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somewhat-crazy · 2 months ago
masky's pills</3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
art and quote credits to original owners, toby is from @ask-tt0by, idk where masky is from but please lmk who to credit if you do!
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intimidating-fettuccine · 2 months ago
Masky: I got the birthday cake.
Y/N: It says “Happy 22nd birthday, Tyler”.
Masky: Oops, he’s turning 21 isn’t he?
Y/N: No. His name is Toby.
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whaleofatjme1920 · a month ago
EJ, Jason, Puppeteer, Brian, and Tim with a boyfriend/girlfriend who enjoys casual sex, cockwarming, and morning sex.
Eyeless Jack, Jason the Toymaker, Puppeteer, Hoodie and Masky with an SO that Enjoys Soft Things
[GN!Reader. I don't specify anything, you just get penetrated lol.]
[Warnings: General lemon content, cockwarming, soft sex, praise, MINORS DNI]
[AN: this took me,,, far too long,,,,,,,,,, am sorry.]
Eyeless Jack
I don't always see the soft stuff as his thing tbh. The slow morning sex isn't,,, I just don't really see that as his thing?
Oh trust me, the two of you have tried but like it always ends up super rough and he likes to bruise you, bite you etc.
The cockwarming can stay though!! He loves to exercise that kind of control over you.
His praise during all of this is extremely condescending. It makes you heat up and he just,,, he's not ever that soft.
The casual sex slaps though. He can stand that, in fact often seeks it out. Doesn't always want to have long sessions.
Jason the Toymaker
Yeah he likes the soft stuff. It usually follows after the really hard things. It's a form of pre-aftercare with him.
He always says the nicest, sappiest things during this time. If you keyed him up to the point he was rough and mean, he's super apologetic and practically worships you.
He likes cockwarming but he's so impatient with it lol.
Likes having his hands on your lips, slowly moving you before taking control of the situation. Wants you to beg for him.
The slow, sleepy sweet stuff normally curbs his desire for more casual encounters. Every time with him is emotional as it is physical.
Jonathan LOVES the more romantic stuff as much as he loves the rough stuff. I don't actually see him as like, that strong of a dom? Like a soft dom.
He loves the shibari though lol. That's a given. The morning sex is nice though. He's usually always awake? So waking you up with that is super nice in his opinion.
He loves cockwarming. He's really good at it, making you wait, whispering in your ear, he will absolutely work you up until you're begging and crying for him.
The casual sex he can,,, kinda go without? Like, he views sex as art. He doesn't like meaningless art.
But he will absolutely get it out of his system if he has to.
Hoodie (Written as Brian)
I feel I've talked about him and Tim extensively but I don't actually remember so-the casual sex works great because he doesn't want emotional attachments but Brian can't stay away from you!
So it works out. He's kind of addicted to you. That's just how it is. He likes to have you on his lap and watch TV or something, read, etc. He really likes to have you on his lap, buried inside of you. It's a control thing.
Morning sex also works quite well because Brian is a morning lark by nature! It's a super nice day to start his day.
He's usually always in the mood to give you some sweet praise too but also make you bend to his every wish.
idk what else to tell you other than the two of you have lots and lots of fun. Brian loves to mark you more than Hoodie does!
Masky (Written as Tim)
Another man I've talked extensively about, Tim likes the casual sex but he tends to put way too many emotions into it anyways.
I think of Tim as a dilf so like, that energy is here ofc. He likes having you cockwarm him during the most mundane things because it excites him and again, it's a power thing. What else would it be? He says the dirtiest stuff to you in the most condescending tone.
Morning sex sometimes happens? I think Tim likes being up in the mornings but he likes to sleep. Cannot fuck during this time. Sorry lol.
On the rare occasion you can get him to fuck you when you wake up, it's rough and almost unforgiving. He makes you do all the work and he's still fucking you so hard you can't sit right.
Tim is,,, he's kinda tired so please take good care of him.
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errorbxtchmariah · a month ago
The Creepypastas With A Rulebreaker Y/N
Gender Neutral Y/N
Characters: Jeff The Killer, Masky, Hoodie, Ticci Toby, Jane The Killer and Nina The Killer
Warning: Toxic relationship mention
[Jeff The Killer]
He loves Y/N's tendency to break rules and honestly finds their wild side incredibly sexy
Will often times follow your lead into trouble cause he just can't resist
The only down side is in your relationship is that theirs no voice of reason, which gets you two into a lot of unnecessary trouble
You are absolutely going to drive this man into having a complete and total mental break down
He loves you dearly and wants to protect you but he's also a complete control freak so you being a rule breaker will both be an exciting challenge and a exhausting unnecessary battle
Given his tendency to be a manipulative prick and use of unhealthy coping mechanisms this relationship undoubtedly will be very toxic- sorry guys
Honestly Hoodie could care less that you're a rule breaker, in fact he might find it rather entertaining
The only time he'll step in is if he's worried for your safety, otherwise he just sits back and watches the show
"Damn it Hoodie! Control your fucking partner!" "Their my partner not my pet, Masky."
[Ticci Toby]
Toby over all is a pretty obedient proxy but he does enjoy going a bit wild on occasion so he may sometimes join you on your little misadventures
Toby would do anything for you though so all you have to do is give him some puppy eyes and he'll agree to anything no matter how horrible of an idea
You are a horrible influence on this poor man
[Jane The Killer]
Jane finds some of your antics cute but definitely not all of them, she's definitely gonna scold you a lot
She worries for your safety often and you drive her crazy when you pull some of your ridiculous stunts
[Nina The Killer]
Is literally obsessed with you and every single thing you do, doesn't matter you are perfect to her and she'll do anything for you
She often will take the blame for the stunts that you pull and try to get you out of trouble
"It was my fault, Slender! I swear!"
