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Shut That Bratty Mouth Of Yours
Chapter 3
Warnings: 18+ MINORS DNI; angst angst angst, polyamory discussion, oral sex (f receiving), p in v, unprotected sex (wrap it up kids)
Summary: Hunter is avoiding you, which isn’t doing anyone any favors, so you force him to tell you what is bothering him. It doesn’t go well... then it does?
Pairing: Hunter x Reader (Cis Female)
WC: 5584 (buckle up)
Tumblr media
It’s been three days since Hunter has looked you in the eyes. Three days. Three days of insufferable silence from the man who literally tells everyone on the ship how things need to be done and when. How he manages to avoid speaking to you for 72 hours honestly escapes you, but he’s always been stealthy and resourceful. He shows his “resourcefulness” by using the rest of the batch against you, speaking through them or using them to distract you, and even nearly throwing Echo at you on one occasion. It’s not hard for anyone on the ship to tell that something is up, let alone yourself. Even Crosshair has managed to get fed up with it, his originally smug grin no longer curling his lips when Hunter fumbles around you. Something has to be done, and you try your best to capture him alone, but he always proves too good to catch. You’d normally be impressed but now you’re just annoyed.
So, the minute he steps down the ramp on his own, you’re chasing him. There seems to be a collective sigh of relief on the ship as you speed-walk through it after Hunter. You catch a glimpse of him by the landing strut and pounce, your hands thrown out wide to try to block his path. You feel silly when you realize he’s leaning against the side of the ship with his helmet tucked under his arm, clearly having no intention of running.
“You’re not going to drop this, are you?” He rumbles, looking at your boots with a scowl. You cock your hip and place your hand on it and you see his eyes flicker from one boot to the other as your weight shifts. He wants to look at you, you can feel it.
“You really want to talk about this within earshot of those chucklefucks?”
The corner of his lips twitch and you allow an easy smile to spread on your lips for him, since he’s still hellbent on hiding his. He sighs before lifting his bracer to comm the boys. “Doing a perimeter sweep.”
“Do what you have to do, Hunter…” God damnit Crosshair. Hunter growls under his breath and he looks like he wants to step up the ramp again and throttle his brother; honestly, you’d pay to see that.
The two of you make your way into the lush “greenery” surrounding the ship. The planet was definitely thickly wooded, though it was covered in flora you’d never seen before. Everything varied in beautiful jewel tones, mostly on the purple and blue side with shocks of pinks and reds here and there. You allow your fingertips to brush along tender leaves and harsh, gnarled bark as you distractedly follow Hunter through the brush. You know you don’t have to take this “perimeter sweep” seriously, Hunter wouldn’t have brought you out here if he thought for even a second that there would be something waiting for you; and he’s never wrong. You’ve been walking long enough that you think he’s just trying to stall, so you lean up against one of the twisty purple trees and take your helmet off. He stops when he feels that you’re no longer following him, about six feet away from you, a comfortable distance. You thought you’d have to press him, but to your surprise, he speaks first.
“So Crosshair, huh? Didn’t know that did it for you…” He tries to sound nonchalant, conversational, but even through the helmet you can hear the little flame of anger. For some reason that pisses you off. It sounds so accusatory, like you’ve done something wrong, like you have something to feel guilty about. Your grip on the lip of your helmet tightens and you furrow your brows, your lips pressed into a tight line. You wish he’d take that fucking helmet off so you could look into his eyes, the coward. You want to slap the tattoo right off his face.
“Well, if you heard that, you clearly have been listening.” He stiffens at your words, his hands balling into tense fists at his sides. “And if you have been listening, you’d know it’s not just Crosshair that ‘does it for me’.” You spit the words at him, about ready to throw your helmet at that stupid, sexy idiot. He doesn’t say anything and it just pisses you off even more, you wish he’d say something, anything to keep you from saying the thing that comes next. The thing that has been festering in you for three days.
“But I guess I’m just… tainted now that he’s touched me. That’s it, right? You can’t even look at me- I don’t even know if you’re looking at me right now because you’re hiding behind your fucking helmet.” Your throat burns around the lump that’s lodged itself in it, like you’ve swallowed a hot coal. You hear him sigh and then he’s taking his helmet off. It’s obvious that he still has a hard time looking at you, but he does it anyway, his jaw tense with the effort.
“I didn’t say that…”
“You didn’t karking have to, Hunter.” Your voice shakes, “Look, I didn’t expect us to all hold hands and sing kriffing kumbaya, but I thought you’d at least be able to pretend better than this. At this rate, if Crosshair heard me, there’s no telling who else on that ship has; and if they have, they’re all doing a better job of pretending that things are normal than you are.” You can see how much this is hurting him, he’s made it clear in the past how much he hates seeing you in pain; and you’re not doing a great job of pretending, either.
“How many times have you heard me?”
Hunter’s breath is punched out of him in a ragged wheeze. Honestly, he looks like you’ve just shot him; Shocked, confused, hurt, and still. But you can’t stop, the words just keep pouring from you like blood from a wound.
“All those times… you knew I wanted you, and you never did anything. And now you’re mad at me because someone else did? How is that fair, Hunter?”
“What was I supposed to do, just walk out there and ask if you needed a hand?” Your eyebrows shoot up and it must be written all over your face, because he glares and points a finger at you. “Don’t.” You don’t have to say it. “Forgive me for not having an ego the size of a star destroyer.”
“You could have done anything, Hunter. You could have talked to me, made a move when I wasn’t knuckle deep in myself, just said something.” He’s flinching every time you speak now, every word cutting him a little deeper. It hurts you to see it, but that feeling can’t rival the overwhelming wave of satisfaction you get from releasing all of this.
“It’s not that simple.”
“How is it not that simple, Hunter? How?”
“I can’t-... It’s not my place to say.”
“No, fuck that, Hunter!” You finally snap. “You don’t get to run away from me anymore.” You throw your helmet on the ground, your blood boiling. “You’re going to tell me that you hate me and then we can all just fucking move on, ok? So just fucking say it!”
“I’m not going to kriffing lie to you to make you feel better.” He’s growling, teeth bared, like a fucking animal. You’ve pushed too far, and even still you can’t stop.
“Why not? It’s better than being stuck on a ship with someone you can’t even look at. Fuck it, if you tell me you hate me, I’ll go back to Kamino so you don’t have to fucking look at me an-”
“I’m not going to lie to you because you’re too fucking blind to see that every man on that karking ship is in love with you!” It’s your turn to look like you’ve been shot. Hunter has never yelled at you. Never. His tone and volume stuns you, but it’s what he says that makes your head spin.
