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#mature rp
thecarnageclub · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It begins in blood. The kind that binds brother to brother, that holds hearts close together and puts roses in the cheek; a scarlet sanctuary of the body upon which kings and men swear sacred devotion to — my flesh and blood unto yours. Perhaps it bloomed within humanity a blessing, this roaring flush of mortal ichor, with every heavenly intention of harkening a peace, a harmony, an enduring loyalty among kin. But one hundred years later, hands stain in crimson. The waters run red.
One cursed to wander a cruel earth until his eyes bled black and skin peeled blue, the other nestled warmly in the heavenly favor of a divine judicator: they would both sink in time to the desolate ground, left to waste as all men must. But what had risen from their temporal flesh was a reckoning, a vendetta of smoke and bloodfire. Their followers, their worshippers, their families, interwoven and trickling against time, would carry their predecessors’ damned legacies across generations, biting into every civilization and society. It seems even God can’t save this affliction of fury now — strife is sewn around a crackling city, its streets fractured permanently into two political houses, four families staking their namesakes across every corner of the world. It is bloodshed that brings glory to these proud households, and devastation that feeds their graceless wrath, filling them with hateful black lacquer to conquer all others. They are your golden monarchs, your war-torn soldiers, your courtesans and medicinemen, your gunmetal assassins and slickest thieves; all sworn to the cause of one ancient brother or the other, the blood in their bodies an immortal edict. Cain kisses Abel, blood on the teeth. What begins in blood will only ever end in it.
FLESH & BLOOD is an upcoming literate bio roleplay inspired by The Borgias and the Biblical figures of Cain and Abel, centering around four great families who serve under their legacies in a fictional Renaissance universe. REBLOG to receive immediate access to the MASTERLIST upon this promo post exceeding 70 notes. To receive updates and join the conversation, track #FABTALK.
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sll26 · 2 months ago
📌Eid al-Fitr in Gaza
A young Palestinian woman documents her horror moments after the bombing of a tower in which they live.
عيد الفطر في غزة
شابة فلسطينية توثق لحظات الرعب التي مرت بها بعد قصف البرج الذي تعيش فيه.
Filistinli genç bir kadın, yaşadıkları bir kulenin bombalanmasının ardından yaşadığı dehşet anlarını belgeliyor.
Let the world watch the crimes of the Israeli occupation.
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amourmemes · 2 years ago
something  a  bit  different  for  once  :  some  texts  pulled  from  a  website  called  pinterest  ! tw  for  mature  themes  .  feel  free  to  customize  as  you  wish  !
>  hey     >  i just wanted to let u know     >  i’m beautiful     >  thank u and goodnight >  you look so innocent and i know you’re not  and that gets me weak asf >  off topic but you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me >  what can i say? i’m charming and irresponsible     >  *irresistible >  where r the aliens     >  i bet they wouldn’t let this happen >  TREES ARE GAY, SON >  pls don’t read that i’m in a better mental state now lmao >  honestly at this point i’m just annoyed with the ghosts >  i just sent u shrek memes don’t ignore me >  i apparently have “behavioral  issues” and i am “too defiant” >  can we have a fucking tea party at 2am? >  i saw  my reflection in the window and thought there was someone outside and screamed >  SPEAKING OF THE ILLUMINATI >  self care is laying on the ground until it swallows you whole and you become one with the dirt >  also bring a nerf gun just in case >  i was planning a murder     >  but i’m back now >  bro dude homie man calm down >  it’s what i do     >  smoke weed and cry >  i do many things solely out of spite     >  this will be one of them >  don’t tell jesus but i’m cheating on him with waluigi >  i just punched shit     >  ✨ therapy ✨ >  FALSE     >  I AM A BALL OF RAGE >  well i’ve gotten straight a’s since 3rd grade     >  that’s the only thing straight about me >  if you keep ignoring your emotions like this, you will eventually break down >  what do u do when u like a girl? set her on fire? >  i just want my teeth in your neck     >  violently and or sexually >  guess who’s bored     >  me     >  i’m bored     >  give me attention >  oh man i’d fuck him so hard but id also throw him off a cliff >  seems a tad bit too heterosexual for my tastes >  is that a threat or your flirting with me? >  i’ll pray to the meme gods, i guess
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hallowpromos · a day ago
Tumblr media
HALLOW HILL is an original character, small town, and semi-exclusive roleplay group set in a fictional town called Hallow Hill, located in Virginia. It’s populated by two parts, the haves and the have-nots; those that are wealthy and those that are not. Both sides generally keep their noses out of each other’s business, or have, until now. It’s been said that, the deeper the one’s pockets, the deeper the one’s secrets. But, even those without money are just as in danger of being exposed. The question we should be asking ourselves, is.... who’s next?
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winstonhq · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
the following residents have had their paperwork approved and are set to move in on this bright monday!
alec hale, alina garcia, brianna rose baker, carina love alvarez, caroline maloney, cassandra kato, christine booth, elena sloan, ezra greenberg, felicity reddy, harvey mendoza, jamie martinez, jaxon brown, katherine vargas, serena marino, weston kelley.
 |henry golding. male. he/him.| welcome to winston! have you met Alec Hale yet? it’s says here that this thirty four year old has been living in winston complex for amount of a year. he makes a living as a partner at Blackburn and Smith Law . watch out because they are charismatic and stubborn. it says here they live in winston towers in apartment number a1201. they are written by gemma , 23, gmt+8, she/her, n/a. 
|monica raymund. ciswoman. she/her.| welcome to winston! have you met alina garcia yet? it’s says here that this thirty three year old has been living in winston complex for five years. she makes a living as a bartender. watch out because they are loyal and stubborn. it says here they live in winston towers in apartment a-204. they are written by charley, 20, gmt, she/her, n/a. 