Let me know if you want me to do this with some of the other Pasta's!
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creepypastawriterandasimp · 6 months ago
"Welcome back"
Tim x reader
TW nsfw, unprotected sex and thats really it tbh
Being short on time and on the run a lot , can do things to a man especially if that man can't fulfill his urges. Tim had been looking out the window in your room waiting for you to come back home from work , just as he was about to finish of his cigarette he hears you walking through the front door and walking up to your room a long day of work. Once you take a step in your room you had been shocked to see the one and only Tim who you hadn't seen in months now. You'd be lying if you said you hadn't missed him.
"Miss me dove?" Where the first words from his mouth, did he seriously just ask you if you had missed him? Of course you did, who wouldn't miss their boyfriend? Even though Tim wasn't really big on hugs still opened his arms for you , understanding that it must of been hard for you missing him every night. Of course you admittedly ran into his arms wrapping your arms around him. He gently cups your face with one hand as he keeps the other wrapped around your waist, he moves his mask to the side exposing his face as he leans down giving you a kiss that slowly turns into a heated one.
Pulling away in the need for air you smile slightly looking up to the killer in your room "God i missed you , it's been what almost 2 months now? You've been gone for to long" Tim pulls you closer and kisses you on the cheek "I'm sorry dove you know I don't like leaving you for long but I don't have much of a choice"
Tim gently grabs your arms wrapping them around his neck, before his hands slide down your ass giving it a few light smacks as he picks you up , he gently pushes you against the wall as he kisses your neck leaving hickeys on any exposed skin , wrapping your legs around his waist as he slowly unbuttons your shirt his kisses going further down your body , your skin had started to heat up as your cheek turned red , hands tangled in Tim's hair
Tim moved you from the wall and onto your bed , he sat up as he placed his mask on the bedside table before taking his shirt off. You ran your hands along his chest as you leaned up peppering kisses along his neck and chest. Feeling needy to be filled by Tim you started to unbuckle his pants , taking a hint Tim pulled down his pants and boxers exposing his already harden cock that already was dripping with pre-cum. You gave his cock a few pumps , before going down and licking the tip of his cock. Tim not wanting to wait anymore (and being a impatient bitch) thrust his hips forward forcing his cock down your throat, Tim throws his head back slightly as he starts thrusting his hips forward "f-fuck I missed this dove~" Tim moaned out your name as he heald the back of your head.
A couple minutes had passed , but out of nowhere Tim pulled out of your throat. He had flipped you over onto your back "as much as I wanna cum down that pretty throat of yours I need to give more attention to something that belongs to me~" You tilted your head to the side as you looked up to him , Tim smirked at you before he pushed a finger in you while he used his thumb to rub your clit. He barley touched you and yet you were putty in his hands , he soon pushed in another finger as he curled them up , you arched your back at the missed feeling.
Tim pulled his hand away , you whined at the empty feeling. He chuckled "don't worry dove you'll feel full again soon~" Tim moved around slightly, rubbing his cock against your slit using your juices as lube before he slowly pushed into you. You tensed up slightly at the feeling of once again being stretched out by the size of Tim's cock , you gripped onto his shoulders as he slowly started to move "m-move faster i can handle it" you squeaked out from under him. Tim leaned down kissing you as he thrusted his hips into you faster , the sound of the headboard hitting the wall along with moans and skin slapping together could be heard throughout the room as Tim continued thrusting his cock in and out of you.
Soon enough you had started to feel a knot in your stomach, you knew you were getting close and Tim could tell "it's alright dove you can cum , come on cum for me~" your eyes rolled back as you saw white. Tim's thrust had started to become sloppy as he neared close to his end , he gently cupped your face kissing you deeply as he came inside.
He layed his head on your chest while still inside you as he wrapped his arms around you "well that was a nice welcome back present , don't you think?" You giggled a little as you kissed him on the head "yea it was a nice welcoming babe" you played with his hair before the two of you fell asleep.
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scary-noodlesblog · a month ago
I was wondering, if you haven't already done this, if you could do a headcanon for Jeff, the proxies, and EJ with their s/o coming back to the mansion after a mission, covered in gashes. Take it how you want it.
You don't have to write it if you don't wanna.
Sorry this took so long, but i gotchu!
Mentions of sex!
He grabs his knife
Ready to kill anyone tbh
Youre the one that actually gets EJ while freaks tf out
Much much murder
He goes on a killing spree, and takes you with him so he knows youre safe
After EJ patches you up of course
Needs so much reassurance that youre ok
Usually will lead to very steamy sex and cuddles
Eyeless Jack
Doctor mode activated
Youre patched up pretty quickly
Like Jeff, he will need reassurance that youre ok
He will just sit and hold you in comfy silence
Probs a fluffy night that night, cuddles, movies and snacks
Then after youre asleep hes eating the perps organs, growling at them, putting the fear of god in them
Boi is terrifying but loves you sm
He patches you up himself
Honestly doesnt trust ANYONE else with your care
For a while hes like youre shadow
Glued to your side whether you want him to or not
Hes your bodyguard forever
Hed be mad at Slendy for not putting him on the mission with you or for you
Like Masky, hes mad at Slender
He rages silently while he puts bandages on you
This boi needs them
He might cry thinking he almost lost you
Reassure this boi
Many kisses
Ticci Toby
Does cry
Takes you to EJ
Silent tears the whole time
This poor boi
After youre patched up he will want to lay on your chest while you play with his hair
He is just happy youre ok
Very protective the next few days
He cant help it, he doesnt want to lose you because hes lost everything else
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sullys-nose-hair · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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splitt · 2 months ago
Safe word calling Masky / Hoodie
Tumblr media
A/N: I apologize for the anon who requested me this, I made a mistake and post the daft and i needed to delete it immediately. I ask your forgiveness dear anon :’)
He will stop immediately, his eyes will scan your teary face. He will get away from your abused body, he gone too far again. Masky’ll open the handcuffs and apologize for going to hard on you.
