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daily-tiktoks · 7 months ago
@worms.forbrains(any pronouns): well I don’t have a pole, but I have a skateboard 😈
Short Description: [[MORE]]
Tiktok creator worms.forbrains skating and singing along to the song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” by Lil Nas X. For each line, there are seamless transitions that include outfit changes that range from feminine to masculine and everything in between.
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transmasc-pirate · 7 months ago
Honestly the hardest part for me about figuring out that I’m transmasc was realizing that I didn’t identify as sapphic anymore. 
I feel like, in queer spaces especially sapphic love is so romanticized there’s this idea that it’s the most pure, ideal form of love and I think that’s something that ought to be addressed. 
This also manifests in bisexuals saying things like “I’m bisexual but have you seen men 🤮”, and in people implying that a man could never love a woman in the same way that another woman could.
Sentiments like these are incredibly harmful to queer men, and contribute to a lot of internalized homophobia and transphobia.
Loving men or being a man isn’t ‘unfortunate’. It’s beautiful and it isn’t any less queer than loving women.
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demundays · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Take One. Wakefield Poole, 1977.
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royal-rosie · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is the first and only time you’ll see me with straightened hair and dressed like this lolll🤟💕✨
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mascofcentermbs · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
outfit for masc villain trying not to fall in love with the people he has to kill for @questionablespecies
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apollo-on-the-moon · 3 months ago
i have never seen someone like me on tv.
never ever. and i try to watch lgbtq rep, but still. i am a young butch lesbian, very short hair with the tips bleached. i wear men's clothing. i am nonbinary and use neutral pronouns. i bind my chest sometimes. my legs are hairy. my whole body is hairy. i look like a cliché I know, I'm fine with it. but i never saw someone like me on tv. sometimes i saw similar butches irl, when i really tried being more involved in lgbt spaces, but never within my close friends circle, never on tv. we, masc lesbians, butches, studs, are the most visible lesbians outside and yet no one wants to see us on tv. i get called slurs when i go out, literally everyone knows I'm a lesbian because of how i look. and yet i don't exist in the media. it hurts a lot, you know, to only exist in people's minds when they see you, so they can insult you. i never seem to exist as someone who can be beautiful. as someone who deserves to be put on screen. i seem to be too much to handle to be put on tv, how do you think i feel about myself when i go outside ? i want to see myself on tv.
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roryyrawrr · 23 days ago
The Wedding
Summary: Lizzie distracts you and you remember every single detail
Pairing: Elizabeth Olsen x reader
Genre: smut, fluff (a little), angst (tiny bit)
Warnings: strap-on use (Lizzie Receiving), top!reader x bottom!Lizzie, vaginal vingering, semi public sex
Words: 2k+
Tumblr media
“Willow Delta Olsen, come down and eat your breakfast!” You yell from the stairs calling your daughter for breakfast at seven in the morning. Fuck Lizzie’s still asleep, you remember and face palmed yourself before rushing up to check if you had waken up your wife.
Popping in your head into your shared bedroom you see Lizzie peaceful sleeping and let out a sigh. Relieved that Lizzie hasn’t waken up yet you decide to check on your daughter to see what’s taking so long.
“Hey what’s taking so lo-“ you don’t finish your sentence once seeing Willow asleep again on bed, fully dressed. You chuckle when you see your daughter exhausted from the day before.
“Hey, you wanna skip school first?” You stoke her hair, gently waking her up. “Mmm, can I?” She ask you with a pout, you smile seeing her famous puppy eyes and pout. “That bad huh? Go ahead, I’ll bring your breakfast up.”
“Thank you, mama” you smile when hearing those words you hadn’t heard in a long time. You hum in response and cover her with a blanket and walk out her room.
You decide to check on Lizzie again and this time you don’t see her on the bed. You hear water noises in the bathroom attached to your room, you enter to find Lizzie brushing her teeth.
