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“You say wot?”

Gloria turned around to look at the new Chairwoman who merely smiles at her. Her narrow eyes opening to reveal the almost unreal bright blue eyes she would have seen if she hasn’t seen Marnie’s eyes first.

“My dear, you have been champion for at most 6 years at this point. Do you not think that you should at least give yourself and some of your friends a vacation?” The Chairwoman said, walking towards the Galar Champion to stand beside her.

“I think it would be a good idea, take a break for a couple of weeks and have fun! I think you kids might want to spend some time together”

“With all due respect Chairwoman Ito-“

“Hun, I told you before, you can just call me Ren when we’re out of the public eye. Being called Chairwoman Ito by you just makes me feel old”

Gloria just gave her a look “Well aren’t you are?”

The young girl receives a good deserving slap on the back as Ren laughed loudly, maybe a little too loudly “NOW NOW, I’m only reaching my thirties soon and you’re not supposed to judge! Your seventeen yourself, it would be long until you reach my age in a couple of years or so”

Gloria laughed along side her, unlike the previous Chairman, Ren was one to banter and actually socialize with her fellow colleges, some already calling her a friend. Whenever the cameras are out of view though, she turns really professional in front of the media, making sure she wouldn’t ruin anybody’s image by accident.

“I do insist though, it’s been long time since I’ve seen all of you been in one place together. It’s sad for me to watch such good friends drift apart like this”

Gloria stopped laughing for a second to look at Ren, her face looking sentimental, covering an extra layer of emotion that she couldn’t exactly pick up.

“I mean, we’ve all been busy of course, Hop is trying to become a profession, Bede and and Marnie are both gym leaders. I don’t exactly blame them for having no time to hang out”

Ren turned to look at her “And you have been indulging too much in your activities as if to avoid contact with two specific friends. And Gods help me, every time the three of you meet I can feel the ackward and sexual tension so much it kills me internally

“What was that?”

“Nothing, dearest. But I really do insist you take this vacation”




Premise, Alternate Universe. Takes place during Team Galactic was active. Victor will be referred to as Masaru here, sorry. 

After being Champion for 5 years, Gloria has been gifted a vacation (From who? I don’t really know, I wanted to put in a new character as Chairwoman but then I didn’t find any sense in that. Might change it to Leon)

A vacation to none other then SINNOH. Pulling her friends along with her mother to this vacation. If you thought they were going to have a peaceful vacation, you thought wrong. Pray that Hop doesn’t fall over his own Dubwool trying to talk to that one professor’s assistant.

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How about neumber 8

N3H Prompt 8: Masaru (low-key) threatening Hisashi.

Prompt list:


The Bakugo’s were at the doctors office, as it appeared young Katsuki Bakugo might need glasses. There, they meet up with Inko and Izuku, along with Hisashi, to see if Izuku would ever get a quirk. Things were tense as it is, as it appeared that no matter the outcome, things were not going to be good.

And they weren’t.

As the Bakugo’s followed a nurse to their room, shouts filled the hallway. It was Hisashi yelling out obscenities how Izuku is useless, good for nothing and just disowning him for being quirkless. Masaru had to push his son into Mitsuki’s arms, telling her to get him away from it. Mitsuki did that, while doing her best to answer her son’s questions.

Masaru turned on his heel to head over to the room where he knew the Midoriya’s were. There’s Inko holding tightly to a sobbing Izuku, while telling at Hisashi for him to stop but to no avail. Slamming the door behind himself, this did manage to get everyone’s attention.

“Are you done?” Masaru said in a low tone.

“This doesn’t concern you, Bakugo.” Hisashi turned around to see his old classmate glaring coolly at him.

“You disowning your son because he’s quirkless? You verbally attacking him? Those horrid things you are calling him and his mother….? None of my concern? It is my concern.” Marasu snapped.

“And what are you going to do about it?” Hisashi sneered. “Far as we all know, you can’t do shit against me.”

“Oh? Can’t I?” Masaru began to chuckle darkly. “I have connections everywhere. From heroes, news stations, and everyone you hate dealing with. Don’t forget… Izuku is my and Rei’s God-child. Like hell she and Enji are going to let this slide. Neither would I and Mitsuki. One more word, I will ruin you… it wouldn’t be all that hard. Who would they believe? Me or you?”

Masaru didn’t want for an answer. He looked around Hisashi to look at a red eyed Inko and a sniffling Izuku. “Come with me. I’ll take you two home.”


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