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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
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Tumblr media
this, this bring me so much serotonin!!!!
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So Thomas just posted this (Gubes probably will later to)
Tumblr media
they look so happy and the whole concept of them planing to see each other is so adorable for some reason!!
Tumblr media
not to mention all the other amazing fan photos we’ve been getting of Gubler this week
(for instance:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
aahh anyways sorry for this rant lol but thank you for your time and thank you to all that are willing to share their experiences with the fandom !!!!
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malmgg · 4 days ago
can you do a matthew x zayn or bella hadid layout please?<3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i’m not gonna lie i don’t know if the bella one matches
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gubler-me-up · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
THANKS FOR SUBMITTING THIS @mysticalcrusadearcade​ 
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baubuttercup · 12 days ago
Things I would change in criminal minds
Spoilers Ahead
- Maeve should have ended up with Spencer
- we see Spencer become a dad
- Elle should have stayed and met Emily, because they would have been powerful
- Garcia and Morgan should have kissed at least once
- we should have seen Garcia and Luke’s date
- we should of got a flashback to Reid and jjs date which included Garcia
- JJ Should have either confessed her love for Spencer before she got with will or should have just kept it to herself
- the replicator should have been someone we knew
- professor Reid should of had more air time
- Rossi should not have been portrayed as raciest
- Rossi’s ex wife did not need to die
- Morgan should NOT have been right about the guy that shot Penelope cause that made her insecurities real
- MGG should have directed every episode
- closure to Haley cheating
- Spencer mom should have either had schizophrenia or Alzheimer’s not both
- we should have seen more of Reid’s drug addiction
- Seaver should have followed in her fathers footsteps and become an unsub
- we should have seen Spencer grieve maeves death
- we should have seen the 10 weeks that Spencer cried at jjs doorstep
- Emily should have confessed her love for JJ or any girl
- Hotch should have ended up with Beth
- we should have seen Reid on his day off
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gubler-me-up · 19 days ago
Baby Making Magic (MGG Request)
Tumblr media
Request: Hi I just saw that you receive requests and I was wondering if you write sth for mgg and reader being married and trying for a baby with breeding kink pretty please?
A/N: Thanks for the request, anon! I haven’t written a breeding kink before so this was exciting to write. I hope I channeled the kink well for ya, love! Enjoy!! 🌚✨
Couple: MGG/Fem!reader
Category: Smut
Content warning: Unprotected sex, penetrative sex, swearing, creampie, breeding kink, fingering, nipple stimulation, overstimulation, oral sex (female receiving) 
Word count: 2.2k
Being married to the love of your life for two years was one of the highlights of your life. Having Matthew by your side for the past two years was nothing but love, fun, and thrilling adventures. You two lived your best lives with trips to your favourite places to get away from your lives back home. When you two were home, it was precious time you two spent together to relax and enjoy each other’s company.
Though you both enjoyed each other’s company, your ovaries were begging you for a baby. Every time you saw a cute baby on Instagram or when you walked through the park, you felt your heart light up. You found yourself talking to Matthew about babies more and more as the months passed by. He was intrigued with the idea as well. He loved kids and you knew he would be an amazing father.
The more you two discussed, it was clear you were both on the same page. You told him you were stopping your birth control, no condoms in the bedroom, and pure, raw sex until you got a baby. He was all in on the idea as well. You knew you could get pregnant after the first try or it might take a couple of tries but you were excited to start the process.
You were brushing your teeth to get ready to hop in bed with Matthew. It had been three weeks since you stopped taking your birth control. You two hadn’t had sex in that time because you needed a few weeks to feel up for it. You felt much better as the weeks progressed and you could feel your appetite for sex grow again.
Matthew was laying in bed reading a new book he picked up from the bookstore you two had gone to in the day. He was all cozy in his pyjama’s waiting for you to finish up in the bathroom so you both could drift off to sleep. You were wearing your usual pyjama’s which consisted of an oversized t-shirt and underwear, so it made sense why he thought you were ready for bed. Little did he know you were ready for him.
You spat out the toothpaste in your mouth and rinsed your mouth. You dried your mouth with your shirt collar before you strutted into the bedroom. You didn’t even give him the time to put down his book before you crawled onto the bed and crawled onto him. You sat yourself right on his pelvis and to your surprise you could feel a forming boner.
He moved his book away from his face and placed it on the nightstand before turning back to look at you with a smirk. You gave him a mischievous smirk back as you started to rub your hands up and down his chest. He ran his hands up your thighs and rested them on your hips with his fingertips just above your underwear elastic.
“Is there a sex scene in that book? Your dick is getting hard, baby,” you giggled.
He chuckled. “No, my mind just couldn’t help think of you instead of reading the words in the book.”
You looked at him intrigued. “Oh? What were you thinking of?”
“Filling you up with cum and hoping a baby comes from it,” he said.
You felt your heart rate increase as soon as he said those words. You felt yourself get wetter instantly and you wanted to rip off his pyjama’s. Before you could do that, he flipped you over onto the bed. He leaned over you and gave you a lustful, long kiss. You could feel the yearning he had for you on his lips.
His hand slipped under your underwear. He went straight to your clit to get your blood flowing even more. He circled it gently as he continued to kiss you intensely. You would have kissed him for longer if you didn’t need to let your wild moans escape your mouth. He trailed his kiss across your jaw to your ear.
“I think I should show you instead of telling you. Don’t you think?” He whispered.
“Yeah,” you shrieked as you felt him insert two fingers in you.
He made sure his fingers gave you a lot of love on your g-spot. He enthusiastically rubbed it as your moans increased in volume. He tried to kiss you but every time he did, you had to stop to let out a needy moan. Your legs bent up and shook as he kept stroking your g-spot delicately.
You took it upon yourself to speed up the undressing process by pulling off your shirt. As soon as it was off, he didn’t hesitate to latch his mouth onto your breast to suck on your nipple. You gasped as you felt his tongue swirl his tongue around your areola and used the tip to flick your nipple.
“Oh fuck,” you moaned.
He slipped his fingers out of you and went back to circling your clit. You grabbed his pyjama shirt as you let him rise your stimulation to the point of nearly having you scream. He stopped sucking your breasts to kiss up your chest, up your neck until he reached your lips.
“I can’t wait to get you pregnant,” he whispered.
Those words ran over you like warm water. You bit your lip as you proceeded to try and take off his pants. It was hard to concentrate when he was rubbing your clit continuously. He stopped to help you out. He smirked as he moved your hands away from his crotch.
He pulled down his pants and underwear to expose himself to you. You waited eagerly as he took them off completely and went straight to taking off his shirt. You couldn’t help yourself at that point. You widened your mouth as you approached his dick ready to take him in whole but he stopped you.
