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roidmusclemonster · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Who’s with me?
Let’s muscle explode together!!!
A fully roided muscle daddy showing me all he’s got. Yummy. Wanna see his veins explode with rage and grunts. C’mon daddy gimme all that muscle and all that power and cum.
Yes, fill me up with all that muscle rage. Growl like a beast, I wanna feel you growing inside me. Fill me up with your muscle cum! Make me a monster like you.
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oldermenbriefs · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Love to see them in white briefs! Anyone else?
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brokensamurai1 · 7 months ago
Y/N smiles and chats happily with the other pastas as they eat and drink in celebration of the new year. Everyone laughs and mingles together as they wait for the new year to start, Ben connecting us to all country channels so we can celebrate the new year at all times. It was a habit Ben had introduced. Everyone celebrates the new year with every country and they make food and decorations to celebrate each country. Today they were celebrating with the United States of America, watching the ball drop in New York City.
“Everyone say cheese!” Splendor smiles, taking pictures of everyone enjoying themselves.
“Y/N, take another shot with me!” Eyeless Jack calls excitedly.
“Just one more!” Y/N laughs, hurrying over to partake in the fun.
“To family and friends!” E.J. cheers, everyone clinking the shot glasses before they all down them in a gulp.
“Don’t overdo it. I’m not making breakfast,” Slender reminds everyone.
“You got it boss!” I tease him with a grin.
Slender would be rolling his eyes if he had any at my statement. We were actually boyfriend and boyfriend but started off as leader and proxy. Y/N still couldn’t help messing with him and calling him boss. Sometimes it got on his nerves which Y/N found comical. Everyone knew they were together and fully supported the relationship, the only catch? Y/N had never had a relationship as good as the one he had with Slender and he was taking things at a snail pace. He was just so terrified of Slender leaving him or moving things so fast Slender would disapprove. Tonight spoils be different though. He had made a private resolution that he was going to celebrate with Slender.
“Are you enjoying yourself?” Slender asks gently when you come over to get more food to eat.
“Yep! It’s always a blast celebrating New Years,” Y/N tells him with a smile. “How about you?”
“Being chaperone isn’t my idea of fun but I’m happy to see everyone else happy,” Slender chuckles softly.
“Come on, at least enjoy a glass of wine? I worked hard on the cranberry orange,” Y/N coos excitedly.
“One glass,” Slender chuckles, moving to pour himself a glass. “There. One glass.”
“Awesome!” Y/N cheers with excitement.
“Guys! Hurry up! It’s about time,” Ben shouts, everyone crowding into the living room.
We all count down when it’s time, cheering and clinking glasses as the new year rolls in. The party doesn’t end though. Everyone continues chatting, drinking, and enjoying the available food. Some pastas end up passed out in the living room, others went to their rooms, and many others were still enjoying the party.
“This is a blast,” Y/N laughs, looking to the side before his eyes widen when he doesn’t find Slender with him.
Y/N smiles and shakes his head, setting down his glass of wine before he heads upstairs in search of his boyfriend. He makes his way to Slender’s room, knocking gently before opening the door when he’s bid to enter.
“Hey you. You ran away pretty fast,” Y/N teases him with a chuckle.
“My apologies. I spilled wine on my shirt,” Slender explains, Y/N’s cheeks flushing when he turns around to reveal the wine stain on his white shirt.
“Th-That’s a shame. I hope you can get it out,” Y/N I tells him, his cheeks flushed as he looks over Slender’s body.
It wasn’t right that he was blessed with a body as amazing as it was!
“I’ve gotten worse out,” Slender chuckles. “Why aren’t you enjoying the party? No need for me to ruin the fun.”
“A-Actually, I had a present for you,” Y/N admits with flushed cheeks.
“Oh? What’s the occasion?” Slender asks in surprise.
“I just......I decided I was ready,” Y/N explains.
“Ready? Ready for what? Your sex change? You know I would have been happy paying for it. You deserve to feel happy with yourself and be in the body you feel is right for you,” Slender explains.
“Not that, although I’m close. No, I actually had something else in mind,” Y/N tells him, his cheeks and neck flushed bright red.
“What is it?” Slender prods gently, tossing his soiled shirt into the laundry basket.
