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Made some funnies for the gay people in my phone!
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My most recent artworks!
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creepypasta fanart in 2021!? :00000
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sketches from the beginning of the year
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lord have mercy I am back in my creepypasta hyperfixation
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Matching icons :)
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yes my art style has changed (a lot). how many years has it been..?
Anyways back to doing adult things and being dead (jk).
Lineup of my creepypasta headcanons! This lineup was semi inspired by @kidical ! (I also featured my oc Ziorr.)
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Here we go, now i need to color it
pretty fun to animate old work of mine :>
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Your Captor.
Masky x Reader(afab, but no pronouns are mentioned)
This is loosely based off the Marble Hornets version of the masked figure.
CW: Sexual tension, cursing, hurt/comfort, smut, virginity loss(reader) and a Masky that barley talks
TW: Blood, cuts, cleaning cuts/ wounds, sex, cursing, stockholm syndrome?
Being tied up in a house in the woods was never something you'd imagined you would be doing in your life- yet here you are, zip tied to a bed post. Thankfully your captor- who you had so graciously named 'Masky'- had only zip tied one of your hands to the post, and the bed was just close enough to a bookshelf so you could pass the time by reading a book.
A loud bang resonated through the house, you jumped, the book you were reading almost falling out of your hand. You were slowly getting used to this sound though, it was really the only way the man came into the house, however it usually wasn't that loud.
A feeling of terror bubbled up in your gut when you heard shuffling, it was unsteady, heavy, it wasn't the way he typically walked and it was unsettling to think of someone else- perhaps someone more dangerous- finding you.
But all those thoughts left your mind when a bloody, tired Masky came into the door way. You stood up, not being able to move too much because of your restrictions, yet for some reason still trying. He stumbled closer, gently pushing you back, taking a knife out. Before you could even try to push him away he sliced the zip tie and pointed across the hallway at a bathroom.
Getting the hint, you nodded at him, and took off to the bathroom searching for a med kit. Underneath the sink, you finally find it, grabbing it you rush back to the room. Masky, now laying on his back on the floor clutching his stomach looked up at you. "I-I've never done anything like this before- but uh- yea yea lets- yea-" You stuttered out, scared out of your mind right now.
You helped him slip off his jacket and then gently unbuttoned his shirt, your face reddening madly at the thought of undressing someone else. You looked at his stomach, it wasn't a deep wound, but it was still there. You take a cotton swab and carefully wet it with antiseptic, you look at the eye holes of his mask,"Okay- i'm gonna clean it- ill count down- 3..2..1.." You gently wipe at the wound, you feel his hand grab your upper arm.
"I know I know- I'm sorry- It'll be okay- I've got you-" You finished cleaning it, and take a bandage out, placing it over the wound before securing it. "There- Yea I think thats all I can do.." You gently put your hand over his, "Is there anywhere else?" You were frantic, this was the only person you've been able to see in a good few months. Obviously you've grown attached.
He nodded, pointing down to his leg. A gasp left your lips, and before you could think, you grabbed the knife he had before and cut his pants around the cut. Repeating the steps you had on the other injury, you find yourself at a hard place, you needed to get all around his leg to wrap it properly. You look up at him. "Masky, I- I need to take your pants off- " You gave a small apologetic smile. You unbuttoned his pants and gently pulled them down, being careful not to touch the wound.
You take the bandage, wrapping his leg and securing it, once more looking up to his masked face. "Is that all?" You asked gently, you could hear his heavy breathing from under the mask. Thankfully he shook his head. You breathed a sigh of relief, looking around at his now cut jeans, bloodied shirt and jacket. "Where do you keep your clothes?" His breath hitched and he tried to sit up shaking his head no. A grunt left his lips and he fell back and his hands went over the first wound you tended to.
"Don't move- You'll make it worse- That dresser," you point to the one in the room,"Are there any clothes in there that'll fit you?" He nodded. "Thank God- Now do not move- please-" You stood up, going over to the dresser and searching for a decent enough out fit. Black sweat pants and a grey hoodie that red "University of Alabama", yea that was alright.
You knelt down beside him again. "Do you want me to put these on you now- or help you onto the bed so you can get them on yourself?" Through the eye holes you saw his eyes glance to the bed. You placed the clothes on the bed, and turned back to him where he was already sitting up again. Albeit slower, it was still obvious he was in pain, you gently lifted him a little, helping him not have to bend that much.
