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#marvel smut

Trigger Warning: A little sexual harassment, angst angst, our mom was not a good mom


“Get back to work, child!” You heard another voice call out to you.

“Yes, mother!” You picked up the basket of rags and dashed back into the dining hall.

The pungent smell of sweat, alcohol, and sex made you pinch your nose. Even if you had grown up here, you never got used to the stench.

You rushed to the table where your mother waved you over and wiped away the rum that had spilled on the chairs, trying not to let your eyes linger over to one of your mother’s friends sucking on a man’s you-know-what.

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Kidnapper: *Holding Y/N hostage* Give us $10,000 for your little friend back

Y/N: *Offended* You think I’m only worth $10,000?

Kidnapper: Wait what?

Y/N: *Takes megaphone* MAKE IT $10000B BITCHES

Tony: *Outside* Y/N Shut the fuck up I don’t want to give away my precious money to him

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warnings: smut (18+) + mentions of oral sex (blowjob) + just sexy times

a/n: wow this is my first smut ever so be nice lol;) thanks for the request, anon! look up carrie fisher in return of the jedi to understand what i’m talking about!

‎⎊ ‎⎊ ‎⎊ ‎⎊

  • y’all are talking about your sexual awakenings one night
  • and peter shows you a clip of princess leia in ‘return of the jedi’
  • and he explains how that bikini is so hot and how he used to think about it all the time
  • “really, peter, that’s what does it for you? carrie fisher in that gold bikini?”
  • “no, you in that gold bikini. it would look good on you”
  • and at first you’re like “i’m not doing it”
  • and peter leaves it alone and totally forgets he ever brought it up
  • but you never forgot
  • then you decide to surprise him for his birthday and end up finding that costume somewhere
  • so you have him sit on the bed and you walk in wearing a robe over the costume
  • and then you drop the robe and peter’s reaction is priceless
  • homeboy literally screams
  • like no joke, he dies
  • instant boner
  • he was absolutely right
  • you do look really good in it
  • you go down on him and it’s the best goddamn blowjob he’s ever received
  • you’re definitely on top that night
  • honestly, it’s probably the best sex you’ve ever had
  • so you decide to keep the costume;);)
  • and as megan thee stallion once said, “ride him like a rodeo”
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[Warnings] dark!steve rogers x reader, stripper!reader, ddlg, daddy!steve, abduction/kidnapping, mafia boss steve, murder/violence, a hint of peter x reader, hint of forced regression, sexy stuff, unprotected sex (wear condoms kiddos), hella angst 

A/N: I do not stan lana del rey but I do stan off to the races :)

In which you call the kingpin your Daddy. 

word count: 4.9k

main masterlist

taglist: @cherienymphe @peterztinglez @lovelynerdytraveler @buckysbunny @hollandsdream @micki-smiles @buckybarnesplumwhore @arts-ismything @saharzek @lovemassivelybeautifulbouquet @what-is-your-wish @brattypeony @hermayone @buckysugar @mischiefmanaged011 @visintaes​ 

God, do they have to play this song every night? 

You tried to tune out the annoying pop song, continuing to grind your hips against the man you were giving a small lap dance. You wondered how long you could grind against his beer belly before he finally requested a private dance. Lucky for you, you felt some cash being slipped between the lace of your turquoise, panty set. You turned around, a mischievous smile on your face, as you reached out to grab his tie. 

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Peter Parker x Fem!Stark!Reader


Originally posted by thosekidswhohuntmonsters

Main Masterlist

Summary : You and peter have a fun time in the compound 

Warnings : SMUT! (sir kink, dom!peter, sub!reader, oral (fem and male rec), dirty talk, pussy slapping, face slapping, degrading)

A/n : Just a little something I found in my drafts thought i would finish it, maybe get back some confidence in writing (this is also a result of me on my period so peter is a lot more aggressive that it should be but it iz what it iz)

Word Count : 1.7k

“Peter, fuck,”

“Quiet babygirl, don’t want anyone hearing you now do ya?” Peter grunted in your ear, quickening the pace of his digits deep in your cunt.

Using his other hand, peter wrapped his fingers around your throat, bringing your face next to his, his cheek pressed against yours. Your hips jut out a little at the action, grinding down on the bulge evident in his jeans, “or is that what you want princess?”

You closed your eyes and shook your head, your legs shaking slightly at the upcoming orgasm coming your way.