He grabbed your jaw to guide your head gently back down onto the pillow. He kept his hand firm on your jaw as he positioned himself over you. Once he was right over you, he leaned down to kiss your waiting lips. You broke out into a smile at how gentle he was being with you.
“You don’t have to be so gentle, babe,” you said.
“I don’t want to leave my personal future milf bruised,” he said.
He gave you another kiss on your lips before trailing back down your body. You thought he was going back to your breasts but he kept on going. He kissed your breasts, down to your stomach, in-between your inner thigh, to your clit. You gasped and your legs tensed as he fiercely sucked your clit. The tip of his tongue got in on the action as well and started to flick your clit.
“Oh my God, yes,” you moaned.
He interpreted your enthusiasm as you wanting more. You were overjoyed that even with weeks between the last time you two had sex he knew exactly what you needed. He weaved his hands under your thighs to pull you closer to him. He made sure his face was up front and personal all in you.
He stuck his fingers back in you and pumped in and out of you slowly as his mouth continued. Your heavy, breathy moans soon turned into yearning gibberish. You needed him inside of you. You wanted him to pound you into oblivion and feel the rush of his cum fill you up. You went to push him off of you but he stopped you from your plan.
He entangled his fingers in yours and gripped your hand tight so you couldn’t physically squirm your hands away from his. He looked up at you as he continued to intensely flick, lick, and overstimulate you. You arched your back and tightened your grip on his hands to the point of starting to dig your nails into his skin.
“B-baby, baby…Oh my God, f-fuck,” you moaned.
He took that as enthusiasm to take it even further. He took the liberty to suck on your clit hard and let his tongue massage it until your legs started to quake. Your breaths became laboured the longer he did it. The tingling of your orgasm edged closer and closer every time he clung onto your clit.
You let out a shriek as your orgasm peaked all the way. You gripped his hands tighter as your legs stiffened but he didn’t let up just yet. He kept going until your legs went back to shaking and you were pulling his arms to try to signal him to come up to you. He eased up but didn’t move from in-between your thighs.
“Tell me you want me to cum in you,” he said as he licked you.
“I want you to cum in me,” you moaned.
“Tell me you want to have my baby,” he said as he licked you again.
“I want to have your baby,” you moaned.
“Beg for it,” he said before he went back to sucking your clit.
“I want to carry your fucking baby. I want to be the one to have your baby,” you begged.
He eased up from your clit to look at you as he licked his lips. He let go of your hands and moved his hands from underneath your thighs. He crawled up to you and kissed your lips aggressively. You felt him grip your hips with just as much aggression in his touch.
He trailed his kisses from your lips down your jaw until he reached your ear. He licked your earlobe that sent frivolous shivers down your spine. If he didn’t already convince you to let him fuck you, he definitely convinced you with that. He used one hand to drag off your underwear fully and you lifted your legs to slip out of them.
“Let’s make you a mother,” he whispered.
You gasped as you felt him plunge his dick deep inside of you. You tilted your head back as he started to get into the rhythm you liked the best when he fucked you. Nicely paced with deep strokes into you. You wrapped your legs around him to make sure he could go deep as possible into you.
He kissed down your neck but didn’t leave your lips hanging for too long. He went back to your lips to kiss you fiercely and passionately. You wanted to embrace it wholeheartedly but you couldn’t stop moaning at the feeling of his dick ramming deep into you. He looked at you in your eyes with lust hazed over them.
“I’m going to cum so deep in you that it’ll guarantee you’ll get pregnant,” he said.
“I-I…I fucking want that,” you moaned.
“I’ll fucking give it to you,” he said.
He slammed his lips back onto yours. He didn’t let you move away from him this time. His tongue wouldn’t ease up from yours, so you just moaned into his mouth. You held onto his back and dug your nails into his skin.
He moved away from your lips to look back into your eyes. He looked at you with a mission in his eyes and that was to make you the mother of his child. You looked at him with wide eyes, breathing heavily. You knew it excited him to the core which made it feel even more thrilled for him to cum in you.
His eyebrows furrowed and his breathing increased to match yours. You knew he was getting closer and closer to cumming in you. He leaned down to kiss you again before leaning up to look at you again. You dug your nails into his back harder as the excitement came full force to you.
“Please fill me with your cum,” you begged.
“You want it bad, don’t you?” He asked.
“I do. Breed me like the fucking whore I am,” you begged.
He stared you right in your eyes as he let out a few groans before he stuck his dick deep in you and held it there. You felt his cum squirt deep in you which felt amazing especially considering it could lead to the baby you two wanted. He leaned down and kissed you on your lips softly.
He pulled out of you without letting his lips leave yours any time soon. You unwrapped your legs from around him and wrapped your arms around his neck to keep his face close to yours so his kisses wouldn’t fade. He slightly pulled away from your face to look at you with gentler eyes.
“I hope that was good for your first time back,” he said.
“It was amazing. You ate the shit out of me,” you giggled.
“Well, I didn’t want you to feel as if I was only fucking you to get pregnant. You need some extra attention in the process too,” he said as he kissed you again.
You smiled. “You’re the sweetest thing. I just know our future kid’s going to be lucky to have such a caring dad.”
“And they’re going to be lucky to have such a wonderful mom,” he said.
You chuckled before pulling him down for another kiss. He embraced you openly. His hands started to wander up and down your thigh suggestively which made your spine tingle. He leaned up from you to look at you with a mischievous smile.
“I think we should have a round two just in case round one didn’t do the trick,” he said.
You chuckled. “Let’s breed me, baby.”
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mrsmaybank · 28 days ago
Apocalypse - Matthew Gray Gubler x Reader
Tumblr media
“You’re finally taking Cinema and Literature.” I felt him smile against the skin of my shoulder. He said it so casually. As if my underwear weren’t on his floor and the room didn’t reek of last night’s sex and Absolut. 
CONTENT WARNINGS: Semi-Graphic Descriptions of Sex, Alcohol, Language, Implications of fighting/angst, toxic relationship
A/N:  You can’t tell me that little collage isn’t exactly what it would be like to date college Matthew. He was the embodiment of NYU Film Major. Looked fucking hot doing it too. Cigs After Sex is the soundtrack to your relationship, by the way. Listen to Apocalypse here.
9:05 AM - Saturday, August 26, 2000 Sophomore Year 
 It was early Saturday morning. I was naked and petrified. Bare back faced to Matthew Gray Gubler. I didn’t know if he was awake, and if he was what the hell would I say. I hoped as soon as he realized the naked girl in his bed was me he’d kick me out. Save me the shameful, deer in headlights bra collecting exit.  I prayed he would tell me to leave so I just....would. I heard pillows and sheets rustle, and I just hoped he just did what was best for the both of us. 