“Yes.” He’s so tense you think something is going to snap; well… he just did, but physically it looks like he’s going to pull something with how tightly he’s wound. You just stare at each other for a beat, your eyes wide in contrast to his smoldering glare.
“But… then- why?”
Hunter drops his helmet now and pushes the heels of his hands into his eyes before dragging them down his face. He looks exhausted, hurt, completely fed up. He turns away from you for a second and takes a deep breath, as if preparing himself for this conversation.
“How are any of us supposed to keep you for ourselves? How can we reach out to you, if we know it’s going to hurt our brothers?” He turns back to face you and looks at you- really looks at you. The look in his eyes causes your breath to catch. “Only Crosshair would be selfish enough to do it, honestly. So now you’ve made your choice, and we’re all just… dealing with that.”
“I didn’t know I was… ‘making a choice’.” The lump rises back in your throat, and this time you barely swallow it down, your voice cracking through the process. “If I had known I wouldn’t have-... That’s not fair, Hunter. I don’t-... I’m sorry I’m… selfish.” Now you can’t look at him. How quickly the tables turn. You slump against the tree you’d previously been leaning on and slide down it’s surface, bringing your knees to your chest and hugging them. Your eyes and throat burn, you’re desperately trying not to cry now. It doesn’t seem fair for you to cry when you’ve hurt them, even though it feels like there's a hole in your chest; gaping and bleeding, staining everything you touch. You hear Hunter sigh again, it’s heavy. Then he’s moving towards you, closing the distance and sitting down beside you; his back against the same tree and his head rolled back against it.
“You’re not selfish. You didn’t know.”
“No. I’m fucking selfish, Hunter.” You bring your hands to your eyes and palm them as if it will hold in the traitorous tears that are slipping past your defenses. “I’m fucking selfish, because I just can’t-… how am I supposed to choose?!”
“What?” You can’t see him, but he sounds confused.
“You’re all too-… How am I supposed to pick one of you? I know it’s unfair and unreasonable but I don’t think I could ever choose just one of you. I’m sorry.” You choke on a sob; you hate yourself right now, how can you be so selfish? They’re all too fucking perfect, each of them taking up space in your heart. With all of them crowded in there it feels full to bursting; but you couldn’t imagine even one of them gone from it, the hole they would leave would be too big to fill.
“Why didn’t you say anything…?”
Your head swivels so fast you think your neck might snap, glaring at him through your tears. But Hunter isn’t teasing you, he looks completely serious. You shove him anyways, convinced he’s fucking with you at the worst time possible.
“I’m serious!” His tone is insistent, probing. You scoff, rolling your eyes and crossing your arms over your chest and looking forward, trying to avoid his now burning gaze.
“What was I supposed to say, ‘sorry boys, I’m apparently a huge slut because I want all of you and don’t think I could settle for less’? Yeah, very realistic, Hunter.” You sniffle, not wanting your nose to start running, your damn tears are enough. Your gloves luckily absorb enough of them as you paw at your face in frustration.
“Don’t call yourself that.” His tone is firm, but you only roll your eyes. Then Hunter does something you really don’t expect- he grabs your chin firmly and forces you to look at him. “I mean it.” The tone is familiar; that’s his ‘Sergeant’ voice. If you weren’t so deep in a pit of self-loathing, you would have laughed. Instead you just glare at him until his face and everything else in your view is blurred with tears again. You tear your face out of his grip and rub your eyes again. “If anything, Crosshair is the slut.” Somehow, Hunter manages to make you laugh. You couldn’t have held it in if you tried, the sound surprising you with the force it carried. You look back at him in disbelief, one brow arched and a confused smirk curling your lip. The look in his eyes is softer now; he’s smiling, it helps. The moment doesn’t last as long as you’d like, he looks away and bites his lower lip, looking concerned for a moment before glancing back at you with a nervous expression. “You know… It wouldn’t be the first time we… shared.” Your expression must be quite the sight, because Hunter looks like he might drop dead from embarrassment, like he wished he hadn’t said that. He looks away again.
“What-..” You start, then whatever you were going to say disappears at the thought of all of their hands on you. Your blood burns at the thought, thrumming through you so hot and fast that you think you might spontaneously combust. You clear your throat and shake your head in a sorry attempt to clear it of that thought. “Then why didn’t any of you-...you know..?” He groans.
“Because you’re not just some fling we picked up at a bar!” You flinch at his words. “You’re more than that, deserve more. We all want to give you more than that.” He gets quieter with every word, then falls silent for a few moments. “How were we supposed to know that you… wanted us like that?”
“How could I know that five amazing men wanted me like that?” His eyes close and a sigh slips out of him. “It sounds like I need to talk to all of you at some point…” He nods, biting his lip again. You lean closer to him, “But before that… Hunter,” He sucks in a sharp breath when you whisper his name. “Can I kiss you?”
Time stops, or at least it feels like it. You watch the muscles of Hunter’s jaw and throat flex as he swallows. He doesn’t answer you, you think he might be stuck. You reach forward, brushing your fingers along his stubbled jaw and guiding him to look at you. He shivers at your touch, his eyes closing as you turn his head; they only open part way when he looks at you again. “Please, Hunter?” He’s looking at your lips, still stuck, but offers you a little nod. When your lips brush against his, he whimpers. How can you hold back after hearing that sound come from your Sergeant? You surge forward to crush his lips beneath yours and he meets you with just as much urgency. Your hand slides over his jaw and to the back of his head, tangling in his curls and holding him to you, and something in him finally snaps. Hunter’s hands are on you faster than you can comprehend, roughly pulling you against him and dragging you into his lap. Your armor clacks against his as you press yourself as close as you can get, but it’s not enough.
Your gloves go first. You fling them into the dirt beside him before holding his chiseled face between your bare hands as you move your lips against his. You flick your tongue against his bottom lip and he opens for you; then you dip your tongue into his hot mouth to search for his, urging it to come out and play. You both moan when your tongues finally slide against each other and Hunter’s grip on you tightens; it’s suffocating- you need to get out of this damn armor. Your hands fumble with the various clasps of your breastplate, but you get it off and toss it aside. Your bracers come next, then you take one of his hands and guide it to your chest. When he shyly squeezes one of your breasts through your blacks, you arch into his touch as your hands start pulling away your codpiece and the armor of your legs.
Your blood is burning through you again and converging between your legs, leaving you throbbing. So when your codpiece is finally out of the way, you grind down against his and you whine, it feels too damn good. That noise spurs Hunter on- he growls against you and suddenly you’re moving again. He lays you down amongst the tufts of blue grass and pink weeds and tucks his face into your neck, devouring your flushed skin. His open mouthed kisses and hasty bites have you writhing beneath him, whimpering and breathily whispering his name. His hands slide over the opening of your body glove, over your abdomen, then stops; as if he’s afraid to push you. You reach down and tear the garment open and roll it off your shoulders and arms. He pulls back to look at you, hungrily taking in your form beneath him.