“Peter i-” you moaned, eyes rolling to the back of your head as you came all over your boyfriends fingers. Your mouth was wide open to let out a strangled moan but it was quickly interrupted by peter’s lips on yours. Your body sagged on to his, your mouth moving lazily as he slowed down his fingers and pulled them out of your now dripping pussy, soaking your white cotton panties.

“Fuck babygirl,” he moaned, lifting you up by your waist and lying you down on the couch, his knees on either side of your thighs, his hands still wrapped around your hips.

“Peter we shouldn’t-” you started, but quickly lost the rest of your words as he took off his shirt, throwing it to the side.

“Shouldn’t what?” He replied cockily, bending back down over your body, latching his mouth to your collar bone, “Shouldn’t fuck on your father’s couch?”

“Yes that-” you gulped as he unhooked your bra, “That’s exactly what i mean,”

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Sparkling diamonds

Summary: Steve’s sent out to receive a chip containing important intel from an undercover agent working at a strip club. Here’s where the situation gets complicated. See, Steve knows how this job should be done in a proper professional manner but a subject is clouding his judgment, making him fall for the heat of the moment. The subject? You. Pairing: Steve rogers x fem!reader Warnings: smut, amazing choice of music that will blow your mind,


The first time Steve met you was at an undercover mission where a strip club. The club out of town was rumored to be a coverup storage and dealing spot for a wanted illegal organization dealing with human trafficking and weaponry. S.H.I.E.L.D had sent out you to get a job as one of the performers and gather information about the subject. You were a new face to the people working with them, not public and well known like Steve and the rest of the Avengers. And guess who was sent out to receive the intel periodically from the undercover agent?

Steve wasn’t told a lot about you because to be honest, you had been pretty careful with your identity for a long time and there weren’t a lot of people aware that you had been a little extra help on the sidelines on important missions. Especially the ones with the Avengers involved. Steve got told that you had been around them fighting on their side in battle without him even noticing you. Because that was your quality; stealth. Not even the super solider himself had known you existed until now.

Though, on this mission you were no longer in the shadows, but instead on a stage performing with a large crowd in front of you. Steve’s only clue to find you was the thin stripper outfit you would be wearing as a performer, he assumed.

‘You will know when you see her’ an agent told him.

And boy was he right.

You did stand out on the stage. Strippers outlined beside and behind you with you in the middle. Red and pink lights bathed your sparkling silvery dress with a high slit up your thigh. A long beautiful sleeveless dress and a magnificent large necklace of flashy crystals glorifying your neck. The only thing you had similar to the other girls was the thin mask covering your eyes, also in silver.

Steve realized that you were originally planned out to be a stripper like the rest employees who would seek out a job here. But not you. You were their singer; the most seen of them all. Not at all what you were used to and less the reason to suspect you.

And you were quite a singer too, performing 'Sparkling diamonds’ from Moulin Rouge; with the passion and intensity of a real stage-present performer.

Steve knew that as a costumer, he was supposed to look at the strippers dancing on the stage; those who were showing a lot of skin. But he couldn’t help but watch your shining presence as if his eyes were glued to you.

Your show made a great amount of money that night, being their first singer at the club and all.

“You looking for a little fun, handsome? I usually don’t take costumers but could make an exception for shoulders built like that, you see.”. Was the first thing you said to him after the performance. You had walked off the stage to grab a glass of water and then spotted your 'mailman’ of this mission.

You winked at him; had to make it all believable enough not to catch any more eyes. Of course you were catching men’s attention with the obnoxious dress draped against your skin.

Steve gave you a long pointed look and answered immediately.

“Now that, I don’t say no to. What’s the prize? 'Cause there must be a great amount when it comes to a diamond like yourself.”

Smooth, you had to admit.

“Let’s discuss the prize inside.” You said and took a hold of the tie around his neck, tugging him along with you above the shoulder and into one if the dark pleasure tents.

“That was a pretty bold song and performance, Miss (L/n).” Steve said as soon as they had gotten inside. The space was fairly small and with lit artificial candles, the aroma of cinnamon and cranberries filling the air from a scent bottle on a table.

“Well, you must be the Ceo of bold performances taken your history, am I not right, Captain Rogers?” You sat down on the bed placed in one of the corners and leaned against the soft mattress; finally able to free your aching feet from the murderous heels you had been wearing all night.

Steve could only sigh and glance away, a taint of pink raising to his cheeks fron the comment. Of course you knew more about him that he had imagined when accepting his role on this mission.

“You’ve done your research.”

