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#marvel x you
specialagentlokitty · a day ago
Natasha x reader - Demons
Tumblr media
Hi! Could you maybe do Bucky or Natasha with a reader who gets possessed and turns evil but they fight to save the reader and the reader just passes out but wakes up in their arms? I need corrupted reader 👀 Tysm ❤️ - Anon 💜
You had warned them all that it was dangerous, but they insisted that you did it, and now the avengers were paying the price for it.
“Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to play with spirits?” You smirked.
Your eyes were pure black, you were stood with your hands in your pocket looking at the avengers that had been flung to the floor.
“We never asked for you!” Clint yelled.
“Oh but you did! The moment you opened the gates between the two realms.” You chuckled.
Slowly you stalked forward, each step ending cracks through the floor, a large grin on your face showing off your fangs.
“Return to whatever hell you crawled out from you demon bastard!”
Tony tried to blast you, but you simply stepped to the side, shaking your head a little in disappointment.
“All that firepower, and you can’t even stop me? A simple low level demon. Imagine if a higher up came.”
“Come on (Y/N) you’re in there somewhere fight him!” Steve yelled.
“Oh they’re not going to win this fight.” You smirked.
Natasha looked from her spot between the table, she had her gun ready and aimed, but she couldn’t bring herself to pull the trigger.
“Fight it!” She called, “you’re stronger (Y/N)!”
“Tsk, all your words of encouragement are disgusting.”
You stalked towards the table and pick Natasha up and tossed her across the room.
Steve tossed his shield at you, which you easily caught.
Turning to him, you smirked as you flipped the shield between your fingers, throwing it back, lodging his clothes to the wall.
“Oh for the love off.. why do you have to ruin my fun! Don’t fight me!”
“That’s it! Keep fighting!” Bruce called.
Natasha got up, standing with her hand over her side, she limped closer to you.
“You can do it darling, just keep fighting. You’ll win, I know you will...” she whispered.
Spinning around to face her, you kicked her legs, sending her to the floor, then you pinned her under your foot and sneered at you.
Crouching, you punched her in the face, making blood run down her skin.
“Stop it!” You hissed.
“You can do it!”
The avengers kept shouting words of encouragement, and again you hit Natasha over and over.
You went to hit her again, but your first stop just above her bloodied face, your eyes flashed from black to (E/C).
“Nat...” You whispered.
“I’m okay...” she whispered.
You screamed, and a black mist left your body.
You climbed from Natasha and slowly you swayed back and forth.
She sat up and placed her hand on your shoulder to steady you.
“I’m.. sorry..”
With that, you passed out and skimmed forward.
With you in her arms, Natasha brushed some hair from your face, gently cradling your cheek, wiping away a stray tear.
Everyone crowded around you, all sitting patiently waiting for you to wake up again.
“We pushes them too far.” Tony said softly.
“We should’ve listened.” Thor nodded.
Natasha tuned them all out, her eyes focused solely on you, gently running her thumb along your cheek as she looked down.
You were going to hate yourself for what happened, and she knew you were but she was going to do everything she could to remind you that what happened wasn’t your fault, and that she would still be there with you no matter what happened.
Slowly you started to stir, and you woke up, rubbing your forehead slightly.
“Hey there.” Natasha whispered.
You locked eyes with her, and slowly you brought a shaky hand up to her bloodied face.
“N..Nat.. I didn’t...”
“It’s okay, I know.”
“It’s our fault kiddo.” Tony said softly.
“Yeah, we made you do it.” Clint nodded.
You sat up and shuffled away from everyone, shaking your head at them all.
They all stayed where they were, but Natasha was having none of it, she shuffled closer and she gave you a soft smile.
“I know you wouldn’t hurt me on purpose darling, I know you would never. It was a demon that did this, not too.”
You looked down at you hands, some of her blood had dried on your skin and you started to cry a little more.
“I’m sorry...”
Natasha quickly pulled you in for a hug, letting you cry on her shoulder.
“It’s okay... I’m here...” she whispered
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strawwritesfic · 2 days ago
Thor Odinson x Female!Midgardian!Reader: (Closet) Pervert
Summary: It’s easy to forget that Thor still hasn’t figured out every aspect of Midgardian living yet.
Rating/Warnings/Tags: T (implications of a home break-in; derogatory references to 50 Shades of Gray (but not BDSM by extension); crack-adjacent humor; bras; not canon compliant; referenced Thor & Sif friendship)
Challenge: “100 Drabbles of Randomness” by Miseria1 on Lunaescence Archives.
(Closet) Pervert
"Thor?” you called as you entered your house, late after work and not expecting another one of your fiancé’s unannounced visits. Only ringing silence answered, so you tried again: “Thor? Are you here?”
If he was hiding, he clearly hadn’t thought his plan through. Nothing said “THOR WAS HERE” better than the nice set of “crop circles” he made on your lawn whenever he jumped to Earth. Not even one of Tony’s ostentatious cars could do the job better. Thor was being awfully quiet, though. He made no noise at all while you hung your coat up by the door and wandered into the kitchen.
“Thor? Are you here? Hiding isn’t funny.” Had he gone into town? No, surely not. Thor was, if nothing else, very chivalrous. He’d have picked you up from work at the very least. “Seriously, Thor. I just spent all day trying to work out a plea deal for a murderer. I don’t want to play hide-and-seek.”
But Thor, if he was in the house at all, didn’t answer. You grumbled as you opened up your pantry. Well, if he did decide to turn up, he’d be hungry, and you’d be damned if you stayed up much longer to cook him dinner.
You nearly jumped out of your skin and the can of corn in your hands hit the ground with an resounding clang. For several seconds, you listened to your heart beat and your breath catch as you leaned against one of the cabinets and waited for the sound to come again.
Such a loud sound did not repeat itself, but from upstairs you continued to hear muffled thumping, crashing, and banging. You reached under the kitchen sink and grabbed the baseball bat you kept underneath it. Your super-powered fiancé might have been MIA, and there might have been someone in your house, but no way were you going down without a fight.
“Hello?” you said from the bottom of the stairs.
No response. Instead, the sounds paused for a split second, then started anew.
“Fine. Be that way. I’m coming up there. But I warn you: I’m armed!”
Doing the work you did, making enemies instead of friends was a given. You’d heard plenty of stories about your predecessors having dealings on the outside with angry clients and defendants alike. The guy who came before you died under suspicious circumstances. Slowly, you walked up the stairs with your fingers wrapped all the more tightly around your bat.
The sounds were coming from your room. As you reached the landing, you could see that your door was ajar and the lights were on. Whoever was waiting for you, they weren’t really going for subtle. Before you could convince yourself to back away and call the police, you threw the door the rest of the way open so hard that it banged against the wall as you leapt inside the room.
“Drop whatever is in your hands!” you shouted.
The cacophony stopped at once. You opened your mouth to issue another command, but the intruder backed out of your closet and looked at you before you could.
“[Name]!” he cried.
Too late to ask questions. He had already wrapped his arms around you in a great bear hug.
“[Name]! I am so pleased to see you. It has been too long. I was worried perhaps you would never come home.”
“I was at work, Thor. What–Why are you in my closet?”
He released you and walked back toward the closet, motioning for you to follow. Your crossed your arms and did so him.
“I found something…strange,” he said.
“What were you even doing in here to begin with? Thor, if you were sniffing anything, I swear to God I am going to kill Loki for lending you that copy of 50 Shades of Gray.”
“I would never do anything so uncouth as what the Midgardians in that story did without your asking me to do so. I simply opened the closet door to let the cat out.”
Your cat did have a penchant of getting stuck inside the closet. All the same:
“Okay, but what was all that bumping when I got home? What’d you find in here? A frog?”
 You knew Thor was bright. You knew it with every fiber of your being. Just because he didn’t understand a lot of Earth things didn’t mean he was dumb. Jeez was it difficult to remind yourself of that sometimes.
“Thor, that’s my bra.”
He lifted the skin-colored material closer to his face and scratched his chin. “So it is yours and not something I should be concerned about?”
“Yes.” You snatched it away. “And paws off the merchandise!”
“I am sorry. I only meant to protect you.”
“Yeah. You did a great job protecting me from lingerie. You’ve seriously never seen one of these before?”
He shook his head.
“Wait…You mean that Sif doesn’t wear a bra?”
“Sif wears armor that befits her dignity and strength. She has no need of these…items.”
You sighed and waggled the bra on one finger. “It supports my breasts, Thor. I’m thinking that whatever it is Sif gets up to on a daily basis, she probably needs one more than me.”
Thor brightened immediately. “Should I get one for her, then? As a present?”
“No!” you said hastily. “God, no. Please don’t. And if you do, please don’t say it was my idea.”
“All right, all right. No bras. But are breasts really that difficult to hold up?”
“They’re heavier than they–” You broke off in a choking blush. “No. I’m not having this conversation with you. It’s nearly ten o’ clock, and I’m hungry. Let’s just go down to the kitchen and make dinner.”
“A wonderful idea.”
 You led Thor out of the bedroom and back down the stairs. For a moment, you thought everything was going to be okay--until he paused in the doorway and murmured:
"You know, I think those books Loki lent me did mention something about bras.”
Future brother-in-law or not, you were going to kill him.
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Let Chaos Reign
Chapter 5 - The Man With The Metal Arm
Summary: Convinced by Bucky to finally meet the Avengers, you follow him to the facility without much problem. Meeting the seven and with that going as well as it could, you’re given a room and that night do you and Bucky have an insightful moment together.
Warning: nothing really just Bucky and reader becoming friends and realizing what feelings are. We love two idiots with trauma
Masterlist - Chapter 4
Tumblr media
After nearly avoiding being caught by your brothers scout, and Bucky just about getting his pants set aflame by the psychotic firebender known as Aüla. You and your new found human of earth, maybe friend? Have now traveled a bit from the train tracks in the middle of nowhere to somewhere with more woods and houses spread about here and there. Then in no time you both reached his car without much trouble.
Simplest part of your whole journey so far.
Bucky drives the wheeled vehicle down a paved black road as you lean against the window to stare out at the racing world in front of you. Trees fly by in an instant, everything else just the same, but so far you haven't minded the trip. It's the people waiting for you that has you uncharacteristically nervous.
Bucky's blues flicker from the road to you and then back to the road again, he can tell something is most certainly up with you. The silence is enough. "You okay Y/N?" Asks the man to your left, you don't look over at him.
You're not even sure what to say, sighing you tap the glass, "Not really."
He purses his lips together when you decide to not say anything else, you fascinate him so much yet you don't exactly explain yourself by a whole lot at all. He wants so desperately to know everything about you; Bucky nods, "How'r you feeling then? That person from your home world was really something else." Something else could be quite the prolific understatement, he thinks.
Leaving the glass alone, you sit back in your seat to look out the front window, arms folded over your chest, "She's the least of my problems now, it's your friends who've begun to fill me with unwanted anticipation."
"oh?" You've proved yourself to be by far one of the most powerful people he's ever met, why would you be uneasy to meet them, wonder Bucky.
"I hurt them." You mutter, almost ashamed, "I was unruly and violent, that is not me by nature and I can expect them to not like me in return.."
"No. They want to meet you." Reassures Bucky as you share an uncertain glance with him, "They want to understand you Y/N, as do I. So don't worry, I'll be right by your side okay? Nothing to stress over."
You don't return his hopeful grin, you just fiddle with the corner of your jacket, "Your words are encouraging Bucky, although I will know for certain once we finally meet. Whenever that shall be."
Slowing down the car to make a right turn down a long roadway with trees to either side, he glances over at you, "That's gonna be pretty soon actually...the Avengers Facility is just down this road." Sooner then you would have liked.
As true as a white dove does the vehicle come to a large clearing filled with glass and metal buildings, the same as the ones you ran away from a few days ago. Your heart immediately sparks with adrenaline as Bucky drives across the gravel driveway until he presses a button and one door to a large cavernous room lets him inside. The same building you once ran through on your way to freedom.
Your brows furrow as he pulls into the building, Bucky shares a chuckle, "This is the main garage. It's where we keep the Quinjets, cars, and other stuff we use on missions. Pretty big huh?"
"It's large yes." You say unimpressed, "Almost as big as where my people keep the dragons."
Bucky gives you a quizzical double take that goes unnoticed by you considering your eyes are set to the more interesting surroundings. He finally stops the car and flips the key to turn it off, "Dragons huh? Are they cool?" Bucky could have smacked himself what a stupid question.
Your eyes are on his in a second, the ghost of a smile dancing across your lips, "They are magnificent."
Bucky smiles at the way your eyes crinkle in contentment for a fond remembrance of home, "I believe you Y/N. And I want you to see them again, so, you ready to meet the Avengers? Officially?"
Your small smile fades, "Yes. I am ready to meet them and find a way to get me off this planet. Whatever must be done."
"Okay good." Replies Bucky, "Alright let's get out of here first."
You follow Bucky's example when it comes to getting out of the car, shutting your door when he does his, you then wander to the front to meet him. Bucky shares an awkward smile as he points a hand in the direction of the closed metal doors across the room. "This way." He mutters before you begin to follow him to the area where he then holds the door open for you to walk inside.
Looking around, the room is vacant and square, very big with a single wall to your left of glass showcasing the outside front yard. The wall straight ahead is steel and the wall to your right is another huge plate of glass showing the other side of the facility. Bucky shuts the door and stands by your side, "This place can be kinda confusing, it's a lot of windows mostly and many rooms to many places. Come on, the door is this way."
You follow close behind your new tour guide as he walks across the room to another door that leads into a long hallway with pictures of people on both walls. Names and place of importance printed below their portrait, as well as a label written with the word S.H.I.E.L.D on it underneath the name.
You wander over to the picture of a woman as Bucky follows your curious gaze, "That's the founder of S.H.I.E.L.D, Peggy Carter." Says Bucky as he studies the way your golden irises trail over every detail and facial feature of Peggy. Her dark eyes look off to the side valiantly, she's dressed in some type of military uniform though she's only visible from her shoulders up.
After a while do you move your hand up to touch the engraved letters under her portrait, "Was she a warrior?"
"She was. A bit different from you, but she was just as strong."
You turn to Bucky, "I would like to meet her then."
He shakes his head, almost apologetic, "You can't."
"Why not? I want to meet this warrior Bucky."
"She's dead Y/N. Has been for a couple years now actually, I'm sorry."
You shift your gaze back onto her, "Very well, I suppose we shall let her rest then. Let us meet your companions, I am anxious to see them and not because of a clash."
"So am I. Now lets go, the meeting room is just down this hallway." —— Standing outside of the closed doorway, you wait for Bucky to come back and let you inside. He's been in there for a couple minutes now and you're starting to fill with worry. Are they going to spring a trap upon you? Did he lie and use coy manipulation to lure you back here like a weak willed faun?
Would Bucky do that? He seemed so honest, there's no way he would. Right?
The door opens, your eyes meet with Bucky, "Sorry for taking so long. Come in." He pushes the door open further.
Taking a breath, you cautiously step inside only to be greeted with the curious faces of seven very different looking people. Seven of whom you have done battle with in one way or another. You steady your nerves with a bit of a self given internal pep talk.
"You're the princess of Vanaheim, the stormbringer, keep your back straight Y/N. Don't let these mortals see your fear, they're just humans after all. Weak Midgardians obstructing you from your path, let them feel safe in your presence and that will get you closer to your goal. They're just human."
Bucky touches your shoulder drawing you back from your thoughts, he immediately removes his gloved hand when your steely golden gaze meets his soft blues. He takes a step forward to address them all, "I know we've all had a..."
"Oh hello there Dragonborn, nice to see your lovely face once again." Jests a man in a shirt reading Guns 'n Roses and a particular set of dark facial hair. You don't recognize him in the slightest, yet you've heard that voice before.
Bucky sighs, "Tony."
"That's me." Says Tony while walking around a glass table, "Nice to officially meet you..." He trails off, brow raised as he waits for you to speak.
"Y/N Y/M/N Lavpranthus......of Vanaheim."
Tony goes to speak but is cut off by Bucky who leans a bit closer to you, "He's the man who wears the iron suite, you probably met him."
"Oh she sure did. Just about set me on fire too."
Bucky shakes his head, "Yeah can't imagine why. Okay anyways..," He points to the first person in line, "..this is Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Vision, and Wanda Maximoff." The man with the infinity stone and the witch, how fascinating they are. However none of these two share a friendly grin, they're features are more apprehensive then anything else.
You give them each a nod of acknowledgment as they all share a little wave of greeting. The man known as Steve takes a step forward, "We're glad you're okay Y/N. You've given us...well...."
"Quite a run for our money." Adds Natasha with a little smirk, "You're a very powerful woman."
Vision nods, "Not to mention a tad reckless."
You bite your lip, "I did not mean to harm what I did, I only seek a way off this planet. The journey to accomplish this has been....difficult." You keep silent as an awkward tension arises into the room. Bucky clearly taking notice of your growing discomfort gathers back his friends attentions.
"Okay well, since Y/N here doesn't have a good place to stay and is still in search of a way home," He glances from you to them, "all of us have decided that you're allowed to have a room here."
Your brows furrow, "I cannot accept this kindness after what havoc I have befallen upon all of you. It would not be right."
Tony snorts, "Oh don't get all self righteous on us now, we're the earths mightiest band of misfits and you're going to fit in here just perfect."
"You are mislead by what I speak of." You say, "I cannot promise you that more havoc and chaos will miss your home while I am here. I don't deserve this, and I refuse to bring anymore pain to you all."
"Y/N." Addresses Steve in a friendly tone, "We're not afraid of whatever problems you could bring us. We want you to feel safe and secure here until you're able to find whatever it is you're looking for okay? You have a place with us."
You don't understand these mortals, they would risk their own lives for someone they don't even know? They have no idea what treachery could await them if you linger in their home for too long, but how long could that be until more come to find you? More scouts, more assassins, more death?
You have no idea, but you do need somewhere to live while you search for the Ancient One to bring you home with her wondrous portal crafting abilities. Feeling the pull of your mother's necklace as it rests against your skin, hidden underneath your clothing, it feels like the weight of a thousand suns.
Your brother wants this object more then he wants anything else in the entire nine realms, with it, he could have the power to rule over all in his desire. You release your clenched fists holding in your stress that you had otherwise gone unnoticed.
You glance at all of them in front of you, they show no signs of lying nor do they show any underlying hostility. "I am in your debt for your grateful kindness and willingness to accept me into your residence, I will not forget that. But I must formally apologize for what I have done to harm each of you, it's true I was reckless yes. It was within my reason of course, but I should have been more collected with my attitude and actions. That is all I need to say....I promise not to destroy your home here as well."
Tony smiles, "I like to hear that. You know, you're much more fun to be around then Loki....way more."
Your brows furrow, "Loki?" What would the god of mischief be doing around these people?
Bucky shakes his head as you look to him for an explanation, he flashes a quick smile, "Long story, not a good time for earth but everything's okay now. Anyways, thanks everyone for meeting Y/N and I'm gonna go find her room. See you all later." He gives them a wave before nodding towards the door you came in.
You give your new companions one last cautious once over before returning a goodbye and walking through the doorway as directed by Bucky. Slipping into the hallway, Bucky shuts the door as the two of you stare at one another for a second.
"So uh, that went well." Says Bucky as he crosses his arms over his broad chest.
You give a little nod of agreement, "Yes. I believe it did."
"I figured they'd take to you well," He chuckles, "considering you're not throwing fireballs at them."
You let out a nervous laugh, "Yes. That." Before falling back into an awkward silence that goes unbroken until he pretends to cough.
"Your uh, room is this way. Come on I'll show you." Smiles Bucky as he turns to walk down the hallway, you follow in step with him. What an odd place this whole base is, at least it's well protected from the outside world.
Your eyes trail over to the quiet man next to you; his blues keep straight ahead as he walks down another hallway and up some stairs. Bucky intrigues you greatly, more then any human has before in fact, he's oddly different from all the others here. And that's not a bad thing at all.
He's handsome and kind, soft spoken as well as gentle yet he holds some type of authority and high place of rank among the Avengers. He's noble, but strange. He keeps his hair a beautiful mess just barely touching his shoulders, long sleeves and a glove on his left hand for some reason. Though you care not enough to ask why.
Turning down another seemingly endless hallway, Bucky suddenly stops, "This is it. The Avengers wing, well for about half of us at least. The other half are downstairs, just below this." You nod as he continues while taking more steps, "So this room is Natasha's on the right, followed by Sam and then mine." He stops at his door, "But this room over here, this room is yours." He points towards the one across from his.
You take a step forward and stop to observe the trim metalwork of the designated door, gaze set back upon Bucky, "Thank you. I am grateful for the kindness." Bucky's stubbled cheeks dust a light shade of pink.
"Oh it's nothing. They did the same for me when I was in lets see your room, huh?" You step aside as he moves closer to turn the doorknob, the door opens and inside reveals a room all your own.
The space is large enough; vacant except for a made bed, a dresser, a small nightstand, and a little desk with a chair to match. On the far wall is a big window hidden behind closed curtains, and to the left wall is a door leading into the bathroom. Next to that a thin black screen planted to the grey colored wall.
The room has not an ounce of style, but it is dry and safe. Your staring is quickly interrupted by the jingling of something metal in Bucky's pocket as he mindlessly fumbles with the object out of sight. You take a step further inside to press a hand upon the bed, "This will do just fine." You pause a long moment in thought before turning to face Bucky, "I'm not uh...I'm not sure what to do now."
He smiles a shy grin, "You can sleep if you want, it is about um.." Bucky looks over at the wall clock, "..9pm."
"Sleep." You whisper thoughtfully, "Sleep would be welcomed. I think I will do that then. Goodnight Bucky, until tomorrow yes?"
Bucky takes a step backwards, "Yep. See you tomorrow Y/N. I'll show you around then okay? You'll get the full tour I promise." He holds onto the edge of the doorframe as you cross your arms.
"That would be nice."
"Awesome. See you then." And just like that does Bucky shut the door, out of sight in an instant.
You listen as he steps fully into the hallway before walking down the corridor, elsewhere into the facility he goes. Probably off to tell the others you're settled in for the night and they don't have to worry about you till dawn.
Forgetting about the Avengers and Bucky for a moment, you choose to shed your dirty jacket and boots. Leaving them on the carpet as you wander to the window in curiosity, you reach up to touch the object blocking your view from the outside world, the blinds are thin long pieces of white flimsy plastic that cascades downward from the point of attachment. You pull a thin stick on the end to maneuver the blinds away from their resting place.
It is indeed dark out, the landscape is filled with grass and trees far across the field of green, a building to the left though it looks like a solid black square without much of a moon for any light. But you thank the natural phases for this darkness, with the world here cloaked by black, no scout or assassin will be able to track down your whereabouts for the time being.
And that sits just fine with you.
Leaving the window be, you waste no time to draw yourself into the comfort of the mattress. The bed feels like a pillow of soft fluffy clouds against your tired body, this is indeed a comfort in your world of uncertainty and chaos. Laying atop the blankets, you soon rest your head in the bent crook of your arm as a makeshift pillow, not caring enough to actually use the pillows underneath the covers. Soon your head is filled with shimmering stars of slumber as you allow sleep to swallow you whole. You dream of grassy hills and your mothers soft singing voice.