You snake your arms around her and rest you head in her shoulder and let out a sigh. “What’s wrong? Is Willow okay?” she question you and pepper you with kisses on your temple. “I think she had a bad day yesterday, I told her she could stay home” you respond, burying your nose to the crook of Lizzie’s neck. “Yesterday took a toll on her, their team lost the championship” your wife informs you with a frown.
Willow had been part of the soccer team since she was four. The team had become her family throughout the years they’ve been with her. Through thick and thin, good times and bad, they stuck with her and this championship meant everything. She had been practicing for months, everyday after school, but they still lost when her teammate got injured.
“Oh. Fuck, I knew I should’ve been there” you groan and let out a frustrated sigh. “Hey, you had an emergency. Our daughter knows that, okay? She knows and she also knows that you’re here for her now” Lizzie reassures you and puts an arm around you. You sigh and nod before kissing her one last time and headed down to grab Willow’s food.
“She’s sleeping upstairs.” Lizzie sighs and pats the couch signaling you to sit beside her. You didn’t hesitate and flop onto the couch crawling above Lizzie and settled there. Her hands lightly scratching your back as she continues to read her script.
Moments later you couldn’t help but let a tear shed and let it trickle down your cheeks to Lizzie’s chest. When she felt the wet sensation she looks down at you and lifts your head up and sees your eyes pooling with tears.
“Heyy, I’m here bubs” she frowns and pulls you up to her. “C’mon, think happy thoughts. Willow will be fine bubs, she has us and when she wants to talk, she’ll come down” you nod as Lizzie wraps her arms around you.
“Hey remember Noah’s wedding day?” She asks you eager to distract you, and it worked.
You arrived at one of Lizzie’s friends wedding and got seated with her friends, Scarlett and Paul seated beside Lizzie, and Lizzie beside you.
Lizzie was wearing a beautiful red dress and you a semi-formal suit. Your hand placed on her knee from the start of the ceremony till the middle, and you decided that it would stay there but Lizzie had other plans.
Mid-ceremony Lizzie shifted her thighs and quietly squirms just enough for you to hear. You quickly realized what’s happening and took your hand off her leg, trying not to make things worse for her. But immediately after taking your hand off she puts it back on her leg and gives you a knowing smirk.
“We are not doing it here” you whispered seriously and firmly but she ignored it and moved your hand up her thigh. “Why not?” she asked innocently, “I’m not having sex with my wife while her friend is getting married a few feet away” you whispered back in her ear and moved your hand away, again. Lizzie gave up, crossing her arms and huffed angrily in her seat.
Lizzie drove home with you after the ceremony to change into something formal before going to the reception. It had been fifteen minutes since leaving the church and the only sound you heard in the car was the engine. Lizzie hasn’t spoken to you since you denied her sex earlier on. Did she really want to? God damn it, what if she really wanted to. You thought and shifted your eyes to your wife who wasn’t even attempting to look at you. “You know I could’ve drove right? We can switch now if you wan-“ “no, I’m fine driving” Lizzie cuts you off coldly and you decided to back off for now until her mood gets better.
“Alright! I’m sorry! Can… can you just talk to me please?” you finally broke while on a red light. You glanced at Lizzie seeing her smirk knowing she’d break you eventually. “B-baby…” you frowned and turned your back to her, “are you really mad?” you asked, not able to look at her. “No, love. I’m not mad” she replied and gets a hold of your jaw, turning your head to face her. She cupped your cheek and lightly stroke it before she pressed her lips on yours. “I love you y/n” Lizzie mumbled against your lips and pecked it one last time before she drove on.