“As I should. You’re quiet a brave one, I must say. Running out in battles risking your life for the sake of other’s.”

“Isn’t that what you’re doing as well?”

She smiles widely but doesn’t speak up. A sudden voice outside the tent throws you off and your eyes dart to the opening. Your manager is shouting for you outside, wondering where you’ve taken off to.

“Quick! Kiss me! Pretend you’re highly aroused when he walks in.” You hiss out and grabs his shoulder, pushing him down onto the mattress. You get on top and take a hold of his collar, pushing his lips forwards to yours in a hurried manner. Your lips start working against his and let your hips rock against his, earning the perfect awkward situation for anyone to walk in on and wishing they hadn’t.

Steve made a mental comment to himself that it wouldn’t be hard pretending he was aroused with you on top of him like this and then played along. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her closer, his pants escaping through the gap of your lips breaking apart.

The manager pushed the opening to the side and you broke apart with wide eyes. For a moment there was silence and awkward staring from you, Steve and the dude walking in.

“Uh.. Sorry. I just wondered- nevermind. Have fun-” The stranger stammered and then bolted away with a shocked impression. Steve thought it was a strange action of the manager to do. Because honestly, what was that dude thinking you’d be doing in here? That you two would have a cup of tea over a little chat?

You sighed and pulled yourself apart only a little, reaching behind your neck and fiddling for a second. You then hold a little chip in front of Steve’s face and put it inside a hidden space at the back of a watch he was assigned to wear today.

“This is what you came here for. Make sure to be a little less tense next time you come here, alright? Pretend like it’s not a big deal you’re here. Loosen up those tense shoulders of yours.” You lean down and whisper in his ear, your voice doing things to his body in a manner that Steve would usually rather not want to happen on working time. But right now it feels different for him. Because Steve nods but you do not get off of him. You’re still close and now gazing into his eyes, biting your lip with a puzzled eyes.

“So I guess it’s time for you to leave, Captain…” You trail off and put a curiously innocent finger to his bicep in a casual manner.

Steve knew that it was unprofessional, what he was about to say. But it felt acceptable with you, for some reason. Your short little meeting today was enough to light up a fire in each one of your minds.

“Yeah. Unless… It’s not? I mean, we did come here for a little fun, in the eyes of everyone else. It would be strange for me to leave so sudden, looking completely clean and untouched, wouldn’t it? For the sake of the mission, you get what I’m saying?”

You don’t answer. But you’re not shocked either. Instead you glide yourself lower on his body, hovering at the end of the bed with you head above the hem of his pants. You’re holding eye contact with him all the way through sipping up your dress and pulling it off, to freeing his shamelessly throbbing cock from his pants and pulling them off. Steve’s breath hitches in his throat repeatedly every time you take your soft lips to his head and work up and down on his length. You work slowly at first; agonizingly slow with sly eyes playing into Steve’s soul. When you speed up a little and work your hands down the base if his shaft as well, Steve is in another dimension at a different room of time where nothing else seems to matter other than the two of you in that tent at the strip club.

And just as he is about to think that you’ve had enough, you take him in entirely and bob your head in a fast pace. Steve moans, wants to call out your name but doesn’t recall ever hearing your first name. He grips a fistfull of your hair and leans back onto the mattress with an arched back.

But just as he feels the familiar knot in his lower regions beginning to form, he decides to pleasure you as well.

He gently pats you on the head twice and as you stop to look at him in confusion, he takes a hold of your hips and hoists you up, shifting your precious positions until you’re the one laying with your back to the mattress.

You feel your underwear being pushed aside and two eager fingers who work their ways to your aching cunt, which is already wet from all the sweet sounds previously coming from Steve.

His fingers curl and he pumps at a fast pace at once which causes you to gasp and clutch his shoulders for support. But you soon feel conflicted by all the unnecessary fabric keeping his muscular body hidden from your view in an awfully rude manner and almost take that as a personal attack. So with the struggle of the immense pleasure you’re in, you tear them off of his torso and is left to stare at a torso built like a god from ancient Greece mythology and watch them work along with his movements.

That’s when the orgasm starts welling onto you and you blurt out faint words for the man causing this reaction to your body.

“S-Steve, I’m gonna-”

He pulls out without warning and for that little second of your walls losing their full feeling, you get ready to whine in protest. Though, the protest never makes its way through your lips when something much larger fills you up and begins to thrust into you with an inhumane speed.

You scream out in delight and surprise and cluch your arms around his shoulders as he is now hovering over you. Your walls clench down onto his thrusts and your nails paints the super soliders back with red marks along the way.