He pointed to the out fit, you held up the hoodie and the pants in different hands. He grabbed the pants, unfolded them and put them on, bending as least as possible. He then slipped the hoodie on and stared at the bed. "Do you want to lay down?" He nodded, knowing he'd probably need help.
You helped him lower himself onto the bed and under the sheets, and before you could do anything else you felt a tug at your hand. His eyes boring into you. "You.. want me to stay?" He nodded, still looking at you as you slowly slipped into the bed next to him. And even though you left a decent amount of space inbetween the both of you, you were suddenly on your side, his body pressed to yours. His mask buried into the nape of your neck.
You stilled. After months of never touching him. After months of being almost always alone, always afraid of him, here you were. One of his arms around your waist, the other with his hand on your hip, his body flush against yours. You felt the bottom of his mask press against your neck. No- not the bottom, the lips of the mask.
You squirmed a little, his grip on your waist tighten and a grunt left him, this time sounding gentler, more like a moan? You flushed, not really having heard that sound... ever directed towards something that you'd done before. "Masky.." Your voice came out quieter than you intended, but apparently loud enough for him to hear. He gently nudged your neck with the nose of his mask before slowly sitting up.
You look up at him, his eyes once again boring into you. "If we... go any further... would you take your mask off..?" Your eyebrows furrowed, your hand going over the one on your hip. "Please..?" You could see his face relax a little, his eyes less wide, half lidded even as he looked at you. Taking this as a hint, you moved your hand from his and to the cheek of the mask. Fingertips grazing it at first before cupping the cheek of the mask, your eyes flickered to his eyes again.
Gently lifting the mask as your eyes lowered themselves to look at his lips. Parted slightly, then his nose, peering to the sides of his face you saw his sideburns, then his eyes. The mask was off, and you were finally able to see him fully. He was a sight for sore eyes, and of course if anyone had sore eyes it'd be you. Slowly, you leaned up, your lips pressing against his.
His hand on your hip presses your ass closer to his crotch, slowly grinding into you. A deep sound resonated in his chest, his lips traveling from your lips to your cheek, down to your jaw before going to your neck. Nipping, sucking and kissing at your neck. His breathing almost ragged, his hand moving up from your hip only to go back down, this time under your shorts.
His middle finger slips down inbetween your folds. his finger calloused and rough, trailing up and down before finally finding that sweet bud, making a moan slip out of your mouth. Your hand found his again, gripping at his wrist as your back arched slightly. "Oh- fuck- please" His fingers sped up, circling your clit faster. You turn your head again, your lips roughly pressing against his again.
The tight knot in your stomach that had been forming, was so close to breaking. Your grip on his wrist tightened ever so slightly, as you moaned- almost screaming- into his mouth as an orgasm ripped over you. Your thighs shaking slightly as his fingers slow down, his arm around your waist holds you tightly his lips moving against yours gently. As you come down from your high, he looks down at you. Love and lust mixed in his eyes.
You slowly turned over, his hand moving out of your shorts as you do so. You bury your face in his neck as your hands grip at the hoodie you'd picked out for him almost 20 minutes ago. Your breathing was unsteady as you nuzzled close to him, making sure to not hit his injuries. He pulls at your waist, wanting you even more impossibly close. Then you feel it, on your thigh, almost as hard as a rock.
Hesitantly, you press your thigh against him, his hips almost instantly moving against you. You slowly move your leg up and over his hip, grinding against his hard-on. His hand moves, pulling your shorts down first, letting you kick them off the rest of the way before moving to his sweats, his tip pressing against your slick folds, as he grinds against you more, before pressing himself into you slowly.
A moan mixed with a slight groan of pain leaves you as a groan of pleasure leaves him, his hand moving from between the two of you to the back your your head, slowly pushing in still as he pets your hair. As he bottoms out inside of you, he presses his cheek to the side of your head, holding you tightly.
After a few moments you press your lips to his neck before breathing out a,"Slowly.." as you move your hips slightly. A hum leaves him, as he slowly moves out of you. Keeping a slow pace for a good minute, he gently pushes your head back a little, looking into your eyes. Pumping in and out of you a little faster as he looked into your eyes.
"Mn.. more.. please...?" Your hand moves to press on his chest lightly. He speed ups his pace, his hand that pushed your head back- still tangled in your hair- moved to cup your cheek as he leaned down to kiss you. Pants, groans, grunts, and moans were echoing around the room, as you clung onto eachother. Your arms snaked up and around his neck, pressing your chest against his as you feel another orgasm building up.