Tell me to leave Matthew. 
Like always though, we were absolutely not on the same page. 
“So..” His big hand slid over my hip from behind me, his palm gently forcing me back onto him, “You’re finally taking Cinema and Literature.” I felt him smile against the skin of my shoulder. He said it so casually. As if my underwear weren’t on his floor and the room didn’t reek of last night’s sex and Absolut. 
“Yeah.” I answered. His short finger nails dug into his hips as his chest met my back. Neck craning over me. I shuddered and he noticed. 
“You like it right?” It was a painfully obvious double entendre and I couldn’t figure out either of the answers. The Cinema and Literature professors unconventional teaching methods were a circulating debate at NYU, but fucking my ex AND staying the night the first weekend back on campus was indisputably wrong. Problem was I really enjoyed both. 
Wet lips began to pepper equally wet kisses on my neck. My ability to move or speak was stripped. It was embarrassing really; I couldn’t focus or function when he touched me. Matthew liked that. A lot. Somethings never change. 
“Your opinion on Scorsese?” His hands traveled through sheets and onto the bare skin of my chest. I sucked in a deep breath and looked him in the eye for the first time since last night. He had a cocky, stupid hot smile on his face. His hands slipped under me and I knew I was gone so I looked away. I didn’t want to see what he was thinking. This was so incredibly self destructive. We were swiftly undoing all the slow healing we’d both already done. 
My brain spun all its gears at once to get out an answer while his hands practically methodically massaged my boobs. The feeling was the best kind of familiar. “You value my opinion?” 
A hand made it’s way to my face, pulling it to his so that we could look at each other again. “Always did.” His voice was soft with sincerity that affected me more then I would’ve liked it to. 
God, why? Why did things end the way they did? Why did....Why was.... Just why? There were so many whys, way too many fucking whys. Just tell me why, Matthew, please. 
Then he kissed me, and it felt like time didn’t exist anymore. 
Your lips, my lips 
Time was like that for awhile, non-existent. The only thing that existed and mattered were the lips attached to mine and the torturously clever hand in between my legs. He stroked me with such tender care and affinity, I almost forgot we’d exchanged “Fuck you” more times then “I love you”. My breath got heavier and my moans got louder. I’d always meant the “I love you” more then the “Fuck you”. 
“Come on pretty girl, come for me.” The strokes and rubs of my clit and insides got more intense as his mouth nibbled at my earlobe, “I know you missed it.”
“S-shit!” And like that, I let go. I gave him what we both wanted too badly for our own good. 
He got up first. I tried not to look as he dressed himself, but I couldn’t help it. He manipulated all of my senses, vision included. My eyes couldn’t leave him and he smiled when he noticed my shy stare. 
“I was surprised when you said Hi last night.” He said, absent mindedly zipping his fly. 
“It would’ve been weird if I didn’t.” I responded, forcing myself to say it plainly. 
“Not really, all things considered.” He rummaged through still unpacked boxes, “You need a shirt?” It was cheeky and unappreciated, but I still took the offer. 
It was brown and striped, a personal favorite back in the days of cuddlefucking and PDAs in front of all of our friends. This boy was too clever. He tossed it to me before putting on his own and laying back down. I shimmied the shirt on. It smelled like his detergent and the butterflies in my stomach were having a field day. 
“I uh--I annotated the first lecture if you want it.” The sentence coming from him was uncharacteristically low pitched. He’d run out of things he could say without one or both of us choking up. 
“S-sure.” I nodded, “That’d be help-” 
There was a pounding on the door, and instantly in my chest. 
“C’mon Gube! It’s first Saturday back! We got Bloody Mary’s and chicken wings calling our mothafuckin’ names!” It was Danny. Matthew’s best friend, my dormmates friend, all of my friend’s friend, and obviously, MY friend. It was the worst possible person to be knocking on the door right now.
“Gubler, you bitch!” He laughed, “I know you’re in there man.” 
I was silent as a mouse. We could play this off. He’ll leave eventually. 
“Well motherfucker, I’m coming in! Rick gave me his key. Hide your dick if you’re jacking it!” 
Fuckin’ Rick. His dormmate. Didn’t know much about him other then he had good weed and definitely was not here last night. 
I was frozen in fear and Matthew’s hands wiped his face and then didn’t leave. They were trying to hide a smile. I was absolutely horrified and he was slightly amused. One word. Typical. 
“Holy. Fucking. Shit.” Danny’s jaw had swung open when he entered the room and saw what was happening. 
His best friend and the ex-girlfriend he’d probably, no definitely, proclaimed extreme hatred for were sharing a bed and clothes on a Saturday morning. 
“So like.... is it exactly what it looks like?” Danny tried and failed miserably to stifle his laugh when he saw my face. 
“Shut your fucking mouth and get out.” I practically screamed. Thankfully, he listened. 
I was seething. At myself, at Matthew and at fucking Danny for being such a goddamn jackass. 
“Hey..” Matthew rushed to calm me down but I hissed at him before he could touch me. 
I launched myself out of bed and scrambled to get my things. “Phone, keys, wallet...what am I missing?” I muttered to my stupid, hungover, fucking mentally exhausted brain. I was answered with shimmery fabric peeking from behind a sheet. “Dress.” 
“Here.” Matthew threw me some basketball shorts. I didn’t thank him. 
Without a word, I was out the door. Fuck. 
The walk back to my dorm was pitiful. I scurried down the halls with dress and heels in hand, in clothes that were so evidently not mine, receiving mixed looks I didn’t have the brain capacity to decipher. I just wanted to cry.
I laid down in my freshly unpacked dorm, and there were two very distinct scents. My dorm mate Lo’s soy linen candles and my regret. 
This kind of regret was laced with confusion and animosity and anger, and as much as I wanted to ignore it, there was a growing feeling of longing. Longing for Matthew and the way those skinny ass arms felt wrapped around my waist. 
I couldn’t think about it for too long though, because Lo and her girlfriend, Jen were now in the doorway. Donuts and coffee in hand. God didn’t hate me so much after all.
“Give me one, right now.” I snatched a chocolate glaze from the box. 
“You good?” Lo laughed and Jen gave me a look. 
Shoving the donut into my face, I figured the best way to do this was bluntly. Danny was going to tell them within the hour anyway. Swallowing, I started rambling immediately. “I fucked Gubler last night.” I took another bite and kept talking with my mouth full, “Woke up and--Shit.” Sprinkles were falling everywhere. “He fucked me again.” I opened my eyes wide, “With his fingers.” I sighed, “They’re so long and--” 
“Do NOT finish that sentence.” Lo interrupted. “Girl, why?” 
“You think I fucking know why?” I threw myself back on my bed. “I barely remember what happened last night. All I know is where I woke up.” 