“Gloves off.” You rasp, panting heavily as you arch up to reach behind your back and unclasp your bra. He does as you demand, tossing them into the pile you’ve started making of your own garments and armor, but he doesn’t stop there. As he watches you free your breasts he bites his lip and begins tearing plastoid from his body, flinging it aside until his upper half is free of the oppressive armor. You lurch forward and begin peeling his body glove off his torso. When his upper half is free, he leans back down to push you against the packed lavender dirt, his chest coming flush with yours. Holy fuck he feels so good; he’s so warm, so firm, the weight of him on top of you is so comforting. Your arms snake around his shoulders and pull him back into another heated kiss. He doesn’t seem so shy anymore; his bare, calloused hands slide up your sides to your chest and between the two of you to cup your breasts and roll your nipples between his fingers. But that isn’t enough for either of you; he breaks away from you to trail kisses down your neck to your chest. Somehow things feel like they’re moving too fast and not fast enough. His fingers hook into the waistband of your blacks and he kisses you sloppily just below your belly button before glancing up at you.
“Can I?”
“Please, Hunter- for kriff’s sake, don’t stop there.” You whine breathlessly, lifting your hips into his touch. He pulls the lower half of your blacks and panties down before you’ve finished speaking; he doesn’t even wait until they’re fully off before he starts kissing you again, kissing down your legs all the way to the ankle as he slides your boots and pants off. Then he’s just looking down at you, staring at the apex of your thighs with such a reverent expression that it makes you squirm.
“Mesh’la…” You don’t know what that means; you’ve picked up a few words of Mando’a over the months, but you’ve never heard that one. The way he says it, though, makes something in your chest bloom. “You’re perfect, you know that?”
“Hunter…” You whimper, your hips lifting towards him again in a silent plea for him to touch you again. He smirks and lowers himself back down into the dirt, between your legs. You drape your legs over his shoulders when he prompts, and when he licks a stripe over your center you both moan. He buries his face between your thighs, sliding his tongue through your folds to part you so he can taste your slick. When his tongue prods at your entrance and gathers your arousal, he has to restrain your hips so you don’t escape his greedy mouth. After he tastes you, you don’t think there is a thing in the galaxy that can stop him, he eats you like a man starved. He somehow teeters on the line between tender and ravenous, his lips and tongue finding every spot that makes you cry out for him and drench his face.
“Stars, you’re so kriffing sweet…” He mutters against your lips before sucking them back into his mouth. You’re starting to shake beneath his iron grip, your toes curling against his back and your head rolling in the patch of grass you lay on. You start chanting a melody of “please” and his name, feeling familiar tension building in your belly. “You don’t have to beg, Mesh’la, I’ll give you as many as you want.”
His words send you over the edge; spoken so sweetly, it was a promise you knew he would keep. Your cry is shrill and broken when you go rigid under him, and he holds you down on his mouth as he guides you through your orgasm with his tongue. After a few moments of his slow, agonizingly sweet licks on your overstimulated bud, you reach out and place your hand on his head, trying to still him for a moment so you can recover. He leans into your touch instead. With a smirk you slide your fingers under his bandana and pull it off of his forehead, combing through his hair along the way and freeing his bangs. They hang in his face freely now, and when he looks up at you again he looks completely feral, his eyes dark with lust.
“Hunter, come up here.” You try, but he shakes his head and instead sits up on his knees and drags you with him. In one smooth motion, he grips the backs of your knees and completely folds you in half, your knees touching your shoulders. The hungry look in his eyes takes your breath away, or maybe you just can’t fully fill your lungs in this position…
“Want to give you all the ones he wouldn’t..” He all but snarls, then he’s diving back into your cunt, his nose bumping your clit as he drives his tongue into you. Fuck, you think you see stars. You’re still oversensitive from your first orgasm, but luckily he doesn’t touch your clit, just fucks his tongue into you until you can feel your arousal drip onto your chest. He groans at the sight and redoubles his efforts. Your hands scrabble at the dirt and grass to try to ground yourself before they finally settle on the plastoid covering his thighs, the armor protecting him from the strength of your grasp; you’re sure you would have left bruises if he had been bare to you. Once Hunter’s reduced you to a whining mess beneath his tongue again, he moves back to sucking at you and swirling his tongue roughly against your clit, interspersing filthy words between his oral attacks.
“How could he deny this pretty pussy? So sweet-... deserve to cum on my tongue until you can’t even think.” He sounds completely gone, panting and groaning against you as you soak his face. “Just one more, Beautiful. I know you can do it… Cum for me and I’ll give you my cock.. Come on..” His words are gentle, but his tongue is anything but; he pulls your orgasm from you with demanding swipes and expert flicks, making you shudder beneath him with his name on your lips. He hums appreciatively as he laps up your release, looking completely drunk off of your cunt, happier than you think you’ve ever seen him. “I could stay here all day if you’d let me..” He’s smirking down at you now, placing a wet, tender kiss on your thigh. You manage a wheezy chuckle and slide your hands up his armored thighs, reaching to brush your fingers over his codpiece.
“But you promised me your cock..” The pout on your lips is clearly fake, the amusement in your eyes giving you away. Hunter laughs with you as he gently unwinds you, letting your back rest on the grass again. Then he’s finally climbing back up your body and unclasping his codpiece. You cup his tattooed cheek and pull him in, swiping your tongue over his lower lip before pressing your lips to his, thoroughly tasting yourself on him. “Messy, greedy boy…” You mumble, making him shiver.
The heavy slap of his cock on your core makes you whimper, already grinding up against him. Thankfully, he doesn’t tease, just grinds against you enough to slick himself up and then he’s pressing into you. You didn’t get a chance to see his dick, but he feels exquisite. You pull him back against your lips, moaning into his open mouth when his hips settle against yours. Neither of you move for a few breaths, just pressing your foreheads together and basking in the feeling of being connected. But, as Crosshair so delicately put it, you’re impatient. You lift your hips as much as you’re able and grind against him, squeezing him in the same motion and making him growl through grit teeth. When he begins moving in you, you hear him curse under his breath, then he wraps you up in his arms and you don’t think you’ve ever felt safer. You similarly coil him in your limbs, your legs wrapping around his hips to keep him from going far and your fingers tangling in his hair. The pace he sets is slow, tender, so different from the rapacious way he pulled your previous orgasms from you. The way his thigh armor slaps against your ass feels heavenly. The feeling that has been blooming in your chest only swells further when he meets your gaze; your heart feels like it could burst from the look in his eyes, like you’re everything he could have ever wanted in the galaxy.
