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Love Language ☾ (Steven Grant/gn!Reader)
Tumblr media
Early in your relationship, you ask Steven if he wants to take a shower with you.
Rating: Content is M for nudity, but 18+ only*
WC: 1.8k
Tags/warnings: established relationship; gender-neutral reader (reader's body is not described in detail); showering together; lots of touching; lots of emotions; so much fluff; a touch of body worship; nudity but no smut
A/N: brainstormed with the lovely @magpie-to-the-morning, who encouraged me to use the line about slipping and dying in the shower 🤣 ily bb! 💓
*My blog is 18+ only as a blanket rule. To read/interact, you must be 18 or older and have your age in your bio.
“Hey, Steven?”
“Yeah, love?”
When you poke your head out of the bathroom, Steven looks up from the book he’s been reading all evening. Your heart squeezes at the sight of him like this: tired after a long day, blinking owlishly behind his reading glasses, still attentive to everything you say. After all the time you spent yearning for this sweet man, you finally get to see him like this—like no one else does. 
You hesitate at first, but the words eventually come tumbling out anyway. “I’m about to jump in the shower, if you…”
Steven lifts an eyebrow. 
“...um, if you want to join me?” you finish. The end of your sentence is noticeably less confident than the start.
Steven stares, his cheeks turning pink. “Join you? In the shower?”
His nervousness is adorable, but you don’t want to pressure him into something he’s not comfortable with. He might not be there yet, and that’s fine. 
“Only if you want to,” you shrug.
“...naked?” he squeaks.
You duck your head to hide your laugh. “Yeah, sweetheart, unless you plan to shower with your clothes on.”
His cheeks go from light pink to deep red. Even his ears turn scarlet. 
You open the door a little, just so you can stand up straight. “I’m gonna get in now, okay? Feel free to join me if you want. No pressure if not.”
You step back into the bathroom. Steven’s bathroom is small—really, his whole flat is small—but it’s clean and it smells like his soap and therefore like him, so it feels like home to you. In the times you’ve spent the night at Steven’s place, you’ve showered here, but never with Steven. You would be lying if you said you hadn’t thought about it—about standing in the tiny shower cube under the spray of the water with him, pressed chest-to-chest so neither of you get cold. The problem is that you’ve never quite summoned the urge to ask for it. 
Today, though—today is different. He came home exhausted from work, looking so tired and beaten-down that it made your heart ache, and you just want to spend time with him. You just want to take care of him, the same way he’s always fussing over you. 
As you’re stepping into the shower, the door creaks open. You pull the shower curtain side and are greeted by the sight of Steven, still fully-clothed, toeing off his shoes and fiddling with the buttons on his patterned button-up. 
“Decided to join me?” you tease.
He looks up. “Er, yeah,” he says sheepishly. 
It’s cute how he’s embarrassed by this. Despite the fact that you have literally had sex with him, Steven is still nervous about seeing you in the shower. You want to tell him that it’s okay—it’s okay to want that, and it’s okay to not want that. It’s all okay. 
“Good,” you say instead.
You let the shower curtain fall to give him privacy to change. He might be about to step into the shower naked, but you still want him to be comfortable. Reaching for the loofah you bought to keep at Steven’s place, you add your body wash and start to work up a lather. Just in time, Steven pushes the curtain aside and steps in.
So much for modesty.
Just looking at him is enough to make your knees weak. Steven is standing in front of you, bare and gorgeous, and you’re actually allowed to look. 
Or, more accurately, stare. 
Steven Grant is a beautiful man. How he doesn’t see that and how other people don’t see that, you’ll never understand. His handsome face is still blushing pink, probably in part due to the heat of the shower, and his hair is starting to curl even more from the humidity. You let your gaze fall down his body: the shiny gold chain of his necklace laying over his collarbones, his muscled chest, strong thighs, the trail of hair on his stomach leading down to…
You jerk your eyes up to his face. He looks almost shy, hiding behind his curls. 
“Oh, sweetheart,” you murmur. You set the loofah aside and draw Steven closer to stand under the warm spray of the water. Your touch seems to soothe him—just your left hand on his cheek and your right on his chest helps dismiss the nervousness.
Being this close, Steven finally seems to register just how naked you are. His eyes flicker down your body, taking in the sight of your skin shiny with water. His jaw clenches, his pupils widen. Those physical signs of want—knowing that he wants you instinctually, without even thinking about it—makes your skin burn, and it has nothing to do with the scalding heat of the water.
“Here,” you say, reaching over Steven’s shoulder for his shampoo. “Let me.”
Seemingly dazed by the sight of your body slick with water, Steven lets himself be maneuvered under the spray of the shower head. He dutifully shuts his eyes at your instruction and allows you to wet his hair before applying a generous amount of shampoo to your palms. 
You lean in and kiss him where you can reach—right where his neck meets his shoulder—and comb your hands through his hair. “Relax, honey,” you murmur.
Raking your hands through his hair, you watch a silent shudder run up Steven’s body in response. His hair thick between your fingers, and you take care to work the shampoo through every strand. When your nails scratch along his scalp, his eyelids flutter. You try to recreate how hair stylists wash your hair at a salon—combining cleaning with a scalp massage to soothe the tension out of his head and neck. It’s not long before Steven is gently swaying in front of you, seemingly unwilling to keep himself upright as all the stress melts out of his body. You step closer, which just encourages Steven to lean more of his weight on you. 
You stifle a laugh as you tilt his head to catch the water and rinse out the suds. “You like that?” you ask, your voice as warm as the water. 
“Mmhm,” Steven mumbles back. 
Your smile widens. 
Next is conditioner, and you work it through Steven’s thick waves with equal care. He fully melts onto you at the feeling of your nails tracing over his skin and your fingertips gently massaging his scalp. For a man who carries so much tension in his shoulders, all of it seems to melt away as you massage your hands through his hair. You would probably be happy to stay here forever, were it not for the conditioner melting off your hands and making the shower floor dangerously slippery.
Gently, you nudge Steven to stand back up. “Steven, baby, I love you, but if you keep leaning all your weight on me we’re gonna slip and die.”
Steven lets out a sleepy laugh from where his forehead is pressed against your shoulder. Reluctantly, he straightens up and tilts his head back to allow you to rinse out the rest of the conditioner. When he finally cracks his eyes open again, it’s like he’s seeing you for the first time all over again. It makes nervousness zing in your belly—what does he think of your body when you’re naked but not for sex?—until he reaches for you and rests his big hands on your hips. 
“Wow, sweetheart,” he murmurs. “You’re so— wow.” 
You bite your lip and turn around for him. His gaze is heavy and hot as he watches water drip down the curve of your spine to your ass, and when you turn to face him again he’s blushing deep red. His eyes flick over the loofah, abandoned just a few minutes ago. 
“Can I…?”
You nod. He reaches for the loofah, and then for your body wash, and the smell of orchids and lavender fills the small space. Tentatively, with care and hesitation that makes butterflies take flight in your stomach, he tugs you closer and starts to help you wash.
Your stomach doesn’t stop fluttering. As he swipes the loofah down your body, Steven’s touch is gentle, almost reverent. There’s nothing sexual about the way he touches you: he’s not trying to hurry this along so he can get his hands on your body. Instead, every movement is careful and light, like he’s scared of touching you too hard and hurting you. When you look at him, there’s a little crease between his heavy brows as he focuses on cleaning your skin and making you comfortable.
Your chest feels tight—you just love him so much. 
When he knees down and rubs the loofah down your legs, your stomach flips. While he is determined to keep his touches chaste, something throbs deep inside you at the sight of Steven on his knees and rubbing soap down your inner thighs. Then, it’s the feeling of Steven’s hand curling around your calf as he swipes the loofah down to your ankle that makes you shiver. Still, he focuses only on helping you get clean. Eventually, he stands up to help you wash your back as well. When he steps behind you, he swipes the rough cloth down your back and leans in to press his lips to your shoulder. You let your head fall back against his chest, so broad and solid and warm behind you.
“Steven…” you whisper.
“Yeah, love?” he asks.
You think about all the things you want to say to him at this moment. You want to say thank you, because you can’t remember the last time someone touched you like this: not wanting anything from you and just caring for you instead. To Steven, you’re not an object, not something you can take when he wants—you’re precious and adored, someone to be loved and cared for.  The adoration in his touch brings tears to the corners of your eyes. More than that, you want to tell him I love you, because you need him to know how treasured he is.
All that comes out of your mouth is a choked, “thank you.” 
“‘s not a big deal,” he mumbles, with a shrug. “Turn around for me?”
Of course it’s not a big deal to him—this is just how he is. Slowly turning around, you’re greeted by the sight of Steven’s sweet face, fully visible now that his hair is slicked back. His left hand settles on your hip as the suds slide off your body and down the drain. You reach up and swipe a bit of soap off his face—who knows how it got there. 
