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Daniel: So. I'm in love with Max.
Lando: Our Max?
Daniel: Yes. Thoughts?
Lando: And prayers. Holy shit, dude.
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Which RFA family is yours?-RFA family head cannons
Don’t forget...Your true route is the person you fell in love with the most xx
(This post has taken me such a long time to finish so I hope you guys like it!)
Song that represents your love best: “I do adore”- Mindy Gledhill
You have one son with Yoosung. 
Max is six and incredibly inquisitive. He will never stop asking questions on how things work or why they work. He probably loves to talk more than anything else. But he’s the sweetest, kindest, most adorable little angel on the planet and you would do anything for him. Yes he’s a tiny bit spoilt but who’s asking? He’s happy to help carry the groceries and clean the flat with you guys as long as you all sing a song and make it into a game.
He loves games and butterflies, and you’ll often find him drawing yellow butterflies with his crayons. Otherwise he’s hunting for Pokémon around the flat. You guys couldn’t afford a house just yet, but a lovely little apartment in the city a bus ride away from Yoosung’s clinic suits you all just fine.
Tumblr media
Yoosung struggles with fatherhood at first, panicking and worrying over everything...but he gradually learns how to keep calm, and he and Max develop a really sweet bond together. You’ll often find them both playing games together after dinner or kicking a football around in the street. Max gets to learn all about animals with his dad and during show and tell at pre school he tells everyone that he wants to be a vet just like daddy. You have a little butterfly cage/habitat in the living room where Max can watch caterpillars grow into butterflies and set them free out the window when they’re ready to leave.
On your days off, you take Max to the park or go to the zoo together. Life is always a magical adventure with him, and his smile is what keeps you and Yoosung going in the tough moments.
You and Yoosung are the young couple who are definitely can be like big kids yourselves. You’ll absolutely join Max on the bouncy castle or partake in his lets pretend scenarios. This has led a lot of people to patronise you and not take you guys seriously sometimes, but you always take people by surprise and show how serious you can be. When a kid at Max’ s birthday party gets sick and all the other kids start crying, you and Yoosung take charge and distract all the kids whilst the other parents panic.
Yoosung has grown a lot as a person, and you couldn’t ask for a better role model for your son. Sometimes he still struggles with his grief with Rika, but after therapy he manages to gradually move on and see the light in the patches of darkness that remain. He wants to make sure that Max is protected from everything that Rika struggled with, and goes to every length to help Max’s emotional and mental well being. 
If you ever need help or require a babysitter for date nights, the RFA is just a phone call away. Especially Zen.  Zen is Uncle Zenny to Max, and when you and Yoosung want a movie night, he'll happily step in and be Max’s guardian for the night. One day you guys came home to him teaching Max how to sing and your heart definitely exploded with joy and cuteness. 
Uncle Seven is also at the ready to be the perfect babysitter, but you often find Max more hyperactive and giggly than when you first left.....
Despite the chaos and the silly moments, you guys do just fine. It’s never easy being a parent, but you guys always find ways to laugh and smile. 
Tumblr media
Song that represents your love the best: “Fly me to the moon”- Annapantsu cover
You adopted four year old twin girls with Jaehee. 
Yuna and Luna. 
Their parents both died in a terrible car accident and they had no other family to take care of them, so the girls were put into care. 
You adore your little girls so much, but there are many obstacles when it comes to helping them settle and trust. Yuna hasn’t yet accepted that her parents are gone and flies into grief stricken tantrums and crying fits, insisting that you both aren’t her mommies. Luna cries when her sister cries, but all she wants is someone to hold her tight and never let go. Sometimes it all breaks your heart, but Jaehee always manages to keep control and stays strong when things get difficult. Every tantrum, every crying fit...she’s there and she knows exactly what to do. She’s the perfect mother, and sometimes you can only stare at her in awe.
Eventually things get easier. 
The coffee shop is a dream come true and customers flock to the shop. You have a little apartment above the shop so its easy to take care of the girls and come down to the store to check on Jaehee. When the girls are a bit older and more settled, they come down shyly to see what mommy is up to.  The customers can’t help but coo and aww over how adorable the twins are in their matching outfits and pigtails.
Luna is fascinated by the singer that comes to the place on Friday evenings for her weekly gig. Jaehee whispers to her always that Luna could do that one day too if she really wanted to. Nothing is going to stop this mom from telling her baby girl that she can be whatever she wants to be, and that her dreams are precious. Yuna saw firefighters in a cartoon once and has decided that she’s going to be a fairy princess firefighter. And you agree that this is probably the best career choice possible.
Tumblr media
You adopt a puppy and the girls name him Bobby. Weekends are spent taking Bobby to the dog park and teaching the girls how to make themed coffee drinks. Your favourite thing to do is watch Disney movies with Jaehee and your girls. The girls sing all the songs as loud as they can, and put crowns and glittery wigs on Jaehee whilst she pretends to know the words too. 
(MC, I don’t know how many times I can cope with singing  ‘let it go’ again this weekend. Can we persuade them to try a different one?)
You and Jaehee as a couple are cautious and reserved on the surface. The other PTA parents probably think that you guys are extremely well put together and organised. couple goals honestly. But you guys are still learning a lot. (You’re just very good actors with great business attire.)  And behind doors you’re the most affectionate bubbly parents there could ever be. And low key hardcore extremely protective of your two angels. 
Life isn’t always easy, but you’re happy and that’s all you could ever ask for.
Tumblr media
Song that represents your love the best: “All of my life”- Park Won
You have a son with Jumin; Jin-woo, (five years old) and a little girl on the way. (you guys are still thinking of names)
Jin is the spitting image of his papa, but he’s got your eyes; which means on good days he can pretty much ask for anything he wants. He’s smart, academic and analytical. He also has your emotional intelligence, and you like to think that his silly sense of humour comes from you as well.
There’s talk of him being taught to be the next CEO in line, but you want Jin to figure out what he wants to do in life before anything is decided for him. (It could be baby number 2 that takes the company, who knows what the future holds?) Jin seems to want to do everything that his papa does, but he’s taken an interest in all things to do with films and the making of them. Jumin got permission to take him to a few movie sets after he picked up on this, and Jin was excited about it for a long time afterwards.
Jumin still struggles expressing his emotions sometimes, and he can be quite firm when he needs to be; a look from him is enough for Jin to quiet down and realise that's enough. But overall Jumin is a big softie. He’s the kind of dad that doesn’t always says how he feels, but shows it through his actions. He would rather spend all day building lego airplanes with Jin than go to work, and Jin absolutely hero worships him.  Also obviously he’s protective AF. When Jin was born, nobody was even allowed to touch him. (except you and himself of course) That particular phase took a while to get over.
The sight that makes you happiest in the world, is seeing your husband newly arrived home, still in his suit on the floor with Jin, partaking in Jin’s ‘lets pretend’ scenerios as seriously and logically as possible.
(“Dad we need to jump out the helicopters now!”
“But we don’t have parachutes, how are we going to get to the ground safely?”
“We have jet packs, pa!”
“I don’t remember this, when did the secret agency give us jet packs?”
“Mama gave them to us. She wanted us to be home early.”
“ah.....Of course she did.”)
You get another cat to give Elizabeth some company in the penthouse. A black Persian cat this time. You name him Phillip, and the two kitties are obsessed with each other immediately. When they both have kittens, Jin says that he wants to keep one. 
You and Jumin are the analytical, meticulous couple that definitely rely on sarcasm and dry humour, and who are absolutely crazy about each other. Think Low-key Morticia and Gomez.  Also you’re undoubtedly the best dressed power couple of the century. You’re the couple who would probably gush about each other and their child at any given opportunity. Your lives are extremely busy, what with Jumin taking steps to take over the company from his father and you being the successful career woman that you are. But you’ve cut down your hours to look after Jin when he’s not at school. If you guys ever need anyone to baby sit, V always tries to make himself available and help out. Of course there’s always your friends and family, but Jumin trusts Jihyun more than anybody else. You originally asked Zen to babysit, but the cat problem made it impossible for him to even enter the penthouse. 
The penthouse is no longer a lonely space, but a home filled with pictures of family holidays, birthdays and happy occasions. No matter what happens, you know that Jumin would protect you all until the end of time. You’re there for him, he’s there for you...and you will both always be there for your children.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Song that represents your love the best: “Falling like the stars”- James Arthur
You have a little girl with Zen called Alice.
She has silver hair and eyes as big as saucers, just like her papa.
She’s so overdramatic its hilarious. She’s a little girl with attitude, but she’d give you her last sweet if you asked her. Zen thinks she definitely has promise as an actress/singer, and he loves doing silly karaoke nights with her at home. You and Zen always cheer and clap for her as loudly as you can. But you both know that Alice always has her own ideas and plans in mind, and she’s always ready to take charge and tell you what’s up. The sass is real. Sometimes you joke that she could be a high powered business woman as well as the pop scene’s next big diva. 
Zen always calls her his little princess, or his ‘boss baby.’ He’s an amazing dad, and is always ready to tell her stories. Being the wonderful actor that he is, he’d give different voices to the characters and act out their parts. Taking care of her perfectly comes naturally to him, but he has difficulty with how protective and anxious he can be. Imagine when she’s old enough to date, oh god
Luckily you’re always there to sooth him when his anxiety gets too high and he becomes a drama queen.
After Zen’s career took off, he splashed out on a gorgeous house for the both of you. You guys live in a gated community due to Zen’s popularity and the threat of stalkerish fans, but the neighbours are thankfully very nice and respectful of your privacy, even more so when Alice is born.
Tumblr media
 Zen was reluctant to take jobs that were further away from his princesses’ at first, choosing to be the star in a musical K-drama that was closer to home when Alice was still very small. But when Alice started getting bigger you encouraged him to go further and seek his dreams in higher places. So he accepted.
You guys do facetimes and skype calls when he’s away, and he usually calls you guys just before he’s about to go to bed. The first time he was away from Alice and she said “hi daddy!” When she saw him on the video chat, he had to hold back every impulse not to burst into tears.
Zen wanted to have faith that you guys would be protected when he’s not home. Obviously he knows you can handle yourself, but he brings back a beautiful white huskie to be a guard dog when he’s gone, and you and Alice name him Mishka. The expectation was that Mishka would be calm and cool... What Zen didn’t realise is that huskies are the biggest babies possible. Mishka is definitely bratty and cries when it’s bath time, when its time to leave the dog park....actually he cries at anything. But you still have hope that if the opportunity would ever arise he’d protect you guys. Just so long as biscuits and petting come immediately afterwards.
Seven and Yoosung come over to babysit sometimes when you and Zen want to do date nights, although Zen admits that he would prefer to ask Jaehee if she didn’t have so much work. Seven and Yoosung are definitely two kids in adults bodies...
Your favourite thing to do is to waltz with your husband, and bring Alice into the dance. The three of you twirling around the room to your favourite songs is the definition of bliss.
You’re definitely the melodramatic couple who cry at k-dramas and express love and affection as loudly and boldly as you can. Probably the parents at the kids recital that yell “you’re doing amazing, baby!” Super embarrassing but absolutely adorable.
If there is one thing Zen wants Alice to remember...its to take chances. To never be afraid of failure and be brave when life gets hard. Because Zen knows that he can be brave with you and Alice by his side....always.
Tumblr media
Song that represents your love the best: “love changes everything”- Ruelle
You weren't able to have children for a while due to the uncertainty of Saeyoung’s world and Saeran’s recovery. But eventually you are all able to live a peaceful life.  Or....as peaceful as it could be with Saeyoung as your husband.
The bunker is given a makeover to be more of a brighter, happier place. Also no more mess 
Saeyoung spares no expense of course.
Tumblr media
Its only after Saeyoung and Saeran’s biological father dies that the threat on their lives is lifted.
And when the time finally came, you obviously end up with twins. A boy and a girl;  Shin and Soojin. They are both mischievous, funny and cunning; playing pranks and causing all kinds of silly shenanigans. It’s therefore very appropriate that their papa is a toy maker, and that the twins make his shop their personal playground. Shin has already decided that he wants to be an engineer and Soojin wants to make video games. 
For a while you’re all worried about the kids’ safety. You make the difficult choice to home school them for the first few years until you and Saeyoung are sure that the twins can both be safe at school. They’re social butterflies so you have nothing to worry about in that sense.
And Saeyoung loves being a dad.
He was worried that he wouldn’t know what to do after his abusive childhood, but he keeps his head high and holds a ‘fake the confidence until you have it’ kind of attitude. And eventually he is confident. He’ll wrestle with them, cook their breakfast before school, comfort them when they’re sad....and always knows what joke to tell at the dinner table to get them both giggling. The most wonderful sound in the world to you is hearing him chase the kids up and down the bunker corridors when he’s finished work. You can hear all three of them laughing and making ridiculous noises at the top of their lungs.
You and Saeyoung are probably the funniest couple in the friend group. Nobody is bigger meme lords than you two. But you guys can flip the switch realllll quick. Don’t mess with an angry Saeyoung at a parent’s evening.  
Saeran keeps his distance from them both most of the time and is generally quite quiet. But he’ll always play with the kids whenever they ask him to, and he’ll watch kids films for hours with them. There is never a birthday or an occasion missed, he’ll always be aloof and pretend he doesn’t care, but he’s an impeccable uncle in his own way.
