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Moon boys reacting to getting a blowjob?
Oh this one is gonna be extra nsfw. Enjoy!
Pairing: Steven Grant, Marc Spector, Jake Lockey x Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, blowjobs, morning sex, shower sex, post-mission sex, rough blowjobs, dirty talk, making out
A/N: I feel like these are getting progressively dirtier with each ask.
Tumblr media
Steven would whimper and tremble as you take him in your mouth, his hands gently massaging the back of your head as you bob your head up and down
When you lick him, slowly, his hips would jerk up, wanting more of your mouth but too shy to ask for it
He would praise you over and over, thanking you for making him feel so good, only giving short, slow thrusts, for the most time giving you complete control over him and his pleasure
Wouldn't last long but would warn you when he was about to come, he likes coming down your throat of course, but also likes to see his cum across your face
He always gets a goofy, love struck grin on his face afterwards
Marc would be a little surprised when you first get on your knees for him, for the most part he likes being the one who puts his mouth on you
He would have a hard time staying still, his hips moving along with your mouth, even pulling away at times just to watch you chase his cock with your mouth and tease you for it afterwards
He knows you like it when he gets a little rough so at times he will tell you to take so much of him that you choke, but he will always let you pull away when you can't take anymore
Loves to come in your mouth and watch you swallow his load, with your eyes hazy and half lid as you look up at him
When he's off on a mission he'll hold off on touching himself, sometimes getting back before he was supposed to, letting you be the one to take the edge off, at times like that he's rough right off the bat, fucking your mouth as hard as he can, however he always makes sure you're not hurt afterwards
Jake is the type who likes to be woken up by a blowjob in the morning, it's the perfect way to wake up for him, even better if he also gets to get you off at the same time, to feel you moan around his cock
He's a little spontaneous, sometimes getting hard in the shower or while dinner is being made, asking you to help him with his problem, down on your knees for him
Likes to keep a firm hold on you, keeping you still as he fucks your mouth until he's bottomed out
Teasing and edging is something that he does like being done to him, especially when you slowly circle your tongue around the tip, slowly closing your mouth around it only to pull away after wards
However if you to that then you better be ready to take every last drop of his cum down your throat, and if you can't then you better be ready for the punishment that comes after, or reward, depending on how you look at it
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dazed & confused
wanted a woman, never bargained for you // lotsa people talking, few of them know // soul of a woman was created below (i like it)
Tumblr media
sorry this took so long, i got horny multiple times while writing this & had to seek jesus (couldn't find him)
most smut fics are love letters, this? this is hate mail. to stephen strange, specifically. consider this my honest attempt at enemies to lovers. pushing my three favourite agendas: doctor stephen strange, pasta and led zeppelin.
spotify link to the recommended record to play.
warnings: enemies to lovers, trust issues, overthinking/insecure!reader, 18+: face-sitting/riding, dirty talk, stephen's whore mouth, pet names, hitting it from the back sorcerer style, some light bondage, creampie, just filth, okay? softdom!stephen that knows you can be a good girl if you put a little effort into it. brat taming, maybe? word count 8.5k
Tumblr media
"Open up. Open wide," Stephen's stern voice instructed, rolling over you in a wave of exasperation.
You hummed to convey your indignation but relented, parting your lips until the bones of your jaw creaked and the muscles in your cheeks grew taut. Saliva gathered at the back of your throat, tickling it, as you concentrated on not swallowing. Some of it spilled into the corners of your mouth; any other time, you would be mortified as droplets of it slid down your cheek, with Dr. Strange so close to your face that subtle whiffs of his cologne were beginning to reach your nose.
It twitched. So did Stephen's lips.
You could sense the snarky remark bubbling up to the surface of his throat before he even made a sound.
"Be. Still."
I AM TRYING! You attempted to convey, humming angrily and rolling your eyes.
Stephen kept eyeing the runes burnt into the sides of your cheeks and the roof of your mouth all the while his hands kept up a rapid pace, their glow casting a theatre of shadows on his angular face. His cheekbones popped. The treacherous, red curve of his mouth was tense, chapped lips pursed, silver hairs gleaming in his beard that adorns his Cupid's bow.
As your eyes adapted focus, you noticed the large amount of discoloration. It was like Stephen glittered in the golden shine of his spellwork; as it exploded into trillions of little sparks, they set his entire face alight. Like the sun itself had split into opaque gemstones to adorn him.
You forced your eyes to focus on a crack in the ceiling, letting your breath slowly, shakily exit through your nose.
Stephen Strange was a beautiful bastard.
You've told him so - patronisingly, of course, as part of the frequent verbal stand-offs you two had. It was a tale as old as the world: he'd play the superior card, you'd quietly roll your eyes and continue to do your thing - Stephen would annoy you until you were forced to acknowledge him; you, being no blushing maiden, spared him not from the sharpness of your tongue and your wit.
Still, you were glad he wasn't reckless enough for his ego to get in the way of saving people's lives. Most of the time, at least. If you were forced to pair up, there was a reasonable truce until the immediate threat was removed from this universe. The banter during clean-up, you could deal with. It was fun sometimes, even, Stephen's short fuse making him an easy target to unload some pent up frustration onto.
Worstie, a word of the slang variety, snuck into your head as you contemplated the sickly-beige paint on the ceiling. A quick amused chuff escaped you, causing Stephen's focused face to turn down.
"Are you seriously laughing right now? Most of your mucosa is covered in second degree burns."
It was the accusative amusement that had you reeling, internally of course. You briefly set your eyes back on his, making sure he knew your spirits remained as high as ever.
Strange offered a noise of his own. The corners of his mouth upturned again.
"You know, I find you more agreeable this way. Finally, some peace and quiet around here," he remarked conversationally, placing a large, cool, glowing palm over you throat that immediately soothed any lingering discomfort from the enemy's spell. "You could even pass as cute when you're not talking." Evidently, he was enjoying your temporary shift in dynamics.
Temporary, it's only temporary, you told yourself, keeping your breathing even as Stephen obviously tried to make his best of the situation and get a rise out of you. The realization of him being able to win, proverbially speaking, only when you were incapacitated, filled you with no small joy.
"... but that's the good news," he picked up. "The bad news is that I can fix this, but it is going to hurt. A lot."
"Zo it," you rasped, feeling your mucous membranes crack and bleed simply from uttering two garbled syllables.
The sorcerer's pointed look lingered on your face, uncomfortably close and soundlessly loud. His fingers twitched along your jawline.
"Alright," he nodded, to himself, and withdrew to perform a set of complicated hand gestures over your prone form.
It burned, worse than the wretched curse itself. The skin was peeling off you, quite literally this time, taking the runic markings with it, cleansing your vessel with fresh blood. The urge to gag was overwhelming as iron and copper flooded your mouth, dribbling crimson down the corners of your mouth. Your hands clutched at the sides of the chair until your knuckles lost all color; round, fat teardrops slid down your cheeks as your chest heaved.
Stephen observed you with a clinical eye, blinking rapidly as the spell lit up for the final time before dissolving in on itself and taking most of the pain with it. You could breathe again, even if the cool air in the room felt like ice directly over the burns. Sharp and stinging.
"Fanks," you rasped, testing out your vocal capabilities and pain levels, both of which you found bearable.
"Alas, peace never lasts long," the corners of Stephen's mouth returned to their usual, condescending position.
His hands found their frivolous way back to your face, holding it in place as sharp eyes examined the tender inside of your mouth. A long, slender finger reached out for the corner of your eye, wiping a stray tear away from your fluttering lashes, followed by his thumb diligently flicking off the blood at the crest of your lips.
If you wouldn't know any better, you'd think the touch was caring. Tender, even, as the sorcerer's oh so earnest stormy blues traced the fine lines of your face. But you did - know better. It was humiliating, being treated for your boo-boos like a moody child.
You closed your mouth, hands immediately flying to massage the sore, tense muscles of your jaw.
Stephen withdrew his fingers rapidly, clasping them over his stomach.
"Wong took care of the stragglers?" You murmured, carefully enunciating your words. Chit-chatting was going to be out of the question for the next couple of days.
"As always," Stephen's reply was curt, his eyes cast on the wall.
"I guess I'll go sleep it off then," you conceded, spying the clock, its arms showing a little past midnight. Why couldn't the bad guys pick a better time of the day to execute their nefarious, stupid plans?
"That would be best," the sorcerer shuffled in place before clearing his throat. "Doctor's orders."
The tongue-in-cheek remark had you obstinately emit a scratchy laugh. Insufferable, as always, no stress or tragedy could put this man out of his saucy commentary.
You voiced your thoughts on the topic. "Cheeky bastard!"
With a shake of your head, you conjured up a portal directly to your bedroom, stepping into it and lifting up an arm to say goodbye as it closed up behind you, totally missing the long, tired sigh coming from the tall man.
Your apartment greeted you cold; a beeline for the shower and clothes thrown carelessly onto the ground, the smell of French vanilla and sandalwood from your favourite candles - their flames danced, casting moving shadows over the walls. As you paused to remove the last layers of sweat-soaked fabric, the angular obscurities caught your eye, freezing you in your tracks.
Some sorcerers found shadows jarring - it was the reason for the Sanctum's skyrocketing electricity bills - the moving, dancing spots reminded the dimension wanderers of places better left unseen. And you jumped, too, at first, but then a brief memory crossed your mind.
Stephen's sharp features. The way that light, any light, drew immediate attention to his sculpted bone structure and straight, regal nose. When he had leaned over you, as close to share a breath, you traced the smile lines on his skin, the odd scar over his lip. He was sharp, as in mind, so in body. Even the hair he so meticulously styled (must've taken all morning) was divaricate in it's curve.
Under the hot, soothing spray of water, in the privacy of your shower, you allowed yourself to entertain thoughts that usually were kept at bay. Images of Stephen shirtless, dripping with the blood of your shared enemies; chest heaving and strong, defined muscles of his back tense. The way clear sweat rolled down the groves along his spine just to disappear beneath the waistband of his pants that slouched low on his hips.
"Fuck," you muttered, sticking your flaming face right beneath the spray. The droplets bounced off it as you held your breath.
An arduous pull, deep and low in your belly, the kind that rode on the tailwind of an adrenaline rush, had quickly blossomed into a heaviness that sat like a two-tonne blunder, immovable and annoying. Only pure spite and the rumbling of your stomach gave you the willpower to push the knob, turn the water off and throw on some sweatpants to depart for your kitchen.
Briefly flicking through a take-out app, you abandoned the idea of ordering food at this ungodly hour, deciding to throw together some ingredients for a quick and delicious pasta.
Thoughts of Stephen still lingered on your mind, stubborn as the man himself. You didn't want to give into the feelings, completely unwilling to admit the man had somehow found a way under your skin. He still had regular coffee dates with his ex, for fuck's sake! You deserved better than someone's leftovers.
As you felt yourself begin to think in circles, your hands groped for your phone again, connecting it to the Bluetooth speaker and turning it up to highest acceptable volume in the dead of the night. Sultry guitar, intermingled with god-tier vocals, was exactly what you needed to silence your inner turmoil.
Hand busy with cutting and chopping, your legs swayed your tired body to the rhythm as it partook in the mindless task.
One song blended into another as your peace was suddenly disturbed by the sound of your doorbell ringing. Startled, you waited for the shrill noise to repeat itself; it did, more insistent the second time.
Ashamed, you turned down the music somewhat, hastily rushing to the door with a polite smile glued to your face and apologies ready to go. As quietly as you could, you cracked the door open.
"Hi," Stephen was leaning on the wall next to your door, forearm raised. "Took you a while."
"Don't tell me there's another emergency," the smile slid off your face to be replaced by surprise at the choice of his attire.
The ever-present Cloak of Levitation was draped over a baby blue hoodie with a Columbia logo on it. Stephen's sweatpants looked soft and worn and the brand name tennis shoes screamed "upper class middle-aged man". You've seen him in jeans in cardigans, sure, but like this? He looked like he'd just rolled out of bed.
"Sort of," he looked over your shoulder, eyes darting over the items in your apartment. "Wong forgot to renew protective wards. The Sanctum is snowed in. I've got some apprentices rounding up the penguins as we speak," at least he had the decency to look sheepish.
"Penguins?" You wondered, lips twitching at the funny way he was saying that word. "And what does that have to do with me? I'm on sick leave," your eyebrow rose.
"I thought I could bum on your couch?"
No please, no thank you. Both of your eyebrows now rose, appalled at his audacity. You contemplated telling him to book a hotel room, but hesitated, remembering the quick and efficient way he dealt with your wounds a few hours ago. With a sigh, you opened your door, leading him into your apartment.
"Leave your shoes in the corridor and lock the door," you walked back into the kitchen, eyeing the unfinished pasta. A quick survey of the items, you deduced it would be enough for both of you with some to spare. After all, you weren't raised in a barn.
Unlike some people.
Stephen ogled the various knick-knacks scattered around your kitchen and living room without reservation, coming up as far as to pick up and study every photo you had on display. To mask your annoyance, you turned the music back up, pointedly ignoring the creeping feeling of impending doom.
"Is that you as a baby?" Stephen could not hold back his curiosity anymore. He held up a framed photo of a grinning, chubby toddler.
"That's my cousin," your voice dripped with irritation. "Hasn't anyone taught you not to snoop?"
"It was on display," he retorted without missing a beat, but nonetheless put the frame down and approached you, eyeing the chopped onions with suspicion. "Should I worry about getting poisoned?"
"Yes," the deadpan response made him bark a laugh. "But I have one bathroom, so I'll save it for the morning."
"Who said I won't spend the day?" Stephen crossed his arms, staring you down from where he leaned against the counter. "Squatter's rights."
"My neighbours love death metal," the garlic plopped next to the onions and went into the pan, rich aroma immediately filling up the kitchen space. "Especially at eight in the morning. Teenagers, right?"
You could hear the smile creep into Stephen's voice even though his face didn't change one bit. A cherry tomato was quickly snatched from under your knife and plopped into his mouth without as much as a warning.
"Nothing wrong with death metal," his baritone dropped. "I prefer classic rock, but to each their own."
As you prepared to fire off a few choice words about his delinquent thieving tendencies, Stephen pointed at the Bluetooth speaker:
"Led Zeppelin, Dazed & Confused, playing live in Los Angeles in 1972. With bits and pieces of Walter鈥檚 Walk and The Crunge," he rattled off, looking, for once, exceedingly proud of himself.
"Huh," the knife froze in your hand as you processed the influx of information. Not knowing what to add, you settled for a flat, "good song. Now stop eating the ingredients."
Stephen laughed once more, no trace of the usual snark and condescension audible in his voice.
"Robert Plant was only 23 when this was recorded."
The water had come to a boil; you dumped the pasta in, stirring the sauce with your other hand. It smelled heavenly; you prayed the music was loud enough and Stephen couldn't hear the chorus of growls coming from your stomach.
"Nerd," you accused him, for a lack of better things to say.
His presence behind you was felt, not seen. With his larger frame inches away, you could smell his aftershave and the leftover crisp of snow he must've brought from the Sanctum. It made your shoulders tense: for the second time today, Stephen was so close, your body involuntary flooded with molten led, warmth spreading from all the small places where you two almost touched.
You felt your knuckles begin to creak with how tightly you had been holding onto the spatula; it took a criminal amount of care to place it on the side of the pan without causing a flurry of noise.
An arm wrapped itself around your waist, letting your back connect with Stephen's chest. The shock froze your limbs and you let yourself be swayed along to the music, electricity sparking up your spine, a slow current running through your heart, your stomach and your hips.
"Everybody's been talking and I swear they been talkin' trash..." Voice low and quiet, the singing coming from the man was more of a hum.
It was still enough for you to strain your hearing, for the rich baritone to add more fuel to the fire of sudden craving.
"The way you push me, I can't take too much of that," another hand, large and warm, took hold of your own that hung limply by your side, bringing it up.
C'mon, c'mon, show me the way! I want to make love to you, little girl, twenty-five hours a day!
You felt true to the song title: dazed by the sudden display of affection and confused by Stephen's unbothered, easygoing attitude. He shelved his vitriol the moment his working hours were over, it seemed. It put you on edge.
Somehow, you thought, that if you'd respond with your usual snark, he'd double down on this strange amicability. And you weren't sure you'd be able to take that. Had he finally realized that the best way to get under your skin would be to play nice? To be friendly right up until you let your guard down and strike right then and there?
"Do I really repulse you that much?" His words startled you out of your negative spiral.
You shook your head, annoyed at yourself and at him.
"You infuriate me," honesty was better than an obvious lie in this case, you decided. Rationed honesty. You weren't about to tell him of the thoughts you entertained in your solitude.
Stephen let go of your waist but kept your hand in his. Without any effort, he spun you, once, slowly, for you to see a wicked smile plastered on his face.
"The feeling's mutual."
You stayed in position, looking up at his face for the longest moment. His neutral-positive expression had you walking a high wire over the abyss of his stormy blue eyes: if you allowed yourself to be distracted, you'd lose all sense of balance and fall, fall, fall...
The sauce was begging for attention at this point and you turned to tend to it, using the few moments of your face being hidden to realign yourself from the bastard's attempts to throw you off-kilter. Who knew it would be sudden tenderness to be the one to put sticks in your wheels? You had done a great job of keeping unnecessary crushes in check before he came along.
The silence became pregnant and you hated it.
"If I had the chance to time-travel, you best believe I wouldn't go kill baby Hitler and shit. I'd go and see these guys live, it would be by far more emotionally satisfying," you offered the first thing that popped into your mind, eager to aid the awkward moment.
"Isn't that right?" He sounded a little too jovial to be surprised. "A wise choice, considering you've studied the effects of time. Intervention in the flow of it would be unwise. You'd look great in flared pants."
"Nerd," you repeated yourself, this time without any heat, choosing to disregard the odd compliment. "Some things are just about enjoyment, for the kick of it. Without any second thoughts. Do you not have hobbies you enjoy?"
"Protecting your reality is a full-time job that demands an unfair amount of overtime," the sorcerer deadpanned, coming up and taking the pot of pasta to drain it without being asked.
"No wonder you enjoy making my life difficult if that's the only thing you do," your mumbling got lost in the sounds of pouring water. Or so you thought.
"And you don't?" As he set the pasta next to the saucpan, his expectant eyes turned to your face, scanning it with rapt attention.
A sigh, one of many when it came to him, left your mouth. You dumped the pasta directly into the sauce, giving it a good stir, before taking the pan off the heat and putting a lid on the food. Mimicking his defensive stance, you leaned against the opposite counter, crossing your arms.
"I'm not the one to yield."
Stephen advanced, trapping your body between it and himself by resting his palms on the counter and lowering himself to your eye-level, an annoying little smirk curving his mouth and drawing your eyes to his lips.
"As a matter of fact, there is something I enjoy," the sorcerer spoke, his breath fanned over your face, landing directly onto your lips.
Your tongue darted out in response, wetting them, as your mouth had suddenly gone dry and heartbeat rose upward in your chest, sitting uncomfortably close to your esophagus.
Seemingly unbothered, Stephen continued, "and that is you. The way you scrunch your nose when you're mad..." His eyes briefly slid down to it, "adorable."
You could only blink, mouth parted and chin lowered. The more you stayed quiet, the wider his smirk grew.
"Your idea of flirting is pelting someone with insults?" Not being one to back down so quickly, you voiced your bafflement.
"And yours isn't?"
No, you wanted to say, but that would have been a lie. Your standoffs, for that they were annoying, definitely had done the job and brought you two together. Closer than ever, in fact. Stephen was barely three inches away from you, lips inviting and face earnest. In his own way.
To back down right now would be to lose.
Eyes squeezed shut, you tasted the offered fruit of Stephen's lips by slotting your mouth over his, surpassing any attempt at finesse. Months of pent-up frustration and a sense of determination stronger than your fear of rejection pushed you to break your number one personal rule of not getting attached to things that could be bad to you.
And Stephen was bad. In the split second it took for your lips to connect, one of his hands flew up to cradle the side of your face, holding you in place as his mouth sinfully devoured yours. It seemed like he had gotten used to holding back, too, evidenced by the sheer hunger that twisted his tongue around yours in a dance of lust and longing.
Blood rushed to your head as the realization set in. Stephen had been pining, maybe even helplessly clutched at the tiles in the privacy of his shower, chasing the hunger pangs for your body with fleeting moments spent together, straining to see things he thought weren't there.
Those sinful images of his bare back flooded your head: skin like caramel, clear droplets sliding down the hills and valleys of strong muscle littered with freckles and moles; like melted sugar or molasses, you craved to collect every sweet drop with your mouth. A low moan rose from your throat, immediately absorbed into the kiss.
Stephen withdrew, panting and flushed, lips glistening with spit.
"Your mouth, does it hurt?"
Aside from the pounding in your temples and the inferno raging in your abdomen, you could feel absolutely nothing. He'd consumed you completely. Not trusting your mouth, you shook your head negative, blinking as it swam and black dots appeared in the field of your vision.
"Good," a curt nod and his hands were back on your hips, figure looming over you and piercing blue eyes staring you down with an expression of exasperated longing.
Before you got cold feet, you decided it best to take matters into your own hands. His stomach tensed under your palms as you placed them, pushing on his body until he took a step back. And then another, this time seasoned with a small noise of confusion.
"Bedroom's that way," you waved your head in the direction of the door, biting your lip at the eager way he immediately turned and, for the lack of a better word, towed you towards it.
Candlelight still danced in the twilight of your bedroom, the space warm and smelling divine. You reached for his hoodie, pulling it upward before the back of his knees hit the bed; blue fabric dropped at your feet the second Stephen landed on your mattress, hands flying up to your waist to steady himself. The simple white tee did nothing to hide his toned physique.
Your hands brushed the immaculately groomed beard, traversing his strong jawline before setting down at the juncture of his neck. You leaned in to place a chaste kiss on his lips, mesmerized by his face in the candlelight. Stephen was just like the sun, for staring at him for too long was dangerous.
"You beautiful bastard," you whispered against his lips, met with a resonating chuckle. Your fingers tangled in the hair on the nape of his neck.
"That's a new one," in retaliation, he bit down on your bottom lip, soothing the sting immediately afterwards by sucking the skin into his mouth and pulling you head-on into another passionate kiss.
Stephen abandoned the curve of your waist in favour of sliding his hands up, mapping the broad of your back and tracing his fingertips down the knobs of your spine. The t-shirt you wore did very little to shield your skin from the electric sparks that his touch brought to your skin. Rows and rows of goosebumps followed in it's wake.
You swore your brain short-circuited when he reached under your shirt. No amount of fantasy could have prepared you for the response of you body when Stephen traced the outline of your breasts, clever fingers immediately finding your nipples pebbled and standing at attention, begging for it as you were driven to push up and into his touch.
Lips migrated from your mouth to your neck.
"Someone's eager," the hot whisper tickled the shell of your ear before Stephen's teeth scratched the tender skin of your neck.
Defiantly, you pressed your knees further into his lap, coming to something unmistakably hard between his legs. The breath he was holding got stuck somewhere between his nose and his throat, erection twitching in his sweats.
"Yeah," your voice was scratchy, snark bleeding into a noise of approval as he squeezed one of your breasts, pinching the other's nipple just shy of painful.
Unclutching your hands from his shoulders was difficult, when you felt like you had to fight to remain in this plane of existence least your arousal shut down all your senses except for the ones needed to experience the torture of his touch. You could spend an eternity like this, in his arms, like a musical instrument in the hands of a prodigy, being expertly, effortlessly brought to a steady crescendo.
"Greedy, greedy girl," Stephen rasped as your hands slid down his chest, fingers and nails mercilessly raking down it and messing up his shirt. He used momentum to rid you of your own top, surfacing bleary-eyed and with toussled hair. "Gonna fuck all that attitude out of you. Isn't that what you need, huh?"
With an impish grin, he wrapped his lips around one of your nipples, applying blissful suction.
Your hands roamed his chest, squeezed the tightly knit muscles of his shoulders almost vengefully. You caught his moan in your mouth, not wanting to give him the satisfaction just yet.
"I can name five better things for your mouth to do rather than talk smack." The impatience, the need you felt demanded a way out. You winced at how needy it made you sound.
Stephen scratched you nipple with his teeth, hiding a momentary grin between your breasts to surface flushed and smirking. His hands found your hips, pushing down your pants with ease, lifting your leg one after the other.
The moment his knuckles touched the soft, sensitive skin of your inner thigh, you shuffled in place - he was so close, almost at the apex, where moisture had left a wet spot on your underwear.
It didn't go unnoticed by him.
"Aww, you're already spreading your legs? Darling, I just touched the inside of your thigh and you're already presenting for me, huh?" Stephen mocked your wide-eyed wonder. His fingertips traced the outer seam of your panties, causing fine hairs to stand up all over your body. Finding you mum and defiant, holding your breath, he reached out a thumb to swipe right at the rapidly growing wet spot. "Showing off for me?"
Your full-bodied shuddering didn't escape the rapt attention of the doctor, either: his hawk's eyes watched you, documenting the conflicting microexpressions, your consideration to just giving in and your inherently stubborn nature.
"Stephen," you warned, threatening not sure what.
The man rubbed a few circles over your clit, delighting in your soft trembling, before placing a chaste kiss on your tummy. The energy between the two of you was electric; like the stand-still air before a storm.
You stumbled when he suddenly grabbed hold of your ass, pressing you into him ass he used his mouth, lips and teeth to mark the expanse of your stomach.
"You were saying, darling?"
You grabbed his hair, pulling it in retaliation. It was not fair how quickly he turned you into a mindless puddle of lust.
"You're an ass."
Stephen chuckled, using his larger form to pull you into him even further, forcing you to crawl onto your bed, only coming to a rest when his head hit the middle of your mattress and you were kneeling between his spread legs.
The outline of his cock in the dark grey sweats immediately drew your attention; it looked thick and long. You audibly swallowed the saliva that gathered in your mouth at the sight.
"None of that," he caught on sternly, pushing you higher up his body, until you were straddling his midsection. And higher, placing your core almost over his face. Your noise of confusion was met with a smug smirk. "You want to shut me up. Do your worst, baby."
There was little more to do that blink; in a second Stephen pressed his nose directly into the soaked gusset of your panties, taking an obscenely loud and indecently long breath. The sculpted appendage brushed your clit, sending little sparks deep into your pussy.
Your eyes fluttered shut, hips involuntarily sinking down, seeking more friction as you became hyperaware of the throbbing in your cunt.
"Nu-uh, keep your eyes open. Look at me, baby," his voice hoarse and slightly muffled, Stephen gripped the meat of your ass to grind you against his face, using his teeth to move your panties to the side. "Make a mess."
Fuck me up, was what you really heard. As soon as your bare skin came in contact with the roughness of his chapped lips and his beard, what thoughts remained quickly took the exit. Experimentally, you ground down, wincing, hearing the slick noises coming from your body.
"Fuck," you groaned through gritted teeth, gripping the man's shoulders for support. Having gotten a sample taste of him, you couldn't stop.
Stephen stuck out his tongue, eagerly lapping up what slick you produced, not caring about it dripping down his chin and glistening his cheeks. The increase in speed and desperation coming from you only egged him on.
"That's a good girl," the sorcerer honest-to-god moaned in between strokes. "You love it like this, don't you?"
"Yes," you rasped, chasing your fill of pleasure. His nose was positioned just right, catching onto your clit with every upstroke and brushing over your labia as you desperately fucked your sloppy hole onto his tongue. "So good."
The grin made an appearance once more; he held your eye, watching with rapt attention as your own vision drifted in and out of focus, swayed on the waves of pleasure.
You were sure his fingers on your ass were going to leave marks for days.
He was holding onto you as fiercely as you rode his face, blue eyes shamelessly documenting every bit of desire on your open face.
The tip of his tongue flicked around your cunt, dipping into the hole to collect the moisture and immediately diving back, over and over. You'd never been devoured so completely and it turned your legs to jelly. Your thighs shook, breasts heaved in rhythm with your hips.
Stephen winked, dragging your pretty much useless form over his face, sucking your clit into his mouth.
You eyes flew shut. The direct assault on your pulsating, sensitive clit was too much; you couldn't take it, torn between pulling away and putting more weight to allow yourself to finally get what you had been craving ever since stepping foot in the shower.
"Stephen, I want to come," you demanded, movements growing sloppier with each passing second.
"What's stopping you?" His innocent inquiry was overshadowed by more and more wet, slippery noises and satisfied groaning.
"It's-" a whine escaped you, thought process interrupted die to his wet beard dragging along your engorged labia majora, "I need more!"
As your bottom lip disappeared behind your front teeth, you could only blink in a lust-induced stupor as golden ropes entwined parts of your body. Suddenly, you found yourself staring up at Stephen, the familiar, soft fabric of your comforter under your back.
Lips shaking and face completely drenched, the sorcerer tore the magic binds, grinning dangerously at your prone form.
You swallowed, legs twitching around his waist. The rapid change in position gave you slight vertigo as blood rushed from your cunt back to your head.
"My, my, what do we have here?"
Stephen used a single finger to move stray hairs, that had been stuck to your clammy cheek, out of your face. The sorcerer's grin only grew as his eyes darted to your flexing throat.
"Aww, baby, I know you need to be filled up to come," he cooed, watching your lips part to take in a shuddering breath, "that little hole is practically begging for me to put something in it. Will you be good for me?" Eyes round and voice soft, Stephen had your full attention. "I know you want to be good for me."
You could do little more than blink, having been pushed further and further into mindless lust by the doctor's honeyed, filthy words. His eloquent speech patterns, wrapped in that deep, velvet baritone, had permanently elevated your standards for dirty talk in just two sentences. You dripped from his voice alone.
The thick, hard flesh of his cock slapped against your tummy, immediately forming a wet, sticky spot under the round, leaking tip.
You arched into him. "I'll be good," you mumbled, swallowing the last remnants of your pride.
