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ars-de-elysium · 2 days ago
I have never related to a character more then Kate Bishop using crayons to color in a diner and proudly showing their picture to their parent, AKA Clint Barton.
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burdenedwithgloriousswag · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Reminder : Loki was directed by a woman and the sound track was composed by a woman
No wonder why it’s such a bop
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mintyisdrawing · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
In a way, Thor is a Disney prince! He reminds me of Prince Edward from Enchanted, so goofy yet charming!
I couldn't choose who to draw for this episode so... this happened. I love this episode so much, you could tell 😂
IG: mintysarts
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that-bitch-12 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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nishats · 5 months ago
Hats off for Sophia DiMartino's dedication. She was having a baby during the filming of Loki, so the costume was made so that she could breastfeed her baby easily and also hide the stretchmarks. But we barely even noticed :D
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starstruckmyths · 3 months ago
I'm really glad that the way Steve was made "unavailable" for the serum was because he was shot and wounded and likely wouldn't survive the procedure, not because he wasn't "good enough" or they didn't want him. Steve still is worthy, he still is a good man, he was still picked for the serum only wasn't able to get it. It doesn't undermine him or frames him as lesser or weak, and I'm very relieved about that
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capxwinter · 5 months ago
she's an icon, she's a legend, she is the moment
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mischiefmanaged71 · 17 days ago
Call It What You Want (5/5)  - Druig x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: She remembers it all too well. All the moments where it began and the times she regretted the escalation of her self-doubt and anxieties. Time will inevitably mean she has to confront her feelings head-first.
Author’s Note: Enemies to lovers plot, spanning time periods. Send in requests for other fics if you’ve got them. I need to write and answer a couple of requests at the moment so it’ll be a process of first in, first out, lads! I love everyone who has followed this series, commented, reblogged and shown their love for my writing. It means the world to me that so many have delved into my writing and enjoyed it! One of my dreams has always been to write a novel or something akin to that. Please let me know your thoughts, I absolutely love hearing your thoughts, favourite parts and dialogue! XX I’ll definitely plan a continuation of this particular pairing because I love them. Let me know what you would like to see between them :)
Pairing: Druig x fem! Eternal Reader
Warnings: angst, slow burn enemies to lovers, canon-level violence. Prepare yourself for all of the emotions, people!
Word Count: 6.5K
The probability of Druig intervening where Y/N was involved rose significantly should there be the factor of imminent death involved in the equation. Her swift movement around the battlefield propelled a surge of anxiety in Druig’s stomach, watching her switch between gliding around the Deviant and concealing herself to hinder its attacks. The Deviant’s predatory stance looms over Y/N as she stands off against the creature, searching for weaknesses until she vaults herself off the ground. Her body becomes intangible, melding through the Deviant as she appears behind it and arks her arms, blasting it with a fierce push in its weak side. 
The breeze brushing her neck alerts her to an attack as she launches into the air and swivels in a circle. Her body floats as she dodges the swing of its tail. Pivoting, she crosses her arms and snaps to release a blast which blows the creature back through the sand. Y/N's feet hit the ground and she takes off in a strut toward the Deviant terrorising a group of cowering children. A glow takes over her eyes as she kicks off the ground and flips onto the Deviants back, yanking it back several feet from the children with a screech emanating from the creature. Her hands turn intangible, wrenching through the Deviants neck and severing crucial veins as she wrenches and the Deviant quivers, faltering onto its back legs and dropping forward. The Eternal flips and skids across the ground into a crouch to slow her body. A sudden ram into her figure halts Y/N as she turns to witness the ominous Deviant hovering over her body, its jaw large enough to encase her entire body. A cock of her head in challenge is enough, leaping into the frey. 
