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marshmallowsweetheart · a year ago
matthew grey gubler’s tweet about having one foot in the darkness and the other in a hello kitty roller skate is way funnier when you realize he was doing criminal minds at the same time he was voicing simon from alvin and the chipmunks
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omg the dom pictures!! do you have any like that but mgg?
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Pls enjoy these. We love MGG in this mother fucking house.
He’s a weird angel.
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fandom-imagines-stories · 10 months ago
Notice Me
Tumblr media
Dr. Spencer Reid x Reader
Words: 3843
Summary: A killer leaves Reid’s girlfriend on the steps of the BAU with a message for Hotchner and the team. Spencer’s judgement is clouded and it seems that the killer isn’t finished with you. 
Notes: This is a dark one guys, so please be wary of that. I wanted to do an imagine that kinda felt like a case, but also had the reader involved and everything. This is another one that I needed to split into two parts because I got a little carried away (whoops). As always, please let me know what you think!
Warnings: Trauma, gore, assault, mentions of rape and sexual assault. 
Find Reid and more crime drama imagines: HERE
It was late. Later than anyone should have still been at the office and yet J.J. sat in front of a pile of files on her desk. Of course, Hotch was in his office too, both having already tried to convince the other to go home. Feeling like the piles would never end, J.J.’s attention shifted from a case to the flicker of movement just outside her door. At first, the figure standing by Spence’s desk startled her, but she quickly realized that it was you. 
“Y/N?” She smiled to greet you, though her confusion was clear. 
“Agent Jareau, I didn’t know you’d be here.” It was dark, so she couldn’t quite see how strained your smile really was. 
“Please, call me J.J.” She said lightly. Ever since you’d started seeing Dr. Reid, she liked to think the two of you had become friends. You liked to think that too, which was why you had hoped she wouldn’t be here. “Spence went home a couple of hours ago.”
“Is SSA Hotchner here?” You blurted. You didn’t have much longer. Her brows furrowed. 
“Um, yeah. He basically lives here, unfortunately.” She couldn’t get another word in before you rushed past her towards Hotch’s office. It wasn’t until then that she saw how pale you looked. 
It took every ounce of strength you had not to stumble as you walked. You kept your coat closed, partially out of embarrassment and partially because you were afraid that, even now, he was watching. Hotchner was working at his desk, just like he’d predicted. You had to knock to get him to look up. 
“Agent Hotchner?” 
“Dr. Y/L/N,” He set down the notes he was looking over and stared at you with surprise. “What can I help you with?” 
“I know it’s late, but he told me I had to find you.” You leaned against one of his chairs for support. 
“Reid sent you here?” 
“No. Spencer doesn’t know I’m here. He doesn’t know anything.” You winced at the thought. Spencer had no idea. He was probably worried out of his mind. You were supposed to be at his place watching a movie. Everything had changed in the span of one evening. 
You felt something drip off of the tip of your finger. Hotchner’s eyes followed the dark liquid until it splattered on his carpet. 
“Y/N are you okay?” Hotch stood up, noticing the way you seemed to sway slightly. 
“He said I had to come here. If I didn’t, he said that whatever he did next would be my fault. He said he has a message for you.”
“Y/N, who said this?”
“I didn’t know what else to do.” You undid the button keeping your coat closed. It was getting harder to speak. “He said that this is for you. For all of you.” 
You let your coat fall off of your shoulders, revealing your bloody chest and arms. Hotch lunged towards you as you collapsed, finally succumbing to your injuries. 
“J.J. get an ambulance here now!” He screamed, desperately trying to catch you before you hit the ground. The blonde appeared in the doorway to see what was going on. 
“Oh my god.” She gasped, rushing to the nearest phone. 
Hotch’s stomach dropped, taking a closer look at the bloody gashes on your chest. Each slash was deliberately carved into the flesh, forming two words; Notice Me. 
“J.J.!” He called out again. She rushed back into the room. 
“The paramedics are on their way.” 
Hotchner’s panicked face looked up at her. 
“Call the team.”
“Y-yes sir.” Her eyes widened, taking in the entirety of your wounds. Hotch’s jaw clenched. 
“And J.J.”
“Let me call Reid.” 
He checked his watch for the hundredth time and blew out a long breath. On the table in front of him sat the box. The box. The box that had the potential to change absolutely everything. And you weren’t here to open it. He looked at his phone for missed messages, but the last text still read ‘On my way. See you soon.’ 
Spencer nearly jumped out of his chair when his phone suddenly started to ring. He felt his body tense when he saw the number. 
“Hotch?” He answered. Part of him already knew. 
“Reid…” Hotch sighed. “Spencer, you need to get down to the hospital.” Reid closed his eyes, hoping that he was wrong. 
“It’s her, isn’t it?” 
“Something’s happened.”
“I should have known. I should have looked for her. She’s never late, Hotch. Ever. She’s actually early for pretty much everything. I should have had Garcia track her phone or have her-” In his ranting, he forgot to breathe. 
“Reid, I need you to calm down.” Hotchner instructed. He listened to Spencer take a few deep breaths. 
“Is she…”
“The doctor said that she’s lost a lot of blood, but she’s going to be okay.” He paused, making Spencer even more panicked. “Unfortunately, that’s not all we have to worry about. I’ll be able to explain more when you get here. The team is on their way.”
“Wait, the team is coming?” The turning in his stomach got worse. There’s only one reason Hotch would have called in the team. 
“Like I said, I’ll explain when you get here.” 
“I’ll see you soon.” Hotch wanted to be supportive, but they were on a time crunch now. This message meant there would be more bodies and soon. 
It took a moment for Spencer to make his feet move. Once he did, he was running. Before he knew it, he was already outside and what he saw made him stop in his tracks. Parked in front of him was your car. Five feet and you would have been inside. 
Morgan was the first to meet him. Normally, Spencer would have found his presence comforting, but he knew that he wasn’t just here for support. Hotchner called the team in for a reason. By the look on his face, Morgan already had an idea. 
“What happened?” Reid demanded, trying to look over his shoulder. He tried to push passed him, but Morgan held him in place. 
“We don’t know a lot. But Reid, you’re going to want to prepare yourself.”
“I don’t need a pep talk, I need to see Y/N.” His attempts to dodge around him were unsuccessful.
“He carved a message into her chest with a knife, Reid.” Morgan sighed. Spencer stopped. 
“Come on, Hotch can tell you more than I can.” He led Reid back to a waiting area where a few other members of the team had gathered. Rossi was still on his way, and so was Prentiss., but Garcia, J.J., and Hotch were grouped together in the far corner. Garcia and J.J. were looking at something on her computer while Hotch sat with his eyes closed. 
He was trying to remember every last detail from when you walked in to when you collapsed. He knew something was wrong and he should have acted sooner. He analyzed every single word that you said, trying to piece everything together. 
“He said that this is for you. For all of you.”
Notice me. 
“Hotch.” Morgan called to get his attention. Everybody looked up and saw that he was joined by Reid. 
“Oh my god.” Penelope immediately stood and rushed over to them. She had definitely been crying. Spencer had forgotten that the two of you were friends. You were friends with the whole team, really. She enveloped Spencer in a tight hug. “When J.J. called, I couldn’t believe it.” She took a deep breath to compose herself. “We are going to figure this out and everything is going to be okay.” 
“Babygirl, let the kid breathe.” Morgan gently pulled her way from him. Spencer just stared off into nothing. 
“Her car is outside my apartment building.” He said blankly. “She was coming over to watch…” His gaze fell to the floor. “She was there. She was at my apartment and he took her.” 
“Spence, this isn’t your fault.” J.J. put a hand on his shoulder. “You couldn’t have known that he was out there.” 
Before he could respond, Garcia’s computer made a sound. She seemed almost afraid to look. When she did, her face dropped. 
“Is there a pattern?” Hotch sighed. She nodded, trying to keep calm. 
“Four bodies have been found in Maryland and Virginia. All of them were bound with duct tape, their necks were slashed and they were all raped.” She could barely say all of it without getting sick. She looked up at Spencer frantically. “But none of them had any messages or anything like that so maybe this isn’t the same guy. If it was the same guy, why would he…”
“Why would he leave her alive.” Spencer finished, closing his eyes. He couldn’t stop his brain from picturing every scenario, manifesting every scream. 
“I’m going to go see if the doctors can tell us anything.” J.J. said, giving Spencer a reassuring look. Reid finally looked at Hotch. He couldn’t help but stare at the blood that stained the front of his superior’s shirt. 
“What happened?” He didn’t think anything could be worse than what he already imagined. Hotch motioned for him to have a seat. 
“Whoever did this wanted to send us all a message. He told her that if she didn’t get to my office, that whatever he did afterwards would be her fault. He wanted to make sure I saw what he did.” 
“Morgan said that he-” Spencer took a sharp breath but was able to keep calm, distracting himself by picking at his nails. “He said that she had something carved into her chest?”
“Like I said, he wanted to make sure that I saw.” Hotch sighed. “He wrote ‘Notice Me’.” Everyone fell silent, each trying to wrap their heads around the situation. 
“Hotch,” J.J. returned, her expression betraying her concern, “She said she’s ready for questions.”
“Can you handle it?” He pinched the bridge of his nose. “I should stay here and look over the cases Garcia found.” 
“Of course.” J.J. paused before looking at Spencer. “She said she would like you to be there, Spence.” 
“O-okay.” He rose slowly, his nerves barely allowing him to move. Morgan gave him a supportive pat on the back before Spencer followed J.J. to your room. Every step he took made his heart pound harder. He’d heard countless statements from victims, analyzed the most gruesome crime scenes imaginable, but he had never been this paralyzed before. 
The two agents opened the door to find you struggling out of the hospital bed while a nurse tried to get you to lay back down. 
“I appreciate everything, really, but I’m not going to sit here all night. I need to find-” Your argument with your nurse quickly came to a halt. “Spencer.” 
“The doctor said you were ready to answer a couple of questions.” J.J. gave you a small smile, pulling a chair up next to your bed. “He told me you wanted Spencer with you.” She looked back at Reid, who was still standing in the doorway. 
He just stood there and stared. Your face was bruised and a bandage covered an injury on your forehead- probably the blow that your attacker used to overtake you. Bandages covered your arms and he could see more under the collar of the hospital gown. You were shaking, the color from your skin faded and cold. Seeing him made your eyes water. 
“Spencer, I-”
“You were late.” He blurted. He started to fidget with his nails. “I mean, I thought you were late. Even though you are never late for anything. You didn’t call or text me or anything and I still didn’t look for you. I should have looked for you. I-” His words caught in his throat. 
