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Some times I legitimately get sad that 1. Robby and Miguel will never have Mr. Miyagi in their lives to teach them and be proud of them AND 2. the young actors in the show will never have Pat Morita in their lives to learn how funny he was and how his tragic story lives on a real person.

Just me?

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Miguel Diaz X Reader

warnings? Fighting! Sam being pretty mean! FLUFF FLUFF

Defense Not Offense


Originally posted by miguelsc

School had been stressful for you, I top of maintaining a healthy relationship with your beautiful boyfriend Miguel Diaz. Though that wasn’t one of the hard parts, you guys relationship was strong and you both were the independent people you needed in you guys lives.

You met Miguel the same night you met Johnny, well not really. You and Johnny had lived together in the same complex building but you never bothered him, seeing as you noticed most days he just looked like he wanted to be left alone.

But anyways you and Miguel met the night Kyler decided to beat Miguel and pour pepto on his head. You stood up for him when Kyler started snapping at you and threw Miguel into his red classic firebird. Alarming Johnny to which he immediately did something about, oh and he also pulled old school karate. One of your favorite sports shall we say.

Once Miguel had thanked both of you, the next day you were all three coming out of your building and met once again. You were happy to say the least, you had grown comfortable around Miguel even though it was just the second day of meeting.

Once Miguel had asked if it was kongfu both you and Johnny intervened “it’s old school karate”. Johnny was shocked to say the least, especially from someone around your age in this time knowing what old school karate was.

But none the less he was impressed, quickly you and Miguel teamed up in trying to get Johnny to get his own dojo. At first Johnny refused, but soon he agreed and started up his own dojo. ‘Cobra Kai’.

Which brings you to today; Cobra Kai had its ups and downs yes. But it also had a pretty good sensei that was trying his best for his students.

One of the downs being that there was a new DoJo in town which was called Miyagi do. They only fought for defense not offense, it’s not like Johnny was teaching you to only fight on offense. He was teaching you guys to only fight defense and offense when needed.

Throughout the whole journey you and Miguel had grown more together, physically and relationship wise. Your relationship only grew stronger and you guys were pretty much the perfect duo.

You were walking from home to the dojo, getting ready just to practice and or learn new moves. The walk was peaceful, almost to peaceful…. the sun was out, it was the perfect temperature, season, and the birds were chirping cheerfully which almost rarely happens.

Well that only lasted for a couple minutes until you walked in the parking lot, Sam LaRussos car parked in-front of you. Very much confused you decided to stop, maybe she needed something.

“Sam?” You ask confused as she walks up to you.

“Y/n, I hear you’re apart of Cobra Kai” she says bluntly.

“Uh-I yeah…” you say still confused at seeing Sam LaRusso in front of you.

“Well than this is for you” Sam says as she leans a punch right on your face catching you by surprise.

“Sam! What was that for?! Are you really going to stoop to that level? Really?!” You yell out.

“Yeah, you messed with my family and took Mr. Miyagi’s metal of honor from my father which you did not earn the right for” She clarifies landing a kick as you block it with your hand, striking a left hook.

“Sam I don’t know what you’re talking about!” You yell as she right kicks you in the face.

“Yes you do!” Sam yells pushing you back to which slide your leg under hers kicking her to the ground pinning her down.

“Sam, I do not have any idea what you’re talking about” You sincerely say before she knees your side kicking you under her.

“Of course you don’t! All you Cobra Kai’s are the same!” She yells punching you punch after punch.

Though you hold your hand in a shield protecting yourself “Sam stop! I’m not going to fight you anymore” You say as she gets up, kicking you in the side one last time.

“Of course you won’t” She scoffs walking back to her car driving off.

You groan stomping your leg on the concrete behind you hissing when you hit a sore spot.

  “Metal of honor? I swear whenever I find out who took that thing I’m inflicting more pain” You mumble getting up, walking down the last block until you reach Cobra Kai.

  “I’m here” you say 'cheerfully’ causing Miguel’s happiness to spark as the bell rings as he hears your beautiful voice.

  Both you and Miguel always get here a couple hours early, wanting to spend more time either together, practicing, or with Johnny.

  “Hey, baby!” Miguel says excitedly as he runs out of the office he was in with Johnny.

  His smile drops once he sees your state you were in “well don’t be to happy to see me” you say sarcastically smiling.

  “Baby….. what happened?” He asks as he runs over to you placing his hands over your cuts and brushes.

