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➤ RALPH & RUSSO Spring Summer 2020 Couture Show
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2x09 // 4x13
for @camelotsheart
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I am still not over the parallel of Merlin finding out Freya is a bastet right when she gains a fatal injury and then coming up to it to calm it down by rubbing the bastet's head... And Arthur learning Merlin that Merlin is a sorcerer after gaining a fatal injury and rubbing Merlin's head as his last act before dying.
Both Freya and Arthur also come back from the dead and see Merlin.
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I can’t believe I posted this to Pinterest a year ago and forgot to put it here
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Jewelry in Cure #26 
(Nov. 2005)
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Boyfriend Pt 9 - Three Months
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Off the duck painting you had snuck from Thranduil’s side of the studio, having taken it as a sort of retaliation for hearing he had explained away the discovered shared address by said mailman who had apparently been overheard by the Nurses. Each of whom seemed more than happy to give ample comments of urgings for you two to make a move one way or the other. True you clearly had been together for a while at least, and while it wouldn’t make much difference aside from gossip for others to say you were, you enjoyed the privacy in case it all went to hell in a hand basket. His way to just make it all brushed aside so casually however still stung all the same as it struck that same nerve that the lack of title took a whack at every day it hadn’t changed.
Patterned lace on the long sleeved dress you wore drew Thranduil’s gaze to dance across the lower thigh length dazzler that had him frozen in place and silent until he noticed the painting you were staring up at. Awkwardly his voice cracked luring your eyes to him with a smirk at his point at the painting. “Fits perfect. Nice shirt, hoof prints. Stylish.” A double tug on his tie he had put on out of nerves at the mix of a date with you and to make good on the promise made to a young patient of both of yours to watch his baby brother’s magic show had him lean forward and melt into the kiss you rose up onto your toes for. Around your hips his hands eased in a tilt of his head for the gentle pull of your body flush into his chest to drape your arms around the back of his neck. Both absolutely lost to the reason you had gotten dressed up in the first place until his phone reminder went off and breathlessly his forehead rested against yours in a break to allow his brain to recharge again and scramble to find what he was once about to say.
“You hung another painting.”
Ever so slightly your forehead tilted back in a stroke of your hand to stroke along his cheek, a move that had his mouth opening as if to gasp. “Mhmm,” you murmured and around his lower lip yours planted that again broke off his chain of thought against anything but savoring this moment. A second hasty press of lips to his was followed by a brush of fingertips to scoop his hair behind his ears that in the tracing of them his eyes scoured over your face lost to thoughts mingled with adoration and wonder as to what the back end of that look on your face meant. “Can’t be late,” you said leaning in to steal another quick peck on the tip of his nose. “Come on, Mr Artist.”
“You don’t have to keep hanging them,” he said in the first steps to the door with hand dropping to ease his arm around your back.
“I am well aware that I don’t have to, but I will. Price to pay for being so stubbornly talented.”
“Stubbornly talented?” he asked in a chuckle closing the door behind you to lead the way to his car. “You’ve already hung three of them, just because they’re there-,”
“Just because you’re bashful doesn’t make it fit any less perfect on the wall.”
“I am not bashful,” he scoffed in your climb into the passenger seat. When you smirked up at him he said, “You’re not going to leave space for any art you will want up later.”
At that you scoffed closing the door in his stroll around the car to climb in on his side, “If I didn’t want it on the wall it wouldn’t be there. And what else would I put up? Some obscure smudge or splatter of paint regurgitated on an easel so some people can dare to think I’ve got some sophisticated palate for what some people find cozy in their homes.” He chuckled as you said, “They can keep their cozy, if I had to choose between a 47 million coin worth splatter piece of art or a house full of your ducks you better get ready to wrap those wrists of yours we have some walls to cover.” Beyond proud all he could do was to blush and smile at the statement of love of his art.
