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There is nothing more pluralistic than being a friend with someone who think “imaginary” number are not useful. I have a crush on someone like that, and I am seriously considering avoiding him because of that fact.

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Today’s fact is about Alan Turing OBE FRS (!!) Alan Turing was an English cryptanalyst, mathematician, logician, philosopher and also a theoretical biologist! Not only that, he cracked the Enigma during the Second World War in Bletchley Park , a secret headquarter for code workers. Today, I am going to tell you some facts that are much lesser known.

  • 1. He was what nowadays people would call ‘a weirdo’ (I wouldn’t dare to call him one, he’s downright a genius) : He apparently wore a gas mask when he used to bike to prevent the allergies. he was also said to have a faulty chain in his bike but instead of fixing it he immediately dismounted off the bike before the chain slipped off. he also chained his mug to a radiator so that it wasn’t taken by others.
  • Turing started running as a schoolboy and continued throughout his life, regularly running the 31 miles between Cambridge and Ely while he was a fellow at King’s College. During World War II, he occasionally ran the 40 miles between London and Bletchley Park for meetings. He almost became an Olympic athlete, too. He came in fifth place at a qualifying marathon for the 1948 Olympics with a 2-hour, 46-minute finish (11 minutes slower than the 1948 Olympic marathon winner). However, a leg injury held back his athletic ambitions that year. Afterward, he continued running for the Walton Athletic Club, though, and served as its vice president. ”I have such a stressful job that the only way I can get it out of my mind is by running hard,” he once told the club’s secretary. “It’s the only way I can get some release.“
  • Turing was a homosexual and for that he was prosecuted. The judge gave him two choices, either he would spend 2 years in jail or he would undergo hormonal treatment to "cure” his homosexuality.
  • In 2009, Prime Minister Brown issued a public apology to Turing .“Alan and the many thousands of other gay men who were convicted as he was convicted under homophobic laws were treated terribly,“ he said. "This recognition of Alan’s status as one of Britain’s most famous victims of homophobia is another step towards equality and long overdue.” Acknowledging Britain’s debt to Turing for his vital contributions to the war effort, he announced, “on behalf of the British government, and all those who live freely thanks to Alan’s work I am very proud to say: we’re sorry, you deserved so much better.“
  • In 2013, he received a rare royal pardon from the Queen of England.
  • Turing was only one of the many men who suffered after being prosecuted for their homosexuality under 19th-century British indecency laws. Homosexuality was decriminalized in the UK in 1967, but the previous convictions were never overturned. Turing’s Law, which went into effect in 2017, posthumously pardoned men who had been convicted for having consensual gay sex before the repeal. One of the activists who campaigned for the mass pardons, around 15,000 of the 65,000 gay men convicted under the outdated law are still alive.
  • He created the first computer chess ! Now, I wish I knew how it worked but you see I’m not that smart yet. He created an early algorithm with pencil and paper called the Turochamp. The Turochamp was designed to think two moves ahead and choose the best one.
  • There is an Alan Turing Monopoly! In 2012 Monopoly published an Alan Turing themed edition, but instead of hotels and clubs there are huts and blocks closely resembling Bletchley Park. The design was based on a hand drawn board in 1950 created by William Newman. So apparently only a few copies of this are still available.
  • A movie about Alan Turing was released in 2014 portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch. The movie has received eight nominations at the 87th Academy Awards, winning for Best Adapted Screenplay, five nominations in the 72nd Golden Globe Awards, and three nominations at the 21st Screen Actors Guild Awards. It also received nine BAFTA nominations and won the People’s Choice Award at the 39th Toronto International Film Festival. Massive yes !

It is lowkey sad that I learnt computer science ever since was 9yrs old to 14yrs and never even once did I hear his name. It was way later after watching the movie i came to know about him. He should be given the appreciation he deserves for saving the world by reducing the war by 2 years. Kiera Knightley who plays Joan (Turing’s ex fiance and co worker) says that she saw a city that wouldn’t have existed if Turing never broke the Enigma and bought train tickets from a man who would likely be dead and trust me I bawled at the words. They hit hard.

So here’s to Alan Mathison Turing OBE FRS (23rd June 1912 - 7th June 1954) we owe you an apology for never giving you an opportunity to enjoy life as you wanted to, to snatch the happiness you wanted to experience. Here’s to you Sir, you’re the greatest man of all and history will remember your name.

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Memorial to John H. Conway

I think on the time of massive wavering, I like to look towards John H. Conway, who died last month from the complication of the pandemic that is happening…

I think it’s one of the most terrible person the pandemic took away. He was a character, he was an eccentric and revolutionized every mathematical subject that he had a hand on. He looked like hobo and he went around like a hobo to people to people, to subject to subject. And his constellation were so unique.

I was mesmerized by his Game of Life, entertained with his Doomsday Rule, thought about Surreal Numbers and marveled at the Monster Group. He made everything simple and clean. Knotted problem were pull away like a trick… which is one of the reason he was so influential in knot theory. Of course…

I think the biggest takeaway from him was that recreational mathematics can give the way some profound thoughts. Games can lead to something grand. This is always the philosophy that I like to hold myself. 

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Also, while I was doing research on numbers and their significance in cultures around the world,

and I’m sure I’ve shared this before, but again,


This is the mathematical equivalent to a typo in the chat.


It’s like this, but like

Alex: “57 is a prime number”

Alex: “wait no”

Mersenne: “57 is a prime number”

Blum: “57 is a prime number”

Leyland: “57 is a prime number”

Senku: “57 is a prime number” 

Newton: “57 is a prime number” 

Einstein: “57 is a prime number”

Sento: “57 is a prime number” 

Archimedes: “57 is a prime number” 

Diogenes: “57 is a prime number”

Gordon: “57 is a prime number”

Blum: “get his ass”

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