You shrugged off the nurses hands and walked towards him, trying not to wince as you raised a hand to rest on his cheek. He had tears in his eyes and you could tell he was desperately trying to keep them back. 
“Spencer, this isn’t your fault.” You said softly. He leaned into your touch and closed his eyes, trying to stop imagining what happened in that goddamn hour that that man would have had you. 
“Dr. Y/L/N, you really need to be laying down.” The nurse insisted. Spencer opened his eyes and placed a gentle kiss on your forehead. 
“She’s right. Come on.” He took your hand and led you back to the bed, helping to tuck you in under the blanket. He sat in a chair across from J.J. and kept your hand in his. 
“Are you ready?” J.J. asked patiently. You nodded nervously. J.J. smiled reassuringly. “If you want to stop at any point, just let me know, okay?” 
“What were you doing before you were attacked?” 
“I was driving to Spencer’s watch a movie and have dinner.” You glanced over at your boyfriend. “I parked in front and walked towards the door, but I didn’t get there.” 
“Were there cars already parked when you got there?” 
“I-I think so.” You closed your eyes, trying to envision the scene, but all you could see was his face and with his face came the pain and the terror. “Oh god, I see him.”
“Stay with me, Y/N.” J.J. kept her voice as calm as possible when inside her heart was breaking for you and for the anguished Reid across from her. “Do you remember the cars?” 
“Breathe with me, Y/N.” Spence instructed, kissing the palm of your hand. You calmed down enough and focused on the sound of his voice. “Breathe in. Breathe out.” You exhaled slowly and nodded. 
“There was a van.” 
“What color was it?”
“It was dark, but not black. Blue maybe? I don’t know, I only saw it for a second.” 
“That’s okay.” J.J. said. She exchanged a look with Spencer. Now came the hard part. “What did you do when you got out of your car? Did you see anyone?”
“No, it was just me. I walked towards the door, but something hit me. Someone was dragging me away from the door. The next thing I knew, I was in a van.” 
“Do you see anything?”
“There’s something on the walls. Some kind of padding. A-and on the back of the seat, there’s this jacket. A  women’s jacket. It was red.”
“What else can you see?”
“I see him.” A tear escaped your eye and fell silently down your cheek. “He-he’s leaning over me and he’s-” You paused and listened to the sound of Spencer’s breathing. You wanted to open your eyes and look at him. You wanted to see his face instead of the creature that did this to you. But you needed to do this. “He’s unbuttoning my shirt.” 
“Do you remember feeling the van move at all before he did this?” 
“No. No, he didn’t drive until after.” You felt Spence’s grip on your hand tighten. J.J. watched him carefully, reading the pain on his face. “He said something while he was taking it off. He said he ‘didn’t have enough time’ and he ‘couldn’t do it now.’ He said he wanted it to be special. That I was special.” 
“Was he wearing a mask or a hood?”
“No, I could see his face. That face…” You held back a cry. Spencer held back the urge to wrap his arms around you. “That’s when he took out the knife and started carving this.” You put a hand on your chest. “He said I was his messenger.” Your heart was starting to race and you started to hyperventilate. “He… he kissed each cut as he made them and then he would kiss me.” 
You finally opened your eyes and almost wished that you hadn’t. Spencer was crushed. There were tears on his face and utter horror in his eyes. You had to look away. 
“Well… you know the rest.” 
“You did great, Y/N.” J.J. reassured you. “Do you think you’d be able to give a description to a sketch artist?” Despite your efforts to keep it still, your lip started to tremble. 
“D-do you think I can sleep first? I’m so tired.” You hadn’t realized how exhausted you were until now.  
“Of course. Just let me know whenever you’re ready, okay?” She glanced over at Spencer with a supportive smile before she left to join the others in the waiting room. You couldn’t bear to look at the pain you had caused him. 
“Maybe you should go with her.” You muttered, staring blankly at your lap, more tears threatening to spill onto your cheeks. You had brought him in here because you knew you needed him to get through this, but you hadn’t thought about what it would do to him. 
Spencer tried not to show the hurt on his face, but he wasn’t successful. He let go of your hand and stood up. 
“Let me know if you need anything.” His voice barely came out above a whisper. Any louder and he was sure it would have cracked. You watched the way his shoulders sagged as he walked, like he was carrying the weight of what had happened over his shoulder. You grabbed his hand before he got far. 
“Spence, wait.” You motioned for him to come closer and held his hand against your heart. When his skin grazed against the cuts in your chest, it didn’t hurt. If anything, it eased the sting. “I love you.” 
A small, lopsided smile appeared on his lips. Suddenly the box in his jacket pocket weighed more. 
“I love you too.” 
Once Rossi and Prentiss arrived, Hotchner briefed the team on what their next step should be. Reid, however, was nowhere to be found, which had made everybody worry. He sent Morgan and Prentiss to the latest murder crime scene to see if this really was the same unsub. Garcia went back to the BAU, but Rossi and J.J. stayed 
“Do you think she’ll be okay?” Rossi asked, setting down a cup of terrible hospital coffee. It was almost morning now and no one had gotten any sleep. 
“From what she told us, it isn’t over yet.” J.J. sighed. “He told her that she’s special. He’s going to come back for her.” 
“And we will be here when he does.” Hotch stared down at the array of photos from the previous crime scenes. He was usually good about separating his emotions from a case, but this was an attack against his team. This was made to be personal. 
Hotch started down the hall, turning the corner and stopping. He noticed movement in the corner of his eye and turned around. Reid sat on the floor with his back pressed against the side of a vending machine and legs crossed in front of him. His face was sullen and tear stained.
“Hey,” He greeted, immediately stiffening and whipping his face with his sleeve. He stood and brushed off. Hotch noticed the way his hands shook. “Have you guys found anything yet?” 
“Morgan and Prentiss are heading to the latest crime scene. Based on what Y/N told you and J.J. about the attack, it could be the same unsub, but we don’t want to make any conclusions yet.” 
Reid nodded quickly, keeping his gaze trained on the floor. 
“Maybe I should go with them. I might get a better-”
“This isn’t your fault, Reid.” Hotch interrupted. He knew exactly where the younger agent’s mind was. “That is what he wants you to believe, but it isn’t your fault.” 
“I…” Spencer knew that arguing with him was pointless. He just looked defeated. “I have to do something, Hotch.” 
“The doctors will likely release Y/N in a couple of hours. We’ll need to get her somewhere safe. You should stay with her.” Hotch knew how the guilt was weighing down on him. He put a hand on his shoulder. “We’re all here for you, Reid. You and Y/N. We aren’t going to stop until we catch this man.” 
“Thanks, Hotch.” Spencer sniffed. More than anything, he wanted to take you home and never let you leave his embrace. Reid leaned down to pick up his jacket from the floor, wincing when a small velvet box clattered to the tile. Hotch picked it up for him. 
“Reid…” He proceeded with caution, but there was a warmhearted tone in his voice. “Is what I think it is?” He handed it to Spencer who hurriedly stuffed it back into his pocket. 
“Actually it’s a-” He stopped and gave him his awkward lop-sided smile. “I was going to ask her tonight.”
“I didn’t know you were ready to take that step.” 
“Neither did I.” Spencer laughed nervously. “But ever since I met her, I just knew. I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.” He put his hand in his pocket, feeling the box in his fingers. Tonight was supposed to be so different. Hotch’s usually serious expression broke into a small, proud smile. 
Hotch’s mind returned to the case and he started back down the hallway. Spencer walked towards your room, pausing when his phone rang. 
“Dr. Reid.” He answered. For a moment, there was just breathing on the other end. Before he hung up, a low, raspy voice spoke. 
“I won’t be ignored anymore, Dr. Reid. You all notice me now.” 
Reid took off running. He found Garcia in the waiting area and pointed urgently at his cell phone before continuing the call. 
“You’re right. You have our full attention.”
“I know that little trick. Make me think I’m in control so your pretty little tech can trace this call. I learned from the best.” He chuckled deeply. “You won’t find me until I want you to.” There was a brief pause, like he was stopping for effect. “I was just calling to ask you some questions, Dr. Reid.”
“I’m not nearly as interesting as you are.” Reid tried to keep his tone even as he watched Garcia scramble to trace the call. 
“Could you hear her screaming?” His voice was like nails on a chalkboard. “I want to make sure that those soundproofing panels worked. She kept calling out for you over and over and over…” 
“You want us to know who you are, why don’t you tell me your name?” 
“Tell me, have you had her yet, Dr. Reid?” His suggestive voice made Spencer’s blood boil. “I’m dying to know what it’s going to be like when I have enough time with Y/N.” 
“You won’t get that chance.” He finally spat, losing control. 
“Don’t worry. I’ll take better care of her than I did those other girls. I look forward to meeting you, Spencer.” Just like that, the line went dead.
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beetlez4brainz · 4 months ago
-autumn stuff
-chaotic academia (or any academia)
-matthew grey gubler
-riot grrrl
-fairy grunge
-gay shit
-good omens (show i still need to read the book!)
-reading books or graphic novels
-historical fashion
-british tv shows
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gravelyhumerus · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
“Have you ever even had to run a mile in the field?”
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reidsmemory · a year ago
No Regrets
Spencer Reid
Tumblr media
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Summary: A dinner at Rossi’s has Spencer questioned by his teammates about his feeling towards you
Genre: Fluff
not my gif!
     Working at the BAU was hard. Constant flights around the country, seeing families that had lost so much, and of course having to deal with the sick minds of those who allowed your job to be possible. There were good sides to it as well; having a second family, friendships that would last a lifetime and more, as well as reuniting and saving innocent people. 
     Today was one of the good days. It was a local case and the team had caught the killer in less than two days due to the profile and him being just about the most unorganized killer their was. To celebrate, Rossi had offered to host a nice dinner at his and no one on the team passed up the chance to go over there. 
     You arrived a few hours after the case had wrapped up as you had gone home to take a shower and get ready. You had arrived in a flowy, black dress and some black sandals to match with your hair straightened as well as having little gold hoop earrings hanging from your ears. 
     You got out of your car and walked over to the front door of your colleagues house as you rang the door bell and waited for it to open.
     “Y/N, come on in,” Rossi swung open the door and ushered you to come through the doorway. “ Did you get home okay?” he asked as we walked to the kitchen.
     “Yeah, traffic wasn’t too bad,” you smiled as your other co-workers came into sight. 
