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edited: june 4th

my side blog where I reblog my recent works is


Main Masterlist includes the following

  • Sebastian Stan,Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleston,Henry Cavill, Pedro Pascal
  • Frank Castle,Billy Russo,Matt Murdock
  • Various Marvel characters, Spencer Reid,Derek Morgan,Poe Dameron, Sherlock (BBC), Aquaman, Lucifer Morningstar etc

Works in progress

I have separate masterlist a for WIPs and Series & Collections as well that are located within the main masterlist

I’ve been slowly working on requests as well : Henry Cavill,Steve Harrington,Frank Castle,Matt Murdock

Criminal Minds Masterlist

  • Matthew Gray Gubler/ Spencer Reid, Derek Korgan and Aaron Hotchner

Current Reads and Recommendations Part 2 (pt 1)

  • it will be a lot of different shows/movies for example: The 100, Star Wars,Criminal Minds,Marvel [ the Avengers, Punisher,Daredevil ] ,The Walking Dead,Westworld, Supernatural, The Witcher,Lucifer and more

Dear Mr.Bingley | AU!Matthew Gray Gubler x f!Reader

The Year of Everlasting | AU!Billy Russo x f!reader

AU! Frank Castle Collection

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Friend in Need

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader, Matt Murdock & reader

Word count: 1300

Avenger!reader AU. Part 2 of Melting Hearts series. Part 1 HERE.

Reunions don’t always go well. When it comes to certain angst-filled vigilante, one has to try twice as hard (even if half as liked).

Warnings: swearing, angst, a sprinkle of fluff


Originally posted by wonderwrman

Story Masterlist

────── ·❆· ──────

Your days had been filled with patching things up with Steve (you had moved in with him within a day), getting to know Wanda and Vision, trying to redeem yourself in Natasha’s eyes and being teased by Sam Wilson in the friendliest way. The days were full of hesitance, awkward conversations, bashful looks, but also of laughter and sense of camaraderie.

You would train with the team too and interact with the soldiers and staff at the compound. You couldn’t but notice some recruits shooting you curious and hungry looks as you were a new piece of meat at the base – and mostly you couldn’t help but grin mentally at their suggestive smiles freezing on their lips as Captain America himself casted them a murderous look. Live was good.

The only thing truly bothering you (apart from no contact to your parents, naturally), was the lack of response to your attempts at reconnecting with Matt. Before you had disappeared, you would sometimes hang out with him, occasionally with his colleagues too, and you would talk about everything. Sometimes you would lend him a helping hand when dealing with the crime in Hell’s Kitchen despite Steve being a bit sour about it.

But now you had been trying to get in touch with Matt and he just wouldn’t answer.

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