Uncle Yoosung comes over to babysit sometimes when you and Saeyoung have a date night, but he can only cope with so much before the twins successfully make him go bonkers. Luckily he can distract them with playing Super Smash Bro matches.
Vanderwood comes by often as he’s now Saeyoung’s business partner (getting Saeyoung’s inventions patented and sold for mega $$$). He acts like the entire affair is a waste of his time, but you can see how thrilled and happy he is to no longer be at the agency and seems to be doing what he enjoys. He doesn’t seem to mind the kids much, and takes secret pleasure in partaking in any pranks that are targeted towards Saeyoung. You like having him over, he’s kind of a breath of fresh air and always makes you all laugh during movie nights.
Finally Saeyoung has the life he always dreamed of. And nothing can stop your happiness now.
Tumblr media
Song that represents your love the best: “Can’t take my eyes off of you” -Joseph Vincent
You both agreed to wait until Saeran had finished his therapy before considering an official relationship together. Mental health recovery for both of you was more important than anything else. Without recovery, the future was too unstable.
Saran was diagnosed with post traumatic stress and DID. 
A lot of care and consideration was needed, and Saeran despaired for a long time over whether his disorders meant that he would be an unsuitable parent in the future. But eventually he began to understand that there were others out there just like him who had gone on to have loving families and wonderful marriages with their partners. 
His past didn’t have to define his future, and he would take gentle steps every day to recover. 
You guys live in a little cottage on the outskirts of the city. Far away from noise and crowds... 
There’s a lot of space for a flower garden, and all around there are trees and birds. You’ve never seen Saeran look this relaxed. 
Tumblr media
After eight years together, you both have a little girl named Rosie. She has adorable red hair like her dad and the happiest little smile you’ve ever seen. Before you know it, she’s seven years old. 
She seems to already be quite independent, but she’s also a rather reserved child. Preferring to read a book or draw rather than spend time with other kids. Her uncle Saeyoung thinks she’ll definitely be another genius...she seems to already have the drive and ambition for it. 
Saeran is extremely protective of both of you. Insisting on being the one to take her to school and pick her up at the end of the day. After a difficult day at pre school there’s always a trip to the ice cream shop waiting for her.
You were both worried that it would take a while to explain Saeran’s alter Ray to Rosie, but with guidance from therapists, Rosie gets it pretty quickly. When other children ask her about her parents, she says “I have a mommy and two daddys!” 
Ray loves spending time with her. He’s usually the one to come out when its play time; he’ll always bring flowers to her to make her smile and attend her tea parties...whilst Saeran is usually the one that prepares her breakfast or puts her to bed. But she loves them both equally.
There are still sometimes bad days with Saeran....he still struggles with flashbacks and sometimes he argues with Ray...getting jealous of his alter spending time with you. To make the burdens easier to bear, an emotional support dog is arranged for him and you go to more therapy as well. The dog is a shibi inu called Moon. When it all gets too hard, Moon is the one thing that always helps Saeran calm down, and he’s always down to cuddle or make silly faces with his goofy tongue sticking out. 
You’re a very private, introverted couple who prefer minimal company, but your arms are always open wide to those who need you. You are surrounded with endless support from the RFA. Today might not be the best day, but tomorrow will be easier...and its all about taking one step at a time. Each and every day is beautiful and worthwhile.
Tumblr media
Song that represents your love the best: “You are here” -Lee Hyun
With Jihyun, you have a little girl named Abigail. 
It took a little time before you guys felt comfortable with the idea of getting married. Your relationship was all about taking things slow and doing things naturally. It was essential after everything you’d both been through.
But three years after your wedding, Abigail arrives.
V bought a new home by the beach...his old house had too many sad memories, But with this place, you are both washed anew, and your summers are filled with laughter, sea salt and long sandy walks together. At eight years old, Abigail is clever, daring and adventurous, but she’s also sweet and artistic like her papa. She loves to bake cakes, specifically chocolate chip muffins.  This place by the sea is the perfect place for her to grow up.
Tumblr media
V cannot stop taking pictures of her no matter the occasion. He doesn’t want to miss a single moment of her childhood. And when it comes to every school performance, every parent’s evening and every homework session...he’s always there, quietly listening and trying his best for her at all times. His support and love for her is unlimited. 
He’s always afraid and still a little insecure that he’s not doing enough, but all it takes is for Abi to run into arms and hug him tight for his smile to come back. You always tell him that he’s a wonderful husband to you and the perfect father to your baby. He’s much better at keeping calm than you can even comprehend. Whenever anything stressful comes up or people are causing problems, Jihyun approaches the situation calmly and carefully, softly and politely fixing things whenever and wherever its necessary. It doesn’t matter how many dates you both go on, or even if you’re eating a meal at home, he always pushes yours and Abi’s chairs into the table and when he says grace, he doesn’t thank God, he thanks you guys for what you both did to make him happy and grateful that day.  Closest thing to an angel istg
When Abi asks for a pet, you all go to the shelter where Jihyun points out a group of adorable white bunnies. Abi picks the smallest and shyest rabbit in the pen, and calls him Oreo. He spends a lot of time hopping around the garden and following Abi around the house. Jihyun helps Abigail teach Oreo tricks, and for family occasions and parties, Oreo is the delight of everyone. 
For your collective careers, you and Jihyun spend a lot of time in the art world, attending art galleries and performances together. So Uncle Jumin is one the first points of call when you and V are going to be away for a while. Although Jumin might seem chilly on the surface, he adores spoiling his god daughter. And Abi always has fun staying at the penthouse. (And you also know for a fact that there could be no where safer than Jumin’s place.)
You and V are the quiet, introspective couple. You’re not really the types to crave a spotlight and prefer your lives to be private and peaceful. You’d probably prefer a Netflix night or a painting session at the beach than huge parties and social gatherings. But you’re always ready to step out your comfort zones for Abigail. 
Jihyun hopes that his little girl never looses her passion and delight in Baking. And he hopes that the greatest lesson he can teach her is to love herself and to believe in all her dreams. 
Tumblr media
Which route is your true route?
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Lost boys backstorys
I made a post while ago on my ideas of the boys past but now I want to update it. I just want you to know I’m still a firm Prequel lover/follower however we don’t get much info on the boys Pre 1906, so that’s what this is for! However personally I would have had more Max so this is going to be both pre 1906 but also include relationship with Max a bit.
I am also including my personal ideas on Last names and age. However I am under the idea that they wouldn’t know/take their last name seriously if the did know it cause- ya know. Orphans. This is going to be lengthy and I’m going to pin it, not just because I want it seen but also to remind myself in fic writing (when I don’t follow these ideas in a fic it’s gonna be Marked as Au- as I’ll probably be messing around with a different past.)
I’ll be doing appearance but only physical as there’s some stylistic changes. For clothing? Honestly so thinking workers clothes/cowboy esc
Also! Their stories are all going to kinda intertwine so I’d there’s not enough info under one theirs a solid chance there’ll be more for them under someone else’s!
David Hardy-
Age(as of 1906): 19
Born: 1887
Appearance: Average height, his hair a dirty blond- near reddish and is around shoulder length. Bearded. (Think doc but with slightly updated clothing)
David Is the only of the boys to grow up with at least one of his parents, living with his mother until her death when he was around 7. They lived in a decent, though cramped little space in San Francisco, by the docks. His father worked on and off- a not so stable style ending in him getting involved in not doing saviory things - getting arrested. His mother worked as a washerwoman. David worked the streets awhile, as a young child now left alone, he learned to pickpocket and live off what he could manage. It was around this time he had found Marko- doing the same thing he was - though arguably less effectively do to his more sporadic nature. At around age 10 the two became extremely close and rather inseparable, Marko even looking up to him despite being the older of the pair. However david wasn’t one to living completely criminal like... he did NOT want to be his father, which lead him to not drinking , EVER. (Even as a vampire he still doesn’t do alcohol.) he poked towards more honest work, also forcing Marko into doing the same , which he wasn’t exactly thrilled about- but did anyway. Tried. David did a lot of work on the docks, odd jobs and stuff like that- but it never paid even half as good as nabbing a wallet or cheating at cards. He wouldn’t be his father- he’d be better- better then all the nobody’s. More level headed then Marko though  ambitious, big headed and still wildly child like- eventually Paul , Dwayne and Jasper joining the pair. Well now, David had himself a full on gang. Never robbery, not that far. The group pickpocketed , cheated at any sort of game or match, that sort of thing... they were still young after all. Smart enough not to go wild like some famous bandit (Though David will admit to his slight admiration of Billy the kid.). He’s a quick learner, and when he learns something- he learns it well- becomes a damn near expert. When he is good at something he is good at it. He is the leader out of the groups mutual respect towards him , quick thinker. Notable flaws: Huge ego, hopeless romantic.
Marko Connelly-
Age(as of 1906): 20
Born: 1886
Appearance: on the shorter side, golden - darker brown hair in this fluff of ringlets it’s long about just past his shoulder blades and typically tied back. Usually dirty somehow (Think Poli but with longer hair and updated clothing)
Born to a rich family , one of those who moved from east to west and actually did make it big. He was a pretty little thing, more a doll to his mother then particularly a child- only taken from Nanny to be dotted over or photos taken. However around the age of 3 or 4 things had tipped, scandal! Missing. That is what the newspapers said anyway he was found missing- was it that he was given away? Or stolen? He was never particularly a child to be quite or sit still or anything such as that... so who is to say? Marko doesn’t remember a lick of that either way as he was far far to young for it but he does remember being alone. This is how he had grown his attachment to birds, they always stuck around. He grew comfortable with being alone, having himself to depend on, getting good at grabbing what he needs- A mansion is stark contrast to dirty winding alleyways. He was always cursed with his looks- even filth covered at 6 he could make sad eyes and tend to swindle whatever he wanted... but he wasn’t completely quick. He’d get in trouble, his face memorable he could rarely pass the same trick again. At 11 David came across him, the two started working and living together (that is where they could find a place to sleep.) he sort of gained this complex. He felt he owed David , in some strange sense he became attached at the hip- a helper, a second- almost servant like the guy had saved his life and he is now the others. It didn’t help that at a young age, Marko had developed what was come to be understood as a deep crush- at times as teens this was reciprocated. As loyal and loving as he was to the other male he wasn’t nearly as cautious, as rule following... he had come to despise authority, to despise the fancy, the rich all of the crowd. He was never sure why. Even regular work got on his hate list... but he gave in and would try to do a normal amount pf work.. it never really worked as there was something, how he would sass, how he looked or smelled or spoke (neither him nor David really spoke ‘proper’ English - meaning no slang or accent). Around when Paul came things started to shift in the group, more mouths- more work and more thinking. Oh yea David and his thinking. Marko is a bit hostile right off the bat when it comes to people he doesn’t know, eventually he cracks and will be more loyal to you then to anyone you’d ever know. He opened up to Paul, a lot sooner then he would have thought the guy was funny and sweet - lil stupid too. David had this grand idea of a little gang, naturally Marko was all for it because illegal activity is fun- it was like a game to him. A liked stealing from pockets and playing distraction for David, as time grew he began to hate how young and gentle his face appeared to be. He LOATHED absolutely appalled the pity glances he would get, the hand outs the whole “oh you poor fragile little dear 🥺” he hated being babied and still does. He hated the stares he got on the opposite direction ... at first, it was funny, it was nice to be wanted in that sense rather then some baby. However... it grew creepy, it wasn’t women or a fella his age...it was more the gaze of older men. Marko detested it so much- he KNEW he’s seen what some of the guys... even younger then him ended up doing- he could see the occasional look in david’s eye. No he would never really consider....no. Paul was more his shoulder to cry on, someone to go to , to ramble to to speak with and just be with. The two were touchy, always leaning against eachother or grabbing their arms, laughing or sleeping or- eventually it became more then casual, it was serious. The two started ‘dating’ at some point- none of them were ever serious on titles but it was good to put a word to it.
Paul campbell-
Age (as of 1906) : 18
Born: 1888
Appearance: tall and lengthy, he has a mole on his left cheek, he has stubble/shadow opposed to a beard. He’s also usually dirty, dirty blond , long hair think Buffalo bill with volume and his hairline not receding
Grew up in a orphanage, hundreds of kids all stuffed together into a few rooms, often sharing beds and everything else. He was never a still child, he would always figit and move and shift - whenever he’s supposed to be quite or still like lessons or Mass he just couldn’t. This - got him most of the attention from the mistresses and overseers- much more quick to slap then to explain... he was docile , quick to flinch and try and stop. Never worked well. Once you get to 7-8ish you work if not adopted by a decent age. Sweeping, factory work he tried it all. He was particularly desensitized to violence at a extremely young age while working in a textile factory- he’s seen a kids arm come clean off. Terror turns to fascination eventually. At some point he’d stopped returning at night finding David and Marko at 15, he started hanging with them- it was safer in numbers that sort of thing- Paul could read a bit , David could write a bit- the three worked it out together. always so distracted- the others learned right off the bat he wasn’t built for pick pocketing no matter how hard he begged about it. Instead he’d do real jobs- sweeping , fighting, placing crooked bets that sort of thing. He always complains. A massive softie since he was young, Paul can’t quite handle being on his own- he’s used to having at least one other person around him at all times causing him to get quite hooked onto the other boys. He hovers around the same places. He is also a fan of dancing- Paul- is music obsessed the moment he heard the first noise of any sort of music he was hooked. He is one about fun- being restrained from it for so long as a child- always to sit out and watch or to think about whatever he did.. oh. Dancing, drinking, drugs, clubs, all of it is his kind of deal- he would drag the others with him when they had a bit of extra cash to deal with. Dwayne and his brother, when they joined on he was instantly accepting, unlike Marko he didn’t have the deep seeded trust issues, he was immediately touchy and happy to share a joke or a comment no matter the glares. He is the one to get Dwayne to lighten up a little bit, to smile he loves to see that smile :). He got around to dating Marko, when they finally put a label on it he was really giddy about it, making jokes and comments- he adores the little names like ‘sweetheart’ or ‘bo’ - he eventually gets around to just plain ‘sugar’ . Marko is the one who really entertains Paul’s love for dancing, the two of them trying to get the others to do something lighten up- eventually their pawing would bare fruit. Paul makes the best out of the worst situation, even if they end up sleeping on the beach more often then not- he somehow makes it seam alright. Except that one time he had gotten sand in Dwayne’s eye and all hell broke lose. He is the current youngest member of the group after Jaspers passing.