Is is a good dream. It feels familiar and close, yet you cannot move much to find what you seek. The singing drifts away and is replaced by storm clouds that thunder and shake the land you stand upon. Flashes of lighting crack and spark in the grey clouds above, they are filled with anger and hatred. You feel confused for this change, but perhaps it is how you feel deep down.
You know it is.
A thundering boom followed by a flash of lightening causes your heart to jump and with that your eyes open to your dark room. You blink and a flash of light flickers from outside your window illuminating the small area, you hear a low rumbling in the distance. A storm. Just a storm, nothing else.
Sighing, you move to sit up and rub your temples, "What the hell am I even doing here?" You mutter to yourself. Eyes scanning around the room while your adrenaline falls back to normal, you swallow thickly before pinching the bridge of your nose in irritation, "Might as well go find the kitchen. Fucking Bucky can't even give me a water." You'd never have been so carelessly treated in your home world. But here you are on Earth, and perhaps this man isn't so bad either. He's really not at all, a bit awkward and stiff at times but he's not bad.
Throwing your feet over the bedside, you stand and make your way over to your boots, putting them on, you decide to leave your jacket behind and head out in search of the kitchen. Luckily there are enough signs to get you there in the end, and five minutes later do you stand in the darkened doorway of the Avengers lounge slash kitchen.
Not caring to turn on a light switch, you go by the flashing of lighting from outside and the dull nightlight gifted by a tall silver box next to some counters. Approaching this large strange object, you stare down puzzled at an opening crevice on its sleek left door. Not sure what else to do, you press down on the miniature plastic slide and immediately does chunks of ice fall onto your hand in a little avalanche.
Startled, you swiftly jump backwards and into the island counter behind you, "What the hell?" You whisper in confusion, "Was that ice?" You kneel down and pick up an icy chunk, standing again, your brows furrow at the melting object in your hand. Okay now where's the cups?
Still holding onto your ice chunk, you open the first drawer in sight, bowls and plates lay stacked upon each other on many different shelves. You take a small bowl and put your ice chunk in it, "Well that's enough to satisfy a mouse." You chuckle, pressing the slide to elicit more ice from the silver box. A handful falls out and into your bowl, taking a step back you look down at your creation. "You're definitely not water. Now sit, I'm going to make you beautiful."
Placing the bowl of ice onto the marble counter, you make a fluid motion with your hands causing the ice to change from a solid element to a liquid. Satisfied with this, you take a drink from the bowl and end up spilling some onto the floor and the side of your shirt. "Dammit." You mutter, turning around to get more ice to completely vanquish your thirst.
Setting the bowl onto the counter once more, you're about to alter its physical state when you hear a creak right across the island counter from you. In a flash have you sent a solid ice spike hovering centimeters from the intruders face.
"Just me." Says a wide eyed Bucky as he raises his arms in surrender, "Sorry, I should have turned on the light."
Calling the ice spike back into the small bowl, you cross your arms, "It's nothing. I just didn't hear you approaching is're, very silent......and I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings." You quickly add, catching yourself so he doesn't think he was able to completely catch you off guard. Your brother would never get so comfortable as you just did.
Bucky smiles, "Yeah, guess I've just had a lot of practice." He pauses for a moment before pointing towards your bowl of ice, "Need a cup?"
Yes I need a cup you fucking dingbat, you just give a small nod, "It appears so doesn't it? This here bowl is efficient enough but perhaps I require a more suitable utensil. If you would." He takes this moment to walk around the counter and open up a cupboard to the right of the one you opened.
Taking out a cup he makes sure you're watching as he approaches the silver box, you can't help but wonder at what that is, "What are you doing, is it not just ice that comes from that object?"
He suppresses a laugh, "No, not just ice." Smiles the handsome idiot, "Do you not know what this is?"
"I don't."
He looks to see if you're pulling his leg, however your face remains curious with interest, Bucky touches the silver surface, "This is a refrigerator, inside is all our food, and drinks...keeps everything cold and fresh longer. And the thing here on the side, we just set the cup like this and push." Ice tumbles out and into the cup, "Then I just press this button for the water and push." Water splashes into the cup of ice. Maybe he's not the only fool here?
He hands the cup to you and for a good ten seconds is Bucky left to the sounds of your desperate drinking and thundering from outdoors. At last do you set the cup down, "Thank you for the insight. And the water."
"Yeah, anytime." He taps the marble counter with the pads of his fingers, keeping his right hand hidden within his sweatpants. "So, uh, did you sleep okay so far?"
You look to the rain blanketing the window, the ghost of a smile on your lips, "I had a promising dream that turned sour, I'm afraid my heart is too troubled for a proper rest so I think I will stay and watch the storm pass, dawn is meant to rise in a couple hours anyways."
"I'm sorry you can't sleep well, I get that. I don't always have the best dreams actually." Explains Bucky, "Nightmares mixed in with bad memories aren't a fun combination by any means."
"Nightmares? What kind of nightmares if I may ask?"
Bucky lets out a telling breath, he's anxious, "You wouldn't want to hear about them, they're not very nice." He's surprised when you give him a friendly smile.
"Bucky. Through our dreams is how we understand ourselves better, maybe if I was to learn about what plagues your mind, I could help....or in turn let me learn about you. Only if you would like, I do not press you for this." Bucky stares into your golden eyes, they are shimmering like two extravagant coins of the highest value. Your face is shadowed by the dim light, but you are still as beautiful as the first time he met you on the streets of Norway.
Your face is undoubtedly honest and true, you mean your every word which fills Bucky with a strange new feeling he hasn't felt in quite some time. Although he's still not sure what this actual emotion is, it's a good one. Bucky purses his lips together and nods, eyes downcast towards the counter, "Yeah, I mean getting to know each other couldn't hurt right?"
"I hope not." You share a little grin, "Although I would like to sit. Can we?"
"Oh yeah of course. Right over here." Directs Bucky as he walks around you to the nearest couch and coffee table placed in the center of all the lounging chairs. You follow and soon find a seat on the far end of the same couch Bucky seats himself upon. He darts his eyes awkwardly away from your intimidating gaze, "It's comfy huh?"
You touch the cushion, "It is." Your gaze follows around the room from left to right, until your eyes glance on the hand shoved in his pocket still. "Why do you hide that hand from the world?" You wonder, "I have seen you wearing gloves on both, but I do not understand the reason. Did you suffer burns? I could try and heal what scars you have from that if so."
Bucky looks from his pocketed hand to your face, you look so kind and almost innocent here he doesn't want to scare you off. He likes having you around but he also remembered you killing your pursuer and those traffickers yesterday, his lips purse in thought, "I uh-this isn't from getting burned. It's from something worse, I guess it's from a place that gives me my nightmares and bad memories..."
"Worse?" You whisper, "How much worse could a burn be?"
He sighs, "Much worse. Believe me." He studies his hidden hand like it will give him all the answers to the worlds greatest mysteries, you want to respect his boundaries but you're so intrigued by what secrets from the past he keeps locked within his mind. You want to know.
"I have seen tragic events and the terror of its aftermath. Bucky, you will not sway me away from here, I will not judge you nor fear the truth."
He almost smiles, though his expression shifts from a closely anxious one to calmed relief, "I trust that. And this uh, well here I'll just show you.." He removes his hand from the pocket, bringing it into the dull lighting of the lounging area does your eyes catch the sight of silver metal plates in the shape of a man's hand and fingers.
You study the appendage with great interest as Bucky holds it up for you to fully see, you don't even realize that you've moved closer until your hand has reached up to touch his. A boom of thunder pulls you from your trance causing you to recoil your hand back. "Sorry." You mutter.
Bucky holds his metal hand in the palm of his other one, he looks down at it with conflict upon his face, "No problem. Most people don't have the kind of reaction you did."
You frown, "Why would anyone feel fear or distaste for this? It is just a part of you, is it not?"
Bucky looks up at you, "It is, yeah." His blue eyes fall downcast again as they find the metal hand.
"Bucky?" You ask quietly, "How did you get your metal hand?"
He keeps his gaze set to the silver metal plates, "It's not just my hand, it's my whole left arm. But it's my fault....I should have just died in those mountains." He whispers bitterly in distain.
Your brows furrow, "What do you mean? This metal arm was not gifted to you for a better quality of life?"
"In a way yes." Nods Bucky as his gaze falls upon you, "But this wasn't for a good reason Y/N. The whole reason I'm still alive wasn't for a good reason, at least for a long time."
"And this reason, causes your nightmares. Draws your mind into bad memories, all because of your arm. I'm starting to believe there is much more to you Bucky then I had once previously thought." You add, "You are very strong, fast like my people, and well off in your combat skills. I was impressed by you when we fought, and I do wonder, are you not fully human?"
Bucky could have laughed with joy that last sentence paired with the array of compliments was something else, no one has ever said anything that encouraging to him ever. Nor so out of pocket, but you are not of this earth after all. Instead does he share a genuine half-grin, "I'm human. At least last time I checked, but uh...a long time ago I was captured by an enemy and experimented on...this metal arm and my abilities are what I got out of it. Along with a lot of trauma but here we are. Alive and kicking."
You cannot smile at his forced joy to relieve him of this uncomfortable feeling, you can tell this event has hurt him more then he's letting on and want to know why. You give him a sincere look, "I wish to understand you Bucky. I want to know the source...maybe-maybe it will help me know you better. I do strive to understand the people of earth and their lives as much as I can, I would like to start with you."
Bucky fiddles with his fingers, he looks apprehensive and almost afraid, "We might be here awhile."
"I have time to spare." You grin, "Stories always do, and painful ones much more. So I have a proposition for you Bucky, tell me what you want or I can see it for myself if you'd rather not speak of it."
His brows furrow, "How could you?"
You open your palm to a dark blue mist that dances around your wiggling fingers like smoke, "I have been taught by the witches of my realm how to enchant and use my vessel's inner power for reasons of my will. I can see into your past if you allow me, you will feel no pain I assure you Bucky."
He had completely forgotten about your magical powers until now; his eyes stay entranced by the aurora floating around your hand, "I've never had someone do that before. I didn't even know magic was real until a couple years ago." He locks eyes with you, "I don't know how whatever you're gonna do works, but if it helps, I'm okay with it."
"As you wish, Bucky." You scoot closer as he sets a hand out to stop you.
"Wait. Uh, my name isn't Bucky."
"It's not?"
"Well it is." He corrects, "My full name is James Buchanan Barnes...Bucky for short, obviously. Just thought I'd officially tell you, since we are friends now."
You smile, "Nice to meet you James Buchanan Barnes, Bucky for short." You tease, making a fist and pressing it against your chest before pulling it away slightly towards Bucky as a traditional form of greeting. "My name is Y/N Y/M/N Lavpranthus of Vanaheim. It is a pleasure to officially, officially meet you."
He snorts in amusement, repeating the same physical greeting you had just performed, "Y/N, I'm honored. Now uh, how are you gonna do this?"
"Just sit right where you are and I'm going to need your hands for this." He hesitates for a millisecond before placing his hands on top of yours, palms touching one another. "This will last far longer for me then you. Just close your eyes and relax, open up to me, let me see who you are."
Your voice is so soothing Bucky doesn't think he could betray your request even if he tried, he listens and is filled with the feeling of weightlessness though he knows he's still sitting on the couch with you touching his hands. He's filled with content and calm likes he's in the midst of a deep meditation. This is just how your enchantment should work, ease the body and mind while you find a mental door to open.
You blink, and the room shifts from what it once was to another resembling that of a hospital room, you stand on the side and observe a sleeping woman cradling an infant in her arms. A man walks tenderly into the room with a woman by his side appearing curious. He looks to her very proudly, "Alice, there he is, my boy. We named him James Buchanan, after his two uncles. Isn't he something?" She smiles fondly at the baby and just like that does the snippet from his past fade to a park bench on some type of large dock by the water.
A sign above reads Coney Island while you watch a dark haired boy and a skinny blonde kid take a seat on the wooden bench, the dark haired one pats his friend on the back, "Wow Steve if I knew you were planning on puking everywhere, I wouldn't have bought us lunch."
The blonde kid punches his friend on the arm, "Shut it Buck, at least I went on the Cyclone this time."
Bucky laughs, "That's true! You're still paying for that hotdog!"
"Yeah yeah, I'll get to it." Grumbles Steve though a small smile betrays him.
Bucky just shakes his head, "You don't actually have to give me anything, watching you throw up was enough payment I'd say." Steve just breaks out into a beaming grin before smacking Bucky on the arm once more. Boys.
The beautiful memory fades to a dark haired man looking at a poster of a soldier with a red, white, and blue flag in the background. Something printed about WWll in big letters. You can't see his face but the slicked-back hair and working clothes, a young thin teenager races around the corner to his side, "Bucky! Holy cow did you see! America's entered the war, they're opening up recruiting stations in New York!"
"And I'm gonna guess you're interested, huh?"
Steve nods, "Well I gotta try now can't I? It wouldn't be right if I didn't, all those men over there suffering, fighting for their country and now we have a chance to help them. Where do I sign?"
Bucky smirks, "Apparently at the Carnegie center on twelfth street." The memory turns to a smudged mist of mixed colors and blackness, replaced by a world of flashing lights and bright  pigments. A man in a forest green uniform walks right through you with a smiling brunette on his arm. Followed by a skinny blonde man and a dark blonde woman trailing behind him, looking less thrilled then the first young woman.
They all look so excited for something happening further away on a stage above the growing crowd. You follow them, the girls break away as the young men look to each other, "You never told me this was a double date." Whispers Steve in annoyance.
"Oh come on, Bonnie's really nice, she's definitely into you."
"I don't think so, Buck."
The brunette waves to Bucky, "Look! It's starting!" She says excitedly. The image shifts to just the two men standing by a wall, both girls gone. This must be after the show, you think.
Bucky holds some papers in his hands as Steve looks rather determined, "Buck, I gotta. I know this isn't some street alleyway, I get that, but I need to try and enlist again. Maybe they'll take me?"
Bucky sighs, "That's what I'm afraid of."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"You know what I mean, I just don't want anything terrible to happen to you, you're my best friend Steve."
Steve purses his lips together, "I know, but I can't let this pass me by and do nothing. I can't."
"I know. And I hope the best for you okay? I'll see you soon alright Steve...and hey, don't do anything stupid till I get back."
Steve smiles, "How can I? You're taking all the stupid with you." The scene swirls yet again right before your eyes to Bucky clean shaven in a strange green helmet covered in netting, body clothed in the same green. A gun in his hand as he stands with many like him, a man tells them commands of where to go.
It shifts to black, there are sounds of yelling and loud booms, you can smell blood on the thick smoky air. See fire on the dirt stained earth barren of all life but the soldiers hiding upon her. "Barnes! Left position!" Shouts a man urgently. More gunfire.
You blink and are suddenly in a dimly lit room, a single table sits in the center with Bucky laid upon it, his helmet and weapons are gone, he mutters numbers that mean nothing to you as his eyes stare up blankly towards the ceiling. A tall blonde soon rushes in, the memory fades. You're in a camp at daylight.
A much larger Steve and a roughed up Bucky walk front and center with their band of brothers behind them. He must have saved these men who were prisoners, Bucky was a prisoner too. Soon you watch a full memory of them, cleaner now, seated inside a bar of sorts where a beautiful woman in red smiles at Steve. Ignoring Bucky who seems annoyed by this.
She's so familiar, she looks like the woman Peggy Carter from that picture. She must be.
The scene changes abruptly to a small room where bullets bounce off the walls, Steve and Bucky fight off the enemy until an explosion causes the train's side to open violently, Bucky holds on tight to a safety rail as Steve desperately tries to reach him. The metal breaks free and with that Bucky falls to the snowy earth and out of sight. You can feel the fear in Bucky as he screams, you can feel his pain.
Standing in snow, your surroundings are forest and ice. You can smell blood and the sound of someone walking in the softness with heavy boots. Following the sound, you stand upon a rock to witness as a large burly man drags Bucky across the white earth. He's unconscious and severely injured, bright crimson stains the snow as he's dragged along.
Only half of his left arm is gone. Your heart hurts for him but there is nothing you can do, this is just a memory now.
Suddenly you feel like you're being electrocuted, falling to your knees in pain, the feeling dissipates as your hands touch concrete. Opening your eyes, you quickly stand and observe a large cavernous room of metal and dull lighting. Men dressed in uniform with guns in their hands spread about, guarding something.
A man screams behind you as you whip around, your eyes go wide in shock. It's Bucky, he's seated in a chair, strapped down by his wrists and ankles. Hair to his shoulders, wet with water and sweat as he stares vacantly right through you. His right arm is flesh and blood, while his whole left arm is pure silver metal, red star on the shoulders surface.
A man opens a thin book the color of roses, a single black star on the front cover. He begins speaking in a foreign language unknown to your ears.
"желание." "ржавый." "печь" "рассвет" "семнадцать" "добросердечный" "девять" "Возвращение на родину" "Один" "Товарный вагон"
At the last set of words does he break from his constraints and step like a dangerous beast from his chair, the man who spoke the code words stands next to Bucky who you've come to understand is now the Winter Soldier. The man of high authority smiles, "Готов подчиниться, солдат?"
"Готовы соответствовать" Speaks a stoic Winter Soldier on instinct. The memory is gone.
You stand by a single street light within a dark forest, two headlights approach you from down the road and then a shot rings out, the car swerves and fazes right through you and into the street's lamppost. A motorcycle roars past you and turns swiftly before stopping by your side. You know it's Bucky; the Winter Soldier moves past you like an entranced soldier.
You know why he's here, but you have no idea what will happen next.
You follow and to your horror are you surprised when he bashes in the skull of a man pleading for his life, you already know who this man is and why the Winter Soldier must do this terrible act of violence. He kills the woman next. Then he shoots a camera by the street lamp before picking up a briefcase and sauntering off towards the motorcycle. Does Tony know of this?
He calls it to life and pauses for a moment to look over his work, his dark blues stare into your soul like two pools of stormy ocean, he's in pain underneath the marble mask. You can feel it hidden beneath the surface, his cold gaze turns to white smoke and the whole scene is gone.
Next he's masked, fighting Steve furiously in the street of some city with a large knife, the battle lasts for another twenty seconds until Steve flips him onto the hard cement and the Winter Soldier's mask falls off. They both look at each other confused, the scene ends and they're fighting in some sort of aircraft. High above a water source near the land.
The craft is breaking and so is the Winter Soldier's state of mind. He's never been more conflicted in his whole entire life; he's pinned then freed and beats Steve to a pulp. The flooring gives way and they both fall. Darkness.
This new memory is recent, you're in an old abandoned carnival overthrown by trees and decay. The day is overcast and chilly, Bucky walks past you and picks up his backpack that's laying next to a broken horses head. He pauses and turns around, "This is all I have."
"We can get you more when you're at the compound, and maybe a shower too." Jokes the voice of Steve as you find him standing by a crumbling wall, usual suite on indicating his stance as Captain America. Closely resembling the one you saw before, yet this one is darker.
Bucky shares a small grin, "You're probably right."
"Oh he's definitely right." Smirks Natasha as she rounds a corner, hair significantly shorter then when you met her, "Come on boys, chariot awaits us. Vision's got a date in 16 hours and we're still in Romania, let's roll." She leaves them to find the Quinjet.
Bucky purses his lips together and turns to look at the dreary grey skies of Romania, he'll miss this beautiful country, however he will not miss being on the run from Hydra. "You good, Buck?" Asks Steve.
"Yeah...I'm good." He mutters, "Just tired."
Steve nods, "The Quinjets warmer, lets get out of here. What do you say?"
"I'd say that's a good idea." They start to follow the way Natasha left when Bucky hums, "So, uh...who's Vision?"
You blink and are face to face with Bucky, the present Bucky who's brows furrow at you, "Are you okay?" He wonders, worried for how you're looking at him with such heavy emotion.
Swallowing, you remove your shaking hands from his, your heart thunders a mile a minute as you steady your breaths. He asks if you're okay again while you simply wave him off, "I'm fine, this always happens. I'm just, I'm experiencing a plethora of emotions from everything I've just witnessed about your life. It's natural, do not worry for me."
He sits back to give you some space and keeps silent just as you've asked, but he cannot help but worry for you, he wants to know what you saw. "Do you...understand me now?" Says Bucky apprehensively, hoping to not provoke you to irritation.
Taking a deep breath, you clench the soft edge of the couch with both of your hands, eyes set to the glass coffee table. You frown deeply, "I see now what causes your nightmares, I...I don't really know what to say."
"There's isn't much to say." Mutters Bucky, "What did you see?"
Your face shifts from a palpable sadness to a soft smile, "Your life was beautiful, your parents had loved you since the day you were born, they were so excited to show you off....and you and Steve? You two were friends 97 years ago too, and then....and then you both fought in a war of worlds." Your smile fades dramatically, "Those men from Hydra hurt you immensely...they tortured you, forced you to accomplish their dark deeds...they took your choice away."
"They took everything." He whispers solemnly.
You close your eyes at his soft words, they mean so much you cannot fully explain it. Resting your elbows onto your knees, you stare down at your opened palms, "My anger for you is prominent. I cannot believe the cruelty of men when in the hold of power and intelligence, they deserve an honor-less death for their atrocities." You state with diction.
Bucky rubs his hand down the side of his face, head bowed lowly now, "It's not all their fault....I could have left. I didn't, not until the organization became a failed state."
You turn your head to face him, "Do not claim such a thing. They are the puppet master, Bucky, I felt what you felt. I saw what you saw. I know they imbedded code words to control you, they erased your memories and shoved all remembrances of your life into a small corner of your mind. Hydra violated your will and mind, it is them who are the enemy. Know this Bucky and let go of those troubling thoughts that gift you nothing but self deprecation. You are so much more then your hardships, I can feel it."
Bucky bites the inside of his cheek and swallows the lump forming in the back of his throat. No one has ever said anything so powerfully truthful and sincere as you have, he knows you indeed saw into his past and speak with honesty about your feelings for it. You have seen him like no other has, truly glimpsed into his soul and he's not sure what to do about it.
Bucky wants to take your hand and pull your body into a hug, but he knows it's baby steps with you, you are a demigod from another realm after all. Someone with great insight and incredible abilities, maybe that's all you are meant to be to him. He hopes not.
"Thank you Y/N, that means a lot." Admits Bucky, voice shaking with emotion, "I don't doubt you would do as you've said."
"I would slay them like beasts if they still drew breath on this planet, but I know they are passed into the afterlife. Where, I do not know for certain, but I can only guess." You state honestly, pausing for a long moment to gather your bearings, you face Bucky, "You have made me tired once again, and a better friend for it."
He smiles, "Well that's, good. I think."
"It is, and I shall rest until dawn." You stand and take a step before shifting around to find his gaze, "I know of your curiosity about me and your friends wonder as well, you will know my reason for being here soon. It pains me to speak of, I cannot spend the energy right now so if you would forgive my haste and fatigue. But I must slumber."
Bucky nods, you're so straight forward it's incredible, "Uh yeah, no problem Y/N. It's still pretty late anyways and I'm getting a bit tired myself. See you in the morning." He gives a little wave as you turn to leave, "Oh wait Y/N, do you know how to get back?"
You turn around to face him again, a small smile on your lips, "I do. And aren't we going to the same place?"
Bucky could have smacked himself, his cheeks dust pink, "Right, yeah. Guess we can just walk back...together."
"Together." You repeat, "That sounds nice."
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starks-hero · 4 months ago
What Is and What Should Never Be
Pairing: Loki x F!Reader
Summary: Loki is forced to watch both his past and his future and only realises what he had once it's gone.
