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manikas-whims · a day ago
Barry Keoghan arrived last on the set of Eternals and still chose to learn signing his dialogues (as any decent human should) is very noble of him.
Especially because it adds more to Druig's character. Druig is the only Eternal who doesn't need to sign with Makkari cause he can telepathically communicate with her with ease. But he doesn't invade her privacy and read her thoughts without consent. And that just adds another layer to Druig, makes his relationship with Makkari even more charming.
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heavenblazzer · 6 months ago
Can we talk about how soft, pure and everything sweet they are next to each other? Just crushing each other from distance. Cuz they're all i am thinking about rn
Tumblr media
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lady-of-the-spirit · a month ago
Staring reeeaaallly hard at that one letterboxd comment on Thor 4 that says the first marvel gay kiss will be between star lord and thor not just because it won't but because the first marvel gay kiss already happened in Eternals between Phastos and his husband Ben but because the ship didn't involve a single white skinny male it received the bare bones of attention in this hell fandom
Tumblr media
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fitzs-br1dg3t · 5 months ago
Thinking of writing a Druig short. Elements include:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
•- Druig co parenting
-• Anger & heightened emoticons
- •Make up smut.
Comment if interested 😃
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readthinkbeme · 5 months ago
Let’s go to bed…
Pairing: Druig x fem!Reader
Friendly but firm warning: Don't do adult things if you are not an adult. This post is intended for those 18 and older.
Notes: Is all this studying for my LSAT getting to me? Yeah... it is... I love this idea and hate how I wrote this so feel free to message me and help me out! (i also apologize for any grammatical errors)
"What are you doing up so late my love?”
You were so focused on the book before you that you jumped when Druig’s arms wrapped around you from behind.
“Oh geez, Dru. You scared the shit out of me” You sigh lifting your hands up to hold his forearms. He hugs you closely, and you feel yourself relax in his arms. For a minute, you let yourself close your eyes. You had been reading nonstop all day and it felt so good to pause for just a moment. Just to be still and breathe.
“I’ve been trying to study these ancient texts in which early peoples allude to.. to…” You trail off as Druig nuzzles into your neck. His lips just grazing your skin as his arms tighten around you.
“I’m listening…” he whispers planting a soft kiss just under your ear before slowly kissing down to your jaw. You tilt your head back against his shoulder letting him kiss further down your neck. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t starting to get wet. He knew your body all too well. But, you had been working all day on this particular text and as much as you wanted to "indulge" you needed to focus. Well, you were supposed to focus. What were you saying again?
“What my darling?” He offers before slowly moving the collar of your shirt to plant kisses on your shoulder and collar bone. He sighs deeply between kisses just breathing you in.
You’re almost intoxicated by Druig’s attention to your collarbone. His arms sliding from around you to let his hand just brush against your skin under the bottom of your shirt. sliding slowly down your hip bone You were really beginning to need those hands elsewhere.
“I was looking at the stuff….that….Druig..”
You shift in your seat, letting out a soft moan as Druig’s hands begin sliding down your hip bone.
“What was that? ” he chuckles snapping you out of your thoughts that were getting painfully explicit. His arms return to a more modest position around you as he gently sways you back and forth. “It sounds like someone has had enough books for tonight. Come to bed with me….” He whispers in your ear
“Mmmmmm….Druig, I’m almost done I promise I just have four more….” you begin but he quickly cuts you off.
“Y/N. No. no. No. You’ve been so busy with those books that you haven’t given me any attention all day and now I need you. Badly.”
You sigh as he begins to suck on your neck. Stepping back, Druig gently pulls your chair from the desk so that he is able to stand next to you. Turning to look up at him you see your lovers handsome face in a devilish smirk, his hand extent out for you:
“Come, my love let’s go to bed…”
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sayulvr · a month ago
# pranking the eternals (it doesn't end well) 🍨
Tumblr media
━ pairings: eternals x reader
━ genre(s): fluff, random blurbs
━ warnings: none! prolly some muses being out of character? but yeah
━ words: 0.7
━ notes: in celebration of April Fool's, I wrote this silly little thing at 2 am when I should definitely be in bed <3 As always, like, reblogs, and comments are highly appreciated ! and yes, requests are OPEN
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Trying to trick the goddess of war is like poking a hornet’s nest with a stick and hoping for the best - it won’t end well !