Dwayne Maher
Age (as of 1906) : 22
Born: 1884
Appearance: Tall, muscular , tanned(I will establish this now but Dwayne is Native American.) long Black hair with burnet highlights, reaches half down his back.
Born out more Midwest unlike the others he was not born in San Francisco, eldest son of a decent sized family of four kids. Do to conflict he and his younger brother skipped town, skipped state and fled to California.. better options you know?. He’s strong built, hard working and good with his hands though, rather playful most of the time. He looks after his younger brother closely, when there is work they work the same place, when there is not they both still do the same. Quickly took to David and the gang , having a tight knit bond with each of them. He was sort of the muscle - if there was trouble, he knew how to fight and it would likely work better then the knives the boys carried around or the gun David could barely shoot. It was Paul who got him to open up more, about himself and just to speak in general, he’s much more under his breath and jokingly commenting then he is saying something out loud- however if he dislikes something or thinks it stupid you WILL know it. Like David he carries the occasional thought of caution, however he’s not nearly as quick to worry. Maher is not his actual last name , nor does he ever mention it- he simply uses this one when it’s needed as some sort of identification or document. He’s surprisingly good at money, he ends up counting with David and is better at budgeting no matter how he may want or need something. He doesn’t speak on his past as he tries to make it seam he has little of one, he likes to make things mysterious he finds it amusing.
Jasper Maher-
Age (as of 1906) : 16
Born: 1890
Died: 1906
Appearance: shoulder length black hair, typically tied back and braided , tanned, string bean.
The younger brother of Dwayne who is much much more open on how he grew up, casually mentioning things he learned from his parents of his brother (he doesn’t remember his parents that much.) young hot shot sort of kid who’d much rather have action then he would some serious job, loud, energy filled and one for violence- however he’s surprisingly sweet. He often got himself and his brother into trouble. He was a quick and fast young child who grew surprisingly closest with Marko, the two having a habit for breaking every possible rule they could manage together. Their close friendship lead to Marko naming one of his birds after Jasper long after his passing.
Unknown age but he is seen as extremely old and powerful
Relationship with the boys:
After finding them he has decided to take them under his metaphorical and physical wing, acting as a sort of guardian. Food, clothing, shelter, he was everything the boys didn’t have and was surprisingly inviting in the beginning. ‘I do this for you, you on occasion do this for me’ sort of deal. He wasn’t a leader so much as he was a usual figure, the boys knew and understood him to be above them... so they followed you know? The whole new vampirism thing and the clueless kids- he had to explain and show nearly everything... especially to David, he wasn’t so much harsh to him as he was strict- more of a lead by example sort. Honestly he was father like in a strange sense- that someone is almost like a parent but very much your boss. See... with Max’s strength, there’s this almost automatic level of control- you can’t say no to him. You literally can’t not do what he asks (some supernatural level messing-). There’s something dark about him, in him that the boys still don’t understand in the 80s- but it scares them. It’s strange, it feels unlike him... he seams just like a Dorky , sweet man until...
Some random thoughts that don’t really fit anything
The boys are explicitly religious, past what you’d hear in passing or remember from growing up. Saying “oh god” and respecting religious officials are about what you’ll get
Whoopsies! This was a extremely long post lmao. Sorry for the long read but I could go on and on about them this was just a small blurb to all of it. If you ever wanna hear more do tell me. Also tell me if I should add tw for anything as I know I got a little dark at some points.
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porcelainbluejay · 3 months ago
I would argue that Wardlow thinks Marko’s bravado is cute, and not in a condescending way. He’s being patronizing because he’s a heel and he’s supposed to, but isn’t it genuinely adorable that he’s trying so hard?
We all know Wardlow is a softie under that gruff exterior, even if he doesn’t show it in the ring. And here comes Marko, with all his tenacity and confidence, walking right up to him like Wardlow hasn’t laid him out several times in the past. It’s endearing in an odd sort of way.
Max isn’t here to keep him in line, Shawn isn’t exactly the most serious tag partner, and Tully isn’t going to rat him out as long as he does what he’s told, so what’s the harm in patting him on the head? He can play it off as trying to get under his skin, but he can’t help the easy smile, or that his laugh is fond. He can, however, throw him a dozen odd feet in the air and knock his lights out to make up for it.
And if he checks with medical after an hour or two to make sure the kid didn’t get a black eye from his finisher, well, nobody needs to know.
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honorable-wanderings · 9 months ago
Word of Honor - Episode 3 Part 2 - We’re getting INN to it now!
Meanwhile back with Scooby  and the Gang. B-characters realize that the Goldilocks is missing and it was only the 3 bears that were killed.
Tumblr media
And we can hear them surprisingly well from this far away. Their voices must carry exceptionally well.
The spiderwebs of DEATH
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Seriously though it’s been hours. How has no one either taken these wires down or run into them accidentally? You cannot tell me they have checked every bit of this place for ChengLing’s body if these are still up.
Someone has lied to you Mr. White ‘n’ Blue.
Tumblr media
No you fucking did not. If you were cleaning them up roughly you’d at least get the ones on the main doorways! goddamn.
Old ppl vs the Ghosts!
Tumblr media
The Ghost Valley is a menace! It’s high time someone went in there and eradicated them all!
Huh... never thought of that before...
Tumblr media
Eh. Old people chanting the children’s rhymes doesn’t have the same tension. It’s just not the right feel. It’s a no from me.
Tumblr media
Yes. This is perfectly far enough away. No one could possibly overhear us from this distance! I am a genius!
Tumblr media
We are all very worried about ChengLing’s well being. Yes. That is all. Only his well being. Nothing else. No ulterior motives here. Nope. Purely just good will and worry. :DDDD
Tumblr media
Ah yes! Back to my boys! :D
Tumblr media
You big softie.
Seriously though. He is so considerate of not only Best Boy’s physical well being but really his emotional state and autonomy as well. He doesn’t expect ChengLing to act like a full grown adult but he doesn’t treat him like a little kid either. It’s great and I’m here for it.
Tumblr media
It’s not stalking if we got here first, right? Now you’re stalking me! :D :D :D :D :D
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some day soon I’ll get you to admit you like me ;)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Whaaaaaaaaaaaat you’re here to? At this random river?????? OMG what are the chancesssssss?!?!?
Tumblr media
At this point I just wanna know fuckin how????
Tumblr media
A-Xiang deserves a fucking medal for putting up with this BS. For real.
Tumblr media
A-Xu you make-a him sad D:
Tumblr media
Zhou ZiShu! Look out! They’re stealing your boat!!
Tumblr media
-Hey if the ghost valley peeps come up to wreck shit it’s gonna be our shit that gets wrecked too you know? -I don’t give a farting fly’s left ass cheek! I’m one foot in the grave already.
Tumblr media
Glazed armor this glazed armor that give me a glazed donut and let’s call it a day. I don’t careeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Are you inn or out?
Sorry we’re out of space because for some reason we let ourselves rent out the entire establishment to a single person. Like I get he paid for the rooms but it’d still be bad for business?? Like no one wants to go to an inn if they won’t let you stay even though there are empty rooms. Like the fuck
Tumblr media
Look elsewhere? Shit you know this is the only inn in town (apparently)!! Where we supposed to go???
Tumblr media
Um... why don’t you try looking at I don’t give a FUCK
Tumblr media
Well well well. Who could have seen this coming?
Tumblr media
Zhou ZiShu is about read to add a few more nails
Tumblr media
This old ragged beggar man is hot as fuck. Set him up in my room at once!
Tumblr media
Just end my suffering. I beg you
Tumblr media
ChengLing just gonna keep his mouth shut and stay out of it
Tumblr media
-I gave you my own room! -My room now. Kindly GTFO -But I bought you clothes too! -Yeah no one asked you. GTFO!!
Tumblr media
-How have my seduction techniques continued to fail??????????
Tumblr media
Love me pls D:
Tumblr media
If Oedipus invented a wire tap he’s gonna have to work harder to get past me!!
Tumblr media
But he doesn’t look like he’s a bad person
Tumblr media
Bad people rarely do.
Tumblr media
Take the bed? I couldn’t possibly!! No! You’re taking care of me and protecting me and you’re old! You take the bed! I’ll sleep on the chair! I’m the best boy!!!
Tumblr media
Bitch did I fucking stutter?
Tumblr media
You owe me no explanations. I’m sure you have your reasons and that they’re good ones. But don’t suffer needlessly. Treat your wounds and I won’t ask any more about it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ain’t nobody dope as me I’m just so fresh, so clean (So fresh and so clean clean)
Tumblr media
Daaate niiiiiight
Tumblr media
So I get that you’re like persistently stalking me and all that but like Why??
Tumblr media
Because I know you cute as fuck. Why you hiding? Show me what your true face and I’ll tell you what I want. What I really really want.
Tumblr media
You first bitch
Tumblr media
Local man tries to pry secrets out of only human in a 10 mile radius who has no ulterior motives and is confused when it doesn’t work.
Tumblr media
Das gay
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Clink Clink bitch
Tumblr media
Master can you please keep it in your pants for 5 minutes? It’s all I ask. Just 5 minutes of peace! Please!
Tumblr media
Pop Quiz! Who is the second cutest person in the world?
Tumblr media
I will settle for anyone who feeds me
Tumblr media
Naw. Tsundere is where it’s at.
Tumblr media
*Is unimpressed in tsundere*
Tumblr media
Then who is the mostest cutest?
Tumblr media
A tsundere with long legs, slim waist, fat ass.
Tumblr media
Heavens strike me down now. Please end my misery. Why did I sit here? Didn’t I know better?
Anyone have any more torture nails? Anyone? Please?
Tumblr media
*Insert Mii channel theme*
Tumblr media
We are the unwashed masses. Let’s go fuck some shit up
Tumblr media
Hey guys. Does this look like anime style to you? Someone said it looks like anime but I don’t see it.
Tumblr media
I think it looks great! I can’t even draw a stick figure! hahahaha
Tumblr media
Sleepy boi <3
Tumblr media
How the fuck did I become the third wheel?
Tumblr media
*mii channel theme continues*
Tumblr media
Your honored uncle here wouldn’t let us eat anything until you woke up even though he sat at my table. D:
Tumblr media
-Stop acting like a little brat and start acting polite and demure like the other girls
-Uuuuuuuuuuuuuugh gross
Tumblr media
We’re doing found family and we’re doing it now!
Tumblr media
Why aren’t you eating?
Tumblr media
Yeah! We had to wait all this time for you to get here and you’re not even eating anyway!!!!!!
Tumblr media
Well my home and my entire family died, and so did that random boat man who protected me. And also there’s a hole in my stomach. So I don’t have much of an appetite atm.
Tumblr media
Oh My God. can you not???
Tumblr media
But that’s how I show affection!!!!!!!! D:<
Tumblr media
Shoving food in your face to hide your tears. A time honored tradition.
Also D: Best boy is sad </3
Tumblr media
Oh no. More people I’m supposed to remember.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? HOW MANY? You cannot tell me they are all important. Please tell me I’m not supposed to remember this many people. I can’t handle this.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Whenever this guy speaks it sounds like he’s trying really hard not to cough in front of the board meeting.
Tumblr media
Okay so what I got from this is
There was a treaty between these peeps and the ghost peeps to say they’ll leave each other the fuck alone
The ghost peeps broke that promise by fucking with the mirror lake sect and so these peeps decided to retaliate
and they’re gonna retaliate by throwing a party? Like I guess they’re just gathering forces? But like it’s a weird way to do it.
Tumblr media
Oh for the love of god.
Tumblr media
Pffffffffffffffff welcome to the circus
Tumblr media
Okay y’all I can remember like 6 people. 7 Max. Y’all gonna have to be picky about who’s important here.
Tumblr media
How many of these people do I actually have to know?
Now what the fuck happened here and why are the twin jades here?
Tumblr media
You two have a piece of the glazed ham. And even though no one is using it it’s really important that we keep it that way. No one must hold all pieces of the glazed ham. Or..... bad things?
Tumblr media
Oh my. Pain o’clock already?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hey! What do you see? Is he in there? I can’t see a goddamn thing.
Tumblr media
So I know that he’s like what, 15? And like grew up with a dad. But like you know they made him scream “A-Die” and then wake up to Zhou ZiShu’s comforting touch on purpose. You know that was planned.
Tumblr media
Maybe not a father, but certainly a father figure.
(Also thanks, A-Xu for answering my request from earlier for someone to comfort the poor boy.)
