he ordered some extra food for her for when she returned from a shift. She has never asked questions about his battle wounds or about his arm.
There is the one time they watched a movie together and she fell asleep against his shoulder. When he woke her, she said the whirring of his vibranium arm lulled her to sleep. It made his heart warm.
“She’s nice.”
“Just nice?” Raynor mocks him and he rolls his eyes at her nagging.
“She’s a nurse. I think my mom was, too.” He explains, his eyes moving down to the floor. Dr. Raynor smiles at that, the memory of his mom feeling like a victory to her.
“That’s wonderful, James.”
The session doesn’t take much longer and Bucky has to admit, he feels a little bit lighter every time he steps out of Dr. Raynor’s office.
When he comes home, he immediately rips off his gloves and leather jacket, putting them aside neatly. His roommate appreciated he was neat, she told him. Her previous roommate hadn’t been.
Bucky strides over to the fridge and takes out a beer, noticing there’s no food for dinner at all. He opens the beer and takes a swig, exhaling at the liquid sliding through his throat. He closes the fridge and walks over to his roommate’s room, knocking gently as he waits for a response.
After a muffled ‘come in’, he slowly opens the door and his eyes fall on you. You’re sitting against the headboard of your bed and close the laptop in front of you.
Bucky’s eyes travel across the room and he refrains from sighing contently at the sight. The fresh scent of scented candles smelling like cotton, invades his nose.
Your room is a stark contrast to his. Decorated nicely and warmly, smelling like heaven and representing your personality perfectly, he thinks. His room has a mattress, sleeping bag, empty closet since his clothes are still in the duffel bag and an iPad he sometimes watches things on.
“Hi.” You smile at him and he smiles back slightly.
You couldn’t ever read him. It’s like the pain from his past never really left his features, but you know that his effort to smile at you is something that must be hard and unnatural for him
“Hey.” He drawls lowly and leans against the door frame. “I’m ordering food. You want some?”
“Chinese?” You ask with a grin and he smiles at your reaction before nodding. “Yes, please.”
A little while later, both of you are sat at the kitchen island eating peacefully. Bucky’s scrolling through his phone, huffing every now and again when the device doesn’t do his bidding. You have taught him a few new features when he got his new phone, because apparently his friend ‘Sam’ had told him he had to start getting with the times and get a smart phone. Safe to say Bucky was still struggling sometimes.
You and Bucky have silently agreed not to ask about each other’s days, somehow the bliss of ignorance is something you both prefer. You have heard him scream in his sleep sometimes, your body itching to get up and help him, but you don’t want to overstep.
You feel for Bucky. It must be awful to go through so much torment alone. You want to help him, but the comfort between you two is mainly based on the fact that you don’t get up in each other’s business. You respect his privacy and Bucky is glad that you do, the guilt of him maybe waking you at night when you finally get some rest, eating at him enough as it is.
You swallow a bite of your spring roll and hum to catch his attention, “I’m going to my parent’s for a few days tomorrow.”
Bucky looks up at you and takes in your words, nodding slowly. He has a hard time ignoring the tightness in his chest when you announce that you’ll be gone, his separation anxiety -as Dr. Raynor called it- gnawing at him. You offer him a smile and return to your food, ignoring the odd feeling of leaving the troubled man alone.
The emptiness of the apartment overwhelms Bucky the second he closes the door behind him. His body aches from his mission, his muscles sore and his cheekbone already swelling at the punch he received. It’s not that you’re a loud roommate, not at all, but the silence reminds him that he’s alone. He tenses slightly when he feels like his demons are lurking in the shadows of his living space.
Trying to distract himself, he turns on some lights and searches for the portable speaker to play some music. He thinks he remembers how you told him to connect the music on his phone to your speaker.
When he can’t find the speaker, he moves on to your room where he assumes it is. He opens the door and his Super Soldier nerves stand upright when your scent invades his nose, the comfort instantly shushing the lurking demons. Your bed is perfectly made and looks incredibly inviting to him.
He freezes at the door, the invasive thought of sleeping in your bed penetrating his mind. Maybe it helps. Maybe his nightmares will stay at bay with your scent around him. You always take good care of your room and he will too. You will never find out that he slept in your room.
Bucky’s mind is fighting all obstacles to stop him from going for it, but he values his privacy. He can’t possibly sleep in your personal space. That’s completely out of line.
He steps into the room to grab the speaker off your desk, immediately trying to connect it to his phone. He grumbles lowly when he struggles, the touch screen not responding to vibranium, so he has to do everything with his right hand.
To really focus on the task at hand, he takes a seat at the edge of your bed. Once again, his heightened sense of smell detects your sweet scents as he sinks into the comfort of your puffy duvet.
He sighs and looks behind him, your pillows nearly screaming at him to bury himself in them. He chews his lip and gets dragged away from his train of thought when the speaker fills the silence with a loud sound to indicate it has connected. He returns his attention to his phone and scrolls through his Spotify playlist.
You had shown him all the possibilities on the app and even helped him look for a playlist with music from the forties. He presses the saved playlist and quiet music echoes from the speaker.
Bucky struggles to pry his sleepy eyes open, his entire body heavy with sleep as light pours in through the windows. It feels good this time. His muscles have stopped aching, his breathing is even and there’s an unfamiliar softness engulfing his body.
He freezes when he realises what it is. Your duvet. Your soft, puffy duvet is the thing that is engulfing him and he is sprawled across your bed. His heartbeat quickens at the realisation that he severely crossed his own lines, forgot his own principles.
It’s a bittersweet feeling when he realises he can never do this again, because this is the first night without a nightmare that he’s had in months. The first time was in Louisiana when he slept on Sam’s couch.
Immediately getting up and taking the covers of the bed, he proceeds to wash everything and make your bed so you will never find out.
“That’s out of line.” Dr. Raynor reminds him and he groans.
“I know that, Doc. Thanks.” He retorts sarcastically, staring out of the window to avoid her judging eyes on him.
He reluctantly decided to tell her about his mishap, because he felt the need to tell her about the break-through with his nightmares. She always berated him about his nightmares, so he was slightly smug to tell her they stopped.
Unfortunately, that included him telling her about what he did, which wiped the smugness off his face pretty quickly. They had stopped though, because after waking up from a nap screaming in his own bed, he had repeated sleeping in your bed a few nights after that. Never has his body felt this revitalised, this healthy.
“You have to tell her.” She concludes and Bucky frowns as his eyes snap to his therapist.
“What? No.”
“Yes, you do. Otherwise it will eat at you.” She elaborates and Bucky scoffs.
“Right. Clear conscience and all that.” He rolls his eyes away from her and crosses his arms over his chest.
He is learning to admit to his wrong doings and giving people the space to forgive him. He didn’t have to ask to know that Raynor thought of this as a perfect opportunity to enforce this.
“Also, get yourself a bed. Please.” She whines at him, making him scowl. “This is just sad. You have an apartment, you pay rent. Just for God’s sakes, get yourself a proper bed. I’m sure she will help you find one.” She berates him once again, never missing an opportunity to roast him for his poor decisions.
“You’re an awful therapist.” Bucky states matter-of-factly.
“Cry to your nurse about it.” She fires back and slams the notebook closed, signalling the end of the session. She dismisses him and he makes his way home through the concrete buildings, anxious to see if you have arrived home yet.
Quiet music plays through the living room when he steps through the door. He peers around the corner to find you humming softly to the music as you stand over the stove. The sound of the door falling closed has you looking up.
A smile spreads over your face when you see Bucky. You hold back from frowning when you notice how different he looks. His eyes look less hollow, his hair looks fuller and his skin is practically glowing.
“You look good.” You comment before you can stop yourself. You mean it, but not in the way he’ll probably receive it.
Bucky’s metal hand lifts to scratch at his neck uncomfortably as a forced smile pulls the corners of his mouth up slightly.
“Thanks.” He answers uncomfortably and he could slap himself for responding that way. Luckily the music still plays, because the awkward silence would have killed him.
He takes a seat at the island and grabs the bottle of wine that’s on the counter, studying the label. You continue cooking and spot his actions.
“My parents gave it to me. Said it’s supposed to be really good wine from Greece. According to myths, Gods used to drink it.” You explain with a chuckle, dividing the pasta you made over two plates.
He hums with an impressed expression on his face, “Perfect for us then.”
You almost halt at his comment. You’re not used to this banter coming from him. He rarely spoke anything other than the necessary, so to hear him make a joke takes you by surprise.
You grin at his words and slide him one of the plates before grabbing two wine glasses and pouring one for both of you.
You cheers your glass with him as both of you dig into the food. He hums in appreciation and compliments your cooking, sipping the red wine cautiously as his senses overwhelm him. He’s not used to the warmth he feels in this moment.
“You’re different, James. You seem… better.” You say quietly, praying to God you didn’t overstep with your words. Little do you know, Bucky has overstepped miles ahead of you.
Bucky feels himself get nervous at your studying gaze and changes the subject instantly to avoid sputtering some nonsense, “I need your help with something.”
You cock your head at him, signalling for him to continue.
He takes a deep breath and returns his stare to his food, “Would you help me look for a proper bed?” He asks, his shyness making a warm smile appear on your face.
You had peeked into his room a few times, noticing how little possessions he has. It made sense. You heard the stories. Decades of his life lost to being a pawn of the Russians, no wonder he barely had any possessions.
You had come to the conclusion yourself that having an old mattress to sleep on probably didn’t do much for his nightmares, but you kept your respectful distance from those topics. You know he goes to therapy, because he is very open about it, so you let his therapist handle that issue.
“Of course I will.” You answer and push your half-empty plate to the side, grabbing your laptop from the side of the island counter. You open it and immediately start typing.
Bucky studies your actions curiously, surprised you are so eager to help. But then again, it is probably in your nature to help.
A moment later, he is stood behind you, peeking over your shoulder at the bright laptop screen as you show him all his options. You explain why certain beds are better than others and ask him for his preferences. You add all the filters to your search and scan thoroughly as he let’s you make most of the decisions, trusting that you make the right decision for him.
“I accidentally fell asleep in your bed.” Bucky interrupts the silence and you freeze at the confession.
Not daring to move, you sink your teeth into your bottom lip, trying to process that bit of information. Your mind runs wild. It’s inappropriate. Wildly so.
But when you stepped into your room earlier, your sheets were clean and your bed was made. You want to be mad at him and tell him that is crossing the line, but you heard the pain in his confession. It was accidental. He didn’t mean to. He probably punishes himself enough as it is.
You collect your thoughts and spin the stool to him, only to find him resting against the kitchen counter, looking down in shame.
“Is that why you look so well-rested?” You ask him and his eyes snap up to yours.
Bucky’s face doesn’t give anything away as his jaw is clenched tightly. His face contorts as he desperately reads your face for any sign that you are testing him, ready to blow like a bomb over his behaviour.
“Well, you seem well-rested and you want me to help you look for a new bed. I put two and two together.” You explain calmly and he wants to grab you by the shoulders and shake you at your insanity. How are you not screaming at him? And would you please stop focusing so much on his well-being?
“How are you not pissed at me? I completely crossed the line!” He exclaims, his fists tightening around the edge of the counter below him. Your eyes drift down to his hands briefly before moving back up to his handsome face.
“I’m glad you realise that you have crossed a line.” You say, not helping the grin that spreads on your face as the big man squirms under your calm exterior.
He opens his mouth to say something before dropping his head down in shame, “I’m sorry.”
Your instincts make you get up and walk over, placing your hands on his upper arms and rubbing them slightly. His eyes snap up to yours, shock ridden in them at the touch.
“I forgive you.” You smile at him before turning back around, realising that too much kindness in one go might make him combust. You sit behind the laptop again and look at your shopping cart. “How about this one? It can be delivered to you tomorrow. I have a short appointment, but I can help you after.”
It stays quiet for a while as Bucky takes in this moment. He is completely overwhelmed by your kindness and it reminds him of Steve. The trust you have in him and the understanding you have for human errors. He clears his throat when you turn your head to look at him.
“Uh, yeah. That would be great. Thank you.” He mumbles, the thank you carrying more weight to him than you could ever imagine.
When you move to open the door of your apartment, you jump when it is opened for you and two heavy set men walk out, chatting loudly. Behind them appears Bucky and he grins at you, the sight of this making you copy him.
“Bed’s here.” He announces and you smile, walking into the apartment, assuming the two men helped him carry it inside.
You follow him to his room and you put your hands on your hips as you look at the parts of the bed scattered throughout his room. You look up at him and have to bite your lip from grinning at the small sense of pride beaming off him.
“You know how to put it together?” You ask him and he nods, walking over to the bed and crouching down. He grabs the paper with instructions on it and studies them.
“Think so. Might need your help here and there.” He answers and moves to put the bed together.
You kneel down as well, rummaging through your bag as you pull out two small pieces of paper. “I got you something.”
He looks up from his position on the floor and watches you walk over and sit down on the floor next to him. You hand him the papers and he takes them from you, studying them intensely. When he stays quiet, you decide to elaborate.
“I found Sam on Facebook. He’s your only friend on there, so I sent you a request, by the way. I looked through his pictures and found two that you were in. One with him and one with some more Avengers.” You explain cautiously, trying to read his reaction as his stare remains on the photos. “Decided to print them out, because pictures might help to make your room feel a bit more like home. I know I might have overstepped, but I noticed you have no pictures anywhere and you slept in my bed, so I figured we’re even now.” You shrug and stop yourself from rambling on, really curious to his reaction now.
He looks up at your face in what you can only describe as admiration. He stays quiet, just looking up at you and a blush creeps to your cheeks. After a long silence, he finally speaks up, “Do you have anything to hang them up with?”
You smile brightly and scramble to your feet, off to your room to find something. Bucky stares at the pictures in awe, feeling like there’s a big ball of cotton stuck in his throat. You figured you’re even now, but he feels like he owes you the world.
It’s a small gesture, but the fact that you decided to print these before coming home to make his room even better, makes him wish he had a third picture with you to hang up in his room. It’s been a long time since he has felt such a genuine friendship like the one he is building with you now.
You come back and help him set up his bed, hanging the picture on the wall opposite to it, so he can look at them. Whilst Bucky focused on the bed, you had made yourself useful by hanging and folding his clothes into the closet and stuffing the duffel bags into one of the drawers.
“Much better.” You announce as both of you stand in the door opening, examining your work.
Your eyes fly open when you hear the screaming. It pierces through your chest and rattles your bones. You quickly climb out of bed when it doesn’t stop and pad over to his room, carefully opening the door and peering into his room. He’s writhing on the bed, sweat covering his naked chest and reflecting the faint light coming from the windows.
“James?” You try, your voice muffled by his screams.
You try a few more times, all your attempts proven futile. You walk over with determination. You have dealt with plenty of aggressive and disassociated patients before, so you sort of know what you’re doing.
However, this particular person has a metal arm that can choke the life out of you. You decide not to let it scare you, reminding yourself of the boyish grin you saw hours ago, and climb onto the bed.
His eyes fly open the second your palm touches his chest and he starts thrashing like a mad man. You weakly push his arms down in an attempt to stop his flailing.
When he doesn’t stop screaming and writhing, you grit your teeth and climb over him. You straddle his waist, something you would obviously never do with a patient, and press your palms into his chest with all the force you have. You remember that putting pressure on someone’s nervous system can calm them down and your attempt seems to work ever so slightly.
“JAMES. James, listen to me. You’re in your bed. It was a nightmare.” You enunciate to him, keeping the pressure on his chest.
His hands wrap around your wrist tightly as his eyes set on yours, his teeth grinding in distress. You repeat your words as his screams falter, your voice lowering significantly.
His grip on your wrists loosens slightly, but he doesn’t let go. His chest his rapidly rising and falling under your palms and he closes his eyes in an attempt to calm himself down. His heart is pounding in his chest and he desperately tries to control his breathing.
Bucky curses internally that you are here. He is much more comfortable with you not getting involved in this side of him. However, the pressure on his chest does feel nice and grounding to him.
“I didn’t want to come in, but you wouldn’t stop this time. I couldn’t do nothing.” You admit, your own breathing slightly shallow. Bucky notices.
He gently rubs his thumbs over your hands, the need to calm you down much greater than the need to calm himself down. Turns out, calming you down helps him calm down just the same.
You swallow slightly and drop your head down awkwardly. Avoiding Bucky’s gaze, you clear your throat, suddenly hyper-aware of the position you’re in. He catches on immediately and lets go of you, allowing you to climb off of him. Bucky feels light, too light, without the pressure of you on him, but he shoves the feeling down.
Crossing your legs as you sit on his new bed, you look at him. Bucky pushes himself up to rest against the headboard as he runs a hand over his face, “Didn’t recognise the room.”
You frown when all of a sudden it dawns on you. Changing his room so suddenly had made his surrounding unfamiliar, making it harder for him to break free from his night terror.
You nod slowly and chew your lip, “We might have changed everything too fast.”
He nods, finally catching onto his breath as he sinks down into his pillows. “I’m sorry I woke you.”
You shake your head and wave your hand dismissively, “Don’t be. I’m sorry we couldn’t fix your nightmares.”
Bucky’s chest aches at your words, wanting to tell you just how much your support means to him. His pride getting in the way, he decides to keep his mouth shut.
“Do you want to sleep in my room?” You ask out of nowhere and he looks up at you. “I can sleep here if you want.”
“I couldn’t possibly ask that.”
“You’re not. I’m offering.” You clear up and he chews his lip in consideration. He wants to, the offer sounding like heaven to him, but he doesn’t want to tear you from the comfort of your own bed.
“Only if you stay in your bed.” You blush deeply, his senses immediately picking up on your racing heartbeat. After feeling like a victim at your hands, it feels strangely nice to have you blushing at his words. “If you don’t find that uncomfortable of course.” He quickly adds and you shake your head no.
As nervous as he should be, the topic of women is something he is strangely comfortable with. Knowing you’re blushing at the idea of sleeping in the same bed as him, made him feel a sense of normalcy again. A normalcy he kind of wants to milk when it comes to you.
After all, little flirting never hurt nobody.
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altummare · a month ago
special · president loki
Tumblr media
summary: president Loki has come to learn of you and his lust can only end one way
type: one-shot
word count: +8k
category: smut –bondage, degradation kink (name calling), dom/sub roles, fingering, oral (him receiving), orgasm denial, penetrative sex (penis-vagina)
a/n: inspired by a TikTok my gal sent me; ik it's long, but please don't let it flop!
Tumblr media
President Loki had heard of your reputation before he saw you in action; the only reason he had pretended to help you was to make sure you knew he was there, watching as you fought the man on your own. Stating that Loki was impressed was an understatement and assuming he was attracted to you wouldn't be the half of it. He had kept an eye on you for a while and he was decided he wanted you. Hearing other people speak about you drove him up the wall to the point he had caused a few incidents, so he finally decided to act on the root of his little problem: you.
Once the fight was over and you left the man badly hurt and bleeding on the floor, Loki's eyes moved over your body, quickly realizing you were bleeding as well. He decided to offer his help aware you wouldn't say no to the President; why would you?
You knew about President Loki, his posters were all around and it was hard to find someone who didn't have something to say about him, good or bad didn't matter; the point was people spoke about him. You could think of better things to put his hands to good use than on the misguided people of the bar, though, so when he showed up seemingly out of nowhere and offered you his help, you took it, allowing him to guide you back inside his mansion.
The place was massive and Loki didn't miss your eyes traveling around everything you walked past. You had no clue where you were going but you found yourself thinking whether you'd be able to live in a place like that. He finally stopped in front of a room, opening the room and motioning you to walk inside before he did. He did have manners.
"Wait here." He motioned you to sit on the bed in the middle of the room. "Two cuts?"
Loki quickly grabbed what he needed, allowing himself a moment to look at you as you moved your eyes around his room; he wondered if you had seen such a spacious room for one person in your life, knowing where you came from. He wondered what you were thinking. Loki couldn't help but think of how hot you looked.
You leaned back on what you finally assumed was his bed, resting your upper body on your hands, crossing your legs and raising your chin, looking at the heavily decorated ceiling, wondering how one person could come to have such riches to their name.
"Okay." He walked back into the room from a door on the side, most likely the bathroom, sitting beside you and putting a medkit on the bed. "Do you want me to do it?"
"How many times have you sewn skin?"
He took off his jacket, showing you the solitary scar on his arm. On instinct, you moved your hand to trace it, only realizing you had reached your fingers toward his skin when you were about to touch him, recognizing that was probably out of line, your eyes meeting Loki's. He simply moved his head toward his arm, a small movement that you could have missed if you had blinked, allowing you to run your fingers over the healed wound.
"You say that like doing it once is reason enough for me to believe you're capable of doing it."
"I could always use my powers." He smirked at you as you moved your hand away. "Depends on whether you want the scar or not."
"So if you mess it up, you can fix it with your powers."
"Do you trust me?" He nodded in response to your question before uttering his own.
"Guess I don't have many more options, do I?"
"You can always go back to the city and ask someone there. The Crocodile may be able to help."
"I think I'll stick with you." Your lips turned up into a smile. "I'd say I can handle you if something goes wrong."
"Bold." He nodded pleased. "I like that."
"I think you like more about me than just that." You gave him a playful look. "You may be just in luck."
Loki was glad you were both talking about the same thing, watching as you took off your jacket, allowing him to take your arm with his hands, caressing your skin, taking his time. Loki's touch was gentler than you had expected it, almost as if he feared you'd break if he applied too much pressure. To be honest, you could, but something told you he wouldn't go that far with you. Not yet, anyway.
"We do have all day but I'd like not to keep bleeding, Loki."
He rose his eyes from your skin to look into yours. That was the first time you had used his name and the provocation carefully intertwined with hurry sent a shiver down his spine. He motioned you to lay down to make his job easier, resting your arm on the sheets over a towel and quickly getting to work, seeing as you bit your lip and closed your eyes as he started sewing the biggest cut after taking care of it.
"Want something for the pain?"
"You can make it up to me once you get it done."
Loki licked his lips at the anticipation, letting out a laugh, gaining your attention, your eyes on his for a second before you closed them again. Having you there, lying on his bed with eyes closed and trusting him not to hurt you made Loki feel things he wasn't sure how to express out loud; he just knew he wanted you just like that but naked, hovering over you as he made you his and pleased you like he knew he could. He had to shake those thoughts from his head for a moment to make sure he didn't hurt you more than necessary and that your scars would heal to be as non-existent as he could make them.
"Okay, you're done."
Loki stood up to go back to the bathroom, wash his hands, and leave the things he had used in there, soon feeling you walking after him, looking at the scar in the back of your arm on the mirror, and washing your blood away too beside him.
"Did I do a good job?"
"I think we'll find out in time." You eyed him through the mirror as you dried your hands before he turned around, resting back against the sink and looking at you. "So far, I'd say it's okay."
"You're welcome."
"So..." You stood in front of him, in between his legs; you were so close, but it wasn't enough; Loki cursed every bit of space daring to stay between his body and yours. "What now?"
You tilted your head, a look in your eyes that told Loki everything he needed to know, uncrossing his arms and moving his hands to your waist, pulling you closer to him. You moved your hands up his arms, your chest almost resting against his, your lips ghosting over his, feeling his exhales on your skin, breathing the same air.
"Is this how you're going to make the pain up to me?" You eyed him as you murmured those words, resting your hands over his chest, not moving a single millimeter away from him.
"Yes." He moved his head to the side, trailing his lips down your neck, a quiet whine escaping your lips, eyes closing as he sucked on your skin. "If you want."
He pulled back, seeing the pleased expression on your face, waiting for you to open your eyes, watching as you bit your lower lip and your eyes finally found his again, eager and excited.
"I do."
Your voice was more a plea than anything else and Loki was more than happy to comply, getting lost in the way you crashed your lips against his, kissing you back with just as much hunger, biting your lower lip as you pulled on his hair, forcing his tongue inside your mouth and picking you up, squeezing your ass and drinking in the soft moan that came out of your mouth. Oh, Loki thought, I'll have her panting and moaning and begging for more for as long as she can handle.
He sat on the bed, having you straddling his hips, your fingers quickly wrapping at the bottom of his shirt, unclasping the buttons one by one almost running out of patience, making Loki laugh almost cruelly before you pulled it down his arms, taking it off and throwing it behind you. That was much better.
Loki's hands were glued to your ass, squeezing and spanking you until you forced him on his back, your mouth moving down his neck. Loki could feel your hot breath and your wet tongue over his skin, cursing under his breath as you sat back up, not wanting to have you away from him.
"Have you ever been with a God, Y/N?"
Your name fell from Loki's lips in a way you had never heard it before. If he didn't have you already about to beg him to fuck you, his tone would have gotten you on your knees. It was a mix of arrogance and possessiveness that in any other scenario would have gotten him a bloody nose. But not now, not when that was exactly what you wanted: him to own you.
"I haven't." You took his hands in yours, moving them to the bottom of your shirt, prompting him to take it off. And who was Loki to deny you? Licking his lips as he saw your exposed skin so close to his reach, finally. "Just like I assume I'm not your first mortal."
"But you aren't just any mortal, are you?"
"I bet you tell that to all your conquests."
"Only when I mean it."
"For a politician who also happens to be the God of Lies, you'd do better using them more often."
Loki caught the disappointment in your voice.
"Would you prefer it if I lied to make you feel special?" He eyed you; no matter what you tried, he'd know the truth. "I don't make a habit out of lying about my attraction towards someone I'm going to sleep with."
"I don't care." You ran your hands up his exposed abdomen. "But let me think I'll be the first one you'll always remember."
"I have a feeling I will."
"I like that."
Loki noticed how your voice was filled with tease and arousal, your lips just above his own. He moved his hands down your back as you slowly leaned over him, arching your back before one of his hands settled on your lower back and the other on the back of your neck to force your mouth on his. Loki kissed you hungrily, showing you how much he wanted this. How much he wanted you. The desperation he felt growing exponentially by the second.
Your mouth moving from his to his earlobe and down his neck accelerated his pulse. He planted both his hands on your ass, squeezing you over the damn fabric still covering you from his lustful eyes, gaining a breathy whine from you before you attached your lips to his neck.
Loki grew impatient. He had let you enough time and power over him. He managed to take off your bra before he forced you on your back. If his hunger had grown exponentially just with your mouth on his skin and your hands all over his upper body, seeing your exposed chest and the smirk on your lips as you lied under him at his mercy made it fly through the roof. Loki had one word to describe you: sin. Your body: a crime. Your pretty mouth on his: sinful. The bold look on your eyes daring him to act: a sin. And he'd commit it over and over again until your mortal body couldn't handle it anymore.
