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letterfromvienna · 12 hours ago
Hiii! For the KT
Can you do frankie + begging? But he's the one to beg 😬😬😬
hey? hey bestie? you're a genius
Frankie Morales + Kinktober #27: Begging
Rating: E/18+ only (minors, scram)
WC: 1.4k
Tags/warnings: fem reader; established relationship (they're married); mild hurt/comfort; sexual content (handjobs, begging, dirty talk); pet names galore
A/N: Frankie flopping on top of reader on the couch at the start is heavily inspired by some brainstorming sessions with @tuskens-mando <3 just two touch-starved gals yearning for a Frankie-shaped weighted blanket
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“Bad day?”
Instead of answering, Frankie grunts as he slumps onto you. His hat hits the rug as his right hand dangles over the edge of the couch and he kicks his boots off onto the hardwood floor. They land with a muffled thump. He’s heavy, complete dead weight, but you welcome the press of his body on top of yours. Together, you sink into the worn-soft cushions of the sofa.
“You smell like engine grease,” you tease, running your fingers through Frankie’s curls. They’re flattened from his baseball cap, but his hair is always soft under your hands. He responds by rubbing his face against your chest, his prickly scruff catching on your t-shirt as he makes himself comfortable on top of you.
“When did you get home?”
You glance at the clock in the hallway. “Not that long ago. I’d just laid down when I heard your truck in the driveway.”
Frankie hums in acknowledgement. It’s a low, rumbling sound, and you swear you can feel it through your whole body. Your husband is needy today—he hasn’t said as much, but you can tell by the fact that he made a beeline to you on the couch as soon as he returned home from work. Now he’s wrapped himself up in you, your thighs bracketing your hips and your hands in his hair and on his shoulders, and you can feel the worry of the day slowly draining out of him now that he has you. It’s awful convenient that Frankie’s idea of comfort—crushing you on the couch like a human-shaped weighted blanket—is the same as yours. Sometimes you both need to be grounded by each other.
“Missed you today,” he mutters.
You huff out a laugh. “You saw me this morning. What was that, eight hours ago? Ten?”
Frankie looks up, his chin poking into your sternum. “I’m not allowed to miss my wife?”
“Of course you are.” You push his hair back off his forehead and run your fingers over the shell of his ear. “What made you miss me?”
Frankie shrugs. He pulls himself up the couch with a groan, fitting himself between you and the back cushions and propping his head on his hand. “Dunno. Just kept thinking, ‘I don’t wanna be here. I’d rather be with her.’”
“Aww.” Leaning in, you rub your nose against Frankie’s.
It’s sickly-sweet, and it just gets sweeter when he brings his hand up to cup your cheek and drag you into a kiss. His lips are soft and dry under yours, a chaste peck on your mouth, but it only stays that way for a moment. His fingers creep to the back of your head, cupping the whole left side of your face with his broad palm. He licks at your mouth like he’s trying to taste you. It’s the easiest thing in the world to let him in. His breath fans across your face as he slowly maneuvers on top of you again, resting his weight between your thighs and pushing your knees apart to make room for himself.
When you break apart, you find yourself short of breath. “I thought— I thought you’d be tired after a bad day, baby,” you murmur. You trace your knuckle down the side of Frankie’s face.
“I need you to make it better, pretty girl, always do.”
Then he’s kissing you again, his body surging against yours, and you can’t help the moan that comes from deep in your chest. He growls against your lip and grinds down on you. The seam of his jeans rocks against your core and you can already feel the ridge forming at the front of his pants. His growl turns into a low, desperate moan as you snake your hand down between your bodies and palm him over his clothes.
“Baby,” he whispers.
“Shh.” You lean in and kiss his cheek, making your way back to his ear. “You had a bad day, honey. Let me take care of you.”
He drops his head to your shoulder and pants against your t-shirt as you unbutton his jeans and yank the fly down. He’s already half-hard when you get your hand in his boxers and it’s only a few strokes before you pull him out full mast.
He tilts his head to look down and his gut twists with arousal. His cock looks so big in your hands; he’s flushed red and leaking in your small hands and he can’t help it, he ruts into your fist and muffles his moan in your shirt.
“Please— please don’t tease, baby, please. I can’t. Not today.” He trails off as your lips find his neck, kissing him right where he’s sensitive. He lets out a whine and rolls his forehead against your shoulder; it’s too overwhelming to look you in the eye.
“I got you, okay? I’m gonna take care of you.”
He breathes a sigh of relief but his breath hitches again when you bring your hand to your mouth and lick a long stripe up the center of your palm. When you put your hand on his dick again, it’s slick and warm with your spit, just like your mouth and your cunt when he sinks into you—fuck—fuck—
“Hey,” you murmur. Your free hand curls under his chin, tilting it up to face you. You rub your thumb over the crease between his eyebrows. “Don’t look so worried. I told you, I got you. All you gotta do is feel good.”
The noise that Frankie makes is akin to a sob. You curl your hand around the back of his neck at the same time you rub your thumb over the head of his cock and he grabs your arm so tight it might leave a mark. His hips start to move of their own accord, thrusting into your fist, and you slide your hand down the length of his back to the back of his jeans. You love his butt, small as it is, and you grope him through his back pockets.
“That’s it, just like that. Take what you need, honey.”
“Please,” he slurs. “Please. Oh, shit, shit…”
He tucks his chin to look at the slide of his cock in your fist. Your fingers are slick with spit and his own precome and he feels his arousal sharpen into something burning and hot. He wants to see his come spilling over your hand, adding to the mess—he wants to mark you. Dimly, he hears you murmuring as you nose at his jaw.
“If you need something, all you have to do is ask.”
He nods once. “I want—oh, ngh, fuck—I wanna c-come on you, baby, wanna cover you with me. Please.”
Glancing up, he sees your eyes brighten and your lip catch between your teeth. You like it. You like it, the idea of him covering you with his spend. Filthy girl.
“Where do you want it?”
God, you’re breathless with how much you want it. He feels his orgasm building faster and faster with every stroke of your hand.
“Wanna come on my tits? I just gotta—fuck, gotta get out of my shirt—shit,” you curse, wriggling around under him.
He stops you with his hand on your arm and shakes his head. “Not gonna last,” he groans. “Not when you—nnh…”
Your eyes widen when you realize exactly how close he is. You stop your fruitless scramble to twist out of your top and an idea strikes you. Frankie watches, his pupils blow so wide there’s almost no brown left around them, as you hitch your shirt up. He realizes what you’re offering at the exact moment he feels his orgasm hit him, and fuck, it’s like a truck runs over him. The last thing he sees before he closes his eyes and groans your name is his come splattering across your bare stomach.
Frankie comes hard and then slumps on top of you, trapping your hand between your sweat-slick, sticky bodies. His face lands in the crook of your shoulder, his favorite place, and you turn your cheek to rub against his curls.
“I told you,” you murmur, “I got you.”
His shoulders shake with an exhausted laugh. Your fingers dance across his back, where his flannel draws tight across the broadness of his body. It always amazes you that this strong, stoic man is willing to let himself be weak with you—weak for you. Your fingers creep up to the back of his head, weaving through his hair.
“How about a shower, then take-out, then bed? It can't be a bad day if you're asleep.”
Frankie nods and finally looks up at you. He kisses the side of your mouth, his beard scratchy against your skin.
“'s not a bad day,” he mumbles. “Not anymore.”
You snort. “Sap.”
He sighs and lets himself go loose and heavy on top of you again. Guilty as charged.
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reidgraygubler · 2 days ago
sweet creature (wes/reader) pt8
Tumblr media
Title: Sweet Creature part eight Requested: no Couple: wes/fem!reader Category: smut Content Warning: SEXUAL CONTENT (penetrive sex, unprotected sex/creampie, praise, loss of virginity (reader), oral (fem), semi-public sex, fingering), dom!Wes, sub!reader, age gap relationship (15 years. Reader is 25, Wes is 40), verbal argument Word Count: 7,932 Summary: An argument between Reader and Wes changes their relationship. A/N: this is a really good part :) i really hope you enjoy it! i appreciate you <3 i really hope you guys enjoy this :D also, s/o to @ray-lia for beta reading this for me! much love! check out my masterlist!
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It had been a rough day. It felt like everything that could go wrong, went wrong… For the people, I should say. Any animal that stepped into the clinic for vet care today, left alive and perfectly healthy. The people, on the other hand, were all in a terrible mood. It seemed as if anything anyone said was taken the wrong way or out of context.
The kiss between Wes and I was over a week ago, almost two if I’m being honest. Part of me wondered if that added to Wes’ mood. Because ever since the kiss, we’ve only really ever said all of 5 words to each other, other than work matters of course. I hoped he didn’t regret it. I did at first, but after I thought about it I was happy it happened.
It was the end of the day, the last person was here to pick up his dog, and Wes was pissed. He was pissed at me for no good reason too. Usually, he trusts me enough to do the ‘whole give the animal back to the owner and tell them how things went’ thing. But today, right now specifically, he was cutting me off. Then again, I felt like I was being swarmed by the guy picking up his pug, Rupert.
“His nose will need a few days to heal so.. He’ll be in pain for a few days,” I spoke, my words trailing off the more I spoke. The owner looked down at me, a smug smirk on his lips the longer he looked at me. He was looking at me like I was some sort of prey. I didn’t like the way this guy did it… I only enjoyed it when it happened from Wes. So I glanced at him, and he glanced back at me. It wasn’t a signal or anything. It was just me looking at my boss. “Rupert has som-”
“Rupert will be on pain killers for the next couple of days while he’s healing. He’ll experience some pain, but he’ll be okay,” Wes cut me off. I looked at him with an irritated expression on my face. He looked over at me with a look in his eye. I rolled my eyes before looking back at the owner.
He did see it as a signal for help… Fuck. Maybe it was a signal and I didn’t realize it… Maybe my subconscious was doing me a favor.
“So please if you-”
“If you need help or have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call. You have our number,” Wes cut me off again. I clenched my jaw as I looked right at the owner.
“Do you have anything you want to include, Missy?” He asked as he looked right back at me. I stared at him, feeling my face get hot with embarrassment.
“I do not. I hope you have a great rest of the night and Rupert has a fast recovery,” I said with a fake smile and slight nod. The owner looked between me and Wes before carrying his pet out of the clinic.
“My office, now,” Wes ordered. I rolled my eyes and took the lead, walking away from the waiting room. Wes stayed behind for a moment before catching up to me a lot quicker than I expected.
“I could have handled that, you know,” I spat at Wes as we walked back towards his office. It was just the two of us left in the clinic at this point. Everyone else had left while Wes and I were helping Rupert or talking to his owner.
“Will you stop arguing with me! I did you a favor!”
“Favor my ass! You fucking embarrassed me! Not just with this guy! But all fucking day!” I shouted as I looked up at him. Wes looked back down at me, his jaw tensing and his stare becoming cold. With a tight grip around my forearm, he pulled me into an exam room, quickly locking the door behind him. I stared up at him as he pushed me against the door and then began pacing back and forth in front of me.
“That guy would have eaten you alive if I didn’t step in!” Wes finally spoke. I stared at him and shrugged. “You were practically begging for help! Screaming for it!” he concluded with a shout. I stared at him for a brief moment, taken aback by his argument that happened to be true. But I couldn’t let him know that was what I wanted.
“You should have let him! Better than the fucking embarrassment you caused me!” I retorted as I stepped further into the room.
“You’re a fucking brat, you know that,” he spat, his words having a bite to them. I took a step back and I stared at him. “A brat who doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut.”
“You’re an asshole,” I breathed out a laugh before shaking my head. Wes stared at me, his eyes laser-focused on my body. “Why are you so mad about this?” I finally asked. Wes turned back around and looked at me. A certain softness settled on his face, making his anger slowly melt away.
“Because even though I embarrassed you, that man would have tortured you.”
“You act like you know men like him,” I accused as I stared at him. Wes dropped his shoulders before stepping closer to me. I took a cautious step back, trying to distance myself from him. But I knew I wouldn’t get very far, considering there were counters everywhere.
“I do know men like him! Men like him see something small, and innocent and their first instinct is to take it! Crush it! Make it so it’s broken and irreparable! Men like him are the reason why men like me exist! To protect girls like you.” His words were firm but also very cool. My body tensed up as I stared at him.
“Men like you? Protecting girls like me?” I scoffed and shook my head. “I know how to protect myself, Wesley,” I spat, my tone equally as cool. Wes' face flinched slightly at my words, and I could tell he was bothered by them.
“Really now? You do? Then why did you look at me like you were about to get attacked?!”
“Because I wanted you! I wanted your attention! I wanted you to pull me out of that mess, and save me…” I started my statements with shouts, but I very quickly grew quiet when I got to the point of my words. “I wanted you to kiss me…”
Better be honest now. At this point, there was no backing out of it all. Wes probably already knew all of that too. Considering I was glancing at him whenever I felt like I was in danger.
It was his turn to be caught off guard with the realness of my words, of my confession. He looked at me, his brows furrowing together as he stepped an inch closer to me.
“Kiss you?” he mumbled as he looked at me. I let out a small laugh and shook my head.
“Yeah, but that’s not the point! The point is… Even though I wanted saving, you should have left me to fend for myself, I could have learned from it.”
“How about I give you another lesson to learn from?” Wes asked as he got closer to me. I realized that my heart was slamming in my chest, making it difficult to breathe or think or anything.
“What sort of lesson?” I asked as he lifted a hand to my face, placing it on the apple of my chin.