What’s this? The sounds of a scuffle???
Tumblr media
Whelp. Not anymore.
Tumblr media
Couldn’t he have just ordered them to leave instead?
Tumblr media
The Ghost Valley seems to be following me rather closely.
Tumblr media
Oh you have no idea. ;)
Tumblr media
Alcohol detected
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Let me call you a cute pet name and I’ll let you drink from my bottle of nectar. ;)
Tumblr media
Oh my god this shit again?
Tumblr media
You know what?
Tumblr media
Two can play at this game.
Tumblr media
You wanna see what lies underneath? Rip it off yourself.
Tumblr media
Don’t worry! I’m patient! Sleep well! Dream of me! I know I’ll be dreaming of you! ;)
Tumblr media
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wannabeauthorzofija · 10 months ago
The Survivor character intros and moodboards!!
(I would have made a image banner but tumblr has a 10 image max)
First up, Silver Sterling and Captain Black moodboards cause I want them with the rest of the moodboards!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Everyone else is under the cut cause there’s a lot.
Tumblr media
Real Name: Salia Crotchet 
Crew position: First Mate and Quatermaster
Role in story: important side character
Sexuality and gender identity: lesbian and ace (she/her)
Likes and personality: loves music, plays violin, kind but not weak, will not resort to violence until it’s the last option, loves to travel and see the world, has a huge sweet tooth, 22 years old
Short backstory: her father was a lord and was super strict and wanted her to marry a man and have a heir so his blood line would keep going. She was completely opposed to that and ran away at 14 (she was gonna be married by 15)
Tumblr media
Real Name: Anita Nyzio
Crew position: sailing master
Role in Story: important side character
Sexuality and gender identity: bisexual, genderfluid (he/him, she/her and they/them), and asexual
Likes and personality: mapping out journeys, planning, black belt in karate, will always get back up after falling, supportive, looks mean but is a softy, compassionate, 21 years old
Short backstory: Their father was a mapper and was working on mapping out the world, and brought them along to learn. Before Black was Captain, they were captured to help the previous crew sail at night and find the quickest routes,  but after Black became Captain, they became apart of her family. 
Tumblr media
Real Name: Sam Soberski
Crew position: gunner
Role in Story: important side character
Sexuality and gender identity: straight cis guy (he/him)
Likes and personality: he hides everything behind a smile and laugh, loves to swim, super sharp aim, knows how to use almost every weapon, funny, tries to cheer everyone up, hardly ever knows what he’s doing, 21 years old
Short Backstory: He was a weapon maker and hated it, and when Black and her crew came to port, they bought swords from him and he bargained and asked if he join their crew. He had to fight Braveheart and Ironside, and if got back up again and fought well, he could join. She also put him at gun point and he put her at gun point in return and that was that. If he had the guts to put her at gun point, he could join. And so he did. 
Tumblr media
Real Name: Milja Lakoma
Crew Position: Cook
Role in Story: Important side character
Sexuality and gender identity: pansexual and non-binary (they/them)
Likes and personality: bubbly, super nice and welcoming, big ball of joy, dessert is their favorite thing to cook, they love the colors of the sky and the sunset, realistically optimistic, friendly, loves and is amazing at throwing knifes, super smart, 20 years old
Short Backstory: They tried to be a baker, but when nobody bought anything, they had to close down shop. But when their last bake sale happened (to get ride of all the desserts), Ironside bought everything and offered her to be their cook on the ship, with a decent kitchen and food options, Lakoma said yes. 
Tumblr media
Real Name: Tonya Gilliespie
Crew Position: Boatswain
Role in Story: important side character
Sexuality and gender identity: pansexual, aromantic, and trans women (she/her)
Likes and personality: always focusing on the then and now, loves jewelry, especially necklaces and anklets, does gymnastics and she jumps on ship masts a lot, RBF, gives super good advice, doesn’t care what others think of her, makes a lot of her own jewelry, 21 years old
Short Backstory: Her parents kicked her out of the house when she told them that she wasn’t a guy. She had to go live at a friends house, but then her friend couldn’t live the pressure that her parents put on her. Her friend ran away and was found dead. Having no where else to go, she sneaks onto a ship parked in port. Lakoma found her hiding in the pantry and told Black. Black was gonna make her walk the plank, but decided against it when she saw the marks on her wrist. Tonya quickly became family. 
Tumblr media
Real Name: Camilla More
Crew Position: Surgeon
Role in Story: Important side character
Sexuality and gender identity: pansexual and polyamorous (she/her)
Likes and personality: loves reading, healing herb potions and medicine, very laid back, loves fall colors, has an autumn personality, will do anything to save someone else, loves her twin brother even thought they fight and bicker, 22 years old
Short Backstory: Her and her brother, Forester, grew up with their parents. Their mother was a surgeon and their father was a carpenter. But they died in a fire and they became orphans. They weren’t able to find work despite their skillset. Walking down the docks, they find Soberski bleeding out. Canta goes into panic mode and starts to stitch him up and heal him. After that, the obvious choice was to let her join the crew. 
Tumblr media
Real Name: Jasper More
Crew position: Carpenter
Role in Story: important side character
Sexuality and gender identity: aroace (he/him)
Likes and personality: He loves adding intricate designs into his carvings, he puts lots of work into everything, he loves the smell of wood, believes that you can fix almost anything with a little bit of time, building and sculpting are his passion, he loves Canta and the rest of the crew as his family, trustworthy, levelheaded, 22 years old
Short backstory: He grew up with his parents and twin sister, Canta, until their parents died in a fire. They would have lived on the streets if they didn’t find Soberski bleeding and if Canta didn’t help him. He only joined the crew cause his sister did and they needed someone to patch up their boat after a big fight. 
Tumblr media
Real Name: Ira Flexor
Role in Story: Important side character, Silver’s love interest
Sexuality and gender identity: lesbian (she/her)
Likes and personality: loves hiking and nature, believes in true love and soulmates, gives off a childish personality but is super mature, enjoys manipulating people, she dreams big, loyal, formal, and encouraging
Short backstory: She grew up with rich parents and met Silver when they were both around 10. Silver stole from her parents and Ira saw but didn’t do anything. They met again and again until they actually talked to each other when they were around 14. As soon as she could, Ira left home and joined Silver on her adventures. 
After I wrote this, i realized how many people were ace and aro. Look who’s imposing their sexuality onto their characters and is going to have them be a found family -- not me. I would never. Never. That’s exactly what I’m doing. 
I absolutely LOVE how the moodboards came out!! And I have an overall theme for all of them and I’m all for it! The quote that is by itself or whatever, is their motto/quote thing that I wrote and is going to be referenced all through Over Land and Sea!
WIP Taglist: @baguettethebooklover @a-completely-normal-girl @mel-writes-with-her-dragons @hysteriwah @tiredlittleoldme @the-writing-avocado @vellichor-virgo @radiomacbeth @wildwrites @crowewritesstuff @crystallized-ink​@strangerays​ @authortango (please send an ask if you want to be added or taken off, it’s really hard for me to look through everyone’s tags to see if they asked or not. Thanks!)
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wat-the-cur · 2 months ago
lost boys for the ship ask
Thanks, Buddy!
OTP: Sam/Alan. It’s just a very sweet pairing. I’m a softie for friends-to-lovers stories, and clueless nerds trying to navigate unfamiliar feelings. They also have a nice “opposites attract” dynamic, with Sam being bright and warm while also having quite an iron core, while Alan can be blunt and icy, but is tender and sensitive beneath all that. As a bonus, if you chose to dip into the ideas the sequels posed, then there is a good amount of angst with the two handling betrayal, vampirism and separation from their families, possibly together. So it’s not all sugar. They just give me a lot of fun ideas to play with.
Favourite canon pairing: Michael/Star, I suppose, because I am nothing if not weak for himbo/bimbo pairing.
Worst pairing ever: In canon, I guess that would be Lucy/Max. Beyond Max being an arse and Lucy deserving better, while neither of these characters are boring, they somehow become so when you put them together. Outside of canon, you all know my feelings about Frogcest and Emersoncest. Like, I’m all for people exploring incest themes in their writing, but when it’s clear they find them cutesy, or even sexy, then I get really rankled. Guilty pleasure pairing: I guess that would be Zoe/Agatha Frog (Agatha being my interpretation of a female Edgar). I suppose this is a guilty pleasure, because it’s self indulgent and literally nobody else ships it.
A pairing that you want to see more: Sam/Alan, because their is very few stories about them. I would also be happy to see more Edgar/Zoe, because though I think I prefer them as friends, they are still cute together.
A pairing that everyone likes, but you’re like lol, no: I’m gonna get flayed for this, but Michael/David. Not because I really object to the pairing, but because I find David really annoying and I’m not sure why. I feel so bad.
Favourite non-romantic pair: Sam and Edgar. Besties for life.
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starrysupercell · 7 months ago
Hi! I adore your fanfic and ideas very much! they are very cool. I would like to know what your head canon with poco , el primo ando Amber. I am Latin, greetings from Peru. 😌💚💚💚 (Sorry My mal inglés💦)
Hello! 💙💙 Thank you so much. :) I'm glad I'm able to reach so far. And no worries, I understand you perfectly. 😊
So for the Entertainers Trio! 🔥🎶☄
Ellll Primoooo! 👊
He comes from a big family. Right smack dab in the middle, so he knows how to get along with everybody.
He's a extroverted people-person who loves attention, so wrestling was perfect for him! An athletic sport that comes along with some acting.
Great with kids! The younger Brawlers love him. Nita fights him on sight and Leon is amused by him. Jessie thinks he's cool but when he was the heel persona El Rudo, she was so sad.
He even manages to teach them things sometimes. For example, he once told Penny not to play such cruel pranks on people, and she laughed at him mockingly, but he actually frowned at her! She felt guilty and has slightly toned it down since then... but she won't admit it, ever.
He's the one who got Amber hired at Starr Park. I want to say they're cousins, but I want to keep relatives within the Park to a minimum... plus it's so on the nose! :p so we'll see what I choose.
He's so courteous and good too. ;w; He's one of those guys that you can trust in an uncomfortable social situation. Either he can tell and swoops in, or someone approaches him and greets him like they know him, he'll play along with no hesitation. Afterwards, he'd give them the option of "Want me to drive you home safely or call you an uber??"
He has no patience for bullying or rudeness at all. While he gets along with most people, he can be defensive at times. For example, Shelly's attitude, Bull's temper and/or Mr. P's demands can be a big issue with him. He's very quick to forgive though, he's a big softie.
Crippling fear of failure plagues him.
But not anymore, not here at Starr Park :D
Poco! 🎸
His guitar skills are phenomenal. He plays without a pick bc he's a skeleton, so he doesn't have to worry about the sound it produces. However, since skeletons don't have vocal cords, he can't sing very well.
If you point out that by that logic he shouldn't be able to talk either, he just calmly strums a chord and asks you what song you want to hear.
Poco is a firm believer in music fixes everything. Feeling down? Music. Feeling pumped? Music! Stage on fire? M-music? Mysterious Park is enslaving people around him? Um.. music...
He makes an effort to be there for everybody, so nobody dislikes Poco. If you do, anybody will assume it's from your end, not his.
However, sometimes he forgets about his own well-being. It's little things here and there that pile up, and it's a mountain before he realizes it. Oftentimes, Primo and Amber recognize when he's bummed, but on the rare chance neither don't, he gets down about it. That good ol' thought of "I'm everyone's friend but am I anybody's best friend? Do people even think about me." :/
The answer is yes Poco. Okay!? Ò~Ó
Amber! 🧯
Only child.
She loves to shine, and pushes herself to be an overachiever. She knows how to take her own steps, and on the rare occasion that she compares herself to others, she's just like "well, I gotta try harder too!"
Sometimes, she may seem insensitive, but that's when she's in her own little world. When she realizes she's accidentially wronged somebody, she'll do everything in her power to make up for it.
She's so easy to make laugh, excitable, cry, etc. She wears her heart on her sleeve.
She's super appreciative that Primo got her the job here at Starr Park.
She's just a really big sweetheart, tbh.
She looks up to a lot of people in the park. Shelly, Max and Surge are a few of them, because they're just so capable and strong.
She also sometimes forgets to take a break, because she's so determined to get better, but you can rest assured that Poco and Primo reel her in.
As a Trio:
Altogether, these three have the "bestest friends" vibes you could ever ask for.
They're fun, sociable, friendly and helpful.
They may be a little overwhelming because they just love talking about anything. Small talk, big talk, medium talk.
They're very tight knit! Three guitar strings in a row. A tag team who'll jump in at any time for the others. Three...um, trees on fire next to each other.
Poco is the voice of reason in the group, but even he's barely responsible, lol. He's easy to shrug things off in a care free way, and goes along for the ride.
Primo makes the most impulsive decisions, with highly varying results. (Like for example, with one skin he's king, and another he was what, dipped in toxic waste??)
Amber, try as she may, creates the most chaos. Trying to fix it doesn't really go well, and she won't not try to fix it.
If you go anywhere with them, be prepared to talk or to jam to music full volume.
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fleetwoodmactshirt · a year ago
May I inquire about 15 and 17 for our bastard boy Max Phillips if they have not be answered?
note: this has been sitting in my inbox forever, waiting for inspiration and it finally hit tonight. our bastard boy is a lil bit of a softie. also, i now have thoughts about this bastard and cock warming, thanks for that.
