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lightwoodmiau · an hour ago
“Uhh, there are to many LGBTQ characters in TLH”
Most of the people I totally random picked out to be friends with turned out to be queer. We find each other without searching💀
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ti-bae-rius · 3 hours ago
I always forget that Christopher is the baby of the Merry Thieves friend group. Maybe because Matthew radiates such youngest energy.
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starry-lu · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
If this isn’t the most Matthew Fairchild thing ever, I don’t know what is.
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ohcoolnice · 13 hours ago
Rip to Matthew Fairchild I know you would have loved having an Instagram
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lifewouldbebetteronmars · 15 hours ago
The Difference Between Alastair and The Merry Thieves excluding Christopher
James Edition
Me: What is one thing you’ve noticed about Thomas?
James: Umm…he’s very tall? *looks to Matthew for help*
Matthew Edition
Me: What is one thing about Thomas’s personality other than the fact that he’s kind?
Matthew, sweating nervously: He’s, er, kind-hearted?
Alastair Edition
Me: What is one thing you know about Thomas?
Alastair, without any hesitation whatsoever: He’s a reckless idiot with no sense of self-preservation
Me: I meant, like, a fact
Alastair, again without hesitation: Thomas absolutely despises celery but he loves trifle
Me: Okay then. What is one thing about Thomas’s personality other than the fact that he’s kind?
Alastair: He’s incredibly stubborn, even more so than I am. It’s very endearing
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darklingswhxore · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Just imagine if james were to walk in on fairstairs kissin post paris god this friends scene reminds me just of that🤣
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thetimetraveler24 · 16 hours ago
30 Day Book Challenge
Day 15 - Favorite male character
If you thought fav book from fav author was a roller coaster, get ready because there are A LOT of favorite characters.
Kicking off with Shadowhunter characters, I immediately liked Jem Carstairs, Matthew Fairchild, and Magnus Bane. Will Herondale grew on me after I finished TID and reread them. Watching the TV show in combination with reading the books made Alec Lightwood one of my favorites. And honestly just increased my appreciation for Magnus too.
Prince Kai from Lunar Chronicles! What a guy. It’s been a while since I read them but from what I do remember, he was hopelessly in love with Cinder even though she, you know, was an escaped Lunar convict that ended up kidnapping him.
only seen the netflix show but I already like jesper
Neville Longbottom, Fred and George Weasley, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin. Controversial, but Severus Snape. I’m sorry but you can’t tell me that memory chapter in Deathly Hallows doesn’t hurt because it does and wow.
Lastly, from the Riordanverse, Percy Jackson, Will Solace (I don’t know why. We don’t even know much about him but I just really like Will. I guess he seems like a likeable dude), Nico di Angelo, and Magnus Chase.
Also Alex Fierro.
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allofthestairs · 17 hours ago
thoughts™ on the newsletter, a ®ant.
(lots of rambles, so please—disregard anything and/or everything i say)
the elephant in the room literally what is the snippet. i don't want to draw too many conclusions because what we've been given is an out of context bite from the draft of what's going to be a massive book. however... there is just so much to think about.
why is matthew blaming anna for "ruining London’s women for London’s men"? how is anna at fault for the rigid misogynistic conventions around virginity of her era? anna isn't "ruining London's women"; London's men are considering them ruined. it's not anna's fault that her partners (and herself) are looked down upon for (1) being sapphic and (2) having sex outside of marriage. Perhaps matthew is speaking in a tounge-in-cheek manner? the snippet was obviously cut out of a larger conversation (hence why matthew starts with "Regardless"). even then, it seems off for a man—who's one of "London's men" no less—to make a derogatory joke about lesbianism.
let's look at the second part of that quote: "for London’s men." This sits so wrong with me. it defines lesbian sexuality (i. e. the act of "ruining London's women" [hey, those are cc's words—not mine]) in terms of men. Sure, London's men don't want London's women to be with anna. But, when the act of anna, a woman, seducing another woman is equated with "ruining London's women", anna is "[having sex with other women] for London's men."
matthew says that anna "had gone entirely out of circulation" like she's a library book or something. if you look "objectification" up in the dictionary, you'll find this newsletter's cot snippet.
the elephant in the sanctuary
Thomastair content? In Cassandra Clare's official newsletter? It's more likely than you think!
wait, what was that? we're only getting thomastair content because it's Pride Month (and also, in parentheses, the scene is a fan favorite). you've gotta love how we're getting gay representation, not because queer stories themselves matter, but primarily because it's June, the month of queer exploitation disguised as activism (oh, and also some important events in lgbtq+ history or something)
hey, at least alastair isn't white-washed in this one!
the elephant in the store
yay for donating profits from pride merch to actual queer people. it could be more than just $4 per necklace, and cc could have, of course, just donated to the Black Travel Trans Fund without being a ✨rainbow capitalist✨, but you tried, i guess
nevertheless, the whiplash from "You [cc's lgbtq+ readers] are all so important, and deserve so much love." to 'buy this necklace, gays!' is... disappointing. it just makes you think: why does cc say her queer fans matter? is it because we're people with complex and interesting stories that deserve to be represented in her media? or is it because we buy her merch? before you answer, consider how the gay tlh characters were sidelined in coi and that there has yet to be a shadowhunters main series with a queer mc.