"You're going look or–"
"I'm going to do more than just looking, pet."
"I'm waiting," you licked your lips. "God."
Loki smirked. He kissed you silent, forcing his tongue inside your mouth leaving you breathless, exploring every bit and making it his. Your nails dug down his back, aware of the marks you'd leave, your legs wrapping around his waist as he lowered his head down your neck, enjoying every sound that came out of your mouth. He enjoyed you being so vocal, wondering how hearing his name coming out of your lips as he fucked it out of you would feel.
You had always thought Loki was hot, and his mouth traveling up and down your skin felt so fucking good, you could only anticipate what he'd be able to do with what he had inside his pants, feeling him getting harder over you as you forced his hips closer to yours with your legs, whining as he rolled them over you, giving you a taste of what was to come.
Loki planted a kiss in between your boobs, going down in a straight line towards the waistband of your pants, kneeling in between your legs, and moving his eyes all over your body. You felt so horny, hating that he had stopped giving you attention, so you moved your hands to your boobs, closing your eyes and playing with yourself.
"Oh, no, no." He caught your hands, forcing them over your head as you opened your eyes. "I'm making it up to you."
"You stopped."
"I was picturing how exactly I'm going to bury myself deep inside you," he lowered his face to torture you further by using his mouth to make out with your neck, feeling your clit pulsating, allowing your head to sink on the mattress as you breathed through parted lips. "How I'm going to have you begging for more."
Were you one for roleplay? Sure, but you were not about to make it easy for him, trying to think of something that wasn't the ache in between your legs screaming for attention, moving your head to the side and licking his skin, having him moving to bite your tongue before he kissed you, using that opportunity to force him on his back, straddling his hips and starting to unbutton his pants.
"Someone likes to play." He moved his hands to try to catch yours, but you were faster, standing up out of his reach. "Good."
"If you want this, you have to earn it."
Loki took off his pants and sat in front of you, allowing him to trap you in between his legs, his mouth on your abdomen as you played with his hair, soon feeling his fingers pulling down on your pants as he had wasted no time to unzip them, stepping out of them, having his hands on the back of your thighs as soon as they were exposed, his mouth moving over your skin, tracing the line of your underwear as he forced your hips steady against his mouth.
"I'm one for the chase," he smiled against your skin. "But I can smell your arousal, so I'd say I've already earned it."
He looked up at you, making you sit on his lap, feeling his bulge against your underwear, biting your lower lip as he smirked at you, moving your hips against his, grinding yourself slowly to get some satisfaction, gaining a low grunt from him as you tried to keep quiet.
"I'd say I've earned it too."
He let out a dark chuckle, standing up without a warning but with you in his arms, forcing you back against the opposite wall, trapping you with his body. You weren't about to complain as he put his mouth to good use again, moving it down your throat as your hands moved up your abdomen, finally giving your boobs the attention they deserved. You whined pleased as he played with you, letting out a hard fuck as he sucked on the side of one of them, holding onto his shoulders as he kept up his ways.
You had imagined he'd be good at it, but you hadn't expected to be so aroused when he hadn't even taken off your underwear. The rumors were true and your imagination had been shy thinking about how fucking the dominant president would make you feel.
"Fuck, Loki!"
His tongue ran over your nipple as he used his thumb on the other, suddenly feeling his warm breath over it before he sucked on it, making your knees go weak and having to dig your nails deeper on his skin. You had never thought you could cum just by having your nipples played with but Loki was going the right way, and he was well aware of it. Your breathing started to fasten when you felt his teeth softly against your skin, whining as he suddenly moved one of his hands down your abdomen but not going where you craved him to touch you, instead, moving to your ass, squeezing your skin.
"You're so aroused." He murmured as he moved his lips up your throat. "How long have you been fantasizing about me fucking you, Y/N?"
"Not as long as you've been having wet dreams about me."
You wrapped your arm around his neck as he sucked on your own, moving your other hand down his side and inside his underwear, squeezing his ass, forcing him to move his hips against yours, moaning as you felt his erection completely against you, managing to move your hand to his front and planting it over his hard dick, hearing him cursing against your skin as you wrapped your fingers around it.
You bit your lip as you imagined how good he was going to fill you up with his big dick, feeling yourself get wet at the anticipation. You moved your head to the side, his lips finding yours in no time, kissing you hard, his teeth smashing against yours as your tongues fought for dominance, getting the upper hand as you found a rhythm to pump him that had his breathing hitching in his chest.
"I'm going to fuck you against the wall until your knees give up for this, pet."
"Don't threaten me with a good time."
You let go of him as he took a step back. You could tell he was flexing his muscles for you, licking your lips as you moved your gaze up, having his skin over yours in a second, his hand on your throat, forcing you to keep your eyes on his.
"Let's see."
He moved his free hand down your abdomen, your breath catching up in your chest as you felt his fingers running over your underwear. Seeing the pleased look in his eyes, you could only smirk back at him, moving your hands up his arms.
"Like what you feel?"
"I do."
He lowered his face against yours, kissing you much more gently this time, moving his hand inside your underwear, having to hold onto his shoulders as he rubbed your clit, shutting your eyes hard, hearing him chuckle against your mouth as he tightened his grip on your throat. It felt so good; you felt better than you had felt in a while.
"Loki, Loki... fuck!"
You could only moan and dig your nails in his skin as he played with your clit, his other hand still on your throat allowing him to do with you as he pleased, torturing you slowly, bringing you to the edge with his slow movements, only wanting him to throw you on the floor and fuck you.
You whined as he pulled on your lower lip, forcing his tongue inside your mouth just as he finally moved his hand down your pussy, getting to your entrance and teasing you, circling it but not doing much more, keeping up his torture with his thumb on your clit, barely hearing him asking you what you wanted, only able to let out a muffled more against his skin. He sucked on your neck as he finally drove a finger inside you, taking a moment to find the spot that had you seeing stars.
"Right there, fuck."
You rested your forehead over his shoulder, feeling your whole body trembling as every single cell in you seemed to only feel the pleasure Loki was granting you. You didn't know what he was aiming at but you were too lost in the satisfaction building up inside you to care, breathing through parted lips, caring very little if anyone could hear you and your moany pleads for more as he added another finger.
"Loki..." You breathed out, whining and holding onto his shoulders for dear life. "I'm going... fuck... cum if you keep going."
"Do you want to cum around my fingers, slut?" Loki forced your head back, pride and possessiveness filling his chest as he watched you break. "Open your eyes."
"Fuck." You struggled to do as he asked as he applied more pressure to your clit. "Fuck."
"Come on, cover my fingers, scream how good this feels." He forced his mouth against yours, doing as he wanted for kissing him back required more focus than you could put together, sucking on your tongue before he pulled back. "Imagine how good you're going to feel when it's my dick fucking you instead of my fingers."
"Fuck me."
"I will." He bit your neck, marking you as his. "But first, I'm going to push you to the edge and then I'll deny you, pet, and there's nothing you can do about it."
You whined as he took your nipple in his mouth, his fingers and his words made your knees weak, holding onto him as you felt your orgasm about to hit you, but it never fully settled as he completely stopped, simply taking his fingers from inside me, trapping you completely against the wall, preventing you from moving to get the final push you needed to cum.
You grunted and cursed, scratched his back, bit him, unable not to fight to try to get the final friction that'd grant you absolute release but he knew what he was doing, being completely heartless, not easing your way down from your denial. His eyes were on you like a hunter, watching as you struggled to fight the ache in between your legs, satisfaction crowding his thoughts as you cried, begged him to let you touch yourself. But he wouldn't. He enjoyed the pain in your eyes mixed with pure arousal.
"Yes, pet?" He took your chin in his hand, his tongue running over your shaky lips.
"If my knees weren't about to give in," you gulped, trying to catch your breath and ignore the ache in between your legs. "I'd make you pay for denying me."
"It's adorable that you think you hold any power over me." President Loki's tone was mocking, angering and arousing you at equal parts; it was so irritating. "You agreed to let me make it up to you."
"Making me suffer is no way–"
"The line that separates pain and pleasure is so thin, pet." Loki moved his mouth to your earlobe, his icy breath on your skin sent a shiver down your spine in the most satisfying way possible. "Think of how good it's going to feel when you finally cum."
"Fuck me already, my God!"
"So eager." He moved his hand to the waistband of your underwear. "Should I fuck you against the wall?" He allowed you enough space to step out of it, having you completely exposed while he was still wearing his boxers was infuriating for you but so alluring to him. "On the floor?"
"Do I get a saying in this?" You tilted your head as he planted his hands on the back of your thighs, squeezing your skin. "I don't want to get more bruises than necessary by riding you on the cement."
"Ride me?" Loki chuckled amused, forcing your hands over your head. "What makes you think I'm going to let you be on top?"
"What makes you think I won't?" You rose your knee to his erection, cautiously eyeing his reaction. "I'm not one to submit easily; not even to you."
"I like to play." Loki moved his mouth closer to yours.
"And I like to win."
You didn't waste a second, bitting on his lower lip and pulling him against you. You felt something rough around your hands a second after he moved his hands away, innocently thinking he was letting go of you, only to find he had bounded your wrists magically with ropes. His hands settled on your hips, forcing you harshly against the wall as he devoured your mouth, not leaving you the slightest space to fight him for dominance, his tongue subduing yours easily. It was intoxicating.
Your hands were bound together but not kept in place, so you took that chance to lower them around his neck, curling your fingers on his hair before pulling hard on his dark locks, making him move his head enough to make him lose focus, which gave you your window.
"You like it hard, don't you?" Loki muttered as he grabbed your chin.
"Your lucky day."
You pulled on his hair again, gaining a semi-annoyed grunt from him. Loki was about to conjure a rope to tie your bound hands to the ceiling and play with you for as long as he wanted when he found himself with his back on the floor. It amused him, how you were truly willing to fight him for dominance even with tied hands.
He rose to his elbows as you straddled his hips, smirking up at you for he knew there was no way you could get rid of the rope. You knew it too, so you decided to play your cards, settling your hands on his abdomen as you sat over his covered erection, biting your lower lip at the size, fantasizing with how deep he'd hit you. You leaned forward just enough for your boobs to press together due to the position of your hands, Loki's eyes growing dark with lust as he ran them all over you before you started grinding yourself against him.
"You're so greedy, so desperate." Loki forced his hips up against yours, watching as you rubbed yourself harder against him, feeling his underwear getting covered in your wetness. "You'd degrade yourself to this, just to be on top, slut."
"Uh, fuck yes." You dug your nails on his abs, your clit on fire, satisfaction threatening to spill through all your nervous ends. "I'm so close."
That was your mistake. Losing yourself to the feeling, forgetting who you were with. President Loki was cruel, dark, dominant, and vicious. He never intended on letting you be on top, but he was enjoying watching you work for his dick. He wanted you desperate. And now, he had you.
Before you could cum, you found yourself with your back on the floor, hands over your head, Loki keeping your legs down with his own, looking down at you with cruel, manic eyes as you cried out your pain as he denied you again. Loki knew it was painful but watching you break was exhilarating, your misery fuelling his arousal. You struggled against him but he overpowered you easily, being at his complete mercy as your body finally settled on the knowledge you were not going to reach your high any time soon.
Your eyes could have burned a hole through President Loki's, but he didn't care, pulling you up to your knees as he moved to the bed, making you crawl after him. He wasn't joking when he called you pet.
"Liking to win doesn't equal always getting what you want, Y/N." Loki stood by the bed, a collar suddenly around your neck with a chain to his hand. "But, if you behave, I may be merciful."
"Little mister glorious purpose makes a lot of promises but fulfills none of them." You mocked him before he pulled on your collar, forcing you to crawl toward him, struggling to do so due to your bound wrists. "Must be a politician thing."
"That little mouth of yours gets you in a lot of unnecessary trouble, pet." Loki's boxers landed on the floor, your eyes settling on his dick, unable not to lick your lips, almost missing Loki's next words. "Lucky for you, I like unnecessary trouble."
He forced your head up, lowering his so that his lips would be just above yours as he sat on the bed, making you kneel in between his legs. You parted your mouth, desperately wanting him to do something, anything at that point, but he was simply testing you, his grip on the chain of your collar not allowing you to move closer to him nor away. You were trapped. He had won. But so would you. Eventually.
President Loki got off on dominating other people, on having all the power to himself, so seeing you breathing through parted lips on your knees between his legs, with that sub collar tight around your throat and the chain in his hand, standing there like you were completely hypnotized, was testing his self-control. But he had plenty of it.
He forced two fingers inside your mouth, moving them around before he forced you to keep your mouth open, pulling on your collar and shoving his dick inside your mouth, not giving you a second to think about it. But you didn't need to, as soon as you felt his tip on your tongue, you started sucking on it.
"Such a needy slut." Loki was more than pleased, looking down at you as you gagged on him. "So desperate that I don't need to tell you what to do."
And it was true. You had always praised yourself for being a brat and yet, as soon as his dick was eye-level and next to your mouth, you became a desperate slut. President Loki had that effect on people. Or you just wanted to please him and get regarded.
You put your bratty mouth to good use, taking him in slowly a couple of times before getting his dick off your mouth, managing to raise your hands to settle on his base before you licked it from bottom to top a couple of times, and then playing with his tip. Loki licked his lips as you moved your eyes to look at him as you took him in again. He forced his hips forward, hitting the back of your throat and making you gag. The sound only encouraged him so he did it again the next time you took him in.
"Is my dick too much for you, slut?" Loki pulled on your collar. "Answer me."
"No..." You liked your lips as you kept using your hands, eager to please him.
"No, what?"
"No... Mister President."
Loki's grin told you you had hit jackpot calling him that. He was an egomaniac. You licked your lips, covering them in your saliva before you moved Loki's dick slightly up to reach his balls, sucking on them. The tight pull of the chain on your collar relaxed ever so slightly.
"Attentive little slut." Loki's voice had gone low. "I may have to reward you."
You moved back to his dick. You didn't know for how long you gave him head, but in all honestly, you didn't mind; in fact, you were enjoying every second of it. His dick was big and hard and covering it with your saliva and sucking on it made you feel powerful. Not to add how aroused you were just standing there, naked and on your knees. Loki could do anything to you. You were starting to think you'd let him.
You felt him tense, looking up at him through your lashes. President Loki was enjoying your job, but he decided, to finish, he'd fuck your mouth himself. He stood up and pulled on your collar, forcing you to straighten your back, pulling hard on the chain to keep you steady.
"Open wide, pet." You did as he asked, sticking your tongue out and looking up at him. "That's it. You're so fucking hot. I'm going to enjoy destroying your mouth."
He forced his dick inside your mouth with expertise, hitting the back of your throat and making you gag, but he was not going to stop until he cum. You hollowed your cheeks and stood still, allowing Loki to use you for his own pleasure, feeling your saliva starting to drip down the corners of your mouth and tears in your eyes.
President Loki wasn't that vocal when having sex, except for when he commanded the other person or called them names. He liked dominating others, degrading them, forcing them to submit. Exactly what he was doing to you. He pulled on your collar as he was about to cum, steadying you as he forced his hips against your mouth one last time, keeping steady as his dick twitched inside your mouth, his cum hitting the back of your throat, filling your mouth.
Loki stood there for a moment, his eyes had grown dark with lust-dilated pupils finding your teary ones. He chuckled, moving his hand to your chin and making you open your mouth, pulling his dick out.
"Show me." His eyes were glued to you, watching as you tilted your head to show him your mouth, sticking your tongue out enough for him to see his cum but not to drop it. "Now swallow." You nodded, closing your mouth and swallowing, sticking out your tongue again to show him. "Good slut. Now, clean the mess."
You moved your hands up, picking the cum dripping down your chin and licking your lips under President Loki's hungry gaze. He then pointed at his dick and as much as you hated to admit it, you were more than happy to put it in your mouth again, sucking it gently.
"I may have to consider keeping you around as permanent staff, Y/N."
"I don't work for you, Loki." You found your voice again as you stood up. "I'm not yours."
"Oh, but that can be easily fixed, pet."
You found yourself on the bed, lying on your stomach, the chain of your collar now on the back of your neck. It was degrading, being handled like that, but it had you feeling a pool in between your legs. And President Loki was fully aware of that, he could smell your arousal over anything else in his room. And he was dying to fuck his name out of your mouth.
You were ready to make a bratty remark on how you'd never let President Loki claim you just for himself, but the words died in your mouth. He had kneeled behind you and shoved two fingers inside your dripping cunt, making your body react with shook, burying your head on the sheets and letting out a moan that was half a scream. Loki chuckled, pulling on your collar to force your head up, wanting to hear every single sound your perfect mouth made because of him.
"Why are you trying to resist, pet? You're clearly enjoying me handling you as I please." He moved his fingers inside you, rubbing your walls just the right way, the contrast of your heat with his cold fingers both a blessing and a curse. "So wet. You're dripping down my fingers." He moved them out of your cunt, rubbing the lips until he got to your clit, a satisfied cry escaping your lips. "That's it, slut." You felt Loki's hips against yours, feeling his erection against you again, thanking his godly ways because he could fuck you now if he wanted, not needing to wait for him to recover. "Let everyone know how good I'm using you."
And without a warning, he stretched your cunt with his thick dick until his hips smashed against your ass. You felt your body wanting to give in and sink on the bed, but his grip on the chain on your collar forced you to remain on all fours.
"Loki, Loki, fuck." You cried out as he mercilessly fucked you without a care in the world. "Oh, fuck, yes."
"You like this, don't you?" He pulled harsher on your collar, moving his free hand under your stomach and forcing you to stand on your knees, you back to his chest, fucking you and hitting you differently in that angle. "Don't give in yet, pet. I'm not done."
President Loki could feel your body give in against his, but he was not going to stop, keeping you up by the collar, forcing his hips up against your body, licking your neck, and watching as you struggled with your hands. Your pretty voice right by his ear. Quiet whines, low curses, and high-pitched cries escaping your lips. You knew you were going to cum, doubting you'd be able to restrict yourself.
"Don't you dare, slut." Loki slapped your clit, making you wince. "Hold until I tell you otherwise."
"I can't! I can't!" You shook your head, feeling your orgasm about to wash all over you.
"I'll fuck an apology out of you, whore."
Loki had known all along you were not going to be able to handle him, to hold back. As far as he was concerned, you had been walking around with an air of superiority he had promised himself to bend down to his will. Starting with denying you and then forcing you to nothing more than a warm mouth for him to fuck with a collar and a chain that unquestionably established his dominance over you and ownership. Now, he'd fuck an apology and his name out of that bratty mouth of yours. He had promised to make up for the pain from sewing your wounds, and he would, but his own way.
"I'm going to cum, I can't."
Loki shoved you harshly on the bed, his hands on your hips, fucking your body into your first orgasm, watching as you arched your back and fisted your hands in front of your head, sinking it against the mattress and moaning against it. You walls clenching his dick, watching as with every trust he kept making, his dick came out covered in your cum, making you even wetter, the sounds coming from where your bodies met filling the room.
"Take it, slut." Loki smiled to himself. "But I want to hear your voice and watch you break. I can't do that like this."
He pulled out, you were so entranced in the aftermath of your orgasm that you thought that was it, but you were wrong. Loki forced you on your back, pulling on your collar to force you to open your eyes, his dick rubbing over your clit making you moan.
"Seems to me you need another one."
"Loki, I–"
"It wasn't a question, pet."
His dick was soon inside you again, Loki moving his hips slowly against yours, his eyes traveling all over your body, watching as you looked up at him with hooded eyes, biting your lower lip and fighting your overstimulation, hands tied over your abdomen and that pretty sub collar on your neck. You looked ravishing. But you'd look better filled up with his cum.
He fastened his pace, smacking your skin with his. He couldn't help but think of how pretty you'd look with proper bondage around your boobs and cunt, of the many ways he could tie you and fuck you, keep you from touching him as he read in your eyes all you wanted was to run your nails down his back. But that was not President Loki.
"I'm... fuck, Loki!"
You moaned and attempted to wrap your legs around his hips to pull him to you, but Loki was not having it. He grabbed your ankles and forced your legs still and straight in front of him, your feet over his shoulders, preventing you from moving. Another thrust from Loki and you knew you were on the verge of cumming.
"And now, some punishment before your final reward."
Loki pulled back, forcing you still and watching you squirm with sadistic pleasure. You cursed him over and over, the ache in your cunt and clit was so painful, you couldn't think of anything else. You hated being denied and Loki was taking full advantage of his powers to bound your wrists to the bedframe so you couldn't touch yourself either. It was infuriating.
"Fuck you, Loki, fuck you!"
"I'm the one doing the fucking, slut." Loki chuckled darkly. "I thought that was clear by now."
"Then fuck me!"
"Have you learned your lesson?" Loki moved your ankles over one of his shoulders, freeing one of his hands and using it to rub your clit light as a feather once he knew you weren't on the edge anymore.
"I have." That came out more like a moan than an affirmative statement "Fuck, yes, I have."
"You have not apologized."
You moaned as he kept his game on your clit. He had given you one incredible orgasm after denying you twice so you couldn't wait for the final one, fantasizing about it. About having his cum dripping down your pussy once he pulled out. You licked your lips as you felt his fingers around your entrance, thinking he'd finally give you what you wanted.
"Pet," Loki grabbed your attention again. "If you want me to keep up my part of our agreement, you ought me something."
"Do I?" You decided to play coy as Loki moved your legs down, one at each of his sides.
"Apologize." He grinned at you. "And beg for what you want."
You felt his dick run over your folds and as much as you wanted to keep some part of your dignity intact, he did end up fucking those two things out of you. Just like he knew he would. And just like you hoped he would.
He moved in and out of you painfully slow. You attempted to move your hips up to make it faster but he forced you still. You huffed annoyed as he eyed you, simply waiting for you to speak. You tried to focus on something that wasn't his magnetic gaze on you, his dick stretching you slowly and rubbing your cunt in all the right places, his thumb on your clit, teasing it like you were his favorite game.
"Come on, pet. I can fuck you like this all day and not grant you any satisfaction."
"Fuck, that feels so good." You moaned. "Fuck, I'm sorry."
"You're what?" Loki increased his pace ever so slightly. "Can't hear you, pet."
"I'm sorry, Mister President." You glued your eyes to his. "I promise I'll behave."
"Good girl." He rewarded you by increasing his movements to a pace that had you crying for more. "Now, what do you want from your President?"
"Mmm, fuck, yeah." You licked your lips, feeling the familiar sensation in the pit of your stomach increasing. "This."
"What is this, pet? Don't make me ask again or I'll tie you to the bed and torture you for hours."
"And how... fuck... how'd you do that."
"Answer me." Loki pulled on your collar, realizing you were more into that kind of thing that he had anticipated. "And I'll show you my other room."
"I want you to fuck me harder, Mister President." You licked your lips. "And don't deny me again." You smiled sweetly. "Please."
Loki let out a long exhale, lowering his body over yours to kiss you with hunger, forcing his hips at an impossible pace against your own. His body covered every millimeter of yours, finding yourself unable to kiss him back from the pleasure he was granting you again, only after denial you felt it much more. It was everything. He was truly rewarding you his way.
He bit your lower lip, pulling up on it before letting go, keeping his eyes open as he felt himself reaching his high, watching as you broke underneath him, fighting your restraints hopelessly. Your moans and pleads for more filling the room alongside the wet sounds coming from his dick destroying your cunt in the best way possible.
"I'm... fuck... Loki, please!"
"Yes, pet?"
"I'm.. so close."
"Then cum around my dick." He lowered his mouth to your neck, sucking on your skin, finally marking you. "Scream my name."
You felt your orgasm take over your body, arching your back and clenching your walls around Loki's dick, triggering his release, moaning and fisting your hands over your head as you came again, crying out Loki's name as satisfaction flooded your system.
Loki kept still inside you as he came, breathing on your neck as your walls milked him dry, keeping his cum deep inside you, feeling your ragged breathing on his skin and your body trembling underneath him. He smiled to himself. He was good.
━━━━━━┛ ४ ┗━━━━━━
Loki laid on his side, resting his head on his hand, watching you getting dressed after you both had laid on his bed in silence enjoying your orgasms for a couple of minutes. He couldn't help but keep his eyes on you. Your body was a crime he was more than pleased to commit again, knowing you'd end up submitting to him.
You glanced at him over your shoulder as you stood up before leaning down to pick up your underwear, giving Loki a remarkably nice view of your ass that he enjoyed profusely, before putting them on and grabbing your pants, turning completely around to face him. You hated to admit it but allowing Loki to dominate you had been thrilling. Sex with him had been the best you ever had. And something by the way he acted told you he knew. Cocky.
"Does the President need something?"
Your voice was teasing, leaning forward to put your feet through your pants. Loki found himself unable not to move his eyes to your chest, seeing the smirk on your face as you zip your pants and standing completely straight again. You decided to tease him further, walking up to him and sitting down beside him, moving one of your hands to rest behind his back. Loki leaned forward, kissing your exposed skin just above the waistband of your pants.
"Care to help?"
You moved your bra in front of his face so he nodded, moving your hair from your back and to the side as you put your arms through the straps, Loki allowing his fingers to caress your skin before he clasped it for you. You rose, going to pick up your shirt as Loki licked his lips as he got a last glance at your naked skin, at the marks he had given you before the material covered your chest, putting on your jacket and picking up your weapons. Loki couldn't help but think how hot you looked putting your gun and knives in place. If he didn't have things to take care of, he'd bound you to his bed and play with you until you screamed your safe word.
"We should do this again." You winked at him as you stood by the door, opening it just a bit.
"We will."
Loki sat up on the bed, not bothering to hide how good it made him feel having your eyes on him, standing up and walking up to you, your eyes roaming over his naked skin until he stood in front of you. He truly was built like a god. You decided to annoy him further, moving your hand to the back of his neck, forcing him down to kiss him passionately, biting his lower lip as he forced your body against his, holding you in place as he pushed his tongue inside your mouth.
"Looking forward to it." You pulled away from Loki, walking out of his room and giving him a final look. "You know where to find me."
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading!
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buckydaisy · 2 months ago
safe place
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
request: “it's bucky x reader where the y/n is like shy and has trust issues cus shes been through shit, she doesn't really talk to anyone but bucky cus she's comfortable with him. The scenario basically is them cuddling at night, he pulls her closer like nose touching and y/n sleepily says 'i like it when u hold me close it make me feel safe' and buckys like lowkey starstruck and its just cute shit lol ❤️❤️” @cc12-02
word count: 1.1k
Tumblr media
You tiptoed down the empty hallway. The soft patter of your footsteps bounced off the walls. The moonlight shined through the windows and reflected off the marble floors.
