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tenderfaery · 6 months ago
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— Mary Oliver, North Country
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saintsebastiensbf · 4 months ago
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torsamors · 9 months ago
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L.M. Montgomery - Anne of Avonlea, Carole Maso - The Art Lover, Louise Gluck - Averno: "October," Leif Enger - Peace Like a River, Van Gogh - Avenue of Poplars in Autumn, Personal Photo, Mary Oliver - Song for Autumn, Dulce María Loynaz – Absolute Solitude: Selected Poems (tr. James O’Conner), A screenshot from Over the Garden Wall, Carol Bishop Hipps - "October," Angela Carter - Burning Your Boats: The Collected Short Stories, Personal Photo, Cy Twombly - Autumn, Rainer Maria Rilke - "Autumn," Alejandra Pizarnik - Extracting the Stone of Madness (Tr. Yvette Siegnert)
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atailof2kitties · a year ago
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The sea's immortality compared to human mortality
Black Sails episode VIII / The Battle of Camperdown, Philip James De Loutherbourg / The Waves, Virginia Woolf / Lighthousekeeping, Jeanette Winterson / The Shipwreck, J.M.W Turner / On The Sea, Beach House / Salt to the Sea, Ruta Sepetys / The Shipwreck on Northern Sea (1865), Ivan Aivazovsky / The Waves, Mary Oliver
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lesbianmiadearden · 10 months ago
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Oliver Queen/Green Arrow by Bruno Redondo
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nerdyqueerr · 22 days ago
Listen man i swear you're in the home stretch of the desert now ok. I promise once you've finished this 100 miles you'll never have to walk on your knees again. I know I said that last time but this time its true ok just get through this and you can let the soft animal of your body love what it loves
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terrainofheartfelt · 5 months ago
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Dair + prose & poetry 10/?
Mary Oliver, "I Don't Want to Lose" / 5.18 "Con-Heir" / Jack Larson, "Do I Love You" / Oliver, "I Have Just Said" / William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing, Act V scene ii / Matthew Olzmann, “Mountain Dew Commercial Disguised as A Love Poem” / Richard Siken, “Snow and Dirty Rain” / Oliver, "Oxygen" / Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, Act II scene ii / Greg Kumza, "For My Wife"
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brown-little-robin · 6 months ago
Mary Oliver
In winter      all the singing is in          the tops of the trees               where the wind-bird
with its white eyes     shoves and pushes          among the branches.               Like any of us
he wants to go to sleep,     but he's restless—          he has an idea,               and slowly it unfolds
from under his beating wings     as long as he stays awake.          But his big, round music, after all,               is too breathy to last.
So, it's over.     In the pine-crown          he makes his nest,               he's done all he can.
I don't know the name of this bird,     I only imagine his glittering beak          tucked in a white wing               while the clouds—
which he has summoned     from the north—          which he has taught               to be mild, and silent—
thicken, and begin to fall     into the world below          like stars, or the feathers               of some unimaginable bird
that loves us,     that is asleep now, and silent—          that has turned itself               into snow.
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joyexe · 8 months ago
besties <3
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mysteriouseggsbenedict · 4 months ago
everyone talks about “tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” but nobody talks about “you do not have to be good. you do not have to walk on your knees for one hundred miles through the desert repenting. you only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves” and i think that’s a right shame
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tenderfaery · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
— Mary Oliver, Snake
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languor-em · 3 months ago
Ingo/Theo thoughts???? Ingo/Theo thoughts??? Share with your bestie boy please and thankyou I read bullying and I am here to hear about it.
Okay okay I'm gonna put this under the cut in case people don't wanna see my self shippy screaming and because this is gonna be long as HELL but!!! Theo and Ingo!!! My absolute beloveds at the moment!!! Sorry Grimora my love I'll think about you again soon sgakaha
Okay okay so I'll start off with the non-arceus flavored thoughts because those are less angsty and like,,, a bit less complicated by story standards??
But in this timeline, Theo was born and raised in Galar, and has spent most of their life there. They ran a ghost-type Pokemon sanctuary for a long time that sort of doubled as like,,, a cat cafe equivalent, trying to help lessen the stigma surrounding the type and find their charges perfect partners!! Her partner is a Gengar named spooky who's been with Theo since they were both itty bitty- shout out to Theo's grandad for letting her keep the Ghastly that decided to follow her home.