"What's that?" He pressed a soft kiss to your forehead, kicking off his pants completely, covering you with himself, trying to touch as much of you as physically possible. "Didn't hear you, baby."
"I'll be good for you," you looked up at him through your lashes.
The change in him was instantaneous. The angles of his face grew sharper than ever, lips pursed into a firm smirk. The glint in his eye was positively demonic as he leaned down to pepper your face with more light, airy kisses.
"If I had known before, that all it takes for you to be sweet is putting my mouth on your cute little pussy," he began to grind his hips slowly, angling his cock to hit the spot between your pubic bone and your thigh. "I woulda pulled up one of those patterned skirts you wear right in the Sanctum's kitchen and bent you over the the counter until your word vomit ceased completely."
Despite the cruel-sounding words and the attitude, you sensed no malice coming from the man above you. Your arms had wound around his neck, your hips clumsily attempted to match the pace of his rutting.
Stephen nuzzled into your neck, inhaling the scent of your sweat and smearing your own arousal all over. "You taste divine."
His confession had you take in a shuddering breath, mewling, as his cock slid right over your pussy, giving a touch of barely-there pressure over your engorged clit. Your hips had a mind of their own, chasing after him, fevered and yearning, core hungry and hollow.
"Stephen," your voice cracked with the force of need pulling you taut like a string.
He wasn't done talking yet, but the pace and force of his hips increased, now applying more and more friction to the outer parts of your cunt.
"I know, baby," he soothed, taking hold of your hand and placing his palms over them, leaning on his forearms next to your head. "I'll make it all better, all you have to do is ask. Beg, pretty girl, beg me and I'll give it to you."
Figures. It would be exactly like Stephen, to demand the impossible. You exhaled a slow breath through your nose, mustering up a miligram of dignity to stare the smug doctor down. You sure as hell didn't beg!
It was obvious he had expected some kind of pushback. His grin turned sadistic as his cock slid lower, brushing over your sopping entrance: he froze in place, keeping you at the tip of his cock, heat pouring off him in waves, chest rising and falling rhythmically.
In a split second decision, you attempted to wiggle your hips to get as much of him, as quickly possible.
"Nu-uh," he pulled away from the immediate wiggle zone. "You promised you'll be good," he reminded you, rubbing his damp facial hair, tickling you in the process. "Only good girls get to come on my cock. And you can be so, so good darlin'..." He trailed off, carefully pushing himself back into your space.
You evaluated your options, quickly and painfully coming to a realisation there was no other choice but to swallow the lump of pride and put some work into your own release.
"Please," you mumbled, cheeks ablaze. The words rolled off stiff and clumsy off your tongue, quiet in their novelty. "Please, fuck me."
"We're getting somewhere," his powerful thighs opened you up to him, cool air spreading over your heated sex, "you're being so good for me," another kiss landed over your parted lips, more breathless than the last, "now one more time, show me you mean it."
"Please, fuck me, Stephen," the force of your desire seeped into your words, finally breaking through the dam of embarrassment and trepidation. You mewled again, a high, soft noise, as the fat head of his cock sunk in an inch into your wet cunt.
"Fuck, baby," he grunted through gritted teeth as his eyes squeezed shut. "You have no idea what you do to me."
Slowly, Stephen slid another generous two or three inches in; about halfway through.
The muscles of your sex spasmed, accepting the intrusion and eagerly flexing around his cock, attempting to suck him in for all his worth. You felt every ridge and vein on his girthy, heavy cock, his face blurry in front of your eyes.
"Oh God," you uttered, sensing the gargantuan amount of restraint it took him to not just slide in: Stephen's arms trembled, tummy taut and tense.
As your body accepted the intrusion, he wasted no time in slamming his hips into yours, bottoming out with a single, powerful thrust. Stephen pulled back almost completely and forced his way inside again, allowing himself to enjoy the hot, snug grip of your cunt.
"My sweet girl," his voice little more than an unintelligible growl, his head dropped in a search for your lips. "I got you baby, I got you," sensing you teetering on the brink of overstimulation, he captured your mouth and shoved his tongue down your throat, uncaring about the guttural noises clawing their way out of it.
Stephen fucked you with languid, powerful thrusts that shook your bedframe and slid your body upwards as his cock nosed at the deepest parts of your cunt, a wet, sloppy noise echoing in the room every time he pulled away from you. Your lust flowed freely, soaking your thighs and his, causing your bodies to stick together.
He shifted his hips one way and another, groaning into the kiss with every noise you made, humming as they grew in volume.
And then your world briefly stilled. Your tummy clenched and pussy gushed as Stephen's cock touched a spot that had been often left neglected by your past partners; the scratch of Stephen's trimmed pubic hair brushing against your clit amplified the sensation tenfold, your pussy flexing around his cock.
"There we go," Stephen chuckled breathlessly, and shoved his cock right up against that spot again.
And again, and again, and again...
All you could do was keep your mouth open for the most needed oxygen to get to your lungs; quite literally, the man had stolen your breath away. Noises of intermediate volume left you on the exhales, but you paid them no mind, the sensation having had demanded your full attention. Eyes wide open, they stayed firmly on Stephen's flushed, kind face.
"You look so beautiful when you're about to come," the corner of his mouth lifted into a sheepish grin as he kept up the same even, brutal pace with his hips.
Shit, you realised. You really were about to come.
"S-Step-phen," you voiced your surprise with slurred syllables. "Doc, whas'.."
"Shh, baby," his smile grew. "Don't force it. Just let it happen. You'll feel so good, I promise," he punctuated the softness of his words with a kiss to the slack corner of your mouth.
You obeyed. Despite the aching, pulling desire, you choose to obey his words, letting go of the tension in your abs and hips. The relaxed state of your body allowed Stephen to settle in even deeper between your legs as they fell open, ravishing you; the good doctor had just the perfect cure for the tension you carried around all day, every day.
"That's my girl, you're doing so well for me, so precious, so sweet," the sweet nothings whispered into your ear was like taking small sips of nectar on a hot summer's day.
"Fuck-" you whisper-shouted, body immediately responding to the hold Stephen's words had on your mind.
It seized as your orgasm began: waves that rocked your entire being, starting as small contractions in the bottom of your cunt and spreading throughout your stomach, wave after wave of bliss, until it reached your toes and made them curl in utterly sweet agony. The tide was strong and high, sweeping you under the water and carrying you through the afterglow all with the help of Stephen's gentle, passionate words.
His hips has slowed down somewhat, the motion becoming more fluid in nature; thump-thump-thump of his heart pressed against your chest. He was everywhere, savouring your release just as much as you had enjoyed the supernovae of his skillful touch.
Words didn't come easy to you, but you tried nonetheless. "Stephen, please," you weren't sure what you were begging for. On one side, your sensitive cunt still throbbed and gushed; on the other, you longed to feel the man lose himself in you like you'd lost you mind in his arms just moments ago.
"That's my girl," he chuckled weakly, delicately gripping your hands and giving them a light squeeze. His cock slid out of your hole, leaving you clenching around nothing.
"Mmm," you protested weakly, limbs heavy as you attempted to reach out to him.
"I'm right here," Stephen tapped the top of your pubic bone frivolously, sitting back on his heels. The majestic curve of his cock glistened with your juices; it attracted your attention immediately and Stephen chuckled. "Staring is rude. Now come on, hands and knees."
Your eyes shot up to his face for a second before you looked away, willing your tired body to just cooperate. Lifting your arms and legs seemed like an impossible feat after the earth-shattering orgasm that Stephen had talked you through. One leg after the other, you slid down, rolling into your tummy and squirming at the wet spot right under it. It was all you: reduced to a mere leaky faucet in the sorcerer's presence.
Calloused hands gingerly pressed on your calves, raising your ass in the air.
You squirmed again, wide open for him to see, cold air hitting your sore, abused cunt and causing it to twitch.
A loud, shameless smooch was placed right on it by the man, followed by a long tongue sliding up and down your slit.
You whined, embarrassed and sensitive, shifting you weight away from his mouth as your back arched. It felt almost too much but the memories of that wide, nimble tongue still remained fresh and left you aching for more.
"I'm right here," Stephen patted your bottom. "I'm not gonna hurt you baby, okay? Tell me if it hurts."
His cock was nosing at your entrance once more; as you pushed back onto it, Stephen slammed his hips into yours, fingertips digging into your ass cheeks as he pulled them apart. You didn't need a mirror to know his eyes were trained on your cunt, the place were it hungrily swallowed the throbbing meat of his cock.
Eyes shut, you let your thoughts wander, examining the image in your mind's eye. The way his brow furrowed when he focused on something, smile lines more prominent than ever. Did Stephen bite his lip when he encountered something unexpected?
The bed shook with the force of his thrusts and you with it. Each one aimed well, deep and powerful, it made small, quiet noises leave your lips as his balls slapped harshly against your swollen clit.
"Ahh," your cunt spasmed as he found that spot again. You're were beginning to get sore, but it was a welcoming sort of pain.
"Shh, baby," Stephen panted, voice low and rugged. "I'm almost done. Just a little more, I know you can be good for me. So, so good..." He trailed off, topping it off with a low moan as he bottomed out inside your swollen cunt once again.
You swore your eyes rolled back in your head on their own accord. Blood rushed to your cheeks, your chest, hands gripping the bedsheets desperately and uselessly. Your mind was sluggish, barely comprehending the fact Stephen was using your cunt to get off: the idea felt so, so wrong, but you'd be a rotten liar if it didn't ignite another small storm in the pit of your belly.
"Arms behind your back," Stephen barked suddenly and you winced at how quickly you obeyed. Magic wound around your body once more, securing them into a position that allowed the sorcerer to tug you up: your knees firmly planted on the bed and your top half suspended at his mercy. "Just making sure you don't get lost in that pretty little head of yours," the amount of control this man had was unfair.
His cock kept up pace inside of you; you swore you felt it swell even the moment you mindlessly obeyed his command. The angle let him touch even more of you, both inside and out. You tasted the sweet, hot sweat of your coupling.
The string of magic tied to you was a lead in one of his hands. He eagerly dragged you onto his cock, over and over, the golden binds wrapped around your arms and chest like a straitjacket. A sexy straitjacket.
There wasn't much room for thought when all you could feel, sense and hear was Stephen: his sinful groaning, panting, the obscene sounds of your flesh slapping together. You thighs shook, spit collected in the slack corners of your mouth: you panted out, tongue stiff and uncooperative.
You wanted to feel him come, to fill you up completely, until you burst.
His movements turned sloppier and sloppier until his cock was disappearing into you at a rapid, disorganized pace, the bulbous tip sliding deep inside.
"Fuck, I'm gonna-" the groan he emitted was so close to your ear, you felt it in your cunt.
Starts burst behind your eyelids for the second time as he throbbed inside your spasming cunt, your combined contractions echoing back and forth until the pit of your belly felt warm and full. Some of his cum leaked out immediately, dripped down your labia and down your leg.
Noisily, he let go of the binds and your combined bodies gracelessly crashed onto the bed.
You weren't sure how long you laid like this, warm and safe, full inside and out. Minutes went by lazily, stretching into what felt like eons. You floated above time, above space, lulled by gentle, low murmurs in your ear.
Trembling hands gently parted your legs as cotton brushed over your raw cunt. Noises of protest died on your lips as Stephen shushed you.
"Take it easy," he placed a kiss on your tailbone, doing his best to clean up the biggest part of the mess.
You haven't even noticed him pull out. "Wha?"
The bed dipped next to you, his red, grinning face slowly coming into focus. "You're thinking so loudly."
You weren't? Having thoughts wasn't anywhere on your to-do list in the nearest future. For once, your brain had ceased it's usual violent tapdancing and you could breathe freely, the burden of anxiety removed.
"You did so good for me, baby," Stephen looked so proud and happy, crow's feet around his eyes deep and hair sticking in odd directions, silver strands mixed with dark browns and chestnuts, dying candlelight adding golds and ambers into the view.
Even like this, he looked sinful. Like a fallen angel.
"You're so pretty," was what your brain came up with. You wanted to fall through the face of the earth as soon as the words left your mouth.
Stephen chuckled, placing a kiss on your nose, then one more on each cheek and a final smooch on your forehead. "Says you."
Embarrassed, you hurried to nod your head to hide in the crook of his neck.
"None of that," promptly, you were returned to be displayed to his clever eyes. "Stop overthinking."
"But-" you argued weakly.
"No," his finger, scarred and shaky, poked your nose in what only could be described as petty defiance. "You're not this dense. I know you can do better."
The angles of his face acutely on display, you weighed your options. It wasn't looking good for you: come morning, he'll be gone, odd display of affection pushed aside, and you'd return to work to once more be greeted by the stoic, sarcastic man who's hobby included insulting you for sport.
And as much as you hated admitting it, he was better than you in most things: sorcery, looks, accomplishments. Some people just had it going for them.
"You can do better," you frowned. "You're you, doctor Stephen Strange, surgeon extraordinaire and sorce-"
His lips landed on yours, chapped and puffy, swallowing any protests that your brain could come up with on the spot, leaving you no option but to surrender to the sweet torture of the kiss.
"No," his eyes caught yours, firm and fiery. "And if you don't know what's good for you, well, I'm going to have to show you. You did so good today, after all, and it would be a shame to waste all that potential." His grin turned wolfish.
Shame and arousal flooded your senses as you closed your eyes mutely, finally, finally convinced yourself that sometimes, giving in might be the better option.
Tumblr media
Stephen Strange taglist:
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marveicinematics 2 days ago
鈥渄o you like that ?鈥 with steven please
Summary聽: You show Steven how to please you with his fingers.
Pairing聽: Steven Grant x female reader.
Words聽: 482.
TW :聽Smut. Fingering, touching, small praise kink. Mention of hurt (at the beginning).
Note聽: Steven is simply the love of my life.
You frowned at the feeling, not sure what you were expecting before Steven actually slid a finger inside you 鈥 but it wasn't doing it for you. It wasn't what you hoped for. Uncomfortable and hurting a little, you stayed quiet, thinking the feeling would go away. But it didn't, even after Steven started carefully sliding his finger in and out of your cunt.
鈥淪teven, wait鈥, you mumbled, a bit ashamed. He looked up with questioning eyes filled with kindness. He would never hurt you on purpose, and you knew it. You just had to figure out what felt good for you, for both of you.
鈥淚t's...鈥 You wanted to be honest, to tell him you were suffering from a moment that was supposed to be pure pleasure. But you couldn't 鈥 he would have felt guilty, and he was in no way responsible for the reactions of your body. 鈥淐an we try something else?鈥 You said instead, offering him a soft smile.
He was surprised, but seemed to understand. As he slid his finger out one last time, you sighed and silenced yourself by kissing Steven again, one hand running through his black curls.
鈥淲hat do you want me to do, love?鈥 He asked after breaking the kiss, and you could feel the panic in his voice. Steven was caring, and each time he had taken time to discover your body, he made sure everything that was happening was making you feel good.
Grabbing one of his hand, you slowly lead it down your body. 鈥淟et me show you what I do to make myself feel good, okay?鈥 He blushed, probably thinking about the fact that you touched yourself before. You placed his fingers against your clit, moaning at the feeling.
鈥淒o you... Do you like that?鈥 He asked with a soft voice, as his fingers started massaging the bundle of nerve, your hand still guiding him.
鈥淵es, Steven.鈥
Your answer seemed to satisfy him, because he started going faster, and stronger, and trying to touch you in new ways you had never experienced before. Soon enough, your hand was off 鈥 you needed it to grab the bedsheets anyway, body arching and toes curling. 鈥淔uck, Steven!鈥
He knew what he was doing to you. You couldn't believe he went from involuntarily hurting you to driving you so close to your orgasm. So close. 鈥淚'm so close.鈥 You screamed, biting down your lower lip. There was no way you'd let his neighbors hear the way he was pleasuring you.
鈥淐ome for me, love. You're such a good girl.鈥
The bastard knew how to talk to you, and within seconds you were coming undone. 鈥淪teven! Steven, baby!鈥 You screamed again, but your orgasm was so strong that you couldn't care about the neighbors anymore. 鈥淔eels so good!鈥
He let you coming down from your orgasm, fingers slowing down before he kissed your forehead with love. 鈥淭hat was so hot,鈥 he added in a whisper, 鈥淚 think I almost came just looking at you.鈥
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lightupthemoon 2 days ago
The Effect You Got On Me (Part 3)
Tumblr media
Part III: I can't be your midnight love
PART 1 // PART 2 //
Summary: Game night awakens something in Kate she never expected.
Pairing: Kate Bishop x reader
Warnings: smut, 18+, minors DNI
Word count: 3.5 K
Read on AO3
Author's note: This took me longer than I expected, but here it is. Thank you all again for the comments, likes, and reblogs, y'all make me want to write more often. midnight love by girl in red on repeat for this one, because we are gay and we love it. Let me know what you think!!
Despite your busy schedules, you and your friends had agreed to always make time for your most sacred friendship tradition, game night. Yelena would always cook dinner, shooing you all out of the kitchen鈥揾er sanctuary, as she called it鈥搘henever anyone offered to help. America was usually in charge of the board games, which had accumulated since she started the tradition with you back when you were in high school. Peter picked out the snacks, Kate brought the drinks and you picked out the necessary songs for the occasion, Taylor Swift鈥檚 鈥溾eady for it?鈥 at the top every time, only for that one line in the hook.
Now his official girlfriend, Peter had brought MJ along, and they were deeply enthralled in an intense Battleship round with America while Yelena worked on her new recipe for the creamy Tuscan chicken she was cooking for the evening. You were sandwiched on the couch between Kate, her dog Lucky, and Fanny, Yelena鈥檚 dog. Lucky was sitting across Kate鈥檚 lap with his head on one of your legs, wagging his tail happily while you scratched behind his ears. Fanny laid her head on your other leg, the rest of her body sprawled on the couch, softly snoring. As for Kate, she had her head on your shoulder, her eyes focused on the mindless scrolling on her phone, trying to pretend she didn't have her other hand on your thigh, her fingers inching closer to the space between your legs like you were not sitting in her best friend鈥檚 couch.聽
"Stop it," you mumbled under your breath, trying to remain as still as possible. "Not in front of the dogs."聽
"What are you talking about?" Kate inquired, the picture of innocence if it wasn鈥檛 for the knowing half-smile on her lips, not even bothering to look up from her phone. "I'm just liking posts on Instagram, Y/N."聽
You huffed in feigned annoyance, and she fully smiled, dragging her nails across your thigh before finally moving her hand, a soft whimper almost leaving your lips. You exhaled heavily to drown it and Kate licked her lips, clearly aware of the effect of her actions.
Your agreement with Kate was probably one of the best things you had ever agreed to. It was all the fun and none of the complications, which was quite refreshing after years spent in a whirlwind of a relationship. Kate was fun, adventurous, completely unafraid to push limits yet caring enough to only give what you took willingly. You felt comfortable with her, in a way that you had never felt with anybody else before. It had been easy to let your guard down, forgo sleep on some nights after sex to confide your deepest hopes and dreams in her, a far cry from where this whole thing had started. Used to keeping her cards close to her chest for most of her life, Kate took a bit more time to get there, but the more time you two spent together, the more she unraveled. You were at a point in your relationship where sometimes all it took was one look, one touch, one gesture, to know exactly what the other needed.聽
Completely unaware of your secret exchange with Kate, Peter scratched his chin and squinted his eyes, the crease between his brows prominent in concentration. MJ mirrored him, whispering something in his ear to help him with his strategy from time to time. Across from them, America eyed them attentively, a haughty look on her face that suggested she had figured out their every move, making the couple nervous.聽
"Ha! Another miss," America exclaimed triumphantly, making Peter and MJ groan. "You're so gonna lose, guys."
A bellow of laughter was heard in the kitchen, catching everyone鈥檚 attention. The wooden shutters on the half-wall that separated the kitchen from the rest of Yelena鈥檚 apartment were folded back, and you could see Yelena continuing to chop vegetables with an amused smile on her face as she said, "Careful, Mer, last time we played Battleship, Peter almost flipped over the table when he lost."聽
MJ gaped at him, so very entertained by this new information. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e joking.鈥
"I did not," Peter said at the same time, pursing his lips, unable to hide the pink hue covering his cheeks.聽
"Yeah, you did," You interjected, earning a glare for Peter. You ignored him, your attention on MJ. "He got so mad he almost threw the whole game out the window."聽
MJ cackled. 鈥淪omehow, I believe that.鈥
America clicked her tongue, amused. "Damn, Pete, that鈥檚 some next-level shit. I鈥檇 expect that from Kate, not you.鈥澛
鈥淗ey! I heard that!鈥 Kate scowled, and America stuck her tongue out at her. You threw your head back, laughing.
鈥淣ow, now, let's not give the state champion over there fuel to beat our asses, we need to humble her," Yelena declared, throwing her ingredients into a pot. 鈥淪he was unbearable last time she won at Monopoly."聽
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know, I like my chances tonight,鈥 America shrugged, a teasing tone in her voice. 鈥淚f rumors are to be believed, Kate is gonna let me win because she's just so happy jumping my best friend's bones.鈥
Peter and MJ couldn鈥檛 help the snort that escaped them, and you could hear Yelena trying to disguise her chuckles by pulling out dishware from the top cabinets of her kitchen. You immediately tensed up, a feeling of warmth crawling up from your neck to your face.聽
Tournament season had begun and, as expected, Kate was at her very best, breaking her own school records in the process. In years past, the archer had been known to be at her most active after competitions, basking in the endless attention she'd get from the girls that would only show up to see her, but this time around, the first thing Kate would do after getting her picture taken for the trophy cases was heading your way to wrap you in a tight hug, words of praise immediately coming out of your mouth between giggles. Yelena, Peter, and America would hype up her accomplishments immediately after but unfortunately for you, people noticed the change.聽
Soon enough, rumors started floating around campus that Kate Bishop had finally fallen and, out of all people, you were the lucky gal to steal her heart. Their words, not yours.聽
Obviously, your friends loved to tease you about it, especially when you were in public. They would behave like five-year-olds, making kissing sounds and humming the melody to Careless Whisper whenever you and Kate arrived together anywhere, cracking up when you told them to knock it off with a blush on your face.聽
"And why would I let you win? In any case, I'd let Y/N win," Kate responded, completely unbothered. "Not that she needs me to."聽
"Ooh, rooting for the girlfriend. I like this Kate Bishop," Yelena snickered walking into the dining area, a stack of dishes and silverware on top of it in her hands. "Truly a step up from Carter, Y/N, well done."聽
Kate found the whole situation amusing. She used it as an excuse to keep her hands on you in public, claiming she was just messing with the masses when asked about it, and although the multitude of prying eyes made you uncomfortable, you couldn鈥檛 say you didn鈥檛 like walking down the school grounds with Kate鈥檚 hand on your lower back. You really couldn鈥檛 say that you didn鈥檛 have a stupid dopey grin on your face for the rest of the day whenever Kate kissed the corner of your mouth as a goodbye when dropping you off for class.聽
"Who's Carter?" MJ asked, genuinely curious, and you groaned, already dreading what was coming.聽
Yelena whistled, leaving the dishware on the table. 鈥淗ow much time do you have?鈥澛
Peter huffed out a laugh. "Sharon Carter, Y/N's ex. They dated on and off for two years."聽
"And she was the worst, MJ." America's eyes glistened, delighted to have an opportunity to do what she did best鈥搒hit-talk her best friend's crappy ex. "She was always hot and cold with Y/N, the most charming person on Earth one moment and a total bitch the other. An absolute nightmare."聽
That sparked a furious rant you had listened to more times than you cared to count on the many reasons to avoid Sharon Carter at all costs, all three of your friends taking turns giving MJ the full picture of how bad things have gotten between you and your ex. From Sharon forgetting your birthday to unfounded accusations that you were flirting with other people and full-blown dramas in restaurants, listening to your friends spew fiery words of hatred towards someone you had once thought to be the one made your stomach drop. The only one that seemed to be entirely uninterested in the subject was Kate, who had gotten up from her seat as soon as Sharon鈥檚 name was mentioned. She set up the table for dinner and disappeared into the kitchen when she was done, the sound of the refrigerator door opening and closing a couple of times the only indication she was still there. You just stayed where you were, ready to sink and disappear right into your seat.聽
"Yeah, I don't think she liked us very much," Peter pointed out after a while, grimacing. "We invited her to game night one time and she definitely didn't have fun at all."聽
"Oh, yeah, I remember!" Yelena exclaimed. "We played Jenga that day, she pushed the tower and made it fall because Kate was gonna win."聽
"And then refused to play Pictionary, claiming the game was dumb," America added, rolling her eyes. "That woman has a stick so far up her ass I'm surprised she can walk."聽
"Okay, I'm sure MJ got the picture," you finally interjected, covering your eyes with your hands, sounding slightly irritated. "Thank you very much."聽
"I'm so sorry you had to go through all that, Y/N, that must have sucked," MJ lamented with a comforting tone in her voice. "I don't know how you did it."聽
"A question we asked ourselves every day!" Peter spouted.聽
America turned to you, eyebrows up to her forehead. "How did you stay with her for so long?"聽
You opened your mouth to respond, but Yelena was faster. "She must have been really good in bed," She suggested nonchalantly. "Otherwise, I truly don't understand it."聽
Peter鈥檚 ears suddenly turned crimson red. 鈥淕uys, let鈥檚 not鈥撯
鈥淣ow that you mention it, I think I have heard stories about her. My friend Ned and I share a class with these dudes, Steve and James, and they鈥檙e always talking about a Sharon.鈥 MJ added.聽
"Oooh, it totally makes sense, I did hear Y/N and Carter once or twice and鈥"聽
"Okay, enough." Kate emerged back from the kitchen, her voice sharp and loud, making America immediately shut up. The rest of them looked as if they had just gotten scolded by their parents. The expression on her face was unreadable, her eyes defiant and a darker shade of blue. "Let鈥檚 eat, shall we? I鈥檓 starving."聽聽
The subject was dropped, and the night carried on without a hitch. MJ fitted right in with your group, and Peter was so happy about it that he didn鈥檛 care how many games he lost to America. Yelena, on the other hand, did care about losing and she was on a mission to best America on something before the night ended. All four of them were laughing and screaming so much that they didn鈥檛 notice the change in Kate鈥檚 attitude, who was uncharacteristically quiet. The brunette only spoke when spoken to, laughed half-heartedly when everyone else did, and peeled the label off every beer bottle she drank with her nails. You sat next to her, placed your hand on her thigh multiple times to make her look at you, and silently questioned her about it. She would only respond with an almost imperceptible shake of her head.聽
You could not ignore the feeling that something was wrong, and you wanted nothing more than to kiss whatever was bothering Kate away.
But she wasn't your girlfriend, and even if you had gotten close, that would probably be crossing boundaries. What you had was casual, and if she didn't want to share what was troubling her, that was fine.聽
Even if you couldn't think of anything else for the rest of the night.聽
After her husband's death, Eleanor Bishop spent a lot of time shutting down romantic propositions from wealthy men that genuinely only wanted to get their hands on Bishop Security. Love is a distraction, Eleanor would say, and I am far too busy for any of those. Kate heard her mother say that exact phrase more times than she could count as a child and, at some point, she started believing it, too.聽
Truthfully, up to that point, she never felt like she was missing out on anything. Her life had been perfectly fine without it. She had seen what love did to people, how it stripped them of all rationality and made it so easy to give others the power to break you. Kate had consoled enough broken hearts, lost enough friends to jealousy, and watched enough relationships crash and burn to know it wasn't worth the effort.聽
Needless to say, it caught Kate by surprise when she felt like something was pressing on her chest the moment Sharon Carter's name was mentioned and she saw the pained expression on your face. As if it still mattered, as if the words Peter, America, and Yelena were saying about your ex still hurt you.
Kate hated the way that knowledge made her feel. She wanted to leave right then and there, to escape that feeling that moved to the pit of her stomach and was expanding all through her body.聽
She couldn't quite pinpoint what it was but the feeling was big, powerful, with sharp teeth tearing up her insides and demanding all of her attention. Her mind was going a thousand miles per hour, every single thing you had ever told her about Sharon running through it, how you still loved her, how you still lamented how things had ended between you. Then, Yelena had to add fuel to that fire by making that comment, what you said about Sharon having skills burning in the back of her mind, and as irrational as it was, she saw red, because Sharon never deserved you, and she wanted nothing else but to make you forget your ex. Kate wanted nothing but you to want her.聽
And that was the first time she admitted it to herself.聽
Panic settled quite fast. A voice inside her head鈥搊ne that sounded an awful lot like her mother鈥搒tarted screaming at her to run away, call it quits with you while she still could without ruining your friendship but she knew it was a bit too late for that. Your concern didn't help her, and neither did the comforting touch of your hand on her thigh. She didn't know what to do, so she pretended everything was fine.聽
Peter and MJ left first, clearly wanting to spend time alone together before calling it a night. They left holding hands, looking at one another like they were each other's worlds, and Kate's chest twinged because, for the first time in her life, she wanted that. And she hated how it came crashing on her just like that.聽
Yelena convinced you and America to sleep over, saying something about being long overdue for a girls' night. Kate originally said no, wanting nothing more but to go to bed and sleep off that intrusive sensation she couldn't shake but Yelena and America were not taking a no for an answer. After Kate agreed to stay, Yelena and America disappeared behind the door of Yelena's bedroom to get sleepover supplies and get changed into something more comfortable, and Kate quickly took that as her opportunity to slip into the kitchen and gather herself.聽聽
But you didn鈥檛 give her the chance. Kate was leaning against the kitchen counter, a beer bottle between her fingertips, clearly lost in her thoughts when you walked up to her. You placed your hands on her hip and she flinched at your touch, her gaze falling into yours.