| amanda seyfried. female. she/her.| welcome to winston! have you met brianna rose baker yet? it’s says here that this thirty three year old has been living in winston complex for four years. she makes a living as a veterinarian. watch out because they are empathetic and stubborn. it says here they live in winston towers in #403. they are written by claire, 27, she/her, est.
| priscilla quintana. cisfemale. she/her.| welcome to winston! have you met carina love alvarez yet? it’s says here that this thirty year old has been living in winston complex for two years. she makes a living as an orthopedic nurse. watch out because they are compassionate and cantankerous. it says here they live in winston towers in #701. they are written by claire, 27, she/her, est.
|hanako greensmith. female. she/her.| welcome to winston! have you met Cassandra Kato yet? it’s says here that this twenty six year old has been living in Winston complex for two years. She makes a living as a paramedic at firehouse 54. watch out because they are confident and stubborn. it says here they live in winston towers in a-604. they are written by Rach, 25, est, she/her, none.
|odette annabel . cis woman. she&her.| welcome to winston! have you met caroline maloney yet? it’s says here that this thirty-six year old has been living in winston complex for eleven years. she makes a living as a registered nurse at boston general hopsital. watch out because they are empathetic and sarcastic. it says here they live in winston towers in apartment 1304. they are written by brooke, 25, est, she&her, triggers: teen pregnancy, adoption    
|melissa roxburgh. female. she/her.| welcome to winston! have you met Christine Booth yet? it’s says here that this twenty eight year old has been living in winston complex for amount of two years. she makes a living as a detective. watch out because they are determined and reckless. it says here they live in winston towers in apartment number a802. they are written by gemma , 23, gmt+8, she/her, n/a. 
|sophia bush. female. she/her.| welcome to winston! have you met elena sloan yet? it’s says here that this thirty nine year old has been living in winston complex for six years. she makes a living as a sergeant at 64 district. watch out because they are intelligent and stubborn. it says here they live in winston towers in b-404. they are written by sarah, 22, est, she/her, clowns, divorce. 
|ronen rubenstein. male. he/him.| welcome to winston! have you met ezra greenberg yet? it’s says here that this twenty-seven year old has been living in winston complex for nine years. he makes a living as a firefighter. watch out because they are charming and an overachiever. it says here they live in winston towers in a-1003. they are written by Mandy, 25, PST, she/her, animal brutality.
|hannah simone. cis female. she/her.| welcome to winston! have you met felicity reddy yet? it’s says here that this thirty-five year old has been living in winston complex for a few years. he makes a living as head of tenant services. watch out because they are charming and critical. it says here they live in winston apartments a-201. they are written by em, 25, gmt, she/her, none. 
|charles michael davis. cis male. he/him.| welcome to winston! have you met harvey mendoza yet? it’s says here that this thirty-six year old has been living in winston complex for a few years. he makes a living as a veterinarian. watch out because they are optimistic and overprotective. it says here they live in winston apartments a-201. they are written by angie, 26, gmt, she/her, none. 
|jay hernandez. male. him/his.| welcome to winston! have you met jamie martinez yet? it’s says here that this forty three year old has been living in winston complex for five years. he makes a living as head of trauma surgery at boston general hospital. watch out because they are responsible and defensive. it says here they live in winston towers in b-604. they are written by sarah, 22, est, she/her, clowns, divorce. 
|dacre montgomery. male. he/him.| welcome to winston! have you met jaxon brown yet? it’s says here that this twenty-six year old has been living in winston complex for eight years. he makes a living as an intelligence officer. watch out because they are easy-going and distant. it says here they live in winston towers in a-803. they are written by Mandy, 25, PST, she/her, animal brutality.
|melissa barrera. cis-woman. she/her.| welcome to winston! have you met katherine 'kat' vargas yet? it’s says here that this twenty eight year old has been living in winston complex for two years. she makes a living as a bartender. watch out because they are charming and rebellious. it says here they live in winston towers in a-103. they are written by jess, 24, est, she/her, n/a.
|marina squerciati. female. she/her.| welcome to winston! have you met Serena Marino yet? it’s says here that this thirty two year old has been living in Winston complex for one year. She makes a living as a pediatric nurse at Boston general. watch out because they are curious and overly critical. it says here they live in winston towers in b-104. they are written by rach, 25, est, she/her, none.
|bryan greenberg . cis male. he&him.| welcome to winston! have you met weston kelley yet? it’s says here that this forty-three year old has been living in winston complex for sixteen years. he makes a living as a lieutenant firefighter at the firehouse. watch out because they are loyal and impulsive. it says here they live in winston towers in apartment 504. they are written by brooke, 25, est, she&her, triggers: cheating   
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rockinrpmemes · 2 years ago
PRANK MY MUSE! (childishly)
Feel free to add a small description and add on to the scene with your muse doing one of these things WITH the symbol!!
⚾️Throw a ball at their window and break it
💩Put a flaming bag of dog doo on their porch
☎️Prank call them! ( +bonus: add the prank dialogue! )
🔫Turn the hose on them or super-soaker water gun attack them by surprise!
🍕Send a stack of pizzas to their house
🚪Ring the doorbell and run!
📃Post-it note cover their ENTIRE [ room of your muse’s choice ]
💣Set off a cherry bomb or firecracker nearby or in something or theirs 
🧂Put salt in their sugar and watch them use it
✍️Write or draw gross & stupid things all over their face while they’re sleeping
👙Soak ALL their underwear with [ a liquid of your muse’s choice ] and freeze it in their icebox!