Word Count: 2,015
Warnings: Angst, major spoilers for 1x01 of Loki!
a/n: I had to write this because I am so not okay after episode one and I need to vent somehow so voila. Spoilers below!
Tumblr media
“What is this?” Loki scoffed as the screen in front of him whirled to life.
“A sample of your greatest hits, if I may.”
Mobius flipped a switch on his machine and a clear image of the Avengers lit up the screen. Loki sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, his irritation reaching its limits. He didn't know how much more of this idiocy he could take.
Footage of the attack on New York and the death of Phil Coulson filled the screen and Loki watched on with a glare.
“Do you enjoy hurting people?” Mobius asked and the god raised his head to glower at the agent.
“Your games don't frighten me. I know what I am,” Loki replied calmly.
“A murderer?”
“A liberator,” he countered.
Mobius scoffed. “Of eyeballs maybe.” What Loki recognised as his attack on Germany replayed in front of them. “Look at that smile, you're enjoying it. Did you enjoy hurting them?”
Loki shook his head. “I don't have to play these games, I'm a god.”
Mobius reclined in his chair with a quiet chuckle. He looked Loki over and when his menacing glare didn't falter, he sighed. “Alright, looks like someone needs a little humbling.”
The tape began to rewind and Loki lowered his gaze to his hands, not bothering to watch. He noticed Mobius stopping the footage from across the table with a quiet ‘here we go.’
The new voice on-screen caused Loki's head to snap up and his eyes widened when he saw you. You were stood in front of him, a bright smile adorning your face. You looked so real he could almost reach out and touch you.
“You remember her don't you?” Mobius asked with a smirk. Loki didn't answer, his eyes still fixed on the screen. He recalled the memory. It was the day of Thor's coronation, the day he was supposed to become king.
“If you're late your brother is going to kill you,” you continued with a smirk as you lifted Loki's horned helmet from a nearby table and handed it to him.
Loki watched as his past self, younger and far less burdened, stepped back and allowed you to take in his appearance.
“How do I look?”
“All eyes will be on your brother, Loki. As much as I may appreciate it, there's no need for you to dress to impress.”
Loki's past self chuckled. “I know. But honestly,” his voice became slightly timider. “How do I look?”
Your smile didn't falter as you gently traced his jaw with your hand and placed a chaste kiss against his lips. “Like a prince.”
“Oh, that's sweet,” Mobius commented as he took a swig of his soda and Loki bit his lip, drawing his eyes away from the screen.
“Why are you showing me this?”
Mobius didn't answer, flicking a switch on the machine as the footage began to fast forward.
“Let's keep going,” he said plainly.
Loki immediately remembered the day that was now beginning to play on the screen in front of him. It was the day he discovered everything he'd known was a lie. The day that changed him and set him on the path that led him to this very moment. He watched as the version of himself on screen lifted the jötun casket and exhaled in horror when his hands and arms turned blue. After his confrontation with Odin, he watched as his past self fled to your chambers, barely keeping his composure.
“Loki,” you said as you opened the door to your room, knowing something wasn't right the moment your eyes landed on him. You ushered him inside with a gentle hand on his back. “What's wrong?”
The moment the door shut, his arms wrapped around you and he broke. Loki turned away from the screen, not particularly wanting to re-watch one of his most vulnerable moments. He heard the conversation that took place on-screen and recalled how you'd asked him to show you his true form. Loki kept his eyes trained on the table in front of him.
“Look at me,” your voice ordered quietly from the screen and Loki couldn't help but comply, it was almost instinctive. He glanced up at you and his hardened expression softened when he saw the memory play out. He stood shamefully in his true form, skin blue and eyes red. Yet you cradled his cheek, staring at him with no hint of fear or repulsion. A soft smile pulled at your lips. “Loki, look at me.”
His past self finally gave in and raised his head to look at you. You gently traced his cheek with your thumb and Loki's eyes slid shut.
“You're beautiful,” you said quietly and Loki felt his chest tighten as he watched on from his seat. “And I'm not afraid of you. I could never be afraid of you.”
He watched as you pulled him into an embrace, the image freezing on-screen as Mobius paused the footage.
“She really was the best thing that happened to you, wasn't she?”
Loki shook his head as he pointed to the screen. “That is private. And I don't see how it is relevant either.”
“You were different with her,” Mobius stated plainly. “You weren't the big and scary Loki that wanted to take over the universe and rule everything. You were happy, content even.”
“That's enough,” Loki bit out but Mobius didn't stop.
“So why didn't you listen to her when she told you to stand down and not attack earth?”
“That is none of your concern.” Loki hated how his voice wavered, knowing his emotion had given him away. He didn't have a choice. He attacked Midgard because there was no other alternative. After the Jötun attack he coordinated on Asgard, he was convinced he'd lost you. You couldn't possibly love him after what he'd done. That's why he'd let go of the Bifrost. He had nothing left to lose. And it was also why all the memories Mobius was forcing him to relive cut so deep. He didn't need a reminder of what he'd lost.
“Alright, let's skip ahead a little shall we?”
Mobius flipped the switch on the machine again and a new image filled the screen. You and Loki stood facing each other, hand in hand and smiling lovingly. The memory was unfamiliar and Loki couldn't pinpoint when it had occurred. He slowly stood from his seat and approached the screen.
“What is this?”
“That's the night of your wedding,” Mobius stated and Loki's brows creased as he watched the scene unfold in front of him.
“We never married.”
“Not you, not yet. This is your future, Loki. What would have happened had you stayed in your timeline.” Mobius explained, tinkering with the machine so that multiple other images were pulled up on screen. All moments Loki was yet to live. “She forgave you for what you did on earth, stood by you when Odin had you locked up, fought alongside you. And then,”
Loki's heart threatened to stop when the mad titan Thanos appeared on the screen.
“W-what is this?” Loki asked, watching intently. He watched in horror as you, bloody and beaten, stood your ground against Thanos, refusing to back down. Freezing you in place with the power of an infinity stone, Thanos accepted a blade from one of his henchmen and Loki shook his head, refusing to accept what he knew was coming. A horrified shout left his lips as the blade pierced your body. Tears fell freely from his eyes when he saw your terrified expression as you died slowly, painfully.
He stumbled away from the screen and turned to Mobius. “What have you done to her?”
“We haven't done anything.”
“Where are you keeping her? Where is she?!” Loki yelled, his voice straining and his cheeks dampened with tears.
“She's dead, Loki,” Mobius explained simply. “Thanos found the Asgardian ship and he killed her. She died defending you.”
“No, you're lying! It's not real, that's not real,” Loki growled, pointing at the screen that held the image of your lifeless body. “This is just another trick, a cruel illusion.”
“That is the proper flow of time. It's what was, what is and what will always be. Loki, she's gone. Had you not taken the tesseract from Asgard Thanos wouldn't have found you.” Mobius shrugged. “You lead him right to her.”
“Stop it!”
“Let me ask you again, do you enjoy hurting people? Do you enjoy killing?” Mobius pried, watching as Loki turned to him with a vicious glare. He was torn between anger and heartbreak, both feelings battling for dominance.
“I'll kill you.”
“Just like you killed her?” Mobius rivalled quickly and Loki grabbed his chair, throwing it across the room and through the screen. Mobius only barely dodged the piece of furniture.
“I don't believe you. She's safe on Asgard!” Loki yelled, still in complete denial. Mobius simply shook his head.
“She was in 2012. But either way, sooner or later, she dies because of you. And it happens over and over again because it's supposed to, it has to. The TVA makes sure of it.”
Loki's glare became murderous as he began to stalk towards Mobius, but one turn of the time twister and he was sent back to the desk, falling to the floor beside it. He glanced up at Mobius and then the screen, his anger melting into sadness. His breathing became laboured as more tears blurred his vision.
“You weren't born to be king, Loki. You were born to cause pain and suffering. Everyone you love dies. Your mother, Y/N. Do you think that's a coincidence? You breed chaos everywhere you go and others pay the price.”
“Stop it,” Loki begged quietly. “Please just stop it.”
Mobius stood by, slight guilt taking hold of him as he watched the once arrogant god sit broken in front of him. He offered Loki his hand and after a moment, he accepted the offer and pulled himself to his feet.
Mobius watched him sympathetically, realising he may have just pushed Loki a little too far.
“Are you alright?”
Loki didn't answer. He wordlessly looked back at the screen before the horrifying image he was met with caused him to quickly look away.
“You said that this is the future,” Loki started quietly and Mobius nodded. “But the Y/N from my timeline, she's still alive?”
“Right now, yes she's alive.”
Loki swallowed. “If I help you, you said that you'd get me out of here?”
Mobius' expression fell when he realised what Loki's plan was. “Loki, you can't change anything. If there's even the slightest chance I can get you back to your timeline and that a big if, she'll still die the same death. It's inevitable.”
“I know.”
Loki's words sent Mobius back on his heels slightly. He expected Loki's plan to consist of going back for you and then attempting to rewrite history. Breaking the timeline completely just so that he could live out his life with you. But he appeared to have accepted that it wasn't possible. He knew he couldn't save you. He simply wanted more time.
Mobius nodded as he realised just how much you meant to Loki. That you were the one thing that he was willing to do anything for. He didn't question him any further, instead, he gently clasped him on the shoulder.
“Okay, let's get to work.”
Mobius crossed the room and stopped at the door, patiently waiting. Loki took a moment to compose himself before clearing his throat and following the TVA agent. Before he left the room, Loki turned and glanced back at the screen. The footage had changed. It now played a memory from many years ago. Of both of you, huddled up in Loki's chamber, reading and enjoying each others company. You were grinning and laughing and despite the ache it caused in Loki's chest, he couldn't help but smile sadly at the sight.
He was going to do everything he could to get back to you. Regardless of what it would take.
Tumblr media
tag list: @miraclesoflove​ @bakerstreethound​​ @doozywoozy​​ @leftperfectionmoon​​ @nahthanks​​ @the-queer-dungeoneer​​
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thewritingdoll · a month ago
Pls frost giant loki fingering you is just … you getting fucked 💀💀💀
𝓉𝑒𝓂𝓅𝓉 𝓂𝓎 𝓉𝓇𝑜𝓊𝒷𝓁𝑒 | ꠹!ꪶ. ꪶ.
fandom marvel
featuring jotün!loki x small!human!reader
content warning loki’s big fingers, degradation, loki’s a big meanie too, fingering, size kink
summary the frost giant puts you to the test.
word count 620 / drabble
attention do not copy/repost/translate. not proofread. reblog and give feedback 💗 every reblog is another finger loki puts inside reader!
Tumblr media
“Is that it?”
he sounds disappointed, but you were trying your damndest. whining softly, you wiggle your hips, “Please,” you babble, helplessly impaled on his middle finger, “I’m full!”
you wished that you could look up at him, and you try, dangling helplessly over one massive knee, your legs kicking when you feel the thick knot of his knuckle. how the hell was that only half of his finger?
the girth of it alone was driving you mad, stretching your canal over it like a glove, but your elasticity had a limit. one that you knew you were reaching. if this beast wasn’t careful, you’d break. you didn’t think he understood that by the way he forced another inch into you.
“Oh, of course you are,” he coos, his other hand pressing against your shoulder to keep your torso smushed against his knee and your face turned away from him, “because I’d bet those pathetic Midgardian… men… have only disappointment to offer? Is that what it is, little earth girl? One, simple finger is bigger than any thing this warm cunt has ever experienced?” he chortles, watching you writhe helplessly upon it, “For an eager and well mannered little thing, you sure are ill-trained.”
Loki twists his finger, beckoning with a curl that sends a whimper to your drooling tiers. you were certain, had you been lying on your back, you would be able to see the shape and thickness of his digit as a bulging imprint in your belly. your eyelids flutter, “Fuck!” you cry, needy, and use your nails to dig into the icy flesh of his leg you’re perched upon. “What do I have— ah! To do? Tell me, fuck, I’ll do anything if you’ll just— mm, keep filling me like that!”
he guffaws. you’re a pleading mess, arousal dripping from your stuffed cunt down the side of his massive leg and he’s laughing at you for it. “Well well, aren’t you an ambitious and incredibly stupid, little set of holes—“ taking hold of the back of your neck (and half of your shoulder), he forces your face down into his knee, “you’re going to need a lot more training before you’re going to be of any real use to me, I’m certain I’ll need to stretch you out properly. Add another finger each time until you’re completely ruined for any of those inferior earthlings and their microscopic sex organs. You’ll be all mine after that, my elastic, little cocksleeve.” you shudder at the thought, soaking the digit that splits you open.
“I’ll do it!” you cry, glazing his flesh in saliva. one hand coasts over his thigh, and up towards his groin, “Can I… please…?” you’re practically desperate to feel his cock inside you, dying to know how much your body can take before it breaks.
he chuckles, leans back and juts his hips towards you, allowing you to feel the colossal bulge awaiting. you swallow hard, caressing the length takes several strokes to reach every inch, and you would need to use both hands, even then you weren’t sure you could get your grip all the way around it. “Holy… shit.”
“What is that Midgardian saying, again? ‘Your eyes are bigger than your stomach’?” he snorts wickedly and pushes the remaining length of his finger inside of you, biting down on his lower lip when he hears you cry out, “Hear that, little one? That’s my point being proven. You couldn’t take even the head of my cock, no matter how badly you want to.” hunching over, he whispers close to your ear, the breath like a helish chill, “Not until I’ve trained this little cunt to take me and only me.”
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scarlvtbitch · 6 months ago
summary: reader gets turned on when bucky gets aggressive with zemo 
warning: shower sex 
gif credit: @august-walker
Tumblr media
“I prefer to keep my leverage.” As soon as you saw Bucky getting up from his spot in the couch next to you, you knew what was coming. He calmly walked over to Zemo until he reached him, grabbing the glass from his hands and throwing it across the room, in a very agitated matter. The action made Zemo flinch.
“You wanna see what someone can do with leverage.” You shifted in your seat as your core searched for the tiniest amount of friction. The way he acted and talked has never turned you on more. But you couldn’t let your need for him get the best of the situation.
“Okay.” You got up and stepped in between the two men, putting a hand against Bucky’s broad chest. “That’s enough, Buck. You can’t hurt least not yet.” You winked at him and when he looked down at you, his gaze went from a deathly stare to a gaze of admiration, adoration. You knew he was still enraged, but you were right. He had to keep it together. He stepped away and murmured something about showering.
Few minutes passed before you snuck away from the living room. Sam searching what the latest news was on his phone and Zemo was preparing himself another tea. The perfect opportunity for you to get a quiet moment with your boyfriend.
You walked down the hall and found the bathroom. You assumed it was because you could hear the shower running. You didn’t even bother knocking. You had to bite your lip to keep yourself from gasping loudly at the scene before you. The shower was surrounded by glass. Enabling you to see everything. Bucky’s back was turned towards you. He was currently standing with his hands pressed against the tiles, as the water ran down his body. His perfect muscles rippled and flexed in all their glory, from his broad shoulders to his thick thighs. You gulped as you shed your clothes from your body. 
He hadn’t heard you come in yet because he was currently with his back facing you still. You slid inside the shower and carefully closed the glass door. You didn’t waste any time and slid your hands around him, your hands meeting his tight abdomen. You heard him give a small gasp. You pressed your body against his as you lightly caressed his chest and then his abdomen, you kept the same rhythm until he relaxed against your touch. You pressed your cheek against his shoulder before you started kissing the freckles there. He then turned his body so he was now facing you. 
You couldn’t help but instantly gaze down at him. Your mouth watered at the sight. He was always mesmerized by your beauty and body, today was no different. His arms went around your waist and pulled you to him. He roughly placed his lips upon yours and groaned at the taste of your lips. He could make out the taste of your strawberry chapstick. His lips then found your neck and started nipping and licking until you were begging under him.
“I need you, Buck, please.” You managed to grit out. His fingers drifted down until he reached his destination. He gasped when he saw how wet you were for him, and it wasn’t because of the water currently running on you.
“For how long have you been this soaked, doll?” He said as he rubbed your clit just the way you liked. Then he slipped his fingers inside very easily, his vibranium arm holding you steady, because god knows you could easily fall if he didn’t have a far grip on you. That’s how weak he made you.
“Ever...ever since you threatened...” You let out a moan when he started curling his fingers against your walls. “You-you threatened Zemo.” You rushed the words out, your brain lost in deep pleasure. 
“You like seeing me like that?” You nodded as you screwed your eyes shut when you could feel your release tingling at the base of your spine. “Bad girl, Y/N.” He tsked at you and then retreated his skillful fingers from your pussy. His next action was what truly had you melting down in seconds.
He brought up his fingers to his lips slowly and started sucking them in a very seductive matter. He closed his eyes and moaned at the taste of you.
“You taste like candy.” Now it was your time to moan at his comment. Before you could say anything he lifted you up against the wall and roughly pushed you against it. He slid home in an instant. He mercilessly pounded into you, he fucked you so hard that you were almost sure he had the ability to break the wall, leaving the view opened from the other room. 
Your moans started low but eventually they got higher and louder. He brought up his large hand to your lips in an effort to shush you
“Shh, doll. You gotta be quiet for me, can you do that?” You furiously nodded as you felt your stomach tighten in the familiar way it always did when you were on the brink of an orgasm. He glanced down at the place where you two were joined and groaned at the sight. His thick, long length fit perfectly in you. 
“I’m gonna cum, Buck.”
“Come for me, doll.” He reached down at rubbed tight circles on your clit. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you finally reached your peak. You contracted around his girth, tightening around him in the most delicious way. He was quickly right behind you. He gave one last thrust before his seed was pouring itself inside you. He buried his face in your neck and let out grunts mixed with a light moan. Your hand came down to his toned back, panting as you struggled to catch your breath. You unlocked your legs from his backside and he gently set you down. 
“Guess I should be angry more often, huh?” He teased.
“Oh, yeah. But not with me.” You teased but you knew he would never even think about doing something like that to you, he’d die before that happened.
“Never.” He kissed your temple before you exited the shower. The running water was long forgotten when Bucky had you perched up on the counter as he buried his face in your folds.
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marvel-diaries · 6 months ago
Two Servings
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female! Reader
Summary: Bucky enjoys two servings of his delicious breakfast... you.
Word Count: 1519
Warnings: NSFW, 18+, minors DNI, oral (female receiving), fingering, face riding, hint of sir!kink, praise!kink, slight spanking!kink, multiple orgasms, language, mention of bodily fluids.
Authors Note: I just needed to use that gif because it’s so fucking hot! Enjoy loves <3
Main Masterlist | Bucky Barnes Masterlist
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Credit @ theavengers for the wonderful gif
Tumblr media
The morning light shining through the window blinds was what woke Bucky up from his comfortable slumber. When he looked over at your side, he found you still sound asleep in your little utopia of velvety dreams.
Today the both of you had a day off to spend some much-needed time together. The deal was to snooze in as long as possible to then order breakfast or lunch in bed, depending on how long you decided to be lazy. It was still early, and he shouldn’t be waking you up, but he didn’t manage to go back to sleep, so he took the second-best option, and that was to take his time to stare at your beautiful sleeping figure.
You started to stir as mumbles of something he couldn’t catch escaped your lips. What perked his ears was when you let out a long moan of his name followed by pleas for him not to stop.
Oh, this was interesting. He would have so much fun with you now that he knew that the dream was sinful and naughty about him making you feel so good.
Luckily for him, you only slept in a pair of panties and nothing else, making his playground much more accessible to his fingers and tongue.
His digits snaked into your underwear, already finding you wet and ready to go for him. It was no surprise. You were always prepared for him. He loved the feel of you on his fingers. The gasp you emitted was like music to his ears as his middle finger ever so softly massaged your aching pearl. Tongue, fingers, dick, whatever it was, he knew how to please you.
The vibranium one took a firm hold of your plump breast, massaging your nipple that was hard as a rock. He was amazed at the effect he had on you while still asleep.
He slid under the covers until he found your legs stretched out. Even in your dream, you were such a good girl for him. “Dreaming of me, doll?” He questioned against your covered core but got no reply. You were still in that hot and steamy dreamland.
He smirked before he got to work on you. The panties were slipped off of you in success to keep you under sleep. There was no way in hell that you would be able to sleep through this for long. He helped to keep you open for him, as the assaults on you would be immense.
Bucky nuzzled his face into your pussy before he licked from the slit to your clit, flicking the tip of his tongue at the sensitive nerve. A moan left your lips as the dream you were having felt so lifelike.
His lips enclosed around your clit as he altered between sucking and licking on the sensitive nerve. Like clockwork, your hand tangled in his hair. His soft locks were between your fingers as the grab on him was hard enough to make him groan out against your core. The vibrations created wonderful tingles that had you moan and whimper in need of more.
“F-fuck, don’t stop, Bucky.” The cover was pulled off by you to be met with a starving man between your thighs, clenching his thirst. His eyes found your open ones. Finally, you were awake.
His lips released your clit for a few moments. “Good morning, princess.” He quickly returned to his assault on you as your swollen clit throbbed in need to be sucked again.
“Go-good morning in-de-ed.” Your back arched off the bed somewhat as a whimper fell into the room. “Mo-more, p-please babe,” you begged him. It felt so good as he ate you out for his and your pleasure. You didn’t want him ever to stop. You needed more. You always needed more from him. “More? You want more?” “Yes! Fuck yes!” “I’ll give you more baby doll, don’t you worry.”
After he promised to bring you that sweet pleasure with all his expert tools, a finger was inserted in you. A second one was inserted just a few moments later. The stretching of your tight hole felt too fucking good as you shut your eyes close to revel in the pleasure. Moans, whimpers, and pleas of his name went on a loop.
His other hand was placed on your stomach, pushing you down into the mattress to keep you under his control.
Watching you there completely under his mercy was so intoxicating to him that he could spend the rest of his life between your thighs if he had the chance. Pleasing you over and over again was on his mind every second of every day. His eyes darkened in lust at watching you toss and turn on the bedsheets.
The suck on your clit was gentle before the speed was increased. Your legs clenched around his head as it became so intense with pleasure for you. “No, no,” his hand pushed on your thighs, “I need you to stay open for me.” Obeying his commands, he smirked against your pussy for being so obedient, “good girl. Always such a good girl for me.”
“I’m going to cum.” “So then let go for me. I need my breakfast.”
The combination of his lips sucking and licking on your clit, his two fingers hitting that spot inside you which made you see stars, and his raspy voice was what brought you to an end.
Your pussy contracted around him as you came all over his digits. Your clit was pulsating as he kept stimulating it with his tongue. Cries, pleas, and whimpers escaped you as your vision got blurry from your orgasm. His movements stilled after having pleasured you through the intensity of it.
You thought that was it. That he was done, but when you searched for his cuddles and love like you always did after him pleasuring you, he denied.
“I’m not finished. I still have another serving left of you, so come sit on my face, baby.” Oh, God! This man was going to be the death of you.
“I-I don’t know if I can.” The early hours of the morning always had you much more sensitive, so the thought of having another orgasm so soon after the first one was both frightening and thrilling.
“It wasn’t a suggestion. Come sit on me now!”
Your legs were placed on each side of his head as you held onto the bed frame. It was going to be needed with what Bucky was about to do to you. His hands had a firm grasp of your hips to keep you under his control.