“A lesson you’ll actually enjoy, Babes,” he whispered before pressing his lips to mine. I almost couldn’t breathe. Even though it was brief, the kiss was all I could think about or feel even. Did it feel the same way for Wes?
His lips didn’t stay connected to mine for very long, they quickly drifted from the corner of my mouth and across my jaw. As Wes’ lips moved down my neck, he backed me into the cool metal counter. A soft whine came from me, and I couldn’t tell if it was because of the coolness of the metal counter against my back or Wes’ teeth dragging against my skin.
I had to stop him before things got too far. Although there should be no reason why I should stop him. I did want this. But did I want it here? If I told him would he stop right now? Would we have to pretend like we didn’t just have a heated make out session? Would things be awkward? Oh my god would I have to get a new job?
Fuck, I didn’t want him to stop for so many reasons. I’m freaking myself out.
“Wait, wait,” I gasped, trying to catch my breath. “It doesn’t bother you that… I’m a virgin, does it?” I looked at him as he moved away for a brief moment. Wes looked at me with furrowed eyebrows. I really didn’t like that he stepped away from me. And I really wish I didn’t open my fat mouth.
“Okay? You’re… You’re a virgin? And? Do you want me to stop?” he asked as he shook his head. I stared at him and shook my head. “Because if this is too much for you we can stop and things can go back to the way they were. I’ll even take you home.”
“God! Wes!” I shouted, grabbing his hand and pulling it to my body. I looked down at his hand as it rested on my waist. I wanted more, so much more. More than just his hand resting on my waist, or his lips on mine. “I-I want more… I want more than just stolen kisses and light touches...” I swallowed roughly as I slowly moved his hand up my body and towards my breasts. My eyes met his, a lustful softness masking over them. “I want more than just gentle sex.”
“Are you sure?”
“Fucking use me, Wes,” I kept my voice low as I grabbed the somewhat stiff fabric of his scrubs. I pulled him closer to me and looked at his face. Wes’ tongue peeked out the corner of his mouth before swiping across his bottom lip. “Fuck me,” I spat.
“Are you sure about that?” His voice was lower than mine as he looked at me. I took a deep breath and nodded.
“Stop asking me if I’m sure. If I wasn’t sure, I would’ve stopped you and I would’ve left.”
Although there was a tiny little part of me that wasn’t sure. The part of me that was expecting one thing, only for it to not happen. I thought about my first time a million times. I thought about it being cute, and gentle, and maybe a little awkward. I didn’t think about it happening in an exam room at the veterinary clinic I work at with a guy I’ve had a crush on for 5 years. I also didn’t think that it’d be rough, and to give us both relief after an argument. Maybe this was how it was supposed to happen…
“You better be careful what you wish for, Babes,” Wes whispered as he pulled his hand from mine. My shoulders fell slightly as I looked up at him. I quickly looked away from him, feeling a frown on my mouth and an embarrassed blaze over my cheeks.
Wes placed his hand under my chin, guiding me to look back at him. I swallowed roughly as my eyes met his again.
“You might just get it,” he finished as he looked at me. I took a deep breath as I stared at him. His smirk grew dark for a moment before he brought his lips to mine.
His lips slipped back down my neck, a soft nip before he left a mark behind. I couldn’t stop the shakiness in each breath I took, or slow the rapidness in my chest. I couldn’t tell if I was nervous or not, and I hope that Wes didn’t notice it at all. That’s the last thing I wanted, was for a guy to stop before the fun began because I was nervous or scared.
“T-Touch me,” I begged in a whisper. Wes hummed a laugh as he slipped his hands up my top to pull it off. Once my top was off, he tossed it to the ground. His mouth was instantly back on me, moving down my neck and towards the valley of my breasts. My head fell back as my hands went to his head.
A soft gasp fell from me as he began mouthing at the soft flesh. The flimsy straps of my bra slid off my shoulders, it only made it easier for Wes to take off my bra totally. My whole body arched into him as he pushed my bra down.
While his mouth kept busy with my chest, his hands roamed the rest of my body before falling to my scrub bottoms. If I wasn’t hypersensitive to everything around me, I wouldn’t have noticed how carefully his hand dipped into the waistband.
“Is this enough?” he whispered before bringing his head back up to mine. His lips hovered over mine. I took a deep breath as his fingers breached my already dripping sex. I couldn’t stop the soft whine that came from me. Wes, however, liked the soft sound that came from me. “I think that’s a yes,” he laughed lightly against my mouth.
“P-Please don’t…. Don’t stop,” I whimpered as my head fell to rest on his shoulder. I almost couldn’t breathe as he slowly pressed two fingers into me. It was a slow pace at first before he picked up speed. Of course he’s talented with his hands, so he would be good at this.
Hopefully he didn’t take my inexperience as a bad thing. I’d only been touched like this by myself and one other time. Although I’ve never had actual sex. This’ll be the first time ever.
“Better me to eat you up than that man. He wouldn’t take care of you properly,” he whispered after a moment of silence. I swallowed roughly before moaning loudly. Any silence I had was completely gone as he slowly moved over my clit. “He wouldn’t have enjoyed this as much as me,” he added.
“W-Wesley,” I cried into the nape of his neck. He laughed lightly before nudging my head back up. His eyes met mine before mine closed. It was so hard to stay focused on normal things, like breathing or speaking.
“Haven’t even really started yet, Babes,” he muttered before pulling his hand from my pants. I whined as I looked up at him. Wes smirked as he carefully pulled me closer to the edge of the counter. I looked up at him with a raised brow. His lips reconnected with mine as he tried shimmying my pants off. It was a bit of a struggle to help him. But it didn’t matter because we were both just desperate enough to get to where we wanted.
Wes stood perfect between my legs, his hands moving across my body like a forest fire before resting on my hips. With each breath I took, my chest heaved. It felt like breathing became a chore.
When he moved his hands away from my hips, bringing one to my head and the other to his pants, I whined. I honestly couldn’t hold back any sounds I was making, part of me wondered if he enjoyed them.
“You look so pretty like this for me, Babes. And you’re all mine,” he murmured as he pressed his lips to my neck. He was staking a claim on me that I didn’t know I needed to hear. But what did he mean by that? That I was all his? This is the first time anything intimate has happened between us. Or was he just saying it to distract me from what was about to happen.
Because while I was too busy thinking about his proclamation, Wes’ dick was nearing my entrance. I lifted my head and looked right at him, my eyes wide as I stared at him. That’s exactly what it was, a distraction.
“It’s okay, it’s okay. I got you,” he whispered as he gently placed one hand on my leg and lifted the other to my face. He carefully cupped my cheek, pulling me into a kiss. And as he did that, he pushed his length into me. I couldn’t contain the moan that fell from my mouth and into his.
Wes was slow as he moved his hips closer to me. The way he filled and stretched me was nothing like I’ve ever felt before. It already felt addicting, and I knew I’d be going back for seconds, thirds, fourths. Whatever I knew I wanted more. And it didn’t hurt as much as I was expecting. I’ve always read about the first time hurting, or being painful, or whatever. And this was… Anything but that. It felt so amazing.
My head fell back as a moan came from the pit of my stomach. Wes hummed happily as his lips pressed against the column of my throat. Little bites were left along my neck as he moved back towards my face. Everything about that intensified every feeling I had by a thousand. It felt like every nerve ending was a million times more sensitive...
Once he was as deep in me as he could get, he planted his hands on my hips and pulled me closer to him… Somehow getting further in me. I didn’t think that was possible. But Goddamn it felt so good. I was really missing out for the last however many years. Why haven’t I done this sooner?!
“Pl-Please don’t stop,” I said through a broken moan as he began a slow, rhythmic thrust into me. Wes laughed lightly as he pressed his lips along my neck and across my face. My arms wrapped back around his neck, holding him as close as possible to me.
His name (both Wes and Wesley) and any curse word that came to mind became a sort of mantra as he kept moving against me. I’d never felt anything like just this before. It was better than any sort of thing I had done to myself. And I can guarantee it’ll be better than any orgasm I’d given myself too.
“You sound so perfect like this. Nothing but my name on your lips,” Wes muttered into my ear. I struggled to let out a choked moan. “How do you feel?” “S’good,” I cried out as he pressed his forehead to mine. A small smile grew across his lips before he pressed them to mine. The smallest whimper came from me as he pushed his hand through my hair. He held his hand perfectly on the back of my head. “Please don’t stop,” I whimpered as I dropped my head back to his shoulder.
Anything Wes had to say went in one ear and out the other. All I could focus on was the ever growing tension between my thighs and abdomen. I knew I wasn’t going to last any longer. Even Wes knew that. Though it was a bit overwhelming, it felt so, so good. It was so intoxicating.
It was only a matter of seconds before I finished. I finished well before Wes, but I don’t think he cared. After a few more faulty thrusts into me, he quickly pulled away from me and frantically searched for a roll of paper towels, or a box of tissues. But once he found what he was looking for, he grabbed a few and finished in them. And I hated how beautiful his groans were and how he threw his head back as he finished.
I stared at him as I tried recollecting my breath and thoughts. I was a little bit sad when he didn’t come back to me. He leaned against the counter across from me, his head hung low and his hair fell in front of his face. I wish I could hear his thoughts and understand what he was thinking. Did we have the same thoughts? Or was he regretting this already? Did I even want to know what his thoughts were? All I know is… I did not regret this. I’ve never felt so good in my entire life. The only thing I regret was that it happened after we fought, and it happened in the clinic where we worked. Maybe it would’ve been better had we done this in my apartment, his house, or even a hotel room. But I didn’t regret it like I regretted our first kiss.
It didn’t hit me that I was still totally naked until Wes picked up my bra and top. I stared at it as I crossed my arms over my chest, trying to cover up my bareness as best as I could.
“Are you okay?” Wes asked as I grabbed my top from him. I nodded, keeping my eyes off him. I stayed silent for a moment, trying to think of how I want to word my thoughts. How yeah but I could be better can sound better than it is? Sure, I was great. But at the same time… Something felt… off… So I glanced at him, taking note of how he was looking at me as he waited for my answer. Did I even want to answer him? And if so, would it be an honest answer?
“Y-Yeah, yeah I’m good,” I mumbled as I hopped off the counter, only to nearly crumple to the ground. Wes grabbed my arm and caught me before any damage was caused. I tried to not be cool or distant, but I couldn’t help it when I pulled my arm from him.
“Are you sure?”
Of course he knows I wasn’t totally honest. Yeah I’m okay, but I have a million thoughts racing through my head and I didn’t know how to word them. Like, did he regret it? Would he want to have sex with me again? How long has he been waiting to do this? Why didn’t he cum in me?
“Why didn’t you…” I stopped talking and shook my head. I looked away from him and continued to shake my head. Idiot. “It’s stupid. You don’t want to know.” I shook my head again as I looked at him. Wes stared at me, an eyebrow raised as I looked away from him.
“If I didn’t want to know, I wouldn’t have asked,” Wes started as he came over to me. He reached out and rested a hand on my knee, causing me to look up at him. The expression on his face told me how genuinely worried he was for me. I wasn’t scared or anything... “I get sex can be a lot for someone, espcially if it’s their first time. Honest answers only… Are you okay?” he asked in a gentle tone as he blindly grabbed my hand. I swallowed roughly and dropped my gaze away from him, again, for a brief moment,
“Yeah, I’m fine,” I mumbled. “W-Why didn’t you… Finish in me…” I whispered as I nervously looked back at him. The shock that covered his face made me even more nervous. Like, did I possibly say something wrong? Was asking a simple question like that the wrong move? It was an honest question, like he wanted. So why was he so shocked?
“Because,” he started, his words trailing off for a moment. The way his eyes stayed on my face the entire time he thought made my heart stutter a beat. “It’s a mess. I didn’t want to overwhelm you, considering it was your first time… And we did it in the clinic,” he mumbled as he looked at me. He lifted a hand and gently held my face again, his thumb carefully swiping across my cheek. “Is that what you wanted me to do?” he then asked as he looked right at me. I stared at him before nodding lightly. I didn’t want to tell him that I wanted to know what it felt like. But he probably already knew that, considering I was disappointed.
“I-I mean, yeah… Yeah. I guess I just didn’t understand why… Because… I’m on birth-control,” I whispered, letting my words go on and on. I wanted so desperately to break eye contact, but it was so hard. “Yeah, I wanted that,” I finally said, stopping my unneeded ramble.
“Good, because I did too.” He pressed his lips to my forehead before stepping away from me. I quietly got dressed as he cleaned up the table behind me.
He wanted to… He wanted to finish in me. Did he also want to finish with me? Probably not, considering this was the first time I’d ever done something like this, and we both knew I wouldn’t last that long.
“What do you mean by that?” I asked, keeping my back facing him as I spoke. I didn’t want to face that obvious truth.
“It means, Babes, when we’re finished here I’m taking you home. Not to your house, to mine. And then I’ll give you what you want,” he explained as he came closer to me.
“Everything I want?” I turned around to look at him. He was definitely a lot closer to me than I was expecting. There was no doubt that he didn’t mind the closeness. I know I didn’t mind it.
“Oh, there’s more?” Wes asked as he raised an eyebrow. I stared at him and swallowed roughly, part of me wondered if it was as audible as I thought.
A slow nod came from me instead of actual words. I think he’d rather hear my confirmation than a pity nod.
“We’ll… We’ll cross that bridge when we get there,” he whispered as he lifted a hand to my head. “Can you put today’s files away for me? I’ll come let you know when we’re good to go.”
