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jakelcckley · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
No, I am definitely, certainly, unquestionably, undeniably, and beyond any doubt not a simp.
(gifs used are not mine)
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sincka · a day ago
Layla : Jake...
Jake : I can tell by the tone of your voice that you are disappointed. Alas, I must further disappoint you by affirming how little I give a fuck.
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thatfangirl42 · 2 months ago
Steven Grant saying "Goat" when he saw a goat is giving best boy energy.
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dragon-baron · a month ago
Stand up and let go
Tumblr media
Part of the Murder Bird series
Gender neutral reader
Really switching up the canon line now. Ready?
Thanks @jeyfeather-moon for the idea!
Khonshu was losing. Ammit had the upper hand. Here, like this, there is nothing you can do. This cannot be how you lose Khonshu again.
You're in theory temple. Their sanctuary.
Maybe you can help. Khonshu won't like it, but what other options do you have?
You run from the entrance of the pyramid and run back inside, up the stairs and through the doorway. You run down the hall, careful of the bodies which still lay within. You don't stop until you find that room, colliding with the wall to stop yourself.
You look up at all the remaining statues.
"If I release you, will you help me? I can't stand by and do nothing. Khonshu is losing and he needs help. You have to help him!"
You know you won't get an answer. They're trapped. Still, that doesn't stop you.
One by one you grab them and throw them to the ground. The ones that don't crack immediately, you stand on like you did with Khonshu.
One by one the gods rise. They adjust to their forms and turn their heads to you.
"And who are you?" A deep voice asks.
You turn around and lay your eyes on Anubis. Those jackal eyes staring into your soul.
"My name isn't important," but you tell them anyway. "What is important is that Khonshu is in danger. Ammit is free and killing hundreds if not thousands of people. I will not lose Khonshu again."
Anubis stares at you with beady eyes. It's unsettling.
"I would need an avatar," he snarls.
"Then find one, but do it quickly."
He stares at you, still.
"What? What do you want?"
"I want you to be my avatar."
You shake your head.
"Khonshu will be mad."
"Do you do everything that Bird tells you?"
"No, but... being an avatar is... I've seen what that does to people."
"These are the terms. Be my avatar, defeat Ammit, and I will let you go, only once she has been defeated."
You shake your head.
"Khonshu will only fail if we do not take on avatars."
"Why me?
"Because you care for him. So fight for him. With my powers, getting rid of Ammit's avatar will be easy."
"I don't want to kill him... just stop him. Arthur was my friend once. He took care of me once. I will not kill him."
"Your choices are limited."
You clench your fist in anguish.
Khonshu will be pissed when he finds out, but if it would truly save him.
"I will not kill Arthur Harrow, but I will stop him."
"I accept your terms. You have to let me go when this is done."
"Only when Ammit has been defeated," Anubis chuckles.
You tilt your head up and accept the power of Anubis. You feel... stronger.
You run all the way back. When you reach the entrance, Anubis has grown to the size of Ammit and Khonshu. As he grows, you summon your suit. Like this, you can fight. You'll be alright.
You take off into the night and go find Harrow.
You find him fighting Marc and Layla.
Layla, who appears to be in a suit of her own. You both stare at one another, but don't question the fits.
You turn to Harrow.
He look at you.
"It didn't have to be this way," he says.
"No, but what choice do I have?" You ask.
Arthur says nothing. He runs back at the three of you with his cane ready. Marc goes to meet him halfway, but blacks out.
You go stop him, but it's too late.
Marc returns. He questions Steven. Steven has no idea.
Harrow lays on the ground with the end of how cane sticking out of his head. You swallow a scream as you take in what you're seeing.
You hadn't want him killed. Just... saved.
Marc takes the cane and looks up at you.
"What was that?"
He doesn't know.
"Grab Harrow!" Layla calls out. Marc picks him up. You follow them back to the pyramid.
Marc drops Harrow onto the broken slab on the middle of the room. He joins you and Layla and takes each of your hands.
"We must bind Ammit to Harrow. In a mortal vessel she is vulnerable." Layla explains.
All of you begin to chant.
Using what power is still there in that temple, you begin the blinding process. You see Harrow twitch. He's alive. Thank goodness for that.
Then it's over.
Ammit is bound to the body.
You stare at Harrow.
"Kill him!"
You ignore Anubis and look up to see Khonshu here. He is looking at you.
