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#marvel shitpost
Steve: I can't submit this mission report. Who wrote it?
Tony: Why, what does it say?
Steve: All it says is 'Bad guys went pew-pew, we went pew-pew better. Steve got shot in the ass. #Tragic'.
Clint: ...Was I wrong, though?
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This is a legitimate request: Can someone please tell me why you hate Brie Larson? And I don’t mean hate her character or her movie. Is there a real reason why you dislike the actress? Did she say something wrong or mean to someone? If you do have a reason PLEASE provide context to what you’re referring to like interviews and stuff. I’d genuinely love to know.

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thinking about how the Bartons named their child Nathaniel Pietro Barton

thinking about the moment Wanda felt Pietro die

thinking about how sure, it’s common for these heroes to sacrifice themselves for a lot of people but you don’t always see them give their life for just one person but we saw that with Pietro

thinking about how Pietro got an arc that was pretty full and dynamic in such little time

thinking about Pietro

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living for the idea of Shuri, Peter, Ned, and all the other teenagers hosting a history/pop culture lesson for all the non-earthlings and ones who haven’t been to earth in 25+ years. Monica’s there too cause at least she knows a little of exactly where Carol and Peter Quill’s knowledge leaves off

Mantis: Wait so what is a vine?

Bucky: I know that one. It’s these long green plants that grow up other plants—

Monica: Technically, yes, but no.

Peter: They’re 6 second videos.

Quill: Then what’s the big deal?

Shuri, who already has several hour long vine compilations at the ready: Strap in, white boy.

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