🧻Toilet paper their house or property
🚿Flush the toilet while they’re taking a shower
👻Jump out from the dark, closet, or hall and yell BOO!
🧴Put super glue on their chair before they sit down on it, and watch them stick to it!
📢Airhorn them from behind while they’re doing something important or delicate!
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lilac-memorials · a year ago
An incoming rant that I’m not bothering to put under a cut because it needs to be said and it needs to be seen because some folks are just rude as hell about this:
If you and another individual talk about and mutually agree to a ship between your characters, be respectful of that. Want out? Talk to the other player involved. Other RP happened and plans changed? Communicate that to the person you are shipping with.
But do not be the asshole who ghosts or flakes out on your shipping partner just because you found a better match for your character or circumstances changed and you decided that talking about it was ‘too hard’ or ‘you didn’t want to deal with the drama’.
It’s more dramatic to put someone through the silent treatment than to be an adult and show you’re capable of communication skills befitting your age.
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sillyskull-xam · 2 months ago
Quackity: “It is a f**king game. It is a f**king stream, buddy. We are not hurting real people. CALM THE F**K DOWN!”
A reminder: It’s fine to be invested with the roleplay, becoming an apologist/sympathiser/enthusiast/enjoyer of your fav characters, dislike some of the characters or make critics about them, but some of y’all should stop harassing real life people by sending hate messages & death threats to the streamers because of their fictional characters’ actions or the fans for liking/having different opinion of some characters that you disagree with. If you’re easily offended or can’t chill out because of the roleplay, just take a step back from the streams & fandom for a while cause you’re ruining the fun & experience for both the streamers & the fans who just wanna enjoy the streams.
Another thing, it is quite uncomfortable to see those hates about fav cc! or c! on main tags for some people when they have used filters already. So use cc! / c! critical or negative etc if you wanna make negative post but please stop main tagging on hate post / critical post, some of us just wanna see fanarts/analysis/theories/comp etc. and don’t wanna see negative posts to bring down the mood.
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asstaz · 3 months ago
Blowjob Hypnotism || Jeon Jungkook
Tumblr media
> PAIRING: Jungkook x Reader (Jungkook POV)
> GENRE: Smut (to the extreme)
> WORD COUNT: 2.2k+
> WARNING: Explicit content, blow job, fantasies, hypnotism, desire.
> SUMMARY: Jungkook hypnotise you into giving him a Blowjob.
➢ Don't copy my work with your unoriginal ass. I'm a new writer and your support will be so needed. Leave a heart and follow me if you love my works. Check my socials too for more!
Tumblr media
I’m one of those guys who have lots of friends who are girls but have a hard time getting a girlfriend. It drives me crazy because I want to have sex with my female friends but they "don’t think of me that way."
You don't know how many times I've heard that one! Their boyfriends gets it from them. Even just guys they date get it from them.
But not me!
So I bought this book on hypnosis from Namjoon figuring I'd hypnotize one of my female friends into having sex with me. Blowjobs really. I love blowjobs. Anyway, I read it and practiced on imaginary girls, but I couldn't figure out what to say to any of my female friends to get them to let me hypnotize them.
Then on Saturday, I'm hanging out with my friend (y/n) and she sees the hypnotism book on my coffee table. I didn't know what to say so I told her I bought it to learn how to help people quit smoking to make extra money.
"I want to quit smoking, kook." she said. Holy shit! I can't believe this!
Here was my chance. I told her it might take a few tries because I'm new and all and she goes for it. It did take a few tries but I got her under. I know I did because I emptied a half a cigarette on her tongue and told her she had to keep it in her mouth. I knew if I didn't have her under, she couldn't keep it in.
I figured I'd better do something about making her not like smoking so I said, "While you're under this hypnotism, you'd only want half of the cigarettes as normal."
After that, I'd get to what I really want.
I didn't want her to be some kind of zombie giving me a blowjob; I wanted her to really want to give me a blowjob. So, I told her that after she wakes up, whenever I tell her she looks pretty (or gorgeous or beautiful) she would get a desire to give me a blowjob.
And, that each time I say it that the desire to give me a blowjob will double until she can't resist it anymore.
I know this was wrong, because she was my friend but I just couldn't help it. She was so gorgeous, and had a knock out frigging body! I've been wanting her bad for a long time.
So of course, I want to try it right away, but she had to go home because we took so friggin long screwing around with the hypnosis. I was horny as hell and she had to go home. Story of my life! By the time we get to hang out again I was so friggin worked up I couldn't stand it. I've been thinking about her giving me a blowjob all week, so I've been pretty well telling her how pretty she was from the time she got in the car.
So we were still out with friends and she had been looking at me real funny. Like she wanted me bad. God I loved that look on her eyes. And she was hanging around me and like fixated on me, which I love, because I knew she wanted to give me a blow job. I too afraid to ask her.
I could tell she was super uncomfortable asking me. On the ride home she started. "Jungkook....there is something I've always wanted to do all night, but I feel funny about it."
"You can tell me about anything. We're friends." I smiled.
It was so hot watching her trying to get up the nerve to ask me something so embarrassing for her, but I had her wanting to give me a blowjob so bad she finally made herself do it. She was so cute. She actually bit her bottom lip, all nervous like, and slid up close to me on the car seat and whispered in my ear. "I'm dying to give you a Blowjob."
"Oh My God!" I almost drove off the road! This was what i've been waiting for. I got butterflies in my stomach and my heart was pounding like a jackhammer, but I didn't want her to do it while I was driving because I wanted to experience every single second of it, so I told her. "I'd love that. As soon as we get to my apartment."
She told me to hurry because she really wanted to do it bad and slid close to me on the seat and started to rub my cock through my pants, which was totally hard already, and gave me little kisses on my neck and ear.