“Yeah, yeah I can do that,” I whispered before looking away from him again and leaving the room.
I don’t know if I was excited or nervous about going back to Wes’ house after we were done here. It was definitely a mixture of the two. It didn’t distract me from my work, but it was definitely enough of a thought to be the only thing on my mind.
“Are you ready?” Wes asked from behind me. I looked at the name on the folder before looking over at him.
“I-Yeah, yeah, ready,” I whispered as I slipped the folder into where it belongs. I quickly grabbed my things and stood up. “Hopefully we’re not too long. I don’t want to leave Nova alone all night.”
Wes glanced at me as he grabbed my wrist. I stared at him as he began walking towards the front door of the clinic. There was a certain haste in his step the more we walked.
“Wait! Wait! Wes, m-my cat! I can’t just leave Nova alone overnight,” I exclaimed as he pulled me out of the clinic and dragged me towards his car.
“Does your cat have food? Water?” Wes asked as he looked at me. I stared back at him and nodded lightly. “Your cat will be fine for the night.” He didn’t sound annoyed, he just knew what he wanted, and he wanted it more. What we did in the exam room wasn’t enough, not for either of us. “Because you’re staying the night at my house.”
“B-But,” I started but ultimately stayed quiet as I slid into the car. In fact, we both stayed silent as Wes drove. The radio silently hummed, filling the silence, so at least it wasn’t suffocatingly silent.
He’s lucky I like him and actually do want to spend the night at his house.
I glanced over at him a few times before deciding to just stare at him as he drove. His pointer fingers tapped the top of his steering wheel while his other fingers were clenched around it. The way his jaw clenched and unclenched as he drove worried me a bit.
“You’re not… mad at me… Are you?” I asked before I gave myself the chance to think about it. I widened my eyes and looked away from him when I realized I asked a question I didn’t mean to ask.
“What? No. No, I’m not mad. Why would I be mad at you?” Wes glanced over at me. I swallowed roughly before shrugging. “I’m just… Thinking. That’s all.”
“You seem mad, that’s all,” I whispered as I looked down at my lap.
“Babes, listen, nothing you could ever do will make me mad.”
“Is that a promise?” I looked back at him as I asked. Wes smiled softly before nodding. It wasn’t childish to ask if it was a promise, was it? I didn’t think it was. But, compared to Wes’ age and knowledge, I was definitely more immature than he was.
“If you want it to be one, then it is.”
“You just… I don’t know,” I whispered and shrugged. Wes let out a low chuckle as he looked over at me. I would have called him out for taking his eyes off the road, but I was obviously more important than that.
“Would it make you feel better if I promised?” Wes asked as he pulled up in front of his house. I swallowed roughly and nodded. “Okay, okay, I promise you would never make me mad, or irritated.” He turned to face me as he reached out to hold my hands. I looked down at our hands and furrowed my eyebrows. “Is that better?”
“I suppose,” I whispered as I looked back at him. Wes laughed and shook his head.
“Do you want to go inside?” he asked as he nodded towards his home. I looked towards the house, seeing an excited Ollie sitting at the window, waiting to greet Wes.
“To see Ollie?” I looked back at Wes with a small smile. He laughed lightly and nodded. I knew we weren’t here just to see Ollie. Obviously I wanted to go in for more than just Ollie.
“Among other things, but yeah… To see Ollie,” he mused as he looked at me. I smiled at him before excitedly slipping out of the car, nearly tripping, and skipping up the sidewalk. Although I did have to wait for Wes to get out of his car and come unlock the door.
“You’re too slow,” I complained as I looked over at him, watching as he slowly walked up the sidewalk. Wes laughed as he adjusted the strap to his bag.
“I’m not as young as I used to be,” he declared once he was on the porch with me. I looked up at him and furrowed my eyebrows. Sure it was a funny response, but 40 isn’t that old. I bet he was just prolonging my waiting. He just wanted to see me get antsy before he fucked me again. Maybe that’d make it feel 10x better than before.
“Sure, that’s exactly what it is,” I chuckled as he pulled his keys from his bag and looked at me. “C’mon, I wanna see Ollie.”
“All right, all right,” Wes laughed as he finally unlocked the door. “I’m gonna get water. I’ll be right back,” he explained as we both entered his house. I watched as he walked towards the kitchen.
“Hi Ollie!” I smiled as I fell to the floor in the living room. Ollie quickly bounded up to me, almost knocking me over. I hummed happily as I gave him all the attention.
“Oh you were being serious about just seeing Ollie,” Wes spoke as he entered the living room with two water bottles. I looked up at him as Ollie began licking my face.
“Of course I was! I love Ollie,” I cooed as I looked back at the dog in question. Ollie sat down beside me as I looked up at Wes.
“Bedroom?” Wes asked as he pointed towards the bedroom. I nodded as I stood to my feet. I quietly walked towards him. My eyes stayed low with each step I took. The excitement I started feeling bubbling in my stomach and between my legs would have been mildly embarrassing to me. Although I think Wes sort of knew that there was a certain excitement between my legs, because once I got closer to him, he wrapped an arm around me and hummed.
“Bedroom, better than the exam room,” I nervously laughed as he led me towards his bedroom. It was impossible to not think about just how many other women (or men even) Wes had in here, and how many times he did the exact things to those people as he did to me. But that thought did cross my mind. What things did they do though? Just sex things or… Other sex things?
Everything Jessica had joked about in the past quickly came back to me. All the rumors and what not… About how he was probably a kink master, or how he sleeps around, or how he probably spanks his partners...Fuck what did I really get myself into?
But his bedroom seemed totally normal. What exactly was I expecting though? I wasn’t expecting a weird sex dungeon… Wes may sleep around, but I don’t think he’s the type to have a weird sex dungeon in his house. Maybe he is a totally vanilla dude. God, I really need to calm down. What we’re about to do can’t be much worse than what we already did in the clinic.
Who keeps their sex dungeon in the main part of their house? Jessica’s voice rang through my head as I stood in the middle of his totally normal bedroom. His sex dungeon is clearly in the basement.
“We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do,” Wes said, knocking me from my weird thoughts of him and his sex life and sex dungeon. I looked over at him and shook my head.
“You say that like we didn’t just have sex in an exam room,” I mumbled as I looked up at him. Wes raised an eyebrow as he pressed the door to the room shut, keeping Ollie out. Of course we wouldn’t want to have Ollie interrupting anything…
“What I meant was… If anything is too overwhelming for you we can stop,” he started as he came up to me. I stared at him as he reached for one of my hands. I let him take it, holding it between us.
“I know, I know. I’m not that nervous.” I contradicted myself with a nervous chuckle. Wes smiled softly as he lifted a hand to my shoulder. “Okay, okay, I’m a little nervous.”
“I’ll go gentle.” “Gentler than you were in the clinic?” I teased. It was mostly a joke, because even though he was a little rough, he was still gentle. I was okay with the little bit of roughness he had. I think I needed it, just like he needed it.
“I can be gentler if you need me too,” he whispered as he moved his hand from my shoulder to my chin. He smiled as he tilted my head to look at him. I stared at him for a moment and exhaled deeply.
“I think you were fine in the clinic. I was… I was just joking,” I whispered as I tried to look away from him. Wes laughed again as he dropped his hand from my face and to the hem of my shirt.
Wes was very gentle as he pressed his lips to mine. His lips trailed down my neck, only breaking for a moment to peel my shirt off me, again. I looked at him as he pressed his lips across my chest.
“I’ll treat you better this time,” he whispered as he pushed my pants down. Wes carefully guided me back towards his bed. A soft gasp came from me as the mattress hit the back of my legs. Wes hummed as his lips went back to mine before helping me back on the bed. “Promise,” he said before I could even question it.
He carefully trailed his lips back down my body. I almost missed it when he dragged his tongue down my stomach. I quickly looked down at him, his eyes looking up at my face, watching every reaction I gave him. It was very hard not to react.
Wes hooked his fingers through the sides of my underwear and pulled them off in one go. I swallowed roughly as I stared right at him. I should have anticipated anything he was about to do, but I did not expect him to lick his tongue through my folds like I was a goddamn 4 course meal.
“Fuck!” I gasped sharply as my head fell back against the bed. He continued to lick at my center, drawing out any little sounds I was holding. I suppose now that we were in the privacy of his house now, I didn’t have to be quiet or hold back any sounds. So that’s what I did. Any whine or moan I felt bubble up my throat, I let out, no holding it back. Wes obviously enjoyed the sounds I was making. Granted he was the one making me make them.
Things were only made worse, or better, when he started making noises too. I quickly threw my arms over my face as everything suddenly became too much for me. It wasn’t terrible, though. I loved it so, so much.
“W-Wes, please, don’t… Don’t stop,” I cried out as I dropped a hand to his head. My fingers instantly got knotted up in his hair as I held him in place. I could feel him breathe out a laugh against my body.
“I don’t think I could stop,” he mumbled from his spot between my legs. I looked down at him, watching as he kitten licked between my folds. He was gentle as he looked up at me. “You taste so good,” he whispered as he pushed two fingers into me. I couldn’t even hold back the groan that came from me once he started moving his fingers.
I pressed my head back into the bed, feeling my hips lift slightly off the bed. Wes let out a low chuckle as he carefully pushed my hips back to the bed. He didn’t say anything else before going back for seconds.
Okay, silence was officially gone. It no longer existed from me or from Wes. Although we were both moaning, Wes was making lapping sounds. Broken moans and small shouts came from me as he continued his work.
It was just a matter of moments before I finished, for the third time, over his face. Part of me wasn’t sure if Wes knew that I had came, because he stayed in place between my legs with his face buried in my sex.
“W-Wesley! Please. Please,” I shouted as I pulled his head from my legs. He laughed as he came back over me, his face hanging right over mine.
“I thought you didn’t want me to stop?” he asked as he looked right at me.
“I want you to do other things instead of just that,” I laughed as I brought my hands to his face. Wes smiled and nodded, silently agreeing. He stared at me before lowering down to my face. His lips reconnected with mine again, giving me the faint taste of myself from his meal. A soft hum came from me as I looked at him.
“What do you want?” Wes asked as he pressed his lips back to my neck. I could feel the heat from his breath everytime he exhaled.
“I want you to hurt me,” I whispered, my words shaky as I said them. Wes lifted his head and looked down at me, a soft smirk on his lips. What would he do to hurt me though? I wasn’t exactly sure. Did I even want to know? Yes, I did…
“We’ll save that for another time, Babes,” he whispered before pressing his lips to mine, again, for a brief moment. I whined as moved away from me. Wes looked down at me as he peeled his shirt off, tossing it to the ground beside the bed. I stared at him for a moment, again watching as he pulled his pants off. “For now, though, we’ll play it safe,” he said as he came back down to me. I nodded in agreement. Play it safe, that’s the best option right now, considering this is really the first time we’ve had sex. Not the first time. Second time.
“Okay, play it safe,” I whispered as he looked at me. He smiled again before moving one of my legs so it was bent. “I’m ready. I’m good.” I nodded as I stared at him. Wes pressed his lips to mine, as he readjusted his hips so they met with mine.
“It’ll feel better than the first time,” he said as he brought a hand to my face. I stared at him for a moment, feeling a smile grow across my lips.
“Is that a promise?” I asked, feeling a childish giggle bubble from my mouth. Wes looked down at me with a small smile and nodded.
“If you want it to be one, then it is,” he turned quietly. I swallowed roughly and nodded. “I don’t know why I’m so nervous now,” I laughed as I stared at him. A small smile grew across his lips as he nodded lightly.
“You’re okay. You’re safe. We can stop now if you want.”
“No! I want this,” I whispered as I looked back up at him. Wes hummed before pressing his lips back to mine for a moment. This time I knew it was a distraction. As he kept his lips against mine, and brought his hands to my hips, I could feel the tip of his length press against my heat.
I took a deep breath as he moved a hand up my side, before resting it on my back. My eyes locked with his before he pressed his lips to my face and then down my neck. His face stayed buried in my shoulder, and I could feel his teeth leaving little marks on my skin.
“W-Wes,” I spoke through a gasp. I could feel Wes breathe against my skin. With one slow thrust, Wes pushed fully into me. A soft yelp came from me as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Once a brief moment had passed, he carefully started moving his hips, similar to how he was at the clinic.
“I know you’re still sensitive, but you gotta stay with me, okay?” he whispered as he brought his hands back to my face. I stared at him and nodded. Breathing became a struggle again as he began rolling his hips. “Can you do that for me?”
“Y-Ye-AH!” I shouted as he moved just right. Wes smirked before pressing his lips to mine again. He held one hand right on my hip, and the other on my face.
Wes was careful as he moved his hips against me. A whine fought to come from my mouth. The hand he held on my face slid down my face and rested against my chest. My mouth fell open as I stared up at Wes’ face.
“Wes-ley, I-I’m so close,” I whined through a broken moan as I stared at him. I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore and my head stayed pressed into the bed. His hand drifted from my chest, and down to between my legs. A sharp breath escaped my mouth as he carefully moved his fingers between my folds again.
“You sound so pretty,” he whispered as I struggled to breathe. Wes laughed lightly as he pressed his lips to the corner of my mouth. “You’re doing so good. Do you think you can cum with me?” he cooed. I swallowed roughly before rapidly nodding. Of course I could think that. It’s all I could think about since before he fucked me in the clinic. The thought of it drove me up the wall.