Then you reach for the loofah still dangling from his right hand. “Your turn?” 
Steven smiles, which makes his handsome face just look even more beautiful. “If you want,” he shrugs. 
“Of course.” You step closer and tilt your face up to his. “Kiss first?”
His smile widens. “Of course.” 
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aftercare — vinnie hacker
Tumblr media
format: imagine
pairing: vinnie hacker x gn!reader
requested: yes
summary: fluffy aftercare with vin
warnings: implied sex, mentions of the fight, major fluff
Vinnie Hacker may come off as a ‘tough guy’ through the screen, but everyone in his personal life knows that he’s truly just a big softie at heart. That being said, it’s no surprise to anyone that while he can sometimes get a little rough in the bedroom, he always makes sure to take great care of you afterwards. The night of the fight was a perfect example of that.
After exiting the ring and celebrating with his family and friends, all Vin wanted to do was go home and spend the rest of the evening with you. It didn’t fully hit you at first, but after spending the entire ride home mulling over images of your boyfriend all sweaty and amped-up under the stadium lights, it didn’t take long before you felt a familiar rush of heat fill your body.
Practically pouncing on him once you’d made it through the door to the Hype House, the mood for the night had officially been set—you could virtually see the desperation radiating off the both of you.
It was rough, needy, and hands-down some of the best sex you’d ever had. Vinnie spent hours working your body, sending you into overdrive countless times that night. By the time you’d both reached your respective limits, you were barely coherent.
Vinnie found the whole situation hilarious. While he was proud of his work, he’d never seen you this out of it after sex. He thought it was the cutest thing—your hair a total mess, eyes heavy and barely open, words coming out all jumbled—you were definitely a sight for sore eyes.
However, even though he was sure he could stare at you in that state forever, Vinnie wasted no time in cleaning you up. He wiped you down with a warm cloth, pulled an old t-shirt of his over your exposed form, and carefully tucked you into bed. Then, throwing on a random pair of sweats he found the floor, he made his way to the kitchen to grab some things for you.
Vinnie came back with an armful of stuff and dumped everything at your feet, sorting through the pile with a determined expression on his face. Grabbing some water, he walked over to you and helped you upright, gently pressing the bottle to your lips. Once you’d had enough to drink, he placed the bottle on your bedside table and the rest of the drinks in the mini fridge, and went back to setting the rest of the stuff up. You almost melted when you saw him pull a heating pad from the pile.
“Vin,” you mumbled, still half asleep, “What are you doing? Come to bed, I wanna cuddle.”
“In a sec, babe. Lemme just plug this in.”
“You don’t have to do that, bub,” you giggled, “C’mon, leave the rest. I just want you right now.”
He gave you a little pout, wanting to make everything perfect for you after completely tiring you out, but you assured him that you were fine. He eventually gave in, tossing the rest of the stuff he’d brought onto his gaming chair, and climbing into bed with you.
Vinnie was still set on making you feel as comfortable as possible though, so he pulled you into his chest and started working his fingers up and down your back. He placed the occasional soft kisses to your forehead, and whispered sweet nothings in your ear until you eventually dozed off in his arms.
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I’m A Mess.
My Masterlist:)
This fic mentions mental health, so please read at your own risk.
2k words
Tumblr media
The moment you saw Mason's picture with his girlfriend on Instagram, attached with a corny caption, you felt a twang in your chest. Currently, they were on holiday and sometimes you were truly convinced that you were over him but on some days this ugly feeling of unrequited love returned and it felt like you had never moved on from him. it was always a rollercoaster of emotions with your feelings for him.
Meeting Mason almost two years ago felt like a blessing and a curse at the same time. On the one hand, you found a friend for life, because even though he was a most liked footballer, he remained down to earth and treated everyone the same. He was there for you whenever you needed him, even if it was at stupid hours he always made you feel safe and appreciated.
But on the other hand, you also considered yourself unlucky because it felt so damn cliché to fall in love with someone who is in a happy and healthy relationship and someone who never showed any sign of overstepping the friendship line to you.
However, sometimes there were days when you were truly and genuinely happy for Mason and his girlfriend because you can see how in love they are with each other. You also had met his girlfriend a few times, she had never given you the vibe of disliking you which made it impossible to hate her because everything about her was genuine. Some days when you'd wake up, it had automatically gave you a feeling that your romantic feelings for him had suddenly disappeared because you had always thought that Mason deserved the best of the best and now that they had found each other you could truly see how much she loved him and wouldn't do anything to hurt him, but then as the day goes on you feelings for Mason suddenly come back out of nowhere which is annoying because when you want to get on with your day and try to forget about him, he pops up in your brain and it hurts you because then you overthink on how much you would never be in his girlfriend's position, and it completely ruins your day, it become some of those days where you just want to sit in bed and cry which affects your mental health.
Today was one of those days. Just the addition of the photo made you feel even worse because it proved once again that she made him happier than you ever could. There were days when you would wish that she wasn’t a genuine person with a good heart because it would be possible for you to hate her, and it would give you a reason you hate her. Instead you always felt like a monster for falling in love with him when you couldn’t help it, it’s not like I can control my feelings.
Not only you were feeling numb, but you also were laying in bed all day, unmotivated to do anything, but you managed to down a whole bottle of champagne right after you saw his girlfriend’s Instagram of them acting all loved up, and of course, they looked like a perfect couple, she always looked stunning whether she was wearing a bikini or Mason’s clothes. Unintentionally, she always reminded you of your insecurities, she was a model so you always told yourself she looked a hundred times better than you and it also reminded you of how Mason fell in love with her instead of you, right now you were telling yourself that you were sounding like a psycho but you can't help it because you’re drunk and drunk you is an immature version of you.
When your therapists recommended you to distract yourself by doing something you enjoy when you felt like crap, the probably didn't mean to get drunk.
You appreciated your therapist even though it hadn't been always the case. You had used to believe that they were only trying to make you believe in empty phrases until they made you say that everything's gonna be alright. But surprisingly, they were willing to listen and give advice to you without having in mind that you're supposed to feel better about what they say. When you talked to them, it felt like they were trying to find a solution to a problem and not them being a therapist treating their patient.
Sometimes it felt good to have a person to talk to who wasn't biased. Because family and friends always want the best for you which you appreciate but whenever you talk to them about your problems, you could never be sure if they really want to help you or just want to make you feel better about yourself.
The alcohol in your veins made you loosen up a bit, suddenly you felt alive again. You could even laugh a bit about yourself, about the way you looked with your scruffy hair and puffy cheeks right now, combined with your pyjamas or about the fact that you were crushing on someone for months who didn't return your feelings. Because sometimes you truly love yourself despite your insecurities. And making fun of yourself was the way you dealt with it. Unfortunately, it also made you do stupid things. Because right now, you were calling Mason on facetime and your brain couldn't really process that you might regret this when you were sober again
Luckily, he didn't pick up, but your drunk self, of course, was disappointed. Because now you thought about all the things he might do with his girlfriend right now, the thought of them amusing together made you sad and jealous.
It also made you feel like a horrible human being, both were wonderful people who deserved each other, so why couldn't you just move on and be happy for them?
Currently, you were crying again, not clear if it was about the unrequited love or the mess of a person you were. At one moment you were laughing or suddenly at another, you were crying again, there was no in-between.
At one time, your phone rang and you saw Mason’s name appearing on your screen. You couldn't believe that he made the effort to call you back when he could've just texted you. Once again, he showed how much he really cares about the people in his surroundings.
You were torn between accepting the call or just letting it ring. Because you were certainly not in the condition to say something intelligent right now. But at the last moment, you accepted it, you had nothing to lose anyway.
"Hi," you simply greeted him and giggled quietly. You were still fully under the influence of alcohol.
"Y/N? I saw that you called so I called back to ask why." He answered back with a certain undertone.
"You could've just texted me, why did you make the effort to call me back?"
"Erm, you know every time you call it's important. Because mostly you only do it because you feel bad and I wanted to make sure that you're fine. I was worried about you," subtly, Mason cleared his throat and you bid on your lips with a sense of guilt.
It never stroked you, but now that he mentioned it, you realized that whenever your depression hit you hard, he was the first choice of the person you wanted to talk to. Because most of the time he understood how you felt and knew how to make you feel better. And the fact that he noticed it and was prepared to console you even on his holidays made you realise how much he cared. And it was another reason why you fell for him.
"Are you still here?" Mason interrupted your silence and you fastly responded, so he didn't hang up.
"I'm sorry, I'm drunk. I shouldn't have called you, especially when you're enjoying your holidays," you mumbled guilty and almost hung up, but Mason’s quick response prevented it.