I drove like a maniac and kept telling her how pretty she was. She kept telling me to hurry. By the time we got to my place she was crazy with desire to blow me. We went right to the couch and she got right down on her knees on the floor in front of me. I knew I had her crazy and wanted to see how far Icould push her so I said. "Strip for me."
The only way I could describe the look on her face was that she looked frightened. "Do I have to?" she asked.
"Yes." I said. "You are so pretty, I want to see all of you."
"Please, couldn't I be dressed?" she said struggling with the idea as she looked from my bulge to face pleadingly.
"Come on," I answered. "It would be so much better if you were naked."
She bit her lower lip and started unbuttoning her blouse. I made her stand up and do it. This was so incredible. Its hot enough having a beautiful girl stripping for you, but its super hot when she's stripping for you she really didn't want to. She was all shy about it and actually started blushing. God it was great!
She was beautiful! She was the kind of girl you'd spend your whole paycheck buying drinks for just to keep her sitting next to you at the bar. And I had her stripping naked for me! This was awesome! It was like having my own Playboy Playmate of the year stripping for me in my own living room getting ready to give me a blowjob.
As she took off each piece of clothing I kept tellingher how great she looked. And she looked incredible.There she was displaying her beautiful breasts for me; so big and round and firm like melons with dark brown nipples high and just slightly to the side. As she stepped out of her jeans she looked up at me with her fingers holding the top of her panties.
"Can I keep these on?" she pleaded for her last bit of dignity.
I just shook my head in refusal.
I swear, she was trembling as she slipped off her panties! It was the hottest frigging thing! I unbuckled, unzipped and pulled out my hard cock. Herfocus totally went to the object of her desire and she forgot all about being embarrassed about being naked. She was chomping at the bit wanting to get her mouth on my cock but before I let her have it I made her wait while I fondled her breasts and kneaded her nipples. I was relishing every bit of her and how badly she wanted my cock. Now I was ready.
I thought she would devour my cock like she was starving, but she didn't. Instead, she closed her eyes and pressed her lips against it in a slow kiss. Then she used her tongue and slid it up and over my cock head in slow motion. Stopped, pulled slightly away, looked at it longingly and kissed it a slow full kiss again.
Katherine was savoring my cock. Like when after all winter you finally get to grill a steak on the grill and the whole time you're smelling it cooking. Your going crazy because you can't wait to eat it and when you finally get it on your plate you cut it really slow and put a piece in your mouth and just relishing the taste and then chew so slowly savoring the experience.
That's what she was doing, savoring my cock. And I just leaned back and enjoyed every second of this incredibly beautiful naked girl giving me the longest, slowest, sweetest blowjob ever.
She did everything, used her lips and tongue and even slid my cock up and down and around her beautiful face. she'd bob up and down with just my cockhead and glans sliding in and out of her mouth and then take me deep till I could feel by cock head pressed against the back of her throat holding it there till she gagged a little gag.
Sometimes she looked up at me so subserviently, or gazed at my cock adoringly, or closed her eyes in total concentration. She was using her mouth to make love to my cock. I didn't hypnotize her on how to blow me, only to want to blow me. This was the kind of blowjob she knew how to give!
I didn't know how long I had her doing this for me. A very, very, long time. Each time she would sense that I might cum, she'd back off and do something else, like kiss my balls or lay her head on my stomach and lightly blow on my cock head. She'd run her fingernails up and down my stomach and look up at me with those big brown eyes to see if my imminent orgasm had subsided. I would nod and she would go back to serious cock pleasing.
Finally, I had to cum. I grabbed her head and held it firmly as I humped her mouth. She didn't want this and she made whimpering sounds as I fucked her mouth, which was a total turn on, but she didn't fight me. I came right in her mouth like a fire hose.
She gagged terribly and pulled off my cock but she was no quitter. She licked my glans and rubbed it around her face as I came all over her beautiful face and took more cum till I filled her mouth. Then she looked up at me and her face screwed up as she forced herself to swallow the biggest load of cum I had ever shot in a girl's mouth, ever!
Then she did something I couldn't believe; she kissedmy balls, laid her head on my lap and whispered, "Thank you."
My thoughts went crazy, thinking about all the things I could do with just hypnotizing her. Damn, damn damn!
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asstaz · 3 months ago
His Own Paradise || Kim Taehyung
Tumblr media
> PAIRING: Taehyung x Reader (Reader's POV)
> GENRE: Smut
> WORD COUNT:'s pretty long.
> WARNING: Explicit depictions of sex; submission much; hard Dom; use of toys; caning and more caning; tae is a bit rude soooooo; humiliation.
> SUMMARY: Taehyung punishes you severely after you came down late; disobeying his orders.
➢Be a good slut and don't copy my work. Reblog instead and you'll be rewarded dearly with more smut. Your support on my last post was so....interesting and I'm grateful. Hope you love this one. Lol.
Tumblr media
"Slut! I'm home!" Taehyung called me as I hurried from upstairs paradise to meet him at the front door. I had heard him opening it and cursed myself for not being on time. I ran down the stairs and around the corner to stand in front of him.
I spread my legs and clasped my hands behind my neck, elbows out, for his inspection. I was wearing 6-inch black stiletto heels, thigh high black fishnet stockings, crotchless leather panties and an open-cup black bra. Around my neck, I wore a padlocked leather collar, to which he held the only key. He also held the only key to my closet, where he locked up my clothing when he left in the morning, to ensure I wouldn't leave the apartment without permission.
"Where the hell were you, slut? Sitting upstairs, doing nothing but playing on my laptop?" He scolded me, even as he looked approvingly at my body, not moving from inside the door. Even at my heels, he towered over me. He motioned every so slightly with a nod of his head for me to begin my duties.