     “Princess! You look stunning,” Derek called as he opened his arms, signalling for a hug. 
     “Not too bad yourself, D,” you hugged him tightly as he chuckled a bit. With an arm still around your shoulder you pulled back and greeted everyone else with a warm smile. JJ and Will as well as Henry were sitting at the other side of the island than you and Derek. Emily was standing next to Rossi as he as teaching her something about the food you all would be eating tonight. Hotch, Penny, and Reid had yet to arrive. 
     “Drink?” Derek asked as you nodded and he handed you a glass of water. 
     “So, no Savannah?” you asked as he shook his head.
     “She’s got a shift at the hospital tonight,” he told you, “leaving me all alone tonight.” 
     You laughed at his statement, “I think it’s payback for all the night we were out of town.” He hummed and took a swig of his beer. The chiming of the doorbell rang through the house as you looked to Rossi, “I’ve got it,” he nodded at your statement as you put down your glass and started walking towards the door.
     You opened it to find Penny in a bright pink dress with a yellow and green shall as well as some purple heels. “Am I late?” she asked before hugging you tightly. 
     “Not at all,” you said as you both turned to see Hotch’s car pull up, “looks like Spence is the last one to arrive.” Penelope nodded as you saw Hotch and Jack come towards the house. “Go ahead, I’ll wait for them,” you told the blonde as she nodded and went inside.
     Hotch spotted you by the door and pointed to Jack as his eyes lit up as he began running towards you. “Y/N!” he exclaimed as he jumped into your arms.
     “Hello, mister! You look amazing!” you said as he giggled and hid his face in your neck. “Hey, Boss,” you said as Hotch gave you a side hug.
     “I’m pretty sure Jack likes you more than he does me,” Hotch told you as you went into the house. You smiled at him as Jack had taken a fascination towards your earrings. “What’s Rossi cooking up?” 
     “As far as I can tell, something that smells really good.” Hotch chuckled as you came to the kitchen and everyone turned their attention towards the three of you. Everyone began conversing again as you walked over to Derek with Jack still attached to your hip.
     “Let’s move over to the couch, yeah?” Derek said as you nodded and went to the joint living room. You put Jack down on the couch as Derek followed and soon JJ, Will, and Henry. Smiling as Henry began to share his action figures with Jack as both boys urged you to play with them. 
     “You can be Wonder Woman,” Henry handed you action figure.
     “Can I be Spider-Man?” Jack asked as Henry nodded and handed him the action figure.
     “I’ll be Batman!” the boys began to play as you joined and supervised as well seeing as Derek, Will, and JJ had been talking about something that wasn’t as interesting to you as playing with the boys. In fact the sound of the doorbell went over your head as you played with the two boys. 
     “Oh no! Poison Ivy is spreading her vines all over the city!” Jack cried as all of you got to work on defeating the villain. 
     Spencer had come in and immediately saw you on the carpet playing with the boys as his heart swelled. Spencer had always had a crush on you, from the first day you joined the BAU. With the both of you being the youngest on the team as well as your love for reading, the two of you had become very close which only fueled Reid’s feelings for you even further. 
     Seeing you play with the boys was an image he was unable to tear his eyes away from as Morgan quickly caught on. 
     “Hey, Pretty Boy,” Derek called as Spencer whipped his head around.
     “Ask her out.” Spencer’s cheeks flushed bright pink at this statement. “And don’t give me that ‘I don’t like her like that’ crap because I will profile you so much, boy.”
     Spencer sat next to Morgan, “you can’t tell her.” Derek grinned as Spencer looked at him, “i’m serious. I can’t ruin our relationship!” he whispered.
     “Come on! She likes you too!”
     “No way,” Spencer said, “I can’t risk it, Morgan. She’s too important to me.” Derek sighed as he looked at his friend. 
     “I’m just saying, Kid. If you don’t ask her, you are going to regret it.” Derek was interrupted as both boys finally looked up and saw Spencer. 
      “Spencer!” they both said as they set down the toys and ran towards the tall man. You had also looked up and met eyes with Spencer as you smiled brightly at the man and began to make your way over to him as well.
     “Hey guys!” Spencer said as he gave both the kids a hug as they smiled at the man. You walked over and Spencer opened his arms as you hugged him tightly, “hey, Y/N.”
     “Hi, Spence,” you pulled away and as you were about to tell him about the upcoming movie marathon that would interest the both of you, Emily had called you over to taste test something her and Rossi had been working on. 
     Derek looked at Spencer with a wide grin as the brown haired man blushed. “I’m serious, man. Anyone would be lucky to have a girl like Y/N and you’ve got a pretty good shot of being that anyone.” Derek handed Reid a beer as the doctor took a long drink which surprised the man next to him. 
     “Dinner is served!” Rossi called as everyone gathered around the kitchen. This was going to be a long night.
     Spencer had about 4 beers between the time he arrived and now, which was 2 and half hours later and if you knew anything about Spencer Reid then you would know he is a lightweight. Rossi had cooked up something delicious as the team had conversed over dinner and Spencer had his eyes trained on you the entire time as well as making conversation about any and everything.
     Everyone had moved outside and were now on Rossi’s deck as Hotch, JJ, and Will played with the kids, Emily and Penelope conversed about scheduling another girls day in the near future, and Rossi and Morgan talking about an old case that had still rattled their brains. 
     Spencer and you leaned over the railing of the deck as you watched the stars. “Did you know that Venus will be shining it’s brightest on April 28th, which is only a couple of week from now,” he informed you as you nodded and listened wholeheartedly. 
     “We should star gaze that night, maybe Whitmore Park. Bring blankets and just lay out and watch the night sky,” you turned to him as his doe eyes watched you, “what do you think?” 
     “Definitely,” he said immediately as a smile made it’s way to your face as he mirrored it. “Y/N?” you raised your eyebrows and hummed, signaling for him to go on. “Why do you want to do all those things with me? The movie marathons, the star gazing, chess on the plane?”
     You looked at him with a small frown on your face, “because you’re my best friend. What do you mean, Spence?”
     “Best friend,” he repeated. 
     “That’s what I said. Are you feeling okay?” you asked as he just stared at you.
     “Just friends right,” he whispered to himself as you furrowed your eyebrows, “why can’t I be something more?” This time he looked at you, but was still speaking softly as to not attract any attention. 
     “Do you want to be something more?” you spoke even quieter. 
     He nodded his head at your word he set his drink down. “I’m super drunk right now, but I think it’s a good thing because I want you to know and I definitely won’t have this much courage when i’m sober. So, will you go out with me?”
     He looked at you, waiting for his answer, but to no avail, your face was emotionless as he mentally screamed at himself. His screams were cut short.
     You placed a hand on his cheek and pulled him towards you for a kiss. You lips melted together as you smiling into the kiss as he put both his hand on the sides of your face, cradling it softly.
     You pulled away as you saw a bright smile on his face and wide twinkling eyes. “I would like that very much, Doc,” you told him as you rested your head on his chest as he wrapped an arm around you. 
     The stars shining brighter than ever. 
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Reid: if someone stabs me what do I even say? Like do I say thank you? Do I ask if I can keep it?
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forget me not
Tumblr media
spencer reid x reader
Request: No
Word Count: 3.5k
Warnings: Kidnapping, torture, drowning, murder, drug mention, etc
Summary: You and Spencer don't realize you love each other until it's almost too late
Author's Note: First thing in like fucking forever, so yeah. This was originally a request and then I was at school and I couldn't look at my request so it was way off script, so I just did my own shit, this also takes place in the 5th season, in the middle just after hayley dies.
"The unsub is a white male between the ages of 35-45. His modus operandi is drowning in the great lakes, he's already struck Superior, Michigan, Ontario, and Huron, so we expect Lake Erie to be next." Hotch says, glancing at his phone every minute or so. It's his third case back since Hayley died, and he's picked up a habit of waiting to hear bad news.
"This unsub has recently developed a hallucinative disorder where every face he sees has an emotional connection. There were no discernable connections between his victims which leads us to believe that his mind is filling in the gaps at random." Reid says, gesturing abstractly at nothing at all in particular.
"This disorder was likely triggered by a recent brain injury connected to the Great Lakes so keep a lookout for any recent accident victims. He was very social until the accident, and after it he immediately became anti-social. He was probably in a relationship recently, but then broke it off, he is not married, but possibly has children, which he will not shy away from using in a hostage situation." Morgan exclaims as he leans against a desk.
"His victims are all over the place, so we advise everyone to be on high alert. There is no pattern to the murders, from a 51-year-old single mother of two to a 14-year-old on vacation." You pause and take a breath, looking back down at your notes. "Someone out there knows this man, so we implore you to tell as many people as possible, our Media Liaison Jennifer Jareau will be setting up a press conference, and it is very important to get this out to as many people as possible."
"Won't that just spook him more?" One of the sheriff's deputy says, with a concerned look on his face.
"Yes, but at this point, he will kill again no matter what, it's better to have the public be informed because he will take another victim, whether we find him during or after is up to us."
He nods, and looks down at his notepad, badly masking his disturbed grimace.
"Thank you and let us know if you have any leads," Hotch exclaims, closing the meeting.
You walk up to Spencer "I bet we're their favorite people right about now." You say, sipping on your coffee.
Reid avoids your eyes and continues to fidget with the chess piece that he probably stole from one of the officer's desks. "What's wrong Reid?"
"I dunno, I just have a really bad feeling about this one," He picks up his cane and walks away. When Spencer has enough he needs to walk away, and as long as he wasn't hurt that was fine with you.
"Reid, y/l/n, Garcia's got something." Morgan raps his knuckles on the doorway and calls you into a conference room. "Hey babygirl, what do ya got for us?" He exclaims, shifting the call to speakerphone.
"A luscious blonde mane and an intense yearning to hold you." Emily giggles a little bit and Garcia can probably feel Hotch's glare "oh come on Derek."
"Sorry baby, keep goin'."
"I have a name. One Larry Todd. 3 weeks ago he was in a boat accident in which he had a severe concussion and was unconscious for 3 days. He immediately broke up with his girlfriend Shelby, which she was very angry about, adieu to her Facebook page. His ex-wife reported that he missed his last two visitations with his daughter Amelia." She takes a pause "he owned a bait shop that's been closed since his boat was destroyed in the accident, and it's listed as his last residency.
"Fits our profile to a tee," Emily exclaims.