Druig’s eyes follow Y/N from the village as she takes on several Deviants, Kingo and Makkari occasionally leaping to her assistance while Druig handled calming the villagers who were vulnerable to attack. After witnessing countless battles, Druig knew each of them were perfectly capable of holding their own and yet a thought always lingeried in the back of his mind. The manner of Y/N’s fight style was unique to her skill set. The nature of her abilities enabled her as both a protector and a fighter which intrigued him to no end. There wasn’t a moment he could conjure up in his mind where she wasn’t at the forefront of every fight. It was in her nature to be selfless and devoted to protecting, absolving to put herself up to threats and harm in favour of the vulnerable innocents. It was something he admired about her, despite the fact they could barely stand each other or resolve anything besides attacks when situated in proximity. It justified Druig’s surprise when he witnessed Y/N almost keel over after sustaining an injury across her back while intervening an attack intended for Makkari. The pale pallor of her face when she revealed the blood on her palm was enough indication. Druig immediately insisted they head toward Ajak at the main city instead of waiting for Gilgamesh and Thena when her condition was bound to grow worse should they wait.
As soon as her head tipped, Druig leaped forward to catch her unconscious figure in his arms. Her body relaxed limply in his arms, sending a wave of concern as Druig clenched his jaw. His hand cradled her head as he glanced at Kingo’s shocked expression and dismissed it for the dire need of the situation. A golden glow took over his sight as he glanced over the village. A woman walked over to him in a trance, holding a pile of cloth in her arms which she passed to Druig. He turned the cloth over and tied it around Y/N, the glow leaving his eyes as the others wandered around and prepared to leave. Druig ignored Kingo’s concerned stare, intensely bleeding into him as he walked over. 
Kingo crouched into a squat, looking over the pallor of her face resting on Druig’s lap. The rise and fall of her chest was the only comforting thing for Kingo as he clenched his jaw and rubbed his face, glancing between Druig and Y/N. A confused expression screwed his face as he considered the situation. He opened his mouth to address Druig’s actions, but the man halts Kingo in the process.
“Don’t.” Druig objected before Kingo could address the evident change of Druig’s behaviour as he tied the make-shift tourniquet around the wound. “We’re leaving now.” heaving Y/N’s body into his arms. Her head rests against his chest, Druig turning toward the others as they make their way back. 
Upon their arrival, Sersi and Ikaris await them at the gates, confusion construing their expressions at the sight of Y/N laying limply in Druig’s arms. The normal colouring of her cheeks absent and the concern littering the group’s faces are enough indicators for them both as they glance over the pair. A foot into the city, Druig’s mind searches for Ajak’s familiar link to call on her to immediately come to treat Y/N’s injury. Druig fails to notice the looks the couple exchange as he stalks past them toward where Ajak currently resides. He walks with intent, being careful not to jostle her in his arms with each step. The sound grows quieter as Druig leaves the thoughts of others behind, growing closer to the secluded area of Ajak’s make-shift infirmary. His body parts the cloth shade, inviting him into the hut to greet Ajak. Druig’s heart beats, an uneasy feeling igniting in his stomach as Ajak urges him to lay her on her side across the bench. He gently lays her body down, stepping back as he suddenly notices the blood staining his armour. Its not entirely obvious with the black and red colouring but he can feel the dampness leaking through the cracks. His hands are stained red with her blood, Druig glancing at Ajak eagerly as he halts and drifts from the room without further explanation. 
He doesn’t understand what exactly overcomes him when he glances up at the sight of Kingo and Sersi lurking outside. His body turns rigid with the intensity of their critical stares sending an irking feeling through him. The aura of interrogation lingering in the air triggers apprehension during which Druig decides to make his departure. 
For the remainder of the day, Druig secludes himself only with his thoughts for company. Although, the minds of others always managed to make their way into his presence, whether voluntary or otherwise. At the sudden entrance of familiar voices, Druig wanders along the familiar route and halts outside the infirmary. Kingo’s voice sounds the loudest out of them all, Ajak’s figure peeking through the cloth as she exits. A warm smile glides over her features at Druig’s presence, remaining silent as she nods behind her and walks past him. Heart pattering his chest, Druig halts in his step and looks down before sliding his hand to push the cloth back. 