#15 and #17 from this headcanon prompt list 
let’s be blunt: max is supernaturally undead. he’s basically a walking corpse. literally heartless. although you personally think he was that long before he was turned. nobody with a heart goes to business school. he’s unnaturally cool to the touch, but that doesn’t stop him from touching you any chance he gets. little shit that he is, he lives for watching you jump at the shock of his cool hand pressed against the small of your back, or how you shiver involuntarily when he cups the nape of your neck. it delights him. your reactions irritatingly make a grin flash over his face and his eyes sparkle with mirth.
but he’d be lying if he said that was the only reason he touches you. his light touches may have begun with the mischievous intention of vexing you, but slowly, somewhere along the way, and he’s not sure exactly when, he sought to touch you simply to feel your warmth. maybe it’s a final shred of human weakness in him, a lingering nostalgia. whatever it is, it makes him crave your warm hands clutching hotly at the bare skin of his broad shoulders, trailing searing paths over the expanse of his back.
he wraps an arm around your waist to pull you flush against his broad chest, just to feel your body heat seep through the layers between you both, through your clothes and through his suit, and into his skin. his tongue darts out to wet his lips, a hint at his eagerness, before he kisses you deeply. a deep groan shudders through him as his tongue indulges in the velvety warmth of your mouth. yet no matter how searing your kisses are, he knows they’re nothing compared to sheathing himself in the exquisite wet hotness of your cunt for hours on end.
tangled together in his egyptian cotton sheets, your chest becomes his favourite pillow. you tease him he treats you like his personal heating pad, but as much as you grumble about it, the way you gently stroke his soft hair, mussing it out of its coifed style, belies your true feelings.
slowly, somewhere along the way, and you’re not sure exactly when, your body began arching to meet the coolness of his touch rather than flinch away from it. plenty about max may still vex you, but his touch...his touch vexes you in the most delectable ways.
the meticulous way he undresses himself out of his three piece bespoke suits, the care he takes in folding each piece so as not to crease it, is its own nightly spectacle. one you’ve come to enjoy watching from where you lay spread out for him on the bed. with half-lidded eyes you watch his thick fingers grip the knot of his tie and shake it loose. he divests himself of his suit jacket, hangs it carefully, leaving him in his vest and crisp shirt. but his methodical actions make it an agonizingly slow process, and so you relish the times your moans and the wet sounds of you stroking your folds have interrupted the routine. the times you’ve overwhelmed him enough to forget about his stupid suits, to roll up the cuffs of his shirt to his elbows and leap up onto the bed to devour your cunt, are especially sweet victories.
you’d expect max to crave control. but after you’ve used your telepathic powers of suggestion to hypnotize one person to give you a strip tease as they undress themselves while you sit and watch, you’ve done it with them all, yknow? oh it was fun the first few times sure, but it just gets old real fast, if max is being honest. so, relinquishing control? now that’s a novelty max can savour.
especially with you, someone he trusts to not take advantage or do it only to gloat over him (well, alright, he acknowledges you do gloat a little, but you’re lucky you’re cute when you do it).
undressing max out of those suits, you can’t deny you test the limits of his vanity and push his buttons, just a little. tugging his tie off, letting it flutter to the ground to crumple into a little pile. pushing his suit jacket off his shoulders and watching him swallow a whimper as you toss it to the ground. the way his lips purse into a pout at the sight only urges you forward to drag his bottom lip between your teeth, sucking it into your mouth, earning you a whimper from the back of his throat that has nothing to do with creased suit jackets.
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middmjf · a year ago
Meanest couple ever.
Pairing: MJF X Reader
Requested: @princess00wifi
Thank you for the request, I hope you enjoy it. 💗😍
Nobody knew why or how the relationship of maxwell and y/n came to be. They were both mean and obnoxious not really people persons. When she first came in she didn’t talk to anyone, hell it was hard for Matt and nick to even get a conversation out of her but she was an amazing wrestler. Everyone was scared of her but not maxwell. He loved her attitude, what started as a hook up turned into a beautiful realtionship.
Everyone wondered how that relationship worked sure they were practically the same but they never see an affectionate side of them.
what everyone else didn’t know was that when they were alone or together they were complete softies. Maybe people just didn’t notice but maxwell would kill for y/n and she would too.
“Hey max we heading to catering?” Wardlow said as he walked into the locker room maxwell looked up from his phone sighing “yeah sure” wardlow was one of the very few people max was nice too mainly because he helped him and he was bigger. There we’re times he snapped but it wasn’t always
“Hey big guy, hi baby” y/n walked in the locker room greeting maxwell with a hug and kisses. Max wrapped his arms around her kissing all over her face “hi my love” he said in between kisses. “We’re heading to catering you want to come with?” Wardlow asked interrupting them, they both turned their heads glaring at him.
“You’re lucky I’m hungry” y/n scolded grabbing maxwell by the hand leading him out the door. Wardlow shook his head mimicking her behind their backs. As he closed the door he ran into max who ran into y/n who slammed into griff garrison “hey watch where you’re walking idiot” y/n exclaimed, griff stuttered,intimidated by her. max stepped forward “d-d-d get out the way jackass” he pushed passed him
Taking y/n by the hand and wardlow patting griff on the shoulder shaking his head. They made it to the cafe going for the food y/n putting food on Max’s tray. They sat at a table digging into their food, Sammy marko and jack walked in heading for them. “Sup guys” Sammy greeted, he had been suspended for awhile but that was long over. Y/n groaned not liking to be disturbed, not liking random company in general. She took a bite of her sandwich glaring at them, maxwell rubbed her back
“Can I help you jungle douche?” She said to jack, he put his hands up, shaking his head “my girl asked you a question jungle jabroni” maxwell put his arm around her chair glaring at jack. “N-no sorry y-you just got some uh” wardlow looked at y/n seeing she had mustard on her cheek. He smiled, he knew jack was scared of telling her
He chuckled he wanted to see how this would play out . “Well spit it out moron” she rolled her eyes. Jack scratched his head not knowing how to say it, he looked at marko who shook his head turning away, he turned to Sammy who whistled also turning away. He looked back at them to see their attention all on him
“Are you dumb? Cat got your tongue?” She asked crossing her arms. He looked at maxwell making eyes at him to signal to look at her but he just glared at him. He sighed “n-no you justgotmustardonyourface” he said slowly and fast, maxwell turned to her seeing what it was but y/n was clueless
“What? Speak up loser” she said, slamming her hand on the table “Uh baby” maxwell called. Jack closed his eyes expecting her to snap at him “yes baby” she said sweetly. What the? “You got mustard on your face my love here, I think that’s what jungle jabroni was looking at” max replied with a lot of care in his voice
Jack opened one eye to see max cleaning her face with a napkin while y/n smiled slowly then began to giggle when max pretended that she still had some and was licking her face. Jacks eyes almost popped out of his head, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He was looking at them as if they were crazy.
Who knew these two arrogant jerks had hearts they were mean to just about everyone they knew. But here they were smiling and laughing as if they didn’t almost make jack shit his pants. He turned to see wardlow smirking at him “something wrong?” He asked, jack opened his mouth but closed it looking like a fish.
They were now making out right in front of him. These two were definitely crazy. He turned to see Sammy and marko the same, they were baffled
“Is this normal for you?” He asked wardlow, he laughed making a gross face at max and y/n who were eating each other’s faces “Uh yeah. Everyday thing. That’s why they hardly leave the dressing room” he took another bite of his sandwich
Sammy and marko finally snapping out of it “I don’t get them” Sammy said. Wardlow laughed shrugging his shoulders “neither do I. But makes sense kinda” he finished his sandwich “you idiots know we can hear you right” y/n crossed her arms glaring at them. She stood up grabbing maxwells hand
“Later losers. See ya big guy” she patted wardlows cheek dragging maxwell with her who didn’t even look at them he was too busy staring at her butt.
Jack shook his head still not able to process what just happened, “weirdest couple ever” he said biting his burger. “Meanest couple ever you mean” marko said. They all laughed looking at wardlow who just smirked “got that right, don’t tell her I said that” he added quickly.
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roonil-wazlib-at-221b · 2 years ago
Pairing: Five Hargreeves x Reader
Note: in this AU, Five never jumped to the future. Everyone (except Luther) has moved on from the Academy. They’re all 22 atm.
This wasn’t requested but it popped into my head and I just really wanted to write it!
Five seriously regrets signing up for this eight a.m. history class. He has it on good authority that the teacher is going to move it to eight p.m. next semester, but that would conflict with his advanced math class. Of course, he could have pushed that back a semester too, which wouldn’t have hurt his degree or prevented his graduation at all. But at the moment he’d thought to himself ‘Oh, well, waking up at seven every Monday and Thursday morning won’t be so bad.’
It is. It’s so bad. At this point he’s pretty sure that his blood is 99% coffee.
He’d even had the mind to transfer after the first week. He’s simply a night owl and not an early riser, ergo this is torture without fifteen cups of coffee. But there is one tiny little problem with that, and that is why he hasn’t switched out yet, and the only reason he hasn’t yet missed a single class.
It’s a girl.
Yeah, as stupid as that sounds, the only reason Five hasn’t yet transferred out of his stupid eight a.m. history class is because on the first day of the class, when he had been glaring at everybody and hating just about everyone and everything, a pretty girl had sat down next to him without even a glance in his direction, holding a humongous travel cup of tea, and with earbuds blasting music so loud he could hear it.
Your name is Y/N. You love tea but hate coffee. You like history but hate math. You have a boyfriend called Max with gorgeous blue eyes. You’ve got a cat. You’re not a morning person. You’re majoring in biology.
That’s pretty much all Five knows about you.
But God, he’s got the biggest crush.
He can’t help it! You’re just so... you. He can’t even put it into words, but God, you distract him.
But he can’t do anything about it because you’ve got your stupid boyfriend Max that everyone you know gushes about. He’s not about to be a homewrecker. It just sucks that he hadn’t figured out you were already taken until it was way too late to enroll in another course.
He settles for being a friend.
Five rolls his eyes and kicks your chair a little bit when you’re about to nod off. You jolt up, eyes wide for a few moments, before registering that the lecture is about to start. With a wide yawn, you greet him and reach into your backpack for your laptop.
“Late night?”
“Sort of.” You shrug. “Max wouldn’t stop yelling at me for attention and he always wakes up at the oddest hours and wakes me up, too.”
Privately, Five thinks, I’d never yell at you. Even if it’s for attention, he sort of thinks it’s a dick move. If he ever meets Max, he might just give the asshole a piece of his mind. It’s not the first time you’ve complained about him being an asshole but you never even consider breaking up with him. “He a morning person?”
You snort. “You could say that. He’s cute, though, so I love him.”
There it is; the knife in his gut. You love to twist it around without even realizing you’re doing it. Five just nods and looks down at his notes.
Five’s neither an asshole nor an idiot (and you’ve called Max both those names multiple times, not that he really cares). He can tell you like your boyfriend, for some reason he can’t tell, and that it would really be a dick move to make moves on you. So he’s content (not really) to spend time with you, even if it’s a sweet kind of torture.
That includes math tutoring. You’d seen him reading one of his advanced math books before the lecture started one time and pounced on the opportunity. You’re really smart, but not the best at paying attention and it’s not like your professor’s good at teaching anyway.
And Five, like an idiot, had agreed.
He’s not very good at teaching. The first time he’d brought you to tears he’d panicked and accidentally spacial jumped to China. He’d jumped right back, of course, and the shock of seeing one of your friends disappear and reappear had stopped your tears short.
He hasn’t made you cry since (and he definitely doesn’t have nightmares about hearing you sniffle) which is good for his patience, he supposes. Sometimes a few of your friends will join your study sessions, but most of the time it’s just you and Five.
In a library.
So now you’re friends? Sort of? At least, you talk with his siblings and he talks with your friends and you’re all kind of one group now.
And nobody. Ever. Shuts. Up. About. Max.
“We really need to see Max sometime,” Vanya says while she, you, Five, Klaus, and two of your other friends are all sitting under the shade of a tree, ‘working’ on homework assignments. Immediately a whole chorus of agreements rise from Five’s siblings and your friends and he rolls his eyes.
“Five’s never met Max,” Klaus proclaims loudly. “He doesn’t know what he’s missing out on.”
“Let’s go right now!” one of your friends, Isabella, exclaims.
“I’ve got a lot of homework to do,” Five replies tiredly. “You go on without me.”
“Are you sure?” you ask, looking at him with your hair falling over your shoulder and eyes a little tired but worried.
It’s like getting kicked in the stomach.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” Five waves everyone away, wondering how on earth this ‘Max’ guy is so amazing that everyone loves him. You’re the last to go, still sending Five looks over your shoulder.
He pretends not to notice.
Yeah, he’s jealous. So what?
“Max is so great,” you sigh during one of your study sessions.
I’m pretty great too, Five thinks sourly.
“His eyes are so pretty,” you continue. “Such a pretty blue.”
Five, personally, thinks that green is better than blue.
“How’s your cat?” he asks, to change the subject.
“Great!” you smile at him. Five’s stomach falls down at least two stories. “Belligerent and fluffy as always. You really should meet him, you know.” You stick out your bottom lip and pout at him and dammit, but he really doesn’t feel like saying no to you right now.
Five’s impulsive. He says yes. You beam. He’d say it again, a thousand times, just to see that smile.
