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Okay, for those who might not know, I’m at university at IT course and we have something called math analysis, which is a more advanced math.

Also, at our uni we have 2—5 grade system, where if you get 2 you don’t pass and if you get 5 you’re a fucking legend. I got 4. The perfect middle. I’m so proud of myself.

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I’m doing my review for finals this week and I don’t remember shit and I’m like on the verge of crying does anyone remember pre-calc/math analysis stuff?? I’m not allowed to skip any more work or turn it in late and I need to do this in the next few hours please help me!!!

I’ll probably not need too much help and remember if you bring up what I need to do I just really need to do okay on this

If @mewwt and @rosyxsunshine could reblog this that would be amazing!! 🙏

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Hey everyone! I’m new to studyblr and kind of want to find other studyblrs to work so I’m just throwing this into the void hoping to get responses. I’m a sophomore and I’m pretty good at math and English if you ever need help and I’m seeking friends and help with bio and history.
My school schedule includes:
• AP Bio
• Spanish III
• Math Analysis H (aka Pre-Calculus H [basically Algebra II with the first lesson of Calculus AB])
• Pre-AP English II
• AP Euro
Just message me if you want to talk or work together, I’m basically free anytime after 3 on weekdays and I’m free in the morning/night (not noon) on Saturdays and all of Sunday.

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Here are some quick reference flashcards of Algebra II content that I created to help me prep for math analysis (pre-calc). Despite being in the more advanced course for my grade, math doesn’t come easily to me. I have to work really hard in order to do well, but that’s okay. I’m ready for a new challenge! One more week until school starts.

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Ok I’ve been stuck on this same god damn problem for like 3 hours…which is ridiculous because it’s really easy apparently. I’ve missed 3 days of the class due to a schedule fuck up and wasn’t switched in until 3 days later so I’ve missed a lot of stuff.

Anyway the problem is |√2 -1̅| - 1 (the negative 1 isn’t under the radical) and it says to express the problem without the absolute value. The answer in the back of the book is √2 - 2 but I don’t understand why…can someone please explain? I’ve read the section multiple times, but nothing addresses this. I would be really grateful.

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So in my math class we have to answer the SAT question of the day and email the answer to our teacher and my entire class has become so lazy that they turn to me for the answer assuming I’ve done it, and I do do it most of the time, but how do they know I’m saying the right answer? How do they know I’m not bullshitting them? The world may never know.

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