He licked his lips at soon having his second serving of the delicious breakfast, you of course. He kissed everywhere but your needy pussy, and his actions had you whine out in protest. If he was going to eat you out a second time, he could at least skip the whole teasing act.
Bucky found it in no way amusing with you rushing him. This meal was to be enjoyed slowly so it would last longer. Out of surprise, a hard smack was left on your ass as punishment. A cry was released from you at the sensation. The stinging of it was both harsh but enjoyable at the same time. “Behave! Let me enjoy my meal.” “Y-yes, Si-Sir.”
Finally, after minutes of torturous teasing, he wrapped his lips around where you needed it the most. He switched between licking and sucking on your pulsating and raw clit. The added sensation of his scruff on your skin had you clench your thighs slightly around his head.
One of your hands tangled in his soft locks as you rode his face for extra added stimulation. Both of his hands on your ass to help you ride him.
“Fuck… just like that, Bucky. Feels so good.” You wouldn’t last much longer. The second orgasm was creeping up on you quickly.
“Let me taste you. Let go, baby.” The vibrations from his mouth against your core were what you needed to reach the second high.
The orgasm was so intense that he needed to help with keeping you upright as he licked, sucked, and slurped up your juices. He was now full of his breakfast, the two servings were more than enough, but he could go for a third if he wanted. He thought best not for your sake. You would most likely die if he did. He would save it for lunch.
You were almost sobbing at how sensitive he had made you feel so early in the morning. Each kiss and lick to your now abused clit had you spasm and whine. A satisfied smirk was on his face at bringing you to the state you were in just now.
Once he was done, he helped to bring you to his side to calm you down. You curled yourself into a ball as his chest found its place against your back. Arms were wrapped around your frame as words of affirmation were whispered in your ear.
“Good girl. You did so well. Sleep again now…”
Tumblr media
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dr0wning-in-hell · 23 days ago
Temperature play - Jotun!Loki
Summary: During Thor’s party, Y/N catches the eye of a certain frost giant. 
Warnings: SMUT, nipple play, teasing, name calling, bit of degradation, dom!loki, sub!reader, dry humping,
Word Count: 366
Pairing/Characters: Jotun!LokixAsgardian!reader, mentions of Thor
Prompt: Day three of kinktober- Nipple Play
A/N: AHHHH IM TRYING NOT TO FALL BACK ON THESE FUCKK. also this is extremely short I’m so sorry
new masterlist| prompt list| color prompts| ko-fi
Tumblr media
“You’re so responsive little pet, bet all the men on Asgard wish they could feel you like this.” Loki and Y/N had found a secluded corner of the party, somewhere no one would bother them as the two explored each other’s bodies. Loki had shrunk himself down to the Asgardian’s size, though he was still reaching around seven feet tall. He had Y/N sitting in his lap, hips desperately humping his cold leg as she chased her orgasm.
“Please it hurts, wanna cum.” Y/N whimpered. The frost giant laughed as he pinched the small girl’s nipples, eliciting a loud gasp and moan from her. Her body shook a bit as he held her tits in his palms and watched her reaction.
Loki raised an eyebrow at her and pitched her nipples a bit harder, yet again earning a load moan from the girl. “You like this? You like that my body is cold? How it feels against your warm skin?” He teased her.
“Yes! It feels so good, please do it again.” The poor Asgardian pushed her chest further into his hands, trying to get him to do anything. Her eyes watched as Loki pinched and pulled on the hard buds, turning her body into a melting popsicle at the temperature difference. Their eyes met for just a second before Loki brought her warm tits to his mouth, the coldness of it making her shudder at the feeling. 
“Such a pathetic little whore, can get you off just buy playing with your nipples,” He tsked her as he removed her tits from his mouth and massaged the mounds in his palms. “Can’t wait to see how you respond to my cock.” The smirk that spread along his lips was enough for Y/N’s cunt to drench the giant’s thigh, moaning at the idea of just how far they can bring this. 
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cosmicloki · 6 months ago
𝐒𝐀𝐅𝐄 𝐏𝐋𝐀𝐂𝐄 | 𝐛𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐛𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬
Tumblr media
summary: bucky can't stand seeing another man touching you. but it is for a deeper reason than you might think. pairing: bucky barnes x female!reader word count: 1,9k warnings: non-consensual physical touch, slight angst, anxiety attacks, protective!bucky, soft!bucky
english is not my mother tongue, so please forgive me if there is a grammatical error. hope you like it!
Tumblr media
"I so disagree with this." Bucky's growl interrupted the tense silence that had formed in the cold atmosphere of the night. His blue eyes sparkled with anxiety when they fell on you again and you spent a few seconds analyzing him, something you were completely used to doing almost unconsciously now.
He had been in a bad mood pretty much the entire day, since you had to accept Baron Zemo as part of your little team if you wanted to get to the bottom of the serum issue, he had started to act more surly, especially against Baron himself. He did hated him.
Zemo, as calm and diplomatic as ever, turned to look at him. Warm steam slipped from his lips as he began to speak. "We have to do this if we want to succeed this mission. Don't you want to gather the necessary information to―"
Bucky shut him up shooting him a single glare filled, once again, with anger. Zemo immediately closed his mouth. "Still, it's too dangerous for her."
You rolled your eyes. 
"Stop talking like I'm not even here." A sigh escaped your lips, grabbing Bucky's right arm between your fingers to gain his full attention, which happened quickly. You felt him relax under your touch, his gaze clouded by softness once it fell on you again. "I know I'm not an avenger or superhero like you guys, but I know how to defend myself. If I have to kick a couple of butts, I will. And as Zemo says, gathering this information is essential."
The Winter Soldier still had a debating expression reigning on his tired face. Of course, he cared about you just as much as he cared about Steve in the old days. And since Steve was gone, you were the only thing left for him in that dark world. You were his everything. His light in the dark. His safe place.
He truly loved you, but as the coward he was, he had never confessed. And he doubted that he could do it in the near future. As always, he'll just run away from his feelings.
"It's not the first time she's been into something like this, Buck." Sam spoke this time, arranging his gaudy, colorful coat with both hands. He showed you support, making you smile a little. He always had your back. "Steve himself trained her. I'm sure she'll be fine."
Bringing Steve into the conversation felt like an instant relaxer for Bucky. The name of his fallen friend always felt like his heart was being squeezed, he felt like a lump he was well acquainted with creeping up his throat. Those two emotions were the ones that always followed along with the memory of Captain America, the real Captain America.  
He sighed and nodded his head just once "I know."
"But I'm afraid of losing her too."
                                                          . . .
Modern music blasting out of the huge speakers made the nightclub floor vibrate, the ceiling lights blinking electric colors in the darkness, adding to the euphoria that reigned in the atmosphere.
When you noticed how many people were inside the place, you remembered why you hated parties. But Zemo had been insistent on staying in character or at least trying.
And because of that, you had that unknown to you and annoying man named Robert practically almost glued to your body. His arm was around your shoulders, as you both sat on the long leather sofas that were one side of the dance floor. You almost felt nauseous when he gave you a wide smile, letting you see almost proudly those teeth adorned with pure gold.
"So what were we on, princess?" Her voice as unpleasant as none you've ever heard whispered leaning ‘discreetly’ towards your ear.
Bucky saw the whole scene in the distance, sitting in front of the bar with Sam and Zemo, both his metal and flesh hands were clenched into fists on his knees.
He was no longer angry, he was furious. 
He felt guilty for dragging you into this mess, which is exactly why you were there in the first place, having an unknown man all over you, his hands crawling over your body so shamelessly that even he wanted to vomit right there. And there was nothing he could do about it. Bucky Barnes, once again that night, felt a huge surge of emotions shake his whole body.
Sam, sitting at his other side, shot him a knowing look, realizing how uncomfortable he was being with the whole situation, perhaps as uncomfortable as he was. "Buck, calm down. (Y/N) has it all under control."
"She will give the order any second now." Zemo added in his husky voice, a glass full of a strange and repulsive alcoholic beverage grabbed in his hand.
And it wasn't until your gaze found his among the euphoric mass of people on the dance floor that Bucky felt determined. 
He could see the fear in your eyes, even among all the meters that separated you from each other. And he suddenly saw himself in you. When he was forced to do things that he did not want to do, commanded by cruelty and evilness. 
And Bucky knew that all of that was wrong.
"It's enough." He grunted, causing both men at his sides to turn to look at him in pure alarm.
Practically seconds later, Bucky found himself on the other side of the nightclub, with Robert's neck between his metal fingers, body propped against the wall above the sofa he was sitting on previously. Drastically feeling as small as an ant under the towering presence of the Winter Soldier, just right in front of him.
Around them a sudden silence formed, people had apparently stopped dancing, shifting their attention to the metal-arm man and the show he was giving them. Some even took out their cell phones, starting to record, truly entertained.
The blue of Bucky's eyes were darkened with the anger and adrenaline of the moment. Robert half-opened his mouth and tried to free himself from his strong hold, already feeling the air escaping from his lungs. He did his best to retain as much oxygen as he could with heavy, ragged inhalations.
Bucky saw how his eyes began to close and he squeezed harder, but his gaze traveled to the side when a small hand rested on his metal forearm and immediately relaxed when he met your eyes. 
"Buck, just let him go. You'll break rule number two." After your murmur, Robert's neck was released and he fell to the ground, stumbling, grabbing as much oxygen as possible with long breaths. 
"The next time you touch her I will break your neck." He threatened, almost spitting the words at Robert.
Your arm clasped with Bucky's metal one and you raised your hand to his cheek, drawing his attention from the man on the ground back to you again, noticing how his breathing had increased his speed enormously. Signs that he might be having one of his anxiety attacks.
And you knew exactly what to do.
"It's okay, James. Just breathe. Focus on me."
Your voice was like an angelic melody inside his head, causing him to close his eyes for a few moments and unconsciously lean against the warmth and familiarity that was the touch of your hand. Completely forgetting everything around him. His everything, was you.
"You're safe. You're with me. You're not like that anymore."
Bucky concentrated on your breathing and tried to following it with his own, finally sighing after a few seconds. And by the time he opened his eyes, he finally noticed how the whole nightclub was looking at you both almost as intently as if you were a show.
Behind you stand Sam and Zemo, silently watching you as well.
The Baron cleared his throat, glancing at how the various pairs of eyes were on you now. "We have to go."
And without further ado, you intertwined your fingers with Bucky's and lured him to you, making him walk along and follow Zemo and Sam, who advanced towards the exit of the club.
And when you guys left the place, Bucky stopped, causing you to stop as well, making you turn your head and look at him in confusion. He kept his gaze down, at a nonexistent point on the ground and then moved to the point where he joined you, your  intertwined hands.
"I just..." He began to speak in a soft, low tone. 
You turned completely towards him now, raising your other hand to his chest and placing it delicately on his heart, feeling under his skin how it throbbed with force. His blue eyes were enveloped with shame and despite the darkness of the night in the alley, you could notice how a reddish tone tinged his pale cheeks.
Then, you took his hand with yours and pulled it to your chest, placing his palm against your heart, making him feel also how fast it was beating.
You knew this calmed him down almost immediately, but it was a ritual you did when you were alone, never in front of someone else, much less in front of Sam, who raised his eyebrows when he turned to check on you both.
From the corner of your eye you could see how he leaned towards Zemo and said something that you barely managed to hear but that was like "Let's go find the car" or something like that, knowing that it was better to leave you both alone. He knew that Bucky had been feeling bad all day and practically all week, maybe all his life. And it was clear to him that, being with you, he couldn't be in better hands.
"I just wanted to tell you that― " Bucky continued with his whisper, your eyes gazing up at him with anticipation. He leaned into you and rested his forehead against yours, closing his eyes again, trying to calm the nerves that were almost eating him alive. "I wouldn't mind breaking rule number two for you, a-actually I wouldn't mind breaking any rule for you."
Both of his hands lowered toward the curve of your waist as he finally spoke, surrounding you with signs of protection, almost like preventing you from walking away when he said the words.
But instead, you smiled with your eyes closed at his confession, realizing that it was the first time in many days that he let himself be seen vulnerable before you. Just for you.
Your hands rose to his chest, always fascinated to feel his heart beat under your palms, your fingers began tracing imaginary lines on the surface of his leather jacket. "That would be bad if you want to keep this peace truce with the government, darling."
"Fuck the government." Bucky simply replied, finally opening his eyes, which remained bright once they met yours. Fun flashed across his gaze while he spoke.
"I'd break any rules for you too, Buck." You declared in a soft tone after a minute of comfortable silence, words almost inaudible, but he managed to hear them perfectly and felt a warmth rise from the bottom of his stomach to his chest and finally to his face, blushing slightly his cheeks, once again.
A shaky sighed came from between his pink lips when he separated his forehead from yours.
"Would you like to go eat somewhere with me after this is all over?"
You frowned slightly. "We go to eat at places all the time, Buck― “
He denied with his head, interrupting you. He rolled his eyes as he spoke. "Not like that, doll."
You raised a single eyebrow on your forehead, really don't understand what he was referring to, although your heart was starting to beat more fiercely anyway. "Then like what?"
And when his eyes lifted off the ground once more and looked at you, you could understand it all.
"Like a date."
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delxcour · 3 months ago
home- yelena belova x reader
a/n: wrote this whole thing in about an hour, black widow spoilers obviously!
Yelena doesn’t know what home means.
For a time, it meant Ohio, a life with her sister and her parents. It meant playgrounds and mac n cheese and American Pie.
For much longer, it was blades and guns and a ledger soaked with red.
Now, it was you. It was taking her coffee the exact way you took it so that you could reach over and take a sip of her mug when you didn’t think she was looking. It was the way you woke up every time she woke up from a nightmare, always being there to reassure her that she was still in control, that the Red Room was gone. It was the little sticky notes the two of you left around the apartment, the little reminders of your love.
It was home, at least until you had woken up one day to a pile of dust next to you instead of your girlfriend.
You didn’t know what it had meant- why would you have? You thought maybe that she had accidentally burned breakfast maybe or that there was a hole in your ceiling. You thought of everything except what had actually had happened.
The apartment changes slowly, as you and the world around you realize that this is permanent. That this is a nightmare you won’t wake up from.
You can’t even remember the last words the two of you said to each other- ‘I love you’, probably, or maybe discussing the next day, time you didn’t realize the two of you didn’t have.
You reach out to Natasha and when you tell her, you see your own grief mirrored on her face- in her defense though, she doesn’t start bawling as you had.
Her grief is stoic and stray tears. Yours is sobbing and nightmares, waking up and reaching over to the other side of the bed for someone who isn’t there.
You don’t think you’ll ever get the feeling of her ashes off of your fingers.
Five years pass slowly, dragging you and everyone else who was desperately clinging to the past along with it.
You help dissolve what is left of the Black Widow agents, giving them the freedom that Yelena had always longed to give them.
You vow that Yelena’s mission won’t die with her.
You’re making dinner when you hear footsteps coming from your bedroom.
You grab the gun that Yelena always kept behind the pots, turning around and pointing only to see the woman herself standing there, taking in everything.
She faltered for a second before smiling.
“Is it a crime to oversleep now?” Yelena asked, her eyes never leaving yours.
She looks exactly like you remember her.
“You can’t be real.”
“If that’s the start of some cheesy pick-up line, I am going to walk out of that door,” She said, although there was no real threat behind the words. You set the gun down.
She could be a stray Widow, luring you into comfort before ultimately killing you.
At that moment though, you don’t really care.
It’s been five long years and you are tired and so you run over to where she is standing and you hug her tightly as if she will simply disappear through your hands again.
“Woah! What’s the occasion? Is it our anniversary or something, is that why you were holding the gun?” She asked and you didn’t respond.
“It’s you,” You said, tucking your face into her shoulder. “You’re back.”
Yelena pulled a face, not that you saw.
“Back? Where did I go?”
That was genuine confusion in her voice- she had no idea that she and half of the Earth’s population had disappeared for five years.
“Just don’t go there again, please. Just don’t go where I can’t follow.”
She doesn’t say anything- she doesn’t fully understand why you’re sobbing into her neck, but that doesn’t matter right now.
There will be plenty of time to talk about it afterwards but for now, she does one of the things she’s always been best at and she just holds you.
The excitement of Yelena returning is overshadowed a few days later by the news of Natasha’s death.
“We won’t… we won’t even have a body to bury,” Yelena said, her eyes welling up with tears as you held her, and you are reminded of your own grief in the first couple days after she had disappeared.
This time though, you do not cry.
You wanted to- Natasha had become one of your closest friends in the five years that you had lost Yelena. Your loss bound the two of you together in ways you hadn’t thought possible.
You wanted to and you do not because this is Yelena’s grief first and foremost and it is yours second.
You will not cry in front of a woman who has just lost her sister. Instead, you will hold her close and you will tell her stories of her sister from the past five years, five years that you had refused to speak about.
“She loved you so much, Yelena. She wasn’t the best at showing it, but she loved you so much.”
“Then why didn’t she stay?” Yelena asked, her voice breaking as she started crying again.
You didn’t answer, mostly because you didn’t have a good reason.
Clint Barton had told you over the phone that one of their lives had to be sacrificed and that Natasha gave her life so that he could return to his family.
That was all perfectly well and nice, but you wanted to scream at him: What about us? What about Yelena? What about Melina, Alexei? What about her family?
You didn’t though. He would have to live with her death for the rest of his life, knowing that he was only alive because she wasn’t. Maybe that would have to be enough.
“Cause she’s a hero. I don’t know. I know it’s selfish, but I need you to promise me something. Promise me that if the world needs saving and it’s your life on the line, you’ll turn around and come home to me,” You said, running your hands through her hair. “The world can burn for all I care. I just need you safe.”
“I promise. No going where you can’t follow,” She replied, repeating your words from the first night that she had returned.
There is no body to bury but there is still a funeral, still a gravestone to visit.
“I don’t want to go alone,” Yelena said, straightening the hem of her shirt in the mirror.
“You won’t be,” You promised her and she took your hand and the two of you drove to the cemetery.
Her grave was recognizable- it was covered with flowers and stuffed bears and candles.
She was renowned by so many and grieved by many more, though none as much as the two of you.
Yelena doesn’t know how to approach it- she froze when she saw it, rooted to the ground.
“I don’t think I can do this,” She said, her voice barely a whisper. “Not yet.”
“Okay. We can stay as long as you want.”
She grabbed your hand and you held on tightly.
“Don’t leave me.”
The two of you look at the other gravestones for about an hour before Yelena finally garners up the courage to go to Natasha’s.
She kneeled, setting the flowers down gently among the others. She seemed to freeze for another moment before her fingers began tracing a word on the gravestone: ‘sister’.
Her hand clapped over her mouth and she leaned back.
You sat next to her as she started crying again, your hand finding hers again.
Yelena didn’t know what home meant for the longest time- it was deception and Russian taught in secret and filling scrapbooks with memories manufactured in one day.
It was scalpels and guns and dead bodies and broken bones and targets. It was sniper rifles and explosives.
It was sitting at her sister's gravestone with your hand in hers, sitting with her until dusk, crying. It was waking up to your nightmares, you holding her tightly until you stopped crying, realizing that she was still here.
It was Natasha’s red hair and her fighting poses and it was your smile and laugh.
It was grief and love, it was her sister and it was you.
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maybepointlessthoughts · 2 months ago
Greatest Neighbour
Summary: Bucky gets a call from his good friend, reader, during a therapy session. I’m sorry for such a shit summary, but you know, it’s cute. (part two)
Warning(s): Fluff, underlying feelings but no we cover that with ‘we’re friends lololol’, therapy is important lads, tfatws!bucky, domestic vibes
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Characters: Bucky Barnes, Dr. Christina Raynor, Sam Wilson (mentioned)
Word count: 1.2k
Tumblr media
"So, how are things?"
Bucky looked up from his fidgeting hands, a finger trailing over his gloved palm. Christina sat in her seat, waiting as her pen tapped against the notebook patiently.
"Things are fine. No nightmares, no freak-outs, no Hydra," Bucky replied reluctantly.
She nodded. "And your, uh, personal relationships? That is an important part about returning to civilisation, James," She mentioned. "What about Sam Wilson? Returned his calls?"
Bucky sighed, hesitating to answer considering it was clear she seemed to already know the answer. "My personal relationships are fine. And I'm not interested in Sam's calls. They're the same questions every time,"
"Well, he worries about you," She pointed out. "Good reason, I guess. He did become a global fugitive for you, alongside Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff,"
"Thanks for the reminder, doc, but two out of three of them are gone," He said coldly.
Christina raised her brows, surprised by his bluntness as she took down a few notes.
"Oh, come on, you know I hate that thing," Bucky protested, rolling his eyes.
She ignored him and continued to write. He clenched his jaw, shaking his head. Suddenly, his phone started to ring in his pocket.
"I thought I told you to turn that thing off before you came in, James," She reminded, motioning her pen to the vibrating device in his jacket.
"And I told you, I don't know how," Bucky grumbled, taking out his phone, expecting to see Sam's contact.
"Who is it? Is it Sam?" She wondered.
Bucky paused for a moment. "No, it's uh... it's a friend,"
"You have other friends?" She said sarcastically. "Alright. Answer it, come on, put him on speaker,"
"Seriously? I'll just send her a text-" Bucky began.
"-Her?" She interrupted with a curious smile. "I don't know a 'her'. Who is this 'her'?"
Bucky glared at the woman who either gave two shits about him or was more invested in his life than a midwife watching reality shows. "A friend."
The phone was still ringing, your contact bright on his screen, an image of you appearing beside your name as his thumb hovered over the green button. 
"Speakerphone now, Barnes," She directed.
"Whatever you say, doc," He muttered and did as she said, answering it and pressing the speaker button.
Right away, a crackly and rustling noise was coming from the other end as Bucky set his phone on the coffee table in front of him, volume loud as the two of them listened.
"...Hello?" Bucky said, confused by the sound.
A few seconds of the strange noise continued. "Hey, Buck," You responded.
His lips tugged a little at the sound of your voice, threatening a smile. He missed Christina's prying eyes, flickering from the phone to Bucky. "Hi,"
"What are you doing?" You questioned.
Bucky licked his lips, hesitating. "Uh, nothing. You?"
"Nothing. I just got off the subway and I'm heading home, so..." You replied, sighing.
He heard the sound of trains and people chattering nearby. "Why'd you call, doll?"
"I uh, I wanted to..." You trailed off, wavering with nerves.
"I'm glad you called," Bucky stated, leaning forward on the couch to get closer to the receiver.
Christina subtly wrote down a few entries at the interaction.
"Yeah?" You spoke up over the crowds.
"Yeah," He assured, hearing the smile on your face.
"And why's that?"
Bucky clicked his tongue and sighed, glancing up to the therapist sitting across from him. "Because maybe you can explain what this crazy woman is talking about and tell her to just let me go home,"
Christina rolled her eyes at that, unamused. 
"Ah, the therapist," You recalled, chuckling a little. 
"Mhm," He hummed. "This is your fault and you will pay. You're the only reason I still go this crap," He stated.
"I promise - commit to it one more time," You encouraged. "And if it is still awful for you, I'll make it up to you,"
"Oh, yeah?" 
"Yep," You chirped.
Bucky nodded, smirking at that. "Alright. Okay, I'm gonna hold you to that, Y/N,"
"I wouldn't expect anything else, Sergeant Barnes," You said, your tone joking. "How are you feeling?"
"Other than pissed off that you're walking home alone, I'm okay," He answered.