Now I won't lie, my knowledge of Pokemon B&W is still very limited but!!! I know the very basics (I'm playing through B&W 2 with my bro rn and I'm on a desperate search for the first one) and enough to say with confidence that Theo just,,, gets their ass thoroughly beat. They really expect the train twins to make vicious fun of them for losing but they,,, don't. Emmet smiles and tells her to work hard to improve and challenge them again and Ingo- Ingo says something very sweet about the bond between Theo and her Pokemon being strong, but she needs to trust in their strength a little more. It sticks with her- and she finds herself coming back again and again until a friendship forms between the three of them.
Flash forward a good few years, and Theo decides that they want to travel. Specifically, they want to travel to Unova. They leave their sanctuary in the care of some of their most trusted friends/employees and head on their way!!! A lot of their time is spent just like,, wandering around and doing the stereotypical touristy shit but!! Eventually Theo decides fuck it, they want to try this whole battling thing, and start pushing themselves towards that goal. That's how they meet Ingo and Emmet on the battle subway!!
And now's the time that I stop rambling about backstory and get into the DYNAMIC!!! BECAUSE!!!! AAAHH!!! Emmet and Theo are BESTIES. They are neurodivergent and silly and they LOVE bullying Ingo. Much of their free time is spent harassing Ingo and like,, teasing him about silly little things. Emmet shares stories about what Ingo was like as a kid and Theo gently teases Ingo about how awkward he can be in a romantic setting. Ingo and Theo's relationship is just,, it's very relaxed. It's very much the sort of situation where close friends become romantic partners and like,, while it's awkward at first, not much changes? Sure, the first two weeks or so of their relationship was tentative and fragile- consisting mostly of the two dancing around eachother but?? After a nice talk where the two of them establish what they want, things settle into a very domestic setting. They're still best friends at the end of the day, it's just that they now hold hands and Theo gets to kiss him before he goes to work and when he comes home. I don't think Ingo is very big on giving physical affection, he strikes me as more of an acts of service and words of affirmation kind of guy. But he doesn't mind Theo expressing themself through touch- they have a lot of trouble with words. That's something that really gets me in the heart about this relationship- Ingo has trouble expressing himself physically and makes up for it with words, and Theo has a lot of trouble with words and express more though touch. They complement each other really well, and I feel like a lot of their relationship is supporting eachother in their downfalls and building one another up. Also a lot of info dumping. Autism and ADHD solidarity right there. Also Theo cooks for both Ingo and Emmet a lot- they pack their lunches. Can you tell one of my love languages is food? Also also Theo occasionally visits them at work, but she knows they're busy a lot of the time so she doesn't stay super long.
Also I'm trying not to think about how gutted Theo would be when Ingo disappears and how she and Emmet will have to lean on one another and grieve and-
Anyway!!! This is already so long and I'M SORRY but now we're on to the Arceus timeline. Also spoilers but like,, you know. Because is it a different timeline completely? Yes. Yes it is. Don't look at me like that- I just really like overthinking things and-
Anyway- Theo gets isekai'd into ancient Hisui and cannot remember a single thing. In this au they're still from Galar and had their ghost sanctuary, but they never gave in to their desire to visit Unova. And somehow, I'm not really sure why, Arceus decides that there's noone better to do its bidding than the constantly stressed and anxious trainer from rural Galar. It doesn't even have the decency to send Spooky with them- which is stupid, because that's Theo's emotional support Gengar and Theo's Spooky's emotional support human. That's a whole bout of amnesia angst in and of itself, one that I'll maybe talk about in a different post suajdaj
Anyway, Theo joins up with the Galaxy team because like?? What other option is there?? And the plot proceeds as normal. Theo meets Ingo in all his New York subway amnesiac glory, Irida tells her that Ingo also just,, popped up from nowhere with no memories and that she hopes maybe traveling together will help jog something in their fucked up little brains.
So they travel together to Lord Electrode, they bond, Theo battles Ingo and barely wins (he was even going easy on her), Theo meets and is promptly also adopted by Sneasler (because Sneasler absolutely looked at Ingo and Theo and decided that they were just real fucked up Sneasels), Theo saves Electrode and is HORRIBLY burned (THE THINGS FIRING ELECTRICITY AT HER!!!!)- and Ingo and Adaman have to basically carry her back to Jubilife. Ingo stays in Jubilife while Theo heals, occasionally popping in and keeping her company and just,,, they bond a lot!!