"M-masky- Ahh-" You buried your head back into his neck as he held you close again. Keeping the menstruations going, you both reached your peak, your walls tightening around him spurring him into his own, strings of cum coloring your walls as you both slowed down. Breathing heavily, you held onto him tightly as your orgasm washed over you.
You pulled back, pressing a quick kiss to his lips, then another. He slowly pulled out and tucked himself back into his pants before rolling onto his back, pulling you along your head falling into his chest. A yawn leaving your lips, your situation catches up with you. You just fucked your captor after cleaning up his wounds. But as you laid there on your side, in side arms, surrounded by his warmth, you slowly lulled off to sleep.
Sanity could wait for another day.
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edsheeransarm · 4 months ago
Creepypasta hcs lol
-toby doesnt like waffles that much- he used to, but ate them so often he got sick of them
-nobody will let him forget that phase
-the other creeps will throw waffle fries/syrup at him just to piss him off
-it works
-jeff needs eyedrops bc the dumbass burnt his eyelids off
-sully has thrown salt in jeffs eyes
-liu HATES sully i swear-
-"can you stop trying to kill my brother" "bitch hes my brother too i do what i want"
-liu has tried to hit sully by hitting himself. guess how that worked out-
-masky is like a dad
-not in the way that hes a dad to the other creeps, i mean in the way of watching football and falling asleep in a recliner
-slender however is a dad
-major dad energy (especially to the kid creeps)
-fuck with sally and slender will throw HANDS
-it doesnt matter who the fuck you are, he'll slit your throat without hesitation
-if you live? he'll hunt you down himself.
-fucking scary tbh
-hoodie says shit in the most monotone voice possible
-it doesnt matter what hes saying. it still sounds like hes being sarcastic
-confuses the shit out of toby tbh
-"toby go over there" "there?" "no, there" "..." [walks to the opposite of where hoodie asked him to go]
-hes confused leave him alone
-clockwork and jane are both like older sisters to sally
-jane is like the oldest kid thats caring and takes care of you when youre sick
-clockwork is not
-clockwork is more like the middle child that causes general chaos
-she and sally have gotten in the car at like 3am and sped around
-toby went with them once. did not go over well
-on the topic of that toby has general motor tics, cptsd, ocd, and schitzophrenia
-sally loves horror games, and watches ben play them (fnaf, baldie, etc)
-sallys bedroom is a whole liminal space
-she loves weirdcore and dreamcore, decorates everything in that aesthetic
ill do requests <3 (no nsfw)
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selfish-solace · 8 days ago
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tbh hornets
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dejafanwriting · a month ago
Soothing Hands—Creepypasta One-shot [SMUT]
Pairing: Tim(Masky) X Proxy(GN)Reader
Summary: Reader has been suffering from back pain and Tim comes up with an idea to help.
WARNINGS: NSFW(fingering, oral, unprotected sex), some fluff, Praise kink, pet names, teasing, body worship? pleasure dom Tim? slightly sub reader?. I suck at warnings. ['g-spot' is unisex/GN], Language, MINORS DNI. Tim being an absolute sweetheart for his s/o. Big strong Tim makes brain go burr
Wordcount: 3000+
Notes: This is my first time actually posting smut :\ never had the guts to put it out there. Please let me know what you think. Muah :*
[This fic has not been proofread. Please ignore my grammar and punctuation mistakes English is not my first language]
tim/Masky simps come get yo juice
Tumblr media
"I fucking hate this job". You grumble under your breath as you, not so effortlessly, drag the bloodied body of an unfortunate trespasser through the dark Slender forest, all while your back and neck scream in pain due to the strain on your muscles.
"I don't think this counts as a job if we don't get paid for it". Tim replies with a low chuckle at your side whilst effortlessly carrying a body over his shoulder. He makes it look so easy and it only contributes to your bad mood.
"Here should be fine", The masked proxy says and drops the body from his shoulder "Rake should be able to sniff them out". You follow along and set the bodies together.
"We should get going before he decides we are also on the menu," you tell the brunette while wiping the mud and blood from your gloved hands. Tim does the same and the both of you turn back and begin to make your way towards the mansion you had begun to call home.
"Ugh, I need a hot bath". You exclaim with a heavy sigh while rubbing the back of your sore neck, trying to ease some of the tension in your muscles.
Being a proxy for the Slenderman was a very demanding "occupation" if it could even be called that, so you were constantly left with aches and sores that seemed to never go away. For the past weeks, you’ve had a particularly constant back pain that had been making your life more miserable.
"Your back still giving you issues?". Tim asks and momentarily shifts his gaze towards your sulking form.