“W-Well. We’ve been together for a while now and I think I’m ready for us to be intimate,” Y/N explains, looking anywhere except Slender.
Slender freezes in shock at Y/N’s words, ‘staring’ at him in disbelief as his mind tries to register what he was just told. Y/N wasn’t drunk, he knew that. He had a shot and half a glass of wine, and Y/N could handle his alcohol very well so he wasn’t drunk.
“Truly?” Slender finally manages to say, his own cheeks dusted pink.
“Y-Yes,” Y/N squeaks out, holding his arms around him.
Slender moves forward and pins Y/N against the door, capturing his lips in a dee kiss as his hand locks the door. Once it’s locked his hands slip beneath Y/N’s shirt, gently rubbing his thumbs over Y/N’s perking nipples. Y/N gasps softly in the kiss, Slender wasting little time invading his mouth. Y/N lets go of a soft moan through the intimate kiss they share, Slender’s hands sliding down his sides before grabbing Y/N’s ass and lifting him into the air. Slender carries him over to the bed where they lay upon it together, Slender slipping off Y/N’s shirt as he pins Y/N’s arms above his head with a tendril. Slender lowers his head to press kisses into Y/N’s neck, sucking and biting at the flesh until he leaves marks behind.
He trails his kisses lower, swirling his tongue around Y/N’s nipples before gently biting at them. Y/N gasps softly as he squirms beneath Slender, feeling himself grow harder and harder from Slender’s attention. Slender trails kisses lower until he reaches Y/N’s pants, sliding them and his underwear off before tossing them to the side of the bed. Y/N closes his legs but not for long before Slender presses his hands against Y/N’s sides and spreads them. Slender lowers himself between Y/N’s legs, slipping his tongue between the folds of his vagina. Y/N identified as male and has been working hard to get his sex change. He had already undergone a mastectomy and was saving up to try himself changed completely. Slender was happy to pay for it all but Y/N was too stubbornly independent to allow such a thing.
Slender smiles at the thought as he trails his tongue between Y/N’s folds, flicking the tip against Y/N’s clit. Y/N gasps and squirms beneath Slender as arousal builds in his core, gritting his teeth in an attempt to muffle his moans.
“Relax, no one can hear us. I’ve sound proofed the room. Be as loud as you desire,” Slender purrs softly.
Y/N nods his head, his back arching when Slender returns to devouring him, gasping and moaning from the pleasure shooting through his body. His hands clench into fists as his toes curl, crying out when the pleasure he was feeling is suddenly taken away.
“Sl-Slender!” Y/N cries out, trembling beneath him with soft whimpers.
“Relax,” Slender purrs gently, pulling away to work off his own pants.
Y/N blushes and covers up his chest and crosses his legs as he watches Slender slip out of his pants and underwear. Y/N’s eyes widen at the sheer size of Slender, trembling slightly as he swallows the lump in his throat. Sure he wasn’t a stranger to a penis but none he had watched in porn or looked at with doctors compared to the size of Slender. Slender notices Y/N’s apprehension, climbing onto the bed and gently laying down beside him.
“Want to explore it first?” Slender asks gently.
Y/N nods and carefully moves between Slender’s legs. It was his first time and Slender understood the apprehension. He wasn’t human so he was a lot larger than the average person and he wanted Y/N to be completely comfortable with it before they went any further. Y/N wraps both his hands around Slender’s length and gently strokes it, Slender groaning in soft delight as Y/N familiarizes himself with Slender’s length. Y/N parts his lips and hesitantly licks the tip, pulling back a moment before lowering himself and licking up Slender’s length. Y/N does this a few more times before he takes Slender into his mouth, gagging and choking slightly as he awkwardly moves his head.
“Careful with the teeth,” Slender warns him gently, watching Y/N make his best attempt at getting Slender off.
Y/N’s cheeks grow sore so he pulls away with a soft gasp, Slender sitting up and pulling Y/N onto his lower stomach. Slender pulls Y/N down for a deep kiss, his hands coming to rest on Y/N’s hips.
“C-Can we take it slow?” Y/N pants softly.
“Of course,” Slender assures him.