"I can take care of myself just fine. You know me, I kick ass and take names," You claimed. "Well, alright, if you consider pepper spray kicking ass and taking names,"
Bucky chuckled. "I thought you told me you were gonna start taking something stronger than an aerosol container, doll,"
"But it's so cute, Buck, it's got kittens on it. Kittens. What am I supposed to do? And it glows in the dark. Practical and cute," You argued. "You could teach me how to do that cool knife-flip thing if you really wanted,"
"Fair enough," He conceded. "How about you? You feeling alright today?"
"Yeah. Just... thinking about you," You admitted. 
"What a coincidence. I was just thinking about you too... so you can save me from this hell," He said.
You laughed a little at that, making him feel familiar butterflies at the sound. "Come on, it can't be that bad,"
Bucky glanced to Christina who was observing with a small grin, quite entertained by the sight, despite being insulted. "It's bad,"
"Come by tonight, we'll order some take-out like usual and watch Golden Girls," You suggested.
"Sound like a plan,"
"Great. Awesome. Uh, could you also do me a favour? Just while you're in the neighbourhood," You asked.
"Anything," He answered without hesitation.
"Just pick up a carton of milk, if that's okay. Sorry, usually I'd do my own shopping but I'm-" 
"-Don't worry about it. Let me know if you need anything else,"
"You're the greatest neighbour a girl could ask for, you know," You remarked.
Bucky smiled. "I could say the same for you, doll,"
There was more rustling on the other end, a moment of quiet passed, Christina's pen against the paper filling the silence. "Um, I'll-I'll let you go. Believe it or not, therapy is important. So just give it a chance,"
"I know, I will. For you," He comforted.
"You're such a softie," You giggled. "Alright. Bye, Bucky,"
"Bye. I'll see you soon,"
"See you,"
Bucky heard you hang up, his phone reverting to his lock screen as he looked up at Christina who was nodding. 
"Y/N. That's her name? Tell me about her," She wondered curiously. "You've never mentioned a neighbour you eat dinner with. And I'm assuming she knows your past too, that's a big step, Barnes,"
His face immediately dropped at how she would use this to dig deeper into Bucky's wellbeing. "She's my friend,"
"Friend. How do you define that? Buying groceries, pet names, teasing,"
"I define it by friendly banter and healthy connection," He excused. "Shouldn't you be congratulating me, or something?"
"You want praise for one of the most essential human things?" She reiterated. "We need relationships, we need attachments. But I got to say, good job. She sounds like a great girl,"
"She is. She's great," He said. 
"And it's just friends, then? Nothing more, perhaps?" She wondered, her tone suggestive. "I don't think we've ever talked about romance. Or your sexual activity-"
"-Alright, you know, that isn't your business, frankly," Bucky quickly interrupted, shaking his head. "No, just- It's not like that. We're neighbours, we're friends, we're... good friends and that's it. Can we get back to the usual routine?"
She eyed him skeptically before nodding. "Alright, fine. But I will be bringing her up again in future sessions, which I know you'll be present for because she seems to really care about your mental health. Unlike you,"
Bucky rolled his eyes at that. 
PART TWO (both can be read as a stand alone!)
A/N: Inspired by Gilmore Girls, ten points to anybody who can recognise it lmao okay, um, this isn’t anything special. I thought it was a cute little thing because I haven’t written a lot of fluff for Bucky which is crazy because I love this man so much <3 Also, this is based a little before TFATWS if that wasn’t obvious idk that’s how I pictured it. And... I think that’s it. Send requests, leave feedback, let me know if you’d want a little more to this, maybe a friends-to-lovers kind of thing? :) x
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whereistradel · 5 days ago
script reading — tom holland
Tumblr media
pairing: tom holland x (actress) reader
warnings: none
summary: you and tom reunite after being casted in a netflix series together.
requested: no
note: i need tom holland requests in my inbox, NOW.
༄ ‧₊˚。゚・
“(y/n), welcome to the sit-down reading today. some cast members are already here so you can chat with them later.”
you nodded, while the kind staff member led you to your designated room. you had recently been casted in a new romantic-comedy series with netflix and today was the script reading with all the cast members.
the tall woman stopped in front of a white door, before turning the knob and opening the door wide enough for you to stare inside. just next to the door laid a sign that read your name.
“this is your room,” she stared down at her wrist watch, “the reading starts in an hour so you can do anything till then.” she offered a kind smile and motioned you to go inside.
“thank you” you smiled before walking and plopping down on the couch inside the room. you heard a slight click, indicating that the woman had closed the door to leave you some privacy.
you stared at the ceiling, still in disbelief. this series had casted you as the main female lead and tom as the main male lead, the thought of that making you shudder.
tom was your ex-boyfriend, so you were surprised that he even agreed to do this project. the director happened to be your best friend, hannah, and let’s just say she was the biggest shipper of the two of you together. just like hannah, your fans went crazy hearing the two of you were making this film together.
you sat up on the couch, noticing your script was already on the table in front of you. your manager lola must have left it in the room beforehand.
picking up the thick paper stack, you started to go over your lines. you had been busy with featuring in several interviews and photoshoots, so you weren’t sure how the plot of the show went.
curiously, you skimmed through the script to reach around three-fourths of the book, before starting to read the lines.
then it hit you, there was a major breakup scene involved in the show. there was the getting-back-together part of the story, but since the show needs some spice there was a breakup scene.
you read that your character has to break up with tom’s character because the two of you grew busy to make time for each other.
deja vu.
“hey (y/n),” someone barged into your room, catching you off guard.
“let’s go meet the other cast members.” you got up from your seat while grabbing your script.
“sure. also hannah, i don’t know how you got me to do this series. you better hope i don’t start crying in the room after seeing tom.” hannah stared at you with pity, remembering how she was there to witness you cry your eyes out after tom and you called it quits.
you still loved tom, but sometimes things don’t work out and you have to learn to accept it.
hannah coughed awkwardly, before handing you a water bottle. “everyone went to the lounge to mingle but tom’s not here yet.”
you kept the smile on your face, hearing about tom made you want to run and cry because it had been six months since the two of you separated. still, you remembered that you promised to remain as friends, and this was film was only work.
“it’s okay, i’m ready.”
hannah gave you one last look before opening the door to the lounge. many people were inside chatting or eating snacks before the reading.
“hello, you’re (y/n) (y/l/n)!” a muscular man said to you as soon as you walked inside. he let out a hand for you to shake, “i’m mark, playing the second male lead, and i’m a big fan of yours.”
you smiled before shaking his hand, “thank you, mark. it’s nice meeting you.”
hannah went off to talk to the staff members while you talked to other cast members including mark.
“this is angela, she’s playing the role of your best friend.”
“hi, i’m (y/n).”
angela let out a chuckle before waving you off, “(y/n), of course i know who you are! you’re my favorite actress and i’m so honored to be casted in the same film as you!” as angela kindly praised you, you couldn’t help but be proud to make some friends.
“i hope we all get closer during this film.” you stated while the two of them nodded in agreement.
“the reading starts soon, cast members please head to the reading room now.” hannah announced while scanning the room.
“are you excited? i’m so nervous.” angela commented while walking beside you.
you shrugged while looking down at the grey tiles, “it’s quite awkward when you’re in the same cast as your ex.”
angela gave the same look that hannah gave you earlier, “you’ve got this, don’t worry about him.”
her encouraging words made you smile and when you entered the room, you headed straight to your seat. angela and mark had their assigned seats right across from yours, so they sat down.
the chair next to you was pulled back, and someone plopped down into the seat.
“hey (y/n),” you froze, the script in your hand dropped to the table.
you coughed a little, “tom? i haven’t seen you in a while.”
you looked to him and he held a grin, “how have you been?”
he was acting like the two of you were old pals, and it hurt that he looked like he’s moved on already. your freshly painted nails tapped on the wooden table surface, a nervous habit you had.
“i’ve been fine, just been doing interviews and photoshoots. you?”
he played with his shirt collar, “i’ve been good.”
it was quiet among the two of you, unlike the rest of the cast who were chattering all around the room.
“(y/n), i wanted to tal-”
“hello, everyone! let’s start the sit down reading now.” a staff member cut off tom’s words and you stared at him in curiosity.
“what were you just saying?” you whispered but he let out a sigh, not making eye contact with you.
“it’s nothing, i can tell you later.”
your lips thinned and you nodded, slightly disappointed at his words. deciding to not worry about it, you tried to act professional for the rest of the reading.
༄ ‧₊˚。゚・
hannah clapped as you said the final lines of the show, “that’s a wrap everyone! thank you all for being so cooperative. first day of filming is this weekend, so i’ll see you all there!”
you dropped the script that you held on the table, letting out a sigh and picking up your phone.
(y/n): the script reading just ended.
lola: good job! the car will be there in five to pick you up.
(y/n): okay. also, thanks for leaving my script in my room.
lola: what script?
a hand grabbed your wrist and stopped you from reading lola’s response. “(y/n), can you talk for a second?”
you turned around and saw tom was the one to stop you. you studied his face and felt weird inside.
“sure, here?” you looked around and saw that angela and mark were leaving the room. the room was almost cleared, people rushing to leave after such a long day.
“no, can you meet me at my house?”
your eyebrows rose in confusion, “your house?”
tom nodded, “yeah, i’ll meet you there.”
that moment, your phone received a message, indicating that your ride was here.
“okay, i might get there earli-”
“you can go inside first. you remember my house password right?”
you nodded slowly but still remained confused, why was he trusting you to go inside his house? what if you suddenly decided to rob him? you wouldn’t, but why did he trust you so much?
“okay, i’ll see you there.”
he let go of your wrist, which you didn’t even notice till now, and held a smile on his face.
“see you later.”
༄ ‧₊˚。゚・
you put tom’s password in, it being the day he got his dog. it used to be the date that the two of you started dating but before you did date, it was the date he got his dog.
since the two of you broke up, you assumed he changed it back to this date.
“i’m here!” you announced and expectedly heard the little sound of tessa running to you.
“come here, tessa,” tom’s dog, tessa, immediately greeted you while jumping and wagging her tail.
“did you miss me? oh my, did you even eat?”
tessa started to whine, and you shook your head at tom before walking over to the kitchen. even though it wasn’t your house, you weren’t going to let tessa starve.
tessa followed behind you, constantly sticking out her tongue in excitement to see you.
“sorry, tessa. tom was probably out filming the whole day and couldn’t feed you.” you said to her while she ate the food you poured into her bowl.
“you should come to my house if you get hungry.” you joked while petting her.
“can i go over too?”
you jumped, scared because you didn’t hear tom come inside.
“tom! you scared me!” you yelled while placing a hand over your heart.
“sorry, i didn’t mean to scare you.”
he looked over to tessa eating, “you know my manager came and fed her, right?”
your mouth fell open, “but there was no food in her bowl when i arrived!”
tom laughed at you, “(y/n), did you forget that tessa eats all her food so her bowl is literally clean?”
his laugh died down as you stood there awkwardly. of course you had forgot, the last time you came here was the night that the two of you broke up; that was six months ago.
“so, what did you want to talk about?” tom started looking around his fridge so you decided to take a seat on the high chair next to the island.
“i wanted to talk about,” he paused a bit, “us?” it sounded more like a question.
you nodded, knowing this moment was going to come. this was the part where tom was going to tell you that he’s moved on and you needed to act more professional around him.
while you were in your own thoughts, you didn’t anticipate tom’s actions.
how he was trying so hard not to ask if you didn’t miss him. how he wanted to just go and hug you because he missed you. how he wanted to make you take him back because he’s still crying at night, asking himself:
‘where did everything go wrong?’
he pulled out the milk carton and started brewing you coffee.
“what about us?” you carefully asked, the atmosphere was felt serious.
tom was focused on the coffee machine, so you closed your eyes to prepare for his next words.
let’s act more profess-
“i miss you.”
your eyes opened wide. however, tom didn’t look at you because he was scared of rejection.
“what?” you croaked out, was this really happening?
“i said, i miss you.” tom finally looked up to see your reaction.
your mouth was wide open, obviously not expecting him to say that.
“but you broke up with me.” you recalled.
“you couldn’t make time for us, you were the one missing our dates,” you stood up from the chair, “you were the one who missed our anniversary.”
tom let out a sigh, both of you knew it wasn’t just his fault that you broke up. you, too, were stubborn enough to not try to fix things. the breakup was both your faults.
“i know, and i’m sorry that i didn’t try harder. but i said what i meant, i do miss you.”
you calmed down a little, taking a breath. just earlier, tom looked like he’s moved on and not to mention that he hasn’t contacted you since your breakup.
“why are you telling me this now?”
the coffee was almost done, so tom began to pour it into a tall glass cup.
he shrugged, not looking at you, “i was scared that you’ve moved on. also, i was the one who broke up with you, so why would you hear me out then?”
he had a point, he knew you would have ignored him then. but now you were better, being able to stand in the same room as him without breaking down.
there was a long silence, the only sound being made was tom pouring milk into your coffee. he finished and placed the glass in front of you, before looking up to meet your eyes.
he was waiting for your answer.
“i,” a phone rang and tom cursed under his breath, the call ruining this moment.
“go answer it, i’ll be in the living room.”
you picked up your glass and walked out of the kitchen to the living room couch, while tom picked up his call.
you were distracted when tessa walked over to you.
you placed the glass down on the table after taking a few sips, picking up tessa instead.
“hey tessa, your dad said he misses me.” tessa sticked her tongue out, not understanding anything but still happy that you were back here.
“i miss him too, but i’m scared. what if he breaks up with me again? i felt so much pain after he broke up with me,” you chuckled, pitying yourself.
“then we don’t breakup again.”
you let tessa down to the ground and stared at tom.
“i said i miss you, and i’ve realized that i love you.” tom started to approach you from the hallway.
“(y/n), i promise i won’t hurt you again. i want to get back together. i know i didn’t say this but breaking up with you was the biggest mistake i’ve ever made in my entire life. i didn’t realize it until you left me that day.”
you felt tears falling down your cheeks and tom wiped them with his thumb.
“please,” he stared at you nervously, “take me back?” he let out a small smile, hurting inside that you were crying.
“if you hurt me again, i’m going to adopt tessa.”
tom let out a laugh before hugging you tightly, “so, that’s a yes?”
“yes.” you mumbled while he pulled away slightly.
“thank you, (y/n). you’re making me the happiest man alive right now.” he picked you up and you let out a squeal.
“you’re officially my girlfriend again.”
“no, you didn’t even ask me!” you argued, while going over to pick up your coffee.
tom watched you take a sip. “fine.” he huffed like a child.
“(y/n) (y/l/n), will you be my girlfriend?” tom stood in front of you with puppy eyes and tessa stood next to him.
you laughed, the two of them looking so adorable.
“yes, now let me play with tessa.”
“no! tessa, stop taking my girlfriend’s attention.”
you rolled your eyes with a smile, watching him pick up tessa to keep her away from you.
he stopped and turned to you. “yeah?”
“i love you.”
tom genuinely smiled after six months, “i love you too.”
༄ ‧₊˚。゚・
extra (a little after the script reading ended)
“paul! i need you to change my house password,” tom checked the time on his phone. “(y/n)’s going over soon, please.”
paul was feeding tessa when tom frantically called him.
“why? isn’t it the date that you started dating (y/n)?”
tom slapped his hand on his forehead, “that’s exactly why i need to change it! how will she react when she realizes that i never changed the password for my house from the date that we started dating, when we’ve been broken up for six months!”
paul laughed at tom from the other line, “fine, what do you want me to put it as?”
“put it as the code i just texted you. oh, and i forgot to thank you for leaving the script in (y/n)’s room. i saw her reading right before we started.”
“it’s no problem tom. call me if you need anything else.”
“thanks again, paul.”
after hearing the call end, paul looked at tessa.
“he’s never stopped loving her, huh?”
tessa barked in agreement.
༄ ‧₊˚。゚・
written on october 22, 2021
link to my tom holland masterlist
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cxddlyash · 2 months ago
Biker Bar
Tumblr media
Pairing: Biker!Bucky x Reader
Words: 2900+
Author's Note: I was looking through the kiss prompt list I reblogged a while back and found this- One person tracing the other’s lips with a fingertip until they can’t resist any longer, tilting their chin towards them for a kiss- and instantly thought of biker!bucky, which I've never done before, so I hope I've done justice cause goddAMN. Let me know what yall think! xox
"Why do we have to go to that bar, Suzie?" You ask and let out a huff of breath. Your eyes watch her glide across her room as she figures out what to wear. "It's… a-a biker bar!"
The brunette glances towards you with an incredulous look on her face. "C'mon, Y/N! Bikers are hot! We're not getting laid going to the normal bars, so why not spice it up!" She exclaims and you sigh, running a hand through your hair.
"Bikers are also dangerous, Suz! Just a few weeks ago a biker was arrested," you try to knock some sense into her.
Suzie rolls her eyes while gathering her shoes and purse. "Y/N, come on. It's just for a few hours. We'll be fine," she states while raising her eyebrows.
"Fine," you mumble quietly and stand up from your seat on the bed, following her out of her apartment.
The only good thing about this bar is that it's only a five minute walk from Suzie's place. You fiddle with your fingers while walking down the street, listening to your best friend spew out her game plan for tonight.
You can hear the bass of the music from the bar, noticing the long line of bikes sitting outside of the building. A couple of men who are sitting on their bikes whistle at us, capturing Suzie's attention.
"Hi, boys!" She grins and you roll your eyes while slipping past her, heading into the bar.
You run into someone upon entering the dimly lit place, muttering out an apology as you glance up at the man. "That's alright, doll. You okay?" The man asks and you nod your head.
"Y-Yeah, thank you," you stutter and feel a hand rest on your lower back.
"Y/N, c'mon," Suzie ushers you forward, dragging you towards the bar.
You glance over your shoulder to look at the mysterious man, noticing him watching you walk away. A smirk comes to his pink lips while bringing the whiskey glass to his lips. Your cheeks blush and look away, tucking your lip between your teeth.
"What can I get you ladies?" The bartender asks, his eyes roaming down your body. An uneasy shiver runs down your spine, as you look over the many cocktails listed on the blackboard behind him.
"I'll have a coke and whiskey," Suzie tells the man and he nods in response before bringing his gaze back to you.
"Uh, sex on the beach, please," you mention and the bartender smirks while nodding his head again.
He turns his back to make your drinks and you keep an eye on him. You chew on the inside of your cheek as you've got a bad feeling about the man.
The bartender turns back around, setting both of your drinks onto the bar top. "Ladies," he winks before walking away to tend other customers.
Your heart pounds against your chest as you look down at the drink in front of you. A sigh leaves your lips and you glance towards your friend to see her drink already half gone.
"God, Y/N, stop! Just have a good fucking time and stop worrying," she growls before getting off of the stool. You shut your mouth and watch her walk away from you.
"She's a firecracker, ain't she?" The same voice from before asks and you jump in your seat, whipping your head around to see the man you bumped into before.
Your lips part, trying to find the right words as he stares down you. "U-Uh, yeah, she sure is," you mumble and tuck a strand of hair behind your ear.
"I'm Bucky," he introduces himself and holds his hand out to you. You smile softly at the blue-eyed man and shake his hand.
"Hi, Bucky. I'm Y/N," you greet him and pull your hand from his before stirring your drink.
Silence fills the space between you, your eyes trained on the ice in your untouched cocktail. Bucky's hand taps against the bar as he watches you stare off into space. "Is everything alright with your drink?" He asks you with a tilt of his head.
You wet your lips and glance from your drink to the man sitting in front of you. "Uhm, I'm just…" you trail off, thinking about how to tell him your experience with the bartender. "Do you come here often?"
Bucky furrows his brows and nods his head in response. "Almost every night. Why?" He questions, watching you chew on your lip.
"Does the bartender usually make drinks with his back turned to you?" You ask in a whisper, looking up at Bucky through your lashes.
Your question causes Bucky’s back to straighten, his blue eyes looking towards the young bartender he recently hired. "He shouldn't be, no," Bucky mumbles and reaches for your drink. "Is that what he did with yours?"
"Yeah," you mention and allow him to take your drink. You watch him inspect your drink before calling the bartender over to him.
The younger guy walks over to the two of you and Bucky sees the way his eyes roam over your figure, the lustful glimmer in his green eyes. "What's up, boss?" He asks, tearing his gaze from you.
Your ears perk up at the word boss and snap your head towards Bucky, seeing a stern look on his face. "Did you make this with your back turned to her?" He asks and the bartender's eyes widen.
"U-Uh, yes, sir."
Bucky drags his tongue across his lips before clicking it against his teeth. "Dump it and remake it. In front of her," he seethes, causing the younger guy to nod his head repeatedly.
"Yes sir."
Colby, Bucky's bartender, sets your new drink in front of you before apologizing. You nod your head in response and the green-eyed man walks away from the two of you. A sigh of relief leaves your lips before taking a sip of your drink.
"I'm sorry about him. He's usually better than that," Bucky mentions and you shrug your shoulders.
"Thank you, Bucky," you whisper and feel yourself melt a bit at the smile that comes to his face.
The brunette taps your bare leg gently before motioning for you to follow him. Your cheeks blush, feeling his touch linger on your skin while grabbing your glass. You follow him through the packed bar, your free hand reaching out to grab a hold of his leather jacket.
Bucky glances back at you and grabs a hold of your hand, lacing your fingers together. Your heart flutters in your chest as the burly biker leads you to the brown leather couch.
You sit down gently, crossing your leg over the other as Bucky sits down beside you. You bite your lip as his thick thigh brushed against yours, the beat of the music echoing off the walls.
"You do this with every pretty girl that comes in here?" You laugh while biting your bottom lip.
Bucky drapes his right arm over your shoulder, a deep chuckle leaving his lips. "Believe it or not, but not many pretty girls run into me at my own bar," he smirks and you roll your eyes playfully.
You take a couple of sips from your drink before shifting in your seat, so you're sitting sideways. Bucky glances down at you, your faces inches apart and your breath hitches in your throat.
"There a reason you and your friend came to this bar?" He whispers and a sigh leaves your lips.
You look around the place, seeing your friend talking to a group of bikers across the bar. "She wants to get laid and there hasn't been anyone interested in her at normal bars," you tell him as you run a hand through your hair.
A hum leaves Bucky's lips while glancing towards your friend. "Only thing about some bikers is that some don't take no for an answer. She needs to be careful," he warns you, and your stomach twists.
"Oh my God," you mumble as you begin to worry about your friend, bringing your gaze back to the girl.
Bucky rests his hand on your thigh, his fingertips digging into the plump flesh. Your breath hitches in your throat as you look down at his hand before glancing up at him through your lashes. "I'll have my guys keep an eye on her. Don't worry. They can be trusted," he reassures you.
"Okay," you whisper and Bucky moves his hand to your face.
Your eyes flutter shut as his fingertips glide across your jawline before moving to your bottom lip. You breathe heavily, scooting closer to him as Bucky's nose nudges yours.
"Is this okay?" He whispers, feeling his breath fan your lips. You reach forward and grip his leather jacket, nodding your head in response. "Words, doll. Need to hear you say it."
"P-Please," you stutter and Bucky grabs the drink in your hands before setting it on the table in front of him.
Bucky moves his right hand from the back of the couch before tugging you onto his lap. Your heart pounds against your chest as you straddle the biker, resting your hands on his shoulders.
His hands slide down your back before settling on your hips. "You're so gorgeous, doll," Bucky mumbles while glancing up at you.
