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sometimes i do math homework without headphones in and if you were to listen in to my room while i did it you would hear me slowly going mad as i talked to myself about numbers and said the dumbest fucking things imaginable to keep myself sane

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Blurry pictures 😑

AnywAys I tried one of those fancy pinterest notes aaandd it’s not really my handwriting style but I tried my best

It’s fun trying new things 🤗✨

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Let’s normalize publicly fucking up, owning it, correcting yourself and NOT being overly apologetic and expressing shame or guilt at your errors. 

It’s okay to fuck up as teacher. Please please PLEASE let’s normalize this. It confuses students so much LESS if you openly admit it and correct yourself. It normalizes the messy process of learning. So many profs don’t explicitly do this and I end up discouraged from learning and MUCH more confused.

The process of learning/teaching/understanding is MESSY. Of keeping everything together..coherent, and correct. Of course we thrive for precision and accurate definitions and pretty theorems wrapped up in a nice short bow. That is NOT how math works a lot of the time. 

This is the message I received about an hour after my lecture today from my prof: 

“On the conjecture that between any two NP-complete problems there exists a bijection computable in polynomial time. During the lecture I got confused, but it is quite easy to prove that if this conjecture is true, then P! = NP: in the case P = NP, we can easily find two non-bijective NP-complete problems as follows. Obviously, there cannot be bijections between the languages ​​{1} and CNF-SAT (since the language {1} is finite, and CNF-SAT is infinite). Let’s say P = NP. Then both languages ​​are NP-complete: we know this about CNF-SAT, it remains to prove the NP-completeness of problem {1}. Reducing any problem A from NP = P to problem {1}, having received x, simply in polynomial time determines the belonging of the word x to the language A. If it belongs, then it returns 1, if it doesn’t belong, then it returns 0 (or 11, the main thing is that something different from 1).

The conjecture is known as the Berman-Hartmanis conjecture, who in the late 70s announced an entire program for its proof as a means of proving P! = NP.“

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Shivanshi from Kumon St. Inez Centre is unlocking her potential with Kumon & making her parents proud. Don’t hold back, Register with Kumon & see your child grow.
Kumon is a unique after school program for kids in Math and English learning. Give your kids a platform to excel beyond the school grade level when they learn concepts at their own pace.

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Wonderful Business Math Worksheets

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Business Math Worksheet Pdf - With regards to you wanting to set goals for yourself there are several ways within which this is often done. You could of course imagine about setting them. Nevertheless if you really would like to make certain you achieve your own goals then the usage of goal setting Business Math Worksheet Pdf should end up being considered.

Allow me to explain the reason why the application of a setting objectives worksheet can assist you to achieve what you want. Imagine for a moment trying to modify the wheel on the car if you don’t have got a jack or a tyre iron in order to do so. Without these types of tools you would have got to look elsewhere regarding help in carrying away what is actually a fairly simple task. Similarly without the right kind objective setting Business Math Worksheet Pdf accomplishing your goal becomes a lot harder.

Great VCC LC Worksheets Hospitality Management Business Math

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Without the correct type of goal setting worksheet design template then the task of putting down in terms what you want in order to achieve is more difficult. Simply by having a template leading you the worksheet this makes it much simpler that you should focus and obtain clear on your goals. As soon as you understand what you want then you always follow the steps in the worksheet to achieve your targets. They are really powerful tools plus should be used in every single goal setting exercise.

In Microsoft Excel, you avoid have to create each worksheet yourself. A few set of preset template developed and stashed in Microsoft Excel. When you open a brand new worksheet, as a Microsoft Excel newbie, this is somewhat scary in order to have a blank worksheet and you also don’t understand what to do with it. A person can find almost each solution you require, invoice, invoicing statement, personal monthly spending budget, sales report, time credit card, blood pressure tracker, expense report, loan amortization and so on. You could even find more through the Microsoft online.

Amazing 8 Best Images of Pre Calculus Worksheets Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences Worksheets

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A few go through the steps about how you could find the templates attached to your own computer. All you have to do is click on on Office Button and after that follow by selecting New. The New Workbook windows will be, and you will see a set of workbook which includes templates that will you are searching for.

The particular list of template can vary through one Microsoft Excel to another, but fundamentally, you discover the window is the particular same. There are two glass, in the left; a person will locate a list of template categories. In the correct panes, you will observe the content of each category, on which you will find your new template from.

Generally presently there are five major categories, namely Blank and current, Installed Template, My Web templates, New from Existing and Microsoft Office Online, in this session, we are going to focus on three of them, that is Blank and Recent, Set up Template and Microsoft Workplace Online.

Best 8 Best Images of Pre Calculus Worksheets Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences Worksheets

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If you Google the web for “dreamlining worksheet” you will find almost a million sites to explore the dreamlining worksheet. So is usually it worth the period and effort to complete the particular dreamlining worksheet? After reading through and then completing the dreamlining worksheet for myself, I can honestly state, ABSOLUTELY! When you have completed the worksheet a person will locate a direction going in to achieve all your dreams. I think this is the best method to finally live the life of your dreams! This is a spot to report everything you want in order to do, be or have over the next 12 a few months. Should you do this every single year, ABSOLUTELY! Hopefully your own dreams will extend significantly beyond a year for this will become a way of life which will result in the lifestyle you want for your life.

Your dreamline will report what you would actually do day to day with your own life if you had all the money a person could ever want. Should your dreamline be easily attainable? NO. Your dreamline should be unrealistic to be useable. DREAM… big dreams, little dreams, whatever your passions are, dream all of them. Do not put limitations about what you dream. This particular is the worthwhile objective of the dreamline worksheet.

Think about this believed. If you woke up one morning, went on-line to pay some bills and found your financial institution account was showing one hundred million dollars. My 1st reaction will be, “no way”. The second action might be to call the bank. Allow us to suppose the particular bank was correct. What would you do? Are you experiencing a plan? How would certainly you spend your times? These are the questions that can be clarified by completing the dreamlining worksheet.

Awesome 14 Best Images of Basic Math Worksheets PDF Elementary Algebra Worksheets, Basic Math Facts

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Having an invoice template plays an essential role. Specifically you have to choose the one that may cover your needs and enable you to get the work done efficiently. It really is an essential tool a person can use most of the time and you should choose the one that has got the features you require.

Most men and women use an invoice template for excel. The simple formatting helps it be easy to utilize it and if you understand how to make use of excel, you will not face any problem as the environment may be the same. For example, replacing defaults, lining, format, text positioning or moving and joining cells follows the exact same procedure. However, if you are a new user, right now there are some simple things you have to examine before you start work. First of all you should know the worksheet is protected. This gives protection against possible accidental rewrites or moderations. You can modify this default and unprotect the worksheet according to the make use of you are going to do. The 2nd important thing you can do is to take the time to personalize the worksheet. You can put your profile details, your address or your own company logo. This may sound trivial, but this is important as you can distinguish your product as well as end up being able to provide some information.

Thanks for visiting our site, article above Business Math Worksheets published . Today we are delighted to announce we have found an incredibly interesting niche to be reviewed, that is VCC LC Worksheets Hospitality Management Business Math Some people looking for details about 8 Best Images of Pre Calculus Worksheets Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences Worksheets and definitely one of them is you, is not it?


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anyway i had a bath, did my laundry, and unpacked my clothes and i feel a lot better. time to study for my math test while watching some five minute crafts video because those dont require all my attention 

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