Y/N nods and raises his hips, bracing himself against Slender as he carefully eases Slender’s length inside of him. He whimpers softly as the top penetrates his walls, trembling as he carefully brings himself lower and lower. He whimpers and pauses at the full feeling in his lower half, Slender only part way inside of him. Y/N raises his hips and lowers himself again, Slender gently grasping his hips as he resists the urge to just overtake Y/N. He couldn’t be too rough, not yet. It was only his first time after all. Y/N continues to carefully ease Slender further and further inside of him, Slender groaning once Y/N has him all the way inside. Y/N pants hard as he works to adjust to Slender being inside of him, every fiber of Slender’s being wanting to just slam him to the bed and take him.
Y/N takes a deep breath and lifts his hips before sliding back down Slender’s length, groaning softly as Slender slides in and out of him. Y/N continues to carefully ride Slender, moving his hips up and down as his walls clamp down around Slender’s length. Slender helps him lift his hips and bring them back down, a soft moan leaving Slender’s lips. Y/N pants softly as he braces himself again Slender’s shoulders, moving his hips up and down faster. Slender takes this as his cue to move, thrusting his hips upward as Y/N slides back down Slender’s length. Y/N cries out in surprise as Slender begins to move, groaning softly as Slender times his thrusts with Y/N’s. Y/N’s nails dig into Slender’s shoulders as their bodies become one over and over again.
Slender speeds up his thrusts, carefully adjusting his hips before letting go of a delighted growl when he manages to find Y/N’s g-spot. Y/N cries out and gasps from the pleasure, Slender chuckling softly as he thrusts into that spot over and over again. Y/N slumps against Slender’s chest as Slender takes over the movements, Y/N moaning and crying out from the pleasure.
“Slender!” He cries out as he feels a knot tighten in his stomach. “I’m so close!”
“Cum for me,” Slender purrs, his thrusts speeding faster to stimulate Y/N as much as possible.
Y/N cries out as Slender stills when Y/N reaches his orgasm, his walls tightening and pulsing around Slender’s length. Slender allows Y/N to come down from his high before he flips them over. He guides Y/N’s legs over his shoulders and begins thrusting into him. Slender slips three tendrils into Y/N’s drooling cavern, ordering him to suck on his tendrils. Once he was them nice and wet Slender slips those three tendrils inside Y/N’s ass, filling him completely. Slender leans down for a kiss as he thrusts in and out of Y/N. Y/N gasps and cries out from the sheer pleasure, groaning in delight as his back arches.
“You feel so good,” Slender growls out as he continues his movements.
Y/N can only cry out from the pleasure in response, Slender’s pace unrelenting as he moves inside of Y/N. Soon he has Y/N crying out from the pleasure as he hits his peak, Slender stilling as he reaches his own climax as well. Slender legs Y/N’s walls milk him of his seed before he pulls out and lies beside him. Slender guides Y/N into his chest, his lover’s heart racing as he nuzzles into Slender’s chest.
“Thank you,” Slender says, gently stroking Y/N’s hair. “Thank you for trusting me with something so important.”
“Thank you,” Y/N smiles softly as he looks up ah Slender. “I wouldn’t have wanted it with anyone else.”
“I’ll be happy to be your first and forever if you’d like that?” Slender asks him gently.
“Of course,” Y/N smiles, lifting to give Slender a kiss before he nuzzles back into Slender’s chest.
Slender smiles in soft delight, curling his large form around Y/N’s and falling into a content sleep.
“I smell a lack of virgin! Who did it?!” Offender shouts with a grin as he barges into the kitchen.
“Do not make me throw you out of this window!” Slender snaps at Offender. “Leave him alone.”
“Oooh! You finally gave up your v-card?! Y/N, I’m so proud of you!” Offender chirps, throwing his arms around the killer.
“Offender!” Slender growls, brandishing a knife at Offender. “Off of my boyfriend!”
“What are you gonna do about it?” Offender grins, continuing to hold onto Y/N.
Y/N rolls his eyes and shakes his head with a smile. Slender ‘glares’ at Offender before running around the table in an attempt to catch him. Offender grins and darts around the other way, sticking his tongue out at Slender as they play chase around the table.
“Get your ass over here!” Slender snaps.
“I refuse!” Offender sings with a smirk. “You can’t do a thing.”
