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A Team Full of Uncles (Dad!Mason)
Tumblr media
Word count: 2.3k
Suggested song: “Perfect Day” by Tundra Beats
Summary: Determined to give you a much-needed day off, Mason brings one and a half year old Mila to training, where his teammates argue over who gets to look after her.
Thank you to @toastyrashford​ for being my beta reader and lovely bestie 🥰
"Mase, it's only one day. Tuchel already told you that it's fine! You have permission, you don't need to call and bother him."
Mason runs a hand through his hair, making it stand on end like a porcupine. "I know but- how do I keep a baby entertained while I'm training? I don't exactly see Tuchel bouncing Mila on his hip and shouting at us to pick it up all the while."
You laugh, bouncing your daughter on your hip like Mason suggested. Mila looks between the two of you, clearly picking up on the tension. She might be only a year and a half old, but she was learning quickly, taking after her mother in the brains department, and Mason is certain one day his daughter will be an engineer or a doctor and not have to rely on her footwork to earn a living like he himself did.
"No, but you boys aren't all going at the same time. Someone will always be taking a break and you all can take turns."
Mason grabs a random assortment of stuffed toys and shoves them in Mila's bag. "If a fight breaks out over who gets to hold her, I hope you're ready for an interruption."
Clad in her winter gear, Mason hoists his daughter into his arms and heads for the stadium. It had taken him ages to find a tiny black puffer that bore enough resemblance to his own that he could pass them off as matching, thanks to you sewing patches onto Mila's. Her bright blue Chelsea hat was a gift from Ben, along with the matching mittens that completed the outfit.
A gust whips through the parking lot, forcing Mason to tug up her hood. Mila coos and cuddles in closer to him, fighting off the cold.
"I know darling," Mason murmurs, cradling her as tight to his body as he can. He tucks her in his jacket, the cold air biting his chest but hopefully the additional layer keeps Mila a little warmer.
Mason used to be the biggest baby about winter, much preferring to be overheated and sweating than frozen and shivering. The birth of his daughter shifted his priorities though. Having a small human to care for meant sacrificing his own comfort to ensure her own, which Mason didn't mind doing one bit. 
Mason brushes the snowflakes from her head when they make it inside, stomping his boots off on the carpet. "Let’s go see what those silly boys are up to. What do you think, angel?"
Mila makes a noise that Mason assumes to be an agreement. He nods at his comrade and sets off down the hall, stopping once in a while when a staff member asks to say hello to the bundle in his arms. Mason takes each of their compliments in stride, somewhat used to other people fawning over his kid by now. 
He breathes a sigh of relief when he finally reaches the changing room, warning his team of his arrival with a shouted, "hope you're all decent!"
The reply, of course, is exactly what he expects: a strangled tangle of unintelligible shouts, all of them scrambling for clothes, which is precisely why he didn't barge in like he normally would.
"Decent!" Mendy finally shouts some minutes later. Mason holds a hand over Mila's eyes just in case until he confirms for himself that no scandalous amount of skin is visible from any of his teammates.
"Mils!" Ben cries, eyes and smile wide when he spots his goddaughter. "Come here, cutie, lemme see you. You've gotten so big!" Ben's babbles are nearly as loud as Mila's excited sounds. She reaches for Ben and Mason has no choice but to hand her over.
Mila squeals delightedly when Ben smatters kisses across her chubby cheeks, her blue eyes sparkling. Mason can't help but smile too, over the moon that she loves his best mate as much as Mason does.
"You've got first duty," Mason declares, unceremoniously dropping her bag at Ben's feet. 
"Yeah mate, you know I'd take it anyway." Ben takes a seat, already prepped and outfitted for training. Mason tip toes away before Mila can realize he’s left, thus saving them all the catastrophe of a crying baby interrupting their session.
By the time Mason reemerges in his training kit, his teammates have swarmed Mila. His daughter soaks up the attention like a sponge, not sure exactly where to look as Mason’s closest mates all try convincing her to come to them. Mason stays right where he is, determined not to get in the middle of it.
Kepa is crouched down to her height, a giant grin on his face as she holds his index fingers in her tiny fists to steady herself as she toddle around. Reece sits on the floor and beacons her towards him, with Ben doing the same a few feet away. Kai crouches with Kepa, trying to convince the Spaniard to let him hold Mila.
"Bugger off, you're on injury leave and you'll probably have her for most of the day anyway." Kepa's grin falls long enough for him to glare at his German friend before he goes back to encouraging Mila forward.
“It’s only a hamstring,” Kai mutters, reaching out to tickle Mila’s side. Her head whips towards him and she giggles, stamping her little feet and turning towards him.
“Mila,” Reece sing-songs, holding out one of her favorite toys. Reece grins when her attention falls once more on him. “C’mere, little one, come to uncle Reecey.”
“We all know I’m her favorite,” Kepa boasts, letting Mila do her thing but keeping her wrapped around his fingers. “Clearly she won’t fall for such a simple trick-”
Just when Mila takes a step towards Reece, she spots Mason leaning in the doorway. Her little hands stretch out and she tries to step forward unassisted, toppling head over heels in her excitement. Mason swoops in, picking her up as her lower lip wobbles.
"No crying, baby," Mason coos, brushing off a flustered, apologetic Kepa. "You're fine. Daddy's here, Kep won't let you fall again."
"Mila, chiquita, I'm sorry," Kepa murmurs, brows knitted together with concern. Mila snuggles her wet face into Mason's neck, breath coming in short gasps as her crying ebbs off.
"She's fine," Mason assures Kepa, kissing the top of Mila's head. “Just startled. Poor girl does it all the time at home, I can’t tell you how often I have to explain her bumps and bruises as her attempts at walking on her own.”
Mila peeks over Mason’s shoulder. Kepa smiles at her and she hides her face in her hands with a little whimper. “Great, now she hates me.”
“Just give her a second.” Mason laughs, following his team outside. “You weren’t wrong when you said you’re her favorite. Right now, the list of names she can say consists of mama, dada, beb, and keya- which we can only assume is Kepa.”
“Esa es mi chica,” Kepa croons, dropping a kiss to Mila’s hatted head. Aside from Ben, Kepa was the one who spent the most time with Mila when she was around for team events. His soothing accent probably didn’t hurt his chances either; when Kepa spoke, Mila usually recognized his voice and began searching for him. 
Kai takes first watch as the others head onto the pitch. Mason glances over far too often, ensuring Kai isn't letting his kid eat dirt or lick the seats. Eventually he's satisfied when Reece joins Kai, as Mason figures Reece knows enough about keeping kids occupied without letting them wander off.
Mason focuses on drills, keeping his feet light and his attention on the ball. The next time he looks up, Mila is in Kepa's protective arms, bundled up inside his long puffer coat. Her cheeks are rosy and Kepa clearly is reaming into Kai about something.
Mason jogs over to the bench, "what's all this fuss then?"
"She's freezing!" Kepa holds Mila's hands in his gloved ones, rubbing them gently to get some heat in them. "Reece and Kai were letting her crawl all over the benches-"
"Oi, no we weren't!" Kai pipes up, ready to defend his babysitting skills. He flings a hand wide, trying to explain, "She got away from us for a second-"
"It only takes one second for something to happen," Ben cuts in, apparently drawn in by the commotion. "Why don't you let me take her-"
"No, she's staying with us-"
"I'm keeping her warm-"
"I'm her godfather, obviously I should get to hold her-"
Mila’s blue eyes dart between the boys, growing more distressed with each back and forth. She lets out a startled sound when Kepa jostles her, and Mason takes half a step forward before he’s frozen in place on instinct.
The four players fall silent and the voice of their coach. Tuchel fixes each of them save Mason with a stern look, the same he uses in the changing room after a piss poor half. Mason takes the opportunity to extract his daughter from Kepa’s arms. Mason rubs a hand over her back as she tucks her legs up, getting as close to Mason as physically possible, like it might stop the others from fighting.
"Mila is a child, and she does not need to hear all of you bicker over who is most qualified to look after her. Mason," Tuchel turns to the man in question, holding out a hand palm up, "I appreciate that you brought your daughter to training so her mother could have a break. But if this becomes a regular occurrence, which is fine, I will need to know so I can draw up a schedule so that half my team isn't sidelined arguing over who gets to watch her when."
"Er…" Mason scratches the back of his neck, a blush creeping up his cheeks. "Yeah, I think giving her a break once every two weeks or so would be nice. If that's okay."
Tuchel nods. "Fine. I will draw something up that outlines which of you-" he points to Reece, Kai, Kepa and Ben in turn, "-gets to have her during certain parts of training. Until then, switch off every twenty minutes- but Kepa, you keep her for the next hour."
Kepa beams while the others explode into overlapping arguments, which immediately fizzle out when Tuchel holds up a hand. 
"None of that! Kepa is done for this morning anyway and the rest of you have drills. Kai, I want you up and walking, stretching out that hamstring- sitting around won't do you any good. See the physio before you step on the pitch."
"Fine," Kai grumbles, reluctantly slinking away after patting Mila’s head. Tucked once more in Kepa’s jacket, she blinks once, her tiny fists balled in his jersey as she stares after Kai with a confused frown.
"I get to spend all of Saturday with her anyway," Ben points out, pressing a kiss to Mila's cheek before heading off to warm up again. Mila smiles, turning to watch Ben. 
"I barely get to see her," Reece mumbles, swiping a finger over her red cheek. Mila hums, eyes joyful as she looks to Reece. If she wasn’t completely knackered after her adventures this morning, Mason would be amazed. 
"Yes, well," Kepa starts, a look of what can only be described as radiant pride on his features, "I'll do a much better job than those two anyway. And we're gonna have fun, won't we Mila?"
Mason sighs, running a hand through his hair. “Don’t let him get in any trouble, alright sweetheart?” Mason cups Mila's cheeks, who giggles at her father's touch. He kisses the tip of her nose. "Love you, pumpkin. Be good for uncle Kepa, got it?"
"Uncle-" Kepa shakes his head, clearly happy for the honorary title. "Yeah."
"Take her inside for a bit, will you? She's distracting everyone- me included- and she could use a bottle. I'm assuming you know how to fix one?"
"I'm sure someone can help me if I can't figure it out." He hefts Mila's overflowing bag into his shoulder and nods to Mason. "I've got her."
Mila picks up on what’s happening, instantly starting to fuss the moment Kepa turns away from Mason. Gritting his teeth, Mason fights the urge to turn around and scoop her up. It’ll do more harm than good to give in to her cries of dada, and besides, she was in good hands.
“Un elefante,” Kepa murmurs, bouncing Mila on his hip as he walks, “no es elegante, no usa sombrero, corbata ni guantes.”
Mila falls silent after the first few lines of the nursery rhyme, fixated on Kepa’s voice. Mason breathes a sigh of relief, finally answering Tuchel’s demands that he get his arse in gear.
“She fell asleep a half hour ago,” Reece whispers, carefully passing Mila off to Mason. “Out like a light. She’s barely moved since.”
“You lot tuckered her out.” Mason knocks shoulders with Reece. “Thanks boys. Her mum will be grateful she got some time to herself.”
“Say hi to her for us, yeah?” Kai packs up the last of Mila’s toys and hands the bag off to Mason.
“And bring her by again soon.” Kepa tugs her hat down to cover her ears.
Mason smiles, heart full. “You can come visit whenever, Kep. Just call me. We can always use a babysitter for date night, seeing how often Ben’s landing ladies lately.”
“Mama,” Mila mumbles sleepily, blinking up at Mason. Her face scrunches up when she realizes her mum is nowhere near, and Mason can see the waterworks about to begin.
“Right, that’s my cue.” Mason hurries to the car as the tears start in earnest, the farewells of his friends still putting a smile on his face.
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concentration - mason mount
summary: you’re too engrossed in writing your essay to have fun with mason, and so he brings the fun to your desk.
warnings: the content in this is absolutely foul. unprotected sex, oral (f rec), fingering, dirty talk, dom!mason, edging, ruined orgasm, breeding kink, hair pulling, spitting, choking, nipple stimulation (f). i think that’s it. hasn’t been proofread.
requests are closed. this is quite a long one so i’d recommend grabbing a snack 😼
Tumblr media
“is that the tea i made you before i left?”
you pulled your eyes away from the laptop, lulling towards the confused tone of masons voice as he stood in the doorway of the study room. the room around you was dull and dark, the only light coming from your laptop and the occasionally flickering street lamp from outside the window.
“maybe,” you shifted, only now realizing your bum was numb on the chair.
“i’ve been gone for—” mason checked his phone for the time and huffed, “—four hours, and by the looks of things you haven’t left.” he noticed your frown when you looked down at yourself, the coffee-stained jumper and pair of underwear you wore to bed the night previous still covering your body, along with some fluffy socks. he smirked at you gently, softly, and took a few steps forward.
you blushed, and his fingers found yours as he kneeled beside you, the small limbs entwining as you relished in the feel of his soft skin.
“i missed you, though.” his lips found your jawline, nipping softly and delicately at it and making you hum in response.
“missed you too,” you replied, leaning into his touch and bringing your free hand to your laptop keys. “sorry i didn’t answer your texts, i was supposed to but i—”
“it’s okay, baby,” mason kissed your cheek and stood, scooting himself onto the edge of the desk chair. “what’s this assignment on?”
“my dissertation,” you hummed.
“on..?” mason goaded, and you raised an eyebrow.
“mason you won’t have a clue—”
“try me.” he huffed, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and twirled your hair between his fingers. you clicked your teeth together, and finished typing your sentence. he waited beside you patiently.
“feminist politics surrounding writings of the nineteenth century versus writings of the twenty-first,” you hummed, your mind off in another planet as mason watched you with a bewildered look on his face.
“come again?”
“i haven’t come once yet, actually,” you mocked, glancing across at him with a loose lipped smirk and you watched as his cheeks reddened slightly, and he jabbed your ribs. “long story short i’m writing about feminist politics in books written by women through the last three hundred years.”
mason looked at you with a bewildered expression on his face, one that told you he didn’t have a single clue what you were on about, but he was proud none the less. you raised an eyebrow, but before you could open your mouth to make a sarcastic comment his lips found yours. it was soft, caring and slow, the kind of kiss that told you he’d missed you even though he’d only seen you hours before.