Miss Torm was pleased to see you, seeming like she felt out of place amongst the other parents who appeared more mature and suited to being tasked with roles in overseeing the event. Though amongst said other parents you walked at Thranduil’s side happy to greet your former patient, his brother and new adopted sister he clearly had a crush on and hinted when she went to get ready for her performance she was the one you helped by reporting her step dad. Other parents however left little to be pleased with as they kept mistaking yourself for Thranduil’s daughter.
“Maybe I should get wrinkles tattooed on my face,” you whispered to him in your seats widening his grin to the stroke of fingertips across the back of the hand he had hold of on top of his thigh rested against your crossed legs.
After a hushed chuckle he answered, “No. Then you’ll just look like a teen whose been hitting the mushroom really hard.” Making you giggle to yourself.
“Am I not dressing mature enough?”
“It is not that certainly, you have a glow unlike any other. Vanyar always seem more youthful and I have my Ada’s resting expression.”
“You’re also seven feet tall,” you said making him smirk to himself. “Bunch of biased babies, I’m no doubt older than all of them,” lowly again he chuckled leaning in to kiss you on the temple sweetly.
“No doubt my Naneth has helped to birth a good number of them and their parents.” He said widening your grin luring his eyes to sweep over your face. “Did you want to be partners?” he asked snapping your eyes up to meet his. “I know with the house, I was going to ask you before I got evicted. I should have asked you before that.” The opening speaker stepped onto the stage and to not interrupt a nod was his answer and in the shared look forward a wide grin split across his face.
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“Idiots.” The word echoed in Legolas’ mind after a check of the second occupied room on this floor. His father’s was open as yours was, the former with you in the wrong bed clearly asleep under the covers with room for a cuddle buddy while yours was open with him sprawled across the top of the covers in what must have been his wait for you to return to your room. His only guess the both of you assumed the other was on the other side of the closed bathroom doors, and the sight of Boris staring intently at his father’s body that clearly must have hindered his usual spot to claim had him cover his mouth with both hands to not wake him up with laughter the sight had earned.
All the same eventually the large cat would take groan earning steps onto the rising chest of the intruder to be followed by a circle of the body that lowered to spread across Thranduil’s chest. Pats of a feathery tail in his face was what woke Thranduil and bashfully he gave a sort of shimmy to stir a grumble from the cat who grew heavier in the lift of his body weight onto those squishy four paws to hop off and start his stretches and bath for the day.
Curious of where you were Thranduil crept out of your room after a press of his ear to the bathroom door a bit concerned you might have slept in there and with a sigh returned to his own bedroom only to cover his mouth at the sight of you nestled into his bed. Over to the empty side he crept and in an odd sort of slide a limb at a time he wiggled himself behind your body for a quiet stare up at the ceiling to wonder if he should roll and lay and arm across your back. Blankly he stared with mind reeling in each failed try to convince himself to roll or shift closer to actually cuddle against you.
Loudly, post pounce onto the foot of the bed that had Thranduil’s body flinch over to cover your back still face up, Boris yowled demanding his breakfast right now hours before he usually had it for being woken early. A hand from underneath a pillow warmly reached up to pat across Thranduil’s forehead making a grin split awkwardly across his face at your sleepy murmur. “Not time yet for food Copper Pot.”
He would have moved and yet in retaliation for being woken again to pin him across your back the cat stepped onto Thranduil’s chest leaving him to simply blink up at the ceiling in the oddest sort of cuddling sandwich. Left to simply fidget his legs to tuck back from the edge of the bed to be under the covers and find a comfortable angle for them to wait out the night to a freeing sunrise.