He is not very good at comforting but he tries his best. He help you to sit comfortably and then ask if anywhere is bleeding or hurting too much.
After checking you up he will sit somewhere away from you. The room will be completely silent as he dive into the ocean of anxiety. This phase might go up to 5 to 15 minutes.
After that he will bring you some chocolates and some food, he thinks chocolate makes people happier so it’s his way to show that he wants you to be happy.
Just as Masky, he will stop immediately to check you up. He will ask what is wrong and if you want to continue or not.
Hoodie will calm you down by giving you hugs, kisses and sometimes even massaging. He will take things slow afterwards, so if you choose to continue it will be like honey fuck.
He won’t leave you alone. Hoodie will talk to you about the problem and he will apologize, then he will find a way to cheer you up and make you feel comfortable.
He will hug you and whisper that everything is alright and you’re safe with him, he will always be there to wipe your tears and you don’t need any other person but him.
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smutty-ki113r · 11 months ago
Which creeps do you think would ADORE face sitting
Alright alright // OmL so many people like this one 😦 m.list
Jeff is the kind of guy to like you sitting on his face during really rough sex. He likes to hear the noises you make while he fucks you with his tongue. It pleases him so much to hear the mewls falling from your mouth as he makes you cum over and over again. Your thighs squeezing the side of his face, pulling at his hair while he lets you ride out your high.
Masky absolutely, he loves your thighs. A true thigh man. Likes grabbing your thick skin and making you stay in place as his tongue goes to town on your clit. Digging his fingers into your stomach while you squirm, lapping at your juices when you cum.
Eyeless Jack too, with a particularly small partner, his big hands coming to snake around your waist. Pushing you further into his mouth, hot and drooling with saliva. Watching you make faces of tenseness as you cum on his tongue for the first time. Fucking you with the muscle and over stimulating you beyond compare and relishing in those hazy eyes you give him.
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lifeisnotdaijoubuuu · a year ago
Includes: Jeff, ej, lj, ticci Toby, Ben drowned. +hoodie and masky
A/n. I have nothing to say. Thank you.
Basically just memes I think they’d cackle or relate to
Masky: botch b cackling
Tumblr media
Hoodie: so would he
Tumblr media
Ben drowned: LOWKEY disappointed but lil giggle
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jeff the killer: ALSO WHEEZNG
Tumblr media
Ej deeeeep laugh
Tumblr media
Ticci Toby: laughing since it relates
Tumblr media
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tragedymybeloved · 4 months ago
dating masky includes!
Dating Masky includes:) (NSFW and SFW)
Not getting much attention
Allows you to sit on his lap
Gentle but rough kisses
Sometimes he gets clingy but not too much
I see him as a tits or thigh man
While cuddling he’ll lay his head on your chest
While having sex he’ll mix degradation and praise together
Hes chill but also toxic
Calls you:my whore,my bitch,prince/or princess or baby
You call him: daddy, sweetheart, baby (make up your own idk what to put LMFAO)
Sometimes pushes you away
Isn’t that touchy at first but when you get closer he's REALLY touchy
Gets jealous easily
When fighting he uses your past against you
Hurts you mentally and sometimes physically when the fight gets bad
Takes him awhile to apologize
Sleeps with his head between your thighs while you play with his hair
Teases you a lot sexual and platontically
kidnapped you at first then fell in love.
A/N : send in suggests i can do anything (NSFW and SFW)
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somewhat-crazy · 7 months ago
Hoodie: what should I get Toby for his birthday?
Masky: Medication
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intimidating-fettuccine · a month ago
Tim dances with you.
Well, that much is obvious- a waltz, a step, a salsa, of course, depending on the music.
But Tim DANCES with you. When the two of you are alone, when nobody else is around to see. He gets goofy, and uncoordinated.
He dips you, he twirls you, he picks you up and spins you around. He does stupid dad dance moves that the others would make fun of him for for months. Fuck, if you get him in a goofy enough mood he’ll even do meme dances.
Tim dances with you, because when he does, you smile. You laugh. You cling to him, and the two of you feel free in each other’s embrace. The sound of both of your laughter resounds around the room, bouncing off of every wall and practically covering the music he’s turned on.
Tim dances with you because he loves you, because he trusts you, because he’s so comfortable with you he can truly let all of his walls down and be himself. You’re his missing puzzle piece, the one he never knew he needed until you clicked right into place.
You give him life and happiness he never had, that he didn’t know he could have, and he’s addicted to it. You kiss him, you hold him, you bring out his mischievousness, and you make him feel so young and joyful. You remind him that there is a good side to life, and that it’s still worth waking up every day.
Tim dances with you, because you dance right along side him.
