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Your girlfriend hit you with that electric thingy and you fell to the ground. Struggling from the shock, you got up and ran towards the cliff.
Natasha will live Natasha will live.
Natasha tackled you, sending you both tumbling off the cliff. At the last minute you grabbed on to a tree branch (idk?) jutting out from the side of the cliff. Your other hand wrapped around Natasha's wrist. 
"Natty- please," you said, tears running down your face. 
"Y/n," she whispered calmly, "let me go,"
"No! N-natasha-" you sobbed, gripping her wrist tighter. 
"I love you, y/n," she said, "but you need to let me go."
"Please." You met her eyes.
"It's okay," she whispered. 
And then she fell.
-not a time skip but not not a time skip-
You shot out of bed, your heart pounding in your chest. It slowed a little when you realized that Natasha was next to you, still asleep and breathing. 
You quietly snuck out to get a glass of water and clear your head, tiptoeing so you wouldn't wake Natasha. When you got back she was still asleep, her chest rising and falling rhythmically. You crawled into bed trying not to wake her up. 
"Y/n?" You heard her say.
"Yeah, Tasha?" 
"Why are you up?" She asked, concern spreading across her face in the dark.
"I had a nightmare," you confessed. 
"Do you wanna talk about it?"
"Well. . ." You took a deep breath, "there was a cliff and- we were there. And you- you. . ."  You buried your face in her shoulder with a sob. 
"Shh, shh. . . Its okay, y/n, it's okay." She hugged you. <3
"Tasha. . . I've had that same dream before. I could never, ever, ever . . ." You cried harder, "lose you." 
"Don't worry, y/n" she said, "I'm not going anywhere. It wasn't real." She kissed your forehead, "it was just a dream."
You pulled the covers over you and Natasha's shoulders, suddenly cold. 
"Just sleep, y/n. I'm right here, I'll protect you." 
And your fell asleep with Natasha's arms wrapped around your shoulders.
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Tumblr media
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You fight like a girl.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Hey I'm doing this writing thing over the summer and I'm doing a research paper on how the portrayal of Marvel women impacts teenage girls so if you can fill out this anonymous survey and send it to people you know that would be great!
here's the link: https://forms.gle/zNezrMEXrUjgepvd7
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The Truth
Summary: Wanda’s jealousy leads to disastrous circumstances. PERFECT LITTLE SECRET PART 2. 18+
Pairings: Fem!Reader X Milf! Wanda Maximoff, Yelena Belova X Kate Bishop X Fem!Reader (platonic), Fem! Reader X Carol Danvers (brief)
Class: Series; angst, smut
Warnings: First time writing in second person so I’m sorry for that, large age gap (18/37), mommy kink, possessiveness, strap on sex (r receiving), semi-public sex, exhibitionism, degradation, swearing, arguing.
Words: 4k
Tumblr media
Life was easier now that your best friends knew of your secret relationship with your 37-year-old neighbour. The days were going by smoother almost now that there was less to hide. As well as, honestly, it was a relief to you that someone knew. By this point you were so incredibly infatuated with the woman it was nice to be able to express the happiness she brought out of you.
“I’ve never felt this way about anyone Lena. She just makes me feel so good, and I’m not just talking sexually, Wanda makes me feel more like me than I’ve ever felt before,” you gushed, eyes drooped to the table and unable to make eye contact with the blonde.
She pulled a disgusted face. “That’s the corniest shit I’ve ever heard,” she joked, at least you hope she’s joking.
“She sounds amazing Y/n, I just wish you told us earlier,” Kate, your other friend dropped in to the conversation from the chair opposite you.
“I know,” you whined, “but I had no choice, the least amount of people that know, the better. I can’t imagine what my parents would think if they found out.” You shuddered at the thought.
“Maybe they’ll be fine with it!” The sprightly brunette chimed.
“Don’t be an idiot Kate, what would your mother do if you were in the same situation?” Yelena rebutted.
“Probably throw me down the stairs-“ The three of you jumped when Kate’s sentence was interrupted by the slam of a book on the table.
“How many times am I going to have to tell you three to be quiet?” The librarian hissed, leering over you.
“Maybe just one more time?” Yelena chortled, however her laugh cut suddenly when she met the woman’s pierced eyes.
“Get out,” she hissed, causing the three of you to stand and pack your things hastily and rush out of the library, bumping shoulders along the way.
After giggling over the fact that none of you got any of your work done whilst you were there, you said goodbye before attempting to rush off towards the waiting car outside the gate. However, you were stopped when the pair tightened their grip on your linked arms.
“Any chance your lady friend could give us a lift to your street? We’ll walk from there.” The Russian batted her eyelashes.
“I don’t know guys, we can’t bring too much attention to ourselves…”
“We’ll be careful! Pleeeeeease!” Kate shook your arm, giving you her best puppy dog eyes.
“Fine, I’ll ask.” You gave in, shaking yourself out of their hold and jogging to the car.
