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Robert Greene, Mastery
People who are passive create a mental landscape that is rather barren. Because of their limited experiences and action, all kinds of connections in the brain die off from lack of use.
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Am I the only one who finds that whether in media portrayal and sometimes in real life anecdotes, men who are artistic or free spirited tend to be horrible egotistical cheaters.

I wonder why this is such a pattern I have seen and of course, cheaters come in all shapes and colors. But what is it about this specific type of man that media loves to portray like this. I also wonder if there are artistic and free spirited men who don’t cheat. What do yall think?

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My cousin: I swear, it’s beautiful today, but it’s sweating balls.

Me *sitting on the couch in the corner*: Yeah, and my brother is sweating balls to make up for his lack of them.

*Everyone bursts out laughing*

My other cousin: lol! I’ve never heard that joke before!

My brother: yeah, yeah, and-

(I forgot what he said, but he had no idea what to say. A few minutes later, he said I had no honour and made up some fire nation bullshit)

The first cousin: I swear, *name* is smarter than all of us! She’s actually quiet!

(Which is the truth; they’re all a bunch of idiots)

This actually just happened a few minutes ago. And it’s glorious.

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~G.K. Chesterton

WHEN we went hunting the Dragon

In the days when we were young,

We tossed the bright world over our shoulder

As bugle and baldrick slung;

Never was the world so wild and fair

As what went by on the wind,

Never such fields of paradise

As the fields we left behind:

For this is the best of a rest for men

That should rise and ride

Making a flying fairyland

Of market and country-side,

Wings on the cottage, wings on the wood,

Wings upon pot and pan,

For the hunting of the Dragon

That is the life of a man.

For men grow weary of fairyland

When the Dragon is a dream,

And tire of the talking bird in the tree,

The singing fish in the stream;

And the wandering stars grow stale, grow stale,

And the wonder is stiff with scorn;

For this is the honour of fairyland

And the following of the horn;

Beauty on beauty called us back

When we could rise and ride,

And a woman looked out of every window

As wonderful as a bride:

And the tavern-sign as a tabard blazed,

And the children cheered and ran,

For the love of the hate of the Dragon

That is the pride of a man.

The sages called him a shadow

And the light went out of the sun:

And the wise men told us that all was well

And all was weary and one:

And then, and then, in the quiet garden,

With never a weed to kill,

We knew that his shining tale had shone

In the white road over the hill:

We knew that the clouds were flakes of flame,

We knew that the sunset fire

Was red with the blood of the Dragon

Whose death is the world’s desire.

For the horn was blown in the heart of the night

That men should rise and ride,

Keeping the tryst of a terrible jest

Never for long untried;

Drinking a dreadful blood for wine,

Never in cup or can,

The death of a deathless Dragon,

That is the life of a man.

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I love to watch Buster Keaton #movies. Modern action films owe a huge debt to the crazy stunts he performed - his legacy is epic! #MadMaxFuryRoad producer Iain Smith told me George Miller is a big fan and got Tom Hardy to channel Keaton in THE GENERAL for his performance as Max ✒📚❤📽🎞
One of my faves is STEAMBOAT BILL JR - it is way ahead of its time the way Keaton is presented as ‘weak’ and 'effeminate’, which is 'disappointing’ to his dad … Yet Keaton still saves the day without having to compromise himself. A really positive representation of #masculinity. Lots of films made much later could have learned from it!!! 📽❤📚✒🎞
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, Margaret
Atwood, 241
Men such as him do not have to clean up the messes they make, but we have to clean up our own messes, and theirs into the bargain. In that way they are like children, they do not have to think ahead, or worry about the consequences of what they do. But it is not their fault, it is only how they are brought up.
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Part of the problem. Take note from women, fellas. Have high standards and keep them there. You can meet people where they are without lowering yourself. Equality is equal distribution, meaning, balance demands you meet life and reality as it is, change only occurs once you accept facts. As women do, you have the same capabilities. Fix your crown.

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