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whaleofatjme1920 · 3 months ago
could I request a romantic partner who absolutely thrives off of domestic moments with the proxies and bloody painter? if thats okay of course.
Domesticity with the Proxies and Bloody Painter
[Warnings: Like, none?]
[AN: Sure can. Honestly BP is never on my radar so uh, he may be a little whack? Anyways, yes, I put Kate in here <3]
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Kate is a cottagecore wife. That's all she wants. So, having a romantic, super sweet partner that likes domesticity,,,, it warms her to her core.
She loves all those little moments with you. Dancing in the kitchen late at night, holding you in her arms, what Sunday mornings feel like, gardening when it's finally spring, it's all so good to her.
She loves baking but doesn't have a knack for it? I think you do though, so like, she's almost always in the kitchen with you. The two of you make some gorgeous, delicious things together.
Kate is a little she when it comes to affection as sweet as yours? So it makes her bristle the first few times, but she isn't adverse to it! She's just not used to it! The romance and domesticity you bring make her feel like the days aren't that long.
Kate loves making breakfast for you though. You might be handling a lot of other things in the home, but breakfast is 100% her thing. She's a morning lark. Loves to bring you breakfast in bed and spend the morning with you. You make her feel safe.
Good,,, luck getting him to sit down. I don't think Toby actually craves domesticity? Stability and domesticity are two entirely different things and Toby definitely lets you know that.
He doesn't mind you really loving and performing domesticity, but it really isn't his cup of tea. Toby is a racecar. He does not stop unless it's to refuel. I think that's where the domesticity thing really comes in handy? He's really prone to burnout.
He loves the romantic aspect to you though. He's as gentle as he can be, which admittedly isn't that gentle, Toby is kinda rough at times. However, he tries hard to amuse you and the things you're into.
I feel you spend a lot of soft moments with him in your home, taking care of him. You feed him, and love him, give him a sense of stability he's never really had before.
He can never really stay in one place for very long, but he wants to be with you. The domestic moments with you make him smile, they really do, but he can't,, stay still. He always comes back to you though, scooping you up in his arms, helping you around the home where he can before he's back out and about in the world again.
Written more as Hoodie than Brian, I think Hoodie is relatively indifferent about domesticity until he realizes what that means for your relationship. Hoodie likes to exercise dominance, and in a way, this lets him do so. Is he toxic? The way I write him, yes.
He likes you being his and his alone, and the domesticity element feels like that for him. He likes how sweet and romantic you are because he's not,, that sweet and romantic? Like, he's got his charm, but Hoodie is kinda scary.
I think he tries to be as domestic as he can with you in a very typical way expected for him as a man. That means providing for you, taking care of you, generally being the one in charge. It does not matter if you're a man, woman, nb, he takes the dominant role in the relationship.
He's not a dick though? Just subscribes to traditional gender roles that's really kicked into motion by your craving domesticity, the slice of life, things like that.
Hoodie is a sweetheart when he wants to be. He comes back home to you, doesn't bring up his job, and takes care of you as much and more than you take care of him in ways you wouldn't even expect. He is in every sense, dude that gets a newspaper and lets you flutter around the house as he reads.
Yeah he's nuts about the domestic life. Lives for it, both him and Tim, as I'm writing him a lot more as Masky than Tim. He's always wanted a normal life, so your romantic, domestic nature really, really spur him on.
He gets really, really protective of you. He craves that normalcy. Wants to hold you, cook with you, do little house hold fixing things with you when he can... He and Tim are mirror images of each other when it comes to the domestic element.
A lot like Brian, he's also really, really big on providing for you. Masky likes being needed and taking care of you. Gives you lots of little gifts in many different forms.
He tries to be as domestic and romantic, sweet and affectionate as you are. Masky really does try his best, and it manifests in handling things for you. That's just,,, what he does. You want anything, he's got it. Sink needs fixing? Cool, he's got that too.
Oh, he likes to gift you flowers. Sees wildflowers and gets them for you because he thinks they're almost as pretty as you. Likes seeing them in a glass vase on the kitchen table as the two of you cook together, his hands on your hips as you sway, singing softly to each other.
Bloody Painter
The energy I get from Helen is someone who loves domesticity in theory, and not in practice. Like, I just kinda feel he loves seeing you participate in it, he just cannot stand it for himself. He almost feels trapped.
But still, he amuses you when he can. Likes to sit and sketch you as you do things around your home. You are his biggest muse, after all. It makes him happy just to see you existing, and the light frames you so beautifully. You're gorgeous in his eyes, and something about the home life makes you even more so.
He,,,, is a lot like Toby? He does what he can for you, but domesticity makes him a bit cagey. He likes moving around, going where the wind takes him. He's an artist and has so many places he wants to see, to sketch and paint, all of it. He doesn't actually stay for very long.
He lives for your love though. The domestic life makes you very sweet and affectionate towards him, you'd be like that regardless as you're his romantic partner, but I feel it spurs you on even more. Loves to curl up on the couch with you with something warm to drink, a clean house he's helped you with, rain falling outside... It's a dream of his.
Overall, let him play house with you once and a while and then send him loose. That's the best dynamic the two of you are getting tbh.
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*laughs in sleep deprived*
I just had a dumb idea- and since I absolutely love your writing skills- (srsly, how tf- you're a wizard) my brain yelled at me for this :)
Could we mayhaps get the Creeps, Mainly Tim, Brian, EJ and Toby- with an MC/ y/n who is literally a goblin in mentality? Just- "Hey, I found these cool bones that reminded me of you today" or they just bring the creeps a mushroom or something with this giddy grin on their face? I'm sorry, the idea was just too funny--
Yes! As someone who's a bit of a goblin this shall be fun.