You looked at her the same way you did that first night you slept together. Full of wonder, confusion, anxiety. Full of tenderness. And she knew she was doomed.聽
"Are you okay, Katie?" You asked her, and Kate told herself she should have known the effect you had on her the moment she let you call her that. She hated when anyone else did, but your voice dripped with honey every time you said it, and it felt safe in your mouth. "You've been awfully quiet tonight."聽
"Yeah, I'm just tired, I guess," Kate lied with a tight-lipped smile you saw right through. "We didn't get much sleep last night."聽
You nodded, and she could tell you didn't buy it. But what was she going to say to you? I just realized I want more of you?聽
"Are you sure it's just that?" You tried again, taking the bottle off her hands and putting it on the counter. You rested your hand on her cheek right after, the coldness of the bottle that lingered on your fingers making her shiver. Or maybe it just was your touch, Kate wasn't sure. "You can tell me anything."聽
You were pulling her towards you and, just like that very first time, she was too weak to not let you. Your breath was on her mouth, soft and warm, and she closed the gap between you, her entire body immediately on fire when your lips were on hers. Kate instinctively parted her mouth open, and your tongue brushed her lips, letting you take the lead. She placed her hands on your waist and flushed your bodies together, the feeling of pressure on her chest disappearing instantly, replaced with electric waves through every single one of her bones. You let out a quiet moan that Kate felt in the deepest part of her core, her mouth immediately leaving yours and settling on the skin of your neck. You bit on your lip, trying to conceal the overcoming desire Kate was filling you with. Her hands slipped under your shirt lightly scratching at your stomach, and her lips returned to yours to drown the mewl threatening to come out from the back of your throat with her tongue.聽
Her fingers moved further down and undid the button of your jeans, slipping inside your underwear and between your folds immediately. You gasped, not expecting for Kate to do that when your respective best friends could catch you but while she pressed you against the kitchen counter and made hurried circles on your clit, you couldn't seem to care.聽
"I'm gonna need you to be real quiet, baby girl," Kate whispered against your skin, leaving a trail of kisses from your cheek to your jaw and back to your neck. "Can you do that for me?"聽聽
You nodded frantically, the thrill of getting caught already pushing you closer to the edge. Kate rapidly sunk two fingers inside you, her thumb continuing to give attention to your clit.聽
"Fuck, Kate," You grumbled quietly, holding onto her hair for some stability. "Don't stop."
You didn't have much time and Kate knew it. Her fingers thrust in and out of you ruthlessly and you bit on your bottom lip so hard that pink skin turned white. A third finger entered you, the coil feeling in your stomach tightening, the stretch and rhythm making your head spin. She stopped kissing every inch of exposed skin she found to face you, committing to memory every single one of your features as you tried as hard as you could to contain yourself.聽
"Y/N, look at me," Kate muttered. "I wanna see you come undone."聽
Your eyes fluttered open, and the look in the ocean of her eyes tipped you over the edge. You whimpered softly, your legs turning to jelly, and the pleasure flooded you. Kate wrapped her arm around you, holding your weight for you, and pressed her forehead against yours. She kissed you again, murmuring a soft I got you against your mouth, repeated again and again until your ragged breathing returned to normal. When you finally could, you kissed her back.聽
And you kissed her so gently, so sweetly, that everything became clear to Kate.
And It was an unnerving revelation. Scary and unfamiliar, against everything she had ever known. So overwhelming that breathing suddenly felt more difficult.聽
The swinging of a door opening broke the silence, quickly followed by the joyful voices of your respective best friends coming out of Yelena's room. You quickly pulled Kate's hands out of your pants and fixed your clothes, taking several backward steps away from her. Your need to maintain what you had as a secret made Kate's chest hurt again, regardless of being what you both had agreed to. You gave her a smile that clearly said this isn't over, before walking away and pretending nothing had happened.聽
Kate took a big, deep breath, and felt the full weight of her brand new feelings, of the distraction she avoided all her life, in every inch of her skin.聽
And It scared the shit out of her.聽
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wandaapologist 3 hours ago
darling your love鈥檚 like witchcraft (witchcraft)
ship: wanda maximoff/ reader
word count: 4405
warnings: mommy kink goes crazy in this one, d/s dynamics, heavy praise and dirty talk, risky sex
prompt:聽鈥淩eader taking Wanda home for a holiday or for a gathering and Wanda fucking r in her childhood bedroom鈥 um YES this is a great prompt i had such fun writing this, wanda, wanda, waNDA! thank you for the request!!!!聽
Tumblr media
鈥淎we, baby, so much pink! You were so cute,鈥 Wanda shoots a glance over her shoulder, shutting the door behind her and looking around at your childhood bedroom. You felt strangely exposed, a whole new part of you so basely on display.聽
The walls weren鈥檛 covered with photos or collages but rather carefully placed adornments. A lot of thought was put into the design, and you awkwardly shuffle your feet as Wanda can see so clearly into your mind, knowing you as well as you did. Wanda walks around the perimeter, tracing things with the pad of her finger, smiling and gesturing at things, picking up frames and cooing at your red cheeks. 鈥淟ook how sweet you looked,鈥 she鈥檚 smiling down at your second grade school photo. She sets it down, continuing on.聽
You watch, intrigued at seeing yourself through your lover鈥檚 eyes. You spent so long in this room, alone and wondering if you鈥檇 ever be here, standing next to someone who loved you so dearly, who鈥檇 stand by your vanity and trace the edges of the mirror, so clearly picturing a young you standing there, a teenage you, an insecure you, a worried you, a you who just needed someone to hold you.聽
Wanda can see the sadness echoing around you, the buried hurt. You looked so sweet, so pretty, so raw and vulnerable and hers, all hers. Wanda feels a stab of hatred for your mother, a stab of hatred for every piece of sadness she etched into your soul. She feels enraged for a moment鈥 that woman had left you all alone. You had been holding that weight for all these years. You had hurt for so long, had cried into Wanda鈥檚 chest from the pain you felt.聽
Wanda鈥檚 nostrils flare, her fists clenching at her sides as she stares at you through the mirror. You balk at her, registering the sudden shift in energy.聽
You watch as Wanda flicks her hand, and the lock on the door clicks.聽
鈥淢y pretty girl鈥︹ Wanda croons, her eyes softening as she keeps her eyes locked onto yours in the mirror. She finally turns, fully looking at your reddening cheeks, anticipatory breaths catching in your throat. 鈥淢y beautiful girl鈥檚 bedroom鈥︹
Wanda starts walking towards you, slow and sensual, voice barely above a whisper. You instinctively back up, the back of your knees hitting your bed. You let the force buckle your knees, sitting patiently on the bed as Wanda comes up to you. You let Wanda tilt your chin up, smooth your chin with her thumb, move her grip up to your cheek to rub at it there. You feel warm already, Wanda standing above you like that, holding your face in her hand and making you stare up at her.聽
You hear a clatter downstairs, your mother making dinner for you and Wanda. Wanda smirks as you blush deeply, suddenly alert to your surroundings. Wanda smirks down at you, well aware of your embarrassment and inevitable arousal. You stare into each other鈥檚 eyes for a beat, the tension mounting, Wanda slowly migrating her thumb to your mouth.聽
As soon as Wanda鈥檚 thumb brushes your lips, you take it into your mouth, sucking obediently, never breaking eye contact. Wanda smiles, 鈥淕ood girl,鈥 she whispers, and it makes you throb so hard it takes you off guard, your mouth going slack for a second. You weren't expecting Wanda to say that, and hearing it for the first time always made you feel so good. It meant Wanda had been thinking about you in that way, and it was always so satisfying. Yes, you鈥檙e her good girl, and she said it unprompted, without you asking. So, yes, you throb, your eyes fluttering shut.
鈥淢hm, good, honey,鈥 Wanda whispers with a soft smile. She takes her thumb out of your mouth and replaces it with two fingers, gently sliding them past your lips. You stay silent and suck, wincing when you accidentally make a sucking sound.聽
鈥淎re you wet, baby? You can tell me,鈥 Wanda leans down, moving your head to the side so she can kiss your neck. Your neck is warm and your pulse is racing, and Wanda wants nothing more than to sink her teeth into the skin. But that would be a little far, so she settles for lightly sucking, blowing hot air below your ear, enough where you are nodding her head yes to her question with easier admittance than normal.聽
Wanda slides her fingers out of your mouth, ignoring your pout before leaning down properly and kissing you, threading her fingers through your hair. She kisses you hard, possessive, but so loving it has your heart aching. When you part, you鈥檙e both panting, cheeks flush with how deep the kiss was.聽
You are鈥 uncomfortably aware of the throbbing between your thighs as Wanda gently fists your hair in her hand and pulls you into another kiss, the grip hard on your hair, stealing the breath from your lungs once again. The kiss is just as deep, just as long, and you are truly gasping for breath by the time Wanda lets up for air. 鈥淒id you touch yourself a lot in here?鈥澛
You are stunned by the question, staring blankly up at Wanda as she kept your hair tight in her grasp. You鈥檙e out of breath and hopelessly turned on at this point, and all you can do is dumbly nod yes.聽
Wanda cracks another smile, 鈥淚鈥檓 gonna fuck you now, pretty girl, so try to stay quiet, okay?鈥
It鈥檚 all you can do to nod and sidle up the bed, your mind reeling as Wanda gets on top of you with a wicked smile. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e such a good girl for letting Mommy fuck you here, baby.鈥 She pushes a leg between your legs, the seam of her jeans pressed up against your clit. You gasp, unreasonably aroused, and Wanda hums, 鈥淗alf of me wants to make you hump my leg just like this and see if you can come鈥︹
You whine, arms searching for purchase on Wanda鈥檚 torso, pulling her closer, pressing her deeper between your thighs. 鈥淲anda, faster, we don鈥檛鈥斺 your voice breaks as Wanda roughly grabs one of your tits, pinching the nipple through your bra. You shut up immediately, your mouth snapping shut as you arch into Wanda鈥檚 touch. Wanda shushes you for good effect.聽
鈥淭he other half of me, however,鈥 she emphasizes the qualifier, 鈥淲ants to fuck you as hard as I can without you making a sound.鈥
Wanda鈥檚 smile is decidedly wicked as she pops open the button on your jeans, crudely shoving them midway down your thighs. You whine, not able to spread your legs that much and arching up into her. Your breath bitches as Wanda slides her palm along your stomach, raising goosebumps. Her eyes are roaming your body, surveying, dragging her finger tips around, and driving you mad with nervousness and arousal as you dread the seconds ticking by till you could possibly be caught.聽
Wanda doesn鈥檛 seem to have these fears, happy as a clam as she continues to ghost her fingers around your stomach and inner thighs, avoiding your pussy entirely and driving you up the wall.聽
It鈥檚 so very clear, the huge wet spot on your panties that Wanda is ignoring with purpose, snickering to herself at how bad you needed her. Just as she hoped.聽
Wanda takes her thumb and places it over your clit, over your panties. You buck your hips, sucking in a breath. 鈥淣o making a sound, okay? If you make a sound, I stop.鈥
You nod, flushed and on edge. 鈥淵es, Mommy.鈥
Wanda bites her lip, arousal pooling between her thighs as you finally give in and say it. 鈥淪uch a good girl,鈥 Wanda presses her thumb down harder, keeping still.聽
You buck your hips, lips pressed tightly together so as not to let a noise slip. Wanda waits for you to still yourself before starting a slow, slow circling pace around your clit, over your panties. She does this for a while, watching your eyebrows knit and cheeks redden, your throat shaking as you hold back your noises.聽
Wanda stops her movements, and you push down an incoming whine and gasp as Wanda takes your panties by the hem and pulls them down to your jeans. You鈥檙e exposed now, and yes, the door is locked, but what if something went wrong? It would be humiliating. You squirm in Wanda鈥檚 grasp, and Wanda lets you, stares down in amusement as your pulse quickened. 鈥淚s my pretty girl scared of getting caught?鈥
Your cheeks burn but you nod slowly, completely aware of the fact that you were painfully wet, and you were now exposed to the world as Wanda crudely traced up your inner thighs.聽
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry, sweetheart, no one will come in. But they can hear, so remember what I said, okay? I know you can do it, you鈥檙e so good for Mommy, right?鈥
You nod as you continue to blush and roll your hips weakly into the air.聽
鈥淭hat鈥檚 right, pretty girl.鈥 Wanda was enjoying herself, playing you so easily, you鈥檙e already a flustered, wet mess. You can feel it slick on your thighs, and Wanda uses her grip on your thigh to push you deeper into the mattress. Your cheeks burn at your compromising situation, at your solo half nakedness. Suddenly, it鈥檚 a little difficult to keep the whine from bubbling past your lips. You want Wanda.聽
You try to pout, and Wanda just coos at you, 鈥淚 love you when you鈥檙e needy like this, sweetheart.鈥 Her fingers drag closer to your pussy, drawing large circles around you but never, never touching.聽
Your whimper is in your throat. You didn鈥檛 realize how absolutely turned on you were before Wanda was inches away from you, but with your clothes shoved halfway down your legs and your heart racing in your chest as Wanda neared you, you were throbbing. Every touch felt like fire under your skin as Wanda drew circles around you, your wetness apparent on your thighs. It鈥檚 taking everything in you to hold yourself back from wildly thrusting into Wanda鈥檚 fingers.聽
Suddenly, Wanda鈥檚 fingers are on you so fast, fucking into you with hard, deep thrusts, two fingers and steady. She immediately sets up a brutal pace, and with absolutely no warning, but you are wet enough to take it.聽
For a moment, you feel nothing, and then the force of the pleasure hits you so hard your mouth tilts open and you choke on your own breath to keep the gasping moan from echoing throughout the house, pushing it down as Wanda鈥檚 fingers speared into you with white hot pleasure.聽聽
Your mouth was wide open, your eyes screwed shut as your hips snapped up to meet Wanda鈥檚 pace, your chest fluttering as you struggled to breathe amongst the onslaught of Wanda鈥檚 fingers.聽
In fact, you鈥檙e practically immobile, your entire being focused on keeping quiet. You want to moan, you want to cry, you want to whisper Wanda鈥檚 name over and over.聽
Your face crumples with frustration as Wanda continues to fuck you, mercifully slowing down, but still fucking you unbelievably deep and hard. It feels so good, there鈥檚 no other way to wrap your head around it other than to lay there, still and open and quiet.聽
Wanda pants as her fingers slide in and out of you, soaking up all of your frustration and anxiety and mindless pleasure, moving relentlessly so you would let that worry you鈥檇 been harboring all day slip from your mind. You鈥檇 been on edge with your mother all day, stressed and worried out of your mind. Wanda just wanted to help, wanted to make you feel a little preoccupied, maybe a little too far gone from her fingers buried deep inside of you to worry. So she keeps going, watches you having to put more and more of your willpower to keep that pretty, breathy little moan from slipping out, even if she can still hear the beginnings of a whine trapped in your throat. And the poor girl, you鈥檙e dripping down her hand, your muscles shaking in your thighs as Wanda firmly placed a hand under one to push her fingers deeper in.聽
鈥淟ook at how well you鈥檙e taking me, sweet girl, you make Mommy so proud.鈥 Wanda mumbles, quiet enough to not give you away, and your eyes roll to the back of her head.聽
There鈥檚 another clatter downstairs, and your eyes shoot open, looking around in panic when Wanda in no way slows her movements. 鈥淪hhh, let Mommy touch you, stop thinking, sweetheart, shhh.鈥
She鈥檚 practically coaxing you into letting go, letting your thoughts slip away the way you sometimes did. Except this time, Wanda knew that letting you be a little mindless could do you wonders in this situation. She knew if she made her girl a little fuzzy and full of pleasure, maybe you could handle the dinner you had to sit through a little better.聽
You鈥檙ee panting as Wanda lowers her mouth, kissing you and swallowing the burgeoning whine from your throat as she refuses to touch your clit, continues fucking into you. Your eyes are screwed shut and you鈥檙e thrusting her hips into Wanda鈥檚 fingers with every movement, rolling your hips in a silent plea.聽
It feels so good, so, so good, and Wanda has you wholly and completely, urges you to let go with every curl of her fingers, every purposeful avoidance of your clit.聽
You can鈥檛 keep the whimper spilling from your lips as Wanda continues fucking you, and Wanda coos at your apologetic noise as you can鈥檛 help but whine. 鈥淧oor girl, it鈥檚 okay to moan, Mommy won鈥檛 be mad.鈥 She鈥檒l be sweet today, let you feel that praise.聽
You nod gratefully, surprised whines ripped from your throat as Wanda doesn鈥檛 let up, doesn鈥檛 start circling your clit with her thumb at the point she normally would. Wanda starts grinning, smug and haughty as you can鈥檛 keep herself together, as you begin to sincerely get desperate.聽
You grip for Wanda鈥檚 shoulders, a desperate plea stuck in your throat as you realize Wanda has no intention of stopping, that Wanda is fucking you the way she would if you were at home, fucking you until your mind was a little melted. And it made you that much more wet, to know that Wanda was taking you so intimately here, pushing you into that warm, fuzzy space where everything was always okay.聽
But that doesn鈥檛 stop the desperation from mounting, doesn鈥檛 stop you from whimpering into Wanda鈥檚 mouth as Wanda swallows your noises once more with her lips, stealing the breath from your lungs even more than she was from her rapidly moving fingers. You choke on a moan, your thoughts slipping away from her and your mouth starting to hang open, unable to kiss Wanda back. 鈥淢ommy鈥︹ There鈥檚 no other way to describe your voice but mumbling, gone, breathy and pleading.聽
鈥淚 know, I know, my lovely you, my beautiful, wet, pretty baby. Mommy wants you to stop thinking, okay, honey?鈥 Wanda鈥檚 fingers slow in speed but increase in force. You鈥檙e nodding, hard and fast, and Wanda chuckles as she realizes you had indeed stopped thinking. She could see it in your glassy eyes, staring up at her with adoration and lust and need. She could see it in the redness of your cheeks, your chest. She could see it in the way that your hips had stopped their grind, that you lay nearly limp in Wanda鈥檚 arm saved for the searching arch of your back.聽聽
And the way you have stopped speaking, have started mumbling 鈥淢ommy, Mommy,鈥 under your breath in a way you only did when you were far gone.聽
Wanda smiles to herself, and you look up at her and have enough left in her to remain surprised that Wanda is touching you like this.聽
You grip Wanda鈥檚 shoulders tighter as you get closer, your whine catching in your throat as you barely are able to roll your hips, your eyes struggling to stay open. You鈥檙e soaking wet, dripping onto Wanda鈥檚 hand, you desperately hope not onto the sheets, and when Wanda reaches forward and palms your breast you let out a groan that Wanda shakes her head at.聽
Wanda hovers her thumb over your clit, waiting and teasing, and your eyes shoot open and your toes curl as she arches her back to normal avail.聽
Wanda lightly, barely brushes your clit, and you dissolve into whimpers that have Wanda鈥檚 mouth watering. You鈥檙e begging, pleading for more. 鈥淢ommy鈥 please鈥斺 your voice is just above a whisper, suddenly reminded of where you were. It makes her that much more desperate, especially when Wanda shoots a look over her back to confirm that no one was coming. She doesn鈥檛 slow her fingers, though, and watching Wanda look around as she pumped steadily into you had you practically kicking her feet.聽
Wanda looks back down at her pretty girl, using her spare hand to stroke down your stomach with calm, languid circles. She sees your desperation and clicks her tongue, 鈥淢ommy鈥檚 got you, let Mommy take over, okay? Just be a good girl and let Mommy touch you.鈥澛
You鈥檙e gulping down breath in that erratic, purposeful way you do聽 when you鈥檙e close and your mind is slipping away. When Wanda talks to you like this, you go absolutely crazy, don鈥檛 know how to control yourself. So you let yourself lose control, or rather give it to Wanda. You relax your muscles, one by one, the way tiy knew Wanda liked, if her smile and praise were any indicator. You curve around Wanda鈥檚 hand, let your arousal show on your face.聽
Wanda hums in appreciation, 鈥淭hat is such a good girl, you, you鈥檙e doing so good. Do you wanna come for me, pretty baby?鈥
You nod, but half heartedly, the question barely registering as Wanda鈥檚 fingers cross the line from overwhelming to mind numbing. You can鈥檛 feel anything else but Wanda鈥檚 fingers sliding in and out of you, can barely feel the pillow under your cheek, that familiar pillow and bed where you used to wish and wish and wish for a woman like Wanda. You choke out a whimper, your hand reaching up, searching of its own accord, and Wanda grasps it and lays it onto your breast, squeezing it over your hand.聽
鈥淢y good girl, thank you for letting Mommy take over, I know it鈥檚 hard. Shhh, I know, you wanna come, don鈥檛 you?鈥 Your face is crumpled with desire and frustration, you鈥檙e practically on the edge but you need, need, your clit touched. Wanda knows it, hasn鈥檛 done it yet on purpose, has felt your walls flutter around her fingers as you neared orgasm almost a dozen times, arousal spilling out of you every time you were denied. 鈥淵ou wanna come so bad, you wanna soak Mommy鈥檚 fingers right here, don鈥檛 you? I know you wanna be so good for me, my good girl, right? Say yes for me, can you do that? I鈥檒l be so proud.鈥
You blush, blush hard, Wanda鈥檚 words burning. You love when Wanda asks you to do something so simple, so simple she knows you can do it and you know you鈥檒l get the praise. But, god, it鈥檚 near impossible to string together a sentence, especially as Wanda is subtly sliding a third finger into you and pumping harder than she was before.聽
You cry out, 鈥淵es, Mommy!鈥 You weren鈥檛 expecting the third finger and the sound comes punched out of you, and Wanda has to still her fingers to listen to see if you were caught. You slam your fist down into the bed as Wanda stops, and Wanda watches with dark eyes as you start grinding yourself onto Wanda鈥檚 fingers, slowly pushing yourself into all three of them with shaking legs.聽
Once Wanda decides you鈥檙e in the clear, she doesn鈥檛 start moving again, far too obsessed with the way you are mindlessly riding her fingers. 鈥淧retty doll鈥︹ Wanda mumbles to herself, your hips moving more erratically as you get closer.聽
She鈥檚 gone, and Wanda knows it鈥 you鈥檙e all hers.聽
Wanda starts moving her fingers again, curling and pumping three fingers out faster and faster until your panting and the wet noises from your pussy filled the room.聽
Wanda perches her thumb over your clit once again, and you smack your lips together to stop yourself from crying out. You want to cover your mouth with your hand, but god, you鈥檙e too limp to do it, and your hand rises and falls as you whimper at your lack of agency. You鈥檙e gone, you鈥檙e gone, you鈥檙e gone. You need鈥
鈥淪hhh,鈥 Wanda lifts her hand and covers your mouth, not hard, not firm, and not mean, but gentle, coaxing, sweet. 鈥淵ou can moan if you need to, baby, Mommy will make sure no one hears. You wanna come for me, pretty baby?鈥 You immediately start nodding, and Wanda chuckles, using the hand on your face to absentmindedly stroke your cheek.聽
She lowers her thumb, drawing hard, slow circles on your clit, and you moan under your hand, unbridled but successfully stifled. Your hips curve into Wanda鈥檚 hand as she continues, her touch consistent and not letting up for a second in its rhythm. You are driven mad by it, by the constant touch, by the fingers in you that have made you so sensitive you can鈥檛 keep in your noises as you suck in breath from your nose and pants and whine and whimper into Wanda鈥檚 palm.聽
It takes all of 30 seconds for Wanda to feel your walls tighten around her fingers, and she smiles down at you, 鈥淎re you close, sweetheart?鈥
You nod, your eyes closing, try as you might, overwhelmed by your oncoming orgasm. Wanda hasn鈥檛 ceased her rhythm, and she鈥檚 circling your clit so hard that you can feel your orgasm building so fast and so strong that you whimper at the force of it, knowing it鈥檚 gonna ravage you. You snap open your eyes, and Wanda coos at the desperation there, the near panic because it felt so good and you didn鈥檛 know if you could handle it. Wanda leans forward and kisses your cheek, and you whine a 鈥淢ommy鈥斺 under her palm, and though it鈥檚 unintelligible, Wanda can tell.聽
鈥淢ommy鈥檚 right here, baby. I want you to come all over my hand, do you think you can do that, princess? Do you think you can come for Mommy?鈥 Her voice is sweet as sugar, she鈥檚 so, so caring in that moment, supporting herself on her elbow next to your head, caging you in and making you feel wholly supported.聽
You nod, yes, yes you think you can come, yes Mommy, and before you can even think about how hard you鈥檙e going to come, the orgasm hits you.聽
鈥淐ome, baby, let me see that pretty face.鈥 Wanda keeps her touch maddeningly consistent.聽
You come, your orgasm rushing through you as you fully wail under Wanda鈥檚 palm, grateful for the stifling. You鈥檙e pushing your sweet little hips into Wanda鈥檚 curling fingers, your clit throbbing under Wanda鈥檚 hand as wave after wave hits you and all the energy flies out of your body.聽
You鈥檙e whimpering, actually whimpering, as you come down.聽
And as Wanda doesn鈥檛 stop her fingers or her circling thumb, pushing you through the overstimulation as she clamps her hand tighter onto your mouth. 鈥淕ive Mommy another one, honey, show me how good of a girl you are.鈥
You don鈥檛 have the energy to shake your head, to communicate that you鈥檙e so sensitive it feels like you鈥檙e gonna explode. You just whimper and whine as Wanda works you up again, pushes those three fingers hard, hard, harder into you, as she pushes her thumb down a little bit harder on your clit as well.聽
It鈥檚 so much, it鈥檚 too much, it鈥檚 not enough, and you鈥檙e aching as Wanda fucks you back to the edge. Your moans are strangled and choked as you desperately try to get in enough air through your nose, and you feel sufficiently out of your head, the only thing you鈥檙e focusing on is Wanda. You鈥檝e forgotten where you were, and Wanda smirks when she realizes she finally has you where she wants you.聽
Your back is starting to arch, and Wanda whispers into your ear, tickling your nerves, 鈥淕o ahead, sweet thing, come for Mommy again.鈥
And you do, the orgasm hitting you even harder than the first, every muscle spasming uncontrollably, practically screaming under Wanda鈥檚 palm. If Wanda weren鈥檛 holding your noises back, you wouldn鈥檛 have been able to, would鈥檝e screamed at the top of your lungs.聽
Wanda works her down, considers pushing you into a third orgasm but figures you probably have to be able to speak to your family later on, and would maybe need your head just a little bit.聽
She pulls her fingers out, stroking your labia and clit for a little while, working you down and shushing your subsiding whimpers. 鈥淪o good for me,鈥 she鈥檚 whispering, gathering up the wetness she collected onto her hand.聽
When you鈥檝e stopped moaning under her, Wanda removes her hand and watches you suck down a breath for a moment, then pushing her fingers past your lips and letting you suck off the wetness there. You don鈥檛 have the wherewithal to stop the muffled 鈥淭hank you, Mommy鈥 from around Wanda鈥檚 fingers.聽
Wanda smiles at her pretty baby, mumbling around her fingers with those red cheeks, fully satisfied and a lot less stressed than before. 鈥淥f course, princess. My baby.鈥
Your cheeks redden as she continues sucking. Wanda takes the moment to pull your panties and jeans back up, buttoning them delicately. It wasn鈥檛 lost on her that you would have to walk around in your arousal all afternoon.聽
鈥淵ou were so good for me, I鈥檓 so proud.鈥 Wanda slips her fingers out of your mouth, and you鈥檙e about to pout until Wanda kisses you instead. It鈥檚 such a sweet, gentle kiss that your eyebrows furrow into it. 鈥淪o proud,鈥 Wanda mumbles again, pulling back far enough to see your eyes soften. 鈥淪o, so proud.鈥 She leans forward again and kisses you, wiping her hand off on her own jeans before placing it on your cheeks. 鈥淚 love you. So much, alright?鈥
You smile into the kiss, 鈥淪o much.鈥
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Co worker: "Everyone has a weakness to something"
Me: "Flannel"
Co worker: "What? That makes no sense you own a ton of flannel"
Me: "My weakness is hot actors and fictional men wearing the flannel and then me stealing it"
Co-worker looks confused
Me: "I'm just like Superman instead of Kryptonite mine is hot men in flannel"
Tumblr media
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hoe-4-sebstan 2 days ago
Sing & Dance Along || Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Request: If you could, could you write something with Bucky being obsessed with The Beach Boys and like plays it all the time when the other avengers are gone but then one day he thinks they鈥檙e all gone but the reader was at the tower and walks out to find him dancing through the tower while blasting Good Vibrations
Warning(s): none
A/N: italics = flashback - "Do you not have any music on your phone?" Sam questioned Bucky as he looked through his phone. "No" Bucky grumbled and Sam groaned, "I'm downloading you Spotify and making you an account". Bucky furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, "What the hell is Spotify?". Sam sighed,聽鈥淚t鈥檚 a music streaming platform, you can find any artist and songs you want on there but the catch is you have to pay to get聽unlimited skips so if you skip six times because you don鈥檛 like any of the songs that are being played, you can鈥檛 skip more than six every hour cause it won鈥檛 let you鈥.聽
Sam made Bucky an account and showed him how to聽maneuver around the app and showed him how to follow an artist, skip songs, like songs, and how to make a playlist,聽鈥淕ot it?鈥 Sam asked him and Bucky shrugged,聽鈥淚 think so鈥. Steve walked in,聽鈥淪am, you ready for our run?鈥 and Sam nodded before getting up and leaving with Sam.聽While Sam and Steve were gone, Bucky clicked on a playlist that Sam thought he might like and he started listening to some of the songs.聽
There were a few songs in the playlist that he liked and the others, not so much so he skipped them. When he went to skip a song called聽鈥榊ou Still Believe in Me鈥 by The Beach Boys, he got a聽notification that he reached the six skips limit and had to wait an hour. Bucky sighed as he left it alone and left the music playing and he was actually starting to like the song. Before the song ended, he clicked on the band and pulled up their profile and clicked the shuffle button. The rest of the day, he was locked in his room listening to The Beach Boys and he followed the band鈥檚聽Spotify profile. - Ever since Sam introduced Spotify to Bucky, he鈥檇 put in his headphones and listen to and play The Beach Boys constantly. During his runs, workouts, training, honestly you name it, he鈥檇 listen to them whenever he got the chance. He typically would blast The Beach Boys when he was in his room and the only one in the tower, he figured Sam would tease him for his music taste.聽
Today seemed to be one of those days where everyone in the tower had something going on or were too busy, which left Bucky to be the only one in the tower, or so he thought. You stretched after getting out of bed and made your way into your bathroom to brush your teeth. You didn鈥檛 have anything planned for today like everyone else did which was why you were still in the tower.聽聽You walked out of your room and made your way downstairs.