“Y-Yes,” I whimpered as he looked at me. Wes carefully pressed his lips back to mine as the movements in his hips grew faulty. I only lasted a few more moments before I came, shouting his name.
After two more brief and faulty thrusts, Wes came in me. A warm and unfamiliar feeling spread throughout my belly. The feeling of goosebumps spread across my skin as Wes let out a deep groan and dropped his head against my shoulder. The feeling of his essence coated my walls as he slowly removed himself from me.
“S-So that’s… That’s what it feels like,” I gasped for breath as I looked up at the ceiling. Wes laughed as he looked over at me. I glanced at him, adoring the smile he wore on his lips.
“How are you feeling?” he asked. Before I got the chance to answer, a sticky feeling began spilling between my thighs.
“Sticky,” I mumbled with a sigh. Wes laughed before sitting up on the bed. I stared at him, watching as he walked around the room. “But good. That was really good,” I quickly added as he stepped into the bathroom.
“I expected as much,” Wes laughed as he returned with a damp washcloth. He sat on the bed, between my legs. I yipped and squirmed as he carefully wiped the mess between my legs. “Calm down, not going to hurt you.” “No, no, I know. I just wasn’t expecting the feeling,” I nervously chuckled as he continued to clean the mess. I soft breath of air came from me as he cupped my sex with the washcloth. Even though I was still sensitive, the warm wash cloth felt so good against me. “I can sleep on the couch,” I murmured as my eyes slowly fluttered shut. Wes laughed again, causing me to open my eyes and look at him. I watched as he slowly shook his head.
“Considering you’re my guest and mostly asleep now… No, you won’t be sleeping on the couch,” Wes started, his voice starting to fade. I opened my eyes, realizing he had left the room. I closed my eyes again as I tried to get comfortable on the already comfortable bed. “I’ll sleep on the couch.”
“Nonsense!” I exclaimed as I opened my eyes to look at him. Wes, who was standing at the foot of the bed wearing his pajamas, looked down at me with a raised eyebrow. “You can sleep in the bed too!”
“Please,” I whimpered as I looked at him. Wes smiled and nodded lightly.
“I’ll sleep with you, Babes. Since you asked so nicely,” he whispered before climbing into the bed with me. I sighed happily as he situated beside me, pulling a blanket over both of us.
“Cuddles?” I asked as I rolled to face him. He laughed again before wrapping his arms around me.
“You can shower in the morning if you want,” he offered as he pulled me closer to him.
“You too,” I whispered before drifting off to sleep.
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expelliarweasley · 2 days ago
george weasley using a spreader bar... think about it 👀👀
over the phone accidents
Tumblr media
pairing: george weasley x fem!reader warning: bdsm, degradation, slight voyeurism, george weasley using a spreader bar. also, do i have to mention ceo!george? i feel like i have to. prompt: "uh, you weren't supposed to hear that," "you still would want it, either way."
a/n: Y'ALL THE THOUGHT IS LITERALLY HOT???????? and i just really need to pause before writing this because george using a spreader bar??? i'm such a weak ass for this man. he's the death of me, i'm telling you. also the edit??? goddamn. thank you, anon! x
summary: what happens when george weasley hears y/n's conversation over the phone? well, not just any conversation, of course. it consists of an unspoken fantasy about to be attained.
"Are you done?" George asks as he pushes himself away from his glass desk. Taking a sip of his already-cold caffè corretto, a needed boost for an extra busy day. He takes a stern look at Y/N who was still busy jotting down the notes from the things George had reminded and told her about just a few seconds ago. Y/N was almost embarrassed under George's rather impatient stare, knowing that he'll be needing the notes as soon as he finished talking.
You see, George Weasley was an impatient man. An impatient man who had the immense amount of patience in other things, that being meetings and conferences with future investors and partners for his enterprise. His patience was only limited to work and his family. Amongst other things besides those, he was rather impatient.
Especially in the bedroom. And to be more specific, especially impatient with his executive assistant, Y/N.
Y/N Y/L/N never saw it coming. Her working at his company moments after her graduation as the company's human resource deemed her perfect for the position that had been open yet again after the last assistant had resigned since the CEO himself was someone difficult to keep up with.
And George liked to keep it that way, actually. He didn't like the thought of having an assistant no matter how much his parents had pushed him. They almost easily succumbed to the idea that he was doing fine independently, if only had he not been three minutes late one time for a business deal with a stock investor that one time, then he wouldn't be in constant hiring of assistant that would just give up on his attitude in the long run.
He actually found it interesting how Y/N had managed to keep up with him in the longest run. Maybe other than her rather obvious attraction to him, their sex was something put George in his line. Other than his sex drive being fulfilled most of the times, he had an outlet for every pent-up frustration. And, he also liked the idea of bossing someone around, work and bedroom-wise.
That's why he decided to keep Y/N. Not to mention that he was unintentionally falling for his assistant. But that was another topic for another day.
"Yes, wait a minute." Y/N replied, hands writing in such a hasty manner, not minding about the messy handwriting as long as it is still readable. "Well, can you go any slower? You know I have a meeting –"
"In five," she cut him off as she tore the piece of paper from her pad, "Here you go."
"Not very respectful of you to cut me off, Y/N."
Y/N blushed, looking down at the ground, "I'm sorry,"
"You have to be," George rolled his eyes, retrieving the paper and scanning his eyes throughout the paper, her messy handwriting still readable, as George thinks, relieved in the slightest. "You know what happens to disobedient little girls, do you?" he asked as he made his way to her, fingers taking a hold of her chin to hoist her head up, and when her head was fixated in a way he could easily lean into, he brought his head down and pulled her to a quick french kiss.
Y/N moaned at the sudden action, louder when George placed the paper inside the back pocket of his trousers to cup her sex under her beige skirt. "I haven't done anything yet, sweetness," he smirked, "But I do like the idea that I don't have to do anything to get you worked up."
George received a moan from Y/N, and his grin was something Y/N swears was enough to send her into an overdrive. His hand sped up in rubbing her over her clothed pussy, and when Y/N had reached on his arms to hold on to him, George had - much to Y/N's frustration - pulled away.
"I have a meeting in two," he smirked, smoothing out his unwrinkled black coat. "Wouldn't want this suede coat be wrinkled out of your impatience, love."
"Fuck you," you breathed, earning a chuckle from her boss. "What? This coat costs me a fortune, wouldn't want this to be ruined just because you couldn't sit still."
Y/N rolled her eyes, exceptionally and royally frustrated that George really had to do this. Normally, he would be up for a quickie even though he had a meeting in 10. That was why she was easy to give up herself to George when he had touched her in a rushed manner.
"I'll be back in an hour," George stated getting a hold of his phone as he ruffled his hair out of instinct. Something, before the whole thing with George, Y/N had found attractive beforehand. "Don't touch anything." George warned.
And when George had disappeared from his office, Y/N felt quite adventurous and went to sit on his leather chair, almost leaning to the chair on how relaxing it feels. Y/N now understands George persona, that being in power is something so addicting. That even sitting on a chair that she knew costed more than her wage exuded a different type of boost - not to mention the adrenaline of being caught by George in her position was something that have added to such excitement.
She knew it was wrong, but being his assistant for a mere timeline of eight months and a hook-up (as much as she wants more than that), Y/N knew so much about the office. But if ever there's something that she didn't know, it was the leather jewellery box beside his crystal liquor decanter, adjacent to another white door which Y/N couldn't quite figure what lies inside it.
Though Y/N may have had an idea, she couldn't quite picture the thought of having the thought of room inside his office. Besides, George was a busy man, while he can squeeze in a quick fuck in his office, Y/N thinks George wasn't into BDSM - that, or maybe she really doesn't know it yet. Besides, they were new to this whole agreement and it is better for George to initiate the conversation rather than her.
But curiosity killed the cat and Y/N was one stumbling feline. Knowing that George had already left ten minutes ago and she has fifty more minutes to spare (considering that she had done all of the necessary workloads before the set due), she went her way to the marble stand. Hands going first to the decanter to let herself take a quick shot to calm her down before she regretted taking a hold of the box.
Her hands, shaking, opened the box, and she was met with a shiny key that she didn't know if it belonged to the door adjacent to the mini bar. But Y/N took her chances, taking strides to the door with the key in her hand.
And the very moment she opened the door, she was met with a dimly-lit, charcoal-grey painted room. Her hands went to the side, knowing that switches of rooms in the building were just beside the door. Her breath hitched as the half bowl-shaped, warm-toned lamps flickered on one by one, exposing a wide array of sex toys to Y/N.
"Holy fuck," she muttered, frozen in her spot as she takes in the sight before her. She was mistaken. George was into BDSM. The room before her confirmed much to her.
When Y/N was about to come near to the sections of sex toys arranged in size and commonality, her thoughts were interrupted by a phone call.
"Hello?" she answered, not really minding who the caller was as her head was consumed with obscene scenarios with George. "Y/N! How are you?" Angelina, her best friend, squealed on the other line.
"Hey, Angie, I'm dong fine. What made you call?"
Angelina started talking about her day, which consisted a lot of rants from work and of course, her filthy thoughts about her crush which happened to be Fred Weasley, George's twin. Who was the complete opposite of George. As Fred was a bit more loose than the uptight George. She remembers him one time during family dinner which George - though she was confused about it - had brought her with him. She had decent conversations with Fred once or twice, it could've been more had George not warned her about it through squeezed thighs under the dinner table.
"Are you alright, Y/N?" Angelina asked, snapping Y/N out of her daydreams as she ran her fingers through the whip.
"What - oh, yeah, I'm here. What did you say?"
"You seem distracted."
"No, I am not."
"George looking exceptionally great today?" Angie teases, knowing how Y/N messages her once or twice a week whenever she found George wearing a new coat or had styled his hair differently. Words about how he looked so hot to fuck with, and how his new watch seemed to shine bright under the lights.
"No!" she yelled rather loudly, only to clear her throat at Angie's laughter, "I mean, yeah," she admitted, which made her best-friend laugh harder.
"I mean, a literal sex god, that man is. A walking piece of art. I wouldn't mind him using a spreader bar on me, that would be fucking hot. " she said, moving on to the other row, until her eyes landed on a familiar sex toy. She has heard about it, but she never used it (considering she hadn't have had BDSM to begin with) or even thought of using it. But the thought of George using a spreader bar on her has have had her pussy wet all over again.
"Mhm," Angelina hummed, as if expecting for a following phrase she knew Y/N was to give her any moment now.
"I mean," Y/N breathes, "There's never a day when George is not hot as hell, sexy, if I may add, and there's literally never a day when I wouldn't let him use m –"
And just as Y/N was about to turn around to get out of the room before she finds herself trapped in George's wrath out of her not following his instructions, she might've thought later enough as she was met with George Weasley himself leaning on the door frame with his hands folded on his chest.
Y/N swears she has heard a squeal on the end of the line, but Y/N already dropped her call with Angelina. Heart thumping as she was caught wandering inside of what Y/N assumes, George's playroom.
"Sir, your meeting ended quite earlier than expected," Y/N breathes, hoping that George had just arrived now and had only caught her in the room, and had not heard about what she wants George to do to her with a spreader bar. George responded with a chuckle.
"What did I say about 'not touching anything,' Y/N?" he asked, hands coming up for his thumb to play on his bottom lip. "Too caught up in your chat with whoever to not think of my instructions?" he smirked.
Y/N's mouth ran dry, "Uh, you heard that?"
"What, about you letting me use you whenever I please?" George raised his eyebrow up, taking a step in the room. "Please, I already know that."
Y/N sighed lightly out of relief.
"But I didn't know that you would want me to use a spreader bar on you."
Y/N's head whipped towards his direction, eyes widening at George who was already discarding his suede coat and hung it on the hanging rack beside the door.
"Uh, you weren't supposed to hear that," Y/N muttered, eyes never leaving George as he removed his watch after locking the door and placed it on the marble coaster below the rack.
Her breath hitched as George loosened the tie on his black shirt, removing it from his neck, "You still would want it, either way,"
George made his way to her, "I would be lying if I said I wouldn't want to use it on you."
And that was all it took before George had pushed his lips on hers, his hands immediately grabbing her arse and hoisting her to jump and wrap her legs around his torso. Y/N groaned to the kiss, as he felt herself being pushed towards the grey bed fixated on the centre of the room.
Her back felt the soft mattress, eyes never leaving George who was busy unbuttoning her shirt. Her hands travelled to his clothed cock, rubbing rather harshly the bulge restrained by his trousers. "Oh, Y/N," George moaned, hips involuntarily bucking to her touch. "Fuck," muttered, as his hands rushed in opening her blouse to dive his head on her chest, mouth immediately going for her breast as Y/N undid his belt and pushed his trousers down a bit.
George wasted no time, as he was busy sucking on her breast, his hands made its way to his trousers for him to push down and free himself from any restraint from his boxers or any piece of clothing.
A groan emitted from his lips as Y/N's hands wrapped around her pulsing dick, "Fucking hard for you, baby," George breathed as he bit on her swollen nipple. "Look what you've done to me."
Y/N moaned in response as George continued his actions, this time on the other breast, as George kneaded the now-discarded other. "Didn't know you'd want me to tie you up, really thought you were an innocent vanilla angel," George laughed at himself, hand gripping on her jaw to kiss her, "Clearly I was mistaken. You'd do anything for my cock, do you?"
"Yes, sir," Y/N mustered a response, eyes closing as George's mouth made its way to her neck, sucking and biting harshly that she was sure there'd be a hickey afterwards.