Masky- probably deals with this from toby all the time. Very confused boi but thinks your smile as you come up to him with your latest item is adorable.
Hoodie- Finds it so cute when you come up with a handful of bones or a shiny rock. He would keep everything that you gave in a little shoebox under his bed
EJ- very confused sometimes but will save everything you give him, starts bringing you stuff like a human bone or that weird red mushroom he found
Toby- you think your the goblin? Think again. This guy will give you something every time you give him something. "Y-you got me a bone!! Here, I found a clump of moss for you!"
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creepypastawriterandasimp · 5 months ago
Hatred lovers
Tw unprotected sex forceful kisses mentione of blood.
Made this just for you I hope you enjoy!
You and masky have never been on good terms; you never knew what it was you disliked about him just as soon as you saw him your hatred for him started. Masky, on the other hand, was utterly crazy about you yet he hated you for it, he wasn't sure what it was about you that separated you from anyone else on his team when it came to doing missions for the boss.
Night had soon fallen and you and the masked serial killer had taken place in an old abandoned building after almost getting caught by the cops, Masky lit a cigarette before speaking "We almost got caught because of your sloppiness I thought you said you took care of any witnesses" you looked up to him from your spot on the cold floor as you tried your best to wipe the blood off your face.
"No, we wouldn't have had to run if you would have kept everyone quiet, don't go and blame me for your faults" you stood up as you turn to walk away you feel him grab ahold of your hand "Where the fuck do you think you're going dove?" You quickly pull your arm away and turn around to face him "dove? What the hell is with that nickname? We're not dating you idiot" your face had turned red at what he had called you.
As you pulled away from him you were suddenly pushed up against a nearby wall "I'm tired of playing these games with you dove, I can't stand it anymore I need to have you" he grips your face and forcefully kissed you. Shocked by his sudden actions you grip onto his jacket, you pull away from the kiss as a string of saliva kept the two of you connected. Masky had a smug look on his face while yours was as red as a rose, you opened your mouth to speak but could only stutter "i-i wh-what was that for?!" Anger could be heard from your voice as you spoke.
Suddenly you heard laughing coming from the killer "you seriously don't know? I've been trying to fuck you for months, and with how you have been acting I can tell you at least need a good fuck. Maybe then you'll know your place when you talk to me." You look down your face still as red as ever he was right it's been months since you have been fucked, maybe this was your chance to finally satisfy your urges.
You pull him close by his jacket "just this once ill let you fuck me" Masky smirks at how easily you agreed to him fucking you, he leans down pulling you into another kiss as one hand finds its way in your pants and to your slit, he rubs his fingertips over your already sensitive clit before he pushes a curled finger into your aching slit. You shudder at the feeling of his fingers inside you, as you slowly move your hands down to his pants as you fumble with undoing his belt you slowly pull his cock out giving it a few pumps.
Masky grunts into the kiss before he pulls away getting both your and his clothing off "no need for these annoying things~" He lifts you as he pushes you up against the wall and makes you wrap your knees around his waist, as he slowly pushes his tip-up against your wet pussy. "Come on no need to wait anymore~ I'm ready and I can handle you~" He rolls his eyes as he slowly pushes his length into you.
You grip onto his shoulders as he pushes into you stretching your tight cunt out with his cock, Masky slowly pumps his cock in and out of you at first you felt pain for the first few minutes but slowly you started to feel pleasure. You began moaning out his name as you keep your arms around his neck pulling him closer to your body.
As masky kept forcing his cock inside your cunt you felt a knot form in your stomach, your velvety walls tighten around his cock as you came on masky. His thrust became sloppy as you could tell he was getting close to the end of his line. Soon enough you felt ropes of his white seed cover your walls, Masky thrust up into you a couple more times forcing his cum deeper into you as he did.
Setting you down he hands you your clothing and helps you get dressed before putting on his clothes. Masky grips your face and forces you into one last kiss before pulling away and lighting a cigarette, he opened his mouth to speak "now let's get out of here I'm sure we're in the clear to leave now." Masky throws his arm around your shoulder, you roll your eyes in slight annoyance as you both walk out of the building. Guess your hatred for him had disappeared after you learned you might have more to learn about him.
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shittywritingbymonty · a month ago
If I may make a request -
The proxies (Hoodie/Brian, Masky/Tim, Toby, X-Virus/Cody, & EJ) with a demon s/o who's all whiny and needy yet also really aggressive when in heat? I NEED ur hcs on this.
Now go drink water and hydrate ur body bc ur fucking amazing. >:((
Unfriendly reminder that Masky and Tim are not the same person, Neither are Hoody and Brian.
Also i have no idea what this "water" thing is, please explain and how do i drink it? /j
I decided to only write for 3 outta the 5 because i don't think i can fit all of them in the tags sorry! You can send in a seperate ask for them when i turn my requests are open again
Tumblr media
Just because youre agressive he wont fuck you
Be nice or no dick 4 u
He will only give in if you beg
Doesnt give a fuck if youre in heat
He will not touch you unless you beg
Hes a mean dom
Brats get nothing :)
Will probably mock you
Oh my god youre so whiny
Shut up
Will probably only fuck you to shut you up
Hes already got a headache cause of the stress of being a proxy now youre making it worse
Its okay though
He loves you
Will gladly fuck you actually
Hes very pent up
Angry man regardless
"Youre just a bitch in heat, huh, sunshine?"