Opening the passenger door, you couldn’t help the grin that instantly arose when you leaned down to see the woman.
“Hey sweet girl.” Her raspy use of the pet name sent shivers down your spine, reminding you of the many times she had used the term of endearment when praising you for the way you moved back your hips to me the rapid thrusts of hers.
“Hiii…” You giggled girlishly, instantly turned shy under her intense stare. “So my friends are wondering if you could drop them off on our street.” You scratched the back of your neck nervously, worried she wouldn’t be fond of the idea.
“Yelena and Kate?” She wondered, biting her lip in thought when you nodded to confirm. “Okay, but they’ve got to keep it down when they get out of the car. We don’t need any nosy neighbours getting in our business.”
“Okay! Thank you.” You clapped your hands happily, and Wanda practically melted at the sight of you being so excited over something so simple. She would do anything for you if it meant she could make you that happy.
You leaned down to lay a kiss on her warm cheek before jogging back to your friends who were playfully trying to tackle each other in the car park.
“Okay dorks, she said you can come but you have to be quiet when we get in the neighbourhood.”
Saluting you, Kate joined your side as you began to make your way back to the car. Yelena however, was stuck glaring at a short-haired blonde waving excitedly in your direction.
“Y/n! Wait up!” Turning towards the call, you noticed Carol Danvers, captain of the softball team and your chemistry partner, making her way towards you.
“God, not this mopho.” Yelena rolled her eyes.
“Quit it, she’s nice,” you reprimanded.
“She’s a stupid jock.” You shushed her reply just as Carol, who obviously heard the comment, stopped in front of you with a glare in the Russian’s direction. Her glare dropped instantly when she looked at you however, instead being replaced with a shy smile.
“Hey captain,” you cheeked, watching as red arose to her cheeks in embarrassment, you’re guessing.
“Hi Y/n, I was wondering if you’re still alright with me coming over today so we can work on the project?” She questioned, reminding you of the chemistry project Miss Harkness had set.
“Oh crap yeah, I totally forgot about that. Sorry.” You both laughed nervously. “But yeah, I’m fine with that.”
“Okay cool, do you just wanna…” she gestured back at her truck, hinting that she would drive you both back to your house to begin the project.
“Oh, actually my, uh, neighbour is driving back my friends and I today. But I’ll text you my address and I’ll meet you there in like an hour?” You almost slipped, having to restrain yourself from referring to Wanda as your girlfriend like you had been around Yelena and Kate for the last week since they found out about your relationship.
“Oh sure!” She nodded sheepishly, clumsily taking a couple steps back towards her truck. “So I’ll see you in an hour?”
“She did just say that blondie,” Yelena drawled.
“But Lena, you’re blonde..” Kate whispered.
Shushing them with your index finger in the air, you nodded kindly at Carol, waving her off with your other hand.
Shouting one last goodbye, you finally approached the car with your friends in tow.
Wanda stayed broodingly quiet when you gave her a peck on the cheek. “Sorry for the wait baby.”
She tapped the wheel with one finger, watching in the rear view mirror as your friends settled themselves in the back of the car.
“Thank you for the ride Miss Maximoff!” Kate politely voiced.
“Mmhm.” She hummed mindlessly, still staring into the rear view mirror.
“Wanda?” You verbalised, looking at her expectantly as she still hadn’t started the car.
“Who was that?” She questioned, still not breaking her gaze from the mirror as she began to drive off. She watched the blonde in the varsity jacket grin as she kept glancing at the car you had disappeared into.
“Who? Carol?” Your eyebrows bunched, completely confused at the woman’s interest in the jock.
“Don’t you mean Captain?” Kate joked, leaning her head in between the front seats and making kissy faces in your direction.
You pushed her back with a hand to her face, shaking your head. “It embarrasses her, it’s funny.” You shrugged.
“No, it turns her on.” Yelena let out a loud laugh.
“What?” Wanda barked. You took hold of the ‘Oh Jesus handle’ as she unintentionally sped up down the street.
“W-what? No-“ You blush, attempting to redeem yourself from the flirting you had inadvertently been taking part in.
“Face it Y/n, the idiot has been trying to get in your pants ever since you grew an ass.” The blonde grinned, leaning back in her seat and watching on as Wanda’s grip on the wheel turned whiter by the second.
You sputtered trying to come up with a reply, before settling with a grumbling “shut up.”
The rest of the drive home was silent other than the quiet music flowing through the radio. As soon as Wanda settled the car into her driveway, the duo in the back seats were clambering out, muttering their goodbyes. As soon as they left, Wanda grabbed hold of your neck and pulled you against her. Teeth clashed as she moved her lips against yours hastily, forcing every bit of resentment she held for the blonde she never met into the kiss.
Taking hold of the hair at the back of your head, she pulled you back so you were staring up at her uncomfortably. You didn’t mind though, as you were too busy imagining all the punishments she would possibly induce if it wasn’t for her boys being home from school.