“come for a shower,” mason said, his forehead pressed against yours and his hand still in your hair, this time fingers tangled between strands, making it messy. “i can ease some of that tension in your shoulders, make you feel good.”
“mason you know i can’t,” you kissed him back, aching to feel him but the distraction would be far too costly for your schedule, and you pulled back with a reluctant huff, “i have to have another two thousand words written by wednesday.”
mason knew better than to argue with you, especially when it came down to your degree, and so he kissed you one last time and slid off of the chair. almost immediately your attention gravitated back towards your laptop, and you picked up the book — mary shelley’s frankenstein — from beside it.
mason watched you intently from the doorway, in your own little bubble, and his eyes wandered down your body until he got to your thighs, your legs slightly parted. he couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming surge of hormones, desperate to crawl between your legs and taste you, to make you cum with just his tongue and it made his head reel.
you — far too engrossed in the captivating language of the book — hadn’t noticed that mason had situated himself under the desk and between your legs until you felt his lips on your inner thigh. it made you jolt, and he relished in the way your pupils dilated when you caught his eye.
“mason, what are you—?”
“sssh, baby,” he mumbled against your skin, “just focus on your work.”
his nose brushed over your clit as his head switched to your other thigh, and your skin set alight with goosebumps. “but mason i—” you started to talk, but he bit down on your thigh and you winced.
“just be a good girl and do as i say, Y/N.”
he didn’t continue his work on you until your head returned back to focus on the pages of the tatty book, one you’d read countless times and he gave a satisfied hum when he realised his plan was working.
mason’s hands hooked under your thighs, pulling you closer so he didn’t have to move too far, and slinging your legs over his shoulders. your underwear was damp already, and when he pushed it to the side he smirked against your skin, making a sarcastic comment he knew you wouldn’t be able respond to.
two of his fingers spread you apart, and the tip of his tongue licked a direct stripe from your slit to your clit, and you tried desperately not to writhe and wriggle in his embrace. the tip of his tongue flicked up and down your clit, and you couldn’t help but moan.
your head lulled back in pleasure to the head of the chair, and your grip on the book loosened and it fell onto your laptop keys with a thud. mason’s actions stopped and you whimpered, head pushing forward immediately at the lack of contact.
“i thought i told you to focus on your work,” he scowled, his voice dropped an octave, “or are you insistent on being a little fuckin’ brat, hm?”
his words left you so stunned you couldn’t speak, too caught up in all of the thoughts whirring around in your brain. “read it to me,” was all he said, licking a circle around your clit, “you’re so insistent on doing your work and reading that damned book, so read it to me,” he said between soft, fleeting kisses to your clit, making you jolt every time, “does that sound good, baby?”
you nodded, and mason sat there with his head completely stilled between your legs until you started reading. “when they had retired to rest, if there was any moon or the night was star-light,” mason’s lips attached to your clit, teeth grazing around the bud and nibbling gently as if it was the last thing he would ever do, and you tried desperately to fight back a whimper, “i went into the woods and collected my own food and fuel for the cottage.”
mason pulled off of your clit as you continued reading, the movements of his tongue loud and fast. he hummed around you, and your hips bucked off of the chair and one hand flew into his hair.
“fuck, mason,” you hissed, throwing your head back and bucking up into his mouth. your boyfriend smirked, a cocky grin on his face.
“i’m pretty sure that’s not a line in your book, is it baby?”
you shook your head, “when i slept, or was absent, the forms of the venerable blind father, the gentle agatha and the excellent felix flitted before me.” mason hummed when you’d finished the sentence, his fingers gripping at your flesh to signify his approval, and as you continued to read he brought you closer and closer to your orgasm.
he had all the power, and the surge turned him on so much he started to palm himself through his joggers, knowing that your body was begging to let you cum but you couldn’t warn him. one of his hands shifted, moving from your thigh to your pussy and he inserted two fingers into you, curling them inside of you so perfectly your breath hitched with every single thrust.
“i should first win their favour and afterwards their lo — mason, fuck i’m gonna fuckin’ cum,” you moaned, throwing the book across the desk and gripping at his hair with both hands, tugging and pulling at the strands harshly.
mason’s lips and fingers worked in tandem against you, bringing you right to the brink of your orgasm and doing so until the knot in your stomach exploded. just as your orgasm hit, mason — as hard as it was for him to do so — pulled away from you completely and watched your reaction to the ruined orgasm with a smirk on his face; still palming his dick through his joggers.
you whimpered and whined, aggravated that your boyfriend didn’t finish what he’d started. mason had a look on his face, a smug, horrible look that you would’ve wiped off if you weren’t so frustrated.
“that’s exactly what you get for not doing as i said.”
your lips curled up into a little smirk at his words, and mason realized rather quickly that it was your game plan all along, and it drove him absolutely insane. “what do you want, Y/N?”
“you know what i want,” you replied, a nonchalant but equally as intense look on your face. “i want you to make me cum.”
“but i did,” he quipped, that stupid smirk on his face. “i’m not sure you deserve to cum properly.”
you gazed down at him with blown out pupils and that small smirk, opening your legs wider ever so slightly and he glanced back down at your glistening pussy as one of your fingers brushed your clit in front of him. “i think you disagree, actually mason,” you hummed, your body shivering underneath your own touch when you dipped a finger inside of yourself.
your boyfriend gulped, but kept his cool with a nonchalant facial expression, and his lips found your knuckles, kissing over them as you pumped them in and out of your pussy.
“you want me to fuck you?” he asked, his hands bracing on your knees and pushing the desk chair all the way out so he could appear from underneath the desk, “hm?”
you nodded, too caught up in the pleasure of your own fingers to string a sentence together and he scowled. “if you stop being a brat and start doing as you’re told i’ll think about it.”
“well where’s the fun in that?”
you could tell your words were getting to him, the crease between his eyebrows that was noticeable only when he got angry or irritated had made an appearance, and his eyes looked two shades darker from the dilation of his pupils. his fingers replaced yours in a swift motion, and his other hand wrapped swiftly around your throat.
“you wanna be a brat, hm?” his fingers worked fast inside of you, pumping in and out at such a speed you were in heaven, and his fingers squeezed the sides of your throat, “then expect to be fuckin’ treated like one.”
momentarily his hand left your throat so he could lift your legs to the desk, and your ankles sat comfortably on the wood. his fingers pumped inside of you and before his hand squeezed at your throat, he lifted up your jumper and exposed your tits to the sunday evening air, the only noises escaping your mouth were flustered squeaks despite you expecting them to be so much more.
his lips pursed around one of your nipples and his tongue worked expertly around the bud, humming and biting gently by means of bringing your orgasm closer. you cried out, his hand muffling the noise and it hardly came out at all.
the knot in your stomach tightened and it matched his grip on your throat. mason could feel the way your pussy clenched around his fingers and he envisioned them being his dick. your squeaks got louder and shorter with every curl of mason’s fingers and you felt as if your orgasm was about to hit you when he pulled his fingers out of you.
he watched with an evil smirk as you wriggled around on the chair, still partially held down in place by his delicate fingers on your throat so you couldn’t whine. he brought his fingers to his mouth, the familiar taste of you burning his tongue once more in the best way, and when you stuck out your tongue for his fingers he shoved them into your mouth, the tips pushing so far down you gagged around them.
“you didn’t think i was going to make you cum that easily, did you princess?”
you shook your head and he hummed. releasing his fingers from your mouth and watching as the saliva trickled down your chin. you looked fucked out already, a desperate and whimpering mess for him and he hadn’t even fucked you properly. with his damp fingers, he moved to his tracksuit bottoms, pulling the waistband of both them and his boxers down just enough to have his dick spring free.
mason noticed your change in attitude then, the way you stopped wriggling because if you had your redemption early enough he'd let you cum over his cock; and it humored him.
“oh, so now you want to be a good girl?”
once again he enjoyed the way your body reacted to his words, and as he pushed his dick inside of you and released his grip on your throat momentarily, he relished in the way you moaned too. “well in my books you’re still a little slut.”
you threw your head back, given the newfound freedom of your unrestricted movement, and mason’s lips attached to the underside of your jaw, his hips dragging back and forth but purposely never hitting that spot.
“mason,” your hands found the back of his neck and pulled him down closer, “p-please.”
“what do you want, baby?”
“please fuck me,” you whined, your back arching in the hopes that he would hit that spot, but he was doing it on purpose and you knew that. “i’ll be a good girl i promise.”
mason angled himself differently, his thrusts hitting deeper and momentarily hitting your g-spot, making you cry out; he just smirked. “something tells me you don’t deserve that yet,” he cooed, resuming his previous position, “open up, baby.”
his spit landed on the centre of your tongue and his hips began moving faster, your orgasm building up once more. from where he’d been so forceful, the remnants of his spit had landed in his beard and the sight of that alone was almost enough to make you cum.
“fuck mason, ‘m gonna—”
before you could finish your sentence he pulled out of you, once again letting your orgasm fizzle out just before it happened and you whimpered, wriggling around on the chair aggressively.
“when are you ever going to learn, baby,” mason’s lips were delicate on your jaw, his words heating your skin momentarily and letting you relish in him, “you’re only allowed to cum when i say you can,” you writhed aggressively again and he frowned, “over the desk, baby, now.”
you did as he said, shoving your papers and belongings to the very edge of the desk and moving your laptop to the side. mason kicked the chair to the other side of the room and placed you how he wanted you — hands gripping at the back edges, your stomach laying directly over the cold wood so your pussy was perfectly angled in front of him.
“i’ve got a right mind to leave you like this while i go and have a shower,” he hummed, and brought a hand over your bum to test the waters, and you jolted, “but we don’t have any restraints tight enough to keep you from moving, do we?”
you shook your head and mason smirked behind you — he had you right where he wanted you now. he left the suspense for a while, not touching you until you got antsy, and once a few minutes had passed he buried himself inside of you again, the new angle making your pussy want to explode.
“fuck, mason, fuck,” you hissed, pressing your cheek against the cool wood as he gripped your hips with a bruising force. “you feel so fuckin’ good.”
“i could say the same about you,” he grunted, one of his hands slapping your arse while the other twirled your hair between his knuckles and tugged your head up so you were facing the wall, “shame there’s no mirror behind the desk though.”
as he fucked you, you felt the knot in your stomach feel as if it were about to unleash any second, but you knew you had to wait for mason’s permission. your pussy clenched around him, and it was bringing him that little bit closer to his orgasm every single time, and he couldn’t deny he couldn’t wait much longer either.
“you’re such a little slut, aren’t you, Y/N?”
“mhm,” was all you replied, too focused on holding in your orgasm until he told you otherwise.
“what’s up, baby?” he smirked, “cat got your tongue?”
“i need to cum,” you said, your voice barely a whisper as you dipped your head down to face the desk. mason’s hand tugged at your hair and you faced the wall again, a moan leaving your lips when he did so.
“what was that, princess? i couldn’t quite hear you.”
“i need to cum, mason,” you said it louder now, and his dick twitched inside of you when your pussy clenched around him again. “i need it, please.”
“wait for me.” he instructed, his hips snapping against your skin faster and faster each time until he couldn’t control it anymore, and his orgasm hit him like a train.
“oh, fuck, Y/N, fuck!”
as he came inside of you, your knuckles clenched so harshly around the desk they turned white, and your orgasm hit you just as hard too. your body convulsed underneath him, your legs shaking and the muscles in your arms spasming from the release you’d been building for what felt like hours.
your cheek felt cool against the sweaty wood when masons hand left your hair, and you let out a big sigh of relief. he pushed in and out of you again, once, twice, three times by means of pushing his cum further inside of your pussy. when he eventually pulled out, he watched some of it trickle out of you with a smirk, and once you’d spun around and situated your bum on the desk, he’d gathered it on his fingers and let you taste it.
“that was—”
“—incredible,” you finished his sentence for him, and pressed a soft kiss on his lips when he smiled. “i’m sorry for neglecting you lately, i know how much you’ve wanted this.”
“baby, no, you shouldn’t apologize, i know you’re only working this hard to get the best grades,” his lips found yours again, and you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him in closer, “degree before me.”
an email notification sparked up on your laptop and it pulled you away from your boyfriends embrace, and you frowned, “the deadline for the two thousand words has been pushed forward to tomorrow night,” you groaned, and a guilty red flush found masons cheeks, “i really need to get back to work.”
“okay baby,” mason kissed your nose and pulled away from you, “but you should at least come for a shower first.”
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masnmounts · 14 hours ago
Hi lovie !! One with mase where you spend the weekend at his family.Mason is so clingy and doesn’t leave your side at all. All weekend his brother teases Mason constantly and takes the piss of him but Mase doesn’t care and flips him off.
One where his mum shows you videos and pictures of mase from when he was younger and also telling you stories about him and he would be so embarrassed while y/n laughs at him and hugs and kisses him. Thank you !! You are magnificent and truly talented , you have no idea !!!! 😘❤️
i went with the second fic so i hope that’s okay bff and thank u sm that means a lot to me <3 i hope u like!
photo album - mason mount
Tumblr media
"I think he was maybe about four here." Mason's mum commented with a soft laugh and the grin that took over your face was almost blinding. She was pointing at an old photo of her son, sitting in the bath with bubbles in his hair and across his face, he was holding a barbie doll and an action figure and you were certain the smile he was wearing was identical to the one you saw every day. He might be slightly taller now but Mason still looked exactly the same.
His mum had found out a bunch of old photo albums while you and your boyfriend were over for dinner and while Mason was helping his dad cook, she had taken to showing you through the early years of his life. You quickly discovered that he'd had a love for football from being incredibly small and you wouldn't deny the fact that seeing baby Mason had you wondering whether or not your own child would look like him. There were an array of photos of him playing football in the garden, kits far too big for his body and it was sending a weird thrum throughout your body.