“You’re fucked kiddo,” Jen said patting my head. “You get your bag, babe?” she asked Lo. 
“Yeah,” Lo came out the closet and gave me a kiss on the forehead, “Sleep well my child.” 
They were gone and so was my ability to not let tears stream down my face.  There was a light knock on my door. If it was Matthew I think I would scream. 
Thank you for reading. 
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gubler-me-up · a month ago
Glutton for Punishment (MGG Request)
Tumblr media
Request: smut request for matthew gray gubler! you keep sending matthew teasing texts and pictures all day while he is at work. he can’t leave set and you know it. you also know you are in for it when he does get home. when he is on his way home he texts you “i want you in my favorite lavender lingerie set waiting for me on the bed. you touch yourself and you make it worse on yourself.” of course you being you, you touch yourself. he comes in and sees and goes feral. you bends you over his knee and spanks you, makes you count and thank him for every spank, edges you with everything, his mouth, fingers, vibrators, anything he deems fit. once he lets you cum he doesn’t let you stop says “you just begged me to let you cum and now it’s to much?” he degrades you and absolutely ruins you. when he’s fucking you and makes you cum for the last time you come so hard you squirt. he’s so turned on and proud of you. then aftercare is a ten out of ten. maybe you have a bit of subdrop. you get really clingy, and he gives you a bath n cuddles you. he tells you how proud he is. promises that tomorrow is a cuddle day w your favorite movies and all the snacks you want.
A/N: Thank you for the request, anon! Imma keep this lil message nice and short by saying sorry this took so long to write. Literally had a rough two weeks but we move. Hope this honours your request to a T! Happy reading!
Couple: Dom!MGG x Sub Fem!reader
Category: Smut (NSFW 18+)
Content warning: Penetrative sex, unprotected sex, spanking, edging, degradation, fingering, oral sex (female receiving), sex toys, rough sex, squirting, creampie, praising, aftercare, overstimulation 
Word count: 4k
You hit send on the latest nude you had taken of yourself for the day. You had sent Matthew about ten extensively different ones throughout the day with little teasing messages to pair with them. You made sure to start the nudes with tame poses in front of the bathroom mirror and slowly increased the poses to risky, suggestive moves.
The more suggestive the pose, the riskier the texts you would send. You teased him with seductive and suggestive language that could make anyone’s blood rise. You told him how you would be his sex kitten for the rest of the day if he came home early. You described in great detail the length you would go to satisfy him. Anything and everything.
You knew how much he hated when you teased him while he was on set. He valued separating pleasure and work so seducing him via text messages was a big no in his book but you were never one to care. You loved pushing your boundaries with him to see what he would do. You wanted to feel his wrath when he got him because of your naughty, disobedient ways.
You checked the time on your phone and saw it was nearly time for him to wrap up his scene for the afternoon. You smiled to yourself as you walked out of the washroom to go downstairs to get a quick snack to eat. You had a feeling you would have a long few hours ahead of you. You could already imagine how soar your ass would be after he was done spanking you for misbehaving or how tired your mouth would be from him fucking your mouth. The thought of these two things alone started to soak your panties.
You grabbed yourself a bowl of cereal to pass the time by. You selected a good show on Netflix to watch while you ate to consume your brain’s capacity with something other than the thought of Matthew railing you. Your brain couldn’t let it go. You decided it would be best to put on Criminal Minds to get a glimpse of his beautiful face before he got home.
Halfway through your cereal, you heard your phone vibrate against the table. You eagerly picked it up because you knew who it was messaging you. You looked at your lock screen to see you had a message from Matthew. You quickly swiped it open to reveal his message for you.
I want you in my favourite lavender lingerie set waiting for me on the bed. You touch yourself and you make it worse on yourself.
You held your phone close to your mouth as you let out a high pitch squeal filled with excitement. You closed your laptop mid-episode and shot up from your seat. You didn’t even think of finishing your cereal as the adrenaline and lust ran through your veins.
You nearly sprinted up the stairs as you went to go get ready for his arrival. You wanted to make sure you were prepped and ready for his arrival. Before you even entered the bedroom, you started to strip your clothes off. You pulled off your shirt and then unhooked your bra. You threw them both to the floor as you entered the bedroom and made a B-line to the bathroom. You frantically took off your shorts to hop into the shower as fast as you could. You knew it wouldn’t take him long to get home from set so it had to be a quick shower and get yourself extra pretty for him.
The time you turned on the water, hopped in, lathered yourself, washed yourself off, and jumped out of the shower, less than 10 minutes went by. You didn’t want to waste time having a thorough shower because you knew you would take another shower after to wash all the cum and sweat off of you.
You grabbed your towel off the rack and dried yourself off quickly before throwing the towel on the bathroom counter. You lotioned yourself and put on deodorant. You made sure to do a double coat of deodorant because you knew he’d make you sweat extra hard. You went into the bedroom to pull out the lavender lingerie he had requested you to wear.
You went to the Chester drawer and kneeled to open the bottom drawer. It was your exclusive drawer to place all your lingerie, sex toys, lubricant, and bondage supplies. You rummaged through some other pieces of lingerie before pulling out his favourite lavender lingerie set. You smirked to yourself as you touched the fabric and you could just imagine him touching you immediately as he saw you.
You stood up to get yourself dressed for him. You placed the panties in-between your thighs to hook your bra. You pulled the straps up and made sure your breasts looked plump and juicy. You then grabbed the panties from in-between your thighs and slid them on.
You walked to the mirror to check yourself out from top to bottom. Your breasts were looking right and when you turned around, your ass looked even better. The panty to the set had the bottom cut out so your pussy and ass were out with nothing restraining them. The colour of the lingerie wasn’t the only thing Matthew loved about it.
You strolled over to the beaded crawled your way onto the bed to lay yourself out. You laid on your back, relaxed your muscles, and waited. You looked over to the nightstand to grab your phone just to realize you left it in the bathroom. You let out a huge sigh but didn’t bother to get up. Your muscles had already relaxed into the bed. It was up to your brain to entertain you in the meantime.
You closed your eyes to let your mind find something to think about. Obviously, your brain went straight to the last time Matthew fucked you. He had you bent over the kitchen tables with your hands behind your back, railing the shit out of you. You don’t think you screamed like that for a long while.
You thought you might as well do something with this memory. You caressed one of your hands on your breast and your other hand made its way to your clit. You started circling your clit as you thought about him telling you how good your wet pussy felt on his dick. How your pussy was practically begging him to cum in you multiple times.
You started to moan as you circled your clit faster as you started to think of him cumming in you. He made sure to fuck his cum into you so not a single drop would come out. He then pulled out of you, grabbed your hair, and brought you to your knees so you could lick his dick clean like the nasty whore you were. You would suck his dick all day if you could.