The conflicted expression he is met with is less than inviting when Druig steps into the hut. Makkari and Kingo’s departure does nothing to ease Y/N’s demeanour and ardent objection to his appearance. It triggers a gnawing ache in Druig’s resolve as he reignites that spark of mischief, enticing her desire to consistently disprove him. The aggressive objection of his observations hurt even more when Druig considers the consequences of her selflessness. A part of him digs at the notion, “You’ll get yourself killed one day,”. The words empty from his mouth, drawing her back in with a tug of the string. Slowly she reels back in, staring into his eyes with conviction lacing her words, “When are you going to stop and consider shutting that mouth of yours?” 
“I know you’d like me to do much more than that.” he teases, leaning closely into her face, enticed with the visible passion brewing in her stare. If not for Sersi’s interruption, he would have expected an intense rebuttal. With her departure, Druig sighs, pursing his lips as he glances at the observant eyes in the corner. 
Kingo watches with furrowed brows, perplexed at the nature of Druig’s relation with his closest friend. The on and off game of hate and tolerance confused Kingo to no end. Moreso, it ruptured a sense of protectiveness within him - something he had never felt before. Although reserved, Kingo knew within himself that Y/N could take care of herself and Druig’s reaction to her injury resolved another question in his mind. It would be a time before Druig himself would consider it, nor Y/N who wasn’t entirely aware of certain occurrences surrounding her verse. 
The blaze ravaging Tenochtitlan is enough to vehement the urge in Druig to interfere. His feet drag him next to Y/N, grimacing at the fire of shotguns and the smoke of gunpowder in the smoky air. Beyond his greater restraint, the golden glow takes over Druig’s vision as he halts the soldiers from murdering the natives. Screams rage as he takes control, a furrow in his brow while his breath quickens. A hand on his shoulder pulls him back, Ajak’s voice breaking the trance “We don’t intervene with their wars,” she repeats. 
“This is not war, its genocide,” he objects, gesturing at the blazing fires and the Spaniards that gun down the helpess innocents in the thousands. He frowns, clenching his fists at his side as the others helplessly stand in a circle and glance at Ajak who repeats the limitations preventing them from stopping it. 
Were they really sent to this planet to never interfere? They were ordered to only intervene where Deviants were involved and yet, the humans’ advancement sought violence and tragedy. The Eternals present mission seemed feeble and immoral in Druig’s sight. 
Druig’s heart clenches, an anger pulsating through his being as he turns to the others. He glances to the side as Y/N’s eyes cautiously glance between the group, frowning at the violence behind him. He recognises the internal conflict in himself, turning away to raise it again to the others who stood by and watched it unravel.
“Their weapons have become too deadly.” he notes, turning to Phastos “Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea helping them advance, Phastos.” Druig ridiculed.
“Technology is a part of their evolutionary process, Druig. It’s not exactly something I can stop.” he defended, staring intensely at the telepath who shook his head, absolving with his own retort. 
“No you can’t, but I can.” his tone raising with the elevating tension across the group. 
The building noise distresses Thena who lashes out in a bout, disassociating with reality as she lashes out at the others. She inflicts injuries on many of the group before Gilgamesh and Y/N finally manage to incapacitate her. Ajak confirms it as Mahd W’yry as she discusses the course of action. The intent of her words triggers defiance in Druig as he denies her actions. It's one more thing he can’t absolve to reject and blindly follow as they’re all accepting. It's simply not in his nature to stand by and witness suffering, not when Druig has the powers to rectify it. 
“I’m ending this.” Druig’s eyes glow, waving a hand over the city. The entranced men halt and the fighting stops for the moment. Ikaris shoves Druig’s shoulder, knocking Druig into the wall to stop him. It's already decided in his mind and nothing will stop him from acting. Druig clenches his jaw as he notices Ikaris’ hand rising, unsure of what to expect until the man is flung off his feet. Slammed against the opposite wall, Ikaris struggles against his invisible bonds and glances at the only person possibly responsible. He grunts at her, expecting her to drop them immediately at his order. Druig glances at Y/N who tilts her head at Ikaris in challenge, speaking with conviction “Don’t.” she simply denies him the moment of power. 
Sersi’s hold is the trigger for her to release her hold as Ikaris relaxes and drops to the ground. Druig’s eyes drift to her, uncertain of the sort of reaction to expect. His eyes dart away, a defence he assures to prevent his resolve from rupturing given the decision he’s about to cement. He turns his back and sways a hand over the city, his vision encased by gold when he halts ‘Don’t go’ reverberating in his mind. 