After Theo heals and is ready to get back to work, Ingo just sort of,,, comes with them? They travel together and become a team and just,, they get really close. They try to help eachother remember as much as they can, and they comfort eachother when that strange, gnawing homesickness grows to be too much. Theo holds Ingo as tight as they can when he breaks down and starts rambling about a man who looked like him, who always smiled and liked winning more than anything else. And Ingo's there to sit quietly next to Theo and let them cry into his chest when they feel their heart shatter when they see a Gengar for the first time in the wild and start sobbing about a childhood friend. They're there for eachother, no matter how much they hurt. And although it's unspoken, they love eachother. And they would do anything for eachother. And they are there to be eachother's rock when the world just feels like too much.
On a much lighter note, there's still so much info dumping. But now with the added flavor of 'wait how do I know this much about that??' Like,, Ingo's out here asking 'what the fuck even IS a train??' and Theo's like 'How do I know so much about Yamask?? What even is a Yamask??? whATS A GALAR??' And then they bond ÚwÙ
Basically, in every au they're in they just,, are very neurodivergent together. It's a very sweet and laid back relationship, and they make it work really well. Emmet, Ingo, and Theo are a dynamic Trio and bullying Ingo can actually be so personal. I think it's very much the sort of relationship where people are surprised when they find out Theo and Ingo are an item because like,,, they're so casual??
Like,, Ingo offhandedly says like, "Sorry, I'm going home. Come back tomorrow. My wife is making our anniversary dinner, and I can't be late."
And the challenger is just like, "yOUR WIFE??? YOU'RE MARRIED??"
And Ingo just,,, deadpan goes, "Yes? Did you not see my ring?" Forgetting that he's wearing gloves and just shakahsia
I need to stop, I'm going insane. Thank you so much Emile bestie you should NOT have encouraged me ahajjsnaan
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adamparrishpng · a year ago
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Meanwhile, Richard Siken // Lipstick, WILLOW // Bathtub, Benjamin Björkland // I Don’t Want to Be Demure or Respectable, Mary Oliver // Litany in Which Certain Things are Crossed Out, Richard Siken // I Know The End, Phoebe Bridgers // Hell Hounds, Mitchell Villa // Cop Car, Mitski // C.S. Lewis // Beekeeper, Keaton Henson
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atailof2kitties · 11 months ago
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The distance between us and the stars
Stardust, (2007) / Lady Windermere’s Fan, Oscar Wilde / Starry Night Over the Rhone, Vincent Van Gogh/ War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, trans. Louise and Aylmer Maude/ Great Expectations, Charles Dickens/ Starry Night, Edvard Munch / Stars, Mary Oliver / Never Alone (an Expressionist interpretation of Starry Night), Mas.s 
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1998scully · 13 days ago
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the world is scary and I am stressed and terrified about a great many things (chief among them being high risk/disabled during a raging pandemic that most people have stopped caring about); However, I do get to live and work and play and rejoice in this desert whose beauty takes my breath away. I have eyes to read poetry with, and ears to hear crickets sing me to sleep, or to hear the roar of class III rapids as I face them down armed with nothing more than two wooden oars and my belief in my own strength. I have a heart that aches when I watch the sun rise over the towering canyon walls and set them aflame.
I have so many fears these days, but my gratitudes outnumber the stars.
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staticky · 6 months ago
once again asking for book/play/poetry recommendations....❣️
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marbleheavy · 2 months ago
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purchased these things today… do you think they could tell i was a lesbian
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capybaracoffeedate · 12 months ago
Favorite quote?
again currently it's from mary oliver my beloved: "it's a serious thing just to be alive on this fresh morning in this broken world."
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binguslovebot · a year ago
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Mary Oliver
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whitemourning · 6 months ago
hii! is the quote "despite everything there is light⸺ and it touches more than just the smoothly painted houses on the cul-de-sac" from the soup quiz also from the "despite everything" chapbook? how much would you suggest i buy it for? (i don't know pay-what-you-want etiquette and i don't wanna offend you by paying too little, you deserve fair compensation!!) also, would you mind if i posted it on my sideblog? (fully credited of course, no prob if you don't want) thank you!! ❤
hello! it is from that chapbook. i'm not an expert at pay what you want etiquette but i don't mind what people pay for it- i appreciate more getting to hear from people about poems they liked or quotes that impacted them, than anything else. thanks for asking and feel free to post it on your sideblog if you want (my poetry blog is @fairnell) ❣
i usually don't buy books unless they're by authors that i trust, or unless i've already read the book and liked it so much i wanted to own a copy of it. this is a convoluted way of saying that i view my chapbooks the same way (/▽\) u can pay whatever you want for it before reading, and if after reading you feel like you should buy it again for a higher price that's up to you.
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