"What did you do?" He asks.
You say nothing.
Marc approaches Harrow.
"Remember our deal?" He asks Khonshu.
Khonshu turns his head away from you.
"You and the worm will be free from me. I remember."
"If you want him dead, do it yourself." Marc walks away. Layla follows.
The suit disappears from Marc's body. Khonshu let's him go. He turns back to you.
"Free them, Anubis," Khonshu demands.
"Not until the terms have been met."
You look at Anubis.
"Ammit has been defeated!"
"Ammit still lives. Until she has been killed within her vessel, you will remain my avatar," Anubis grins and disappears.
Khonshu looks at you.
"Why did you do that?"
You look at him.
"To keep you safe."
Khonshu sighs and reaches out. He places his hand on your head.
"You fool. You have become the avatar if a god. I did not want this for you."
You say nothing.
"My oath has not changed."
You look up at him.
"I will protect you, even from Anubis himself. You are my star, my precious mortal. I will free you from him myself."
You smile up at Khonshu.
Khonshu looks up at where Marc had gone.
"I have an avatar who will help."
You look at him confused. He let Marc and Steven go. Layla won't accept.
Who was he talking about?
Khonshu leaves it at that and sees to it that you're somewhere safe and sound for the night.
Harrow will be dealt with.
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dashesofink · a month ago
A Day in the Life
Tumblr media
Summary: last time he fronted for Steven, Jake couldn’t quite seem to get it right, but maybe with your help he can
Pairings: Jake Lockley x gn!reader, slight mentions of Steven x gn!reader
Word Count: 1212
Warnings: none
Genre: comedy, slice of life (I guess)
Main Taglist: @legolaslovely @dolonia-spencer @fizzyxcustard @c4ts4ndstuff @mathom-box @notabotiswear
Marvel TL: @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore @notabotiswear
A/N: this is my very first time writing for Jake!! Seeing as I’m still learning about his character, most of the aspects I wrote for him are based off of what I’ve read/think!! Hope you enjoy!!
Tumblr media
“You cannot mess this up.”
“Come on, who do you think I am, doll?”
Jake looked at you from the reflection in Steven’s bathroom mirror, a hint of a smirk pulling up his lips. His hands were fiddling with the front of his jacket, the cool metal of Steven’s new nametag clacking together with some random pens he had found and stuffed into the front pocket. His hair, with help from you of course, had been tidied up and fluffed in all of the right places, falling across his forehead in a way that made him want to yank his cap over his head. “A mess is what you are,” Your accent was masked by a sigh, and as you made your way towards him, comb in hand, you narrowed your eyes. “Listen to me, Jake, just once—“ you held up a finger in front of his face to make your point. “— just this once, don’t do anything that Steven wouldn’t do.”
“He barely does anything.” He scoffed, jerking away from your fiddling fingers and worrying gaze to try and make Steven’s get-up more his own. But it was useless. The more he fixed and stuck things into place in a way he liked, you came and put it back the way Steven would’ve liked. “Come on, I’m already being forced to do this crappy accent, what else would you—“ The harsh glare he caught you sending him was enough to seal his lips like a zipper. He gulped, turning back to the mirror with a quiet apology falling past his chapped lips at his inconsiderate assault on you and his alter. Your gaze was fixated on his back as he did a few finishing touches to his look. You hated this idea, but the others needed a break and Jake was more than happy to jump forward and front. Once he had turned around you were in front of him, fingers finding his jaw in a tight grip. “Listen, doll-face, I’m not gonna mess this up. You’ve told me plenty of times that—“
“The last time you said that, you got him a date at a steak-based restaurant.”
“He should’ve been grateful.”
“He’s a vegan, Jake!” You couldn’t help the exasperated groan you let out at his words, annoyance lacing your next statement. “Please, just try and act like you have a kind bone in your body.” With a shove against his shoulder you turned away, ignoring the fits of laughter he was fighting back while you tried to put together the bag Steven usually took to work. It was a hassle, trying to make it seem as if Steven’s life hadn’t been upturned by the appearance of Jake and Marc. And obviously it wasn’t his fault, but you just so happened to be dragged into the mess and it seemed making sure nothing crazy happened had been a task that was thrust upon you. Obviously, with an alter like Jake, things were much more difficult. His mood swings and constant back-talk were like that of a teenage girl having recently broken up with her partner, and you felt you were on the verge of a mental breakdown each time he fronted. But somehow, just before you had a chance to give him a good snack against the cheek, Steven would come out again like nothing happened and soothe the rage in your veins. He always knew how to do that. Lucky for Jake.