"It feels like it's never going away". You complain and kick a stick from your path. The crunching of leaves and twigs snapping beneath both of your boots fill the quiet cold night of the forest. The both of you walk in comfortable silence for a couple of minutes before Tim breaks it.
"If you'd like, I could come by your room later and rub your back for you". He suggests and turns to you.
You stop in your tracks and It takes you a couple of seconds to process his request. You study his body language, waiting for him to laugh or show any signs of it being some sort of dirty joke. But he was sincere and showed genuine concern. You blink a couple of times behind your own mask before finally replying.
"W-well it does sound nice, but aren't you busy later?". You ask rubbing the back of your neck, and this time not because of the pain.
"I can ask Brian to finish some of my tasks, he owes me a solid for covering for his ass last time he wanted to take the day. That way I can have more time with you". He replies with a shrug.
Your face heats up at his casual response and you thank the lord for your face covering. While Tim wasn’t the big affectionate type, he would show his love for you in acts of service. He also wasn’t the most available person timewise, so his offering to make time for you stirred something in you.
"Then I'll be waiting for you". You happily reply.
It had been a couple of hours since you returned to the mansion. You finished one last task before you headed to your room to take a very much-needed bath and rest up. Tim on the other hand, still had other things to do, so he had been out for the past 3 hours or so.
But as promised, before the night ended, the proxy made his way to your assigned room. Tim knocked on your door in a familiar pattern, letting you know it was him before he slowly opened your door and entered.
You were lounging on your small beanbag in the corner of your room sketching away in your notebook, having only your desk lamp on for illumination. Some rock music turned to a low-volume played on your phone. You turn at the sound of your lover entering your room.
Tim greets you with a soft 'hey' as he takes off his sand-colored jacket and hangs it. He then takes off his mask and places it on your nightstand.
"Hi". you greet him with a smile once he turns his unmasked face in your direction, his handsome rough features barely lit by the light of your lamp. "Brian cover for you?".
"He was bitchin' about it, but yea". He replies while kicking off his boots and placing them by your door. The both of you would often spend the night in each other’s room, so you kept spare clothes around for sleeping. Tim made his way to your dresser and grabbed some clean clothes. "I got this from the infirmary, Doc Smiles said it's good for muscle pain relief," Tim says. He takes out a small bottle from his pocket and tosses it to you. You catch it and inspect it closely. The words "sore muscle" and "relief" are like music to your ears.
"This better work because I'm ready to rip my spine out". You tell him with a hopeful sigh.
"Alright then c'mon", Tim, now in fresh clothes, offers out his hand for you to stand. You put your sketchpad down and take his hand. After your bath, you had changed into one of Tim's shirts that fit pretty loosely on your form, and a pair of comfy sleeping shorts. Tim guides you to your bed and lets go of your hand once you're at the edge.
"Lay down and get comfortable". He says with a soft adoring smile that filled your tummy with butterflies and lightly guides you with a hand on your hip. Gentle Tim is something that never fails to get you flustered.
You comply and lay face down and rest your crossed arms and chin on your pillow. You feel the left side of your bed slightly dip under Tim's weight as he sits on the side. You hear the 'pop' of the lotion bottle and feel him shift. Tim's hands are gentle as he places them on your back to lift your shirt just above your shoulders.
"Where does it hurt most?". He asks while slowly gliding his cold hands on your exposed back, making you shiver at the contact. This earns you a soft chuckle from the brunette.
"T-there". You say with a slight grunt as he touches the sorest part of your lower back. Tim hums in acknowledgment and removes his hands from your back to reach for the lotion. He squeezes some onto his hands and rubs them together before placing them back on your back. You’re immediately hit by a soothing cool sensation and you let out a sigh of relief. He begins to slowly rub your back and you can't help but let out another sigh.
"Feels good?". Tim asks with a smirk on his face. The slight menthol scent reaches your nostrils and relaxes you even more.
"Feels like heaven". You manage to mumble out, your voice slightly muffled by the pillow. Tim chuckles once more at your reaction.
He continues to work the lotion all throughout your back, massaging the knots out of your muscles.
"You should consider ditching the whole killing thing and become one of those massage therapists". You say and look back at him over your shoulder.
"If I did, then whos going to do my job?". He asks with a smug smile adorning his features as he continues his motions.
"You said this wasn’t a job if we don't get pa-aaaid ah!" Your sentence is cut off by a moan of pleasure when Tim applies comfortable pressure to your most affected area. You shut your eyes and your face burns when you hear Tim's deep chuckle as he continues to manipulate the muscles. You fail to conceal another slightly louder moan as he goes over the sore spot. The sounds you make combined with your face contorted in pleasure send heat to certain parts of Tim's body and seem to please him even more than you.