I stepped towards him and took his briefcase and papers, putting them on the stand near me. "No, sir, not on your laptop. I'm sorry for being lazy, sir." i whimpered, taking his coat and hanging it on the coat rack. I knelt down on the hardwood floor in front of him and unzipped his pants, reached inside his briefs and extracted his already semi hardened cock.
Immediately, i engulfed him in my mouth and began sucking, lapping and kissing. I licked up and down, kissed and tongued his balls tenderly; my hand found and held the base of his cock. I swallowed the whole thing, sucking and circling my tongue around the head.
Taehyung stiffened only slightly. He leaned back against the door and moaned quietly. I continued to perform, with great enthusiasm and tenderness, until after just a few minutes, he exploded into the back of my throat. I swallowed graciously and licked and sucked gently until he was completely clean. I kept kissing it until he gently pushed me away. "That's all you get, slut." he whispered.
I sat down on my knees, head down, hands behind my back, and said, "Thank you for the honor, sir."
He reached down and reassembled himself inside his pants and moved past me, patting my head as he did. I remained in position. "Get up and get me a glass of vodka and coke. With ice. I have to watch a show in about 15 minutes." he told me as he seated himself on the couch with the remote in his hand.
I scurried up and into the kitchen to get his drink. As i did, i was careful not to rattle anything or make noise. He continued to talk, "While I'm watching it, you are not to talk to me or make any noise – I don't want to be disturbed." my heart sank as i carefully placed each ice cube in the glass. I carefully placed a napkin on my serving tray and the glass on top of it. Placing the tray on top of my palm and my other hand on my hip, as instructed, i sauntered into the living room.
"Your drink, Mr Taehyung." i said, standing provocatively next to him in the cocktail waitress position he had taught me. He reached for the drink and put it on the table next to him.
I waited as he pulled a bill out of his pocket and held it out to me. "What are you going to do for this, whore?" he asked, smiling.
I didn't know. "Um, what would you like me to do, sir?" I stuttered, unsure of how to play this new game.
"Forget it. Here take it." he smirked and threw the bill on the floor. I carefully balanced the tray on my hand and squatted to pick up the bill. "Thank you, Mr Taehyung, for your generosity."
"Spread your legs." he commanded. I stood and spread my legs. He reached gently between them and dragged several fingers across the crotchless area of my panties. I looked at my feet as he found the wetness and rubbed his fingers in it. I felt my legs quiver, but i dare not move. "You are a wet little slut tonight, aren't you? My cock always makes you wet. You can't get enough, can you?" He moved his hand away.
"No, sir. I can't get enough of you." i said honestly, not moving.
"Well, you little bitch, you are going to get your bottom paddled, is what you're going to get. I give you everything you could possibly want and need, and you have just one job to do – greet me properly at the door every day at the same time, and you can't even do that right." he whispered. "Do I ask much? Is it so hard to make me feel welcome when I come home from working all day to make money for you? You don't even respect me enough to do as you're told? And what were you doing upstairs? Touching yourself?"
A big round tear formed in my eye and fell down my cheek. "No, sir. I was fixing my makeup, and I was late. I have no excuse, it was stupid, lazy. You gave me everything I wanted. I do appreciate it. I'm sorry." i muttered with conviction. My legs trembled in anticipation.
"You know how I feel when you blatantly disobey me. Is that how I should feel after all I've given you?"
"No. Please, punish me as you please. I am sorry, but I have no excuse." his anger frightened me more than his punishments. I loved him dearly and tried very hard to please him, always seeming to fall short. I knew he loved me and tried hard to make me happy in every way, and i still screwed up.
He turned the television and speakers on and ignored me, leaving me to stand there while he found the channel he needed. He often had to keep up with breaking news for his job. "Go put the tray away and go upstairs. Get the plug and put on the special panties, you dripping little slut, and bring the hairbrush. You're going over my knees for the entire show and you will learn to hate commercial breaks."
Immediately, i scurried off, as quickly as possible while teetering on the heels and trying to maintain the grace of a ballet dancer. Upstairs, I gathered the required items, pulled on the leather backless panties, took the lubrication for the plug and grabbed the oversized wooden hairbrush he kept hung by the bedside. I paused only a second to check my hair and makeup before hurrying back to his side.
He took the dildo and the lubrication and the hairbrush. He laid the brush down next to him on the couch and held up the lubrication, laughing. "Do you think you need this, fox? I don't think so." he laughed and tossed it over the back of the couch. "You will wear this plug," he said holding it up, "in your wet little cunt to avoid dripping on my suit, slut. Now, lay down so I can insert it."
I laid down on the floor near his feet and lifted my hips up, offering myself to him. He drew his fingers along the edges of the slit on the panties at my genital area. I knew i was still very wet. He inserted his finger into me, and an involuntary groan escaped my my as my hips jutted upward ever so slightly to meet his finger. "You really are a horny, insatiable whore, little girl. You want it, don't you? You want to feel my fingers further inside you, don't you?" He teased, removed his fingers and left me wanting so much more. "No. You will be punished tonight and that's it. You were bad and you will feel the consequences of my disappointment." With that, I felt the rubber being pushed into me. It was a short and not very wide plug that only made me want more. It did not satisfy any of my desire, but rather fueled it with it's teasing and constant probing.
"There." he proclaimed, sitting back, "Now you won't be able to soil my suit with your slutty juices when you're over my lap. All plugged up. Get up, slut." Taehyung ordered.