“Idiots,” Legolas muttered in his head again snapping a picture of his father with his head slumped back against the mattress as a sort of weighted blanket across your back. Snoring ever so slightly from the awkward angle that had his mouth wide open to your slumbering hums unaffected by the oversized Elf and cat atop your back. Pocketing his phone Legolas’ arms reached out to scoop the suddenly wide eyed cat who turned his head to stare up at Legolas. Only calming at the whispered promise of food. He carried Boris out of the room to let him down starting another round of lingering stretching steps echoed by quick trotting footsteps to chase the teen who was on his way to fill the cat’s unbelievably empty food bowl with the meal owed to him after the disturbances to his usual pattern.
The weight removal didn’t go unnoticed as in a sleeping turn and wiggle across your back half entirely Thranduil nestled himself. With a content sigh to plant his head between your shoulder blades, both hands eased to lay underneath your belly and one to dangle over the top of your pillow above your head at an awkward angle to suit the position the useless limb was left to for the rest of him to not disturb your sleep.
A growl of the belly his hand was against later on had his eyes snap open again and a second wiggling path was taken to ease out of the bed. Hard and sudden he fell out of the bed making Legolas downstairs look up and shake his head. Only for Thranduil to find his knees and stare wide eyed at your grumbling self nestle more around the pillow his arm had moved then grin at a numb footed rise and limp downstairs to make you a breakfast in bed as the first morning as life partners.
“Ada, you fell asleep in each other’s beds.” All Thranduil could do was scoff and smooth a hand over the belly of his tank top he had put on to not make you uncomfortable climbing shirtless into your bed. “I hope at least you have a nice story to add to the scrapbook for the picture I took before bringing Boris down to feed him.”
“You took a picture?” He asked in a slightly pleased tone at having a capture of the first shared morning as life partners. Then his brows furrowed in asking, “Why were you taking a picture?”
“For one you were snoring,” he chuckled in his father’s move to get started on the meal he would surprise you with.
“I do not snore.”
“You do when your head’s all slumped backwards with your mouth wide open.” Making his father shake his head. He looked his dad over and asked, “So?”
Widely he smiled at his son, “Title official,” luring a smile across his face in return in the hug he stole to crash into his chest for a congratulatory hug. “Now, just have to make breakfast to surprise her and then we can start the rest of our day off together.”
“Dazzling Starlight?” He hummed in lowering the tray to the ground by the bed to creep closer safely and press his lips to your cheek. A drowsy hum of an answer came in the slight roll onto your back with arms on the move from around the pillow to snake around his neck. Warm and lazily lips met his for a hum worthy kiss he had to force himself to inch back and feel his lips graze against yours in stating, “I made breakfast-...” Ignoring that however those same lips closed the distance and lovingly he relented for a few moments more until the try to guide him back to bed had a muffled chuckle laced pull back to say, “I made you breakfast.”
“Mmm,” you sighed tripling his loving stare at the face shown in a push of stubborn curls back behind a hidden ear his hand located and trailed the ridge of in the motion. “I had such a nice dream. Wanna know what you said? It was funny. About had me in stitches.”
“No question at all, I want to-,” up you lifted and right away his lips parted to speak the next word only to melt against yours in the flick of your tongue against his. Along the side of his jaw your hand suddenly planted with a finger trailing the side of his ear that lost between the retaliatory claim of his own to start a kiss, that would most surely leave the food to being ice cold when you were to recall it again. To the invisible button you had hit on a tingle worthy spot sure to get a certain type of reaction from him a mixture of a purr and deep throated growl muffled against your lips.
And just like that you broke the kiss mid giggle saying, “That was it.”
In a scoff his hand moved to fling back the covers so that on his knees he could climb up to straddle your hips, murmuring a breath from another meal wasting show of another kind of hunger. “Devious,” firmly his lips found yours again while his hand molded to the back of your head and the other around your hip to plant underneath a butt cheek. Quick and smooth he had you upright against the pillows where he drew back to tease in a velvety hum, “Would you look at that, upright and ready for food.”
Softly you scoffed at the spread of his smile that spread to his eyes in a sweeping glance over your face and parted pink lips. “I don’t want to be upright. Supposed to sleep in and cuddle.” You murmured on the edge of a whine as a finger of yours eased from his chest up to trace his jaw line one side to the other.
