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dyingroses · 2 days ago
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fearofpop · 21 days ago
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M*A*S*H + makeupaguy tweets (part 9)
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charlesemersonwinchesteriii · 3 months ago
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M*A*S*H + Reductress headlines - Margaret edition
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marley-manson · 3 months ago
i’m honestly really impressed by the show’s depiction of BJ’s recurring flaw of not supporting Hawkeye because he’s too emotionally repressed, because as far as I can remember it’s never actually specifically discussed or even directly mentioned in dialogue, but it reoccurs often and we can see how Hawkeye and BJ’s relationship changes to reflect that flaw the more times it rears its head. then it straight up becomes the emotional centrepiece of the finale. it’s just such a fantastic bit of showing rather than telling.
like actually I think the closest anyone comes to describing this flaw of BJ’s in words is Hawkeye’s “what if I was dying, would you hold me in your arms or would you let me lie there and bleed?” and that’s not even necessarily referring to BJ’s overall lack of support so much as specifically the current conflict of BJ refusing to say goodbye. But man it really nails everything from BJ’s casual refusal to engage with Hawkeye’s looming court martial in The Grim Reaper to blowing Hawkeye off throughout most of Back Pay to dismissing his project in Depressing News to triggering Hawkeye and then running away in GFA.
it’s easily the most compelling thing about their relationship to me. (well okay I shouldn’t say easily bc the psychological torture gives it a run for its money, but yk)
and I love so much that Hawkeye’s reactions to BJ doing this initially tend to be taking offence (eg ”Will you shut up about the stupid jacket” in The Grim Reaper when he shows more outrage about his jacket being stolen than Hawkeye’s court martial) but evolve into resignation (eg silently walking away when BJ’s response to his tongue depressor monologue is sarcasm). it shows such awareness on the parts of the writers, and it makes so much sense, and it’s a wonderfully subtle thread that’s very emotionally true.
BJ’s emotional repression and lack of support is also followed through on and shown obliquely through Hawkeye simply not turning to him for support. in the latter half of the show he often opens up to Margaret instead, and she comisserates with him by sharing her own feelings. he goes to Father Mulcahy for help in Letters and Depressing News, eg. he doesn’t tell BJ about his father in Sons and Bowlers, and it’s Charles who ends up supporting him.
also it’s really interesting and kind of unique of the writers to give BJ, the best friend and most important person in the MC’s life, this flaw. his relationship with Hawkeye is objectively the most important relationship on the show, BJ is the character who means the most to Hawkeye, they are best friends, but Hawkeye doesn’t turn to him for emotional support, and BJ doesn’t offer it. it’s just so interesting, like has a best friend on tv ever consistently and pointedly refused to engage with the mc’s problems bc he’s emotionally constipated? normally the best friend is default support and if it’s uneven it’s uneven favouring the protag, but in this case the protag is the best friend’s emotional support system and he gets very little in return.
now to be fair there are examples of BJ supporting Hawkeye - eg the red party; looking for him in comrades in arms, arguably stealing the jeep at the end of back pay and otherwise going along with some of his schemes, etc - but those aren’t emotional support. they’re actions that show he cares but which don’t require any actual open honest engagement with Hawkeye’s feelings on his part, or opening up himself. when BJ opens up emotionally to Hawkeye, it’s because he needs Hawkeye’s support, like in Period of Adjustment.
and even early on, before BJ’s character was fully developed, this aspect of him still shined through in more neutral ways. in The More I See You BJ engages with Hawkeye from a place of somewhat judgy detachment and then has a thematically intriguing final scene with Hawkeye where he casually lies during a guessing game. In The Late Commander Pierce he walks away and leaves Hawkeye on the bus. In Hawk’s Nightmare his response to Hawkeye’s fear is to tell him it’s no big deal, which I’m sure is how BJ deals with feelings, but it isn’t compatible with how Hawkeye deals, as we can see when he doesn’t accept that and keeps insisting that the nightmares are fucking him up.
like honestly... Hawkeye’s “would you hold me in your arms” line is overdramatic in the context of BJ refusing to say goodbye, sure, but it does absolutely nail BJ’s overall attitude in their relationship, because he’s bad at emotional engagement and because he actively tries to keep himself at a distance, and because he does have a habit of ditching Hawkeye when he specifically just needs emotional support.
and I absolutely love it as a writing choice.
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stimming-sim-silica · 6 months ago
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4077th Mash + text posts (7/??)
parts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,)
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stedebonny · 4 months ago
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I wasn't beautiful anymore. Now I looked like what I was, a raw wound.