The corridor was eerily quiet as compared to it’s usual bustling nature.
You got to Bucky’s door and placed your hand on the cold metal knob. “Someone’s up late.” You heard someone say from behind you. You jumped around, balling up your fists. You raised your hands, preparing to defend yourself.
“—hey, hey, hey. It’s okay, it’s me.” He said, grabbing your fists with his hands. You took a breath of relief when you realized it was only Steve. “I’m sorry, you just scared me.” You said, taking a deep breath.
He nodded, moving his hands away from yours. “So…you’re going to see Bucky?” He asked, curious as to why you were going to Bucky’s room at three in the morning. You realized what Steve was probably assuming the reason was. You looked down at your feet, feeling the heat beating off of your cheeks.
“I just umm…really need to talk to him.” You said, avoiding Steve’s gaze.
You had been a part of the Avengers for six months. You still had barely had conversations with any of them that weren’t strictly about missions. Except for Bucky.
Steve gave you a soft smile. “You can talk to me, if you want.” He offered. The gesture was kind and you appreciated it, but you just really needed it to be Bucky.
You knew Steve was a great guy, and he had your absolute trust during missions. You were just always scared of trusting people with some of your vulnerabilities. You had been hurt too many times in the past.
You couldn’t trust that they wouldn’t use your weaknesses against you.
“That’s okay. Don’t take this the wrong way—” you began to say. You felt so awkward and had no idea how to word it without hurting his feelings. “Don’t worry, I get it. I’m happy you and Bucky both really understand each other. Goodnight,” he said, giving you a kind smile.
You smiled at him as he left before turning around to face the door again. You slipped inside the door, closing it behind you. His enhanced hearing picked up the sound, causing him to roll over and glance towards the door.
“Is that you?” He asked. His voice was groggy and deeper than usual. You managed to squeak out a “yes.”
“What’s wrong, love?” He asked. He knew if you were in his room this early in the morning then something must have happened. “I had a nightmare.” You mumbled, almost embarrassed of how shaken up you were by it.
Without saying anything, he patted the space on the bed beside him. You walked over to his bed and crawled under the covers.
His arms immediately wrapped around your waist and pulled you into his chest. You were flooded by his warmth as his arms enveloped your body.
“I got you.” He said, softly. Both his words and his touch made all of your worries vanish. Bucky always knew how to make you feel safe without even trying.
He was your safe place.
You buried your face in the crook of his neck. He smelled like vanilla and pine. You couldn’t stop the grin that spread across your cheeks.
His hands ran up and down your back. “Wanna talk about it?” He asked, glancing down at you. You shook your head. “I just want to stay like this.” You mumbled. He nodded, completely understanding.
He never placed any expectations on you. He was just there for whatever you needed, whether that was to talk or just be a shoulder to cry on.
“Can I ask you a question?” He asked. His tone sounded cautious. You were eager for any conversation that would distract you from your nightmare. “Sure,” you replied.
You felt the butterflies form in your stomach as you waited for him to ask you the question. It only took him probably three seconds, but it felt like hours.
“Why did you come to me after your nightmare? I’ve never seen you talk to anyone else on the team as much as you talk to me. I’m not complaining! I think you’re amazing. I was just wondering why me?” He asked, feeling more self conscious as he rambled on.
You thought about your answer. You weren’t even really sure of why you trusted Bucky so much. It felt like it was out of your control. You both just had an instant connection.
“You make me feel safe.” You told him, cupping his cheek with one of your hands. His nose brushed against yours. You both had never been this close before, but you both liked out. “Oh,” he said, delightfully surprised by your answer.
Silence fell over the two of you. The moonlight hit his eyes just right, creating the perfect sparkle.
“I like it when you hold me in your arms. It’s like all my worries disappear.” You mumbled, not meaning to say the words out loud. Bucky almost had to pinch himself to convince himself it wasn’t a dream. “Really?” He asked, his voice coming out at a higher pitch.
You giggled to yourself as you nodded. His lips brushed against yours. You closed the rest of the distance and pressed your lips against his. His hands pulled you closer until you bumped into his chest. You ran your fingers through his hair, twirling the long strands.
The kiss was simple. It wasn’t too rushed. It wasn’t too steamy. It was perfect.
His lips gracefully moved against yours, making you feel like your lips were meant to fit against his.
He pulled away, leaning his forehead against yours. You both had contagious smiles on your faces. “You probably assumed this, but I really like you.” He admitted.
You giggled before pecking his lips once again. “Yeah, I really like you too.” You said.
Your cheeks began to hurt from the giant smile spread across your face.
He rolled onto his back. Your body became cold as he took his warmth with him. “C’mere,” he mumbled, pulling you on top of him. You laid on top of his stomach, smiling back at him. “I want to keep you close.” He said, kissing your temple.
You leaned your head onto his chest. You could hear his heart beat speed up as he wrapped his arms around your waist. His fingers drew invisible pictures on your back.
The moment was peaceful: two people united. You both had been through a lot, but had finally found someone to confide in.
It was cheesy and almost poetic, but you loved it.
taglist: @laurakirsten0502​ @miraclesoflove @nathaliabakes @millipop18 @azghedaheda @shyinadarkplace @vanteguccir @missroro @bookfrog242 @buckys-doll17 @ice-dtae @leyannrae @sia2raw @nyx2021 @just-a-littlebit-of-everything @shyconversationalbookworm @shadowhuntyi @lovelokiqueen @ruzannetheseahorse @superdeath @sunwardsss @studentville-struggles @impossibleapricotlampbat @infjkiki @weirdfishy @lickmymelaninn @hailey-a-s @andreasworlsboring101 @glassesandthunderthighs @holding-on-to-my-youth @fanofalltheficsx @lukes-orange-beanie @golden-hoax @mostly-marvel-musings @madisondelstan @spookyparadisesheep @n3ssm0nique @beyondthesefourwalls @basicfangirlx @v-is-obsessive @i-wish-i-knew-what-i-was @reniescarlett @multiplums @alotofrandomfangirling @bbl32 @who-the-hell-is-sebastianstan @stressydepressyandlemonzesty @faykyrie @dorothea-hwldr @cherryyxbabyy @lovethemfictionalboys
Let me know if you want to be added to my taglist for all my imagines or for a specific character/fandom!!
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cxddlyash · 2 months ago
Biker Bar
Tumblr media
Pairing: Biker!Bucky x Reader
Words: 2900+
Author's Note: I was looking through the kiss prompt list I reblogged a while back and found this- One person tracing the other’s lips with a fingertip until they can’t resist any longer, tilting their chin towards them for a kiss- and instantly thought of biker!bucky, which I've never done before, so I hope I've done justice cause goddAMN. Let me know what yall think! xox
"Why do we have to go to that bar, Suzie?" You ask and let out a huff of breath. Your eyes watch her glide across her room as she figures out what to wear. "It's… a-a biker bar!"
The brunette glances towards you with an incredulous look on her face. "C'mon, Y/N! Bikers are hot! We're not getting laid going to the normal bars, so why not spice it up!" She exclaims and you sigh, running a hand through your hair.
"Bikers are also dangerous, Suz! Just a few weeks ago a biker was arrested," you try to knock some sense into her.
Suzie rolls her eyes while gathering her shoes and purse. "Y/N, come on. It's just for a few hours. We'll be fine," she states while raising her eyebrows.
"Fine," you mumble quietly and stand up from your seat on the bed, following her out of her apartment.
The only good thing about this bar is that it's only a five minute walk from Suzie's place. You fiddle with your fingers while walking down the street, listening to your best friend spew out her game plan for tonight.
You can hear the bass of the music from the bar, noticing the long line of bikes sitting outside of the building. A couple of men who are sitting on their bikes whistle at us, capturing Suzie's attention.
"Hi, boys!" She grins and you roll your eyes while slipping past her, heading into the bar.
You run into someone upon entering the dimly lit place, muttering out an apology as you glance up at the man. "That's alright, doll. You okay?" The man asks and you nod your head.
"Y-Yeah, thank you," you stutter and feel a hand rest on your lower back.
"Y/N, c'mon," Suzie ushers you forward, dragging you towards the bar.
You glance over your shoulder to look at the mysterious man, noticing him watching you walk away. A smirk comes to his pink lips while bringing the whiskey glass to his lips. Your cheeks blush and look away, tucking your lip between your teeth.
"What can I get you ladies?" The bartender asks, his eyes roaming down your body. An uneasy shiver runs down your spine, as you look over the many cocktails listed on the blackboard behind him.
"I'll have a coke and whiskey," Suzie tells the man and he nods in response before bringing his gaze back to you.
"Uh, sex on the beach, please," you mention and the bartender smirks while nodding his head again.
He turns his back to make your drinks and you keep an eye on him. You chew on the inside of your cheek as you've got a bad feeling about the man.
The bartender turns back around, setting both of your drinks onto the bar top. "Ladies," he winks before walking away to tend other customers.
Your heart pounds against your chest as you look down at the drink in front of you. A sigh leaves your lips and you glance towards your friend to see her drink already half gone.
"God, Y/N, stop! Just have a good fucking time and stop worrying," she growls before getting off of the stool. You shut your mouth and watch her walk away from you.
"She's a firecracker, ain't she?" The same voice from before asks and you jump in your seat, whipping your head around to see the man you bumped into before.
Your lips part, trying to find the right words as he stares down you. "U-Uh, yeah, she sure is," you mumble and tuck a strand of hair behind your ear.
"I'm Bucky," he introduces himself and holds his hand out to you. You smile softly at the blue-eyed man and shake his hand.
"Hi, Bucky. I'm Y/N," you greet him and pull your hand from his before stirring your drink.
Silence fills the space between you, your eyes trained on the ice in your untouched cocktail. Bucky's hand taps against the bar as he watches you stare off into space. "Is everything alright with your drink?" He asks you with a tilt of his head.
You wet your lips and glance from your drink to the man sitting in front of you. "Uhm, I'm just…" you trail off, thinking about how to tell him your experience with the bartender. "Do you come here often?"
Bucky furrows his brows and nods his head in response. "Almost every night. Why?" He questions, watching you chew on your lip.
"Does the bartender usually make drinks with his back turned to you?" You ask in a whisper, looking up at Bucky through your lashes.
Your question causes Bucky’s back to straighten, his blue eyes looking towards the young bartender he recently hired. "He shouldn't be, no," Bucky mumbles and reaches for your drink. "Is that what he did with yours?"
"Yeah," you mention and allow him to take your drink. You watch him inspect your drink before calling the bartender over to him.
The younger guy walks over to the two of you and Bucky sees the way his eyes roam over your figure, the lustful glimmer in his green eyes. "What's up, boss?" He asks, tearing his gaze from you.
Your ears perk up at the word boss and snap your head towards Bucky, seeing a stern look on his face. "Did you make this with your back turned to her?" He asks and the bartender's eyes widen.
"U-Uh, yes, sir."
Bucky drags his tongue across his lips before clicking it against his teeth. "Dump it and remake it. In front of her," he seethes, causing the younger guy to nod his head repeatedly.
"Yes sir."
Colby, Bucky's bartender, sets your new drink in front of you before apologizing. You nod your head in response and the green-eyed man walks away from the two of you. A sigh of relief leaves your lips before taking a sip of your drink.
"I'm sorry about him. He's usually better than that," Bucky mentions and you shrug your shoulders.
"Thank you, Bucky," you whisper and feel yourself melt a bit at the smile that comes to his face.
The brunette taps your bare leg gently before motioning for you to follow him. Your cheeks blush, feeling his touch linger on your skin while grabbing your glass. You follow him through the packed bar, your free hand reaching out to grab a hold of his leather jacket.
Bucky glances back at you and grabs a hold of your hand, lacing your fingers together. Your heart flutters in your chest as the burly biker leads you to the brown leather couch.
You sit down gently, crossing your leg over the other as Bucky sits down beside you. You bite your lip as his thick thigh brushed against yours, the beat of the music echoing off the walls.
"You do this with every pretty girl that comes in here?" You laugh while biting your bottom lip.
Bucky drapes his right arm over your shoulder, a deep chuckle leaving his lips. "Believe it or not, but not many pretty girls run into me at my own bar," he smirks and you roll your eyes playfully.
You take a couple of sips from your drink before shifting in your seat, so you're sitting sideways. Bucky glances down at you, your faces inches apart and your breath hitches in your throat.
"There a reason you and your friend came to this bar?" He whispers and a sigh leaves your lips.
You look around the place, seeing your friend talking to a group of bikers across the bar. "She wants to get laid and there hasn't been anyone interested in her at normal bars," you tell him as you run a hand through your hair.
A hum leaves Bucky's lips while glancing towards your friend. "Only thing about some bikers is that some don't take no for an answer. She needs to be careful," he warns you, and your stomach twists.
"Oh my God," you mumble as you begin to worry about your friend, bringing your gaze back to the girl.
Bucky rests his hand on your thigh, his fingertips digging into the plump flesh. Your breath hitches in your throat as you look down at his hand before glancing up at him through your lashes. "I'll have my guys keep an eye on her. Don't worry. They can be trusted," he reassures you.
"Okay," you whisper and Bucky moves his hand to your face.
Your eyes flutter shut as his fingertips glide across your jawline before moving to your bottom lip. You breathe heavily, scooting closer to him as Bucky's nose nudges yours.
"Is this okay?" He whispers, feeling his breath fan your lips. You reach forward and grip his leather jacket, nodding your head in response. "Words, doll. Need to hear you say it."
"P-Please," you stutter and Bucky grabs the drink in your hands before setting it on the table in front of him.
Bucky moves his right hand from the back of the couch before tugging you onto his lap. Your heart pounds against your chest as you straddle the biker, resting your hands on his shoulders.
His hands slide down your back before settling on your hips. "You're so gorgeous, doll," Bucky mumbles while glancing up at you.
"T-Thank you, Bucky," you smile, glad that someone finally picked you over your best friend.
Bucky's hand moves to the back of your neck, pulling you closer to him as the space between your faces diminishes. Just as his lips brush against yours, Suzie's voice calling out your name makes you jump.
"Y/N! Come on! I wanna go home," she practically yells, hearing the annoyance in her voice.
You let out a sigh, resting your forehead against Bucky's for a few seconds before glancing behind you. Your best friend stands about two feet behind you with her arms crossed.
"I guess I have to leave," you mumble loud enough for Bucky to hear.
He hums as you slide off of him, adjusting the skirt you're wearing before pushing yourself off of the couch. "You girls need a ride?" He asks, his blue eyes glancing towards your friend.
Suzie takes a couple of steps forward as the two of you stand up, batting her eyelashes at Bucky. "I would love for you to take me home," she flirts, winking at the muscly man.
Your heart drops into your stomach as her fingers glide up his chest. Bucky grabs a hold of her hand, causing Suzie to gasp in pain. "Don't touch me," he bluntly tells her and your eyes widen in shock.
Bucky's eyes meet yours after your friend lets out a huff of breath. "Whatever. Y/N, let's go. You were right about this place," Suzie scoffs before turning to walk out the door.
"I, uhm, I had fun," you mumble while tucking some hair behind your ear.
The biker grins at you and motions for you to walk forward. "I'll walk you out, Y/N," Bucky mentions and you chuckle, nodding your head.
You can feel his fingers brush against your lower back as the two of you follow Suzie out of the bar doors. Another sigh leaves your lips as you notice your friend already making her way to her place, leaving you behind. "I'm sorry about her," you mumble with a frown.
"She's pretty pretentious, don't you think?" Bucky asks and you nod your head, crossing your arms over your chest.
"She means well I swe-"
"She's jealous of you," Bucky cuts you off and you furrow your brows.
You shake your head, refusing to believe that Suzie is jealous of you. She's the one who always gets the guy. "Why would she be jealous of me?" You ask, feeling a bit confused.
Bucky lets out a laugh as he looks off into the distance for a few seconds. "Because you got the attention tonight and she didn't," he informs you while shrugging his shoulders. "She doesn't seem to be waiting for you. Do you want a ride home?"
You turn to see the empty street, noticing all the lights off in your best friend's apartment in the distance. You press your lips together and roll your eyes at her childish behavior, wondering why you're still friends with her.
"I-I'd like that," you tell him, not feeling comfortable walking to your place alone. Since you live farther away from the bar.
Bucky grins and grabs a hold of your hand before leading you to his motorbike. "Let me just tell Steve I'll be gone for a bit," he mentions and you nod your head in response.
You bite your lip gently as you watch him run up the steps of the bar, poking his head into the busy joint for about a minute. You move to sit on the back of his bike, resting your hands against the leather seat as Bucky now walks back towards you.
"Look at you lookin' cute," Bucky mentions with a smirk and a blush covers your cheeks.
"Shut up," you laugh while rolling your eyes playfully.
Bucky opens the pouch he has on the back of his bike before pulling out a helmet. "Here," he mumbles and you glance back to see him holding out his helmet.
"Don't you need one?" You question while grabbing it.
"Rather have your pretty self protected than mine, doll," Bucky flirts and your heart flutters in your chest, a smile coming to your lips.
The burly biker gets onto the bike as you fasten the helmet onto your head, Bucky being careful not to kick you on accident. You shift your position on the seat so your chest is pressed against his back, wrapping your arms around his torso.
"So you think I'm pretty?" You tease, earning a chuckle from Bucky.
His blue eyes glance back at you before wetting his lips. "Doll, I thought we've already established that you're pretty? I mean… we did almost make out on the couch in my bar," he smirks and you press your face into his shoulder to conceal your grin. "Of course I think you're pretty."
Bucky pulls into your driveway and parks the bike before shutting the ignition off. You release your grip on him and bring your hands to the fastening of the helmet, quickly undoing it before tugging it off of your head.
The brunette grins while getting off of the bike, a chuckle leaving his lips at the sight of your hair. "Man, helmets don't do women justice do they," Bucky mentions and reaches out to fix your hair.
You let out a huff of breath and smile up at him, enjoying the feeling of his fingers combing through your hair. "Thank you," you mumble while gracefully getting off of the motorbike, "for bringing me home."
Bucky nods his head while holding his hand out to you. "It's not a problem at all, Y/N," he smiles and you melt a bit under his gaze. "I'm definitely glad you came to my bar tonight."
Giggles leave your lips and Bucky motions for you to walk towards your front porch. You smile at the ground as the burly biker follows you to your porch, glancing behind you when you walk up the steps to see his hands tucked into his pockets.
"Well, this is me," you tell him while turning to face the blue-eyed man.
Bucky doesn't say anything as he looks down at you, bringing his right hand up to your face. Your breath hitches in your throat as his fingers glide across your cheek.
Your hands grab a hold of his leather jacket when his fingers move to your lips. Your eyes flutter shut as he traces the outline of them, feeling his other hand resting against your hip.
You've never been so infatuated with any other man you've come into contact with. "B-Bucky," you stutter out, opening your eyes to look up at him. "If you're going to kiss me, please hurry up."
A breathy chuckle leaves his lips while his fingers move to your chin, lifting it slightly before Bucky leans down to connect your lips with his. You lean on your toes, deepening the kiss while wrapping one of your arms around his neck.
You pull away from him and Bucky rests his forehead against yours. "I think I'll definitely go to your bar again if it means I get to see you," you chuckle as Bucky moves both of his hands so they're resting on your lower back.
He hums in response and kisses your lips once again. "Mm, I'm definitely okay with that," Bucky grins before giving your ass cheek a quick slap.
A gasp leaves your lips and you look up at the brunette, seeing a smirk on his pink lips. "Bucky!" You slap his chest playfully, biting your lip gently.
"Goodnight, doll," Bucky whispers and connects your lips for the third time tonight. "Come see me tomorrow."
You press your lips together and nod your head in response. "I will," you tell him as the brunette walks down the steps of your porch. "Don't forget about me with all these pretty girls stumbling into your bar!"
Bucky laughs and turns to face you, walking back towards his bike. "How can I when I've got you?!" He winks before sitting down on his bike.
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a knight in shining armor
Pairing: Shang-Chi x F!Reader
Summary: You’re out at a club when a guy won’t leave you alone. Shang-Chi gets involved.
Word Count: 980
Warnings: Canon-typical violence, swearing
A/N: I’ve been riding a Shang-Chi-induced high since I saw this movie it was sososososososo good! If you haven’t seen it yet (and can) please do!
Tumblr media
With the music reverberating through your bones as you swayed with the crowd of people on the dance floor you couldn’t help but lose yourself. A night at a club, getting drunk, dancing with strangers, and maybe even letting one of them take you home was your preferred way to spend a Friday night. Or a Saturday night. Pretty much any night now that you think about it. 
With some alcohol in your system and the lights strobing around you it was easy to forget. Easy to get lost in the moment and just be. 
A strangers’ hands on your waist were not unfamiliar, nor strictly unwanted, but when the mouth that they were attached to leaned down to whisper something slimy about your body and what he wanted to do to it in your ear you firmly pushed his hands off of you and pulled yourself from his grasp.
“Heyyyy no where’re y’going?” The man slurred at you, annoyed as you began to move away from him.
“I’m not interested,” You hiss as you start to make your way towards the bar.
“Just keep dancing with me,” The man whines as he reaches out for your arm.
“Hey! She said she wasn’t interested!” You hear a voice shout as someone steps between your retreating figure and the guy. 
“Who the hell are you?” The man leered at the stranger who had decided to insert himself in your business.
“Hey, I can take care of this myself,” You told the stranger. 
But before either one of you could say anything else the drunk man lunged in-between the two of you, trying to punch the stranger in the face.
Fortunately your defender was quick on his feet and dodged the fist, and was even quicker in his own attack as he quickly brought the man down to the ground, slamming his face into the sticky mess of the club floor with a dull thud.
“Hey!” A man shouted from across the dance floor, as a group of scary-looking men who you were pretty sure came in with your former dance partner began to make their way over to where you were when they saw the commotion.
“I don’t think you want to do that,” You tell them with a shake of your head.
As your defender gets up to take on this new threat your wave your hand at him dismissively. He looks at you with a look that seems to be part confusion and part concern as he stands close to you, but you just try to shoot him a look that says ‘trust me’ before turning back to the gang of men in front of you.
“And why would we listen to you, little lady?” One of the goons sneers at you as they get up in your face.
“Because I can do this,” You tell him as you pick out the biggest man and with a flick of your wrist contort his arm out in front of him before snapping his Ulna with the slight shift of your outstretched fingers.
As the man screams out in pain the others look at you with fear as they realize what just happened. As they move to grab their incapacitated friends and hightail it out of the club you turn back to the man who defended you.
Now that you get a better look at him you realize that you’ve seen him before, he’s the man from the viral video of the bus attack in San Francisco.
“You- you’re a…” He stumbles over his words as he looks at you.
“I’m (Y/N),” You introduce yourself as you stretch out a hand for him to shake. You see him glance down at your hand and hesitate slightly before taking it in his own large, warm hand and shaking it firmly.
“Shang-Chi,” He replies.
And I’m not some superhero, if that’s what you’re wondering,” You add as you finish making your way over to the bar and order the two of you some drinks.
“But you just… you broke that guy’s arm with a snap of your fingers,” Shang-Chi replies.
“I did, didn’t I,” You reply with a laugh as you take your drink from the bartender and push the other towards Shang-Chi.
“You’re in New York now, Bus Boy,” You tell him, “Sometimes it feels like there’s more super people than there are normal people.”
“Lots of superheroes, lots of supervillains,” You say as you wave your hand around in front of you, a vague reference to the insanity that it is to be in New York City these days. 
“And which are you?” Shang-Chi asks you as he takes a sip of his drink, still trying to figure out who the hell you are.
You smirk at him knowingly, in a way that unnerves him before you open your mouth to reply.
“Damn, the avengers already got to you?”
“Wha- I mean, kind of, yeah,” He says sheepishly, “But, hey, you didn’t answer my question!” He protests.
“I have to retain the air of mystery around me, it’s part of my charm,” You tell him with a grin as you down the rest of your drink. “Well, I’ll probably see you around,” You tell him as you stand up to leave.
“Until next time, Shang-Chi,” You bid him farewell before pressing a quick kiss to his cheek and turning on your heels to walk out of the club.
Oh. He was definitely going to see you again, Shang-Chi just wasn’t sure if he was going to like the circumstances.
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professorrw · 2 months ago
Accidently Calling Loki 'Daddy'
marvel masterlist
Pairing: female reader x Loki
Request: Reader accidentally calling Loki “daddy” in bed?
Warnings: smut, 18+, some fluff, unprotected sex, daddy kink, cum eating
A/N: Requests open, taglist open, inbox open! Please like, comment, and reblog!
Tumblr media
It started out as soft, loving sex. Which was normal because Loki wanted to make sure you knew how much he loved you and he wanted to make you feel good. Well, it escalated, reaching heights you had never imagined. There was no indication when Loki first inserted himself inside you that he would start being so rough. Not rough in a bad way, but much more intense and fast paced than usual.
He was smashing into you, groaning every time he did so. The whole bed was shaking. A good, sturdy bed was shaking from the force of his thrusts. The headboard was hitting the wall, and surely if you weren't alone everyone in the area would hear.
That sweet spot inside you was hit. Just for a second, but it was enough to make you moan out something you never had before.
The word came straight from your throat. "Daddy." The word was foreign to your bedroom, and not something Loki had been called before. You didn't mean to say it. You had heard it being used in porn before and for some reason that's what you said.
Loki's movements completely faltered. His eyes got big and he stared down at you. All you could do was blink. You were quick to apologize, assuming he didn't like it because of his reaction.
"I- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."
"It's okay darling. I quite enjoyed it." He chuckled and a wide grin replaced the shock that was previously on his face. He resumed his actions, and you pushed aside your outburst to focus on your orgasm that was right around the corner. Loki was laser focused on you, making sure that you would reach your climax. And you did not long after. The interruption only stalled the rising feeling, but it picked back up immediately.
You moaned again, a higher pitched moan than usual. Taking into account what your boyfriend had just told you, you whined, “Daddy,” again. He shut his eyes and relished in the name, loving how it sounded coming out of your mouth. It didn’t seem possible but his speed increased even more, but he became more sloppy. It wouldn’t have mattered either way, because your climax was there and your cum was seeping out of you.
Loki felt it, heard it in your voice. A grin was plastered on his face. His eyes were still closed but he could imagine that you looked ravishing. Just mere moments later his own orgasm was rippling through him. His cum spurted out, lining your walls with the sticky liquid. He groaned and he rode out his last thrust.