“You eat now and we’ll cuddle after. I made you breakfast.”
“Fine, but I’m making you second breakfast.”
Atop your nose his lips tapped and he hummed, “Deal,” in a shift back to lay the blankets and tray over your lap to match his own he snuggled in beside you to set up the meal you would share. After which he took down the trays and came back to smile in a move to lay you against his chest while he situated his phone and notepad within reach to try and get more work on his loan situation when you fell easily back to sleep. Emails brought the tipping point to turn and cuddle more with you at the notices of more banks who turned down his applications he scribbled off the list he had made.
A nap of his own however ended with an amusing rest of a jam filled pastry on his forehead making him chuckle and stir to enjoy the meal that would shift to a move to change and go with Leg to a show he had mentioned the day prior his dad surprised him with tickets. The first of many days out together as a unit only brightening his son’s mood to the notices of messages from people when the picture he posted on his social page noting the significant title change had been spread like wildfire through their circle.
“I’m sorry Duil.” The words repeated from seven of his closest friends with repeated statements urging him to simply give in and say that he wanted to stay with you in your home. None of them would help him by getting a loan to buy the house and let him pay it off through them. And rather than be hurt or feel abandoned or betrayed by his friends he knew they meant the best and wished for him to simply speak the truth.
Yet he wished to keep his word to you. Just in case you were counting on having your home back to yourself again he wouldn’t overstay his welcome and risk scaring you away by becoming too smothering in taking up daily space and free time alone you hoped to have. Twenty banks in a month that had turned him down still stung, same as the final word from his lawyer that there was no chance to escape his lease agreement for a decade to rent anything or take out a loan to get a home of his own. Exactly what he had intended seventeen years ago when they had been evicted for the first time when the place had been condemned on permit issues discovered after a fire before he got stuck in that apartment.
“So help me Ada if you do not go and design her wedding ring today I am going to legally changing my name to Quesse, move out and never speak to either of you ever again!” Legolas said as they cleaned up from their breakfast making Thranduil give his son a pointed gaze.
“You know how I feel about that name.”
“I do,” Legolas said and Thranduil simply sighed.
“And how am I meant to design-,” Legolas lifted a modeling clay made mold of your index finger from one of the top shelves well out of your reach he had hidden there for this purpose parting his father’s lips. “Pain killers helped to get this. I made an appointment at Marya & Morko Jewels in an hour. Get dressed we’re going ring designing.”
In stolen glances your way as you sat on the couch working through a sudoku book you had been trying to finish for over five centuries now against your attention span and irritations they both went to change and came down again to leave. “See you later Jaqi, we’re off to go murder some people.”
Legolas said making his father draw in a sharp breath only to have his jaw drop as you replied, “Have tarps, gloves and rain ponchos in the garage if you need them.”
“Thank you!” Legolas said pushing his dad outside to close the door behind them for the elder to see his car already parked aimed at the road without even a need to turn around. “Now, get in. I’ll drive just use that brain power of yours to think up a ring design.” Thranduil simply sighed knowing he’d had a ring designed in his head for ages now he couldn’t wait to offer to you, just as soon as he could get it in his hands completed. And the way the car was aimed they knew you wouldn’t be able to run into them here as this place fell under the credit laws and was one of the most elite jewelers in town who owed his dad a favor. One that Leg had clearly tickled the aim to cash it in that by dropping his last name to flag that this was urgent and he couldn’t be turned away.
“Duil, there you are, Melon. I am curious what brings you here. Legolas was not specific.” The now standing Elf smiled at the duo who was shown into the forest themed office with tree stump shaped chairs around a silver desk appearing to sprout like roots and stems to support the wooden leaf shaped desktop that held a sketchpad and jewel design forms.