“Hunter.. You feel so good.. Why would you make me wait so long for this?” Your words come between desperate moans and heavy panting, the way he’s pushing into you bringing you closer and closer to your third release.
“Never again, Mesh’la, I promise.”
“Need you to cum with me, please, Hunter- want to feel you-” Your words have a very obvious effect on him, his hips jolting out of their rhythm and his breath catching. The way he fills you changes; instead of languid strokes, he begins grinding into you, barely pulling himself free before rocking back into you. The coarse hair at the base of his shaft rubs you just right, and before you can warn him, you’re unraveling beneath him. When you constrict around him he’s following right after you, spilling in you with a strangled shout of your name.
Did you black out for a second there? It’s hard to tell, but Hunter’s lips bring you back to reality as he begins peppering your face with kisses, evidence of your first orgasms still leaving his face wet as he nuzzles into you. You giggle drunkenly; your head feeling fuzzy from how severely fucked out you are. Warm hands gently unlock your legs from around his waist and guide them back down to the forest floor so Hunter can ease out of you and flop unceremoniously beside you with a heavy sigh. You both stare up at the canopy for a few moments, unable to move.
“Wow…” You mumble, rolling onto your side and snuggling up against his heaving chest.
“Yeah.” He says with a smirk, closing his eyes and wrapping an arm around your shoulders to pull you closer. His other hand strokes at your hair, his fingertips brushing across your neck occasionally, you don’t miss how they subtly shake.
You don’t know how much time passes, but once Hunter’s cum begins to cool on your thighs, you push up off the ground and get a good look at the two of you. You’re both covered in a thin dusting of purple dirt, certain areas a bit darker where it clings to sweat or cum, and you both have a few bits of plant matter stuck to your skin and hair. You both looked an absolute mess, there’d be no hiding it from the batch. Not that you can find it in yourself to care when Hunter gives you that look, so fucked out and blissed. You lean back down to give him another kiss, smiling into it when one of his hands lifts to cup your cheek. When you pull away again, Hunter makes a soft sound of disappointment in the back of his throat, pulling you back down to hastily nip at your lower lip. You can only giggle and push him away, not letting him drag you back down into the dirt with him.
“Come on, you. We have to get back to the ship and… well there’s no way they’re not going to know, so I guess we’re having that talk.” You stand up on wobbly legs and begin pulling your clothes back on. Hunter just rolls onto his side and watches you with a smirk, clearly having no intention of joining you. You throw his gloves at him and he makes no move to catch them, letting them hit his chest with a laugh.
The walk back to the ship takes a bit longer than it took to get out there, no doubt due to how exhausted you both are, but also in part because of the awkward waddle that having cooled cum pooling in your panties causes. You’re uncomfortable for sure, but you wouldn’t have changed a thing. To your luck, all of the boys are seated in the cockpit; you don’t know what they were talking about, but whatever it was it stops the minute they catch sight of you. Crosshair looks smug, Tech and Echo have matching looks of confusion, and Wrecker looks completely shocked.
“You fucked!” The largest clone shouts, pointing a finger at the two of you. Hunter covers his face and groans and you can feel your face flush.
“Hunter, we had an agreement-” Tech begins, but Hunter interrupts him and points to the sniper, who looks like the loth-cat who caught the canary-moth as he leans back in his seat.
“Crosshair started it.”
“Unsurprising.” Tech sneers, his eyes flicking over to Crosshair.
“That’s not fair! What the kriff, Hunter?!” Wrecker looks so dejected, his shoulders slumping forward and his heavy brows knitting together. The display strangles your heart; you have to fix this.
“All of you, hush!” They look at you in surprise and Wrecker sits down again, somehow managing to look meek beneath your gaze. You take a deep breath and try to look angry. “You’re all stupid.” Tech looks especially offended, but you hold your hand up before he can start complaining. “I’m stupid too, don’t worry. We’re fucking adults, why didn’t we talk about this?” They all glance between each other, none of them knowing what to say… for once. “Hunter told me why you kept this from me, and I didn’t say anything because… Well how would I look if I just came out and said that I don’t think I could settle for just having one of you? Pretty slutty, right?” Hunter growls a warning next to you and it looks like a few of them share the sentiment. “All I’m saying is that I thought you would think I was insane or incredibly selfish, and I guess it is… But you’re all too fucking good to me, how could I possibly choose?” You’re anxiously wringing your hands and find that you can’t look at any of them, your nervousness finally getting the better of you. Hunter’s hand on your lower back is comforting, and you suck in a breath to steady yourself.
“I knew you wanted all of us, you little minx.” Crosshair is of course the first to speak. You snap your head up to glare up at him, but seeing the looks on the clones’ faces stuns you. They all look to be in complete awe, save for Wrecker, who looks like he’s barely keeping himself in his seat.
“Do- do you really feel that way?” Echo breaks the silence again and you shyly nod, biting your lip and flushing beneath their heavy gaze.
“I know it’s wrong of me to ask you all to share, but I really don’t think I could be without any of you…”
“Well I’m not going to forfeit the chance of being with you, especially after I’ve heard that Crosshair and Hunter have already had a taste.” Tech states matter-of-factly, as if he were discussing dinner; you should be used to his impassive tone by now, but you’re still shocked, nonetheless.
“Yeah! We’ve waited long enough, you’re stuck with us now!” Wrecker cheers before lunging at you and wrapping you up in one of his classic bear hugs. As he squeezes you, your thighs rub together and you’re reminded of the mess between your legs. You wince and squirm in Wrecker’s grasp until he releases you.
“Ok, we can talk specifics later but I need a shower and a fresh set of clothes..” you mutter hastily before beginning to waddle out of the room.
“Do you require assistance?”
“No, Tech, I require a fucking nap.” They all laugh, and you make your exit, your heart beating a mile a minute.
Mando’a translastions:
Mesh’la - beautiful
Previous Chapter
This was a LONG one for me, but there was a lot of ground to cover so I could wrap it up with a neat little bow and move on to the other boys in the polycule. With that being said - I have never been in a poly relationship and I want to do my best to do this justice, lots of communication and healthy boundaries!
Hope you enjoyed it! If you want to see more of my work, You can go to My Masterlist, or My AO3.
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Ok I can’t hold it back anymore - I NEED to know who is going to get pegged. For science reasons.