“You filthy slut.”
You shot open your eyes and turned towards the bedroom door to see Matthew standing there with clear rage on his face. You knew he was upset about you touching yourself even though he warned you not to but how could you resist when you had such a vivid memory in your mind. Besides, having him all riled up meant that you were in for double the punishment which excited you. It was even more exciting to think about because he doesn’t hold back.
Without saying anything else, he marched up to you and grabbed you by your jaw to bring you up towards his face. You saw how his eyes were glazed over by passionate fury which made you automatically become wetter. He didn’t even dare utter a word to you. He just wanted you to see he was now taking over control and you had to pay for your inappropriate actions.
“On your stomach. Now,” he demanded as he pushed your face away.
You flipped over onto your stomach and he didn’t wait for a second to drag you by the leg to the end of the bed. He then grabbed you by your hips to lift you slightly to slide his knee under your hips. You gasped as you felt him squeeze your ass aggressively. As soon as he heard you let out a sound, he spanked you with the same amount of aggression. You knew he wound up his hand before putting his whole force into it.
“What do you say when I spank you?” He asked as he spanked you again.
“Thank you, sir,” you yelped.
“Fucking count them too,” he demanded as he spanked you again.
“Two,” you yelled.
“Why can’t you be this obedient regularly?” He asked as he spanked you again.
“Four. I was too horny, sir. Thank you, sir,” you yelped.
He spanked your ass five times in a row as a response to your response. You just would have yelped out the number of each time he spanked you in response but you continued to thank him for punishing you as well. You did deserve it for disobeying so you took them as they came.
He spanked you again. “Whose fault is it for you being so horny?”
“Ten. My own, sir. Thank you, sir,” you yelped.
He spanked you again. “I’m going to make you wish you were more obedient.”
“Eleven. Please do, sir. I’ve been so bad,” you yelped.
He stopped spanking your ass which gave you a second to release a huge sigh. You felt your ass cheek pulsing from all eleven, harsh spanks he had given you. You just knew you wouldn’t be able to sit on your ass properly for a couple of days.
You soon felt his fingers rubbing up and down your folds with ease since you were already soaking wet. His fingers slipped up to your clit and didn’t shy away from vigorously circle it. You gripped the sheets and curled your toes. You bit your lip to stop from uttering a scream or a pathetic yelp because you wanted to cum. You wanted to cum so badly and you could feel it travelling throughout your body the more he rubbed your clit.
“I know you’re fucking whore pussy likes this. I can feel you quivering like a whore,” he said.
He then took the liberty to stick two fingers inside of you. You silently whimpered as he rapidly pumped his fingers in and out of you. What made you scream though was when he stuck another finger in you. He pumped in and out of you slower but his three fingers in you felt like the girth of his dick in you.
He reached up into your pussy to get to your g-spot and stroked it mercilessly. You couldn’t even control how your legs moved anymore as they shook freely under his touch. Your hands started to sweat and you could barely say words, you could only yelp out little ‘fuck’s’ here and there.
As soon as you started to get into the rhythm and felt your tingling orgasm run through your body, he pulled out his fingers. He pushed you off his knee and you landed on your back. He took his foot off of the bed to position himself in front of you. You were about to prop yourself up to see what he was going to do next but he grabbed your calves to forcefully pull you forward to the edge of the bed. He pushed your legs back to the point where your feet were nearly next to your ears.
“Hold your fucking legs,” he demanded.
“Yes, sir,” you said.
You gripped your calves to hold your legs in place. He glared down at your pussy as if it was his prey of the day. He kneeled in front of you to get ready for the attack. He used his thumb to rapidly flick your clit back and forth before going in with his tongue between your folds.
“Oh my God,” you whimpered.
You couldn’t stop repeating that to yourself as his tongues fondled your folds and dipped into your holes as his thumb didn’t let up on your clit. All three different motions got you closer and closer to the edge of having your official orgasm. You arched your back as you felt deeper into his tongue.
He then switched it on you. He moved his thumb away from your clit and traded it for his tongue. He then stuck two fingers into you to get back to your g-spot. You screamed out of pleasure as you could feel him pushing you closer and closer to the edge.
And then he stopped.
He pulled his fingers out of you and got up from his kneeling position. You couldn’t help being a complainer. You groaned out of annoyance which wasn’t out of his earshot. He leaned down to grab you by the neck as he hovered over you with his eyes piercing down to your soul.
“Don’t fucking complain about something you begged for,” he hissed.
“Sorry, sir. It won’t happen again,” you whispered.
He slapped you on the cheek. “That’s what I fucking thought. Don’t move your legs.”
He leaned up from you. You saw him walk away from in front of you towards the Chester drawer. He kneeled and opened the bottom drawer. Your heart was already racing and your breathing was extremely uneven from all the sike out orgasms that you couldn’t even imagine what he had planned for you next. The possibilities were endless in that drawer.
He could easily use handcuffs to restrain you and fuck you senseless. He could tease you with a dildo to deprive you of his dick for a while longer. He could use a vibrator to send more vibrations through your body to match the tingling of your standby orgasm.
You looked as he didn’t take the time to rummage through the different toys. He took one out as if it was the exact one he wanted to use on you. He hid it from your direct sight but you could hear it was a vibrator. You heard the vibrations loud and clear as he approached you closer.
“Close your eyes,” he demanded.
You closed your eyes. As fast as you closed them, you shot them open as soon as you felt the tip of your biggest rabbit vibrator at your hole entrance. He didn’t waste time teasing you any longer with the tip of the vibrator. You were definitely wet enough for him to slip it inside you with ease. You moaned and arched your back as soon as you felt the vibrations rattle you. The bunny ears made you feel an extra level of tingling. He pumped it in and out of you slowly so the vibrations wouldn’t get lost in the motion.
“Your whore pussy just takes anything, huh? Can’t help itself,” he said.
“Anything you put it in, sir,” you whimpered.
“Impatient and greedy? I don’t think a whore like you deserves to cum because of that,” he said.
“No, please. I won’t be impatient or greedy again, sir,” you begged.
“This isn’t the first time I’ve caught you being an impatient whore,” he said.
“But I…promise i-it won’t happen…again. I promise, I promise, I promise,” you yelped.
He stopped pumping the vibrator in and out of you. He left it in there as he looked at you. It looked as if he was contemplating your plea. He knew the longer he left the vibrator in you, the quicker your orgasm would come through faster but it was up to him to decide whether you could orgasm or not.
He narrowed his eyes as he continued to contemplate. You knew he could see how desperate your face looked as you were breathing irregularly and could barely form a proper sentence. He started to pump the vibrator in and out of you again.
“Go ahead.”
