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annakie · 28 days ago
Mass Effect Legendary Edition Modding Post
Finished my first playthrough of ME1LE last night.  I did get most of the way through the game on release (Well, everything through Therum/Feros/Noveria including most side missions) but decided to wait for the modders to do their magic before finishing.  So I put LE on hold and did a bunch of other gaming before coming back to it a few weeks ago now that ME3TweaksModManager and the modding tools had been out awhile.
There’s been a ton of great mods released so far, and several of the big modding projects are working on being remade for the LE games.  But LE1 felt like enough had come out that modding was ready to be played.  So here’s what I installed and what it did.
Going to start with the bigger ones which are most highly rec’d, and end with the ones that are more about personal taste.
Mod Manager
First of all, you just need ME3Tweaks Mod Manager to install the mods.  It’s pretty easy to set up, and to use.  If you have a paid account to NexusMods, you can even download mods directly from the website to the mod manager.  Be sure you import the mod, and then on the main menu Apply Mod to install it and choose options, if available.
Also, launching the game from the Mod Manager launches you right into whichever game you’re on in the MM at the time, bypassing splash screens and the game selection screen.  Much faster.
LE1 Community Patch
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If you don’t install any other mod, at least install this one.  Tons of bug fixes, lore fixes, etc.  Has it always bugged you that Kaidan wears heavy armor in the Eden Prime drop scene?  Fixed.  Know how it makes no sense that Elanos Haliat is a human when clearly he should be a Turian? Fixed.  So many little things are fixed.  Install, and enjoy a much more lore friendly and less buggy game.
A Lot Of Videos (ALOV) for LE1
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(Including optional Relay Jump Remaster)  Psst... Bioware did not, in fact, upscale all the cutscene videos for LE.  (I actually helped a little at the beginning of the ALOV project but had some stuff come up so I couldn’t finish helping, but I definitely saw how they were all still mostly in like 1440 or 1080.)  So the ALOV team painstakingly did all that work which Bioware should have done in the first place.  Truly upscaled 4k cutscenes, for all 3 games.  Thanks modders. 
Saren Stages
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This is so good.  It’s so, so good.  One of the things that over and over again we’ve all said is how it should have been done in the first place is now... done.  Saren starts the game looking just a little different than a “normal” Turian, but not obviously a guy with tubes and mechanics sticking out of him.  When he meets with the council, he’s wearing a robe over body so what little reaperized bits he has are covered.  He looks a little different on Virmire, before looking fully changed finally on the Citadel, where his appearance actually feels shocking.  Really well done, actually lore-friendly, makes Nihilus and the Council not look like complete morons for not asking why someone they’ve known for many years is now half machine.
Pinnacle Station DLC
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Where, once again, Bioware failed, the modders succeeded.  Made a post about this recently with screenshots.  But yes, the full DLC, some of it ported in, some of it completely remade, is now seamlessly integrated into the game.  Sure, it’s a couple of hours of inconsequential fighting with a few rewards, but if you miss it, it’s amazing that it exists at all in the LE now.
Same-Gender Romances for LE1
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You probably already know what this does.  Do you want to play MShep and romance Kaidan from LE1?  Or Femshep/Ashley?  Here ya go, fully doable with virtually no difference from the het ship.
But even if you are romancing Liara, or doing Femshep/Kaidan or MShep/Ashley, or doing no ME1 romance at all, I still highly rec this mod. 
Because of the way Bioware designed the dialog wheel, it’s really hard to know what lines exactly trigger the romances, thus accusations of being “ninjamanced” (or starting a romance with a character you didn’t want to just by being nice to a companion) were born.  This mod really helps avoid that.  Read the description and you can easily tell exactly what lines to avoid using to stop the romance from triggering.  You’ll want to make sure you do this for all of the 3 companions you don’t plan on romancing.
There was also a bug in Liara’s dialog in the base game that DIDN’T stop the romance from triggering even if you selected the right dialog.  The LE1 Community Patch fixed this, but even if you don’t install it, this mod also fixes it.
Galaxy Map Trackers
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Marks UNC missions you’ve unlocked on the Galaxy Map.  Definitely does get a bit cluttered until you start knocking out those missions, but really worth it.