  You sigh “Sam said someone stole Mr. Miyagi’s metal and she though I knew or had something to do with it” You reply as you rub your temples.

  “Here let me clean you up, and I can’t believe Sam did…. that” Miguel says leading you to Johnny’s office where some supplies sit.

  Johnny looks up ready to great you “holy mother of god, what happened to you?” He questions as he stands up.

  “Sam happened” you mumble, knowing he doesn’t particularly like the LaRusso subject.

  “She said someone stole Mr. Miyagi’s metal of honor and it was from here but I don’t know who or nor was I in it” you say innocently as you explain everything.

  “That girl can be a bi-” Johnny starts before both you and Miguel cut him off.

  “Woah, heyyy okay we get it. But seriously who do you think did it, sensei?” Miguel asks politely.

  Johnny pinches the bridge of his nose clenching his eyes “I don’t know, but if I find out someone here did it oh they don’t want to know” he says.

  “Just take care of her okay?” Johnny says to Miguel.

  “Of course always Sensei” he smiles.

  “Good” Johnny nods his head while Miguel grabs the first aid and brings you into the bathroom.

  Miguel puts his hands around your waist “jump baby” he says sweetly as you jump and he helps sit you down on the sink.

He turns to the first aid bag and pulls out a couple things needed for your wounds and sits them neatly beside you on the side of the sink.

He pours some peroxide on a cotton pad and gently hovers over the wound on your cheek “this may sting” he says as he gently presses it against the wound, your eye twitches as he continues gently pressing the pad against your cheek.

You bite your lip as he moves on to a more deeper cut on your cheek, sensing your discomfort Miguel gently places his lips on your distracting you from the pain, which worked.

His hand finds its way to your thigh, holding himself up as he applies pressure to the deeper wound.

Pulling his lips away from yours he smiles gently as he grabs two small bandaids and applies them to stop them from bleeding.

“Let me see your hand?” Miguel asks as he gently grabs your left hand and adds some cream and a bandage on it, doing the same to the other.

“Anywhere else?” He smiles as he starts putting up the supplies.

“I’m all good Dr. Diaz, some slight bruising but I think i can handle it” You tease playfully nudging his shoulder.

“Well my lady I think we’ll need a check up how about you?” He wraps his hands around your waist chuckling as you pretend to think.

“I think we do indeed” you finally say as you wrap your arms around his neck intertwining your two hands together.

“Protection kids! Under sink!” Johnny yells just as you two were about to kiss.

Miguel’s cheeks flush red as you furrow your eyebrows “why under the sink?” You yell back only to be met with silence causing you to giggle.

“I love you Migi” You say smitten wrote on your features.

“I love you more”


Thank you @fxngsfxgothy thank you for requesting I hope you enjoyed!

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Cobra Kai e il gioco labirintico del caos morale

Cobra Kai e il gioco labirintico del caos morale

Cobra Kai è un progetto seriale efficace quanto semplice, un’idea che gli autori Jon Hurwitz e Hayden Schlossberg avevano già sviluppato in ambito cinematografico nel 2012 con American Pie: Ancora insieme. Si tratta di realizzare dei sequel di prodotti cult di un passato ormai “remoto” per le tempistiche e le cronologie del mondo dello spettacolo.
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Will post the interviews and song later

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Mary Mouser

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how Can someone be this gorgeous…

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Cobra Kai: Nostalgia, PTSD, and Empowerment

Part 2 (Me and Robby Keene)

Parallels are popular among fans of KK and CK… this isn’t the same kind of comparison though. Again this is me, processing the effects of cPTSD. A couple disclaimers… first, regardless of how messy a show can be, it’s scripted with balance and redemption and a voyeuristic perspective. Second, I write from my consciousness, this isn’t a story, it’s my process. This isn’t a light read. Third, I have my feet firmly planted in reality and using a show to relate makes being vulnerable easier. Having said all that, if you are still reading this, thank you. Before you continue… sexual, mental, and physical abuse, drug use, death and attempted suicide are discussed. Here we go friends…

I haven’t been talking with fans long but I’ve already had several “defending Robby” conversations. Shocker, right? No? There wasn’t a whole lot of debate because honestly we completely agreed. 🤪 Also, as I said in part 1, I suffer with anxiety and emotional regulation, so I tend to avoid getting worked up. I do however have a very personal reason for saying Robby isn’t evil or bad or malicious and he doesn’t suck either. And yes Tanner is fucking gorgeous but that’s not why I love Robby. I love Robby because I’m learning to love myself.