Savouring the aura of her voice in his mind, he clenches his eyes shut and descends the steps into a solitary path aside from the one set out for him. All not without bearing the weight of leaving behind unanswered questions and unspoken words with that part of him.
While each of the Eternals sought out their own avenues to bide time until their return to Olympia, Druig spent millennia occupied in the same place he always was. Everyone had left behind their past of the Eternals, situating themselves across the globe. Druig situated himself in a camp he had formed long ago, along with a population he had subjugated to stay under his protection and influence. After years of denying his nature and abilities, it seemed Druig’s resolve faltered the moment he decided to extend his influence over these people. Some days he would find his mind drifting to that day and ponder several scenarios. Often his thoughts concerned her, particularly the urgency in the internal plea. Whether she was aware of Druig’s recognition was unknown as he turned his back and dismissed it, if not, he was afraid of the consequences should he falter against his better will. 
Her appearance in his sight shocks Druig’s system for a moment as he halts in his step and scans her figure. After millennia of knowing a person, it's startling to see them for the first time in an extenuating period. Druig’s eyes travel across the present Eternals and he nods at them, gesturing to the room behind him to discuss the nature of their arrival. A pit of anxiety stirs in Druig with the building tension in the room along with the loud thoughts bounding through his skull. He closes his eyes, clenching his jaw as he walks past the group and takes his place at the front. What is more intriguing to him is the intensity Y/N exchanges through glances as Sersi explains the situation to him. When he hears her laugh, Druig draws his attention to Y/N as she narrows her eyes and scoffs at his apprehensive disposition. It seemed they returned to their usual exchange, the others silent at the expected reaction as Y/N vehemently disagreed.
Her voice drawls, “You know, I really don’t understand what goes on in that head of yours.”
“You’re not meant to.” Druig snaps, sliding his hands in his pockets. 
She creeps closer into his personal space to look directly in his eyes, whispering as a sombre look overtakes her “Do you really even care at all?” and the realisation hits Druig she isn’t referring to the people at all. 
“No,” Druig lets slip and as soon as the words leave his mouth and he witnesses her response, a dreadful guilt spills over his conscience. The way she struggles, backing away from him in affliction causes him to bite his cheek. He stares at the back of her head as she turns away, opposing Kingo at the door and storming out of the room. He forces himself to swallow the pressure in his throat and deal with the present issue in front of him. Eventually, he dismisses Sersi and the rest in an exasperated instant of craze. 
Soon enough, Druig’s mind carries on of its own accord, probing his surroundings for a familiar trail. His feet carry him through the forest, reaching the source of the diminishing uneasiness. Druig steps cautiously during the time which he approaches Y/N, recognising the hunch of her shoulders as she leans on her knees in search of relief. He closes his eyes as her thoughts filter through, lamentations over the previous fight and the hurtful strike of his words. Before he can continue to delve into this line, Druig cuts himself off and allows her that sense of privacy. 
Her eyes wander for a moment before she senses him and her walls draw back up.
“The silent treatment.” Druig surmised, “Thought we were old enough for that.” he continues, offering a semblance of humour to ease the tension, although Y/N evidently didn’t reciprocate as she hid from his sight. 
“Alright, I understand.” he accepts, given the last words he had said to her were undeserved. He laments over the situation, knowing she can hear him clearly, ignoring the temptation to guide his way into her mind beyond all reason. Druig sighs, relieving his thoughts from a chamber that has situated in his head for much longer than they should have.
“All I-all I wanted to say was, I heard you.” Druig turned to her, “I do. Even when you think I don’t or when I-when I hurt you.”
 The essence of surprise and relief that washes over him when Y/N reappears is unprecedented. “I hear you.” is all he needs, but she continues into the night that their paths diverged.  “I may not understand everything you do, but I would have stood by it-you.” 