"No please tell me what's going on. I heard you sniffing and something must have happened when you're drunk alone,” he insisted once again.
"I don't deserve you," you suddenly blurted out and regretted it at the exact same moment. But it was too late to take it back.
"What do you mean?" Now he sounded confused and you had no idea what to reply.
Maybe you should confess what was on your heart the whole time. You were aware that it would change everything between you and him, but one day it was going to happen anyway. And right now was the perfect timing, you were drunk so expressing your feelings was easier and your cryptic message was the perfect introduction for it. That you might regret it when you were sobered up.
"Can you Facetime me? I have to say something to your face," you took a deep breath, tensely waiting for an answer.
"Oh uh, it's kind of suboptimal," he muttered slowly. "because I'm currently not wearing anything."
"Oh gosh. I'm sorry. Don't say anything. I understand," you babbled nervously and felt the tears coming.
"Don't hang up, yeah? We can still talk, I'm still here by phone."
Now the tears were silently falling down your cheek. How could he still be so nice to you?! He wanted to help you even though you were wasting his time and ruining his holidays with your problems.
"Listen, I might regret this when tomorrow comes, but I hope you know that you're my best friend and I'm so grateful to have you. You are always there when I need you even though I'm such a complicated and needy person. You still take all the time in the world and I'm so thankful that I was able to meet such a great person like you," you were trying to hide your tears while you confessed your gratitude.
Surprised by your words, he hesitated shortly, unsure what to say. Then he began to answer, calmly and collected.
"But that's what friends are for. I know that you are a strong person and have battled with all this shit for your whole life and please remember that you are never bothering me! I know that it's a daily struggle and on some days you simply need the support of another person."
You chuckled. "See, that's why people love you. You are always kind and modest, no matter what. It's certainly not an implicitness to have someone like you. Sometimes I wonder why you're still friends with such a horrible person like me."
"You're not a horrible person! I don't believe that. You're lovely, funny and kind which is everything I wish for a friend. I never want someone else as a best friend than you," your last sentence made him even more confused and he completely ignored your other compliments towards him.
Even though he couldn't see it, you shook your head with a quiet laugh. "Always seeing the good sides of someone, your strength, and weakness at the same time. Would you still be my friend if you knew what I'm thinking the whole time?"
"You're weird right now. I don't even understand what you're babbling the whole time. Maybe you should sober up for a while and then we should talk again," he concluded.
"Yeah haha maybe you're right," you lied to him. Although you were drunk, you knew exactly what you were talking about.
"Alright. I'm calling you later, I promise. But I'm certain of one thing. I'll never leave you even though you're afraid of it. I love you, no matter what. Don't forget that."
"Thank you," you smiled though he meant his last words differently than you wished.
"I love you too - so much it hurts."
But right at that moment when you spoke out what you were hiding the whole time, you already hurt the beeping tone which signalled that he hung up.
Bitterly you smiled under your falling tears. In some kind of way, it was fine. He was happier than ever and you would never forgive yourself if you ever changed that. Maybe when you sobered up, you will forget about everything that happened and you could start your day by loving yourself again.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
anthony bridgerton –
enchanted – fem!reader. in which anthony bridgerton is enchanted to meet you.
thunderstorms – fem!reader. in which you’re scared of thunderstorms and anthony bridgerton brings you comfort (based on scenes from the viscount who loved me).
enchanted & thunderstorms part 2 coming soon <3
Tumblr media
benedict bridgerton –
ruby red - fem!reader x vampire!benedict. in which benedict often feeds off of his darling wife.
a confession - fem!reader x vampire!benedict. in which you discover that benedict is a vampire. requested.
forever - fem!reader based on sophie beckett. in which you’re insecure about your place in society & benedict is always willing to defend you from the ton. requested.
benedict bridgerton blurbs –
family - fem!reader. in which you meet the bridgerton family for the first time. requested.
dad!benedict - fem!reader. in which benedict is the sweetest dad in the world. requested.
better - fem!reader. in which you’re on your period and ben looks after you. requested.
labour - fem!reader. how benedict reacts to yourself in labour. requested.
first steps - fem!reader. benedict is the proudest father after seeing his son take his first steps.
Tumblr media
eloise bridgerton blurbs -
a kiss - fem!reader. in which eloise’s feelings for her best friend grow into something more.
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buckgasms · a day ago
'Into the Woods'
It's here at last! This week was long and I started one version of this which I didn't like but nevertheless, I have created some smuttiness for you to enjoy ❤️
Warnings: Lumberbuck; exhibitionism; vouyerism; fingering; vibrators; overstim; p in v; naked in the woods; I don't know, every paragraph is dirty 😘
Tumblr media
Your knees were trembling as another round of pulsing torturous pleasure ran through you, and it took all the energy you had left in you not to drop to the floor. As yet another orgasm began to build you had a moment to reflect on your current situation.
Bucky had tied you to a tree in the clearing of the forest, near to where he would be working for the day. You were nervous but excited at the idea of being so exposed however what you didn't expect was for Bucky to leave you there and go back to work! What also surprised you was when he left your panties on, having stripped you of all other clothing.
"Need something to hold this in place babydoll" he growled as he put an already humming vibrator up against your folds, then pulling your panties up to hold it in place. Pressing a pat to your ass and a kiss to your shoulder he left, leaving you in your current predicament.
You had no idea how long ago that was. Could have been 5 minutes, could have been 5 hours. Occasionally you would hear a twig cracking and you would look around, hoping for Bucky but he never arrived. Suddenly the vibrator buzzed to it's maximum and you descended into pleasure once more.
Little did you know, Bucky had been a lot closer than you thought. Despite what he told you, today was not a work day, nor did he have any intention of letting anyone see you like this. You were his. But when he suggested the idea, and mentioned the risk of others he saw the way your eyes dilated, and felt your heart race at the thought of being caught.
Dirty girl
So instead of leaving you all alone, Bucky took a short walk that gave him not only the perfect view of you, but also kept him in close enough range to use his new favourite toy. Some phone app that linked to a vibrator and he could buzz it up and down all day long and boy did it provide a show. Your pretty moans carried through the trees and straight to his cock. He was going to wait until he made it back to you, but the urge to stroke his dick as you writhed against his binds was too much to resist.
But now he was going to have his way with you. Raising the vibrator to max he heard you moan loudly and then watched as you came for the 7th time. No way he could wait any longer for you.
As your orgasm petered away you pulled on the soft rope and managed to get yourself up straight again. The buzzing had stopped, giving you some heavenly relief. That was until you heard crunching. Then you tensed up, trying to see who might be approaching.
Relief flooded your body as Bucky came into view. You whined his name before he'd even said a thing, illicting a dirty grin from him. He walked right up to your mostly naked form and kissed you, one hand gripping your throat whilst the other groped your breasts.
You gasped as he pinched and pulled at you, your knees feeling weak again. You lent your forehead against his and let a weak sob out, dying to touch him or get some kind of relief.
"How many times did you come babygirl?" He whispered in your ear, tugging again at your sensitive nipples. You shook your head, unable to answer, unable to think. He then went and dipped his hand into your pussy. You hissed as he removed the vibrator, quickly pocketing it before he pulled down your soaked panties leaving you totally naked.
"Open up sweetheart" he said and stuffed them in when you quickly obeyed. "Such a good girl for me, ain't ya princess? And look how wet you are hmm? You been thinking about me? Or you been hoping someone else might come and find ya?"
You shook your head at the idea, pushing forward as much as your binds would allow, desperate to convey the thought that only he would do. He chuckled at your attempts and pressed kisses to your cheeks and throat, his beard tickling in the most comforting and maddening way.
Pulling away he took a few steps back, taking in the prettiest, most depraved sight he'd ever seen. You. Your chest heaving, eyes glassy, wetness dripping down your legs, and red marks blossoming on your skin where he had pulled, pinched and kissed.
"Oh Baby you look perfect" he mumbled and he pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his thick muscles and beautiful tan. Your eyes were fixed on his hands as he unbuckled his belt and pushed his jeans to the floor, joining his shirt. His cock sprang free, and your mouth watered around your gag. Your binds held you as you tried to step forward, desperate to drop to your knees.
He chuckled "Easy baby, you'll get it. But I need my girl all messy first". You didn't have a clue what that meant, feeling every bit a messy girl as he approached again. He lifted your leg, letting you wobble on one for a moment until you came to rest against him. His hands briefly roamed your body until his fingers came to a stop at your dripping pussy. Rough fingers spread you apart and your squealed into your gag.
Slipping two fingers into you, you trembled again and writhed as much as you could when he began pumping away at you. His rough thumb swiped over your clit over and over, driving you wild. Your muffled whimpers and wetness filled the space mixed with Bucky's filthy words.