“Don’t forget who you belong to,” she hissed, cupping your chin and squeezing your cheeks.
“Open your mouth,” she ordered firmly as you resisted her efforts. Giving in to her demand, your mouth dropped open. She smirked deviantly before spitting directly on your tongue. She tapped your chin until you closed your mouth, smearing the spit that missed across your lips with her ring-clad thumb. “Swallow.”
You did so instantly, making her laugh devilishly. “That’s my good girl. You would never want anyone other than your mommy to take care of you, would you?”
Her grip loosened enough for you shake your head dumbly.
“Words,” she spat.
“No mommy,” you muttered.
“Good girl. I want you to come over tomorrow whilst the boys are with their father.” She brushed her thumb over your blushed cheek softly. It was a command, but that didn’t irk you.
“Okay,” you smiled excitedly, “is 2pm okay?”
“Perfect.” She kissed you softly, with a gentleness that was completely opposite to the possessiveness she has previously displayed.
After taking a chilling shower to cool yourself down following your lover’s teasing, you hastily ran around your room picking up clothing and clearing space on your desk ready for your guest. Hearing the ring of the doorbell, you surveyed your room carefully to ensure there was nothing embarrassing around before making your way to the front door.
“Carol, hey!” You greeted, moving aside so the softball player could step inside. You led the nervous blonde to your room, thoroughly warning her of the mess before she could step inside. Your pestering over the mess was enough to distract you from the attentive gaping from the woman across the road.
Soon the two of you were sat on your bed cross-legged facing each other, open books between you and nothing written down.
“I really think using marbles in class is a bad idea, what if we drop them all?” You laugh, imagining your grumpy teacher finally slipping in those heels.
“But think about how much better it’ll be to display the types of bonding compared to a PowerPoint, which you know everyone is going to do,” she tilted her head at you, leaning forward and smiling teasingly.
“I guess you’re right,” you huff. Despite the boring context, you found yourself enjoying Carol’s company. You were happy to expand your friendship group beyond dumb and dumber. Carol is outgoing, kind, funny, leaning in startlingly close to your face, wait what?
Chapped lips meet yours gently, unmoving. Carol was cautious with the kiss, pulling back when she didn’t feel you melt in to it like she hoped you would.
“S-sorry,” she stuttered, seemingly shocked by her own actions. “I just- I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time. I really like you Y/n.”
You couldn’t help but flush at the revelation.
“Oh, Carol. I’m sorry but I’m actually seeing someone,” you frowned apologetically.
“Oh. Who? If you don’t mind me asking?” Carol felt a surge of jealousy, clenching her fists in an attempt to keep control of her emotions. You were Y/n, and so she remained as polite as possible whilst avoiding eye contact.
You bit your lip, wondering if you should tell the truth or not. You decided against it, not wanting to risk your relationship. “You don’t know her, she doesn’t go to our school.”
She laughed, getting up from the bed and shaking out her tense muscles. “Well maybe I’ll see her at varsity then if we’re playing against her school. Maybe then I can fight for your hand.” She winked teasingly, though you sensed a little truth in her words.
The atmosphere was quite awkward after that interaction, and so you gave her her section of the work and promised to buy the marbles for your presentation.
After she had left with an awkward one-armed hug to say goodbye, you couldn’t help the guilt that began to reside. You hadn’t kissed Carol back, and you know you don’t have feelings for her. But you didn’t push her away. You narrowed it down to the shock and confusion that led to you being so slow to react, but you still felt telling Wanda about what happened was the right thing to do.
It was time to go see Wanda, and it was an understatement to say you were nervous. Usually you would be ecstatic to go see your lover, but an angry Wanda was not usually something to look forward to, and a part of you couldn’t help the terrifying thoughts of her leaving you.
“Hello? Wanda?” You called out after helping yourself into the house.
“Up here babygirl!” You heard her raspy voice ring from up the stairs. She sounded like she was in a good mood, you couldn’t decide if that was a good or bad thing.
Making your way up the stairs towards the master bedroom, you gave yourself a mental pep talk to prepare yourself for her wrath. With one last deep breathe, you pushed open the bedroom door to see the beauty rifling through her closet.
Closing the doors, she made her way towards you and reached for your hips, tugging your body against hers instantly.
“I was just sorting through the closet to make room for some of your stuff for when you stay over more during the summer,” she grinned. The boys were going to a summer camp for the summer holidays, and so you planned a number of sleepovers. Her brunette hair tickled your cheeks as she leaned down to capture your lips in her own, however despite her cuteness you couldn’t help but let the feeling of guilt grow. Turning your head at the last second, her puckered lips pressed against your cheek chastely.
Pulling back, eyebrows furrowed, her concerned gaze shot at your heart.
“What’s wrong detka?” Her lips pout.
Pulling away from her, you took a seat on the edge of the bed. Reading the serious atmosphere, Wanda took a seat next to you.