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lets-jam · 2 months ago
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soulmates ~😘
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anonymousweirdo · 6 months ago
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autisticclaraoswald · 10 months ago
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M*A*S*H + text posts
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klingersgender · 5 months ago
I don't think Trapper and Klinger ever had anything too serious going on but I DO think that they went to a mash halloween party dressed as Morticia and Gomez Addams at least once...Trapper would wear a pinstripe suit and draw on a moustache and Klinger would meticulously sew Morticia's dress for himself and paint his nails and everything and they WOULD be the sexiest couple at the party, no question. Klinger would say random French words like oui oui baguette or something and Trapper would gasp "cara mia! that's French!" and do the whole arm kissing routine EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
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they would act like this literally all night long. it would be sooo fun and flirty for them and literally insufferable for everyone else. they'd ask Mulcahy to play The Masochism Tango on the piano and either duet it or dance to it. and after the party they would go back to Klinger's tent and fuck
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americachavez · 7 months ago
morally wrong on every level to recommend someone watch supernatural unless you hate that person but it will always be funny when someone has to use the shut up about supernatural shut up about supernatural meme on their post after hundreds of spn blogs get their grimy little hands on it
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fearofpop · 6 months ago
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M*A*S*H + makeupaguy tweets (part 5)
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hey quick question why did no one ever tell me how fucking insane M*A*S*H is?? their commanding officer is a horse girl. the secretary has psychic powers. this guy walks around a 1950s military outpost in drag and everyone’s just like hey nice dress. the protagonist who is supposed to be the best surgeon in the entire korean war spends every episode strutting around drunk in a hawaiian shirt making homoerotic wisecracks and asking the nurses to step on him like some sort of unhinged bisexual jimmy buffet. guys what the hell is going on in this army doctor show
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marley-manson · a month ago
Hawkeye’s story about his mom’s death is so fucked up honestly, and you can project it onto so much of Hawkeye’s character, it’s kind of impressive how perfect a formative trauma it is for him.
Like obviously there’s the way it’s more set up for the whole goodbye issue in the finale, but more interestingly, it’s such anathema to the way Hawkeye is.
Like what his dad did by keeping him in the dark was take away his ability to act on his feelings, ie the number one way Hawkeye deals with feelings. Even if the only action he could’ve taken was to say goodbye and tell his mom he loves her one more time, it still would’ve been something. But he doesn’t even get that.
And the fact that his dad tried to do it again! Like honestly I think Daniel’s an interesting character considering he doesn’t exist on screen, and I think overall he and Hawkeye have a great relationship and that’s genuinely awesome to see, love a MC with a good relationship with his dad. But man I can’t get over this lol, I think it’s awful and it makes me judge him so much. Like maybe some people it’s better to keep in the dark, maybe there are people out there who appreciate it and don’t wanna know shit until they have to, I can relate to that to some extent - but Hawkeye is not one of them, and you’d think Daniel would know that by the time his kid’s 30, so clearly this is Daniel’s problem.
You can argue that the operation was his dad’s private affair and Hawkeye wasn’t entitled to know, and if that was Daniel’s logic for not telling him I’d be on his side lol, though I might consider it a bit of a fucked up family dynamic. It’s the ‘not wanting him to worry’ part that drives me bonkers. I know it’s a perfectly mundane and natural impulse to not want to worry loved ones, but when the context is not telling him his mom is dying or that he’s undergoing a dangerous operation so that Hawkeye is blindsided both times and loses his chance to express himself, it just seems like, very dark to me.
And it’s clearly a recurring issue too even other than this episode - the locusts wouldn’t rate a postcard line and Hawkeye assuming he’d prioritize his patients over him both spring to mind, indicating his dad is emotionally reticent.
Like no wonder Hawkeye hovered over BJ like a mother hen in Operation Friendship lol. No wonder he became a surgeon to try to act against death as much as possible. No wonder he never shuts up about his feelings.
Also something about Hawkeye trying and failing to make Dead Mom French Toast in The Life You Save, of all episodes. Idk if there’s meaning there, intended or unintended, but it really feels like there should be lol.
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stimming-sim-silica · 2 months ago
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4077th Mash + text posts (8/??)
parts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
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theblob1958 · a year ago
hawkeye better son/daughter amv :)
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oeryondr · 15 days ago
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ok so this is old as hell but i might as well post it since i put so much time into ittttt. here’s a painted over/edited screencap from february i think? it was the first one and tbh the wips i have on hand since then are definitely better but i gotta finish them if i want to post them lmao so in the meantime!