“Liz pull over, let me drive.” Lizzie shook her head saying “no.” “What? Whyy?” you questioned, seeing her knuckles bleeding white. “Because if I pull over I’ll end up not going to the reception.” she answered you, continuing to drive slowly. “Wha-“ “I’ll end up not being able to walk, love” she admitted. She’s still worked up huh, let me just- you slid your hand up her thigh and heard a whimper slip out. This bitch, Lizzie thought not being able to concentrate on the road anymore. She pulled the car over and got out the car and headed towards the passenger side. Here we go. she opens the door and immediately pulled you in for a bruising, desperate kiss, not caring that every car that passed by could and would see. Your hand found its way to her ass and you squeezed it eager to make Lizzie moan into your mouth.
You then proceeded to carry her to the back seat of the car and pinned her down on the leather seat as your hand found it’s way to her waist.
So beautiful, you thought to yourself, while looking at the woman you get to call your wife. Her hair was ruffled, dress not ruined —yet, lipstick smudged, and you couldn’t think of anyone else as beautiful as her.
Her eyes… her hair, touch… everything drove you crazy and over the edge when you’re with her, even five feet away from you, she had your heart.
“What got you so worked up like this, love?” you gently question, your hands moving up to her sides.
“You. In that suit” her lower lip getting caught in between her teeth and a blush that crept it’s way to her cheek. She looked you up and down as you moved away from her. You took your navy blue blazer off and tossed it to the front seat and folded your sleeves up. Lizzie watched you closely as you cuffed your sleeves and slowly took your vest off. You notice how she was staring at you and take things even slower.
“Arghh you have to much clothes on your body” she snapped at you frustrated on how long you took. You smirked knowingly and purposely slowed down your movements, making your wife even more frustrated until she had enough and pulled your shirt —along with you— towards her, not letting you finish taking your vest off.
Your face so close to hers you could feel her breath. Her warmth that kept its way to your face, making you blush.
“Y/n I swear to go-“ you crashed your lips to hers but quickly pulled away. Her confused looks being met with an answer. You pulled out a pocket knife and told her, “stay still, princess” and the blade met with her dress. You cut her dress and stopped when only a few inches of the fabric was left, easy enough to tear. You tear you gaze from Lizzie’s eyes and put the knife away before getting back to her. You tore the rest of the dress off her body, throwing it to the front seat along with you blazer, not noticing Lizzie wasn’t even wearing panties. “Y/n! That was expensive!” “I can buy you another one” you said and moved your lips to her neck, kissing and marking it so people would know she’s a taken woman.
You had been kissing for a good long time when you brought your hands to Lizzie’s back and unclasped her bra. Her breasts bounced when the pressure that kept them in place vanished.
You moved your hands down her sides to find her waist band but didn’t come in contact with any. You raised an eyebrow and looked down to find her bare, and dripping.
The sight of her glistening core made your own arousal pool in between your legs. Oh fuck. “Speechless, love?” Lizzie smirked at you, “actually, yes” you stated and proceeded to tease her.
Your hand brushed up against her inner thigh as she bucks her hips, seeking the friction she craved as you continued to tease her. Your hand lightly brushing against where she wanted you most, your free hand on her breast, massaging it and Lizzie letting out that moans that always drove you to your edge.
You finally decided to end her agony when you saw her arousal dripping down your fingers and her thighs. You thrust two digits in her without warning and heard the moans that rolled off her tongue.
“Oh… fuck! Y/n!” She screamed in pleasure when you curled your fingers to hit her sweet spot. You felt her tightening around your fingers and knew she was about to crumble beneath you. “Y/n… I… love I-I’m gonna cum” she managed to say in between her moans and screams. “I know baby” you assured her before pulling out completely, bringing Lizzie’s emerald eyes to face your y/e/c ones with a ‘what the fuck?!’ on her face.
You brought down your slacks just enough to reveal the strap that brought Lizzie’s jaw to drop.
“Is this why you took so long in the bathroom?” she questioned you, her eyes focused on the strap. “No” she gave you a confused look, “I took so long cause I touched myself before going to the wedding.” You stated and heard a whimper come out of your wife. “You…you what?!” Her gaze went up to yours but instantly went down again. “What? How do you think I was resisting you during the ceremony?” you pointed out, coming closer to Lizzie and her dripping core.
