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Top ten Scarlett movies | (as voted for by my followers)
FOUR: Avengers: Infinity War (2018) dir. Anthony & Joe Russo

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I posted another video despite being v uncomfortable in front of the camera and scared of people making fun of me for being a nerd lmao would mean the world if you’d like and subscribe if you enjoyed!

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I posted another video despite being v uncomfortable in front of the camera and scared of people making fun of me for being a nerd lmao would mean the world if you’d like and subscribe if you enjoyed! there will be more marvel content hehe

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Bucky knows the truth now. It is a deep and insurmountable truth. She has no face. Like the operative whose head he beat in, like the boy who he killed one month into active duty, even like Bucky himself, Nike is faceless. Bucky feels unprepared, or like he should have brought an offering. Beside him Steve quakes before the oldest and the only god.

proudly finished my third ever embroidery project, inspired by the scene from the thirteen letters in which steve, bucky, and the howling commandos stumble upon the winged victory of samothrace. i still dream about this scene sometimes.

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Summary: You and your boss do not get along for unknown reasons.

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Characters: Helen Cho, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Wanda Maximoff

Warnings: angst, Tony being a douche, language, accidents, injured reader, blood, memory loss, mentions of characters death, grief, violence, secrets, comforting, fluff


“This is not the file I wanted, Y/N,” Tony raises his voice, intimidating stalking toward you. “I told you to print me the latest report about the costs of the hangar and send me the files for the new suit.”

“Those are the files you named, Tony,” you point toward the list he gave you. “I printed the list. I even asked Jarvis to re-check the data.”

“Don’t blame Jarvis for your lousy work,” you gasp feeling like someone slapped your face. You work hard, always try to finish a project before you go home only for Tony to yell at you.

“Tony not once did anyone else call my work lousy,” talking back you ball your hands into fists. “I know you want everything to be perfect for the inspection, but these are the files you wanted me to print. I have three projects to finish, still, I found the time to help you.”

“You gave me the wrong files and printed the wrong documents,” Tony insists, pointing toward the papers on his desk. “You know, only as no one before criticized your work doesn’t mean you fulfill my standards. Honestly, you barely are qualified to work for me.”

Your hands shake, your lips twitch when you toss the papers onto his desk, grasp your purse and jacket to storm out of the room.

Tony is not used to people just running off from a fight, so he goes after you, still yelling while you try to run down the staircase. “I am talking to,” he barely brushes your shoulder but your shriek, missing the next step.

In a split-second you fall backward, your forehead hits the last step, letting your head lull back. Blood seeps out of your wound when Tony runs after you. “Jarvis, call Dr. Cho. I need help. Y/N, she fell down the stairs. Please, hurry.”

“Alerting Dr- Cho and a medical team, Sir. I suggest not to move Ms. Y/L/N until the doctor arrives, checking on her pulse and adding pressure to her wound,” Tony nods, pressing two shaking fingers to your pulse point.

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Request: Hey Lulu! I saw this Korean drama and it made me think of you and the way you write. An idea got stuck in my head about an au CEO Steve Rogers and an assistant reader. In which Steve is a mean and cold boss, and the reader put up with him for years and finally had enough. Then later on Steve regrets it and realizes how much he needs the reader in his life. Make it angsty the way you like and maybe… just maybe a happy ending? ;) pleasee fill my angstyy heartttt. Have a nice day!!

Pairing: CEO!Steve Rogers x Personal Assistant!Reader

Characters: Natasha Romanoff, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson (mentioned)

Warnings: angst, arguments, language, sassy reader, tension, pining, implied smut

Words: 2,8 k+

A/N: Sequel to Boss from hell


“Coffee. No sugar. No disgusting dried milk. I want it to be as dark as my boss’s soul,” you smirk watching Steve stand next to you staring at the menu. 

“I’ll have tea, chamomile, and one of the sinful red velvet cupcakes. My hero next to me wants a muffin, no we take two. Big boy is hungry,” the girl taking your order nods, giggling as Steve gives you a disapproving look.

“Big boy?” He whispers.