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windfalling · 11 months ago
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garrus/shepard + thane/irikah, parallels
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thotful-opinions4u · 2 months ago
I think the way Trapper reacts to Hawkeye in "Adam's Ribs" is really interesting. For a lot of reasons
Hawkeye tries to explain how bored he is. He tells Trapper something along the lines of how now Trapper is finally seeing this side of him when he hadn't before or that now Trapper knows all of him completely.
Which is! A lot of people try to hide their mental illness symptoms - from their loved ones especially. But Hawkeye saying that Trapper is seeing him like this, that now he knows all sides of Hawkeye, implies that Hawkeye might have tried to hide his symptoms and that he thinks he's managed to succeed at it. Which we the audience most likely disagree with and view as false. Obvious counter argument to this is "Dr. Pierce and Mr. Hyde" where Trapper is very aware and very concerned about Hawkeye's breakdown and even intervenes. Anyways!
Hawkeye warns Trapper that he's so bored that if there's liver he'll throw a fit just to have something to do. Trapper says he won't throw a fit and Hawkeye swaps the word fit out for a different one but ultimately sticks to it in that he absolutely will.
Now what is ALSO interesting to me is that I think Trapper is a very pessimistic person who appears to be optimistic because of how he engages with Hawkeye and the hope Hawkeye provides the entire camp. He has good morality, strong will, and an eagerness to laugh and love - so it's easy to forget that underneath that, he's actually very surly. He's the one who tells Hawkeye that wars don't end that there's always a next one. He uses humor a lot to disguise how serious he is - and it works. Trapper is the one who knows the exact count of days in which liver has been served. Hawkeye says ten days and Trapper corrects him to eleven. Trapper was the one who noticed first, who started keeping track first, and who quietly was angry about it but saw it as not worthwhile to voice complaint about because he viewed it is inevitable and futile and didn't believe anything he did or said would change it or the army's conditions. Trapper is angry about the liver - he's just a lot more willing to keep his unrest close to himself.
This is also in part how Hawkeye leans on him; Trapper knows how hard it is here and won't be the one to bring up the liver just in case Hawkeye isn't counting the days like he is. He wants Hawkeye to have some ignorance = bliss. And it works!!! Hawkeye had counted for ten days; Trapper had counted for eleven. He'd spared Hawkeye an entire day! Now in a bout of eleven straight days of liver (twelve if you include that day) it's more noticeable. But it makes me wonder at the other things Trapper had kept close to his chest. The way he hadn't ever told Hawkeye his thoughts on how they'd never be free from wars until Trapper was going through a breakdown. It's something that he's kept from Hawkeye - that cynical mindframe - and so the whole war rant was dropped on a very unsuspecting Hawkeye because Trapper had tried his best to keep Hawkeye from realizing it. And it takes a supremely out of the ordinary turn of events (Trapper having a breakdown and trying to go awol) in order for it to be vocalized. Otherwise it wouldn't have been! Ever!
At the actual event of learning that is is indeed another (twelfth) day of liver, Trapper tries to support Hawkeye while also trying to steer him away from a breakdown. "Steady." The whole time Hawkeye rants about liver, Trapper is frowning but doesn't at all interrupt him. When everyone else cheers along for Hawkeye, Trapper does not. He does not agree with the fit. I think this is so interesting for many reasons. 1. that he is concerned about the fit and views it as something TO be concerned anout. And that he is unwilling to join in the fun even when he agrees that the liver is unreasonable. 2. The way Trapper is being supportive but while not encouraging or worsening Hawkeye's episode of mania is VERY interesting and telling to me that he does understand Hawkeye's mental health a lot more than Hawkeye might give him credit for. He's there for Hawkeye without going along with it. It's a supremely difficult line to walk but Trapper does it well.
And later when Henry yells at Hawkeye, Trapper is firmly on Hawkeye's side (even though earlier it seemed like he didn't at all agree with how Hawkeye threw the fit) and tells him that it's been eleven days of liver. He justifies Hawkeye's action and makes them sound reasonable. If he has any doubts about whether Hawkeye should or shouldn't have started the fit, he absolutely does not disclose them or reveal them to Henry. He is so firmly on Hawkeye's side here.
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klingersgender · 5 months ago
Sidney really just showed up in S02E03 Radar's Report to be gay, look pretty and tell Klinger that his actions will have consequences. and I think that's incredibly sexy of him.
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