"Thanks, Garcia," Hotch says, hanging up the phone call. "Emily, JJ is in the conference so run out and let her know. Morgan and Rossi, go to the bait shop with SWAT, and Reid and y/l/n go to the ex-wife's house; Emily and I will stay here and see what else we can dig up."
Everyone goes their separate ways. The sheriff takes the driver's seat, with you in the shotgun seat and Spencer in the back. You can hear the clang his leg makes against his cane and his foot bouncing.
"I'll take the daughter, and you can have the ex-wife."
"Okay," responds Spencer.
The ex-wife Miranda opens the door sobbing when you knock on it. "Excuse me, ma'am, my name is Agent y/n y/l/n and this is my partner Dr. Spencer Reid, do you mind if we ask you and your daughter a few questions about your ex-husband?"
She continues to sob but lets you in. You look back to see the sheriff playing video games on his phone and you scoff.
Spencer sits down with the crying woman and you politely ask if you can speak to her daughter. She tells you yes and that Amelia is around back.
"Bye, Reid." You blow a kiss to Spencer and walk out the door, shaking a sinister nagging feeling itching at the back of your neck.
You walk across the pavement and open the gate to enter your unsub's former backyard. "Hi Amelia, my name is y/n, I'm a friend of your mommies."
Beginning to grow more suspicious, you pull out your gun and triple-check to make sure it's on safety. If Todd is there you know that he would be fine with sacrificing his daughter for his own goals and you wouldn't let that happen "Amelia? Is your daddy here."
"Boo!" A little girl with pigtails holding a stuffed rabbit jumps from behind the recycling bin and you chuckle, putting your gun away in your holster. "Did I scare you?"
"You sure did!" You laugh. "Wow, that's such a pretty bunny, where did you get it?"
"My daddy got it for me." She said, showing off her gap tooth.
"That's so cool! Do you remember what it was like when he gave it to you?" You kneel to be at eye level with the child.
"Yeah, he was super cuddly, now he's a little more pokey, but that's okay." She says, playing with the bunny ears.
"When did he get pokey, Amelia?" You hesitated, something was off "I just want your daddy to be cuddly again."
"A little bit ago. He used to tell me stories till I fell asleep eeeeeverynight, but then he stopped for a week and when he came back he was like a big lion."
You had a growing sense of paranoia budding in your spine, why was she telling you all this so fast? "What type of stories?"
"He used to tell me princess stories, but after he stopped for a week he talked all about ones about the scary lady who tried to take me away, but then he stopped her! And the boy who was being dangerous so he had to make sure that she didn't hurt me." She exclaimed absentmindedly.
You start to pull your phone out of your pocket until Amelia starts talking again "and just now, he was talking about the bad knight who tried to take me away."
Your jaw dropped and you tried to find the best course of action, but by the time your brain started working it was too late. He walked up behind you and whispered into your ear "Nighty-night."
And then everything was black
"Hey, mommy."
"Yes, sweetheart?" She quickly wiped the tears off of her face to turn to her daughter.
"Can I have ice cream?"
"Of course sweetheart" she gives me a small smile and gets up towards the kitchen. "Where's that nice agent that came here with Dr. Reid?"
"They weren't a nice agent, they were a bad, bad, bad knight, and they were trying to take me away, so daddy took them instead."
Oh no.
No no no no no no no no.
Where were they? Where was y/n?
I pulled out my gun without a second thought and left my cane behind, I ran as fast as I could without it, and by the time I was in the backyard my knee was burning and they were gone.
You woke up halfway through the drive. The road switched from smooth the bumpy a million times over, and it smelled like bees. Not like honey, not like pollen, like bees. Just bees. It smelled nice, but you don't want to die smelling bees.
You wanted to move. Move your body, move your head, move your eyes, move anything, but you couldn't move. Nothing could move. There was a sweaty tv shirt shoved between your teeth. Your hands were bound with bristled rope and there was metal all around you and you were certain that this was the back of a van. At first, you thought there must be a blindfold over your eyes, and then you realized that they were just too tired to open.
There was an old country song playing over the radio, a love song about a family in a house. The truck stopped shaking and he pulled the ignition. A growing sense of dread filled your stomach as he walked around towards the back of the truck. He opened the door and you saw his face.
That could only mean one thing- you weren't leaving here alive.
Within minutes crime scene techs were on the scene, but I knew they wouldn't find anything useful. The only thing that was there was the absence of y/n and our distraught profile.
"They were right here, right here, they were- they were right here, right here." Hotch looked at me somberly, and Morgan rubbed my shoulder with sympathy.
"We need to update our profile," Emily said, there was no time to waste, "we know what this guy does to people, and if he would risk abducting an armed federal agent in front of his daughter there's no doubt they in danger."
"We know Emily," Everyone looks at me kind of funny like I've said something wrong, but at this point, I don't care what anyone thinks of me, "His reason for doing this was for his daughter, he took out anyone he saw as a threat, a motherly figure, someone who could be her older brother, anyone who was a threat and wanted to take Amelia away from him.
"His disorder is fairly undocumented, being exactly the opposite of prosopagnosia, where patients disassociate faces from their loved ones, causes him to feel emotions about people he's never seen before, and his subconscious is assigning meaning to them at random, picking up anyone shows the slightest twinge of distaste.
"y/n picked up more than a twinge, they were there to take his daughter away, so he likely believes they're the mastermind." Everyone looks at me and waits for me to say the thing we all know is coming "he's not going to kill them before they suffer."
As we hitched a ride back to the station my leg was bouncing like crazy and my fingers were tapping the numbers of pi into the leather of the car door. Emily put her hand on my shoulder but I couldn't feel her, y/n missing was the only thing I could feel.
"Garcia I need you to check if Larry Todd owns any vehicles large enough to hold a person, trunks, vans, trucks anything," Morgan says into his speakerphone once we get back to the station.
"Oh god it's true, he really has them?" I can hear the distraught coated thick on her voice "do you think they're in pain, do you think he-"
"Garcia we don't have time for this, does he or does he not have any vehicles in his name." I snapped, I could apologize later when y/n was in a hospital bed.
"No, but you know I'm never one to go to bed early, and it turns out his great uncle died a year and a half ago, but his van was pulled over and given a speeding ticket a few months ago, how much do you wanna bet that's our guy and not a psychopath's uncle."
"Thanks, Garcia," Rossi hangs up the phone and turns to one of the sheriff's deputies in the room, "put out an ATB on that van."
"Okay, I'm gonna go through the medical files again, see if there's anything I missed," Hotch catches my arm.
"There isn't, right now all we can do is wait and look." He pauses "we've sent out patrol cars to look for the van, go out with Morgan, and circle around Lake Erie."
"Hotch, what if- what if we don't find them, or we find them and it's too late, or we find-"
"Right now she's alive, you said it yourself, he's not gonna let her die so easy."
As disturbing as it is hearing that someone you love more than anything is being tortured, I found it strangely comforting. They're alive. They are alive. They are prepared. After Tobias took me they brought me to a CIA torture seminar, just on the off chance that anything happened, I wouldn't break again.
I stared out the window of the passenger side of the SUV. Morgan wasn't talking, he knew what I was feeling, because he felt it before, when it happened to me.
"We've got a report of the vehicle going down sunmist lane" the scanner jumps to life.
I had memorized the map the second we landed; "we're five minutes away" and then, quietly under my breath, I whispered, "I'm coming y/n."
He held your head underwater for the 7th or the fiftieth time. You can't remember. You can't remember. You can't remember anything other than the water under the dock filling my lungs.
"What do you want with my daughter?!" He screamed at you as he pulled you out again, You vomited up all the water that my body could muster. You didn't know he had a daughter.
You forgot everything you learned to do. You forgot to pretend it was affecting me, You forgot how to hold my breath, You forgot. You forgot everything.
Except for Spencer, Spencer's smile, Spencer holding you, Spencer missing you until that was gone too.
Everything went away but the water.
He kicked you back off the dock again, and for a second you gasped for air, and then you sank, nothing even mattered anyways.
The man pulled you out again and kicked you in the ribs; you felt something rip inside of you and you screamed as loud as you could, which was more like a whimper.
"Larry Todd put your hands up!" Two men came behind the man who drowned you, you couldn't remember them, but you could remember the rip in your ribs filling with water.
He shoved you back into the water and you didn't even try to fight this time, you just sank, feet after feet after feet of water. You didn't hold your breath, you didn't care.
A figure appeared above you, and you saw the angel. He had a shimmering brown halo and a beautiful bright face that looked terrified, just like an angel.
And then he pulled you up.
This might be heaven, but it might be hell. You can tell the room is white without opening your eyes. There's a steady beeping sound to your left and it smells like chlorine.
When you finally manage to open your eyes you wished you hadn't. All you see is lethargy around you.
JJ is drooling in her sleep while Emily is asleep on her shoulder, Garcia is snoring in the corner with her knitting in a pile next to her. Morgan and Rossi are nowhere to be seen, but you can't blame them, seeing people they love getting beat up over and over again never gets easier. You can hear the faint sounds of Hotch arguing with someone over the phone in the hallway.
But worst of all is Spencer. He's wide awake and his foot is tapping like crazy on the ground. There are deep and dark eye bags surrounding his eyes and hints at a beard forming on his face. His cane is tossed uncharacteristically on the ground, and he pays it no attention whatever.
You open your mouth to speak, but when you do a stabbing pain shoots through your diaphragm and you gasp. The second Spencer hears you he shoots up and kneels next to the bed, which must be no easy feat.
"Hey, how are you?" He strokes your hair as gently as he can.
You try to speak but no words come out.
"Do you want some water?" You nod, trying to not feel pathetic. The second the glass of water comes into your eye line you knock it out of his hand and it goes shattering onto the floor, waking everyone else in the room up.
You start to cry, feeling guilty and scared about why a glass of water could've terrified you so much. "Hey, hey, it's okay, it's okay, it's just a bunch of sand made into something you can drink out of, it's not a big deal, don't worry." That calms you down a little bit.
You look around to see the rest of the team cradled around you. "How are you feeling honey?" Garcia whispers as if speaking too loudly would mortally wound you.
You reach up and touch your throat, and it burns. There's more confusion, and then JJ is getting her hand cut on the glass she was cleaning, Garcia was whispering too loudly and Emily was touching your arm, and Hotch and Morgan and Rossi were walking in the room and Spencer was pushing a button on your bed and the monitor was beeping and then you were screaming.
Screaming so loudly, screaming in pain, screaming in fear, screaming in confusion, screaming because you were overwhelmed and sad and scared. "Everyone gets out," Spencer says, and everyone quickly does, he knows you best, and right now, everything was too much.