Y/N thinks whether it's in the alcohol that she had downed prior, or just the thought of the spreader bar on the floor, but she immediately flipped them both, George's back now on the mattress.
"What -" George was cut off immediately by a low groan as he felt Y/N's mouth take his erection inside her mouth. "Oh fuck, just like that, baby," George moaned, hand flying to Y/N's head and pushed her farther, wanting Y/N to gag on him.
"Such fucking - " he tried to form a sentence as he meets Y/N's eyes as she hollowed her cheeks more, as if she was tightening around George that moment. "You look so sexy as hell, baby. Sucking on your boss' cock like that, fucking taught you well." He groaned, guiding her head in such speed until Y/N swats his hand away.
George was dominant in bed, but seeing him very putty and just surrendering to the bliss knowing that she was the one doing it to him was very new to her. And she swears it was addicting. Hot, sexy, and addicting as hell.
"Y/N, stop, gonna come -" George cuts himself off with a long moan, his hands trying to push Y/N off from his dick, "Want to come inside of you, fucking - baby, please - "
Y/N must've heard nothing as she increased her pace, her hand now wrapping around his cock as she sucked on the head of his dick, earning a groan of pleasure from George which went straight to her dripping cunt.
"Not gonna last, fuck, Y/N!" he screamed, as he came inside her mouth in such huge amount. "You bloody minx," he says as he hoists himself up, the ecstasy of his high still not leaving him. "You think you could just disobey me like that?"
Y/N was about to response had George not pulled her skirt down along with her underwear, almost as immediately as he takes a hold of her left ankle to snap inside the cuff of the spreader bar. George tightened the cuff, eyes wandering over to Y/N for any signs of apprehension, only to receive a nod of approval. He went to hold the other ankle to do the same. Once he was finished with her ankles, he took a moment to ponder on whether he’d want her wrists to be cuffed as well.
“George -“
"Just thinking if I should cuff your hands," he raised his eyebrows at her, "Your hands get to be so touchy at times."
George decided to himself to let the following moments deem his verdict, Y/N almost shied away from George's entranced stare at her exposed body. "Hm, not too much wide for me," he muttered, clicking something on the bar which made Y/N's legs spread wider.
Y/N gasps as her legs spread wider, hands gripping on the bedsheet under her. George on the other hand, licked his lips as he was met with her pussy coated in her arousal, "That's more like it."
Shivers ran through her spine as she felt George run his fingers up and down her slit, jolting slightly at the light slap George had placed on her clit. George hummed, "Didn't even need to spit on this, holy shit."
He pushed her legs farther, her head almost of the same level with her ankles, "We're going to have fun, baby." he winked as he went down to her pussy, mouth immediately lapping on her wet cunt.
Y/N squealed George's name, hand desperately trying to reach George's hand, only to be held by his right hand to refrain her from reaching him. "Ah," he tutted, "I knew we would be needing these hands cuffed."
He hoisted himself up and cuffed her wrists on the spreader bar, reaching for his discarded necktie on the floor afterwards, "Will blindfold you, is that alright?"
She responded with an airy approval, heart almost thumping out of her chest. Her eyesight was then blacked out as she felt the fabric of George's necktie wrap around her head.
"This will heighten your senses, love."
"If it gets too much, say 'red', alright?"
"Yes, I trust you, George."
George smiled in response, relieved Y/N wouldn't have to see his smile from what she had said. He went back to fully eating her out, three fingers instantly entering her pussy in such fast manner.
"Georgie," she managed to whine out. It was all pleasingly too much for her, his tongue swirling around her clit and his fingers move inside her walls. As Y/N was cuffed from any movement, all she was left to was receive all of his assaults on her sex.
Y/N's back arched, eyes squeezing shut behind the blindfold, "Oh, god, George -"
George received a faint gasp as he blew air on her cunt. Playfully going slow in going back to eating her out as if she was his last meal. Strings of George's name as well as continuous cuss words were all heard in the room, as well as the sinful, wet, skin-to-skin sounds from his fingers alone.
The ginger was already rutting his hips on the bed, for some sort of release in tension. All of Y/N's moans and groans were going straight to his cock, and when George felt her tightening around his fingers, a signal that she was close.
"George -"
"No, you're not coming yet."
He quickly pulled his fingers out, Y/N whining at the loss of contact. "But baby, how are we to enjoy this without my cock pushing into your dripping cunt, right?" he mused, instantly pushing his pelvis inside her, with Y/N screaming his name in response.
"Oh god, look at that -" George breathed, looking at where his dick is thrusting inside of her exposed pussy. "Look at how you are taking me so much, baby. Oh, wait, you can't really see how your stomach bulges from my cock, don't you?"
Her cheeks blushed at George's words, she couldn't help but relish in both pleasure and desperation. "Such a fucking slut, wanting George to use her anyway he pleases -" he groaned, halting in the fast paced thrusts to make hard and powerful ones which made Y/N moan as she felt the tip of his dick hitting her g-spot.
"Not to mention she wants George to use a spreader bar on her."
Y/N already felt herself coming yet again, and she almost curses George into oblivion when she feels him pulling out of her yet again. "George, what the fuck? Let me cum!" she whined.
"Damn, so desperate for it, aren't you?" George chuckled as he removed her blindfold, her eyes squinting at the sudden vision being slowly returned, being met with George's lust-blown eyes.
He removed the cuff on her hands, "Gonna try something," was all George said before he flipped Y/N on her stomach. He pushed her chin upwards to look at the mirror behind the headboard.
"Look at what I'm about to do to you, baby." He winked, getting a hold of her ass to put up in the air, her thighs kneeling on the bed. Y/N's lips trembled and drank in the sight of George, but then her face was soon met with the bed as her hands were pulled backwards to be cuffed beside her ankles. She couldn't help but feel turned on at such exposure and vulnerability.
"Good with this?" George asked her, leaning towards her ear to kiss her on the shell. "Yes," Y/N nodded.
"Good, 'cause I won't go easy on you."
George instantly slams into her from behind, both of them screaming each other's names out of pure bliss. "Oh, fuck, baby - tightening around my cock so well, I could fuck you for hours."
"George, George, George!" Y/N moaned, body trembling from the intense sensation, only to be driven over the edge as George's hand reached for her clit for him to play as his pussy was being thrusted in and out by his cock. George pushed his hips a bit more deeper, enabling him to reach a new angle, erupting a long, high moan from Y/N.
He took a hold of her hair, fisting it around his right hand, as he varied between his fast thrusts and powerful ones. It didn't take long enough before Y/N felt the familiar fire forming at the pit of her stomach once again.
"You're clenching around me, baby, are you going to come?"
"Yes, George, holy fuck!"
"Hm," he hummed, pulling her hair once more, "hold it."
"George, please, let me come, oh my god - please!"
"I said hold it, baby," he says, removing his hand from her hair to spank her ass cheeks. Y/N moaned in response, "God, George -"
"What's it with you today that makes it hard for you to follow orders? Fuck, shit, feels so good." George tries to say as he felt his own high approaching.
"No, George, I'm being a good gir - ah!" Y/N's body spams over George's intense fucking.
"Come, fuck, come now!" George ordered as he snaps along with Y/N, their cum being mixed together inside of her. George, feeling playful as ever, though both of them sensitive, had given three more slow, hard thrusts to Y/N's pussy, to which she winced, "No, no more."
George laughed and waited for her to come down from her high before pulling out of her. "Aw, and here I was thinking for a round two," he winked at her when their eyes met, "guess not, then."
He was about to stand up when a hand stopped him from doing so, "Wait," Y/N said, "you still have other toys to use on me."
"Baby," he cooed, kissing her on the temples, "we're just getting started."
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scoupsy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
A Complete List of Seventeen’s Content released During Their Attacca Album Promotions. If any link is broken please let me know. Enjoy!
Music Videos
Teaser 1 | Teaser 2 | Rock With You mv |
Concept Trailer | Highlight Melody | Leader Commentary | physical album preview | Global Press Conference
Jacket making: OP1 | OP2 hiphop - vocal - performance | OP3 part1 - part2  
Fan Chants
Rock With You |
Comeback Show
Comeback Showcase [ performances of To You and Rock with You] 
Inside Seventeen
 Music Shows
Music Bank 211022
Rock With You | Interview |  Rosebay Files
Fancams :: S.Coups | Jeonghan | Joshua | Wonwoo | Hoshi | Woozi | Mingyu | DK | Seungkwan | Vernon | Dino | Choreo
Studio Choom
More Promotions
MTV Fresh Out
Entertainment Tonight
S.Coups Allure
Radio Shows
Variety Shows
Drink with Gods:: Oct 29th [S.Coups, Mingyu, Hoshi, Seungkwan]
Teen Vogue
Melon Magazine
Late Releases
Also be sure to check their Twitter | Instagram | Tik Tok | weverse where they’ve been updating a lot! Again let me know if something is missing and I’ll make sure to add it quickly! Stream Left & RIght and have a great comeback Carats!!
note: if something doesn’t have a link it isn’t out yet, I just know it’s planned to be
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nellsclayton · 2 days ago
moon's masterlist
Tumblr media
☆ most recent
☆ author's faves
☆ fluff
☆ angst
☆ smut
☆ alternate universe
☆ platonic/family
☆☆☆ Helpless: Commoner!Tom Holland x Princess!Reader | 1.7K words
They go back further than he remembers, but she wants to move forward more than he knows. All she knows is that when she looks into his eyes, she suddenly is helpless. (AUTHOR'S FAVE) (FLUFF) (ROYAL AU)
☆☆ Books with Betrothed: Harry Hook x Fem!Reader | 1.2K words
Your parents are setting you up to improve relations between Auradon and The Isle of the Lost. You keep trying to find reasons to hate him, but he’s not giving you any. (FLUFF) (ARRANGED MARRIAGE AU)
☆ Census: Oliver Wood x Fem!Muggle!Reader | 1.7K words
You’re filling out the census when you realise you may need to confront exactly how little you know about Oliver. (FLUFF)
☆ Imagine going on a muggle date with Oliver (FLUFF)
☆☆ Call Me Maybe: Jamie Taylor x Fem!Reader | 1.3K words
Jamie misses the maid that used to work at Bly Manor, she misses Jamie more. One day Jamie gets a call from the maid that just makes everything worse. (AUTHOR'S FAVE) (ANGST)
☆☆☆ Strikes and Strike-Outs: Nini Salazar-Roberts x Reader | 1.7K words
When Nini invited you to go bowling after exams finished, you weren’t expecting her ex-boyfriend to be there. But apparently she’s not as ready to face him as she thinks she is. (AUTHOR'S FAVE) (FLUFF) (COLLEGE AU)
☆ Connection: Bucky Barnes x Reader | 601 words
When your wifi goes out, you try to guess your cute neighbour’s password, but you might find out a little more than the wifi password. (FLUFF)
☆☆ Make Her Happy: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Adopted!Stark!Reader | 1.9K words
Steve loves Tony’s adopted daughter, but she loves Bucky. He loves her, so he’s willing to let her go. As long as she’s happy. All that matters is that she’s happy. (AUTHOR'S FAVE) (FLUFF)
☆ Imagine playing the Sims with Bucky (FLUFF)
☆☆ Homecoming: Clark Baxtresser x Reader | 824 words
You and Clark haven’t seen each other since he left for New York. But when all the Starkids get together for a concert, you get to see him again. You haven’t told the fans yet, but when Liam’s filming behind the scenes of homecoming, the two of you are so caught up in your reunion, that you forget all about them. (AUTHOR'S FAVE) (FLUFF)
☆☆ Cool With Me : Ethan Green x Sister!Reader | 1K words
You don’t want to tell your brother that you want his wife present for the birth of your child rather than him, but he manages to find out anyway. (FLUFF) (FAMILY)
☆☆ Like She Does: Joe Goldberg x Fem!Reader | 839 words
Joe comforts you through the death of your sister, knowing the whole time he caused it. (FLUFF) (NSFW)
☆ Book Club: Theo Engler x Reader | 973 words
You and Theo have never gotten along, until you realise one thing that you both have in common. (FLUFF)
☆ Love and Trust: Theo Engler x Reader | 957 words
You thought you found your person in Theo, he found it in his married neighbour. That was all before she tried to murder him. (FLUFF)
☆ Lover: Theo Engler x Fem!Reader | 828 words
You and your best friend have been out of sync for a while. Hopefully a quickie in the backyard will help. (NSFW)
☆☆ Regular Shaped Mistakes: Theo Engler x Fem!Reader | 1.1K words
You storm over to yell at Theo after he yells at your mom, but you may have interupted something. (MOST RECENT) (NSFW)
☆ Welcome Back: Theo Engler x Fem!Reader | 908 words
Your boyfriend wants to show you just how much he missed you while he was away. Unfortunately, he can’t wait until after school. (NSFW)
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rigatonireid · a day ago
Tumblr media
here is the current masterlist to all of the fics that have participated in my fic challenge! (please let me know if i missed you, my tags and mentions haven’t been working lately!)
in case you guys are still interested, my fic challenge is still going on, and nov. 5th is this last day!
Tumblr media
* depicts 18+ or nsfw content/warnings/implications
please read all warnings or disclaimers the authors have listed!