“As longs as you cannot take care of yourself, food, or clothes you are a boy, Rogers. Now sit over there, be nice and wait for me,” Steve reluctantly leaves your side, not liking to sit in the café surrounded by too many people.

“I swear, he’s like a toddler without me,” shaking your head as Steve looks around the café you roll your eyes. “I’ll take three more of the red velvet cupcakes, two of the muffins with chocolate and some of the mud pie cupcakes for takeaway,” you smirk pointing toward Steve. “He pays.”


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Request: Would you write for Dr. Strange & Reader? If yes, reader is his wife & before the accident he never respected her, even though she is a Dr like him, he belittles her, doesn’t talk to her, feels ashamed. Later becoming the master, he sees her through portal that how dedicated she is & how dearly she loves him. All fluffy & maybe a passionate love making?

Pairing: Dr. Strange x Reader

Characters: Christine Palmer, Ofc

Warnings: angst, abandonment, Stephen being a douche, accidents, arranged marriage, smut, unprotected sex, comforting, fluff, remorse

A/N: Okay, this is my first-time writing smut for Dr. Strange.


“Why weren’t you at the gala with Stephen?” Christine, your best friend asks. “We were all wondering why you did not attend.” Blinking a few times, you must process what your friend just said.

“Gala, oh-yes. I had a terrible migraine and told Stephen to go alone, you know  I didn’t want to ruin his night with my stupid problems,” you lie, not meeting your friend’s eyes.

“Sorry to hear,” Christine stiffens a smile, knowing you lied again to hide Stephen did not tell you about the gala last night. “How about we have a girl’s night next weekend?”

“I don’t think you should waste your precious time, Christine. Don’t you want to become the second-best?” Your husband smirks, not sparing you a glance. Anytime you talk to one of his colleagues he acts as if you do not exist.

Stephen always gives you the feeling that he belittles you, not taking your career seriously as you are only a pediatrist to him. You love working with children, saving their life’s but to Stephen, it is not the job his wife should have chosen. 

Even though you are a doctor, had the best grades he acts as if you are not smart enough to talk to one of the neurosurgeons.

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see the thing about steve is that he SAYS all these things about Tony I Really Wouldn’t Do This If I Had Any Other Choice but then his body language and facial expressions are just like. i am going to beat the shit out of you and i am going to enjoy it so much. look at this man’s face. look at how excited he is. he’s wanted to do this since the moment tony put his hand on his shoulder in avengers 1

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Summary: Steve wakes from the ice only to find everything he knew is gone. Can you help him?

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: angst, Steve being a man out of time, comforting, sadness


Lost. That’s how Steve feels when he steps out of the Shield headquarter. He can punch as many punching bags or walls as he wants to, but his life is gone.

Peggy is gone. Bucky is gone. His whole world just gone in the blink of an eye.

Well, at least to Steve. One moment he was on the plane, talking to Peggy and the next moment he wakes to a world which isn’t his anymore.

People tried to lie to him. Tried to pretend he did not get ripped out of his time but here he is. Standing in the middle of an exhibition of his life.

“Oh, do you like Captain America too?” A soft voice rips Steve out of his daydreams. He’s hiding behind a trench-coat, thick sunglasses, and a base cap. “I heard he’s alive. Can you believe this?”

“No.” Steve chokes out. He wants to leave but then you say something he never heard someone say to him before.

“That’s awful. He sacrificed his life to save the world and now he has to live in a world which isn’t his any longer. I am afraid he’s terrified. Imagine coming from the ’40s and being confronted with things that are normal to us. I…I wish we could help him…”

“You would help him?” Steve gives you as soft smile as you point toward a picture of Bucky and him. 

“He lost his friends, his world and I bet he had a girl at home waiting for him. Such a tragedy. Don’t you think? He deserves better than this.” A single tear slips down your cheek and Steve captures it with his thumb.

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Summary: You are FWB with Steve Rogers. What happens when a misunderstanding, when one wrong decision threatens your future?