"Wh-what happened" you whisper, throat and lungs still hurting but since you had screamed the worst part was over.
"The unsub kidnapped you, and tried to drown you, your heart stopped in the ambulance, but they brought you back." You remembered "You had been dunked in the water and brought back up at least 15 times, not including when I brought you out.
"You needed 53 stitches and had a punctured lung when we found you." He pauses "You're safe now, we have him in custody and he can never hurt anyone ever again." You let out a breath that you didn't know you had been holding.
"I'm so sorry," You were crying "I forgot you, I'm so sorry. He made everything go away but the water I'm sorry that I forgot you."
"It's okay, it's okay, you didn't do anything wrong, you were trying to stay alive." He stroked your hair and held your hands gently "He tortured you, when Hankel tortured me all I could think about were the drugs and the pain, you didn't do anything wrong, you survived."
"I survived?"
"Can I tell you something?" You chuckled, your tears had stopped but it was still wet on your face.
"I thought you were an angel when you saved, and now I realize that you weren't my angel, it wasn't magic, and it wasn't godly." Spencer looks puzzled, and you paused to take a deep and painful breath "It was the fact that I am so deeply in love with you, that seeing you love me back felt like heaven.
Spencer stares at you, his mouth closed and his mouth on the floor "You don't have to say anything, just know that-"
His lips are on yours before you can finish your sentence. For a moment you forget about the pain in your throat, the burn in your lungs, and the agony all over your body; it was just Spencer.
You pulled away for breath, your breaths dancing with each other.
"I was so scared" he whimpered in fear.
You stroked his hair gently "I was more terrified than I had ever been. I was so horrified that I would wake up tomorrow and my reason for living would be dead. I was more scared than I had been when I thought my dad killed a kid, I was more scared than when Hankel tortured me, I was more scared when I realized that I loved drugs more than my own life.
"You were the person that held my hand when I was hurting so bad I would forget to breathe, and then you weren't here because you were the person in pain and I realized that I loved you because nothing hurt me more than the fear that I could lose the one thing in the world that made me feel okay."
He takes a deep breath and looks at you as deeply in your eyes as you thought could ever be possible. "I love you too, and I promise you I'll never let you go."
His lips meet yours, and through a kiss, you whisper "I'll never forget you again"
And you knew that you had Spencer and everything is going to be okay.
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a-bisexual-phantom · 9 months ago
Is This Your Card? - S.R
summary: Spencer and Derek are canvassing bars when Derek convinces Spencer to try and impress the bartender but she has a trick of her own
pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
warnings: none
word count: 1,486
a/n: Based on 4X9 scene! Requests are open! Prompt list is there if you guys want extra ideas!
Master-List - Prompts
Tumblr media
Saturday always pulled a big crowd into every bar, and the one Derek and Spencer were sent to canvas was no exception. Music boomed from every corner as people stumbled from bar to dance floor. Derek and Spencer took different sides of the bar talking to everyone from staff members to people just there to have a good time. Derek was easily having a better time in the club than Spencer was, Derek had been offered numbers from various women while a few women had asked Spencer if he was the unsub himself. If he hadn't of showed his badge first most women would've just walked past him. After another group of women denied Spencer's fliers and walked away he quickly gave up on doing the talking by himself and walked back to the middle of the club to find Derek.
"So, how's it going?" Derek questioned as if he hasn't just seen another group of girls dismiss Spencer's offer for a flier and walk away.
"Not good. I gave the profile to one woman she asked if I was the unsub. How are you doing?" Spencer hated that he wasn't as smooth with talking to the public as Derek was and he never really understood why he was the one sent out to talk to people.
"Well, I gave out all my fliers," Derek replied. It was always easy for him to talk to the public but then again he didn't have the social-anxiety that Spencer did, especially in situations like a bar where he had to talk to women.
"How many phone numbers did you get?" Spencer joked. Everything they were in a setting like this whether on the job or not Derek was always given numbers by women, Spencer understood why though he was a smooth talker.
"None. I'm working a case here kid," Spencer immediately gave a questioning look, there was no way that he was going to believe that not a single woman offered their numbers to Derek. "Okay, 4 were offered, but I didn't take any of them."
Spencer immediately could not believe that Derek didn't take a single number that was offered, he was always so open about being single and very ready to mingle even on cases. It wounded Derek a little bit that not one single person had properly listened to Spencer, he knew that he could babble sometimes but he was a sweet kid and there was a reason Derek called him 'pretty boy'.
"Alright look, let me school you real quick. What you have to do with these ladies, just take control of the conversation. When you're talking what makes you feel like an expert?" Derek really wanted Spencer to get more confidence in his everyday life so the lessons start now. Spencer looked like he was understanding but really he was just wondering how much Derek’s advice would work considering he doesn't look like him. How seriously would a woman listen to someone 'take control' of the conversation if he didn't look like Morgan?
"Uh... statistics." Derek didn't think Spencer would take the question so literally but the look on Spencer's face showed that that was genuinely the answer that first came to his mind.
"No. Trust me. No. Something else." Spencer tended to rattle on whatever statistics came to his mind and while that's helpful in cases it wouldn't grab the attention of everyone woman Spencer tried to talk to.
"Um, well when I do magic," Spencer replies nodding.
"See? See. That's perfect. Chicks dig magic." Derek didn't really know if women liked magic but if it made Spencer more confident then why not it's worth a try. Spencer on the other hand didn't look too sure.
"I'm gonna give you a chance to work it. Come here," Derek said as he pulled Spencer towards the bar where Y/N was working, "Excuse me, sweetheart. Whenever you get a chance."
"Hi, what can I get for you?" Y/N says leaning on the bar. Derek patted Spencer on the back telling him to be the one to talk.
"Hi, we're with the FBI. We're looking for this man does he look at all familiar to you?" Spencer said putting one of the filers in front of Y/N on the bar. Derek stayed around a little trying to gauge Y/N's reaction to Spencer.
"I mean it's not much of a picture," Y/N said looking down at the very basic drawing of a man the could literally be anyone in this bar.
"I know, you know what might help, actually," Derek took this as his queue to leave and let Spencer do his thing, whatever that was, "Is he has a scar on his eye right about there." As Spencer finished his sentence he stabbed a pen through the drawing's eye causing Y/N to look at him with confusion and intrigue.
"We also know that he's taken classes where he's learned how to distract," As Spencer talks he spins the paper and pulls the pen along not ripping the paper, "and charm his victim"
Y/N then lets out a chuckle as she picks up the paper and looks back up at Spencer who's just got the biggest smile on his face. He realized that Derek was actually right and that he actually charmed someone.
"Okay, that was amazing how did you do that?" Y/N loved magic tricks she thought they were the best so it was lucky that Spencer went up to that specific bartender to try his magic trick on.
"That's privileged information I'm afraid," Spencer replies laughing. Derek watches from a distance as they both just seem to be laughing at Spencer’s trick.
"Okay, so what do I do if I see this guy?" Y/N asks subconsciously leaning closer to Spencer over the bar. Spencer was still in awe that his trick worked at all.
"Oh you should definitely give me- I mean us a call. you should give us a call." He says stumbling over his words. Y/N couldn't think of anything better than giving him a call even though they didn't even know each other's name.
"You didn't give me your number... or your name for that matter." Y/N really didn't want him to leave without giving his number, she just hoped he was going too.
"Oh, it's behind your ear," Spencer said giggling. Just as he said that Y/N reached behind her ear and pulled out a similar card with his name and number on it.
"Doctor huh? Well, it's been lovely to meet you, Doctor." Y/n giggled putting the card in her pocket. "And just in the case you want it, here's mine." With a flick of her wrist, a card appeared in Y/N's hand and Spencer's eyes went wide. She handed it back to him and noticed it was his card. He got a bit sad thinking she's just given his card back to him.
"This is my card?" Spencer questioned.
"Not on the back it's not." Y/N laughed. Spencer turned the card around to see a number scribbled on it and a name 'Y/N'. He had no idea how she'd done it and honestly, he didn't care he was just insanely impressed. He stared at it for a bit longer and Y/N pulled the card she was given back out showing that she still had the original card he gave her and his number.
"How did you manage that?" Spencer was so star struck that he'd completely forgotten the case and the fact that Derek was stood watching from a distance.
"That's privileged information, Doctor," Y/N smirked as she replied and was glad that for once she didn't stumble over her words while trying to flirt. Spencer was still taken aback by everything that as he waved to walk away he could only stumble out a simple goodbye. Y/N waved too and just stared down at the card. As they walked away Derek slapped Spencer on the back oozing proud big brother energy.
"Now that's what I'm talking about!" Derek kept laughing and Spencer couldn't help but laugh too.
"She gave me her number... On my card. Not even the one I gave her." Spencer chuckled. Derek didn't hear what they talked about so he completely missed that, it ended up shocking Derek as much as it did Spencer.
"You got out magic-ed?" Derek started laughing even more. He almost completely missed the fact that Spencer just said that she gave him her number.
In reality, Spencer couldn't stop thinking about how she did it. She'd never admit it but in reality earlier in the night Y/N had walked past Spencer and he dropped one of his cards, she tried to give it back but he'd disappeared before she got a chance so she kept it just in case. The number on the back was in case he was cute, Y/N was so glad she did after officially meeting Spencer.
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Art Lessons
** Sorry not sorry
UPDATE - woke up to over 30 like for this thanks everyone 😍 drop me a message if you have a dirty Matthew/Reid request! **
Tumblr media
I took in all the colours in front of me, slashes of black with hints of green and peeking specks of yellow. Something was soothing about standing in front of it, my eyes darting around the canvas, trying to see all the colours and shapes, hoping to memorise every stroke. Life at a marketing agency kept me busy, but I loved to explore the city I called home for the last three years. One weekend you could be in Central Park on the Loeb enjoying a champagne brunch, the next you could be enjoying some hip restaurant in the West Village on your books New York has opened your mind since you first landed so much that nothing phases you anymore, and you thank her for it every morning you wake up and stare out your window to the river.
This Saturday was a relaxing one; I had already treated myself to my favourite croissant from a local French bakery for breakfast, browsed a book-store I always pass on the way to the office but never get the chance to visit, before you headed into the gallery to feed your eyes on Picassos and Monets. You were aware he was standing next to you, his body heat radiating from him.
"Did you know that this is one of the last pieces Pollock painted?" Even though his voice was in a low rasp, it broke the quiet tension of the gallery space.