Spineless (spencer x fem!reader) by @reidslibrarybook
summary: Spencer’s had a crush on you for ages, but what will he do when you start to spend more and more time with his unit chief? — 4.6k words
Vulnerable (spencer x fem!reader) by @doctorsreid
summary: Despite the rough waters they go through, she’s his favorite person to love — 279 words
Window Watching* (spencer x fem!reader) by @boldlyvoid
summary: Spencer and the girl across the street stare at each other from their windows most nights, dreaming of the day they'll get to talk to the other person. — 5.4k words
Best Friends (spencer x fem!reader) by @eurydice-but-gay
summary: Spencer and Y/N do a tiktok dance and confess what their hearts desire — 1.4k words
Rossi’s Cooking (spencer x fem!reader) by @pleutbeaucoup
summary: During a takedown, things go south — 3k words
A Hope Rooted in Belief (my reblog) (spencer x gn!reader) by lauren, she sadly deactivated :(
summary: In which Spencer Reid opens back up to his college partner. — 2.3k words
Favorite (spencer x gn!reader) by @rigatonireid
summary: you get to know spencer’s favorite color… — 351 words
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capaimagines · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
txt - you have a panic attack
Tumblr media
Pairing: TXT x Reader | Genre: angst & fluff | Warnings: mentions of anxiety and panic attacks | WC: 0.7k
request: Can it request for a txt reaction to the reader having a panic attack
Tumblr media
Choi Yeonjun
Tumblr media
Will slightly panic along with you but stay level-headed enough to help you out of it. Knows that you don’t like being touched when you’re in this state, so he keeps his distance but always makes sure that your eyes are focusing on him. He gets you to mimic his breathing and does it until you’re able to follow along without hesitation. Once you’re okay to be touched, he’ll wrap you up in his arms, telling you how proud he is of you and that you did a great job working through it. Spends the rest of the week waiting on you, hand and foot until he sees your smile never leaving your face.
Tumblr media
Choi Soobin
Tumblr media
Would probably be the one who remains the most calm during the ordeal. Does his best to try things to help distract you such as four-square breathing, listing out random things in different colors, asking you how his hands feel or his shirt or his hair. Helps to calm your breathing and get you back in the present moment, enough for him to help you to the bed or the couch and grab you some water. Spends the rest of the time doing whatever you want to do. Ranging from just lazing around in bed together, to going for walks to get some air or even eating out at your favorite restaurants. He does anything and everything to help you return back to your usual self and will keep an eye out for any signs.
Tumblr media
Choi Beomgyu
Tumblr media
Would panic along with you. This is not something he is familiar with and he has a little trouble at first trying to calm you down since at every attempt, you’d seem to only get worse or push him away. This results in him just telling you ridiculous stories about what went on with his day. Stories about him and the boys from the early debut days and pre-debut days. They’re always ridiculous and you highly doubt that more than half of them are true, but it works. You become so focused on trying to follow along to what he’s rambling about that you stop shaking and it feels easier to breathe. He breathes a sigh of relief when you crawl into his lap and he squeezes you tight against him.
Tumblr media
Kang Taehyun
Tumblr media
Like Soobin, one of the calmer members. He’s not really familiar with it, but he’s known you long enough to know what works in helping you through it and what doesn’t.. He grabs your weighted blanket, gently laying it across your legs, asking you to tell him how the blanket feels, tell him how the floor feels and describe your surroundings. Sometimes he’ll ramble a bit about his day, mostly making up something ridiculous just to get you to crack a smile. When he sees that you are calmer, he doesn’t move you to the couch or a chair, he just slides in behind you, pulling you against his chest and rests his chin on your head. The two of you will just sit there in silence, him asking how you’re doing every so often. He only gets up when you’re ready too.
Tumblr media
Huening Kai
Tumblr media
A mix of Beomgyu and Yeonjun. Would be level-headed enough to grab you water and a cold towel, but nervous and anxious himself that he’s also rambling about random things as he brings them to you. He could talk your ear off on a normal day so, when he was nervous like this it was impossible to understand any of what he was saying. It worked though because you would be so intent on trying to wrap your mind around what exactly he’s talking about that the panic subsides. Would do anything you wanted to do for the rest of the day, but first he holds you close and tells you how much he loves you.
Tumblr media
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alisonsfics · 15 hours ago
♡𝙝𝙖𝙧𝙧𝙮 𝙨𝙩𝙮𝙡𝙚𝙨 ♡
⁂ = smut
𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐭𝐨𝐫 ⤔ you thought that breaking up with harry after a year of blissfully being in love was the hardest thing you’d ever have to deal with, but seeing him in the crowd as you sang a song about your heartbreak was ten times harder. ( x singer!reader) (coming soon)
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yesitsmewhataboutit · 19 hours ago
Todoroki x reader
Summery: you teach Todoroki to masturbate
Warnings⚠️: 18+
Todoroki was never one to masturbate. He never fully understood how. There would be times you were apart or couldn't have sex, and he would go half-insane from not being able to get himself off. So what kind of partner would you be if you didn't teach him?
You being Todoroki to your shared bedroom, explaining what you want to do. He sits back on the bed, legs spread, while you sit in front of him. "Ok, Sho, I'm gonna help you at first, ok?" You say, reaching for his pants. He nods, letting you do whatever you want. You reach for his pants, pulling him down with his boxers and taking out his still soft cock, feeling it start to harden in your hand.
You slowly start stroking him, feeling him get half hard in your hand, also feeling his lustful glare on you. Once you feel him get all the way hard, you lean in, giving him instructions. "Take your hand, copying what I do." You say, guiding his hand to be around yours as you stroke him, then pulling your hand away. He continues the movement, "how's it feel?" You ask. "Not as good as when you do it." He says. You smile and roll your eyes, replacing his hand with yours.
You start stroking him again, taking note of how his hips slowly move up into your hand. "Keep going, Love." He says, his head falling back against the headboard, his eyes closing. You smirk, quickening your pace. Shoto groans, "L- Love, your hand feels so good." He says, his cock starting to twitch in your hand. Right, when you feel his cock about to explode in your hand, you move your hand away.
Shoto's eyes snap open, looking at you through lust-blown eyes. "You gotta learn to do it on your own, Sho." You say, smiling sweetly. He grabs his dick, stroking it quickly for a second before groaning in frustration. "It's not the same." He says. All night, over and over again, you get him close, but he's unable to finish. You edge him so long he's almost in tears, shaking, from how sensitive he's gotten.
Finally, grab his hand again, placing yours over it and slowly stroking. You lean close to his ear, "Imagine, my lips wrapped around you, sucking slowly, taking you down my throat, waiting for you to leave a trail of cum all the way to my mouth." You feel his hand pull to speed up, so you pull yours away. As you finish talking, he groans cum shooting from his cock. You smile as he looks up at you, breathing slowing down.
"I knew you could do it." You say as he pulls you in for a kiss. "Thank you, Love." He says, his hand on the back of your head as he climbs on top of you. He pulls your underwear down, sticking his fingers in your tight, dripping cunt. He groans, feeling how wet you are, taking his fingers out and coating his cock in his cum and your slick, using it as lube as he slips his cock into you.
He continues kissing you as he thrust fast and hard, drinking in the moans of his name you do. It doesn't take long for him to feel you clench around him, about to cum, and he stills, leaning to your ear, "You think you get to cum that quickly after not letting me cum for so long? Not how it works, Princess. Now, you're going to listen and obey me, and if you cum without permission, you'll regret it. So pick, obey me, and wait until, and if, I have pity on you to cum, or cum when you want, and cum so much between now and when I decide to stop, that you'll be dehydrated for a month." He feels you clench around him. "Oh? You like that? The thought of my dick in you, making you cum uncontrollably for hours?"
Shoto smirks. "Well," he kisses around your ear, pinning your hands above your head, "let's see which option you pick." He says, pulling his hips back and starting his thrust again. In the end, with either option, it would be a long night.
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winterstorm12 · a day ago
Fearful Masterlist
Tumblr media
As requested by @bananapipedreams, here is a masterlist of all the Fearful chapters so far. And to all that have been reading the story up to this point, thank you :) I will add onto this master list when I’ve written more chapters!
Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader, Tony x Reader, Natasha x Reader
Warnings: some light swearing, talk of torture, description of torture, trauma, blood/injuries*
English is not my first language, so all mistakes are my own.
You are an ex-Hydra experiment who’s been in hiding for years. One night, you get found by Steve, Natasha and Bucky, and against your will, taken back to their compound. As time passes, unknowingly to you, you start to build a bond with the only other Hydra experiment left alive. Only, you don’t know Bucky, the fact that he is an ex-Hydra experiment also, or your shared history. Nor do you understand what it means to have emotions, and therefore to be human. Having been tortured into becoming a emotionless killing machine, are you able to ever be more than that? 
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19 [Coming soon]
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wannabe-fan-writer · a day ago
Obey Me Masterlist
Tumblr media
With A Boyfriend That's His Opposite (Male)
With A Quiet ND Partner (GN)(WIP)
Touch Starved (Male)
With A Boyfriend That Makes Cat Sounds (Male)
Reacting To His Boyfriend's Haircut (Male)
With A Shy Soft Boyfriend (Male)
With A Goth Boyfriend (Male)
Cuddling (GN)
Prince (Male)
With A Quiet ND Partner (GN)(WIP)
Cuddling (GN)
With A Quiet ND Partner (GN)(WIP)
With A Short Boyfriend (Male)
With A Goth Boyfriend (Male)
With A Quiet ND Partner (GN)(WIP)
With A Short Boyfriend (Male)
With A Boyfriend Who Goes Nonverbal (Male)
With A Quiet ND Partner (GN)(WIP)
With A Boyfriend Who Loves To Cook (Male)
With A Shy Soft Boyfriend (Male)
Cuddling (GN)
With A Monster Chef Boyfriend (Male)
Comfort Headcanons (GN)
With A Quiet ND Partner (GN)(WIP)
With A Boyfriend That Makes Cat Sounds (Male)
With A Goth Boyfriend (Male)
With A Quiet ND Partner (GN)(WIP)
Touch Starved (Male)
With A Quiet ND Partner (GN)(WIP)
With A Quiet ND Partner (GN)(WIP)
With A Quiet ND Partner (GN)(WIP)
Being Luke's Older Sibling (GN)(Platonic)
With A Quiet ND Friend (GN)(Platonic)
With A Quiet ND Partner (GN)(WIP)
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letterfromvienna · a day ago
OK change JAVIER to EZRA with the “here, take my jacket” flufftober thing.
okay here we go!! my first attempt at writing the Feral Rat Bastard Man™️ (who is a little bit of a softie, but only a little)
Ezra + Flufftober #28: "Here, take my jacket"
Rating: PG (but my blog is 18+ only, so minors, scram)
WC: 1.1k
Tags/warnings: gn!reader; unrequited love (or is it? 👀); romantic tension; mild cursing
✨ v's october requests | october taglist form | masterlist ✨
It’s too damned cold on this planet. It’s the kind of cold that’s smug about it, a chill settling over everything that makes humans shiver while the hardy plants and animals survive just fine, as if just to make the point that you’re weak.
You’ve been away from civilization too long. The outer edges of space are eating at your patience. It’s making you bitter.
Inside the tent, your companion hums away as if the bone-chilling cold has no effect on him. You’re not sure if anything has an effect on Ezra. The prospector has his moods, of course, but nothing stops him for longer than a moment. Even in the face of mortality he picks up and carries on and entertains Death himself with his meandering stories. It would be easier to hate him if you weren’t so fascinated by him.
Tugging your jacket closer around your shoulders, you consider the possibility that saying you’re fascinated by Ezra is just another way of lying to yourself. In the trees, strange animals howl and whine, the noises of an unfamiliar biome. Behind you, Ezra answers in his own strange vocalizations, the noises of an unfamiliar companion. A stranger, but also something like a friend.
Fascinated. Kevva’s name. You’re infatuated, that’s what you are, and too proud to admit it.
Objectively, it makes sense. He’s handsome as the devil, with those deep eyes and dark hair and white streak that you thought was dyed but seems to sprout straight from his head pale as moonlight. His voice, too—it haunts you, unforgettable even in dreams. Sometimes you tolerate his rambling tales of channel rats and close escapes late into the night merely because his drawl lulls you into sleep.
“Evenin’, starlight,” comes said voice from behind you.
Glancing to the side, you watch the man in question emerge from the tent, deftly zipping it shut behind him. No doubt he has heat lamps running inside and wants to preserve their warmth; he’s an expert at surviving anywhere in spite of the circumstances. You turn your face back to the campfire and try not reveal the direction of your thoughts. It’s hard enough that you have to live side by side with him knowing that you have a pathetic crush on a ruthless man and he probably knows it too.
“The moons,” Ezra murmurs, craning his neck to look up at the sky. Two spheres hang like ornaments against the blackness of the sky. He studies them with his head tilted back and throat exposed.
Your gaze is locked on him, looking at how the moonlight dances in his eyes. The dots of light make his dark eyes look like miniatures of the cosmos.
“The position of the moons tonight indicates that our time on this planet will soon be comin’ to an end,” he says. As he talks, he settles down by the fire, leaning up against a log and grunting. “We cannot expect to make any progress at night after those moons wane. It’ll be dark as a dungeon in a few nights’ time.”
You sniffle and rub your nose, which is determined to run constantly in the cold. “What’s a dungeon?”
“That, I do not know,” Ezra admits. “I read it in a book. ‘Dark as a dungeon.’ It sounds poetic, does it not?”
You shrug. Ezra’s eyes linger on you. You feel seen, no, examined by that gaze. Glancing away again, you train your eyes on the fire and hope it will inspire Ezra to do the same. You don’t know why he does this, why he stares at you like this. It feels like he’s studying you like a broken thrower or valuable gem. You’d prefer it if he would just leave you alone. Perhaps you could squash your absurd infatuation if he didn’t look at you so often.