"He was so cute." You mumbled, running your finger along the photo, smirking when you spotted the one underneath. "He definitely pulled off the dress and heels combo." In the picture Mason was wearing a red dress and a pair of much too large black heels, a glittery handbag clutched in his little fist.
"Oh, he definitely wore those better than I ever did." She flicked the pages a few times before stopping and pointing to a photo of what looked like a 10 year old Mason once again wearing a dress and heels, dramatic make up covering his face. "He joined the schools talent show and sang the Spice Girls, he had his sister spend ages doing that make up so he'd look good."
The laugh that bubbled passed your lips was full and loud as you stared down at the photo of a grinning Mason, tears forming in your eyes as you started to picture him and his awful singing voice. He was extra dramatic now, you dreaded to think what he was like when he was younger and had more freedom.
"I think maybe he should have pursued a career in performing." You told her, jolting when someone's hands landed on your shoulders.
"What are you doing?" Mason leant over the back of the sofa so he could press a kiss to your cheek, his hands sliding down your arms as he rubbed them in a comforting manner. He spotted the photo album straight away and groaned. "Mum! Why've you got that out?"
“I’m just showing Y/N how cute you were.”
“You were really adorable.”
“I’m naked in that one.” Mason tried to close the book, his body hanging over yours but his mum pulled it out of the way with a stern look, lifting herself up off the sofa. You giggled and turned your head to plant a kiss against his jaw.
“You were a lovely little boy, Mase, Y/N deserves to see that.” Her eyes suddenly sparked and a mischievous grin so much like your boyfriend’s lift up her face. “We have a video somewhere from his fifth birthday, he dressed up and Spiderman, I’ll find it for you.”
“Mum, seriously, I don’t think she wants to see that.” She had walked around the back of the sofa and you popped your head around Mason’s arm to smile at her.
“I’d love to see it actually.” You grumbled when Mason’s covered your mouth with his hand but his mum had already heard and was off up the stairs in search of the video. You licked his palm and he grimaced, jumping the back of the sofa so he could settle beside you, eyeing the three left behind closed photo albums. “I’ve seen them all, already. I take it you were a Spice Girls fan?” He frowned and flicked your forehead.
“Mum forced me into those outfits.”
“Oh really?” He nodded, trying to grab your hand when you reached for the little blue book but you hugged it against your chest, sending him a narrowed look. His hand fell to your leg instead, fingers soft against the bare skin on your thigh. “My mum showed you thousands of embarrassing photos of me, this is only fair. Plus you were cute, I don’t know why you’re embarrassed.” You opened the book up on the first page and Mason nudged you.
“That’s why I’m embarrassed, because I’m naked running around with a spiderman themed blow up ball and a fairy wand.” You laughed softly and lifted your head to kiss him, settling the book down on one of your thighs and one of his. Your lips slid softly over his, your fingers gently brushing over his forearm that was planted on the sofa beside you.
“It’s cute.” You mumbled, trailing a row of teasing kisses over his cheek. “I like baby Mason.” Your gaze met his and he raised his eyebrows.
“You’re weirdo then.” He bumped his nose against yours as you rolled your eyes, turning back to the book. Mason was resting on one arm with it behind your back so you were practically snuggled into his body and you smiled when he pressed his mouth against your shoulder. “Can we skip my naked phase? You can look at anything but that.”
His fingers settled by yours and he flicked passed the half way part of the book, opening it up to a page full of photos of Mason on a beach. He was wearing blue shorts and a spiderman bucket hat, a crab held in his hands as he grinned for the camera, his front tooth missing. You nudged him lightly in the ribs.
“Spiderman fan since the very beginning.” He hummed lightly in your ear, turning his head so he could kiss your neck. You ran your finger across the photo, shocked by how similar he looked even now, especially with his smile. “Y’know you look exactly the same. Just with more teeth and better hair.”
“I’m taller now.”
“By about three inches.” You giggled when he tickled his fingers into your side and squirmed against him, grabbing on to his hand to pull it away from you. You went to set it in your lap but he lifted it to his mouth, lips gentle over the skin of your knuckles. “I like this one.” You mumbled and Mason followed your finger, huffing out a laugh at a photo of him half buried under a pile of sand.
“Lew thought it would be funny, the tide almost got me.” He pressed his chin against your shoulder and was quiet for a few seconds as you flicked through the pages, his hand once again rubbing up and down your arm as though to keep you warm despite the lack of a chill. “Maybe our baby will look like me.” You paused at this, heart thumping unsteadily in your chest. “If we have a little boy, but if we have a little girl she’s definitely gonna take after you.”
A slow smile took over your face and you turned your head to meet his gaze, a soft smile tugging at his own lips. He glanced down at the album and then back at you. “One day, we’ll have a load of photo albums full of embarrassing photos that we can show to our kids friends.”
“I hope they don’t get as pouty as you did.”
“My children? Never.” He grinned at you and then pressed a soft kiss to your lips, unaware of the fact those few words had sent a spiral of love throughout you. Having children with Mason was something you knew you wanted but were too afraid to bring up and you were more than glad that he was the first to mention it. The thought that he wanted to have a family with you was almost enough to have tears pushing at the backs of your eyes.
“I didn’t know you wanted a family.”
“It wasn’t something I ever really thought about,” He paused, eyes searching your face as he tucked your hair behind your ear. “Until I met you. Now it’s all I think about. I think about having a little girl who’s exactly like you, who I can teach to ride a bike and who we can take on cute holiday and she can wear my shirt and I can teach her everything about football.”
“You want a little girl?” Whenever you’d pictured your family you’d always pictured having a little girl. You watched Mason with his niece and you knew now he’d treat his own daughter like a princess.
“Well I’d like both but yeah, I’ve thought a lot about having our own little girl.” His thumb ran along your cheek and you leant into the warmth of his hand, unable to hide your smile or the flutters in your tummy. “I want to have a family with you, Y/N, when we’re ready. I’m already completely yours, you’re who I want to do the rest of my life with.” He kissed you again at that, almost as if sealing his words and you hummed softly into his mouth.
“There’s no one else I’d rather have a family with than you.” Your words were whispered but he heard them and you watched his entire face light up, eyes flashing. The second you met Mason you knew he was the one, there really was no one else you could imagine giving your entire life to. Your smile turned teasing and you nodded down at the photo album. “I wanna remake all of these with our kids. Especially the Spice Girls ones.”
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tuchelthomas · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
complimentary guide to Mason’s tattoos (majority of them done by Miles Langford)
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plutosluts · 2 days ago
hi! how are you? idk if you are taking requests but if you are can u write a mason imagine in which reader is on her period lol and she all moody and and in pain and he is being really nice w her?
this is super specific bc im on my period and i need to distract myself w something lmao. love your stuff!!! have a nice day :)
anon, me and you are both feeling the period pains rn </3 can u tell i have zero creativity for titles?
a gentle lover, mason mount.
Tumblr media
there was just something so ironic about having a good sleep yet waking up and in a bad mood, and that’s exactly how you felt.
the night before you’d gone to bed with mason, falling asleep in his arms and you had a pretty smooth night, yet when you woke up, you felt so out of it, and you knew why.
mason always stocked up and restocked on your sanitary products, so you helped yourself to the little compartment in the cabinet were he kept them.
and unluckily for you, your day had started by receiving your period. you didn’t plan to do anything much that day, but it was still a downer on your mood because you knew how irritating the first few days could be.
mason, however, was never frustrated with you when you got like this. he always took his time with you and never rushed you, knowing how you could get if someone so much as looked at you in the wrong way.
and you loved him all the more for it, putting up with your mood swings and cravings, and giving you all the attention that you wanted.
“how are you today, hm?” he asked, entering the kitchen to see you frustratingly cutting fruit. you felt his hands make their way around the low of your waist, resting on your stomach as they gently massaged the area. mason had grown to be an expert on what you liked and what you didn’t especially when you were on your period.
it eased you to some point, but you were still annoyed at absolutely nothing, taking it out on the mango placed on the chopping board. “i’m fine,” you grumbled, though far from it. one of mason’s hands left your torso as he placed it on top of the knife you held, taking it away from you with a small laugh.
“you keep chopping like that, and you won’t have any fingers left” he attempted to joke, but the frown on your face told him it wasn’t as funny as he thought it to be. “sit down, i’ll do it for you.”
you huffed but did as he said, cuddling on the sofa with a hot water bottle on your stomach. it wasn’t long before mason had finished, re-entering this time with a bowl of fruit salad for you. he didn’t mind you not saying thank you, but you made sure to give him a chaste kiss on the lips to make up for it.
so whilst countdown played on tv with mason shouting random answers, you couldn’t help but drift off into a calm lull, only to be shaken out of it by mason’s gasp of horror.
“how the hell is that right? even i could do better.” he questioned, not aware of the glare you were giving him from where you lay on his lap.
“mason, can you stop?” you didn’t mean to snap, you just weren’t having the best day, and right then all you wanted was to rest. he looked down at you with a small wince, leaning in to kiss your forehead and move your hair out of your face.
“shit, sorry baby” he murmured, toning down a little as he still voiced his scepticism. and that’s what you loved about him; how he took his time with you, and made sure you were okay before he was, it was simply just a mason thing.
somehow, you managed to fall asleep on mason’s lap and you were pretty sure you gave him a cramp but he didn’t complain about anything, simply greeting your sleepy face with a “do you need anything?”, to which you shook your head at, making a gesture with your arms to let him know you wanted a cuddle.
the blanket was completely discarded between the two of you as mason pulled you into his chest, careful not to irritate your body in any way, his lips kissing your head and arms working magic on your hips.
mason was such a gentle lover that you never really noticed it until the truly intimate moments. like when he’d reach for you or your hand when he noticed that you were worried or uncomfortable, or how he knew just when and where you needed him with you, and how he’d always pull you into him even if you told him you weren’t cold, because his body warmth was far more capable of heating the two of you rather than just yours.
“sorry for snapping earlier” you muttered into his neck, the words making smooth vibrations onto his skin. he only hummed, telling you that it was okay, and he knew you didn’t mean it.
“though next time you glare at me for cutting a strawberry ‘wrong’, i fear i may cry” he laughed, watching you shrink a little in embarrassment at something you said earlier. but it was all forgotten as he made sure you were the happiest a girl could be on her period, kissing you endlessly and giving you all the attention in the world.
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jorgiswifey · a day ago
Secret - Mason Mount
requests are open + pls read requesting rules now :))
- where mason and y/n are flirty friends but all their friends believe they’re dating.
Tumblr media
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y/n’sprivate always has to be holding me 🙄
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declansprivate u 2 are definitely dating
↪️ bensprivate their acting like we dont know smh
↪️ y/n’sprivate literally nothing is going on
↪️ reeceprivate and we’ll never believe u 2
↪️ masonsprivate can’t hide the truth my love
↪️ y/n’sprivate i give up with u all
Tumblr media
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masonsprivate isn’t she lucky to date me 😏
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y/n’sprivate stop spreading our friends false rumours
↪️ masonsprivate what rumours babe we both know the truth
↪️ y/n’sprivate yes ik the truth
↪️ masonsprivate ur acting like it wasn’t u who kissed me at bens party 😏
↪️ bensprivate you 2 did what now?!!!??
Tumblr media
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bensprivate come out they say. it’ll be fun they say. proceeds to act like this the entire night.
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declansprivate friends my arse.
↪️ bensprivate bro i’ve been 3rd wheeling all night
↪️ y/n’sprivate ben u can have him back 😒
↪️ masonsprivate umm i dont think so
↪️ y/n’sprivate why not ur annoying me now
↪️ masonsprivate says the woman who was just kissing me
reecesprivate they’re literally an old married couple
↪️ declansprivate ikr bro yet apparently they’re just friends
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allthingsmase · 2 days ago
— glory glory (II) | m.m
summary - tottenhams carabao cup defeat to chelsea leads to kitchen cuddles in the refrigerator light.
authors note - i’m mostly excited to have this series done now hahaha please let me know what you think!
Tumblr media
“Y/n! It’s starting!” Jasmine called for you from the living room, as you fixed up the final parts of your outfit for your chilled matchday evening.
Although this match was important for both of you, the piles of unfinished university work from the Christmas period mounting on your laptop prevented you from travelling down to your hometown on this occasion. Noticing your upset, and perhaps with a little insight from your boyfriend, Mason’s sister Jasmine had created a whole evening of keeping you company in your home.
Staring into your reflection in the mirror, you slightly admired your ability to throw together clothing items of ultimate comfort, combining the hints of white and blue into a seemingly stylish look. You stole a simple pair of Mason’s grey joggers and covered your feet with a set of leopard print slippers, the customary choice of a Chelsea shirt adorned for the night.
Hearing the vague chatter of the commentators in the background you completed your inspection of yourself before skipping down the staircase into the living area. Already the space was transformed into a snug set up, the choice of snacks divided into their individual bowls of sweet then savoury and the most perfect blanket and pillows to snuggle deeply into.
Play already having begun in the stadium, you sneaked as quietly as possible underneath one of the blankets and focussed your eyes onto the screen.
Unlucky was the understatement of the year for this Spurs squad tonight - from the first opponent goal within twenty minutes of playing time, to the potential two penalties turning into free-kicks or being disallowed on the grounds of VAR, to the hopeful turn-around goal being offside - nothing whatsoever was working in the favour of your team.
Throughout the whole match Jaz constantly passed across the snack bowls and verbally reassured you this was not a lost cause - but any sense of hope lingering within you was washed down the drain the moment the referee blew the opening whistle.
On the full-time whistle, a deep exhale of a sigh from slight disappointment breathed through a purse in your lips, then your head lifted upwards to your companion who was presenting you with a sympathetic expression. “Chelsea deserved that, truly.”
She couldn’t deny this in any shape or form, and could only nod her ahead along in agreement. Your eyes swiftly passed the television, only to be drawn instantly back by the sight of the camera crew following Mason through his celebratory clapping lap of the pitch. He was wrapped into his usual puffer jacket, the one enveloping your body into his chest on many occasions, his hair was a swept mess of gel and sweat as he embraced every single player on his path, even those on the opposing side - the one sight that could kindle a smile upon your lips on such a disastrous night.