"T-Thank you, Bucky," you smile, glad that someone finally picked you over your best friend.
Bucky's hand moves to the back of your neck, pulling you closer to him as the space between your faces diminishes. Just as his lips brush against yours, Suzie's voice calling out your name makes you jump.
"Y/N! Come on! I wanna go home," she practically yells, hearing the annoyance in her voice.
You let out a sigh, resting your forehead against Bucky's for a few seconds before glancing behind you. Your best friend stands about two feet behind you with her arms crossed.
"I guess I have to leave," you mumble loud enough for Bucky to hear.
He hums as you slide off of him, adjusting the skirt you're wearing before pushing yourself off of the couch. "You girls need a ride?" He asks, his blue eyes glancing towards your friend.
Suzie takes a couple of steps forward as the two of you stand up, batting her eyelashes at Bucky. "I would love for you to take me home," she flirts, winking at the muscly man.
Your heart drops into your stomach as her fingers glide up his chest. Bucky grabs a hold of her hand, causing Suzie to gasp in pain. "Don't touch me," he bluntly tells her and your eyes widen in shock.
Bucky's eyes meet yours after your friend lets out a huff of breath. "Whatever. Y/N, let's go. You were right about this place," Suzie scoffs before turning to walk out the door.
"I, uhm, I had fun," you mumble while tucking some hair behind your ear.
The biker grins at you and motions for you to walk forward. "I'll walk you out, Y/N," Bucky mentions and you chuckle, nodding your head.
You can feel his fingers brush against your lower back as the two of you follow Suzie out of the bar doors. Another sigh leaves your lips as you notice your friend already making her way to her place, leaving you behind. "I'm sorry about her," you mumble with a frown.
"She's pretty pretentious, don't you think?" Bucky asks and you nod your head, crossing your arms over your chest.
"She means well I swe-"
"She's jealous of you," Bucky cuts you off and you furrow your brows.
You shake your head, refusing to believe that Suzie is jealous of you. She's the one who always gets the guy. "Why would she be jealous of me?" You ask, feeling a bit confused.
Bucky lets out a laugh as he looks off into the distance for a few seconds. "Because you got the attention tonight and she didn't," he informs you while shrugging his shoulders. "She doesn't seem to be waiting for you. Do you want a ride home?"
You turn to see the empty street, noticing all the lights off in your best friend's apartment in the distance. You press your lips together and roll your eyes at her childish behavior, wondering why you're still friends with her.
"I-I'd like that," you tell him, not feeling comfortable walking to your place alone. Since you live farther away from the bar.
Bucky grins and grabs a hold of your hand before leading you to his motorbike. "Let me just tell Steve I'll be gone for a bit," he mentions and you nod your head in response.
You bite your lip gently as you watch him run up the steps of the bar, poking his head into the busy joint for about a minute. You move to sit on the back of his bike, resting your hands against the leather seat as Bucky now walks back towards you.
"Look at you lookin' cute," Bucky mentions with a smirk and a blush covers your cheeks.
"Shut up," you laugh while rolling your eyes playfully.
Bucky opens the pouch he has on the back of his bike before pulling out a helmet. "Here," he mumbles and you glance back to see him holding out his helmet.
"Don't you need one?" You question while grabbing it.
"Rather have your pretty self protected than mine, doll," Bucky flirts and your heart flutters in your chest, a smile coming to your lips.
The burly biker gets onto the bike as you fasten the helmet onto your head, Bucky being careful not to kick you on accident. You shift your position on the seat so your chest is pressed against his back, wrapping your arms around his torso.
"So you think I'm pretty?" You tease, earning a chuckle from Bucky.
His blue eyes glance back at you before wetting his lips. "Doll, I thought we've already established that you're pretty? I mean… we did almost make out on the couch in my bar," he smirks and you press your face into his shoulder to conceal your grin. "Of course I think you're pretty."
Bucky pulls into your driveway and parks the bike before shutting the ignition off. You release your grip on him and bring your hands to the fastening of the helmet, quickly undoing it before tugging it off of your head.
The brunette grins while getting off of the bike, a chuckle leaving his lips at the sight of your hair. "Man, helmets don't do women justice do they," Bucky mentions and reaches out to fix your hair.
You let out a huff of breath and smile up at him, enjoying the feeling of his fingers combing through your hair. "Thank you," you mumble while gracefully getting off of the motorbike, "for bringing me home."
Bucky nods his head while holding his hand out to you. "It's not a problem at all, Y/N," he smiles and you melt a bit under his gaze. "I'm definitely glad you came to my bar tonight."
Giggles leave your lips and Bucky motions for you to walk towards your front porch. You smile at the ground as the burly biker follows you to your porch, glancing behind you when you walk up the steps to see his hands tucked into his pockets.
"Well, this is me," you tell him while turning to face the blue-eyed man.
Bucky doesn't say anything as he looks down at you, bringing his right hand up to your face. Your breath hitches in your throat as his fingers glide across your cheek.
Your hands grab a hold of his leather jacket when his fingers move to your lips. Your eyes flutter shut as he traces the outline of them, feeling his other hand resting against your hip.
You've never been so infatuated with any other man you've come into contact with. "B-Bucky," you stutter out, opening your eyes to look up at him. "If you're going to kiss me, please hurry up."
A breathy chuckle leaves his lips while his fingers move to your chin, lifting it slightly before Bucky leans down to connect your lips with his. You lean on your toes, deepening the kiss while wrapping one of your arms around his neck.
You pull away from him and Bucky rests his forehead against yours. "I think I'll definitely go to your bar again if it means I get to see you," you chuckle as Bucky moves both of his hands so they're resting on your lower back.
He hums in response and kisses your lips once again. "Mm, I'm definitely okay with that," Bucky grins before giving your ass cheek a quick slap.
A gasp leaves your lips and you look up at the brunette, seeing a smirk on his pink lips. "Bucky!" You slap his chest playfully, biting your lip gently.
"Goodnight, doll," Bucky whispers and connects your lips for the third time tonight. "Come see me tomorrow."
You press your lips together and nod your head in response. "I will," you tell him as the brunette walks down the steps of your porch. "Don't forget about me with all these pretty girls stumbling into your bar!"
Bucky laughs and turns to face you, walking back towards his bike. "How can I when I've got you?!" He winks before sitting down on his bike.
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allmyspideys · 7 months ago
nothing much happens
Summary: you and bucky have to share a room, but you listen to a sleep podcast and really hope bucky doesn’t mind
A/N: idk what i’m doing with this and honestly it’s not very good, but i needed a step away from our wandavision bucky au, so this is what i wrote :) i actually do listen to sleep podcasts and this is a real concern that i have lol… If you have any requests, send them in! Enjoy!
Living at the Avengers compound is usually a dream come true; there’s a full size kitchen with updated appliances, the toilets always work, the ceiling has never caved in, you have a whole room to yourself, and to top it all off, you have some amazing roommates. When you signed on to be the Avengers coordinator and on site manager, you didn’t know that you would be getting some of the best friends that you ever had. You signed on immediately because of the good pay, benefits, and it would get you out of the dingy apartment you had been living in for a while, but the friends were a huge bonus. A dream come true. 
When you met James Buchanan Barnes, part of you immediately fell in love. The way his dark hair contrasted with his bright blue eyes and the sharp cut of his jawline. How could anyone not be wildly attracted? But when you looked closer, you could see the pain and resignation in his eyes; he was inn pain and just exhausted, and it was abundantly clear to you. So that day, you set out to just do a little something for him every time you saw him. At first it was just offering a bright smile, then it moved to asking how his day was going or telling a few jokes. Before you knew it, you were seeing Bucky every day and teasing him while cooking dinner together or just sitting in silence when it was a rough day. Bucky sought you out and you were more than happy to be there; he was a fun and amazing guy that you were happy to call your friend.
While the ceiling may not have ever caved in (yet), there was a small fire that broke out in the labs (Thanks Peter…), so everyone that lived on that side of the compound had to move while they fixed it. Which is how you ended up with Bucky sharing your room for a few nights.
Originally the plan was to just have everyone sleep in one of the common spaces. There were couches and lots of blankets, so it would be like one big adult, superhero sleepover. Sounded like fun if you were being honest, but then Bucky came to you with a very valid concern.
You were in the kitchen making breakfast when he pulled you aside. 
“Y/N,” Bucky’s hand lingered on your arm, distracting for a moment before you noticed the concern in his voice and evident all over his face, “I can’t sleep with everyone. They can’t all know.”
You wished you didn’t understand immediately. You wished that Bucky would just tell the team; they’d understand. But more importantly, you wished they didn’t happen at all. Without a second though you offered up your room.
“I can’t just take your room,” his forehead scrunched together, just demanding you to run your thumb across it and sooth him.
“Buck, it’s okay,” you tried to reassure him, “I don’t mind sleeping on the couch. I always liked sleepovers,” that got a little chuckle out of him, “besides, it’s only for a few days.” 
It was like you could see the gears turning in Bucky’s head. You always knew when he was up to something because the thought process was just so clear on his face. It was the way his eyes looked determined and stared straight ahead, but the very slight smirk told you that it was never sinister, but the little scrunch between his eyebrows was the real key to knowing Bucky had come up with something. 
“What if I just crash in your room with you,” he asked tentatively. While his face normally showed confidence, there was just uncertainty. Bucky hoped that he hadn’t overstepped. You were his best friend, his confidant, and he just wanted you to be comfortable. 
“I’ll take the floor! Of course,” he quickly finished.
Honestly, you didn’t know why you hadn’t thought of it first. It’s not like Bucky hadn’t seen you in your PJs; you ate breakfast in them. You’d fallen asleep on him during movies and definitely on long trips back to the compound. You didn’t even care if you shared a bed, though you’d have to deal with whatever feelings it brought up later… 
“Of course Bucky!” 
And with that, Bucky Barnes was spending the night with you, which was totally fine. Until you realized it wasn’t. 
It’s not that you couldn’t sleep, because you could fall asleep anywhere at any time, the problem was falling asleep when you needed to go to sleep. It was like there was pressure to fall asleep, so it just never happened. Then you found sleep podcasts and listened to them literally every night. After you told Wanda, she started using them too. You’d never felt ashamed about it, but also you hadn’t really been sleeping with anyone, so no one other than Wanda knew about it.
When it came time to go to sleep, after you convinced Bucky that it was really okay to share a bed, you realized that you probably should tell him about the podcast.
Bucky sensed the discomfort before you started saying anything. The concern in his eyes matched the concern in yours.
“I listen to a sleep podcast,” you blurted out.
It took Bucky a moment to even register what you had said, then another moment to register what you were talking about. 
“It’s called Nothing Much Happens,” you continued, still looking very concerned. Bucky just looked at you amused. His little smile made your heart skip a beat, not really helping with the nervousness.
“I’ve trained myself to fall asleep to it,” you rambled, just trying to get all the words out and explain yourself, “but it really does help, like I get two sentences in and I’m out, and I think if you try it, well, it could help”. 
Bucky gently cupped your face. He was always so gentle with his metal arm; he was still afraid of hurting someone with it and it was never going to be you, he promised himself. But you knew that he never could hurt you and leaned into his metal hand. 
“It's okay,” he chuckled, “play whatever you want. I’ll give it a try.” 
Bucky always tried what you brought him. There was trust there; it was built up from many laughs and teasing, rough days and long nights, and the sincerity of your personality and heart. You were a light in Bucky’s life, so he tried anything you asked.
As you settled into bed and pressed play, Bucky knew that it would be his first restful night in a long time, though he couldn’t be sure if it was because of you or the podcast. At some point in the night Bucky scooted closer to you. The warmth radiating off his body only pulled you in more and in sleep you fit your body in the little crook of his arm. 
You’d never tell him, but Bucky did have a nightmare when he was with you. You woke up to find yourself tucked against his side and panicked a little, but when you realized it was Bucky’s groans that pulled you out of sleep, you couldn’t have cared less. You finally reached up to gently rub your fingers over the little crease between Bucky’s eyebrows, gave him a kiss on the forehead, and he fell back into a peaceful slumber. Staying with you those few days really was the best sleep Bucky had gotten in a long time. He’d tell you that the podcast really helped him fall asleep, but really it was you. The feeling from the weight of your head against his chest and the mutual warmth flowing back and forth between you was the most comforting thing he’d ever experienced. Laying in your arms while you ran your fingers through his hair made Bucky feel like he was healing. But of course, it was the podcast that made him sleep better at night.
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sebystann · 24 days ago
Description: you’re not in love with me. You’re in love with her.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader
Warning: Angst  
Word Count: 2,088
Tumblr media
Have you heard of the honeymoon phase? The honeymoon phase is a blissful, carefree period in a couple’s relationship. It’s kind of like a sugar rush in away. It’s exciting and new, and there’s so much to learn about each during that time.
Well, the honeymoon phase is slowly coming to an end for Bucky and y/n. The sugary rush they both felt was soon fading, and they began to lose the excitement of seeing each other. Then the tiny arguments started; it would be over the littlest things, like when Bucky had forgotten to take the trash out or when y/n didn’t reply to Bucky’s text. The flirting seemed to stop altogether; they barely ever tried to impress each other. But this is normal in a relationship. It’s a time where reality sets in and the association are more realistic. You’re not going to want to be around your partner constantly. But some couples think the relationship is taking the turn for the worst and well stop trying in the relationship.  
Y/n sort of stopped trying; she had let herself distance herself from Bucky quite a bit. She stopped listening to him when he talked about things bothering him or how his day was. She just felt drained from school and work that she didn’t have the energy to be there for him anymore physically. That is where y/n went wrong.  
Bucky started to confide in another woman that he had met at work. She was sweet, and she listened to him when he needed an ear, something that y/n seemed to do less of these days.  
It was like the two of them gave up. Instead of fighting for each other, Y/n and Bucky threw in the towel.  
As the months dragged on and Bucky found himself falling for another woman, he panicked. He was in denial about his feelings, and he was confused.  
Once Bucky started to include his new lady friend in all his and y/n social gatherings, y/n started to notices the changes in him and the difference in their relationship.  
Y/n could see the way Bucky looked at her. Hell, even Wanda, her best friend, noticed it as well.  
“Shit he’s never looked at you like he’s looking at Hayley.” Wanda would point out.  
Y/n tried to ignore the obvious and pretend the possibility that things hadn’t changed. But how long can you do that? How long can you sit back and watch the man you love distance himself from you?
That’s when she started to try again. But unfortunately, it was too late the damage was done.
  “Happy birthday!” Bucky laughs, placing a cupcake in front of y/n.
“Aw, thanks, babe.” She smiled gleefully at him.
“Hayley made a whole batch of them for your birthday.” He sat the box of homemade chocolate cupcakes on top of the counter.  
“Oh, you guys have been hanging out a lot lately.” She fakes a smile picked at the cupcake liner.  
“Wha- I mean yeah she’s a friend.” He raised his brow in confusion.  
“Doesn’t seem friendly to me.” Her shoulders shrugged, throwing the uneaten cupcake in the trash bin.
“She’s only a friend y/n, you don’t have to worry about her promise.”  
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep Buck.” She mumbles, grabbing her textbook and heading into their bedroom.
“Oh, also I hate chocolate anyway.” Her head pops out, looking into the kitchen at Bucky.  
“I thought you loved chocolate.” He questioned, confused.
“No remember; You must be getting me confused with your ‘friend’ what’s her name.”  
“It’s Hayley and no I’m not.” He groans.
“Whatever Buck I have to run to Wanda’s I’ll be back in a few.” She grabbed her bag and keys and rushed out the door.  
“Fuck.” Bucky yells, pushing the box of cupcakes farther away from him. Y/n was truthful; she hated chocolate. How could he forget such a simple detail about his girlfriend?  
But Hayley loves chocolate…. Hayley loved a lot of things. She wasn’t picky when it came to food like y/n. It was so easy to buy her lunch or dinner, she’d never complained.  
Now y/n was a different story; she was hard to please. She is so picky about her food, and she only ate chicken and protein bars, not to mention everything was gluten-free and had to be organic. Bucky loved that y/n cared about her food quality, but sometimes he just wanted to eat a juicy burger and fries at the fast-food restaurant down the road with her. He could do that with Hayley; he has done that with Hayley.  
He hated comparing the two women; it felt wrong. But he couldn’t help that his mind constantly went back and forth. He keeps making pros and cons lists on both women.
Tumblr media
He was confused, and his pros and cons lists were a stupid idea. Of course, it made it worse. Hayley wasn’t y/n, and well, Bucky wanted y/n.  
He’d do anything to keep y/n, but he felt like she wouldn’t do that for him. He was getting a headache and needed to stop. He crumbled the piece of paper up and threw it away.
The house was full of all of Bucky and y/n friends. Bucky rushed around, making sure everything was in place for y/n’s birthday party. Hayley put the cake on the countertop, she adjusted all the finger food, making sure the area looked put together.
“Thank you for helping,” Bucky said with a smile.
“Of course you know I’d do anything for you.” She smiled back.
He nods, smiling slightly.
“Y/n and Wanda are almost her.” Sam pokes his head into the kitchen, waving his phone. Sam gave Bucky a pointed look seeing he had invited Hayley, who y/n could not stand.  
“I should go before y/n gets here. I know she doesn’t like me.” Hayley frowns, grabbing her bag.
“No, stay! She does like you, y/n has a funny way of showing her emotions sometimes.” Bucky reassures her with a lie.
“Okay if you say so.” Hayley chuckles, putting her bag down.
Everyone got into their places as the sound of the apartment door began to open.
“Surprise Happy Birthday y/n!!” The group of people yells.
“Oh my God.” y/n laughs, putting her hand over her chest, trying to catch her breath from being startled.
The party was going so well. Y/n enjoyed herself and being with all her friends she hadn’t seen in a few weeks due to her busy schedule. She wasn’t too happy that Hayley stood across the room, pulling her boyfriend away into another room.
“Excuse me Steve I’ll be right back.” y/n smiled, making her way to the hallway they disappeared down.  
“Bucky I like you and I see how unhappy you are with y/n.” Hayley placed her hand on Bucky’s arm.
“I– look I like you too but y/n… She means a lot to me and I care about her. I’m confused with this whole situation. Give me a week Hayley and I’ll have an answer for you.” He sighs, grabbing her hand.  
“Oh hell no don’t worry about thinking about it Buck.” Y/n stomps towards the two.  
“Calm down y/n it’s not what–
“You better shut the fuck up right now Bucky, I am not in the mood for excuses. What happened to she’s just a friends babe?” She pushes at his chest.
“Hey don’t do that! it does not need to be violent!” Hayley yells at her.
“Y/n come on, don’t do this., Wanda said, coming down the hall where the three of them stood. Steve and Sam following suit.  
“It’s not worth it Trust me.” Nat slips behind the group.
Y/n ignored her friends’ anger boiling over. This bitch did not just tell her to stop.  
“Don’t you dare speak to me you bitch. You have no right to say a damn thing to me.” y/n stepped up close to the redhead.
“Get out of my face.” The girl pushed y/n a few inches from her.
That did it for y/n; she saw red as she threw a punch at Hayley’s jaw. A loud, harsh sound of fist meeting skin echoed through the silent hall. Hayley stumbles back, holding her lower face.
“Come on stand up and fight bitch.”  
Hayley goes to slap at y/n’s cheek but misses completely as y/n lands a hard punch to her nose. A loud cracking sound and blood began to pool from Hayley’s nose as y/n was pulled away by Bucky.
“Get your fucking hands off me!” She yells, elbowing Bucky in the face making him loosen his grip on her.  
“Get Hayley out of here,” Bucky yells to Steve, pulling on y/n.
Steve guides the crying redhead out of the apartment in a rush. Their group of friends rushed behind Steve, ready to get the hell out of there before Y/n rips into Bucky.
“What the fuck!” Y/n yells, punching the wall bruising her hand even more.  
“I’m sorry y/n please just calm down,” Bucky whispered, stepping back a bit.
“Just shut up Bucky! I need some time to myself please leave.” she glared at him.
He nodded understanding, and he knew she needed to cool off before they talked. So he grabbed his keys and left without a word.  
Y/n cried; she cried so much that her body hurt. She called Bucky about an hour ago and asked him to come back. They needed to talk.
Y/n stood across from the man that she thought was once her forever. Tears stained her rosy red cheeks, throat burning from their argument.  
He hated being the reason for her tears. But he couldn’t keep going on with their relationship. He had fallen in love with someone else. It wasn’t intentional; it just happened.  
“Why Bucky?” She sobs, running her tiny hands through her slightly knotted hair.  
“I– I don’t have an answer… it just happened y/n.” he sighed.  
“I saw how you looked at her. I sorta knew you had started to, fall in love with her.”  
“What do you mean?” He asked, confused.  
“You have this look on your face when you see her. You don’t look at me like that, you never have. It’s because you’re not in love with me, are you?” She wiped the tears from her wet cheeks.  
“I did love you; I do love you.” He reached out to pull her in.  
“No you love me but you are not in love with me Bucky. That was the difference between her and me.” She yells, shrugging his hands away from her.  
“Please you don’t even know that! I did– I do love you y/n.” he tries again to pull her into his arms.  
“Stop lying Bucky you don’t! Just be honest with me for once.” She pushes him away.  
“Okay, you want honesty fine. I am in love with her, but I wasn’t trying to fall for her! It just happened I don’t know how it happened but it did.” He steps back, running his metal hand down his flushed face.  
“Nothing is truly ever accidental Buck! You allowed yourself to fall for her. You confided in her for things you should have come to me about! But you didn’t, you went straight to her without a second thought!” She threw her head back, chuckling darkly.  
“I went to her because I felt like I couldn’t come to you y/n! You’re always busy with med school, you never have time anymore! Don’t get me wrong I’m proud of you but God every time I try to come to you; you don’t listen! It’s like talking to a fucking wall.”  
“Well you don’t have to worry about trying to talk to this fucking ‘wall’ anymore, you don’t need me anyway.” She sighed, grabbing her bags.  
Maybe she should have been there for him more, but she would not allow him to blame it all on her. They were both at fault for their fucked up relationship.  
“It is not just my fault Bucky. We both played a part in destroying this relationship.” She sighed, opening the apartment they once shared, grabbing her duffle bag full of her clothes.  
He didn’t chase after her; instead, he watched the most important person in his life leave. A mistake he one day will regret.  
Say isn’t it strange?  
Isn’t it strange?  
I am still me, you are still you  
In the same place  
Isn’t it strange?  
How people can change  
From strangers to friends  
Friends into lovers  
And strangers again. 
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thewritingdoll · 2 months ago
Hear me out here: Dilf!bucky (breeding kink obvi) x innocent reader and a lil bit of dub-con and bondage …👀 ILY💕
payday loan : BB
fandom marvel
featuring dark!ceo!dilf!bucky x babysitter!reader (f)
content warning all smut, unprotected sex, breeding kink, innocent!reader, loss of virginity, dub con, bondage (spreader bar + cuffs), minor slapping kink, dacryphilia, size kink, use of the word daddy, Bucky’s pretty mean
summary you make the mistake of asking bucky for an advance payment for this week
word count 1k / mini musing
attention not proofread. do not repost or translate. reblog & give feedback!
