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#master yoda

From art exhibition Trafalger Street

Biggy the yoda

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Yeah but Luke had no idea he was talking to Yoda until Yoda let’s Luke know who’s he’s talking to.

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OK I know I have taken to ranting a lot on here, but goddamn I keep seeing Star Wars lore videos on youtube and they are ALL FALLING FOR THE JEDI PROPAGANDA

Let me explain: All of Star Wars revolves around the idea that the force is split and needs to be balanced. It is then also claimed that Anakin is the chosen one, a prophezised Hero who shall bring that balance.

But the lie in all the movies, something that should be known to anyone making lore videos as you dove into that shit, is that both the Jedi and Sith are actually fucking up,

The Sith are doing it actively, while the Jedi are doing it passively.

Actually that is in part a problem stemming from the first conflict between them, given that before a certain point both factions were merely groups of interest that didn’t completely split by use of force, but moreso application and general philosophy.

The OG Siths believed that the force is to be used actively as a tool for growth and that feeding it with emotions was a good thing as it allowed for that growth to happen quickly, which led rise to the idea of power that now is the new Sith philosophy.

Meanwhile the OG Jedi believed in not using the force as overuse and wrongly appliying itcan be disastrous and that the natural balance of everything will be disturbed if someone with sapience chooses to use it for power, which leads them to become the new Jedi, making them just as powergrabby, while falsely claiming to defend the balance. They now deny their own darkside to a point of distorting themselves out of nature in a vain attempt to be philosophically superior to the Sith.

In truth, by the first movie the force is not unbalanced toward the dark. That would be stupid to claim, given some of the most powerful Jedi to ever live are around, while the dark side has who? Palpatine? Snoke? Truth is if you tally it up, the evergrowing Jedi order is massively unbalancing the force by prohibiting the use of the dark side and making everyone a light side user that they reasonably can, to the point of being accused of mindtricking people as to not let force sensitive kids fall to the Sith.

You can see proof that during the 3rd movie, where Anakin fulfills the prophecy by LITERALLY SLAUGHTERING ALL JEDI EXCEPT FOR A HANDFUL.

But also during clonewars, where there is a bit of a metastory where Anakin ends up slaughtering the manifestations of the dark and light side, leaving only their father, the full manifestation of the force, leaving the idea that the only way to balance the force is to make sure noone has active access and the stupid idea to uveruse it or to unreasonably deny their nature.

In fact lets also acknowledge this: the only jedi out of the handful to survive are either super young and grow up to be ‘bad’ Jedi, incredibly strong with a strong temptation (Yoda), or pretty strong and still reasonably in the balance (Obi-wan). The main reason the fourth movie happens at all is because Palpatine and Vader start overtaking the galaxy and Luke is around to play replacement for Obi and Yoda. which is also why Luke is allowed such power by the force as with their absence he is now given the power that gets freed up.

I still can’t believe people can consume so much of one thing and completely be blind to the point. I mean I hate this type of narrative where ‘everyone is in the wrong’ is taken as the basis for all conflict to lend plausible deniability to characters like spacehitlerkin Kylo “I have daddy issues” Ren, but at least it makes sense with a natural all encompassing objective standpoint for good and bad that only animals can fulfill the neutrality aspect.

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My hot friend sent me this

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A friend has just gotten up to the Frog Lady episodes of The Mandalorian, and she dm’d me an opinion on the Egg Discourse

which reminded me of my favorite extreme take on the Egg Situation, namely:

Most Jedi younglings spent their formative years, until they reached the dubious safety that came with aging out of the creche, living in fear of Obligate Carnivore Old Yoda.

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The Jedi aren’t supposed to be perfect, and the large, obvious flaws that we fans are so incredibly frustrated by are done just to show that. 

That even the light sight is full of corruption and well meaning people who do what they think is right, but often end up falling short. The Jedi being flawed isn’t to say they’re the worst organization in SW canon, because they are far from it–

But nuance is used in Star Wars more than anything, and there’s nothing more nuanced in the SW universe than the Jedi. Not everything that is good is perfect, and not everything that is dark is flawed. 

We’re showed these examples countless times.

There’s criticism at how the beacon of hope in the Universe was constantly failing to keep its purpose, and how even inherently good things can be suspciple to manipulation and evil. That even our heroes fail, and that victory isn’t something that’s achieved overnight. 

Keep in mind kids are a huge audience.

The Jedi are supposed to be flawed! They are not supposed to be perfect. Because no realistic hero is. And the Jedi are, save for their use of the Force, realistic, and  incredibly good people forced into a situation where their actions were at time questionable and unforgivable, but still good hearted people. 

yes, even the best of heroes can crumble, but that doesn’t mean they can’t come back up. And that some old ways and traditions need to be changed, but this doesn’t mean disrespecting or even forgetting the past. 

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thinking about an AU where Tyvokka survived and Would Rather Not when dealing with Qui Gon

Tyvokka was old. His bones creaked, and his joints ached, and the blaster scars hidden under his fur burned some times, and he would be the first to admit that he was an old man— well, Wookiee.

If it weren’t for the fact that he happened to enjoy sniping at his Crèchemate still, and that he would never hear the end of it if he retired before Yaddle, he probably would’ve resigned from his from his spot on the Council. He had, of course, offered his spot to Plo during the Stark Hyperspace War— and he was very proud of Plo for how he had handled himself there— but Plo had turned him down.

Though in the end, Plo had joined the Council, taking his dear friend’s place once he passed. Micah had been a good man, and the loss had been felt across their old bond.