Your hands slipped off of your calves and your legs fell onto the bed. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you arched your back. You gasped a high-pitched, out-of-breath yelp as your body shook as your orgasm taking over.
He took the vibrator out of you and threw it next to you on the bed. You relaxed your body onto the bed as you tried to stable your breathing. You felt as if you had the best out-of-body experience of your life. You closed your eyes as you let the last bit of your orgasm leave your body and bring you back down to earth.
“Turn around,” he demanded.
You opened your eyes to see Matthew undoing his pants. You thought he wasn’t going to fuck you at all because you touched yourself. He pulled down his pants along with his underwear to expose his huge boner ready to fuck the shit out of you.
You slowly turned around but he sped up the process for you. Once you turned halfway around. He pushed you down and pulled you back so your feet on the ground. You felt him immediately shove his dick into you and you instantly shrieked at the feeling of his whole dick on you.
He kept pulling you back and forth on and off his dick. He made sure he was making you do most of the work by forcing you to do all the work. He wanted your pussy to go through the waves more than you could handle. It didn’t help you were still limp and shaken from your orgasm. You felt like a calf trying to stand for the first time.
You subtly tried to move forward to make the impact of his dick lighter. Usually, you could take his whole dick with no issue and with great pleasure but just having an orgasm made everything feel extra sensitive. You knew if he kept his motion up you were bound to have another, more violent orgasm.
You inching forward didn’t slip by him though. He pulled you back and kept his whole dick in you as he held you in place. You gasped at the feeling of his dick sitting deep inside of you.
“You just begged me to let you cum and now it’s too much?” He asked.
“It’s not,” you whimpered.
“Then take my fucking dick like a whore,” he hissed.
He then went back to fucking you at a more rapid pace. He made sure he didn’t just give him some of his dick anymore, he let you have all of it. He would let you feel every inch by holding it in place from time to time. You could feel another orgasm coming around again. You were barely over the first one so the second one creeping around quick wasn’t a surprise.
You laid yourself out on the bed as you just let him take you. The orgasm tingling through your body as his dick ramming into you felt like the perfect motions intertwining. You bit your bottom lip as you didn’t want to make a sound to give him any indication that you were about to orgasm.
You did a little inside gasp as you gripped the sheets. You felt yourself orgasm and squirt from the sheer force of your orgasm. You felt yourself tense up as you buried your head into the sheet as you let it ride out.
“Oh shit,” he groaned.
You knew he had felt you squirt because when you would squirt, you would squirt hard. His hand moved from your hip to run down your wet leg. His hand caressing your thigh felt so sensual to you. It seemed as if he was excited to feel your juices all on your thigh. You wouldn’t be surprised if there was some on his legs too.
You then heard him groan as you felt him cum inside of you. It felt extra good to feel his cum inside of you after he had been teasing you for so long. Having two orgasms in a row made his cum feel emphasized inside of you.
He pulled out of you and you heard him pulling up his pants. You laid there as you could hear him walk away into the washroom. You couldn’t even fathom moving an inch of your muscles but you missed having his hand on you. Even though he wasn’t too far away, he had his hands all over you for so long that it felt strange his hands weren’t on you anymore.
He didn’t leave you hanging for long because he came back in no time. He grabbed you by the waist and pulled you up so he could wrap his arms around you. You grabbed his forearms tightly so he couldn’t move away from you again. You wanted to stay in that position forever, having your back against his chest with him kissing down your neck.
“You might be an impatient whore sometimes but I couldn’t be any more proud of you for handling so much. Having two orgasms in a row and even squirting,” he praised.
“It’s all for you, sir,” you said as you fully fell into his touch more.
“I’ve ran a bath for you to loosen your sore muscles,” he said.
He then moved his hands from around your waist but you pulled them back around you. You looked at him and shook his head as you leaned back on him. You needed to be close to him for a little longer. You just needed to be cuddled up next to him.
“You want cuddles, don’t you?” He asked.
You nodded without saying anything. You knew he understood and he confirmed it by kissing your neck again. He squeezed you tighter so you were close to him even more.
“I promise to give you all the cuddles after your bath. I can even hold your hand while you lay in the bath if you’d like,” he said.
“I’d love that,” you whispered.
“Okay, baby. Let’s go,” he said.
He unwrapped his arms from around you but made sure to grab your hand immediately to make sure you still had physical contact. You smiled to yourself as he escorted you to the washroom. You instantly smelled your favourite lavender bubble bath scent and saw the bubble lusciously floating in the water in the tub.
He went behind you and unhooked your bra for you. He then caressed his hands down the side of your body as he kissed down your back. His hands hooked onto your panties and dragged them down your legs. He caressed his hands up your legs until he reached your waist and was standing straight up again.
You then felt him softly grab your hand as you saw him step to your side. He walked towards the tub and you followed right next to him. You stepped one foot into the tub as he made sure to keep you balanced by tightly gripping your hand. The water temperature was perfect for you so you stepped the next foot into the water. He helped you lower yourself into the water until you were comfortable in your bath.
He pulled up a stool that was nearby without letting go of your hand. You smiled at him as he wouldn’t let you go for one minute. He knew it meant a lot to you for him to be holding you close like this after sex especially when he was rough with you. You loved feeling his soft side for you come out after.
“I have the day off tomorrow. I think we should have a you day tomorrow,” he suggested.
“What would that consist of exactly?” You asked.
“Well, since you made me so proud today I think it’s safe to say we can watch your favourite movies and eat all your favourite snacks stashed in the kitchen pantry. Maybe even UberEats dinner,” he said.
You giggled. “We could make dinner instead.”
He kissed your hand. “I’m lazy and I want you to relax.”
“Fair enough but until tomorrow, I think we should cuddle up after this bath.”
“Of course.”
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reidemandweep · a month ago
physics magic (dad!spencer)
Tumblr media
summary: reader gets caught in the cross fire of yet another physics magic lesson
warnings: none i dont believe 
word count: 0.6k
pairing: spencer x fem!reader + their young son!
hi lovelies!! if you’re interested in being apart of my taglist for any future fics! click the link and add yourself! <3
You let out a sigh of relief as you kicked your shoes off at your front door, finally home. Your entire body felt weak and you had the worst migraine from your rough day at work, your boss had been nagging at you the entire week but, had been particularly rough on you today. You had been counting down the hours so you could wind down and spend a relatively calm weekend with your boys. 
That was until you felt the familiar strike against your forehead, you knew exactly what had been taking place while you were away at work. The sound of plastic bouncing against the wooden floor seemed to have been louder than it should’ve been. You felt tears that began to swell in your eyes, the cheap plastic cylinder that hit you hadn’t physically harmed you, no. It’s just with the week you had, this just topped off your frustration.