“The way you’re shivering, I’d assume you were frightened or freezing, and I think I know you well enough to eliminate the former.” He raises his eyebrows. “Cold, starlight?”
The nickname is so unexpected that you lift your gaze from the fire. Ezra shifts, pushing himself off the dirt with his good hand, and starts towards you. You watch as he strips off his jacket and picks at the elastic he uses to bind the useless sleeve up. Underneath, he wears only a fitted black thermal, stretched tight across his broad chest.
“I’m not cold,” you protest.
He rolls his eyes and keeps coming towards you.
“I’m not cold, Ez, seriously,” you insist. You shy away as he gets closer. “Put your jacket back on.”
Ezra clicks his tongue. Sometimes he says as much with his strange noises as he does with his effusive words. Before you can protest more, he plants himself behind you and wraps his jacket around your shoulders. It’s still warm from his skin and carries the scent of him, the smell of the outdoors and his sweat and the cheapest soap money can buy. If he weren’t crouched behind you and watching you, you would bury your nose in the collar and breathe deep until the smell of him made you dizzy. But you can’t; you won’t bare yourself like that, not to this heartless man.
His hand lands on your shoulder, squeezing it tight through several layers of thick cloth. “I can’t let you freeze, starlight.”
Starlight. That nickname—the way he says it—it gives you confidence. Confidence enough to turn and ask—
“Why? Because you need me to get back?”
Ezra shakes his head. With the way you're turned to him, he’s lit with the warm light of the fire. It flickers across the angles of his face. “Is it so hard to believe I enjoy your company and would be sad to see you perish?”
He’s so close to you now. Have you ever been this close without your helmets?
“You have such a way with words.” You aim for confidence, but even in your own ears, you sound a little breathless.
Ezra reaches around your front and pulls the jacket tight around your body. “Take my jacket, starlight.” His voice is softer now, his accent round on the edges.
He’s not arguing.
You sound so small in comparison to him. His lips quirk up in a lopsided smile when you finally give in. He squeezes your arm once before standing, heading back over to his log and his book. He opens it and begins reading as if nothing happened, even as you stare at him in confusion. Finally, he looks up at you, raising a single eyebrow.
It’s as if he’s challenging you. Heartless, am I?
Your cheeks burn and you nestle yourself further into his jacket, swathing yourself in the fabric that smells of him and carries the warmth of his body.
Perhaps not.
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make-me-imagine · a day ago
Avengers Masterlist (Adjacent/Side Characters)
This is a masterlist for the Avenger's characters that are not the original main team. I have other masterlists with the main characters and other marvel masterlists
Post with links to all Marvel Masterlists
If you find any incorrect or missing links please let me know!
Here is the link to my Main Masterlist
- - - - - - - - - - -
- - Multiple Characters - -
Male Avengers Birthday Scenario Game
Female Avengers Birthday Scenario Game
Which Marvel Man is your Soulmate UQuiz (made by me)
Multipart Story: Valentines Special Event (Choose your own character ending)  (fluff/romance)
Their pet-names for you (Part One) (fluff)
Their Pet-names for you (Part Two) (fluff)
The moments they realize they have feelings for you. (Part One); Thor, Loki, Steve, Bucky, Sam, Tony & Bruce (fluff/romantic)
The moment they realize they have feelings for you (Part Two); Wanda, Natasha, Clint, Stephen Strange, T’Challa, Vision & Peter Parker (fluff/romantic)
Characters as Scents: Marvel Addition
Avengers Love Languages (romance) ^^(Steve; Tony; Bruce; Thor; Bucky; Loki; and Natasha))
Avengers Love Languages Part Two (romance) ^^((Clint; Sam; Wanda; Peter Parker; Vision; Dr Strange))
- - - - - - -
- - Bucky Barnes - -
Gif Imagines:
Having slowed aging and reunited with Bucky and Steve
Bucky being nervous to kiss you for the first time
Headcanons - Tag
Bucky being a father figure (platonic)
Sleep Headcanons
Being stuck in Quarantine with Bucky (fluff)
The moment they realize they have feelings for you. (fluff/romance)
We need to talk (action/angst)
Have you ever heard of personal space? (fluff/humor)
Carry Me (fluff/angst/action)
Thunderstorm (fluff)
We always share blankets on the couch I’m sure sharing a bed is fine too (general)
So…did you miss me? (angst/fluff)
Reader cuts her hair - Bucky’s reaction (general/cute)
Three times I almost kissed you, and the one time I did (fluff/action/angst)
Werewolf AU (Written by Guest Writer ‘Jay’)
“Was that a wolf?”’There are no wolves here” (action)
Spending Christmas with Steve and Bucky (buying Bucky a present and being afraid you offended him since he is Jewish) (fluff)
Love and Flowers; 2021 Valentines Special (fluff/romantic)
Happy Birthday Buck (fluff)
I’m too sober for this (humor)
- - - - - - -
- - Sam Wilson - -
Multi-chapter Story: 'Worthy' Part One - Part Two - Part Three
Oneshot: April Fools (fluff)
Headcanons: The moment they realize they have feelings for you. (fluff/romantic)
- - - - - - -
- - Peter Parker - -
Tom Holland - Spending a cozy autumn evening together (fluff)
The moment they realize they have feelings for you (cute)
Garfield - “Have you ever heard what happened in that house?” (action/humor)
Holland - Ship Drabble (Reader Insert) - Comforting
Garfield/Holland - Scenario Game Prompts; Peter Parker invites you on a road-trip because you are his favorite person  (humor)
Holland - Coffee Confessions (fluff)
- - - - - - -
- - Wanda Maximoff - -
Headcanons: The moment they realize they have feelings for you (cute)
Ship Drabble (Reader Insert) - Reunion (fluff)
Love and Flowers; 2021 Valentines Special (romantic)
Puppy (angst/fluff)
- - - - - - -
- - Other - -
Imagine - Stephen Strange teaching you and being proud
Headcanons: The moment they realize they have feelings for you (Stephen Strange; Vision; and T’challa) (cute)
Pietro/Quicksilver - Ship Drabble (Reader Insert) - First Kiss (fluff)
Vision x Gen!Neutral Reader: Love and Flowers; 2021 Valentines Special (romantic)
Helmut Zemo - Oneshot; Lost and Found (cute)
- - - - - - - -
- - - Guardians of the Galaxy - - -
- - - - -
- - Peter Quill - -
Headcanons: Being Peter’s little sister
Sensory Prompt: Watching a meteor shower (fluff)
Sensory Prompt: Digging your fingers into fresh dirt (humor)
- - - - - - -
- - Gamora - -
Imagine: Being Gamoras sister and reuniting with her
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cyborg-franky · 2 days ago
Eustass Kid
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kid X Gender Neutral Reader
Meeting their soulmate the first time
S/O who flinches during argument
“Oh, you’re jealous!” Modern AU
“Holding everything in doesn’t help, you know."
“You getting so flustered is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen”
“Do you… maybe wanna have a scary movie night?”
Kid Soulmate AU
Your lover pinning your arms above your head, telling you to stay quiet
“If you want to go to the haunted house I’ll go with you, just so you don’t get scared, y’know?”
“Can I borrow your hoodie?” Modern AU
Kissing your lover’s wound after having bandaged them up
“I haven’t been sleeping well lately.”
Tumblr media
Kid x Female Reader
Kid with a noble S/O
Tumblr media
Kid N/SFW Pieces
N/SFW Headcannons C, H, and N
N/SFW Alphabet G,V,Y
Tumblr media
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glassesandswords · 18 hours ago
My Levihan Fics Masterlist
I wanted to do a masterlist for my fics once I finished ten works, so here we are. 
1. Our True Paradise ( Afterlife AU, fluff and angst)
Summary:  Levi and Hange reunite in the afterlife and they finally confront a lifetime's worth of unsaid (but very present) feelings between them.
2. Ease Our Burden (fluff and humor, veterans-centric, drunken shenanigans) 
Summary:  Late at night, the Survey Corps veterans head to a bar after wrapping up their year-end paperwork. What happens after a few glasses of alcohol is just plain chaos.
3. A Toast to the Wings of Freedom (Actors’ AU, fluff and humor)
Summary: The shooting of the events in Chapter 132 has just wrapped up, and everyone in the cast decides to collectively pour some love for Hange on her birthday. A sassy photoshoot and some surprising reveals ensures.
4. Of Wings and Wheelchairs (Post-war Levi, canon-compliant, light angst)
Summary:  Levi and Onyankopon sit in a coffee shop, waiting for Gabi and Falco to return from their small detour during their vacation together. Levi reminisces about the old Survey Corps veterans and their times together as Onyankopon listens. Soon, the conversation makes its way to a person the two knew very well- Hange.
5. Through hell, we reached heaven (Canon-divergent, post-war Levihan, fluff and humor, light angst)
Summary: It has been three years since the Battle of Heaven and Earth. Levi and Hange, who now live together in New Liberio, decide to take a small trip through the city along with Onyankopon, Gabi and Falco. It's the little moments that make them realize how lucky they are to be alive together.
6. Horizon of Hope- Levi and Hange’s day in Marley (Vacation fluff, basically Levihan in chapter 123)
Summary: From the very first glimpse of Marley in the horizon, both the veterans had reverted to a stage of child-like wonder, until they were confronted with the reality of the world they lived in. But would that be enough to squash the hope lit within them?
(Aka, a rather optimistic Levi and Hange having fun in Marley the day before all the shit went down)
7. The River in the Rain (Angst, hurt/comfort, canon-compliant- Hange taking care of Levi from chapter 115 to 126)
Summary: A deep-set shock had gripped her, had rattled her to her core as she recognized the face she knew like the back of her hand below all the blood, gashes and shrapnel. But his body was warm underneath her touch. And as she lay her hand discreetly on his chest, the heart below her palm thumped. Still steady. Still beating. 
And it was in that moment when Hange swore: No matter what- even if it cost her own life- she was going to make sure that Levi would stay alive.
8.  Stuck in the Haze (Angst, emotional hurt/comfort, the chapter 139 scene from Hange’s pov)
Summary: Hange has to bid Levi a final goodbye, but she meets his mother in the afterlife. And it seems like Kuchel Ackerman has something to say.
9. Calm after Storm (Canon-compliant, Hange’s pov of chapter 127 post stew scene)
Summary:  After Yelena's words stirred up a fight between Jean and Reiner, it is up to Hange to be the mom of the Alliance and take care of everyone yet again.
10. Under Attack! (School AU, half-a-crackfic, humor)
Summary: It was a normal, peaceful day in school until Eren had tried to impress him, and now Levi found himself hiding in a cramped dark closet with a girl he barely knew to escape the wrath of a thousand bees ready to unleash their vengeance on them. Dammit Eren.
Bonus: A Truce (a short fluffy drabble written based on Gabey’s art)
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jawritter · a day ago
Fight For Me Masterlist
Tumblr media
Summary: He found you in his darkest hour. There was something about this man that just wouldn’t let you leave him alone. He needed you, almost as much as you needed him. Sometimes, even the strongest people out there needs someone to fight for them too.
Warning: ** Heavy Trigger Warning!** Male R*pe. Implications to male r*pe. Injuries because of assault. Language. Recovery from r*pe, smut (eventually). Warnings will be placed above each chapter.
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Nurse!Reader
Total Word Count: 33k
Beta’d By: @deanwinchesterswitch, whom I could not have done this without, she’s put in so much time in this series, and I couldn’t thank her enough! 💜
A/N: THERE WILL NOT BE A TAG LIST FOR THIS SERIES!! You can find it here on Tuesdays and Fridays posted at 7 PM (CST), and well as my Library at the same time @jawritterslibrary​ This fic was requested by a nurse, how wishes to remain anonymous! This fic was not written for the glorification of R*pe, or it’s victims, but instead to help get a glimpse of the reality that comes from such a violent act! Please be respectful. Please know this is a dark fic, and it’s heavy. Feedback is golden. Please do not copy my work! Thank you all so much for your support. It means the word to me.
My Masterlist   Buy Me Coffee   My Patreon
Tumblr media
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3 
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
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lover-of-skellies · 2 days ago
Kiss prompt masterlist, since you guys seemed to really like them
This will continuously be updated whenever I post a new blurb, and I'll be sure to have it added onto my writing masterlist too, to always make it at least relatively easy to find ^^
The majority of them are in more of an "x reader" kinda style, and to kinda separate things a little, I marked a separate section for ships. The section is still pretty tiny right now, but eh
There's a bunch of these, and you can find them under the cut!
Sans Classic (UT Sans)
Classic Papyrus (UT Papyrus)
Red (UF Sans)
Edge (UF Papyrus) and Axe (HT Sans)
Blueberry (US Sans)
Stretch (US Papyrus)
The Fellswap Red skelebros
Crooks (HT Papyrus)
Lust (UL Sans)
Charm (UL Papyrus)
Nightmare (Dreamtale Sans) and Cross (Xtale Sans)
Dream (also Dreamtale Sans)
Dust and Dance (Dancetale Sans)
Geno and Reaper
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wolferine · 2 days ago
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Heart Skips a Beat
Summary: Natasha faces her worst nightmare when a rescue mission goes wrong… (Dark)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
Heart Eyes
Summary: Set after “Heart Skips a Beat,” Natasha visits the reader after surgery. (Fluff)
Summary: When the reader loses their temper, it causes them to commit an act they can never take back… (Dark/Angst)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Summary: Set after “Unforgivable,” Natasha reunites with her lover. (Fluff)
Free Hugs
Summary: The reader takes Natasha on a date to a place she doesn’t expect. (Fluff)
Professor Hulk
Summary: Natasha and the reader stumble across a familiar figure in the middle of battle… (Crack)
Blackout (in progress, updated every Thursday)
Summary: There’s nothing to test a relationship more than a traumatic brain injury… (Dark/Angst)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
The Bear and the Fox
Summary: The reader gives Natasha an interesting birthday present. (Fluff)
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
“Forbidden Fruit” Series
Summary: The reader is in love with Wanda—but she’s in already with someone else.