Meanwhile, Bucky stood in the kitchen, 鈥淔RIDAY鈥 he called out,聽鈥淵es, Mr. Barnes?鈥 the A.I. responded,聽鈥淐an you play Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys?鈥.鈥淵es sir鈥 FRIDAY responded before playing the song. Bucky started bopping his head to the beat of the song as he grabbed ingredients to make his breakfast. Eventually, he started dancing to the song and started waving the spatula around as he flipped the pancake on the pan.
As soon as the elevator doors opened, you heard music playing and it sounded like it was coming from the kitchen. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion and walked towards the kitchen and froze in your spot and bit your lip to stop you from laughing at the sight in front of you.聽
鈥淚'm pickin' up good vibrations, she's giving me the excitations.聽I'm pickin' up good vibrations!鈥 Bucky belted out as he held the spatula to his mouth, pretending it was a microphone. His back was facing you and you stifled a laugh as he started moving his hips and dancing. You watched in amusement as Bucky continued singing into the spatula.聽
鈥淪oftly smile, I know she must be kind.聽When I look in her ey-鈥 Bucky sung as he turned around and he froze as soon as he saw you. 鈥淔RIDAY, pause the music鈥 FRIDAY did just that and he looked at you,聽鈥淒oll, I- I didn鈥檛 know you were here鈥 he muttered as his cheeks turned pink as he looked around nervously.
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry, it鈥檚 just you and I here鈥 you reassured him.聽鈥淧lease don鈥檛 tell anyone about this鈥 Bucky pleaded,聽鈥淲hat? Why?鈥 you question and he gave you a look,聽鈥淩ight, you鈥檒l never hear the end of it from Sam鈥 you nodded.聽鈥淵our secret is safe with me, plus I may or may not have it on video鈥 you added.聽
鈥淲hat? Doll, please delete it鈥 he begged and you shook your head,聽鈥淣o way, I聽won't show anyone the video, I swear on my life鈥 you placed your hand over your heart.聽鈥淧lus, I thought it was cute seeing you sing and dance around, I鈥檝e never seen you let loose before鈥 that sentence made Bucky blush.
鈥淵ou can continue, I鈥檒l just sit here and listen to you serenading me鈥 you smiled and Bucky shook his head as he grinned,聽鈥淥r you could help me鈥. He watched as you got up,聽鈥淔RIDAY, can you play the music again鈥 you called out before helping him.聽
If anyone else was in the tower or walked in, the sight they would see in the kitchen would be a wholesome moment between you and Bucky. The two of you cooking and sharing the spatula as a microphone as you belt lyrics out. They would also see the two of you dancing and laughing together as Bucky spun you around. - Taglist: @maximoffsmoonchild鈥 @yourfriendlylocalwriter鈥 @winter-soldier-101鈥 @pokey-hedgehog鈥 @missvelvetsstuff鈥 @geeky-politics-46鈥 @kosmic-klouds鈥 @kosmic-kayla鈥 @hallecarey1鈥 @noorreads鈥 @peaceinourtime82鈥 @mogaruke鈥 @nickangel13鈥 @liv-parker1鈥 @hail-matty鈥
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msgorillagripcoochie 4 months ago
pairing(s): andrew garfield!peter parker x fem!reader
summary: you're trying to wait patiently until peter is done with his work but you just really want him to touch you
warning(s): 18+ content, fingering and unedited work
Tumblr media
navigation | tasm!peter parker masterlist
Tumblr media
You sat in Peter's lap picking at the end of your tennis skirt trying desperately not to move too much on his lap.
You watched him write down math problems on the paper you could hardly understand and all you wanted to ask was for him to touch you.
You were afraid to sound too needy though, too touch starved and you hated when you sounded that way so you kept your mouth shut trying to wait patiently until he was finished though you had been sitting here for what felt like hours and your wetness was getting too much to bare you could just get up and scream for him to fuck yo-
"Can you stop moving?" He asked though his voice almost sounded as if he was teasing you.
His hands were on your waist stopping you from squirming in his lap. Your eyes were wide as you avoided his gaze. It wasn't that you thought he would judge you or anything it was just-
You didn't know why you were being such a baby you could just ask him to touch you and he would probably say yes but you were so nervous and you weren't really experienced in this whole thing.
"Did you hear me?" You looked at him realizing he had said something that you hadn't listened to because you were too busy wallowing in your horniness.
"I'm sorry what?" You managed to get out he leaned closer to your ear "I said you're soaking up my pants" You practically jumped off his lap looking and realizing oh fuck there was a wet spot on his pants.
You wished the floor could just swallow you up.
You let out an embarrassed squeal covering you face but he only laughed grabbing your hands pulling it away from your face.
"It's okay Y/N" he said softly once he saw your face again "It's okay to be needy" his nose bumped against yours as his voice soothed you just a bit. "Do you want me to help you?"
You bit your lip nervously, your teeth dig into your skin until his thumb pulled your lip from your teeth running his thumb over your bottom lip "I hate it when you do that" he mumbled softly "Do you want me to help you? Do you?"
"Y-yeah" you gulped as he gave you a kind smile and you found yourself wondering how you were blessed with such a wonderful boyfriend.
"I will never understand why you're so nervous around me" he turned you around sitting you back on his lap just the way you were before "I've touched you plenty of times" he teased tickling your sides.
He pushed up your skirt spreading your legs causing them to fall around his thigh "Is this okay?" He asked like he had done so many times before not moving until he got your answer.
"Yes" you breathed out.
His fingers slid over the crotch of your panties causing you to gasp slowly. He placed soft kisses on your jaw while he massaged your clit through the soft material. He smiled as he heard soft whimpers leaving your pretty lips.
He would never get tired of listening to the sweet noises you make.
He pushed your panties to the side shoving a finger inside you and you let out a moan "Peter"
"Hmmm yes?"
"More" he chuckled pushing another finger inside you, you threw your head back against his shoulder giving him more access to your neck. He sucked onto your skin "Fuck" you pushed back against his hand that was quickly pushing his fingers in and out of you.
Your hand reached around digging in his hair your eyes closing as he dragged all the sweet noises out of you.
"You never have be afraid to ask" he mumbled into your ear fingerfucking you harder "I'll always touch you" he kissed your temple "I'll always fuck you" His fingers hit your g spot as he rubbed your clit harshly. You back arched at the feeling clenching around his fingers "All you gotta do is ask"
You felt your orgasm approaching "Peter I-"
"I know"
The room was filled with your soft whines and moans and the sound of your wetness. Stars filled your vision as you came on his fingers.
He fucked you through your high before he stopped letting you catch your breath pressing light kisses along your face telling you how amazing you are.
You bit into your lip running your fingers through his hair "You wanna play a game?" He asked and you hummed lightly looking at him over your shoulder seeing a smirk playing on his lips.
"Like what Parker?"
"Let's see how many times I can make you cum before I finish this paper" he tapped his pencil on the desk raising his eyebrows. "Unless you're too chicken and just can't handle it" he teased his thumb flicking over your clit and you scoffed "You challenging me?"
"You're on, I can fucking handle it"
"Sure you can"
a/n: omg im actually proud of this fic- it's been a long time since i wrote a smut so imma little rusty so this might be trash but tell me what you think and feel free to request. reblogs and comments are appreciated.
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scandescent a month ago
Tumblr media
醿. steven grant x reader x marc spector
steven is a patient man. marc? not so much.
鈺扳灓 beware 鈥 SMUT, f! switch! reader, brat taming, daddy k卯nk, edging, choking, crying, femdom to f!sub, subby! steven and dom! Brat tamer! marc, p没ssy slaps, unprotected s猫x, daddy k卯nk, begging, very slight praise, that's all I think?
鈺扳灓 wc 鈥 1.3k
鈺扳灓 note 鈥 here it is, the smut that I wrote for a friend and STRUGGLED to finish aha
Reblogs and interactions are appreciated!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The room is silent except his shallow pants, gasping for breath everytime you move, tears of torment pebbling in his eyes.聽
鈥淪teven,鈥 he whimpers in response to you calling his name, shivers running down his spine as you trail your finger down his bare chest.聽
鈥渄idn't you say you'll be good, what's the matter?鈥 your hips grind against his, cunt clenching tight around his throbbing cock and it has his eyes rolling to the back of his head,聽
鈥減lease, please, I've been good, haven't I?鈥 his large calloused hands grab your hips in a frenzy, fingers digging into the plush of your skin as he ruts up into you, 鈥渃an I cum?鈥
His hand runs up your shoulders, fingers tangling in your hair and pulling you down to bury his face in your neck, 鈥淧lease let me cum,鈥 his whimpers are appealing, you'll admit but you're not done teasing him yet. You quite enjoy seeing him cry out for you like this.聽
Grabbing his wrists, you pin wrench his hands off your body and pin them above his head. With a smirk gracing your lips, you lean close to lay a tentative kiss on his trembling lips, 鈥渟'soon? Now where's the fun in that?鈥澛
Steven's hips thrust up in hopes of getting himself off, tears blooming at the corner of his eyes from how long you've been edging him, 鈥渁h鈥 god, y/n, I can't no more,鈥 he let's out little gasps followed by heavy breathing, 鈥減lease,鈥 Hands desperately grasping at your body, he watches you bounce on his throbbing cock
鈥渂ut I love to hear you beg, baby.鈥 dragging your fingers along his jaw, you kiss him sloppily, all tongue and teeth. his neck strains forward, chasing the kiss when you pull away cruelly. Your thighs straddling his hips holding you upright as you stilled above him just as you felt his leaking cock twitch with the need for a release,
鈥渇uck,鈥 Steven's head collapses against the pillow with a loud groan. You almost took pity on him, debating if you should end your onslaught now when you noticed it鈥 his eyes glowing a bright hue and his body moving under you like he's having a seizure, 鈥渟teve鈥斺
His large hand wrapped around your neck, your words dying on your throat in turn.聽
you're flipped over, back meeting the soft mattress. Meanwhile Marc smirked, having fronted the body now. Bringing his lips to your ear, he whispers, 鈥渟omeone's been a fuckin brat, hm?鈥 he's blinking away the tears to see your sudden shock at his arrival, 鈥渨hat's the matter, baby?鈥 marc's lips ghost on your parted ones as his fingers press down against the sides of your air column, 鈥渘ot so mouthy now?鈥澛
鈥淢arc,鈥 you choke out his name, palms clasping around his wrist. He clicked his tongue at that and you stumbled upon words to correct yourself, 鈥渟orry鈥 daddy,鈥 a condescending laughter floods your ears, Marc giving a tentative thrust that had you whimpering from how deep he went, 鈥渄id you have fun edging us like that?鈥
Your mind was going dizzy from his grip on ur neck, 鈥渄addy asked you a question, baby.鈥 he sneers and you can feel the veins running along his cock pulse against your walls when you manage to get out a coherent response, 鈥測es, yes I did,鈥澛
鈥渨ell then,鈥 he drags out his cock, leaving your pussy fluttering around empty air. With his fist around his cock, he smirks down at you, 鈥渢ell me why I should fuck you.鈥澛
鈥渕arc鈥斺 his palm hits your bare cunt with a sudden slap, chuckling at your cry of pain, 鈥減lease, daddy, please, need your cock inside me,鈥澛
Lining up with your entrance, Marc slaps your clit with the tip of his cock, 鈥渉m, I don't know, do you deserve it after what you did?鈥 he's dipping the head inside your cunt for a split second before pulling out again, relishing in your disappointed agony, 鈥渘o please, daddy I'll be good鈥斺澛
it's embarrassing how quick Marc has you falling in line but you know not to test his limits, he can be quite cruel when he wants to. Steven on the other hand, oh sweet Steven who let's you do whatever you want. Even letting you get away with anything but Marc is there to punish you the moment he is in control.聽
Pulling his cock out, Marc snickers, 鈥渂ut I love to hear you beg, baby.鈥
with your eyes wide at the words, you grab onto his shoulders, trying to tug him closer but the mercenary doesn't budge. He grabs your chin, thumb swiping over your lower lip, 鈥渟o go on and beg.鈥澛
鈥渂eg for me, brat.鈥澛
You are gasping out pleas, desperate and needy, hoping he'd cave. Smirking satisfied at your desperation, Marc finally thrusts his cock in, 鈥渇uck, such a tight pussy and yet you're such a brat.鈥 his growl brushes against your skin while his cock splits you open. The bed creaks with how hard he's pounding into you, not giving you a moment to catch your breath,
鈥渄addy slow down, please,鈥澛燳our whimper makes him chuckle breathlessly, 鈥淚 think I like you better like this.鈥
Marc's eyes focus on the tears cascading down your face as he continued to fuck into you, the loud wet sounds ringing sloppy in the room tangled with your moans and his own grunts, 鈥渃rying under me, squirming and begging all pathetic.鈥澛
Your back arches off the bed when he hits your sweet spot with an erratic thrust, 鈥渄addy! 鈥檓 close,鈥 your mind stops forming thoughts because he's hitting that spot deep inside you with every thrust now, relentless and punishing. Your hands come up to his shoulders, digging your nails in his skin and dragging them down his back where you felt his muscles contract from him fucking you.聽
鈥渨hy don't you apologise for what you did before?鈥 his hands collected your wrists in one of his and pushed them above your head, 鈥渢hat is if you wanna cum.鈥
鈥渘uuh,鈥 you shake your head in defiance, Steven allowed you to do that, it's none of Marc's business.聽
鈥渂old words for someone who can't even take my cock without crying.鈥 his taunts are accentuated with his hips rolling harshly against yours, 鈥渃'mon baby, don't be stubborn now.鈥澛
鈥渂e good for daddy, apologise and I'll let you cum.鈥 he breathes, lips hovering over yours and you give in, wanting the ache between your legs to be dissolved, 鈥淚'm sorry, daddy, so sorry for being mean to Steven.鈥澛
鈥済ood girl.鈥 Marc kisses you, rough and hungry, teeth and tongue. You can never get accustomed to how different he is from Steven. They share the same body and yet, they're literally the opposite.聽
Pressing his forehead against yours, Marc whispers, 鈥渃um for me, baby.鈥澛
You feel the pressure in your tummy grow as his thrusts get faster and sloppier, he's close too, 鈥渃um with me, hm?鈥澛
You're nodding, eyes closed and lips parted to regulate your shallow breathing while your cunt convulsed around his cock, 鈥渨ant me to fill ya' up?鈥
Gasping out a frantic "yes" you felt him spill warm ropes of cum deep inside you. The wet sounds of him fucking you both through your orgasms making you bury your face in the crook of his neck, 鈥淚 love you.鈥 you don't know who you're referring to and they both know it doesn't matter because you've claimed to love them both equally.聽
鈥淚 love you too, you did s'good, sweetheart.鈥 a soft kiss was pressed to your forehead and you heard his voice distantly as your eyes fluttered close, 鈥渘ow lemme take care of you.鈥澛
Tumblr media
#tags: @fvshguro @thelimited-unlimited @bxnten @festive
Tumblr media
漏 novaresque. Do not repost.
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paper-n-ashes a month ago
The First Move
Tumblr media
Characters: Steven Grant x Female Reader (with a small cameo from ultimate wingman Marc Spector)
Words: 3.6k
Warnings/Tags: Explicit sexual content (18+ MINORS DNI), kinda subby Steven/dominant female dynamic,聽oral sex (male receiving), unprotected P in V, creampie
Author鈥檚 Note: I haven鈥檛 written anything in three billion years but here鈥檚 this thing I wrote. It鈥檚 about as canon-divergent as I can physically cope with, set before Steven meets Marc for the first time but he鈥檚 there. It鈥檚 a little fluffier than what I usually dive into but I鈥檓 still a whore so of course smut comes with the meal. (The Marc-focused part 2 of this story can be found here!)
鈥淓arl grey, two sugars?鈥 you asked sweetly to the man stepping towards the counter. Steven, undoubtedly your most cherished regular, a name you鈥檇 learned from the small badge he continually seemed to forget about taking off outside the confines of his job.
He let out a muted kind of laugh, nodding, not able to have his eyes reach yours.
Oh. Today was a no eye-contact day.
You tried your best to hold back your concern whilst processing his payment, not needing to say the price out loud. 鈥淚鈥檒l have it ready for you in a jiffy.鈥
There was the whisper of an appreciative smile in his lips, but it quickly faded as he walked away, his stare securely trained to the floor. Steven was here every Friday evening, his order never straying from the one single beverage as he sat at his usual table. A window seat, watching the night play out before him in passersby.
In the months since his first visit to this tiny little caf茅, you鈥檇 come to spend each week looking forward to this moment, when the clock struck 5:15, expectant of his kind face and curled hair coming through the door. Every interaction was different, and slightly unpredictable. Initially he was simply鈥 cautious. Almost excessively reserved, barely able to fixate his pupils on any part of you. Slowly, you could see the familiarity and comfort grow. He began to return your smiles, speak with words and not movements, linger in conversation rather than want to flee from it.
On the good days, where the anxiety that always appeared to cling to him relaxed its hold, you would delicately initiate some casual conversation. His work, his hobbies, his family 鈥 each fragment of information willingly given a precious piece of his puzzle you felt a bizarre impulse to solve. The day he鈥檇 posed his own question back had left you nearly too flustered to answer properly. All he鈥檇 asked is how long you鈥檇 been working here, and you鈥檇 never been more excited.
You hoped one day he鈥檇 ask a very specific question. If he could see you at a different time, in a different setting. Amongst other people, or alone. Whatever he wanted, whatever he felt most comfortable with. Your fear of pushing him too far out that zone stopped you from asking the question yourself. You just hoped he would, when he was ready.
So now, seeing Steven almost completely revert to his old self, was a little disheartening. He鈥檇 slipped back into this kind of state a few times 鈥 on the bad days - but never quite this far. Glancing over while you readied the small tea set, he seemed troubled, a flustered kind of kinetic energy seeming to radiate from his sitting figure.
鈥淏usy day at the art gallery?鈥 you asked softy while setting down the porcelain teapot at his front.
Your voice had startled him, breaking him out of a peculiar trance. And he still couldn鈥檛 look at you. 鈥淏usy. Yeah. Always busy.鈥
You could have easily walked away, his dismissive answer a clear sign he wasn鈥檛 in the mood for a chat today. But a heavy feeling in your chest made you linger, noting the crumpled way in which Steven sat into his chair, like he wanted to appear as small as possible. Something was wrong.
鈥淚s everything okay?鈥
His head turned, finally lifting his face to meet yours. His expression was tense, forcefully blank, lips set in a hard line. There was only slightly more emotion to be seen in his eyes, a subtle fear within them you were sure you鈥檇 never encountered before.
鈥淔ine. Just fine,鈥 he stumbled out, the words coming out unnaturally fast. 鈥淭hanks for the tea. It looks鈥 hot.鈥
There was a twitch of disgust he had at his own comment, and it made you relieved. The Steven you鈥檇 come to know was still there, underneath the shroud of distress covering every inch of him right now.
鈥淛ust let know know if there鈥檚 anything else you need, okay?鈥
You hoped he would see past the face value of your words, that he might see you as a safe haven in a world you also found a little too overwhelming at times. And while your offer was never claimed as the evening wore on, you鈥檇 occasionally peered over to see him quietly studying your movements. Each time you met his gaze with the the same warm smile before he quickly redirected himself away to his long cold tea.
It was difficult not to let the disappointment swallow you whole when Steven, quite uncharacteristically, didn鈥檛 even look your way before briskly setting off home. Usually you would have been filled with a bubbly warmth as the door bells tingled, right after the recurring 鈥淟aters, gators!鈥 farewell you鈥檇 become so accustomed to. Without it, the tinkling metal sound was positively jarring. It made you worry. Did something happen? Had you done something wrong? Was this little fixation you鈥檇 centered on one man hopelessly one sided?
These questions continued to control most of your attention as closing time finally arrived, with you being the sole person left under the dimmed lights. With the coffee machine cleaned and prepped for a new morning you鈥檇 be waking to greet, you were about to take the keys into your hand when a shrill tone rung into the silent space. The telephone. Who the hell is calling here at this time of night?
It was out of genuine curiosity you scuffled over to the handset instead of letting it go to voicemail, not having a recognizable number show on the small display. Force of habit made your voice delve into its higher pitch as you spouted off the usual greeting with your name, the other line initially filled with a bizarre static alongside its silence.
鈥淗ello?鈥 you repeated. 鈥淚s there anyone there?鈥
Again, nothing. Just static.
鈥淟ook we鈥檙e already closed, and I鈥檇 really like to go home-鈥
鈥淵ou need to make the first move.鈥
The voice stilted you off balance, frozen into as much stillness as the room around you. It was deep, blazoned with intention and鈥 American? What the hell?
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry, I think you鈥檝e got the wrong number-鈥
鈥淲ith Steven. You鈥檙e gonna need to make the first move,鈥 the voice reiterated, somewhat forcefully. 鈥淗e鈥檚 not going to do it himself.鈥
The mention of his name made you physically recoil, peering around in the almost darkness. 鈥淲ho the hell is this? Have you been watching me?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 a鈥 friend of Steven鈥檚. And I鈥檓 just trying to鈥 help.鈥
You should have been more concerned about the complete stranger making it his business to call your workplace at 10pm on a Friday evening with such a cryptic message, but there was suddenly a prospect of hope weaving its way around your chest.
鈥淲ait, has he talked to you about me?鈥
A pleased exhale crinkled through the speaker. 鈥淚n his own way, yeah. It鈥檚鈥 kinda complicated. And not important. Look, you鈥檝e both waited long enough, and you and I both know he鈥檚 not exactly the brave type.鈥
To his credit, the stranger must actually know Steven to make this kind of comment, a frustratingly correct one at that. 鈥淲ho says I鈥檝e been waiting? You don鈥檛 even know if I鈥檓 interested in him like that.鈥
鈥淵ou haven鈥檛 hung up yet,鈥 the voice said succinctly. 鈥淚 think that says a lot.鈥
Damn. He鈥檇 got you. Prick.
鈥淥kay, let鈥檚 say I am,鈥 you conceded, leaning into the counter. 鈥淲hat are you implying I do about it?鈥
鈥淚 already told you 鈥 make the first move. How you do that? Well, that鈥檚 your choice. But I can鈥檛 keep watching him slowly turn insane for not being able to ask you on a simple god damn date.鈥
The heart rhythm that followed was loud in your ears, thumping through your limbs. 鈥淚s that true? He鈥檚 wanted to ask me out, all this time?鈥
鈥淗e鈥檚 wanted to do more than that, trust me,鈥 the stranger grumbled, almost in a huff.
鈥淓xcuse me?鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry about it.鈥 A piercing alarm rung out on the other line. 鈥淪hit. Time鈥檚 up. Okay, I鈥檓 going to give you his address. What you do next is your decision, but let me tell you, being bold wouldn鈥檛 be the worst option.鈥
The voice didn鈥檛 give you time to reply before he was rattling off a street and apartment number, having to hastily write it over your forearm as the monotone beep of an ended call repeated over and over.
The air felt colder as you set the phone down, little wisps of ice creeping over your skin in direct contrast to the heat beginning to flourish from your insides.
He needed you to be bold? Oh, you could be bold.
Steven woke with a jolt, the restraints at his ankles making a rattling sound against the hardwood bedposts. Shit, he鈥檇 fallen asleep again. Maybe he should鈥檝e made that switch to coffee by now.
Ugh, no, the heart palpitations weren鈥檛 worth it.
To his relief, the sky outside his window was still draped in blackness. Maybe his body hadn鈥檛 had enough time to try and wander yet. A quick glance at his phone screen told him it was just past 10:30pm, long after a safeguard alarm should have woken him from any accidental nap. Once again the memory of deactivating it wasn鈥檛 one his brain allowed him to keep.
It was getting harder to keep himself awake, that was clear. Every night he was drifting off sooner and sooner, always working at half capacity during waking hours without the restful sleep he couldn鈥檛 trust himself to have. Short bursts like these seemed to stave off most symptoms of exhaustion, but there was always that lingering headache quietly thumping inside his skull, the same one making his brow furrow as he unshackled himself from his makeshift snare.
A new deepened purple was noticeable under his eyes as he opened the mirrored cabinet of his bathroom, selecting the mildest form of painkillers in his meagre stock. He didn鈥檛 need anything making him more drowsy, even when the peace of slumber was the only thing he wanted right now.
Well, except for you.
The thought made his throat tight. All week he鈥檇 spent building up courage, rehearsing the perfect lines, curating a persona much more confident than what he knew he was. Casual. Relaxed. Maybe even a little suave.
It all went to bollocks the moment he stepped through the door. One little tinkle of that stupid bell and all his willpower came crumbling down. He couldn鈥檛 help it. It was the story of his life. Too chicken shit to even ask a nice girl out to dinner. Could have been simple. Easy. But it never was.
Knock knock knock.
The sound was startling, making Steven jump with an audible peep. A visitor? This late?
Oh who was he kidding, having a visitor ever was a shock in its own right.
Tentatively he tread over to the triple locked door, stripping off the undisturbed tape lining the frame. A breath sat heavy in his lungs as he stood there, heart thrumming to a quickened beat, releasing the exhale in a single, measured progression. Only when there was no more to give, he opened the door.
It was you.
Standing in his hallway. There to see him.
Ahh, right鈥 So he鈥檇 never actually woken up. Just stuck in another vivid dream. Seemed about right.
The realisation was deflating, even while his mind instinctively burst with those happy little chemicals it always shot out at the sight of you. It was interesting though, how sharp your visage looked compared to other times you鈥檇 shown up in his dreaming, wearing an expression of eager impatience.
鈥淗i,鈥 you greeted, your voice unusually clear. And positively giddy. 鈥淚 hope this is okay. Me just showing up here.鈥
Knowing you were just a figment of his mind鈥檚 conjuring caused him not to question your presence, or how you came to find his address, instead starting to feel a grateful smile spread across his face. 鈥淵eah. Yeah definitely it鈥檚 fine. Brilliant actually.鈥
Your face radiated even more joy, almost a little disbelieving. 鈥淚t is?鈥
In his dreaming Steven was starkly more honest than his real life, making it an easy task to answer, 鈥淭here鈥檚 no one else I鈥檇 be happier openin鈥 my door to.鈥
There was a change in your features after he said the words, a change maybe only Steven would have been able to recognise after so much time looking to you from afar. Jaw tightened, eyebrows cinched ever so slightly. An expression of certainty, of conviction.
Two sets of fingers reached out to grab at his shirt, feet stumbling under him as a hurried connection occurred between your lips and his.
A kiss. You were kissing him. And it felt so鈥 real?
Seconds moved on while Steven鈥檚 mind desperately tried to catch up, your mouth beginning to move over his with a fragile balance of hesitancy and greed. It took far longer than he would have preferred to respond in the same way, eventually syncing into the rhythm you鈥檇 set, the rigidity in his limbs settling into an embrace with yours. This certainly wasn鈥檛 the first time he鈥檇 imagined your first kiss, awake or otherwise, but there was something wholly distinct about the one he was experiencing now.
There was heat radiating from where his skin touched yours. A minty tang when his tongue slipped into your mouth. Your distinctive floral perfume sweeping his senses with every inhale.
When a hand slipped over the line of his cheekbone, nails softly scratching into his hair to pull his face closer, it finally clicked.
He broke away from you with a jerk, clutching at your upper arms. 鈥淗old on a minute, you鈥檙e real?鈥
You seemed to need a moment to collect yourself, frankly looking a little dizzy from the sudden retraction. 鈥淲hat? What do you mean I鈥檓 real?鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e here? Right now? At my apartment?鈥
Your nose wrinkled as you scrutinized his utter disbelief. 鈥淵ou literally just opened the door to me.鈥
鈥淏ut鈥 But I鈥︹ There was that same annoying delay Steven suffered from his brain to his mouth, his thoughts too jumbled to properly curate a sentence. 鈥淚 thought鈥 I thought that I was dreaming. I dream lot you know. And with you showin鈥 up here, I just assumed鈥︹ He shook you, needing to feel the full weight of you wobble back and forth. 鈥淏ut you鈥檙e here. You鈥檙e鈥 really here. Right?鈥
For long, worrying, seconds your expression remained in its state of questioning alarm, blinking a few times to let your eyes focus again. As the narrowing pupils flitted over Steven鈥檚 face, he saw how a tempered smirk began to appear.
鈥淲ould you like me to show you that I鈥檓 real?鈥
In all honestly, he wasn鈥檛 entirely sure what you meant. But the tempting sparkle in your stare had him quickly nodding along to your offer. Immediately you had his heels skidding along the dusty, wood floor, maneuvering him backwards towards the unmade bed.
He might have worried you could notice the pysch-ward shackles still loitering at his bed posts, or the thick layer of sand crunching under your shoes, yet your attention was acutely fixed on pushing him into the mattress to sit, leaning down to secure him in an even more decadent kiss than the first.
Steven didn鈥檛 quite know what to do with his hands, having the odd reflex to claw them into your flesh but refraining from doing so in the fear of being, as most in his life would recite, a little too much. So he did his best to smother those reckless instincts, settling to merely drift his palms up your thighs to feel the curve, almost making to your rear when you began to sink down to the floor.
