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Circumnavigating Vampires

How fast can vampires run. Like can they circumnavigate the world in 36 hours? 190 hours? Are they faster than jet planes? Cause in reality they only need to be faster than humans and not cheetahs, because it’s in their nature to hunt humans.

So if an average human running speed is 10 mph (16 kph) and the equator is 24,902 miles (40.075,8 km) it would take a human about  2,490 hours to run around the world or about 104 days non-stop. 

If we compare that to another animal of prey, say a seal, whose land speed is 5 mph (8 kph) it would take the double amount of time it takes for humans to go around the world. 

The reason Im using a seal is because I am looking at the ratio in which polar bears are faster than them. So a polar bears top speed is 25 mph (40 kph).

Now the important question, why is this all important! I am going to compare the ratio of seal/polar bear to human/vampire. If I did my math right vampires run at least 50 mph (80 kph) (which could still be a blur for a small item). 

Now how long does it take for them go circumnavigate the world? Well Im glad you asked! It would take 498 hours for a vampire to run across the equator, at little less than 21 days. That is based on the ratio of polar bears to seals. Thank You!

Obviously I know that vampires are supposed to run faster than this, but this is as close as we can probably guess, and who doesn’t love seals and polar bears

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People who bring complex math in games like Pokémon or Yugioh are the fucking worst, especially when they’re getting their asses kicked. 

I was just playing Yugioh on Dueling Nexus with this math guy who was just insufferable. I was playing a Sky Striker deck (which is a recent deck I found out I really liked). Now Sky Strikers only has 1 regular deck monster (Sky Striker Ace- Raye) that you turn into link Monsters and you use support spell cards with it. I had a deck with 14 monsters, 2 traps, and the rest are spell cards. 51 cards in all. Here’s a picture of my deck. 


I kept beating up this guy called CtrlAltDefeat in Dueling Nexus by disrupting his combos with my spell cards. In Dueling Nexus, you can send messages to your opponent. This guy kept bitching to me about how I made a bad deck because I only had 6% chance of getting my Sky Striker card because of my deck size, how my deck was bad and how I was just lucky. 

I kept trying to explain to him that while luck is always a factor, I felt like I’ve built a good deck because I win most of my duels with it (or my opponent disconnects because I’ve disrupted his strategy and they feel the need to ragequit). I also explained that I have many cards that could search out my Sky Striker Ace- Raye ( Reinforcement of the Army, Sangan, Sky Striker Mobilize-Engage) and cards that thin my deck like Kuribandit or Card Destruction. He wouldn’t listen and kept telling me I was just lucky and kept asking me to justify the math.  I eventually said “ We’re playing a game for fun. I don’t need you to mansplain the math for me.”, but he kept going on about how I need to justify how my deck made mathematical sense. He went on and on and wouldn’t end his turn. Eventually his time ran out and I won by default. He still kept bitching at me about how my deck was bad even though I was kicking his ass. He obviously felt like his in depth math made him a better player, but it just didn’t. 

Honestly, can’t games like Yugioh or Pokémon be just about having fun. Why do we have to bring this stupid complex math into it. Though if you want to use the complex math that’s okay, but don’t get angry when other people don’t play like you do. You should especially not get angry when people who don’t use complex math kick your ass. 

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All these pretty notebooks on my dash from studyblrs and flashback to second year high school when math teacher asked us to submit our notebooks and mine was. Empty.

(Because it was algebra and who needed notes to solve algebra? —Math nerd obviously)

I had to fake notes. (Not very well)

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Sumi: What was that thing where you get completely unmotivated and lose all passion for something after even the slightest bit of rejection that may only be in your head? Nerdy! I need you!

Maths Nerd: …I can’t remember. Or more specifically, you can’t remember.

Sumi: I…why do you think I asked? Anyway- I have that. And it is seriously messing me up.

Patience: oh that’s caused by Positivity bullying Self Worth in your case.

Sumi: Positivity doing what to Self Worth?

Patience: Yeahhh he’s not exactly ideal to have in this scenario. In worst cases, Dysohoria pitches in.

Sumi: Oh god

Maths Nerd: For example, recall that one instance when you made a cool poem wheel and you got super excited about it?

Sumi: Yes?

Maths Nerd: All of your friends, poem support and even your father (whom you thought would share your enthusiasm) weren’t as ecstatic and the day went like so:

{Enter flashback}

Sumi: I did it I did it I did it!!!

Positivity: You did it you did it you did it!! It’s so cool!!

Sami: one of my best ideas yet!

Sumi: it bounces like jelly!!!

Positivity: oh my god did you just discover a new type of poem??