He pulled out but he wasn’t entirely finished yet. You were about to turn, but he held you in place, lowering his face to your cunt and licking up the cum dribbling out of you. He swallowed it all, yours and his alike. His little licks and gentle sucks were creating goosebumps all over your body. It was an action that he hadn’t done before either. The night was full of new things. You thoroughly enjoyed everything that had happened, and so did he.
An hour or so later you were still lying in bed. You had taken turns showering and you were now cuddled up against Loki, the gentle yet masculine scent of his body wash pleasant in your nose. There was something you wanted to say, but you weren’t sure if it was the right time, or if Loki would even agree.
Sensing that you had something on your mind, your boyfriend spoke up, “What’s on your mind darling?”
After a second's hesitation and a quick look at Loki’s encouraging face you decided to just say it. "Maybe we could try some other new things," you suggested, twirling your hoodie strings between your fingers.
"I think that would be a good idea." He smiled and kissed the top of your still wet hair.
You let out a relieved breath. “Really?”
“Yes. I think we could find many more ways to please each other. There’s infinite possibilities and we can try all of them.”
“When can we start?” you said. The eagerness in your voice made Loki chuckle. He loved your enthusiasm.
“As soon as you want darling. We have all the time in the world.”
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What I Missed - Loki Laufeyson
summary: while in custody at the TVA, loki realizes what he misses from the future, only to be surprised by what he gets in the present
word count: 2100+
warnings: a little angsty, a little emotional, mention of loki’s death, episode 1 spoilers
Tumblr media
Today was certainly not Loki’s day.
Over the course of a few hours (or more, or less, this is the TVA, afterall) he had been in the custody of the Avengers, had happened upon the Tesseract and escaped from New York. It seemed too good to be true, and it was. Just when he thought he had truly outsmarted the Earthly heroes again, he was imprisoned and taken again.
Now here he was, under the supervision of the Time Variance Authority and one, Mobius, a bizarre administrator in charge of tracking down the most dangerous of variants. It all seemed like madness to Loki. He was used to silly games and grandiose tricks but this story of timelines and space lizards seemed beyond even his own trickery. It seemed downright absurd. And annoying.
He had been subject to what he would call an interrogation. Mobius, however, called it a simple conversation. A slideshow of his life, his “greatest hits” as Mobius had called it and a relentless fire of questions, the memory of which continued to burn in his memory:
Should you return, what are you going to do?
King of Midgard? Then what, happily ever after?
King of Space?
Why does someone with so much capability just want to rule?
Do you enjoy hurting people?
That one had burned most of all. Did he enjoy hurting people? Hardly. And it was upsetting to him that anyone would think that. But he also understood what he appeared to be to every other living creature. He had just relived the moment in which he killed that daft agent and his mother. His mother. He refused to believe he was at fault for that. Frigga was the only person who truly saw him and whom Loki cared for deeply. But it seemed so clear in the moving picture, he had led them right to her.
It was in that moment, with tears and rage in his eyes, he knew he needed to get out of the disastrous time circus. He no longer cared to be a monkey in this ring. If he could find the tesseract, he could escape and be free once again.
That plan had gone almost perfectly. The only thing that went wrong - there is no magic in the TVA. No matter how many times he held the tesseract in his hands, wishing it to take him back to Midgard or Asgard, he was met with nothing but the bland walls in this TVA Time Theater. There was no hope in escaping.
Feeling exhausted, Loki slowly moves toward the table in the center of the room. He sits down and admires the machine in front of him. As grim as the stories it held could be, it was still quite fascinating that it could replay the highlights from his life - in a weird way, at least. He reaches out and turns the knob, searching for the moment his mother dies. He finds it and watches in silence for a while, tears beginning to fall down his face.
He turns the knob again.
He sees a future version of himself sitting next to his father and Thor. He watches as his father declares his love for his sons. Sons, plural. Both Thor and him. A small smile graces Loki’s face before Odin disappears, leaving the two men behind. Loki holds back a sob as tears continue to flood from his eyes. His father did love him, did see purpose for him. He wasn’t just the mischievous son. He’s sad that it took this long to understand that, and sad that he never got to experience this himself, even if a future version of him did.
Another turn of the knob.
This scene immediately feels different. He sees a garden, full of life, beautiful flowers blooming in every direction. He sees himself, sitting under a tree smiling next to a young woman. As the scene progresses he realizes this version of him is smiling at you. He lets out a small gasp when he watches the pair share a kiss and wipes the quickly falling tears from his cheeks. He had always loved you, but had never gotten the chance to tell you. The two of you had met through Thor, when he brought both you and Jane to Asgard. He had taken to you quickly, enjoying your similar sarcasm and humor - something that was scarce within his home realm. You, like his mother, had always seen the good in him and had understood his struggle. It was something he would never understand, you being of Midgard. You knew what he had done and had been there to see the destruction, but still saw him not as the God of Mischief or Earth Enemy #1, only Loki. He aches for the fact that he never got to feel the happiness his future self did, especially when it was happiness with you.
Turn the knob.
Loki and Thor stand in a room together. Loki lets out a small laugh in the midst of his tears, wondering how his oaf of a brother managed to lose an eye. Maybe a dumb bet between the two of them, maybe there was a battle amongst the nine realms. He’s quickly pulled from his thoughts as he hears Thor speak.
“Maybe you’re not so bad after all, brother.”
“Maybe not,” the future Loki responds.
“Thank you,” Thor replies, “If you were here, I might even give you a hug.”
“I’m here.”
Loki smiles and nods to himself. From where he’s sitting now, it’s a wonder that he and his brother ever made up. He realizes now that the fighting and the sibling rivalry may have all been in his head. He, again, curses himself for leaving New York and allowing himself to miss these moments that he’s been waiting his whole life for.
He and you lay in a room, seemingly on the same ship as the previous scene. You lay snug against his chest, his arms wrapped tightly around you. You hum softly before speaking up.
“I love you, you know.”
By the look on both of your faces, it’s the first time this has been said out loud. There’s nervous tension in the room, Loki can feel it through this screen. He somehow knows the words his future self is going to say before he hears them.
“I love you too, darling. You bring out the best in me.”
You snuggle closer to him, if that’s even possible, and there’s a comfortable silence for a few seconds. Loki takes a moment to admire this picture. It was something he had wanted since he had first met you on Asgard. You had stuck out like a sore thumb, dressed in your casual Midgardian clothes. He couldn’t have missed you even if he tried, nobody could have. And boy was he glad about that now.
“Promise me something,” he watches himself say.
“Anything,” you whisper. “Anything for you, Loki.”
“Promise me, no matter what, you’ll always help me see the good in myself. I’ve too long suffered at the hands of those who desperately wish for me to see the bad.”
You let out a laugh and the Loki stuck in time laughs with you, “Oh, Loki. I wish you could see yourself as I see you. But I promise.”
“Thank you, my love.”
“You, Loki, may be a God, but you will always just be the man I fell in love with. The good, kind, and honorable man I call mine.”
Turn, again.
Loki sees himself kneeling and before he can question why, he watches as his future self moves to attack someone in front of him. When Loki realizes it's Thanos, he’s quickly on his feet, moving closer to the screen. The tears are gone now, and a silent rage burns behind his eyes. There was nothing from Loki but hate for the purple titan. He watches in horror as Thanos picks Loki up from the floor, a death grip on his neck. Loki wonders to himself how he would get himself out of this scenario had he been there. He assumes an illusion would do the trick. However, he notices your distraught figure behind the mad titan. He can hear your screams as you kneel next to Thor, who is imprisoned in cuffs. He hears you call out to him and he knows this will not end well. His suspicions are right when he watches his death. A shocked gasp comes from his throat as the tape in front of him runs out, nothing left to show.
Loki quickly sits back down and closes his eyes, trying his hardest to process the vision he saw. To one version of him, these would have been experiences and now memories. To him, though, these were all subtle tastes of a life he lost. He lost a touching moment with his father and a long awaited declaration of love from him. He lost the reconciliation with his brother and the confession that they had been more partners than rivals. Even though to him it had not yet happened, he missed it all, and it upset him deeply.
What hurt Loki the most was the idea that he lost his chance to feel his love reciprocated. Loki had never had much luck with romance. He was often seen as the sly younger brother and was usually too occupied to try and compete with Thor for the maidens at court. When he met you, he thought he had a chance. You were the first woman who saw him as his own person and not just as Thor’s brother. The relationship between the two of you had blossomed quickly and he found himself always sneaking away from his princely duties to see you. He had shown you his favorite places in Asgard and had opened up to you in ways he had never done before. He loved you and wanted you to be his. His one regret was not initiating a relationship before you had left for Midgard. And he thought his chances had been ruined by his actions in New York. Oh, how wrong he was.
Before Loki can dwell on his future more, Mobius comes bursting into the room.
“Ah Loki, glad you made your way back here. I have something for you,” he says.
“If this is another one of your tricks, I’m not currently in the mood,” Loki responds coolly.
“Just trust me on this one.”
Mobius shouts over his shoulder for someone to “bring her in.” Loki eyes the guards who walk in suspiciously until he notices who they bring with them. He can hardly believe his eyes. The gods in all the realms must be smiling down on him today, after all, because there you stand. He takes in your hideous red and white space suit, emblazoned with the Avengers logo, and he’s at least thankful he missed whatever battle this suit was required for.
He quickly stands and rushes over to you, a smile quickly gracing his face. You meet his gaze with a smile that is just as big and tears begin to flow from your eyes.
“Loki,’ you start. “Is that really you?”
He nods and speaks, although his words are barely audible, “It’s me, my love.”
“God, I thought I lost you forever. That’s why I went back in time to find you.”
Loki nods, now, unable to believe what he’s hearing, “You went back to find me?”
“Yes, but look what good that did me,” you say with a smirk. Loki’s heart pulls and he feels he could fall over right there. Norns, he missed you and your witty humor.
“Well,” he says, reciprocating your sly attitude, “You found me did you not? I might not be the same Loki as you knew, but I am still Loki.”
“The good, kind, and honorable Loki that I call mine.”
Loki smiles and you move forward to give him a hug. You’re cautious, though, because you aren’t exactly sure what part of the timeline this Loki came from. Maybe you had already been dating, maybe not. That was something to figure out another time though.
“Alright then,” Mobius says from behind you, “Let’s get you two caught up on what you missed with each other.”
Today was certainly not Loki’s day. And he had cursed all that was good that he had ended up at the TVA, taken from the life he knew. But now? He didn’t mind. He knew the relationships that were broken with his brother and father had been mended, he knew that one version of him had sacrificed himself for good and he had you, not only in memory but in the flesh. And sure, you had lots to rediscover within your relationship, but you would do that together.
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badassbuchanan · 8 months ago
Risky Business
Tumblr media
Plot: Bucky’s needy after a stressful mission day and Y/N is right there next to him. The only problem is, they’re not alone.
Warnings: smut; unprotected sex, dirty talk, spooning, voyeurism, mentions cockwarming.
Word count: 3176
“Bucky! I said no.” I whispered with a hiss, slightly turning my head backwards to where Bucky lay behind me.
To say our relationship was complicated was an understatement. Everyone in the compound knew we were close, but they also knew we bickered like crazy. Usually when we hadn’t fucked in a while. But they didn’t know we did that.
Our closeness was what had put us in this double room together in the first place. Old Captain Rogers himself was sleeping in the bed next to ours, less that 2 feet away.
It had been a long day, the mission not going as well as we’d first hoped. Mine and Bucky’s bickering didn’t help much either. But he’d been in such a foul mood all day, most likely due to what I’d mentioned earlier.
We fucked when we could, but sometimes, it was just too hard to sneak through the compound where we were surrounded by people we had to keep the secret from.
“But I’m so fucking hard.” Bucky whined in a whisper, his chest pressed against my back on the huge bed. He was desperate for any kind of physical touch he could get.
“I don’t care, I’m not fucking you when Steve is in the room.” I whispered back through gritted teeth, trying to get some sleep which was proving to be impossible. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to fuck him, but just the thought of Steve catching us had me blushing with embarassment. “I offered to give you a handjob but it wasn’t good enough.”
“I just want to be inside you,” He pressed himself harder against my back to whisper in my ear, his erect, heavy cock pushing between my ass cheeks. He’d pulled his cock out of his underwear minutes before when he’d tried to convince me to ride him. He would’ve almost been inside of me if it wasn’t for my very skimpy pyjamas shorts. “I miss your sweet little pussy.”
“Bucky!” I whispered warningly, my eyes widening at his filthy words. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but the fact that his best friend was in the room was bothering me.
“C’mon,” He dragged out the word pleadingly as he sat up slightly to lean over my body, his big eyes glistening with the low glow of the streetlight outside and he feigned innocent. “I bet you’re wet.”
Luckily, the room’s dull illumination was not enough for Bucky to see the way my cheeks turned bright pink with embarrassment of being caught out. My body turned slightly towards him, the palm of my hand coming up to meet his bare chest as he rubbed the tip of his cock teasingly along my ass.
“Just let me give you a nice handjob.” I begged, he felt so soft against my skin, his teasing pushing me to the edge. I knew I didn’t have enough restraint to put him off much longer, not when I wanted it just as much as he did.
He was giving me puppy dog eyes, leaning his head down towards me as our lips brushed each other.
“No, need your pussy.” He argued childishly with a pout, his eyebrows furrowing as he pushed his length a little harder against me. I had to bite my lip to stop a moan from escaping, subconsciously rocking my hips back against him.
My pussy was dripping with need by the time his tip pressed against my bare thigh. The feeling of his hot, heavy member was welcomed against my cold skin. “We’re going to get caught.”
“Not if you keep that sweet pouty mouth of yours shut.” Bucky smirked cockily, his flesh hand gripped my face from under my chin, his fingers digging in my cheeks.
“Steve could wake up at any moment.” I whispered warningly, my eyes wide with innocence. It turned Bucky on even more knowing there was a chance Steve could open his eyes and catch us fucking.
I felt his cock twitch against me, his metal hand whirring to slide beneath the leg opening of my shorts and grab my ass. “Shhh, just relax, doll.”
My soft whimper was met with Bucky’s lips crashing onto mine, his metal fingers roaming inside my shorts to find my naked pussy.
I opened my mouth to let his hot tongue move against mine, the kiss deepening with every passing second.
My head was spinning, everything around us fading away as I felt my body submitting to him, now just as desperate as he was to be fucked.
His hand tugged my shorts down to my knees, my ass moving against his cock as I kicked them off completely, now only covered by a loose t-shirt.
I pressed my ass back against him, his chest firm against my back as I looked over at where Steve was to make sure he was still fast asleep. I turned my head to look back toward Bucky who was far too invested in sliding his cock between my ass cheeks to care about his sleeping friend.
“Just the tip.” I whispered in defeat as I pressed a hand on his right pec, my wet pussy needing a little more friction that what he was giving me. “Okay?”
Bucky licked his lips and nodded, his metal hand sliding between my body and the mattress to hold onto my hip. His flesh hand reached down to line his cock up with my entrance, running his tip between my slick folds.
“Sure you don’t want me to pound you into this mattress, doll?” Bucky suggested with a devious smile on his face , testing how far I would let him go. He knew how weak I got when I was horny.
“Just the tip, Buck.” I reiterated with a hiss as he pressed his big, throbbing tip into my tight hole. “I mean it.”
Bucky groaned as his head fell into the crook of my neck, the feeling of his member in my warm pussy almost making him cum instantly.
I bit my lip in an attempt to stifle the moan building in my throat, my eyes falling closed as I leaned further back into Bucky.
“Happy now?” I whispered shakily as I played with his soft hair. Bucky’s arms gripped around me tightly, so desperate to fuck all the way into me.
“So happy,” Bucky replied proudly, a smirk plastered on his face as he knew this was only the start of me compromising. “I love feeling you stretch around me.”
My face squirmed in pleasure as I felt the familiar dull ache burn through my tight pussy. Bucky only got all soft and lovey like this when he was really desperate, something I’d only been lucky enough to see a handful of times before.
I used what was left of my self control to stop my hips bucking back into his. I grabbed at his body as much as I could, my arm reaching down to squeeze his thick thigh.
I wanted nothing more than for Bucky to move, to shove his silky cock inside my leaking pussy, but I couldn’t let him win. I decided instead to clench around his tip, his cock twitching as I did so.
Bucky groaned a little too loudly when he felt my pussy clench, his metal fingers digging into my hips harder. I turned my head towards him, looking up into his lust filled eyes.
“Shh, Buck.” I whispered against his lips, pecking them sweetly as I played with his hair. I could feel his pre-cum mixing with my juices, his thick tip plugging my pussy. “We have to be quiet.”
I clenched again, an empty ache in my pussy where it was hungry for more. A growl erupted from the back of Bucky’s throat, his flesh hand sliding up the inside of my top to cup my boobs.
“Then stop squeezing your pussy,” He mumbled through gritted teeth between kisses, knowing I was edging him on purposely as I pushed my ass back against him. “It’s gunna make me cum.”
I hummed into the kiss with a smile as his fingers tugged on my nipples, a little whimper escaping my lips. I slid my hand up from his thigh to his hip, trying to tug him closer.
“Oh, that’s what you want huh?” Bucky smirked as he kissed along my cheek, making his way to my ear. “You want my cum to fill your sweet little pussy?”
“Bucky.” I whimpered out softly, my wet pussy tingling in need. I hated giving him what he wanted, I knew how much it fed his ego. But the way the tip of his cock was so perfectly stretching me out had me desperate for more.
“Hm?” He played innocent, his hand gliding up from my tits to my mouth. I opened my lips obediently, welcoming his fingers with my hot tongue.
I hummed around his fingers, clenching around his cock again as I moved my hand back up to play with his hair. Bucky stayed still behind me, trailing his now wet fingers down my chest and back over my boobs.
“Put it in.” I choked out weakly, rubbing my ass back against him suggestively. My hand clung to the sheet in front of me as his hand slid down my stomach, my hips jolting forward as his fingers rubbed my clit.
I moaned his name loudly, unable to stop my hips from rocking against his hand. I bit my lip, almost drawing blood as my hips uncontrollably rutted back and forth. “Put it in.” I repeated in a whine, leaning my head back against him.
“Shh, baby. What’s your Captain gunna think if he wakes up to you getting fucked, hm?” He growled into my ear, the movements of my hips pushing his cock a little further into my sopping pussy.
“James, if you don’t fuck me right now I swear-.” I pouted sadly, trying to figure out how he’d come to be the one in control as my hips bucked every time he pinched my clit between his fingers.
“C’mere.” Bucky cut me off in a mumble, a light chuckle erupting from his throat as he leant over my torso slightly. He took his hand from my clit, gripping my chin with his wet hand.
I looked up at his lightly illuminated face, my eyes innocent and needy as he pressed his lips down against mine. I hummed into the kiss, our tongues colliding as we opened our mouthes.
Bucky slid his hand down to grab my hip, slowly guiding his dick deeper and deeper into my pussy. I moaned loudly into the kiss, the burning feeling of him stretching me out was overwhelming.
His silky skin slid easily into my wet heat, his tip so deep I could practically feel him in my tummy. “So big.” I mumbled between kisses, feeling Bucky begin to move in and out of me.
He moaned against my lips, his hand sliding around to hold the underside of my thigh, squeezing the soft flesh. He fucked me at a slow pace, causing every moment to be felt with a deeper intensity.
His metal hand lay flat against the flesh of my tummy, holding me in place as he fucked into me like a sex toy that could be controlled so easily.
“Fuck.” Bucky breathed out breathlessly, tilting his hips towards me as he picked up his pace. My tits bounced with each thrust of his hips, the sound of our skin slapping together muffled by the blanket.
I closed my eyes tightly, my mouth dropping open in overwhelming pleasure. I felt his hips against my ass every time Bucky bottomed out, his balls slapping against my skin ticklishly.
His face dropped to my neck, his lips attacking the delicate skin to muffle his moans. Bucky’s stubble scratched against my skin softly, his hot breath on me made my tummy flutter. I felt his cock twitch against my walls, his girth stretching me out in a dull ache.
I arched my back, his cock fucking me deeper as I moved my hand to his thigh, my nails digging into his flesh. I let out a moan much louder than I meant it to be, causing Bucky’s head to lift from my neck.
“It’s like you want him to wake up.” Bucky referred to Steve as he groaned, watching my tits jiggle with every movement.
I opened my eyes alarmingly, remembering his sleeping friend as i looked over to where Steve slept. My pussy clenched at how close we were to another person while fucking, a wave of pleasure flowing through my body.
Bucky’s hand slid up from my thigh to my chest, squeezing my tits in his flesh palm. I whimpered softly, my eyes locked on Steve as Bucky’s cock fucked me. He tugged on my nipples as my pussy drenched his hard length, my hips unable to stay still. 
My head dropped forward as my back relaxed against his chest, Bucky’s metal fingers gripping my shoulder to force me down onto his dick. “You like watching Stevie while I fuck you, hm?” Bucky growled into my ear, causing a soft moan to escape my lips, my thigh hooking around his. “He thinks you’re such a good girl.” 
Bucky bounced me up and down his cock as his hips rutted into me, his thighs slapping against my ass. His words had my clit throbbing, shamefully getting turned on thinking about Steve catching us. 
“If only he knew what a dirty girl you are for me.” He moaned softly, moving his hand down to push my thighs together. I whimpered as my clit tingled with need, my pussy tightening around his cock as he slowed his pace. 
I turned my head towards him, Bucky’s eyes glistening in the soft light of the room as he pushed his lips on mine. I moaned into the kiss, his strong grip keeping my thighs together as he slowly fucked me. 
His soft breaths were drowned out in the kiss, my hand moving to play with his hair as he flicked my lip with his tongue. I whimpered into his mouth, rubbing my ass back against him as he forced his way between my thighs with every thrust.
“Bet you wish you could scream for me, right now.” Bucky whispered as his lips kissed across my cheek, his stubble scratching my skin lightly. I moaned as I licked my lips, closing my eyes as I got lost in the euphoric feeling of his cock deep inside me.
“I know how loud you like to be, baby.” His lips reached my neck, leaving gentle bite marks with his teeth. I felt myself almost at my high, sliding my hand down from his hair to travel between my legs. I parted my knees enough to cup his balls in my hand, his thighs clenching at the action. 
“Bucky I’m gunna cum.” I whispered in a moan, unable to stop the overwhelming pleasure which took over my body.
Bucky sped up his thrusts, fucking into me over and over as I shuddered on top of him, trying to cum quietly. He manhandled me as he pleased, angling his hips to fuck into me with my body parallel to Steve.
“Fuck, Bucky.” I cried loudly before quickly turning my face towards the pillow, shoving my face in the material to muffle my moans.
I heard Bucky grunt as I bit down on the fabric, arching my back into his thrusts as his hand slid up to lay flat on my lower tummy. He held me in place just as he had done before, controlling me so easily.
I moved my hand around to press against his hip, feeling him fuck deep inside me as I rode out my orgasm. I clenched around him, my clit throbbing in pleasure as I came around his cock.
“Look at Steve while you cum, baby.” He growled into my ear, his metal hand moving under my body to grip my chin. He ripped my face away from the pillow, forcing my eyes over to his sleeping friend.
I whimpered softly, opening my mouth for his thumb as Bucky fucked my overstimulated body. He took the hint straight away, my pussy pulsating around him as I sucked his metal digit in my mouth.
Bucky’s tip throbbed as I clenched around him, causing his orgasm to hit with a low grunt. I felt his hips gyrate erratically, spurting his thick strands of cum deep inside my pussy.
I bucked my hips, feeling overly sensitive as I hummed around his thumb which was tucked between my lips. I felt his body still behind me once his balls were empty, too lazy to even pull his cock out of me.
“M’gunna stay inside you.” He mumbled in his husky ‘after-sex’ voice, his chest panting as he tried to catch his breath.
“Not tonight, Buck.” I whispered back sweetly, knowing how sad he’d be that I wouldn’t let him get his own way.
“Y/N I’m already inside you, just let me stay there.” He whined with a childish pout on his lips, almost too cute to say no to. Almost.
“Buck, c’mon, before Steve wakes up.” I patted his thigh, encouraging him to move as his hand ran up the side of my waist.
“But it will be so much easier for us to fuck again in the morning if I just stay inside you.” He tried to reason with me, leaning over to look at my face as he regained some strength. “Unless you wanna go again right now?” He smirked with a cheeky tone, pressing his hips harder against my ass which caused his cock to slide further into me.
Before I could even respond, another voice speaking startled us both. “No, no, no.” Steve suddenly protested as he jumped out of bed, making his way across the room. “I am not listening to you two fuck again. I’m getting my own room so I can actually get some sleep.”
My face flushed bright pink as my eyes widened, watching Steve fumble his way across the room in the dark. “I’ll see you both in the morning.” He added before a mutter of “God, you guys are like animals.”
I quickly turned her head toward Bucky, my heart racing in shock. “How long do you think he was awake?”
Bucky chuckled, entertained by his friends reaction as he leaned in to cup my cheek. “He’s a super soldier with extreme hearing. He was awake the whole time.”
The first thought across my mind was how I’d ever be able to look my Captain in the eye without dying of embarrassment while Bucky thought about how Steve had chosen to stay in the room, awake, listening the entire time we fucked. He knew his best friend too well.
Bucky blinked in thought, licking his lips as a smile of amusement crossed his face. “Doll, Steve didn’t leave to get some sleep, Steve left to jerk off.”
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delusionalwriterr · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Stark!Reader
Summary: Struggling to ignore the feelings you have for Steve, he can’t seem to forget that you’re his best friend’s little sister.
Word Count: 4.8k
Warnings: angst, cursing, fluff at the end, Tony being a dick
Request: forbidden love trope with steve rogers where reader is tony stark’s little sister and he is NOT happy about it but is okay with it in the end after pepper scolds his ass???
A/N: I got carried away with this one, wow! But I hope y’all enjoy this since it’s the first I’ve written in a while :3 I’m sorry to anyone who comes across this fic, I’m posting this from my phone so I can’t put a keep reading button, but I’ll do it tomorrow! For now just scroll extra hard :’)
Masterlist | 400 Followers Event!
Tumblr media
“How about that girl from HR? The one with the glasses?” Natasha piped up, earning a scoff from Sam, who was sitting across from her. “And the one with ten cats? Uh, uh, I am not letting you do Steve dirty like that.”
“Come one, she’s cute!”
“And has 10 cats!”
Steve chuckled under his breath as he sat back to watch his two friend bicker. The planned quiet dinner between the three of them soon turned into an intervention for Steve’s love life soon after a couple of beers were downed. Well, it was more of Nat listing every possible girl she knows and Sam managing to make a snarky comment for every single one.