Fucking hell, you were on your knees. Between his. Trying to unlock his belt.
Impulse took over again as his own hands flew down to aid in your effort, working in tandem to unlock and shimmy down his starched trousers, his boxers being clutched along with them until he was on show for you. Fully and completely. So hard it hurt.
He might have let this kind of vulnerable state 鈥 one in which it鈥檇 been years since he鈥檇 faced 鈥 jump to overwhelm him, turning to escape in any way possible. But with you, gaping at his erection like it had taken the wind right out your lungs, the fear was purged from his body in a rolling wave, humbly sitting in anticipation for your next action.
Every nerve in his body lit up a spark when you gripped a hand around the base of his cock, already pulling a frantic rasp out his chest when the tip of your tongue swirled around the head. The sound swiftly transformed into a heated groan when you slithered your lips down the breadth of his shaft, enveloping as much length of him as you could adequately handle.
Up and down you started to move, slow by any usual means but quick enough for Steven to shudder through each breath he took, pangs of pleasure ricocheting through his lower limbs. Truly he wasn鈥檛 sure how he kept it together, watching your lips glide up and down his now glistening dick, your tongue swirling at the underside in a way he didn鈥檛 know existed until this very minute.
In fact, no, he couldn鈥檛 keep it together.
鈥淔-fuck,鈥 he choked. 鈥淛esus fucking christ. I need to鈥 I don鈥檛 want this to be over until鈥︹
With a subtle gasp you retreated, wiping away the spittle from your chin, looking up to Steven with a single question coded in your stare.
Again his agreement wasn鈥檛 verbal, just a rushed bob of his head, very nearly the epitome of subservience. That鈥檚 all he wanted to be for you. The vessel of your pleasure.
Just as he answered without words, you responded with your movements, standing only to slink down the pants you wore, stripping off the rest of your ensemble as you straddled onto his lap. Gods, he wished he might have had the chance to glide a thumb over your bare nipple, but you were already reaching down鈥
And there it was, heaven.
Or as close as he鈥檇 felt it.
A moan of synchronicity occurred as you slid down to the hilt of Steven鈥檚 cock, clenching around it as you leaned in to kiss him, both palms clutching at his jaw. Nothing could have prepared him for the way you began to grind yourself over his full length, your hips determining their own unique pattern and pace.
Thrills of ecstasy began to riddle through him as your whines became louder with each stoke, each one gliding over with an impossibly smooth friction. No matter how hard he wanted to fight it, the point of no return dragged even closer.
He tried to think of anything that might stave off the inevitable climax. Sand. Mummified human remains. The annoying little beep his barcode scanner made during inventory nights ringing over and over-
鈥淚t鈥檚鈥 okay. Just let go,鈥 you hummed into his ear.
鈥淚t hasn鈥檛鈥 Shit鈥 It鈥檚 not been long enough,鈥 he heaved, occasionally interrupted with shuddering moans he had no control over keeping tamed. 鈥淔or you鈥 It鈥檚 not been long enough for you.鈥
He could feel the crease of your smile at his cheek, in addition to a pronounced tightening around him down below. 鈥淧lease Steven. Just let it happen. I want it. I need it.鈥
Your words, the sincerity in which you spoke them, broke apart all the resolve he had. Every muscle seemed to flex as a somewhat violent orgasm ruptured from his core outwards, continuing flashes of pleasure rolling in aftershocks as he emptied himself inside you. There were hissing curses he didn鈥檛 quite himself speak when your thrusting didn鈥檛 immediately slow, milking every ounce of fluid from him to your deepest part.
Oh god, was he supposed to do that? No one had ever let him do that before. It was so鈥 warm. In fact, his whole body felt a similar kind of mellowed heat. This sort of afterglow was different to the ones following solo endeavors. More potent and endlessly more relieving.
And here he was laying there like a knob, not affording you the same sensation.
Steven frantically reached up grab onto your torso, unable to properly find his footing with his legs dangled over the edge of the bed.
鈥淗ey woah! What are you doing?鈥 you shot out, propping yourself up to look down over him.
鈥淚 was tryin鈥 to, you know, switch us around. Since it鈥檚, well, your turn. And I don鈥檛 want to keep you waiting. I just鈥 want to make you feel as good as you made me鈥︹
The grin that spread across your lips made his chest thump. You looked touched. Usually he hated this kind of reaction in people, where they looked at him like some adorable, na茂ve soul. Although on you it made him feel鈥 treasured.
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry about it. It鈥檚 really not necessary.鈥
鈥淚t is to me,鈥 he said unwaveringly. 鈥淚 mean, it just wouldn鈥檛 feel right if I didn鈥檛 return the favour.鈥
Again your cheeks plumped with a smile, irises practically dazzling around their widened pupils. You grazed a set of fingers at his hairline, setting some the unruly curls back into place. 鈥淵ou could return it in a different way, while we take a break first?鈥
鈥淗ow do you mean?鈥
鈥淚 like鈥 tea.鈥
Steven let out a roughened chuckle, leaning up on his elbows. 鈥淲ell I鈥檓 not the tea connoisseur of the room, but I think I can handle a brew. How do you take it?鈥
鈥淓arl grey. Two sugars.鈥
If you read this, thank you! I love you with my whole heart.
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P馃rn Links for Moon Knight
Tumblr media
鈥 I write; Steven Grant & Marc Spector
Warnings || NSFW, 18+ Only, Minors DNI, explicit sexual content, p0rn videos
Disclaimer || These are all from Twitter. I will not update this anymore. I鈥檒l also maybe delete this soon鈥
Tumblr media
鈥 Steven Grant
鈥 Yours and Steven鈥檚 first time together
鈥 Morning sex with Steven
鈥 Mutual masturbation with Steven
鈥 More mutual masturbation with Steven
鈥 Netflix & Chill with Steven
鈥 Blowjob with Steven
鈥 Cowgirl with Steven
鈥 Reverse cowgirl with Steven
鈥 Soft sex with Steven
鈥 Steven eating your pussy
鈥 Bathroom sex with Steven
鈥 Steven giving you a creampie
Tumblr media
鈥 Marc Spector
鈥 Morning sex with Marc
鈥 Marc eating your pussy
鈥 Marc playing with your pussy
鈥 Face sitting on Marc
鈥 Marc giving you a creampie
鈥 Bathroom sex with Marc
鈥 More bathroom sex with Marc
鈥 Giving Marc a blowjob
鈥 Blowjob in the shower
鈥 Road head with Marc
鈥 Marc giving you a facial
鈥 Marc fucking your throat
鈥 More of Marc fucking your throat
鈥 Doggy with Marc
鈥 Reverse cowgirl with Marc
鈥 Marc making you squirt then fucking both your holes
鈥 Anal with Marc
鈥 Car sex with Marc
鈥 Mirror sex with Marc
鈥 Marc decorating your pussy with his cum
鈥 Yearning for Marc鈥檚 cock to fill you
鈥 Sex with Marc is the best. || One || Two || Three || Four
鈥 Marc rubbing his cock against your pussy. || One || Two
鈥 Giving Marc the best blowjob ever. || One || Two
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Aged to Perfection
Tumblr media
Pairing: dbf!Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary: Bucky Barnes has been your dad's best friend for years. He remembered when you were a little kid, he was there for your high school graduation, watched you go to college, and now he's coming to your college graduation with your parents...but for the first time, he's looking at you differently.
Warnings: SMUT. Age gap (Bucky is 38, Reader is 23). Unprotected sex (P in V), oral (M and F receiving). Use of pet names. Swearing.
A/N: I am an absolute slut for dbf!bucky.
Part 2
Your dad met Bucky Barnes when you were just a little kid and the two became fast friends, despite the age difference between them. Bucky was about 10 years younger than your dad, making him about 15 years older than you.
From the moment you hit puberty, you thought Bucky was attractive. Most girls would. Plus, he was funny and sweet, always making sure to talk to you at family gatherings.
Bucky's been there for a lot of the big things in your life. He watched you grow up, graduate high school, and go off to college. He'd barely seen you in the last four years as you'd chosen to go to college out of state. Now he was here on campus with your parents for your college graduation.
Neither you, nor Bucky were at all prepared for the chemistry you both felt when you met your parents and him before graduation. You wanted to make sure they knew where to go and get good seats.
"Hey mom!" you called when you saw your mom's happy expression.
Your parents ran over to you and wrapped you in a tight hug. "Guys, you're squishing me. Can't breathe."
Your parents stepped back and laughed. "I can't believe you're graduating college!" your dad exclaimed.
"Me neither, honestly."
"I don't know, doll, you always were the smart one in the family," Bucky said, coming into view from behind your dad.
The moment your eyes met, you felt like your breath had been sucked directly from your lungs. "Hey Bucky," you said in a tone you hoped was completely normal.
He stepped forward and wrapped you in a hug. Your skin felt like it was on fire where he'd touched you, but you did your best to keep a neutral expression. "It's good to see you," he said with a warm smile.
"It's good to see you too." You turned your attention back to your parents. "You guys should get into the auditorium and find some good seats before it fills up."
"Yes! I want to sit in the front," your mom said, grabbing your dad's arm and dragging him with her. "I'm so proud of you, baby!"
"Thanks mom!"
Your dad turned around, "Come on Buck or you'll get left behind."
Bucky laughed. "Apparently your mom is in a rush."
"Well you only get to see your only child graduate college once."
He smiled. "True. Can't wait to see you after." He shot you a wink and walked off after your parents, leaving you to stand there in shock.
Did Bucky Barnes just wink at me? You figured you were going crazy, so you shook it off and went to join your friends before lining up for graduation.
When you walked across the stage, you heard your parents and Bucky cheering. It made you smile and it really meant a lot that they were all there.
After the ceremony, you met up with them again. "You ready for dinner, kiddo?" your dad asked.
You smiled. "Absolutely. Let me say goodbye to some of my friends and I'll meet you out front."
"Sounds good!" your dad responded and your parents made their way to the front door.
"I'm going to use the restroom first," Bucky said before turning his attention to you. "Show me where the bathroom is?"
You nodded. "Sure."
Bucky walked with you to the nearest bathroom, appreciating the sway of your hips as you moved. "So how's what's his name?" Bucky asked not-too-subtly.
"His name is John, which you very well know. And for the record, he cheated on me...twice."
Bucky raised his eyebrow. "And he's still walking?"
You chuckled. "I decided graduating was a better option than spending the rest of my life in prison for homicide."
"I'm happy to shoot him for you."
He grinned. "What? I didn't say he'd die."
You laughed warmly for the first time. "You're a dork." You gestured behind you, "The bathroom is right there."
He stared at you for a moment, just soaking in your appearance. He took a step forward and leaned in close to you. "Thanks, doll." With that, he stepped around you and into the bathroom, once again leaving you in shock.
One of your friends came over to you and waved a hand in front of your face. "Uhh, (Y/N)? You in there?"
You shook your head. "Sorry! I was umm...lost in thought."
She looked at you skeptically. "So it had nothing to do with that hot guy that just walked into the bathroom?"
"No, that's just Bucky."
"THAT'S Bucky?! Why didn't you tell me he was so hot?"
"Shh. Keep your voice down. He's got weirdly acute hearing."
She rolled her eyes. "Seriously though, he's gorgeous. When are you going to tap that?"
"Omg, I am not going to 'tap that'. He's my dad's best friend."
She shrugged. "What your dad doesn't know won't hurt him."
"You're terrible."
"And that's why you love me." She winked at you. "Ope, time to go. Love you, (Y/N/N)." She scurried off and you just laughed.
"Friend of yours?" Bucky asked.
You turned to face him. "Yeah. She's a wild one." You smiled. "Let's go meet my parents before dad gets hangry."
Bucky winced jokingly. "Your dad is actually terrifying when he's hungry."
"You're telling me."
The two of you walked to the front in companionable silence. You did your best to keep a cool, calm exterior, while on the inside you were absolutely freaking out. Bucky's proximity to you set your nerves on edge. Plus, you were pretty sure he'd been flirting with you all afternoon, which was definitely something new. But he was your dad's best friend, so there was absolutely no way he was interested in you...right?
"Uhh, doll? You with me?"
"Huh?" You turned your head to look at him.
He chuckled. "I asked where you wanted to have dinner."
You realized you were in front of the building, your parents and Bucky all staring at you waiting for a response. You hadn't even realized you'd made it outside. "Sorry! My mind was wandering. Umm...Outback?"
"Hell yeah," your dad said with a grin. "Blooming onion, here I come."
Your mom laughed and shook her head. "Dear god, your cholesterol."
"You only live once, right? That's what the kids say these days."
You groaned. "Well that makes you sound old."
Your dad laughed. "I am old."
"You're 50, dad. Not 80."
"Close enough. Come on, let's get a move on. I'm dying here."
You and Bucky follow your parents to their car. Bucky leans close to you and whispers, "Technically, he's 48."
You looked at him in confusion.
"Your dad. He's 48, not 50."
"Same thing."
"If you age him, you're aging me. I'm 10 years younger, remember?"
You actually hadn't remembered. You knew he was younger than your dad, but you weren't sure by how much. That made him 38 years old...which wasn't actually that much older than 23 if you think about it. "My apologies, Bucky. I don't want you to feel old," you said in a light mocking tone.
He laughed. "Don't be a brat, doll. Or I'll have to fix it."
Your eyebrows raised. "Fix it?"
He just grinned and opened the back door of your dad's SUV, gesturing for you to get in. When you started to climb into the backseat, he leaned forward. "I'll have to fuck it out of you," he whispered, lips brushing your ear.
You were shocked by his words and you turned to look at him, but he was already shutting the door and coming around to the other side of the car. You felt wetness pooling in your panties at his statement and you squeezed your thighs together, embarrassment creeping into your face.
Bucky noticed the way you squirmed in your seat when he got into the car and it made him smile. He wanted you to want him and he was pretty sure you did, if the pace of your breathing was any indication.
The car ride was relatively normal. Your parents chatted and Bucky joined in, but you were mostly silent. Words weren't coming to you easily at the moment and your mind was focused entirely on maintaining your composure.
When you got to the restaurant, you sat down in a booth and Bucky slid in beside you, your parents sat across from you. Thankfully your dad sat in front of you and your mom in front of Bucky. Your dad wasn't nearly as observant as your mom was.
Bucky's thigh brushed against yours under the table and you jumped slightly.
"You okay there, kid?" your dad asked.
"Yeah, just a little chilly."
"Here," Bucky said as he removed his jacket. "Put this on."
You allowed him to drape the jacket across your shoulders. "That's better, thanks."
"Of course." Bucky and your parents went back to their conversation, but Bucky's thigh remained pressed against yours. The proximity was overwhelming your senses. All you could see, hear, smell, and feel was Bucky.
Thankfully, the arrival of the server provided a momentary relief. Everyone ordered water, but when the server landed on you, you ordered your favorite alcoholic beverage. You handed the server your ID and ignored the surprised expressions on your parents' faces, as well as the smirk gracing Bucky's.
When the server left to get your drinks, your dad checked on you again. "Everything alright there, (Y/N/N)?"
"Yeah, I'm just celebrating," you lied smoothly.
Your dad just nodded, but your mom stared at you, scrutinizing your face. You must have been doing a good job at hiding what you were thinking, because she eventually smiled and went back to chatting with your dad.
Bucky leaned over to you and murmured, "I thought you didn't like to drink in front of your parents?"
"I'm going to need a drink to get through this," you mumbled back.
"Get through what?" he asked mockingly.
You raised your eyebrow at him and he grinned. You rolled your eyes and silently praised the swift return of the server with your drinks. You chugged half of it before setting the glass back on the table. Your parents looked at you in surprise, but kept their comments to themselves.
The server stayed to take your orders and by the time she walked away, you'd already finished your drink.
"You want another one, sweets?" Bucky asked lightly.
The expressions on your parents faces decided that for you. "No, I'm alright. I'll stick with water now." The alcohol was already having the desired effect. You felt a calmness wash over you and you suddenly weren't so anxious about Bucky's proximity.
You joined in on the conversation and everything seemed to be going just fine. That is, until your mom brought up John...again.
"Honey, how is John doing? Have you talked to him recently?"
"No, mom, I haven't. He's an ass."
"(Y/N)!" your mom exclaimed in surprise. "He was always so sweet."
"That's because you weren't dating him," you mumbled.
"I just don't understand why you would break up with him. He was perfect for you."
You felt Bucky's body tense beside you, but you fought the urge to glance at his face. It might be too revealing in the moment. "Well, mom, from an outside perspective that may have been the case. But he wasn't a good guy and I deserve better."
Your mom started to object again, but your dad gently cut her off. "Let it go, honey. (Y/N)'s an adult. She can make her own choices."
You smiled. "Thanks, dad."
The server returned to the table with your food. As she was setting plates in front of each of you, Bucky's hand landed on your thigh and gave it a gentle squeeze. You looked over at him and he looked at you with a soft expression. "You okay, sweets?"
You offered him a soft smile. "Yeah, Buck. I'm alright. Mom's just a big fan of John."
"Did you mention why you broke up?"
You shook your head. "She would have blamed me."
Bucky's expression lit up in surprise. He wasn't able to question you more as the server was walking away, taking the distraction with her.
The four of you ate your food in companionable silence, simply enjoying each other's company. Once the meal was finished, you all got ready to leave. You wanted to get back to your apartment and just crash.
"Honey, we have to stop at the auditorium. Bucky left his car there," your mom said.
"Okay, that's fine."
"Since you two have a farther drive than me, how about I drop (Y/N) off at her apartment?" Bucky suggested casually.
Your body tensed and you felt the heat rise in your face. Please say yes, you thought to yourself.
"Well I suppose that would be fine. Are you okay with that, sweetheart?" your dad asked.
You nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine with it." You tried not to sound excited, but you couldn't help but smile a little.
The smile wasn't lost on Bucky. He leaned over to you and whispered, "I saw that."
You turned to him and winked...the alcohol in your system making you feel bold.
Surprise lit up his handsome face, quickly followed by a wolfish grin.
It felt like forever before you arrived at the auditorium. You and Bucky said goodbye to your parents and watched as they drove away.
"Come on, doll. Your chariot awaits."
You chuckled. "Cute."
"Yes, I am," he said with a smirk.
You rolled your eyes, but followed Bucky to his car. He opened the passenger side door for you and helped you in. When he slid into his seat, you suddenly felt butterflies rise in your stomach. "Do you know where you're going?"
He smiled. "I remember, doll."
"That was like 2 years ago," you said in surprise.
"It's you. I remember everything that has to do with you."
You felt your heart rate quicken. You wanted to ask him if he was serious about what he'd said earlier, but you couldn't find the words. Thankfully, Bucky took control of the conversation. "So why didn't you tell your parents about John cheating on you?"
You sighed. "Mom's a little old-fashioned sometimes. She thinks that if a woman gets cheated on, it's the woman's fault. She must have done something to deserve it."
"What?" Bucky looked angry. "I'm absolutely certain you didn't do a damn thing to deserve being treated that way."
You gently touched his arm and his expression softened. "I appreciate that and I know I deserve better now. It just took me a little while to figure it out."
"You deserve the world, (Y/N)," Bucky said softly.
Your breath caught in your chest at his words. It gave you the bravery to voice your question. "So what you said earlier...did you mean it?"
Bucky glanced at you with a smirk. "When?"
"You know," you said with a groan.
He grinned. "I can't seem to remember..."
"Bucky!" you whined.
"You've gotta use those words, sweets."
You groaned again. "You can use your words," you grumbled.
"What was that?"
"There's the brat again."
"Still wanna fuck it out of me?"
Surprise crossed both of your faces. You couldn't believe you'd actually said that out loud and he couldn't believe you had either. "Do you want me to?" he asked quietly.
By this point, your panties were practically soaked. You'd been thinking about him all evening and you desperately wanted to touch him. "Please," you whispered.
Bucky groaned and his body visibly tensed. "I gotta say, doll. I never thought we'd be in this position."
"Neither did I."
"Ever since you went to college, I've been imagining what it be like to be with you. You've always been funny and smart, but you've grown into an absolutely beautiful woman, (Y/N)."
The sincerity in his voice warmed your heart. "You have?"
"Of course I have," he cleared his throat. "Have you ever, you know, thought of me?"
You stayed silent for a moment. You'd been dreaming about Bucky Barnes since middle school. The man was gorgeous, there was no denying it. Plus, he was the sweetest person you'd ever known. "Since I was a kid," you murmured honestly.
Bucky raised his eyebrows. "Really?"
You rolled your eyes. "Look in the mirror, Barnes."
He laughed as he pulled into your complex. "So you're telling me you've been dreaming about me for years?"
"Oh my god, Bucky. Shut up," you said with a laugh.
He grinned. "Hey, sweets, I'm not mad about it." He parked the car. "You're home...safe and sound."
Suddenly everything began to feel more real. Bucky must have noticed the panic on your face because he reached out and gently touched your hand. "Hey...we don't have to do this. I can just drop you off and head home. No hard feelings."
The weak part of you...or maybe it was the scared part...wanted to thank him for the ride and just go upstairs alone. But the majority of you was dying to have this man's head between your legs. "Will you come upstairs with me, Bucky?" you asked.
He groaned slightly. "It would be my pleasure."
"I'm hoping it will be mine," you said lightly.
He laughed and his eyes darkened. "Oh doll, it absolutely will be."
You grinned and got out of the car. Bucky quickly followed you up the stairs and into your apartment. The moment you entered the apartment, Bucky shut the door and pressed your body against it, kissing you with a deep kind of passion you'd never felt before. "Bucky," you gasped when his lips left yours.
"Yes, sweets?"
"Is this--I mean--do you just want to have sex? I just want to know now so I know what I'm getting into and I--"
He cut off your rambling with a soft kiss. "Doll, I adore you. Every damn thing about you. I have for years. It's wrong, I know it is, but I want more. I want all of you, every part. But if you only want sex, I underst--"
You pressed your finger against his lips. "Stop right there. I want more," you whispered.
Bucky groaned and pressed his forehead against yours. "Say that again, doll."
"I want you, Bucky. All of you."
"Fuck," he whispered. He pressed his hard body against your soft one and kissed you like you were his life support. You tangled your fingers in his soft hair and he moaned against your lips. He slipped his hands under your ass and lifted slightly. "Jump, pretty girl." You did as he asked and wrapped your legs around his waist. He carried you to your bed and laid you down gently.
"You gonna take my clothes off or are we just going to kiss for hours?" you asked sassily.
"There's that brat again. You're really asking for a good fuck, aren't you doll?"
"Are you just gonna talk about it or are you gonna do it?" Where the hell is this confidence coming from?
Bucky's normally crystal blue eyes darkened. "Doll, you're moving into dangerous territory here. I'm not one of those little college boys you're used to."
You sat up and touched his chest lightly. "No, you're a man and I expect you to show me what you can do."
Bucky grinned. "Oh doll, you're in for a treat." He stood up and started to strip. Your mouth watered as you watched him. His body was sculpted, every inch covered in thick muscles that you were dying to run your hands over.
He quickly shed his pants, followed by his boxers, leaving him completely naked in front of you. You stared in silence for a moment, causing him to chuckle. "Like what you see?"
You gulped. "You--you're...huge."
He laughed at your wide-eyed expression. "Bigger than you're used to?"
You nodded, worry etched onto your pretty features.
"Don't worry, sweets. I'll take good care of you. I promise to be gentle."
"I don't necessarily want you to be gentle..."
"Oh?" he asked as he crawled back on top of you. "So you like it a little rough?" he asked teasingly.
You nodded.
"Use those words, sweets."
"Yes, Bucky."
He grinned. "That's a good girl."
You let out an involuntary moan that made him grin. "You've got a praise kink, don't ya sweets? You wanna be a good girl for me?"
"Yes, Bucky, please."
"Okay, sweets. Why don't you take that dress off for me?" He sat back so you could sit up and remove it. Once you'd discarded the dress, he leaned forward to help you remove your bra and panties. The moment you were naked, he sat back again to take in your body.
He was silent for several moments and you suddenly felt self-conscious. You knew you'd gained weight during college, so you were a little worried that he wasn't attracted to your naked form. You started to cover your midsection with your arms and hands, but Bucky stopped you, holding your hands at your sides. "Don't. I'm trying to admire perfection."
You let out a little gasp at his words. You felt a warmth spread all over your body and couldn't breathe for a moment. No guy had ever said that to you. Hell, the last one told you he'd cheated because you'd 'gotten fat'.
Bucky noticed the look on your face. "Hey, where's that pretty little head at?"
You tried to smile. "It's nothing."
He held your chin and tilted it up so you met his eyes. "Don't do that with me, sweets. What's wrong?"
You sighed. "I've been pretty confident my whole life, but college was a little tough at times. I, uh--I put on some weight and I'm a little self-conscious of it. John even said that he cheated on me because I'd gotten fat."
Bucky's eyes flashed with anger. "He said what?"
You looked down, but Bucky held your face firmly.
"That asshole isn't worth a damn, (Y/N). Your body is absolutely perfect, just like the rest of you. I happen to like a little softness to my women."
"Oh?" you asked in surprise.
He leaned forward to give you a kiss and squeezed the flesh on your hips. "This is the sexiest damn thing in the world, sweets. I wanna worship every inch of this perfect body."
The praise went straight to your core. "Well I'm not going to stop you," you said sassily.
He chuckled lightly. "There's my girl."
My girl? Your body shuddered in response. You didn't realize how badly you wanted to be his girl until that moment.
Bucky noticed your reaction and he grinned. "You like that, doll? You wanna be my girl?"
"So damn badly, Buck."
He groaned and rutted against your bare core. "I'm going to absolutely ruin you, doll."
"You talk a big game, James, but why don't you show me."
"Fuck," he groaned as his fingers dug into your flesh. "I love the way you say my name."
You grinned. "James," you moaned.
He grabbed your hips and pulled you closer to him. "By the end of this, you're going to be screaming my name." He kissed you passionately and your fingers dug into his hair. "Doll, I'm going to need you to sit on my face."
"What?" you asked in surprise.
"I wanna taste this sweet pussy and feel your thick thighs squeezing my head while you ride my mouth."
No one had ever asked you to do that before. You weren't even sure what the logistics of that were. "I've never done that," you admitted softly.
Bucky looked surprised. He laid down on his back and reached for you. "Come here, sweets. I'll guide you."
You climbed up on top of him and he slid down a bit so you were hovering over his head. He gripped your hips and lowered you down slightly.
"Relax, doll. I've got you."
"What if I smother you?"
"Then I will die I happy man."
You smacked his arm. "Bucky, I'm serious."
"So am I. Just trust me."
You nodded and took a deep breath. Bucky dug his fingers into your hips and tugged you down onto his mouth. He let out a groan before licking your pussy. "Fuck, doll, you taste good." He wrapped his arms around your legs and held you down.
Each swipe of his tongue sent waves of pleasure through your body. You had never in your life had a man eat you out like this. He ate you out like he was absolutely starving and you were an all-you-can-eat buffet. You were certain your neighbors could hear your moans, but you couldn't be bothered to care. "Bucky, please don't stop."
Bucky sped up his movements and helped guide your hips back and forth, effectively grinding you against his face. You gasped in pleasure and clung to your headboard for support.
Your moans began to increase in both volume and frequency, letting Bucky know you were close. He dug his fingers into you and he sucked your clit into his mouth, letting out a moan that sent vibrations of pleasure through you.
"Bucky!" you cried out as your orgasm exploded through you. It felt absolutely incredible, unlike anything you'd ever felt in your life. The pleasure soon became unbearable and you tried to remove yourself from his mouth. "Buck, too much. Please."
He was still holding you in his iron grip and he groaned against you. "But..." You tugged on his hair and tried to move again. He finally let you go and you collapsed beside him.
"That was incredible," you mumbled, still breathless.
Bucky wiped his mouth and licked his lips. "You tasted incredible."
You laughed lightly. "I'm glad you enjoyed it."
He grinned. "I'd like a little more, actually." He moved on top of you and tried to go down on you again, but you grabbed his hands and pulled him towards you.
"No more, James, please."
He groaned. "It's hard to resist, especially when you say my name like that."
You grinned. "I can think of something else to do that I think you'll like just as much."
"Oh yeah?" he asked teasingly.
You bit your lip and ran your hands down his body. You loved the feel of his tight muscles under your fingers. When you reached his lower body, you wrapped your hand around his throbbing cock. You started to stroke him gently and his body immediately reacted to your touch.
Bucky started to breathe a little more heavily and he let out a breathy moan when you ran your finger across his slit, collecting the precum that had beaded there. You lifted your hand to your mouth and licked the precum off your finger with a moan. "Delicious."
He groaned and rolled his eyes back. "Fuck, doll."
"I wanna suck your cock, Bucky. So badly."
His eyes widened slightly at your words. "I won't say no."
You grinned and pushed him back. "Stand up."
He did as you asked and you dropped to your knees in front of him. You licked your lips and took his cock into your hands, guiding it slowly into your mouth.
Bucky moaned and gripped your hair tightly as you took him as deeply as you could. You gagged slightly, but you kept sucking him and stroking what you couldn't fit into your mouth. He loved the way your mouth felt and he was desperate to fill that pretty mouth of yours with his cum.
You loved the way his cock felt in your mouth, so thick and heavy. You moaned around him, the vibrations making his body shake with pleasure. You grabbed his hips and started to move them back and forth slightly, hoping he would get the hint.
Bucky looked down at you and he murmured, "You want me to fuck that pretty mouth of yours, sweets?"
You groaned loudly and nodded your head as best as you could.
He smiled at you and gripped your head tightly. He began to thrust his hips slowly, but your moans encouraged him to speed up. "Shit. Doll, you feel so good."
He thrust a little deeper, causing you to gag. He looked down at you to check if you were okay and the look of your tear-filled eyes and his cock in your mouth was absolutely the greatest image he'd ever seen. You were loving every second of this and that only added to his pleasure.