“Okay so,” you paused. “Carol came over last night to walk on a chemistry project with me, because we’re partners.”
Wanda’s jaw clenched and her fists turned white. Though she nodded, as if she already knew.
Despite her obvious detest of the blonde, you carried on. “And, I don’t know what happened but apparently the girls were right about that crush she may or may not have on me…”
“What happened?” Her voice gritted through her teeth. The woman was ready to get in her car and find the dumb jock herself.
“She kissed me.”
Wanda stood up, hands gripping her hair as she seethed.
“It meant nothing, I didn’t even kiss back!” You retaliated, shaking your leg nervously.
You were expecting yelling and swearing. However, Wanda’s rigid back relaxed as she let out a long sigh. The strong hands entwined with her hair moved down her face until they dropped to her sides. Turning around after a minute, she dropped to her knees and braced her hands on your legs.
“Shh, relax baby. I’m not mad at you.” She brushed her thumb against one of your cheeks, calming your worried panting.
“You’re not?” Your eyes turned watery in relief.
“No, it’s not your fault you’re so damn enticing. And I know you would never disrespect mommy like that, would you?” Her resting hands began to grip your thighs.
“No mommy, never.” You shook your head desperately, eager to please.
“That’s my good girl.” A smile rose on your face at the praise. Who knew you would be let off this easily?
“But..” Oh. “I think you still need to be reminded of who you belong to.”
A gasp escaped you when she took hold of your sides and pulled you up from the bed. Fast as lightning she had your clothes off of you and was pressing your chest against the cold window, causing your nipples to perk up painfully. You stayed in that position like a good girl as she moved around behind you, following her rules. However, as you looked at your parents car parked at the quiet house across the street, you grew nervous.
“Wa- mommy, what if someone sees?” You caught yourself before making the mistake of using her name, one that would surely result in a punishment.
She leans over you, you gasp when you feel her naked chest pressed against your back and something solid prodding between your legs.
She chuckles. “What? Are you worried about everyone seeing what a whore you are for your mommy?”
You merely whimper in response, mind turning dumb as you lean your hips back to gain some friction against her strap.
“Look at you, falling apart for my cock.” Wanda took hold of your hair, arching your head back so she can whisper seductively in your ear.
At this moment, you no longer cared about who could possibly walk past and see you. All you wanted was Wanda. “Please.”
She moved a hand down to grip her strap, running the head through your already soaked folds. “Did you beg like this for that bitch you saw yesterday too, slut?” She thrusted against you slightly, causing the head to prod at your hole.
“N-no mommy! I promise!” Your eyes filled with tears as you felt your hole gradually be filled by the thick shaft.
“You’re mine,” she grunted as she filled you with a quick buck of her hips. You screamed at the intrusion, but her pace did not falter. She thrusted assertively, ploughing into you with intent on driving the idea of her ownership into you.
“Fuck!” She grunted, laying a hard slap on your ass as she continued to drive her hips against you. “You like this slut?” She panted from behind you.
“Yes mommy,” you squealed when she pulled out of you and flipped you around, grabbing under your thighs and pulling you up onto her muscular waist. The faux cock pushed into you again. She bucked short and fast thrusts into you, the sound of skin slapping filled the room alongside your loud moans.
One hand cupped your ass whilst the other reached up to grip your chin, forcing you to look into her eyes. “Look at me,” she demanded.
Your glazed eyes met her fiery ones, your mouth dropped open whilst she bit her bottom lip to keep her grunts in.
The coil in your stomach began to unravel as her thrusting did not relent. Her hips began to stutter as you came, your walls sucking the cock inside you further. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” You whimpered.
Wanda moaned as she too began to reach her peak. Pressing herself against you, she dropped her head on your shoulder as she ground against you, driving you further into the window. Glancing up from your glistening skin as she came, she made eye contact with the same blonde she had seen earlier standing on your porch. The older woman grinned as the blonde dropped the flowers she was holding onto the ground, walking away in a strop. Her thrusts slowed as she laid a delicate kiss on your shoulder before pulling out the piece and lowering your shaky legs to the ground.
Your knees immediately buckled, but her strong arms supported you. Carrying you over to the bed, she lowered you gently with a forgiving kiss on your forehead.
“I love you,” she whispered.
—— the next day ——
You were sat at home on a Sunday night, watching tv alone and missing your lover. Wanda’s kids had just got back that evening, and so you couldn’t stay over without raising suspicion. Plus, your parents would never let you sleep over at “Yelena’s” on a school night.
“Y/n, your mother and I are going to visit a friend that has been having some problems, we probably won’t be back until you’re asleep.” Your dad rounded the sofa to speak to you, shrugging on his jacket.
“Oh, okay.” You feigned a frown, instead excited to use the excuse to see Wanda. It’s not often she gets to visit your room.
“Bye sweetheart,” your mother waved as she left the house. For some reason, you felt her smile didn’t quite reach her eyes. The thought was pushed to the back of your mind however when your head flooded with images of Wanda sinfully lying in your bed.