And mainly because you don’t know if it's something you should be doing when the poor woman is already suffering from Mahd Wr’ry
But you wanted to include her, to at least take her mind off her worries. Maybe as long as it is harmless (and wholesome) then it’s okay, right?
“Thena! I can talk to animals!” You tell her one day, holding a small bird in your hand. “I just heard this bird talk to me, I promise”
Thena turns to face you, confused but also intrigued. “Really? What did the little one say?”
“Well, it said that–” as if on cue, the bird chirped. “That you are the most lovely, wonderful, and awe-inspiring person in the universe.” You leaned closer to her, “And that… you are fiercely loyal and protective to your loved ones,”
Thena couldn’t help but smile at your antics. She thinks it's really endearing. “How awfully observant of the little one, no? I believe that we should keep them around,” she leans forward and places a peck at the corner of your lips. “Thank you, dearest. I think that’s rather lovely of you.”
She never lets you live it down (but you don't mind <3)
Tumblr media
Local Menace™
He says he doesn’t want to participate but the mischievous look in his eyes says otherwise
You trust him very much with your life, you really do but the way he has been touchy the entire day? constantly being around in your presence? The other Eternals trying to keep themselves from laughing whenever they see you? Certainly not suspicious actions
You tried to approach Sersi once to ask something before Druig appeared at your side, almost scaring the wits out of you
You confront him on what he’s doing and this man basically goes: “I’m not doing anything. Maybe you’re imagining things, love” before tugging you someplace private
Okay, maybe his idea of ‘pranks’ is spreading an obscene amount of time with you - and maybe, just maybe, you don’t mind it at all.
Tumblr media
A full-on prank war, no one is spared. It’s either you two are fighting against each other or trying to cause minor inconveniences towards EVERYONE
god forbid anyone who gets caught in the line of fire - Kingo tried to intervene once and he ended up with his hair green for an entire month;
The pranks include: moving other people’s stuff someplace else, putting hair dye (temporary ones) in shampoos, putting obscene amounts of salt in whatever Gilgamesh is cooking - the normal stuff
Whoever manages to trick each other most wins. The prize? Doing whatever the other says, of course!
It’s childish and ridiculous but Sprite has a lot of fun doing it with you, just don’t take it personally if she wins :D
Tumblr media
Your resident partner in crime, is literally the best person to team up with
Oh, you need help with distracting Druig while you steal a pair of his socks? She's on it !
Now you need help with running and hiding from an obviously annoyed Druig who is demanding for his socks? Makkari is on call !
Creates a secret sign-language system that only the two of you can understand so that when you’re shit-talking about someone else, they won’t know that you’re talking about them!
No one has picked up on it as of yet, which is a benefit for the two of you !
The reason why you teamed up with her was that pranking Makarri is near impossible - you can't even breathe in her direction without her knowing! So, why beat them when you can join them?
Tumblr media
He’s just so confused. Kingo loves you the way that you are, but sometimes he just questions how much he loves you
Walked into the kitchen one day and almost cried when he saw that you were boiling your cereal
“Oh, good morning, Kingo! Just boiling my cereal, didn’t like the milk being too cold”
“(Y/N) I love you but if you keep doing this I’m just going to break up with you–”
He gets his revenge by taking horrendous photographs of you when you’re asleep, hair askew in different directions, drool and all - and uses it as his wallpaper.
No, you may not change it - it’s his payback after you basically terrorized your cereal earlier D:
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drukkari-world · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Druig and Makkari
Episode 2 | Eternals: The 500 Year War
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wenellyb · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos, Marvel’s Eternals!!!
