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guys there’s smth I can’t explain so please if you know the answer tell me

when tony snapped his fingers all Thanos’ army from the past vanished right? was Gamora included? and if not where did she go after the fight? why didn’t she go with the guardians?

in the deleted scene when tony died and they all knelt she was there too but I don’t know what happened to her after that, specially that scene when Quill was staring at her photo in the ship.

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Unboxing: the Marvel Collector Corps “Black Widow.” The film may be delayed but the tie-ins are still coming out #BlackWidow #Funko

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Marvel Collector Corps is the bimonthly premium box service from Funko and Marvel featuring all sorts of mysterious goodies inside. This month’s theme is “Black Widow” celebrating the anticipated film. We show off what you get inside this new box.

You can order the next one now which has the theme of “X-Men” and will be out…

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Peggy Carter deserves a proper ending to her story. Help us show Disney and Marvel that we want to see the blanks in her story filled! We want Agent Carter Season 3 on Disney Plus. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to requesting Agent Carter Season 3 on Disney Plus. Log into your accounts, and follow the instructions. 

Reblog and Spread the word! 

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