“Crazy cat lady is a no, end of conversation,” Sam declared, sitting back and taking a swig of his beer. Nat groaned, mirroring Sam’s actions, “I just don’t get why you don’t want to start dating again, I mean you’re 90 years old!”
The living room was enveloped in a comfortable silence as the question lingered in the air. Sam was just about to make another quip until he saw Steve’s head turn towards the direction of the entryway behind him as they heard someone enter the room. His eyes later landed on you, sending him and Steve a smile as Nat was too busy with her phone to notice you.
Sam looked over to his best friend who’s eyes were still fixated on you as you walked towards the kitchen to grab something from the fridge. Sam scoffed under his breath before piping up, “It’s because he’s in love with someone else.”
Nat immediately tore her gaze away from her phone upon hearing this to look at Sam, “Who?”
She soon noticed that Steve’s attention was elsewhere and decided to follow his gaze, only to find out who he was staring at. With a knowing smirk, she murmured, “So (Y/N), huh?”
Hearing your name was enough to break Steve from his trance to turn to Nat who was taking a sip of her beer smugly. Sam took this opportunity to ask, “Well? You’re not getting any younger.”
Steve let out a breath and uttered his first words ever since the topic shifted to his love life or lack thereof, “Shut up.”
Sam and Nat erupted in frantic conversation as they went over the hundred different ways Steve could tell you how he feels, but he took this time to drink his beer in silence.
The yapping of his two friends soon became muffled as Steve started picking at the label stuck to his bottle, deep in thought.
What’s worse than being in love with your friend’s little sister? Knowing that she loves you back and not being able to do anything about it.
Steve may be old, but he wasn’t blind— it was evident that you feel the same way. He never failed to notice how your eyes instantly meet his whenever you enter a room, or how your hugs last a little longer when it was him on the receiving end. Steve doesn’t fail to return the favor— he makes you coffee every Thursday night because he knows that’s when you and your brother stay up until dawn to work on his suit, he leaves one of his sweaters in your closet whenever he goes on missions because he knows you’re gonna have trouble sleeping, worrying about him.
But even though the feelings were mutual, there was this unspoken agreement between the two of you which made Steve’s heart clench whenever he remembered.
You were off limits.
He would know, because Tony personally pulled him aside to tell him that dating his baby sister was a no-no.
Tony was smart, he noticed something was going on between you two when he took note of the slight voice change whenever you were talking to Steve or how his friend would stand up straighter and puff his chest out a little more whenever you were present. So, he took matters into his own hands and shut it down before anything happened.
“Look, Steve,” Tony started, placing a hand on the super soldier’s shoulder, “You’re a really good guy, a great guy, but I can’t have you canoodling with my sister.”
Steve understood Tony’s sentiments and obviously tried to distance himself from you, but no matter how hard he tries, he still finds himself longing for you.
His train of thought was interrupted by Sam waving a hand in front of his face, “Did you even hear a word we said?”
Steve blinked, staring at his friends who were looking at him expectantly before answering, “Not a single one.”
Tumblr media
You were writing a report for Tony when you heard a soft knock from your bedroom door. “It’s open!” you shouted only to have the door slowly creak open to reveal Steve, already dressed in his Captain America suit and ready for the mission.
“Oh, right, you leave today,” you mumbled as you stood up to walk closer to him. He met you halfway, stepping into your room as he handed you one of his sweaters. This time, it was a light gray and you recognized it to be one of his favorites.
“Extra perfume,” he started as he softly placed the garment in your hands, “just how you like it.”
You smiled as you held it close to your chest, his perfume already hitting your nose. “Thanks,” you smiled as your eyes met his. He was sporting his signature smile, but there was a hint of something else in it, you just weren’t sure what it was.
Adoration? Content? Love?
“Come back in one piece, okay?”
“For you? Always.”
Your heart swelled at his reply as you felt heat rush to your cheeks. You set down his sweater on your bed and briefly glanced outside the door to check if anyone could see before placing a quick kiss on Steve’s cheek.
This took him by surprise as you saw him flinch ever so slightly, but as soon as he was just about to relish in the feeling of your lips against his skin, you pulled away.
Steve contemplated on whether to return the favor, but he didn’t want to risk anybody seeing you. So instead he placed his hand in yours and gave it a gentle squeeze. It was subtle, if it weren’t for his thumb rubbing against the back of your palm, you wouldn’t have noticed it. It was silent, an assurance that he will always come home to you.
Reluctantly, he let go of your hand and walked out the door.
On his way out, he bumped into Pepper who just happened to be passing by. Their eyes met briefly as she noticed a bit of panic in Steve’s before he hurriedly scurried away. It soon came to Pepper that Steve was in your room and took this as an opportunity to slowly peep inside.
She saw you sitting on your bed, a gray sweater placed on your lap as you softly rubbed the fabric between your fingers. Your head turned towards the door upon hearing three soft knocks.
“Can I come in?” Pepper asked as you tried to hide the sweater behind you as if Pepper hadn’t already seen you staring at it fondly. You nod softly and soon enough she was already by your side. “You don’t have to hide it from me, (Y/N). I know what’s going on between you and Steve.”
Pepper saw you shake your head before letting out a breathy laugh. “There’s nothing going on between me and Steve,” you mumbled, almost trying to convince yourself more than the woman sitting next to you. Pepper looked at you with sad eyes, eyeing the way one of your hands was still clutching onto the sweater that was now slightly hidden behind you.
“We both know that’s not true.”
“And we both know that no matter how much I want something to happen, it can’t,” you interjected. Pepper noticed how your voice wavered ever so slightly and how water started to pool in the corner of your eyes, but chose to let you continue.
“I love Steve, I really do, but I love Tony more. I can’t bring myself to break his trust, you know?”
Silence engulfed the room as the two of you sat there, mulling over your thoughts. Pepper tried to find the right words to say to you, something to comfort you and tell you that things will be okay. But she can help but go back to the fact that—
“You love Steve?” she asked, interrupting her own thoughts before she could stop herself. That was when sobs started to come out of your mouth, your hand moving up to it as a desperate attempt to silence them as Pepper clutched your other one.
“I do, Pep. Fuck, I love him so much it hurts,” you cried, silently wiping the tears that won’t stop. “Whenever I see him, he’s like this light in the dark, or a life vest in the water and, god, it’s the best feeling in the world. When we touch, I feel like I’ve just been struck by a thousand lightning bolts because I feel so alive. He makes me feel alive, Pep.”
You turned to her, eyes red and nose puffy, “And it sucks because I can’t have him. No matter how much love I have, no matter how many times I cry, I can’t fucking have him.”
You felt Pepper’s hand come up to your face to slowly wipe away the tears that were still cascading down your face. “Sweetie, love is a strong force—“
“But Tony’s will is an even stronger one,” you interrupted again, causing Pepper to burst into a fit of giggles and elicit a soft chuckle from you. “He can be extremely stubborn,” Pepper agreed, “I’ll try to talk to him when he gets back.”
You shook your head, “No, Pepper, you don’t have to do that, honestly.”
Pepper waved her hand dismissively, almost mockingly, “You think I’m just gonna sit here and watch Tony tell you how to live your life? Nonsense, I’ve seen the way Steve looks at you and that’s not something we should just ignore.”
You felt heat rise to your cheeks after hearing her comment. “How does he look at me?” you asked, shyly turning to her to see her break into a wide grin.
“Like you’re home.”
Tumblr media
You exit your bedroom to hear the faint sounds of Sam and Bucky’s voices in the hall. Rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, you walked towards the sounds which you presumed to be were coming from the kitchen.
With Sam and Bucky back, that meant Steve was back too, but whenever Steve got home from a mission at night, he would usually give you an indication that he was back when you woke up. Sometimes it was just a simple text message or other times it would be a bouquet of flowers (he stopped giving those when Tony asked where you get them from and you accidentally told him they were from Thor in a panic), but you recalled neither reading a text nor seeing a bouquet when you woke up.
You shrugged it off, thinking that Steve was probably too tired when they got back and entered the kitchen to see Sam and Bucky happily eating their breakfast while watching some show on the television.
“Good morning, sunshine,” Sam greeted as soon as you came into view. “Want some pancakes? Bucky made them so fair warning,” he continued, earning a glare from Bucky as he slid a stack towards you.
You muttered a thanks before heading to the fridge to get some butter. “How’d the mission go?” you asked.
“It went alright,” Sam answered only for Bucky to retort, “Yeah, if you define alright as you almost letting go of me mid-flight and Steve almost getting shot in the head.”
You stopped pouring syrup onto your pancakes as soon as you heard Bucky’s comment. Bucky saw this and immediately interjected, “But he didn’t so don’t worry. He’s fine.”
He saw your shoulders relax as you resumed pouring an absurd amount of maple syrup onto your pancakes. Bucky may be old, but he wasn’t stupid. He’s known Steve for a long time and he has never seen him be whipped for anybody as he was for you. Honestly, he adored the idea of you and his best friend together. You were the breath of fresh air Steve needs from constantly trying to protect the world from global threats and extraterrestrial creatures, and Steve was your break from all the tech you’re knee-deep in every single day and your brother’s constant nagging.
“Where is he, by the way?” you asked, shyly. You were too busy finishing your pancakes to notice Sam and Bucky exchanged knowing looks and just heard Sam answer, “He’s probably out on a jog somewhere.”
You nodded as you continued eating your food. You decided you won’t go looking for him, knowing you’ll see him later tonight when he brings you coffee as you remembered that it was Thursday today.
Tumblr media
Much to your dismay, the coffee never came as Steve never visited you in the lab that night. Now that you thought about it, you never got the chance to see Steve today, almost as if he was avoiding you. You shrugged it off and stood up from where you were seated before stretching your arms that were sore from working on tech for who knows how long.
“I’m gonna get some coffee,” you announced, fully knowing that your brother wouldn’t bother answering. So instead, you excused yourself from the room and walked to the kitchen.
To your surprise, the lights were on when you got there which was strange since it was already a quarter past three. What surprised you even more was Steve sitting by the kitchen island, drinking the cup of coffee you’ve been waiting to receive.
You already felt your face light up upon seeing him as you made a beeline towards the coffee pot. “I was waiting for my weekly cup of joe, but it never came so I had to get it myself,” you started, back turned towards him as you poured some in your mug. “Turns out you drank it for yourself.”
You expected him to come back with some snarky remark, but you were met with silence instead. Taking the cup of coffee in your hands, you move to turn around to face him, about to ask about the mission and his almost headshot. “So Bucky told me you almost got shot to—“ but before you could finish, Steve was already gone, his empty mug placed on the kitchen counter.
That wasn’t the end of it. As the days went on, you noticed that Steve was avoiding you, but you didn’t know why. After the kitchen incident, you’ve tried approaching him but he always ended up leaving before you could. You tried to talk to him when he was at the gym, but he left as soon as you entered. You tried talking to him when you found him watching a movie on the couch, but Bucky came right in and asked if he wanted to go on a jog so he took the offer right up.
It was almost as if you suddenly became invisible to him and no matter how hard you tried, it seemed like you never existed.
You were determined to find out why, so you woke up extra early on a Saturday morning, knowing that he would be the only one awake because of his morning weekend jogs to confront him.
As soon as you entered the kitchen to where he was busy preparing a smoothie, he quickly shut the blender off and started to walk away. Unfortunately for him, you were able to grab his arm to prevent him from leaving you again.
“Did I do something wrong?” you asked, the sleepiness in your voice still evident. Steve remained still, clutching his smoothie while facing away from you. You saw his shoulders tense as he let out a soft sigh. Without another word, he shrugged your hand off his arm and continued to walk away.
Just as he was about to exit the kitchen, you spoke again. “If you’re gonna keep ignoring me, at least tell me you’re okay after almost getting shot,” you whispered, voice hushed as if you were scared to anger him. Deep down, you don’t know what’s going on and you have no idea how to fix it. You missed Steve and you’ve spent the past week trying to figure out why he was acting so cold towards you.
You took Steve’s silence to speak up again, “Please just tell me what’s go—“
“Just stop it, (Y/N),” Steve replied, his voice cold and pointed. He was still facing away from you, but you could imagine the furrow of his eyebrows and the creases of his forehead just by the tone of his voice.
“Stop what?” you asked, obviously taken by surprise. “What do you mean, Steve?”
You heard Steve sigh again before finally facing you. “Stop acting like you care about me.”
Now this really took you by surprise. “Acting? Steve I do care for you, where is this coming from?” you questioned. The two of you stood there, staring at each other as you tried to process what was happening. You were fine before the mission so what the hell is going on with him?
Hesitantly, you walked closer to him, afraid of what he might say to answer the question you were about to ask. “You don’t, you don’t feel the same?” you stuttered, heart already shattering when you heard him let out a mocking laugh.
“Of course I don’t.”
You were taken aback as you tried to fight the tears that were already threatening to spill. You slowly stepped back, as if distancing yourself from him would make the burning sensation in your chest go away. “I needed a distraction to get over Peggy and you were right there,” he spurred on, making things even worse.
“You don’t mean that,” you mumbled, almost inaudibly as you tried to regain your composure. You heard Steve scoff, “I do. Now stop following me around like a lost puppy, it’s pathetic,” he spat before finally walking out of the room to go for his jog.
As soon as you heard the door close, you felt your world crash around you as you held your hand up to your chest to try to stop it from tightening. You struggled to breathe as you leaned on the kitchen counter to stop you from collapsing.
It was all a lie. The loving looks, the sweaters, the touches— everything was a lie and you couldn’t wrap your head around the fact that Steve never loved it. It all felt too real to you, or were you just too dumb to notice?
Quickly wiping the tears off your face, you ran back to your room and slammed the door shut.
And in your room you stayed for almost three days. You never went out to eat, you never went out to work in the lab, heck the only time anyone ever saw you was when you needed to go to the bathroom, but even then no one heard a single word from you no matter how hard they tried to initiate a conversation.
The only person you talked to was Pepper, who had enough of your sulking and barged in your room on the third day of your isolation, demanding you tell her what happened.
With a heavy heart, you relayed the events of Saturday to her and to say that she was fuming was an understatement. She couldn’t believe Steve said those things to you because she was so convinced that he loved you back. In fact, she found it so hard to believe that she kept asking you if it actually happened and you weren’t just dreaming. Much to your dismay and to her disappointment, it was all real and you were still heartbroken.
So she did what a good wife would do and tell her husband as they both laid in their bed, about to go to sleep. So imagine the surprise on her face when Tony, totally and completely unbothered by the fact that his sister trapped herself in her room for almost three days, commented, “Sheesh. When I told Steve to end things with (Y/N), I didn’t think he’d do it like that.”
It took Pepper a minute to process what Tony had said, but soon enough she was slowly sitting up from her previous position, already staring daggers into Tony’s side profile. “You did what?” she asked, voice laced with venom, causing Tony’s neck to snap and face her.
“What? You knew I didn’t like the idea of them together so I told Steve to end things or else he’s out of the team,” he replied almost as if it was too obvious to even mention. By this point, Pepper had steam coming out of her ears as she started repeatedly slapping her clueless husband in the chest.
“Ow, ow! What the hell, Pep!” he exclaimed only for his mouth to fall completely shut upon seeing his wife’s expression. “You may be one of the smartest people on the planet, but you’re the stupidest person in the whole goddamn universe!” she exclaimed.
Tony blinked. “Mind telling me why?”
Pepper groaned before frustratedly running her fingers through her hair. “Your sister has been crying her eyes out in her room for the past three days and this is okay to you?!”
Tony waved his hand dismissively, “She’ll be fine in a few days, don’t worry about it.”
“No, she won’t!” Pepper replied, laughing in disbelief at her husband’s idiocy. “Because you took her heart and ripped it to shreds by forcing Steve to end things with her. Honestly, Tony, what is wrong with Steve and your sister being together that bothers you so much?”
Tony sighed, rubbing his hand across his face as he tried to stay awake. He was really looking forward to getting a good night's sleep too.
“We’ve been through this, honey,” he started as he propped himself up the bed to meet Pepper’s eyes. “This job is dangerous. You never know what’s gonna happen to any of us. I want (Y/N) to fall in love with someone, I do. But I can’t have her falling in love with someone in this line of work, she wouldn’t know what to do if she lost Steve. Heck, I wouldn’t know what to do if she lost Steve. It’s gonna hurt her too much, Pep, and I’m not sure if I’ll be enough to catch her if she falls.”
Pepper was stunned at Tony’s sudden confession, but chose to press on. “You let me fall in love with you,” she pointed out, “what makes (Y/N) falling in love with Steve any different?”
Tony sighed, “That’s different.”
Pepper tilted her head, “How?”
The room was filled with silence as Tony tried to think of an answer, but failed to do so.
“See,” Pepper scolded, “you always get so stubborn when you think what you’re doing is right that you end up hurting the exact person you didn’t wanna hurt in the first place.”
Tony stayed silent. “You spent your whole life protecting her, but I think it’s time to stop and let her experience things on her own, Tony. She’s a grown woman, capable of making her own decisions, something I think you need to work on,” she continued, softly pushing a finger towards his chest as he let out a whine.
“Fineee,” he dragged, “I’ll talk to him tomorrow, you win.”
Pepper smirked, “When do I not?”
Tumblr media
You woke up to the sound of soft knocks on your door.
Reluctantly, you rolled over to check your bedside clock to see that it was just half past eight in the morning. Too early.
You ignored the knocks and pulled your blanket over you, too tired to deal with whoever was at the door. However much to your annoyance, the knocking continued and got louder, forcing you out of bed to open the door.
You were met with Tony who was holding two cups of coffee in his hands. “You look disgusting,” he stated, already entering your room and handing you a cup.
“What do you want?” you grumbled, slowly taking a sip of the scolding coffee and grimacing at the taste. “I’ve been your sister for 29 years and you still don’t know how I take my coffee,” you stated, setting the cup down on your desk.
“I’m sorry,” Tony blurted out, catching you off guard.
“Oh god, what’d you do now?” you asked, already thinking of a hundred possible things that he could’ve broken or lost. But you didn’t expect what came out of his mouth next.
“For forcing you and Steve apart,” he explained. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion and hurt upon hearing his name leave your brother’s mouth.
“I basically told him to end what was going on with the both of you or I’d kick him off the team,” he continued. You shook your head, “There was nothing going on between us anyway.”
“Oh, quit lying to yourself and just accept the fact that you’re in love with him,” Tony retorted, taking a sip of his coffee. Your eyebrow quirked upon hearing his comment and before you could stop yourself, you retorted, “How can I? You were pretty dead set on keeping us away from each other.”
Tony sighed, looking up to meet your eyes. “I know, I said I was sorry,” he said, sadly, “But Pepper practically almost whooped my ass last night, trying to make me realize that you aren’t my baby sister anymore. You’re old enough to live your life without me having to back you up.”
Now it was your turn to sigh. “Couldn’t you have realized that earlier?” you asked, earning a playful shove from your brother. “Shut up. I’m trying to apologize, this is already hard enough,” he whined, ruffling your hair and earning a huff of annoyance from you.
“Apology accepted, asshole,” you giggled, shoving his hand away. Tony laughed before standing up and walking away. “I think someone wants to talk to you,” he pointed out before exiting your room.
Not too long after, Steve sheepishly walked through the door. You felt your heartbeat quicken at the sight of him, even after he said all those mean things to you a few days ago.
“Hey,” you greeted, offering him a tight-lipped smile. You were still sitting on your bed when you realized that you were wearing the sweater he gave you before he left for the mission.
“Hi, sweetheart,” Steve replied, instantly making you melt. “Can I sit here?” he asked, gesturing to the empty space next to you. You lightly nodded your head to which he automatically responded by slowly taking a seat.
“Listen, (Y/N), I’m so sorry for the things I said the last time we spoke. I didn’t mean any of—“
“I know. It’s okay, I was never mad at you,” you interjected. Steve could almost drop dead right then and there from just the sound of your voice. To him it was like fresh honey, so sweet and smooth that he couldn’t get enough of it. He took this moment to finally meet your eyes for the first time since you fought and as soon as he saw you it was like he was falling in love all over again. Sunlight was lightly peeking through the curtains, subtly illuminating your features as your mouth displayed the softest of smiles.
Without thinking twice, Steve closed his eyes and rested his forehead against yours. His hands fell on your waist as he felt your arms wrap around his neck. He could faintly smell the remnants of his perfume on the sweater that was encasing your torso, but he chose to focus on the sweet smell of your conditioner that was seeping from your hair. No words were exchanged, no sounds were made, it was just you and Steve relishing the feeling of being in each others’ hold.
Soon after, Steve felt like he had to say something, anything, because this was one of those moments when you just need to.
“I’m sorry this took so long,” he mumbled, rubbing soothing circles into your hips. He wasn’t apologizing for the fight and you knew that.
You shook your head. “It’s okay,” you said to him for the second time today. “At least I have you now.”
It was Steve’s turn to shake his head and this time it was accompanied with a soft laugh. He placed his hands on both sides of your face before pulling you into a much-awaited kiss.
As your lips melded together with his, you heard him mumble against yours, “You always had me.”
Tumblr media
A/N: Requests are open! ❤️ Also praying that tags are working bc they seem to be broken for quite some time now (either that or my fics just suck lmao) but a like or a reblog would be greatly appreciated!
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alisonsfics · 4 months ago
feather boas and princess crowns
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
summary: you call bucky to babysit your daughter while you go on a date. after seeing how good he is with her, you realize he’s a better guy than you’re date.
word count: 1.8k
warnings: smut, unprotected sex, swearing, dirty talk, minors DNI
a/n: the first half is completely fluff, but the second half is pure filth
Tumblr media
“Remember her bedtime is at eight, and no sweets after seven” you reminded Bucky as you grabbed your purse. He lightly chuckled to himself, knowing that you did this every time he babysat.
“Everything will be fine. I remember all the rules. Just go have fun on your date” he said, pulling you in for one last hug. You sighed and tried to not stress yourself out too much. “Oh, don’t forget she needs her giraffe stuffed animal or she won’t go to sleep” you said, not being able to turn off your mom brain.
“I know. We’re going to have a great time, right Daisy?” He asked, swooping your daughter into his arms. You saw your little bundle of joy eagerly nod her head.
You knew that Bucky would never let anything bad happen to her, but you couldn’t stop the worrying. Bucky was your best friend in the entire world, and Daisy loved him.
“Okay. Have a good night, you two. I love you, sweet pea” you said, giving her a kiss on the forehead. You walked towards the front door and looked back at the two of them. “Wave bye to mommy” Bucky whispered in her ear, causing her to smile and wave at you.
You had a smile plastered on your face as you walked outside to meet your date. The date was fine. He was a perfectly nice guy. You both talked about all the normal first date topics. There wasn’t anything wrong with him; there just wasn’t anything extraordinary about him either.
When he dropped you off later that night, he gave you a quick peck on the lips before letting you go inside.
You walked inside and saw Bucky and Daisy sitting on the couch. They both were decked out in feather boas and princess crowns. Dress up was one of Daisy’s favorite games to play with Bucky. Daisy was curled up in Bucky’s lap, fast asleep.
He looked away from the movie that was on to meet your gaze. His eyes lit up when he saw you. “Hey. How was the date?” He asked, softly, so he wouldn’t wake up Daisy.
You walked farther into the living room, smiling down at your daughter. “He was really nice. We’re going out to lunch next week” you told him, before swooping Daisy up off his lap.
She was so exhausted that she didn’t even wake up as you carried her to her room. You lightly set her down in her bed before tucking her in gently.
You exited her room and heard Bucky in the kitchen working on some of the dishes. You noticed he had ditched his princess accessories. You met him in the kitchen, giving him a hug from the side.
“Thanks for watching Daisy” you said, leaning into him. He couldn’t help but grin down at you. You didn’t see it: the look in his eyes. He would do whatever you asked him to do, as long as it made you happy. “Of course, I love watching her. She’s just like you” he said, chuckling softly.
You pulled away from him before walking over to the fridge. You looked inside the fridge and huffed when you couldn’t find any appetizing food. “Didn't you both go out to dinner?” He asked, turning around after he finished the dishes. You slowly nodded your head before moving to the freezer.
“It was one of those fancy restaurants where the portion sizes are way too small” you complained, before settling on ice cream. He chuckled as you hopped up to sit on the counter. He grabbed two spoons and then walked up to you. “I thought sweets weren’t allowed after seven?” He teased before handing you a spoon.
You lightly hit his arm before giggling to yourself. Bucky always felt comfortable. He was like home to you. “Those rules do not apply to mamas who have had a very long night” you told him, opening the container.
“In the spirit of honesty, Daisy may have not followed that rule” he said, taking a bite of ice cream. You groaned, knowing she’d be awake super early. “I shouldn’t be surprised. You can’t say no to her puppy dog eyes” you said, smiling back at him.
He shrugged his shoulders, knowing you were absolutely right. “It’s the same reason I can’t say no to you” he said, looking at you with a twinkle in his eye. You felt your stomach do a flip as he said it. You figured you were reading too much into it.
You both sat there for a few minutes, passing the container back and forth, taking bites of ice cream. It was quiet, but peaceful. You both were just enjoying each other’s company.
His hand landed on your knee with just the right amount of physical contact that made you feel warm and fuzzy inside.
You slid off the counter to put away the ice cream, while Bucky put the spoons in the sink. You closed the door of the freezer.
“Cancel your lunch date next week” you heard Bucky command from behind you. You turned around with a look of confusion on your face. “Why—?” you began to ask before he cut you off with his lips on yours.
He shoved you back against the counter, his lips hungrily kissing yours. You were letting out all your pent up feelings into the kiss. You tugged at the collar of his shirt, needing him to be closer to you.
You had never seen Bucky be this passionate. He needed you like he needed to breathe. He cupped your face, letting his tongue slip into your mouth. His lips tasted like peppermint.
You were aching under his touch. You needed one thing right now.
He pulled his lips away from yours only once, just to pick you up and sit you on the counter. You saw that his eyes had darkened with lust. You knew he needed this just as much as you did.
“Oh sweetheart” he groaned, as you ran your fingers though his hair. He quickly spread your legs and let them wrap around his waist. You let out a slight whimper as he nipped at your bottom lip.
Hearing the needy sound fall from your lips made him jut his hips into yours. He loved all the sounds you were making. They only turned him on more. You felt his hardened length pressing up against your clothed heat.
You held back your moans, as you felt his erection. You unbuckled his belt, slipping your hand down the front of his jeans.
You palmed his cock through his boxers. You could feel him throbbing under your touch. “You have no idea what you do to me, sweetheart” he said, breathing heavily.
“Then why don’t you tell me” you teased, continuing to run your hand up and down his length. Before he could come up with a cocky reply, a muffled moan slipped through his lips.