Here’s a bit of my story, minus all the gory details that are too personal and unnecessary for comparison.

No need to beat around the bush here, my parents are mentally unstable. At best they were/are ridiculously bad at setting or respecting boundaries and at worst they were grossly inappropriate, self-serving, abusive sociopaths who projected their shit onto me. Either way, I was the most responsible person in my house by age 5. What they lacked in providing love, guidance, or support was made up for with plenty of criticism and guilt. I would be arbitrarily punished when they decided to grow up for a while and then used as a sounding board when being an adult was too much again. Anger, selfishness, delusion, indulgence and irresponsibility were running themes in my household. As an only child, it was all at my physical or mental expense. My parents hid it well though. People still don’t know what they did or who they really are. Even after several public displays providing a peek behind the curtain… no one ever tried to save me. In fact, most adults really seemed to dislike my self sufficient, self taught ways of being and generally treated me with disdain and sometimes would take the opportunity to put this little brat in her place and make themselves feel better. Pricks.

At 16, I ended a 2 year long abusive live-in relationship, where I endured daily mental, physical, and sexual abuse so my parents could pretend they had a son.

After a devastating betrayal by my mother, the craziness came to a head and ended in a violent altercation between my parents. My father was no longer living with us and was sulking and playing the victim (he was far from it) and refusing to talk to me. My mother had found a way to escape the hell she helped create and left me to my own devices to survive for days at a time. It all suited me just fine given the circumstances.

I managed to get my hands on some money and for about 6 months thought I was buying my future with my new boyfriend. We were going to move away. In short, he took everything I had to give him, cheated on me and disappeared. I spiraled. I purposefully OD’d sitting at my kitchen table at 8 pm while my mother ignored me. She called my dad when she found me an hour or two later. He was mad and thought he could bully me awake. Typical for him. I survived and went harder and harder…

By 17, I was living basically alone in a party crash house my mother owned. She would visit every couple days or so and it had been a year since speaking to my dad.

Sometimes it felt like I was crawling in my own skin. Like I was literally coming apart and might explode. My mind couldn’t make sense of my life or what some people were so fucking happy about… I mean it was all meaningless, right? Everyone is liar, right? This is hell, right? I’m trapped and I’m the only one who really feels these emotions, right? Anyone worth a damn can’t love me because look at me… I’m not good or even ok. I wanted to be good, I desperately wanted to be. I was the girl who had the boy friend who lived with her. I had the drugs. I had the house you could hide at. I was also at least a solid 8 in looks and intelligence and had no shortage of boys wanting to use me for something or tell lies about me to boost their rep.

I just wanted to mean something to someone.

I didn’t, instead, I was used and I could feel it and so I fought everyone, including myself.

I faced my abusive ex, gun in his hand, screaming in his face, I didn’t care.

The world seemed fake and the consequences didn’t matter. Again, I survived.

I survived a lot. No one protected me. Then I went to jail at 19 for drugs. I survived that too.

Then one day like an old record player screeching to a stop, my grandmother died. My life changed instantly. I had pushed her away years before out of shame. She loved me purely and she was almost everything I wanted to be but was falling miserably short of. God, I hadn’t felt our connection in years.

I started to live after that, I couldn’t let her legacy slip away. It’s taken my entire adult life to realize I was a kid, just surviving. My choices, my mistakes, my absolutely soul crushing stupid mistakes, my malicious outbursts, untruths, and attacks were just a kid surviving. No one helped me then but I’m reaching back in time, to the only place that still exists where I’m being punished and neglected…. my mind. I’m going in, I’m saving her, and forgiving her, and loving her so I can reconcile and heal and lift the weight of guilt off that poor girl, off of me.

If you’re still here… relax, we’re about to surface.

Robby is written as a survivor. He’s a kid. He’s surrounded by adults who aren’t really invested in him fully and he is alone. He’s integrated into a group of kids who don’t understand the level of neglect that has guided him or the distrust that fuels his actions. He is making survivor choices. Even if there is beacon a for him, can you really say that kid without perspective can see the differences? I can relate. This is how I see Robby.

Additionally, I don’t fight anymore but metaphorically, I will fight a bitch if you try to say Tanner isn’t playing the FUCK out of Robby Keene. His choices are absoFUCKINGlutety, heart wrenching and spot on. I so badly needed Robby Keene to come along and really give me a canvas to paint my picture on. In the most appropriate and grateful way possible, I wish I could just hug Tanner and say “well done man, thanks”.

Enjoy Korn.

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