His hands begin to drift lower on your body and it sends blood rushing to your sensitive parts. You feel the bed shift and the heat of Tim’s breath hit your exposed upper back.
"You really have been in pain haven't you?". He asks, his voice low and deeper. There's a hint of concern and guilt in his tone. But you can't help but focus on his warm breath against your skin.
Tim brings his lips down and tenderly kisses your skin. The stubble on his chin softly scratches at your skin and sends sparks throughout your body. All your can manage is a weak “mhm” while he rubs lower down your back.
Tim places another gentle kiss further down your back while slowly moving his hands just above the waistband of your shorts.
"I should've asked for a massage sooner ahh~" you tell him between breaths. Tim's lips move lower and so do his hands.
"You shouldn’t have to ask. I'm the one that should’ve offered sooner. It's clearly been affecting you". He speaks lowly, his apologetic undertone pulls at your heartstrings. But the thought of how much he cares for you drives you crazier. Tim's hand motions momentarily stop and he shifts up, closer to your head.
"Let me make it up to you", He breathes into your ear and moves his large hands lower, gently caressing your ass through your shorts. "How's that sound, doll?".
You can't help but let a whimper escape your lips as he massages you a bit firmer. Your skin heats up and you can feel yourself become more turned on.
"Can I take care of you? Replace the pain with pleasure? You want that, baby?". He asks. His voice is husky and he's breathing a bit heavier. Almost pleading for an answer. Hoping that you’d let him alleviate your stress. That you’d let him be the one to help you.
Your heart races and unable to formulate words, you whimper out a soft 'yes'. Tim breathes out a soft relieved sigh and moves to kiss the back of your neck a couple of times. His hands continue to kneed your bottom but become a bit firmer with each kiss.
"I'll take good care of you, beautiful".
You let out a surprised gasp when he teasingly nips at your flesh with his teeth, but it turns into a moan when his hands palm at your heat through your clothing.
You bury your face into your pillow and hug it harder when his hand slides beneath your shorts. You can hear his breath hitch when his hand doesn’t come into contact with more fabric.
"No underwear huh?", He lowly chuckles as his fingers brush between your thighs and the exposed flesh around your entrance. "You really wanted this didn’t you?".
Your cheeks flush redder, if even possible. You'd be lying if you said the idea of having your back rubbed by Tim would end up in sex never crossed your mind. Besides, it wouldn’t have hurt to remove extra clothing just in case.
Tim removes his hand from beneath your clothing, but before you can whine out in protest, he takes a hold of the waistband and tugs down your shorts, the cold air hitting you in a flash. Tim couldn’t help but internally chuckle and admire the goosebumps along your newly exposed flesh.
"Cold?", He asks. "Don't worry baby, I'll warm you up real soon". He soothes and palms the tender flesh of your ass, warming you up and getting rid of the goosebumps as promised. Tim then brings his fingers up to his mouth, coating them with saliva, before bringing them near your entrance.
You inhale a sharp breath as he slowly slides one thick finger into your entrance and slowly begins to pump in and out, before adding a second digit. Your walls clench around his fingers, pulling a groan from the brunette, while they continue to slowly work in and out of your sex.
"You feel pretty warm to me. You sure you cold?". He teases. You can only respond with low muffled moans as his slick fingers spread you open.
His pace quickens and you cry out his name when his fingers hit that spot inside you that makes you fall apart. Your hips jerk back onto his hand and move against his fingers, following his pace. You moan out in pleasure as you chase your climax. You can feel the spring coil within your core and your walls trembling.
"That's it, baby, let go". Tim coaxes you while trying to hold back his own moans. "F-f-f-uck, you're doing so good".
His praise is the final straw before you feel the spring snap, and come undone around his fingers. Your muscles tense and your strangled moans are swallowed by your pillow as the waves of pleasure overtake you.
"There you go", He says while keeping a steady pace, letting you ride your climax. "Relax, beautiful".
Once you slowly came down from your high, Tim's fingers slide out of you. You cant help the small whimper you let out due to the sudden loss.
"Shh it's okay, baby, I got you". He soothes and carcasses your soft flesh.
You feel the bed shift and his body move away from your side. But before you can question him, a moan rips from your throat when you feel his tongue on your heat.
Using his hands to spread apart your legs, Tim laps at your entrance and hums against your sensitive flesh as he saviors your orgasm on his tongue, sending waves of pleasure to your core.