Ahahhshsbsja ofc ofc 😌 for science 🥸
Its Savage Opress. I feel like all my Savage fics are being picked tonight haha. Anyway, this started off as a conversation I was having with a friend when I sent her a tiktok about short girl asking a tall guy if she could peg him and I said that was me and Savage (even though I'm 5'9", literally everyone is small compared to Savage). I'd share the video but the sound got removed 😔 It's mostly disjointed bullet points on how the night would go but I cleaned up a small bit for you below 💕
Your thighs burn in exertion. Making sure you roll your hips so the silicone strap hits Savage's sweet spot just right. He's bigger than you though, and surprisingly bratty. Speaking up as soon as your thrust begin to falter as your stamina declines.
"I thought you wanted to fuck me little one but you've already grown too tired to hold yourself up." He sounds like his brother. But he doesn't even give you the chance to respond to his teasing. "It's fine. Relax." He coos the next instant in his deep timbre. Like he's the one fucking you. Like he's the one in charge– and maybe he is.
"I've got you." He reassures you kindly as you feel dark tendrils of power curling and caressing around your legs. They prop you up. Helping you, adding a power and strength you don't possess into every pounding thrust.
WIP Game
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Why Was Darth Maul One of the Greatest Characters Ever Created
From the first attack on Tattooine that knocked the wind out of Qui-Gon to the trio battle between Darth Maul, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Qui-Gon Jinn, Darth Maul proves himself.
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unironicallycringe · 3 months ago
Me, finding even more of my teenage fics/oneshots/roleplays wherein I played a Male-Adjacent But Vaguely Androgynous Queer Character:
Tumblr media
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wake up babes new picrew just dropped
Tumblr media
@milk-and-honey3 @thebaffledtiewriter @kit-is-a-weeb @handelion-jisung @shadestepping @literally-mei @maulslittlemeowmeow
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Tumblr media
“My church offers no absolutes
She tells me, "Worship in the bedroom"
The only Heaven I'll be sent to
Is when I'm alone with you
I was born sick, but I love it”
Guys I’m not dead! -insert gif of Mushu screaming “I Liiive” here-
Just felt like posting here a free pensive Maul to enlight your sunday.
This is mostly for my fellows Maulovers @eloquentmoon @kimageddon @eyecandyeoz @maulslittlemeowmeow who I thought of while drawing it. I’m so sorry my engagment is the lowest lately but I’m watching you from afar and I love you.
Crawling back to the shadow. Black and white Maul below.
Tumblr media
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kimageddon · a month ago
I had fun with this one. I actually did a background. Look at that. I am very happy with the lighting ☺️ yayyy!
Also I found out a new technique for shading! Much more efficient!
Here he is just woken up. Such a sleepy Sith Lord.
Tumblr media
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kaminocasey · 25 days ago
Summary: You get shot and Crosshair doesn't leave your side.
Pairing: Crosshair x f!Reader
Warnings: Blaster wound (non life threatening)
WC: 500
A/N: Y'all got me soft for Cross. This has been sitting in the drafts for a bit.
Tumblr media
The blaster shot genuinely startled you. You weren’t expecting it. You thought you’d cleared all the clankers around you. The blast hits the left side of your abdomen and you go down immediately. 
You hear your name being shouted by every Batcher. They were clearly all immediately concerned. Crosshair reaches you first, though, shooting the last clanker.
“Hey, how about that shitty dodging?” Crosshair teases you, checking out the wound. 
“I know.” You cough a laugh, gasping in pain.
“Don’t laugh.” You can hear him practically smirking.
“Don’t make me laugh, then.” You try to smile through the pain up at him.
“How many times a day do you say ‘That’s not funny, Crosshair’?” He chuckles, obviously trying to keep the mood light.
You appreciate it. You know you’re not going to die, but the discomfort is definitely real.
Unable to help it, you laugh again and wince in pain again. “Ugh.” 
Crosshair shakes his head, clearly amused but you don’t miss the way that he’s crouching over you, trying to protect you from any hidden droids, waiting for reinforcement. 
“I’ve got ya!” Wrecker shouts, starting to gently pick you up. 
“I’m alright.” You tell Hunter as he approaches.
“Not looking so hot right now.” He shakes his head.
“Are you insinuating that you think I look hot at other times?” You tease him.
“Glad to see your humor is still intact.” Echo chuckles.
“I’m here.” Tech’s voice fills your ears from the Marauder.
Wrecker starts walking quickly toward the Marauder with you cradled in his arms. You’re trying to focus on something other than the embarrassment you’re feeling. You’ve never been shot before. You’re typically very stealthy and careful.
When you finally reach the ship, Wrecker lays you down on the bottom bunk. Tech allows Echo and Wrecker to fly so that he can come check you out.
“Is she going to be okay?” Crosshair asks Tech before Tech can even kneel down. 
Tech gives him an annoyed look and Crosshair takes off his helmet, sits it up on his bunk and then moves out of the way, still slightly hovering. He doesn’t take his eyes off you.
“Give it to me straight, doc.” You tease.
Tech smirks. “I think it’s a clean wound. Definitely missed all the important parts. Looks almost like it just hit the flesh. You’re definitely going to live.” 
He helps you sit up so that he can patch it up and gives you a shot for the pain. You notice Crosshair offering support by holding you up. You look up at him, giving him a grateful look.
“Get some rest.” Tech pats your knee and stands to go take over for Wrecker. 
Crosshair helps you lie back on Hunter’s bunk and sits on the edge of Echo’s bunk across from you.
“That was… a close one.” Crosshair tells you. “Glad you’re alright.”
“Why? Would you miss me if something really happened to me?” You grin over at him.
He rolls his eyes and leans back against the wall, crossing his arms. You fall asleep that way, staring at each other. 
TAGS: @studioramekin @brynhildrmimi @madameminor @dumfanting @rain-on-kamino @wolveria @misogirl828 @rexandechosandwich @corona-one @tecker @ladykatakuri @the-sith-in-the-sky-with-diamond @zoeykallus @maulslittlemeowmeow @littlemousedroid
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Tumblr media
I found this lovely picrew (and it's taking every ounce of my self control not to change my icon into this because I only just updated it a couple days ago) and I love it so much that I want to share it!! I love how accurate this one is, I love the colors, textures, aesthetic <3
Some no-pressure tags: @eyecandyeoz @firstofficerwiggles @thefact0rygirl @baba-fett @ashotofspotchka @maulslittlemeowmeow @eloquentmoon @kimageddon @sageislostinspring
I'm so sorry if I forgot to tag anyone!! Please join if you see this and want to participate!!
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monthly recs ;; april 2022
Tumblr media
{past monthly recs}
Happy end of April, loves! 🤍 This list is made up of some of my favorite work from this month, as well as work recommended by other users. A sincere thank you to every creator on here, and not on this list, for continuing to make content. You are more appreciated than you know, and deserve so much recognition for all that you do! 
The best way to show your support is with reblogs and comments! I guarantee you will make the creator’s day.