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itsladyliv · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
oh nothing, just thinking about how the only time makkari expressed a sound was when she thought druig died
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brunettenightmare3773 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I love them
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akamatthewmurdock · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ETERNALS (2021) dir. Chloé Zhao
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manikas-whims · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Eternals: The 500 Year War
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heavenblazzer · 6 months ago
I wanna know what juicy thing has happened between those two to make druig change the ways he talks, looks at her. I won't rest until i get my answers
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chocolate-covered-whiskey · 4 months ago
An excerpt of a conversation between me and my best friend:
Me: In Eternals, there is a legit gay character, he's married and has a son. But there is zero hype for him because 1) he's black, 2) he's not conventionally attractive (i.e. white and skinny) 3) his husband is Muslim (I think). They've be clamoring for a gay character for YEARS, pushing head canons onto characters and their actors but when you do actually get a canonically gay character nothing.
BF: This is what makes me think a lot of this shit is performative and some of the people crowing the loudest for this are weirdo straights who wanna fetishize it a bit. Normie gay couples don't excite them and sometimes actively piss them off (????).
Me: Exactly, they want these dramatic ass gay couples who fight and hate each other (basically anything you'd call insane in a straight couple). It's crazy because for decades gay couples have been saying they're just like straight couples and when they finally go the right to live and marry (SEVEN years ago) as straight couples do all of a sudden it's boring and not good!?!
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fitzs-br1dg3t · 6 months ago
The Scene:
The Thirst:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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broodingdruig · 4 months ago
hello, I apologize for the wait, I took a rather long hiatus from fanfic writing and getting back into it has been a process but here is my first work!
pairing: druig x reader
word count: 3.2k+ words
warnings: smut, dominant/submissive dynamic, punishment, edging/orgasm denial, etc! my smut is not of the highest caliber so be warned of that. I am working to improve so any constructive criticism is welcome, shoot me an ask!!!
enjoy the fic!!
“And what exactly do you think you’re doing?” you heard from behind you, feeling a pair of arms slip around your waist and pull you close. You grinned as you leaned back into him and smiled at him through the mirror you were standing in front of.
“I haven’t the foggiest idea what you mean, Druig” you teased, “we have that party to go to, I was just trying on some outfits to decide on what to wear”
You weren’t technically lying, you did have to pick an outfit for the event. What you didn’t have to do was take the clothes off so sensually when Druig came into the room the two of you shared.
“Mm, I’m sure” he whispered and his hands wandered around your hips, “I’m sure you always undress that way, like you’re trying to draw someone in”
You shivered as he started to kiss the back of your neck and his hands found their way to your chest. You could feel him smirk against you as he felt your body language change from confident and teasing to more submissive.
“Hm? What, no smart remark huh?” he growled and his touch became more rough. You bit back a moan and put a hand out on the wall in front of you to stabilize yourself as your knees started to get weak.
“Druig, we have to leave in an hour” you all but gasped as he spun you around, pressing your back into the wall with his knee positioned between your legs. He smirked at you and straightened his posture slightly to loom over you.
“Darling, if you’re going to act like that and tease me, what kind of man would I be if I just let you off the hook?” he whispered, his fingers tracing patterns on your neck, the look on his face sent shivers through you.
You looked up at him, shivering as he licked his lips, his hand loosely finding its way around your neck, causing your breath to hitch. He applied a gentle pressure on the sides of your throat, a warning.
“Haven’t you got anything to say?” he whispered, biting the shell of your ear and relishing in the strangled moan that escaped your lips. You did your best to hide the heat you felt and the arousal that was pumping through you.
“D-Druig” you gasped as one of his hands found its way under your shirt and to your breast, pinching and rolling your nipple in his fingers, causing you to gasp and arch your back into him. You stifled a moan by biting your lip, fully realizing how little you could move under him.
“W-We have to go” you gasped, “T-There isn’t time”
“You should have thought about that when you decided you wanted to tease, my love” he started, pulling his hands off of you and stepping away. You cursed at how badly you wanted him to come back to you but you knew you had to leave.