Thranduil sharply drew in a breath explaining in the pat of a hand on his upper arm. “Marriage is the end goal for me and my Partner. My son threatened me to get the rings today.”
With a smirk his friend Marya said brushing his ruby colored braid over his shoulder to fall down his back, “Never thought I’d see you get married to anybody but that duck parade Elleth from Vanyar.” Thranduil blinked at him through Legolas’ spreading smile that had him gasp and ask, “It’s the duck parade Elleth?!” Then rushed to noting down to put a rush on this ring to be completed and gestured for the duo to take up the seats across from his. “14,000 years, don’t you worry an inch. This will be beyond flawless. Now, what design do you have planned?”
Thranduil inched up in his seat and stated as he handed over a folded sketch he had made about a dozen copies of to get the right possible design closest to the original. “Her Naneth had this ring. Heard her once in a museum looking up at this portrait her Ada designed the rings after. It was maddening trying to find quality shots of this thing, apparently he knew the artist and got to see the original and made a cheaper version out of moonstone and wood.” His friend nodded to the story wondering if he could imagine what it was before it was named or he looked at the sketches.
“Jaqi, she loved the design but preferred to imagine the original, she wasn’t talking to me, she was talking to this raccoon that had gotten loose from one of the live animal exhibits. Anyways, I believe I got it close, even though she loves yellow she kept talking about blue topaz, and how she loved the meaning of it. It alleviates fear and worries and invites you to embrace your noble self, trust your power, and find your own kind of good fortune, associated with wisdom, communication amongst finding the perfect pathways to success and sweet opportunity. The original ring and portrait had a, monumental love story attached to it, scandalous as it was crazy,” he said making his friend smirk.
“Anyways. Blue topaz teardrop stone between two round lasgalen stones to signify the double moon I looked up occurred over Vanyar on the night she was born on a mithril band etched with duck footprints.”
“Of course,” Marya said noting all of the specifics down and asked, “What of the second band?” Looking up at the final note taken still not having looked at the sketch yet.
“Mithril again, solid rounded band with leafy vines wrapped around it of mithril up to the round second blue topaz stone. I absolutely love her, and she wouldn’t have gotten the chance to keep her Naneth’s rings from Vanyar tradition of burial.”
Thranduil paused and Marya said reaching over to pat his arm that was rested on the table. “These sound perfect and this design is stunning, you have met he criteria and then some. Do not fret she cannot refuse such a noble intentioned ring.”
“I, for most of the time we have been apart she has suffered. Met incredible success on her own, but suffered, I merely wonder how to heighten her security to uphold her right as Vanyar to offer, or to speak that she is willing to forego that right, so I might offer the pathway to marriage.”
Legolas said, “We are working on that. We will find a day to set her in the right mood to confront the matrimonial mindset at least for discussion.”
Marya spoke again, “Stone size, I believe we should start with, size does signify how deeply you honor this bond, for you I would suggest no less than six carats for time invested in the wait alone to meet finally.”
“Eight carats, when I compared some jeweled pieces my friend’s wife has I find would suit the design better in comparison to the others.”
“And the round stones for the efforts you have put into laying foundation for this bond? These rarely go beyond the two and a half carat limit.”
“I would say, two. While I am looking for a new home we are renting her top floor, and I helped her to get a vehicle, and, well she saved my Naneth’s life and we helped her to recover from an injury not too terribly long before we started up our relationship.”
“Two, I do not mean to be blunt, however you seem to be deeper set in this, you have a child.”
“She has a cat,” him and Legolas answered parting Marya’s lips.
Thranduil clarified, “A 35lb cat. We don’t know how old, we assume he is part Maiar by his size, but we cared for him as well while she was injured.”