“You are so fucking gorgeous. Every time you come over to swim at my pool, I have to resist the urge to fuck you against the wall. I think about you at night time, with my hand wrapped around my cock. I imagine what your sweet pussy would feel like wrapped around me. Thinking about you is the only way I can get myself to cum, sweetheart. I think about ramming into you until you’re a stuttering mess” he whispered in your ear.
You could feel yourself dripping as he talked about his fantasies. You were more turned on by his dirty talk than you cared to admit.
“Do it,” were the only words you could manage to put together. His eyes were almost black as he heard your request. He quickly hiked up your dress and slid your panties off before stuffing them into his back pocket.
His pulled his jeans down only far enough to pull his cock out. You finally saw it; the tip was red and leaking. You let out a moan as you realized how big he was. “We have to be quick. Just fuck me, Barnes” you commanded.
He was in no position to deny your request. He steadied himself by holding onto your hips before plunging his cock deep inside of you. He grunted as he felt how tight you were around him.
You threw your head back against the cabinets. You gasped for breath as you adjusted to his length. After a second, he began to thrust in and out of you.
It had been too long since you’d been properly fucked, and Bucky was going to change that. “Gotta be quiet, sweetheart” he mumbled, kissing you to muffle your moans.
You remembered that your daughter was sleeping in the other room, and she definitely didn’t need her innocence ruined like this. You clung to Bucky’s shoulders to hold back the urge to call out his name.
He could see how much you wanted to moan as your face contorted. He could hear himself thrusting into your wetness. The almost pornograhic sounds made Bucky’s cock twitch inside of you.
You felt him brush against your g-spot, and you clenched around his cock. He groaned, gripping your hips tighter. You knew you’d have bruises in the morning, but right now it felt too good to complain.
You knew it wouldn’t be long before you were cumming all over his cock. “Please, Bucky” you begged him, as your hips slapped against his.
“You want to cum? Do it for me. Cum all over my cock. Show me how good I make you feel” he told you, bringing his thumb down to rub harsh circles against your clit. You felt like you were seeing stars. He made you feel so good that you could barely process it.
You could tell from his sloppy thrusts that he wouldn’t last long either. You felt so much better wrapped around him than he could have ever imagined.
“Fuck” you muttered, before feeling your orgasm hit you. You felt yourself clenching down onto his cock as he continued to chase his own high. “—almost” he mumbled, before cumming inside of you.
You both were gasping for air as he slowed down his thrusts, easing you both down from your peaks. You watched as his chest rapidly rose and fell. His hair clung to his sweaty forehead.
You both just sat there for a moment, recovering from the best orgasms of both of your lives. “Why don’t we head to bed?” He asked you, softly.
You nodded your head, still having trouble putting together words. He pressed a loving kiss to your temple. It was completely different than the side of him you’d just seen. You were used to the super sweet and caring Bucky, but Bucky during sex was something you could get used to. He was like an animal.
“But no round two. I don’t think I can take anymore” you told him, letting him help you down off the counter. “There’s always tomorrow for that, sweetheart” he said, pulling you in for a short kiss.
taglist: @laurakirsten0502 @miraclesoflove @nathaliabakes @millipop18 @azghedaheda @shyinadarkplace @vanteguccir @missroro @bookfrog242 @buckys-doll17 @ice-dtae @leyannrae @sia2raw @sunwardsss @studentville-struggles @impossibleapricotlampbat @infjkiki @weirdfishy @lickmymelaninn @hailey-a-s @andreasworlsboring101 @glassesandthunderthighs @holding-on-to-my-youth @fanofalltheficsx @lukes-orange-beanie @golden-hoax @mostly-marvel-musings @madisondelstan @spookyparadisesheep @n3ssm0nique @v-is-obsessive @i-wish-i-knew-what-i-was @reniescarlett @multiplums @alotofrandomfangirling @bbl32 @who-the-hell-is-sebastianstan @bigbadspooky @faykyrie
Let me know if you want to be added to my taglist for all my imagines or for a specific character/fandom!!
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adrinktostopyourthirst · 29 days ago
Bucky Barnes | Series | Pride and Privacy
PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7 |
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Nurse!Reader
Warnings: 18+. Fluff, angst and mentions of smut.
Plot: Bucky is hot and cold and you are just done.
Words: 4,100
Tumblr media
“Do you know why you’re here?”
Taking a deep breath, you nervously glance at Bucky and see him stare at the floor. It’s obvious that he’d rather be anywhere else than here right now. Redirecting your eyes back to the strict-looking therapist, you conclude that you share Bucky’s sentiment.
“To help?” You force out nervously and you feel Bucky tense up next to you.
You’re familiar with therapy. You’ve had it yourself and being a nurse entailed quite a bit of therapizing skills, but never have you been so hyper-aware of your words. Being the third party to this session, you’re not sure what to do with yourself. Bucky is in no state to comfort you and you’re in no state to comfort him. It feels like there’s miles of space between you on the office sofa.
Both of you had been busy the past week and barely talked since that one morning where you found out he answered your date’s call. It was quite the task to explain yourself to your date. You just decided to swallow your pride and take his scolding, because he was right to tell you that you were the one in the wrong.
After digesting your mistake, you felt alone. Bucky had left for work and you desperately wanted someone to comfort you. Your feelings about Bucky were incredibly confusing. You hated him for playing with you like this. Never did you want to admit to being that girl, but you can’t do casual. Not with your kind and attractive roommate anyway. You dropped a man with real potential to be good for you for someone who takes his frustrations out on you with sex.
Pretty sure that’s the road to self sabotage.
So when Bucky casually dropped the question whether you wanted to attend a therapy session with him, you looked at him like he had gone completely batshit crazy. A minute later, you figured out he was so casual about the question because he wanted you to say no.
So of course you said yes.
Unsure whether you agreed to come out of pettiness, curiosity or support, you completely regret your decision now you’re facing Dr. Raynor. Doing yourself a favour, you blame it on curiosity. Maybe this is your window to get back to the way you and Bucky started. The memory of you handing him the photos for his room makes your chest constrict.
“In a way, yes.” She answers “James? Care to explain?”
Bucky looks as if he’s hauled from deep thought and raises his head, not bothering to give you any acknowledgement and making you invert into the couch at his cold demeanor.
“You know better than I do, doc.”
Raynor sighs and turns to you, noticing the uncomfortable look on your face. She feels for you. Knowing that Bucky won’t admit to his feelings for you, whatever they may be, must be tearing you apart.
To Raynor, you don’t seem like the vulnerable type, but something about you seems uneasy. “How would you describe your relationship with James?”
You swallow hard, fighting the urge to look at the man of the hour, especially since you finally feel his eyes on you. Skin heating up and hands fiddling, you think about the question long and hard before answering.
“We’re roommates.” You mutter, hating that no one takes over the conversation as your words hang the air. That’s when Raynor rolls her eyes dramatically and slams her notebook onto the table beside her.
“You two are idiots.”
Your jaw drops at her accusation and you narrow your eyes at the woman. You might not be a therapist yourself, but you’re pretty sure this isn’t the proper way of talking to your clients.
“Excuse me?”
“Did you two have sex, or not?”
You almost choke on your own spit and turn your head to Bucky so fast you almost get whiplash. Giving him the hardest glare you can muster, you grit your teeth at the man who apparently has the audacity.
“You fucking told her?!” You exclaim to Bucky and for the first time, his eyes connect with yours. It would take you by surprise and heat up your entire body if you weren’t completely shocked by his actions.
“She’s my therapist.”
“You don’t tell your therapist about your sex life!”
“I didn’t. She guessed.”
You take in his words and run your tongue over your teeth in annoyance “She guessed… She guessed that you had sex with your roommate… Bucky, are you fucking insane?!”
He rolls his eyes and scowls at you “You tell me, darling. Am I fucking insane for going to a therapist?!” He seethes at you and that makes you shut up instantly.
Your mouth goes dry as you look at him with wide eyes, the pain evident in his. Your eyes dart between his as you study his expression. Fighting the urge to hug him, your try to telepathically tell him all that he needs to hear.
Bucky’s breathing is harsh, but he slowly starts calming down when he watches you. Trying to stop himself from getting reeled in by your essence, he turns himself back to Raynor and you copy his actions, staring at the ground as you process his outburst.
“This was a mistake.”
The words rip through you like a chain saw. Somehow, it feels like he is referring to everything.
You look down at the floor and grit your teeth to stop your emotions from bubbling to the surface. Seeing two combat boots cross your sight and hearing a door being opened and thrown shut, you conclude that Bucky has left the office.
“If you don’t mind. I’d rather not stick around.” You announce and push your body off your seat, your entire body feeling extremely heavy. “I’d say thank you, but this completely sucked.” Grabbing your coat and bag, you trade a sympathetic smile with Dr. Raynor before leaving the room.
It feels like he has been running by the way he’s breathing, his back pushed against the closed front door of your apartment after slamming it shut. Peering at the empty living room and kitchen, he tries desperately to avoid thinking about the session he left a mere twenty minutes ago. His eyes fall onto an envelope with a note that looks like it’s been shoved underneath the door. Sliding down the wood and taking the paper in his hand, he reads the note.
You weren’t home, so slid it under the door.
She got you one of me, so had to return the favor.
Frowning at the vague words scribbled hastily onto the crumpled paper, Bucky opens the envelope supplied with it and finds a small polaroid like picture inside. Studying the photo, he watches how it has captured a small moment between you and him standing in your kitchen. You’re looking up at him as you laugh, your eyes crinkled with happiness as he seems to be telling you a story with admiration in his eyes. It’s a private moment, he barely remembers it happening, let alone the fact that someone might have taken a picture of it.
His breathing halts in his chest as he remembers how badly he wanted a picture of the two of you to hang in his room. A forced breath leaves his lips at the realisation that he completely and utterly fucked up.
Hearing the faint ding of the elevator from the hallway, he senses that it’s you immediately and dives up from the floor, scurrying to his room before you walk into the apartment. Bucky hates himself for avoiding you like this, but he felt everything in Dr. Raynor’s office with you. Your racing heartbeat, your sweaty hands, trembling fingers, tightened vocal chords, everything. It tore him to pieces and he wanted it to end right away. There’s only one thing worse than feeling miserable to him and that is knowing that you are the one feeling miserable.
He ended the session before he could hurt your feelings, having no idea that he did just that. He hurt you.
“Can we just be completely, disgustingly honest with each other for once?”
Bucky scrunches his face in disgust at her proposition and stays quiet. After a small staring competition with Raynor, he drops his shoulders in defeat. He’s completely sick of himself and his endless efforts to keep everything to himself.
He’s a smart man for God’s sake. There won’t be any progress at all if he doesn’t start opening up during therapy. If he doesn’t, he might as well call everything off. He wants to get better. Not just for him, but for you. You’re so good, so kind, so wonderful. He wants that. He wants to deserve that.
It’s perfectly clear to him that his pride and privacy are getting in his way. It took him seeing a picture of you and him together to see it, but he’s sick and tired of holding everything in like he has a reputation to uphold, when he knows how can be when he let’s go of that. Like when he’s with you for instance.
So when Raynor called him that later that afternoon to come back in alone this time, he debated it for a second but eventually showed up.
“What are you feeling right now?”
Bucky stays quiet for a moment, trying to think about the answer.
“Stop thinking! Tell me.”
“I’m pissed!” He spits out instantly.
Deafening silence follows her question and a lump grows in Bucky's throat.
“Because…” Tears spring to his eyes “Because I keep fucking up. Just when I think I’m doing better, I fuck up again and again and again. And I’m not even fucking brainwashed!”
“Are you angry, or are you sad?”
Bucky’s eyes connect with Raynor’s and his vision blurs instantly with pooling tears.
“Fuck, I’m so sad.” His voice cracks and he leans his head back as he buries his face into his trembling hands.
Head aching, making him remember the way he used to be electrocuted by Hydra, he swallows the big lump in his throat. He hates this feeling so much. He hates feeling this vulnerable and the way his chest lurches in pain. Gasping for air, he removes his hands from his face and works up to talking again.
“How can I feel like this when I thought I was doing okay?” He asks with a broken voice, a few of his words barely audible, and Raynor refrains from sighing in relief at his ability to ask such a vulnerable question.
“Do you deserve to be happy, James?”
He looks at her with wide eyes still glassy from his tears. His mind flashes back to you cheering for him and throwing your arms around him in celebration at his tiny victories, and he swallows hard.
“I think I do.”
Raynor smiles “I think so too.”
He lets out a shaky breath, taking in her words. Her permission.
“People are allowed to make mistakes. If others are, so are you. When you fuck up, you swallow your pride and apologise. You’re not the only one struggling with that.” Raynor explains “If you want someone to know you care, you don’t talk about them like they aren’t special because your pride is more important. It isn’t. Who you lie to isn’t my concern, until you start lying to yourself.”
Bucky nods as he processes all of her words, realising that his vulnerability allowed his therapist to finally give him the answers he has been looking for since he started his sessions with her.
“People have hurt you in every way possible and you have every right to be cautious. I’d be a lot more worried if you weren’t. But when an honest, kind person shows up and eventually expects you to open up… it’s a loss if you don’t. In the long run, it won’t allow you to be the good man that you undeniably are, Barnes.”
“Are you talking about my roommate?” He asks with a weak smile.
“I was talking about myself, actually.” She teases, making a genuine smile appear on his features this time “But if she’s the person that you thought of first, I think you have something to do.”
Bucky swallows hard and folds his hands together as he looks down at the ground “She’s really special.”
Raynor smiles “I can tell.”
“But she’s my roommate…”
“Yes, she is.”
Roaming through his bedroom aimlessly, Bucky thinks over Raynor’s words from earlier that day. Foolishly thinking he could outrun you forever, his heart leaps out of his chest when you pounce loudly onto his bedroom door. He holds his breath in an attempt to go unnoticed, cursing to himself silently that years and years of his training as the Winter Soldier escapes him when it comes to you.
“Bucky. Open the door, or I swear I’ll kick it down.” He hears your voice muffled through the wooden structure and he squeezes his eyes shut before putting his usual stoic expression back on and opening the door.
You barge in and shove your palms against his chest, shoving him backwards. Bucky actually loses his footing and stumbles a little, opening his mouth to tell you to stop before you give him another shove. He rolls his eyes and grabs your wrists, pulling them apart as he holds them up. Gritting your teeth, you try to pry your hands from him, but to no avail.
You have been simmering long enough and the bomb he lit is ready to burst. Sick of your anxiety ridden brain taking you in loops, you’re ready for some clarity from the man in front of you
“You fucking asshole! It was all a mistake?! You think you can say things like that to me, without me wanting to kill you dead and burn your corpse after?!” You scream in his face and he actually bites back a smile at your explosion towards him.
He sighs and waits for you to stop struggling against him “I never said all of it was a mistake.”
“You did.”
“I didn’t.”
“You d-”
“Would you shut up, woman?!” Bucky growls and you freeze at his harsh tone of voice, closing your mouth as you look at him with wide eyes. “Therapy was a mistake. Exposing you to my shit. That was the mistake.”
Bucky finally drops your hands and you rub your wrists to soothe your slightly irritated skin from his harsh grip. He notices the discomfort from your arms and runs his hand through his hair in frustration, walking around you and pacing through the room. The room falls silent as both of you assess the situation quietly.
“Why did you tell your therapist we had sex?”
“I didn’t tell her. And we didn’t by the way.” He clears up, eyes connecting with you to make his point before continuing his pacing through the small space. You watch him pace around the room and sit down at the foot of his bed.
Something was keeping you from leaving, from trying to pretend nothing is going on. Maybe it’s your usual impatience, the impatience you always hid from your patients. The impatience that makes you want to fix Bucky -like yesterday. The impatience that is sick and tired of waiting for Bucky to get his shit together and tell you what’s going on between you.
“Why does your therapist know about us?”
Bucky sighs and starts chewing his bottom lip nervously as his eyes dart around the room. You can tell he’s feeling cornered and normally you would back off, but you are in this as much as he is and you’re done giving him the special treatment. If he’s man enough to make you come four times while calling the guy you’re seeing to listen in, he should be man enough to be honest for once.
“She asked.”
“About us?”
“About my roommate.”
“-which is me.”
“I told her because I don’t know what to do, okay?!” Bucky exclaims exasperated, throwing his hands in the air when he stops pacing and turns to you.
“Do with what?” You ask quietly, looking up at him curiously as your fingers grip his soft duvet and your ankles hook around each other while you sit.
“With you.” He breathes in defeat, his hands ushering to your entire body. “With my roommate. Who is mindblowingly beautiful by the way and seems to somehow know exactly what I need and when I need it.” You stay quiet as you listen to his words. You are sure you have never heard him say this many words. “Everyone I know tip-toes around me. They think I’ll cry or turn back into the Winter Soldier. You don’t care. About any of it. You’re nice, because you are a nice person. Not because you have to be.”
“No!” He interrupts you and you immediately quiet down “You flipped my world upside down. You’re so calm, so goddamn homey, that my nightmares vanished. And just when I thought you were the kindest person to ever live, you showed me that you don’t ever take my shit. You’ll put me in my place and hold me accountable for my actions.”
Listening intently to his words, you realise you had no idea how much he noticed your behaviour towards him. Some of it was intentional, because you know how to deal with traumatised people, but most of it was because you treated him like you would anyone.
But then there was the part about him calling you beautiful...
“You think I’m pretty?” You ask him and his eyes almost pop out of his skull at your question, surprised that's the part you picked up on. He studies your adorable face and he finds out that you are seriously waiting for a genuine answer.
Heaving a deep sigh, he walks over and kneels down in front of you. Putting his warm palms over your knees, your eyes connect with his. His beautiful, blue, Bambi-like eyes.
“You don’t?”
You shrug indecisively and his entire body slumps as an empathetic smile crosses his face. His flesh hand raises to cup your face and goosebumps rise all the way up to your cheeks at his touch.
“I almost backed out of moving here because I knew I’d try to hit on you. Couldn’t exactly tell anyone that, so I let everyone force me into living here. I eventually decided it’d be for the best to just find another place." He shrugs and sighs, "But then you called me to ask if I’d made my choice yet. I heard your voice -your sweet fucking voice- and I just said yes. I guess somewhere along the way I told myself there was nothing going on... But you just feel like home.”
He drawls out your name the way that makes your heart leap “The bed is nice. The pictures are lovely. But you make this home.”
You’re at a loss for words. But the silence between the two of you is comfortable, so you don’t feel the need to fill it. Raising your hands, you press your hands to his chest, stroking over his muscular pecks slowly and tapping your fingers gently up his neck. Gently grazing over his thick stubble, your eyes drop to his mouth. You trace your index finger over his soft, pink lips and you study his features attentively.
“Are you still mad at me?” He whispers, his lips moving against your finger his warm breath flushing against your skin.
You shake your head, your eyes meeting his again “Apparently the only reason I’ll actually be mad at you is if you don’t make me orgasm.”
A raspy chuckle leaves his lips and your hands drop down to his chest again as he traces his thumb over your cheek bone.
”What am I going to do about you?” He asks, shaking his head with admiration dancing in his eyes.
You grin at him and sink your teeth into your lower lip. Just as you’re about to lean in and give in to his tempting lips, a loud ringing sound penetrates through the room. You fight the urge to let out a giggle at Bucky’s annoyed grunt and he fishes his phone out of his pocket, answering immediately.
“Sam.” He snaps into the phone. “Shit… Fuck. Oh, yeah. I forgot. Lost track of time. We’ll come. Yes. Sorry.” He mutters and hangs up before shoving his phone into his pocket again. “The party. We were supposed to meet Sam and his date at his house and-”
“We..?” You ask.
“Yeah, you agreed to come.”
“I did?”
“You might have been high on orgasms…. But yes. You did.” Bucky pushes up from his kneeling position and grabs your hand to lift you up with him. “Get to your room and wear something classy.”
Arching and unimpressed brow at him and crossing your arms over your chest, you hide how hot it makes you that he orders you around “You can say please.”
Bucky smirks and walks over, his soft presence from a few minutes ago completely gone. Wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you flushed against him, he slides his large hands down to the curve of your ass and squeezes. You let out a soft yelp and he smirks at your response.
“Get dressed.” He orders and spins to towards his door, but not before leaving a smack on your ass and throwing the door shut behind you after.
Stroking your hands over the black fabric, you admire your reflection. You’re ashamed to admit just how much effort you put into your appearance for tonight. Wearing the black dress Bucky saw you in before your date, you wanted to look perfect for him. Not necessarily thinking you do look perfect, you definitely tried to.
You’re nervous. Actually nervous. This might very well be Bucky’s and your first unofficial date and you know for a fact that you are going home with him tonight.
But how is it that every time you and Bucky are completely honest and finally reveal your true colours to each other, you’re always left with more questions than before? Bucky and you liking each other and both being pretty sure it's mutual, is like a massive elephant in the room.
The sound of your name being called by your favourite voice pulls you from deep thought and you take a deep breath before grabbing your purse and walking out of your room. You halt when you see him dressed in a perfectly tailored, navy-blue suit with his chestnut-coloured hair bringing out his light tan.
Bucky’s chest tightens and his throat goes completely dry when he sees you. Eyes trailing shamelessly up and down your body, he takes in the shape of your legs, that fucking dress he loves so much and your adorable and beautiful face.
“Jesus Christ.” He mutters and walks over to you. Reaching out his hands to your face but stopping himself half-way, he clenches his jaw tightly. “Fuck. If I touch you now, I won’t be able to stop.”
Your frown at him angrily and shake your head “Then don’t fucking stop.” You say breathlessly and dive forward, grabbing his face and pressing your lips to his.
Bucky lets out a deep chuckle against your mouth, but it doesn’t take him long to grab your waist and pull you as closely as possible. Your arms wrap around his neck, standing even further on your tiptoes than your heels push you and you moan into the kiss. Bucky answers with a groan and hoists you up against his large body, his metal arm clutched around your waist as his flesh hand tangles into your hair where it belongs.
The kiss is breathless and needy, both of you feeling like you have a year-long kiss to work into a miniscule minute. It is hasty and desperate, the way you grab at each other and whimper into the kiss, not allowing the other to break free from it as you fight for dominance.
You’re the one who breaks away from the kiss first, pressing your palms against his chest to prevent him from pulling you in again. “We really do have to go though. We’re already late.” You gasp, your entire body tense as it tries to calm down from that mind-blowing kiss you just shared.
Bucky swallows and nods in a daze, not quite sure what he’s agreeing to while his eyes stay trained on your swollen lips. He whines when you break away from his hold and make your way to the door. You giggle and order him over with your fingers. He follows your obediently and locks the apartment behind him.
“To be continued…” He promises and grabs your hand, lacing his fingers with yours and taking you along with him to meet Sam at a party he just wishes was already over.
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altummare · 3 months ago
games · loki l.
Tumblr media
summary: after a long day, Loki and you reunite in your bedroom and fun unravels
category: smut –oral (both receiving/face fucking), fingering, slight impregnation kink, slight bondage?, orgasm denial, slight degradation talk? (name-calling), Loki using some of his powers, also gentle loki bc he's soft inside, okay? okay
word count: +3.7k
a/n: inspired by an old piece cause I miss Loki and haven't been able to watch the show
Tumblr media
Loki marched inside the room hoping to find you there, not being dissatisfied, locking the door behind him as he eyed you up and down with a smirk. You licked your lips, sat on the cabinet in front of him, practically begging him to approach you with your eyes. A vision Loki thought worth worshiping on his knees.
"I've missed you," he whispered before attaching his lips to your neck. "So much."
"Yeah?" You pulled on his hair. He had been gone for far too long. "I was about to ask whether you were carrying your biggest knife on the front of your pants now, but I guess that answers the question..."
"You're playing with fire, love." Loki let out a dark chuckle against your soft skin, sending a wave of electricity down your spine.
"And what exactly are you waiting for?" You pulled him closer, moving your hand shamelessly to the front of his pants and stroking his hard dick over the material, making him moan against your mouth, Loki cursing myself for giving you the upper hand so easily. "Consume me."
You knew all too well what you were doing. You knew Loki wasn't one to give up the power so easily, but teasing him and testing how far you could be a brat before he fucked you dizzy had become a favorite pastime of yours.
Loki didn't waste any more time talking; he pressed his whole body against yours, forcing you to rest your back on the wall as he connected his lips with yours. It was raw, passionate, and aggressive, and you were more than willing to answer with just as much force: your opened your mouth, biting his lower lip, drawing blood that got mixed in your kiss as Loki managed to get the upper hand, shoving his tongue inside your mouth, exploring every millimeter of it like he didn't know your body by heart.
But you wanted more and were feeling lucky, so you pushed him back, making him stumble ever so slightly, jumping down from the cabinet, taking off your jacket and shirt before trapping Loki against the opposite wall, almost ripping his own shirt off. You were aware he was letting you overpower him, wondering what he had up his sleeves.
Loki was enjoying every second of it, your lips all over his skin and he still felt as if couldn't get enough. He could never get enough of you.
His hands soon landed on your ass, pulling you to him as one of his legs stood between your own. You were too busy sucking on his neck to pay attention to what he was doing, only realizing so when you felt the pleasure in your core, rubbing yourself against Loki's muscular thigh as he held one of your legs up, taking full control again.
Loki smiled to himself as your voice started to break with pleasure, your arms wrapping around his neck for support and your head falling to one side, giving him all the access he needed to mark your skin, sucking on your neck where everyone could see who you belong to.
"Fuck, Loki." You breathed out annoyed as Loki stopped altogether, letting go of your leg, having to take a step back not to lose your balance.
"Don't worry, pet," he pulled you back to him by the band of your pants. "I'm nowhere close to done."
"You're lucky I want you," you wrapped your hand around his neck, Loki's eyes boring into yours, waiting to see exactly what you planned on doing. Licking his lips as you moved your own close enough to feel your hot breath over them. "Or I'd finish this myself."
"You look beautiful fucking yourself on my command as I watch you," Loki started moving his hand down your stomach, his cold hand setting fire to your brain the lower he went, "but I much prefer doing it myself." His hand was soon inside your underwear, your hips thrusting forward against his hand on instinct, gaining a low chuckle from him. "And, so far, he whispered against your mouth, the hand you had on his neck moving to his shoulder, a quiet whine escaping your parted lips as his eyes bore into yours, moving his cold fingers around your heated core, feeling how wet you were, "I'd say I'm doing an excellent job."