Stay Away From My Girl (Angst)
Join my taglist for future stories here!
If you want to be removed from my taglist, send me a DM.
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youcanreadithere · 23 hours ago
EP.31 MOUSEBUSTERS #1 || Minnie
K-Pop Masterlist
Requests, asks, and taglist are open!
As it is one of the options with the highest votes in my Minnie in GoSe Poll, here you go! :) Thank you for voting! BUT the poll is still open!
Tumblr media
After finishing Wonwoo's rat profile, Seungkwan introduced the next one, "Moving on: the next mouse iiiiis", his hands gestured towards the screen behind him.
"MINNIE", all nine members shouted.
Her profile said:
MINNIE (Quick Thinker)
secret charm
very small -> can hide and climb well
"Oh, Minnie, Minnie the mouse", Dino commented.
"Minnie Mouse", DK finished his member's thought.
"Oh cuute-", Joshua dragged out the last word, before getting interrupted by Seungkwan, "No!" He shouted and pointed at the 95 Liner.
"No?" S.Coups laughed as he looked at him.
"Don't be deceived by her cute looks or the cute name, that's her charm", the third youngest explained, "She!" and pointed back to the TV, "is evil."
"Very evil," Mingyu added from his seat.
"But how can a sweet mouse like that be evil?" Minghao wanted to know.
"Because she isn't a mouse, she's a rat", Jeonghan explained to him, making the rest of the members laugh.
"That's right!" Seungkwan applauded him, "a rat. So you have to be extra careful because she CAN and most definitely will use her charm against us." To which Mingyu just nodded in agreement.
"She's also a very good climber and hider because she's sooo tiny", the tall host made a gesture with his thumb and forefinger, exaggerating her small height, making the other members copy him and repeat his words "Sooo tiny."
"Okay okay, so we need someone quick and... and acrobatic to catch her," DK thought out loud.
"Yes, Myungho!" Seungkwan pointed to the Chinese member, "that's you."
The boy had a shocking impression on his face and pointed to himself, "Me?"
"Yes, you, who else do you think can climb as much as she can", the host joked, "S.Coups?" The other members laughed as the leader stood up with a jokingly angry expression on his face, "Hey! What do you mean by that? I can climb as well!"
"Sure you can," Seungkwan shooed him to sit back down.
"She's also very smart when it comes to hiding places, so think well", Mingyu continued.
"So not Dino", Vernon spoke up, making everyone else giggle at his sudden comment.
"But Dino's also very small, maybe he would find her hiding places better," Jeonghan "defended" the maknae, which only made everyone laugh more, even the producers. Dino just sat in his seat silently, shaking his head with a smile on his face, "You just continue laughing, you'll be shocked once I actually catch her."
"But she's not quick, so don't worry about that," Mingyu finished explaining her profile, "She doesn't work out much, so she's very easy to get her once you see her."
After finishing her description, they moved on to Woozi.
The game was going to start in a few minutes as the mice were all together gathered in a half-circle.
"We need to set the rats' abilities," Wonwoo spoke first.
"Living as a rat vs. living with a rat," Hoshi continued, dividing the two sides of his statement with gestures, "We are the rats-"
"Not exactly though", Wonwoo interrupted him and Minnie finished what he was going to say, "Yeah, I'm a mouse, not a rat."
"Anyways, we have to divide the skills and...," he ignored their interruption. Jun made a squeaky noise, making the girl chuckle, before Woozi started explaining, "There's the mass exodus, which you can take everyone out of the jail,"
"and three long-distance escapes," the tallest of the four added.
"and summoning," Jun mentioned.
"Summoning! With which you can summon them back to the headquarters," Woozi described.
"Freeze!" Minnie remembered, "They're not allowed to move or use the water guns."
"How do you freeze them?" Wonwoo wondered. "You just shout Freeze!... I think." Minnie answered, to which the producers nodded after they looked at the people behind the camera.
And then came the secret ability that Hoshi mentioned, which one mouse would be allowed to use after an hour's passed.
"Yeah, we have these five," Woozi finalised their thoughts and Wonwoo showed a big interest in the secret ability.
Suddenly, Hoshi started laughing, "Let's all lie."
"Teleport! Hold on! Let me teleport!" Jun played along.
Then the tiger started acting, "Wait, it's my last skill," and stood steadily on the ground with his feet apart and arms put forward, "Shield! You can't shoot me now."
Woozi had another idea, "Timewarp! 3 seconds ago," he said as he put his fingers to his temple and hurried back as if a tape was being played backwards. All four started laughing and imitated the action he had just shown them.
"Oh," Minnie jumped slightly, hitting Wonwoo's arm as he was right beside her, "Slow-mo!" Hoshi started laughing loudly and pretended to walk in slow motion, trying to get to Minnie, which made her giggle and run to the other side next to Jun.
Hoshi mentioned another idea he had which was "Absolute sight!" and he tried looking at the girl sternly as if he was able to see through her.
Wonwoo then snapped his fingers, "Thanos! You guys are gone." And the rest imitated that as well.
As they came to the end of their discussion, Hoshi tried to sum it up, "The 96s are really good at it, actually."
Minnie's had snapped, "Excuse me? What am I doing here?" She turned towards the producers, "You gotta tell something?"
As if all the Liners were under one team, they pretended to not hear the girl, so Woozi just continued, "Come to think of it, the 96s don't get to gather well."
"What is the year of the mouse? Kyungja-yeon?" Hoshi wanted to know and the producer gave him "1996," as an answer. Minnie was still just standing there, again in between Wonwoo and Woozi, looking directly into one of the cameras with a baffled face, asking the viewers sort of 'What the hell am I doing here then?' Showing the open palms of her hands, gesturing around her, making Jun and Wonwoo break character.
"Guys," the Chinese member started laughing, "Don't do this to her."
"I really don't know why I'm here," she spoke to him and only him, turning her back now to the other three men behind her, "Why am I here?"
"Eyy, don't be like that," Woozi chuckled and Wonwoo put his arm around her back, holding onto her by her upper arm, "You're Minnie Mouse, that's why," he laughed too.
"No, I don't think I want to be that anymore," she jokingly said, but then she had her big brain moment, "BUT SEE!" she freed herself from Wonwoo's grip, "I'm a mouse and you all are RATS!"
"Hey, take that back," Hoshi pointed at her.
"It's the truth," she teased him. After gathering themselves again after laughing for too long, they finally came to an end of their bickering,
"I know what suits for rats. How about we name our team 'No kidding'?" Hoshi proposed. "No kidding?" she asked, and he just nodded. As soon as the others agreed, they turned towards the camera and the tiger guy took the lead, "That's our team name."
"No kidding," they all said synchronized into the camera before being told that the time for them to find a hiding spot had started, so they started jogging and walking in different directions.
"I think this is going to be really hard for them, this area is huge," Minnie looked around her, analyzing all of the old warehouses.
"Yeah," Hoshi nodded, "but they are nine people, we're only five. We have to find a good spot, then we won't have to run a lot." The girl agreed by moving her head up and down. "Alright, I'm going over there," he pointed to the big white plastic covers, "Good luck, be careful." He patted her shoulder before jogging to the right with his cameramen next to him.
"You too!" she shouted before turning to the other man next to her, "Alright," and clapped her hands, "Now we have to find a good spot. Because...," she looked directly at the man and smiled widely, "I ain't running today. That's not gonna happen."
As they were still walking together after a good five minutes, the man next to her spoke up, "It started now."
"What?" she looked at him with wide eyes, "oh man... okay, okay," as Minnie was looking around, her eyes fell on the vehicles they came with today, "Hold on." She made the cameraman stop in his tracks, "They just said that we have to hide somewhere here, right? They never said where exactly." He nodded to let her know, that she was right, making her grin.
"Well then," she said to the camera and jogged a bit to one of the big silver cars. The girl prayed silently that the doors were unlocked, and as she went to open them, she found out that yes, they were indeed unlocked. "Haha, yes", she whispered as she let the man with the camera go on first before following him.
"And now... we wait," she said, looking out of the window, trying to see if she can get a glimpse of one of her members. Minnie didn't catch anyone walking past or towards the cars, so she turned to the cameraman, "So, how are the kids?" Which made him laugh and slightly shake the camera, "What?" But she just shrugged and giggled, "We're probably gonna be here for a while, so we should talk, otherwise this is going to get very awkward, very quickly."
After catching up with each other, Minnie's head turned quickly as she heard voices approaching her location. She sat up straighter and put her ear right up to the window motioning the cameraman and the camera (?) to be quiet when she tried to catch what the men outside were saying. She wasn't sure how many of the guys were there, but she definitely heard Joshua say something, followed by S.Coups' comment "I think they're hiding somewhere close to here. If it were for me, I would have been in our car." This made her slightly chuckle and look into the camera, "Coups and I have the same mind," and winked.
After 10 minutes passed, shouting could be heard from the outside - it sounded as if someone was getting chased.
"You know," Minnie started, "It does sound fun... the whole hide and seek thing and trying to run away from them. But this here," she pointed to the bottom of the car, "This is so much more comfortable." She smacked her lips and continued, "Should we have a car photoshoot?" without waiting for a response from the other man, she nodded, "Yes, we should."
At this point, the cameraman was so done with her and was laughing almost the entire time. She guided him to where he was supposed to sit as she went to the seats in the far back, lying on them like Rose from Titanic in the "Jack, draw me like one of your French girls" scene. She made different poses with different facial expressions, sitting up, lying down again, kneeling down on the floor, sitting on an armrest, winking, smiling, looking seductively into the camera, all whilst you could hear the screams and shouts of the guys outside. Minnie smiled sweetly into the camera, "And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is what you call fanservice."
Another few minutes past and the girl was officially bored, "This is no fun anymore," she admitted, "I don't want to run...," after a sigh, she continued, "but I also don't want to stay here... Life is hard, kids." Suddenly the scene turned into a TedTalk, "You know, you should appreciate quiet and silent moments like this," as if on cue, another male voice screamed from outside, making her have to hold back a laugh, "But also, you should spend time well with your family and friends and not hide. Hiding won't get you anywhere. You have to present yourself to the world, just the way you are, and everything will-," and that was the part when the Going Seventeen editors cut her scene and switched it to Woozi using his power.
Her cameramen told her that the guys would now have to go back to the base, making her think, "Hmmm... maybe we should go and try to find a new hiding spot?" She thought for another second before settling for a decision, "Alright, come on. Otherwise, Mingyu's gonna have more screentime than me." Minnie opened the door of the car slowly, just in case some members had to pass her hiding spot to get to the base and she didn't hear them.
"So, I looked at some of the buildings before," she started looking around, moving her head in every possible decision, "And I think, I think," she looked at the camera with a raised index finger, "I might know where to hide. Let's go." Minnie stuck to her word and didn't run, nor did she jog, she and her cameraman simply walked across the big area, trying to coordinate where she was and where the place was that she had seen earlier.
They kept walking for quite a while, hiding behind tall towers of pallets whenever she thought that one of the mousebusters was near. What she didn't expect though, was to hear Mingyu from behind her all of a sudden, "Hey everyone! I found one!" Her head snapped back, before turning around again as she started sprinting with a whiny facial expression, "Nooooo, whyyyy?" She whined while running as fast as her legs were able to, "Mingyuuuuu, please!!"
After running around two corners, the girl quickly ran out of breath, just stopped in her tracks and let herself fall to the floor, crouching down and covering the white space on her jumpsuit. Her fellow 97 Liner, followed by Seungkwan and Dino quickly caught up and smiled sheepishly at her, "You really are slow", Dino commented, "And you run out of breath so quickly", the other young one said.
"Alright alright, Jesus Christ, no need to roast me like now," Minnie was trying to catch her breath as best as she could while the three guys approached her, "No please, please don't do this," she tried giving Mingyu her best puppy eyes as he was already behind her, holding her arms together by her back, making it easier for the others to spray water on her.
"Hyung, please," she cried but it made Mingyu only laugh harder. Doing what she had to do, so the plan the mouses made would actually work, she used her power, "Freeze!"
The members looked at her confused, "What?" Dino wondered. Minnie felt the man's grip on her loosen and she was able to stand up, "You have to now stand her for 5 minutes and are not allowed to use your guns," she explained. The guys groaned, "Woah, of course, you'd have a power like that," Seungkwan whined while the girl just smiled at him sweetly.
As her members couldn't move now, she made sure to do what every other human being would do in this situation and she started to annoy them. Jumping around them, pretending to be a ballerina and hugging them, telling them how much she loves them, while they just looked at her in annoyance whereas Dino had a smile on his face, "Unbelievable," he sighed.
"You're gonna get that back, rat!" Seungkwan shouted to the girl as she started casually walking away from them, turning around to stick out her tongue, before disappearing around the corner.
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