"Making such a mess babydoll, such a little slut for me. You gonna be a good girl and come again for me?"
His fingers somehow increased in pace, more stimulation to your clit and had you nodding in agreement and as you reached your climax you screamed behind your gag, feeling your orgasm drip down your leg. Ever the torturer, Bucky held your leg tight and rubbed at your sensitive pussy and you scrabbled to shut your legs.
"Uh-huh baby, didn't say you could do that did I?" He chastised landing a few spanks for good measure as you sobbed. He mercifully let you go and helped you steady yourself on your feet.
Before you could catch your breath he spun you around and you felt his cock pressing against your folds.
"You better keep quiet babydoll" he growled in your ear as he slowly thrust into you. Your vision went white and you felt your wrists strain against the binds, moaning as quietly as you could against your improvised gag.
'If the boys hear ya, well they'll come and see what all the fuss is" his teeth gritting as you tightened around him. "And who's to say I won't let them have a taste of you?"
At this point you didn't care if the whole town was there watching, the feeling of him filling you up was everything you had been waiting for. His hands roamed your body, squeezing your breasts, digging his fingers into your stomach before settling on your hips.
He chased his own release, pounding into you, skin on skin slapping away in the silent woods. As you both reached a peak he quickly pulled the gag out of your mouth. "Scream Princess, let them know who you belong to, who makes you feel so good...". Landing a few well placed spanks to your ass and growling at you.
For your part you did as you were told and let out an almighty moan and shouted out his name and his hands made contact to your skin. Finally his fingers reached around to rub your clit again, bringing you slamming into your release. "Squeezing the life outta me sweetheart" he panted and his fingers dug hard into your hips and he came, filling you up to the brim.
You were both panting and shuddering when you were able to calm down from your highs. You felt Bucky's touch leave you briefly and his belt buckle clinking. He the gently untied you and helped you lean into his body, legs feeling like literal jelly. He wrapped you up in his shirt and picked you up bridal style, your hands finding there way around his neck, fingers pulling gently at his hair.
"Where are we going?" You muttered, your ability to stay awake fading quickly. "I'm taking you home babygirl. Need to take care of my sweetheart. A nice bath, pankcakes and cuddles by the fire... How does that sound baby?"
You hummed in appreciation and let yourself relax into his chest. "But aren't you supposed to be working?" You mumbled your lips pressing against his skin.
You missed the grin on his face as he replied "Hmm they can probably manage without me for one afternoon"
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ithebookhoarder · 22 hours ago
Taking The Plunge (Benedict Bridgerton x F!Reader)
A/N: Ironically, I was working on this Drabble some time ago, but seeing the news about Bridgerton season three only made me feel the need to finish this. Like, don't get me wrong, I'm still excited for Penelope and Colin, but I WAS READY for Benedict. My love... So, until then, we'll just have to tide ourselves over with dreaming of the iconic pond scene from his book 😤
(Also if you think you spot a reference to a certain scene from Sanditon... no. No you don't 🤫 hehe)
Tumblr media
Warning: References to nudity, Beginnings of smut
You hadn’t meant to wander so far down the costal path. After all, you were supposed to be having tea with your parents and their guests in an hour or so. Yet, that hadn’t stopped you from carrying on further than planned as you felt the sunshine hit your face and soft ocean breeze fluttering up the cliffside. 
That was your favourite part about your family’s country home - the beach located nearby -it always had been. Even as a small girl you’d often fled your lessons or particularly odious duties, choosing instead to collect shells or paddle in the crystal blue waves down in the cove. It had driven your parents to the point of insanity. 
Was it really so much of a surprise, then, that you should choose to do the same now? 
You’d been so busy with everything since the end of the season, and with the announcement of your engagement to Benedict only a month or so ago, that you’d barely had time to breathe, let alone have a day off. There was just so much to do and so much to organise now that your family and the Bridgerton brood were to be united as one. 
Being a future bride, and Bridgerton one at that, was a large duty, but one you relished considering you loved his family almost as much as you loved the man you were set to marry. 
The fact Benedict was an impressive catch in the eyes of the Ton was almost irrelevant to you. It didn’t matter so much as the fact that you’d loved him since you the day you’d met - since you were mere children together. 
You couldn’t have imagined a life without him. Duty or not… but that didn’t mean you didn’t need a break sometimes, from the pomp and ceremony that your lives now entailed. Hence, your escape today. 
In your defence, however, you’d only planned on being gone long enough to dip your toes in the sea and to take a breath without somebody interrogating you about floral arrangements, dress fittings, or finalising guest lists. That, and the walk back up the cliff, would provide as much of a break as you could afford right now. 
Perhaps you and Benedict could find a day to spend together, just the two of you, on the beach, once you were married. It didn’t seem entirely beyond the realms of possibility. Perhaps you’d even incorporate it into the final days of your honeymoon somehow? Or maybe you’d be too busy exploring other shores and art galleries across the world to care…
A soft smile tugged at the corner of your mouth at the thought. 
Your honeymoon… it felt surreal to think you’d be husband and wife in a mere matter of days. Had you not had the ring on your hand to prove it, you’d have thought you were dreaming. 
Speaking of dreaming, you rather thought you must have been as you finally reached the edge of the path, stepping down onto the soft cream coloured sand. Otherwise, there was no explanation for the sight in front of you, just beyond the rocks that formed the edge of the beach. 
Why else would there be a man on the beach when barely a soul knew it existed?
Why else would the man also be swimming about in the middle of the day when most people were busy with their lives?
And why would the man be … naked? 
Tumblr media
Your eyes widened as they noticed the discarded clothes littered on the shoreline next to you, the only evidence you were alas not dreaming. Each item was yet more proof this moment was horrifyingly real, torn off by their wearer and hurled aside with some haste.  
Your eyes widened even more as you then tried to turn your head, as if to avoid once more catching a glimpse of the pale, toned, physique of the swimmer… especially once you’d realised who it belonged to. 
Oh no.
What was he doing out here? Wasn’t he supposed to be up at the house with everyone else? You couldn’t even remember your mind was so scrambled as it tried not to focus on the very vivid image of him splashing about in the sea as bare as the day he was born. 
The only mercy in this whole scenario was that he had been facing away from you - he hadn’t noticed you were there and you’d been saved the mortification of a more… thorough observation. 
Your cheeks burned at the thought of it, both in shame and embarrassment. After all, you’d attended parties at Lord Granville’s home, and Benedict’s classes at the academy. Seeing a model posing, sans clothes, had never caused you to bat an eyelid before. Yet, this was your undoing? The terror of observing a naked man - your future husband at that - having shared nothing more than a passionate kiss between you? 
That was it; you were running away and never mentioning this to anyone. Ever… 
Or that had been the plan at least. 
Of course, as you’d turned, that had to be the moment that fate decided to intervene and royally screw you over. Never before had you fallen or taken a mis-step down here, not even when you’d clambered across the slippery rock pools you’d loved to explore so much as a child. 
But now? Now was the time you finally lost your footing? On a stupid rock of all things? 
The cosmic irony made you want to laugh and cry all at once. 
However, you were too busy plummeting face first into the sand, with an undignified yelp of surprise, to do either. 
You froze. 
Was it shock or stubbornness that kept you paralysed for that long minute. You couldn’t even bring yourself to look up at him, let alone answer. Perhaps part of you hoped that the waves would simply wash you away, out to sea, and swallow you whole. 
“Y/N? Are you alright?” 
“I… I’m fine,” you coughed, slowly sitting up and brushing the sand off of you as best you could. You could hear the water splashing as Benedict moved about behind you, most likely turning around to make his way back to shore. “Uh… I… I should go… I - I didn’t know you were here and I was simply on a walk but the cove is usually so peaceful this time of day that I couldn’t help it when I saw the path down here-”
Yep. You were rambling. Rambling, uncontrollably, with very little way to stop it. 
You could hear Benedict laughing to himself, thoroughly enjoying your mortification. Knowing him as intimately as you did, you knew he’d more than likely let you carry on rambling until you finally ran out of things to say to mask your embarrassment at being caught in so compromising a moment. Perhaps that was why you were so startled when he finally decided to grant you mercy and cut you off. 
“Your excuses are adorable, though weak, y/n. We both know you couldn’t help it that you were simply enraptured by the sight of me,” he chuckled. “Oh, yes. I must say it is rather unfair of you to ambush me like this.”
You choked. 
Was he being serious? Was he actually implying that you had orchestrated this on purpose? 
You turned in a flurry of skirts, marching over whilst failing to comprehend his mocking tone. You didn’t even seem to notice that he was technically still in the water, lower half still submerged (thankfully). “I can assure you I did not ambush you, Lord Bridgerton. Rather, I am the wounded party here. Besides, this is my beach, so if anything you’re ambushing me.”