Your heart swelled at his features lighting up with every conversation, his pure joy radiating through a screen from miles away. It was especially special though, as this stadium ground was almost a second home for your whole family.
Your out-of-the-blue grinning was spotted by Jasmine, her hand coming to rest on your own and her thumb gently sliding across your knuckles back and forth. Her touch was light, and reminded you of somebody else’s method of comforting. “He’ll be happy to see you as well..” she said reading you like a book.
All you could do was nod and bow your head to face your lap, eyeing up the golden band looped around your middle finger. A ring of longing and promise, the almond colour of the diamontes guiding your eyes, reminding you how close it would be until you would meet again.
Tumblr media
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yourusername my finalist <3 congrats @masonmount cannot wait to squeeze you💙
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masonmount love you💙
11:58pm. A speedy tidy of your apartment then waving Jaz off on her journey back home, you collapsed straight down onto your bed. His joggers lay desolate in the corner of the room, swapped out for a pair of shorts, but the oversized Chelsea shirt stayed over your top half.
Almost the instant your photo was posted to your social media, a notification bar flagged up your screen with a comment from him then a message, something about your choice of photo from the final time you stepped into Stamford Bridge a supporter purely of Mason’s.
As your fingers reached out to type across the screen, with every letter you felt your lids slowly closing over and shutting momentarily before you must stop yourself from slipping away into dreamland. You typed a speedy reply of emojis which certainly made no sense in context before chucking your phone onto the bedside table and snuggling further into the duvet for some rest.
As your consuming thoughts dwindled away into the abiss allowing you to easily drift off into sleep, a loud clatter from down the hall followed by a sequence of muttered swear words shot you up in the bed. You slowly slithered out from underneath the covers and tiptoed across the wooden flooring to reach the open bedroom door.
By poking your head around slightly to peer through the slit, it provided a full view of along the staircase and how the kitchen light beam was impeded on by a shadowy silhouette.
Deciding to investigate further, ignoring your own advice to the horror movie victims over the years, you made it to the bottom of the staircase gripping a lamp shade in your palm prepared to attack whoever this intruder happened to be.
However standing in the archway of the kitchen, your fighting stance diminished instantly on the sight of a certain somebody rummaging their way through cupboard after cupboard for snacks.
You remained a silent bystander, observing his continuous searching and hearing his repeated muttering over and over in dismay at yet another empty shelf; until you couldn’t allow him to suffer on much longer.
“The biscuits are in the island cupboard.”
“Holy shit!”
A deafening shriek escaped Mason’s lips as the packet in his palms dropped to the counter for his palm to flatten against his chest over his heart. His head darted around to your direction, his eyes narrowing into a thin line the longer he stared. The intense staring mixed with his dramatic reaction made you snicker away to yourself only adding further to his dismay. “You didn’t think to tell me you were standing there this whole time?”
While he rattled on, you started a steady walk closer to him, to which he mirrored, until the counter’s corner was all that was standing in the way of the pair of you. His other hand attached to the countertop glided across the surface, his fingertips resting on top of yours, before he initiated an effortless handhold to send butterflies fluttering around your stomach. “It’s payback! You didn’t tell me you would be home tonight, I thought somebody got in,” you reprimanded him.
Your reprimand erupted laughter out of him, for his head tipped back and shook along slightly to himself alike usual - a sight always guaranteed to warm the hearts of even the coldest souls. “I am happy you’re home though..” you continued, moving just one step closer to him. “.. it means I can do this.”
Listening to your inner thoughts you raised yourself up onto your tiptoes and connected your lips upon his. Instinctively the distance between you shut, by both of your shuffling to directly face one another. Your spare hand traced across his back muscles to grip around the back of his neck, and his free arm looped around your waist to hold you still. The kiss was soft and gentle, similar to his touch. There was slight passion, however not too much of it. Just enough that you felt warm and mushy inside, and so much so your heart was assuring you with a sense of safety.
As each of you retreated slowly for air, this did not mean you separated - rather it pulled you even closer. By his grip on your waist he was able to tug you back into him and close any gaps, your rapid reaction of tilting your head sideways on his chest followed by your arms tightening around his waist to give his body a light squeeze. This moment was tranquil, this moment was peaceful, this moment was all you could ever want and even more so.
To add even further to your relaxation, Mason’s lips slowly began to trace your jawline in an array of delicate kisses that scrunched up your nose from the ticklish nature. “It is nice to see my girl back in the blue..” he whispered on reaching your ear that fostered your lips into a light smirk that on opening your eyes, was identical on his face.
“I wouldn’t get too used to this..” you played up his joke. “.. I much prefer my lilywhites” your palm patted to his chest before you slithered out from his grip and around his body to the other end of the room.
Evidently feeling his gaze chasing your body across the room, you distracted yourself by searching for the packet of biscuits he was clearly seeking to find. Whilst you laboured away, he managed to silently approach you until your back was pressed up against his chest and his hand cupped around your hip.
“Now..” you began, twisting yourself around on the spot to lean again the counter and pinning your finger to his chest. “You best be quick, there’s another surprise upstairs for you,” your lips swiftly brushed his in a gentle peck before you slipped away once more leaving him in a state of disbelief.
Although you were dying to see the look on his face and capture it into your memory forever, you stuck to your ground and walked from the room with a slight sway to your hips and a strut to your stride that you could only hope would lead him straight after you.
The truth prevailed, as footsteps pattered along from behind you in a trail. You were hardly across the border from the kitchen into the rest of the home, before a set of limbs curled around your waist to hoist your body up into the air.
A loud squeal escaped through your lips in a sea of giggling, glancing around you for anything to grip onto for security, luckily finding the shirt across his shoulder for your fingers to latch onto. “Mason!”
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mountswhore · 2 days ago
Hi bestie, I don’t know how much input you need for a request, but I saw sone short and long requests you’ve written. I’ll surely search my brain for something more, but maybe you could write something about masons gf being good friends with Declan and Mason gets jealous and insecure because he’s afraid she might fall for Delan. I hope this is not too bad xx
𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐨𝐟 𝐫𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐞𝐟 — mason mount
summary: mason is jealous of your friendship with declan, and finally says something about it.
notes: requests are OPEN.
Since meeting Declan, the two of you were inseparable. You'd met him when Mason had introduced you two, after months of Mason begging for you to finally meet his friends and family. And it was safe to say Mason regretted it. Letting his girlfriend meet his best friend, it didn't sound too harsh, except for the fact you were both so similar. You watched the same shows, you hated the same food, you were a female Declan.
Mason would quickly feel like the third wheel if you both went to visit Declan. He'd watch you laughing and joking, sometimes joining in, but mostly sitting back and watching. A small part of him was grateful that the two of you got along so well. He couldn't imagine not being able to have you in the same room. But sometimes, it sounded nice. He'd have you completely to himself, and the growing ball of jealousy in the pit of his stomach.
Today, that ball felt exceptionally heavy. He'd been sitting in Declan's living room, listening to yours and Declan's laughter in the kitchen as you made food.
What else is there to laugh about? All you do is laugh together, Mason thought to himself, immediately regretting it and feeling bad for even thinking about being nasty to the two of you.
Time felt boringly long as you both returned to the living room, trying the sandwiches you'd made for each other and Mason was scrolling mindlessly on his phone. He wanted to ask to go home, he felt like a kid at a boring relatives home, but he never found the right time to do so. You seemed to be having the time of your life, even hours after arriving here.
"Can we go home?" Mason finally asked, as Declan had taken the empty plates out.
"If you want to, bubs," you replied, placing your hand on his knee and for a moment, Mason felt bad about all the jealousy he was feeling about you and Declan, but that soon returned when he was now a second thought the moment Declan had gotten back from the kitchen.
"It was nice seeing you, Dec," you beamed, standing up from the couch and giving him a tight squeeze, "but we're gonna get going." Declan nodded, giving Mason a hug too before seeing you both out.
The tension in the car was almost suffocating. Mason was driving, one hand gripping the wheel, and the other resting on the window to keep his head up. He looked agitated, and you wondered when this shift in mood had happened. Even as you'd gotten inside, he had just gone to the kitchen and started making himself food.
"Mase," you called out, trailing after him and seeing him sat at the island as he ate a sandwich, something he'd denied wanting at Declan's. "What's going on? What's up?"
Mason raised his eyebrows, finishing his bite and giving you a dry laugh. "I'm surprised you noticed."
You were confused, and getting quickly annoyed with this sarcastic tone of his. You sat opposite him, a frown on your face, and he stared back at you whilst he ate his sandwich. He was so attractive, it wasn't something you should be focusing on when there was clearly tension between you two. But the way his stare was so cold, his hands extra veiny, it was hard to focus on anything else but him. He often had that effect.
"Okay, you've finished your sandwich. Now tell me, why are you in such a sour mood?" You pleaded, not caring about the desperation in your tone. You wanted this resolved.
"Aren't friends supposed to be the third wheels?" He asked, and it had only confused you more. You were on two separate pages, and you were getting antsy about it.
"Are you the fucking riddler or something? Just tell me straight." Your tone was snappy, but it was the least of your concerns.
"Every time Declan is around, I feel like I'm pushed to the side to make way for your best friend. I feel like the third wheel, even though I'm supposed to be dating you!" He exclaimed, standing up and putting his plate in the sink. "You guys are such good friends, too good friends."
"What does 'too good' mean?"
"Don't be stupid, Y/N," Mason sighed, his voice a few levels louder than yours due to frustration, "I've never met friends closer than you two are."
You huffed. "Clearly we are seeing this friendship two different ways. What is the problem with being friends with him?"
"Because I'm scared," his voice had dropped out, his cold stare was replaced with a weakened one, his eyebrows quivering as he held onto the tears that threatened to spill over his waterline.
"Of what?" You matched his tone, stepping closer to him and placing your hands on his cheeks, your thumbs instinctively wiping the falling tears.
"Losing you. I'm scared that you will fall for Declan, or Declan will fall for you. You two are such good friends, and you're so likeable. I fell for you, what's stopping anyone else?" Mason admitted, and it took a lot of gut to say it all. To come out with your deepest insecurities, no matter how silly and untrue they were.
You were silent, staring up at the vulnerable man in front of you. "Nobody on this Earth will replace you, Mason. No matter how good of a friend Declan is, I don't see him the way I see you. Nothing will happen between us, I can assure you that."
Mason was holding onto you tightly, his fingertips digging into your waist as he cried. He'd never been so open with you, he felt naked. But there was that feeling of relief, knowing that the small voice in the back of his mind was right. Nothing was happening, nothing was going to happen, he had you and will always have you.
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errythinisblue · a day ago
Tumblr media
Hey love! I’m so sorry you had to wait so long for this, but these days have been hectic to say the least! However, this is what I wrote for you!!! I hope you like it!!! <3 (sorry I had to repost it, I swear my Tumblr is going crazy right now!)
“In the flesh!”
Mason Mount x Y/N
Summary: Your father is Head of Media and Communication at Chelsea FC. One day he forgets his bag at home and asks you to bring it to him at work. While you wait for him, you meet a boy who’s convinced that today is his lucky day.
Warnings: none, just a flirty Mason ;)
Tumblr media
It was a cold Monday morning and you were in your car, on your way to your parents’ house. Your uni exams were finally over for now, and it was the first day in a while that you were actually free. Since your parents didn’t live that far from where you moved to, you took the opportunity to go and see them after quite some time that you didn’t see each other.
 It was barely an hour drive from where you lived to your former house, and while you were driving and singing along to your playlist, time flew by and you were now in standing on your porch, searching for your keys to unlock the door.
 “Hey! I’m here!” you made your presence known once you entered the door, leaving your shoes by it and padding your way to the kitchen, where you found your mother sipping on a warm cup of coffee.
 “Hey Y/N/N!” she came near you and hugged you tight, “oh it’s been so long, how are you? Do you want a cup of coffee to warm yourself up? I just made it!”
 “Hi mum!” you hugged her back, “yeah I’d like that very, very much thank you, it’s freezing cold outside!”
 “I know, your father told me when he came back from his walk this morning.” she told you as she was pouring some steaming coffee in a mug for you.
 “Oh, is he at work right now?” you asked her looking at your watch, “I thought I was in time to catch him before he had to go.”
 “He had an early start at work this morning, so he had to be there way earlier than usual!” she softly smiled at you while she gave you the mug, “but you’re staying for lunch yeah? You’ll see him then, don’t worry.”
 You hummed in response and just as you were about to take a sip of that warm, black magic, your phone started ringing.
 “Talk about the Devil…” you showed your mother your phone, making her laugh as your dad was calling you in the same moment you two were talking about him.
 “Hey dad!” you answered the call with a smile on your face.
 “My girl, sorry I wasn’t there when you arrived but I’m having quite the hard day at work, how was the journey?” he asked you, always worrying about ‘his girl’.
 “Dad it’s really just an hour drive,” you laughed, “you shouldn’t worry like that!”
 “I’ll always worry about you, and you should know that by now!” he told you, “That’s not the only thing I called you for though, are you home right now? I could use a favor.”
 “Yeah I’m in the kitchen with mum, tell me.” you said to him taking a sip of the hot beverage.
 “I left my bag at home, and I can’t come home to take it since we have a meeting that’s about to start, so can you please bring it to me?” he asked you with the usual soft tone in his voice.
 “Of course, where is it?” you waited for his answer as you made your way to his study.
 “It’s on my desk, in the study, I need some papers that are in it for the meeting…” he was elaborating, when he remembered another thing he had to tell you, “Oh I was forgetting the most important thing, you should bring it to me at the training ground, I’m in Surrey for the day, so you don’t need to go at Stamford Bridge.”
 “Okay I’ve got it, don’t worry I’ll bring it to you as soon as I can.” you told him as you took his bag from the desk and made your way back to the kitchen.
 “Thank you, my girl, drive safely though! I’ll see you later.” he warned you before hanging up.