His stomach falls again when you stand up and hold out your hand for him to take so you can drag him back to your apartment. You live off-campus because of your cat, supported by moderately wealthy parents who are just relieved you hadn’t gone to college in another country.
Maybe he knows more about you than he’d thought.
You drag him across campus, probably to ensure he has as little time as possible to change his mind. You always get confused whenever he refuses to meet either your cat or Max, a little bit of hurt clouding your pretty E/C eyes before you blink it away.
All Five knows about you, and he’s never met your boyfriend or cat. He’s never even been to your apartment before.
It’s in a pretty building with a nice view. There’s a park directly across the building, and Five can imagine you on the swings late at night, holding hands with someone who’s on the swing next to you. First he imagines a scruffy guy with blue eyes, and then he imagines you holding hands with a neat brunette boy with green eyes.
“You’re not allergic, are you?” you ask just before unlocking your apartment door.
Five shakes his head. “I don’t think so.” He’s never really been around cats before. God knows pets weren’t allowed at the Academy.
You smile and open the door. “Good. Max!”
Five instantly tenses. He was brought here to see your cat, not your boyfriend. What will he even think about you bringing a guy here, to your apartment, one-on-one?
A white blur runs into the room, making an unusual high-pitched noise, and you laugh and crouch down. “Hey, buddy,” you coo, picking the cat up gently. “Want to hold him?”
Five looks at the triangular face. The cat, just like your boyfriend, has blue eyes that are gorgeous against his white fur. You must have a thing for blue eyes. Something curdles in his stomach at the thought and he nods mutely.
“Max, this is Five,” you coo, gently putting the cat in his arms. “Don’t mind his silly name or his scowl. He’s a softie.”
“Hi,” Five says quietly, rolling his eyes at your gentle ribbing. The cat regards him, studying him, and leans to sniff his nose.
Five looks at you looking at him and your cat with a gorgeous smile on your face. “This is Max?”
“Yeah.” Your smile grows even wider. “Isn’t he gorgeous?”
“Yeah,” Five says quietly. Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shiiiiiit.
“He’s also an asshole,” you coo, taking the cat out of his arms. “You’re just the biggest annoyance ever, aren’t you? You know, I was beginning to think you really hated cats,” you add to Five. “You always seemed so annoyed whenever I talked about him.”
“I guess I was focused on other stuff,” Five invents wildly. Your eyes narrow just a little bit at him and you let the cat jump out of your arms. Thankfully, you let him keep his dignity (I was jealous over a cat? Really?) and shrug.
“I have something to tell you,” you say, swallowing.
“Sure.” Five watches as the cat saunters out of the room. Smug, as if he knows that Five is a total oblivious idiot. How did he not know that Max and your cat were the same person? He’s so stupid.
“I like you.”
“Okay. Wait—” Five jerks to look at you, stomach falling again, eyes wide. “What?”
“It’s totally fine if you don’t feel the same way,” you say quickly. “But... I’ve liked you for a while now, actually. It’s why I sat next to you in history, really.”
Five laughs. Then he sits down on your couch pretty abruptly.
“What?” You stay standing, biting your lip and tugging on your hair like you always do when you’re nervous. “I promise I’m not a groupie or anything. I don’t really care about the Umbrella Academy or all that stuff, It’s just—”
“I’m such an idiot,” Five whispers.
“I like you, too,” he admits. “I have for a while now.”
Your smile is blinding.
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asnakewithwingsisadragon · 11 months ago
Updated list of the bitches in this system because Gods know we needed it, go!
• Fae- Actual owner of the body. Has not been fully “themself” since they were like 6 (when Harl got here). Always co-cons with someone because they can’t stand being out alone.  Doesn’t know or care what we do with their life. Terrified of people. Has left us alone for extended periods of time. If you think you’ve talked to them, there’s a 99% chance it was actually Claire, Amanda, or Becky.  Actually a very sweet kid, but very hurt. Will go to the end of the world for their friends. Can hold a grudge like nobody’s business. Paints themself as a bitch but is a softie. Their mom cannot tell the difference between them and Becky. Diabetic, to Nidia’s displeasure. Closet Gryffindor turned Slytherin in order to survive.
• Amanda – Our system’s “guard dog”/Head Bitch in Charge. Much more complicated than that. The real author of Fae’s thigh scars (barely visible now), and maybe the only reason we made it through high school. The little voice that says “kill everyone and blame it on me”. Zero concern for consequences for herself. Impulse control consists of “Jail is awful and Fae doesn’t deserve it”.  She’s over 30.
• Lisbeth (Sally)- Just…Sally. The other voice that wants to kill everyone but doesn’t because she actually thinks about the consequences of her actions. Max is technically her partner, but we don’t talk about that (you can ask). I think she’s 30-something, but might as well be Fae’s age.
• Claire- Possibly Fae’s projection of herself into different universes. She can be 6, 17, 24 and 35. Last name Constantine. From Liverpool. Awful accent. Please don’t call her Australian. Another closet Gryffindor turned Slytherin.  Most of Fae’s friends are actually hers. Has been Fae for longer than Fae has been Fae. Likes soccer and we’re sorry. Punk. Hella Punk. Also hella broke.
• Mara- Claire’s sister (maybe twin). Approach with caution. (One of the several sexual alters, can be the same ages as Claire) Responsible for most of Fae’s awful dating decisions.
• Valentina- Rarely comes out, but she’s apparently God? We don’t know. Seems like she knows everyone, though. She always looks 20-something, but we know she’s older.
• Nidia- Claire’s daughter and the pure incarnation of Fae’s ADHD. A Jedi. Weirdest kid EVER. Super compassionate. Wears heart on her sleeve.  Can be 5, 9, 16 and 21. Impulse control is 100% artificial, but existent. Can, like Amanda, drink up to 3 cans of Monster Energy Drink in a row without batting a lash. Will eat ALL THE CANDY. The reason we need to carry an extra insulin syringe with us most of the time. Pours fun dip and sweetarts into her drinks. The kind of kid child leashes were invented for.
• Hellena- Mara’s daughter. STAY AWAY. Evil incarnate. Abusive A.F. Can and will destroy you. In her 20’s
• Christine- Hell’s identical twin. Remember that girl in Mean Girls who wants to bake a cake out of sunshine and rainbows and smiles? Christine is that cake. Rarely out. Same age as Hell.
• Evey- Hell and Chris’ big sister. That one kid with the pink hair and lots of tattoos. Zero impulse control.  Always looks like a teenager for some reason (not over 25)
• Vlad- Agender/Genderqueer mystical creature of the forest. Valentina’s child. Awesome person in general. Permanently 17.
• Harley- Yup. THAT Harley. You know the drill. She’s actually the one who makes all the fun plans because she’s the one who has the energy for it. Gets along with everyone until she doesn’t. Can drink us all under the table. Can drink you under the table. Has been Fae for longer than Claire has been Fae. Was the first one here, so she has tattoo privileges. And dating privileges. And everything privileges, basically. If I say how old she is, I may not live to see another day. Fae’s real mum. Will take you to Petco on exam week to pet puppies. Will yell “doge!” out loud.
Pets every dog. Will steal Teddy from Max.
• Edward- Mr. Nigma, sir. Somehow has better makeup skills than all the girls here combined.  If his attitude was as nice as his eyebrows, he’d rule the world by now. EVERYTHING HAS QUESTION MARKS. Knows more than anyone.  Is actually a genius. Wastes his time trying to school the little ones (and trying to get Naya to use proper words).  Smug bastard. Probs 40-something.
• Cass- Also from comics. EVERYTHING IS YELLOW (yiyo). Doesn’t talk much, but is always fun to have around. Will make you watch animated movies and take you to Starbucks. Will also make you work out. Can be 5, 9, 18 and 25. Smol Cass is a fan of pokemon. If it’s yellow, it belongs to her.
• Naya- Cass’ child. Has her own language, featuring words like “kaijukata”, “pakato”, and “omashii” (“Kaiju attack”, an insult of her own invention, and her word for “mother”.) There are no sidewalks, only pedestrian lanes. Biggest Kaiju Enthusiast. Wants to be Mako Mori.
• M.J.- Has been here for as long as Harley has. Isn’t around as much. The difference between her and Claire is that you can actually understand what MJ says when she gets mad. Probs 25 forever.
• Danni- Amanda’s daughter. Will also fuck you up. Has the weirdest kinks.  23
• Miranda- Danni’s daughter. Don’t ask. Also a sexual alter. 21
• Martha- Miranda’s sister. Level-headed.  A psychiatrist. 21. Actually the most mature person in this head, along with Tári.
• Alice- Nidia’s daughter. Also a psychiatrist. Likes psychoanalyzing people. Type 1 bipolar. Thinks all Arkham inmates are humans and wants to help. Will probably end up as an Arkham Inmate herself. Age slides. Toddler Alice is the devil. Can be 5, 9, and 21
• Alyssa- Mara’s best friend. Take Alice out of wonderland and teach her ballet, then add a sprinkle of Luna Lovegood. Permanently 17-ish.
• Robin- Alice’s little sister. Wants to be Carrie Kelly when she grows up. Terrified of squirrels. Can be 5 and 18. Lesbiab. Lesebeb. Girls. Yes.
• Tári- Alice and Robin’s eldest sister. Autistic. Genius extraordinaire. Loves to talk to Eddie. Often one of them leaves the conversation feeling stupid (it isn’t Tári). Loves Legos. REALLY LOVES LEGOS. Forensic Anthropologist/ wants to be Bones when she grows up. Vegetarian. Can be 12/17/21.
• Frances- Harley’s kid. Don’t ask, this was super weird. Frances herself is super weird. She hears voices. The voices tell her to do things. She rarely listens. Actually super polite. Has “opal” hair. 18-20. We don’t really know.  If we’re gonna have a sub-system, it will probably be because of Frankie.
• Shilo- Shilo Wallace. Infected by her genetics. Her nightmares are the worst. Once made Amanda and Sally fight over a pair of combat boots just so she could get to keep them. Probably Becky’s best friend in here.
• Bellatrix- That one got here on her own. Over 50. Still looks great.
• Azula- also got here on her own.
• Cassiopeia- Bella’s biggest mistake. Best teacher ever. Resident hipster chick. Is actually here to keep a little group of alters from causing too much mayhem.  28.
• Ascella- Lesbian extraordinaire. Sees dead people. I’m not even kidding. Permanently 23.
• Jamie Moriarty- Another one who got here on her own. Our self confidence boosts and power trips. Will maybe kill someone. Better than you and is not afraid to let you know.  Fae’s teachers were terrified of her.
Everyone’s terrified of her; I don’t know who we think we’re kidding. 32.
• Lestat- Fae’s gay vampire boyfriend. Is rarely around anymore. Probably for the best. 260-ish years old. Prick.
• Lindsay - THE definitive Sexual alter. From a comic book oneshot. Amanda on steroids, but if Amanda knew how to socialize. Loves horror, movies, photography and monsters. 26. 
• Becky - Called “morbid” for a reason. Disabled as all fuck. Autistic/ADHD, connective tissue disorder. A lawyer. Loves to argue. Jon Crane’s wife (at least here). 30ish. Always cold and always in pain. If we cancel plans, it’s most likely her fault and she’s sorry.
• Liliana - Necromancer. Big Titty Goth GF. We love and cherish her, alcoholism and all. Will never be over Jace and she knows it.
• Chandra - Pyromancer extraordinaire with severe ADHD. A lot like Fae in a lot of ways. Decidedly Pansexual, thank you very much. 25.
• Vraska - Ravnican to the core, but also a fantastic pirate. Great leader, good friend, fun to be around. Has the huskiest voice in the system. Has the worst flashbacks out of all of us. Can be 19 and 29. • Kari - Vraska and Jace’s kid. Hypermelanistic gorgon, telepath like her dad. Fun to be around. Can be 7, 12 and 25.
• Ral - Very very Izzet, and very very gay, and we love him for it. Very intelligent, good at fixing and making things with his hands. Confident, charismatic, and a workaholic. Tomik’s husband. Sometimes with Max. In his 40’s
• Tomik - Ral’s husband. Quiet, but very caring and polite.Also very smart and hard-working, always loves to learn new things and meet new people. 27-ish. Very gay, too. Makeup skills up there with Eddie’s.
• Teysa - Tomik’s boss. A Boss Ass Rich Bitch, and we love her lots for it. Very polite and interesting to be around. Could buy us all and our families ten times. Old, but looks to be in her early 30’s.
• Avacyn - An angel from Innistrad. Here to protect us. Really likes listening to old pop-punk and emo music with Max. Very sweet to be around, although she can be a little literal-minded.
• Olivia - A Vampire and a bitch. Liliana’s...ex? Something. A lot like Teysa, but much more fun-loving and impulsive.
• Nahiri - Doesn’t come out much. Stern but caring, very savvy, doesn’t take anyone’s crap. Can hold on to grudges like her life depends on it. 
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teddystrap · 2 years ago
Drama CD: [幽幻ロマンチカ・真骨頂] ≁Karasutengu Hifumi・Baku Utashiro≁
Tumblr media
Ok I know this is out of order (I skipped over the previous Hatenkou discs, which I will do later), but I reallllly adore the Shinkocchou concept. This came at the end of a HECTIC week, so to myself and any readers out there, I say a well-deserved: お疲(憑か)れ様でした!