You lifted her head up tearing her gaze from her favorite strap, “you would’ve seen this earlier if you didn’t interrupt me you know” whimpers and quieted moans slipped out Lizzie’s mouth when you straddled her lap. “I… y/n” she softly said as you slowly align the toy with her entrance. “Yes, princess?” you tilted your head, “fuck me” she said just above a whisper. And with that, you thrusted the full length of the toy into your wife who was a mess of screams and moans.
Just minutes later, you felt her tightening around you and you thrust harder, now also chasing your high. “Oh god! Liz…” you moaned just before coming undone above Lizzie, coating her thighs.
Even after you rode out your high you continued thrusting into Lizzie, and just minutes later she came crumbling beneath you. “Oh… my… god” she panted out as you got off her lap.
This was definitely on your ‘top ten list’. As you both took a breather you unstrap the harness around your waist and gently placed it on the back. Lizzie held your hand as you two sat there in silence still recovering from the intenseness.
After catching your breath you squeezed your wife’s hand before buttoning your slacks back on and grabbed your blazer from the front seat and handed it to her. “Cover up princess. I don’t want anyone seeing my very hot, very naked wife.” Lizzie nods and covered herself up with the blazer and gave you a thumbs up when non of her parts were showing. “Do you want me to carry you to the front or you wanna stay here?” You asked gently as you cupped her cheek and gently stroke on her skin. “Front. Please” she answers, exhausted from earlier events.
After you threw her ruined dress to the back and carried her to the passenger seat you buckled her in and drove home, deciding you’ll clean the car after the reception —if ever you would still go.
Lizzie had fallen asleep beside you in the car and you didn’t blame her. The sex was amazing and tiring, especially this one.
Once getting home you carried her inside and gently placed her on the bed and got her some clothes. You placed the clothes on her as she was still half asleep and exhausted.
“You okay, love?” You asked and joined her on the bed. “Mhmm” she replied and buried her face into your chest. You stroke her hair until you couldn’t bare the silence anymore. “I didn’t go too far, did I?” you frowned as she looked up at you. She shook her head, “no, love. You didn’t. I’m just tired, can we skip the reception?” she pouted and you nod.
“Yeah, princess. I don’t think I have the energy anyway, not after that” you said and Lizzie shuffled closer to you, wanting to feel your warmth.
“I’m… just… gonna sleep” she manages to say before she yawned and passed out on your arm.
“I love you, Liz” you chuckled and let yourself melt into her touch and eventually fell asleep with her.
“Yup I deffinitely remember” you laugh and get off her and sit on the floor beside her.
“Thank you.” Lizzie looks at you with a confuse look, “for what?”
“Distracting me” you reply and head back up to check on Willow.
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ifyouseekay468 · 7 months ago
Listen. Sometimes being a butch is like being a golden retriever. Sometimes I just want a pretty girl to stroke my hair and call me a good boy.
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sasukess-therapist · 3 months ago
the first malewife x girlboss
Killin gender norms since the 90s
Tumblr media
Meowth is their non binary goblin child
Or maybe it's just a regular lavender marriage
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cishetlessfashion · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Andro/masc green forestcore aroace agender fashion for anon
Ruffled green capelet  Animal pronoun pins Aromantic flag knife Green trench coat Asexual flag gemstone bracelet  Green, yellow, and blue glow in the dark mushroom earrings AAAA opossum pride flag pins Weaved aroace flag bracelet Green faux leather jacket Clover earrings
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fatmasc · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it took me all day to put together a decent outfit
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creamyori-mogai · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☆ 🌷ɞ   ; marofloric !! 🎀 (mar-oh-flore-eec)
a masculine gender that is related to flowers and pink stuff! 💌
☆ requested by @rryyann !! (> /// <)q
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