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burzekbrettsey5 hours ago
Oh and @eddiediaz-buckley did not lie to me when she told me I was gonna love Matt Simmons. Not that Sav has ever steered me wrong but man... Matt is truly amazing. Dude has the looks but he鈥檚 also so smart, sweet and has a heart of gold. I鈥檓 so happy to have properly met him now, he just blends so well into the team same as Luke and not all new members are able to do that.
I鈥檓 also loving the Matt/Luke/Penelope scenes so much 馃槴 Thank you to the anon who promised me this trio would make up for the lack of Penelope/Derek 馃挆
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jellejareau11 hours ago
the best thing to come from the later seasons is literally just kristy and matt simmons i鈥檓 fully obsessed with them
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jareauap12 hours ago
on weeks when the team doesn鈥檛 have cases they have dinner at rossi鈥檚, the team looks like they鈥檙e going to a dinner party, Krystall decorates the backyard and strings fairy lights from the fence, Reid teaches all the kids magic tricks, hank is the first to perfect the magic trick then Jack,Meg,Michael and Henry.Morgan and Savanah help move tables and chairs outside, while Will,Hotch,Rossi,Jj,and Garcia work on dinner. Alex,Tara,and Kate usually set up the dance playlist, Emily sips her wine and usually drifts to different sections and helps out wherever she can, but she鈥檚 usually found in the kitchen area seated in front of wherever hotch is. Luke and Matt are always late and bring the drinks, Kristty and the rest of the kids are usally switching back and fourth between different stations and running to the store getting things the others forgot
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mattthewsimmons12 hours ago
okay but the way criminal minds keep giving asian people white people names instead of ethnically accurate names seems kinda. racist. like matt could鈥檝e been like matt park or smth it鈥檚 just the bare FUCKING minimum
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mattthewsimmons12 hours ago
i feel like. matt actually prefers his mom鈥檚 maiden name which is chae bc he鈥檚 more korean presenting and he also has a korean name which most people don鈥檛 know about
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the-sara-voe21 hours ago
Chapter 7: Details
Tumblr media
Every word comes out in gasps. The heat of her tears could be felt in her throat, the pain of crying burning her voice. Her body aches from lack of sleep and from trying to keep her eyes open. She has been crying for days. Out of guilt, disbelief, and missing.
鈥淏rielle, I know this is difficult for you鈥, Hotchner said, empathy clouding his judgement, 鈥渂ut I need you to tell me what you can remember about that night and Daniella鈥.
She looks up at him, noticing his attentiveness. She shuffles in her seat.
鈥淪he was visiting me. She was stressed and just wanted a break鈥, she starts, wiping her nose on her sleeve, 鈥淪he just wanted a break and to come home. It was my idea to go to Larkin鈥. She鈥檚 gone because of me鈥.
She muffles her cries in her arms. Hotchner鈥檚 body softens along with his eyes, as he inches closer to her. Placing a hand on her knee, he convinces her to look up at him.
鈥淏rielle, this is not your fault. The only person to blame is the person who hurt Daniella. But we cannot find this man without your help.鈥
The young woman wipes her tears with her shirt sleeve, stuttering out some breaths. Aaron鈥檚 knees gently touch the floor as his hands move to the girls biceps. After a few minutes, Brielle had resumed a normal breathing pattern, prompting Aaron to ask, 鈥淒o you want to tell me what she鈥檚 like鈥?
Brielle blurts out a humorous scoff saying, 鈥淪he was hilarious. Such a firecracker鈥, before she looks to the side to find the right words.
鈥淪he wouldn鈥檛 take crap from anyone, never afraid to put someone in their place. She was uh, was talking to this guy online once, and she called it off because he kept asking her to 鈥榲isit鈥 him, even though she wanted to meet in a public place first to make sure he wasn鈥檛 a creep鈥, she chuckled.
鈥淪he seemed smart鈥.
鈥淰ery smart鈥.
Brielle takes a deep breath. Her eyes squeeze shut, in an effort to keep the tears away. Her face shifts toward her lap, as her hands engulf each other. In a voice barely stitched together, she asks, 鈥淗ow did this happen to her鈥?
Hotchner鈥檚 heart slips into his stomach, the same way it did when he had to tell Jack his mother would not be home anymore. The pain of losing someone you love drains you, but seeing your child go through it? That damn near killed Aaron; and seeing it unfold for someone else brings those sleepless nights back.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 what we鈥檙e going to figure out鈥, he told her, his lips curling up slightly. He hopes no one on the team sees, he would not hear the end of it.
Soon after, the door to the room creaks open. The man who enters is tall, medium build, with a tattoo on his right arm. Initially, he startles Brielle.