And so he and Plo sat through the changing of Councils together, and Tyvokka was still old.

He was old and he welcomed Mace Windu as head of the Order, he welcomed the changing of the seats, and welcomed the new and bid farewell to the old that came and went.

Tyvokka was old, but he wasn’t stupid as he leaned back in his seat, eyes narrowed and fur graying, with Yaddle and Oppo on either side of him. His former padawan’s gaze slid from the upstart youth Qui-Gon Jinn to him and he felt the Kel Dor’s same sense of ire.

Plo Koon had settled down for the most part— externally, that was. He was still the same brat Fey Koon had brought into the Order deep down, a cheeky little bastard and Tyvokka said that in the most affectionate way as possible. But externally he had become a calm and sagely figure, who had the habit of adopting anything that breathed in his general direction.

That wasn’t something Tyvokka taught him, but he digresses, simply returning the push of ire with his own and a slight spark of amusement was felt from Yaddle and Oppo.

Because of course they’d feel it too.

Qui-Gon had found a child on Tatooine, a former Slave, and won him in a bet.

And now he was denouncing Obi-Wan as his padawan, in hopes that the Council would approve of him training the child as a padawan right from the get-go. Without imitate training.

«No. As a senior member of the Council, I say no to all of this.» Tyvokka growled once Jinn finished speaking.

Jinn’s brows furrowed, but the elder members of the council nodded as Mace tilted his head. The younger Jedi Master knew enough of the language, but still, it took time to translate.

«Obi-Wan Kenobi still has many years before the Trials, and this child has just been taken from his home,» he continued, eyes narrowing at Jinn. «Furthermore, even if Padawan Kenobi was ready to take the Knight Trials, I would not recommend Jinn to train this little one either.»

“Against Master Jinn, you are,” Yoda mused and Tyvokka inclined his head. “Why?”

Tyvokka bared his teeth. «If you have forgotten, my old friend, I happen to be against child abandonment. As are many others within the Council. By coming before us with his request, he is choosing to abandon Padawan Kenobi.»

“If I were not training two Padawans at the moment, I would take him myself,” Plo Koon mused, “Though perhaps if Master Jinn is so convinced that Padawan Kenobi is ready for the Knight Trials, my own Padawans are as well. Master Windu, how fares Master Saa’s padawan? Is Padawan Kolar ready for the trials?”

Plo was still a little bastard and Tyvokka loved his lineage-son for it. He knew as well as anyone else that the age gap between Obi-Wan and Bultar was a few years and that none of the three Padawans he had made note of were ready to become Knights yet. His point was made though, and Tyvokka could already see some of the other Masters’ gazes darkening. 

Tyvokka has taken Even Piel’s spot on the council. I was gonna give him Coleman’s spot but Coleman was Yarael’s sucessor and well. he’s not dead yet. Ki-Adi will take Oppo’s spot after TPM if i continue since Ki-Adi, according to the EU took Miach’s spot but Plo replaced Miach’s spot here and— well, you get the point

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hey, have you ever seen Master Winudu happy?
hm? I guess...yeah. When Caf is involved, I think so. Why do you ask?
i dunno whether to write "happy life day " or "angry life day" on this card.
what the fuck is an 'emotionally ambivalent life day'????
Creative with his word choice, young Skywalker is
Didn't Fisto do something like that to Dooku when he was still in the temple?
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I used a prompt from @swpromptsandasks

Anakin had once known a slave that got interstellar pilot training(definitely a restricted skill) because he offered sexual favours to his master. He very tentatively asks the council when they refuse to train him, if that’s something he can trade to be taught to be a jedi because he knows he’s supposed to be a jedi. Slaves think differently about sex after all, it’s just another thing masters do to you, not a special act between two lovers. Love between slaves is emotional and intellectual. 

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Coleman, reading off of a Card
You have 30 days left to live, what do you do?
Work because my job will still expect me too and the bills aren’t gonna stop coming in
Probably worry for 30 days
Post ALL the secrets you've all told me. You can’t take them with you
Sleep. Literally sleep and then die and sleep more forever
play “if today was your last day” by Nickelback on repeat, On day 30 I would
Punch someone really important. Like a Senator. I've always wanted to do that.
Watch the world burn. And also kill Nala Se.
wear socks and sandals in Adi's presence, I guess
Kill Stass for that statement
Probably just watch Holoflix, still
Plo, nodding
Holoflix. And also tell all my sons I love them, and Ahsoka, and—
Spend time with Caleb and also Holoflix
yeah, Holoflix sounds like the best choice
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I had a convoluted Star Wars dream which I thought I’d share.

Basic plot points:

  • Yoda had a male, red-skinned togruta padawan (who I think had a name in the dream, but I honestly can’t remember)
  • Said padawan got captured and turned by sidious (pretty sure yoda thought he was dead)
  • Clone wars and order 66 happen with added drama of yoda-sith!Padawan conflicts
  • There is some time travel element (mace windu and yoda try to stop all of this from happening)
  • Order 66 still happens but fewer Jedi die
  • Redeemed padawan helps Jedi escape and says goodbye to Yoda in an escape pod (I have no idea of the circumstances of this goodbye, I only remember the scene)
  • Yoda dies and mace gets injured in this physic wave/backlash thing (again, no clue of the context)
  • Mace gets rescued by depa billaba and a group of padawans
  • Mace says: if we had gone with the force-ghost plan, Yoda would still be alive
  • Dream ends

TL:DR: you know you’re obsessed with Star Wars when you have bizarre dreams about it

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