I carefully and slowly stood, feeling the fullness of the toy inside me. I couldn't look at him in this condition. He picked up the hairbrush and patted his knees. "Get over my knees, and get ready for a sore bottom. I have had it with your games and tonight, your ass is going to hurt. You won't sit for a few days, you lazy little ungrateful whore."
I knelt next to him on the couch and before placing myself over his lap, i kissed the back of his hand – the one holding the brush. I then laid myself across his lap, arms extended in front, legs straight behind me and crossed at the ankles.
"If that plug comes out, what happens to you?" He asked me, rubbing and stroking my bottom and thighs with his fingers.
"Ten strokes of the cane, Mr Taehyung." i answered quietly.
"That's right, and you had best keep those legs closed and ankles crossed, slut. This is not about your pussy and I don't want to see it, understand?" he swatted my bottom with the back of the hairbrush as he commanded.
"Yes, sir, I understand."
"Have you been doing your exercises, young lady? Tightening and relaxing your pussy as I told you?" he picked up the remote and turned the volume up. I could hear that his show was starting.
"Yes, sir, I have, as you ordered." i replied quickly, not wanting to interfere with his viewing.
"We'll see when that plug stays put." he said offhandedly, obviously watching his program and not concentrating on me anymore. There was never really a question of whether it would stay put or not – it always did. He just liked humiliating me that way. He said nothing to me for what seemed like forever. He didn't touch me or even seem to know that I was there.
I laid still across his lap, trying not to disturb him in any way. I felt the warmth of his thighs against my hips and groin but refused to think about it, afraid i would move in some small way and distract him. The first few minutes were not too hard, but as time went by, i began to want his attention more and more. I felt so teasingly almost-full and so humiliated, the inattention began to drive me crazy. I knew this was unacceptable and that I was being a selfish brat for needing so much from him, but my natural need for his attention was more than I could control, despite the consequences.
Inevitably, I moved. I twitched my still white, unmarked bottom as my hips grounded into his thighs. It was a small movement, but i regretted it immediately.
He did not react at all. It was as if she wasn’t there. Nothing from him.
I heard the commentator announce they were cutting away for a commercial break. I bit my bottom lip and took a deep breath and felt his hand lift above my backside; then I felt the first incredible crack of the brush. Before i had time to process the pain, a plethora of blows descended. He didn't pause between the blows at all, only the time it took to draw back and deliver a burning, stinging spank. He was angry, and this was punishment. I remained perfectly still as long as I possibly could, feeling the plug inside me with each blow and trying hard to hold it still so she wouldn't cum from its movements. But the pain was unbearable and I began to try to avoid it, bouncing up and down on his hips, twisting my hips back and forth.
I was crying loudly now, begging and pleading for mercy but he was silent and unfailingly brought the hard wood down in exactly the spot he chose each time, without slowing. It seemed that each stroke was harder than the last. He didn't say a word. He eventually reached down with his free hand and clasped me around the waist to keep me in position. The paddling continued without letup and it felt as if my skin on my ass was wet, hot, swollen.
Finally, he stopped. I could hear that the show had resumed. "One sound out of you before the next commercial, and you will be a sorry little bitch!" was all he said as he once again turned his complete attention to the program.
"Will be?" i thought. I laid there in agony, wanting very much to rub the pain away, but afraid to move. I sobbed silently into the couch and regretted disobeying him again. I loved him, and i knew that he hated to punish me. He really didn't like it much and it angered him to have to do it, to be disobeyed at all. That's why every punishment had been so traumatic and so memorable. There was no mercy, no condolence, no tenderness. I was to suffer, as he suffered at my disobedience, and to feel his anger, he told me. I wondered how many mistakes he would tolerate before he got tired of me and wouldn't put up with the disappointments anymore. I vowed, yet again, to be better, to try harder.
The next commercial break was the same thing, unending beating with the back of the brush, no words, no comfort. Just pain. I felt like I would go crazy, that surely my skin had broken, that the welts were bleeding. I, again, could not keep still and bounced, up and down on his lap, my bottom writhing to and fro, my clamped legs thrashing side to side. I tried not to forget the plug inside me, to hold tightly and to keep my ankles crossed, to keep my wet, aching pussy hidden from view.
To my surprise and joy, there was no last break. That was it. The program ended with no more commercials, although i had to lay there, beaten and broken, across his lap for another five minutes before it ended. When, finally, he turned the television off, he turned his attention to me. He put his arm around my waist again, and held me firmly. I cried out loud now, sobbing with my whole body, sagging into him and into the couch.
"Well, it looks as if you got what you deserved." he said, lightly touching my bottom. The fire of his touch sent me struggling again, and he held me more tightly. "You won't be sitting comfortably for quite some time, slut! I see you kept the plug in place like a good little slut." i shivered. "But, my dear little whore, your pussy somehow made it's way out from between those legs of yours, didn't it?" He drew a line with his finger up the crack where my legs came together.
"Yes, Mr Taehyung, but please, I tried so hard, I didn't mean …" i gasped, my heart pounding with anticipation of more punishment.
"I don't care what you meant to do, little one. I gave you an order, and you refused to obey it. You have to take the consequences. I am sorry for you, truly, because I imagine it will be very painful for you. Your poor little ass is quite a mess as it is." he said and pinched my flesh, making me cry out. "I'm sorry, dear one, but you will have to have five strokes with the cane for flaunting that hungry little cunt of yours while I punished you."
My entire body drooped and every bit of energy i had had left drained away at his pronouncement. There was no use begging or pleading with him – once he made a decision, there was no changing it. I simply laid there wondering what was next and when.