“Alright! whose idea was it?” you sighed, silently waiting for your two guys to appear in front of you. The familiar sound of their slippers shuffling against your rug filled your ears, there they were. You opened your eyes to glare at the two of them but, once you saw the guilt on their practically identical faces, you couldn’t be as frustrated with them like you had previously planned. 
The older damian got, the more he began to look like Spencer, it was as if you had no part in making him yet, you were the one who held him in your womb for nine months. Their wide hazel eyes staring back and forth between you and each other, waiting for you to rip them a new one. It wasn’t like you being upset was a common occurrence, it’s just they both have sensed your tension within this past week, it was due for you to have a small outburst, whether it be on them, or some random inanimate object close by. 
“Okay, I know you’re probably upset with us both but, it was for good reason. I swear” he quickly tried to defend himself and your son. 
“Babe! last time this happened i said no more physics magic in the house! It’s always me getting in the middle of it” his shoulders deflated immediately knowing that he wouldn’t win this one but, he couldn’t help but try? Like Samuel Beckett once said, ‘try again. fail again. fail better.’
Even though every argument with you, he rarely ever got to win. so, it always seemed to be, “try again, fail again, try again.” 
“Okay, fine, Damian convinced me, you know how hard it is for me to say no to him sweetheart!” you watched your son turn to his father with wide eyes, at the sound of the unexpected betrayal from his father clearly shown on his face because everyone in this house seemed to be intimidated by mom.
“yeah, sure dad, let’s blame the five year old” he sarcastically muttered, causing both your and spencer’s head instantly to snap in his direction. You gave a lame attempt to suppress your laugh before an explosive laugh bubbled from your chest. You scooped damian into your arms placing a small kiss onto his cheek, your prior anger had been long forgotten about. A small laugh leaving his lips, although he had his father’s looks he’ll always be a mommas boy. 
“If it makes you feel better we baked cookies and ordered from your favorite take out spot for dinner?” Spencer softly smiled, you stared at him in awe ,yeah you definitely couldn’t be upset with them anymore. You leaned into Spencer’s side taking in their scents, the smell of familiarity, warmth, and love. The smell of home.
“I love you boys, you know that right?”
“We love you too”
taglist: @takeyourleap-of-faith , @willowrose99
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anapaulinao · a month ago
Tumblr media
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matthewsgray · a month ago
Telling Matthew you want to have a baby? 🥺
You were so nervous, matthew was so happy with his life - you, acting and everything you were afraid he wouldnt want a baby.
You were sitting on the couch in you and Matthew’s shared home scrolling through instagram, your friends were either pregnant or had a child if you were being honest it made you sad, there was nothing you wanted more than to have a baby with Matthew. He would be the perfect dad and to see him with a newborn baby made your heart grow. Matthew was away at set filming and he was due to come home in 10 minutes, you were going to tell him you wanted a baby, he would be the best father.
“Baby I’m home!” matthew said, he dropped his keys onto the table and took of his jacket. He walked towards the living room only to see you staring at him with a massive smile. Matthew sat next to you on the couch and gave you the biggest hug, you wrapped your arms around his neck and hid your face in the crook of his neck. “I missed you” You said, “I missed you too honey” You pulled away from his embrace and paused the tv, you grabbed his hands in yours and stared into his eyes.
“Baby..” you started, you felt the butterflies build in your stomach. Matthew started to get nervous and you could tell, “So what would you think about having a baby.. I mean you don’t have to if you dont want to i mea-“ You were cut off by Matthew smashing his lips onto yours and kissing you passionately. He lifted you up and spun you around the living room, giggles filling the room. “Baby are you serious?? I love you so much!!” he was peppering kisses all of your face, you had never felt this much serotonin until the moment. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he held you to him, you laid your head on his shoulder as he waddled around the living room. “I take it thats a yes?” you said with the biggest smile on your face, “Of course!! I would want nothing more than to have a baby with you, I love you so much Y/N” he cupped your face with his free hand and you smashed your lips together, “I love you Matthew” You both were just admiring each other and you swear you couldnt of fallen more in love with him until this moment. “Now lets get to that baby making” Matthew said with a smirk.
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dracoxspencersgirl · a month ago
Birthday sex 😌💓
In honour of babyboy matthew’s birthday
Spencer Reid x fem!reader
warnings: smut, unprotected sex, mentions of pregnancy, oral (fem & male receiving), swearing, age gap (20 years don’t you dare judge me)
Tumblr media
It was the morning of your boyfriend’s birthday and you’d woken up before him just as you’d hoped. You had all the gifts ready to give to Spencer for when he woke up. You had been with him for 2 years and it’s safe to say they were the happiest 2 years of your life.
Now, the curly haired boy lay soundly next to you as you tried not to wake him. You rushed around your shared apartment to collect the hidden gifts and put them by his bedside table. It was a miracle that Spencer hadn’t heard anything. You decided that he deserved to be woken up in the best way you knew. You quietly got back into bed next to him and stripped yourself of all clothing. Carefully you positioned yourself under the covers, in between his legs and slowly pulled the waist band of his boxers down to reveal his dick. You wrapped your fingers around him and parted your lips starting off with light kisses on his tip. Spencer began to stir and so you went further.
You slipped his length into your mouth and sucked him softly. He was definitely awake as soon as you did that as he let out a soft raspy moan. ‘Baby....y/n..fuck.’ You giggled around his cock sending vibrations to shoot through him making his length twitch. He pulled down the covers to see the pretty sight of you sucking him off. You began to take in more of his cock and massage his balls as you began to take him in and out faster. Spencer threw his head back and practically shouted in delight ‘uhhhh. this is fucking incredible. I’m gonna cum.’ You moved your head impossibly fast, fucking him into your mouth whilst holding his hips down with one arm and massaging his balls in the other. One wanted your sweet boy to experience all the sensations you were giving him at once.
He gave a loud moan as he came in your mouth ‘uh...uh..Iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou. ’ you swallowed all of Spencer’s delicious release before going up to kiss him passionately ‘Happy birthday lover.’ he smirked at you ‘That was the best gift i’ve ever received.’ you smirked back ‘I’m glad we both enjoyed it.’ you went to get out of bed but you were suddenly pulled back in ‘Hmm where do you think you’re going love?The birthday boy wants to feed himself today.’ Spencer winked at you before swiftly pinning you down on your back and trailing kisses from your neck down your tits to your inner thighs. As he did you emitted the most erotic moans making him instantly hard again. ‘Please Spence.’ you whined and bucked your hips up towards his face as he hovered above the place you needed him most. He shook his head at you and held your hips down ‘I want to enjoy this for as long as possible.’