Watching your dad’s car leave the drive, you were quick to shoot Wanda a text.
Parents have gone out for a few hours, are the boys asleep? - Y/n
I’ll be right over. - Wanda
She didn’t take much convincing of course. Before you knew it, the woman was pushing you down onto the family couch, suffocating you with her lustful kisses. Soft moans left the both of you as your hands travelled along the curves of the other. You had only touched her yesterday, and yet you just couldn’t get enough.
Your hands were just slipping under the hem of her shirt when you were forced to break away at the sound of the front door slamming against the wall.
“Mum, Dad,” your eyes widened as your parents walked into the room, disappointment clear on their face.
Wanda jumped up from the couch, straightening out her clothes as she cleared her throat. “Darren, Mindy, it’s not-“
“Shut it cougar!” Your mother interrupted.
“Oh god,” you whined embarrassed, dropping your head into your hands.
“Y/n, how could you let yourself be manipulated by this woman? What you have been doing is completely unacceptable,” she continued.
“We haven’t been doing anything!” You wailed, tears beginning to drop over your flushed cheeks.
“Oh please, don’t lie to us. Your friend told us about what she saw.” Your father pointed at you, his finger shaking in fury as his face scrunched up in disgust towards the end of his claim.
The comment confused you, there was no way Yelena or Kate would say anything about your relationship with your neighbour.
“Friend?” Before either of your parents could settle your curiosity, the blonde jock who had recently kissed you walked into the house nervously.
“Carol? What?” You looked at her disturbed, how did she know?
“I’m sorry Y/n,” she wrung her fingers together nervously. “But I had to show you that what this woman is doing to you is wrong,” she gestured towards the woman, who was growing angrier by the minute.
“You little-“ Before Wanda could continue with her insult, you turned to her, tears further clouding your vision as you began to realise just what had happened.
“She saw us?” You questioned, confirming your parents suspicions. “You let her see us? How could you do that.” How could she put your relationship in jeopardy like that?
She turned her full attention to you, attempting to step in your direction but was faltered when your father drew closer to her. “Baby, I’m sorry I just needed her to see that you are mine-“
Your mother scoffed, “don’t you dare call her that. You’re disgusting, she is a child!”
“Mum! I’m not a child, I’m 18,” you declared firmly, crossing your arms.
“You’re not even finished with school yet Y/n, this woman is sick, and is using you for her disgusting sexual gratification.”
“It’s not like that,” Wanda butted in, ignoring the menacing look your father is yet to drop. “I love her.”
Your heart soared, but you couldn’t enjoy the moment with your parents staring you down.
“I want you to leave my house, and never return,” your father blocked her view of you as he took another threatening step towards her. “If I ever see you around my daughter again, I will be telling everyone in town about what you have done. You will be a disgrace, your sons will never look at you the same again.”
You could see Wanda’s attempt at bravery falter, you immediately began to sob. This great love was over. Taking a step back, she walked out of the house quietly, with one last longing look in your direction, beautiful green eyes filled with tears.
Sorry it took so long! I haven’t had a moment to myself. Hope you enjoyed.
Love, Meg xx
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pairing .⭒ ۪ 𖥔 ˑ ִ ֗ pepper potts x reader
request .⭒ ۪ 𖥔 ˑ ִ ֗ Hi, could you maybe write a smut one with Pepper? Where Reader is her assistant and Pepper catches her staring again and decides to tease her?
warnings .⭒ ۪ 𖥔 ˑ ִ ֗ smut 18+ ( swearing, face riding pepper on top , eating out r receiving) , age gap ( reader is 22 i think peppers 48 )
lowercase intended
A/N .⭒ ۪ 𖥔 ˑ ִ ֗ this is my first marvel woman fic enjoy <3 this is kinda short like really short I wanted to gets s something out for you guys <3.
Tumblr media
“and tomorrow w should have a dinner with the CEO of -“ pepper stopper mid sentence. “y/n you’re staring again.”
“oh my god, i’m so sorry, i didn’t mean to ma’am.”
“its fine lets not have it happen again. okay?”
“yes ma'am”
after that the two of you returned to the work in font of you this wasn't the first time pepper caught you staring. you'd just get so lost in her voice you didn't know how to control it. As some point pepper began to realize what was going on.
as the two of you continued going over the schedule you felt peppers eyes on you, shifting you felt her place a hand on your thigh you began to speak up but she beat you to it.
"as I was saying, sometimes I think you aren't cut out for this job, you make everything so complicating for me sometimes I think about giving you up”
“pepper what are you talking about?" confusion began taking over you. "Don't worry your little head, come with me”
she put out her hand for you to take. leading you to a room in the back of her office. She opened the door, pulling you in. “ wow pepper this room is nice.”