“We’ll go see the others, dove. I’ll let you walk around with that hazy look in your eyes but know that when we get home, you are mine” he enunciated the last few words with chaste kisses to your jaw. You could feel his lips smirking against you, fully away just how he was driving you wild with desire.
You nodded at him, acknowledging your fate. You smiled nervously as you slinked away to change into your outfit for the party, nothing crazy. A loose fitting black button up shirt with black dress pants, your short hair slicked back. You wore a simple pair of platform boots to add a few inches to your height.
“You look beautiful” you heard Druig speak as he possessively wrapped his arm around your waist, grinning smugly at you.
I can’t wait to tear those beautiful clothes off of you later. You heard his accented voice echo through your head and your cheeks turned pink. You looked over at him and he smiled innocently, pulling you closer to him.
“Shall we?” he purred as he pulled you along with him, keeping your bodies pressed as close together as he could as you walked. All the contact between you was driving you mad, unable to think of all the things you wish you could be doing instead of going to this party.
Your mind is practically buzzing with horribly dirty thoughts, little one. You must be aching for me, hm?
You shook your head and blushed harder, doing your best to ignore the teasing. Only you could hear it so you thought it best to do what you could to keep it to yourself. You entered the banquet hall with your lover and smiled politely at your fellow Eternals as you entered their group.
You’d better behave, little one, wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself in front of everyone now, would you?
You felt him pinch at your side and cause you to jolt slightly, unable to keep a small smile from gracing your lips. You shied away from his ticklish touch and put your hand atop his to stop the feeling and regain some sort of dignity.
You held Druig’s hand as you walked towards the bar where the other Eternals stood. You greeted them politely as you sat at one of the many bar stools. Druig stood next to you, his shoulder touching yours as he spoke to Kingo about one of his most recent films.
“How have you been?” Sersi asked, taking a seat next to you. You smiled at her, it had been so long since you’d seen everyone in the same place.
“I’m alright, been busy dealing with the world post-Tiamut ya know?” you joked. You stiffened as you felt Druig’s hand make its way to your thigh, using a very light amount of pressure. Another warning.
“Would you like a drink, dove?” Druig asked, leaning closer to you. You nodded quickly and smiled nervously back at him. He squeezed your thigh and grinned smugly. You could feel your cheeks betraying you with a dusty pink color. You did your best to be present in the conversation, ignoring the consistent throbbing Druig was causing between your thighs.
You ran your finger across the condensation of your glass, zoning out from the conversation. You, for a moment, allowed your mind to wander as to what was waiting for you when you got home. Flashes of memories and fantasies started to play through your head; Druig’s strong arms holding yours down, his teeth on your neck, his tongue twirling around your-
“Are you still there, (y/n)?” Druig interrupted your thoughts, a glint of mischief in his eyes. You blinked a few times and smiled weakly, nodding and sitting up straight.
“Yea, sorry. Just a little tired, started to zone out” you said and leaned towards Druig.
“Perhaps it's time we take our leave, then” Druig spoke softly and grabbed your jacket from the back of your chair, motioning for you to stand up. You smiled thankfully as he helped you put on your jacket.
“You guys are no fun! You never stay out with us” Kingo complained and pouted his bottom lip. A symphony of agreement followed his statement. Druig bowed his head slightly as he chuckled.
“I’m a bit tired as well, and I’ve got to get (y/n) home. We’ll be seeing you all again” he spoke and put his arm around your shoulder. You waved goodbye to everyone and turned to look at your lover, something between excitement and nervousness buzzing in your chest.
You made your way back to your home and you fumbled with your keys to unlock the door, your hands shaking slightly. Druig smirked and reached out to help.
“So nervous already, little one?” he chuckled and opened the door, allowing you both into the house. You tripped a bit over your boots and giggled a bit as he shut the door and turned his attention to you.
“Bedroom, love. Now” he commands and follows as you walk towards the room, kicking his shoes off in the process. He shrugged off his jacket as you both entered the room. He locked the door and eyed you with a look that you could only describe as hungry.