He started to moan louder and his thrusts were a little weaker. "I'm so close, doll. Gonna cum in that pretty mouth."
You moaned around his cock and it was all he needed to push him over the edge. He came with a gasp of your name and you swallowed every drop of his cum. He pulled out of your mouth and collapsed on the bed. "Come here, doll."
You climbed onto the bed beside him and he wrapped his arms around you. "Just need a minute. That was amazing."
You smiled at him and kissed his chest. "Getting tired, old man?"
"Old man?" He flipped you onto your back and kissed you deeply. "I'm going to make you cum so many times you won't be able to walk for a week."
You grinned. "I can't wait." You pulled him down to you and kissed him passionately.
You heard loud ringing coming from your purse on the other side of the room. It was the ringtone you'd set for your dad's phone. "Shit. It's my dad."
Bucky grinned. "Go ahead and answer it, doll. He'll be worried if you don't."
You groaned and went across the room to grab your phone. You came back to the bed and sat down before answering it. "Hey dad."
"Hey, kiddo. Just wanted to make sure you got home okay."
You felt Bucky come up behind you, lips caressing your neck. "Yeah, Bucky got me home safely."
"Good, good. I'm so proud of you, (Y/N)."
"Thanks, dad." Your voice was a little shaky as Bucky's lips trailed down to your shoulders and his hands gently massaged your breasts.
You'd hoped your dad didn't notice, but you weren't quite so lucky. "You okay, kiddo?"
Bucky rolled your nipples in his fingers and you bit your lip to hold back a moan. "Mhmm."
"You sure? You sound a little strange."
You glared at Bucky and he bit your shoulder in response. You groaned and smacked him lightly. "Yeah, I'm just tired and I uh, stubbed my toe."
Bucky laughed soundlessly and you elbowed him lightly. He kissed your neck again and you leaned back against him.
"Okay, (Y/N/N). Get some sleep. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Love you."
"Love you too, dad."
The moment you hung up, Bucky flipped you over and pressed kisses to your breasts. He took his time showing each of your breasts attention.
"Bucky," you moaned softly. "You almost got us caught."
"Do you want me to stop?" he asked cockily.
He chuckled and went back to what he was doing, sucking one of your nipples into his mouth and giving it a little nibble. You moaned and your hips bucked up against him, pulling a moan from his throat.
"I want you so badly, Bucky."
"Yeah, doll? What do you want me to do?"
"I want you to fuck me."
"Hmmm..." he nipped at your neck and ground his hips against you. "I'm not sure you're ready for me."
"Bucky," you whined. "But I've been such a good girl."
He groaned. "Yes you have, sweets. So good for me. I guess you do deserve a reward."
You grinned and pulled him towards you for a kiss. You lifted your hips up to brush against him and he grinned against your lips. "So eager." He brushed his hand up against your core and collected some of your slick. He slid a finger into his mouth and let out a low groan. "Is this for me, sweet girl?"
"All for you, Bucky."
He gripped your hips and lined his cock up with your entrance. "You ready, doll?"
You took a deep breath and nodded.
He noticed your worried expression and offered you a soft smile. "Do you want me to go slow?"
You shook your head. "I want you now."
Bucky tightened his grip on your hips and plunged into you with one thrust. You cried out in a mix of pain and pleasure. You dug your nails into his back and he allowed you a moment to adjust.
"Please move, Bucky. I'm ready."
He nodded and placed his hands on either side of your head, caging your body beneath his. Without warning, he set an absolutely brutal pace. "Fuck, doll, you feel so good. This pussy was made for me."
You moaned and clutched his biceps for support. You could hardly breathe, let alone think.
"You take me so well, sweets."
"Bucky," you moaned. "Feels so good."
He kissed your forehead and quickened his pace. "I could stay here forever." He angled his hips to drive even deeper into you.
With the new angle, he hit your sweet spot with each thrust, sending you so close to the edge. "Bucky, don't stop."
"Oh don't you worry, sweets. I won't." Bucky kept the brutal pace and you quickly tumbled over the edge, crying out in pleasure as you came. True to his word, Bucky didn't stop. He continued to thrust into you, building your pleasure up once again.
Your brain couldn't formulate words; the pleasure was too overwhelming. You clung to Bucky like he was the only thing keeping you tied to Earth.
"You gonna cum for me again, doll?" You just moaned in response, earning a light chuckle from Bucky. He leaned down to you and kissed your lips. His hips never faltered as he whispered, "Cum for me, (Y/N)."
Within moments, you cried out in pleasure for the third time that night. Your orgasm washed over you in waves. Bucky continued his movements, now chasing his own high.
Bucky's body began to tremble slightly and his thrusts became less steady. "Fuck, doll. I'm close."
You touched his face and murmured, "Fill me up, Bucky. I wanna feel your cum inside me."
Your words were the last thing Bucky needed to send his body into overdrive. He came with a cry of your name and filled your pussy with his seed.
As he came down from his high, he pulled out and laid down beside you for a moment. "That was fucking incredible."
You laughed lightly. "I'd have to agree."
He turned to face you. "So you think it's an improvement from the last guy?"
You turned your head to look at him. "Buck, you're lightyears away from every man I've ever been with."
He grinned and kissed you gently. "That's what I like to hear. I'll be right back." He got out of the bed and came back a few moments later with a warm wet towel. He cleaned you up before crawling back into the bed with you.
You curled up against him and laid your head on his shoulder. "Bucky, can I ask you something?"
"Sure, doll."
"I know we kinda talked about it, but I just want to make sure. Was this just a one-night stand kind of situation?"
He held you a little tighter. "I'd really like this to be a more long-term thing."
You looked up at him. "Like...dating?"
He sensed the nervousness in your voice and he placed a kiss to the top of your head. "Yeah, doll. Like dating."
Your body relaxed and you leaned into him again. "Good because you have definitely ruined me for all other men."
He laughed. "I told you I would." He paused for a moment. "What the hell are we gonna tell your dad?"
"Oh I'm definitely not gonna be the one to do that," you said with a chuckle.
"Why not?! He's less likely to kill you."
You smiled and placed a kiss against his chest. "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, Bucky. For now, let's just be happy together."
He squeezed you tight. "Alright, doll. You make me happier than I've been in years."
"You too, Buck," you said as you yawned.
He kissed your head again and murmured. "Goodnight, sweets."
"Night, Bucky."
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adrinktostopyourthirst 3 months ago
Bucky Barnes | One Shot | Quiet Down
Part one to Stay Quiet
Pairing: Roommate!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Plot: You are not, under any circumstances, allowed to wear that.
Warnings: 18+. Smut.
Words: 2,OOO
Tumblr media
Unable to lie to yourself and feign your excitement any longer, you blow up your cheeks and breathe out a large puff of air, sitting up straight on your chair after zipping your heels to your ankles. The energy you had when you started dating again has long faded, and you have gotten so magnificently bored that not even the nerves get to you anymore.
You are this close to wearing sweatpants to your next date.
But you are desperate for a man-induced orgasm, so you suck up the uncomfortableness of your current outfit and push to a stand. Grasping your lipstick, you walk over to your body length mirror and re-apply it to your lips.
Flinching slightly when you hear a thump on your bedroom door, you turn around to watch it open, only to see it鈥檚 Bucky sneaking in. As you turn back to your reflection, Bucky looks you up and down, closes the door behind him and takes a seat at the edge of your bed, the mattress sinking underneath the weight of his muscles.
鈥淲ow. Those outfits of yours are getting sluttier.鈥 He retorts, sounding slightly impressed and amused 鈥淕oing naked next time?鈥
You repress a smile, roll your eyes and throw a pillow from the nearest chair in his direction, which he catches with ease as he lets out a chuckle. You are used to comments like these, but you won鈥檛 let it slide too easily.
鈥淎ctually debating on wearing sweatpants next time, since these outfits are not paying off.鈥 You complain and roll your lipstick back in, closing the lid and slipping it into your purse. 鈥淲hat do you want?鈥
Bucky takes in your words and quickly processes them before leaning back on his hands as you turn back to him 鈥淲e鈥檙e going to watch a movie, but we need the Netflix password. Sam and Carol said you had it.鈥
You nod and quickly scribble it on a note before handing it to him, before grabbing one of your favourite necklaces and stepping over to the mirror once more. Bucky shoves the paper into his back pocket and slowly walks over to you, looking at you through the mirror as you struggle with the clasp in your neck.
鈥淭his outfit is way too revealing, you know. You have to leave some for the imagination.鈥 He murmurs and swats your hands away as he starts fumbling with the clasp himself.
A faint alarm is ringing in your head at the intimacy of his hands in your neck and his breath fanning over your skin, but you remain blissfully ignorant.
Your shoulders sink down in defeat and you watch him focus on the necklace through the mirror, his tongue darted out slightly to put all his attention towards the tiny lock.
鈥淏ucky, the men I encounter on these dates barely have enough braincells to show up.鈥 You retort and he snorts 鈥淚 can鈥檛 rely on their ability to use their imagination.鈥
Bucky curses under his breath when the necklace won鈥檛 do his bidding and before you can ask him why it is taking so long, his curious eyes stare at your reflection and he cocks his head with mischief in his eyes.
Slowly, but too fast for you to stop it, his vibranium fingers wrap around your throat and you instinctively raise your chin and bump back into his chest as the digits add pressure to your skin.
鈥淢y hand looks much better around your throat, don鈥檛 you think?鈥
Where the sudden shift comes from, you have no idea, but it makes the hairs on your body stand upright. Back pressed into his front as his fingers roll lightly into your flesh as if to taunt the pressure he enforces, your throat goes dry as you look at his eyes.
His other hand grabs your hip and that is also when you feel a light bulge press into your back. Some very faint part of you is screaming at you to ask him what the hell he is doing, but the majority of your body is so desperate for relief that you can鈥檛 argue your roommate being the wrong choice.
But Bucky had always been respectful, frustratingly so. Sure, both you and him were brutally honest to each other and threw around filthy compliments like you did disgusting insults, but this is 鈥ifferent. His demeanor has changed completely.
Whenever Bucky flirted with you before, it had always been shallow and playful and never gave you any insight as to what he would be like in bed. But this, this gives you all the insight you need and your heartbeat starts pounding between your legs demandingly.
As your hand covers the one on your hip and the other clasps around his metal lower arm, Bucky鈥檚 smirks widens. Your eyes are wide as you look at him and his are full of determination, making you apprehensive of this unexpected side of him.
鈥淢y poor, poor roommate.鈥 He drawls lowly, his breath hitting your ear as your eyes flutter at the feeling and sound of his voice 鈥淪o goddamn horny and no one there to make her come.鈥
You whine, actually whine at his words and where you expect him to laugh at you, he soothingly rubs his thumb into your skin.
鈥淗mm, I know baby. You need someone to take care of you.鈥 He whispers and takes your earlobe between his teeth 鈥淪omeone to praise you while they do it.鈥
You sigh softly and barely notice his hand, with yours still over it, trail from your hip to the hem of your dress, raising it up as he slips underneath it.
Tensing up instantly when you feel his fingers trace over the slit of your panties, your hands clasps around his wrist tightly. Not to remove his hand, but in anticipation of what it is capable of.
鈥淏ucky鈥︹ You breathe out quietly.
鈥淪hh鈥︹ He hushes, the pressure of his fingers against your panties increasing slightly as they massage into the warm flesh 鈥淐arol and Sam are waiting for me to return so you鈥檝e got to be quiet.鈥
Head lulling back onto his shoulder, he chuckles darkly against you, his grip on the sides of your neck tightening slightly as his fingers start rubbing through your panties, dragging slow circles over your clit.
Warmth pools in your underbelly and tingles shoot up and down your legs at the feeling of him knowing how to touch you so well. Your breathing gets slightly more laboured and your muscles tense up and relax at the same time, mind relaxing as Bucky winds the tension into your body with every drag of his fingers.
When you feel a warm, calloused fingertip slip past your underwear and swirl around the rim of your dripping hole, you let out a soft moan.
It is the very best sound Bucky thinks he鈥檚 ever heard and he rewards you by gliding his middle finger into you until the base of his finger stretches you lightly, your instant reflex being to convulse around the digit.
鈥淪hit, you鈥檙e wet鈥︹ He groans and his metal hand roughly grips your jaw, his index finger covering your painted, parted lips 鈥淒reamt about this for so long. Having you pulse around my fingers and turn you into a blabbering mess.鈥
His middle finger pushes in and out of you steadily, his thumb rolling over your clit firmly as his metal fingers sloppily wipe your lipstick off your lips and make you look as dishevelled as you feel.
Your skin feels like it is on fire as his ministrations quicken, another finger gliding into you with a little too much ease and urging another moan from you. His hand is quick to cover your mouth as he gives a warning bite to the skin of your neck.
He fucking loves this, having you squirming in his hold as he makes a mess out of you, all sloppy and wet in his arms, but he needs you to be quiet if he is planning on doing this way more often without your roommates figuring it out.
鈥淨uiet down baby.鈥 He warns, his voice warm and barely registering in your scrambled brain as your high approaches awfully quickly 鈥淚 can tell it鈥檚 good by the way you鈥檙e squeezing my fingers, no need to be so needy鈥︹
The degrading tone does nothing to distract you from the pleasure unfurling inside of you and you grind your hips into his hand desperately, making him hum in delight and encouragement at your desperation.
His fingers move faster and curl into you deliciously, your pussy swelling around him with need as his palm has settled to rub over your clit in rough, warm circles.
Your whimpers become louder, even your breaths could be heard outside of your door and Bucky鈥檚 entire hand clamps around your mouth tightly, making your eyes shoot open and lock with his through the mirror.
The boyish grin he gives you almost covers up the obvious lust rolling over his sharp features and your eyes flutter at the mere sight of him behind you like that. Bucky presses his temple to yours, the eye contact he has locked you in through the reflection, making your heart almost clatter out of your chest.
鈥淟ook at me鈥︹ He rumbles and you put all your energy into trying to keep your eyes open as his fingers are so close to bringing you over the edge, you feel your knees buckle 鈥淕o on then, baby. Drench me.鈥
You don鈥檛 need him to tell you twice and his words instantly make you sink your tensed form into his body, his fingers rubbing inside of you as his palm adds more pressure to your clit to let your orgasm last as long as possible. Convulsing around him and trembling against his chest, you whimper loudly against his metal hand, the state he has brought you in nearly embarrassing.
鈥淭here you go.鈥 He encourages, his voice making you drip around his fingers as your high continues to course through you 鈥淟ook at that. So pretty when you come in my hands.鈥
The state you鈥檙e in when his fingers slow down and he pulls away from you, can only be described as wrecked. Utterly wrecked. Chest heaving, makeup smushed over your face, wild hair, blood pulsing through the surface of your skin and limbs wobbly and weak.
But you almost collapse to the floor when Bucky鈥檚 fingers disappear between his lips and satisfaction shimmers in his eyes deviously. Turning around towards him, you briefly catch him walking out and closing the door behind him, leaving you by yourself.
So trying to come to terms with what the hell just happened, you weakly attempt to sort yourself out and make it look like nothing happened -which by the lack of Bucky in your room might as well have been the case.
And with the last stroke of your hands over the hem of your dress, Bucky barges into your room again and you turn around to him, exasperated.
鈥淏ucky, what the-鈥
鈥淭ake that off. That dress is not appropriate for a date.鈥 He orders, and if you didn鈥檛 know any better, you would say he looks conflicted and tense.
鈥淓xcuse me?!鈥
鈥淵ou heard me. Take. It. Off.鈥 He seethes, his eyes darker than before.
You scoff and put your hands on your hips, raising an unimpressed brow at him. He can鈥檛 seriously think he can just walk out after making you come and then barge in to tell you that you look inappropriate. Especially not fifteen minutes prior to you leaving for your actual date.
鈥淚 am not taking this off because you want me to wear something else." You tell him like it is the most obvious thing in the world. Who the hell does he think he is?!
Bucky steps over, his entire posture intimidating the shit out of you instantly. You have definitely seen this side of him, but you never thought it would be used against you.
"No.鈥 He spits in your direction and you cower before him 鈥淵ou will be taking this off so I can have my way with you. Now take. It. Off."
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lanawintrs 7 months ago
Tumblr media
synopsis: the night venom finally asks to take you as his couldn't have been more spur of the moment - he was tired of watching, feeling, unable to share every time eddie ravished you. you two can鈥檛 be too surprised, after all,聽he and eddie are one, of course they love you the same.
pairing: eddie brock/venom x fem!reader
cw: 18+, unprotected sex, creampie(s), size difference, size kink, fingering, overstimulation, tentacle penetration, dp with said tentacles, belly bulge, mentions of discomfort, venom gets eddie鈥檚 sloppy seconds, ya鈥檒l are in love <3
wc: 3.6k
notes: i posted the first version聽of this way back in聽鈥18 and venom: let there be carnage made me fall in love with them all over again. slightly different take on the same story.
Tumblr media
You can鈥檛 find it in yourself to even try and stop the moan that slips from you when Eddie slides his tongue against yours, the world fading away as your lips mold together - the only thing anchoring you is his hands, one smoothing over your thigh, gripping at the skin, as his other hand holds the back of your neck. It鈥檚 a fast, overwhelming kiss, stealing your breath and making you dizzy, but you pull him closer, leaving no space in between the pair of you.聽
You can鈥檛 help yourselfs - truly - your bodies fit together as if you were made for this, to fall into one another, to lap each other's lips as if you were starved.聽
It鈥檚 you who breaks first, squealing when you feel his big and calloused hands slide under your thighs to lift you right off your feet.聽
He laughs as he carries you over to your bed, letting you drop with a soft bounce on the mattress, not wasting a moment when you drag his heavy body down to you and open your mouth, chapped lips back on yours in seconds.聽
He swallows your delighted giggles, heart swelling when you run both your hands through his hair and cradle his head in your hold.聽
You pull away.聽
He dips his head down to press kisses into your neck.聽
鈥淚 missed you, Baby,鈥 you murmur, 鈥渕issed you so much.鈥澛犅
The tips of his ears burn red from his flush, giddy, he hides his head in the crook of your neck, kisses once, twice, pulling back to admire the sight of you below him before cupping your cheek.聽
鈥淚 missed you too,鈥 he murmurs, his fingers caressing your face, the touch doing nothing to dull the white hot flame in your belly. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry. I -you know how it is. We found a lead, but he got hungry and I had to stop -鈥
You surge up to bring your tongue against his, and then flush into your mouth.聽
He blinks.聽
Eddie blinks before his eyes flutter close, snaking his hands beneath the fabric of your shirt, pulling it off before the rubbing quickly turns to gripping and kneading.聽
鈥淵ou talk too much,鈥 you whisper.聽
He hums in agreement.
You grasp his shoulders, squeezing hard as his fingers play with your breast, hands tweaking at your nipples, pulling hard before letting go, repeating the action. Your breath catches in your throat聽 - and then he鈥檚 roaming over your stomach and your waist and your hips, trailing down and down til he鈥檚 at the hem of you panties, sliding under and -
He runs his middle finger down your slit, the other two spreading your lips - you keen, arching, while he gathers all the gooey slick on his finger to rub slow, calculating circles on your clit.聽
You whine indignantly when his gaze meets yours, fascinated by you and by the little noises leaving you - 鈥淵ou鈥檙e soaked.鈥澛犅
You smile, your pupils dilated wide and dark, 鈥渁lways for you.鈥
Eddie鈥檚 groans.聽
It鈥檚 a low, approving sound that comes from deep in his throat, overtaken by your mewls when he pushes a fingering your, pumping, pumping pumping until he deems you ready for a second, a third - your hands clutching onto his forearms.聽
You鈥檙e trembling, toes curling up, and you鈥檙e only vaguely aware that you plead out Eddie in broken whines 'till whatever else you wanted to say is exchanged by a heady, breathless moan when he scissors the digits inside of you, stretching your walls and making the pleasure turn almost painful.
And -
And then you feel it.聽
A hand, hot and oily and strong, intertwining with yours, pulling it away from Eddie鈥檚 sleeves and into the mattress, interlacing your fingers. Your body taut from your boyfriend's actions, you鈥檙e desperate to latch onto anything, not minding that Venom is as desperate to simply hold you.聽
But suddenly the pleasure vanishes completely.聽
Venom鈥檚 head forms behind Eddie, his claw squeezing your hand.聽
Neither you nor the symbiote are pleased at Eddie鈥檚 hesitation, but your pout is quickly wiped away once Eddie lurches forwards, resuming his fingering in jerky, jolting motions that show he鈥檚 being controlled by Venom. Venom鈥檚 purr at your pinched face is slow, languid, loud - a tendril reaching out to stroke hair away from your pretty eyes. It鈥檚 enough for him to ignore his host鈥檚 annoyed sputtering, enough for you with the way your blood rushes through your ears -聽
鈥淣o,鈥 Eddie flicks at the mass protruding from his shoulder, rolling his eyes when it flicks him back, 鈥淣o, no, no. We鈥檝e talked about this, man, what are you doing?鈥
Venom nips at his shoulder, unwilling to stop his puppeteering.
鈥淲e agreed to talk to our sweetling, Eddie. Have you forgotten?鈥
It takes a few seconds for you to butt into their argument, not sure how to stop the bickering when the fingers tugging at your gummy walls are that聽thick, Venom鈥檚 hurried pace a bit inexperienced but the eagerness makes you gasp and squirm -聽
鈥淲hat - what are you two talking about?鈥 you choke out dazed, fighting against the orgasm building in your belly. And it's nearly instinctive in the way their eyes soften when they stop and look at you, gazes soft and fond as you tear up from the second sudden stop of stimulation, your little hole clenching around nothing.
Endeared by you, two hands, one alien and one human, cup your face.
They both pause.
鈥淓ddie and I are one,鈥 Venom continues, voice uncharacteristically vulnerable, and you swallow the lump in your throat as his face comes closer to yours. 鈥淎nd we want to be one with you.鈥
Oh - oh.
The thoughts ricochet against your skull like bullets. You know exactly what he means, of course you do. Your boyfriend鈥檚 symbiote has been a part of him for a while now, long enough to be a part of your relationship for more time than when he wasn鈥檛 in it. Experimenting with the alien was only natural, necessary even, he鈥檚 a permanent (for the most part) fixture in your lives.聽
It鈥檇 be a lie to say you haven鈥檛 imagined Venom touching you lewdly, and you know for an absolute fact that Venom and Eddie have done more than you鈥檙e aware of, but, it鈥檚 just -聽
Venom is a beast. Literally.
Not that you don鈥檛 find that appealing, but you're hesitant, intimidated by his impossible bulk; he鈥檚 ripped, corded muscles making up every inch of his 7-feet form. His dick must be so big, and with Eddie鈥檚 being the struggle it is, you鈥檙e worried that Venom would completely rip you apart.
Venom could easily crush your skull with one hand, with one squeeze, and yet, the hand on your cheek holds you as gently as Eddie does.
You wonder, idly, how you could ever think that he would hurt you.
After all, Venom is still half Eddie.
鈥淵/n, 鈥榤 sorry about him, I - we wanted to ask you in more delicate way-鈥
鈥淲hat time is better than now -鈥
鈥淵ou can鈥檛 just spring this on her while we鈥檙e -鈥
You sit up. Eddie follows, leaning back onto his knees, straddling your waist and facing you nose-to-nose. Your sudden movement makes him flinch, not away from you, but closer to you. You giggle and grab their hands, pressing a kiss to their palms as he swallows and takes his plush lip between his teeth.聽
鈥淟et鈥檚 try it,鈥 you say with hot cheeks, half-surprised by how easy it comes out; and he relaxes, the shaky gasp he releases supplemented by Venom鈥檚 excited purr.
鈥淪hit,鈥 he breathes - and Venom ignores whatever he wants to say, tongue unrolling over your chest, cleaving through the sweat collected on your skin. He grins as you let out a loud keen, drooling leaking down onto your lap. 鈥淪hit - are you sure?鈥
鈥溾榤 sure,鈥 you whisper in response, and your voice shakes when Venom鈥檚 tongue curls around your nipple. Eddie鈥檚 eyes widen, your determined stare causing blood to rush to his tip quick enough to make him dizzy. 鈥溾榤 in love with you both.鈥
He grabs your face rather harshly and connects your lips.
It鈥檚 an open mouth and sloppy kiss, stealing your breath away, and you can鈥檛 be surprised when Venom swoops in when Eddie pulls away to breathe, sticking his tongue in your parted lips and curling around your own. You choke on a moan, feeling the ridges of his taste buds rubbing against every corner of your mouth.聽聽
You suck on it and his growl rumbles through your head.聽
They take turns, heads bumping together as one will pull away for the other to take his spot, lips and tongues and teeth clashing together; giving in and completely relinquishing your ability to think, feeling devoured in every sense of the word.聽
Something unintelligible is spoken against your lips before you jump, gasp, hands ripping your panties at the seams, and goosebumps prickle your hot skin.聽
They pull back.聽
They eye your naked body, your pussy pulsing at their stares -
Eddie peels off his sweater, clumsy enough to get his head stuck for a fraction of a second, and you would laugh, expect Venom pushes you back against the bed and shoves your thighs backwards to meet your chest, giving Eddie the perfect view of your sopping folds as he fumbles with the buttons of his jeans and finally pulls himself out of his underwear -聽
His heavy cock lands onto your pussy, tip sticky with precum and he brings his mouth to your ear, voice cracking and low as he reassures - we love you too - and your thighs tremble when he brushes your clit, lips slanting over yours -
He shudders.聽
Black tendrils wrap around your body, kneading and rubbing and fondling as he moves his hips to find your hole - the space between you nonexistent. It鈥檚 always a stretch, the walls of your pussy tug at his pretty pink tip, squeezing down around him.聽
His bottom lip is bitten raw as he tries, and fails, to hold on his composure.
You can鈥檛 help but hiccup as he pushes another few inches in, never used to his fat cock no matter how many times you鈥檝e taken it, every vein and ridge molding your insides to fit him.聽
God - it takes all your energy just to lie there and take it, to not fight against the hands and tendrils pinning you down as your eyes water. Just having a taste of him nestled inside makes you feel weak.聽
鈥淥h,鈥 you gasp, reeling from a blunt claw that makes its way to your clit, rubbing frantic circles. It鈥檚 too fast, too much -聽
You鈥檙e already creaming around him, length not even all the way in yet.聽
There鈥檚 already little self restraint on Eddie鈥檚 end and your tightening even more sends him into a frenzy. It鈥檚 with tunnel vision that he barrels the rest of his way into, knocking the air from your lunges, his own breath sufferings and you can barely squirm at all with the way your legs are hitched up.聽
The buckle from his jeans digs near painfully into the fat of your ass, and you鈥檙e reduced to only be able to hold onto his arms, his large palms resting on either side of your face while whispers soft praises into the air as he starts to move -聽
You sob.聽
You鈥檙e so wet - from the drool forming at the corner of your mouth, the tears pooling in your eyes, even your arousal has pooled in a thick ring at his base, painting the skin where you meet a creamy white.聽
Eddie can barely recognize his own name as the sound comes from you, spoken in too many syllables and broken yelps.聽
Neither of you can manage to produce full words when two tendrils forms from his hips, the mass covering his pubic bone, reaching to prod at your opening, flush with Eddie鈥檚 cock, and you twitch, shake, dig your nails into his arms like that鈥檚 the only thing keeping you grounded.聽
They - they spear into you, rattling your whole body; thin, pulsating ridges taking up more space than what should be possible.
Eddie pauses - has to, with the way your muscles clench, Venom continues; works you open slowly, carefully, relishing in the sharp little pleads of his name. And Venom laughs. A deep sound at how his pretty humans can barely handle a small piece of him, he can鈥檛 wait to see you gaping open, taking more -
The thought has them trembling, breathing hot and shaky air against your face.聽
鈥淥h - oh God,鈥 Eddie stutters, voice catching, 鈥渢his is - 鈥榮 so tight鈥s this ok?鈥 He bites back the need to move, eyes zeroed in on where you're clenching down, struggling to adjust to their girth.
But there's a sharp twitch of his cock while you try to blink away the hazy mess of tears. At this point you can barely formulate a response, so, you nod, all you can do is nod because you feel them in your tummy and it鈥檒l drive you crazy if they stop -
A small please leaves you and it鈥檚 all Eddie needs to restart the piston of his cock into your swollen hole.聽
It gets harder to breathe, to think, the way your folded, cock and tendrils are so close to punching your cervix.聽
Nothing else exists; it all fades away until it鈥檚 just you and Eddie and Venom, your body jolting forward with each snap of his hips against the apex of your thighs. The slapping of his heavy balls against your ass grows louder as he drops further into you, weight almost crushing, that spongy spot inside of you abused by each stroke, neither letting up on the punishing pace聽 -聽
鈥淚 -mmhh - fuuuck! You feel so good, you know that?鈥
鈥淵ou take us so well.鈥澛
Your reply comes in the form of a wail, words pouring out your lips in incomplete sentences as your head tips back into the bed, your pillow bouncing under the force - you almost want to run from the feeling, if you could, but the grip they have on your legs gives you no choice but to take it, take all they had to give - it鈥檚 suddenly suffocating, you are going to break.