He then seemed to take pity on me, as he lightly caressed my legs and ass and back with his fingers, such tender loving caresses that it made me cry more. If only I had been on time, tonight could have been different. Maybe he would have bathed me, or massaged me, or made love to me over and over, giving me such tremendous pleasure. Or maybe we would have talked all night, of our dreams, our plans, our lives together. I cried now, regretting what might have been, what i had ruined. I longed for his kiss, his tender touch on my face, my neck.
Taehyung's voice was softer now, and i thought perhaps he felt sorry for me, sorry that i was so bad i had more punishment to endure. I straightened my legs and moved to the floor, vowing to be strong. I raised my hips up so he could remove the dildo then I felt his fingers as he removed it and i almost had an orgasm – i had to fight to stop it. I was not allowed that pleasure unless he specifically told me I may. He noticed me quivering and shook his head in disbelief. "Such a slut." he muttered, slowly, teasingly pulling out the wet plug from my vagina. It was saturated with my fluids and i was embarrassed as he wiped it across my little pubic hair.
The emptiness i felt made me crave the relative fullness i had hated moments ago. Tears, again, from my desire for him to fill me, to take me, knowing he would not.
"Stay just like that, slut. I'll be back momentarily with the cane to get it over with." he stood and walked up the stairs. Minutes later, he was back with his rattan cane. Without warning, he grabbed my ankles, raising my hips from the floor even more and exposing my punished backside. He raised the cane and laid the first stroke across my flesh. It took a second for the pain to register, but when it did, I screamed out loud and began begging for mercy, promising my obedience and love. The next stroke came quickly and was harder than the first. He still held my ankles.
"Are you going to behave, slut? Are we going to have to do this again?" he asked me, looking into my eyes for the first time that evening. The tenderness, even pity, in his eyes melted me and I quieted, sniffling and gasping for breath. But i relaxed some and knew I could withstand the next three strokes, no matter how harsh.
"I will behave from now on. I only want to please you, sir, always in every way. I want to be all that you want. I am so sorry for tonight. Sorry I ruined your evening, sorry I was so much trouble, sir." i said emphatically, looking into his eyes and sensing it rather than seeing it as he raised the cane for the third stroke. This one was harder than the last and although it took my breath, I did not take my eyes from his. The fourth and fifth stroke were harder each than the previous and left me bleeding from the welts, but i did not cry and i didn't struggle.
I lost myself in Taehyung's eyes, so different from the excruciating pain he delivered to me. His eyes always revealed his soul, which was tender and loving and demanding and expecting and vulnerable.
When he was finished, he let go of my legs and put the cane down. "Bring your legs down and turn over on your stomach, slut." he ordered. I obeyed quickly, feeling the burning of my backside even more acutely as i stretched my body to full length and rolled over.
He bent to examine my unrecognizable bottom and told me, "You are bleeding. Stay there while I go get the ointment. And when I apply it, hold still." He left and came back.
The cold, silkiness of the ointment attacked me as he applied the gel to my cuts. The slightest touch made the fire burn hotter on my flesh, but I was too tired and relaxed to struggle. I just laid there while he tended to my wounds.
When he finished, he sat on the couch and sighed. Finally, he stood and told me to stand too. I dragged myself up to standing and he swooped my up in his arms. "You are going to take a nap, slut and then, you will dress yourself in the clothing I will put out for you and we're going out to dinner tonight." he kissed my forehead as he carried me upstairs.
The warmth and wetness of his kiss on my skin sent a wave directly to the area between my legs and my torment began again. I wanted him now more than ever. I whispered, as he laid me in the bed, "I love you, I want you. Please?"
He shook his head and pulled the covers up to my chin, sitting next to me as I winced and cried out from the sheets touching my backside. I rolled over on her side, facing him. "You are still being punished. You will learn one way or the other, or maybe both. Besides, my dear, I don't want you now. Punishing you turns me off, you know that. Go to sleep, rest, you have twenty minutes and then I will wake you to prepare for dinner."
He stood, walked to the door and switched off the light. "I love you too."
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covairecityrp · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Congratulations, and welcome to Covaire City! You have been accepted for the role of JOYFUL JANITOR. We are so excited to see that bastard back as a woman and are very happy to have you on board! This character will be held for you for 24 hours; please send in a link to their account. Remember to do Task 004: "Back to Basics" with seven (7) days after your first post. And feel free to message us if you have any questions. The characters may bite, but we don’t!
Wanted skeleton: Joyful Janitor Face claim: Jodie Comer  Species: Mage (air & water) / Cràbhach
Social position: Civilian Full name: Maeve McAlister Age & date of birth: 28, June 21st 1993 Gender: Cis-female Sexuality: Heterosexual Occupation: Janitor at the Dominion
Turn-ons: Roleplay, cleanliness, carefree attitudes, humour, quirkiness, breath-play. Turn-offs: Too much ‘romance’, non-con, dub-con, stubbornness, dull personalities.  OOC Limits/triggers: Paedophilia.
1. She is deeply religious, coming from a coven that takes honouring Darkness and Light very seriously. Disrespecting these entities will earn her greatest outrage, and upholding them will put you smack bang at the front of her good books.
2. When she’s in the mood to worship Light, she refrains from all sinful activities - much to her great struggle and effort. It’s not easy to live like a nun in Covaire!
3. She loves to exaggerate and embellish the truth. She can’t help it. Her imagination is wild.
4. While speaking with her, you can be sure that her mind is whirring elsewhere, imagining all the beautiful ways in which she could kill you. Thus she often has a ‘spacey’ appearance, as though her blonde head is in the clouds - which it is.
5. She has a deep distrust of humans, which borders on fear. Tales of witch trials and persecution were drummed into her from a young age and her coven lived in absolute secrecy until they were forced to emerge to defeat the demons.