“Go on then, get comfortable” he cooed as his fingers traced over a drawer right near the bed. Your eyes widened at the sight of him slipping off his shirt. You nervously fiddled with your own shirt and pants, sitting next to him on the bed.
“You’ve been a terrible little thing today, haven’t you?”
You grinned nervously as he climbed on top of you, unable to hold it back with that nervous pit in your stomach. One hand found your hip as the other rested above your head, his blue eye piercing through you as he leaned over you.
“Awful smiley too, yeah? For someone about to be punished, that is” He chuckled. His lips found your neck as his hand continued to roam around your midsection. You gasped as he bit down harshly near your collarbone, your pussy throbbing as he manhandled you to pin your wrists above your head. You felt his breath ghost over your neck and you shut your eyes, attempting to focus as your head spun with desire.
Druig pressed his fully clothed hips against your panties, smirking as you bucked your hips against his. He pulled back from you, eyes shifting between your eyes and your body. He brought your wrists together with one hand and wrapped his fingers delicately around your throat, not putting pressure there just yet.
“Tell me what you want” he demanded, his voice quiet but firm. You shivered as you looked up at him, pure desire clouding your thoughts for a moment as you struggled with the words. He applied a small amount of pressure on either side of your throat.
“Use your words, little one”
“T-Touch me, please, a-anything. Use me h-however you wa-want to” you gasped and arched your back. You got goosebumps as his lips curled into a sinister grin.
“That is exactly what I wanted to hear”
Druig pulled away from you for a moment to take in the sight of your beneath him. Your hair had been slightly tousled and you looked perfectly desperate for whatever he had in store for you.
“So desperate for me” he cooed “awfully needy to be playing the kind of games you were earlier, hm?”
“I-I’m sorry” you whispered.
“No, you aren’t” he corrected, settling between your thighs “but you will be”
He wasted no more time, descending upon your neck with his teeth, biting and sucking harshly in all the right places. His hands made their way to your chest, flicking and pinching your nipples and relishing in the moans that followed. You arched into his body and shut your eyes, whimpered and moaning, your hands reaching for his hair.
You could feel wetness gathering between your legs, your hips bucked into him as he continued to toy with you. You were so pliable under his hands, your limbs already heavy with desire, desperate for every touch and bite.
“You’re a mess, aren’t you?” he smirked, his hands finding his way to underwear, pressing his fingers against your clothed heat. You immediately bucked your hips up to meet his hand, attempting to gain some sort of friction.
“So desperate for me” he said as he pulled your underwear down your legs, discarding them to the side. You spread your legs eagerly, looking up to him.
“Tell me what you’d like” Druig whispered, pressing his pelvis against yours. You gasped at the contact and rocked your hips back and forth against him. “Fuck me, Druig” you rasped out, with a bit of a bite to your tone.
“Hm, why such a rush?” he snickered and leaned down to kiss you. You leaned into the kiss, your hands immediately finding the collar of his shirt to quickly unbutton it. Your hands roamed around his chest greedily taking him in. You couldn’t help but tweak his nipples a bit as he continued to kiss you.
He pulled away and hissed slightly, taking your wrists in his hands and pinning them to the sides of your head.
“Keep using those hands like that, love, you’re gonna lose the use of them” he whispered and smirked as you shivered at his words.
“Why don’t you get on with it and fuck me, then?” You mewled and bucked your hips suggestively.
“Oh, dear. I see we haven’t learned from past mistakes, have we?” He grinned and got up off you, shuffling towards a nightstand drawer to pull out restraints, You immediately lifted your arms to the headboard.
“That’s a good pet” he purred as he hooked your wrists to the headboard. The vulnerability of his actions caused a pulse throughout your whole body, leading directly into your already throbbing pussy. He positioned himself on your thighs, limiting your movement.
“Now, you are going to be a good little plaything for me, aren’cha?” he cooed as he pushed some of your hair off your forehead. You nodded and arched your back slightly to get the tiniest bit of mobility out of the restraints.
“Yes, Drui-”
“No, pet” he corrected, “yes…?”