He kisses you, connecting your lips with all the聽 gentleness lacking in his brutal thrust. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 it. Fuck - let go.鈥
You let the world crash for them, feeling your walls clamping down, spasming and creaming and pushing the intrusions out, clenching so tightly that Eddie has to grit his teeth and dig in to make sure he doesn鈥檛 slip out.聽
鈥淓ddie,鈥 your eyes roll back before closing, your body skirting up the bed as you鈥檙e worked through your orgasm. You're overwhelmed, gone really. 鈥淰enom!鈥
Eddie tucks his head into your neck and inhales your musk, falling prey to you.聽
鈥溾楳 cumming too,鈥 he pants, the sweat on his hairline smearing into the column of your neck.聽
It鈥檚 almost relieving when he slows - biceps trembling in effort to fully crush you as he seals himself against your puffy cunt, knocking the wind from you. Each shallow thrust is messier than the last, squishier, less controlled as he spills inside you.聽
The tendrils have stilled, but there鈥檚 barely any space left for his cum with the way you鈥檙e held open.聽
Your legs are freed from Venom鈥檚 hold, prompting Eddie to gently bring your legs off of his shoulders, mindful of their soreness as he places them on either side of him. He wipes the rest of your tears away, smiling wide when you rake your nails over his scalp despite the small tremors still affecting you.聽
Thanks for loving us, he murmurs, and your heart can鈥檛 help but stutter, tingling absolutely everywhere.聽
You grab his face without a pause.聽
You wonder how he can be this sweet after fucking you like that. Honestly, it鈥檚 cute, you can鈥檛 even deny the urge to press kisses on his cheeks, eyelids, lips, wanting him to know how happy being him, with them, all without saying the words.聽
But -
Venom is impatient.聽
He wasn鈥檛 done with you, not yet, and he lets your tired throbbing burn out before the mattress beneath you creaks, Eddie startled, not fully sitting up before Venom takes over.聽
It鈥檚 a soft question, claws grabbing onto your hips - his tongue rolls over his teeth, looking predatory and fascinated and hungry.聽
鈥淲ill you let me love you too?鈥澛
His hands tighten around you, prepared to stop your squirming when a tendril bigger than the last buries itself in your swollen pussy. You feel like it鈥檚 stirring your guts around, sloshing the cum inside you, dripping down onto the bed.
鈥淲ill you let me love you like Eddie does?鈥 He hisses, watches, thinks the way you jolt is enough of an answer.
You don鈥檛 stand a chance. You clamp your thighs tight, hoping for a small reprieve after another tendril finds your clit - he stops that, of course, leaving you to take it while he splatters the strings of cum around your hole,聽 a thick ring of creamy wetness painting him.聽
You thrash against his hold, back arching.聽
He folds himself聽 down to look directly into your eyes.
Venom locks onto the desperate mewls you make, his tongue darting over your skins, each lap leaving you covered in twines of drool. He laughs at the sound you make when he slows, stops, enlarging the tendril inside to tease you before completely pulling out and -
And it鈥檚 here you teeter on the brink of consciousness and unconsciousness, faint at the huge cock that drops on your stomach, heavy and hard and pulsing with his heartbeat.聽
You laugh in disbelief.
Precum oozes from the plump head, dripping opalescent white on your skin. 鈥淎ll for you, Sweetling,鈥 he growls, voice strained from his willpower to keep from shoving into you in one go.聽
He reaches well past your belly button, and you have no idea how it鈥檚 going to fit - but he shifts himself so he presses against you and there鈥檚 a moment before he pushes in, the air heavy with expectation and tension, and before your uncertainty gets the better of you, his tongue curls around your face.
鈥淚s our pretty girl ready?鈥
He doesn鈥檛 give you a chance to respond. With no effort, he rolls you onto your belly and lifts your ass into the air, placing a claw on your back to keep your face and chest firmly planted on the rumpled blanket. He pulls your hips back, grips so tight you know you鈥檒l have bruises later, the meeting of his plump cockhead against your hole has you clenching your teeth.聽
You cry out as his length tears you open, you鈥檙e sure you鈥檙e going to snap, break, walls unable to adjust without seizing. 鈥溾榮 too much. Too much.鈥澛
He's insistent on leaving no room between the back of your thighs and the front of his, the weight of his body swinging forwards making the bed creak loudly. 鈥淣o - you can take it.鈥
A rumble escapes from deep within his chest at the way your pussy tugs at him when he pulls away, like it鈥檚 trying to keep his cock out. A mix of cum and arousal coats his corded thighs as they begin to smack the back of yours over and over and over.
In your haze, you press your hand to your stomach, feeling the bulge from where he鈥檚 sheathed inside.
鈥淎ll for our sweet.鈥
You grasp the blanket, holding on for dear life as Venom moves you and the bed, saliva splashing across your back as he digs the swollen head of his cock right up to your cervix.
He tests it, prodding at the closed ring, hurting so bad, but god if it wasn鈥檛 worth it.聽
You don鈥檛 have the mind to be embarrassed at the echoing, wet pats of meeting thighs. His raw strength is unquestionable, impossible to resist as he slams into you, hitting every special place without effort - it鈥檚 devastating, has you gushing -
You shove your face into the pillow to stifle your screams, orgasm passing in waves, splattering all over his thighs and the sheets.聽
His grunts become roars and snarls that are more primal and near frightening as your body slumps down, your climax only exacerbated by the sudden pull of your hips into the air.
鈥淰enom I - nghh - please,鈥 you aren鈥檛 sure what you鈥檙e pleading for, if you want him to stop or keep going; your hand has a mind of its own as it reaches back, tries to push against his stomach, but he only snarls, yanking your arm to drill you at a harsher pace, your louder whimpers at the impact spurring him on.聽
鈥淭ake it,鈥 the alien barks, imposing and loud, ignoring the way you thrash in overstimulation.聽
鈥淵ou鈥檙e a good girl,鈥 he drapes his body down, chest to your back, puffs quick, hot breaths in your ear, rutting as far as he could with one final thrust, cumming so hard that it squirts from where you鈥檙e connected. 鈥淥ur good girl.鈥
Venom鈥檚 hips rock through his release, pump after pump of iridescent cum stuffing your cunt. You feel more full than you ever have - your lower body numb while Venom鈥檚 grinding ensures that his cum is rubbed into every inch of your walls.聽
His seemingly endless orgasm just serves to accentuate the mess you鈥檝e made, sheets definitely needing to be changed, but right now, in this moment, all you can do is fall into the sheets when he lets go of you, smiling, content when he carefully drapes his weight next to you.聽
You both ignore how the bedframe cries out, Venom鈥檚 purrs lulling your frantic heartbeat as he nuzzles into you, smoothing out your hair with a gentleness that pushes you into the embrace of sleep.聽
Tumblr media
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Chaos ensuing at work
Me just having thots and horniness for fictional characters and the actors that play them
Store manager: "I'm really impressed at how you kept such a level head with everything going on"
Me:"Oh uh thanks I was doing mental yoga"
Mental yoga is imagining me getting railed into sheer sobbing bliss by my fictional men on a loop
Tumblr media
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heavysoldat 3 months ago
Tumblr media
tfatws!bucky barnes x reader
Tumblr media
summary after the heat goes out in your apartment, the cold brings bucky back to a place he never wanted to be again, leaving him desperate for a way to forget.
warnings SMUT (unprotected shower sex, cunnilingus, fingering, desperate!bucky, creampie), insinuations of PTSD and nightmares, classic hurt/comfort porn fic
notes i have so many wips and instead i post something completely unrelated. this may or may not be inspired by the fact that my heat went out, and when it finally came back my heater literally fucking exploded. i love the city
Tumblr media
The blankets aren鈥檛 enough to keep you warm tonight.
The apartment you share with Bucky is freezing, the winter snow and lack of heat in your building making the night almost unbearable. Like always, your landlord said he鈥檇 fix it later 鈥 but by that, you know he means weeks.
1:45 AM.
Bucky鈥檚 asleep next to you, having finally drifted off an hour ago while you were cuddled up against your headboard, watching some sitcom Bucky had never seen before. He was already uneasy. You know that much.
You weren鈥檛 so lucky with sleep. You鈥檝e been tossing 鈥 but even the personal radiator of a super soldier next to you couldn鈥檛 warm you enough to sleep, your insomnia gathering too much for your body tonight. Just one of those nights.
It starts with a small huff. There鈥檚 a quiver in his tone, barely noticeable, but you know him too well; that itself is enough is to set off alarm bells in your mind.
The huff turns into groans. His movements turn into tosses and turns. Everything extends into something aggressive, until he鈥檚 left panting and shaking against your freshly cleaned bedsheets, fingernails ripping the tiniest of holes into the fabric.
Your mind runs a hundred miles a minute 鈥 it鈥檚 been so long since you鈥檝e seen him have a nightmare. It鈥檚 been so good. Nothing but peaceful sleep for the past four months. You鈥檝e almost forgotten what to do.
You shake him by the shoulder, fighting back the panic you feel rising into your chest. He jolts awake, eyes wide in fear, body pale and shaking. 鈥淗ey, hey, baby,鈥 You say. 鈥淚t鈥檚 okay. I鈥檓 right here.鈥
Bucky looks around, then back at you. His body is sweaty and he's trembling uncontrollably. He stares at you, hot tears falling down his cheeks. "I'm right here." You repeat. "I'm right here. You're safe."
He stares at you, blank and unreadable, and you reach out to him. When he doesn鈥檛 flinch, you wrap your arms around him, pulling him into an embrace. He pauses, no read, but eventually he huddles himself against you, face nuzzling into your neck.
After a moment, he sniffles. Pulling his head up, slowly but surely, he leans his head against yours. "I'm sorry," He says.
鈥淒on鈥檛 be.鈥 You say. 鈥淵ou can鈥檛 help it. It鈥檚 not your fault.鈥
There鈥檚 still hot tears in his eyes threatening to spill. You wipe the ones that have already broken through with your fingers, watching as he nuzzles his face into the palms of your hands.
You know how he gets when it鈥檚 cold. Nothing ever goes well for him when it鈥檚 cold.
鈥滵o you want to take a shower?鈥 You ask, voice soft, 鈥淲e still have hot water.鈥
He looks up at you, eyes puppy-like and sad, and before he nods. You smile down at him, grabbing his hand, leading him off of your bed and towards the bathroom. You flip the lights on, walking on the cold tile towards the shower and turning the water on.
Motioning for him to strip, you check the temperature. 鈥淥kay, Buck,鈥 You hum, 鈥淭he water鈥檚 nice. You go ahead and get in, I鈥檒l come back with some more blankets and snacks. We can watch a movie once you鈥檙e done, how does that sound?鈥
He doesn鈥檛 respond for a moment, going silent.
鈥滳an you come in with me?鈥 He asks, voice trembling. Your heart breaks for him. There鈥檚 nothing more you want to do than reach out, kill every demon he鈥檚 ever faced and hold him tighter than anyone ever has, but you know you can鈥檛. Some battles you have to leave.
鈥漁f course, if that鈥檚 what you want.鈥
He nods. Slow.
You peel of your clothes, piece by piece, before hopping into the shower and under the warm water. After a moment, you feel him step in beside you, staying close behind you.
Bucky鈥檚 arms wrap around the expanse of your waist, pulling your back towards his front. His head digs back into your shoulder, breath shaky against your skin. Goosebumps melt against you.
鈥漎ou鈥檙e safe.鈥 You say, for the third time tonight. 鈥淚鈥檓 here. I鈥檓 not going to leave you.鈥
鈥淚 know,鈥 He says. 鈥淚 know.鈥
You stay like this for a moment more. Just holding each other, skin against skin, the stubble on his face tickling your neck. His hands keep themselves respectful. They always do.
鈥淚 love you,鈥 He says, kissing your neck with soft pecks, 鈥淚 love you.鈥
鈥滻 love you too, baby,鈥 You hum.
He turns you around, gently, before placing a tender kiss against your lips. It鈥檚 hesitant, and you can still feel his body trembling against yours. You help him by bringing him closer, deepening it. Giving him the passion he deserves.
You have to stand on your tippy toes to kiss him.
Bucky鈥檚 body presses against yours on instinct, hands growing impatient without him even knowing, itching to go through the valley of your skin.
His lips part from yours, barely, mouths still ghosting over each other as he speaks. 鈥淒oll鈥︹
鈥滻 know, Buck.鈥 You say. 鈥淚 know.鈥
鈥漀o.鈥 He says, with the must confidence he鈥檚 had tonight, but is immediately contradicted by a shaky breath. 鈥淚 need鈥 I need you, honey.鈥
鈥淵ou have me.鈥
鈥滻 need you.鈥
His mouth leaves sloppy kisses over your neck, devouring you, hands kneading into the flesh of your ass. You gasp, grabbing onto his shoulders for stability.
鈥漀o,鈥 He鈥檚 pleading, 鈥淢ake it go away.鈥
Bucky falls down to his knees on the tile. He parts your legs himself, finding no use in waiting. His face falls between your thighs, pressing hot, breathy kisses against them, practically burying his face into your legs, nuzzling into you like a kitten.
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to.鈥 You say, almost panicked by his sudden demeanor.
鈥滻 want to,鈥 He says in-between kisses. 鈥淚 need to. Please. Fuck, please, let me have you?鈥
Bucky鈥檚 begging you, and who are you to say no? Who are you to deny him, teary-eyed and sloppy beneath your legs?
鈥漁kay,鈥 You breathe. 鈥淥kay.鈥
As soon as you say it, his face buries itself in your cunt. His tongue slips anywhere he can fit it; licking against your wet hole and your swollen clit. The desperation he鈥檚 giving you is going straight to your core.
He鈥檚 like a man starved, sucking and licking and kissing the entire expanse of your pussy. He latches his mouth onto your clit, sucking with a plan, fingers slipping inside your clenched hole. You can barely stand, grabbing onto his short hair for dear life, praying to God you don鈥檛 fall and crush this man under you.
鈥滷uck,鈥 You鈥檙e moaning, gasping, 鈥渇uck, fuck,鈥
He doesn鈥檛 let up. Fingers are sliding against that spongy spot inside of your cunt, lips suckling you like a newborn calf 鈥 your orgasm builds in you like a wire that鈥檚 about to snap. Your legs are shaking against Bucky鈥檚 head, his free hand digging into your skin to make sure you don鈥檛 fall.
鈥淚鈥檓 cumming,鈥 You can feel it, it鈥檚 so close, almost there鈥 鈥淔uck, Bucky, I鈥檓 cumming!鈥
Your legs trap him in your cunt when they squeeze around him. Your orgasm tears through you, shaking your body and making you fall back against the wall. He fucks you through it with his fingers, moaning his own symphony against your trembling cunt.
鈥滷uck,鈥 You moan, moving your legs from off his shoulders. Bucky presses kisses down your thighs, back up, finally standing up on front of you and kissing you deeply.
鈥淵ou didn鈥檛 have to do that,鈥 You say, panting against his mouth, 鈥淚鈥檓 supposed to be making you feel better here.鈥
He chuckles at that, and the sound itself arms your heart. He kisses the tip of your nose, a smile finally making it鈥檚 way to his face. 鈥淭hat did make me feel better.鈥
鈥滿mm,鈥 You hum, hands wandering against his chest, 鈥淚鈥檓 glad.鈥
Bucky swallows, thick, biting down into his lip with a vengeance 鈥 鈥淐an I鈥︹ Hands, one warm and one cold, slip down your spine, making their way towards your ass again, 鈥淐an I fuck you?鈥
You breathe out. 鈥淒o you even have to ask?鈥 Your voice comes out as a whisper, cold against his skin, but it鈥檚 the words that make him shiver.
"Please." You whisper. 鈥淔uck me.鈥
You hear him grunt, before his mouth hot is on yours again. Your back presses back against the shower wall, and his hands go under your thighs to lift you up. His cock his hard against your thigh, throbbing and leaking precum onto your skin.
鈥淐an you say it?鈥 He pants, pulling on your lip with his teeth, 鈥淧lease?鈥
鈥滻 want you inside me, Bucky. Please.鈥
That does it for him.
His cock catches against your hole, before he slides it inside you without a stutter. Bucky groans tightly, hand grabbing at your breast and kneading it.
You gasp. Moaning, you say, 鈥淔eels good,鈥 as he humps his hips against yours. The movements are slow, but his cock is deep 鈥 buried in you like he wants to consume you, because he does. He needs to be as close to you as he can. As close as his body will let him. He needs to devour you.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e so tight,鈥 He pants, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e so tight.鈥
鈥滺arder,鈥 You moan. 鈥淗arder.鈥
His hips begin to snap against yours. His balls are slapping against the bottom of your ass, his face buried in your neck again, moaning and whimpering into your skin. His voice is high, wanting, needing.
鈥滻 need it,鈥 He鈥檚 panting, whimpering, desperately clinging to you, 鈥淚 need it, fuck, please, I need it so bad 鈥 please!鈥
You grip onto his back, nails almost breaking his skin. 鈥淐um for me, fuck, please, cum in me. Fill me up.鈥
With a grab of his ass, his hips stutter and his cock throbs. He delivers one last snap of his hips before the dam breaks, cumming inside of your cunt with a strained whimper.
鈥漈here you go,鈥 Your voice is barely a breath. 鈥淕ood, honey, you鈥檙e so good.鈥
There鈥檚 silence as you both come down, nothing left but your heavy pants and the pattering of the shower water. You watch the steam fog up the glass of the shower, Bucky pressing sleepy kisses to your collarbones. 鈥淚 love you, I love you so much.鈥
You hum, hands curling into his hair, 鈥淚 love you.鈥
Another beat.
鈥淐an we still watch that movie?鈥 He asks, still panting, still sleepy, still sweet. Still angelic. 鈥淚 want to go to bed and veg.鈥
You laugh wholeheartedly. 鈥淥f course we can.鈥
You wash each other off in the steamy water, before you鈥檙e carried to bed and warmed with bagged snacks and canned soda 鈥 laying idly with your lover, a terrible comedy plastered on the TV.
And when he鈥檚 at peace, you couldn鈥檛 be happier.
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daxdrabbles 4 months ago
Between Your Legs
Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader (SMUT)
Summary: Making your very shy boyfriend admit his kinks turns into an unexpected series of events.
Word Count: 5.3k
Warnings: smut, smut, smut! (minors dni) cursing, size difference, overstimulation, oral sex, dom/sub undertones
(fic is two parts but i stuffed it into one so that鈥檚 why it鈥檚 long!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
鈥淐鈥檓on Bucky, there鈥檚 gotta be something that makes you all hot and nervous?鈥
鈥淓verything pertaining to鈥 that.. with you makes me hot and nervous.鈥
I was sitting in front of Bucky, my legs folded underneath my thighs and I was leaning in close to enact eye contact as well as to try to reveal my nipples exposed from the large neck hole of shirt. But he looked away shyly, and only glanced back to see if I was still staring at him.
We had never had sex. Our adventures always peaked at the high of steamy make-out sessions. But when curiosity got the best of me, I jumped up during the film and asked him what he liked to do during sex. His face turned bright red and he began sputtering out a million different questions, avoiding the answer to my own. I sat there amused at how bashful he could be. Since Bucky was born in the 1900s鈥, being so open about sexuality was an adjustment for him. But when our make-outs got heavy and I could feel him softly runting his crotch against my midriff, I knew he wanted more than some sloppy couch kisses.
But of course, as the classic gentlemen that he was, all my attempts to get down to action in the past recoiled with him saying that our first time should be special, not on his couch watching The Hobbit. I respected his decision to wait but that didn鈥檛 mean I couldn鈥檛 at least know what he was into. And imagine it. And fantasize about his fantasies. And wow, the air suddenly got hot as my head wandered off.
I flapped the front of my shirt and squirmed in my position, thinking about the possibilities.
But my hopefulness that he was into some BDSM play or rough sex was shattered as he said there鈥檚 鈥榥othing special鈥 he鈥檚 particularly into.
I pushed further, feeling like there had to be something hiding in that reserved personality.
鈥淵es, but you don鈥檛 have a single kink?鈥
鈥淜ink?鈥 He furrowed his eyebrows, confused by my vocabulary.
鈥淜inks are a sort of fetish or turn-on. It鈥檚 something specific during sex or foreplay that makes you more aroused than other things.鈥
鈥淏ucky! No more avoiding the question.鈥 I whined.
I looked up at his massive figure still thinking about everything he could be into. I imagined he was into dominance given his large structure. He was a good foot taller than me, and his body practically ate up my torso when we hugged. He could easily fling me around with that metal arm; he would be the perfect dom partner.
I zoned out again, drooling at the thought of a dominant Bucky, but caught onto some dire information at the end of his sentence.
鈥溾ut if I have to say something, I guess... I like to be on the opposite side of the receiving end.鈥
He gulped, still staring every which way that wasn鈥檛 my direction.
Oh? He鈥檚 submissive? I could feel my legs already begin dripping. How did that idea become even more attractive than a rough dom?
I moved closer to him excited and perked up.
鈥淪o you like giving your partner pleasure? Is that what I鈥檓 hearing?鈥
He nodded.
鈥淲hat kind of pleasure do you like giving?鈥 I teased.
He finally looked down at me as I gave him my big eyes expression, making sure to blink slowly. His own eyes lit up and I could see the tent growing in his sweats but he quickly shook his head.
鈥淗ey, I answered your question now. No more!"
鈥淔ine, fine.鈥 I sighed defeatedly. My ever-growing horn would have to wait.
I sat back down, and we resumed the movie. He wrapped his arm around me as I cuddled his side.
But throughout the whole movie, he kept repositioning and moving his limbs around. Which was highly unusual. He was always as stiff as a tree but I brushed it off, figuring that maybe his back hurt from work or something.
That is until 10 minutes later when I heard him whisper near my ear,
鈥淐an we kiss?鈥
So that鈥檚 why you can鈥檛 sit still.
Smirking, I eagerly turned and began pressing my lips against his. He groaned at the abrupt contact and quickly enveloped his arms around my waist to set me on top of him. I straddled one of his thighs and cupped each side of his face with my hands, moving my tongue inside of his mouth before feeling him do the same. I could feel myself growing wetter every second of it and I moaned when his rock-hard cock brushed against the top of my clit. Lost in the moment, I guided his hand underneath my shirt and latched it on my breast. His hand covered my entire boob and he gasped into the kiss. Although surprised, he began massaging and rubbing his finger against my hard nipple. I had been very touched starved so this released a very loud moan on my end and I began unconsciously grinding against his shaft.
Bucky's groans also echoed at the contact.
After what felt like hours of our tongues pushing as far back as we could go, I pulled away seeing his salvia-coated lips and glossy eyes watching me with hunger and desire. My god, he was so sexy. But I knew if we kept going, I wouldn鈥檛 be able to refrain asking for sex. Which I didn鈥檛 want, I wanted to wait until he told me he was ready. My legs were shaking, wanting nothing more than anything to just shove my pussy in the space of his legs.
Panting slightly, I said,
鈥滲ucky. I love this, I really do, but you鈥檙e killing me here.鈥 I chuckled.
鈥淲e can.. we can do other things.鈥 He retorted timidly.
鈥淥h? Like what?鈥
I pulled my hips closer as his hand tugged the small of my back into his body.
He licked his lips.
鈥淚... I want to, put my face between your legs.鈥
My eyes widen in surprise. That鈥檚 what he meant.
He likes giving oral sex.
There was a hard blush rushing across his cheeks, but my eyes immediately went to his wet shiny lips. They had never looked more appetizing before. The picture of his head bobbling in the space of my legs sent me into a frenzy. Although some part of me was screaming to ride his face then and there, I decided to mess with him more.
I ran my hands up and down his broad chest, knowing that it was a weak spot before kissing the crook of his neck, another weak spot. He swallowed harshly, bucking his hips up. I trailed kisses up to his ear before whispering,
鈥淵ou want to eat my pussy, Barnes? Is that it? That鈥檚 the thing that makes you all hot and bothered? That鈥檚 so dirty James.鈥
Bucky squeezed my sides harder and his cock twitched inside the hem of his jeans, probably swelling up to an uncomfortable point by now.
Bucky had a thing for me saying his first name. I didn't really understand it but it became my favorite thing to do if I needed to grab his attention.
鈥淲ill you let me Doll?鈥
I pushed his hair back to look at him. I couldn鈥檛 help but adore how absolutely gorgeous he looked underneath me, so desperate and needy to please me. His lips between his teeth, and his body language silently telling me, please.
I stroked his face lovingly before giving him a soft peck.
鈥淥f course James. I want to feel your lips everywhere.鈥
And with that, his head swooned up giving me a passionate kiss before flipping our positions and disconnecting the kiss to run his hands down my body.
"Eager are we?" I chuckled lightly but I could sense his impatience because he overlooked what I said and continued to kiss and suck the areas below my breasts.
I leaned back against the sofa and Bucky grabbed my hips as he licked a wet line from the top of my stomach down toward my pelvis. I bit my lip, trying not to crumble under how good something as small as this felt. His back muscles were protruding from the black shirt that was way too tight on him and the way his arms flexed as he got closer to my crotch made the walls of my pussy clench at the sight.
He slithered down onto his knees and slipped his fingers on the band of my panties. I raised my butt so he could pull them off. He did so while slowly placing kisses on the inside of my thigh. I pulled my shirt off, my breasts bouncing as I fell back and I draped my legs over his shoulders. Even if Bucky wanted to do something to me, I wanted him to know that I'm still in control. Now I was completely exposed and staring straight at Bucky's intense gaze. His eyes roamed every part of me not knowing where to land until I spread my legs and those 'innocent' orbs locked onto my bare vulva. His pupils dilated and his mouth slightly gaped open. He shuffled his knees, cock harder than before.
"God you鈥檙e so beautiful. 鈥
He smiled at me, fluttering his eyes closed before finally pressing his lips on my cunt. I gasped. The sensitivity made me super responsive. I opened my legs even wider and he placed one hand down on my hip so I wouldn't move. I shivered as I felt the cold metal make contact with my warm skin. He began lapping at every area besides the one part that I wanted his mouth on most.
Is he teasing? He proceeded to very slowly and painfully, draw lines up and down, stopping right before making contact with my clit. Oh, he totally is.
I whined,
"James, please."
He smirked before doing it once more, and then completely changing his slow pace. He began sucking my clit and drawing circles with his tongue. Twirling his head with his movements. I gripped his hair, obscenities rolling from my tongue at the sudden contact. Quivering, I crossed my ankles behind his head.
"Holy- fuck, god yes, James, right there-"
My breath staggered even more as I felt him flick my clit in his mouth. I pushed my thighs between his face earning a hard grunt from Bucky. I could tell he was enjoying this too, his eyes meeting my own and showing pure ecstasy. He squeezed one of my legs and I could see him rubbing his palm against his clothed dick, making me even more impossibly hornier.
"You're so wet baby.." I heard him mumble. I only nodded, so immersed at how fucking good his mouth felt, because why hadn't we done this earlier?
I could feel myself getting closer and closer to that familiar edge. Bucky became fully concentrated on what he was doing and moaned as I tightened my grip in his head. He would shake his head up and down, making me purr at the fiction. He stopped palming at his jeans and brought his hand up to fumble with my nipple, slightly twisting and pinching it every time I would react. The cool vibranium added an element of temperature play and instantly hardened my nipple, electrifying the heat pooling in my stomach.
"James, god, ah. You're so good, ah, it feels so good." I slurred, feeling so buzzed from all the stimulation. I pushed my pussy forward, greedily wanting more.
Watching him dive his head and wholly eat me out like I was a fucking 5-star meal was intoxicating.
And as if things couldn't get any better, I then felt two fingers make contact with my opening. Without stopping his movements, he carefully pushed his fingers into me, and I withered under him, no longer containing the volume of my voice. I'm sure if he wasn't busy pushing his entire throat down my vag, then he would be a moaning mess as well. I shoved myself down into his fingers, unwilling to warm up first, and hitting my g-spot as his tongue rubbed my clit, in rhyme with my pace. My entire body trembled as I rode his mouth.
"Ah! James, I'm so close, I'm so close." I panted out, feeling my abs start to burn up but not caring. His moves became more erratic and messy after this, wanting nothing more than for me to cum all over him. My words alone had him gripping the side of the couch, knuckles turning white from the pressure.
Bucky stopped for a moment to say, "Cum for me girl, fuck my face until you get there."
He quickened his pace, beating at my sweet spot and sucking harshly on my swollen clit. His soft and gentle demeanor completely faded out as he devoured me with so much force, fucking me with his fingers at such an animalistic pace and shoving his face deeper and deeper in my cunt. His nose disappeared between my folds. His persistent muffled moans created waves of vibration that ran through my fragile body and the loud suckling & slurping filled my ears, driving my head mad with lust.
My vision went faint and my body did one final thrust to meet Bucky's fingers, hitting the perfect spot and sending me over the edge.
"J-James!" I cried out as I felt my body shake through my orgasm centered on the feeling of his tongue. I felt pure euphoria and softly repeated his name out as I rode through my climax. Bucky's eyes rolled back as he let out a breathy groan back, guzzling down all the cum.
I twitched forward whimpering out 'ahhs' as he delicately licked the remaining slick.
I felt his lips detach from my pussy, a string of salvia showing as he pulled away. He stared at me completely dazed, salvia dripping down his chin. He wiped his pretty plump pink lips with his shirt and readjusted his jaw, which was probably sore. I immediately threw myself on him, my legs still a shaking mess, as he held me. He gave my forehead multiple kisses that melted my heart as he picked me up and laid me down on the couch resting my head in his lap. He brushed the hair away from my face.
"Did you like that doll?" He said whilst looking at me with those beautiful eyes of his and a large smile, admiring me even in my unhinged post orgasmic state.
I nodded. "More than just like. Bucky, you're- you're amazing."
He budded noses with me. "You're amazing. I love you."
"I love you too James."
Smiling, I gave the tip of his nose another peck before lifting my head up in search for my shirt. I spotted it on the floor and grabbed it, pulling it over my head. Bucky complained.
"I like you without your shirt on..."
I chuckled, "Hey, what happened to my shy boyfriend who doesn't like to share his kinks with me huh?"
"He's dead now."
I laughed at his over-exaggeration before realizing something. I turned to him with guilty eyes,
"Oh shit! Wait, Bucky did you want me to do the same? I can also-"
His eyes grew and he laughed nervously, "No, no, don't worry about me sweetheart, I'm all good."
I shook my head, determined to give him the same godly pleasure he gave me.
