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#max chats

Today’s episode was…a lot. I’m going to try and boil my thoughts down, but just to put the TL;DR at the beginning: 

TL:DR: It was irresponsible of the producers to NOT ask for the writers permission first. 

By not asking permission, they are putting the writers into a limelight that they were not prepared for. Millions of random strangers on the internet can now look up the writers, and, worst case scenario, send them death threats or doxx them. Dear god, I hope that doesn’t happen, but I’ve seen it happen in other communities before. 

Show hosts like James Corden and Graham Norton love to force actors to read lewd fanfiction on their shows. However, the PR teams of these shows will ALWAYS reach out to the writers of the fics FIRST before having the works read aloud. 

I’m glad that some of the authors were okay with it, and to the authors that weren’t, I’m sorry. What they did wasn’t fair to you. MY hands were shaking while I watched the episode, even though I knew going into it that none of my fics were going to be read aloud. I was so anxious on behalf of you guys. 

Fic writers are goddamn artists, and the fics read today are all fantastically written. (Seriously, the three of you guys are awesome writers!) It’s unfortunate that fic writers are often the butt of jokes in media, simply because erotica/romance fiction is considered “mommy porn” at best and “shitty women fantasies” at worst. Erotica and romance, as a whole, is treated as a subgenre, dating all the way back to 60s era Star Trek nsfw fic. It’s incredibly unfair, and I think that the lack of awareness about this kind of showed in today’s ep. 

Thought it wasn’t their intention, it felt like they were poking fun at fic writers. It just…kind of stinks. I can’t fully articulate why it feels Bad, but it just does. In some ways, it sorta feels like all of us in this rhink community all write in a diary, and today, the producers picked up that diary and decided to read it to everyone in the entire gmm community. 

Luckily, it felt more like RandL were cringing at the fact that it was them in the stories, since they mentioned at the beginning that if it was Obama fic (lol), they wouldn’t care. I’m glad they said that, but I still felt weirdly conflicted watching them laugh and cringe. Did I find it entertaining to watch them squirm through reading passages of fic? Sure. I’ve never seen Rhett so squirmy and blushie. But was it also extremely anxiety inducing because now there’s a level of awareness and a breakdown of the illusion of privacy in this little tumblr bubble? Also yes. So yeah. those are my thoughts. Still sort of trying to decide how I feel about it all. 

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Desperate Attempts to Teach Missy to Be Good (1)
Me: Okay! We're going to work on your blending in today!
Missy: *standing at the console, looking like a deranged Mary Poppins with cat ears, blue 80's style eye shadow, her hair a mess and coated in glitter and grease* I BLEND IN PEARFECTLY!!!!
Me: *Begins to realize I may be fighting a losing battle.* okeeeeey. Guess we'll start with the ears.
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i want to but i ran out of art to edit with  😅 😅 😅 😅 😅

well… i have a little bit more but to do the chorus id need like. 20 more pieces, to use sketches, and like 2 weeks because editing dubstep, while rewarding takes for-fucking-ever


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Razorwing and Cainus spun around to see Sparrow in the rafters.

“So who’s this?” Sparrow asks

“I should ask you the same question.” Razorwing asks

“You should keep this one on a leash” Sparrow says to Cainus

“He goes on a leash, so do you.”

Sparrow’s smirk that they had under their mask disappeared and they walked towards the end of the hallway. “you better not get in my way Bluebird”

Razorwing gritted his teeth “My name is Razorwing and you Will respect that!”

“Listen here Birdbrains” Cainus says grabbing them by their hoods “we have an akuma to stop, so let’s go meat up with the rest of the team.”

“Yes Sir!” The said in Unison. Believe it or not Cainus can be scary sometimes

Cainus, Razorwing and Sparrow spotted the team hiding at the base of the TV studio because this villain Named Blaster-Master was using the Studio to get his opponents hand to him on a silver platter and he had hostages, It pears Hawk Moth has upped his game. Cainus went first with Razorwing to his left and Sparrow to his right.

“Ladybug!” Cainus called out when they approached “What happened?”

“He’s a sharpshooter who got cheated out of his prize, so when he returned to Paris, he was angry, And Thus Here we are.” Chat explained and then his face changed from smug to horrified “Wait is that Razorwing!?”

“Yes and No” Razorwing said in my voice, he was so smug I nearly decked him, But Sparrow literally beat me to the punch. “Alright, Alright.” he said in his own voice whilst rubbing his jaw

“Apologies Ladybug, My new peacock is also a Mockingbird.” Cainus said

“Who is he?” Ladybug asks

“I know we already went over this.” Cainus said referring to their argument about Ladybug knowing everyone identities but no one knowing hers “but I’ll make an exception just this once. His name is Felix Agreste.”

“Felix!?” Chat blurted out then covered his mouth

“Do I know you?” Razorwing asked Chat Noir and then noticed Ladybug walking towards him fist raised and clenched. Cainus jumped between them.

“WhoaWhoaWhoaWhoaWhoaWhoaWhoaWhoa, Agreste Not Graham de Vanily” Cainus said holding Ladybug back  

“What the Hell did Felix do?” Razorwing asked in near terror

“He may have assumed M-Adrien’s Identity and tried to kiss her like a creep” Chat said sorrowfully

“I am Not MY COUSIN!” Razorwing exasperated right as Ladybug overpowered Cainus

“Then Why haven’t I heard of you?”

“Because I like to distance my self from my younger brothers exasperating life style, and I have been in a boarding school since first grade, at my request.” Razorwing explained

“Okay, Fine” Ladybug said sorta Grumpily. Ladybug, Chat Noir, Rena Rouge, Carapace, Pegasus, and Bunnix went inside the building to get to Blaster-Master which made sure they were in full view of the cameras, while Cainus, Familia, Humble Bee, Sparrow, and Razorwing scaled the building on the outside trying to take the vent system to sneak attack Blaster-Master but when they got to the roof they ran into trouble.

Blaster-Master was right there along with a squadron of troops and he was grasping Chat Noir by the throat and he was reaching for his ring. Then Chat Noir regained consciousness long enough to Take off his ring and throw it off the roof. Cainus without thinking jumped after it, but Blaster-Master wasn’t far behind. Cainus had to increase his speed to levels dangerous even to miraculous bearer. He snatched the ring out of the air and Immediately yelled “Claws Out!”, When he hit the ground, it made was a crater and large dust cloud. Blaster-Master walked over to the crater and charged his cannon intent on finishing the job until his gun was knocked aside. Jaguar climbed out of the crater, His suit was basically a combination of Chat Noir’s suit and Tron with Electric Green lights all over the suit. He was pissed, he used his claws to beat down and tear the armor off of the Akuma, Master Blaster picked up his Gun only to get it catclysmed and the akuma purified, he then leapt and climbed back up the building. Rena had used Mirage to hide Chat Noir’s identity from everyone. Jaguar turned back into Cainus as he took off the ring and handed it back to Adrien. They said nothing but the transformation phrase. When Adrien, Simon, Lala, and Felix got back home they went to Adriens room and plopped in a relaxing movie.

“We need a vacation” Lala said exhausted after tearing through 14 troops and winning a mook-beating contest that the others were partaking in.

Adrien, Simon, and Felix looked at each other and then grinned. “we can have that arranged”

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