Loves this actually
Adores your aggression
Youre so horny youre whining? Hot.
Will absolutely ruin you for bugging him
Get ready to be overstimmed so hard it hurts <3
Toby Rogers
Why are you whiningghgg
So annoying
He loves you and all
But he doesnt like it when people are aggressive around him
Will fuck you just so you stop whining about it
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creepypasta65 · 26 days ago
Slenderbrothers with slenders proxies Headcanons? (I feel like Liu would be Trenders favorite because hes so beautiful 💅)
Thanks for the request :)
Slenderbrothers with Slenders proxies Hc's:
Trender's favorite is Liu and he makes him model his clothes since he is the pretty boi.
Liu loves modeling clothes for Trender since he knows he's the pretty boi and it also boosts his ego. (He also gets to keep the clothes).
Splendor's favorite is Toby since Toby is very nice to the Happypastas (the Happypastas live in Splendor's mansion).
Offender will try to give roses to Liu since he finds Liu very pretty, and Jeff isn't taking that bs since he knows what Offender is trying to do so Jeff just punches him taking Liu far away from him.
Masky and Hoodie would hang around Splendor since they like his positive energy and sometimes they could need that positive energy.
Cody would be with Trender since he likes seeing the clothes he makes and sometimes Trender gives him some clothes.
Toby and Cody sometimes go to the park with Splendor and with the Happypastas (they have so much fun until Splendor has to get Toby and Cody out of a slide since they thought it was a good idea for them to go at the same time).
All the Slender brothers have their favorite proxies but they don't dislike any of them.
Have a nice day :)
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splitt · 2 months ago
(Requests are open right?)
Is it ok to request some Masky NSFW headcannons? 👀
Also I'm so happy you're seeking out help and getting a bit better!! 💕💕
Masky x Reader Nsfw Headcanons
Tumblr media
A/N: thank you sweetheart! Here comes the smut, i hope you enjoy :)
Well, forget about the Masky you know this man is so different in bad.
He loves to play hard. You might not walk well for few days but don’t be shy to ask for help, he will be pleased to take care of you.
He always wants to be on top but if he is very tired he could let you ride him.
Masky wants his darling to be obedient. He is the one on the control and he will make sure that his lover understand this very well.
He is likely to smoke during sex.
He doesn’t care if it’s indoor or public, he will always find a way to get what he desire.
He likes to make love when he is stressed, it calms him down in a perfect way.
I can see him hiding handcuffs on the drawer.
You’ll be given lots of praises if you behave, otherwise you’ll have a lot of punishments and both ways this man will enjoy the proses.
In the end you’re just a mess. There would be a lot of love marks and bruises everywhere on your body.
Aftercare is one of the best parts. Masky will admire the mess he made with a huge smirk and then take you to the bathroom. Soft heart boy will wash away all the blood and sweat on your body.
He will dress you up with his clothes, dry your hair and give you a lot kisses. The night will end while you lay your head on his chest listening to his heartbeat as he smoke.
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smutty-ki113r · 8 months ago
🌙Masky🌙||Wolf in sheep’s clothing
KinkTober Week 4. Day 17
NSFW||~ One-shot x afab gn!reader, includes—werewolf masky, primal kink, huge size kink, breeding, hate sex, slight blood and figurative canibalism tw, minors—dni. (2.9k)
Inspired by: Set it Off
Tumblr media
It must have been the most vibrant night of the year, with the full moon glowing with electric blue outline. Clear sky and eerie ambiance, your eyes scouting the path in the clearing and sighing in relief when you found a way to safety. Alleviated that you were finally out of the woods and away from the danger.
Just earlier than an hour ago you had come face to face with a supernatural threat you had yet to make sense of. Shivering at the thought of how his voice had purred to you from the shadows, “such a little thing like you shouldn’t be out all alone”, unable to tell where it came from, “and so late” he tutted.
A growl echoing off the thick trees in a laugh “don’t you know there’s danger around?” Breathing picking up as you felt the creature close in, surrounding you. “Something could happen to you, if you’re not careful” his tone vile.
Your legs aching and covered in scratches from running past shrubs. Still trying to calm yourself down after the encounter, remembering a flash of a white mask, not wasting time to look back before you sped off. Uncaring about injury or exhaustion until you could escape him.
The hairs on the back of your neck prickling as you heard him give a boisterous laugh behind you, gruff voice warning “you can run but you can’t hide”.
You had been on your way to a nearby town, but that trauma threw you off and now you needed to seek refuge for the night. Panting and wounded, wanting to get as far away as possible from the creature. Unfortunate you stumbled upon a cabin in the woods with a smile plastered on your face, thinking that you were safe. Not knowing you were going - straight into the beast’s layer.
Practically at his doorstep as you knocked, hoping the owner would be kind enough to let you stay a night. Tim opening up to find you, the person he had been hunting down, right there. It was a miracle, he throbbed, salivating at the scent of fear and flesh you reeked of.
You stammering to explain why you had turned up in the middle of the night to his house “I’m so sorry for bothering you”, your knees weak as you held onto the doorframe, “do you mind if I stay the night?”. Almost collapsing on him, head hazy as you apologized “i have nowhere else to go”. Opportunity on a silver platter, how could he resist?