You moaned against his mouth, letting your head fall back as he slowly rubbed your clit. There was something about the way Loki touched you, the way his cold skin felt against you, how he seemed to sense exactly what you wanted almost before you even thought of it yourself. Whatever self-discipline you had wanted to build to try to be on top, dissipated into thin air as he forced you against the wall and the hand that wasn't torturing your clit found your boobs, playing with you, but how could you ever complain?
Loki wanted to memorize every second of it, every sound you made, the pleased look on your face, how you bit your bottom lip as he slid a finger inside you, or how your muscles tensed in anticipation as he pulled up on your bra to fully reveal your chest. He knew he could cum just by looking at you begging him for more.
You held onto him as you felt your orgasm building up, resting your head over his shoulder, moaning just next to his ear as he slid another finger inside you, his thumb on your clit making you see stars.
"Loki..." you cried out against his neck, "I won't last." Your breath caught in your throat as he curled his fingers inside you, drawing a soft whimper out of your mouth. "I... fuck."
You dug your nails on his skin as he kept his pace, slowly pushing his digits in and out of you just as slow. Loki was enjoying everything about the game, holding you up as he felt you starting to give in. But he wanted to make it last.
"You were saying?"
He smiled, cupping your face with my free hand to make you face him as he left his fingers inside you. You weakly attempted to move your hips against his hand, needing that final push but receiving nothing, begging him just as he wanted you to. But Loki was and would always be, above everything, a big fan of denial. You should've seen it coming, trying to catch your breath as your unspilled orgasm made your clit pulse almost painfully, sinking your teeth on his neck, only wanting payback.
Loki enjoyed every second of your denial, building you up to mercilessly deny you at the very last second. He had learned to read you to make sure he waited to the last possible second before denying you cruelly. But he knew all too well just how satisfied you'd end up once he allowed you to cum. He felt your tongue on his skin, letting you recompose and thinking he had tired you out. He was wrong.
"I can play your stupid teasing game, my king."
Your voice was shaky but powerful, your hand moving inside his pants, Loki letting out a dark chuckle at your boldness before you started stroking his dick painfully slow.
"There are so many things I'd do to you right now." Loki managed to get the whole sentence out as your thumb drew circles over his tip.
"I'm not lasting that long." You whispered before kissing down his neck, "and you aren't either."
"You're fucking right."
Loki got rid of your hands on him, binding them on your back before you even realized he had used his powers, his hands discarding your pants. Loki was desperate to make you his again, to make you cum as many times as you could handle, to please you for as long as you let him. Play with you a little.
"I hope you're ready." He licked his lips, soon feeling your chest bare. Loki liked to undress you with his hands, but seeing your chest half-showing, just begging to be free, he couldn't wait and made your bra disappear.
"Have I ever not?" You might have had your hands tied, but that didn't mean you wouldn't sass him back.
Loki loved when you put up a fight, moving his hands down your stomach until he got to your underwear, pulling it down, and licking his lips as you ended completely exposed for him.
"You look ravishing, my dear."
"Yeah, I know." You smiled sweetly at him. "I'd look better once you give me what I want."
"Oh, pet," he walked towards you, making you land on the bed at his complete mercy, "you shouldn't have said that."
He kneeled in front of her and before you could move anywhere, he placed his arm over your hips to keep you steady. He knew you had something bratty to say about everything, but he'd much rather you scream his name, so he was quick to swipe his tongue around your entrance, pleased as you moaned his name.
Loki was known by his silver tongue, but you were well acquainted with a different side of it not everyone was worthy of witnessing. Or feeling, actually. You doubted there was a part of your body his mouth hadn't run over or marked one way or another, not having time to dwell on what you wanted to say as he put it to use exactly where you wanted him.
His tongue was all over you, his lips settling on your clit and sucking gently on it like you were his favorite meal. You were. Loki pulled your legs over his shoulders, forcing you closer to him, eyeing you for just a second, watching as you struggled with the knot around your hands. Loki knew what you wanted, as he was in a giving mood, so he complied. His way.
A pair of hands landed on your boobs to give them the attention they deserved, your eyes shot open because you could still feel Loki's mouth of your pussy and his hands keeping your thighs steady. Your breath caught in your chest when you were met by the same pair of eyes between your legs than over you.
"Enjoy while it lasts, pet."
Loki wouldn't keep his clone around for long, just enough to keep you from fighting the rope on your hands, watching as you immediately settled once his double started playing with your boobs and your nipples. Or settled as much as you would having two Lokis making your wet dreams true,
"Does this crowd your dreams, Y/N? Having two of me worshipping you like the queen you are?" You moaned in response to Loki's words. "It does, doesn't it? You're so wet, you greedy slut."
You moaned again in response. Of course, it made you wet; he knew you well enough to have caught up with every single one of your wet fantasies, and he'd make them all reality, one by one.
He settled his mouth on your pussy again, his clone torturing your nipples as he decided to use his fingers on you. Finally. You whined as he forced two fingers inside you without warning, moving them exactly the way that made you feel like you were about to implode.
"Lo..." The pleasure taking over every inch of your body made it almost impossible to articulate a coherent thought.
"You're about to cum, aren't you?" Loki tapped your clit with his free hand, watching you carefully as he kept fingering you, making his clone disappear. "Cum for me, pet. Just for me, slut."
Loki bit your inner thigh, leaving wet kisses all the way up to your clit, increasing the pace with which he was fingering you as he felt you tightening around his fingers. His mouth found your clit again, sucking on it just the way you liked.
Your orgasm washed over you, taking control of your body. Your back arched and your body trembled with pleasure at Loki's mercy, moaning as loud as you could, not caring if anyone heard you, subconsciously knowing that was exactly what Loki wanted from you: to scream his name so everyone knew who made you feel that good. To remind everyone that you are his. And he was yours.
He kept fingering you and eating you out, choosing to be tender after the hard day he knew you had had, helping you come down from your high gently. But he wanted more. He wanted to bury himself deep inside you, remind you how good he felt filling you up. Remind himself how good you felt around him, knowing he could get you pregnant if he wanted. Remember how powerful he felt with you, how powerful he felt because of you. You had him so good, but he didn't care. You were the only creature he'd ever bow down to. Get on his knees for.
As you caught your breath and your hands were freed from the magical bind, resting them at your sides, you noticed Loki crawling over you, his cold skin cooling you down, making you smile with eyes still closed.
"I've missed you." You whispered after he pecked your lips.
"You've missed me, my body, or the way I please you?" –Loki smiled lying over you.
"Considering you've barely let me touch you..." You started running your hand down his muscular back, feeling his muscles tense until you got to his underwear. "I'm going to say I've missed you." You moved your hand in between the fabric and his skin, making your way inside his underwear toward his front. "But your body is nice too." You licked your lips as your fingers finally found his hard erection, "and you do an amazing job with your tongue."
Loki would've usually pushed your hand away, wanting to have full control, tying you down a fucking you mercilessly until your legs couldn't hold you up and his name was all you knew, but he was willing to see where you were going with your little hand-trip and your speech, so he simply let you do as you pleased.
"You've had your fun with me, love." You felt Loki giving into less of a dominant role, taking your chances, pushing him onto his back, slightly surprised when he didn't complain, but smiling to yourself nonetheless. "Now, it's my turn."
You rose on your knees, giving Loki a round for his money, his hands landing on your ass, your hips subconsciously moving to roll over his, grinding yourself on his erection. You noticed the change in Loki's features, realizing he was enjoying this more than he led on, so you kept using him to get yourself going again.
"Pet..." His fingers dug onto your flesh, his voice hardening, but not as a threat. He was trying to remain calm, his damned self-control that you had managed to break more times than he'd ever admit.
"I love it when you get so eager." You leaned forward, kissing his lips, his tongue soon playing with yours in a way that managed to make you feel intoxicated. "So needy." you moved your lips down his throat and to his chest. "It won't be long." You licked your lips as you curled your fingers on the waistband of his underwear. "It wouldn't be even if I wanted to, right?"
You smiled as you got down from the bed, pulling down on his boxers and discarding them on the floor. Loki sighed as you released his erection, moving his hand and starting to pump himself as you eyed him for a moment.
"As much as I do like watching you please yourself," you crawled up to him, shoving his hand away and placing it over his head, pressing it lightly against the bedsheets so that Loki knew you wanted him to leave it there, "I much better like to do it myself."
Whether Loki would behave or not, only time would tell. You liked your lips, moving your hands back to his chest, leaning to catch his lips with yours. Loki had decided to let you play, keeping his hands where you left them, but taking control of the kiss, biting on your lip and pulling on your lower one, forcing his hips up, taking you by surprise as his hard dick rubbed against your folds.
You wanted control again, so you started moving your mouth down his body, gently kissing his throat and moving down his chest, leaving wet open mouth kisses on every bit of skin you could.
"You're going to be the death of me," Loki whispered as he felt you swept your tongue over his left nipple. "Fuck."
"I'd much rather not."
"Y/N," he took your chin on his hand, forcing you to look up at him. "You know what I mean."
"Mmm." Your fingertips ran low towards his lower abdomen. "But, do I?"
Loki wanted to answer you, to tell you he had never felt safer than when he was with you, even if coherently it made no sense, but he didn't have the time to do so as you shut him down, rubbing yourself over him and resting your hands on his abdomen. Loki wanted more, his hands finally settling on your ass, forcing you to move harsher against him, moaning against your mouth.
"Oh, no." You sat back up, taking his hands and placing them over his head again. "No touching."
"What exactly makes you think I'm going to..."
"Don't make me tie you, Loki. I don't have our cuffs here."
"But that can be easily fixed."
You furrowed your eyebrows before looking at his hands again, wrists bound together on your favorite pair of handcuffs, licking your lips as you eyed him again.
"Thank you."
"Don't get used to it." Loki moved his head up, pressing his lips over your abdomen as you had moved to make sure they were closed. "I have plans to use them later on you."
Once you were sure he wouldn't move, you went back to what you had been doing, rubbing yourself over his lower stomach, Loki's greedy eyes all over you, considering tying your hands over your head and to the ceiling to fuck you as many times as he wanted.
You saw his eyes grew dark, knowing him all too well, aware that if you gave him any ideas, he'd put them into practice, but you wanted to do something else first. You started to move down his body, licking down his abs until you got to his dick. Loki was impressive in more ways than one, and he didn't slack in the sexual department either. Better for you.
You kneeled on the floor in front of him, his legs ganging from the bed, wrapping his dick on your hand, slowly running it up and down his length. Loki forced his hips up against your hand. You knew he wouldn't play it down this time. It had been a long day for you and a dreadfully long time for him away from you since he left for a mission with half of the team and you stayed behind.
You used both hands on him, using one to apply pressure to his base and pumping him with the other, wishing you had a pillow in between your thighs to calm your own ache. Without giving him any time to see it coming, you held his dick and swept your tongue from his base to the tip, sucking on it teasingly, never taking much, just the tip, covering it with your saliva.
Loki sat up as soon as you started taking more of him into your mouth, looking up at him through your lashes, making Loki's brain go wild, watching as his dick disappeared inside your mouth as your hand worked whatever you couldn't fit. He moved his hands over your hair, fisting it behind you, not wanting to mi a thing, pulling on it, gaining a moan from you as you gagged on him.
"Y/N," Loki breathed out, "I'm so close."
You answered by moving one of your hands to his thigh and digging your nails deep before moving it to play with his balls. Loki grunted in pleasure, forcing your head against him, hitting the back of your throat with his tip and it wasn't you giving him a blowjob anymore, it was him fucking your face; you could only play with his balls and let him face fuck you as he pleased, moving your free hand to your pussy and playing with yourself, moaning as you rubbed your clit. The vibrations of your wet mouth around his dick triggered Loki to fill you up with all he had, keeping your face still and his dick deep inside you, feeling his cum filling your mouth and slowly dripping down your throat.
Loki finally let go of you, pulling back and watching his dick go limp as you kept your mouth open, Loki eyeing you carefully as you swallowed his cum, licking your lips for the remains of what had spilled out, catching your breath as you kept inadvertently playing with yourself.
"Well," you kept your eyes on Loki, "that was fun."
"Did I hurt you?" You shook your head, biting your lip, trying to hold back from moaning as you moved your fingers to your entrance. Loki caught up with what you were doing easily, his cuff disappearing. "What are you up to, kitten?"
"Not much." You lied, moving your hand away. "I just like hearing you moan because of me." You took the hand he offered you to stand up, standing in between his legs, his hands on your thighs, looking up at you. "I like to ee you break because of me."
"I wouldn't let anyone else that much power over me." He kissed your abdomen. "You know better than to lie to me." He pulled you to sit on his thigh, straddling it, taking your face in his hand, and smirking at you as he felt you dripping down from playing with yourself. "Don't I satisfy you, pet?"
"You do." You wrapped your arm around his neck. "I just want more."
"Lucky for you, I'm a God with ideas."
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading ♡
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mcu1shots · 23 days ago
Wake-Up Call (Natasha Romanoff x Reader)
Natasha knocks on your door in the middle of the night needing your help.
Genre(s): Angst, Fluff
Notes: Gender Neutral Reader
Warnings: Mentions of blood, knives, sutures, and general injury
⊱————- ❈ ————-⊰
There came a pounding at the door that shocked you awake. You furrowed your eyebrows and picked up your phone to check the time. 2:13AM. Brilliant. You pulled up your blankets and buried your face in them, perhaps if you ignored the sound for just a bit longer- but then it came again, the desperate knocking of someone at your door.
Now too curious, and a little bit scared, to go back to sleep you decided to investigate. You stood, rolled back your shoulders as you felt the stiffness in your body that you always did when first waking up and went to open the door.
What you saw was… awful. Your girlfriend, Natasha, stood in front of you, clutching onto her stomach with deep red blood spilling from between her fingertips, the hilt of a blade still sticking out between her hands. Now you understood why the knocking was so urgent.
“Nat…” you were shocked, understandably so. You knew that her work was dangerous and knew that she occasionally got hurt, but seeing it with your own two eyes was…
“I’ll be fine, just need some help getting stitched up.” Natasha insisted, walking inside. Her steps, usually confident strides, were now rushed stumbles. “Get a few rags, a first aid kit, and a sewing kit.” she told you.
For a second you didn’t move from the doorway, only turning your head to watch her as she moved. But as she collapsed onto your couch, you were suddenly spurred into action. You grabbed everything that she requested quickly, a few tea towels, a first aid kit, and a little sewing kit for emergencies. You wanted to say something to her, but you found that you had lost your voice, your eyes trained on her bloodstained shirt.
“Зайка, just focus on me, okay? My words.” Natasha said, shifting her position as you knelt on the floor in front of her with everything that she had asked for.
What happened next happened in a blur, she instructed you to take out the knife and instructed you, rather calmly for someone who had been stabbed, on how to clean everything up and stitch up the wound. She told you it wasn’t strictly necessary, but you stuck a bandage on it anyway. The entire time you hadn’t uttered a word, not finding yourself able to. It ended with her sitting on the couch, her back supported by a pillow, as you sat on the floor with your head on her lap.
You kept yourself turned away from her, your eyes closed as you tried to fight off tears at the thought of your love being injured, of what could have happened had you not woken up when she knocked.
Finally, you seemed to find the courage to speak, though you stayed facing away from her and you kept your eyes closed. “I know that this is your job and I can’t ask you not to do it anymore, but that… that was terrifying.” You informed her, and as your thoughts became vocalized, a few tears spilled onto your cheeks.
Natasha sighed, running her hand through your hair soothingly, looking down at you as you curled up against your legs. “I know, Зайка, I know…” she murmured soothingly. It was odd, that even when she was the one who had been stabbed, she was still comforting you.
“Promise you won’t get hurt like that again? Promise you won’t die?” You asked her, though with the strain of your voice from lack of sleep and the tears that you were failing to fight off, it sounded like you were begging.
Natasha sighed and paused for a second. “I don’t want to make you a promise that I can’t keep. But I promise to be careful,” she settled.
You sighed and opened your eyes, looking up and back at her. “I guess that’ll have to do,” you muttered.
She smiled a bit and shifted, sliding carefully off of the couch, making sure not to tear the stitches you had just given her, and sitting down next to you. She put her arm over your shoulders. “I also promise that I’ll love you forever.” She said, caressing your cheek.
You smiled a bit, and though your cheeks were wet with tears silently shed, you felt no more urging to fall as you were able to look into her eyes and see that she was serious, see that she was okay. “You better, because I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving you.”
She smiled and leaned a little closer, wiping away any stagnant tears that lay upon your cheek with her thumb. “Even when I do something reckless and get myself hurt?”
“Even then. Though I can’t promise I’ll like you too much, I’ll always love you.” You agreed.
She shrugged, leaning in further and pressing a soft kiss onto your lips, it was only brief but it didn’t need to be anything passionate or heated, just a simple reminder that she was here with you. When she broke apart she had a smile and asked, “Mind if I stay the night?”
⊱————- ❈ ————-⊰
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sunny-reys · 25 days ago
Dating Pietro Maximoff and Being a Baker Would Include...
Based on this request: “Headcanon Request: Pietro didn’t die and became an Avenger. He is dating the female reader. She owns a bakery. Because I love puns, the name of the bakery is For Goodness Cakes.”
Tumblr media
Pietro first stumbles across your shop by accident
He’s out wandering the city, trying to quench his urge to strangle Tony Stark
He loves working with the Avengers, sure, it’s just that the genius/billionaire/playboy/philanthropist gets on his nerves from time to time
So, he takes to the streets, walking around to stop his hands from curling into fists by his sides
At last, his attention is caught by a bakery with flaring banners and crisp lettering in the windows: For Goodness Cakes
He smiles without meaning to, taken by the joke, and decides to walk inside just to see what it’s like
Surely the bakery has to be just as good as that pun, right?
His eyes catch on you from across the store: a pretty girl, with an accidental dusting of powdered sugar on her nose and a smile that lights up the room
Your eyes alight on him, and Pietro straightens self-consciously, hoping that his hair isn’t too messy and his posture isn’t too awful
He drifts over to the front of the room, and you beam at him
Pietro barely hears you ask what he’d like to order- he’s too busy just staring at you and trying to pretend that he isn’t staring at all
At last, he recovers, and simply asks for what you like the best
That’s smooth, right? Please let it be smooth
However, it appears that his attempts at flirting have paid off- when Pietro receives his baked good, it comes with a phone number stenciled into a napkin on the top
He practically skips on his way back to the Avengers Tower, all thoughts of arguments forgotten
Pietro makes sure to come back and visit as often as he can, sometimes not even to order anything at all, just to see you
When you start dating, he couldn’t be happier
Avengers have weird work schedules, so he’s often able to drop in during early morning preparation and late night baking
He has definitely tried to bake with you, but you work so efficiently that even he’s having trouble keeping up
Pietro uses you as an excuse to constantly get baked goods delivered to the Avengers compound
You have been known to send him out on grocery runs when you accidentally run out of ingredients because you’ll know he’ll be back within five minutes or so
He mentions one of his favorite recipes offhand and it’s featured in a display case the next day
Sometimes, patrons question the name- what does Quicksilver have to do with baking?
You just grin, saying something about how you were inspired by him
In the end, Pietro thinks that you’re just as sweet as your bakery :)
marvel tag list: my newly renamed bestie @rogueanschel​,  @mycosmicparadise​, @ellobruv-blog​, @caswinchester2000​
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justkending · a month ago
He’s not completely useless. (One-Shot)
Tumblr media
Summary: Bucky and Y/N don’t really get along great, but even the quick witted comments can’t hide what’s really going on. 
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Word Count: 4700+
A/N: Ok, I was watching BB99 (as I do) and came across a quote that I could not stop laughing at and had to put it into a one-shot. However! This one really got away from me. At first it was just going to be quick witted and funny, but turned sentimental and fluffy at the end. So please enjoy and PLEASE ALWAYS tell me what you think!! xoxox
“Ok, our entry point is on the north east side of the ship. We’re still in the clear on being seen, but as soon as we make contact, don’t be surprised if our chances of going in quietly become corrupted,” Steve briefed the team. 
The mission consisted of intel on resources of enhanced beings that were being used for evil agendas. 
What’s new? 
Long story short, they needed to get their hands on the information and wipe it from the bad guys inside. 
“Nat, you’re going to get into the intel base and do your work on getting it on our hard drive and wiping it from theirs.” She nodded her head in agreement. “Clint, you're her backup. Place is crawling with their own backup. So in order for her to get what she needs, I need you to make sure no one gets the jump on her.”
“Not like they could,” Y/N shrugged, leaned back in her chair with her arms crossed in front of her. 
Nat and her sharing a casual high five before Steve continued. 
“Better safe than sorry. Plus, this way, Nat can worry just about getting the intel and not being shot at,” Steve added, placing his hands on his belt buckle. Classic Stevie. 
“Where do you need me?” Wanda asked. 
“You’re with me, we’re on ground control. Sam is taking to the sky to keep eyes on us from above. And, Y/N.”
“Yes, my sweet Iced Americano?” she fluttered her eyelashes for extra effect. Though Steve was used to it and didn’t blink an eye. 
However Bucky was scoffing loudly behind her making sure she heard his never ending annoyance with her personality. 
“You’ll be on the ground with me and Wanda, but I want you on the opposite side of the deck to survey before meeting us. From what we’ve gathered, we have around 200 men on this thing, if not more,” Steve continued his pep talk as a blueprint of the ship came up on the projector behind him. “The goal is to get in and out without being seen, so try and keep it quiet. I know that may not be the case, so if the tides turn, get out of there and get back to the hovercraft. Got it?”
“What about me?” Bucky spoke up, sending the blonde a questioning look. 
“You’re not in on the mission,” Y/N answered, quickly getting a glare from the blue eyes sat behind her. 
“Then why am I on this jet?” he said in a mocking tone.
“You walked on here and refused to get off,” Steve said, sending him a dead panned look. “Even though you just got back from a mission last night and have a major concussion and bruised ribs.” 
“Yeah, you’re useless,” Sam spoke up, making Y/N burst out a single loud laugh. 
“I’m not useless. Just cause I can’t be on the ground doesn’t mean I can’t help,” Bucky bickered, crossing his arms across his chest and falling back in his seat in a huff. 
“Yeah, come on guys. Give him some credit,” Y/N spoke up with over dramatic pouty lips. “He’s not completely useless…”
“Why are you siding with me?” Bucky asked, concerned that his nemesis was agreeing with him. Everyone shared the same look of confusion. 
Looking back at Steve, her previous pout formed into a snarky smirk. 
“He can be used as a bad example. How about that?” she twisted in her chair. 
“You’re a little-” Bucky began sitting up and slammed his hand on the table. 
“You guys…” Nat groaned. 
“Here we go again,” Clint rolled his eyes. 
“Please finish the sentence,” Y/N matched his tone, turning inches from his face. 
“Please, don’t finish it,” Steve cut them off. “Both of you cut it out. I don’t understand why you always sit next to each other when you are always seconds from cutting the other's throats.” His hand slide down his face in frustration. 
“It’s because we want to slit the other's throats that we sit next to each other,” Y/N emphasized never breaking eye contact from the trained killer in front of her. “Makes it easier when you don’t have to jump across a table to make the move.”
“As if you would be fast enough,” Bucky copied her playful smirk that was anything but playful.
“I urge you to test that assumption at your earliest convenience…. Sarge.”
The entire group let out a shared groan at the bantering that was 24/7. 
“Either follow through with your threat or sleep together already. We’re tired of the whole facade that you guys hate the other,” Nat rolled her eyes as she took her feet off the table. 
“I’d never!” Y/N shouted in a rage. 
“Not even if she was the last person on earth,” Bucky said right after. 
“If I was the last person on earth, you wouldn’t have that issue would you?” Y/N retorted with a bitchface always having to get the last word in. 
Preparing for yet another comeback that would most likely backfire, Bucky opened his mouth before he was instantly cut off. 
“Enough. We don’t have time for this!” Steve said sternly. “We’re out in the next 10 minutes. Suit up and get to your positions. Bucky, you stay up here and stay on comms. You’re going to be our direction coordinator. Keeps us out of people's views and helps Nat navigate through the levels to get where she needs to be. Got it?” 
Everyone nodded or answered back in agreement before splitting up and going to get ready. Of course, Bucky couldn’t let her go without a swift kick to Y/N’s chair that made her jut forward as she stood. Turning back to give him the signal of slitting his throat before walking away. 
“Wanda and I are clear,” Steve announced in the comms. “Just waiting for word back from Nat. Barton? Romanoff? What’s your ETA?”
“Working on it Cap. This system isn’t as easy as we were hoping. Lot’s of firewalls and security systems I’m having to break through,” she answered back. 
“No chance of having to fight off anyone yet?” Sam asked. 
“No, surprisingly, we haven't been caught,” Nat said with shock. 
“Spoke too soon,” Barton came through. “I’ve been made and it looks like we aren’t the only ones with walkie talkies in our ears.” 
“Shit!” Y/N was heard from a distance. 
“Y/L/N! You good?” Steve asked halting as he and Wanda were still in the clear for now. 
“Uh, yeah,” she answered, not too sure. “Just may or may not have had to take down a few macho men myself, but I'm still breathing…” There was a pause after she let out a pant and groaned. “Well, for now at least I am.” 
Bucky had followed orders up to this point. He had directed everyone to where they needed to be and they had been good at staying out of eyesight from the crew until now. Sure he had a concussion and when you get a head injury at SHIELD you’re usually out for the next month or so. 
However, Bucky healed fast and he never understood why that rule applied to him. I guess he had never really needed to worry about it as Bruce would always write him off as fine by the next day, but since it had just been last night and he was still technically healing, he shouldn’t be on a mission now. 
But he was seeing on the monitor in front of him in 4k, multiple bodies start to surround and make their way to where Y/N was. Barton and Nat would be fine. They had each other, but Y/N was about to be drastically outgunned. 
“You’ve got to be shitting me,” Bucky ran a hand through his hair as he debated on his next move. 
“Rogers, Maximoff?” He asked in the comms. “Can you guys make your way to Y/L/N on the other side?” 
“Have a situation ourselves now!” Steve responded in between labored breaths as he punched and kicked his way through the fleet of soldiers that magically appeared. 
“Sam?” Bucky asked. 
“I’m grounded. I won’t get there in time,” Sam answered, also through grunts. 
“How did this go south so quickly?” Bucky moaned as he went to get his tactical gear. 
“Listen, don’t worry about me. I’m fine!” Y/N shouted, but it didn’t sound fine. “Just a small stab to the arm. Nothing horrible.”
“Jesus,” Bucky sighed in defeat. 
“Now’s not the time for sarcasm, Y/L/N!” Steve groaned. 