If not for the approaching Deviants interrupting their conversation, Druig and Y/N may have revealed untold truths and answered unresolved conflicts. Yet, the tide continues rolling along and fate would have complications arise with it. Even so, in the most trivial times, we find solace in the most unlikely avenues or souls. Witnessing the pain and sorrow in her face, Druig extends a hand and grasps Y/N. Druig held her up for if he let go, it was certain she would collapse in a heap for a dreadful grief to hit her all at once. He glimpses just a sliver of the woman before him as she allows the barriers to fault for the moment. 
Scaling the hill to Ajak’s house where Thena and Makkari awaited them, Y/N's mind darted to the stilting occurrences of the previous night. The harrowing breakdown on the precipice of turning her over, the nature of Druig’s path drawing back to her. A silence bearing full force caused Druig to halt in his steps, turning to stop in front of her. He clenched his jaw, uncertainty evident in his eyes which bore into her distant person. 
“You haven’t spoken since we arrived.” he pointed out, looming over her with an inquisitive tone.
“We’re not going back to the silent treatment, are we? I don’t think I can bear the silence any longer.” Druig huffed, gauging her unmoving stance.
“I’m fine, let's just go.” she moved to step around him, Druig’s arm intercepting across her chest. She turns to him with a sigh, “What are you doing?”
“Your guard is up again.” Druig looked at her pointedly “Did I do something?”
The intensity of his stare feels as though he seeks directly into her mind and he can see everything she wishes he couldn’t. Her resolve almost folds under the pressure, holding firmly as he pushes against the barriers in the name of securing her composure. She swallows her guilt and panic, battling with the realisation of Druig’s awareness - truly with the glimpse of his concern wrecking through a fault in her mind. Her wide-eye gaze cautiously flickers to meet his patient demeanour. A flicker through her vision reflects over the anguishing moment she thought Druig was dead. The clench of her heart releases a shuddery breath from her throat during the moment she realises the devastating reality of a life without him. The prospect of seeing each and every one of someone’s flaws and growing to love those things about them, including the best parts of them. It was a stilting experience for someone who held walls up around people, especially in the case of protecting their heart. Preventing it from breaking even as you held it out for them to care and know very clearly, it was inevitable in an unjust world.
"You're shutting me out." He murmured again.
“What are you doing trying to get into my head in the first place?” she retorted, hiding behind an annoyed demeanour.
“Your thoughts are so loud, I don't even have to try.” Druig divulged.
Y/N scoffs, snapping at him, “I don't know what to tell you! Maybe try having a little restraint then!”
“Why do you always have your guard up around me, huh?” Druig shakes his head, frowning down at her. He thought there was some progress there, but there seemed to be an error in his judgement given the fervent nature of her objections.
“What are you talking about?” she shrieked
Druig senses his own resolve grow thin, matching her energy with a exasperated tone,
“You put up a wall and you hide behind it! I know. I can feel it.”
She narrows her eyes, “You’d better mind your business then.” returning to the vexing tone he was all too familiar with.
Druig scoffs, “Why are you so defensive? What are you afraid of?” although she is quite unaware of what exactly he is referring to. 
Tension builds in her composure as she explodes at him, “I’m in love with you and I’m afraid!”
Druig halts in his step, staring at her with a shocked expression as the breeze sways them, “What?”
“We were all together for so long and I was all alone. No one…no one to stand by me or care.” her voice chokes. “I’ve been alone only for people to come back into my life…and then leave. I can’t-” Her expression holds enough shock for the both of them as she backs away, shaking her head to wake from the painful reminders, “I’m afraid of what happens next.”
“Why? Am I not good enough? Would falling in love with me be so terrible?” Druig repeats, an echo of anguish in his voice.
She shakes her head and Druig clenches his jaw, trying to understand her repulsion by him. A tremble takes over, her lungs pumping to grab more air when it gradually becomes harder. She turns away, stalking off as it becomes too much.
“Don’t walk away. Do anything but that.” Druig urges, pulling her arm back.
“I can’t-” her voice shakes, hands trembling as she batters at his hold on her arms.
“Why?” he demands urgently, a tremble in his own voice.
“Because it hurts me to watch you with someone else. Because I don’t think I deserve you. You didn’t-you could never choose me. Because-I love you.”