Disguising his coarse “sure” through a cough, hunching over to not appear too large. Tim leading you indoors, perhaps too eager to have you there, but you were too stressed to notice. Human instinct flickering with every passing moment as it got closer to midnight, rushing to sit you down and give you water. Telling you “shut up, don’t waste energy”.
A couple minutes later you were finally able to take in his huge figure, dark eyes raking over you, analyzing your every move. A thinned out breath from his nose, with his big arms crossed over his chest.
He had so much body hair, but it was fitting, sideburns over his chiseled features and on his forearms. If you didn’t know better you would think he acted like an animal, almost trying to breathe you in as he took the empty glass and asked how you felt, feeling for a fever not at your forehead, but at your neck. At least that’s what he claimed, not telling you that he wanted to feel your beating pulse, the essence of life pertaining to a weak prey that looked up at him so innocently.
Turning away with a occulted growl, trying to stop himself from taking you right there, to delay the inevitable change the full moon brought upon him. Convincing yourself that the sound was a hallucination because there was no way what you were thinking was true.
You thought he was quiet and hospitable, and now that you took him in you noticed how attractive he was. Even with that expressionless face, charming in a rustic way, and that earthy scent of masculinity and wood made him so much more desirable. Smiling with a nod as he excused himself to leave the glass in the kitchen sink, a mere facade to get away from you. Fighting the beast inside that overpowered him and hungered for your blood, for your sex.
You facepalming for not offering to help yourself, for not providing any kind of service to pay him back. Getting up to find where he went, lost in the cabin and about to call out to him before you heard glass shattering. Following in the direction of the noise and walking in on him bent over the counter, “are you alright?” you tried approaching him. Shards scattered over the floor when you asked “what happened?”.
Tim panting as he turned his raging gaze to you, the look in his eyes more narrowed, like that of a predator. You freezing up at the sight, in realization of why he felt so familiar. “It’s you” you gasped, paralyzed in fear, unable to run this time as his glare reeled you in and hypnotized you. Walking to you slowly, glass crunching under his shoes as he cornered you.
“Missed me that much did ya?” He laughed crudely, “even bothered to show up right at my house”. Breathing heavily onto your face, lowing down significantly to meet above eye level. “Damn, I must really turn you on”. You would have been lying if you denied it, especially with those concentrated dark eyes telling you he was ready to pounce. No way out, losing yourself to lustful thought, falling right into the palm of his hand by the second.
It was stupid to try to resist, easier to submit and let him have you. You were terrified that he was going to eat you like the beast he was, not knowing that coincidently it was also his heat. Hot and heavy in the small space you shared, with him backing you into the wall, he could smell your arousal in your pants. You could lightly detect his desire, figuring it was your only choice if you wanted to live. Deciding to play into his game, throwing caution to the wind to try to get a little fun out of your impending doom. Strong figure encasing you, your own gaze mirroring him lustfully as a challenge, temptation too powerful to resist.
“Oh my, what big hands you have” you teased, stirring courage to trail his muscles softly.
“The better to hold you down with” he rasped, subsequently pressing his chest to yours. Slick pooling in your panties at the thick sexual tension. Tim giving you a crooked smile that revealed all his canines.
“What sharp teeth you have”, flickering your gaze from his lips and his hazel eyes.
“The better to mark you with my dear”, he responded hoarsely. His forehead to yours, daring you to continue, as if he couldn’t go further. Knowing that he would always win, it was only a matter of time before you found that out. Him throbbing in his pants, hard and in the shape of a bulge he was shameless about. Proximity so neared that you felt it on your stomach, glancing down and widening your eyes. He was that huge even clothed, lining up to where he was soon to be, making you gulp as you pulled your wild card.
“What a big dick you have”, pulsing, heated at the deadly beast staring you down. Him not hesitating to take it out and rut against you, ripping off your clothes and his with a snarl as he chuckled darkly.
“The better to breed you with”, big hands opening up your pussy to slide in you, entering with a squelching noise. Evoking all the cries that stored in your throat as he pushed halfway in. It was excruciating, your face tensing as he huffed and tried to go all the way. Splitting you open and rubbing your walls raw as his tip struggled to reach your cervix. Having to push his chest back frailly, too weak to get him to not bottom out.
Eyes burning into your figure, grabbing you by the hips to slam into you. Huge hands taking the skin of your thighs and pooling it between his fingers, digging his claws in to keep you spreading your legs. Shaking and trembling as he dragged his fat cock into you with powerful thrusts. “You just couldn’t resist could you”, alternating between weighted pants and snarls, twitching as he satisfied his heat, “came back just for this huh?”
You were flushed at his words, gasping and mewling as you clamped around him. Hole so eager to take him in and keep him, that innate instinct that tried to milk him, wanting his kids more than anything else. “Fuck you’re gonna break me” you cried. Your body betrayed you, aside from the terror you experienced earlier now you stood trembling, mustering up all the energy you had to satisfy him. Under his heated gaze that made you pool around him, embarrassingly wet at the delightful sensation of his swollen cock invading you.

You were giving convulsions, your clit tingling as he slapped your pelvis against yours, brushing your pearl momentarily. Lubing it with your slick and sweat before he pulled back out, bumping against you again with those intoxicating noises, knot warm against your entrance.
“I hate you so much” you spat, for the vile moment of fear he caused, for making you scared for your life. Now letting yourself get used like a hole for his amusement, to fulfill the needs of his monthly rut. “I hate you so fucking much, now please fuck me harder”. Crying because it was the most wonderful sensation you had ever felt, laced with the pain and poison that the irony of the situation brought upon you. His weeping head defining your insides so thrillingly, rearranging the guts you thought he would eat.