Charted Worlds
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Reveals ALL of the mineral and misc. locations on all the planetary maps from the start.  No more driving around planets hoping you find everything, if you feel like you need to clear everything on every planet.  I don’t have a screenshot of a planetary map, so take this pretty Mako screenshot instead.
Mission Timings
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“This mod delays the Council's message about Virmire until all three initial missions (Therum, Feros, and Noveria) are completed, rather than delivering the message after only two of the three are completed. It also delays Kahoku's message about Cerberus until Feros and Noveria are completed, since UNC: Cerberus features enemies introduced in both missions.“
The timeline feels more natural, and forces the Cerberus questline make more sense, imho.  Enjoy the screenshot of one of the Cerberus bunkers since it’s hard to actually have a screenshot for this mod.
No Sexual Harassment
Tumblr media
A few choices here to remove some of the sexism directed towards Femshep in various areas of the game, and another to remove the Consort stroking your face.  I’ve always hated the face stroking, my Shep would have definitely taken a polite step back there.  So to be able to have a calm interaction with the Consort, who I otherwise like, without the touching was great. 
I didn’t remove the sexist dialog, I personally feel like it’s part of Harkin’s personality and just more fuel to dislike him, and I like Femshep standing up for herself.   But I love that it’s an option for those who choose to install it.
Travel & Convenience:
N7 Mako and Unlimited Sprint and Boost - The Mako is better in LE1.  These mods make planet travel much better. And also very long sprint (as long as your weapon is out) is really nice, if immersion breaking, to make it around the hubs faster.
Normandy Rapid Transit - Adds a Normandy option to Citadel Fast Travel to land you at the docking bay if you want to avoid the elevator.  I didn’t use it much, since I like the elevator in LE1 now, but it was nice to have the option.
Skip Minigames - I saw the spinny blocks minigame exactly once the whole game (on Noveria while breaking into the office near Lorik Qui’in’s office.)   Aside from that, every minigame cost 0 Omnigel to skip.  It was so, so nice.  
Equipment & Appearance:
Iconic Fashion Party - All companions stay in their Iconic armor look (N7 Onyx for Shepard, Phoenix for Ashley, Non-N7 Onyx for Kaidan, Agent for Garrus, etc.) no matter what armor you are actually wearing.  Removes options of having your entire team in Phoenix armor if that’s your thing.  But everyone has a consistent look throughout the game and nobody will ever have to sport banana colored armor just to survive.  Will still change the look from Light --> Medium --> Heavy armor when you/companions can equip heavier armor though.
Morlan’s Famous Iconic Armor Shop - Adds another store to Morlan that only sells iconic armor (see above).  Not really necessary if you just want to keep them in the look if you have Iconic Fashion Party installed, but it IS another shop where you can find better armor, especially for like, Tali, who can be really hard to find armor for if the RNG isn’t nice.  So why not install it?
Black Market License - Adds additional armors and weapons into the game which, TBH, are probably overpowered, or at least equal to Spectre gear.  The armor will override Iconic Fashion Party but the stats are great, and it’s a unique look that isn’t in the basegame naturally.  Adds a license to the Normandy Quartermaster so that he sells these items, as well.
Elements of Comparative Weaponry - Makes weapon stats more accurate and make more sense. 
Casual Hubs for LE1
Lets you and your companions wear your Normandy outfit on the Citadel.  The only thing is that you still have your guns on your back if you’re at a part of the game where you still might fight on the Citadel, so it’s a bit immersion breaking there.  Will have you in casuals in Port Hanshan once fighting there is done (so like if you go back after completing Peak 15.)
Also puts Garrus and Wrex in casual outfits on the Normandy, as well as the hubs.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dr. Heart Experiments
Tumblr media
Just a small non-texture mod that uses a different model on Dr. Heart’s ships for the failed experiments.  Does not un-vanilla the game.  Sorry for the dark screenshot, THEY’RE ALL DARK.  I took my photomode screenshots for color, not clarity. :)
ME3 Alliance Armor for LE1
Tumblr media
Puts the generic marines (and a few named ones) throughout the game in more lore-friendly armor.  A few good customization options in this one. I had my on-duty soldiers guarding the Normandy in Alliance armor instead of their casual blues as well.