Hotchner notices and says, 鈥淏rielle, this is my colleague Matt. He and I want to try a cognitive interview to help you remember the night you last saw Daniella, would that be alright鈥?
Although unsure, she nods, prompting Matt to sit across from her.
He says, 鈥淎lright Brielle, let鈥檚 start by closing your eyes鈥.
She folds them shut as she listens to Matt speak. 鈥淭ake a few deep breaths...relax your body...good. Now I want you to think about that night, what were you guys doing before the bar鈥?
The evening chill dances across her skin with the memory, 鈥淲e had just left a restaurant, we ordered appetizers鈥.
鈥淲as it happy hour鈥?
鈥淚t was鈥, she laughed.
Matt asks more trivial questions to make her immersed and comfortable. After some affirmations, Matt asks, 鈥淥kay, Brielle, is anyone there who is bothering you two? Or just one of you鈥?
She thinks about the bar, the red hues of the lights not helping her tipsy vision. The firmness of multiple bodies pressing on her back as she and Daniella squeezed past the crowd. How the sweat of others lingered longer than desired. One of the bodies was a guy, sporting a white tank top and blond hair. He bumped into Brielle and apologized.
鈥淭here was one guy who wanted to buy her drinks. He was really persistent, and drunk鈥, she started, her face contorting to find the answers.
鈥淗ow did Daniella react鈥?
鈥淪he flirted with him a little bit, but he got too handsy and she told him to back off鈥, Brielle rambled, 鈥淏ut another guy pushed him away鈥.
鈥淒id this other guy pursue one of you鈥?
鈥淣o he just left, I think he apologized on behalf of him. He seemed nice鈥.
Hotch nods and asks, 鈥淗ow persistent was the first guy鈥?
鈥淗e started getting loud. Practically threw a temper tantrum鈥, Brielle said, pausing as the color slowly left her face, 鈥淥h my god, it鈥檚 him isn鈥檛 it鈥?!
鈥淚t鈥檚 possible, but it鈥檚 too soon to know鈥, He assured, keeping his voice gentle and steady.
鈥淒o you know what he looked like? What he was wearing鈥?
鈥淵es, he was wearing a black t-shirt. He had brown hair, white. Built. Just looked like a drunk frat guy鈥.
Aaron provides a nod, thanking Brielle for her time. 鈥淲e are going to find him Brielle鈥, he reassured, standing up with her and escorting her out of the room.
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hotchseyebrowsa day ago
the bau as these beautiful dogs!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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I know this blog is mainly reblogs, and I very rarely post my own opinions or writing (mainly because I鈥檓 busy and I suck at staying focused on writing. I鈥檓 currently working on some stuff that may never see the light of day) I鈥檓 gonna work on some actual original posts but for now this blog is still mainly just reblogs. I just wanted to thank everyone for the support recently on my reblogs even if you aren鈥檛 finding them through following my blog.聽
In the effort to communicate with you folks, my ask box is always open. I can鈥檛 guarantee how quickly I will answer your asks, but I will answer them all eventually. Fell free to ask anything. About current writing projects I鈥檓 working on, my opinions of characters or ships. Really anything. Thank you all so much, again.聽 聽
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jareauapa day ago
the team has nightly poker nights at rossi鈥檚 but before they play rossi gives them cooking lessons, Rossi looks up recipes for the vegetarian version of what they鈥檙e making for garc铆a. Reid鈥檚 not aloud to play because of his card counting ability but they always let him join in the last game, the winner is usually Rossi or Reid. Once more people join the team the list of poker players grows. Jack,Micheal, and henry are usually sitting in the living room watching movies and messing around, once matt simmons joins the team his kids join the group of kids at rossi鈥檚.
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Luke: I've never been in a snowball fight before, I don't know the rules.
Matt: What?
Luke: Is there a point system or is it to death?
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Luke and Penelope: *Bickering*
Random guy: Man, those two hate each other. All they do is fight whenever I see them together. I'm surprised they don't have restraining orders on each other.
Matt: What do you mean? They're married.
Random guy: What?
Luke and Penelope: *Lean in for a kiss before going back to arguing*
Matt: They own a house together and everything.
Random guy: What?!
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valentinespencer3 days ago
i hope matt simmons everyone is having a good day :)
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data23643 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gary Sinise as Jack Garrett 2017 in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders "Lost Souls"
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Matt: Can you run to the store and get a gallon of milk?
Luke: Sure.
Matt: And if they have avocados, get six.
Luke: Okay.
Luke: *Comes back with six gallons of milk* They had avocados!
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gublersgoblin4 days ago
Matt: do you think different laundry detergents have different tastes?
Luke: they do.
Matt: ..why did you say that so quickly and with so much certainty?
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