 “Yeah dad, don’t worry, see you later!” you laughed at his antics and hung up.
 You finished your coffee and then you went to grab your coat and shoes, explaining to your mum that your father needed his bag and that you’d have to bring it to him, since he left it at home this morning. Then you left a kiss on your mother’s cheek, telling her that you’d be back soon, and made your way out of the house.
 Luckily for you there wasn’t too much traffic at this hour in the morning, so you made it to Surrey quite quickly. As you parked your car in front of a football pitch, your memories brought you back to when you were a little girl and came to see your father while he was at work. He was working as a photographer at the time and going to see him was a habit you and your mother had: she picked you up from school and took you here to see your dad on your way home.
 Your father worked for Chelsea, right now he was the Head of media and communication. Being responsible for management and organization of the club’s media department was a hard work, and you couldn’t be prouder of him, seen how far he had come.
 As you stood before the entrance, you took out your phone and messaged you dad saying that you were here. You made your way into the building, and immediately noticed your father coming towards you.
 “Here she is! My girl!” he hugged you so tight, like he always did when he saw you, “how are you?”
 “I’m okay dad, here,” you gave him his bag, “how is work going?”
 “Everything’s fine, we have some planning to do, but apart from that it’s always the same really!” he looked at his watch, “look the meeting shouldn’t take long, if you want to wait for me we can grab something from the canteen once I’m done. Just like good ol’ times! What do you say??”
 “Oh okay! Should I wait here? Or…” you didn’t really know if you could wait for him in there.
 “Oh no darling, here, this is my pass, you can go and watch the first team’s training with this. I know it’s not much but at least you won’t just be sitting here doing nothing…” he told you, giving you the card with his face and name on.
 “Oh that’s great! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity really!” you stuck your tongue out at him, laughing back at him as you saw a smile appear on his face.
 “It is actually, don’t sass me,” he playfully pointed his finger at you, “okay I’m gonna go right now, if you need anything you can ask the girl at the front desk okay? I’ll see you later…”
 “Have fun!” you mocked him, smiling as you noticed that the relationship between you and your father never really changed as you were always making fun of each other just like you did many years ago.
 As you were turning around, you felt a body crash into yours. The sudden impact made you lose your balance for a moment, before you felt two strong arms making their way around your waist to keep you stable.
 “Oh shit I’m so sorry!” the boy you crashed with spoke to you with a worried voice, “I wasn’t looking where I was going really… but I didn’t hurt you, did I??”
 “Hey don’t worry, I’m fine!” you smiled at him.
 “Are you really? I’m late for training and I was in a rush so…” he started blabbering, clearly nervous.
 “I’m fine, I swear.” you told him, grinning at him once again, “wait you’re one of the first team’s players? I was actually on my way to watch the training…”
 “I am, wait who are you??” he laughed, clearly interested in you, “And how are you able to come here and watch us training??”
 “I’ve got my ways,” you showed him the pass your father gave you, “I mean I’m the boss’ daughter after all!” shrugging your shoulders while you said that.
 “Oh I see!” he smiled at you once again, enchanting you with his perfect smile.
 “I mean I was there to bring something to my dad and then he told me to wait for him, and here I am…” you twisted the pass between your fingers.
 “Well I’ll make sure to keep you entertained then,” he winked at you, “come with me, I’ll show you the way!”
 You blushed at that, you didn’t even know his name and yet you were feeling butterflies in your stomach when he looked at you. He was really pretty: he had kind, chocolate brown eyes and brunette hair; his lips looked so soft, adorned by his trimmed beard; and his smile was simply the sweetest one you’ve ever seen.
 “Okay wait for me here, I’ll just leave these things in the changing rooms and I’ll be back!” he told you as he opened the changing rooms door.
 “Okay.” you nodded your head, and walked further down the corridor to look at the pictures that were hanging on the walls, “Mason Mount,” you spoke out when you noticed him coming out of the door, “’The boy who had a dream’ mh?”you asked him as you were standing in front of one of the many pictured that showed a younger Mason.
 “In the flesh…” he stood in front of you with his arms wide open.
 “Show-off,” you mocked him, “well are we going or not??”
 “Ouch you’re hurting me like this!” he dramatically put one of his hands to his chest, “you’re only using me to get to the training pitch isn’t it?” he bumped your shoulder with his, while you two were now exiting the building.
 “You told me you were gonna keep me entertained, so…” you looked up at him, once he told you where you could seat.
 “I never disappoint, just letting you know that…” he came dangerously close to your face, and smirked at you once he saw you blush once again, “Keep an eye on me!” he winked at you once he left to go and do some work.
 You laughed at that, watching him as he started his warm up with a light run and then switched to some drills with the others. He was really good with his feet you had to give him that, he was a natural. The way he ran around the pitch, the way his face showed concentration, and the way his thighs and muscles were on full display, all these things were making you unable to keep your eyes off him.
 He caught you staring at him while he was drinking some water, and sent a cocky smirk your way. You shook your head laughing at his attitude, but kept your eyes on him for the rest of the training nonetheless.
 Once they were done Mason ran towards you, as he neared where you were still seating a wide smile was making his way on his sweaty face.
 “Hey…” he greeted you breathlessly, “while I was training I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that I didn’t get your name!” he told you as he sat near you, “you know mine so…”
 “Y/N,” you cut him off smiling at him, “you can imagine my surname, I guess…” you mocked him.
 “Still no sign of your dad?” he asked you, drying his face off with the towel he had around his neck.
 “No, I guess the meeting took longer than he imagined.” you told him, looking at your watch.
 “I’m starting to think that today is my lucky day,” he turned towards you, brushing your thigh with his one, “I mean I was late, but then I met you, and… now we could spend some more time together if you want…” he told you as you watched him biting the inside of his cheek out of nervousness.
 “I mean it’s not like I have something better to do so…” you teased him, shrugging in the meantime.
 “Here she goes breaking my heart again!” he whined, making you laugh out loud and laughing with you immediately after, “I was serious though,” he looked you in the eyes, “I can wait with you if you want, I can show you around or we can grab a bite…”
 “I was just teasing you silly!” you pushed your luck by taking his cold hand in your right one. You were feeling so at ease with him, and Mason felt in the same way as he squeezed your hand. “I’d really like a personal tour of this place!”
 “What are we waiting for then?” he helped you stand up by your hand, dragging you closer to his body and looking down at you, his eyes switching from your own to your lips.
 “I think we should probably go out for a coffee, or to grab a bite before you can properly kiss me Mr. ‘I never disappoint’…” your eyes were fixed on his brown ones.
 “I’m suddenly so, incredibly hungry…” he smirked.
 “Nice try,” you laughed, “but you need to take a shower first, you stink!” you left him where he stood as you were walking to the doors.
 “Wait!” he shouted at you, “You didn’t say no!” he was now running to reach you.
 “Let’s say I’m starting to get hungry too!” you told him, as he was now opening the door for you.
 “Okay, wait for me here, I’ll take a quick shower and then I’ll show you around okay? I’ll be back in no time!” he told you as he left a peck on your cheek from his excitement, “Oh sorry, it was the heat of the moment I guess…” he scratched the back of his neck.
 “Go and take that shower, I’ll be waiting here…” you blushed, watching him as he walked to the changing rooms.
 Mason showed you around, he explained everything that happened inside the building, how things worked and what were the rules. He talked to you about his training routine and listed to you the pros and the cons of being a professional footballer.
 As you came to stand in front of that same picture you were looking at earlier in the morning, he grabbed you by the hand and made you turn towards him.
 “It was nice spending time with you but… I wanna see you again…” he looked down at your hands, “Are you free tonight? I mean if you want to go out with me that is…”
 “Wait are you the same Mason Mount that I met earlier??” you softly laughed at how shy he was suddenly being, “the same Mason Mount that was puffing his chest out in front of that picture??”
 “Hey, I was asking you out don’t make fun of me!” he blushed under your gaze.
 “I’m free and I’d like to go out with you very much, Mason Mount ‘in the flesh’” you squeezed his hand, grinning from ear to ear.
 He laughed at that, wrapping his arm around your shoulder and carrying you towards the end of your tour.
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moneymasnn · 2 days ago
Hiiiii ! This is my first time requesting something here so bare with me :p
Angst one with Mason where you’re the PR manager of Mclaren and you’re all the time traveling and working closely with their f1 drivers. So Mason starts being jealous of how close you’re to Daniel Ricc and he accused you of cheating since you’re older than Mason and you’re more interested in someone who’s actually older than you and ready to start a family !
Idk if this makes sense thank you in advance and keep up your fics coming.. absolutely love your writing :)
Because I'm Yours| Mason Mount
Tumblr media
Notes: Sorry to the anon that requested this its taken me ages to write but i hope you like it, I haven't proof read this yet so please don't let any mistakes reflect on my writing, love you all <3
blurb: basically explained in the request, but masons feeling insecure love your relationship and that he might not be enough for you.
You were waiting patiently in your awfully nice hotel room in Dubai. Sat on the bed in a very expensive lacy emerald green lingerie set and a white robe draped over your arms, as you waited for your boy friend to walk through the hotel doors at any given minuet.
You and mason had met in London about 10 months ago, Mason being smitten for you just within days of knowing you. You both hit it off within days of knowing each other and mason knew immediately that you were the one for him. It took 8 months later for Mason to ask you to live with him, and to say that you were both completely in love would be an understatment.
Getting your deal to work as a social media manager for mclaren ment you would be travelling Europe for 8 weeks, which would mean 8 weeks without Mason.
You would call and face time him most days, but you could tell as the weeks went on he was getting disheartened by the lack of physical intimacy. However he managed to fit time into his busy squeal to fly over to Dubai and come see you, even if it was only for 5 days.
So there you were paciently laying on the bed as you scroll through tik tok. You were slightly nervous about seeing mason, you had had a argument on the phone a few nights before about your relationship between you and one of your clients, Daniel Ricardo.
Mason had simply send you the link to an article that had shown photos of you and Daniel a few nights ago leaving restaurant together after a meeting. The photos managed to capture just you two leaving the restaurant, not showing the seven other people that were with you to make it look like you and Daniel were on a date.
Mason didn’t believe the artical a first, he knew how the tabloids could be. You called him immediately and apologised, Mason never expressed any feelings of insecurity, he just simply said you don't have to apologise and that he trusts you no matter what.
But even after that call he couldn’t help himself dive into the deep darks of social media searching for anything that could indicate you were cheating on him with the formula 1 driver. Mason knew he shouldn’t care, but he trusted the feeling in his gut that was influencing him, as he searched hashtags of yours and Daniel’s names.
Little did mason know the awful feeling in his stomach was just his insecurity’s. Mason would never admit it, because he’s way to stubborn, but being away from you for so long he thought maybe you would have forgotten about him. He hated the idea of you hanging around with older men, whether it’s work related or not. He knew you’ve always wanted to start a family, you had even mentioned it on the second date how you couldn’t wait to have a little family of your own.
Mason couldn’t help but think that you would see a level of maturity in the driver that Mason didn’t have, and leave him because of it.
You've told him countless times over the phone that he had nothing to worry about, but you knew you needed to say it to his face for him to realise.
There was a faint knock at the door, you wrapped your robe over you, just incase it wasn't mason at the door. You turned the handle and peeped your head around the door, seeing a tall brunette yawning and rubbing his tired eyes. He had a black neck pillow around him and a navy tracksuit on. His is hair was a mess and his other hand was firmly placed on the large suitcase next to him.
You pulled the door open wide as you crashed into his arms, masons hands sliding to your thighs so he could lift you up and spin you around.
You pulled you head out of his neck once he had spun you, looking into his eyes, he looked different in the 7 weeks you hadn't seen him.
Mason was the first to lean in, his lips crashing into yours, the kiss was hungry and passionate, masons jaw moved up and down as he savoured the taste on your lips that he had missed so much.
You pulled away for some air and Mason placed his head into the crock of your neck, he groaned onto your skin at the body crushing hug, "I've missed you." He says as he firmly places one hand under your bum to keep you up, and the other pulling his suitcase into the room and then slamming the door closed with his foot.
You start to pepper kisses all over his face, "Ive missed you so much more" you mumble onto his cheek.
Mason walks forward placing you down on your back on the white sofa. Once you laid down he flopped on top of you, placing his head on your chest as he listened to the face paced rise and fall of your chest. Your hands quickly finding themselves tangled his now long hair.
"You've grown your hair out" you say, as you carry on rubbing his scalp with your fingers.
Mason never raised his head to reply, "Mhm, I know, do you like it?" he said with a croaky voice, he must be tired from his flight.
You gently kiss the top of his head as you shift upwards, causing another moan to fall from masons lips as you ruined his comfy position.
"I love it, mase, but your tired so do you want to get into bed?" You ask as you sit up, pushing his hair out of his forehead.
Masons head falls on your shoulder as he nods in a yes to get some well needed sleep. You was right he was tired, and not just from his flight. You had moved in with him not long before you left, Mason growing accustom to cuddling you every night and being able to wake up to you every morning. He would be lying if he said he hadn't been struggling without you sleeping next to him every night.
You pulled him up by his arm and redirected him to the bedroom, you pulled his shoes and socks off, and pulled off his tracksuit before tucking him into the bed. You quickly went to the bathroom and put on one of masons old t-shirts on that you stole before you left, talking the lingering off and just chucking it over the the counter in the bathroom.
You climbed into the bed and wrapped your arms around his long torso in a spooning position, resting your head on his shoulder after kissing his cheek and whispering goodnight.
The next day you had to be up at 6am to make all your meeting to prep the boys for post race interviews, you decided to leave mason sleeping since you knew he clearly needed after passing out at 7pm last night.
You made your way through the studio and down to the interview panel as you saw Daniel getting mic'd up. "Hey dan." you smile as you make your way over to him.
He immediately turns his head to you, a wide smirk on his face, "Hey y/n/n. Wheres the boyfriend?" he asks, clearly wondering where mason was.
"Let him sleep in" you smile as you sit in the chair next to him, ruffling through the papers in your hand.