“Ah- … Miss-” he trails off in his moans but you quickly cut him off.


“Fuck, (Y/n), you feels so great clenching around me like that!”

The intense feeling of his cock is enough for taking you over the edge of your orgasm in a matter of seconds. That you’re currently on cloud nine, is an understatement to be sure.

Your juices spill out over his working cock only seems to add to Steve’s own orgasm, because it doesn’t take long before he climaxes with a shiver and slump down onto you with an exhausted sigh.

Your hands find your way to his hair for awhile and you caress it tenderly as Steve rests on top of you with his eyes tightly closed. The calm after the storm is a bliss one of a kind that you wish you could stay in forever.

But you both knew that it couldn’t. You had work to do and time was ticking.

After you both get dressed again you walk to Steve standing near the exit and your pull him into a quick peck on the cheek.

“Until next time, Captain Rogers. A pleasure to do business with you.” Steve smiles and hug one of her hands in his own before letting it go and preparing to get out of the tent.

“And… Before you go. I figure it’s worth mentioning that I snuck my phone number along with the chip in your watch, just in case you would be the one sent that was out today. See, I’ve taken a liking to you during the time we’ve worked together without you knowing it. Hope it will find you some happiness…”

Steve turned his face to the gap in the tent. And before he exits, his voice turns melodic and energetic in a smug manner.

“Until next time, Agent (L/n).”

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Y/N: Alright we have to talk

Y/N: I’m breaking up with Alan

Avengers: *Gasp*

Tony: Is there somebody else?

Y/N: No, no, no It’s just…

Y/N: Things change, people change

Wanda: We didn’t change

Steve: So that’s it? Its over? just like that?


Natasha: You know you let your guard down, you know you start to really care about someone and I just… I…

Y/N: Look I could just go on pretending-

Clint: Ok

Y/N; But that wouldn’t be fair to me, wouldn’t be fair to Alan, It wouldn’t be fair to you

Tony: Yeah well who wants fair?, I mean I just I want things back you know the way they were

Y/N: I’m sorry

Clint: Oh she’s sorry!, I feel better!

Peter: *crying* I just can’t believe this!, I mean with the Holidays coming up, I wanted him to meet Aunt May

Y/N: I’ll meet someone else, there’ll be other Alans

Tony: NO

Peter: Oh yea right!

Y/N: Are you guys gonna be okay?

Tony; Hey, Hey we’ll be fine, We’re just gonna need some time

Y/N: I understand


Alan: Wow

Y/N: I’m, I’m sorry

Alan: Yea I’m mean I’m sorry too, but i got to tell you I’m a little relieved

Y/N: Relieved?

Alan: I mean I had a great time with you, but i just can’t stand your friends


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Originally posted by sheisraging

“I really like Bucky” you tell Steve

“Well why don’t you confess be honest and tell him your feelings”

“Are you crazy? what if he rejects me?”

“I have a feeling he likes you too”

“I not sure Steve”

What you didn’t know is that Bucky was right outside you door listening to your conversation.

‘I like you too Y/N”, He thought.

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*taps microphone* this thing on?

happy wednesday, my dudes. i’m elise, and welcome to my new blog! i’ve been on this godforsaken hell site for way longer than i ever care to admit but lately, i’ve just been wanting to not give a fuck with my writing and do whatever the hell i want. i’m here to satisfy all your oneshot / imagine / blurb / headcanon needs, to give ‘ya advice as life slowly crushes us all, or  just to talk and fangirl out like the old days! as of now, requests are open, so send in anything you’d like and i’ll gladly tackle it! beneath the cut are things that you’re more than welcome to send requests in for — this isn’t an exhaustive list, and i’ll update it as time goes on. can’t wait to see you all around the dash!


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“None of their art has caught my attention… like yours has.”

Your eyes widened. Your art had been recognized by the prince?

“I’m flattered, your highness, but-”

“But what?” He cocked his head to the side.

“What exactly would I be painting?”

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in the middle

summary: steve and bucky just got home from a tough mission, and you’re determined to make them feel good.

pairing: steve rogers x bucky barnes x reader

warnings: smut! threesome, male & female receiving oral, established relationship, cumplay, basically just porn

word count: 6.5k


Originally posted by itsawkwardfanboi

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I’m all wet now.

Word Count:


At the party Chris throws to celebrate Endgame going in to post production, you decide to tease him until he breaks.

