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#masala chai
teaismycupoftea · 7 years ago
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trinitysbooks · a year ago
Dark Academia Teas
hot, motivated, angry 
+ earl grey 
+ english breakfast 
+ nepal black 
+ masala chai 
+ english toffee 
melancholic, lost, cold 
+ ice wine
+ peppermint 
+ eucalyptus 
+ jasmine 
+ blueberry 
+ pomegranite
+ valerian 
contemplative, warm, sophisticated   
+ chai 
+ cinnimon 
+ english afternoon 
+ pumpkin chai
+ ginger 
+ orange pekoe 
bright, content, amiable 
+ lavendar 
+ chamomile 
+ peach 
+ rose 
+ lemon ginger 
+ dandellion 
+ roobios 
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cosyautumnvibes · 2 years ago
✨🎃 🍂Fall Bucket List🍂🎃✨
make a bouquet of autumn 🍁
buy a sweater in autumn colours (yellow, brown, or orange)
try a new hobby: candlemaking
buy an autumn-themed mug
carve a 🎃 pumpkin
picnic at the park🍂
visit an art museum
make a fall 🎶 playlist
read a 📘: “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien
go stargazing ⭐️
find an acorn
a morning walk in the crisp autumn air
eat roasted 🌰
try to preserve 🍁 leaves with melted beeswax
my fall movies list
listen to the leaves crunching under your feet 🍁
autumn food:
make mulled wine 🍷
brew masala chai (trust me it’s delicious ☕️) 
bake gingerbread 🍪
try making 🎃 “pumpkin-spice” black tea (I just love black tea 😄)
bake 🎃 pumpkin brownies 
bake 🎃 pumpkin 🥧 pie
bake 🎃 pumpkin cupcakes
bake 🍎 crisp
bake 🍏 with sugar sprinkled on them (one of my favourites!)
If you have any suggestions for things to add, I’d 🧡 to hear them! 
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tinyelectricguitar · 8 months ago
my masala chai recipe (other Indians don't come for me this is my way and I like it):
take a steel pot or saucepan (smallish) and fill with just over a cup of water (whatever cup you're going to drink the tea in)
put it on the gas on medium heat, add 3/4 black peppercorns, a few small knobs of fresh ginger (peeled and roughly chopped), and lemongrass if you have it (you can also add cardamom, I dont)
once it's at a medium (3/5) boil, add 1.5 teaspoons of black tea (I use brooke bond red label) and let the water turn medium-dark brown (less than a minute)
add milk (i add about two fingers of milk) and let everything mingle at a medium simmer (not boil) for 3-4 minutes or until it turns the color of terra cotta (any lighter and sis...)
pour it into your mug carefully through a strainer, add sugar if you want (i don't) and ENJOY.
i know it seems complex but it's 1 million times better than kettle and teabag tea (which will become undrinkable once you try good masala chai)
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seroquelnb · 2 years ago
reblog and tag your lgbt identity and your favorite type of tea
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orienta1ism · a year ago
what are some of your favorite things that feel warm and healing? books, movies or just regular life things?
omg… thank u for sending me this, figuring out what to put on here made me really 💓🌙💐
the film little forest (2018) dir. yim soon-rye. the healing power of food and friendship is REAL baby (watch it here!)
when it rains really hard & u go outside afterward even though the sky is still blanketed in gray & the roads are wet and shimmering and the air is brisk and damp & all the trees seem so incredibly, vibrantly green
any mary oliver poem
both of the paddington films!
when ur with a friend and they take out a food you really like and share some with you without even asking if u want some… because they know you like it :-)
keith haring’s journals! i find he has a lot of really poignant things to say abt love and life and art and making a difference
invisible cities by italo calvino
sitting in a cafe and drinking something nice and just being overcome with a sense of love for all the people sitting and chatting at the tables around you
the song fast car by tracy chapman... so dreamy
kedi (2016) dir. ceyda torun (here’s the trailer!)
a perfectly made cup of tea. esp. masala chai or chamomile honey vanilla
literally ANY studio ghibli film. but i think there’s something especially healing abt spirited away, whisper of the heart, and kiki’s delivery service!