"Ready for more already?". He teases against your flesh. His tongue moves in slow flicking motions against your sex.
"P-please..." You breathe out through clenched teeth as you feel the pleasure between your legs.
"Please? Please what? Tell me what you need, beautiful". He says before delivering a deliciously long slow stroke.
"Tim ahh~!" You cry out his name and arch your back, bringing your heat closer to him.
"Alright, baby, I'll take care of it" He murmured. His body shifts once more and this time you look over your shoulder as Tim starts to remove his shirt revealing his softly sculpted torso. You admire the hair on your lover's strong chest for a few seconds before your eyes move lower and land on the large tent in his sleeping bottoms. You can barely make out the small damp precum spot by the tip of his erection. His eyes immediately shift to yours at the sound of your whimpering and catch your line of sight
"This what you want, baby?" he moves his hand to palm himself through the fabric of his clothes "You want my cock inside you?" He asks.
"Please, Tim", You cry "I need you". You push your ass up towards him. Begging for him to come closer and give you what you need.
"How can I deny my baby anything when they look so beautiful and so ready for me?", His words go straight to your core and pull a soft moan from your throat.
After what feels like painfully endless teasing, Tim finally moves closer to you. His hands tug down at his bottoms, freeing his cock from its confines, and kicks off the piece of clothing. You make a mental note to burn those darn sleeping pants later.
"I'm keeping my word and taking the best care of you" Tim groans and gives his length a few pumps. "So now, let's fix that pretty back of yours".
You turn your head back to grip your pillow as you feel Tim's strong arms take a hold of your hips, pushing your ass up and pulling your body closer to him with ease. You both let out a moan as his cock rubs against your entrance. Thanks to your previous release and Tim's saliva, you're nice and lubed up for his next move.
"You're so ready for me". He says and guides his cock closer to your sex. With one last stroke, he slowly sinks down into your opening. You let out another synced moan as his cock is swallowed by the warmth of your walls.
After a few seconds of adjusting, Tim pushes your back down with one hand, pressing your chest further against the mattress, and pulls your bottom half even closer up to him with the other, making you rest your weight on your knees rather than your thighs. You feel the muscles in your back deliciously stretch at his action and let out a loud moan. You can only pray that all the household members are still out doing their tasks.
"That feels good, baby?" He asks and gives one quick thrust, fully sinking his whole length into you.
"YES! ahh~ yes!". You cry at the sharp weave of pleasure and frantically shake your head at his question.
The sight of your pleasured distress makes Tim's cock throb deep inside you. His chest fills knowing that he's the one ridding you of pain and discomfort, the one making you feel good.
"Please, baby". you basically beg, breaking him out of his trance.
Not wanting to deny you pleasure, Tim rocks his hips against you and begins a slow but rhythmic pace as his cock deliciously stretches your walls. The room is filled with the erotic sound of skin slapping along with your combined cries of pleasure.
"Just ah~ look at you. So beautiful". Tim grunts between thrusts. You cry out louder when his cock slightly rubs against your core. Knowing just what you need, Tim picks up the pace and thrusts deeper into you. The familiar spring inside your core begins to coil once again. "I'll give you what you need, baby".
Tim's arm reaches for your pillow and slightly lifts up your bottom half by the waist, just enough to allow the pillow space to rest between the bed and your pelvis. Your cheek presses directly on the mattress and your back arches, even more, pushing your ass closer to him.
This new angle allows for the tip of his cock to hit your g-spot directly. He then places one hand on each side of your head, successfully caging your body beneath his broad frame and allowing him to anchor his powerful thrusts.
The pleasure becomes almost unbearable as Tim pounds into your sex at a brutal pace. You claw at your bedsheets and you cry out in pleasure, mostly consisting of Tim's name and incoherent words. Your walls flutter around Tim's cock and the coil threatens to snap.
"Go ahead, baby", Tim presses his head against your upper back and nuzzles into you, his sideburns and stubble scratch at your flesh. "Cum on my cock"
With a final few deep thrusts from his cock, you reach your peak with one last cry. Tim continues to plunge into your hole as you ride your second orgasm of the night. Your vision blurs and your body is encased in ecstasy that sends shivers all through you. You can feel his length twitch inside you and his pace becomes slightly reckless.
Tim's orgasm is not far behind. Your walls convulsing around his cock pull him further in, and with one final thrust, he becomes undone inside you. You feel his body tense above you and he buries his head in your neck. Moaning out your name along with a couple of praises and kisses as he fills your insides with his release.