WARNINGS: unprotected vaginal sex, oral sex (male and female receiving), dirty talk, spanking, choking, hair pulling, squirting

*not my gifs*


The house buzzes with the excited chatter and the loud bumps of the music shaking the house. You stand in the kitchen, pouring yourself a drink as you stare blankly into the crowded living room where your boyfriend is being a good host for his guests. You’re not paying any attention to your surroundings, just staring at him almost creepily. He looks so stately with his laid-back attitude as he laughs with his friends. The top several buttons of his shirt are undone, but he’s wearing a white t-shirt underneath which is no doubt a size or two too small and clung to his broad chest. You’d much rather he wear no undershirt, wishing his tattoo and chest hair could peak out from under his shirt. Though that’d probably be dangerous. You’re already wanting to jump his bones, and you’ve barely conversed during the party. It’s not like what he’s wearing is outside of his normal attire.

You sigh and look down, stirring your drink as you try to distract yourself from your ravishing boyfriend. Slightly uncomfortable with the unfamiliar eyes on you, you pull the hem of your short dress down, trying to cover as much leg as possible. You look unbelievably sexy, but you silently curse yourself for having bought something so far out of your comfort zone. The short dress is black to accentuate your curves, and very low cut to show off your cleavage, also revealing a few small tattoos that people wouldn’t usually know about unless you’re intimate. The guests started arriving before you were done getting ready, and Chris didn’t see you in your dress before the party started. In fact, you’re not even sure he knows you bought it. You know he would’ve made you change into something less revealing if he had, which leads you to ponder if he has seen you since you came out of your bedroom. You’d have expected him to say something about your outfit if he had.

Part of you chose the dress to get Chris excited in a situation where he wasn’t likely to do anything about it. The party celebrates the end of filming for Endgame as the movie goes into post production. Chris had been stressed and distracted the past several weeks, for good reason, yet leaving you untouched with pent up sexual frustration. Of course, you didn’t want to talk to him about it and make it seem like you don’t support him, because you very much do. And you wouldn’t dare deal with it yourself and disobey the rule the two of you have placed, but also because you, or any toy, could not do you justice as that man does for you, knowing every curve and crevice of your body and exactly how to drive you insane. 

You leave the kitchen, scooting around the many guests as politely and carefully as you can. You join Scarlett and Elizabeth on the patio, still being able to see Chris threw the floor-to-ceiling windows. You deliberately face him, so that if he looks your direction, he’s bound to see you, but also so you can keep an eye on the deliciously handsome man your so lucky to call yours. You lean across a tall round table as you converse with your friends about anything and everything. Scarlett goes on and on about her husband, Colin, and just how amazing he is. You nod your head absentmindedly, staring into the house at Chris as she talks, but it doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Y/n?” Scarlett calls your name, pulling you back to reality. “Are you listening to anything we’re saying?”

“No, not really,” you tell her truthfully. “I don’t think Chris has seen me yet, and I’m want to know what he thinks of the dress. You know I never really dress up.” You stare down at your almost empty drink.

“Well, I don’t think you’ll have to wait any longer,” she says slyly. 

Confused you look at her and see a smirk evident on her face. You follow her gaze into the house, and see Chris staring back at you with his jaw tightly clenched. Your cheeks heat up as you hold eye contact with him. Trying to get your message across, you let your eyes rake over his broad figure as you pull your bottom lip between your teeth.

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summary: you teased peter for not getting laid and being a nerd. he pops off.

WARNINGS: smut, oral, fingering, degradation, praise, dirty talking, overstimulation, slight CNC, bondage

Peter Parker was your daily source of comedy. From wearing nerdy-ass T-shirts to wearing Hello Kitty pants, your roast game was ON POINT.

You saw him walking down the hall looking down.

“Hey guys, watch this.” you nudged your friends. You threw an arm over his shoulder and gave him a purple nurple (pinching and twisting of le nips).

“Hey Penis Parker- oh wait. You don’t have one. Well you might but it’s not visible to the human eye.” you smirked in his ear. You watch as his jaw clenches and his eyes droop sadly.

“Please go.” he mumbles. “I’m not in the mood.”

“Oh but I’ve just gotten started. See, you’re a submissive little bitch. And that means that, you lie down and let people do whatever the fuck they want with you. So, no, I’m not leaving.” you lick you finger and worm its way into his ear. He tries to squirm away but you hold him down.

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“What will I be when I grow up, Lady Mother?” Y/N asked, the bed sheets wrapped high under her chin, arms clutching her knees.          