“Look,” Quite surprisingly, Jake’s touch was gentle as he placed a hand on your shoulder. He pulled you out of your thoughts, his New York accent running low and thick through the air as he tried to get your attention again. “Look at me, (y/n), I’m not gonna mess this up; Steven gets a break, Marc gets a break, and I get to be out for a bit. It’s a win-win situation.” Despite how reassuring he was trying to sound, you doubted him. He looked sincere enough, his usual cold, dark eyes clouded with a very amusing, very fake sense of warmth. He had Steven’s act down to a T, having crossed all of his x’s and dotting all of his i’s in the script that Steven had created for his life. But that still wasn’t enough to ease the worry and tension that settled in your bones. Steven was very particular in his ways, and though it seemed easy enough, you knew one slip up in his daily life might result in some spiral. “Besides, what the worst that could happen, huh?”
“Want me to give you a list?” Jake’s face fell, and it seemed for a moment the confidence he had in himself to act in ‘A Day in the Life’ of Steven Grant had all but vanished until you shot him a small smile, one laced heavily with fake enthusiasm. Even though Steven and Marc had known you for much longer than he had, Jake had grown fond of you. Khonshu definitely had something to say about that, now that all three of them had taken a liking to you and had decided to keep you around in their mixed-up lives. But they all but ignored the giant bird. They all understood the worry and fear you felt for them whenever they left for long periods of time to finish whatever quest Khonshu had for Marc or Jake, but the latter was always confused as to why, seeing as the two were more than capable of coming back in one piece. A few bruises and superficial cuts usually accompanied them, but they were in one piece nonetheless. “If I learn that you got Steven fired from yet another job, I’ll kill you.”
“That was Marc!” Jake wanted to throw a fit at the mention of Marc’s last conquest at the museum some time ago, but kept his cool as he grabbed the bag you packed together and made his way towards the door. You shot him a knowing look, your own bag of stuff going over your shoulder as you followed him out of the door. While you had your own job to work, you had a feeling your day would be spent worrying about how Jake would act at the new job Steven had managed to acquire. It didn’t help knowing he wouldn’t call you if anything happened, as he claimed he always ‘had it under control’, but that was a load of crap and you knew it. You tried your best to calm your racing nerves as you turned to look at Jake, watching him fix his hair one last time before he turned to you with a forced smile, one that was eerily close to Steven’s. “Relax, love, I’ve got it under control, innit.” His whole persona changed to match that of the English softy once he stepped out of the loft, and though you hated to admit it, he did a good job of acting like Steven. Even if the terms he used didn’t quite fit.
“The more you speak, the more I worry.”
“Just trust me on this. And hey,” He leaned in close, switching smoothly from his fake English accent back to his own. “If things go to shit, you can even say ‘I told you so’.”
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rkiveinmarvel · 20 days ago
(Y/N): *is carrying all the groceries*
Layla: *holds out hand to help*
(Y/N) *aggressively moves all the groceries to one hand to hold Layla's hand*
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ars-de-elysium · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Alright I swear this is the last little Gus Knight and Mr. Gus post- but I wanted to share my final print design for the Fins of Khonshu. 🌙
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spontaneous-ignition · a month ago
Tumblr media
found this old blank meme on my phone, thought it fit pretty well, credit to @riddlemd for the base
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diturnity · a month ago
This rn
Tumblr media
Art by me!!
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andorseries · 2 months ago
jake lockley when he stepped up to try and find harrow in cairo
Tumblr media
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jakelcckley · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The scene in question:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(gifs are not mine)
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sincka · a month ago
Marc: ARE YOU-
Jake: Fucking.
Jake: Fucking.
Marc: IDIOT !
Khonshu : …What was that ?
Jake: Steven banned Marc from swearing, so I’m helping him out.
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thatfangirl42 · 2 months ago
Steven Grant and his little reading glasses my beloved.
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charstiel · a month ago
Tumblr media
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dragon-baron · a month ago
A living nightmare
Tumblr media
Part of the Murder Bird series
Gender neutral reader
Lets get this series back on the road, eh? 😉
Spoilers for episode 6!!!
