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Psychedelic Visions:

Aries: Can see auras flames flickering

Taurus: Can see the rocks and concrete breathe

Gemini: Can see Veins in infared

Cancer: Can see vision dissolved in light clearly

Leo: Can see stars connect and communicate

Virgo: Can see floral patterns on the floor

Libra: Can see giant lotuses in the sky

Scorpio: Can see clouds turn into faces

Sagittarius: Can see the floor underneath wave

Capricorn: Can see angels visit this realm

Aquarius: Can see a gigantic space dragon

Pisces: Can see aliens dissecting us in the sky

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Stay tuned for GROW UPDATE 🌿 My lady made this super awesome tiny little bong out of play dough yesterday 😮 Would you guys like to see a Stoney Crafting series?
Grow update coming later today, so FOLLOW @maryjane.ismyname to see what’s up 😊
Everybody have a blessed day, let’s fight off these blues 💛
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