“Wow you want it that bad then”. His pace increased, pushing you into the wall with steady every rock of his hips. Powerful and merciless, the act so obscene to watch it was pulsing sin. “I knew you would” he breathed into your face, kissing your lips ravenously and leaving them red. Bouncing your body back and forth into the wall, back aching as it arched and bruised. Puffy cunt lips that wrapped so perfectly around him, itched bare from how badly you needed to cum.
Tim wanting to change positions and take you standing from behind, lifting you up so that your back was pressed to his broad pecs, his chest hair scratching at your skin and aching under your thighs where he held you up and dug his nails into you. Leaving half crescents like curved moons as he sunk you down onto him, legs wide open and muscles tensing.
Letting out a delayed groan as he felt you clamp around him again, it was probably the most enjoyable position for him. Him sustaining all of you like this showed just how small you were compared to him. From behind your shoulder he could see your tits bouncing, and better, the bulge that shaped with each of his pumps.
Huffing into the skin of your neck as he dragged his ferocious teeth on you. A little warning for what he promised he would do, taking a bite into your skin and feeling you pulse and jerk your hips from the sudden pain, yelling and crying as he lapped at the blood. Marked and mated for life, purple and a blushing shade of red. All while he still pounded into your g spot, worse this time as he muttered chants of “mine”.
“Look at you” he mused from behind “small, tiny thing”. Grinding against you to gather all the friction he could, his fat knot swelling as your scent aroused him. Canines on display as his mouth hung open in desperation, Tim’s swollen knot driving him snugly against your hole as he waited for the right moment to sink in. “All exposed and gaping for me to use” he told you.
“Cause you’re a weak little bitch” he panted, in between rough twitches of his cock; “and I’m the big bad wolf”, his tone lowering in a dark menace, laughing maliciously. Talking down to you in such a way it made you churn, pulsing and heaving as he took his body into yours, connecting as one in a white obscenity. Going purely off the sex drive of his heat that only amplified with the effect of the moon, needy in hunger too.
It was more intense because he could tell you were fertile, breathing in steamy puffs of air against the wound as he indulged in the delights of your body. “And you’ll never leave” he told you, knowing you would never get a choice. Taking both of you down so he could chase the release he had been following for so long, since he laid eyes on you, since he brushed his hand against yours, since he saw the look of fear implanted in a glint of a fleeting glance. “Cause I’ll eat you alive”
Wanting to rip your pulsing heart from your chest and clench it like loving you was doing to him. Hearing it beat beat beat as he sunk his teeth into the organ, wanting to savor the blood on all the vaulves of your body, wondering if it was sweeter at your core. Tasting bits of your flesh to claim you and have you never enough to satisfy his carnal tooth.
A moment’s decision to taste what he was giving you, your smell exhilarating him and exciting him in ways he never thought possible. The moonlight creepying through the cracks in the windows, gracing upon his sweat stained skin and sparkling in blue vibrancy. Your hands shaking to touch him as he spread your folds apart and lapped with his long tongue, raspy in texture as he sucked your juices. “God you’re heavenly”
Too impatient to make you cum, his muscle salivating unnatural amounts as it curled around your clit, scraping your bundle of nerves until you saw a blinding white of a raging orgasm. “Fuck you make me want to take another bite” Making you scream until you could no longer, making up the noises in sobs and the wet sounds of your pussy squelching. Your taste only made him want to finish faster, and it needed to be inside you, a quick nibble to your inner thigh before turning you over again.
It was so morally wrong, not holding back as he pounded back in. Grinding into you borderline animalisticly, hunching over with you on the floor, using all his strength to destroy your cunt and break your back. You struggling to stay on all fours as he entered in and out of you, his knot tensing and ready to cum inside.
Tim so large that he could press you perfectly under him, somehow still managing to ravage you perfectly, rough and deliciously as he fucked you into the floor. The cold tiles on your clit encouraging you into another orgasm that made tears break from your eyes. His senses heightening as he throbbed and finally wiggled his knot inside of you, stretching you further apart.
It went through every vein and vessel that circulated you, in disarray of lust and passion that sped up the function of your body. Still in the haze or your second orgasm, throbbing in the area where he marked you and feeling blood bead as he sucked whatever skin was available. “Fuck you’re gonna take all my pups”
The interaction turning into something far beyond just raw sex, molding into the beauty sculpted in a passion of desire and primal need. Forming a new connection of intimacy and promise for the future, his balls tensing and heavy ready to unload. “Gonna fill you up with em’” With a growl releasing in the deepest parts of you, his tip caught in your womb and stuffing you with his children.
It splurged inside you, your throat hoarse from how much you moaned from him spreading you to the brim. The dense liquid unable to goop out because his girth was so thick it stopped any from flowing out, The werewolf draining his balls in your sopping cunt. Hating him so lividly, pulsing in a rage that enveloped you in fire and made you turn to kiss him. Meeting him just as hungrily as he acted while he spilled his sperm in you, mating you with every rope he shot.
Unable to separate in the commitment you made under that pale moonlight that had such an affect on you too. “You will pay” you told him, “karma’s gonna get your ass”
“Fee-if fo fun”, he said in a deep sarcasm, “can’t wait”. His lips hot against the bite marks he left “told ya you couldn’t hide” his tone darkening again, “I’ll always find my prey”
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