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We have finally started Linear Algebra, the professor is so sweet and passionate, but she won’t hold all the lectures :(

And our young male tutor uses Notes on iPad for half the screen, so that we can see his arrogant bearded face (I had a small misunderstanding with this one today) on the other half. Nice.

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03.12.20 I 19/46 days of productivity

it has been such a hestic day today… i had a lab, two lectures and after that a meeting for a project i’m in.

December 3rd - What is your least favorite thing about winter?

Having to de-ice the windshield everyday was always such a pain but other than that I can’t think of sth else..

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december 4, 2020

only one week left of the semester, in which we are doing an astrophysics project, so i’m quite excited!!!

after that we’re on studybreak for ~1.5 months, where i have my 3 exams:D i’m not even that nervous or stressed about exams? like? at all? i know that i have a good studyplan and that i’m disciplined enough to follow it, so it’s all good woooo

anyways, i’ve been gone from tumblr for a while, but life’s been pretty good and i think i’m going to be more active during exam season :D hope u all have a great day

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An update on my Analytical Mechanics midterm: I chose to use MATLAB’s Fast Fourier Transform function to approximate a few different things! The first two are line drawings of my cat, and the third is a reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It was really neat to see what worked well within the FFT and what didn’t; I thought the fact that the 42 is made up of straight lines would get the approximation closer, but it was the opposite!

It’s been… challenging learning to work with MATLAB, but I’m really proud of how this turned out! I’m still learning, but my code w/ comments and how-to for this method is under the cut. 

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• 03|12|20 •

Today I’ve had almost 4 hours of lessons, then the German course and then I’ve also started to watch another lesson which is recorded (even though usually it’s not).

During the afternoon, and after dinner, I’ve argued with Matlab (lol) but in the end I /almost/ finished my part for the scripts so I’m quite satisfied!

I should probably organize all the scripts /and stuff/ that we use the most, they can always be useful even for other classes. I’ll do that tomorrow.

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it’s raining today, so i guess a pretty cloud from the other day will have to do to keep my mood up ☁️🐬

i’m revising for the calc midterm i have on saturday but at this point i’ve given up hope and i’ll just aim for the final in two weeks.

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My humanities friends are always so shocked when I get a 70/80 on a tough assignment and celebrate. I then promptly tell them that a 50% is passing and a 75 is an A. They’re then even more shocked.

Unfortunately the huge difference between essay-heavy humanity courses and problem set-heavy STEM courses is that for the essays the curve is kind of applied while the professor grades. STEM majors have to stress over what the final average is.

I would still take my problem sets over essays any day though. Mad respect to all humanity majors who have two do multiple essays weekly. I don’t know how you do it

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I have 2 weeks of school and a week of exams left , but I am truly well out of energy to finish the semester. Hoping @myhoneststudyblr ’s winter study challenge helps me try to do my work at least a little !

Day 1: Do you like winter ?

Sure ! It’s alright; I like how winter looks when there’s snow on the ground (like today) , I get to thoroughly enjoy my warm drinks, I sleep cozily.

The cloudiness gets to me sometimes so I wish I could opt-out of winter weather some days.

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