Legolas said, “And I plan on buying the house a chicken,” he said proudly warming the Smith up to the size even more. Children often were the symbolism to pass a carat and a half, though for some a pet might not qualify the finicky nature of the animal’s breed and the fact it was assumed to be Maiar on top of that added stability to your part. He noted the size down and knew that should this be the wrong size the whole ring would wither to dust and they would have to start again with smaller stones until the Valar had found the size to be proper. Not all rings were this protected, merely the Vanyar design and Smithing techniques the Valar would be welcomed to test at their whims to protect their favored breed of Elves from unfortunate displays of their unions.
Tumblr media
“Now, onto the sacred etching of words inside and atop the case.” Marya continued in the various list of other things to finish off before a pale blue topaz was chosen for the vine wrapped band and a more robins egg blue shade would be for the teardrop shaped one. Both noted as well to be bridged with six plaited mithril bands by a layer of moonstone squares to form a single solid ring to honor the stone of choice for your Naneth’s ring and that of your Hobbit Gran to mark off that tradition as well. Credit and the estimated completion date was accepted on both sides before the duo deflated making a stop to do anything that might allow them to calm down before returning home again to not spoil the surprise.
“Perhaps I should have chosen a yellow stone?” Thranduil asked timidly.
“No, topaz is best. And you could always guide her to a yellow stone for the wedding bands you design together on the first anniversary of the ceremony.” He said calming his father only slightly. “She will cherish all the details put into the bands you have chosen.”
“How am I to get the topic of marriage up casually? I am anything but casual on these matters.”
“There is that new show on vows or views where they choose between buying their dream home or their dream union ceremony. Surely that could bring up some details we could memorize in commentary.”
“Possibly,” Thranduil said with a nod.
Rarely you had time to sneak off without having to give reason and surely popping off to work wouldn’t be taken as plausible so when the duo were apparently out for murder you stole the chance to get some mischief done and off your procrastination list.
“Oh this is absolutely insane…” You muttered taking the exit towards the express train to Moria. Holding a grin you passed over your passport and ID to the Elf at the booth who accepted your cash and handed back your identification along with your ticket and waved you onwards to drive up behind the truck in front of your car onto the express train into your assigned car.
Up the ramp you drove and parked on your assigned spot to let out a breath and smooth a hand through your loose curls. “If I wasn’t a madman I certainly will be now…” you muttered and looked to the passenger seat to bring over the pocket sized sketch journal you opened to look again at the ring design you had been slaving over for over a month now. Three months, just shy of four, you had been together and somehow wildly out of your mind you had decided on doing this now before you lost the nerve.
Out of tradition Vanyar Elleths were the one to present the offer to lead the courtship to marriage. Wildly early all the same you felt that it was better to get the ring made to have it ready when you wanted it. Culture had been brought up and as part Vanyar and having shared his own mother had been the one to offer marriage to his father eventually, should he choose to stay and commit to a future with you, there would be a need for this ring. And if you had to be completely honest if you were ever going to make that leap he would be the one who would be receiving that ring. The only one.
Sooner than you expected the ride had ended and off the train you drove to follow the directions linked in your navigation system to park outside the famed ring shop that in your extensive research could be paid in cash without need of credit unlike any Elven shop within your new kingdom that would require the opposite. Right in a spot near to the lamp post that helped to spread a soft glow onto the bare spot not lit by the glowing crystal roof of this mountain kingdom. Upper levels were also lit by mirrored openings in the stony ceiling to let in sun and moonlight when possible, down near the heart of the mountain the situation was quite different and natural lighting was not entirely possible. Though this shop was no less fine in the absence of it. One of the largest of the Longbeard clan kingdoms with ample mithril mined nearby to aid in tolerable prices to avoid shipping costs.
Inside the door that gave a chime to each entrance eyes shifted to the latest face to grace their halls only adding wonder at the softly glowing petite Elleth barely a head taller than the tallest Dwarf on staff. Few if any Elves chose to have their pieces crafted by Dwarf hands to keep matters simple by not having to explain reasoning behind design that might compromise structure the Dwarves would surely advise against. Right up to you a free Dwarf amongst the displays of single chains he was straightening strolled and with a nod of his head stating, “Frerin Durin, at your service. Anything in particular we might direct you to today?”