“You wound me.” 
“I think, rather, I’m the wounded parted considering I just fell over.”
“Am I so hideous then? The sight of your fiancé wounds you so much you turn and ran?” 
“No, I - I meant - you - “
“Here you are, the only one fully clothed, and yet you seem the most embarrassed of us both, darling.” 
It was official. 
You were going to drown Benedict in the ocean, just so you could wipe that smug little smirk off of his face. Fiancé or not, murder suddenly seemed rather appealing. You could march right in to the water and drown him, and given the remote nature of this location, you doubted anyone would ever be any the wiser. 
“You can be a right prig, you know, Benedict. I’m not embarrassed.”
“Then why can’t you look at me for a more than minute without looking away?” 
“I… I…”
He had you there, and what was worse, was that you both knew it. His 
“If you’re done staring, I recommend you turn around,” he chuckled, motioning with his hand. 
It was as if you were but a puppet on string as you obeyed without a word. You did as he suggested - for both your sakes. Else, you feared you would only embarrass yourself further, which given the last few minutes, would be quite the feat. 
"You're doing this just to torture me," you grumbled.
"You may feel free to face me at any time," he said, his voice laced with quiet amusement. "I assure you that I asked you to turn your back for the sake of your sensibilities, not mine.” 
Some not so lady like terms escaped your lips as you listened to him go about his business. It was impossible to prevent yourself from listening to and trying to identify every sound that rustled and splashed behind you.
Now he was emerging from the water, now he was reaching for his breeches, now he was...
It was no use. You had a dreadfully wicked imagination, and there was no getting around it. Every second he forced you to stand here only made the torture worse - and you knew that was by design. 
“I’m decent.” 
“That’s debatable,” you scoffed, relief evident as you finally turned around again. 
Thankfully, he had his trousers back in place, even if the cuffs were rolled so as to allow him to remain standing in the water. He also had his shirt on, but that was it, meaning that the fabric was almost transparent as it clung to his damp body. 
You felt your tongue turn to lead. 
“Did you hear what I said?”
You realised he’d been speaking as you’d turned back to face him, however, his apparel had somehow distracted your brain as well as paralysed your tongue - a fact he was clearly aware of, given the fact his smirk continued to grow. 
“I uh… you… no.”
“Are you sure you’re feeling alright?” he teased, slowly stepping closer towards you. His gaze had all but pinned you in place as he approached, unable to do anything other than stare like some star struck maiden. “You do look rather flushed.”
“And you feel feverish, too,” he continued, smirking as he placed his hands against your cheeks in some odd pantomime. “We can’t have that. You do know, I think the best cure for cooling you off is a little dip in the sea-”
“No, Ben-”
“Don’t you agree?”
Any protests were suddenly silenced as your world tipped upside down, Benedict hauling you over his shoulder like a sack of flour. You barely had time to register what had happened, let alone protest as he suddenly began to hurry back into the water with you in tow.
“Benedict! I swear! Put me down!” 
Your laughter was contagious, especially as Benedict realised your error. You knew it too, the moment the words had left your lips. 
“No. Wait-”
“Too late. Your wish is my command,” Benedict chuckled, suddenly releasing his hold on you. 
With that, you dropped rather gracelessly into the warm blue waters below. 
You barely yelped, too busy with trying not to swallow the sea water that suddenly consumed you, soaking you to the bone. Thankfully, you were a strong swimmer, having been raised at the beach most of your life, but that didn’t mean you weren’t a little stunned - mostly by your fiancé’s audacity. 
He was still laughing as you broke through the surface, even if he did swim to your side, holding you so that you remained afloat. Well, that was what he claimed was his purpose, even if you knew better, given the flirtatious twinkle in his eye and the way that your bodies were pressed against one another so tightly. 
Still, who were you to complain when you were in the arms of the man you loved? 
At least married life was certainly never going to be dull with Benedict Bridgerton by your side. 
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azureseadragon · 2 days ago
Masterlist - Yakuza Series Tattoos - 15th anniversary guidebook
Kazuma Kiryu
Ichiban Kasuga
Goro Majima
Taiga Saejima
Hiroki Awano
Keiji Shibusawa
Daisaku Kuze
Tetsu Tachibana & Jun Oda
Wen Hai Lee
Akira Nishikiyama
Yumi Sawamura
Futoshi Shimano
Ryuji Goda
Daigo Dojima
Yoshitaka Mine
Rikiya Shimabukuro
Shigeru Nakahara
Tsuyoshi Kanda
Daisaku Minami
Naoki Katsuya
Masato Aizawa
Masaru Watase
Tsuneo Iwami
Jo Sawashiro
Yosuke Tendo
All tattoos have been separated and cleaned. 2x AI upscaled versions are provided as art resources.
Credits and thanks
Taro - for the 15th anniversary guidebook scans resource
FFTranslations - for translating the names of the tattoos included in the 10th anniversary guidebook
-- BONUS -- (Requested)
Steam grids made from the tattoos. Original idea and grids by CMReina. I tried my best to recreate those amazing grids as close as possible with the new scans. I don’t claim improvement, only variety.
Note: The grids made from tattoos with sleeves don’t look as good as the others because the original images were too small and had to be resized/upscaled 4x.
You can find the new grids, the no-logo grid bases and all the tattoos in both sizes in this GDrive link.
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harryistheonlyoneforme · a day ago
DBF!Harry sneak peek👀👀
Tumblr media
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it-ezz-what-it-ezz · 13 hours ago
Subway boss list
Aftercare(Ingo+Emmet) NSFW
s/o with their merch(Ingo+Emmet)
Tomboy s/o wears dress/skirt(Ingo+Emmet)
Crush who loves making them laugh(subway bosses+Piers and Guzma)
Subway bosses s/o writes a love song
Subway bosses s/o sucks them off awake NSFW
Subway bosses save s/o
Subway bosses s/o with a lot of pokemon
Subway bosses with a good cook s/o
Subway bosses with an artist s/o (+Guzma and Piers)
Subway bosses with a s/o who has no balance
Subway bosses whos s/o is always tired
Subway bosses s/o wears lingerie NSFW
Subway bosses s/o who doesn’t battle seriously was a champion
Subway bosses s/o likes their butler outfit NSFW
Pegging Ingo NSFW
Subway bosses s/o gets along with their brother
Subway bosses s/o is demisexual NSFW
Sugar daddy Subway bosses NSFW 
Subway bosses SFW sugar daddies
Subway bosses s/o spotted by paparazzi(+Elesa and Piers)
Subway bosses s/o asks the worm question
Subway bosses proposal interrupted by their pokemon
Subway bosses s/o mimics their speech patterns 
Subway bosses say they are proud and reader cries
Subway bosses with a taller s/o (Taller s/o general)
Warden Ingo doesn’t remember s/o and rejects them
Ingo+Emmet s/o with them when they get the job(poly)
Subway bosses with a smaller s/o(size kink) NSFW
Subway bosses s/o doesn’t like singing around others
Warden Ingo asks out s/o but they are married to him
Subway bosses s/o teases them during work rush NSFW
adopted siblings Lian, Sabi, and Rei interogate big sib mc’s boyfriend Warden Ingo
Pouty Subway bosses when they aren’t the center of your attention 
doesn’t take battles seriously s/o beats friend in battle
depressed s/o trying to ‘live’ again
Snake hybrid Subway bosses mating s/o(poly) NSFW
Subway Bosses s/o sleeps on them(+Nanu)
Subway bosses comforting overweight s/o
Warden Ingo realizing he has a crush
Stormy night with Ingo
Subway bosses crush sleep talking confesses
Subway bosses crush says they like them before sleeping
Subway bosses with a pregnant s/o
Subway bosses s/o has RBF (+Piers)
Hisui’d Ingo meets Hisui soulmate
Subway bosses crush likes adrenalin
Siblings Rei, Lian, and Sabi try to help Warden Ingo confess
Subway bosses s/o buys them expensive gift
Taking care of sick Subway bosses 
Subway bosses after battle reward NSFW
Subway bosses s/o can understand pokemon
Subway bosses mother hen s/o
Subway bosses lays head in s/o’s lap
Subway bosses s/o smothers them with affection
Subway bosses s/o has joint issues
Subway bosses Galarian crush confess with applin
S/o gifts Subway bosses shiny
Snake hybrid Subway bosses s/o flirts in their mother language
Subway bosses s/o tries on their work coat
cuddly snake hybrid Ingo
Subway bosses s/o can lift them
Subway bosses waking up without their s/o
Subway bosses s/o places cold hands on them
I’ll give you what you want (Priest Ingo x succubus reader NSFW)
Subway bosses rowdy s/o can’t take praise
Subway bosses s/o wearing their work outfit+lingerie
Hero MC getting railed by Warden Ingo and Volo (semi-public, afab. NSFW)
Subway bosses dragon master s/o (poly)
Yandere Subway bosses with a willing s/o (poly)
Subway bosses with a model s/o
Yandere Subway bosses+Elesa willing s/o
Wax play with Subway boss Ingo NSFW
Sub Ingo with male s/o
Sub Ingo with gender neutral top s/o (praise kink NSFW)
Is that really you? (6k words Warden Ingo, reunion sex NSFW)
Subway bosses being woken up with kisses
Bull hybrid Emmet being milked NSFW
Emmet finds out s/o is ticklish
Emmet’s s/o gives starters 
Subway bosses s/o claims them innocently
someone misgenders s/o (Emmet, Maxie, Volo)
S/o drags Emmet away from work
Yandere sugar daddy Emmet ( heavily implied Stockholm syndrome, spanking, choking, overstimulation, semi public area)
Emmet’s s/o leaves for a month then surprises him
Emmet’s s/o proposes to him out of the blue
Emmet trains shiny collector friend to lovers
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hotsforharlow · a day ago
Can I pls get a masterlist???????????