Harrow lay you down gently. You had passed out after he had told you everything Khonshu would not. He felt sorry for you. Really, he did. Had Khonshu not interfered, Arthur would have taken care of you among his followers. But Khonshu had prevented that and had taken you away all together.
Once he had you laying comfortably, he turns to Marc. He leaves the gold scarab on top of his body. This could have gone so differently.
The follower to his right hands him Ammit in her stone prison. He holds it carefully, looking at her. At last, all he has done will come to fruition. He stands, leaving you to rest for a moment, and addresses his followers.
You wake while he is talking. Your head hurts. You have to blink your eyes several times to focus on the room.
It all comes flooding back to you.
The tomb. Harrow. Marc... Khonshu.
A tear falls. You remember. You remember the day you met him for the first time, and the day he made you forget.
You realise you're not laying there alone. Your heart breaks. Marc... he's dead. You find the strength to sit up and scoot over to him, placing your hands on his shoulders.
No response. Of course not. He was dead.
You don't get to mourn for long. Harrow has stopped talking and returned to your side. You startle as he places his hand on your shoulder.
"We need to go."
You shake your head. Harrow sighs softly as he crouches down beside you. He looks at you with sad eyes.
"You killed him..." You whisper.
"I did what had to be done."
You shake your head again. Harrow puts his arm around you and holds you in, what you can only assume is suppose to be, a comforting manner. It wasn't very comforting.
"We need to go."
You say nothing. Harrow is gentle with you as he helps you up and guides you away from Marc's body.
It's like you have no control over yourself. You go with him without a fight. Unable to process everything that had just happened.
You're afraid.
You want Khonshu back.
He would keep you safe.
Marc... oh, Marc...
Layla watches you go from her hiding spot. As much as she wanted to dive in a rescue you, she would only cause more trouble than it was worth. She he hurries over to Marc's body once you're all out of sight. She calls his name. Nothing. He's gone.
Layla tries not to cry, but it's pointless, the tears are already falling.
The gold scarab lays on top of Marc's chest.
Harrow has Ammit.
You're with Harrow.
She can find you, and kill him.
Grabbing the scarab, she gets up and takes off. Without Khonshu, without Marc, you're in danger. Layla can still save you.
She will kill that man for what he's done.
She'll stop him.
She has to.
@pickle-rick-y @endless-starzz @popcorn36274 @the-chaotic-cow @zafiro-draco @sunnypop02 @galaxypox @starkiller-queen @amp-le @manque-damour @lo0nylexi @jossambird @isa-grant @that-one-short-human @a-hopeless-fan @ancientbeing10 @draarnaak @shohannie
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dashesofink · 2 months ago
Here Comes the Sun
Tumblr media
Summary: Steven was beginning to wonder if his life at the museum would ever be anything but boring and sad, but seeing you made his day bright and warm
Pairings: Steven Grant x gn!reader (no gender mentioned)
Word Count: 1097
Warnings: mentions of lack of sleep
Main Taglist: @legolaslovely @dolonia-spencer @fizzyxcustard @c4ts4ndstuff @mathom-box
Marvel TL: @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore
A/N: I fell in love with this silly little sleep deprived man, so I just had to write for him!! Let me know what you think!!
Tumblr media
Oh, it felt like the room was spinning and his head was splitting. The lights were too bright, and while some would claim the flaring lights of the museum's magnificent fixtures were just the right hue, Steven felt as if he could feel the low humming of electricity from the flickering bulbs. People chattered amongst themselves as they shuffled past the stand he was wanting to hide behind. But it seemed the friendly smile he forced upon his face only scared the guests in the museum’s illustrious halls further away from him. Good riddance, yeah? He didn’t know why he thought that, exactly. Usually, Steven was a nonchalant fellow, just moseying his way through life as positively as he could muster himself to be. But maybe, the wildly inaccurate amount of sleep he’s gotten, or rather lack thereof, was finally getting to him. Donna definitely wouldn’t be happy about that, the musty old hag, but for once, Steven decided she would just have to deal with it.
“Steven, you alright, mate?”
The sentence broke the poor chap from his daydreaming, the dark curls on his forehead bouncing against his skin while he swiveled around to look at who spoke. “Oh, yeah, sorry.” I’m delirious. Steven thought to himself. Sleep deprivation was as serious as it sounded, and the fact that you were talking to him right now, much less standing in his department— as if running the register at the gift shop was a department— just proved how messed up his brain was. Usually you visited on your break, and he knew that had already passed. Yet there you stood, the smile on your lips warm and inviting. Despite this, he found himself looking away before he could get carried away with staring at your lovely features. “Yeah, why do you ask, love?”