Tumblr media
you probably should’ve kept your mouth shut; you’d always had an issue with restraint and anger management, and you knew that, but you should’ve bit the bullet and swallowed your pride when James said he couldn’t pay you any earlier than Friday for babysitting the kids. no, couldn’t had not been his word of choice. he wouldn’t pay you before Friday. James Barnes was loaded with cash, his multi million dollar company hadn’t gone under, and his massive mansion would not be snatched up by the bank if the prick gave you your well earned three hundred and twenty dollars on a Wednesday instead of a Friday.
and you’d told him so.
which had landed you in the position you’re in now.
on a few occasions, James or his wife had asked you to tidy up around the house and that included their bedroom. the room was massive and luxurious, with a king size bed in the center of the room. you’d seen plenty of oddities in there— handcuffs here, a flogger there, vibrators in the drawers and even a black, pleather bench with seatbelt-like straps hanging off it in the corner— but you never thought, in all the time you’ve worked for them, that you’d find yourself on your back in nothing but your bra and panties (which were both pulled askew to expose your breasts and give him access to your core) against the mattress, with thick, black straps on your ankles that bind them to a long, silver bar. your legs are spread wide for James, you has also fastened similar cuffs to each of your wrists to separate notches on the pole. his fist is wrapped around the center of the metal, gripping it tight. he seems to use it as a lever, pulling your entire body to his.
the tears are far from dried on your cheeks, though the majority of the pain from the initial insertion has dissipated, James is none too gentle as he ruts into you. your walls flutter about the girth of his manhood as it stretches you to a capacity you’ve never felt before. he was so big, much too big for him to have been your first, and you felt like he was ripping you apart, especially because he had no regard for how deep he was delving into you— each thrust of his hips sent him hilt-deep into a newly devirginized interior. because of this, your face remained twisted into an expression of discomfort, eyes wide with shock.
Bucky chuckles through grit teeth, “what’s the crocodile tears for, pretty girl? Weren’t expecting me to pop your cherry? Daddy’s cock too big for that itty, bitty belly of yours?” his crystalline pair coruscate in the dim lighting as his gaze travels over your stomach, pressing his free palm against the lump just below your navel, the size and shape of his cock. you mewl, head rolling about on the mattress, and your teeth sink into your lower lip; the pressure adds to the sensation of being stuffed full. “Ooh, listen to you whine for me,” he croons with faux sympathy, poking out his lower lip. “I’ll bet you’re used to gettin’ exactly what you want with those puppy dog eyes, aren’t you? But, I gotta tell you, baby girl, daddy’s made more girls cry than just you. You really think those little sniffles are gonna work on me? Make me go easier on you?”
his hips grind into yours as he digs as deep as possible without his thick tip bursting through your belly button (or, at least, that’s what it feels like), and you cry out, back arching. your fingernails claw at the restraints, arms tensed unable to do much but sting.
“Ah!” it’s more a bestial growl than a sound of pleasure you’d expect anyone to make, his eyes fiery with even more desire at your wriggling. “See, feel that? How your pussy tremors when she’s gripping my cock? You can glare up at me with those cute, puffy eyes and your makeup streaked down your cheeks, but I can tell by the way that little pussy hugs me that you don’t want it gentle. You don’t want me to be nice. You want to be fucked into submission, and daddy’s more than willing to break that bad fuckin’ habit of talking back to me with my cock.”
it was almost impossible to formulate a coherent sentence, batting tears back, but they fall anyways, squirming as if to escape the cocktail of pleasure and pain, and you turn away from him, angling your countenance towards the wall instead. “W—what— what if I t-told your, ah! Your wife about this—“
the most wicked of grins contorts James’ lips, and he reaches through the bar and between your arms to grip your face, turning it back to force you to look up at him. “You think she doesn’t know, pretty girl? I’ve only been planning to breed your little body since you started working for us. I just needed a good excuse to break you in, thanks for that.” he pauses, to groan and close his eyes, pace picking up as his hips begin to buck more erratically. “She thinks you’ll make a better baby factory than she ever could, and she’s more than willing to let me keep you here and fuckin’ ruin you until the only thing you want is for me to swell that little tummy with my bastards—“ even as your whimpering escalated into screams, you can hear him. your eyes close, head wanting to angle away from his grip, his palm makes contact with your cheek in a couple, quick slaps. “You can get used to being my little breed-whore, sweet girl. And don’t you worry, you’re gonna get a nice raise every time I knock you up; as long as you learn that your place is wrapped around daddy’s cock, and that pussy is for him to fill with his loads, you’re gonna be a fine new addition to this family.”
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scarlvtbitch · 6 months ago
First night you were mine
bucky barnes x fem reader
summary: bucky distances himself from you because he thinks he’s bad for you, fluff snd smut ensues
A/N: for a better experience listen to the song Belong by the Cary Brothers
Tumblr media
Bucky couldn’t understand how could anyone want him. He was an ex murderer, even if he was manipulated and literally controlled to do it, he still did it. He had blood all over his hands, how could anyone want him that way? His therapist once said being alone could be the worst hell possible, yet he was pushing the one person who cared for him away. Why? God, he was so screwed up. 
Y/N came crying to Sam that day, not knowing anyone else she could talk to, who could perhaps comfort. Someone else that wasn’t him. 
“Sam? Sam?” Y/N knocked twice and before she could try a third time, Sam opened the door. He quickly saw the dried tears painted on her cheeks, that were blended with her mascara. Her eyes and nose were red too.
“What happened? Are you okay?” He brought her in and carefully made her sit down on his sofa. 
“Bucky said he never wanted to see me again.”
“Wait, what? That doesn’t make any sense. You two were normal and friendly yesterday.”
“That’s what I thought.” she sniffled “So I asked him if someone was threatening me or him and he said no. I could tell he was telling the truth, Sam. The worst part is that I was about to tell him I-” She let out a quiet sob. “I loved him. He didn’t let me finish because before I knew it he just switched to this cold expression like he was The Winter Soldier again. I don’t know what to do.”
“I’m gonna talk to him. Or beat his ass up.” Y/N took a hold of Sam’s arm. 
“No, wait! I don’t want to pressure him.”
“Y/N, but that wasn’t fair.”
“I know, but he needs time.”
“Okay.” Sam sighed
Sam lied. As soon as Y/N left his place he quickly headed to Bucky’s apartment to talk to him. Or beat his ass up. Or both. 
He knocked harshly on the door until Bucky opened it.
“What the hell, man?” Sam was about to throw a punch when Bucky’s appearance stopped him. His hair was all over the place and his stubble was slightly thicker. Just like Y/N, his eyes and nose were red.
“We need to talk.” Sam walked into the apartment like it was his own home.
“Ok, let yourself in or whatever. What’s your problem?”
“My problem is that I know you love Y/N, man! Why’d you do that to her?” Bucky’s whole face fell.
“I don’t love her.” Liar, his brain yelled.
“Bullshit. She came to my house, a mess, because you told her you never wanted to see her again?”
“I never wanted to hurt her.” 
“Then why the hell did you do it?” Sam spoke a little louder this time.
“Because I love her, alright!” Bucky snapped. “I love her so fucking much that it’s driving me insane. She’s all I think about when I wake up and before I go to sleep.”
“Then why push her away?”
“Because she shouldn’t be with someone like me! She’s too good for me.”
“Shouldn’t she be the one to decide that?”
“Yeah.” A voice spoke and it wasn’t Bucky or Sam. It was Y/N. Bucky and Sam were so wrapped up in their conversation that they didn’t hear Y/N use her key to open the door. She stood there, mouth wide open as she had heard the conversation. Well, the important parts at least.
“Mind giving us a sec, Sam?” Y/N asked.
“I’ll give you more than that. I’ll see you later.” After he left, Y/N and Bucky were silent until Y/N decided to approach him.
“Bucky,” God, he was so stupid. He felt to ashamed to look at her, so he glued his gaze to his feet. She reached up and gently cupped his cheek, turning his gaze to her. “did you mean it?”
“Every word, doll.” Her heart swelled at the nickname.
“Can I speak now?” He nodded, she took a step forward and got closer to him. Not too close that it would scare him away, though. His first instinct was to pull away, he still wanted to distance himself from you. The voice in his head screaming, ‘she’s too good for you’. 
“I heard what you said, Buck. And you were wrong. You really think yourself  undeserving of me?” He nodded. “You couldn’t be more wrong James Bucky Barnes. You may see yourself as this monster but do you wanna know what I see? I see a good man. A man who is strong, brave and caring. A man who’s been through so much, and blames himself for it, even if it wasn’t his fault. A man, that I’m so in love with.” His whole expression fell.
“What did you say?”
“I love you, Bucky.” 
“Say it again.” 
“I lo-” The rest of his words were swallowed by his lips. He must have walked so fast to her because he was holding her face in seconds. Y/N’s hand came up to tangle itself in Bucky’s hair, and the other fell against his waist. They tilted their heads and their tongues now danced in sync. Bucky’s hands went to grip her ass as he lifted her up, while also not breaking the kiss. He backed her against the wall, hands palming her bottom while now kissing her neck. He licked and nibbled until she was left panting and moaning above him. 
Bucky now decided it was a good time to take her to bed. She stopped him.
“I want you. Right here.” Bucky just smiled against her mouth before pulling her in for a kiss by pushing the back of her head to the direction of his lips. He groaned before gently setting her across the floor.
“At least I want a hard surface so I can worship you correctly, doll.” Y/N lifted up her shirt and hissed at her back hitting the cold hardwood floor. Bucky took care of her pants and pulled them down. She was now left in just her bra and underwear.
“You’re wearing too many clothes.” She mumbled against him and started undoing his belt and pulled down his pants. He helped her and took them off completely, hitting the floor with a thud. She then pulled his black tee over his head. Bucky’s body never ceased to amaze her. She started kissing his biceps before he stopped her.
“This is about you, my love.” He then went and undid her bra clasp. His nose glided down through the valley of her breasts as he left a trail of wet kisses. Nipping and licking her breasts, her nipples, her belly, her hips until he reached his destination.
He was now face-to-face with her center and he could feel the heat radiating off her, as well as the smell of her arousal. He finally dove in and ate her like a starved man. Y/N was left a mess below him, moaning and whining. When he gave her clit a very strong suck she tugged on his hair so harshly that he almost thought she would rip a strand out. She didn’t.
“Buck, I love you. But if you don’t get inside me in the next thirty seconds I’m gonna kill you before you get a chance to.” He laughed against her folds before he pulled away and she brought his head to hers. She wasted no time to yank him down for a kiss. His body towered over hers and she could feel the cold chain of his dog tags softly hitting the skin of her breasts. This managed to turn her on even more.
Bucky lined himself up with her center, teasing her as he rubbed the red head of his cock with her entrance. She got tired of all his teasing and brought her hands down to cup his ass and pushed him inside her.
They simultaneously moaned at how good it felt to be joined. Bucky stilled as he gave her time to accommodate his higher than average size. He smiled against her lips and so did she. It felt amazing to have Bucky inside her, just as she dreamed once or twice.
He began thrusting in and out at a slow pace but then it turned into a more needy rhythm. They were desperate for release at this point.
“B-bucky I’m almost there.”
“Me too.” He grunted as he quickened his pace. His delicious cock pounding into her in the most perfect way. “Come for me, doll.” He didn’t need to tell her twice. She found her sweet release and tightened around him. She cried out and seconds later Bucky grunted and groaned against her mouth, as he spilled himself inside her. He brought his arms down and put his weight on her, not too much that he would hurt her though. They just stayed there, taking in what just happened. Bucky softly smiled as he caressed her cheek.
“You were amazing, my love.”
“You weren’t too bad, old man.” She joked and he had her pinned again in a second.
“Old man, huh? Would an old man be able to give you five orgasms in one night?”
“What are you talki” Before she could continue, Bucky was lapping at their combined juices. He gave her more than five that night. The Winter Soldier definitely had the best stamina around.
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marvel-diaries · 14 days ago
For Everyone To See
Pairing; CEO+Dad’s Best Friend!Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader
Summary; Bucky takes you to the new Nightclub, Pleasure Point, that has opened in town. Only it’s not just a regular nightclub…
Word Count; 3270
Warnings; NSFW, 18+ Only, Minors DNI, undefined age-gap, Daddy!Kink, “cheating”, cursing, language, dirty talk, pet names, degradation, teasing, mention of drugs and alcohol, voyeurism, exhibitionism, choking, grinding, slapping, begging, fingering, oral (male receiving), face-fucking, hair pulling, mention of bodily fluids.
Authors Note; Firstly I want to say that the picture below does not represent how the reader looks like and secondly… Jesus fucking Christ I need a bath in holy water after writing this. Enjoy and I would love to know what people think about this piece of writing :)
CEO+DBF Bucky Barnes Masterlist || Kinktober
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Tumblr media
Get dressed up in the sexiest little dress you own, baby; I’m taking you out tonight. I’m picking you up in one hour.
That was the text you had gotten from Bucky on a Saturday night. He wanted to go out? In public? Was he crazy? There was no way in hell this wouldn’t turn into the biggest scandal of the year; you could already picture it. Your dad’s life would most likely be ruined, along with the rest of your family and the people in Bucky’s life, if it came out to the public that his daughter was dating his best friend and next in command, who was much older than you and let’s not forget a married man. However, that marriage had been broken for years already.
But… at the same time, this was Bucky we were talking about. He always had some genius and secret plan, so you trusted that there was no way in hell you and he would be outed to the public eye. So you did as told; you got glammed up and dressed up in the tightest and shortest little dress you owned.
Right on time, precisely an hour after he sent the text, a car pulled up to the front of your house. Your parents were not in at the moment, so you had no worries about them noticing the black Rolls Royce pull up to the driveway.
The backdoor opened, and you climbed in. Bucky pulled you to his side immediately and kissed you like he hadn’t seen you in years; in reality, it had only been a few hours.
“God, I’ve missed you, baby.”
“Bucky,” you couldn’t help but giggle at how needy he was for you, “it’s only been a few hours since we saw each other.”
“Still,” his hands roamed your waist and hips as he tried to make up for the lost time of not touching you, “I missed you so much, doll.”
“Where to, Sir?”
It was his driver, Henry. He was one of the few people in your life that knew about the relationship. You had completely forgotten that he was sitting at the front, and you felt a little embarrassed that he had been witness to yours and Bucky's exchange.
Bucky explained where to drive, and then you were on your way. He kept you at his side the entire ride, his arm around your shoulder so that he could keep you close to his frame.
“Where are we going, Bucky? We can’t exactly go out in public together.”
He sensed the stress and nervousness laced in your voice as you expressed your concerns to him. His other hand came to rest at the side of your face, his thumb brushing your cheek in a comforting motion.
“Don’t worry, princess. I know the perfect place to go.”
After 10 minutes, the car pulled up to a nightclub, but it wasn’t just any regular nightclub. It was the new and trendy one that had opened up a few weeks ago. The bright red neon letters spelt out the club’s name, Pleasure Point. It had been known that it was almost impossible to get on the inside without having contacts with the club owner. It was either that or else you needed to book several days in advance if you ever wanted to step foot inside. Not even then were you guaranteed entrance to the club.
The line outside stretched out as far as your eyes could see. There was no way you and Bucky would ever wait in that line with the fear of someone recognising you.
“You know the owner?”
“Of course I do, baby.”
Of course, he did. He knew everyone in town and could get in everywhere or get a hold of anything with just one simple phone call.
“Let’s go. Keep your head low. I don’t want people to notice us.”
It was only a few meters from the car to the entrance, and it was dark enough outside that people most likely wouldn’t see and recognise the two of you. Still, the short distance was daunting, and you felt your heart race in fear of people seeing you.
Bucky kept his arm around your shoulder as he guided you towards the entrance. The bouncer nodded once and opened the door to let you inside.
“Don’t worry. He will never tell anybody,” he reassured you while his hand caressed your shoulder.
Once inside, you took a few moments to observe your surroundings as best you could with the darkness engulfing you. It was a large space, but at the same time, it felt intimate. Every few seconds, the room flickered a deep red, then a dark purple, before it went back to being almost pitch black. The only constant light source was from the neon signs on the walls, but even then, it was impossible to make out any faces, only silhouettes.
A dance floor dominated the middle of the room, heaps of people dancing, grinding, touching, kissing each other to the loud music being played from the speakers.
A bar was set up to the side. It was surprisingly empty; only a few people were waiting on their drinks while the rest of the occupants of the club were dancing on the dance floor.
And then you saw it. At the far back of the club, sofas and single armchairs were placed in the corners. Every time the colours flickered red and purple, you could see outlines of people occupying some seats. You saw one person straddling another, and on the opposite side of them, a person was on their knees between the legs of another.
So the rumours were true then. It wasn’t only a nightclub; it was some sort of sex club as well, hence the name Pleasure Point. A club where you could either come and dance the night away or find your way into the dark corners and let out your wildest fantasies.
It was a perfect combination of keeping your anonymity since it was almost pitch black, but at the same time, feel the thrill of people watching as you delved into each other in the most intimate way possible.
“Let’s get a drink first and then have some fun, kitten.”
His hand squeezed your ass hard, and his eyes flickered over to the back of the club. His tongue peeked out of his lips to wet them, his fantasies already starting to develop of what he was going to do to you once you found your way over there into the darkness.
So that’s why he wanted to bring you here. To publicly claim you while still keeping you anonymous, thanks to the darkness of the nightclub. So it was a win-win situation.
You made your way to the bar, farthest away from people seated at it, and ordered a few shots. Bucky noticed that you were nervous about the bartender but reassured you that they would keep their mouth shut about the two of you. The shots went down quickly, and Bucky pulled you towards the dance floor as soon as you finished, you hesitated for a moment.
“Relax, baby. It’s dark, and people are either too drunk or too high to notice us, trust me.”
“I trust you.”
He positioned the two of you in the middle of the crowd. Bucky was right. The people around paid you no mind. They were lost in their own world as they moved to the rhythm of the music.
Bucky turned you around so that your back was connected with his front. His large hand kept flat across your stomach to keep you tight to him. His other snaked up your dress to rest on the very top of your thigh. His lips brushed the shell of your ear as his breath fanned the side of your face.
“Dance for me, kitten.”
His rough and low whisper had tingles run down your spine, and butterflies erupt in your stomach. If it weren’t for his hands keeping you to him, you would have fainted right there on the floor.
The music pumping through the speakers and the alcohol you ingested had you grinding on him.
Your ass pushed against his groin as your head rested where his heart lay; your one hand found a grip at the back of his neck. His hand on your stomach travelled towards your clothed breasts as he palms, pinches and massages them in his grasp.
His lips, now brushing at the skin of your neck, is altering between hot open-mouth kisses, licks and little nips. You moan out loud, not caring if some may hear, at what he’s doing with his mouth and hands.
Once his hand is done giving attention to your breasts, it finds its place around your neck and squeezes enough to make your mind fog up.
“I want to play with you, babydoll. Come.”
Like that, his body and lips leave for a split second, and you puff out a breath of annoyance that he stopped. His hand finds your own and tugs you towards the back of the club with all the satin sofas and armchairs.
“Bucky… are you sure this is safe?”
“I know it is. No one will recognise us. Trust me, I promise.”
You nod once.
“Good girl.”
Bucky drops down on the two-seater sofa with you on his lap. He spreads his hand across your stomach to keep you tight to him, and with his thumb, he caresses the underside of your clothed breast. His other hand drops down to your bare thigh, stroking his warm hand up and down your exposed skin.
You shift in his lap, rubbing your thighs together, as you feel his clothed cock press hard against your ass. He keeps this act up for a few short minutes, warming you up to his touch. Slowly, he inches closer and closer across the sensitive skin of your thigh towards the place you ache for him the most.
He’s so fucking close. Bucky dips his hand father beneath your dress, and with his thumb, he brushes the very inside of your thigh, which has your breath hitches in your throat at him being so close to your most sensitive part. You want him to touch you; you need him to touch you, with every fibre of your being. A single finger draws over your wet and quivering pussy.
You gasp out, “more, please do more.”
You part your legs, enough to give him the space he needs to make you feel so fucking good, and the back of your head rests on his shoulder as he keeps up the gentle torture of his finger, going up, and down your clothed slit, your panties are soaked from his actions.
This is what you need. You don’t care if people might see; let them. The fact that people might be watching only fills you with desperation and lust so much more. But it also gives you a sense of comfort that they can't identify the two people getting it on in the corner. It feels too fucking amazing to say no to Bucky when he so willingly want to bury his fingers so deep inside your tightness.
“Such a dirty and needy girl you are. You want that pretty little pussy of yours on display for everyone, huh? You want them to see? Maybe give the ones watching a taste of this good pussy as well? Does it turn you on that maybe, just maybe, they recognise us?” His voice is as deep as it can go and so sinful as he whispers in your ear, his tongue peeking out to lick the shell of it.
You look around for a second and catch a glimpse of a few male figures watching you and Bucky in the dark corner. The flickering lights going on and off every few seconds in the dark nightclub gives them a glint of what is happening on the sofa you and Bucky are occupying.
You should feel embarrassed, ashamed to be claimed in the most intimate way possible for everyone to see. Still, something about them watching, stroking their clothed cocks, only makes you spread your legs even further on each side of Bucky's thighs so he can have full access to your body. The dress hides your most private parts from being viewed, but you can still clearly see the movement of Bucky's hand down there, leaving nothing to the imagination.
A stroke of his thumb on your clit has you twitching on his lap, and your hand reaches up to the back of his neck to keep a hold of him.
“Ple-please, daddy. I-I want your fingers.”
“Daddy, huh?”
You feel a rumble deep within his chest vibrate against your back as you use that word for the first time, testing it out.
“Of course, babydoll. Daddy will give you his fingers, don’t you worry, little kitten.”
And with that, he pushes your panties to the side, slaps your pussy once as best he can with the position you find yourself in before he plunges two fingers deep into your tight and wet walls. He starts fucking you with them, in and out of your hole.
Your eyes roll to the back of your head as your lips part to let out your soft moans and whimpers.
“You want my fingers? I’ll always give what you want, baby. I bet you also want every man in here to finger, eat or fuck that pretty pussy of yours until you beg for mercy, and then, I’ll bend you over this sofa in front of everyone and fuck you senseless, so they know you belong to me and me only. Is that what you want, doll?”
As you were about to answer his question, which would have been a yes, he entered a third finger to stretch you out and fuck you with. The pad of his thumb circles your clit. You gasp out loud at the added stimulation he has given you. The loud music from the speakers drowns out your sounds; only Bucky can hear them with how intertwined you are sitting.
You feel your orgasm inching closer and closer with the delicious rhythm of his fingers moving in and out of your tightness that you don’t care that you are about to cum around him while a few strangers watch. It only edges you on even more.
You twist in his grasp at the pleasure, but the grip he has on your stomach with his arm keeps you at bay as he pushes you closer and closer towards the edge. His cock is still pressed hard against your behind, and once he’s done making you cum on his fingers, you will take place between his knees and take his hard length as deep as your throat allows, and make him fill your mouth with his cum, not caring that people are going to watch you do it.
“Let go for me, princess. Let me feel you all over my fingers. Let them see how I make you come all over me.”
Increasing the speed of his three fingers inside you and his thumb putting pressure on your clit is all that you need to let yourself go. Your orgasm arches your back, and you grip his hand underneath your dress to keep it there at all cost while you ride his fingers and soak up every bit of pleasure they are providing you.
After you have come down, Bucky slips his hand from underneath your dress. You wince out at the force his fingers abused your hole, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. Bucky presses his fingers to your lips, and you happily allow him entrance. You suck his fingers, deep, one at a time, moaning out at your taste, as you keep intense eye contact with him.