Tim holds that position for a few minutes and once the both of you have regulated your breathing, he slowly pulls out of you and a soft moan escapes the both of you at the loss of connection. Tim gives a few kisses to your back, checking up on you before raising from the bed and fetching a damp rag to clean you up, littering feather-light kisses along your sensitive flesh. He then cleans himself up and puts on a different pair of sleeping pants.
Once you regain the strength to finally move, you pull Tim's shirt back down your body, and turn to face your partner. A love drunken smile is plastered along his handsome features as he takes in your relaxed form.
"You look so beautiful" You whisper with a lazy smile of your own and reach out towards him with grabby hands. He immediately complies and lays beside you, pulling you into his strong arms.
"Look whos talking", He groans into your hair and caresses your skin, "You're the one that looks like they can give an angel a run for their money".
You cuddle into each other and you lay your head against his chest, listening to the still softly playing music combined with his steadying heartbeat, before a small giggle escapes your lips.
"What is it?". Tim asks you with a chuckle that rumbles from his chest.
"My back doesn’t hurt anymore". You perk up with a giggle.
The both of you pause for a few silent seconds, before bursting into a fit of laughter.
"No fair". A very grumpy Brian grumbles under his breath.
After complying and paying back his owed favor, the yellow hooded man tiredly sulks up the last few steps and onto the floor he shares with the rest of the proxies and heads towards his assigned room in the Slender mansion.
A series of muffled cries and groans make him stop in his tracks when he passes your room. Immediately knowing what that indicated, the proxy lets out a stream of curses.
"You fucking white-masked bastard!!" He growled before stomping off to his room.
I may or may not have gone crazy on this one. The word count is crazy for such filthy writing.
Let me know if you have any ideas, suggestions, or requests.
Love- Deja 👻
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frostbittenstatic · 3 months ago
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[200 followers drawing maybe 😳]
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locallytiredzzz · 4 days ago
Oo yeaag more marble hornets stuff i drew baby
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creepypasta65 · 4 months ago
Want contento about him but idk excacly what
So can you write about type of kisses (fluff obviously) and hugs , and Mabel some extra romantic hc of him <3?
I don't know what character you are talking about but I'm going to do some of the male creepypasta's and proxies, hope you're fine with that :)
Jeff the Killer: He would kiss very rough like he will grab your whole jaw and kiss you. He would kiss you very often but never infront of the other creeps. He would give you his hoodie when it's raining and would carry you to your house or sometimes to the mansion to his room.
Homicidal Liu: He would kiss very soft and be gentle though he can be rough when he gets jealous. He would like kissing you on the lips and cheek. He likes getting kissed on the lips and forehead. He will make you dinner most of the time because he knows how to cook and if you’re cooking he will watch you and smile. He lets you wear his scarf when it’s winter. 
Laughing Jack: He would kiss you for a long time that you have to tell him you can’t breathe. He shoves his tongue in your mouth and it tastes like candy. Sometimes he will bake cookies with you and will help you with it. Though he might burn them (0-0). 
Bloody Painter: His kisses are really short but he prefers kissing you on the cheek or forehead. But he doesn’t care if you kiss him on the lips. He likes it when you kiss his mask or nose. He would be a blushing mess if you compliment his eyes. He would give you a drawing of you and him, he would buy chocolate and plushies, that he heard you wanted. 
Ticci Toby: He would kiss very gentle and his kisses are really needy, he kisses gentle because he’s scared of hurting you. He would kiss you every day and if you don’t kiss him back, he will get sad and beg for you to kiss him. He will take you to a flower field and make flower crowns for each other. He loves looking at you in the eyes and makes eye contact too much so sometimes you have to look away from getting flustered, he would laugh a bit. 
Hoodie: His kisses are rough and sometimes gentle but mostly rough. He loves giving you kisses in the morning when you wake up or go to sleep. He will often hug you while kissing you. He loves walking around the woods and record you two talking about the most random stuff. He will save all the videos he did with you and never show anyone else only you.
Masky: He loves kissing you but never admits it. He feels so loved when you kiss him that he will hug you and carry you to his bed for endless cuddles. He will share most of his stuff with you and will drive you whenever you need a ride. He will get you anything you want and spoil the hell out of you like buy you everything you want or need but pls don’t break his heart. 
Cody: His kisses are really gentle and sloppy, it’s probably his first time kissing but he does get better at it. He is a dedicated man he will improve his kissing for you and cuddles for you too. He loves when you wear his clothes and would give you most of his clothes or sometimes share each others clothes like socks, hoodies etc. 