You glanced over at him, noticing him for the first time. A bold patterned blue shirt made the light tan of his arms and chest pop; his slim jeans hugged his lanky frame perfectly. His chestnut hair was messy; the attempt to tuck strands behind his ear had been futile. His eyes were like conkers, shiny and holding some childlike innocence behind them.
"I did – did you know that he was in a car with his mistress when he died?" you whisper back. He grinned at your bold reply.
"I did not, but I'll remember it to impress the next time I'm at a gallery."
You fully turn to face him now, "do you usually go to art galleries and scare people with facts?"
"I'm trying not to make it into a habit", he chuckles, "you were standing here for a very long time."
It's now you notice his height, the top of your head barely grazing his shoulder. "It's a big canvas; every time I look at it, I see other colours I haven't picked up on before or a shape I want to decipher."
"I'm Matthew, by the way," he extends his hand out to me
"I'm Mia," you capture him in yours, gazing into his eyes. "I'm guessing you're not from around here?"
"I live in L.A, originally from Vegas," He starts walking to the next frame, and you follow ", and you're not from New York either."
"Nope, I moved here a few years ago. I lived in Chicago my whole life."
We stop and look at the painting in front of us, trading whatever information we know and more prodding questions. I had found out; surprisingly, he was ten years older than me, an avid reader and a painter himself just like Pollock. After the final frame, he asked you to join him for coffee around the corner to trade more art secrets you accepted.
"So what brings you to New York?"
"Visiting some friends and I have a few work meetings", he replies, taking a sip of his cortado. "what brought you to New York?"
"I'm a client Director for a marketing agency here. I worked at their Chicago office for a few years before I got this promotion. What do you do?"
The more you took in his features, he looked familiar.
"I do a bit of everything; I direct, I write a bit, I act here and there…"
"Anything I might have seen?" you were intrigued; you figured he must be successful if he has coastal meetings on his career. That and you noticed a woman in the corner of the café staring at him since he slumped into the wooden chair when you arrived.
"I'm in the show Criminal Minds? I've directed a few episodes too."
"That's cool. Are you here for the show or something else?" You hoped your reply came off breezy, but inside, your heart was hammering. It's not often you meet successful, handsome actors let alone spend hours with them in a gallery and now sharing a muffin and some coffee.
"I'm working on a book right now, so I've to meet the publishers. I figured while I was here, I would visit some friends and galleries, maybe meet a beautiful woman to talk to."
He says the last line with no shame, staring into your blue eyes and relaxing into the chair. While you never thought you were ugly, the line still made your cheeks warm.
"Thank you; it's not every day for me that I get famous actors flirting with me." Building since you first traded facts, the tension is now undeniable and hanging thick; you can see his eyes dart from your lips back to your eyes.
"If you've no other plans today, I have a few art books at mine you can have a look at?" you take the last gulp of your coffee. He nods his head, knocking back the last of his. He throws down some cash on the table and stumbles out of his chair, following you outside. You hail down a passing yellow taxi and jump in. You give your address to the driver before you turn your head, him sitting so close to you now you pick up his light cologne smell. His hand grips the back of your head and smashes into your lips. After a few hard kisses, you let a low moan escape when his tongue touches yours for the first time. Your hand finds his chest, your fingers teasing his exposed skin, which lets out the guttural groan. From him as he moves his hands from your neck to your waist, practically forcing you to sit on his lap. The taxi jolts to a stop, forcing you both to untangle. You hand the driver a wad of notes before you hop out, slightly embarrassed that he had seen that display between you both. He jumps out the other side, follows you inside your building and up the 4th floor to your apartment. Behind closed doors again, he pinned you against the wooden frame, his fingers tangling in your hair before drawing his thumb across your full bottom lip. His eyes are practically black now, and his hair an even bigger mess than before; you twist a finger around an escaped curl on the nape of his neck.
"You are so fucking gorgeous." He presses his lips against yours with the same neediness as in the taxi.
His hands can't stay in one place, moving from your cupping your ass and hips to moving up your ribcage to your heaving chest. Your nimble fingers make work on the buttons of his shirt before he shrugs it off your shoulders.
"Turn around." He growls, and you comply, your centre now throbbing. He finds the small zipper of your dress and pulls it down. His hand snakes under the material while the other slides the thin straps from your shoulders and lets the material now pool at your feet. You press your back into his chest, his fingers now pinching your nipples, biting your lip to stops the moans from escaping. His lips find your bare shoulder, sponging kisses up to your neck where he nips at the flesh. You barely have your clothes off, but Matthew already has all your weak spots mapped out; maybe there is some truth in older men being better lovers that your friends tried to explain once. You break away and guide him to your bedroom, pushing him onto the bed gently where he props himself up on his elbows. You slide out of your sandals before kneeling between his legs. He sits up straight, dipping his head to meet yours in a kiss, his fingers tangling in your hair, waiting for your next move. You sponge kisses down his chest, nipping at his nipples, earning a groan from him while your hands loosen his belt and jeans. He helps slide them down his legs, and you untie his converse and throw them across the room.
"Do you have odd socks on?" your eyes widen in shock and add a playful air to the sexual tension.
"Good luck charm", he smirks back. You go back to teasing him, placing quick kisses across the band of his boxers before you make small work of them, adding to his pile of clothes now in the corner. You grip his erection in your hand, and you can feel how painfully hard he is, the tip already leaking with pre-cum before you get to work. You take long licks from the base, circling the top before you cover it with your lips and let it slide down your throat. Your hand jerks the bottom you can't cover.
"Fuck…" He mumbles, his fingers tangling in your hair and guiding the pace. You moan in response as you take him further in your mouth, inch by inch. Soon, you feel him hit the back of your throat, and his mumbles have turned into full-on moans, bouncing against the four walls. You know he's close, his cock is twitching in your mouth, and you can feel his grip in your hair tighten.
"So close, feels too good." You look up at him and set your eyes on him, his chest now glistening with sweat, his teeth pulling at his bottom lip, trying to contain his moans.
You keep his eye contact as you watch him come, some swear words tumbling out of his mouth. You swallow every last drop of him before he pulls you by the arm to join him in your bed. He kisses you again as he pushes you down on your mattress and positions himself between your thighs. His hands cradle your hips as he slides your underwear down your legs and tosses them to the side. He sits up and places chaste kisses on your thighs before he settles himself between your legs. Your head cranes back in the pillow as your hand grips the sheets at the first touch from his tongue, flicking lightly against your clit. He then sucks it between his lips as your hips lift off the bed; he holds them down as you grind into his face, now desperate for release. One of your hands played with your nipples when his fingers joined in, moaning his name so loudly you were sure you'd have a noise complaint tomorrow. Your hand moves to his hair as you can feel yourself tighten around his fingers before you feel yourself come, screaming his name one last time. He emerges, licking his lips before climbing back up and kissing you, letting you taste yourself. His kisses now were slow and deep, a shocking comparison to earlier but one you welcomed while you recovered.
"Do you have protection?" He rasped in your ear. You pulled out your top drawer on your nightstand and handed him the small silver packet, now thanking yourself that you kept stock. He made light work of putting it on before he settled back in between your legs, sliding the tip down your slit before he guides himself into you, not breaking eye contact. He pulls his hips back and slams into you, your nails finding his back and digging in. He set a quick pace, the sound of your hips crashing into each other filling the air. His lips find your chest, and he sinks his teeth into your nipples once again, earning a yelp from you. He notices the grip your nails have on his back release a little, so he uses this chance to pin them over your head.
"You still feel so tight around me."
"Hmmm…Matthew…so close" I feel my hands loosen their grip, letting me rub my clit as he continues to pound into me, his strokes now sloppy telling you he was near too. You were the first to go over the edge, tears coming from your eyes as you clenched around him a few strokes later, and some dirty encouragement he followed. He collapses on top of you for a few moments afterwards, steadying his breathing before he peels himself off you and cleans himself up. You could already feel yourself ache all over, but you needed him again already.
"So that was unexpected," he laughs.
"Yeah, I could still show you the art books if you want?"
He shakes his head. "I thought you could give me your phone number, and we go for dinner tomorrow?"
You nod you're head. You couldn't wait.
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fandom-imagines-stories · 11 months ago
Trapped Secrets
Tumblr media
Dr. Spencer Reid x Reader, Derek Morgan Platonic x Reader
Words: 3692
Summary: With no time to lose, you and Morgan storm an unsub’s house before the rest of the team gets there. After not hearing back from you, Spencer and the team start to panic. Injured, trapped, and keeping a major secret, you and Morgan have to stay alive in a frightened unsub’s basement. 
Notes: I picture this in season four because that’s where I am in the series. Plus I really like Spencer’s hair cut at the beginning of this season.  I am totally in love with Spencer Reid so expect to be seeing more imagines for him and for Criminal Minds in general! I hope you guys are as excited as I am. 
Find more Spencer and more HERE
“You’ll be careful, right?” You asked, straightening your boyfriend’s tie underneath his vest. 
“Only if you are.” Spencer gave you that little awkward smile that he always gave you. “Besides, I’m not going with Agent Action Hero.” He motioned to Agent Morgan; your search partner for the evening. 
“He’s not an action hero.” You laughed, strapping on your vest. “He just really likes kicking in doors.” Spencer snickered slightly, but his expression was still uncomfortable. 
“You jealous that I’m riding with your girl Reid?” Morgan laughed, patting the younger agent on the back. 
“Morgan.” You hissed, jerking your head towards Hotch. 
“What? We all know about you and the brainiac.”
“Yeah, and Hotch doesn’t exactly like being reminded about it.” The relationship between you and Dr. Reid wasn’t exactly protocol, especially on the same team. You hadn’t quite been able to figure out why SSA Hotchner hadn’t reported you or told you to put an end to it. 
“You guys better get going. We only have about five hours before he’ll likely kill Audrey Lang.” Spencer hooked his finger with yours, only for a moment, but it sent a sweet, tingling feeling up your arm. With both of you being new to any kind of serious relationship, you stuck to pretty small signs of affection. You didn’t mind. It was personal and perfect. Spencer went to join Hotch and you headed to the car with Morgan. 
“Is it just me, or did Reid actually look kind of worried?” Morgan asked. It was more to tease you than from concern. 
“Shut up.” You couldn’t help but grin. Morgan had that effect. You got into the passenger side and waited for his list of snarky comments. He wasn’t done poking fun at you yet. 