"i know." '
“you know I see the way you constantly look at me. I know you like me" you didn't know how to respond something told you didn't want to.
she sat you down on the bed, “I've been thinking about you for a while y/n kissing those lips hearing you say my name while I go down on you ”
“hush y/n” you did immediately. she pushed you back making you lay down “ I'm going to use you and make you feel good.”
she climbed on top of you, “can't wait to make you feel good.” she pressed her lips against yours. she moved her hand down pushing your skirt up pressing her hand against your pussy hard making you moan out. she kissed down your neck unbuttoning your shirt as she moved down. kssing down your chest you couldn't help but moan. she continued to work herself down your body. Pulling down your skirt along with your panties.
she kissed your stomach as she continued to go down on you reaching your pussy she pressed a kiss against it. taking her tongue running it through your pussy lips over your clit making you moan out louder. she wrapping her lips around your clit sucking on it. you couldn't function you'd never felt this feeling before.
she got off you and began removing her clothes. You set up on your elbows watching her undress she was beautiful in every possible way. you couldn't help but touch yourself at the sight of seeing her set undressed.
"i know you we not touching yourself without my permission”
you quickly hand from your removed your pussy. “good girl I knew you would listen"
once she finished removing her clothes she climbed back on you. “i should have worn my strap-on today.” she began eating you out, taking her two middle fingers and “sticking them inside you. you moaned out her name loudly. She continued to do that till you were on edge.
"pepper in about to cum, oh my gosh, please, please...” you cut yourself off as you began to cum all over peppers fingers. she pulled back, “its just like i imagined.” she oved back up so the two of you were face to face.
“i’m going to sit on this pretty face of yours and I want you to eat me out. Okay pretty girl?”
“yes ma’am”
she moved up and straddled your face. you immediately latched your lips onto her clit and began to suck, taking your tongue and running it through her slit. taking your fingers and pushing them inside her you earned a loud moan from her. You continued doing that feeling her clench around you.
"fuck baby that feels so good.” she began cumming on your face and fingers. "fuck"
She climbed off your face laying next to you. “mm that felt amazing, gosh baby didn't know that mouth of yours could do that.”
“come on we both have to get back to work lovely.” the two of you began redressing. you both made your way back to work not talking about what had happened.
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gaysquaredwrites · a month ago
Made a marvel women futch scale myself to bring a little balance to the universe; this time with a lot of actual canon wlw
Tumblr media
From left to right and top to bottom:
(1) Emma frost
(2) Janet van Dyne, Wanda Maximoff
(3) Jean Grey, Karolina Dean, Sera
(4) Nico Minoru, Storm, Kitty Pryde, Natasha Romanoff
(5) Angela, Aneka, Jubilee, Moondragon
(5.5) Viv Vision, Carol Danvers, Illyana Rasputin, America Chavez, Xi’an Coy Manh (Karma)
(6) Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), Rachel Summers, Ayo, Yukio
(6.5) Phyla-Vell
(7.5) Frenzy (Joanna Cargill)
(9.5) Callisto
The only reason our girl Psylocke isn’t on here is because you could make an entire scale just for her with all her different looks; there was no one singular spot to place her
These are obviously subject to interpretation! I just kind of tried to take an average in my mind of each character’s style and presentation (which can be tough bc different artists can have wildly different depictions; and across decades, too)
If it were Rachel Summers pre-1990 she would firmly be in the butch category. I just want everyone to know what a butch icon she was before the awful miniskirt era. (In fact, a lot of characters have become more feminized as time has gone on; except for Carol, who’s actually become more androgynous)
“Why isn’t (x) character on here?” Probably because the spot where I would’ve put them was getting very full, or I just forgot
While making this I kept having to stop and sigh and go “women 🥺🥰” which admittedly did make it take a while
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ultradude13 · a month ago
Tumblr media
This is cosplay done right!😍😍😍😍
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angrysmol47 · a month ago
I’ve been bad…
Tumblr media
Summary: After teasing y/n Wandas suffering and thinking about y/n all day she sends the boy’s to her brothers what will happen? Domestic bliss (Au) No powers.
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff X Fem reader
Warning: 18+ Fingering (r giving), oral(r giving) Minors will be blocked if they interact.
Part: 2 of Only good girls…
Wanda took a cold shower but the ache didn’t go away. She weaved around making sure everything was in its right place for tonight's dinner. Since you left out of the blue she didn’t get a chance to tell you about the lipstick on your collar. Your lips tongue and savage smile oh, what they could do to her. Closing her eyes she parted her lips and shivered. Maybe if she just imagined her hands were yours. Snapping her eyes open she waved the thoughts away. Shutting that thought down if it would mean sullying her clean clothes. With the mountain of clothes, the two boys generated combined there was no way she was contributing.
Wanda sent the boys to Pietro’s for the weekend. If it meant getting you alone. You had things to answer for, she’s been wondering about this emerging side of you. You topping more often and having your wicked way with her. Wanda wonders what kind of fantasies you cook up in that head of yours.