There are several hair mod options which also do not un-vanilla the game, many of which look really nice, but I chose not to use any for LE1, keeping her normal hair, going to use some for LE2/LE3.
There is ALOT for all of the LE games, adding in even better textures where they could be better.  As always, you cannot install other mods after installing textures without going through a restore process, so decide do do texture mods carefully and only when you’re done with other modding and have tested to make sure your game is stable.
I really didn’t feel like adding in textures for this run, though, so I could easily add more mods as they came out.  Maybe next time I play, once the modding scene has slowed.
There are many non-ALOT choice texture mods, like one that gives Benezia a full outfit, complexion textures for Shepard and companions, new outfits, etc.  Can’t wait to use them, later!
Also, there’s just like, a bunch of other mods on the Nexus that I didn’t use but others will probably like!  Just because I chose not to use something doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome.
Anyway, once again, thanks to the modders for making incredible contributions to fix the bugs, tweak the game to taste, and restore entire cut content.  If you’re on PC, I highly suggest giving modifying your game via mods a try.  The mods are mostly built around using ME3Tweaks / Mass Effect Modder, which were written from the ground up to be as stable and friendly as possible, so it’s pretty easy to keep a stable game if you follow directions.
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rngdshep · 2 months ago
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Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition + New Armors for Femshep LE1 (mod)
🌌 Happy N7 Day!!!
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ecstatichorror · 6 months ago
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More Alien Tali Photo
A simple texture replace mod for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition that replaces the new Tali "reveal" photo given to Shepard with one that is more alien. Inspired by fanart from Catie Rowley!
Download it Here
Full photo below the cut:
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mass-effect-anonymous · 3 days ago
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After finding a mod that removes Kai Lengs' dialogue, I can't play vanilla anymore. He's actually a better character when you don't have to listen to the cringe.
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fmfmods · 6 months ago
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they’re back! and now packaged properly as dlc! and retextured in higher resolution! the base mod adds 2 versions of the tank top with fatigues to both fem and bro shep closets; the other casual outfits are optional installs. For MELE3 only. Use ME3Tweaks Mod Manager to install. (Also available for advanced modders to download are texture files, if you’d like the outfits to come in a custom color/pattern.) COMING SOON: the full Buff FemShep mod, and an LE2 compatible version of the tank tops. 
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lethalhoopla · 2 months ago
*blasts through your wall like the Kool-Aid man* yes hello may we have the link to the Tali mod please
(Anon you are so valid)
Hood-down Tali is part of the Expanded Galaxy Mod!
EGM is one of the best ME mods out there. Total juggernaut of QoL fixes, including companion outfit options (Garrus, Tali, Liara, Kaidan, Vega, Javik, EDI included!), Normandy interactive updates (you can choose your XO among other crew members, and you get emails and actually see new crew added about the ship!), you can get a firing range for the Shuttle Bay (actually super handy), plus it fixes a lot of the weapon incongruities in cutscenes, which is nice. Plus it's still in it's early stages - EGM has a lot more coming down the pipeline.
You'll want ME3Tweaks Mod Manager to use it (but frankly if you mod ME at all you probably already have it, it's a godsend), and I recommend the LE3 Community Framework & Patch to go along with it. (It's basically a huge series of bugfixes for 3, it and EGM go hand in hand.)
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cryptid-jack · 4 months ago
I would like to thank god and also jesus for the hardworking modder(s) that patched in all the extra outfits and armors for Shep in ME2 and 3 😌
Tumblr media
Edit: had someone ask so I thought I’d share the mods XD This one for the outfits and this one for sheploo skintone consistency if you also play as sheploo.
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hatboyproject · 6 days ago
Some really good Jeff faces made by intentionally breaking FaceFX so that everyone feels some sort of way about everything, all the time
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"It's a bit tart."
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phoenixsoul13 · 2 months ago
released sometime after midnight; meant to post before and got distracted by sleep alskfalkalkal
Includes adding a less flirty FemShep “let’s talk” line with Jacob, and adds a paragon interrupt so players can choose to hug/kiss Liara or not upon meeting her on Illium.