These are in no particular order
Be sure to check the tags and warnings on fics before reading
Minors, do not interact with fics rated Explicit 18+
Items marked with a ✨ were sent in as recommendations. All recs are anonymous
Ratings with an asterisk (*) indicate OP did not provide a rating and this is my best guess
I am in no way affiliated or connected to the shops mentioned in this post
Creators, please dm me if you would like to be removed from this list
Tumblr media
✨ Din Djarin- Accidental ruler of Mandalore by @dinandgone​
✨ Vader by @the-chains-are-the-easy-part​
✨ Inspired by By The Light Of The Second Moon by @elledjarin​
Tumblr media
✨ Spectral Pins and Things (etsy)
Tumblr media
✨ Bodyguard by @somedaylazysomeday​ | Rating: M
arc trooper echo
Echo Headcanons by @twistedstitcher27​ | Rating: G*
arc trooper fives
✨ Lipstick Love by @stargazingthenightaway​ | Rating: Explicit 18+
A happy laugh by @pinkiemme​ | Rating: G*
the armorer 
✨ The Ends And The Means by MariWrongway / @mari-wrongway​ | Rating: G
the bad batch
✨ Paradigm Shift by @eyecandyeoz​ | Rating: T
✨ What it means to be a Buir by LovinMcStranded | Rating: T
boba fett
✨ Late Night Talks by Ancient_Muse / @ancientmuse | Rating: Explicit 18+
✨ the craft so long to learn by @madhyanas​ | Rating: T
Boba is touch-starved by @janghoefett​ | Rating: M*
captain rex
✨ By Any Other Name by @rowansparrow​ | Rating: Explicit 18+
✨ Where Gods Lie by @seriowan​ | Rating: Explicit 18+
Rex helping you forget toxic Ex by @book-of-baba-fett​​ | Rating: Explicit 18+
Tuur'nau Mureyca by @galacticgraffiti​ | Rating: Explicit 18+
captain gregor
Alone with Clone Commando Captain Gregor by @kimageddon​ | Rating: T*
Stay by @kaminocasey​ | Rating: Explicit 18+
commander cody 
Allow Me To Walk You Home, Commander by @dancingwiththeplanets​ | Rating: T*
commander fox 
✨ Can’t Say No To You by @thesithformerlyknownaskenobi​ | Rating: Explicit 18+
Kissing prompts by @thesithformerlyknownaskenobi​ | Rating: M*
Subtlety Always Works by @showerthoughtsonly​ | Rating: T*
commander wolffe
✨ The Collection by @fett-djarin​ | Rating: Explicit 18+
✨ Come Morning Light by @thefact0rygirl​ | Rating: Explicit 18+
✨ No Strings Attached by @cyarbika​ | Rating: Explicit 18+
✨ Second Chances by @cyarbika​ | Rating: Explicit 18+
✨ Crossroads by @shadestepping​ | Rating: T
✨ A Sniper’s Competition by @ktrivia​ | Rating: M*
darth maul
✨ A Prince of Dathomir by @kimageddon​ | Rating: M
✨ By The Light Of The Second Moon by @eloquentmoon​ | Rating: Explicit 18+
✨ Dibs by @maulslittlemeowmeow​ | Rating: M
✨ The Moon From Canto Bight by @grinningnexu​ | Rating: Explicit 18+
✨ Open Door Policy by @grinningnexu​ | Rating: Explicit 18+
✨ Promises, Promises by @kimageddon​ | Rating: M*
✨ The Mand’alor’s Gambit by @danger-xylophones​ | Rating: T*
domino squad
✨ Dominoes by meridianpony | Rating: T
din djarin
✨ The Ends And The Means by MariWrongway / @mari-wrongway​ | Rating: G
✨ Sins of the Father by @imabeautifulbutterfly​ | Rating: M
Ner runi ca kebii´tra by @verdandis-blog​ | Rating: M*
Refuge by @twistedstitcher27​ | Rating: M*
Thank you by @rain-on-kamino​ | Rating: M*
Voyeur by @rosethornxs​ | Rating: Explicit 18+
✨ Tender Hearts by @nahoney22​ | Rating: Explicit 18+
✨ Forest Everless by @moonstrider9904​ | Rating: G
jango fett
soft world prompt with jango by @darthmaulification​ | Rating: G*
original characters
✨ Adaptation by megaweapon / @megaweapon​ | Rating: T
✨ How the Queen of Naboo Earned Her Crown by ace_din_djarin / @ace-din-djarin​ | Rating: G
✨ Where I Belong by @star-wars-scribbles-ff​ | Rating: T
Legacies of War by @canichangemyblogname​ | Rating: M*
poe dameron
Accidental Confession by @dreamlandcreations​ | Rating: Explicit 18+
Face Sitting by @jettia​ | Rating: Explicit 18+
✨ Open Door Policy by @grinningnexu​ | Rating: Explicit 18+
Clone Log Series by @star-wars-scribbles-ff​ | Rating: T*
✨ “I’ve seen the most beautiful stars and galaxies, but they pale in comparison to the beauty of your soul.” by @wild-karrde​ | Rating: G
Tumblr media
Have a fic you really enjoyed? Did you see some fan art that spoke to your soul? Or did you create something that you’re proud of? Send it in! Shoot me an ask, dm, or tag me in the post and I’ll be sure to include it in next months recommendations 🥰 In the meantime, consider letting the creator know with reblogs and comments! Interaction is key.
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shadestepping · a month ago
Tumblr media
So I guess removing reblogs doesn’t actually remove them anymore???
Anyway I was tagged by @corona-one but wanted to save everyone’s dashes from the monstrosity of a long post it came from.
Tumblr media
My brain is now short-circuiting thinking about being married to Dom!Marshal Commander Cody, THANKS 🥵🥵
Tagging @tecker @madameminor @maulslittlemeowmeow @writercels @kaminocasey @photogirl894 @studioramekin @tech-aficionado @fandumbug
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maulslittlemeowmeow · 3 months ago
Baby’s First Masterlist
Tumblr media
Banners/moodboards created so graciously by @kimageddon
As of now, everything is NSFW and 18+, so MINORS DNI
Fics In Progress:
Tumblr media
Catch Me First (Wolffe x Reader)
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 8 - Chapter 9 - Chapter 10 (will be on hiatus after chapter 10 release)
Tumblr media
Couldn’t Possibly Chooose (Poly Batch x Reader series)
Shut That Bratty Mouth Of Yours (Crosshair x Reader, Hunter POV, Hunter x Reader) Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3
Always Been His (Wrecker x Reader)
Pop Quiz (Tech x Reader)
More Than A Companion (Echo x Reader)
Birthday Girl (Tech x Reader x Crosshair)
Tumblr media
Dibs (Modern AU Maul x Reader, Inspired by @nxctuaryninetythree‘s fic 88:88 and soon to be The Mixtape. Art used in the banner is a beautiful gift from @the-chains-are-the-easy-part​ )
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - (in process)
Tumblr media
What More Could He Want? (Manda’lore Maul x Reader)
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - (in process)
What Goes On In Here (Demon!Maul x Witch!Reader)
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - (in process)
One Shots:
A “Clean” Getaway (Phantom Menace Age Maul x Reader)
Human Customs (Manda’lore Maul x Reader)
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eloquentmoon · 3 months ago
Number 16 from your intimate asks? Pretty pls?