"Worn him out last night" He giggles, you raise you hands to hit his shoulder as you slightly giggle with him.
"No. Hes jet lagged. Anyway, here's you papers, I'm not going to explain anything to you because of that comment. So watch your mouth and try not to get the company sued." you sarcastically smirk as you got to stand up.
"Im joking! Im joking!" Daniel laughs as you sit back down, preparing to brief him on the questions he will be asked in the interview. Mean while Mason was just waking up in your hotel room.
You had wrote him a little note saying you've gone to work and for him to call you as soon as he wakes up. When mason read the note he couldn't help contain the smile that appeared on his face. He ran his fingers over the writing as he went to wash his face in the bathroom then call you.
Mason walked into the bathroom, splashing some water on his face to wake him up a little bit then grabbing the hand towel on the counter to dry his face. Mason eyes imidiatly noticed the emerald green lingering that had been chucked on the side. A set of lingering he had never before seen in his life, and they way it was all cringed and just thrown on the side Mason had assumed you must've worn the set at some point.
He walked back into the room and sat on the bed, he didnt want to straight away assume you had cheated on him just because he had found a nice lacy pair of knickers in your bathroom, but he couldn't help but think of reasons to why you would be wearing stuff like that when he wasn't around.
Mason opened his phone to dial your number to call, but he didn't want to bother you too much so he sent you a message instead.
Im up x
You immediately saw the message and replied back:
Morning baby you have a good sleep? xx
Mason sighed as he typed his reply,
Yeah miss you though :(
You smiled at masons comment, knowing he was now energised, so you was exited to spend time with him.
If I send someone up to come and get you do you want to come sit in the studio of a bit?
We can go out for food after xxx
Mason replied back to the message saying yes please as he hopped in the shower quickly, and within the hour someone knocked on your hotel door to lead him to a car to take him to the studio.
When mason got there his eyes scanned for you, and when he found you your eyes were set on the brunette formula 1 driver who was sitting in the chair next to you. You were clearly laughing at something he was saying as you both smiled the same piece of paper infront of you, the man leaning dangerously close to you.
Mason felt that all too familiar pit form in the bottom of his stomach, as he felt sick to his stomach being you all cosy with the driver.
It took every bone in Masons body for him to not walk out of that room, but he found his legs carrying him towards your direction. Daniel looked up at the sound of feet tapping as he gently nudged you to alert you of who was in front of you.
A wide smile formed on your face as you saw mason walking over too you, you stood up and wrapped your arms around his neck and quickly pulling him in for a quick peck.
"You alright" you asked him, Mason just nodded back, "Mason this is Daniel, Dan this is Mason.' you smile as you introduce the pair.
Mason tired to wipe the sour look of his face as he shakes the mans hand. "Nice to meet you mate." He fake smiles.
"Yeah you too, nice to finally meet the bloke this one never shuts up about." Daniel smiles as he nudges your shoulder.
"Can you not embarrass me please, dan?" you glare at him, Daniel raises his hand in defence as he walks away to give you and mason some time alone.
"Did you sleep well" you ask as you look into his eyes, masons head was raised as his eyes averted anywhere else but yours, you could tell something was clearly wrong from the lack of eye contact alone, not to mention how stiff and blunt he was being.
"Yeah, great. Want to go get some food?" mason says as his eyes make way for the door.
You raise your eyebrows at his bluntness, "Yeah sure, just let me finish a few things up okay baby. Theres a coffee mashine and free snacks over there if you want anything." You said as you watch mason sit down in the chair Daniel was previously sat in. Mason nodded as you leaned in a kissed his cheek before being wisped away.
When you came back, Mason was scrolling mindlessly on his phone, his elbow resting on the chair to keep him up as he balanced his head on his hand.
"Ready to go?" you say as you walk over, putting your jacket over your arms as you do so.
Walking out of the building and to the small cafe next to the studio Mason was silent, he never grabbed your hand when you were walking either, something he always did.
Once you had sat down and ordered you thought it was time to speak up, "Are you mad at me?" you ask as you feel anxiety boil through you at what's answer could be.
"No." is all he says as he carries on scrolling though his phone.
"Mase, can you look at me when were talking?" mason just huffs at this as he shuts his phone of placing it back in his pocket.
"What the hell is wrong with you? You haven't seen me for 7 weeks and turn up acting like this." you question, as you watch mason rub his temples.
"You was the one who invited me here." He groans.
"No, I invited my kind, sweet, funny boyfriend Mason Mount, but clearly he's missed his flight." You huff as you try defend of the tears that were brewing in your eyes.
There was a silence that lingered after that, Mason knew he was being rude but he couldn't help it, the idea of the woman that he loved being touched by someone else mad him sick and angry.
"Are you sleeping with someone else?" Mason blurted out as he raised his head to look into your eyes.
You sat there, you're mouth wide open in shock of what he had just said, "Are you being serious right now?"
"Well you can't blame me, y/n? You and Daniel seem pretty close." he replied, his eyes liked daggers as he tried to keep composure.
"Oh my god! You just won't drop it will you? I told you them photos were not what they looked like I don't understand-" you say rising your hands in the air, your face turning red with anger.
"Its not just that though is it? You too are pretty close in general, and the fancy green knickers in your bathroom don't help either." Mason says as he crossed his arm, leaning back in his chair.
"What have my knickers got to do with this?" You scoffed.
"Well who are you wearing them for, considering I'm not around-" But you cut I'm off before he could finish.
"You are so insecure its unbelievable." you scoff once more as the tears were now theratening to spill and you don't think you could hold them back.
"Can you blame me when you act the way you do?" He replied.
"Whats that's supposed to mean?"
"I just mean- I mean, maybe you should be with Daniel, he older than me, more mature, your probably be way happier." Mason said, he didn't mean it, you knew that, but his words sting.
You sat up as you grabbed your bag, "If I wanted to be with Daniel then I would, this convocation alone is showing your age." You search through your bag for a pair of sunglasses to wear, so the paparazzi that were swarmed outside wouldn't see you crying.
"Im sick off this, mason. Don't talk to me unless your prepared to grow up." You stand up and walk out of the cafe.
Masons heart shattered as he watched you walk out the door, he knew he shouldn't even be questioning it, but he couldn't help it. He sat in the cafe for a little while longer before deciding to walk back to the studio to find you and apologise.
When Mason waked back into the studio he wondered around for a while, until he found a door with your name written on it, he assumed that was your office and gently knocked on the door, Mason heard you're faint little "Just a second" come from the other side.
When you opened the door Mason noticed your red puffy eyes and it hurt him to know he had upset you, "I think I've grown up, if you want to talk." he faintly smiles as you open the door wider.
"Doubt It" you mumble as you walk back over to your desk and sit on it.
"Im really sorry y/n, I really am."
"I don't really know what to say mase." you sigh, rubbing your temples.
"I just, I've missed you, so much. And seeing you all cosy with other men, I just, I got jealouse." Mason admits.
"But you don't trust me?" You ask him.
"Its not that I don't trust you, because I do, I know you would never cheat I don't even know why I said that-"
You cut him off and spoke up "You don't need to explain yourself mason, I understand, but you need to understand that I'm with you for a reason. Im with you because I want to, I love you, and your the one for me, no matter your age" You sympathetically smile back.
"I really am sorry though."
"Its okay" you say as you open your arms, engolfing him in a hug.
"I think we should go back to the hotel, and you can put on one of your prettiest dresses so I can take you out and show you off, let everyone one know your mine." mason smiles as he pecks your lips.
"I'd love that Mase. Im yours, no one else's"
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gorctzka · a day ago
Could you write something where you've known mason since you were a kid through your brother and he's always had a crush on you and you haven't seen him in a while and now you're both older he confesses and makes a move. Thank you! I love your writing! :)
thank you so much anon!! hope it meets your expectations <3
secret admirer - mason mount x reader
notes: i kinda wrote more verbatim speech this time and less details? so idk if that’s good too,, we’ll see i guess
word count: 1.2k
Tumblr media
“Oh my God, Y/N?” someone said near you as you visited one of the bakeries in your neighbourhood, as you had done every morning since you were little. It became a kind of routine to get the same coffee before you went to work - or to school when you were younger. When you looked up, you caught sight of your brother’s old childhood friend, “Mason?”
“I never thought I’d see you again!” He beamed as he sat down across from you at the small table. “Damn, you’ve changed so much I almost didn’t recognise you” laughing at the fact that he met you in the same bakery you went to together all the time many years ago.
“Didn’t think you’d remember me”
“Oh, come on, as if I could ever forget a face like that.” you blushed slightly at his comment, thoughts of him as a child running through your mind, as well as all the times you went to school together or when you were at your brothers and Mason’s football practice, always cheering them on. And because Mason was one of your brother’s best friends, you also became something like friends, although you never had a real connection, the only one being your brother.
“You’ve changed a lot too, I mean from the little boy with the long hair and braces to this,” you said as you motioned him up and down, eliciting a shy laugh from him. “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” asked Mason with his usual grin, which you recognized immediately as it didn’t change at all.
“Definitely a good thing” causing him to raise his eyebrow at you and making you question what you’ve just said, “Not that you didn’t look good then, but I mean— you look older now, out of puberty” mentally slapping you for acting so awkward in front of him, instead he thought it was cute to see you blush and get nervous, like he always had thought. You always had this special way about you, just being different from everyone else, but in a positive way. And he couldn’t help but see in you the girl he stupidly had a crush on years ago, as your smile was the same one and still made his eyes light up.
“Anyway, what are you doing here? My brother mentioned that you moved away?” You take a moment as he speaks to sip your coffee and sort out your thoughts. “Oh yes, I did, though not far away. And I’m here to visit my parents, so I thought I’d bring my mum this cake she loves so much.”
“She still does?”
“Absolutely, wants it for every fucking birthday of hers.” which pulled a laugh from you as you remembered that he never liked that specific cake his mother always got when they visited. “Shit, I already have to go, can’t be late for work..” you said with a quick glance at your phone, only now realising that you had been sitting in the bakery for far too long.
“Oh... where’s your workplace?” Mason asked you, not wanting to end the conversation yet as he got up and pushed the chair back under the table while you put on your jacket. “Basically just down the road, have to walk for about 20 minutes.”
“Yeah, I can’t afford a car yet, but it’s actually nice to walk there, it gets me moving a bit.” you smiled as he still looked stunned to hear that you walk to work every day.
“Not today. I’ll drive you there, just give me a minute to get the cake for my mother” Mason went over to the till and ordered everything he needed. “I’m fine with walking too, you don’t have to do that.”
“But I want to. If you want that too?”
“Sure. Thank you” sending him your lovely smile as he opened the door for you and let you walk past him, out of the bakery and away from the sweet smell of pastries. “No problem”
“Soo, I guess that car over there is yours?” pointing to the only clean and prosperous-looking car on the road. “Wonder how you could have guessed that” he grumbled as he opened the car and you both got in.
“How does it feel?” you murmured, which made him furrow his brows as he started the engine and signalled you to enter the address. “How does what feel?”
“Having thousands of girls on their knees for you” pulling a snort from him, “You say that as if I didn’t have them in my final year of Secondary School already.” Mason laughed in the same cocky tone he had back then.
“I certainly didn’t have a crush on you,” you looked over at him instead of looking out the window and saw his lips tilt up slightly, “Oh, as if.”
“Listen, Mount, not every girl in this world fancies you.”
“I did”
“You did what? Fancy yourself?”
“You—” he said as his voice broke with embarrassment and his cheeks flushed, somehow wishing he had kept his mouth shut but his ego was bigger than that. “I had a crush on you.” his statement made you gasp overdramatically but your insides burned with excitement because you couldn’t lie that he looked ridiculously hot and was apparently still the polite guy you knew, which you always appreciated about him. “No way, seriously?!”
“Of course, I mean, have you looked at yourself? I’d be an idiot if I didn’t have a crush on you.” he stopped at a red light and gave you a look that made you bite your cheeks to suppress the feverish smile when he did. “Anyway. How’s your life going in general at the moment?” Mason asked as he looked back down the road and quizzed you about your life for the rest of the ride.
“Thank you so much for driving me.” you thanked him after he parked the car in front of your workplace and you reached for the car door. “Wait, wait, wait” Mason said as he got out of the car, making you stop your movement. Chuckling to yourself as he walked over and opened the car door for you, “What a gentleman”
“Oh, and here...” he handed you his phone, on which a new contact was opened, named after you, before telling you to enter your number. “There you go.” you said after handing him back his phone.
“Thanks. We could meet up later this week if you want. I don’t know we could get something to eat… watch a movie...”
“A date?”
“Yeah, I mean— if that’s what you want, of course, otherwise we’ll just skip the movie part.” he muttered to himself, which made you grin, because you had that effect on him that made him nervous, and that certainly didn’t happen often. “I would love to go on a date with you”
“Great!” letting out a nervous laugh, trying to hide his excitement, “I mean, okay. Cool, I’ll text you then.” he corrected himself before pulling you into a hug and saying goodbye to each other, a grin on his face for the rest of the day as he was about to have a date with his teenage crush.
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l4ndoodie · a day ago
Night - Mason Mount
hello beautiful people x as already announced I wrote something new with mister mount xx This is a bit dramatic but I kinda liked writing it. I’m so excited to know what y’all think! So Feedback is really appreciated! 🥰🥰🥰
Tumblr media
„What are you doing out here all alone?" I nearly jumped as I glanced over my shoulder to see where the voice was coming from.
Mason hid his hands in the pockets of his jacket while he stumbled over towards me. My heart was beating fast against my chest as I recovered from the scare. I blinked a few times as I watched him sit down beside me. And then I take my eyes away from him as I look down on the city underneath us. We sat on the rooftop of the building of Mason's and all his other friends favorite club. And while they loved clubbing, meeting their friends, sipping on overpriced cocktails and wearing all their fancy designer clothes, I couldn't be bothered. I didn't like clubs, I didn't like all the sweaty people, everyone getting drunk and the darkness, the techno tunes. It wasn't my kind of music nor was it my kind of scene.