In this disc - the first in this subtitle - Crow-Heavenly-Dog Hifumi and Dream-Eating Animal-Thing Utashiro team up to fight crime and save the Universe... of Nanagiri High School. 
Before I say anything else, first look at the hidden msgs (x2) in the tracklist: 
1.壱、都市伝説『すきま』 2.弐、スイーツに囲<ま>れて 3.参、湧き出た<も>のは 4.四、陰<り>から立ちはだかる 5.伍、穏やかな夜だっ<た> 6.六、戦うなら<い>っしょに 7.七、都市伝説『すきま』看破 8.キャストトーク
Hifumi: bold⋆ spells 「すきだから」 (’Because I like you...’)
Utashiro: <⋆> spells 「まもりたい」 (’...I want to protect you.’)
(゚艸゚(。艸。(゚艸゚(。艸。(゚艸゚(。艸。(゚艸゚(。艸。(゚艸゚(。艸。(゚艸゚(。艸。 ) スペシャルウンウン
We also find out bits about each character's past - like how Hifumi had been cold and uncaring when he first mixed with the human world, and how he developed a taste for sweet foods because that's what people used to give him as offerings. AND how hilariously angry U-kun gets when people try to point out that deep down he's really just a softie/sweetie.
NB. The audio track is a bonus bit at the end of the final cast commentary track where the two of them do a hilarious 'Free Talk' in character.
Tumblr media
[The First Rumour: Urban Legend ‘Sukima’]
Something's lurking in the cracks and corners of Nanagiri High School. So far five students have disappeared, starting with a girl in 1st year. Everyone is freaking the fuck out, and even the police have got involved, but this being a paranormal case ofc they are not going to find anything.
On the orders of Toilet Flower Dude (abbreviated TFD), Hifumi and Utashiro are investigating the urban legends to prevent them from destabilising the forces of the Supernatural Seven. And they have come to you for help - after all, youkai get their powers from the goodwill of humans. TFD has even coined a team name for the three of you: DARK DESTINY FAN CLUB. And ofc you are the leader, because vagina power.
As part of the investigation, first you all go to... the nearby cafe and eat cake. Because Marie Antoinette said so. Because apparently a couple from your school was attacked when they went on a date there.
Hifumi decides that you have to act like a couple to bait the monster into attacking you. (Except this is more like a 3P scenario and for some reason nobody finds that just a little bit odd...?) The two of them start feeding you and wiping extra cream off your face, and ofc you become all shy and resistant. So then both of them possess your body and start putting their lips on you to 'make you understand how the cake feels'. #mfw = (*>艸<)キャァッ. (Not even kidding, I actually made this face when I was listening to this.)
You finally cannot put up with this treatment anymore, and when they stop, you pick up a chair and start hurling it at them. Damn girl u so hot when u maddd. So much for Battle Plan RaiseBloodSugar1. XD
Plan #2: Ya'll patrol the empty classrooms after school to look for clues. Eventually you find a ...fluffy/slimy-looking... monster consuming a 1st-year boy. When the three of you approach, the monster devours him whole and disappears.
You suggest using yourself as bait, with the both of them possessing your body to fight the monster in invisible mode. Sounds all fine and dandy... except their demon powers totally don't even work against this mochi-mochi monster!! After some failed attacks, Utashiro forms a protective shield to fend off the monster and allow Hifumi to fly you off to safety. (Such beautiful teamwork I could cry...)
Later Utashiro catches up to the two of you. It seems that the monster is so 'impenetrable' because it is feeding off the energy of some human somewhere, whose vulnerabilities it is exploiting. At this point you are still reeling from the narrow escape, so your two manservants boyfriends manservants decide to call it a day and escort you home.
Back home, you refuse to sleep, so the two of them dogpile you on your bed (is it just me or does that sound kinda dirty, sports fans? ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)). You request that they both change into their chibi forms and hug them to sleep. Hifumi doesn't mind at all but Utashiro hates it!! XD
Turns out you can't sleep because you are still terrified from the episode earlier. So they change back into their hot-guy forms and possess your body (because your bed is too small XD) and hold your hand and caress your head. After you finally fall asleep, the two of them commence the BL action pillow talk:
Utashiro is feeling down and blaming himself for not noticing your fear sooner. Hifumi is all like ‘I KNEW U WERE A SOFTIE U SEXY TSUNDERE’, but Utashiro tells him that all the other baku perished because they were forgotten by humans, and this is why he can't forgive and embrace humanity the way that Hifumi does.
As Hifumi correctly figures out, Utashiro is/was the Chief of the baku, even though he was not the most powerful nor the eldest. But Hifumi thinks it's enough that Utashiro did his best for his companions, just like *you* always do, you useless piece of sh... person!! I mean person!!. Hifumi trusts you even though you are a human, but Utashiro is unconvinced, since you never risked your life for him (the way you did for Hifumi)...
...Aaaand you wake up to the kinako-mochi monster in your room!!! Hifumi flies both of you out the window, but it's too heavy for him and he and he drops you both. Orz (well U-kun cushions your fall ofc b/c what are manservants for, amirite?). Meanwhile the monster has followed you out here and multiplied, so you all escape to the school grounds.
In the school gym, the monster and its spawns appear again, and Hifumi tries to fight them off, maxing out his energy much to Utashiro's alarm. Hifumi explains to Utashiro that he was born out of people's wishes,... and just when he was about to be forgotten, *you* appeared and gave him a new meaning to life. So he can't help but be fond of humanity and want to do his best for them.
You stop Hifumi from over-exerting himself, and volunteer to be swallowed alive by the monster so that ya'll can fight it from inside its stomach. Hifumi is all like ‘LET'S DO THIS LEADER >:)’, but Utashiro FREAKS THE FUCK OUT X( and offers to come with you, forming a protective shield to protect you. At some point he finally admits that it would be 'troubling' if something happened to you... This is about as much of a love confession as you’re ever gonna get here, so I'm savouring the fuck out of this line indefinitely <3.
Inside the monster's belly, you find... a girl that was eaten, and pull her into the safety of Utashiro's protective shield. The monster grows weak, and Hifumi uses this opportunity to blow it up into smithereens. All its spawns become inactive as well.
The girl turns out to be the aforementioned 1st-year who was the monster's first victim. She appears to be asleep, so Utashiro takes a peek into her dream: she is infatuated with a senpai, but too shy to talk to him, and can only watch him from afar. The pain of her unrequited love bore cracks in her heart, which the kinako mochi monster has exploited and subsisted on.
You ask Utashiro to change the contents of her dream from #badend to #goodend. As he does this, the cracks in her heart start to mend, and the monsters disappear. But ofc, changing her dream doesn't do much irl; she still needs to make her own happy ending.
Thus, peace is restored to Nanagiri High School!! >:D The five missing students are all found safely and soundly asleep in the school gym, and the first girl finally found the courage to speak to her senpai.
Hifumi teases Utashiro for risking his own life to protect you during Battle Plan MonsterBelly1, but Utashiro claims he only 'changed his mind a little bit about humans'.
But then Hifumi readily admits that he got to see both cool and uncool sides of you during this adventure, and it makes him like you more <3. Upon hearing this, Utashiro is all like ‘GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER’ and instructs you to stick with him so that he shall protect you from the Crow-Dog-Whatever that is *even more dangerous than any urban legend ever*! <333333
Tumblr media
[Thoughts] OH WOW I got so used to the DiaLovers twisted personalities that I figured this was going to be like a Versus disc where they compete and fight with each other over you. But like I said, the teamwork/bromance is so beautiful it brings a tear to my eye :').
First of all, as KENN observes in his part of the Free Talk, this disc is kind of a parallel world where you are not strictly *romantic* with either of them. But at the same time both of them seem ok with some 曖昧さ (e.g. light touches/kisses) here and there. I guess it's less like a FB "it's complicated" situation, and more of youkai having some harmless fun with a human.
[cf. Remember how all the vampires stripped Yui down to her undergarments and bit her in all the embarrassing places, and she STILL thinks: 'They only see me as food T_T.' Yes that's totally non-suggestive, yes yes, carry on.]
Secondly, like Kimura-san notes, the two personalities make a striking contrast, and Utashiro seems *even more* tsundere than usual compared to Hifumi. But because Hifumi has one more disc than Utashiro, I think he's had more opportunities for character growth, so I'm optimistic about U-kun :)
I think between the two of them, Utashiro is the more mature and sensitive one - as shown by their hidden msgs, Hifumi's feelings lean more towards 'I like you'/displays of affection, whereas Utashiro is more about protecting you & supporting you emotionally.
Hifumi has a more impulsive/careless personality; sometimes he misses little details, and he's ready to take risks if you are. In that regard I think they counterbalance each other quite well, Utashiro talks sense and 'anchors' the situation; Hifumi brings the positivity and the momentum.
Using the two roles of the manzai (traditional Japanese standup-comedy) for analogy, U-kun is the 'straight man' who provides the tsukkomi, and Hifumi is the boke or the one with all the gags.
...Also it just occurred to me how most of the time the tsundere role is either like a younger/spoiled brat type, or a kichiku megane (à la Sakamaki Reiji). Utashiro is kind of like a... tsundere-oniisan? XD Not sure if that's a type, but in any case it’s kinda refreshing, plus he's precious and I love him :3
NB1. KENN's chibi voice is THE BEST. X3
NB2. I wonder what trousers (「なっちゃうパンツ」) Kimura-san was wearing in the recording studio on his dates with 'Dummyko-chan' - which is what he calls the dummy-head mic XD. Now, I'm not sure about this, but there is a good chance that he's the one who came up with the worst nickname in the entire universe 'M-neko-chan'...  
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ashantesstuff · 2 years ago
Falling in Love with Billy Hargrove (2/?) // Headcanon
Tumblr media
Part One 
A/N: Hope you enjoyed my previous one. I find Billy to be one of the most interesting characters due to his backstory and how that affected him. (SPOILERish) I wish the Duffer Brothers kept him for a little bit longer so we could see how the events of Season 3 would have affected him and if it would have improved him as a person...also I would love to see more of him and Max. ACCEPTING REQUESTS
Warning: mentions of abuse and anxiety
DISCLAIMER: No, I don’t support the actions of this character in S2 or any form of bullying for that matter. This and future works about this character are just for entertainment and not to offend or make light of certain situations. (Also for some out there...don’t come for me if you’re there loving Loki or any other character like him or Billy...just saying). With that said ENJOY!
This looking more like a fanfiction than a headcanon and I’m sorry for that...I don’t know if headcanons should be this long I’m clearly cluelessXD
You and Billy had been friends for 4 months now...actual friends 
You would hang out at Starcourt, or at your home, the park,...anywhere that wasn’t his home
A couple months into the friendship, he began to open up after having an extreme argument with his dad that left Billy with a cut on his cheek 
He had arrived at your house at midnight, luckily you were still up when you received a call from him letting you know he was coming over 
When he arrived, you sneaked him upstairs to your bedroom as your parents slept
It was silent, as you cleaned up his wound and avoided asking how he got it 
Billy sat there staring into space as you put antiseptic cream on the wound so it didn’t get infected. You were worried about him but you didn’t say that out loud 
You hadn’t told Billy that you knew what was going on behind closed doors because you didn’t want to ruin what you had created with him by pushing him when he wasn’t ready
While you knew that he needed someone to talk to, you also knew that if you pushed Billy too far and overstepped your boundaries he’d close up again 
and that was the one thing you were trying to avoid after all the progress you made with him
It was only a couple of weeks ago he started talking about his mum and even showed a few pictures of her
He would talk about how beautiful she was, the food she liked and what music she would listen to as well as how they would normally spend the day if his dad was away at work
Now here he was, looking lost and...broken 
“You know,” He paused for a moment, clearing his throat, clearly thinking if he should continue or not. You sat next to him on the bed, shoulder to shoulder. “I haven’t always been an arsehole, believe it or not.” He let out a little breathy laugh and ran his fingers through his hair so roughly like he was going to rip it out.
“My dad was abusive to me and my mom,” he sighed. Without thinking, you reached out for his hand and he accepted it, lacing your fingers and holding tight. “We put up with it for so long, I guess she couldn’t take it anymore and left...leaving me behind.” 
A tear rolled down his cheek. “I’m so sorry, Billy.” You didn’t really know what else to say so you rested his head on your shoulder a just hugged him.
“And now look at me,” he let out a chuckle filled with pain and sadness. “I’m a monster just like him. I know it but I don’t change it.” He dropped his head and slouched his shoulders.
Both of you just stayed like that for half an hour, before Billy spoke again this time he sounded more like himself...or at least the cocky side.
“Damn it, Y/N, you’re going to make me lose my reputation if you keep making me like this.” He sounded smug and not as fragile as he did moments prior. 
You rolled your eyes at him for what felt like the millionth time since you’ve become friends with Billy
“Making you like what, hm, Billy?” You rested your chin on his shoulder, his face mere inches away. You could feel his breath on your face, a mixture of cigarettes and mint. 
You smiled at him, looking at him through your lashes. “I didn’t know Billy Hargrove could be so easily moved by a nobody.” You meant it as a joke and even chuckled after but Billy’s smile dropped 
“You think you’re a nobody, Y/N?” He grabbed your chin quickly. His eyes were tracing your features and eventually landed on your lips before looking back into your eyes. “You’re the only person in this town that I actually give a shit about. You’re the only person who’s even bothered to try and get to know me. Believe me Y/N Y/L/N, I like you a lot more than you probably know.”
