krusted · a day ago
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neurodivergent-noodle · 2 months ago
oh and by the way.
“men are evil” and “masculinity is bad” is just the new way of saying that “boys will be boys”.
not only is masculinity not evil, it also gives a get out of jail free card for men who behave badly. it gives them an opportunity to say “oh I’m just a guy, can’t help it”.
nope. men aren’t evil. and the ones that are bad shouldn’t be able to get out of it because they “can’t help it”.
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swoleisthegoal · 4 months ago
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gym rat model
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astraldawn · a month ago
I cannot even express the joy I get from trans men and trans masc people. I'm AMAB, I grew up assuming I'd always have to live with the connotations of masculinity, and all my life I felt trapped. I felt like I was forced to live with a condition I didn't want, and I felt guilty about it, guilty that I'd always bring this awful masculinity with me wherever I go.
And then I see trans mascs, people who look at masculinity and see something they like. Knowing that some people can look at masculinity and see something good, that they can look at masculinity and think "yes, this is right for me," it gets to me. I cannot even find the words to express the the joy, the gratitude, the relief I feel knowing that there's something good in there, something people can see in themselves and love.
So shout out to all the trans men out there. I love you.
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callmeprincesatonight · 3 months ago
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Media is attempting to reduce womanhood into a miscellaneous box of adjectives. This tweet is so spot on I had to bring it to tumblr.
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shiftythrifting · 5 months ago
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“Quiche is just pizza that went to private school”
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cock-dealer · 7 months ago
no little boy should ever be shamed or scolded for holding his friends hands or hugging him or kissing him goodbye. there is nothing more admirable in a child than their ability to love shamelessly. every time you teach a little boy not to be affectionate with others you are robbing him of his humanity
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transmasc-pirate · 8 months ago
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This is what trans men are talking about when we say we feel alienated from queer communities.
Patriarchy affects us all (yes, even cis men) and simply existing as a man is not an oppressive act.
Trans men and afab nonbinary people have the highest suicide attempt rates of any group in the trans community, and shit like this is part of the reason why.
Transmasculine people often feel that they need to hate their own masculinity in order to be accepted in feminist spaces - that they'll only be accepted if they contort themselves into 'soft femme-aligned nonbinary afab'.
And if they do present masc or medically transition, they often compensate with self-hatred and guilt. There are so many trans guys out there who have internalized the ideas that they're "class traitors" because they aren't women, who feel intense guilt over their attraction to women that they never felt before coming out, who are constantly terrified of being seen as a predator.
This particular example is pretty extreme, but the "kill all men includes trans men" "masculinity is disgusting and femininity is beautiful" "women are better than men" "ewww gross man" stuff is still very prevalent in feminist circles (especially among cis women).
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opbackgrounds · 3 months ago
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I talked a little about Oda’s philosophy on masculinity a little during Skypiea but this speech by Zoro really fleshes out how Oda portrays an ideal man within the series, again focusing on accepting the consequences of your actions, however unintended. 
Both in real life and in One Piece, going out to sea is the ultimate unknown. What lies beyond the horizon is a mystery, the ultimate Romance. There’s a reason why mapmakers decorated the seas with monsters and danger, because historically speaking, if your loved one goes out to sea there’s a good chance they’ll never come back and you’ll not know why. 
Being a pirate adds an additional layer to the danger. A pirate is outside the law. There is no societal safety net, something shown both here and in Water 7 when an entire city goes after the crew whole hog, and there’s nothing the Straw Hats can do to protect themselves.
On top of all that, as a subordinate, Chopper put himself willingly under the authority of Luffy. The decisions the captain make have a direct effect on the crew. It’s Luffy’s job to protect said crew, a job he admittedly failed, but Chopper’s the one who put himself in the position to be failed by his captain. 
That’s what sailing is. That’s what piracy is. Part of maturing, of being a real man, is acknowledging that, and accepting when things don’t go your way. 