So when I got asked to join I usually declined but sometimes I couldn't. Tonight was one of these times. In the beginning I stood beside the group we arrived with and sipped on one of the cocktails that Declan handed me but after they were on their third and I was still on my first, I couldn't be bothered anymore. It felt like no one even noticed me leaving when I excused myself to the bathroom and disappeared up here instead.
"Just enjoying the view," I admitted after a moment of silence and felt his eyes on me, so I slowly turned to look at him.
"It is pretty up here," he admitted, staring at me and I started becoming nervous under his gaze. "I didn't even knew this place here was a thing."
"I didn't either until the party at the beginning of the season," I admitted and his eyes widened.
"You came here ever since?" he asked and I quickly nodded in reply. "Why? Do you not like to party?"
His question sounded rhetoric and I couldn't help but let a giggle escape my lips just like he did.
"It's not partying, it's just sipping on cocktails that cost as much as my whole weekly grocery spending, wearing expensive clothes and chatting with everyone, about someone else or the latest football news," I admitted and Mason laughed out at my small summary.
"Wow," he shook his head slightly with an amused grin still playing on his lips. "I didn't expected you to be this brutally honest."
"Sorry," I got out but he just chuckled.
"I suppose you're not completely wrong with this," he replied. "And I guess I understand why you're not having fun down there. Why did you agree coming then?"
"I can't really say no to you or Ben," I admitted quietly and Mason smiled so widely at me that it made my heart beat faster again.
"Good to know," he grinned which made me roll my eyes slightly.
"But the view isn't too bad," I quickly changed the topic and turned my eyes away from him.
"The company isn't either," he got out and I gulped as I felt my heart exploding against my chest.
It was quiet for a couple minutes and my head felt like spinning while my heart was beating fast against my chest.
"I didn't expect you here tonight," he admitted quietly and I closed my eyes for a moment.
"Why is that?" I asked back, ever so quietly.
"I didn't think he would let you go out," he replied and I could feel his eyes on me but I didn't dare to turn around towards him.
"So when I saw you I was happy but mostly relieved," he admitted and I felt my heart aching at his words. "But then you suddenly disappear and I grew worried again."
"You don't have to," I get out and dare to glance over towards him.
His eye brows are furrowed together and he frowns. I gulp as I stare at him but I take my eyes off of him quickly.
"Of course I do," he got out.
Mason was quick in grabbing for my hand but I didn't expected the move and so I jumped off of the small bench and stood beside it. My heart was beating fast and loud against my chest by now and tears have welled up in my eyes as I stare down at him. The face expression on his face reminds me of a night weeks ago. I was out with Ben, Declan, Mason and a few of their other friends. Differently to our usual nights I got drunk easily, mostly because I haven't eaten good enough before starting drinking. But Mason was good in taking care of me and while my head was spinning he sat beside me and held my hair back when I was throwing up. I always had a soft spot for him, but ever since that night it was different. It was a night full of brutally honesty and I didn't know who it hurt more. He asked me about the bruises on my wrist and because I always talked what was on my mind with alcohol rushing through my veins, he got it out of me that night as well. His face had this worried look on just like he did on the rooftop.
"Why did he let you go out tonight? Does he know you're here?" Mason asked and I gulped after I slowly sat down beside him again.
"He.. is out for this weekend," I admitted and turn my head so I could stare at him. "He is visiting his family back at home to attend a funeral."
"And he didn't take you with him?" Mason asked and I shook my head, even though it was quite obvious as I sat beside him.
"Thought I would be too embarrassing to present his family," I quietly whisper but Mason hears and his eyes went wide.
He moves closer to me and despite me not being good with body contact I let him engulf me in a hug and I closed my eyes as I nuzzle my head in his neck. Mason rubs my back carefully and I hold on his jacket, hoping this embrace would last longer. I haven't been this close to Mason often, but his smell seemed to calm my nerves down and his hug did as well. I felt safe like this which wasn't something I felt really often.
"How long is he gone? Until Sunday?" Mason asked as he pulled out of the embrace to stare at me and I quickly nodded in reply. "Stay with me then."
"What?" I ask and he slowly smiles as I blink a couple times and simply stare at him.
"Stay with me," he repeats himself. "This weekend. Stay with me."
"I can't just stay with you," I admit and shake my head slightly which makes him frown.
"Yes you can," he argues. "It's better than staying at your place. And I personally think I'm not the worst company."
A beginning of a smile started showing on my lips but before a full one could spread on my lips I press them together and depend on actually accepting his offer.
"But..what if he finds out?" I nervously ask and Mason sighs out.
"He won't," he replies. "I promise you, he won't. I will drive you home so you can get your stuff and I will wait in the car around the corner in case he installed some cameras or something. He won't notice that I've been with you. You could tell him you slept over at a friends house or your granny because you didn't wanna sleep alone."
I gulp and turn my head a little as I think about his words. Truthfully it was risky, but staying the weekend at Mason's also sounded too good to not accept it. He was watching me and I sighed before I turn my head to him once more.
"Okay," I quietly admit and Mason's lips finally turned into his usual grin again.
"Are you ready to go then?" he asks.
"Haven't you drunk anything?" I ask and he shrugs.
"I only drank one glass," he replied. "It wasn't much. I'll call us an uber to get us to my home. And then I can drive you home if you still need some stuff, but I can borrow you clothes and everything else as well."
"Thanks," I reply and nodded.
"Do you want me to drive you home?" he asked but I quickly shake my head.
"No," I reply. "Please let's just not go there."
"Of course," he replied with a small smile on his lips.
Mason was soft and careful as he grabbed for my hand and intertwined it with his. He gives my hand a squeeze before he gets up from the bench and I follow after him. We get back inside before we walk down the stairs and eventually leave the club to get outside once more. I was sure he has texted Declan already to let him know that both of us were leaving which I was glad about because I really didn't feel like going in there another time. Mason continues to hold onto my hand as we shortly wait for the uber, only when we get inside did he let go.
The ride wasn't on for too long and it was awfully quiet before we finally reached Mason's house and I quickly jumped out. Mason was quick in paying and then he stood beside me. I have been to his house before and even stayed a couple nights here with Ben and sometimes even friends of both of them. I still remember coming home after spending one night. In fact, I think I wouldn't be able to forget about it anytime soon. It made me shiver but I follow Mason towards the front door and inside once he unlocked the front door. It was still as cozy in here as I remembered it like.
"Are you hungry?" Mason asks after we got out of our shoes and he helped me out of my jacket. "I can cook you something but before I'll give you some of my clothes to change into something comfier, alright?"
"Okay," I reply and can't help but give him a small smile back.
Mason grabs for my hand again and this time I don't flinch away. I follow him up the stairs and towards his walk in closet. It takes him a moment before he grabs for a simple white shirt and a pair of chelsea joggers knowing how much I loved his club. I smile as he hands me his clothes.
"You can change in here, or my bedroom, whatever you want," he softly tells me. "I'll start cooking now. Is there anything you want?"
"Some pasta would be fine," I get out and he smiles as he quickly nods.
Mason is out of sight quickly but before he left he pulled me in a hug. Mason was one for body contact and despite me not being the best at it, I was trying my best with him. But it was easy with him. His embrace made me feel safe and calm and it was something I wasn't used to but graved for.
I knew this place well, I've been here a few times and even slept in Mason's bed after the night a few weeks prior. So I slowly left his walk in closet before I got in his bedroom and changed into his clothes. They were too big on me but I didn't mind. They were soft and smelled like him and I immediately felt better. With Mason I felt like I could let go, I felt my tensed muscles relaxing slowly. I put my ear rings and all of my bracelets that covered a few of the many scars, off and set them down on one of the nightstands. After I got into his bathroom and grabbed for a towel before I started washing my face and getting my make up off and as I was finally done I walked the stairs down and walked towards the kitchen. I could already smell onions and the typical smell of pasta while I walked over to Mason. I'm not sure if he heard me but I wrap my arms around him from behind which eventually makes him jump slightly and me to smile as I rest my head against his back.
"You scared the shit out of me," he breathes out and I giggle slightly.
"'m sorry," I mumble.
"Are you feeling better now that you changed into comfier clothes?" he asks and moves so I let go of him and watch him as he turns around to look at me.
"I feel so much better here already," I reply and he smiles.
"I'm glad," he grins and I give him a smile back. "I'm almost done with the food, do you wanna eat in the living room or upstairs?"
"Whatever you wanna do," I reply and he sighs which makes me smile slightly.
"Let's go upstairs," he nods before he turns back towards the counter.
Mason is fast in finishing up the pasta before he puts everything in two bowls and hands me one. He puts everything off before we get out of his kitchen and get upstairs to his bedroom instead. We settle in his bed and start eating after Mason put the tv on.
"You look cute in my clothes," Mason admitted after we finished eating and put the bowls on his nightstand.
"I love the joggers," I admitted. My head was rested on my hands as we laid facing each other. "I would love to keep them."
Mason chuckles which makes my heart beat faster as I send him a smile back.
"They're my favorites as well," he admits. "But maybe I'll let you borrow them some times."
"You know I can't, even though I want to," I reply and he sighs as he looks into my sad face.
"Then you'll have them when you're here," he argues and I bit down on my bottom lip. "And don't even fight with me saying you're not coming here again. Yes you are."
"I am," I reply. "Even though it's the riskiest and most hurtful thing I can do."
"I want to protect you better," he admits and I sigh.
"There's nothing you can do," I say and shake my head. "There's nothing I want you to do. It's too dangerous and he would take it out on me."
Mason rubs his face before he takes them away and carefully places them on my hips. He pulls me closer towards him and I slowly smile at how soft he was with  me. Mason leans his head against mine and I could feel the warmth of his body so close to mine.
"Let's just... focus on this weekend," he breathes out. "There's nothing better than spending this weekend just with you."
"Not even Fifa or Fortnite?" I ask and he chuckles as he leans away and stares at me.
"Definitely not," he smiles and I sigh out contently.
Mason tugs a strand of hair behind my ear that fell into my face and I softly smile at him. Mason has never kissed me before but I couldn't deny that it wasn't something I have already thought about. So when he leans in, he was slow but I didn't move until his lips finally laid on mine and my whole body felt like it was building itself back together.
"Better than my imagination," he whispers against my lips and I giggle before I kiss him again.
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ladymarycrawley · 2 days ago
Two can play that game - Mason Mount
Request: one where mason beats you at video games all the time and you get so upset about it, so when you finally beat him you are so happy that you didn’t even notice he just so that he could see you smile
Tag list: @masonxomount​
Tumblr media
“Ok, what am I gonna beat you at this time?” You glare at Mason’s cocky words. 
It’s undeniable he’s better than you at playing video games, as it’s the fact that you can’t win a single game you play against him.
You’re a bit of a sore loser and every time you suffer a defeat your boyfriend mocks you for two days straight; at first it did bother you (the silent treatment is the least thing you could give him) but, even though you got used to it, it still makes you a bit upset.
You roll your eyes while staring at the shelf where all the games are neatly placed as you try to pick which game to play.
“Mhh…this one” You say taking Mario Kart out of its place.
“Mario Kart? Do you even know who Super Mario is?”
“Yes, you son of a -” You throw a pillow at him  who protects himself with his arms.
“Woah baby chill out. It looks like someone is ready to fight”
“You bet!” You say, taking your seat in the playing chair next to him. “I have good vibes today”
“You said it also when I beat you bad at FIFA last week”
Another glare in his direction, as you do an impression of him with a silly voice.
Mason giggles and gently shoves you to the side.
“Don’t touch me”
“Pardon me?”
“I said don’t touch me”
“Fine...I’ll keep that in mind tonight”
His hint to your cuddles and more intimate moments makes you blush, as a cocky grin draws on his lips.
“Come on, what will the winner get as a prize?”
“A kiss”
“Just a kiss?”
“And some sweets”
“Do I look like a kid to you?”
“Yes, you’re my fave kid ever” You whisper a few millimeters away from his lips with an amused smile. A peck on his lips before starting the game.
Soon after pressing the new game button, laughter, screams and profanities fill the room. You are screaming at your character on the screen while Mason laughs at you for being so caught up in the moment. 
The sight of your focused expression on the race displayed on the screen, with the tip of your tongue between your lips in concentration, your fingers frantically moving on the controller warms his heart: even if playing video games is not your cup of tea, you accept to do it just because you know he loves it and you love to spend some time with him, doing a thing he likes and which relaxes him.
That’s why he decides to let you win this time, as an acknowledgement for all the love and commitment you put in a thing you do for him only. And because he wants to see you smile.
Mason abruptly presses the wrong button on the controller so his car is now off-road and automatically the win goes to you.
“YASSS I WON '' You jump up from your chair and start a silly victory dance around the room. “Mount I beat you!”
“That was just the first race. I want revenge!”
“Ok honey, as I beat you now I can beat you 10 other times as well”
“I’m ready”
For the rematch you decide to tease your boyfriend sitting on his lap.
“I’m ready too”
“Please babe, I don’t need any distraction”
“I just need to make the game a little harder, where’s the fun in it?”
Mason makes a grunt against your ear as you smile mischievously.
"You know you'll deal with the consequences of your actions later, right?" 
"I can't wait for your punishment" Before grabbing the controller back to play another round he places a kiss on your nape, sending goosebumps all over your body.
Your body automatically relaxes onto his, leaning your back against his chest as your forehead rubs his neck.
"You'll cook dinner for a week if I win again"
"I already do it"
"Ordering take-out doesn't count as cooking, Mount"
He rubs the back of his neck.
"Ok, fine. If I win, you'll have to cook dinner in that blue lingerie set. I'll tease you and you'll have to go on cooking no matter what"
You widen your eyes at his taunt.
"You're unbelievable" 
You set your eyes back on the screen as your boyfriend looks at you with a smirk, meaning he was up to no good.
Bet you know who's going to prevail...