More intimate moments prompts with Lord Maul ❤️🖤
Thank you for this my dear! Reading this prompt made my mind go straight to hurt/comfort, and after reading Dibs by @maulslittlemeowmeow last night, I have been craving more protective!Maul. And so here we are.
intimate prompts / requests open / my masterlist
Tumblr media
16. Resting their hand on the other’s thigh, slowly stroking it
Pairing: GN!Reader x Darth Maul
Word Count: 1.7k
Summary/CW/TW: Maul comes to your rescue. Kidnapping, strong threat, violence, injury. Blood and gore mention. Hurt/comfort fluff. Writing this made me feel so cosy and safe 🥺🖤❤️
You wake up alone, with blurred vision and nauseating vertigo. You jolt up in a panic and go to move – but your arms are secured behind your back in stun cuffs, your legs similarly restrained at the ankles. With a groan you shift your body into sitting, leaning back against what you assume is a wall, awaiting your dizziness to abate. You take deep, measured breaths to calm yourself, and when your vision finally clears – you squint around the space you are being held in, and try to piece together your current predicament.
What the kark is going on?
You find that you are sitting in the back of some kind of make-shift prisoner transport, because you are moving – and when you turn your head to survey your surroundings further, there’s a sharp twinge of pain. The back of your head stings, and aching throbs reverberate around your skull. The discomfort of it makes you remember then – it was where you were hit with the butt of a blaster, a blow that knocked you out.
Oh, by the Galaxy.
You groan and curse, quickly coming to the conclusion that you have likely been kidnapped. This has never happened before, but you knew that it was only a matter of time. Since your…affiliation with Lord Maul became widely known, threats on both your freedom and your life have been coming in thick and fast. Predictable, considering the ongoing list of enemies he has acquired over the years.
But it has never really been anything to truly worry about, of course. Not when he is...the way that he is. Powerful and protective, unforgiving to those who jeopardize your safety: those who mean you harm cannot possibly get close to you. And if for whatever reason he cannot be at your side, there are usually some hired muscle keeping tabs on what you are doing, where you go. It took some getting used to at first, being shadowed and watched, the almost constant surveillance. But it is worth it, if that’s what it costs to be with him.   
So it is surprising that you are even here, but you know that thugs and criminals will always find a way. Such brutality persists in the underworld.
You remember more then, the events of that morning coming back to you in flashes. How the fresh Spring air felt so welcoming when you awoke, how you wanted to go for a stroll beneath the comforting rays of the morning sun. You left your lodgings without thinking too much about it and then –
You went alone.
What a stupid mistake. Your stomach twists as the realisation sinks in: that this is your own fault. By the Gods – how long were you knocked out for? You wish you were not cooped up here in the dark, you want to see the sun, so that you can know how long it has been since you were taken. Not that it really makes a difference, you reassure yourself.
It’s only a matter of time before he inevitably comes for you.
You sigh, collecting yourself as the thought calms your nerves. He’s on his way, he must be.
You suddenly cannot fathom what in the Galaxy they expect to gain from this, whoever it is that has taken you hostage. Do they want to ransom you for credits or information, and if so: do they really expect him to even entertain such a thing? Did they take you to purposefully bait him here, to try and get him somewhere in their own territory, to possibly take him out?
It would never work. He is much too powerful to fall for a trap that obvious, to succumb to any weapon your captors could aim at him. This is all so foolish, and such a waste of time: yours, his, theirs. You cannot believe how ridiculously idiotic they are. Have they not heard what happens to those who even look at you in the wrong way? To the ones who have merely planned such nonsense like this before? By harming you, they have essentially pulled the plug on their entire operation, ended their own lives with their idiocy. They must be incredibly stupid, or ignorant: not knowing who they are dealing with.
Or they are aware, and did it anyway. Making them terribly brave. And dangerous.
The thought stirs at the shock and stress building in your chest, reigniting the panic, and the reality of your situation now makes you quiver inside. You are alone and vulnerable – and the more that you think on it, you are dreadfully frightened.
You hope with all that you are that he will be able to find you soon, that your thoughtless mistake will not mark the end of your life.
Right on cue, you feel the vehicle lurch to an abrupt stop, the momentum throwing you forward.
What’s happening?
You quickly correct your balance, going back to sitting up straight, though with considerable difficulty due to your bondage. Your heart races, your fear levels rising at the following silence. Why has the vehicle stopped? Are they going to hurt you?
The more hopeful side of you stirs: or is he here?
You then hear the muffled whine of blaster shots, some broken screams, a couple of thuds and bangs. The whirling hum of his lightsaber. Relief washes over you slowly, and you squeeze closed your eyes, releasing a tortured breath.
Thank the Maker.
It is only a handful of moments until the glowing red light of his weapon slices open the wall opposite you, the durasteel creaking as he then uses the Force to cave it in. The brightness of the daylight rips its way into the dark room, and it briefly blinds you. But you squint through it, and when your eyes adjust, you see that familiar silhouette, those golden eyes, the red light of his saber.
He is here.
He retracts his blade and hooks it on to his belt, casually stepping inside.
“You explicitly disobeyed my instructions,” he grumbles, walking over to you with a scowl. The metallic thud of his cybernetic legs grounds you, and you instantly relax. Though he seems displeased, at least you are safe again.
You nod, “I-I know. I went for a walk.”
“Alone. Without telling anybody,” he says as he reaches you, gently taking your shoulder to twist you around. He reaches down for your wrists, working to free your hands from the cuffs. “And you got yourself abducted,” he adds as he disengages the restraints.
“It wasn’t my choice to – Ah,” you hiss in pain as you twist your head around a bit too fast. One of your newly released hands goes to touch the soreness of the wound on the back of your skull. Maul moves down to free your ankles.
“Do not move,” he says softly. “You will only hurt yourself further.”
You look at him sadly. “Are you cross with me?” you ask, somewhat pathetically.
“Yes,” he says shortly. You feel the sting of tears prick at your eyes at his obvious and characteristic exasperation.