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padme4000 · a month ago
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Garrus No Visor LE3 - link
Now you can individually choose which armours the visor will be removed from or not as well as a new selection of non visor off duty outfit options.
The LE2 version of the mod found here  It will be updated with the same options as soon as I can. Though until a better option is available they will have to be armour replacements due to how LE2 works compared to LE3
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illusivesoul · a year ago
You know what I would like to see this N7Day ?
Bioware acknowledging and appreciating the modding community that has been active since the first game came out
People that have for free restored,added and patched up content for these games and have kept them fresh and active all these years. People like the creators of ALOT,that gave the game textures to make it look amazing, the creators of the EGM mod, which is basically a expansion for ME3, MERecalibrated for fixing up bugs,and all the other modders
If Bioware doesn't do it, then allow m to say thank you on behalf of the entire community. Your work is inmensely appreciated and you are truly amazing people.
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annakie · 29 days ago
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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Pinnacle Station DLC Mod
As a bit of commentary, this mod is amazing.  I usually skipped Pinnacle Station on my replays of the non-LE ME1, but wanted to experience the mod.   MGamerz and team spent so much time carefully restoring and in some places, recrafting the original.  It’s SO well done, and fits seamlessly into the game.  You really wouldn’t know it’s a mod at all.  I’d definitely encourage all you PC gamers to give this a try. 
Well done MGamerz and team, you are amazing.
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rngdshep · 5 months ago
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Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition + a better intro outfit for femshep (mod)
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femsheppingsmods · 3 months ago
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my eye mod is up for all three games now, added me3le today here!
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mulderitsmemods · 2 months ago
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Miranda Complexion for Femshep WIP (MELE)
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fmfmods · 6 months ago
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similar outfit as before, but with fresh new meshes and new textures to make them consistent with ME2 appearances and lore. comes in two styles: N7 black and cerberus. default femshep is buff, but option to install vanilla body is also available. For MELE2 only (see original MELE3 post for those options).  Use ME3Tweaks Mod Manager to install.
STILL COMING SOON: full buff femshep mod port for ME3 is coming up next; mod for MELE3 v1.2 is available on the nexus which includes fixes for some mesh errors and no more weird bendy noodle arms.
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heleuss · 4 months ago
I've been waiting for someone to port your complexions to the LE, but it's been a while and still nothing. ;_;
Yeah… Guess I have to take this into my hands.
So! This is one of the most half-assed texture ports you've ever seen. Still better than nothing, though.
This is a MELE port of my FEMSHEP HIGH QUALITY TEXTURES mod for the original trilogy. MELE version only contains female complexion textures (no eyebrows, eyelashes, eyes, etc.). I'm not sure if it's necessary to port everything since there are many alternatives on Nexus.
Tumblr media
For all you frecklephobes out there I've made a separate mod that covers all the complexions besides the 3rd one. (No, I don't think "I oVeRdId WiTh FrEcKlEs" (you have no idea how many of these I got in my DM) and no, I won't make any adjustments.)
For visual reference please visit original mod's page and its Flickr album.
I did not test these in MELE, so please, if you detect any game-experience-breaking glitches (such as very visible seams, etc) let me know.
Downloads are under the cut.
regular version
w/o 3rd complexion
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rafawriter · 2 months ago
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hatboyproject · 27 days ago
Here is just one of the romance branches, with updated animations, some reworked synth lines, and stuff. The synth got a huge update recently, allowing for a lot more control over tone and inflection which has allowed me to revisit certain key lines that I couldn't get a decent delivery out of. Some lines still aren't quite where I want them to be, but at this point it's kind of... if I keep going back and fixing things, I will never release it. This scene alone has an absolute ton of custom dialogue; about 100, not including the 'wakeup' scene right after. There's a bunch of points in this where you can change the topic, end the conversation early, or just keep listening. Each of these branches has a "short version" with a natural 'out,' in case the player doesn't want to sit through the whole thing... Happy New Year to everyone in the Mass Effect community and especially those of you who keep watching my project!
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spectralhero · 20 days ago
Y'all this mod is a must.
I've always loved and preferred the running animations of the first game and someone did this. Bless this person.
I have not tried it yet in ME3 but it works great in ME2.
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