Pairing: Alpha!Steve x Omega!Reader

Characters: Tony Stark, Doctor Cho, Bucky Barnes

Warnings: angst, unrequited feelings, FWB relationship, mentions of sex, language, arguments, break-up, pissed Omega, pregnant Omega, hurt feelings, nesting, claiming, blood, violence, comforting


“This is bullshit, Steve and you know it.” Grasping for his boxers you toss the fabric harshly into his face. “Not hours ago, you followed me to my room and pressed screams out of me and now you just…” 

“We agreed to tell each other when we want to meet someone. Alice, she’s nice, kind and wants what I want.” Steve tries to reason with you, a beyond pissed Omega, and he knows you are one word from ripping his head off.

“Wants the same as you, Rogers? Last night you wanted to dick me down if I recall right!” 

Screaming on the top of your lungs you grab the lamp from your side of the bed to toss it at the tall Alpha. 

“You can’t just fucking knot me like last night and in the morning you tell me you want to end our arrangement.”

You are hurt, no beyond hurt but you will not show your emotions to the Alpha standing useless in your bedroom. 

“What? Got nothing to reply? Was this a goodbye fuck or will she let you wait, and you wanted to get off one last time? We agreed to tell each other right away – not when you are about to start something new!”

“I met her not a week ago. I asked her out and tried to find a way to tell you about her. I did not mean to hurt or reject you. I just wanted to tell you about the date, as we agreed to in the beginning. This doesn’t mean I do not want you…” Steve sighs, running one hand down his face.

“That was four fucking years ago, Rogers! I never looked for someone else as I thought…forget…” Your heart screams at you, just like the vulnerable and hurt Omega inside, but you do the only thing coming to your mind.

“Out of my room and never come back! I hope she’s worth your time as I was never worth it. Now go and be happy she wants what you want. I still don’t know what it is that you want so badly…” Tears threaten to fall as you pick Steve’s clothes up.

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Mischief is in my bed


Summary: Loki and you hate each other – right?

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Characters: Thor, Clint Barton, Steve Rogers

Warnings: language, arguments, calling names, two idiots in love, mutual pining, love-hate relationship, smut, protected sex, a hint of unprotected sex, light breeding kink, dirty talk, hair pulling, anal play, cock warming, marking, Loki being Loki

A/N: I had a non-specific request for a Loki fic so here we go with part 2.               

Sequel to: Mischief is in my blood


“You like this, don’t you little minx. Love how my cock makes your body succumb to the God of mischief. Admit it, woman.” Holding your hands pinned to the bed Loki drives wildly into you. 

There is an almost sinister smile on his lips, and you swear, if his cock would not hit your sweet spot right now you would wipe it off his face.

You hate he looks even sexier while having something evil on his mind. One day you should take your time to analyze your state of mind as it turns you on, thinking about all the evil things he could do to you.

“Not bad for an imposer, Loki. Is this your cock or do you use your stupid mind games on me too?” Snickering you wrap your legs around his waist, shamelessly grinding against the Asgardian’s dick.

“All mine, Midgardian. I knew you are a vixen. Look at you pinned to your bed, and my cock so deep in your belly I could fill you with a baby.” 

Your eyes narrow as the black-haired bastard throws his head back, laughing as you believed he’s gone nuts for a moment. “I used the thing you call condom, little bitch but next time…” 

His lips ghosting along your ear shell and his smirk grows. “I’ll fill you up, little Midgardian. You will carry my godly heir.”

“You’re lucky your dick is not that bad. Now stop talking and keep on moving your stupid ass!” 

Biting your neck, he groans against you, enjoys you clench hard around him every time he moans your name.

“You’ll be my slave when I take over your world. I make you scream my name right in front of all your friends. My brother will not stop me from putting a collar around your neck to make you obedient. 

“I will rip you into pieces if you try to pull shit like in New York again.” Grunting you glare at Loki as he pulls out right before you can reach the peak.

He’s flipping you onto your belly, cursing as he looks at your ass.

“I’ll show you how to behave, Midgardian. I am telling you…” Fisting your hair with one hand Loki smirks as you push back onto him. “You want my dick back? Ask nicely, pet.”

“I am…” Panting you feel the tip slip back in. “No pet to you, asshole. Fuck me or I will go to your brother. I bet he can…” You are pinned flat to the mattress by his powers and full of his cock a moment later.