Spencer looked at you doe eyed before parting your wet folds and using his tongue, he started slowly kissing your clit... pretty much making out with it. You screamed out in delight at the earth shattering sensation. He hummed against you sending further shockwaves through your core causing your back to arch and your fingers to tighten in his curls as he used his mouth to caress your cunt into cumming ‘Ohhh Spence. Yes! God fuck yes! Please more...more!’ He slipped two fingers into you but he didn’t thrust them. Instead, he wiggled them about against your g spot making the pleasure almost unbearable from how slow and good it felt. Your moans became louder as he pushed you closer to the the edge. Your fingers couldn’t compare to his. Yours were too small and dainty whereas Spencer’s were so long and thick and nimble, able to fill you up and touch all the right spots inside you. You screamed his name as you came along with a string of expletives. He sucked you clean lapping up your juices pulling you into a long lasting orgasm. It was safe to say it was one of the best orgasms he’s ever given you. Despite have an amazing one every time you two have sex.
He looked at you with a glistening face and the biggest grin, like a kid in a fucking candy shop. ‘Thank you my love.’ he winked. you laughed at his remark. ‘No, baby. Thank you.’ he also emitted a laugh before bringing himself up on top of you again and kissed your cheek. You threw your arm around the back of his neck and turned your head to look him in the eyes. ‘I have one more request as birthday boy before we start the day.’ Spencer spoke softly to you. You ran your other hand through his hair as he hovered above you ‘And what would that be baby?’ He looked to the side before looking you in the eyes again and stroked your cheek ‘Let me make love to you.’ you cocked an eyebrow and smiled ‘Abso-fucking-lutely yes. But shouldn’t I be the one to give you slow tender loving sex since it’s your birthday?’ Spencer whimpered at your erotic description ‘You’re too sweet. But no, you’re one of my gifts so I need to enjoy you. To have and ravish you at my advantage’ he gave you a goofy smile
You closed your eyes and hummed with a smile ‘Then who am I to deny my sweet boy on his special day?’ you pulled him into a kiss and he deepened it. Spencer’s hands flew straight to your waist holding you in position pressing your back slightly into the mattress. Your legs came up to wrap around his waist as he started sucking your tits. You softly moaned at the feeling of his warm mouth against your hardened bud. The things that man could do with his mouth alone never ceased to amaze you. He really likes to take his time when he makes love to you. It’s not like regular sex you’d have during the week after work. This was special. Spencer’s erection then pressed against your clit eliciting a rather pornographic moan. ‘Keep making those sounds angel. You have no idea how beautiful you sound.’ he groaned.
There were rather large purple marks he’d left all over your tits, marking you as his own. Once he’d finished his branding, he pulled your back in for another deep kiss for breaking away ‘You ready baby?’ you nodded your head enthusiastically at him. It was just after that gentle moment that you felt the sweet intrusion you had been waiting for. Spencer’s dick entered your cunt slowly, making you both moan out in pleasure. He started thrusting at an agonisingly slow pace. you nearly cried at how slow but heavenly it felt to be worshipped and to be receiving this much pleasure from the boy you loved. No one could make you orgasm like he did. You fucked at least twice a day, you couldn’t get enough of each other. Spencer would make you orgasm 3 times in one go even 4 if he was lucky.
He started to pick up his pace a little as he thrust into you ‘You’re so beautiful Y/N fuck i’m close’ he moaned. You are too dazed to respond so you pulled him in for another kiss. His hit your g spot and you screamed ‘Oh please baby right there. Keep going don’t ever fucking stop.’ with your remark he slammed into your g spot over and over eliciting the most pornographic screams from your throat. ‘I’m gonna cum.’ you whined. ‘Then cum for me sweet girl.’ he grunted in your ear. Your orgasm ripped into you as you let out another scream and Spencer felt your walls squeeze around his cock as he rapidly slipped in and out of you making him cum at the same with a loud moan. He collapsed on top of you, still inside you and panting.
You were glowing from your orgasm and held your lover close ‘I love you so much’ you whispered ‘I love you more’ he retorted. You giggled and he looked at you in confusion ‘What’s got you giggling honey?’ you smirked ‘We didn’t use protection. I could be pregnant you know?’ Spencer tilted his head ‘Do you wanna be pregnant?’ You played with the curls on top of his head as he looked at you expectantly ‘Being pregnant with your child is my dream Spence. It would be a pretty great birthday gift dont you think?’ Spencer’s face softened completely ‘Its my dream too. I wanna make you a mom.’ you smiled softly at him ‘Well let’s enjoy the rest of today. And then repeat this morning’s activities all night tonight. Then we can start buying pregnancy tests.’ you winked at him and he smirked ‘You read my mind. This is the best birthday ever.’
yeesh wow i loved that 😭
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matthewsgray · a month ago
late night duties
You and Matthew’s life had been a dream over the past month with your baby, Ameila, Matthew adored her and just watching him shower her with affection made your heart grow.  
You had your head on Matthew’s chest and his arm wrapped securely around your waist as you both slept peacefully embraced in each other’s warmth when a loud cry startled you both awake. Matthew woke up and checked the time 3.09am, you rested your head on your shoulder as he spoke “I’ll go get her baby, you deserve a good night’s rest”, you sleepily nodded and watched him stand up and kiss your temple. He carefully walked out of the room while you rested your head back on the pillow and drifted in and out of sleep.
You woke up to the feeling of Matthew pushing your hair out of your face with Ameila wrapped in his arms, the darkness of the sky indicated that it was still night time and as you turned to check the time it read “4.05am”. He climbed back into bed with Ameila wrapped in his arms and he carefully placed her in between the two of you. You cupped Ameila’s head and felt so content with your life, the love of your life watching you intently as you admired your perfect baby and the perfect little creation you both made. You sat up resting your back on the headboard and rested your head on Matthew’s shoulder intertwining your fingers together, “Matthew..” you said sleepily, Matthew turned to cup your jaw and look you in the eyes “Yeah baby?” You kept your head on his shoulder “I love you so much, you have made me the happiest woman alive you know” Matthew chuckled, “Bunny, you are the best thing that has happened to me in all of my 41 years of living, I dont know what i would do without you. I love you so much baby.” You cuddled up into his side and kissed his forehead. With the soft sounds of Ameila’s breathing and Matthew humming, you felt yourself drifiting off to sleep in the arms of your amazing husband and with your perfect daughter in between the two of you sleeping contently.
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may-b-a-u-shewritestoo · a month ago
Anon is now on! Had so many issues with it just not turning on, but there you go my lovelies!
Come talk to me! ✨🤍
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daisymaygubler · a month ago
I really hate Twitter it’s so toxic, why does anyone think death threats are okay? I know the stuff that MGG and Paget have done but death threats and on their bdays? Wtf. Literally feel sick :(
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