Druig’s head snaps over to Y/N, scanning her glistening eyes for lies. She tries to shrug his hands off, but escape from his grip is a struggle. Druig pulls her back as he tries to grasp her head. The momentum pulls her into him and she looks up, missing the proximity of their faces when their lips collide. The pounding of heart alone should have sent her into a fit, eyes widening in shock. Surprise filled her at the softness of his lips until she relaxed in his hold and found herself falling into the embrace as Druig does the same. His lips meld against her own perfectly, a passionate moment overtaking them both as they forget. A wave of peace washes over Y/N, hands grasping Druig’s arms to balance her unsteady stance as she responds. A shiver runs down her back with the wandering hands at her waist. Druig breathes in between the kiss, leaning against her forehead for support, unexpecting of the kiss himself. A moment after where they just look at each other in shock and Druig leans back in to capture her lips again. Her hands wander to grasp his face and return the passionate kiss, tugging herself closer into him. The need for oxygen cut the moment off as Y/N gasped for air and searched Druig’s eyes. Always when she was this close, it was a different kind of tension than his alluring pull at the present time. Y/N felt herself falling under his captivating stare, studying her reaction while his eyes evidently flickered between her eyes and lips enticingly.
“You kissed me,” she gasped, surprise lacing her words.
Druig countered, “You kissed back,”
“I suppose I did,” Y/N rubbed her neck, watching as Druig formed the words.
“You don’t need to be afraid. I’ll always be here, even when you try to leave. If there’s something I’m good at, it’s returning to you.” Druig grasped her hand and drawing it to his face.
“You don’t-'' Y/N breathes, but Druig continues over the sound of her objections.
“-No matter the time, the distance, I’ll be there.” recognising the hurt on her face softened with each of his words. “I don’t wanna lose this with you. So please, don’t go.” Druig begged, gliding her hand to caress his cheek.
“I’m sorry for all the times I hurt you. Please, believe me when I say that I truly never meant to hurt you or make you think I could never…” Druig’s gaze fluttered to the ground until he made direct eye contact with her, “There wasn’t a day where I didn’t think about you.”
A moment passes in the air as they process the alleviated tension, allowing a revitalising breath. After all this time, it had been a case of requited feelings and agony for no apparent reason. Y/N’s flutter closed, tears escaping involuntarily during which she understood the truth of the confession.
“I blew things out of proportion.” she gasps out as Druig objects fervently, “Sorry, but you can’t take the entire blame, love.”
“Don’t cry,” he murmurs, wiping away her tears “I promise to be the reason behind that beautiful smile from now on.”
“Are you trying to flirt with me?” she mused, biting her lip with the bright smile breaking free beyond her control.
“Yes. Is it working?” He pulls her toward him, wearing that signature smirk that sends her heart hammering into her ears and shivers along her arms even as she ducks her head away with a smile, “I can’t concentrate when you look at me like that.”
He grabs her chin and stares into her eyes, “Well, you should be concentrating on me instead. Beautiful, beautiful, girl.”
A shuddered breath breaks free, her hands falling to grip his jacket and lean into him should she fall from simply swooning. Her hands slid to cling around his neck, “Are you so eager to get your hands on me?” he muses, a glint of mischief in those clear blue eyes. She always wondered what it would be to get lost in his eyes, reminiscent of a clear blue sky, or perhaps the allure of the sky reflecting off the ocean.
“Maybe I’m tired of sharing you.” Y/N declared.
“I like the sound of that,” as she slaps his arm and laughs into his neck.
Druig tilts her jaw, bringing her eyes up to his gaze “I’ve always wondered what runs through your mind,” he leaned his forehead on her’s, “Where do I fit into those dreams of yours?” he hums, swaying their bodies with the wind.
“You’ve always taken up space in my mind. Although, I aggressively denied it for a time.”  
“Until…” he drawled, circling his arms around her waist. She smirks, holding his gaze “Until I discovered there was more to you and I wanted to find out what exists behind those blue eyes.”