Self Worth, colours brightening: Woah did you? It looks like it!! I’m so proud of you!

Maths Nerd: Improbable. It is a simple trick, someone else is sure to have come up with something similar if not the same

Positivity: Stop ruining our dreams Four eyes! We’ve never seen it before so I guess it’s our idea and we should patent it!

Sumi: Wooo! Let’s show it to our friends!

Positivity: Yeah! I’m sure they’ll love it too!


Sumi, excitedly: Guys Guys Guys loook!! I made a wheel thingy!! And it has a poem on it! And it bounce like jelly and-

Friend 1: that looks cool. Awesome.

Friend 2: Yeah, ok, anyway-

Friend 3: Nice poem. So?

Sumi: oh… Nothing…


Positivity, mood darkening: …I…why…Ugh we must have bothered them. Self Worth how could you let Sumi think we were worth it?

Self Worth, colours darkening: I-Uhm-

Positivity: It was stupid. Of course no one cared about it, it’s just some stupid sticky notes stuck together in a wheel. That’s nothing special.

Self Worth, tearing up: w-what about that one teacher who loves our poems? He’d love it-

Positivity: he’s been off work since September stupid! He’s sick - what’s he gonna do? Sneeze his approval?

Self Worth: What about Abu? He’s a poet too! And he supports us a lot- I bet he’d get excited over it too!

Positivity: …I guess you’re right. Dad acts like a child sometimes. He’d share our excitement…I guess…

Sumi: But…is it really worth the time? What if I get another lackluster reaction? It didn’t excite my friends…

Positivity: maybe we were just stupid for getting so excited at it. Self Worth how could you make Sumi so proud over it?? Look what it did! It just caused the fall!

Self Worth: I…I guess this is my fault isn’t it… We really just aren’t worth the time… Our ideas aren’t that great after all…


Sumi, half heartedly: Abu…look what I made!

Abu: oh. Cool. Did you start on your homework yet?


Positivity: Self Worth, why did you get our hopes up. How could you give us false hope??

Sumi: I knew it, it’s useless and no-one cares about it. What use was feeling proud and happy about it, it’ll get destroyed in a week anyway…

Self Worth: I really am pathetic, letting you take all that straight to your pride… We really just don’t have anything worth getting excited about when it’s something that hasn’t been done before…

{end flashback}

Maths Nerd: See? A good portion of that was those two in conflict. A good amount of passion for that poem was lost as a result

Patience: Me and Nerdy weren’t able to get a word in, none of you would listen to any reason or sense.

Sumi: So…what should I do about it?

Maths Nerd: Believe in your capabilities and potentials - you’re able to do great things Sumi.

Sumi: I…don’t believe you. I need proof-

Self Worth: but you don’t feel that way without constant validation from other people because you feel any validation from yourself is just lies you tell yourself to feel better. That’s right isn’t it?

Sumi: …you know me too well

Positivity: Of course we do, we know you better then you do!

Self Worth: and you don’t believe in yourself at all because I don’t either. We both constantly wonder if the things we do everyday are good or bad.

Sumi: I worry everyday if I’m a good or bad person. If my ideas are creative or just mindless copies.

Positivity: and I share that worry of whether or not you’re helping or harming others with every action.

Maths Nerd&Patience: Positivity you aren’t helping either of them.

Patience: It’s ok to feel like that but you need to give yourself more credit. Look at where you were before and where you are now!

Sumi: …I kinda prefer the carefree happy go lucky version better sometimes…

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So, I’m basically a math nerd. You can call me that, go ahead, but I just need to ramble for a minute.

I’m taking a course on abstract algebra right now and it’s the best thing ever! I love this so much, maybe even more than the discrete math course I took? Or maybe not, I don’t know. It’s just all so cool! I love it! And the way the different things connect and fit together and make sense just makes my brain so happy! And when we break theorems that work in normal contexts but don’t work in special circumstances, it absolutely blows my MIND!

Anyway, I’m just happy and all excited about math. That’s all I’ve got.

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someone: so what's your major?
me: Maths
Them: .... *confused look* *face falls*
Me: *trying to look as innocent as possible*
Them: as in like maths maths. like algebra and stuff?
Me: *nods eagerly* Yeah! And like i'm so excited for Calculus! *Inner math fangirl rising* AND OMG HOW COOL WAS (more math stuff)
them: *weird smile grimace nod thingy (you know that look)*
them: ...
them: *slowly walks away*
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I am a nerd

I just got myself excited thinking that someone was doing math work and that I might be able to help (and/or get them to send me the problem so I could do it myself for fun) and was disappointed when I realised there was no math work being done

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