"No, please Buck-"
"No, really, it's fine Y/N. I got everything I need from doing that alright? It was all my pleasure-"
I was about to protest again until I noticed the worry in his eyes. He also was covering his private area with his forearm. I squinted at him, trying to figure out what was up with him until...
"Oh my god."
"What?" He gave me another worried look.
I smirked.
"You finished didn't you?"
Fear flashed through him, and I could pick up on the clear embarrassment he felt.
He stuttered,
"I-I just, I'm somewhat sensitive-"
"That's so hot."
I shot him a seductive stare, my legs shifting with arousal yet again.
"Hot?" Bucky said with disbelief filling his tone.
I wrapped my arms around his neck, butting my forehead on his.
"You came just from eating me out? So fucking hot. Makes me wonder how easy it's gonna be to get you to cum when it's my turn.." I murmured with a low husky voice.
He gripped my waist, breathing shakily. His boner rising as if his refractory period was simply a minute long.
"Guess we'll find out won't we?" Bucky replied, more confident this time.
Oh, now this is interesting.
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(this is part 2)
Summary: Bucky is now always performing sexual acts on you but he never lets you return the favor. You began to worry if there's anything wrong with you.
same warnings! + slight angst
"Shit- Bucky!" I cried out as Bucky rapidly rubbed my clit and attacked the sweet spot on my neck.
He whispered sweet nothings as I came. 鈥淵ou look so pretty like this. You feel good hm? Just like that, cum for me doll.鈥
I came with a small tremble and waited for my head to clear. He gave me a light-hearted smile and kissed my temple, assuming that our session was over.
But I smashed my lips onto his with the strong intent to get him to finally accept my offer. I pressed into the kiss further until he needed to use his arm to balance himself on the mattress. He hummed blissfully into the kiss and I took this as my chance to slip my hand down his pants. His eyes flew open as he grabbed my hand and pulled himself back.
I frowned.
For weeks now, I've tried to perform on him and every time, he stops any move I make. And sure, at first, I didn't mind.
I liked receiving all the attention without having to do anything back. But now, I was beginning to wonder why he was so against it. His constant excuse was that he was content with solely giving me pleasure and he didn't want anything else.
But I had my doubts about how true that could be. I mean, who likes to have blue balls? Paranoia got the best of me and I was scared if the real reason was because he didn't like me enough to do that. Or if he wasn't fully attracted to me.
Not only that, but I desired him so deeply. His bulge pushing against his denim jeans, the thrusting of his hips into mine, seeing his cock twitch while he touched me. It was beginning to drive me over the edge.
He chuckled shyly, "It's alright Doll, I'm-"
"You're good, I know. I just thought maybe tonight could be different?" I said with a raised eyebrow.
"Some other time alright?" He kissed my nose, but I crossed my legs, leaning my head against the headboard.
Clearly noticing something was wrong, Bucky furrowed his brows and tried to caress my face but I turned away.
A look of sadness washed over him and a pang of guilt hit me.
I couldn't be petty, I needed to explain myself. But the possibility of him telling me that he didn't like me enough pained me so much.
I bit my lower lip, thinking about what to say. Frustratedly, I spat out,
"Bucky, do you not like me?"
His jaw dropped a little, completely confused.
"What? What are you talking about? Of course I love you Doll. You're my girl. Why on earth would you assume otherwise?"
I looked down on my hands, feeling insecure about the entirety of the situation.
"You never let me touch you, even though I'm always asking. I was starting to think that maybe you weren't attracted to me or you didn't feel the same way... It's okay if you don't but-"
"No Y/N. Don't even finish that sentence. I-" Bucky brushed his hair back and placed his hands on his knees, annoyed. But not with me, with himself.
I watched him carefully.
He let out a deep sigh before turning back at me and taking my hands in his.
"Sweetheart, I love you more than anything. You are the most beautiful person I've ever seen and I want nothing more than for you to touch me. It's like you have a spell on me because if you even so much as bat your eyelashes at me, fuck- I can't describe how attracted to you I am. Please, don't ever think that I don't want you. Because you're all I want, and all I think about. And I'm so sorry I made you feel any different."
Speechless, I lost myself in his words. He reached out to cup my cheek and this time I let him, leaning into his touch. I smiled, alleviated to hear those words but one thing still was still left vague and I hesitated to accept his answer.
"If you want me to touch you, why don't you let me?"
His eyes bore into my shirt and he swallowed harshly.
"Are you too nervous to Bucky?"
He nodded. I nodded back.
"That's okay. Can you tell me why love?" His face turned pale and I held his hand to console him, thinking that maybe he was nervous due to something in his past.
He let out a shaky breath.
"You know how the serum enhances your body physically?"
"Of course Buck, you're massive." I joked, looking down at his hands that were double my size.
He gave me an awkward chuckle back before wearily continuing,
"Well, let's just say that- it enhanced my... lower body as well.."
"-And I'm afraid I'm a bit too big."
I tilted my head. It took me a second to decipher what he saying but by the time I got his message, I burst out laughing.
He sat there with a pout as I fell into a fit of laughter. By the end of it, I wiped a couple stray tears from my eyes before composing myself.
"Wait, wait, so you mean to tell me that you're nervous because your dick is TOO big? You know it's usually the other way around right? Bucky, you're a super-soldier! Of course, you'd have a 'super-cock' too."
You put air quotations around the word super-cock.
"Don't call it that." He grunted, clearly embarrassed by the whole thing. I laughed again before throwing myself at him. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He grumbled but eventually hugged back.
"Listen, in all seriousness, I don't care about your size, it doesn't matter to me. You could be two inches or twelve and it wouldn't matter. What matters is the man I love attached to it. I've always loved our size difference and I'm not going to like you any less because your dick is 'too big.' Trust me." I playfully winked at him.
"But I don't want to see you have to go through anything uncomfortable."
His eyes and head fell along with his mood. He really was distraught over this.
I grabbed both his shoulders and lifted his chin to meet my eyes.
"Hey, hey. Look at me yeah? We can take it slow okay? I can assure you that doing this will only make us both happy."
I gave him a soft peck and he muttered simple 'thank yous' as he kissed my clavicle.
"Besides, I've felt it before and it doesn't feel that big. You sure you're not overestimating yourself a little there Sergeant?"
"That's because I tuck it."
"Excuse me?" I looked at him with wide eyes.
鈥淒o you mean to tell me that the good seven inches I felt was... fucking tucked?鈥
Both amused and boiling with lust, I grinned at him.
I licked his outer ear and felt his body fidget as I whispered,
"Nothing I can't handle, James."
His pants grew and I began sucking on his neck. I pushed my pussy, which was still exposed from our previous session, on his bulge and arched my ass outside my oversized shirt. Bucky looked down toward my exposed bottom before carefully placing his hands on my ass giving it a small squeeze.
My hands roamed his broad chest, pulling his shirt over his head and looking back to admire his divine body.
He was made of pure muscle and his skin looked almost porcelain. His body was a giant mass of a man, and I couldn't wait to devour him.
Eager to see the "super-cock" he was so shy about, I jumped off the bed and settled my knees on the hardwood flooring.
Bucky sat on the side of the mattress facing me, with his legs spread open. I shifted closer between his huge thighs, which were so insanely sexy, and began fumbling with the buttons of his jeans.
"Are you sure about this Y/N?"
"I am more than sure. Let's see this pretty boy."
Bucky's face completely flushed as I slowly stripped him down to just his boxers. I ran my fingertips along his bare legs feeling up his beefy quads.
So many provocative thoughts preoccupied my mind.
Imaging how easy it would be for him to crush my head between his thighs, or how good it would feel to ride one.
I bit my lip, feeling myself get wetter at the images playing in my head.
Pulling myself back into reality I looked straight ahead and god, I could moan at the sight. I could see the outline of his cock already pulsating through his briefs. I still wasn't intimidated, I was confident in my sexual abilities, no matter how big he could be.
But when I pulled down his last piece of clothing, my eyes went wide, my irises practically jumped out of sockets. His dick sprung right in front of me, rock hard glistening with pre-cum. I bent back as it flung out. It came so close to making contact with my face.
It was the most erotic sight to see my boyfriend abs and his anaconda-sized dick practically stare me down. And I must've been looking for a bit too long because Bucky then gave me a troubled look.
"Is it too much? See Y/N, I told you-"
Before he could finish I gripped his cock firmly with both hands, slowly moving them upward and using his pre-cum to lube him up. His breath hitched and his face distorted into one of euphoria.
He has been waiting far too long for this.
He stretched his neck back, closing his eyes and softly huffing out,
"I-It's ok, ahh- okay if it's too m-much for you, oh..."
I smirked at how modest he was. I clenched his dick harder and he subconsciously thrusted his hips lightly into my hands.
"Oh really, you want me to stop?" I said as I began rubbing my thumb on his very needy tip.
"God, no, please don't stop."
He threw his head back, relishing in the moment.
He was so sensitive, twitching at every touch. That familiar feeling began churning in the pit of my stomach as I watched him curse through his teeth and melt under me. Now I know why he likes eating me out so much. This was a goldmine.
Bucky looked like he could come at any moment but I had a feeling he was going to push himself not to spill so quickly. So I decided to step it up. I stopped my actions for a moment, earning a quiet whine from his perfect lips.
He looked down to see what the hold up was and when I locked eyes with him, I quickly latched my mouth onto his cock, circling my tongue and bobbing my head on the tip.
"Fuck, Y/N. Don't do that to me, I'll cum if I look at you baby- fuck! You feel so good."
I chuckled against him. I already knew that it would be harder for him to contain his load if he watched me.
I didn't mind his length, but his girth was a whole other ballpark. I had to open my mouth completely in order to take him. I fastened my strokes and took more of him in my mouth as I went along. I couldn't possibly fit the whole thing in my mouth but I wanted to try to go as deep as I could.
His moans became even more pornographic and loud. Seeing this side of him for the first time left me weak in the knees. I groaned looking at him, buzzing his member and earning a slight wave from his hips.
I heard the metal plates in his arm shifting near my ear and glanced up to see his hand hovering over my head.
So he wants to control my mouth?
Maybe he wasn't that submissive.
I smiled at the timid gesture before grabbing his hand and placing it on my head.
I gave him a nod to let him know it was okay and he very gently gripped my hair.
I wanted him to push me further with that vibranium metal. To head fuck me and thrust his whole length in my mouth.
But instead of being shoved down, I was delicately pulled up.
Confused by his actions, I looked up at him. He was panting, body slicked with a light coat of sweat, and watching me with his pupils practically heart-shaped.
"J-just the tip."
Always a gentleman.
My heart fluttered and I listened to his request but finished him off with the sloppiest top and fastest jerk I could forge. I suckled him down and you could hear the friction of saliva and skin gushing together. Bucky was finally allowing himself to watch me and I wanted to give him the best show.
As he got close, his grip tightened and his cock twitched inside my mouth.
I did my final move.
I twisted my hands along the wet strokes while violently sucking on his head, flicking my tongue between his frenulum.
Bucky tried to tug my head out of the way, but I persisted with the same force.
"Y/N, I'm gonna cum, ah, ah-"
Unable to hold back any longer, Bucky released a loud whimper as his hot semen shot down my throat. I gurgled down every drop, lightly slurping as I let his penis out with a wet pop. Bucky shivered from the lost contact.
I wiped my mouth as I pulled away. I was about to stand until Buck grabbed me and put me on top of him again.
He stuck his head in the crook of my neck as he held a tight grip around my body. He was coddling me.
"Woah, Woah, love you too Buck but what's up?"
"When I was looking at you, during it, wow, I felt better than I ever have. And so completely in love with you. I wanted to hug you so badly. Thank you for doing this for me."
I smiled.
"I love you too Bucky."
"But don't swallow next time!"
"Hey, I wasn't the one who came in my mouth."
He groaned into my collarbone, "I know, I tried to move you but- I'm sorry. I'll be quicker next time."
"Don't be. I liked it."
"...I liked it too."
Tumblr media
A/N: i wrote this a while back when i was challenging myself to write something other than the usual fluff or angst, need less to say it was difficult being ace and this will be ??probably?? be my first and last smut (a heads up for those who want to follow me based on this) but as always, thanks for reading :))))
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scandescent 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
鉃 CW: fem! Reader, brat taming, crying, oral (f. Receiving), size k!nk, daddy k!nk, degradation, choking, fingers in mouth, squirting, belly bulge, multiple orgasms, slight dumbification(?), breeding, dirty talk鉁, spit k!nk, overstim, cervix fuvckin, cunny slaps, dom!w/sub!reader, praise ig? DNI criteria
鉃 note: I damn near fried my brain writing this at 3am and proceeded to forget to put in some stuff馃槂 so everyone thank @screechingmelon here for helping me edit this fic and @festive and @bxnten for beta reading!
#tags: @yuujispinkhair @rindough @ztoji @xybrwhore
reblogs and interactions are appreciated!!
Tumblr media
鈥淲hat's the matter, brat? Weren't you begging for daddy's attention?" Whimpering under his hold, you can't help but think that maybe just maybe, it wasn't such a good idea to tease him all day. His arm weighs heavy on your tummy as he holds down your twitching hips. Your thighs quiver, sandwiching his head in between while he hummed against your cunt, tongue teasing your clit till it's swollen.
The gentle vibrations ringing through your skin made you jerk away but his grasp on you was unmoving, 鈥淎nd now that you got it, you're shying away?鈥
鈥淢aybe you shoulda paid more attention to me then,鈥 your eyes are mocking as they catch on his, 鈥淒addy.鈥 Smirking at your biting words, he nibbled on your clit softly with a chuckle. Your tiny yelp only managed to feed his ego. His fingers gripped your thigh harshly,鈥淟ook at this dirty pussy, twitching for daddy,鈥 You're panting under his gaze鈥 a ruined mess and he hasn't even given you his dick yet,鈥淵eah?鈥
鈥淢hmm!鈥 your pussy feels terribly empty as he suckles on your clit. You want him to fill you up with his cock鈥 or even his fingers鈥 like he always does,鈥淢aybe.鈥 but you're testing how much you can rile him up. The slight dark haze in your boyfriend's eyes made shivers lick st your spine,鈥淎lright then.鈥 mumbling that against your pussy, he drags his tongue through your clenching hole.
Your thighs try to close in when you feel his nose bump at the hood of your clit but he was intent on keeping you down. He chuckled breathily as your hips bucked up against his face. Warm breath falling moist against your cunt and it's almost enough to make you cum,鈥淟ooks like you need to be taught how to behave,鈥 his voice is muffled with him slurping away at your pussy,鈥淏rat.鈥 your lips part in a broken scream of his name as you gush on his tongue.
The wet sounds of him licking you clean had warmth curling under your skin, embarrassment fogging up your mind along with the afterglow. Your eyes droop as he pulls away, wiping at his mouth with the back of his hand.
Him tapping the head of his cock against your cunt brought your attention back to him,鈥淥h? Did you think I was done with you, bunny?" Smearing the leaky tip against your folds, he snickers at your little squeak,鈥淲ell, think again then.鈥
鈥'm sore, daddy-鈥
鈥淥h, my little baby is sore?鈥 he coos at your pathetic whine. Wrenching your thighs open, he spanks your cunt. Huge palm hitting on the poor sensitive clit of yours and setting your nerves alight with a sting,鈥淭here there,鈥 your toes curl in with a whine as his long fingers massage the tingling nub before he cruelly slaps your twitching hole again,鈥淒addy's gonna help you.鈥
Your eyes take in the borderline sadistic smile on his face through glassy vision,鈥淣ot so sore now, are you, brat?鈥 His balls slapped against your skin as he bottomed out, his large hands palming your breasts, giving a gentle squeeze as he watched you squirm under him with a smirk,鈥淕o on n' beg f'me, bunny. Lemme know how much you love me.鈥
鈥'cause I know that you fuckin' love this cock,鈥 Eyes squeezed shut to catch up with how his cock stretched out your tight little hole, you could only moan incoherent words. Grabbing your jaw, he presses his fingers hard under your cheekbones, 鈥淚 can tell with how tight your pussy feels 'round me.鈥
鈥淪o beg,鈥 you would if you could but your mind is gone with how good his cock is filling you up. Drunk on the burn of his shaft dragging sweet against your walls, all you can form are babbles of his name followed by soft pleas.
Grunting as he pulls out almost fully before thrusting deep, he watches your jaw hang open in pure carnal ecstasy. Leaning down closer, he gifts a warm globe of spit on your tongue,鈥淪wallow.鈥 The commanding voice has you obeying while your pussy clenched tighter around his cock.
Soon, his hips slam roughly against yours, the swollen leaky tip of his shaft knocking boldly at your cervix opening,鈥淲ai-t! Slow do- slow down, pleaaase!鈥 A stutter bubbles up in your throat as an impromptu orgasm rolls through you from his unrelenting thrusts. Before you can say his name, he shushes you, correcting you curtly, 鈥淒addy,鈥
Rough hands held you down, uncaring fingers digging into your hips as he pounded into you, "Take it like a good girl, yea? Be good for daddy now.鈥 he paused, burying balls deep in you so that you can feel every single inch of his fat cock inside your spasming pussy. A single groan resonated at the back of his throat as he cursed,鈥淪o fuckin' tight, and 's all for daddy, hm?鈥 the harsh grip on your thighs is pulling your legs over his meaty shoulders, so that he can go even deeper鈥 as if that's possible.
鈥淐an't! 'S too much, please daddy,鈥 Chuckling wicked at your pleas, he only thrusts harder, fucking you through your orgasm and building up yet another one consecutively,鈥淢aybe you shouldn't be a brat next time if you don't wanna be punished.鈥 his eyes trailed down to catch on the bulge in your tummy. Smirking menacingly, he admired the print of his cock under your skin as he rolled his hips harshly into yours.
Your hands rose up to push at his shoulders,鈥淧lea- ahh!鈥 Grabbing your hand, he places it against your tummy,鈥淔eel that, brat?鈥 resting his forehead against your sweaty one, he sighs,鈥淭hat's me inside you.鈥 he pressed your hand down hard against your skin till you could feel every little movement of his cock,鈥淩earranging your guts.鈥
鈥淏ut daddy-!鈥 his lips on yours cuts off whatever you were gonna whine bout. you moan as you taste the tang of your own slick on his tongue. three of his fingers are shoved unceremoniously into your drooling mouth after he breaks the kiss,鈥淏ehave, now.鈥
His thick digits press heavy on your tongue as your lips wrap involuntarily around them. A garbled whimper still manages to break through, "Maybe you need a little more than my fingers being shoved into that pathetic mouth so you can stop whining." His uncaring gaze only made your pupils dilate from anticipation,"I said behave."
鈥淚 don't think I can,鈥 In your delirium, you didn't even notice the pearly hot tears rolling down your cheeks from all the intense feels he was inflicting on you,"It's alright,鈥 He moves his lips to your cheek, kissing away the salty beads, "Pretty little thing like you shouldn't have to use your head much."
鈥淛ust do as daddy says,鈥 you could just lay there and endure all his rough poundings as he demanded yet another orgasm from you,鈥淪o, go on and cum on my cock, brat.鈥 his hips stuttered when your cunt fluttered around him, a clear liquid washing over his cock as you came yet again.
鈥淔uck, look at you, squirting like that on daddy's cock,鈥 you're biting back the screams, thrashing under him as this orgasm wrecked you thoroughly,"Do you want daddy to dump his cum in you? Yeah? Does my little brat want that?" His nose nudges at your cheek as he rests his forehead on yours,鈥淕onna鈥 gonna fill you up all nice, you'd like that wouldn't you, my little brat?鈥
鈥淵es, yes please, dadd鈥斺
His hand settles on your neck, fingers curling around your throat before pressing down at your air column,"C'mon, tell daddy what you want.鈥 his eyes followed the contour of your face, watching as you thrashed under him, trying desperately to get out any word,鈥淐an't hear you, brat."
"Go on, sweetheart, say my name. Scream my name. Don't be shy now, didn't you want my undivided attention?" your desperate babbles are just delirious moans to him as he spills inside you. Growling as he spurts his thick load deep in you,"Look at you, daddy's dumb little cumslut, aren't you?" The fact that you can't even form an intelligible response to his taunt just makes him laugh.
鈥淢aybe you should be a brat more often.鈥 the corners of his lips curl up in a cruel fashion when he notices the fucked out expression on your face under him,鈥淭his way I get to punish you just how I like it.鈥
Tumblr media
A/n:: another 鈾 [Fav character] x reader 鈾 ig. I didn't put in any name so imagine whoever u want ;)
漏 novaresque. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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饾悡饾悋饾悇 饾悞饾悘饾悎饾悆饾悇饾悩饾悂饾悗饾悩饾悞 饾悁饾悞 饾懟饾懢饾懓饾懟饾懟饾懍饾懝 饾懛饾懚饾懝饾懙 饾懡饾懓饾懌饾懞,
Tumblr media
pairing: peter parker/spiderman x afab!reader
includes: dark content (stepbrother x stepsis mention), porn links/videos, p in v sex, blowjob, cunnilingus, mutual masturbation, dom/sub themes (mostly dom!peter), squirting
notes: my first post omg!! i hope y鈥檃ll like this seriously, cause it was nice to search for these videos 馃槒馃槒 also do y鈥檃ll know any accounts that have black women in these videos? cause all i found were white girls and i really want any race to relate to them :( anyways, hope u guys enjoy <33 and requests are open!!
Tumblr media
鈥 peter teasing u while making out before he goes to work
鈥 reverse cowgirl with tobey鈥檚 pete bc he is an ass man and i stand by it 馃挭馃徑
鈥 sex after barely seeing peter for a week
鈥 he eating you out for no reason other than him wanting to
鈥 peter eating you out in the car that he finally bought
鈥 mutual masturbation with pete <33
鈥 peter teasing you until you鈥檙e overstimulated because he loves how you sound when you鈥檙e desperate to cum
鈥 peter making his goal to make you cum with only his mouth
鈥 sex with peter after you made him jealous
鈥 peter makin you squirt for the first time
鈥 masturbating sub!peter while kissing
鈥 peter sucking ur tits to calm down
鈥 giving him a morning blowjob
鈥 stepbrother!peter fingering innocent!reader for the first time
鈥 quickie with peter before class (college!peter)
Tumblr media
taglist: @ednashtonsgf @s1xthirty @fqjth @spidcysenses @0-strawberry-milk-0 @decaying-mlm @lavendersfairy @cevansssss @blacksta4 @themirandasimmer @marvel-mental-state @etherealpqrkers @whack-ed @venusescomet @lavhoes @peterparkernotfound @scr3amqueen @loki-laufeysons-wife @dreamer7black @pityhasnofriends @iliektehhaxs @scvrltparker @cakesbabylon @lady-curpse @iambeeee @celestialevie
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Nights & Mornings with Marc Spector
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Credit @natasharomanovf for the gifs
Tumblr media
Pairing || Marc Spector x Female!Reader
Summary || How you and Marc spend your nights and mornings together.
Word Count || 1335
Warnings || NSFW, 18+ Only, Minors DNI, explicit content/language, pet names (sugar, sweetheart, baby), unprotected vaginal sex, oral (female receiving), daddy kink, breeding kink, hair pulling, spanking, rough fucking, multiple orgasm, overstimulation, creampie, mention of bodily fluids. (With some sprinkle of fluff in there)
Authors Note || First writing for Marc! Ignore the double Nights at the beginning. The readmore function just keeps fucking up.
Steven Grant/Marc Spector Masterlist
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Tumblr media
It鈥檚 been hours now鈥攁lmost three full hours of vicious and hardcore sex. When you had started, the sun was still shining outside. The streets below were abundant with life, but now as your hooded eyes stared out the window, it was pitch black. The apartment was dark, with only the street lamps below creating some form of illumination in the room.
Your body was aching and sensitive, while Marc was still hard and going strong. Your body was almost limp as you were on your knees and elbows on the bed鈥攁ss sore and abused with Marc鈥檚 hips thrusting into your behind repeatedly. Your face was pressed into the mattress as tears ran down your cheeks.
How he had the energy for it, you didn鈥檛 know, but he never stopped. He never stopped fucking you.
You鈥檇 lost count of how many times you鈥檇 orgasm, but it was more than you ever had in one night, and it didn鈥檛 seem like he was stopping anytime soon.
鈥淢-Marc, I-I can鈥檛 a-anymore.鈥
He fisted his hand in your hair and pulled your head up from the sheets until your neck strained entirely.
鈥淵es, you can. One more, and then I promise I鈥檓 done.鈥 His voice was hoarse as he uttered the sinful words in your ear.
He pushed your head back down, pressing your face into the soft surface. His length penetrated your walls鈥攖ip brushing your sweet spot with each stroke of him. His hand found the place where you and he were connected鈥攃alloused fingers toying with your aching bundle of nerves.
The combination of all the sensations had your body shudder in bliss. A sob fell from you as the stimulation became too much.
You screamed into the sheets as you exploded around his cock鈥攖he pressure in your stomach finding its release once more. Your hands fisted the cotton sheets, tears spilling from you, wetting the material. The pleasure travelled through the nerve endings lining your spine, making you convulse on the bed.
Your pulsating walls enticed Marc as grunts, moans, and groans fell from his lips as he chased his release. A few more hard thrusts into your tightness, and he finally came deep inside you, coating your walls with his warm seed. He stilled inside for a few moments, letting his cum fill you up before he sloppily fucked you both through the earth-shattering orgasm.
Once you had both calmed down and caught your breath back, Marc left a harsh smack on your sore ass. The stinging sensation made you yelp out.
鈥淕ood girl.鈥
He left a series of gentle kisses up your spine as his hands caressed your sides. You hummed a quiet sound at him being so soft with you compared with the animal he had been just a few moments ago.
Once done, Marc collapsed on his side of the bed, pulling your trembling form with him. He held you close to his warm body, and you practically melted into him. His hand petting your hair softly and lovingly lulled you to sleep. You let out a content sigh鈥攅yes fluttering close as sleep consumed you.
鈥淪leep, sugar,鈥 his lips lingered on the crown of your head, 鈥淚鈥檝e got you.鈥
The strip of sunlight coming through the window woke you up from the deep slumber as the light hit your eyes. The soft bed sheets consuming you were a comfort as you stirred awake.
You stretched鈥攂ody sore from the night before, but it felt good to relieve the ache in your muscles. The stretching made a content sigh leave you when you felt the relief of the stretch.
You patted the space beside you, expecting to find a warm body next to you, but it was cold and empty. Your upper body rose from the bed as you scanned around with hooded eyes. You almost had a heart attack when you found him standing beside the bed鈥攏ot having seen him until now.
鈥淥h, shit, you scared me.鈥
His arms crossed over his broad and naked chest as you looked up at him. He had a stern look on his face鈥攏o pleasant emotions as he looked down on your form.
You knew it was Marc fronting, but you still said his name to make sure.
He shook his head no. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 not my name, sweetheart.鈥 Yeah, it was him, but he wanted to play. He wanted you to call him something different.
He nodded his head鈥攑upils widened with desire as you called him by his rightful name.
鈥淚鈥檝e been waiting for you to wake up. Daddy needs his breakfast.鈥
In a flash, he pulled the covers off you, revealing your naked body underneath. His tongue poked out from between his lips, wetting the bottom one as he scanned you with his hungry eyes. A single finger traced your thigh as he took in your appetising form.
He was quick to find his place between your thighs. Your legs were pulled apart鈥攈eld open and pushed back by his abusive grip. A predatory growl sounded from him as his face was inches from your core鈥 having a glorious view of your glistening pussy.
鈥淟ook at you. You look so tasty.鈥
Marc drags his tongue through your folds, moaning out as he finally has his taste of you. You gasped out, still so sore and sensitive from the night before.
鈥淥h,鈥 your fingers tangled in his messy curls as he wraps his lips around your raw clit, sucking the nerve till it becomes swollen. There鈥檚 an internal battle happening in your head, whether or not you should push him away due to your sensitivity, or pull him in closer, as your body craves pleasure and release. The decision came quickly鈥攜ou wanted him to devour you.
鈥淒addy, that feels so good,鈥 your hips thrust into his mouth as you yearn for more, 鈥渄on鈥檛 stop.鈥
Marc creates a beautiful dance with his skilful mouth鈥攁ltering between sucking and licking your clit, and fucking your warm tightness with his tongue.
After a while, you pull on his locks, desperate for him to pay attention to your clit as you want to cum.
鈥淪uck my clit, daddy. Please, make me cum鈥 please, please, please鈥.鈥 The begs came smoothly from your lips as you were so needy for him to finish you off.
His palms rested underneath your ass to keep a steady hold on you as he engulfed your clit one last time, sucking and licking till it became fulfilled and satisfied.
You trap his head between your thighs, toes curling, as you come hard, hips thrusting into his vicious mouth, back arching in a beautiful curve as you fall apart on the bed. Soft mewls and whimpers fall from your lips as Marc doesn鈥檛 let go of your clit until you鈥檝e come down from the intense orgasm.
鈥淔uck, babe,鈥 you comb your fingers through his hair as you watch him lap up your juices, moaning out at your taste. Each lick to your abused core had you spasm and whine at the overwhelming sensitivity. You try to push him away, but his hold on you is too strong. He will not let go until he鈥檚 gotten all of you.
Once he鈥檚 satisfied with his serving, he looks up at you, mouth glistening with your wetness as a cocky smirk was plastered on his face.
鈥淵ou taste delicious, sugar.鈥
He helps to bring you to his side so he can cuddle up with you. You curl yourself into a ball as his warm chest rests against your back. His hand caresses your waist lovingly as his face nuzzles in the back of your neck鈥攍eaving kisses on your soft skin.
鈥淩est up for a minute. I鈥檓 not done with you yet, sweetheart. We still have to shower.鈥
You clench your thighs as a defeated sob escapes when you realise he wasn't done with you.
This man will never be done with you鈥
he will never stop鈥
no matter how much you beg for mercy鈥
he will always want more鈥
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