Standing in your bedroom she settled down that little black dress you liked on the comforter. Pair it with a matching lingerie set. The lacy black kind always drove you wild. She bit on her nails. Had you been holding this in the whole time? Was she not satisfying you? You had two boys together and she's not getting any younger. Softly shaking her head wiping a stray tear. No, she dare not even question the thought. You were hers and she was yours. There would never be anyone able to stand between you two. She’d leave questions for tonight.
The front door jiggled as a key turned lock opening it. You came inside and noticed things were off. The lights were dimmed Soothing jazz music flowed through the house. Dropping your keys on the key bowl.”Honey I’m home,” Today's weight shed off your shoulders. You couldn’t wait to see the effect of the morning on Wanda. Holding in your right hand Wanda’s favorite flowers Everbloom carnations. With sakura pink tips the centers were splotched magenta fading into a bright blood red. Poking out were eggshell white stamen. Smelling the flowers a sweet floral scent wafted in your nose. You couldn't wait to give them to her. Wandering through the house you searched for her.
The boys were not home that much was clear by now. There would be yelling and stomping towards the door to greet you. They would have glomped you by now. Begging for piggyback rides and to see if you could still walk with them clinging to your legs. You had been trying to be more spontaneous lately. Last week you spoke to a co-worker that was a marriage counselor couples needed to keep on spontaneity. So as to not get too comfortable and start drifting apart. You spoke to Wanda about trying more stuff in the bedroom. You would do anything for her and you wanted her to know that.
Marching up the stairs the light in your bedroom was on. You could Wanda’s shadow silhouette. Arriving at the top of the stairs entering your room. A dumb grin made its way on your face, Her back met your eyes she was having problems zipping the dress. You stood in the doorway bracing the flowers to your chest admiring the curve of her spine. The black dress held onto her curves just the right way. Her auburn hair was water-falling over her shoulder. Even when others crowded around she felt like the only source of light in the room.
Every time you saw her you felt twenty again. If you had your way you’d take her right here right now. Yet that will have to be put on pause. It seems your gorgeous wife has set up a dinner date.” You're as beautiful as the day i first met you, my jewel,”
Wanda jumped a little craning her to see you “Dekta? Can you come help me with this zipper ?” Striding up behind her you felt the heat emanating off her body. I brought you flowers,” Taking them from you she hugged the bundle smelling them. “Thank you they smell delightful,” Zipping up the dress you hug her from behind taking in the fragrance of her skin a perfume. On the brink of not being able to control yourself, you snuggled your head against her then released.
You held your hand out for her coming downstairs together. The table is set with lit candles. Underneath a white table cloth. Dinner was cooled enough to eat. Steak and asparagus. Succulent brown topped with butter and a sprig of rosemary. Wanda had your heart hook line and sinker. Sitting down on separate sides of the table. The way the flames flicker emitting light from the candles; cast shadows across the lower half of Wanda’s face. Her pink curved lips in quiet admiration. Her eyes were like an abyss sucking you in. You swallowed and bit your lips
“-Y/n” You jesters towards her smiling. The pair of you sit down, dim light glittering off her iris. She wore a troubled look. “Are you getting tired of me? The new activity in the bedroom is nice but I feel like I’m not enough for you.” Furrowing your brows eyes widening. Dropping the utensils in your hands you hold the side of your head. Now to fix your blunder.
“Wanda never, please I’m so sorry. I never meant to make you feel that way. I’ve messed everything up.”
“Start off slow, what caused this?”
“I���ve been tired lately and feel guilty. with our boys we are so busy all the time. I feel like I haven’t been giving you the attention you deserve. My co-worker the marriage counselor Philips you remember him?
“The one with a silly haircut he thinks is stylish.” Wanda drawled. You clicked your tongue. “Bingo, I was talking to him about how to spice up a marriage. He said the key is spontaneity. I fucked up royally I guess maybe I got carried away. I am such an idiot i got excited. I wanted to please you not just receiving.”
Slumping back in her chair Wanda sighed “Oh, thank god.” Reaching across the table Wanda leaned forward and put her hand on top of yours. “We both did neither of us spoke more of the details. I did agree to try new things though. It’s relieving to hear my own thoughts got to me earlier. Let’s eat dinner before it gets cold.”
Anger at yourself floated at the top of your mind. Cutting into the steak you pop it into your mouth. Gleefully chewing you wonders how Wanda was holding up. Meeting her olive eyes across the table. She stared at your lips. “ We are not eating dinner, are we?” Wanda grunted. “Hell no, get over here you damn tease,” Putting out the candles smoke rose in the air.
“I’ve been really bad not taking care of my baby as she needs. I am yours tonight.”
“For the weekend actually,” Wanda said a wry smile fell on her lips.
You launched aside everything on the table. Dishes crashed on the floor as the pair of you flung yourselves over the table. Scrambling towards one another leaning forward Wanda captures your lips. Closing her blurred vision in order to get the most of this quiet little moment of ecstasy. A breathy entail of air sinks out of her lips.