6. She owns a great many talismans and is just a little addicted to collecting them. Even if their powers have faded, it doesn’t matter. She loves them all the same and experiments with transforming them for her own devices.
Secret: There are many skeletons in her closet. Literally. Too many dead bodies, and it’s a miracle that her murderous habit has not been discovered. Among her treasured talisman collection are trinkets taken from her victims and forged into sources of power; good luck and protection created from death, or channelled to darkness instead in the form of jinxed objects. These are physical proof of her misdeeds which would lead to her downfall if discovered. These precious items are kept under magical lock and key. She admires them once a year, on the dot, and doesn’t dare to carry them on her person while in public.
Development: It could be interesting eventually for her to find a partner in crime, or even a victim. I’d also love for her to interact with people from her coven.
She has two sides, one of which is kept relatively hidden. Outwardly, her beliefs and carefree attitude make her appear somewhat simple and pleasantly quirky. But she is a cunning individual who takes meticulous time to plan her misdeeds and cover them up with forensic accuracy. She’s careful because she loves what she does, not because she’s worried about being caught - if she’s caught, so be it! She’ll take her punishment (or her death) with a merry laugh and a shrug as she meets her makers: Darkness and Light are all that matter.
Sociable and talkative, she finds making acquaintances easy though she’s not so interested in forging deep connections with anyone outside of her coven. Mostly she just likes to observe others and find out about them; her job at the Dominion, fading into the background as a lowly Janitor, certainly helps with that.
Aside from magic, she’s not very well-educated in the usual school subjects and lacks everyday knowledge, having lived in a bubble with her coven since birth. But she is naturally intelligent and picks up new skills without too much effort, and she can retain information exceptionally quickly.  
In terms of her magical skill, she is above average but still learning. She is a young mage, still under the wings of her elders. Coming to Covaire has given her the chance to spread her wings on her own and she is grateful for that.
She won’t let the Alphas down - not unless they catch her, anyway.
With her brooms and mops circling the Dominion foyer on autopilot, Maeve cuts an almost invisible figure leaning dramatically against the lusciously big and ornate fireplace. She is wasting away! The drama! Mostly, she’s concentrating on controlling the tools as they move like some kind of Sorcerer's Apprentice bad impression, so every now and then her lips motion to whisper a spell while her fingers gesture to complete it.
Tumblr media
Then without warning, her hand outstretches to snatch up a cloth and she wipes over the mirror hanging on the wall. Eyes darting over the reflected faces, she idly imagines which ones would look best covered thickly in blood. And she smiles radiantly.
MEANING: Scottish. The Devout, religious, pious.
LOCATION: Scotland
ABOUT: A tight-knit coven that has lived hidden somewhere in the Scottish wilderness for many centuries. The fled to secrecy at a time when witch trials were rife and remained there happily, promoting a culture of respect and worship for Light and Darkness. Secluded, they see no need to involve themselves in modern day life and therefore have an air of peculiar vintage about them. They can often be seen performing worship rituals outdoors at dawn and nightfall.
WORSHIPS: Light and Darkness.
MISSION: To honour Light and Darkness.
STATUS: Active
POWER SET/SPECIALITIES: None, talismans & potions.
Their worship style has similarities to other familiar religions, and mostly involves a reverence for nature and its connection to Light and Darkness.
While they have no particular power set, they pool their skills and combine efforts to create effective talismans and potions. In general, half the coven focus on talismans, the other half on potions.
HIERARCHY: They are ruled by two high priests/priestesses; one who represents Light, the other who represents Darkness. Below these two are 5 counsellors, who are responsible for advising the high priests/priestesses and directing the coven’s religious education. The high priests/priestesses make all final decisions.
MEMBERS: c.50-80
CHARACTERS: Maeve McAlister (member/TAKEN)
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imperialhq · a day ago
Tumblr media
hey  there  ,  i  have  a  few  worldbuilding  questions  if  you  don't  mind  me  asking  ?  first  off  ,  what  sort  of  beliefs  or  power  do  the  giordanos  and  lombardis  possess  that  makes  them  such  high  value  in  the  city  and  why  would  ,  theoretically  ,  a  family  want  to  side  with  one  or  the  other  ?  secondly  ,  what  started  the  war  between  the  two  families  ?  and  lastly  ,  do  the  noble  families  hail  from  different  cities  in  italy  or  do  they  all  mainly  live  in  and  around  florence  ?  —   anonymous.
i  actually  love  these  questions  !  of  course  ,  i  don’t  mind  being  asked  any  at  all  !  the  giordano’s  power  stems  from  being  one  of  the  more  affluent  houses  and  the  main  largest  ,  immediate  banking  family  ,  who  are  responsbile  for  a  lot  of  the  push  and  pull  of  florin.  so  giordano  =  money.  the  lombardi’s  power  stems  from  their  close  alliance  and  unwavering  support  of  the  most  influential  figure  around  ,  aka  the  pope  ,  who’s  word  is  very  important  and  dependent  across  many  situations.  so  lombardi  =  great  political  influence.  the  two  main  things  a  house  needs  in  order  to  climb  on  top  of  others  are  split  between  them  both  and  other  nobles  may  flock  to  the  side  they  deem  the  most  important  or  likely  to  succeed.  it  could  be  a  case  of  ,  do  they  gravitate  towards  money  or  politics  when  they  play  the  game  ?  and  it’s  not  clear  just  what  started  the  war.  the  rivalry  has  always  been  ,  for  the  parents  of  our  parents  too  !  most  of  our  characters  can  assume  it  was  one  sides  greed  to  take  what  the  other  had  !  lastly  ,  all  of  the  noble  houses  hail  from  florence  and  live  inside  the  city  divided.  i  hope  this  helped  !
Tumblr media
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