Slender sighs in annoyance and settles in the seat beside me instead, brandishing his knife at Offender when he gets closer to us.
“Do it and this goes through your stomach,” Slender warns with a low growl.
“Oh fine! I was just playing,” Offender complains. “What’s for lunch?”
“Can we get Chinese?” Y/N asks hopefully.
“I want Chinese!” Ben and Jeff shout together.
Everyone else chimes in, Y/N’s cheeks flushing when Slender groans.
“Way to go,” He sighs despite the chuckle in his voice. “Everyone come tell me what you want.”
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anonymousdaddychaser · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
#moustache #mustache #mustaches #stache #man #beard #mustachio #chevronmustache #hot #muscle #tits #nipples #malenipples #gayolder #olddaddy #oldmature #maturegayman #hotdaddy #fit #gym #muscledaddy
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skyfreedom5 · a month ago
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hhairyman · 2 months ago
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officialleobrown36 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Serving: Lips and Wolf in a trenchcoat realness. Singer, Songwriter and High Priest of The Dark Arts. Today's #MCM Lover of cuddles, snacks, all things nerd and my playhusband @TheDamienNova.
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toomuchkween · 5 months ago
Did it again! Been up for 2 days. Two work days too. Had sexy with people I didn’t want to to continue the action, and then got kind of burnt at the end of it all. Anyone can shit on someone no matter what the circumstances were before....everyone will step over anyone for something better.
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mydreamofthegaymens · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
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mike-schum · a year ago
I don’t think I’m that much different from you, so I ask, are you finding it increasingly difficult to remain optimistic about individuals you know and fellow humans in general? Are you finding that in our current political climate it is nearly impossible to believe that someone has your back, that they even see you as a person with whom they can connect or converse?
I’m sadly feeling that no one is coming to our rescue and the harsher reality is no one has any desire to try and understand a different point-of-view. For me, if I give specific instances and acts that have put me and my well-being into direct peril, the people I tell refuse to see how it even matters to them. So I am left to wonder, do they really not have any concern as to how it may affect me and my well-being or is what I am hearing in their responses not a lack of caring, but a lack of understanding?
Let me step back for a moment and tell you a little bit about me. I’m a white, gay, college-educated male with an undergraduate degree in liberal arts and entering my sixth decade. I am comfortably middle class and have a partner (husband when it was finally legal) of 20+ years. I started working after school in the 9th grade, worked full-time during college, and then never stopped. My career has brought me all around the country for extended periods of time to live in both urban and rural communities of varying sizes.
When I was traveling for work, I loved being dropped into a new community in which I knew no one. At these places I was forced to make a new life for myself anywhere from 3 months to 2 years. And at every new assignment it meant I would have to gel with a new and disparate group of individuals to ensure we, as a team, did our best work. Working in financial services you speak a common language, but not everyone you encounter will have the same command of that language or the depth of knowledge and experience in its use. Sort of like life, no?
Now that you know me, let’s return to talking about these strange times we’re living in and what I hope to accomplish with my blog. I want to write about what it is like to engage with people you have known your whole life, but whose views make them almost strangers to you. These are people you inherently care about, but now they see the world and how we fit into it so completely different from you that it makes you wonder if a common ground can be found. And is the common good lost forever?
What is especially hard is that often these people come from the same place as you. They lived in the same town, went to the same schools and churches, knew many of the same people, and for a period of time you even all slept under the same roof. Yes, your family and they are now so completely different from the people who usually surround you.
These individuals don’t share your POV and the outage they feel at what is going on in this country is 180 degrees from the outrage you feel. They don’t see the same things happening the same way. While you question our lack of humanity, kindness, and willingness to help others in need, they see and explain these things so very different that it makes your head spin and question, “How were our foundations laid?”
Rather than refusing to associate or interacting like at a forced meal of short duration, AKA the  traditional holiday dinner, I suggest a dialogue. I challenge us all to dig deep to expose ourselves and our beliefs. It can’t deteriorate into a Fox News or MSNBC name-calling, fact-spouting, shouting match because those are on every day of the week. But if we speak with kindness and offer personal insight, it will be the truth as you know and like with everything else…
It’s My Call
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hhairyman · a month ago
Tumblr media
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