Wanda gasps out from the unimaginable softness she’s met with. The moment you had so desperately been waiting for sank in heatedly. This!This!This! Your mind chirped in pleasure. Lips met repeatedly incanting an entire different energy, fierce angry swirls prepared to tear each other apart in reckless abandon. Shirts were torn off as the pair of you gazed into one another's eyes. Never have more meaning to the word desire. Wanda pushed you into the table straddling you. You hissed at the pain ringing in your shoulder blades. Raising with a feral smile Wanda held you down with one hand against your chest. The table groaned under your combined weight. Both breathless confused and lost in a burbling mess.
Hands fingers and joints reaching out blind. In an endless desire to feel what your mind’s always craved to touch. Wanda’s hand slid up the center of your chest, while you sputtered desperately to scratch bite feel all, if it existed you desired it. A frightful daze beckoned you where the last of you and Wanda’s sanity held threadbare ready to snap and let go to the beyond. Kissing fitfully teeth ground into lips.
The encounter went on as you kissed fitfully. In an effort to get high off each other. Smacking lips echoed in the Kitchen. Abandoning the last of your apparel. Bare backs and spines arched breast to breast flesh meshed together. You flip Wanda onto her back glaring with the desire to devour her. Clammy breasts heaved diving in you and latched on Wanda’s right breast. Causing her to groan yanking at the hair at the nape of your neck. Your right hand massaged her other breast fiddling with the bud. Tracing every sight in the dark room feeling up Wanda. Using your palms murky-minded flowing with your tasks. You headed towards her slippery slope’s.
Right between a pair of thighs . Inhaling deeply you goggled it felt like the pleasure and insurmountable release of death. Parting twin mounds you impacted your tongue into every crevice. Feeling as if this was the after images previous to death. Your brain was sending mosaic dreams of your true desires. You sailed off into new realms of this at the musky scent of desire pressing flush against Wanda. Your bodies moved together. You sucked on Wanda’s clit holding one leg over your shoulder. While the redhead moaned pulling on your now loose shaggy hair while you ravaged her. Trailing your tongue lapping against Wanda’s entrance. Wanda wrapped her legs tightly around your head. You grasped her ass firmly with both hands. Sliding your hands over the pubic and hip bones and admiring the curvature of the edge. Wanda’s desire ever-growing wanting with worship. Throbbing walls fasting around your head. Unable to take it anymore Wanda’s eye’s shut.
Rolling back into her head she let loose a scream. Liquid gushed inside your mouth and all over your chest. Swallowing greedily licking your lips. Spent Wanda collapsed in a daze on the table. Pulling her leg from over your shoulder. Waiting for her to come down you begin showing your worship. By kissing her from the tops of her feet up ankles her thigh’s most delicate corners. Arriving up at Wanda’s naval and labored chest. Peppering kisses up the hollow of her throat you curl up in her arms.
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natashas-girl · 8 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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SW sees you crying on the bed: What happened?! My love are you okay?
Y/N: I'm just a little overwhelmed I guess...
SW: I'll kill whatever is making you overwhelmed
Y/N: That's sweet but I don't think killing will solve anything today
SW: No murder? But you love it when I murder for you
SW: Wanda get in here!
Wanda: What? What's happened? *sees you crying* Who hurt you?!
Y/N: it’s just my anxiety and other stuff building up I’m sure it’ll pass please don’t worry
SW: I’ll kill it
Wanda: that’s your solution to everything
Wanda: plus you’d have to kill Y/N to do what you’re saying to do
SW: hmm I guess you’re right, fine I’ll go and kill the cause of your anxiety
SW: Those college professors of yours
Y/N: Scar no!
SW: Too late! *disappears*
Y/N: We need to stop her!
Wanda: yeah…maybe it’ll tire her out though
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ghostlytyrantpeach · a month ago
"You're a weapon; and weapons don't weep."
I'm pleased with how all of these turned out but I think the Nebula one is my favorite and turned out the best.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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fgadfanpage · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
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pixievi · a month ago
How come no one writes for her? So much potential. I ABSOLUTELY WOULD but I don't know if there are people who would be interested yknow?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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once-upon-a-thigh · a month ago
An 18+ AU 3-part series…
Summary: The trials and tribulations of dating your older neighbour, Wanda Maximoff.
Pairing: Fem! Reader X Milf! Wanda Maximoff
Each chapter will have it’s individual warnings, but please be aware this is a smutty story involving a taboo relationship with a large age-gap.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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lovingjolie · a month ago
marvel woman masterlist
Tumblr media
Smut - ✫ -Fluff - ☪︎ - Angst - ⋆。
main navigation! - go here for more details! as requesting rules !
pepper potts [s]
-request : Hi, could you maybe write a smut one with Pepper? Where Reader is her assistant and Pepper catches her staring again and decides to tease her?
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