The men watching the two of you have completely been forgotten as all your focus is on the man you are sitting on.
“You are such a good and obedient girl for daddy, aren’t you?”
You nod your head slowly as your hand reaches down between the two of you to palm him through his trousers.
“There is something else I want to suck on, daddy.”
“Is that so, princess? Well, don’t let me stop you.”
Stepping off him, you sink to your knees until you rest comfortably between his spread legs. Your palms stroke the fabric of his clothed thighs.
Your dress rises up, exposing your panties to the hungry eyes of the men watching the scenes you are displaying.
You don’t care at this point. All your focus is on Bucky and his hard cock as you release him from the confinement of his pants and take him into your hand. Your mouth waters at the sight of him.
You waste no time in taking him as far down your wet throat as you can. You suck Bucky's dick with everything you have.
He takes a stiff and tight grip on your hair so he can assist you with keeping a steady rhythm on his length. Your eyes water up, mascara running, as he brushes the back of your throat with every stroke.
“Holy fuck, babydoll. You take me so well. You’re making every man in here so jealous with that slutty little mouth of yours.”
Even more eyes were on you now as Bucky filled your mouth up to the hilt. You should feel embarrassed, but you loved the gazes, and attention the both of you are receiving.
Bucky's dick twitches in your mouth as he’s forcing your mouth on him even more to chase his orgasm.
“Shit, I’m gonna….”
He doesn’t have time to finish his sentence before his hand tightens in your hair as he’s coming deep inside your warm throat, pumping his shaft in long and sinful strokes as you milk his cock for all its worth.
You keep sucking him through his pleasure as one of your hands reaches down towards yourself to tease your sensitive clit, building yourself up to another orgasm.
After taking and swallowing everything he had to give you, he pulls you off his dick, and you retract your hand from yourself.
His hand takes hold of your chin, and you open your mouth to show him all is gone. His thumb runs down your wet tongue, already missing the feel of it.
“That mouth of yours is magical, doll. Do you want to give the ones watching a taste? Would you allow them to use your mouth and pretty pussy as they pleased?”
Your core throbs as you think about the scenario. You can’t deny that you want that. You want that so bad. You want everyone in this club to use you to the fullest while Bucky watches, a proud smirk on his face, as they get lost in what your body has to give.
But… right now, you only want the man sitting in front of you. Right now, you only want him, your man, your lover, whatever other ways you can define your relationship, to take you home and bend you over every surface of the house as he fucks you into oblivion. This other fantasy that he suggested would have to wait for another time, you would have to remind him someday, but you do not doubt that he will ever forget it.
“Right now, babe. I only want you. I only want your mouth, your fingers, your cock, nothing else. Take me home, Bucky, please.”
Tumblr media
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mellowavengersstuff · 2 months ago
Hey! I LOVE YOUR WRITINGS! Particularly the marvel cast ones! I was wondering if you could write a scenario- headcanon? (Whatever inspires you) with a teen!fem!reader where she wins an Oscar at like 18 years old for her role on infinity war (I’m just brainstorming) and the casts reactions and how the night goes!
( Like, she is close with everyone, Tom Hiddleston, Chadwick Boseman, Tom Holland, The Chrises, RDJ, Benedict Cumberbatch, Sebastian Stan, Elizabeth Onsel, Scarlett Johansson, the Pauls etc) And they are so proud of her, and it’s emotional, fluffy etc.
Im so sorry this is so specific! Feel free to take your time! Thank you! 💗
A/N: Hey! I’m glad you like my work! I am so sorry that this took infinity and a day to write but here u are babes, hope you enjoy! I tried to include as many of the people you mentioned :)
Summary: You win an Oscar.
Warnings: small mention of nervousness/anxiety, cussing, fluff fluff fluff!!
*Design of dress belongs to Holly Nicols Illustration*
Tumblr media
Until three weeks ago, you thought you knew success. You thought success was being cast in a marvel movie at 14; balancing schoolwork with full-time acting for four years; being nominated for primetime Emmy awards and the likes; being grateful; promoting positivity, kindness on your platform. Those are the successes that you’ve had in your (short) life, and they are ones which you are plenty grateful for. You have everything you need, and that is all the success you want.
This success, though – is new, and astounding; perhaps too much for you to fathom. You ­– fresh out of high school you – were nominated for an Oscar for your role in infinity war.
Honest to goodness – and you know very well how terribly cringey this sounds – you really hadn’t expected it.
Everyone, the cast, the crew, the CGI guys, the production team, had worked so hard on this. You hardly expected to be nominated out of all those people - the talented tech team, and the Russo’s and all the seasoned and experienced actors on set, ones which had spent decades in the industry. It was true that infinity war really was a cinematic masterpiece, which is why, to some degree, this wasn’t completely your success. Sure, your performance was excellent according to the critics, but you wouldn’t be here without the contributions of every other person who worked on this film.
Still, you are elated –
-And everyone could see in it the weeks and days and hours leading up to tonight, and they would smile at your elated excitement that shone in the glimmer of your eyes, your quiet nerves that you hold deep in your chest, your deep-seated modesty and pleasant humbleness. Everyone that you loved was deeply proud. And everyone that you love is going to be here, in the Dolby theatre, with you.
The Dolby theatre has a massive, glittery, almost intimidating presence on Hollywood boulevard. At the entrance, a wide, clean expanse of red carpet is pulled up to the road where various stars pull up in their sleek black limousines and strut past the glitter and photographers and picture flashes into the theatre entrance, with the yells of reporters and fans echoing after them. Driving down the street, you can see the steadily growing crowd that has emerged at the entrance, can almost hear loud bouts of chatter, can almost smell the car exhaust fumes. You shift a little in your leather seat, and grip Scarlett’s hand, slightly nervously.
She had joined you for the ride, along with Lizzie Olsen and had helped you pick out your dress, one that complimented her own deep red one. Yours was an elegant, flowing black and white dress. It had a tight, black sleeveless bodice made of silk that shone under the light. Its skirt was wide and elegant, soft white material flowing out from under a pink ribbon tied around your waist. Your favourite part of the dress was the black and white print flowers, huge blooming likenesses of flowers drawn with a few tasteful, dark lines on the wide white expanse. It was a dress that in fact imbued a beautiful sense of confidence in you. Scarlett had chosen well, and wisely.
She smiles from beside you as your car pulls up to the red carpet and pats your hand holding hers gently.
“You look beautiful hon. You’re gonna do great.” Lizzie’s voice is soft, and calming, like a mother’s would be.
The car rolls to a slow stop outside of the red carpet and you shift, smoothing out your dress and checking your makeup, all the glitter and glam, one last time before the doors open. And when they do, pulled open from the outside by the security with a firm click and decisive whoosh, you are immediately hit with the intensity of the event. It makes you reel a little; then smile. It’s all much too invigorating not to enjoy.
The moment you step outside, followed in tow by Scarlett and Lizzie, you are hit with what seems like a wall of noise, and feeling. All around you, from almost every direction, there are cameras flashing loudly, reporters chattering and yelling for yours and Scarlett’s attention. You try to smile and look elegant – at the very least to not wobble in your heels. They made you feel like Bambi, or a little kid who’s gone searching in her mum’s closet only to find the tallest pair of heels. They made you look good though, and certainly accentuated you and your dress. Bambi was clumsy, but he was certainly adorable.
Along the path paved by the red carpet, there are a variety of flora and fauna flanking the side – a nice finishing touch. In some of the green bushes, small delicate flowers have just begun to sprout. You have to restrain yourself from going over and touching one’s soft petals, for fear of seeming unprofessional.
You manage to make your way inside the building without tripping over and try to place a hand on a cold marble wall in an attempt not to twist your ankle while standing still. The halls are filled with chattering actors, directors and the likes, and the entire entrance hall thrums with the simultaneous conversations of around three thousand people moving in a steady stream towards the theatre. You make sure to grip Lizzie’s hand behind you, lest you get swept away and lost in the rush of people entering.
Making your way (albeit clumsily) into your designated seating area seems to be a hassle. There are beautiful people in beautiful clothes everywhere, rushing around and trying to find their seats. You have to be careful not to step on anyone’s trailing dress or pierce some new leather shoes with your heels. You would hate to leave tonight with a debt to pay, and you would feel even worse if you managed to ruin someone’s gorgeous and extremely expensive couture Armani gown, or something of the likes.
You hear the poignant exclamation ringing in your ears before you smack headfirst into someone’s hard abs.
“Oh my God, L/N!”
You feel strong, familiar hands gripping your shoulders, and you can’t help but smile. Leaning back and rubbing your nose tenderly, you take a good look at Anthony Mackie holding your shoulders, behind him Sebastian and Chris Evans in a triangle formation, and peering over their shoulders on his very tippy-toes, Tom Holland.
Mean Girls Crew.
Sebastian claps a hand on your shoulder heavily. “Kid! You’re the star of the show, don’t go around smacking headfirst into people’s abs,” he scolds lightly.
You giggle lightly. “Sorry Anthony. But damn, those abs are hard.” you poke him softly.
Everyone laughs, loud enough that passers-by double take at Chris’ loud, left-boob grab sorta laugh.
After everyone proceeds past you after having hugged you once (or twice) to go and greet Lizzie and Scarlett, you shuffle down the row of velvet-red chairs to throw yourself into the arms of Tom Holland. He was wearing a smooth, classical black Givenchy suit. You had to admit, it looked good on him.
He huffs, as he receives you with a slight stumble backwards, a mess of tangled limbs and sheepish giggles and silky dress material.
“I like your suit, Tommy.”
“Ha, first compliment I’ve gotten from you ever. How’re you, miss star of the show.” He smiles.
You scowl a little, pulling yourself away. “Oi. Don’t call me that.”
He still laughs, as he pulls you back in for a hug. “Nervous?”
“Mhmm, a little. I don’t wanna mess up.” You say, muffled into his shoulder.
He pats your back gently. “You’ll be fine. There’s literally nothing to mess up. If you win, you go up there and grab the award, read off the speech Benedict had you prepare. If you don’t, then sit there and look cool. Even you couldn’t mess that up.”
(You didn’t listen to Benedict when he told you to prepare a speech. The odds of winning are much too low, you thought. Oopsies.)
You grumble. “Don’t be mean.”
“Alright! That’s enough.” He exclaims before vaulting you off him and into Sebastian, who was in the middle of sitting down, poor man, before he had you plopped on him.
Little Arsehole.
Long after the lights have dimmed, and you have found your place in between Sebastian and Tom (Hiddleston this time, thank goodness,) you find that it’s hard – even for you – to let your mind wonder.
You’re almost hyper-focused on Robert, and his presenting partner, Jennifer Lawrence opening the ceremony. They’re charismatic, funny – a good pair for presenting. They own the stage, as hard as that stage is to own. See, the stage itself is almost a distraction – its bedazzled and decorated is various golden ornamentations, and twinkling lights. With of course, the trademark academy award figures taking up the background.
The categories – best actor, best actress, best director, best picture – fly by fast. Too fast. Everyone winning is overjoyed, their speeches emotional, and moving, and you’re sure they’re better than anything you could ever come up with. These people are talented – so talented – and they have worked hard for their nominations. It’s such a pleasant and pure thing to see someone have their dreams be fulfilled, and an Oscar is part of many-a-dream.
The closer the presenters come to your category, best supporting actress, the more your fingers tap, almost incessantly. Not because you were desperate to win, but because it was getting closer to that time, where they would say your name and the other women you were selected with, and then you would know.
Sebastian traps your fingers with his own. “Hey,” he whispers, “you’ll be great! Whatever happens.” He singsongs quietly. You chuckle, in the dark.
“And Finally! We reach the category of best supporting actress,” smiles Jennifer on stage.
“Yup! And we have some pretty phenomenal nominees this year guys.” You could’ve sworn Robert winked at you.
“We certainly do. Three are first time nominees, one is one of the youngest nominees we’ve ever had for this category, and all are extraordinary.”
“We have, Y/N L/N, in Avengers: Infinity War!” a close up shot of your grimy, tear-streaked face in one of the culminative scenes of the movie is shared on the huge screens.
“Strom Reid, in the invisible man. Emma Watson in Little women. Helena Bonham Carter, in The King’s speech and Maria Bakalova in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.” When each woman’s name was mentioned, an image of them in their acting prime was put up on the screens, just as yours was.
“And the Oscar goes to…”
A heavy, pregnant pause fills the theatre. Everyone – especially the nominees, are waiting with bated breath. You can hear your heart thumping in your ears heavily, and a quiet sort of muffle descends on everything else in the room. Everything is hazy, and almost the entire room has dissolved apart from that fateful red envelope. You can feel your fist clench, almost unwittingly.
“Y/N L/N!”
The exclamation cuts through your haze, and suddenly you can feel and hear everything in pure colour and sound. Your mouth is stuck, it seems in a firm o-shape as your pulled into a huge hug by your castmates. Scarlett and Chris look like they’re crying. Everyone is screaming, cheering, clapping. For you.
“This is the first Oscar and nomination for Y/N L/N, who graduates high school in four months.”
You make your way on stage, slowly, tearfully on those damned heels, helped up the stairs by Robert who beams at you as he pulls you in for a hug. Lizzie would later tell you that you looked ethereal, that you were glowing as you made your way up there.
“You did good, kid.” He whispers into your ear, and you hear it louder and clear over the still continuing cheers and claps. You try to hide your sniffles in his shoulder.
After getting handed your award by Jennifer Lawrence, who received you with a hug and a peck to each cheek, you took your place at the podium, in front of the microphone. In front of a huge, majestic hall with balconies farther up than should be safe. In front of the huge crowd of almost three and a half thousand people, waiting for your words of wisdom. The eyes of that many people are always weighted with expectation.
(It’s really hard to hold in tears on a stage.)
“uh, oh my goodness, this is slightly stressful” are your first words, punctuated by a rippling laugh from the crowd. You really should’ve written a speech like Benedict told you to. You can see him shake his head at you, laughing.
“I, uh, I have to thank so many people of people,” you finally say, sniffling a little bit. “Thank you, to the academy, for this opportunity. Thank you for having me. I’d like to thank my family, my parents, my siblings.” You give a little wave, “Hi guys. To my siblings, I know you couldn’t be here, but I hope you’re watching. If you’re not, well, y’know, your loss.” The crowd ripples with laughter again.
“And- and thanks to the Russo’s. You guys are the best directors, some of the best creative minds I’ve ever met. And to the cast and crew of infinity war – oh my days, I love you so much. Everyone who’s worked on this film, you’re all hard diligent workers. And you’re kind, and caring, and you made those long days and nights on set a million times better. You’re such easy people to love, and to care about and I severely dislike you all for making me cry like this. Thank you for your love and support and your hard work.” You pause to wipe a tear that has caught on the tip of your nose, and let the crowd clap after the statement.
“And I just – I really adore all the women in this category, you’re all amazing, you’re just – so cool.” The crowd laughs again at your slight fangirling. “To be in this category with you is such a great honour. And also – to my agent, Michelle Blanchett - thanks an actual million for taking me on some time ago. Thank you to everyone who’s given me a chance, anyone who’s ever believed in me. I’m ridiculously grateful to you all. A-and finally: this award is for any little person who’s sitting there and dreaming and practicing speeches and fake crying in the mirror, because you never know! You really never know.” A finally, watery chuckle. “Thank you.”
Thunderous clapping ensues.
Some time later, after all the awards have been presented, and most of the attendees have embarked onwards to their various after parties, you find yourself leaning on Lizzie’s shoulder while the marvel cast chatter and fuss all around you, in a small corner of the Vanity Fair after party. You still hold your golden academy award in your fist, tightly. Everyone is sprawled over couches and chaise lounges, away from the thumping music and sparkles of the main affair. Benedict flops down next to you, gracefully, and ruffles your hair.
“I did tell you to write a speech,” he says fondly, smiling at you. “But you’ve done wonderfully. Very well-done little star.”
He’s caught the rest of the cast’s attention, and they all move in closer to where you’re sitting cross-legged at the foot of a sofa. “Yeah,” chimes in Chris (Evans) “We’re so proud of you kiddo.”The rest of the cast chime in with agreeing awww’s or enthusiastic yeah’s.
“Thanks guys,” you sniff, “but c’mon, don’t start the waterworks again. I only just redid my makeup.”
Everyone simultaneously breaks into laughter.
“You deserve this, kid.”
When it’s way past your bedtime, in the wee hours of the morning, and you’re much to tired to garner the leg strength to walk in heels, everyone has gone their separate ways. And Tom Holland, is sitting in the cab with you. He watches as the city lights shine through the windows and onto your face in the dark, as you pass LA’s famed landmarks.
The rest of the cast were reluctant to let the two younger members of their group go home alone, but you managed to persuade them. It was only a short ways back to the hotel anyway. Everyone left you with about five thousand more hugs, and congratulations, and kisses. You felt very loved, and proud.
Tom did too.
You’re just on the verge of sleep, leaning on Tom in the back of that cab. The very edge of sleep, where you’re still aware of what’s going on around you, but you simply can’t muster the energy to open your eyes. Tom reaches over and pats the hand that still grips the academy award.
“You’ve done really good, you little dick. I’m proud of you.”
You crack one eye open slowly and hug him tighter. “Arsehole. I love you too.”
And with that, he lets you drift off to sleep.
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marvels-writings · 2 months ago
Little Secrets
Tumblr media
Yelena Belova Masterlist
Requested by Anon: Yelena + Y/N kiss 22 (kiss leading to more but they're interrupted) . They're interrupted by Nat who is obviously incredibly protective of her little sister and gives Y/N the big sister threat/talk! Thank you!!! ❤️
Word Count: 1.2k (fluffy and featuring scary!sister!Nat)
A/N: this is part of my attempt to get back into writing, just a lil blurb to help my confidence, up and coming are some updates on some series and a really angsty and nice Yelena oneshot
"Sneaking around was definitely worth this." You said, smirking as your hands slid up to Yelena's neck, tugging her closer to you. She laughed in response, her nose leaning forwards to nuzzle yours, her hands trailing gently up around your waist, pulling you closer to her.
Golden light leaked through the windows of your room, glinting in her green eyes which were fixed on you, her features filled with adoration as her hand came to brush the hair away from your face. Her smile was gentle, her touch soft, scared you might fall apart under her touch.
You showed her otherwise as you leaned into her, your forehead resting against hers. The secret date had ended long ago, having been a simple lunch then a movie. You couldn't find it in you to leave her, giggling with her like teenagers in love as you stumbled through the compound, thankful you didn't run into anyone.
Your fingers played with the baby hairs on the base of her neck, giggling as you felt goosebumps arise under your touch. You knew the effect you had on her, you saw every blush dusting across her cheeks, every shy smile she sent your way, the way her eyes widened when you caught her staring.
You loved it all.
You loved it most when her lips met yours, gently moving against yours, pulling you towards her. You adored the way she sighed when you kissed her, relieved you were still there. Her hands tugged you closer to her, sliding up to your shoulders, eyelashes fluttering against yours.
The sunlight couldn't tell your bodies apart, you melted into her when she pulled you down to the bed. Smiling into her, feeling her hands in your hair, tugging you closer to her. You doubted it was even possible, when her legs wrapped themselves around yours, feeling you closer to her.
It all stopped when the door opened.
You jumped back from her, breathing heavily, cheeks ablaze, hiding your face behind your hands. Yelena sat up on the bed, cheeks dusted with a bright blush, lips were swollen and palms sweaty. Natasha stood near the door, her eyebrow raised, her eyes glancing between you and your girlfriend.
She licked her lips as her eyes ran over you, examining you. Her eyebrow raised as she turned to Yelena, speaking something quickly in Russian. A frown quickly covered the blonde's face as she protested to the command, her shoulders tensing as she got up to stand in front of you.
Natasha's eyebrow raised higher at the action, nodding her head for Yelena to leave the room. The blonde looked between you to her sister, sending an apologetic glance your way. Her protective nature slowly cracking and giving way as she exited the room, glaring at the cause of the interruption.
Yelena looked guiltily at you before she closed the door behind her. The click of the door resounding in the quiet room. Fidgeting with your fingers, you looked up to Natasha, expecting her to say something. The silence carried on as she moved to sit on the bed, patting the spot next to her.
"Sit." She commanded, watching carefully as you moved to sit down next to her. A smirk made its way onto her face at your newfound fear of her. Mischief glinted in her green eyes when she saw you fidgeting in your seat next to her. Deciding not to torture you further, she began to speak.
"So you're the one my sister has been so happy about lately?" Natasha asked, crossing her legs, leaning forward in her seat to observe you. She watched as heat rushed to your cheeks, you looked down in embarrassment as you fidgeted with your fingers. Incoherent mumbles escaped your lips, slowly turning into words.
"I think so?" You said, your tone sounding more of a question than a statement. Her smirk threatened to turn into a grin at your shy response. Trying to keep from flustering you more, she thought of the point she was getting to. You made it hard to focus when you tried to come up with feeble reasons for avoiding her.
"Don't worry," She stopped your incoherent rambling, clearing her throat. "I already know why Yelena wanted to keep it a secret."
Your eyebrows furrowed, confusion pasting itself across your face at her response. It was clear you didn't know why you had to sneak around like teenagers when you could just date as normal people did. You glanced away from Natasha, trying to avoid her piercing gaze.
Her green eyes felt like they were staring through your soul, nitpicking through all your insecurities, all the beauty you saw in yourself, everything Yelena saw in you. Judgment was present on her face as she continued to examine you. She licked her lips before continuing, letting you agonize over her words for a few more moments.
"Yelena was worried I would," Natasha paused, trying to think of the right word to use.
Your eyes widened in response, shifting away from her as she merely chuckled at your reaction. Her words were doing nothing to help the nervousness that had taken over you the second she walked through that door. If anything, she was making you more nervous.
Natasha's approval meant too much to Yelena for her to cast it aside. You were determined to be deemed worthy to date her sister, even if that meant standing up to her sister, who could probably kill you in your sleep. You just had to hope she didn't want to.
You fidgeted in your seat when she began talking about how she had already known Yelena had been dating someone. The smile only grew when she rambled about how she had been smiling more and talking excitedly about something you did that day that you were proud of, even if it was just making a batch of cookies.
For a spy, she really didn't try to hide your relationship. Natasha noticed the quiet smile forming on your face, she couldn't help but smile herself. It was clear you made her happy, happier than she's ever been. She knew you'd never hurt her sister, not on purpose, however, you still needed to be told.
"Anyone can see happy you make her," Natasha said with a smile, her face slowly turning more serious. "But if you ever hurt her on purpose."
You gulped visibly, moving further away from her. Silence stretched through the room as Natasha thought on her next words, a smirk turning up the corner of her lips at your nervousness. She didn't blame you, but she couldn't help but enjoy it a little, she rarely got to threaten people over her sister.
"Just know that I can invent new ways to kill someone."
Natasha smiled at you, a sickeningly sweet smile, patted your hand, and left the room. You were still sitting on the bed, your face had lost some of its colors as you stared blankly at the wall in front of you. Yelena rushed into the room after her sister, asking you what was wrong and what she said to you.
When you didn't respond for a few moments, she thought the redhead would have scared you off. You grabbed her wrist, pulled her down next to you. Tilting your head to the side, you observed her features, eyes lingering on her smile before you spoke.
"Your sister is terrifying."
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