“You will be Queen, my darling,” she cupped her face, and she leaned into her touch, “and a warrior.”

Series Summary: After the need for their alliance during the Battle of Titan, King Stephen asked in return for his services, that King Anthony of the Iron Islands’, first born daughter would be given in marriage, to his sons, Prince Steven and Prince James of the Kingdom of Kamar-Taj. Despite King Anthony’s other offers, King Stephen would only agree to one, or there would be war between their two Kingdoms. Leaving King Anthony with no choice, he sacrificed his first born daughter, in hopes of sparing his people of anymore suffering. Anthony prayed that the men would care for his daughter, and love her as he did, but a sparkly crown can hide a thousand secrets.  

Pairing: Prince!Steve x Princess!Reader x Prince!Bucky

Series Warnings: Strong Language, Violence, Angst, Fluff (There will be some fluffy stuff I promise, I can’t resist), Smut: This series will include some aspects of Dub-con/Non-con: Steve and Bucky aren’t going to be Prince Charmings. More Warnings will be posted on Chapters.


Part Sixteen: The Man With No Face 


Chapter Warnings: Swearing, Injury and Gore, Blood, Minor Character Death

Word Count: 4.5k

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Bucky Barnes:

The winner takes it all (teasing, kind of smut)

Summary: When Steve and Natasha invites you to a game night laser tagging, you happily accept and pair up with Nat as your team player. When you later find out that Bucky’s coming to, and with that, pairing up with Steve, you understand that the way to victory won’t be a piece of cake. And the losers has to pay for pizza and drinks for the entire team. Needles to say, you have to win. And every creative way of getting there is an option.

What lies within our voice (part one)

Summary: The hottest current singing competition in your country; Beyond The Voice, is taking contestants for this years new season. And you’re competing, something you’ve dreamed of since you were a little kid. Your best friend Natasha joins you on your audition day with the assurance that everything’s going to go just as planned. As in; you preform, get all the standing ovations from the jury and then you go out to celebrate. But it doesn’t quite work like that, does it? Especially not when a handsome blue eyed singer with angelic pipes (and dare I say, jackass?) enters the competition and gives you some serious problems; both on a competitive and on a personal level.

Cap’s shirt; his girl (smut)

Summary: The laundry gets messed up on the day your boyfriend comes home from a hard undercover mission. Not a big deal, it would seem? Wrong. Cause when you accidentally wear one of Steve’s shirts to Bucky’s arrival, it’s not the greeting he imagined from you. And he intends to show you exactly why.

Loki Laufeyson:

For your entertainment (smut)

Summary: Loki decides to loosen up your sore shoulders with a tender massage after a hard days work. Little do you know that the God of Mischief also has something else in the back of his mind. And he let’s you know it without hesitation. But if he only was prepared for what you were up to. And if he only would have known that there’s a different side to you that you have yet to show. 

Steve Rogers:

Sparkling diamonds (smut)

Summary: Steve’s sent out to receive a chip containing important intel from an undercover agent working at a strip club. Here’s where the situation gets complicated. See, Steve knows how this job should be done in a proper professional manner but a subject is clouding his judgment, making him fall for the heat of the moment. The subject? You.

Star Wars

Anakin Skywalker:

My dear apprentice:

Summary: Things have been falling behind for Anakin lately. So how do the council plan to make him feel better? His own Padawan, of course! While Yoda thinks this is an extraordinary idea, both Anakin and the Palawan has some complaints.

Part one

Part two

Part three

Part four

Part five:  (part 1) (part 2) Chapter 5 is divided into two parts since I reached tumblr’s maximun word limit. Sorry…

Part six


Bucky Barnes: 

Night at the bar

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Tony: Alright ready Turn, turn

Tony: TURN

Clint: aghaahhh!

Clint: I don’t think we could turn anymore

Y/N: I just don’t its gonna fit

Tony: Oh yea well c’mon up, UP!

Tony: YES!

Tony: Here we go pivot, pivot


Tony: PIVOT!

Tony: PIVOT!



Clint: Shut up

Clint: SHUT UP!

Tony: Ok I don’t think its gonna pivot anymore

Y/N, Clint: You think

Tony: Alright lets uh, bring it back down and try again

Y/N: Oh wOAH

Tony: Ugh

Clint:…….. Uh yea its really stuck now

Tony: Can’t believe that didn’t work

Y/N: Yea I know… I mean you have a sketch


Clint: Oh you know what did you mean when you said pivot?

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