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#masters degree

So there are some pretty big storms on top of everything here in Indiana.

I’m getting the feeling we pissed off all the old gods and this is all them syncing up their retribution attacks to the same schedule.

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Awesome news guys - I got accepted into Grad School! Going for my Master’s in Screenwriting starting this summer! SUPER excited!

I’m going to be focussing on improving my screenwriting and video editing skills so I have more options available to me ^^

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Am I starting a new blog as a method of procrastination? Possibly!

By means of introduction: my name is Maz, and I’m a 22 year old Ethnomusicology MA student, musician, music facilitator and writer. (In case anyone’s wondering, at its most basic level, ethnomusicology is the anthropology of music).

I’m starting a new studyblr because I figured that it might help me to track (and encourage!) some more productivity in my work schedule (that and the fact that I massively geek out on aesthetically pleasing work spaces and nice stationary).

Work that you might find my posting about may include (but is not limited to):

-research for my thesis- this relates to the function of music in UK drag culture, and will hopefully involve some banging fieldwork

-work for any other taught classes in my music degree- right now this includes a fieldwork project which will probably involve the music facilitation work I do with refugees, and work for a classical music orchestration module

-work relating to a research project I’m managing on collating musics from migrant diaspora in my city into an open access resource (I’m incredibly excited about this)

-writing on climate change and local democracy- I’m involved in local climate activism as part of a group that holds our city council to account, so I spend quite a lot of time writing about that

- Less interestingly, I work as a welfare advisor in student halls (I think it’s called an RA in the US?) so I have a fair bit of admin to do with that

-And I’m also a gigging musician! so sometimes this will include some instrumental practice (although never as much as it should lmao)

I’m not going to commit to a 100 days of productivity type thing, because I know I won’t stick to it- I have a number of chronic illnesses and disabilities going on, and I can’t always keep up with what’s sometimes a stiflingly hectic lifestyle. I’m hoping that I can use this blog to celebrate my productivity, and to become more involved with the studyblr community! :) 

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My mom sent me this today:


My response:

“Considering the butterfly effect and multidimensional superpositions if your canoe loses a wheel the quantity of pancake mix used to re-shingle your roof would be directly proportional to the increase in entropy from the baseline of a fully functional canoe at 2 miles per hour to a canoe with one less wheel at an undefined speed. Now with this in mind, the definition of "river” must be questioned as both metaphysical rivers, metaphorical rivers, and rivers which flow through all have different rheological properties. In the case of a metaphysical river, the amount of pancake mix would equal 5 seeing as there will be an increase in friction by a factor of 7 ghosts. Metaphorical rivers will require no pancake mix, as the issue of the canoe was an existential symbol of life and the apparent randomness of the universe. And lastly in the case of a river which flow through, the canoe is a solid waste unit and the quantity of pancake mix would not be effected by the resultant underwear streak, only the rate of digestion.“

I think I should take this as a sign that Graduate School is hitting a little weird…

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