Hi, here you go :) I'll try and update it on a monthly basis x
Masterlist of AU'S :
Love of a fan Frat Boy Jack Sugar Daddy Stripper Love Childhood Lover On Set Love
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stupid-hoe-shit · 2 days ago
masterlist <3
monkey d. luffy
-> "please, touch me"
-> in love with the feeling
-> needy luffy
roronoa zoro
-> spandex
-> birthday girl
vinsmoke sanji
-> birthday girl
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thewritingdoll · 2 days ago
☾ ✧ ―𝓓𝓒 𝓒𝓸𝓶𝓲𝓬𝓼 𝓜𝓪𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓻𝓵𝓲𝓼𝓽
do not spam like or repost/translate
reblogs are essential.
feedback helps me improve & stay motivated !
taking requests: yes
library / tag list blog (turn on post notifications!) @dollsdc-library
request / ⓲ nsfw / ☾ dark / ☆ +1k notes / ❥ doll’s pick
❝ Aʟʟ / Mᴜʟᴛɪᴘʟᴇ 。
𝒶𝓊𝓈, 𝓈𝑒𝓇𝒾𝑒𝓈 & 𝑒𝓋𝑒𝓃𝓉𝓈
mass hysteria teaser one / two ⓲
birdbrains writing event ⓲
𝒽𝑒𝒶𝒹𝒸𝒶𝓃𝑜𝓃𝓈 & 𝒸𝑜𝓃𝒸𝑒𝓅𝓉𝓈
the first time they told you they love you ( dick grayson, jason todd )
love languages ( damian wayne, dick grayson, jason todd, tim drake )
❝ Cᴏɴɴᴇʀ Kᴇɴᴛ 。
𝑜𝓃𝑒 𝓈𝒽𝑜𝓉𝓈
i’m your dream, mind astray ⓲ ☾ ❥
❝ Dᴀᴍɪᴀɴ Wᴀʏɴᴇ 。
𝓂𝒾𝓃𝒾 𝓂𝓊𝓈𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓈
let’s close this distance
❝ Dɪᴄᴋ Gʀᴀʏsᴏɴ 。
kink roulette ( rimming ) ⓲
𝓂𝒾𝓃𝒾 𝓂𝓊𝓈𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓈
deep devotion ⓲
❝ Jᴀsᴏɴ Tᴏᴅᴅ 。
reader picks the title ( survival of the dickest ) ⓲ ☾
kink roulette ( boot worship ) ⓲
kink roulette ( virginity ) ⓲
𝓂𝒾𝓃𝒾 𝓂𝓊𝓈𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓈
win some, lose some ⓲ ☾ ❥
give me your vengeance ⓲ ☾ ❥
higher than heaven ⓲ ❥
switch positions ⓲
𝑜𝓃𝑒 𝓈𝒽𝑜𝓉𝓈
venom in your voice ☾
❝ Rᴏʏ Hᴀʀᴘᴇʀ 。
𝓂𝒾𝓃𝒾 𝓂𝓊𝓈𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓈
the ponytail problem ⓲ ❥
❝ Tɪᴍ Dʀᴀᴋᴇ。
fingers crossed
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goldensunflowe-r · 13 hours ago
Stucky x reader SMUT (Part 1)
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happybird16 · 2 days ago
Escape Masterlist
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Levi Ackerman / AFAB Reader
Mermaid AU
Warnings: 18+ MDNI, Smut, a lot of fluff, Cross Species Relationship, Mer!Levi, Mermaid!Au, Eventual Smut, Monsterfucking, Non-Human Penis, Fingering, Vaginal sex, Biting, Knotting, Mating, Virgin Levi, Overstimulation, Creampie, Readers mother is toxic but I’m purposely vague about it until the end, transformation, some blood and injury mention, panic attacks, light angst.
Total Word Count: 43k
Ao3 Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/39039084/chapters/97653489
Summary: In an attempt to escape the rising stress and anxieties of your life, you wander along a long abandoned beach. What you find there changes your life forever.
Tumblr media
I: Discovery 2.6K Words
II: Interlude 1.0 K Words
III 3.5 K Words (Posting 5/17 7 pm)
IV 3.5 K Words (Posting 5/18 7 pm)
V 2.5 K Words (Posting 5/19 7 pm)
VI 2.2 K Words (Posting 5/20 7 pm)
VII 8.0 K Words (Posting 5/21 7 pm)
VIII 6.0 K Words (Posting 5/22 7 pm)
IX 13.5 K Words (Posting 5/23 7 pm) [NSFW]
Tumblr media
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forjongseong · a day ago
updated regularly, unclickable titles mean that it's coming soon!
some of these works are 18+, minors please dni
code: ❤️‍🔥 smut / 💛 fluff / 💗 suggestive / 💙 angst
Tumblr media
at fault 💗
just a little bit 💛
first 💙💛
don't go 💙💗
tailored ❤️‍🔥
Tumblr media
words of affirmation ❤️‍🔥
quality time 💛❤️‍🔥
quiet 💛
rolex 💛
favorito ❤️‍🔥
mareado 💛💗
la boca ❤️‍🔥
if you like what you read, do let me know by reblogging, giving feedback, or even sending me an ask! have a pleasant day!! ^^
© forjongseong 2022, all rights reserved
please do not plagiarize, translate, or repost any of the works above to any other platform.
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hotchnerxo · a day ago
The chances you take - Masterlist
Tumblr media
After your daughter was born, you swore off field work. But now you're itching to get back out there and there is an opening at the BAU. Taking your mother's advice, you apply for the job, because 'you will miss every chance you don't take'. You try to remember that advice in other aspects of life.
Chapter 1: Thanks mom Chapter 2: Away from home Chapter 3: Even to the best of us Chapter 4: Glasses
... many more to come...
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ithebookhoarder · a day ago
Jealous Eloise as fem!reader dances at a ball with a suitor? Reader confronts Eloise on why she’s upset and Eloise gives an angsty love confession? Something along those lines you can change it up to whichever is better for the story
You Belong With Me (Eloise Bridgerton x F!reader)
A/N: Oh, Eloise. Love of my life. I had WAY too much fun indulging with this one, so thank you to whoever sent it in 😉 Also, I have set this up as part one of two, as it combined so well with another request I got for Eloise and a female reader - so I hope you don't mind. Keep your eyes peeled as it should be up soon. Promise! 🤞
Tumblr media
The start of the new season was always chaotic. Your whole house seemed consumed with nothing but making preparations, from choosing which outfits to wear, to which suitors would be in attendance, to which dances were most in fashion. 
It was no surprise to you that you were not the only people in England also caught in the frenzy of social life. Merely a day or so since your arrival to London and you had already received a staggering number of invitations for teas, soirees and balls for the coming weeks in town. 
The idea of attending even a handful of them made your head spin.  
Luckily, your mother had spent her entire life preparing for this eventual situation. She, and your father, almost had it down to an art. As soon as you would open an invitation, your mother would have already placed it in one her neat piles. Needless to say there was a rather large contrast between the acceptance, and denial piles. The way in which she organised the whole affair so efficiently was almost militaristic.
In another life she’d have made a particularly marvellous general, or so you remarked as you watched your mother’s ‘battle plan’ forming. 
However, despite your mother’s assurance that matrimony was not the entire aim for the season - merely an additional blessing, should you receive such an offer - you still felt like the pressure to find such a prospect was mounting. 
So far, it had taken all your will power not to protest every time your mother and father had made a mention of some other silly tradition or ritual you would be expected to perform before the season was out. 