“Yes, master” you gasped, shivering at the look on his face. You could feel his cock react to your words. It was quite a feeling to have that kind of an effect on him. He chuckled and kissed you once more, his hand finding the back of your head, gripping your hair harshly and pulling your head back, exposing your neck.
“You’re gonna be good and let me fuck you stupid, aren’t you, pretty thing?”
You could only nod your head as much as he would allow, releasing the tension in your body and submitting to him. He shifted downward and settled between your legs. He kissed from your hips down to your thighs at an agonizing pace, causing you to stir restlessly.
His lips found his way to your heat, his tongue teasing around your clit. You gasped and let out a soft moan, clenching your hands in the cuffs. He smirked as his tongue made small, slow circles around your clit. You angled your hips up to meet him, moaning and whimpering his name.
He continued using his tongue to draw moans from your lips, getting harder every time you cried out his name as you came closer to your climax. You could feel the warmth in your center, a coil ready to snap. You looked to Druig for permission. His small chuckle reverberated through your whole body, pushing you closer to orgasm.
“Good to see you know your place, little one” he mused, “go ahead, m’love”
And with that, you felt your orgasm hit you like a truck, your limbs tensing and your wrist pulling slightly at the restraints as you came. Druig moved upwards to kiss you again, making you taste yourself on his tongue. You moaned into his mouth and kissed back feverishly. He pulled away and slowly started to unbuckle his dress pants, never breaking eye contact with you.
He shimmied off his pants and underwear, revealing his already hard cock. You looked down at it, unable to look anywhere else. He smirked and stroked his cock a few times to get it ready for you. He aligned your hips and made eye contact with you.
“You ready to take me?” He purred and pressed the tip of his cock at your entrance. That small bit of contact alone was enough to send a tingle up your spine as you sloppily nodded your head and spread your legs further to demonstrate.
“Y-Yes, master” you breathed and arched your back, sweat already beading on your forehead. He nodded his head and pushed himself into you, both of you moaning at the contact. You clenched your hands again in the restraints and nearly screamed as he began to pick up his pace. His thrusts became quicker as your screams of pleasure and pain got louder.
“You are such a slut for my cock, huh, baby?” he grunted as he continued to thrust into you harshly. He leaned down to kiss your neck, biting and sucking as he moved down to your collarbone. You could feel your second climax coming, your toes curling as you pressed your chest.
“I-I’m close, Druig”
“So soon? You really must have been so desperate” he cooed, mockingly. He slowed his thrusts a bit and smirked.
“You do not cum until I tell you can,” he said firmly. You whimpered and let your head fall to the side on the pillow. You could hear him snicker.
“You are so fucking beautiful” he said as his lips made their way down to your chest, licking a circle around your nipple. You gasped and moaned as he took his nipple into his mouth and sucked harshly. He used his teeth and tongue to tease your nipples, relishing in the sounds you made.
“Dr-Druig… please” you begged in a whisper. His eyes raked over your body, his hands tangling in your hair, making intense eye contact with you. He pulled your head back again.
“Cum for me. Now.”
You felt the next orgasm hit you in a wave, a scream ripping through your throat. Druig moaned as he felt your cunt squeeze around his dick, pushing himself closer to you as he thrusted faster. Your head began to spin as your pussy began to get more and more sensitive.
“You take me so well, pet” he panted, looking down and noticing the hazy look in your eyes. He couldn’t help but smirk.
“Aw, have you gone dumb so soon?” he snickered “I must be getting good at this”
You let out a small whimper as your next climax began to build. Druig began to pant and moan as he started to come close to his own climax. You clenched your cunt around him and smiled weakly as you heard him moan.
Druig gasped and continued to thrust, screwing his eyes shut as his orgasm came to its climax. He moaned loudly, slowing his thrust as he came down from the feeling. You shivered as he whispered breathless praises in your ear, smiling as he gently kissed along your jaw and cheeks.
He pulled away and looked down on you, sweaty and bound, your cheeks red and your hair messy against the pillow.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so beautiful” he smirked and leaned down to kiss you sweetly. You giggled into the kiss. Druig smirked mischievously and his hands found your bare hips, tickling lightly around your exposed hipbones. You gasped and squirmed away from his touch, giggling nervously.