His bright cerulean eyes all the bolder in contrast to his chest length raven hair and beard both braided back elegantly to not interfere with his work settled upon your face with a kind grin in wonder for what he might end up helping you leave with today. “I wanted to have a ring crafted actually.”
Sharply he drew in a breath, “Miss Pear?” clarifying if you might have been the one to have called earlier that morning on if there would be a Smith free to consult on the matter of forging a ring.
“Yes,” you answered with a nod widening his smile and causing him to gesture his hand to the side to show you to one of the design stations.
For you he drew out your chair to help you into the cumbersome block of a place to sit, similar to his on the other side of the octagon shaped metal surface separating you. Down into his own chair he lowered and asked you as he did, “Any specific design in mind?”
“Yes,” you said flipping to the sketch that he accepted and smirked at the rare but impressive design chosen.
“Haven’t seen this design crafted in a long while,” he hummed taking note of the features depicted in the ring.
“Not impossible, I hope.” You said and his eyes rose to give you a comforting shake of his head.
“Not in the least. Simply rare, can I ask the significance of the design?”
Sharply you let out a puff of air that lured a Dam in closer from her current creep closer to see what the young Dwarf had been taking note of. Clearly one of the elders who helped to run the shop she caught your eye after you said, “It is an offer of a proposal of marriage.”
“Wow,” the Dwarf said adding in a sweeping glance over your nervous glance to the journal, “Congratulations.”
The Dam asked, “You seem anxious, is this union arranged?”
“No. It um, might be early, I just wanted to have it sooner rather than later so I don’t lose my nerve.”
Frerin chuckled, “Lose your nerve? How long have you been courting?”
“Well, we’ve only been together for just under four months,” you said parting her lips causing her braided sideburns and mustache to sway slightly. “However we almost met over 14,000 years ago in Vanyar and again crossed paths fairly often when my family lived in Doriath, until his fled when it started to sink. I moved here not long before we got together, haven’t seen each other since before he moved out here.”
“Oh wow,” she said then tapped Frerin’s shoulder, “Add a rush on this one in the notes. 14,000 years is a terribly long time to wait for your One. Why the nerves?”
“I don’t want him to turn me down.” You answered timidly luring her around the table to sit beside you to offer you comfort while you explained the materials and symbolism of the simple but elegant design.
Loosely at a bit of a wobble like an S from both sides the ring elegantly would form a connected pair of bases to two feathers that up around the top of the finger would frame a round blue topaz stone matching those settled in the spine of both feathers down the sides. Careful detail would be placed into forming every dip of the feathers same as the engraved trail of duck footprints that would trail along the empty lower portion of the ring as per tradition to make it unique couple to couple.
“14,000 years, he turns you down you tell us where he lives and we’ll ship him off West for you, all hope would be lost for the fellow were he to do that.” The Dam said supportively making your grin creep out.
“Now, for metals?” Frerin asked, “We have a prime stock of Mithril or other less expensive but sturdy forms of steel to choose from.
“Has to be Mithril,” you said gaining a grin and a nod as his mind fixed out what the ring would look like when complete.
“And as for size?” he asked and they both grinned at the dried ring of molding clay you handed over he guided onto a measuring tool to get the perfect match to mark down the exact measurement to have it fit perfectly. Stones were next to be brought out in a tray to find the perfect blue topaz and gather up the required side stones as well.
Tumblr media
A passing blonde on the street however paused at the standout glowing figure inside the jewelry store. From his pocket, wide eyed, Glorfindel brought out his phone dialing without thought Ecthellion. After a couple rings his partner answered, “Going to be late tonight?”
“We need to buy a present for Duil and Bunny.”