“Well, sorry I’m trying to lighten the mood of getting stabbed! Jeez, you try and give people a laugh,” she sighed. 
Bucky looked down from where he was in the helicarrier and saw that she was being pushed into a stairwell by at least 8 men coming at her. 
“How come I’m always saving your sorry ass,” he mumbled to himself before jumping the plane and landing right into the water by where he needed to be. 
Within a minute he was already on the boat, headed to where Y/N would have been cornered. 
A few men came out of nowhere and attempted an attack on him, but of course didn’t stand any sort of chance as he stomped his way to rescue his nemesis. 
Upon reaching for the door handle to crank it open and make an entrance into the stairwell, it opened and an exasperated Y/N walked out. 
She raised her arm in defense before realizing who it was. 
“Oh, hey,” she casually twirled her knife that was riddled with blood and slotted it back into her holster. “Crazy seeing you here. You’re all wet.”
“There were like 10 men that followed you in there. How did you-?”
“No time for questions. There were some men at the bottom of the stairwell too and they weren’t too happy with me dropping their friends down there with a knife in their sternum,” she pushed him out of the way and quickly started to redirect them to a new corner outside. “Here. Come on!”
Once she was out of the doorway's way, she quickly started running along the side railing. 
“Goal is to get to the other side of the boat and help out our team. No sense in having two different fights on different sides of the boats. Why not one big party?” she shouted over her shoulder. “Plus it sounds like quite the shindig over there.” She somehow was able to wink back at him. 
Seconds after turning back around, Bucky didn’t prepare for her to drop to her knees and slide as a man came out of a corridor and immediately swung. 
Gracefully out of harm's way, Bucky took the chance on the man who hadn’t expected him and kicked him in the back of the knees making them buckle and threw his head hard into the metal railing next to him. 
“Awe thanks. You gave a guy a concussion for me,” she swooned standing up and walking backwards as she focused back on the mission. “How’s your concussion by the way? Does Rogers know that you jumped ship to save my life, or are we waiting for that surprise at the party?” 
“I wouldn’t call beating people up and fighting a legion of evil agents a party,” Bucky said in a low tone as he ran to catch up with her.
“Really? I would. I mean, considering we do it for a living, it’s better to look at it as a party than a mission. The other is so grey and boring,” she said, making a snoring sound with the last word. 
“You’re annoying,” he shook his head. 
“Annoying? Yes,” she agreed before skillfully taking down yet another surprise attack and once again, with the poise of an olympic gymnast landing in a perfect stance. “Badass? Even more. Admit it. You love the combo.”
“Why are you flirting with me? You’re always trying to push my buttons,” he rolled his eyes, passing her. 
“I figured flirting would push your buttons,” she shrugged, jogging to catch up to him and nudging his shoulder with her own. “How about it, stud?” she batted her eyelashes. 
“Cut it out,” he shoved her away, but not with nearly as much force as he could have. Really he just was hoping that she didn’t see the slight red tint coming up on his cheeks in the night. “We’re on a mission.”
“Correction. At a party,” she pointed. “And there's the rest of the guests,” she nodded her way to where Sam, Wanda, and Steve were taking on the last bit of bad guys. “Damn, I guess we missed it. I knew the south side of the boat would be more fun. Should have played rock paper scissors with Wanda.”
Bucky just turned and gave her a confused, mixed with concerned, face at her disposition of the night. 
“Ow,” she said nonchalantly, looking down at her arm. “Oh, almost forgot about that.”
“Wait, you really got stabbed?” he asked now worried looking at the arm that she was. But the black tactical suit she was in made it hard to see the damage. It did look really ripped up though. 
“Why would I joke about that?” she said with a huff as she poked the damage. “Shit. That hurts.”
“You joke about everything,” Bucky rolled his eyes taking the injury in his own hands and carefully moving the cloth away from the cut as much as he could. “And stop poking it.”
“You’re poking it.”
“I’m trying to assess it. That’s different.”
“Poking it can be a form of assessment.”
“What are you, five?”
“Actually, six. My birthday was today. Just missed my party too. Bummer.”
“Sure.” He just sent her a dead stare before going back to the cut. 
“It’s fine, Barnes. Leave it alone. Let’s just get the rest of the team and head out,” she tugged her arm away. Her funny mood disappeared almost instantly and went back to passive. 
He furrowed his eyebrows at the change, but followed the direction she went to check on the rest of the crew. 
Everyone was back in the helicarrier and headed back home to call it a night. The team had been sent to the medical part of the ship to be checked and once cleared was let go to relax until they got home.
Y/N had been a hard ass and just got stitches done and immediately went on her own, not talking to anyone after the mission. 
Something was off, but Bucky couldn’t put a finger on it. He had retraced everything he said and didn’t come up with anything overly passive aggressive than what he was used to doing. 
Once back at the compound, everyone went to shower and take care of themselves before a nice late night movie night. That’s the thing with having this job as long as you did. After a mission like that, a movie night to finish off the night was the best way to decompress sometimes. 
“Where’s Y/L/N?” Bucky asked when he came into the room and everyone including Peter, Tony, and Bruce were also there. 
“She was still in her room last I checked,” Nat shrugged, tucking her feet under her. 
“Bucky, can I talk to you real fast?” Wanda asked, nodding her head to the kitchen. 
“Uh, yeah sure,” he agreed, following her. 
She made sure the coast was clear and leaned on the kitchen island before continuing. 
“Listen, I know you and Y/N have your moments,” she started. 
“That’s putting it lightly,” he chuckled deeply. 
“But, well…” she hesitated. 
“Wanda, what’s going on?” he asked. 
She looked back to the den where everyone was and then back at Bucky. 
“It’s her birthday today,” she said softly. 
“What?” he questioned. “Why didn’t she say anything? Why didn’t anyone say anything?”
“Because no one knows. She has a fake birth date on her records. Her birthday isn’t one she cares to remember. She has some pretty tragic things to pair it with,” Wanda answered. 
Bucky processed it. It had to be pretty fucking bad to change your credentials with SHIELD and not get caught. Clearly she didn’t want anyone bringing up the date. 
“Why are you telling me this?” Bucky asked, clearing his throat. 
She sent him a soft smile in return. A knowing smile. 
“Cause I know you put on a face, Barnes. You guys bicker and get at each other all the time, but both of you care about the other. You understand pretty well what the other went through,” she crossed her arms in a cozy manner. “She may not be 107, but she had a lot of history like your own. You both bond over it more than you think. You just need to talk.”
“I doubt I’m the person she would want to see right now. All I do is aggravate her,” he ran a hand through his hair as he shook his head. 
“You both aggravate each other. No lies there,” she huffed out a laugh. “But Bucky, she admires you.”
“Me?” he said in complete shock. 
“I’m not going to say much, just because she’s never really told me and I’ve found out from other ways… But… With everything you’ve been through, she sees you as strong and resilient. She all but hopes for the same for her, and even though she doesn't see it, she is that.”
“She’s the most stubborn, hardass, fighter of a woman. How can she think I’m strong and resilient?” he continued to shake his head in disbelief. 
“That’s not a question for me. And maybe not a question for now, but I think you should go talk to her,” she motioned her head to the hallway that led to the rooms. 
He followed her eye line and paused as he thought about what she was getting at. 
“I don’t know.”
“Do or don’t. That’s up to you. I’m just letting you know what’s going on, even if she’s not going to talk about it,” Wanda shrugged her shoulders. “I’ll see you at movie night.” She grabbed a bag of M&M’s next to the potluck of sweets they gathered for nights like this, and headed out. “Or not.” 
Bucky watched the auburn haired woman’s figure leave the room and tried to rack his brain together. This was a lot of new information for someone who he thought hated him for at least a year now. 
They hadn’t known each other long, but in the short time they had, Y/N’s teasing and quick wit brought out his own and caused the two to have a not really on purpose arch nemesis type of relationship to the other. 
Sure he was hard on her and never really showed his soft side or was really ever friendly to her, but he did worry about her. I mean most missions he was always shown she was more than capable of handling herself, but something about imminent danger and her together rubbed him wrong. 
She was just as capable as Nat at getting out of sticky situations unscathed, but for some reason he never worried about Nat but had found himself worried about Y/N in the past. 
Maybe there were some underlying emotions for her. He wasn’t exactly sure what, but something lied there. 
Next thing he knew, he was knocking on her door ever so softly for a man with a metal arm. 
“Who is it?” she called out. 
He was going to answer, but realized she probably wouldn’t answer the door if she found out it was him. He again was probably the last person she would want to see, even if Wanda had tried to convince him otherwise. 
Maybe this was a bad idea. Maybe this was taking too far of a jump from where they were. Maybe-
“Usually when some ask who’s there, the only people who don’t answer are murderers and robbers? Which one are you?” she quirked her head to the side as she opened the door in his mid ponder. 
“Neither,” he answered quickly. He raised a bag of Reese's thins and looked at her weird. Or at least it was weird to her because it almost looked nervous. “You weren’t at movie night, so I figured I’d bring you a snack.”
She looked at the bag then back at him. Her eyebrows pinched together in skepticism. 
“What did you poison it with?” she asked slowly as she stared at the unopened bag. 
He rolled his eyes. His normal demeanor coming to the forefront.
“I didn’t poison them. I just know they’re your favorite and I figured you’d want them,” he jutted the bag out further to her. 
She took a second to accept it but eventually did. 
“Thanks…” she dragged out. 
He noticed the stitching on her arm was bleeding through her bandage and also noticed that her hair was wet as if just out from the shower. From the looks of it, she was trying to wrap it back up and was failing. 
“How’s the cut?” he pointed out. 
“Oh, um,” she looked down at it and quickly tried to cover the butchered clean up she was attempting. “It’s fine. It should be healed up in no time.” 
“Not with that kind of care,” he shook his head, pushing into her room without her invitation. 
“Hey!” she shouted, not really fighting him coming in. “You can’t just come barging in here with sweet treats and forcefully-”
“Shut up and let me help,” he said in a normal voice. No actual agitation behind it. 
“This is my room. You can’t tell me to shut up,” she pouted, still trying to hide her arm he was trying to get to. 
“I just did and I’ll do it again if you don’t sit down and let me fix this,” he rolled his eyes pushing her to the couch in her room. “Sit.”
“Or what?” she challenged. All it took surprisingly was one death glare reserved specifically for people who wanted to defy him. He didn’t usually use it on her like you would think, but when he did most people didn’t fight him. “Fine. I was tired of standing anyway. 
In silence, he grabbed the pieces from the medical kit sitting on the coffee table next to him and patched up the wound. After some ointment and proper wrapping she wasn’t going to have as much of an issue sleeping tonight. 
“Why?” was all she asked when he clipped the tape and gently patted it on the gauze. 
“Why, what?” he questioned. 
“Why are you being nice?” she said with one pointed eyebrow. 
“I, um,” he started, but quietly stopped. “I figured you didn’t have a great day and thought something as simple as fixing your cut the right way and some candy would help.”
“You’ve never cared if I didn’t have a good day before,” she tilted her head as he avoided eye contact. 
“I’ve never said that.”
“‘You don't have to. You show it.”
“That’s not true,” he let out a breath. 
She sent him a stern look as if saying, “Really want to fight me on that?” 
“Ok, fine. Maybe I act it, but I don’t mean it.” He stood up and put the supplies away.
“Why the change of heart?”
“Wasn’t a change of heart. I just wanted to help,” he tried waving off as he distanced himself some from her. 
She didn’t say anything in return. He could hear the deafening silence from behind him as his back was turned to her, not sure how to handle the situation. He knew it was too much too fast. 
“I’ll go. I’m sorry,” he said, moving to the door. 
“How’d you figure it out?” 
He froze at that, but didn’t turn to look at her. 
“Figure what out?” 
“Don’t act coy. I know you know,” she let out a bitter laugh. “Wanda told you, didn't she? She’s the only other person that knows. Not even Nat and her super spying could figure it out if she wanted.”
He paused as he heard her shuffle to the edge of the couch and sit on the arm of it as it let out a squeak. 
It was a thrifted one she found vintage from some market. She loved that kind of stuff and even though Stark said he would buy her a new on that hadn’t been sat on over a thousand times before, she turned him down. Something about it being one of a kind and already broken in. 
Although, she was right. It was a really well maintained couch and was super comfortable.  
“Why didn’t you tell anyone?” he finally turned around. 
“I have my reasons. Reasons to say that making a new day to celebrate my birth is a lot better than trying to make this recurring day better.”
Looking at her, she looked defeated. She was fiddling with her rings on her hand and looking down at the distraction. 
“I get it.”
“How so?” she again asked with a sour laugh. 
“If this day coordinates with anything that I know and understand, it’s not one you want to remember, but unfortunately are forced to remember.”
“Hit it on the head, Sarge,” she nodded. 
“I’m sorry,” he said eventually. 
“Why? You’re not the one who tortured me until I passed out over and over again everyday for 10 years. And to be extra evil, made me do despicable god-awful things on my birthday just to make sure I really wouldn’t forget. You have nothing to be sorry about,” she looked up with a straight emotionless face. 
“I know. But you deserve an apology.”
“From the people who did it. Not someone who went through the same thing,” she shook her head, looking back down. 
He wasn’t sure if now was the time for the next action he took, but he couldn’t just sit by and watch as she fell into a hole that he knew all too well. One that he had brought up and one that he brought attention to. 
Bending in front of her in a squatted position, he forced her hung head to look down at him. 
“You are not what they made you.”
She didn’t break the offered eye contact but instead took the chance to survey his face for any and all tells. 
He meant it. He meant it with all his might. He wanted to believe it for himself. For all she knew this was something he repeated to himself in the mirror in the morning to get by everyday, and still had never fully convinced himself. 
But he believed it for her. 
“Why do you have so much faith in me?” she asked. 
“Because if I didn’t have faith in you, I wouldn’t have hope for myself.”
The truth was painfully genuine. He meant every word he had said to bring her out of her despair and she could tell. She had never expected such reassurance and kindness from a man that was nothing but annoyed and fed up with her ways in the time they knew one another. But this was something else. 
He cleared his throat realizing the tension that had built in the room and practically suffocated on it as he stood up. 
“I’ll leave you alone. I understand if you want the night to yourself. It’s been a long day,” he ran a hand over his scruff before quickly moving to the door. 
“Want to watch a movie?” she asked, halting him in his steps. He turned back with a look that asked if she meant it. “I know you’re a Hobbit fan and I promised a friend of mine I’d watch them to educate myself more on wizards…”
“I could use a helpful guide through the fandom. I heard it can be confusing,” she smiled. 
“You’re sure?” he asked, stepping back over to test the waters. 
“I mean if you want to watch Mean Girls for the thousandth time with the team, you’re more than welcome to, but-”
“No, no,” he waved off. “I’d prefer this a lot more.”
“Great. Go grab those two blankets over there and I’ll get it started,” she instructed as she grabbed the remote. 
He smiled as he watched her get the couch ready for the movie binge and did as asked. 
“Ok I guess I lied. Maybe you really aren’t completely useless… Reeses?” she asked once they settled on the couch next to the other, already taking a bite of her second one. 
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professorrw · 4 months ago
hii can you do a professor loki x reader smut !! where she is being a tease and he punishes her over his desk with degrading or teasing ? thank you !!! 💘💘
Pairing: female reader x Prof!Loki
Requested: Yes
Warnings: smut, 18+, oral (male receiving), unprotected sex, pet names (kitten, darling), age gap (reader in college, Loki is 40), some degrading, light edging, fingering, swearing, begging
A/N: Requests are open for one-shots, headcanons, imagines, and drabbles for My Hero Academia, Harry Potter, and Marvel! My taglist is open so if you’d like to be on that just tell me! Please like, comment, and reblog!
Tumblr media
You were a broke student going to a prestigious college. Of course that school had the best professors. At least that’s what you had heard. But you weren’t prepared for one of your professors to be so hot. Compared to your other teachers he was one of the youngest at the ripe age of forty when you were in your senior year.
Everything about him just screamed sex appeal. You weren’t one to judge someone solely on appearances but damn, he was fine. He had a sexy British accent and dark black hair and the way he rolled his sleeves up showcased his arms in just the right way. It didn’t help your concentration when he wore those tight black khakis that squeezed against his ass.
To help pay for your college tuition you became a teachers’ assistant. You did a lot of work for Professor Laufeyson and soon something began to bud. At first it was just friendly banter but then it developed into more. By the end of the school year you and your professor had a secret relationship. It was easier to keep it a secret because you were a teachers’ assistant. You could go to his classroom after hours and no one would bat an eyelash.
Over the summer your romance really hit it off. By your senior year you two were still going strong. So strong in fact you would tease him during class. It was blistering hot one day, which gave you an excuse to wear a loose top and a skirt. When you leaned over your desk the top was just low enough that your cleavage would be on display.
When he was doing a lecture and caught sight of your chest his breath would catch and he would falter, then go straight back to teaching. After class though when you came back to drop off papers you knew what was going to happen.
You knocked on the door to his office and he called for you to come in. You stepped into the room which was only lit by the lamp next to him. The lamp shade casted his mahogany desk in an orange glow. His walls were lined with the same material of bookshelves, which were filled with a variety of books.
He was grading assignments but when he saw you he set his pen down and sat back in his chair. He took off his reading glasses and set them down on top of the paper he was previously looking at. He crossed one of his legs over the other and intertwined his fingers in his lap. His polished black shoes were bobbing up and down and tapping on the floor.
He gave you a sultry smile before he started talking. “You’re very naughty. I saw what you were doing earlier. Were you trying to tease me darling?”
He ‘tsked,’ “I think you’ll need to be punished. Don’t you agree?”
“I suppose I do.” You were looking forward to the so-called punishment. It wasn’t actually a punishment at all. He would bend you over his desk and fuck you until you couldn’t walk anymore. In your book that was a treat.
“Sassy little thing aren’t you? Well, you know how this goes,” he said. He picked up his stack of papers and put them in his seat which he had stood from. He set the books in a stack next to his desk and put the lamp on top of it. From the new position of the light it was harder to see than before. The light was still on the ceiling and the sides of the desk, but it wasn’t as bright as earlier.
You indeed knew how this went. You walked to his desk and bent over, plump ass sticking out just for him. He walked around his desk and placed a hand against your ass. He let out a low chuckle.
“No underwear darling? I hope you haven’t let other people see your tight little pussy.”
“I haven’t. It’s only for you,” you said.
“That’s what I like to hear.”
He rubbed and pinched your butt cheeks before he even went near your vagina. He slotted his hand between your legs and pushed your feet so they would be further apart. He ran his thumb along your folds before he put it inside you. You started moaning as he moved his thumb around inside you.
“Let me hear you kitten,” he purred.
You moaned more as he increased the intensity of his movements. He took his thumb out and added two other fingers. He curled and scissored and pumped them in and out, doing everything he knew would make you cum. You were gripping the edge of his desk and he was fingering you so intensely in a few minutes of his cooing and your moaning you were about to reach your orgasm.
“I’m- I’m about to cum.”
“Not yet kitten. You’ve been naughty.” He pulled his fingers completely out of you, making a whine come out of your lips.
“Being needy will only make your punishment worse. Do you want me to stop?” he asked.
He had built you up until you were seconds away from coming and then stopped. Of course you didn’t want him to stop. You wanted him to put his fingers or dick in your vagina or else you would finish yourself off.
“No. Please- Please fuck me. I’ll stop being naughty,” you begged.
“You like it when I fuck you?”
“Yes- Yes. Please-” you were cut off by something being pressed against your slit. He had unzipped his pants and lined himself up whilst you were talking.
You pushed the rest of his length in by the time he was fully in you were close to your orgasm again. He immediately started thrusting, fulfilling your need for him. He wasn’t going to go easy on you at all. He was already going fast when he started and he had to hold onto your shoulders for support. His balls were slapping against you at every thrust, filling the room with grunts, moans, and the sound of slapping.
Loki himself wasn’t the type to last rounds and if he really wanted he could cum quickly. He intended to cum right after you did so when you screamed out he knew it was time. Your cum spilled out and covered his dick, creating less friction.
Just moments later his seed squirted into you. After a few more slower thrusts he pulled out, cum dripping with his and your cum combined. You turned around slowly, trying not to aggravate your sensitive pussy. There in front of you was Loki, who hadn’t pulled his pants back up and had his dick just hanging out.
“Why don’t you make it up to me and clean this up?” He motioned to his cock and you eased yourself onto your knees. You licked and sucked on his dick until all the juices were cleaned off. When you were finished you stood back up and Loki pressed a kiss to your lips.
“Thank you kitten. Do you want to stay for a drink?”
You stayed for a few more hours and had a drink with your professor until you had to go back to your apartment for the night.
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sapphicshots · 7 months ago
5 times Natasha defended you and 1 time you defended her
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Word count: 1.4k
Warnings: cursing, R gets shot at, blood
Prompt: i love the trope of “The 5 times Natasha ____, and the 1 time Y/N _____” so maybe one about the times nat defended/protected you (could be like someone spoke ill of reader) and the one time you did?
Tumblr media
“She’s insane for putting her on the team! Y/l/n is a horrible agent, she barely even -“
“She barely even what?” Nat interrupted, leaned against the wall in the entrance of the kitchen, with an eyebrow quirked up and her arms crossed.
“Agent Romanoff, we were just-“ The agent who had spoken originally started to come up with some bullshit response, but was once again interrupted by Natasha.
“Questioning my judgement? Shitting on the only agent from your class to become an Avenger?” She challenged, and his friends were avoiding her gaze like the plague. 
The agent shook his head, “No ma’am, I’m sorry, won’t happen again.”
“It better not. You’re all on cleaning duty for the next month.”
“You can’t make excuses for her, Natasha,” Tony yelled. “She isn’t a child, she’s a full grown adult. This was her fault.”
Natasha scoffed and rolled her eyes, “I’m not making excuses for anyone, Tony. She’s new, what the hell do you want from her? All of us have made mistakes before, Wanda did when she was new to the team,” She said, gesturing to the witch. “So have you and I, so what’s your problem?”
You shifted uncomfortably when Tony glared at you, “He’s right, Natasha. I won't let it happen again, guys. I’m sorry.”
You started to leave but Nat grabbed your arm and pulled you back to stand beside her, “Stay, we aren’t done yet.”
Two shots into the bullet proof vest you were wearing sent you backwards and to the floor. When you landed on the ground, the air in your lungs was knocked out of you, leaving you winded, “Fuck.”
“Y/n!” Nat shouted at you to get your attention and slid a gun she was keeping in her tactical belt your way on the floor so you could shoot at the HYDRA agent coming your way.
Going on undercover missions with Natasha was probably one of your favorite type of missions. You really enjoyed spending time with her, she was great company, and you always got on well. You also worked really well together, you always watched each other’s back and communicated excellently.
This time, however, you’d been made when you showed your ID to the bartender of the bar you were at. It was way too late into the night and luckily there weren’t a lot of people there, but Natasha had gone to the bathroom while you said you’d get drinks and you were left alone, totally screwed.
When the man recognized his name, he shouted to his friends in another language and a fight had broken out with you in the middle of four men, trying to fend them all off.
You’d managed to take care of one of them, but you were having trouble with the other three. The bartender punched you in the face and you stumbled backwards, giving one of his friends enough time to kick you in the gut. The other laughed as you struggled to stand back upright.
Their premature victory was cut short when Natasha threw a chair down on the ground, breaking it so she could take one of the legs, and made quick work of them. You were able to help her since she was multitasking and taking care of two of the men, you were left with the other, which was an easy feat.
When all four of them were on the floor, Nat put her hands on her hips and huffed, “Christ, I just wanted a damn drink.”
You snickered, “We can still get drinks, Natasha.” She smirked and looked up from them lying on the ground to you and frowned before walking towards you and tilted your face up, “You’re bleeding.”
You cleared your throat when you realized how close she was standing and backed up to walk over to the bar and grab a napkin, “It’s no big deal, doesn’t hurt.”
After being thrown into a car by one of the Ultron Sentries at the edge of Sokovia where you’d been helping civilians out of their cars, there was a loud ringing in your ear and you were having a hard time focusing on what you were doing.
You lifted your head up from the now broken windshield to see it approaching, but the impact of hitting the car had made you too dizzy to keep it up.
You were expecting to be shot at or something, but when nothing happened, you groaned loudly and slowly lifted yourself up to see Natasha fighting the sentry with Cap’s shield.
You ran through the corridors of the SHIELD base as fast as your feet could carry you. You were going against the crowd, but you were doing your best to push people out of your way. 
Natasha was currently interrogating a prisoner, per Fury’s request, but the base was being evacuated due to a bomb threat. The walls of the interrogation rooms were very thick, so no sound could get in or out, and half of the security functions were down, including alarms and comms, so the only way to get to her was by doing it yourself. 
People were yelling at you, some of your colleagues tried to grab you, but you would be damned if Natasha died because no one had thought to tell her what was happening.
You reached the only interrogation room that was locked and grabbed your keys to unlock it with shaky hands. 
You opened the door to see Natasha standing over some man with a knife pressed to his face and she turned her head to see you and glared, “I’m in the middle of something, you’re not supposed to interr-”
“Shut up, there’s a bomb, let’s go.”
She took her gun and shot the guy in the head before hurrying out the door that you were holding open, and when she saw the look you were giving her, she said, “I was supposed to kill him anyway.”
You rolled your eyes, pushed her forward, and started running. Luckily, her interrogation room wasn’t too far from an exit and would probably take you guys less than a minute to reach.
You looked over your shoulder when you heard a loud crash and turned to see something had fallen through the roof, which you could only assume was the bomb when you heard beeping coming from behind you.
You started to run faster and pulled her hard by the arm, throwing the door open and dragging her out.
The bomb exploded, and since it wasn’t very far away, the explosion caused both of you to go flying forward. You kept hold of her the best you could, but when you hit the ground you started to roll, so you had to let go.
“Y/n?” Nat called.
“I’m fine,” You groaned before coughing into the ground.
You turned onto your back and after a few seconds, saw Natasha’s face above yours. Her warm hand was on your forearm, trying to get you to sit up, “I owe you one.”
You chuckled and shook your head but let her pull you up, “Nah, you’ve saved my ass more times than I can probably count, it’s only fair.”
She bit the inside of her lip and smiled softly, “Do something for me then?”
Your brow furrowed but you nodded, “Sure.”
Her eyes flicked down to your lips before going back up to your eyes, and you saw the look on her face as she inched closer to you, as if she was asking for permission.
You smiled and cupped her cheek with one of your hands before leaning forward and kissing her tenderly, heart fluttering when you heard the soft sounds coming from her as you brought yourself into her lap to kiss her better.
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