“I have to say, you’ve got ‘rule breaker’ all over you, but I honestly did not see this coming from Dr. Teacher's-Pet.” He shook his head with a smug smile and started the car. You just sat and rolled your eyes. Any response would just mean more provocation. “But dating a younger man… I always pictured you as more of the ‘Silver Fox’ kinda girl.” Now that pressed your buttons.
“Okay, first of all, just because I like Richard Gere, doesn’t mean I like older men.” You retorted, “Secondly, I’m not even that much older than Reid. There’s what, three years, between us?” 
“Uuuhuuuh.” The side eye he gave you made you want to slap him. Morgan chuckled. “Come on, you and I are friends, right? Don’t I get a few little details?” From the smirk on his face, you knew what he was talking about. 
“Derek Morgan, we are on a case. We are professionals on a case about three murdered federal employees. I will not divulge information regarding my sex life!” 
“I never said anything about sex, Agent Y/L/N.” His grin grew and you begrudgingly turned your face to the window. Morgan laughed at the red flushing your cheeks. You would be mad if he wasn’t your best friend. 
In the other car, Reid rode beside Hotch in tense silence. Spencer knew that his relationship with you could potentially get both of you into trouble with the bureau. Every time he was around Hotch, he waited for the reprimand. The unusual quiet was almost worse. Hotch turned a corner and took a heavy breath. 
“It’s a bad idea. You know that right?” 
“I know it’s against the rules, if that’s what you mean.” As intimidating as his superior could be, Reid was sure of himself. 
“The rules are there for a reason, Reid.” Hotch sighed. He would give anything to not be having this conversation right now. 
“Have either of us proven to be less efficient?”
“That’s not the point.” 
“If our relationship complicates our work, I can assure you that Y/N and I will be the first ones to address it.” 
“You know, if anything, I think that we’ve working better together than we have in the past, which is saying something because Y/N and I-”
“Are you happy?” He asked a little more aggressively than he had intended. Reid just blinked at him blankly.
“Are both of you happy?” He glanced over at the younger agent and Spencer shifted in his seat. He was awkward, but assertive. 
“I can’t totally speak for Y/N, but… yes.” He sat and waited for his superior’s response. Hotch fixed his eyes on the road. 
“I’m sorry?”
“I said okay.” Maybe he was going soft, but he’d never seen Reid or you like this before. If this relationship could help the both of you get through the horrors you saw every day, then turning a blind eye might not be the worst thing. 
“Thank you.” Spencer felt a small smile creep onto his face. Hotch scowled. 
“If a single problem arises, and I mean any dispute or laps in judgement-”
“You didn’t know anything about it. Got it.” Spencer stared at his lap to hide his smirk. 
You were still avoiding Morgan’s inquiring gaze when Garcia’s voice came through your earpiece. 
“Guys, Audrey Lang’s phone just turned on.” 
“Where?” Morgan’s grip on the steering wheel tightened. 
“157 21st Street.” Your stomach turned. As selfish as it was, a part of you had hoped that someone else would be closer. Morgan whirled the car around. 
“That’s just around the corner from us. We’re right on top of him.” He slammed on the brakes in front of the house and the two of you jumped out of the car. The house was about what you expected from a paranoid, conspiracy-obsessed unsub. The windows were boarded up and two different cameras looked down at you from the roof. 
“Morgan.” You pointed to the devices. Jacobs knew you were here. He nodded and spoke into his radio. 
“This guy has surveillance everywhere. He’s going to panic.” He glanced back at you, waiting for you to have his back. Despite your building panic, you didn’t have time to hesitate. You gave him a strong nod. “We’re going in.” 
You pushed your fear to the pit of your stomach. If you showed even the slightest panic, Morgan would know and you could jeopardize everything. So when he kicked in the door, you were right behind him. 
The house was silent. With guns raised, you both covered the first floor, finding nothing but scattered notes and ‘Big Brother Is Watching’ flyers. You located a flight of stairs leading to the basement and cautiously followed Morgan down. Similarly to the floor above, the basement seemed other than a desk with a few surveillance screens. Across from the stairs was a large metal door. It was open.  
Morgan charged towards it, but something wasn’t sitting right with you. 
“Hotch, how close are you and Reid?” You asked tentatively. 
“Five more minutes. Have you found Mrs. Lang?” 
“She’s in here!” Morgan announced. You stepped into the room, but kept close to the door. Morgan was kneeling over the unconscious body of Audrey. While she was out cold, she was still breathing. 
“What about Jacobs?” Hotch asked. 
“We looked everywhere upstairs and he wasn’t there.” 
“Reid, when you went to the other crime scene, you said that the victim had been covered and made to look like part of the rubble, right?”
“Yeah, Jacobs wanted to hide the body. If the construction worker hadn’t been working there, it likely wouldn't have been found.” Spencer’s voice wavered as he figured out where you were going with this. You looked at Morgan with wide eyes. 
“Then how did we get here so easily?” 
Hotch yelled into the radio. 
“It’s a trap. Get out of there. Now!” 
You whirled around and came face to face with Steven Jacobs. You fired your weapon, but didn’t get the chance to see if you hit him. Instead, you stumbled backwards and the large metal door slammed shut. 
“No!” Morgan shouted, throwing his weight against the door to try and break it down. “Hotch, can you hear me? Reid!” The radio connection was dead. Morgan slammed against the door again. 
“We’re going to get out of here.” He searched the door for any point of weakness.
 “Let us out, you son of a bitch!”
“Derek!” You finally yelled. When he turned around you watched his face morph with panic. Blood leaked through your fingers, your hand pressed against the wound in your shoulder. It wasn’t your gun that had gone off, it was Jacobs’. And you were hit. 
The street swarmed with teams from local police, S.W.A.T, and the BAU. In the middle of all of it was Spencer. He just stared at the front door. Somewhere in the basement of that house, his girlfriend and his closest friend were trapped by a paranoid schizophrenic with a gun. Neighbors reported already hearing a shot go off. Judging by the lights still on in the house and the fact that you and Morgan still hadn’t come out yet, it wasn’t one of your guns to make the shot. 
“He must be using something to jam the signal.” Prentiss huffed, her attempts to get a hold of either of you failing. “We need to get in there.” 
“We don’t know what Jacobs has in there.” Rossi said gruffly, joining them after meeting with the S.W.A.T leader. “For all we know, he could try and blow the whole block.”
“The longer we wait, the longer he has Morgan and Y/L/N.” Spencer ran his fingers through his hair. “Audrey Lang is probably dead and we don’t know who shot the gun or-”
“When they found her, Morgan didn’t say anything about Lang being dead.” Hotch said sternly. 
“He didn’t say she was alive, either.” Spencer’s voice was harsh considering he was speaking to a superior. 
“Reid, I want to get them out just as badly as you do, but if we try and storm in there, Jacobs will likely kill them and himself.” Hotch’s tone was stern and surprisingly calm. 
“You thought you had me, didn’t you!?” A voice boomed from the house. Every agent in the street tensed and raised their weapons. Prentiss was the first to lower her gun. 
“Look in the bushes.” She pointed to the shrubbery on either side of the door. “Speakers.” 
“You all thought you would silence the truth! Well I’m smarter than you. That’s right. And I will not be silenced!” 
Hotch looked at the hostage negotiator, who gave him the okay to talk. 
“Mr. Jacobs we don’t want to silence you.” 
“Tell that to the three spies in the other room.” Underneath Jacobs' voice was the sound of banging. Like fists against a door. Listening closer, Spencer could hear a yelling voice. 
“Morgan.” He whispered to the others. They listened to the sound of their coworker- their friend- trying to break free. 
“Jacobs you son of a bitch, we’ve got two injured people in here!” Derek screamed. You closed your eyes, trying to drown out the sound that was just making the pain worse. 
“Derek, don’t antagonize him.” You grimaced, trying to keep pressure against the still gushing bullet hole in your shoulder. “It’ll just piss him off.”
“Y/N, we need to get paramedics in here. Audrey is barely breathing and you’re bleeding out.” He knelt in front of you, lifting your hand slightly to look at the wound. 
“I thought you weren’t supposed to tell the patient they’re going to die.” You teased, trying to get your mind off of the guilt and regret. Derek winced. 
“You’re not going to die. I didn’t mean that.” 
“Go check on her.” You motioned towards Mrs. Lang. “I’ll be fine.” You adjusted slightly so your vest was in your lap. You had to take it off in order to tend to your wound and it left you vulnerable. 
As Derek crossed the room, you felt your vision blur with tears. You should have told him. You should have told him. 
Outside the tension was only getting worse. Jacobs had gone quiet and the team was itching to break the door down. Spencer was pacing, running through plan after plan in his head. If Garcia could hack into Jacobs’ system, they could cut the surveillance feed and go in. But if Jacobs noticed the hack, he would kill everyone inside. Finally, the shrill voice came back over the speakers. 
“One of your spies is dead.” He laughed frantically, a madman slipping more and more into his delusion. Spencer froze. “She said she didn’t know anything, but I knew she was lying. You train them well, you know.”
“She.” Spencer whispered, the panic making his hands shake. 
“Mr. Jacobs, which woman is dead?” Hotch asked carefully. Jacobs laughed again. 
“You have chips in all of them, you tell me.” 
“Mr. Jacobs, I need to know who died.” While he kept his gaze focused on the house, Hotch could tell that the team was holding their breath. 
“Damnit!” Derek exclaimed, slamming his hand against the floor. Audrey was dead. 
“There was nothing you could do, Derek.” You said grimly. You looked around at the metal walls and felt the last bit of hope leave you. “He’s going to kill all of us.” 
“No, no, you don’t get to talk like that.” Derek crouched in front of you and put a hand on your cheek. “We are not going to die in here.” A tear slipped down your cheek and you shook your head. 
“I never even got to tell him.” Maybe it was shock, but you started to hyperventilate. “I didn’t tell him, Derek.” 
“Sweetheart, what are you talking about?” 
“I didn’t tell Spencer.”
“Tell Reid what?” Derek’s eyes searched yours until you watched the realization on his face. “You’re not…”
“Yeah, Derek. I am.” You wiped another tear away. “I found out a couple of weeks ago.” 
“You’ve known that long and haven’t told anybody?” He sighed, sitting down beside you. You laid your head on his shoulder. 
“I’m telling you now, aren’t I?” You laughed humorously. “I know I should have told Hotch as soon as I found out, but I couldn’t tell him before I told Spencer and I just couldn’t figure out how to tell him.” Your voice cracked and Derek pressed a kiss to your temple. 
“It’s okay. It’s going to be okay.” 