“Druig! H-Hands off, that is n-not fair” you laughed and pulled against your restraints. Druig laughed and stilled his hands, pressing his forehead against yours. He lifted his hands and undid the restraints, holding you close and smoothing down your messy hair.
“I love you” he smiled “you did so well, you always do”
You smiled and closed your eyes as he pulled you closer and kissed your temple.
“Why don’t I go run a bath for us before we go to bed, hm?” Druig asked and kissed the corner of your mouth.
“Hm, yea” you yawned, “can we sleep in tomorrow?”
“Anything for you, m’darling”
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moonxpluto · 2 months ago
hearts don’t break around here || ajak.
A/N: this one’s for @sunshinelemondrop16 hope you enjoy bestie ❤️
Tumblr media
You sighed when you sank into the warm water, carefully lowering yourself into the bath. You had needed this, the silence that embraced you paired with the scent of vanilla and coconut that filled the partially illuminated bathroom finally allowed you to relax. And when her arms snaked around your waist, holding you close against her body, you could almost fall asleep right there. The back of your head leaned on her shoulder, your back pressed to her chest under the scented water, and a hand came to trace irrelevant figures on the arm that kept you close to her.
Ajak didn’t speak, only brushed her parted lips on your temple, eyes shut. You both enjoyed the moments where words didn’t matter. She felt your muscles slowly relax against her, your body succumbing to the delicious feeling of a hot bath after a particularly exhausting day. She wasn’t immune to the feeling herself, already sensing the weight of the day slipping away from her shoulders and chest and allowing her to breathe a little easier. Everything became a bit easier when she was holding you this way, your warm skin on her soft one, her nose in your hair. The serenity that enveloped the both of you was unlike any other.
The fingers of your left hand touched hers almost tentatively under the water. You laced your fingers together with a slowness you only allowed yourself to have when you were with her. Your gaze followed the movement, watching in awe as her hand fit in yours like it belonged there. Bringing it to your lips, you planted a soft kiss on her wet skin.
“…We’re in love, aren’t we?” You could almost feel the smile that stretched her lips at your quiet question.
You didn’t doubt her answer, not really. You loved her and she loved you. It was simple. The tightness of your heart whenever Ajak smiled at you was undeniable and deeply comforting. Your essence rested in the palm of her hand and had made a nest there; she was home in every way possible and that realization often filled you with astonishment.
You felt her shift behind you and her lips on your shoulder, then her breath as she replied, “Profoundly.”
You hummed, half lidded eyes still staring at your intertwined fingers on your stomach. You couldn’t help but brush the base of her ring finger with your thumb. A ring would look good there. Her nose buried itself in the crook of your neck and you felt that same lovesick smile make its way onto your face.
“Marry me, then.”
Ajak paused, uselessly trying to contain her smile. “That didn’t sound like a question.”
Your hand cupped her cheek from behind, slightly turning your head to look at her. She did the same, her chin leaving its spot on your shoulder to see you properly. Her smile only made yours grow.
“It wasn’t,” you replied, fingers brushing her cheek, gaze lowering to her mouth for only a second.
“Do I not get a say in this?”
You pretended to ponder the question at her playful tone, humming. “No, I don’t think so.”
Ajak leaned in, lips brushing against yours. “No?”
You could only shake your head before her mouth landed on yours in a gentle kiss. You could feel her smile as she kissed you and her taste lingered on your lips when she pulled away, breath mangling with your own. You felt like the only people on Earth, it was just you and her in that bath, surrounded by sweet aromas and warm water. The lit candles made her look beautiful in the orange light. You tuck a strand of hair that had fallen into her face back behind her ear. It wasn’t the best position to be in and your neck muscles were already chastising you for it, but you didn’t care. Not when she looked at you like that.
“You want to marry me?” Ajak asked in a whisper against your mouth, staring into your eyes.
“I wanna marry you,” you answered truthfully, an almost shy smile on your lips.