I do believe that this also ties indirectly back into the ongoing theme of living without regrets, because the only way Chopper could have avoided this fate was by not going out to sea. No risk, no hurt, but also no reward of chasing after his dream with reckless abandon. If you’re going to go after the impossible you have to realize that there’s a good chance you’ll fail and stumble across the way. 
But if you don’t, if you take the easy way out, chances are you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. And according to One Piece, that’s something to be avoided at all costs.
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transformedwaifu · 2 months ago
Women don't want men who are submissive and overly agreeable. We want leaders. We want a strong man who will protect us and our kids. We want someone we can depend on. Someone who can make decisions. Someone who isn't afraid to be firm when he needs to be. This idea that the perfect man is just a guy who agrees with everything you say and let's you, no, makes you make every decision is gross and backwards. It's sad that feminism has convinced so meny men and women that a weak man is an ideal man.
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wrassledazzle · 6 days ago
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swoleisthegoal · 3 months ago
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eyeofscottie · 2 years ago
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higherorder · 8 months ago
When you tell a boy that masculinity is toxic, you essentially give him 3 options:
1) Refuse to mature psychologically and remain a boy. 2) Reject masculinity and become effeminate. 3) Over-correct and become an obnoxious caricature of masculinity.
Lo and behold, the world is full of man-children, effeminate men, and so-called “masculine” guys who think casual sex and sports is masculinity. 
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callmeprincesatonight · 13 days ago
Gender roles were created based off of biological needs. Women birth the child, women stay home with the baby. Men are physically stronger, men protect and provide. My gosh, it’s so simple yet this generation loves to complicate things. You don’t have to vigorously follow these roles to perfection either. Of course some gender roles are ridiculous, but the core of it makes a lot of sense. Gender roles aren’t just about the individual, they help the child as well. To me, these roles are about sacrifice, and submission to nature. Everything that the ego isn’t.
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macabre-maws · 14 days ago
Good afternoon to the handsome queers who have been villainized and pushed out of their spaces for their masculinity and their maleness.
You deserve better.
You are holy, incredible and you are force to reckoned with, you are powerful, and I love you with every piece of my soul. You deserve so much better than what you have been given. You are so important to queerness, queerness does not exist without you. You are pure and perfect as you are. Remember that you belong here, you have a space here, you are loved here.
You are not a threat to your own community.
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neurodivergent-noodle · a month ago
to the person who said she thought “there must be something inherently wrong with men”… (she meant AMAB people, but was a trans-exclusionist so…)
no. nope. not at all.
neuroscience has disproven the idea of “male brain” vs “female brain” time and time again. the only difference is the average size of the AMAB brain, but that is white matter, and doesn’t correlate with brain functioning.
any other differences come about due to socialisation.
AMAB people are more likely to be exposed to toys that help them learn things like spatial awareness and pattern recognition, which then helps them in STEM later down the line.
AFAB people are more likely to be exposed to toys that help them learn things like creativity, caring behaviours, and social bonding, which then helps them in arts, as well as care-based careers later down the line.
AMAB people are encouraged to be loud and discouraged from showing emotion, and AFAB people are taught the opposite.
endocrinologists have proven that there’s very little link between testosterone and bad behaviour. not only that, it’s not uncommon for AFAB folk to have high testosterone levels, and this doesn’t seem to cause aggression in them. similarly, some AMAB folk have low testosterone.
there’s nothing inherently wrong with AMAB people. it’s not biological. it’s not inevitable that a man will be a bad person. the issue is societal ideals that frame masculinity as being violent. society pressures men to be violent and toxic and bad, but individual men can make individual choices.
it’s a slippery slope to say that being AMAB or being masculine automatically leads to violence and hatred of women. because then… then… it would be pointless trying to teach men how to be better. the whole of feminism would be pointless if it was inevitable that men are going to hurt women.
what kind of mental gymnastics are these people doing that they think it’s feminist to say biologists are wrong, men are just made to be evil?
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yourdwellingplace · a month ago
💫 masculinity is good & men are vital 💫
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krusted · 29 days ago
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big and manly
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queerism1969 · 17 days ago
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