It was funny, how Steven could get so awkward and flustered around just about anyone, so much so he could sometimes hardly form coherent sentences. But with you, a combination of your soothing voice and judgement free aura made his nervousness float away in the night. That, and your smile had a habit of making him melt on the spot. Within your first few months of knowing him, he had cleverly decided that the pet name ‘love’ suited you. ‘Because you’re so warm and full of love, love.’ He claimed, but you didn’t seem to believe it. You always shied away, either accompanied by a swat to his shoulder or you would turn around so that he couldn't see the darkening of your cheeks and told him he was lying. But he couldn’t lie, not to you. He meant it. And though he wasn’t very sure of most things in his life, he was sure that you were the one thing that kept him sane when he punched in for his shifts at the museum. You brightened up his day, and he loved basking in that warmth.
“Well, aside from the dark circles taking up half of your face,” Even though he found the blush on your cheeks endearing, he soon found himself flushing at the mention of the purple bruises under his eyes. You made sure to keep your words quiet though, so as to not raise anymore suspicion from Donna as she continuously snooped around Steven and the gift shop. Who knew where she was currently hiding. “Your eyes look, and I don’t mean this to come off rude, dead.” Steven caught the concern that flashed through your face as you leaned across the stand, and seemingly ignoring every single guest that looked at the two of you oddly, reached across the stand to brush his curls away from his forehead. “Are you sure you're alright?”
He was as stiff as the sarcophagus across the hall at the feeling of your fingers against his skin. Unfortunately, Steven found himself dreaming of this very moment many times, and it usually wasn’t one of those weird dreams where he woke up in a different dimension or across the world. Rather, it was one that ended with the two of you relishing in the other's embrace, sharing a passionate moment that he could only hope would happen in the real world one day. But until that day happened, he had to respond somehow. “Just trouble sleeping again— that’s all, no need to get your knick— I mean— sorry, no need to worry!” Steven cursed himself for speaking so loosely with you, yet no matter how much you reassured him it was fine, he still refused to bother you with slang and near foul language. You deserved better than that. “I told you I’m fine, yeah. Yeah, I’m fine, all good here!” His heart fluttered at the sound of your laughter dancing through his mind, and for a second the lights overhead went quiet and the tapping of shoes against the tiled floor were hushed when you gently tapped his cheeks with the pads of your fingers.
“I always worry about you, Steven.” You told him quickly, and it was almost as if you could sense the danger and infernal atmosphere that followed your boss as her obnoxious heels clacked against the flooring. “Anyways, before we both get in trouble for ‘idling by’, I’ll hurry off then.” Steven was hoping he could force himself to grab a hold of your hand, to somehow pull you in for a tight embrace and tell you how much he appreciated you checking on him, but all he could do was stare after you patted his hands and smiled at him. “I’ll see you later, enjoy the rest of your shift!”
You scurried away from Steven and the gift shop with a lighthearted wave, but before he could even fully wave back or voice his response, you turned around and caught up with Donna before she could give him a lashing for talking with you. “Laters, gators…” It was something he was comfortable saying to his mother, but you loved the little saying. His fingers curled in on themselves and he lowered his hand in disappointment as you left, but his heart felt as light as a flower blowing in the wind from speaking with you. He couldn’t help but look forward to the next time you stopped by for a chat, and he could only hope that next time he would actually say something worth saying. No more of his ramblings. But if it was one thing he hoped for, it was for you to keep coming around and brighten up his day with each time you came smiled.
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madlencen · 6 days ago
Steven has a hieroglyphics phone case and I see nobody talking about it but it's literally all I can think about. (my gif)
Tumblr media
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ars-de-elysium · 24 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🌙 Gus Knight and Mr. Gus- The Fins of Khonshu 🌙
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djarinslover · 2 months ago
🤨 imagine just going about your day when a fucking eclipse randomly happens and the fucking night sky goes back like a thousand years. The average people in the MCU have GOT to be tired of the fuckery
And now Khonshu is imprisoned :(
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diturnity · a month ago
I just watched episode 5 of moon knight my mental health is in ruin 😍
I've never cried so much
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