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“Though the life God has gifted me presents… challenges… that fall well outside ones an average citizen would face… a man is dead because of me. The mask doesn’t place me above that.Daredevil

Cover art for Daredevil Vol. 6 #024, “Truth/Dare - Part 4”

Art by Marco Checchetto and Matthew Wilson

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my brain when watching mike murdock become real and pretend to be matt murdock to defend the real matt murdock, as daredevil, in court but the real matt murdock wears a suit and the devil cowl goes right up and pleads guilty to second-degree manslaughter and will be sent to prison, again, thinking that — for whatever reason — they aren’t about to pull that cowl off his head and see that he’s matt murdock: *Curb Your Enthusiasm theme playing*

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Rereading the first time Matt went to prison, I remembered Milla, who did not fare well; and it hit me, Mike calls out Matt’s bad track record in love. I think it’s important for the Mike/Daredevil story, but also makes me wonder what does it look like from the outside that all of Matt’s love interests die.

And I am so frustrated we got barely anything of the Mike/Matt relationship. What happened???? I need to know.

Incidentally I’m currently wondering what does the Daredevil comic looks like from Mike’s point of view? What about the Frank Miller run when Matt’s live went to hell and Kingpin found out his identity? Or the Bendis run when Matt was outed by the media? Or when he went to prison? (incidentally, Matt went to prison accused of being Daredevil, what does that look like now that nobody remembers his double life?). I already wondered about the Waid run when Matt went public, but seriously what did Mike do then? Did he already know from the aforementioned Bendis run? What happened???

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