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threelionsgirl · 2 days ago
Hey can you write an imagine about the reader being in little mix and mason is asked about her in a interview and he explains on how proud of her he is.
proud of my girl | mason mount
Tumblr media
warnings: fluffy!
word count: 525
notes: i loved this but, i’m sorry, it got a little short, I was not very inspired 🥴
The only interviews Mason usually gave were the ones after a game, when the journalists bombarded him with questions about the match and his performance. This time was no different, Chelsea had just won a Premier League game, and he, as one of the great highlights of the match, was chosen to meet the press.
The questions were almost always the same: whether he was happy with his performance, the difficulties of the game, analysis of the tactical scheme, opinions about Thomas Tuchel's work, the score of the game, discussions with other players, etc. But when a reporter took the lead and pointed the microphone at him, it was a little different.
"So, Mason, we wanted to congratulate you on your great efforts in today's match." She says with a subtle approach.
"Thank you." He replies with a smile, always very polite.
"But we also want to know your feelings about something. Recently, your girlfriend, Y/N with her girl band, Little Mix, received her first US Grammy nomination in history with her latest single. Did you hear about it?" That was a surprise question for him, usually in those interviews reporters never asked personal questions, but BT Sports always used to go further. After he and Y/N had publicly assumed their relationship, questions about it had become more common. He didn't mind, Mason loved to talk about his girlfriend publicly and stress how much he was in love with her.
"Of course I did. I don't have much time to read everything that comes out in the entertainment music world, but I was the first person Y/N called after the announcement." He smiled remembering the moment. He had been training in Cobham and at lunchtime he had taken a few minutes to talk to Y/N, that's when she had called him, vibrant, to tell him about the nomination. Perhaps she had only been happier the day he asked her to be his girlfriend.
"Do you think you are part of her accomplishments?" He didn't need much time to answer, it was an easy question.
"Yeah, I feel like part of me grows with her, and she grows with me, we're always supporting each other in our own way. She was so happy about the nomination, she said even if she doesn't win, it's a reason to be proud."
"You must be very proud of her, right?"
"You bet, I'm very proud of my girl!" Mason pulled the widest of smiles that drew sighs from a few people around. He was sweaty, cold and hot at the same time, really needing a shower, but he felt it necessary to dedicate those minutes to Y/N.
"That's very cute, we wish the couple the best, thank you for your time, Mason."
"I appreciate it." He smiled once more before saying goodbye and walking to the players' tunnel to the locker room.
It was no sacrifice for Mason to show how much he loved his girlfriend on a national network. In the locker room, his cell phone beeped madly with so many loving messages from Y/N, because for her, It was no sacrifice to watch all the interviews.
🏷 taglist: @mountchilly
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masonm19 · 2 days ago
this isn’t what was meant to happen // mason mount
genre: smut
You were sat next to Mason at a fancy work function surrounded by his Chelsea teammates and their partners, desperately trying to focus on the conversation you were having with Ben. But all you could focus on were the vibrations coming from the vibrator Mason was currently controlling from his phone. Your hand was gripped firmly on his knee, trying to gain some sort of control over yourself, refusing to let him win the bet where you swore you wouldn’t cum in front of everyone, but with every buzz Mason gave you you were sure that everyone could tell. And safe to say your boyfriend certainly wasn’t making it any easier.
“It’s a shame we have to be here right now” he chucked into your ear, “if we weren’t I could be fucking that pretty little pussy of yours.”
“Mase, not now” you warned, to which he only laughed again, finding amusement in the way you still genuinely thought you stood a chance.
“I bet you’re so fucking wet right now aren’t you pretty girl? You like trying not to cum in front of everyone here?”
You didn’t respond but just sent daggers in his direction, knowing that you couldn’t hold on much longer, and you certainly didn't want to come undone in front of all of his colleagues, something he was making a very difficult task as he increased the strength of the vibrations circling your clit. As Ben finishes up his story, you fake laugh and excuse yourself to the bathroom. 
“She ok?” Ben asks.
Mason feigns ignorance, and says he will go check up on you. You hear a knock on the door, and try to reply but all you can manage is a whimper.
“You better not be doing anything in there princess, you’re not to cum until I say so.”
“Mase I can’t hold it in any longer, please”
“Let me in then”
You unlock the door, and pull Mason into the bathroom with you. He grabs you by the shoulders and pins you against the door, holding your wrists up together.
“This wasn’t what was meant to happen was it?” he taunting whispers against your ear, “You were supposed to let me play with you, and you were to cum if you wanted to lose, but you, you angel, decided to be a needy little brat, break the rules of our again and run off to hide in here.” His other hand is tight on your jaw, making sure you understood every little word he says.
“I’m sorry Mase, please just take me home.”
His lips graze your neck while his voice is layered in something you can’t detect. “If that’s what you really want.”
All you could reply with was his name. He takes your hand in his, and walks over to the guys telling them you guys are gonna leave early due to him feeling unwell. A sickly sweet, innocent smile is plastered on his face while the two of you say your goodbyes, but it’s gone the second you leave the room. He opens the door for you to get into the car, his eyes like lasers burning into your skin. The hand that so usually holds yours, or rests on your knee is now gripping the steering wheel, and you knew Mason was pissed off. 
Once you got home and inside the tension between you two was palpable. His silence was deafening as you take off your shoes and coat, him watching your every move. Unable to stand it any longer, you turn to face him, the two of you almost nose to nose. He stares you up and down, before his eyes land on yours.
“You’re gonna go upstairs, princess, take off your clothes and wait for me on the bed ok? I’ll be 5 minutes.”
You nod slowly and make your way upstairs like you were told, take off your clothes and lay down waiting for him. Heavy footsteps make their way up the stairs and into your bedroom. Instead of crawling his way over to you like he normally would, Mason just simply stands at the foot of the bed.
“You couldn’t help yourself could you? You were being such a brat that you took me away from my event because you were horny?”
“Mase I’m sorr-”
“Lie down and stop talking”
He picks up the vibrator that you left on the bedside table, and reattaches it to your clit. 
“You wanted to cum baby? Well then you’re gonna cum for me.”
Immediately you feel the vibrations, him having put it on the highest setting. A string of whispers of his name fill the air, you unable to think of anything else but the man who was hovering over you watching everything you did, from the rise and fall of your chest, the slight arch of your back, to the way your legs refused to stay apart. Noticing this, the grabs each thigh, forcing them to spread so that he can see your dripping pussy. 
“You look good enough to eat”
“Eat me then”
“Don’t try your luck”
Every limb becomes heavier, his face looks more heavenly with every second passing and you knew you were close. Bucking into the device, every area of your body is set alight as you cum, the sounds coming out of your mouth letting him know how good you feel. 
Expecting him to turn the vibrator off, it keeps going, and you realise you’re in for a long night. This time though, Mason decides to help you along, placing his mouth over one of your nipples and blowing gently. Hearing you mewl gently, he takes the tip of his tongue and licks your hardened tip in circles, and moves his other hand to squeeze your other boob.
“mase, please that feels so good”
“you want me to keep going”
“please - please”
Upon your request, he places him mouth on you, sucking this time. Your hands find their way to his hair, grateful for his decision to grow it out as it makes it so much easier to tug on. You give him a slightly too hard tug when a particular vibration hits you, causing him to little nibble on your nipple in response. Your pussy is soaked by this point, begging for some attention from Mason but you know better than to ask.
His free hand moves to your neck and he presses lightly, causing you to spiral. The feeling of pressure coming from all areas is too much for you to handle, and you feel your second orgasm approach.
A wail flies out your mouth, your body thrashing against Mason on top of you, it somehow feeling even better than the first one.
“Mase, fuck me. Please, I just want you inside me”
Without a word, he slowly pushes himself inside of you, a groan coming out of him from the feeling of just how wet you were. He purposely went slow, trying to tease you for your little show earlier, so you knew you were going to have to say something to get the reaction out of him that you wanted. You lean up to him, licking up his neck and nibbling on the shell of his ear.
“Fuck me like the slut I am.”
Mason sputters, unsure whether to stare at you forever, or to fuck the living daylight out of you. He went for the latter. He pounds into you so hard the headboard sounds like it’s going to shatter the wall. His hands grip your hips so hard that you know you’ll have bruises in the morning, moving you up and down to meet his thrusts, treating you like his own personal fuckdoll. With every movement both of you let out a noise, his grunts and groans joining your moans of his name. The feeling of his cock inside you and the vibrator on your clit is enough to send you into overdrive, the overstimulation sending you wild. Feeling your walls begin to squeeze him, Mason knows you’re close and begins to somehow fuck you even harder, trying to get himself to his high to catch up with you. 
Screaming out his name, the world goes white as the two of you cum together. Mason slows down his thrusts, watching his cum leak out of you before pushing it back in, proud of the mess he had made of both of you. Your eyes close slightly, tired from the three orgasms he had given you.
“Wake up princess, I’m not finished with you yet.”
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Walking Away | Mason Mount x Reader
I feel evil. What a way to return to the dash.
Tumblr media
y/n stared at the snapchat that had brought a smile to her lips, it wasn’t from the person it should have been from, and she’d allowed herself to become lazy, letting out suppressed laughs around Mason whenever she received something from Joe. 
She didn’t know how to feel; she and Mason had been together for a year and a half, and for all that she loved him endlessly, she didn’t love him truly anymore. The two of them had drifted without doubt, their relationship feeling more like they were best friends who had sex as opposed to two people who were enamoured with each other. 
Joe had come into her life recently, finding her through a mutual friend who Mason didn’t know all too well, and when they had initially started chatting it had seemed harmless, but as soon as it was harmless it then wasn’t, and y/n found her heart beating at his messages, and not Mason’s anymore. 
Technically she hadn’t done anything that could have been proved wrong, and Mason hadn’t even noticed at first, but then he started to and y/n realised that she had to be more careful. However, as he started to notice his nature changed, and he became more distant, cold and evasive, thinking about the possibilities of what could be happening over anything else, over trying to fix things, over asking her why.
It was the same that night as they were at the crowded club, y/n not wanting to be there, but Mason looked more than happy as he chatted away with a group of girls. 
One of the reasons as to why she knew she didn’t love him in the same way anymore was unfolding right in front of her eyes, she didn’t feel contempt for him, she didn’t feel jealousy, she didn’t feel the need to rush over there and wrap his arms around her waist. y/n just sighed and checked her phone again, responding to an ongoing conversation. 
‘How about that drink?’
Mason had called her time and time again an hour or so after she had left, only then realising her absence, and he knew what he had done, little did he know what she was doing. It was now half-midnight and he heard the click of the front door and the footsteps echo through the halls, knowing it was her who was back. He watched, anger clear on his expression as she smiled and texted away on her phone. 
“Where the fuck have you been?” he grunted, leaning forwards on the kitchen counter, his hands gripping it tightly. 
y/n looked up momentarily, her mind rushing for the excuse that had dropped out of her head now that she was with Mason, “well, I didn’t really fancy watching what was going on with you and all those girls so I went for a drink with the girls.” She murmured. 
“That’s a lie, I called all of them.” Mason knew it, he felt his heart break as he listened to her blatant mistruths. His anger soared, “who was that you were just texting? Someone I should know about?”
“Mason,” y/n breathed as she took a couple steps closer, caution in her body language. 
“Don’t lie to me, you’ve been texting him for months now.” Mason snapped, pushing himself off the counter and walking around it to face her. 
“Have you been checking my phone or something?”
“No y/n,” Mason chuckled, “I don’t even know this guys name.”
“So how can you accuse me of something like this?” She tried to argue back, but she didn’t have it in her anymore.
Mason’s expression changed and he gave her a sympathetic but broken smile, it was hard for both of them, he knew she wasn’t intentionally hurting him. “I’m not accusing you y/n, we both know it’s true.”
There was a silence that rung out through the kitchen, encapsulating the two of them; that was it, the next word would be the crack in the glass that ended their relationship and they both knew it. y/n wanted to stay like that, savour the image of him, what she had once had and what she had now let go of. 
“You’re right,” she croaked, tears welling in her eyes, “but nothing has ever happened, we just went for one drink, tonight, that’s all.” y/n urged as she carefully grew closer to him. 
Mason tried to keep it together, “you know how I knew?” Mason asked as he placed a hand on her forearm sending chills up y/n’s spine. She gulped and shook her head, her tears still welling as she felt their relationship flash in front of her eyes in a second. “He makes you smile the way I used to, and that’s all I ever want for you y/n/n.”
“Mase,” she managed to croak out as a tear ran down her face, his eyes beginning to brim too. “I never wanted to hurt you like this.”
“You have to walk away y/n, because if you don’t then I will, and we both know that I’ll come running back. Go, go and be happy.”
“You do make me happy though,” she attempted to console as she placed a hand on his shoulder. 
“Not--Not in the way that he does my love, so go and please be happy. We’re better off without each other,”
y/n managed to stifle a cry as she turned her head away, not even registering the sound of her phone buzzing, but Mason did and looked to her hand, causing her eyes to follow his as his name appeared on the screen. 
“I won’t blame you or ever hate you for walking away y/n/n, do what’s best for you.” He managed to say before lifting his lips to her forehead. 
“You’re making it impossible for me to do this Mason, I can’t leave you, not like this.” She trembled, “just one last night, like I’m not going anywhere, like this isn’t happening, I’m begging you.” 
Mason allowed the tears to spill as he shook his head causing y/n’s heart to break into a million pieces, but she knew she had done this to herself. 
“It will be easier when you’re out of the door, I promise you baby.” Mason said shakily, his eyes closing as she wiped the tears from his cheeks. 
So, with that as she took the last steady breath barely in his arms, y/n stepped back and turned away, walking to the door reluctantly. She could hear his footsteps fall into line with hers and it was making her want to turn and jump back into his arms, but y/n knew she had hurt him too much already and it was time for her to do the right thing. 
She opened the door and quickly shut it, Mason could hear her head fall back against it as a broken whimper emerged from her lips. His heart was shattering by the second, resting his fist upon the door as her supported his body that was raking with sobs. 
“I’ll always love you Mason,” she managed to say, before he heard the footsteps again as she began walking away. 
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Missing them so much :(
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spit in my mouth spit in my mouth x
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