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ghost-heart-atelier · 15 days ago
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Chrysanthemum Matcha Sundae Cone
A yummy cold dessert with lots of layers of flavour and toppings. Always love a good matcha soft serve.
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sereakan · 6 months ago
[Jasmine and Matcha] Boba Tea Recipe + Tips to make it taste authentic!
I don't know about you, but I've always had trouble making bubble tea at home. It's just suppose to be tea and milk and sugar, right..? So why does it taste so different then boba tea you purchase in shops? Now part of the problem is the powder they use (which by the way, is really bad for your health, but it shouldn't taste that different, right? Wrong. So after an entire year of quarantine with a lot of free time... I've finally perfected a milk tea recipe that tastes just as authentic, and way more healthy! I will also include tips that helped me make better tasting boba, no matter what the type of tea I used!
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Tapioca Pearls (I like to use this brand)
Jasmine Tea
Matcha Tea
Half and Half
Condensed Milk (optional if using brown sugar)
Brown Sugar (optional if not using condensed milk)
(I didn't include measurements, as bubble tea is truly customizable! But I usually use 1/2 cup of jasmine tea, 1/3 a cup of half and half, and 2-3 tablespoons of matcha tea. Please adjust for your own personal preference!)
Brown Sugar Tapioca
1. Bring your tapioca pearls to a boil (follow the instructions on the manual) and strain it. Place it in a bowl of water with ice for 30 seconds. Strain the water and ice.
2. Bring half a cup of brown sugar (per 1/4 cup of tapioca pearls) and half a cup of water to boil. Continuously mix on medium to low heat for 10 minutes or until thick consistency. Add tapioca pearls to mixture. Mix for another minute or so. Make sure you keep on mixing after you have added the boba! You do not want to burn the boba! Take boba and brown sugar mixture off heat
3. Poor brown-sugar coated tapioca pearls into a bowl. Do not keep it in the hot pan!
Jasmine and Matcha Tea
1. Jasmine tea: Bring water to boil (or at 175 F if using a kettle with a temperature guage). Steep 3 jasmine tea bags in a cup of water for 4 minutes. Set aside. If you want your milk tea to be sweeter (or if you are not using brown sugar), add 1-2 tablespoons of condensed milk in the hot tea.
2. Matcha Tea: Bring 2.5 table spoons of water to boil (or at 180 C). Place 1.5 teaspoons of matcha powder in boiled water. Mix with an electric milk frother until completely dissolved. Set aside.
Bubble Tea
1. Place the brown sugar and tapioca pearls in a cup. Use a spoon to lather the brown sugar on the side of the cup to create the iconic brown sugar look.
2. Place ice cubes to fill (it's better to use fresh tea).
3. Pour jasmine tea and half and half over the ice. Pour the matcha tea over the back of a spoon to create a green layer.
4. Mix and enjoy!
1. Use half and half (preferred) or oat milk (try using black tea and cinnamon with oat milk) instead of milk. Half and half is thicker and more creamy than milk!
2. Don't use heavy whipping cream. While it may be super creamy in theory, I find that the taste of heavy whipping cream overpowers all the other flavors (no matter how little you put!).
3. Brew fresh tea. Don't put the tea in the fridge. While it isn't that big of a deal, I still think fresh tea tastes the best in milk tea.
4. Use condensed milk to sweeten your bubble tea. Make sure you dissolve it in warm tea to make it easier!
Anddddd that's it! I'll try to write up some more recipes! I'm not the greatest cook, but I'm really good at making deserts, especially different types of drinks! Please let me know if you have any questions and how it went!
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alittleyellowdinosaur · 5 days ago
David's Tea Matcha Advent Calendar Review
Day 3: Yuzu Matcha
I’ll admit, I’d been looking forward to this one the second I saw it on the back. I’ve never tried yuzu but I’ve always wanted to. For those who don’t know, yuzu is a citrus fruit from East Asia that’s commonly used in Japanese and Korean cuisine. It kinda looks like a smaller grapefruit or large lemon, with the internal look of a lemon. I’ve seen it used in a lot of baking shows, so I’d been interested.  
As for the matcha itself, this was a million times better than the first two days and a huge relief to get after some disappointing flavors. it actually tastes like matcha! Whoo-hoo! It’s got a subtle hint of citrus that adds a whole other layer that is really delicious when combined with the earthy taste of matcha. I really wish this was sold on the actual site, because I’d buy a whole bunch of it if I could. Regretably I only have the one drink because it’s exclusive to the calendar but hopefully David’s Tea will make it a year round product next year. As a heads up, the mix does not fully mix in, there’s these little green dots that cling to the top and the edges of the bag. These are not clumps of matcha and don’t taste or feel like anything. My guess is thats the flavoring, so don’t worry too much. Overall, I’m super happy about this one. 10/10 please make this a normal product David.
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jewelzmrobertson · a month ago
Holiday Shopping on your mind? Our Holiday Gift Sets are available while supplies last!
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xbunnysenpaix · 7 months ago
I went on an adventure today. I got matcha boba🥰🧋
- my feet hurt like a bitch and I’m exhausted from walking.
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ghost-heart-atelier · 14 days ago
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Rose and Matcha Floral Cookies
Sweet, yummy cookies with a chocolate ganache filling :p
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l0velydiet · 3 months ago
I ordered an iced matcha at starbucks today and it was simply disgusting :/ I’m so upset now
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nataliyakvitka · 5 months ago
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Japanese matcha cheesecake 😋 #cheesecake #cheesecakes #cheesecakelover #cheesecakelovers #matcha #matchacake #matchalover #matchatea #matchagreentea #matchalove #matchalovers #matchaaddict #dessert #desserts #dessertsofinstagram #dessertporn #dessertbox #dessertlover #desserttime #dessertpic #dessertstagram #dessertstagram #dessertoftheday #unboxing #sweet #sweets #sweettooth #japan #japanesefood #japanese #japaneseculture
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a-jeezy · 8 months ago
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Mini macaroons💚💗🤎
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