“Why?” Echtellion asked shifting more upright in his seat at his drafting desk for his next glass sculpture he was to make.
“Because I am looking right at her and she is choosing gems for jewelry.”
“Alright, well why would we need-,”
“The Dwarf taking notes is holding a ring mold out of clay.” Ecthellion dropped his pencil to the drop of his jaw. “She’s designing a ring for Duil.”
“Oh wow,” Echthellion sighed out, then asked, “Why would she have gone to Moria?”
“I believe it must be the credit monster striking again,” Glorfindel chuckled continuing on his way with another smile flashed at your ring designing self unable to fight the bubbling surge of glee for the impending change headed for his oldest friend.
Sketches of the ring design were detailed and chosen stones settled in a velvet lined box with payment made to grant you a receipt and a time window to expect the project completed by. Though with the note they had added they did assure you that they would see that it would be completed sooner than the usual broader time limit given. Now all you had to do was to just drive home and not let on that you had been attempting to lay ground work for a possible proposal in the future.
Pt 10
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Carter: "Colonel, why does Marya call you babygirl?"
Hogan: "How about we stop talking for a little while."
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whatisthismandoinghere · 4 months ago
My small one!
Did you know Nita Talbot received an Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her role as Marya in Hogan's Heroes? I thought that was really cool!
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beyonce-knowles-carter · 2 days ago
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CHARACTERS AS COCKTAILS 🍹 ➤ disney heroes (part 2/2)
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Adiós Avalon : Day 02
Best Foreshadowing
The words “I believe in you, I always have” contains an unsaid ‘always will.’ When Kilgharrah tells Merlin to ‘take heart’  which means to ‘have faith’ and ‘to believe’  he is basically imploring Merlin to never stop believing in Arthur. Merlin says in 4x13  “When the sword was thrust into the stone, the ancient king foretold that  one day it would be freed again at a time when Camelot needed it most.” Just as one day  “when Albion's need is greatest, Arthur will rise again.”
The fact that the Freylin theme is playing (4x13) is a clear throwback to Freya and foreshadows Arthur's wait in Avalon, (just as the sword was put to rest and resurrected at a time of great need.) and Merlin takes heart and believes and awaits his beloved king's return  for thousands of years.
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This playlist is divided into three parts. The Canon Suite follows the theme of walking towards a predestined tragedy, grief, acceptance of loss, and love that lives on in memories. The Avalon Suite explores escapism, self-confidence, companionship, and the journey of finding your way back to a loved one. The final Reunion Suite is a long-awaited greeting, the beauty of life’s imperfections, and the realisation of dreams within oneself together.
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Something for a vk fansite i’m working on ^-^ Marya from Sibilebashir [GOKUMI look!!]
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Daddy and daughters ❤️
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Another Prayer for  Ukraine
Holy Mother Marya, regard your children in Ukraine. Extend your hand in protection over them from the Russian troops. Keep Ukrainian’s in liberty and good health, I beg you. Send Sai Vikhë among them, to bolster their spirits as they defend themselves and work to keep their loved ones safe. May the Victorious One be the harbinger of their deliverance from Russian aggression. Send Sai Thamë to the peace talks to ensure all is equitable, just, and fair. Wrap the people of Ukraine in your mantle, Mother, and hold them close to your warm heart and bring them safety. As I call, so may it be.
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Sketch requests from the January Patreon livestream~
1. Isa can't throw a frisbee 2. My Marya and Kielo and domestic shenanigans 3. ..."Reno" and "thigh high boots" were mentioned near each other so I uh
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just two arts with the Magician (Koschei the Deathless or how it is not in russian hahahah...) and Marya :)
I love him very much he's such and adorable badass cutiepie 🥰
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«Either way,
my love is
an arduous weight,
hanging on you
wherever you flee.»
Vladimir Mayakovsky Translation by Andrey Kneller: «Lilichka! (Instead of a letter)».
👆Is a poem which is on second art XD
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