columbus (2017) dir. kogonada (here’s the trailer!)
aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe by benjamin alire sáenz 💗
supermoons! like when the moon is the closest it can be to earth and looks that much larger and brighter because of it
our little sister (2015) dir. hirokazu koreeda… probably my fave film of his! it’s so lovely, so healing (here’s the trailer!)
clementines! mandarins! tangerines! whatever you call those teeny little easy-to-share citruses 🍊
pride and prejudice by jane austen. and the 2005 movie adaptation as well
sinking into bed after a long, busy day… feeling yourself positively melt into the comforter and go boneless upon your pillow and drift gently into sleep
visages, villages (2017) dir. agnès varda (here’s the trailer!)
i know for sure i will come up with more things the moment i click the post button so i’ll probably add onto this! 
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stirringwinds · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
‘before it all...started, we were sitting around and waiting. people read plays, wrote letters home, mended their kit and of course, enjoyed a warm drink where possible. i got several to try masala chai. one boy, who had in his old life been studying mathematics, insisted on debating the historical importance of the number zero with me when he found out i had ‘some mathematical training.’ someone also jokingly decided our section would be named ‘buckingham palace’ and affixed the appropriate sign. all of us, trying to preserve some sense of normalcy. when i think of what happened after that, those moments are utterly surreal.’
Ypres, 1915
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ladureethisaint · a year ago
Masala Chai
Masala chai. I didn’t know how intoxicating this beverage could be until I went to India and tasted cup after cup of hot, spicy, heartening tea in every city I visited. What they serve in coffee and tea shops here in the US does not come close. I did manage to find a recipe off a back of a pack of tea that I bought in one of the many more upscale tea shops in Delhi. 
Less a recipe and more ratios to deliver on the punch of flavor I grew to crave during my trip.
For a good Masala Chai you need:
Milk Water Sugar/Honey Black loose tea of your choice Cardamom Ginger Cloves Black Pepper Cinnamon Star Anise
50/50 water and sugar or honey to taste, bring to a boil. Add your tea and the ratio of spices as follows: 30% Ginger, 20% Cardamom, 20% Cloves, 10% Black Pepper, 10% Cinnamon, 10% Star Anise.
Boil for a few mins, or until the pot threatens to boil over. Turn off heat, strain into your mug. 
Note: you can adjust the ratios based on your taste for warmth/sweet versus spicy/bracing - more ginger or pepper means more spicy, more cloves means more warmth. And I’m using whole spices here - better than ground.
And yes, this is a soul-bracing drink - perfect for when you need a pick-me-up that’s more than just a cup of coffee.
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douceurs · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
happy valentines day :^) 💕💓💗💌
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sheisfromindia · 7 years ago
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Spices used for Masala chai.
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charmedandforgotten · 10 years ago
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There is seriously no better tea than that of true Indian chai. I feel so lucky that I am Indian and get to experience this amazing culture sometimes. 
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overshadowedprojects · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Epithet Erased themed cupcakes/fan food! (And the last one until I catch up of EE / My poor body needs a break from all of the sweets, oof, too much sugar!)
First of which, thank you very much to @jelloapocalypse​ for not only creating such fantastic characters to make cupcakes based on... but also for letting me know his thoughts of flavours that would suit Molly!! 
Molly’s Chocolate Cupcake with Cocoa Buttercream and Caramel!
Far simpler than making sugar glass (Mera) or experimenting with tomatos (Giovanni); Chocolate is a flavour I am far more familiar with. The caramel is a bit difficult to see, yet somehow manages to hide my ‘floofy locks’ buttercream; But, are very tasty together...! It isn’t as harsh as the brown sugar caramel (Indus’) and the stars and bear ears are actually dark and white chocolate which I shaped or carved (similarly to the horn’s on Sylvie’s sheep cupcakes)! 
Tumblr media
You guys have been absolutely amazing...! Thank you very much for all of your kind words and reblogs/likes, and the occasional message to make sure I didn’t get hurt eating glass (I’m still having a cackle about that, it was a lot of fun to make). 