This morning in particular had almost sent you screaming from the breakfast table as your mother had informed you that she had received your vouchers and invitations for Almack’s for the season, after having had a rather flattering letter from its current Patronesses - all as titled, and ridiculous as the last in their opinion. You really didn't care who Lady Emily Cowper, Lady Jersey, Lady Castlereagh or Mrs Drummond Burrell were. 
You also cared a hell of a lot less about their eligible offspring too - each as ridiculous as the next… and, most importantly, male.  
That was a rather crucial detail in your eyes, given the fact that you knew you were simply not capable of feeling the traditional sentiments about the other sex. It was something you had always known - ever since you were a small girl and played with your dolls house, making up stories for your ‘brides’, and casting the male dolls aside. 
You simply hadn’t seen anything wrong with the idea of two girls choosing to spend their lives together, rather than wasting it on silly boys. However, your mother had been quick to assure you that you would grow out of such childish nonsense when you came of age.
You hadn’t. 
Quite the opposite in fact, as your feelings only cemented themselves, as opposed to waning. You could blame the blossoming affection between you and a Miss Eloise Bridgerton for that… An affection that was currently driving you almost mad with frustration. 
All evening, since you’d first arrived at the terrible soiree that was was to be your prison for the evening, you had been in a state of intense irritation with both yourself and the world.
You were irritated by the silly fop who had just escorted you from the dance floor to your mother; you were irritated by the footman who offered you a glass of champagne; you were irritated with the cloying smell of too many different perfumes that pervaded the ballroom; and you were irritated with the itchy fabric of your dress which made you want to twitch like a demented bedlamite.
Most of all, more than anything else, you were irritated with yourself for your detailed knowledge of the movements of one blasted Eloise Bridgerton.
It wasn’t her fault, per say, that you were unable to take your eyes off of her all night. Yet, you had been dragged to and fro, from suitor to suitor – all the while noting Eloise’s each and every movement.
You were behaving like a jealous ninny. 
“Oh, look!” exclaimed your sister, Charlotte, poking you in the arm. You rubbed irritably at the spot. Splendid. Now you were both itchy and bruised. “There’s Charles dancing with Eloise Bridgerton. Oh, mama will be thrilled. A match between them would be most ideal.”
“Indeed,” you muttered sourly, following the direction of your sister’s finger towards the dance floor, where your elder brother was dancing across the floor with Eloise.
Now, of course, you knew without even asking that chances were your brother had been forced into asking Eloise to dance, just as much as Eloise had been forced by convention to accept - it would be considered the highest of insults to have said no, and whilst Eloise was every bit a rebel at heart, she would never have embarrassed her mother, or family, in such a way. 
However, that didn’t stop your stomach from churning as you watched from the edge of the room. 
Tumblr media
Your heart clenched in a way it had no business clenching over such an innocent scene, but it was more likely due to the fact that you knew you could never have such a privilege. 
It was one thing to waltz with Eloise in her own home, but another to do so publicly. It simply wasn’t done… just as it wasn’t done for two women to love one another as you both did. It wasn’t done for two women to start a life together and reject the rules and conventions of society, but that hadn’t stopped you so far. 
You had been to one another as close as two people could be, and had been for a while now. 
You knew how Eloise’s perfume lingered when she was in your arms. You knew how it felt to have her hand holding yours. You knew how it felt to have Eloise’s eyes on you, watching your every move either during a dance in the ballroom or the bedroom. 
As if he could sense it, over Eloise’s shoulder, your brother caught your eye and grinned.
You started, blushed, and focused instead on downing the remainder of your glass of champagne.
When you had all but slammed the glass down on a passing server’s tray, your sister turned an inquisitive eye on you. “What is wrong with you tonight? You don’t appear to be in a very good mood.”
You did your best to repress the urge to growl. “I’m fine.”
“Y/N.” Your sister knew when you were lying better than most - a fact you very much were aware of. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing - I should find Lord Sinderby,” you muttered icily. “He is written down as my next partner for the evening.”
You had had enough of standing gawking on the sidelines like a spectator at a bad play. Instead, you were almost glad of the distraction as your partner decided to emerge from the crowd and take your hand in his. 
Just because you knew Eloise returned your affections, didn’t mean you were certain of the future. After all, a dalliance was one thing. To commit to a future together? To face an uncertain existence? To cast off any chance at marrying and having children, like women were supposed to? They were entirely different things. 
Perhaps you had been naive to assume Eloise felt as you did. or maybe you had been optimistic - dangerously so, as your aunt had once warned you. 
The thought was suddenly too much to bear. As was the idea you could be forced to watch Eloise choose another- a spectator in her life and not a key player. 
You cursed to yourself and hastily forced back a tear that threatened to escape from your eye. 
Thankfully, the music started and your partner was far too busy watching his feet to notice. Then again, Alfred Sinderby had never been the sharpest tac in the box. He was kind and wealthy, and that was enough for most women and their mamas, which would explain why so many had had their sights set on him all season. 
Still, he managed to survive unscathed by matrimony just yet, which was impressive - all things considered. Perhaps that was why he always asked you for a dance, given that your disinterest in suitors was widely known amongst your peers, even if it was never discussed aloud. Whistledown had written you both off as being highly critical and particular in your searches, which wasn’t exactly incorrect, even if it wasn’t that simple. 
You had found a worthy match, but taking her hand wouldn’t be as easy as marching in to her drawing room and declaring it then and there for all to hear - something Eloise knew was the same for you too. Neither family would likely welcome the news or understand, either (even if you suspected some members of your families would be more accepting of the idea).
So, for now, you contented yourself with dancing and listening to Alfred’s rather candid sense of humour. It was all you could do to make this evening more bearable. 
That, and letting yourself be dragged from one dance to the other by whomever wished to pencil their name on the card attached to your wrist. 
Alas, it was easier to smile and simper at young gentlemen, than be truthful with yourself. Focusing on keeping up with the steps was a less painful alternative compared to focusing on anything else. 
However, there came a point in the evening where even you could dance no longer and you needed a reprieve from your aching feet and the suddenly suffocating heat of the crowded dance floor. 
Whilst your first choice would have been to reclaim your family for company, or even Lord Sinderby (given the fact he seemed one of a few in attendance tonight able to keep up a decent conversation about anything other than matrimony or one’s fortunes), they were nowhere to be found. In fact, despite standing in the middle of the most crowded room in all of London, you suddenly felt remarkably alone. 
Then again, was that such a surprise? After all, you’d learned long ago there were few who could truly see, let alone understand, you - and the person who did it best was always being pulled away from you in another direction entirely, either by life, her family, or the world in which you both lived. 
Perhaps you were destined to be alone… the thought was a bitter one, but not all that surprising, as tonight had proven once again. 
To hell with it. To hell with this whole night - it was that thought that propelled you to leave the ballroom, and march to the deserted terrace, and gardens beyond it. 
You didn’t care if a young lady such as yourself should never leave the room unattended, nor venture into the darkened gardens where those of looser morals may prey upon those naive enough to stray. All you cared about right then was putting as much distance as possible between you and the gilded cage in which you found yourself. 
That, and there was a sense of peace to be found standing in the late night breeze, staring up at the stars in the sky, and listening to the whispers of the music echoing from the open windows of the ballroom.
It was easy to forget everything, for just a moment. To pretend you were free, with only the company of the various chiseled statues for company… Each, ironically, familiar with your plight in their own ways. 
Marc Anthony… Eurydice… Penelope… Anarkali… 
Was it a sign, perhaps? 
A sign of what though? A sign that love was always doomed? That it was but a foolish folly? Or that love was worth fighting for, even if it seemed impossible?
Why else did people still erect monuments to lovers past, even if they didn’t achieve their happy ending? 
Even without saying anything, you still somehow felt a sense of judgement radiating off of the passive observers that surrounded you.
“Don’t even say it,” you growled, shooting the warning at the Emperor Hadrian, who had the misfortune of being the one to stare down at you at that particular moment. 
“Don’t say what?”
“Good lord!”
You started, swerved, and nearly toppled over the bench you had failed to see behind you.
It wasn’t the statue come to life. That, you suddenly felt you could have dealt with, rather than this. 
Eloise crossed the final few yards of the path, her muslin gown luminous in the moonlight. The thin fabric moulded itself against her legs as she walked, increasing the resemblance to a statuary of classical antiquity, but no statue had ever had that sort of effect on you.
“Shouldn’t you be inside?” you yelped. “You shouldn’t be out here alone. Besides, I thought you had another young idiotic fop to dance with.”
Eloise winced slightly at your tone. “One, your concern for my wellbeing is somewhat hypocritical given the fact you are currently out here alone. Also, I needed to speak to you. About tonight-”
Tumblr media
“You needn’t bother,” you interrupted tersely. “Don’t feel the need to come keep me company when you clearly have no shortage of company yourself.”