Druig hums, his eyes flickering in thought “I’ll take that.” he muses. His forehead drops on her’s, dimples dressing his smile along with the warmth of their embrace. The tension relaxed within Y/N in Druig’s arms, allowing a peace to blossom within her vehement internal fight. Swaying along with the breeze, Druig’s eyes fluttered shut with her name on his lips.
“I love you, and I’ll recite it every day until you believe it.”
The sun dipped below the horizon as daybreak came to an end and dusk settled into its place. A bout of laughter grew in Y/N’s chest as Druig threw his arm around her shoulders and tugged her into his chest. She grabs his waist, affectionately leaning into him while they walk down the pavement toward her house. He whispers sweet flirtations into her ear as she chuckles and retorts with a smug smile pulling at her mouth. She pushes at his shoulder playfully and laughs at the mocking expression of pain on his face. Even as he suddenly darts to grab her waist, she turns intangible and bites her lip as he falls to the ground, “Oops.”
Druig huffs, flipping over and leaning his arm on his propped leg “Look what you’ve done now. You’re messing with me, love.” he smirks.
“I’m hurt. I’m wounded.” Druig moans, hand pressed to his chest as Y/N rolls her eyes and giggles while offering a hand to pull him off the ground. He grips both of her hands and pulls her closely, biting his lip as he leans down in close proximity to her lips. His gaze flickers between her look of adoration and her lips, daring to move closer when he pauses. Druig turns his head, her hands still in his grip when he catches wind of watchful eyes. The sight of Kingo standing in front of her house causes Y/N to straighten her posture. Druig drops her hands, stepping slightly in front of her as Kingo raises his hand. At the movement, he cautiously raises his hands in submission and glances behind Druig at Y/N.
“I just want to talk.” he admits, glancing between Druig’s glare and Y/N’s albeit shocked reaction to his appearance. Her mouth gapes for a moment, comprehending his presence as she walks over it in her mind. Druig catches wind as she processes it from a glance at her concentrated expression. 
‘It’s up to you’, his voice echoes in her mind and she glances between him and Kingo, smiling gratefully at Druig as she grabs his hand. 
He hesitantly lets go and she brushes a hand on his shoulder reassuringly, ‘It’s okay,’ her voice peeking into his head.
The thrum of surprise in Kingo’s demeanour at the development is obvious to Y/N as his eyebrows perked in shock at their joined hands. Nonetheless, he remains silent and bows his head in shame as she approaches and gestures to her front door to invite him inside. He smiles shyly and follows behind her, Druig not too far off as he protectively watches Kingo’s movements. They enter the front room, Druig departing to the kitchen which reminds Kingo he’s never too far, not that Y/N would need him to step in at any point. It was an odd tension that filled the air as they sat on opposite couches. Since he could remember, Y/N and him hadn’t been at odds as the recent events had placed them. 
It was an unsettling experience that Kingo couldn’t have imagined nor wished upon anyone as he clasped his hands in front of him, leaning forward in the seat. Y/N sat across from him, abnormally calm as she studied him and waited for him to begin. 
“I…” Kingo sighed, inhaling as the words caught in his throat. He shut and opened his eyes again, “I came here today because I wanted to see how you were.”
“Oh, you came here for more than that.” she observes, noticing the evident tremor of his hands at the confrontation awaiting him.
“Right,” Kingo smiled politely, wringing his hands as he clenched his jaw. “I came here to apologise. We’ve been friends for thousands of years and I couldn’t live everyday knowing I hurt you.”
“What took you?” she murmured, leaning into her hand as confusion overtook Kingo’s features. “It's been weeks, how come you show up now?” she incited, tilting her head as Kingo bows his in guilt.
“I know and you don’t have to accept my apology at all. I’m not here to discuss the Emergence-”
“I’m still peeved about that, but let’s not open a door that’s already closed.” she mused.
Kingo nods his head, “I couldn’t help remembering the hurt on your face when I left. All of the times we’ve had each other’s back, all of it for…for me to leave you.” 
Clenching his jaw, Kingo holds back the stinging sensation in his eyes as he stares into his friend’s face which scrutinises him. Bending his head, he repeats himself “I left you…I’m sorry.”