Eyeless Jack: His kisses are gentle and soft, he’s scared to hurt you with his teeth or even tongue. He is really gentle with you and will care for you and would even risk his life for you. He will help you when you get sick and would cuddle you and make your favorite food. He will also take you to see the stars at night and would hug you and cry about how much he loves you. 
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jaxxartz · a month ago
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somewhat-crazy · 8 months ago
Masky: What's the signal when something goes wrong?
Liu: We yell ‘oh sh*t’
Masky: That’ll work
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creepypastawriterandasimp · 6 months ago
"Welcome back"
Tim x reader
TW nsfw, unprotected sex and thats really it tbh
Being short on time and on the run a lot , can do things to a man especially if that man can't fulfill his urges. Tim had been looking out the window in your room waiting for you to come back home from work , just as he was about to finish of his cigarette he hears you walking through the front door and walking up to your room a long day of work. Once you take a step in your room you had been shocked to see the one and only Tim who you hadn't seen in months now. You'd be lying if you said you hadn't missed him.
"Miss me dove?" Where the first words from his mouth, did he seriously just ask you if you had missed him? Of course you did, who wouldn't miss their boyfriend? Even though Tim wasn't really big on hugs still opened his arms for you , understanding that it must of been hard for you missing him every night. Of course you admittedly ran into his arms wrapping your arms around him. He gently cups your face with one hand as he keeps the other wrapped around your waist, he moves his mask to the side exposing his face as he leans down giving you a kiss that slowly turns into a heated one.
Pulling away in the need for air you smile slightly looking up to the killer in your room "God i missed you , it's been what almost 2 months now? You've been gone for to long" Tim pulls you closer and kisses you on the cheek "I'm sorry dove you know I don't like leaving you for long but I don't have much of a choice"
Tim gently grabs your arms wrapping them around his neck, before his hands slide down your ass giving it a few light smacks as he picks you up , he gently pushes you against the wall as he kisses your neck leaving hickeys on any exposed skin , wrapping your legs around his waist as he slowly unbuttons your shirt his kisses going further down your body , your skin had started to heat up as your cheek turned red , hands tangled in Tim's hair
Tim moved you from the wall and onto your bed , he sat up as he placed his mask on the bedside table before taking his shirt off. You ran your hands along his chest as you leaned up peppering kisses along his neck and chest. Feeling needy to be filled by Tim you started to unbuckle his pants , taking a hint Tim pulled down his pants and boxers exposing his already harden cock that already was dripping with pre-cum. You gave his cock a few pumps , before going down and licking the tip of his cock. Tim not wanting to wait anymore (and being a impatient bitch) thrust his hips forward forcing his cock down your throat, Tim throws his head back slightly as he starts thrusting his hips forward "f-fuck I missed this dove~" Tim moaned out your name as he heald the back of your head.
A couple minutes had passed , but out of nowhere Tim pulled out of your throat. He had flipped you over onto your back "as much as I wanna cum down that pretty throat of yours I need to give more attention to something that belongs to me~" You tilted your head to the side as you looked up to him , Tim smirked at you before he pushed a finger in you while he used his thumb to rub your clit. He barley touched you and yet you were putty in his hands , he soon pushed in another finger as he curled them up , you arched your back at the missed feeling.
Tim pulled his hand away , you whined at the empty feeling. He chuckled "don't worry dove you'll feel full again soon~" Tim moved around slightly, rubbing his cock against your slit using your juices as lube before he slowly pushed into you. You tensed up slightly at the feeling of once again being stretched out by the size of Tim's cock , you gripped onto his shoulders as he slowly started to move "m-move faster i can handle it" you squeaked out from under him. Tim leaned down kissing you as he thrusted his hips into you faster , the sound of the headboard hitting the wall along with moans and skin slapping together could be heard throughout the room as Tim continued thrusting his cock in and out of you.
Soon enough you had started to feel a knot in your stomach, you knew you were getting close and Tim could tell "it's alright dove you can cum , come on cum for me~" your eyes rolled back as you saw white. Tim's thrust had started to become sloppy as he neared close to his end , he gently cupped your face kissing you deeply as he came inside.
He layed his head on your chest while still inside you as he wrapped his arms around you "well that was a nice welcome back present , don't you think?" You giggled a little as you kissed him on the head "yea it was a nice welcoming babe" you played with his hair before the two of you fell asleep.
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lynnarty · 9 months ago
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[ Marble Hornets ] Series quite fun to draw :D
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