“You’re mine, my little dirty pet. I’ll use you to my pleasure and amusement when I take over the world.” Loki grabs your hips, rocking your whole body with every unforgiving thrust.

“I…I said I am no pet, mischievous asshole…” Loki is laughing loudly at your words as he can feel your body surrender to his touch. 

“Oh?” Sneering he gives you a hard smack to your ass before he stills his hips. Whimpers leave your lips, along with tiny pleas as you were too close to your release. 

“Your tight little pussy sings for me, my cute little Midgardian. I bet if I just…” 

Loki spits on your ass and you gasp as you feel one finger press against your arsehole. “I could use this hole too and you would gladly scream my name.”

“Don’t you dare, imposer! I’ll rip your dick off your body if you dare to touch me there…” 

Unimpressed by your words the God grabs your right shoulder, while the other hand holds your waist in a tight grip. His hips start moving again and your toes begin to curl.

“Little pet takes me so good and deep…” Loki does not even pant as you cannot stop the noises leaving your mouth. 

Pants, cries, and insults leave your lips as his cock seems to have one goal – ruining you for any other guy.

“Stop calling me…oh…I hate you fucker…” Heat rising in your belly you glance over your shoulder, hating Loki still has this self-satisfied grin on his lips.

“Just give in, Midgardian slave. I will make you my favorite pet. You will wear gold…well only gold as I want you naked the whole time…” 

“I…I will…” It is too late to protest as he forces your orgasm out of your spent body. 

Without slowing down, he ruts his hips into your ass, enjoying your helpless whimpers.

“Perfect pet…” His cock twitches violently but he will not waste his cum and shoot it into the condom. 

Pulling out of you he rips the protection off his cock, and you believe he will come over your ass, but he slides back into you, smirking as you wiggle your ass.

“Now it’s perfect…” Cum floats your belly after three more thrusts and you start yelling at him. “Just imagine little pets grow in your belly.“

Smirking like the devil Loki moves his hips again, humming as you struggle in his hold.

“Loki! I dare you to cum inside me again!” 

“Shush, Midgardian. I marked my territory. My cum will stay inside of you, just like me.” While Loki drapes his body over yours, awkwardly moving his arms around your waist you wiggle again.

“Get off me, Loki. I have a mission in the morning and need a shower. I don’t have time for cuddles.” Not reacting to your words Loki nibbles at your shoulder.

“My little pet is filled with my seed. I conquered her pussy and soon her ass…”

“I dare you, asshole! I will not let you fuck my ass, idiot.”


“Thor, can you tell your brother not to stare at our team member’s ass?” Clint groans as the man who made you scream last night will not stop stripping your clothes off with his eyes.

Silence. Midgardian. I keep an eye on my little pet. She was such a good girl last night and in the morning too. Even during our nice meeting, she let me shove my hand into her panties.

“I did not, lying bastard…” Your eyes darken as Loki dares to step closer to give you a smirk. 

“You did, little minx. I must admit, you have a bad influence on me, my pet.” 

His hands slide over your arms before he grips you tightly to let invisible handcuffs restrain your hands.

“I will bend you over this ugly table and give them all a good show.”

“If you ever want to get your dick into me again, you’ll stop lying right now. I did not let your hand slide into my panties at any time.” Lips pursed you glare at Loki.

“Only as you are not wearing panties at all, pet!” Loki’s hands move to your ass to grip it tightly. “I will take you right here for my pleasure.”

“Nah. I don’t think so, bastard. You don’t even remember my name. The fuck was nice, but that’s it…” Without problems, you break out of Loki’s grasps and he must watch you walk out of the room.

“Brother.” Sighs leave Thor’s lips as he places one a huge hand onto his brother’s shoulder. “You should woo for her, not call her pet. Lady Y/N is special to you, show it to her.”

“Shut up. As if you are an expert in keeping your girl. Jane let you go too. Midgardians are unfaithful and annoying. She’s no one special, only a pet. My favorite pet but nothing else.”

