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#masters degree

I accepted an unconditional offer to study MA Novel Writing at Middlesex Uni, starting in September. Now I just need to wait for my induction/enrolment pack and the ability to apply for my student loan! I’m impatient and excited!

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Submitted my masters dissertation yesterday! Doesn’t feel real without having a physical copy of my dissertation to submit.

Just one more presentation to do and the my 4 years at University are officially over! Not getting a graduation this summer due to the pandemic but looking forward to having online drinks with my friends to celebrate our success!

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so come august, i will be starting my third and final year in my masters degree. i’m currently studying translation and specializing in spanish to english. if all goes well, i should be starting my thesis and be one step closer to graduating!

for my thesis i have to translate a text that is at least 12,000 words and writing a preface to it (more on that later). if my proposal is approved, i will be translating various puerto rican graphic novels and comic strips (have to pick more than one text to reach the word minimum) that have never been translated before

my plan for the summer is to:
- pick the final texts i want to translate
- hopefully start translating them to get ahead (a girl could dream)
- after picking the final texts and analyzing them, start looking for scholarly references that will help me translate the text or justify my translations

i’ll be sharing more about the process as the summer goes on :)

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It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted on this page, and what a better time than quarantine to get back into it.

I just finished my second year in my masters in translation. not gonna lie, this whole online classes thing? not a fan. and i shudder at the thought that next semester is going to be the same.

some academic updates:
- i’m taking my comprehensive exam in early august
- if i pass it, i’ll be able to start my thesis when the new semester starts

I’ll be making a separate post all about my thesis :)

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Nothing exciting today, just the boring pre-work. I had to go to the office supply store (because I don’t have a printer or copy machine in my house 😑) to make copies of my driver’s license and W-2, which I have to mail in to my university along with a bunch of forms to prove I’m an in-state resident so I can get reduced tuition. I’m glad the office supply store is still open right now and I’m thankful for the people working there. I also had to go to my old pediatrician’s office which I haven’t been to in years to drop off my immunization forms so they can fill those out for me. I’ve still been too lazy to take the ID card photo because that requires putting on makeup.

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