Now, i want to make it clear that this one newsletter doesn't prove anything. i'm not saying that cassandra clare is 100% homophobic. i'm not saying that matthew is lesbophobic. i just want to discuss some of the things in this newsletter that irked me.
that being said, i'm not saying that cc or her work doesn't have homophobic tendencies. Tendencies that this newsletter definitely plays into. while some of cc's work (malec) has been instrumental in the landscape of lgbtq+ rep in its genre, that was over a decade ago. you look at the most recent queer character in tsc, and what do you have? well, there's a wannabe-magnus-bane, flirts-with-anything bisexual, a lesbian who's defining characteristic is her sexual relations with women, a gay couple that gets 1 romantic scene in a 656 page book that's otherwise about how hard it is to be in heterosexual love, and two characters being looked down upon for staying closeted for their own safety.
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fair-but-wilde-child · 20 hours ago
The secret project isn't a Matthew bindup fam. It would be super weird to announce that pre-ChoT. There's still a lot of hope, but let's give Ty this time to shine, too! I love him so much and he deserves it.
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A beautiful day at the Shadow market
Tumblr media
Matthew: sasa lele
James: sasa lele?
Christopher: ah yes, sasa lele.
Thomas : *confused eye movements*
Alastair: it's Sale Sale you dumbasses
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shadowhunters-italia · 23 hours ago
Traduzione: un nuovo snippet e tante novità dalla newsletter di Cassie di giugno 2021!
Traduzione: un nuovo snippet e tante novità dalla newsletter di Cassie di giugno 2021!
Buon pomeriggio, Shadowhunters! Quest’oggi vi portiamo un po’ di sorpresine direttamente dalla newsletter di giugno… e cominciamo dicendovi che il 10 luglio alle nostre 22:00 si terrà una live su Instagram per annunciare il progetto segreto a cui Cassie sta lavorando già da qualche tempo (qui ne ha parlato per la prima volta). Sappiamo che si tratta di un’iniziativa gratuita (simile a “The Letter…
Tumblr media
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spotsandclawsthings · a day ago
Might be werid to say but having Matthew being in recent new Snippets for CoT brings me so much happiness and makes feel okay that Matthew's okay (or that least that what it seems)
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emmablackstairs17 · a day ago
OMG YOU GUYS CASSANDRA CLARE HAS PROVIDED US WITH YET ANOTHER COT SNIPPET! “Regardless,” said Matthew, “I’m glad to hear that you’ve returned to your usual busy schedule of ruining London’s women for London’s men. Before I left for Paris the buzz was that you had gone entirely out of circulation.”
“Oh really?” said Anna.
“It was all anyone seemed to want to talk about at the Ruelle,” Matthew pressed. “Mundane, Downworlders, all the ladies remaining completely unseduced, and not happy about it.”
“I can hardly seduce everyone,” Anna shrugged. “Some of them will just have to seduce one another.”
Now it was Matthew’s turn to raise an eyebrow. “I’m not worried about them,” he said. “I’m worried about you.” In a lower voice he said, “I heard about Ariadne.” -Chain of Thorns Cassandra Clare OHMHPOHMHOHMOHYMONBSPDFBBASFDPIV I LOVE YOU QUEEN CASSIE!!!! IM SCREAMING I WONDER WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ARIANNA...SADFIIDSVUBVPBDILCKN COME ON @cassandraclare RELEASE THE DAMN RELEASE DATE ALREADY!
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itsjusta-j-really · a day ago
still absolutely hilarious to me that matthew is supposed to be so plugged in to queer culture and the london community and all that and yet he has yet to notice that his brother, his best friend, and his worst enemy are all gay and in an increasingly agonizing love triangle
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darklingswhxore · a day ago
Two matthew snippet in a row why do i feel sus
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The top 5 people that deserve to snap in ChoT, ranked:
Alastair Carstairs. Need I say more?
Matthew Fairchild. Kid deserves a chance to drop the cheerful and sunshiney facade so that he can get a hug and some genuine emotional support from those around him
James Herondale. Like, he snapped pretty well at the end of ChoI, but he definitely deserves another go at Grace if he wants one
Grace Blackthorn herself. Let this poor girl be the one to stab Tatiana and never look back, Cassie. I dare you to let her kill her abuser and never feel anything but satisfaction when she looks back on it
Thomas Lightwood. His grief feels like it's been all but forgotten, but he deserves to have that shouting time he wanted I'm ChoI.
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