“Tell this to yourself brother, but don’t try to trick me,” Thor smirks before he joins the others, leaving the room. “She will not wait forever, Loki. Lady Y/N is a stubborn young woman. Show her you want more than her to be your pet…”




“Let me in, woman.”

“Fuck off, loser.”

“I want to come inside and…” Frantically combing through his brain for the right words Loki paces in front of your room. “You are my favorite pet.”

“Try harder,” Thor whispers.

“Don’t call her pet,” Steve adds.

“Can you just shut up for a moment.” Loki clears his throat before he knocks at your door again. “You are my favorite Midgardian. The only one I do not want to kill. Please let me in!”

“Fine, come in Asgardian asshole.” Grabbing Loki’s arm, you drag him into the room. “Now, tell me what you like about me.”

Arms crossed over your chest you impatiently tap your foot. “I am waiting, Loki.”

“You know…” Smirking Loki circles you like prey. “You smell good. Your body pleases me and I like those tiny noises you make while eating.”


“You are always so annoyingly honest, and you can break out of my illusions. I never met someone being able to do so, not even my brother.”

“What do you want, God of mischief?” Eying Loki warily you fist his shirt. “Loki?”

“I want something nice in my life. Something beautiful.” Pressing his lips against yours Loki smirks. “I want you, and I’ll get you, little pet.”


“Y/N…” Loki breathes against your lips.


“Can I see you naked again?” His hands move to your ass.

“Get naked…”


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So my friends have a marvel tag going on and we could really use some members!!

The tag is called Great Marvel Academy! (#greatmarvelacademy or #earth267)

Basically it’s a school for cannoned Marvel characters. You can join and decided whether you want the character you’ve chosen to be a student or a teacher. We do have limited teacher spots though so you’ll need to check with us on what classes are open!

Here’s who we have so far:

Peter Parker - lightapeedantillies (Server founder)

GB!Bucky Barnes - amethyst_cosplays98 (Server founder)

GB!Steve Rogers - un.amoosed (Admin - Me)

GB!Tony Stark - penguinofgotham

Miles Morales - renagadechild

Rogue - cosplay_girl0305

Phil Coulson - philtmnt

Carol Danvers - bensoloismyhusband

Natasha Romanoff - cosplay.lina

Morgan Stark - morgan_leann_115

Frank Castle - kekakarot

Nick Fury - I don’t know his user

Scott Lang - bluesavior

GB = Genderbent. You are allowed to genderbend whatever character you choose!

Here are the teacher roles:

English -

Art - Steve Rogers (un.amoosed) (me)

Writing -

Science - Peter Parker (lightspeedantillies)

Forensics -

Algebra -

Pre Calc -

History -

Engineering -

Mechanics - Tony Stark (penguinofgotham)

Quantum Physics - Scott Lang (bluesavior)

If you would like to join our humble little tag feel free to make a video with the tags #greatmarvelacademy #earth267 and #marvelacademyauditions

You can also hit me up if you’d like and I’ll pass your audition along to make sure it’s seen!

Once you audition and are accepted into the group Peter will give you a brief rundown of the story line. Then you’ll need to fill out your introduction, character bio, timezones, and birthday. This information is important so we can all get to know each other!

This is a 15+ tag so please keep that in mind.

SO! Here’s what you need to join:



15 years and up

A cannoned marvel character

#greatmarvelacademy #earth267 #marvelacademyauditions (this applies to your first post only)

Anywho! If you are interested in joining our small little tag feel free to hit me up or make your audition! We are an open and loving little dysfunctional family and we’d love to have you!

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original vs. edited [my gif process]

i was tagged by @crispsevans to show my gif making before and after. (left being unedited except for the gif size) and right is the finished gif if that wasn’t totally obvious aslkdhjalsd

i’m awful at explaining things, and i have a psd that i use for a base of every gif (made it a couple years ago and now just tweak it for almost everything i gif - starts of with brightness and curves and goes from there) but there’s no real method to my colouring, i just fiddle with things until it looks better, very much trial and error.

i tag: @elizabetholsens @downey-robert @jynerso @rhodey @danvercarols (obvs only if you want tooooo !!!)

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