It was eerily quiet. Jacobs had stopped his rambling and the sirens outside seemed distant now. Your hands fell to your stomach and you smiled sadly. 
“Help me think of names.” 
“Come on, distract me from the pain. Help me think of names for the little genius.” You shifted so that you were looking at Derek. “I was thinking that, if it’s a girl, I want to name her Diana. Spencer’s mom has always been such a big part of his life and I think that’s what he would want.”
“Diana is a beautiful name.” He gave you a sweet smile and took your hand in his. “What if it’s a boy?”
“See, I can’t make up my mind on that. I’m sure Spence would want some super smart author’s name or something, but... he’s the smartest person I know.” You spread your fingers over your belly, thinking about everything you had to lose. 
“Well if Spencer Jr. doesn’t stick, you could always name him after your favorite profiler.” Derek chuckled. His smirk fell when he looked at the sorrow on your face. 
“I need you to tell him.” 
“If I don’t…” You gulped. “If I don’t make it out of this, I don’t want him to find out from some doctor. I want him to hear it from you.” 
“Don’t go there. Don’t you go there, you hear me?” He stood with new determination. “We are getting out of here and you and that wonder baby are going to be just fine.” He brought your hand up to his lips before turning towards the door. 
“What are you-”
“Jacobs!” He pounded on the door. “I’m ready to talk! I’ll tell you anything you want to know.” 
“Derek what are you doing?” You struggled to stand and Derek moved you to the wall beside the door and motioned for you to stay still. 
“I’m ready to talk, Jacobs! You win!” You both readied your weapons and Derek stood in the corner. 
It didn’t take long for Jacobs to take the bait. Slowly, the metal door opened and Jacobs cautiously stepped inside. His wild eyes locked on you and your gun and he charged towards you. Before he could get far, Derek kicked the door into him. The impact made him stumble forward into you, shoving you against the wall. Your head hit the concrete hard, disorienting you long enough for Jacobs to aim his gun at your stomach. 
This time the shot wasn’t his. And you didn’t miss. 
The second shot had everyone ready to go in. Teams were prepping when the front door opened. 
“Hold your fire!” Morgan shouted. “I’ve got an injured agent here!” He emerged from the house walking as fast as he could. He was carrying you. Spencer broke into a sprint, rushing alongside him and trying to examine your injuries. 
“What happened? Is she okay?” Before he could answer, paramedics swarmed them. 
“She was shot in the left shoulder, no exit wound, and she’s lost a lot of blood. She also hit her head pretty hard, but she’s remained conscious.” He informed them. 
“Sir, you’ll have to come with us so we can examine you as well.” One ordered. 
“I’m coming with you.” Reid said firmly. Nobody argued with him and so they all climbed into the back of the ambulance. 
They sat Morgan and Reid down and got you onto a gurney. 
“Agent Y/L/N, can you hear me?” 
“Agent Morgan, did you sustain any injuries in Mr. Jacobs’ basement?”
“Dr. Reid, I need you to stay over there.” 
So many things were happening at once, Derek could barely get a word in. 
“There’s something you need to know before you give her anything.” He told the woman tending to you. He finally looked at Reid. He’d been avoiding his gaze since he stepped out of the house, but now he had to keep his promise to you. He had to tell him. “She’s pregnant.” 
The paramedics acted accordingly and Spencer just stared at him. 
“She’s pregnant, kid.” Derek put a hand on his shoulder, but he shrugged it off, his gaze shifting to you. 
“That’s not… she would have told me. She would have-”
“She wanted to tell you. She was just scared.”
“Scared of what?”
“I don’t know, kid.”
“Don’t call me that!” Spencer pushed away from him. 
“Sir, I need you to calm down-”
“You should have waited! If you had waited for the rest of us, this wouldn’t have happened.”
“We were trying to save Audrey Lang.”
“Audrey Lang died!” Spencer snapped. “And now so could Y/N. She could die and could my…” He trailed off, his anger fading quickly into a devastated panic. 
“This is really not the place for this argument.” One of the paramedics warned. 
“She’s going to be okay, Reid. Her and your baby are going to be okay.” He pulled the younger agent into a hug, trying to convince himself as well. 
The whole team was in the waiting room. Hotch watched Reid carefully as he paced relentlessly. Judging by the tension between him and Morgan, there was something the two weren’t saying. 
The bodies of Audrey Lang and Steven Jacobs were found in his basement. Hotchner would be filling out the paperwork as soon as they found out your condition. When the doctor finally approached them, everyone was on the edge of their seats. 
“Agent Y/L/N will have to wear a sling for her shoulder injury and she’s suffering from a concussion, but in time, she will make a full recovery.” Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. The doctor continued. “As for the other matter,” She gave Spencer a small smile, “she’s asking to speak to Dr. Reid before any other visitors.” 
With everybody’s eyes on him, Spencer followed her back to your room. You looked a lot better now and you were giving him a nervous smile. 
“Hey.” He stood in the doorway for a moment, unable to move. 
“I’m going to go fill out some forms, but I will be just down the hall if you need anything or have any questions.” The doctor said before leaving the two of you alone. Spencer shoved his hands in his pockets and slowly shuffled forward. 
“Is everything okay?” He asked. “I mean… is the… are you-”
“We’re both fine, Spence.” You held your breath, waiting for him to react. Spencer pulled up a chair and took your hand in his. His hands were shaking slightly. 
“Why didn’t you tell me?” 
“Were you that afraid of how I would react?”
“No!” You exclaimed, laying a hand on his cheek. “Spencer, I was afraid of everything. I was afraid of facing it. I love you and I want this child, I do. But… I know geological profiling and how to link victims and what to say to a grieving family. I don’t know how to be a parent.” 
“You think I do?” He laughed anxiously. “I don’t know the first thing about being a dad. But…” He gulped. “I know that I have been happier with you than I have in my whole life. I don’t know a lot about love, but everything I do know, I know because of you. And if you can do that, then we can figure this out.” 
A grin spread across your face and you pulled his lips to yours. You were too distracted by each other to notice the other figure at the door. 
“I believe I was told something about naming a certain baby after me?” Derek smirked. Spencer gave you a look. 
“You’re delusional, Morgan.” You laughed. Derek looked at Reid. 
“Are we good, kid?” 
Spencer smiled. 
“Yeah. We’re good.” 
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boredandelusive · 4 months ago
TW: The MGG situation, mention of SA a minor, allegations
So here's the full situation from the threads I summarized, and I'll leave links to the posts and the person who made the thread.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here for the tik tok in the last photo and for more clarification
Here for the entire page of info and the screenshots, as well as the threads mentioned
There's also mentions of how this happened to Dylan last year, same story, and when it happened to mgg last year, he said it was false.
I'm still on a neutral standing ground, and the user also pointed out the spottiness in the stories, and the SS was from my version of summarizing, if it wasn't clear.
UPDATE: apparently the camp thing happened last year, but it still catches my attention how she joked about him not finding the cl1t and instead of fully clarifying, she said it was worse of an issue because she was underage, and she apparently got the time wrong, how she said it was 9 years not 8. 
What’s also concerning is that the time this would’ve happened was when season 7 or 8 was being shot, which he also dated someone at the time. Then another thing about how she said it was a joke by liking the comment of someone saying it was a joke. Someone else said Marley said it was a dare, which means it could be a false allegation, which doesn’t help at all. 
UPDATE 2.0: So more information came to light about Marley, and how her 21st birthday was 4 years ago, meaning she wasn’t 16 in 2013. This would’ve made her currently 24 but she’s 25, not a big difference, but and in 2019, she worked t Lake Tahoe, making her 21/22 at the time. In 2013, she was at highschool in another state, not in cali, and has only worked in her home state except for 2019.
There’s a thread on twitter adding everything together. To recap, someone found her facebook from tumblr and it proved she lived on lake tahoe during 2013. There’s proof the camp was false, and no adult man would’ve been around minors, let alone them drinking. This was the same girl from last year saying the camp allegations, which is why I’ve decided to keep them here.
There’s a lot of contradictions to her story, before saying she was dismissed when telling adults, he said she’s never told anyone before. She said it was a bad experience, which doesn’t mean r@p3 or gr--ming, but people have jumped ot those conclusions.
In 2013, mgg was filming Life After Beth in LA and CM, he was dating Ali Michael in 2013, meaning he wouldn’t have reasonable gone to the camp during this time, mostly because he probably didn’t have free time. Marley lives in Utah and is a realtor, and in 2016, mgg was at SSC as a cameo, which places her at 19/20, which an uncomfy interaction could’ve happened then, but why did she lie about her age?
Marley could’ve been uncomfy by something he said, then lied about being younger to have a bigger impact on the internet. This would’ve happened during 2016/17, which her FB shows she was at SSC, and mgg was there for a talent show. This was the only plausible time for them to meet, and the SSC situation helps to infer she’s the same one fom last year’s allegations. Marley was 18 in 2014.
What’s also strange is how she saiad she didn’t know hwo to delete her tik tok acc, but people helped her. Someone tried it, and you only need a password to deactivate it. She then lies about deleting the account, considering she said you need a code, not the case. She also posted another tik tok saying she wanted more people to view her tik toks to make money from it. 
UPDATE 3.0: There has been video proof of Marley stating she wanted to make money off of this. The link is from here and take this how you want it, but it’s still absolutely strange how she mentioned wanting to make money from this like I said. It seems more like she’s using a big name to get views and money, hoping it would bring her attention.
UPDATE 4.0: There you have it folks, straight from her account and screenshotted into a tik tok, she admits it was a joke. You can look at it here because I hope and think this will be the first and last time I have to do shit like this.
Personally, as a C(SA) survivor, her coping mech was strange and uncomfy. She didn’t put a TW, and there’s video proof of her saying she wanted to make money off it from the vid being on friends only. I’ll leave a link to the two threads for you to see for yourself. 
Thread one by kiramreid on twt and thread two by comfortmgg on twt. 
Either way, I’ll be updating this blog as I continue finding out more, she deleted her two instas, I want to find out as much as I can to discover the truth. If this did actually happen, which I know to separate the actor from the character, it won’t change the HDHS series, but considering I”m on a bit of a writing break, it’ll be delayed at best.
I’m not saying otherwise, but am presenting the rumours, so it’s up to you how you interpret things. I’m staying on a neutral ground.
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tomorroejones · 2 months ago
I had an idea today and I need to share it.
Matthew Grey Gubler as The Riddler.
Maybe he wouldn't do it, because the character is a dark mirror of Spencer Reid.
I just think it would be neat.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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