Eloise winced slightly at your tone. “One, your concern for my wellbeing is somewhat hypocritical given the fact you are currently out here alone. Also, I needed to speak to you. About tonight-”“You needn’t bother,” you interrupted tersely. “Don’t feel the need to come keep me company when you clearly have no shortage of company.”
Eloise squinted at you. “Says the woman who has been escorted on to the floor by practically every man with a pulse in there tonight.” 
“Excuse me?” 
“You heard me.” 
“Well, forgive me if I didn’t wish to sit like some wallflower and play spectator to you and your own constant stream of suitors tonight,” you snapped back sharply. “You can’t honestly have expected me to just sit on some shelf and act like I didn’t care in the least that the one person I wished to dance with, to hold in my arms, is the one person I couldn’t.”  
“I know!” Eloise retorted, her bravado suddenly slipping in place of a forlorn expression of someone just as tormented as you. “Look. I - I’m trying to apologise to you, or at least that was the intention when I followed you out here. I do not wish to fight about something as trivial as this.” 
“Trivial? Is that what you think? That my pain is trivial?”
“Your pain? Ha!” exclaimed Eloise. As repartee, it wasn’t her finest hour, but she was clearly too furious to attempt words of more than one syllable. “You’re the one who has been behaving like some air headed debutante all night - simpering at every word your partners said, and batting your eyelids at them. You were doing this to spite me.”
“Spite you?”
“Yes,” Eloise continued. “You only did this as retribution for me accepting your brother’s dance - something I had no say in, I remind you. Yet, you’re the one running around in my dreams, smiling across the ballroom at me like that – I can’t think. I can’t sleep. I can’t look my best friend in the eye. It’s been sheer hell.”
“And that is my fault?’ You’re the one didn’t bother to— Wait. Your dreams? You’ve been dreaming about me?”
Eloise froze. She took a step back, looking horrified. “Never mind. Forget I said that.”
You took a dangerous step forward. “Oh, no. There are no “never minds”, Eloise Bridgerton. You’re not getting off that easily this time. I can’t keep doing this, unsure of what you feel inside, or if everything between us has been nothing more than some dalliance for you.” 
“Fine.” She took a step forward. “You want to know the truth, Y/N? The truth that every waking minute, my heart aches for you… that staying away from you is all I can do to keep my hands off you.”
Another step towards you. A step that brought you and Eloise so close that her breath stirred the loose strands of hair that had escaped your elegant arrangement atop your head.
You inched backwards, but the hedge was at your back, pricking you through your dress, blocking retreat.
“In fact,” Eloise continued, her hands reaching for you as her head descended towards your own – “you have been driving me absolutely mad.”
With a desperate sideways movement, you wrenched yourself from her grasp, leaving Eloise to almost stumble headlong into the hedge.
“Oh, no,” you warned, tears of rage and frustration gathering in your eyes. “The game where you kiss me and then run off and hide from me for weeks on end… It’s – I just can’t – if you’re just looking for a bit of fun, you’re going to have to find it somewhere else”-
Gathering your skirts in hand, you whirled in the direction of the house, only to be jerked back around abruptly by Eloise. 
“That’s not what I want,” she burst out, turning you to face her.
 “Then what do you want?” 
 “You, dammit! You, and only you.”
The words hung there in the air between you.
Tumblr media
Each of you stared at the other, your eyes locked with Eloise’s, both frozen as still as the statues surrounding you.
“Say something… do you… do you not feel the same?” 
“Don’t you know, El?”
Slowly, she shook her head. “No.” Her voice broke. “I don’t know anything right now, other than I do not wish for a life without you in it.”
“Funny,” you whispered achingly. “You took the words right from my lips.”
That was it. 
With infinite gentleness, her lips reached for yours. Her hands slid softly into your hair, stroking your temples, easing away aches you hadn’t realised you had. 
Letting your eyes drift closed, you leant into the kiss, abandoning yourself to the dreamlike unreality of it all. Your hands slid up to Eloise’s shoulders, feeling the warmth of her body through the fine lace and muslin of her dress, as warmth of an entirely different kind spread through you. 
With a movement as soft as a sigh, your lips slid away from hers. They remained suspended in time, your lips a whisper above hers, your hands on her shoulders, her fingers still threaded in your hair. 
“I missed you,” she whispered.
You pulled her tightly against you, rubbing your face in her hair and simply savoured having her. “Me too.”
As if to prove just how much you’d missed her, your lips followed the delicate curve of her jaw, down the elegant line of her throat, pausing long enough to hear the gasp she gave as your lips reached the sensitive hollow of her neck. 
You were undone.
So was Eloise’s bodice; One gentle pull at the ribbon fastened at the neckline drew the fabric apart, allowing you better access to the top of her décolletage - which you were quick to add to your exploration. 
Eloise arched in your arms, her nails digging into your back.
“Y/n,” she groaned in a way that made you suddenly wish you were in the safety of your bedroom, and not in the middle of a darkened garden. Then you could simply do away with the whole garment, altogether, rather than be forced to tease her so. 
Still, you were enraptured by her flushed cheeks and the way she bit at her lip as she squirmed in your arms. 
You were just lowering your lips, when a voice cut through your lust filled haze.
“What in the hell is going on here?”
Oh god. 
You turned.
Eloise balked, hastily reaching to yank her dress back together and fasten the ribbon in place. However, it was too late to hide what you had been doing.   
In front of you both loomed one of Eloise’s brothers – thankfully, the one you thought you liked you best, though that was of little comfort right then. After all, Benedict’s very posture crackled with rage and it looked like he couldn’t decide whether to strangle you or simply snatch his sister away and lock her in a tower until she was forty.
Either way, you were both in trouble. 
“Oh f-” 
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“are you ok?” no but I’m funny
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Harry’s House!Harry Masterlist
Mile High Club*
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long way home masterlist | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: dilf!jk x best friend!reader
genre: single dad jk, friends to lovers, angst
summary: jungkook's life makes an 180 degree turn when he's suddenly a single dad and while you're trying to help him come accustomed to the new circumstances, your long-standing friendship takes new turns as well.
part 01: cockblock
the one where you babysit jungkook's baby and somehow let the night end up with being a cockblock for him.
part 02: promises
the one where jungkook breaks his promise for the first time.
part 03: drunken confessions
the one where you had a little too much to drink and, oops, your lips are pressed against someone else's.
part 04: oh, you mean the babysitter?
the one where jungkook fucks up.
part 05: girlfriends and boyfriends flashback_01_
the one where you think calling jungkook will make you stop missing him but it actually worsens the ache in your heart.
part 06: apologies and excuses
the one where jungkook tries to apologise for his behaviour.
part 07: first time
the one where jungkook has to deal with your rejection for the first time.
part 08: the night i lost hope flashback_02_
the one where you're drunk and ask jungkook a question and he unknowingly crushes all your hopes with his answer.
part 09: birthday surprise(s)
the one where jungkook wants to surprise you on your birthday but then he gets surprised with a half naked jimin in your apartment.
part 10: best friends
the one where you're reminded why you love jungkook so much.
part 11: needing him flashback_03_
the one where you're absolutely broken and there's only jungkook you need.
part 12: weird behaviour
the one where jungkook is acting weird but you can't tell why.
part 13: little bear
the one where you miss nabi.
part 14: needing her flashback_04_
the one where jungkook is absolutely helpless and there's only you he needs.
part 15: concerned granny
the one where even the grannies in the coffee shop start missing jungkook.
part 16: unwanted guests
the one where jungkook proves to you that he's always there for you when you need him.
part 17: betrayal
the one where you're not enough for jungkook.
part 18: stolen kisses flashback_05_
the one where your foolish heart thinks it'd be a fun idea to kiss jungkook at a party.
part 19:
part 20:
part 21:
part 22:
part 23:
part 24:
part 25:
part 26:
⛧ ⌒ ⛦ ⌒ ⛧ ⌒ ⛦ ⌒ ⛧ ⌒ ⛦ ⌒ ⛧⌒ ⛦
• baby
jungkook calling you "baby" for the first time.
• mummy milkers
you taking care of nabi.
• can u give me a hickey?
you asking jungkook for a hickey.
↬ your mum's reaction to the hickey
• fake mama
jungkook pretending you're nabi's mum in front of a stranger.
• first meeting
jungkook meeting nabi for the first time.
• why are ur cheeks so red?
you making jungkook flustered.
• jk's spa salon's special treatment
jungkook helping you to relax.
• can i cuddle u?
your first sleepover at jungkook's place.
• tummy hurt
jungkook comforting you during your period.
• he's never made a woman not cum
you telling jungkook how men fail to please you in bed.
• jelly jk
jungkook stumbling upon you and taehyung making out on your bed.
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