He’s not looking for anything at all, he didn’t come with intentions to force her to accept his apology. Kingo just wanted to do the right thing by his friend, someone who had sworn to stick by his side for thousands of years only for him to abandon her. 
Feet moving into his sight causes Kingo to look up as Y/N’s eyes inspect Kingo’s guilty disposition. Her hands remain at her side as she scrutinises him, breath steady as she calmly stands before him. Kingo’s heart races, awaiting for her outburst or worse in retort. He watches as for several moments it appears her mind drifts to the prospect of it, but she straightens her posture and nods her head. 
“You left me. Do you have any idea how that feels?” she ridicules, “It’s like a promise that you break and shove into a wound. You broke it, Kingo.” as he nods his head in agreement.
“I should-I shouldn’t forgive you. What kind of best friend leaves you behind?” she scoffs, folding her arms as Kingo’s gaze stares at the floor in shame. 
A moment passes before she kicks his foot, drawing his gaze up “Right, Kin?”
The nickname causes Kingo to withdraw from his gloom, brows furrowed in confusion. He gulps and opens his mouth but he’s incoherent, “What?”
“I shouldn’t forgive you, right?” she extends her neck, nodding her head at him. The sound of footsteps entering the room draws her gaze to Druig, a glimmer of a smile drawing behind the intensity of her stare.
“What do you reckon?” she winks at Druig, leaning her hands on hips as she sways. Druig walks behind her and rest his hand on her shoulder.
“Entirely up to you, love. But personally, I’d be expecting grovelling.” he mused, a smirk sliding across his face as he revelled in Kingo’s anguish.
Y/N hummed, musing in thought “I suppose I am more merciful.” she smirked, glancing as Kingo’s face relaxed and he sighed. The tension released from his body as Y/N softened her gaze and crouched in front of Kingo. 
“Heard you loud and clear, Kin.”
And Kingo realises he had said everything aloud for her ears. A breathy laugh escapes him with the relief seeping through his bones. She extends a hand and pulls him up into a hug, interlacing her hands to squeeze him back.
“Although I was pissed for a couple weeks, I had a lot of time to think about it. You’re still my best friend and I would not like to be mad at you for long.” she smiled, although it quickly dimmed “But don’t ever do that again or I’ll let Druig do whatever he wants to you and I know you’d hate that.” she nods, a mischievous smirk lighting her eyes.
Kingo’s eyebrows furrow in worry, laughing anxiously as he flickers between Y/N’s playful smirk, and Druig’s intensely serious stare. Y/N leans on Druig’s shoulder and winks at him, relaxing his strewn features into a look of adoration as he gazed at her.
“Just one question, when did this happen?” Kingo pointed between the pair.
Y/N shook her head with a laugh, “It’s a long story, but it, uh, changed when I finally let my walls down.”
Druig snorted, a look of aghast taking over Y/N as she glanced up at him “Okay, then you tell him.” tugging Druig’s arm around her shoulders with a huff.
“Oh, she just couldn’t handle my charm any longer. It was getting too much and she grabbed me by the-” his voice cut off as Y/N pushed him backwards gently with her powers, earning a yelp from the telepath. A bout of laughter escaped her as she corrected him, “It happened a couple of weeks ago and no, I didn’t touch him as he says.”
“You kissed me!” his voice piped up as he appeared back at her side.
“Actually, you kissed me,” she retorted smartly, snapping her head back at him.
“What about the second time?” 
She hummed on beat, a twinkle of delight in her eyes “Also you,”
“How about-” as a smirk grew over his face at her flustered state and she raised her hand threateningly. 
“Lovely to see that nothing has changed,” Kingo noted, a grin finally appearing on his features as he watched the pure adoration in Druig’s eyes when he glanced at her. It was an enlightening insight into the two, the vast growth that time and experience informs. It truly does solidify the notion that with time the heart grows fonder. With time, the heart and mind act in unison despite all odds preventing it from persevering.
“It’s more so just a shift in perspective.” Y/N murmurs, gazing into Druig’s eyes affectionately. 
“Exactly.” Druig responds aloud, although his voice echoes in her mind only a second later. 
‘My beautiful, beautiful girl’ 
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