At this point, I’ve made 6 different cupcakes for this series... Which, I would love to do more in the future! At this time I do believe I need a break so I can focus on my health a little bit (so... much sugar...) but more importantly, my artwork. I have a few projects on the go and have been trying to do research to figure what to replace Adobe Flash with, since we will be losing Flash Player at the end of the year (oof)... But a story for another time. More cupcakes to be coming once I catch up on Epithet Erased... I would love to share other food I’ve done in the past/will be doing coming up; If there is anything you would like to see don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll see if it’s in my power!
You can see the other cupcakes I’ve done below:
Giovanni (Tomato Red Velvet)
Mera (Earl Grey & Butterfly Pea Flower)
Indus (Masala Chai & Orange)
Banzai Blaster Uniform (Lemon Curd and Vanilla)
Sylvie (Banana and Coconut)
Tumblr media
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kjh-417 · 3 years ago
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gouter aujourd’hui.   今日のおやつ。     マサラチャイ風味の パンナコッタ 庭採れいちごを乗せて   ザントクーヘン     2日目のザントクーヘンは、 より「砂」感が出て おいしいと思った。 近いうちに レシピをメモしておこう。  
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blujaydoodles · 6 years ago
Tumblr media
Sketchbook page :) I copied this recipe from an Instructible, which in turn claimed to have been relayed by a Himalayan chai wallah. I love 'chai lattes' but have never found teabags or loose mixes particularly successful, so I decided to try to figure out how to make my own from scratch.
It turns out, there's a lot of variation. "Masala chai" just means "spiced tea," so it's sort of up to personal interpretation, and it seems like every vendor and every family has a totally different recipe. The only real hard-and-fast requirements seem to be: Milk, black tea, some spices, and some sweetener.
As for this recipe? It just seemed like a decent starting point. I finally got hold of some cardamom pods and tried it, and... it turns out this is way more ginger than I would like :P There isn't enough of the other ingredients to balance it out, so instead of a rich spicy flavor, I basically got hot milky tea with a side of mild burning in the back of the throat -____-;;
I'm going to keep experimenting: when I land on a combo I like, maybe I'll doodle that recipe out, too ;D
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barberwitch · 3 years ago
Witch Tip Wednesday 4.18.18
Witching When You Need It
Coffee Shops
Tumblr media
Not everyone has a witch kit to go, or they’re in the process of making one and need small supplies to add to it! Coffee shops are one of my favorite places to go for portable stuff, or if I left my witch kit at home and really need a boost.
Most coffee shops will have several ingredients you can get for free, or for a nominal price, especially if you regularly go there:
Below are some ingredients and some correspondences. Just some inspiration, but use what works for you.
Grounds can be used for divination, much like tea leaves
Some people read the swirls that appear when pouring in milk.
Stores will sometimes give used grounds to use in your garden.
Invigoration and/boosting
Some people use for hex breaking, but caffeine also restrict blood vessels, so could conceivably be used for casing hexes too
A lot of people forget that you don’t just have to drink tea, they’re bundles of herbs, so look at herbal correspondences you may find!
Chamomile, green, white, Black, oolong, roobos, citrus, jasmine, Masala Chai (usually has black tea, cinnamon, clove and cardamom, but varies by brand), Earl Grey (bergamot and black tea) all can be used for their herbal correspondences.
Divination with tasseography!
Usually in a shaker bottle, so keep that in mind.
Associations with sun and fire
Psychic boost for divination
Spirit communication
Blessing and healing
Love magic
Heating things up
Make a honey jar spell
Glamour magic
Achieving goals/manifestation
Tons of folklore about cream, read up and see if anything fits for you
Divination (see coffee)
Rock sugar/white sugar
Love magic
Smoothing things over
Making other receptive
Now, if the shop also has food, usually they can be depended on to have a few more ingredients
Curse work, hexing, jinxing
Water connection if sea salt
Lemon Wedges
Love magic
Representative of the Sun
Connects to water and lunar energy (idk, they seem to conflict but you get mixed messages)
Curse work, hexing and jinxing
Natural astringent and antibacterial
So there you go! Some pretty common ingredients you can grab in a pinch, and the benefit is that most of them are served at all major coffee chains, and even a lot of small ones. Good luck out there!
🦇Cheers, Barberwitch
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