Her laugh made you blink. Ajak pulled away a bit more, her thumb coming up to brush your cheek.
“You’re always disrupting my plans,” she replied easily, though the fond smile on her face let you know she wasn’t upset at all.
“What plans?”
Her thumb trailed to your parted lips, her eyes following the movement of her finger on your bottom lip. “I was supposed to ask you that. I planned everything for as soon as we got out that bath.”
You pressed an apologetic kiss on her thumb, your features morphing into a sheepish expression. “Sorry.”
“You’re not.”
“Not really, no.”
Ajak lifted her eyes to the ceiling with a slight shake of her head. The soreness in your neck was becoming annoying. You adjusted your position against her, accidentally splashing water on the floor beside the tub. You murmured an, “oops” when you faced her, knees on each side of her thighs to sit on her lap. Ajak laughed again, hands warm on your hips. Your arms snaked around her neck, fingers gently playing with the few strands of hair that fell out of her bun. You didn’t know how long you had been in the bath, the water was room temperature instead of the warmth it radiated earlier, but it didn’t matter when your lover was a walking furnace.
“Ask me now,” you suddenly spoke up, your nose touching Ajak’s when you leaned in to rest your forehead on hers.
“Ask me to marry you.”
Ajak looked at you and you held her stare. She didn’t see any trace of hesitation in your eyes and her breath hitched. Maybe it was your proximity, your wet chest pressed to hers, or maybe it was the atmosphere of the room with its candlelight and the silence that was only broken by the thumping of her own heartbeat in her ears, either way she felt entirely at your mercy. With a tilt of her head she brushed her lips with yours once more, unable to keep her distance.
The question escaped her lips easily, naturally, like she was simply asking you about your day. “Marry me?”
Your teeth took hold of her bottom lip, gently tugging at it before kissing her properly, a certain urgency hiding behind it. You tasted her mouth with your tongue, passing it over where you teeth had been seconds ago. Your pulse quickened, body pressing into hers to leave no space between you. Ajak’s kisses were psychedelics, invading your bloodstream until you felt dizzy. She was intoxicating.
You were forced to pull away to breathe after a moment, chest rising heavily.
“A thousand times,” you breathed out, lips so close to hers you could feel it when she smiled and kissed you again.
Your laugh was muffled with her mouth and replaced with a low hum. Ajak was yours. You were hers, and everything in between. The bath was long forgotten as you exchanged sweet kisses, sometimes interrupted by the grin on your faces. Her palms trailed up your hips to your back and you were seconds away from melting into her completely, offering her all of you. You would have, if you weren’t curious about what she had planned for the rest of the night.
Your lips left hers and the noise made your stomach churn with barely restrained longing. “What else did you plan after this?” You asked while trying to stabilize your breathing.
“We would have to leave this bath for that,” her mouth met the skin of your shoulder, planting warm open kisses everywhere it landed.
You almost forgot all about it when her tongue tasted the water on the side of your neck. “Get up, then.”
Ajak hummed as she kissed your throat, feeling you swallow with difficulty. “I don’t want to.”
You knew you had to stop everything before it went too far otherwise the both of you would spend the night in that bathroom. When her lips found your collarbones your eyes fluttered, struggling to stay open. It took all you had to push her back, hands on her shoulders, when her tongue trailed down the middle of your chest.
“Up,” you ordered.
The pout of her bottom lip made you smile. You pressed a last, chaste kiss on her mouth before standing up abruptly. Ajak sighed but she couldn’t contain her own smile when you reached out to her, expectantly waiting for her to take your hand. You almost forgot you were in the tub when she did, foot slipping on the wet surface. Her arms held you securely against her before you could fall and the stupid smile on your lips as you looked at her made her roll her eyes. Yes, she was going to marry you.
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drukkari-world · 4 months ago
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Druig and Makkari
Episode 1 | Eternals: The 500 Year War
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I can't wait to find out what excuses the fandom will come up with when they start shipping these two
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instead of the actual married couple:
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You Druig stans are so horny
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