How could you be so stupid? You whimper as the intensity of the whole situation crashes down on to you with heavy, eclectic despair – the shock of your fear and panic, the pain of your injury, the overwhelming relief at his being here, just how pleased you are to see his face again. How guilty you feel for getting yourself into this mess.
He sighs as he liberates your body from the last of your restraints.
Then the warmth of his palm is on your thigh. The heat is a welcome comfort, and sends a sweet quiver through your abdomen. You release a light gasp when you feel a gentle pressure, as he ever so slightly squeezes. Then the tickle of tender fingertips trail their way up your leg, anchoring you to this moment, easing your sorrow with his touch.
“No. No. Of course I am not cross with you,” he concedes. “I am angry, but not at you. It was not your fault.”
His hand still strokes at your upper thigh, the touch igniting jolts of a familiar sweetness through your nerves. His eyes meet yours and you smile softly, then nod, but you flinch at the pain you inflict upon yourself by doing so.
“Let me see,” he demands, and you lean forward, allowing him to look over your injury. As he regards the amount of blood that is matted into your hair, all softness on his features disappears. He tightens his hands into fists of rage as that hot wash of anger floods his chest, his fury almost getting the better of him. But when he looks at you, he sees the distress in your eyes, the way that your body shakes beneath him. He exhales, and pushes down his wrath, swearing to contain it, in favour of comforting you. But only for now – for he vows to hunt down every worthless, pitiful fool that had anything to do with todays events. Yes, they will pay ten-fold for the hurt that they have inflicted upon you. He swears it.
He plants a fond kiss on your temple and then pulls you into his arms. You melt into his soothing warmth, breathing in the comforting richness of his woody scent – and then you cannot stand it anymore, and your heightened emotions get the better of you. You begin to softly cry. He hushes you, holding you tightly through it. “The ordeal is over, it is done,” he promises. “You are with me. You are safe.”
He holds you tight, running his hands over the planes of your body, whispering velvety reassurances into your ear – until his calming voice and the security of his embrace lulls you back into composure.
“Worry not, my dear,” he pulls back to cradle your face, using his thumbs to brush away your tears, boring his vibrant eyes deep into your own. “I have sent a very clear message. This will never happen again,” he assures you.
You understand what he means by that, when he leads you from your temporary prison. You see the extent of the carnage he has inflicted on to the faction that ventured to take you against your will. The gore and blood is beyond gruesome; their bodies no longer look like anything that could have once held life.
Of course, he follows through on his vow, and his oath concerning your safety endures.
From that moment on, no one dares to even consider harming you, and you are never threatened, ever again.
Tumblr media
tagging (message me to be added/removed): @corona-one @gggoldfinch @seriowan @kimageddon @elledjarin @lifeless-being @maulslittlemeowmeow @the-chains-are-the-easy-part
dividers by @djarrex ✨🌙
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kote-wan · 25 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
mmm woe its art
@maulslittlemeowmeow made me do these, they forced my hand entirely
OCs Cobra (in A9 / “All Star”) & Onto (in G10 / “Fistfight God”) from the expression/palette chart
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thenightmarketofdathomir · 2 months ago
This Fic is Cursed
Title: This Fic is Cursed Pairings: Feral Opress x Reader (The Reluctant One), Savage Opress x Reader (The Brat), Darth Maul x Reader (The Distracted One) **Readers are AFAB Fem* Rating: Filthy McNasty Explicit Word Count: 11,518 words Warnings: P in V (bareback), dirty talk, inappropriate use of the Force, rough sex, masturbation, blindfolding, size kink, anal play, bondage/suspension, dominance play/choking, pet names, praise kink, a soupçon of degradation, Force-created sex toys, makeshift gags, alien biology, and I don't even know what's the point of these warnings anymore. "Everything that is on-brand for this blog and then some because this story went HAM very fast and I'm not sorry about it. Only exhausted by the litany of filth I'm constantly having to list every time." It's a Modern AU with Force powers with creepy/horny energy. It's not terribly scary just a little... weird. Okay? Okay.
Tumblr media
Summary: In which three brothers inherit a dilapidated four-story Victorian from their recently-departed mother with the intention of turning it into a bed and breakfast, only to discover the one locked room on the fourth floor might not be exited so willingly: once you enter, there is no escaping the curse of the Haunted Donut B&B. 
A fic about cursed bedroom, a bunch of Talzin's creepy dolls, and three horny Opress brothers seeking some private time with their respective partners.
The fic was too big to post directly, so you can head on over to Ao3 and read it over there.
(Notes and thanks beneath the cut.)
Notes: Have you ever sat in front of a trash can of an idea with a pack of matches, just flicking them in, both worried and hopeful that something will catch? Have you ever had your friends egg you on, occasionally lobbing things onto the blaze as it consumes your sanity, and suddenly you find yourself looking at a conflagration made from Starbucks cups, empty Justin Bieber-branded Tim Bits boxes, and entirely too many sordid opinions about what it might be like to fuck Darth Maul in a haunted house? 
I wish I could blame @botherbother-blog, @gran-maul-seizure, and @audacityjuice for this one, but I’m the one who wrote it while cackling through their commentary. So while they were here with me in spirit as this atrocity was written, the responsibility falls on me for the end result of a ridiculous idea that wanted to be crackfic but ended up having a few unsettling moments. Thank you, folx, for humouring my dumb ass when I started talking about the Haunted Donut B&B and Savage in a very small, frilly apron.
This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever put to paper.
(No carpaccio-dressed dolls were harmed in the making of this fic.)
Read it here.
Tags by request: @grinningnexu @maulslittlemeowmeow @venomous-ko @timothyshousefire @lil-king-trash-mouths
Tumblr media
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djarrex · 2 months ago
may I present those who are interested with a few snippets of that 'Rex has a crush on a widow who's somewhat involved with Fox' thing
(It's still a f!reader insert but just written in third person bc that's how the cookie crumbled)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
@literallydontlook @book-of-baba-fett @pinkiemme @maulslittlemeowmeow @thefact0rygirl @rowansparrow @misogirl828 @fett-djarin @bitwhizzle @imaginativefanatic @rexandechosandwich
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kimageddon · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
And here it is! Maul in all his tai-chi glory! What do we think of it?
The lighting just makes me happy, and I am really glad with how it’s turned out!
@two-black-leviathans @fallenrepublick @eyecandyeoz @ashotofspotchka @sitherin-mxschief @littlepossss @octupus-on-the-moon @justalittletomato @nxctuaryninetythree @mach-opress @mustluvecho @nahoney22 @leotatombs @eloquentmoon @the-chains-are-the-easy-part @maulslittlemeowmeow @misogirl828 @alwayssnivellus @lifeless-being @lune-de-miel-au-paradis
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