You were dumbfounded and confused. In the months you’ve been friends you had found yourself falling for Billy but you didn’t think it was mutual
Yes, he was insane sometimes; always acting on impulse rather than using his brain but he was changing
Feeling a sudden wave of emotion, you pulled yourself from him looking away and trying to think of a way to respond
When you did, your voice was small 
 “I don’t know, Billy,” you began and he looked a little disheartened when you glanced at him from the corner of your eye. “I don’t if I’m the right one. I’m still trying to figure myself out and learn to love myself for how I am and how I look. I don’t want to become a disappointment by not being like all the confident barbie dolls that are at Hawkins High.” 
You looked at him with a little sadness in your eyes. You never really spoke much about what was going on inside your head out of fear of being judged
Billy cupped your face, his hands feeling warm and gentle as he stared into your eyes for a few seconds; before placing his lips on yours
It wasn’t a kiss you expected from Hargrove
It was soft and gentle with a hint of passion and love. When he pulled away you felt disappointed, wanting the feeling to continue on forever
“Why don’t we figure ourselves out together? I’m a bit messed up and need a little guidance. You’re beautiful and amazing inside and out but need help realising that.” He stated with a smirk.  
You could help but smile and then kissing his nose.
“Sure...Why not? You’re such a softie Billy Hargrove.”
“Yeah, yeah whatever.” He joked, before giving you a more passionate kiss than before.
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robinskalechip · 2 years ago
home - chapter ten
robin buckley x reader
a/n: thank you for all of the positive feedback :) it means a lot
warnings: language, light smut
not my gif!
Tumblr media
chapter ten - at your own will
sofia and robin had spent the last two weeks getting to know each other more and more. sofia took robin to school and picked her up and hung out with her at the store on the days she wasn’t with the kids. once they found out about her going to see the byers they all immediately begged to go with, turning it into a full fledged family trip as long as they didn’t ruin the surprise that they were going which only joyce knew about. they had to push it back a week from its original date though because they had an av event that weekend and sofia would never pull her children from their passion.
it was the friday evening before they all went on the trip and sofia had gone to drop off food for steve and robin. steve’s only concern was the tacos he had in front of him while robin had other things on her mind. as much as she saw sofia, she remembered how much she missed her.
she missed her touch
robin watched as steve was munching on his four large tacos until she redirected her attention to sofia, motioning her to follow her
robin led sofia into the storage room which housed supplies of all varieties
sofia walked in to have robin close the door immediately after her entering
“what are we doing here-“
she was cut off by robin slamming her lips into hers, pushing her again the now closed door
robin reached her hand behind the other girl’s body and found the doorknob, locking it
the kiss was heated and passionate and only intensified as robin pushed harder and moved towards sofia’s neck
the two had only ever made out a lot and i mean a lot like every single time robin goes to sofia’s apartment they make out like its nobody’s business sofia was more experienced than robin and was making it her mission to take things slow with her, she didn’t want this one to be like any of the other relationships she had been in. and she told robin this, their entire relationship past their first sober kiss was handled with perfect communication on each party. robin was just a horny teenager and was constantly wanted to touch the girl she had been spending so much time with
robin kissed the other girl’s neck and they both tried to keep quiet. sofia smiled as robin “worked her magic” so to speak, causing a small moan to escape from sofia’s lips, “come over tonight”
robin stopped, looking at the other girl, “for-?”
sofia nodded
robin smiled and kissed her once more before pulling back, “can’t wait”
the two kissed a few more times before they opened the door to see steve standing there with a mouth full of tacos haha “mike is here”
he was still only focused on the taco cutie
robin and sofia were slightly blushing as they walked past steve and saw mike standing behind the counter
“just wanted to stop by and call shot gun for tomorrow”
robin quickly stepped towards him in a defensive way “uh no, front seat is mine”
mike protested “sofia? tell her its mine”
sofia enjoyed seeing robin interact with the kids “rob gets the front seat kid”
mike started to storm out of the store as sofia yelled “7 O CLOCK DONT BE LATE IF YOU WANT TO SPEND AS MUCH TIME WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND AS POSSIBLE”
the three older ones laughed as he stormed off, robin said she’d meet sofia at her apartment after work so they parted ways for those next few hours
once the end of steve and robin’s shift ended, robin started to get her bike before steve offered to take her home. she warned him that she was going to sofia’s and that she just needed to drop by her house for clothes and he still insisted.
on the ride robin began talking to steve about sofia, “you know i really cannot for the life of me understand how and why sofia was friends with you and all of them”
steve began to talk in a playfully defensive tone, “listen her and i, were practically married in kindergarten”
robin laughed, “you’re kidding”
“nope nope not at all, our parents were convinced we would date later on but just never happened. we saw each other almost every day our entire childhood’s and never once even kissed or anything, guess i wasn’t her type”
robin laughed to herself, seeinf the irony
steve laughed, “she wasn’t even friends with them, she was just friends with me. she HATED tommy more than anything and she said she wanted to knock carol out every time she opened her mouth but it was ok because she was cool with me”
robin smiled thinking back to a rant sofia had about how much tommy h annoyed her
“she made me a better person rob..it was different when she left”
robin furred her brows, “why did you stop being that person?”
“i was angry and confused and cared more about my reputation than actually talking about how i felt so i went on to being a douchebag”
“did you love her steve?”
“yes. she was like a sister to me. she still is but i got over her leaving and i still don’t know why exactly she left but i trust her. she knows better than any of us do”
once they arrived at robin’s house, she ran up to her room and grabbed the bag she had packed the night before and placed some extra clothes in for the night
steve and robin continued to talk about some of his happiest memories with sofia
once they got to sofia’s apartment, robin thanked steve for the ride and off he went to hang out with the boys aka mike lucas and dustin
robin knocked on the door and on the other side she heard yelling “ITS OPEN”
she opened the door to find sofia in the kitchen
she had on small shorts and a pullover sweatshirt with the name “illuminous” sewed onto the pocket area in a small font
the beautiful girl was also occupied by her thin framed glasses and her hair up slightly, as much as her hair could go up because of how short it was
she was stirring a pot as she told robin “you can put a movie in if you want”
robin nodded before approaching the girl to kiss her neck and then whisper “that smells good” in the pot was a small portion of pasta, just enough for two
sofia turned her face to meet robin’s and kiss her gently, “stop distracting me freckles”
after eyeing the cuisine a little longer, robin went a found one of her favorite film, a streetcar named desire which she knew was also one of sofia’s favorites so she started to set it up as sofia called her into the kitchen and asked her to get plates and what not set
robin set the table and poured two cups of italian cream soda
once the pasta was finished, sofia placed the pot onto the table and admired her work to then turn to robin “if it blows i’m blaming linda”
the two ate and talked, tonight’s topics were whether or not truman capote was in love with perry smith, how long lucas and max would last until their next fight, and what movie genre was the best
after they ate, robin layed on the couch taking up almost every inch before sofia made her way to the area, giving robin a displeased look “you left me zero room rob”
robin looked at her and scooted slightly into the couch’s back cushion
sofia walked towards the television and took out the movie, “fine, we can watch it in the bedroom”
robin got up and followed sofia into the singular bedroom of the apartment and jumped onto the bed as sofia put in the movie and quickly followed robin into the bed
they cuddled right away bc softies
about an hour into the movie robin looked at sofia as she was watching to movie closely, even though she could feel robin’s eyes on her and began to laugh “what?”
robin smiled at her, “nothing, you’re just..”
sofia looked at her, “im just what?”
robin didn’t even finish her sentence before going to kiss the other girl who had previously claimed her shoulder as hers before pulling away to finish the mystery “you’re beautiful sof”
sofia smiled into the next kiss “you’re not so bad yourself buckley”
robin’s hands found their way to sofia’s neck as she deepened the kiss and positioned herself onto sofia’s lap
robin took off her shirt to reveal the black bra she had worn to which brought out a “holy shit” from sofia as she continued to kiss robin and quickly began to move to her neck. although it was intense as things began to escalate more and more, robin felt safe and was aware if she felt uneasy at any time sofia would respect her take notes
sofia pulled away from her neck to then place one more gentle kiss to robin’s lips before whispering,
“anche tu sei bella you’re beautiful too”
next chapter
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witchreflection · 2 years ago
Together they are functionally immortal, and they live through the wars that kill the world.
A Mad Max/Venom crossover.
This is a continuation of this other post, or more accurately, that post plus some added content, so no need to actually follow the link. I have no idea where im going with this or if I’ll get to write more.  Knowledge about the original Mad Max trilogy is recommended.
 When they first arrive to Australia, they are still going by Eddie Brock (even if most people think he is called Edward after his late uncle, the journalist, who did some ill-advised things nobody who knew him found surprising, while his body itself was never found). They keep in touch with their family (only now Mary is Eddie’s mom and not his sister, and Anne and Dan’s kids are his cousins and not his nephews— and with time they’ll become his uncles and then granduncles), they also grow an ill-advised mullet when it briefly makes a comeback (which, in retrospective, was probably a signal of imminent societal collapse), cut it out once they come back to their senses, and accidentally become a paramedic. They also do a lot of surfing, in remembrance of their uncle, lost to the sea.
By the time they start considering a new identity in another continent (maybe one where they can do alpinism, this time around), the war starts and they can’t leave the country anymore. No long after, electronics stop working and most forms telecommunication go down, taking with them the economy (and if that makes Eddie feel the grim satisfaction of a “told you so” because people didn’t like it when he wrote about the dangers of intangible fiat money wealth in a debt based economy that gradually stopped using cash to rely on electronic transactions, only V has to know it) and the government, which only keeps itself alive by people stubbornly trying to maintain the law and keep the hospitals running.  
Eventually they meet Jessie and her sprog. And maybe they meet her when her ex-boyfriend gets violent where they can see it and he becomes that day dinner. And maybe Jessie is not upset at all, and she is in fact very grateful and offers to drive them to the next town over. And maybe next town over is really damn far because those in between are no more and it is Australia, and it gives them time to find out that Jessie is so smart, and funny and brave, and she used to be a Special Ed teacher, plays the saxophone, sneezes super weird, and can talk to you about anything because she basically knows everything, and maybe Jessie finds them incredibly ridiculous and charming, and also very, very hot, and surprisingly (obviously, corrects the part of them that's mostly V) enjoys to hear them bicker, their morbid sense of humour and when they get prosy.
And surely next town over they and Jessie just simply say that their name is the one on the sprog’s birth certificate and no-one can say otherwise, so it is definitely the truth.
They change jobs because it is easier to stay well feed as a cop than as a paramedic.
They never told Jim, so they can’t tell him to let it go when the court releases Johnny the Boy, because now that he is not in custody, Max is free to do something about it.
Figures that Jim was in the right and it was a mistake to let him go, for Max doesn’t get to do anything on time. They don’t get on time to Jim, they don’t get on time to Jessie and their sprog.
They, indeed, do something about the Toecutter’s gang, but it is meaningless and afterwards they just keep going, unsure if they are after something or if they are just running away.
They keep the car as a necessity and the name as a penance.
As a rule, they just kill those who try to kill them first, and those who are trying to harm innocents― as innocent as one can be these days, anyway.
They eat all they kill.
And they eat very well.
The dog is a surprise. Animals never like them very much, but the dog proves to be an exception.
And the damn thing is way too smart, too, except for the lack of self-preservation in the presence of a much larger predator.
Once, not very long after they found it, they crouched in front of the dog, held it's head between their hands, it's body with their tendrils, bared their fangs, and told it: “Dog, we only keep you close because one day we are going to have to eat you. You probably don't understand this because you are a dog, but it is important that we told you” (because even after all these years, the part of them that was mostly Eddie was still a softy), and the dog licked their face.
It mostly feed itself, too, only rarely getting scraps from Max’s own far between meals, as they never got in the habit of leaving left-overs behind back when people still cared about things like evidence.
They kill more people than they would if it had only been Eddie, and less than if it had been the V from before Eddie, but that's nothing new, that had been the norm ever since they first bonded.
They are just as reckless together as they used to be on their own, or maybe it magnifies, there is no one who would have been able to tell anymore.
That said, they don't immediately eat the pilot (nor his snake) even if he did try to kill them, or at least rob them, mostly because the attempt was quite pathetic, so they add him to their supplies as emergency rations.
They do immediately eat the marauders that attack the people escaping the sieged refinery, though.
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dramamelon · 3 years ago
Lost Light 25: Let’s talk about this rollercoaster of emotion. <3 (OR! Holy crap this is long. I apologize to anyone for whom the keep reading does not work. o.o;; )
This is seriously image heavy. <3 And so very, very shippy. Not sorry.
Let’s start with that cover, shall we? I adore what so many Dratchet fans have cooed over, yes, I do. I mean, it’s beautiful! Look!
Tumblr media
I can stare and blubber over that for hours! Seriously. This was not, however, the highlight of the cover for me. Let me redirect the attention a little.
Tumblr media
Look this way instead. In particular, look here:
Tumblr media
My little Rodimus/Drift loving heart has gone into overdrive. *__* The look Drift is sharing with Ratchet is a deep and abiding love, yes. That little touch on Roddy’s shoulder? Drift is a mech of more than one love, though he keeps himself to one at a time. <3
I will go on about this at a bit more length through this commentary, no worries. *lol*
Anyway, we start this last issue with the reveal of Ratchet’s death. AND that he spent a good long time married to Drift. So, it’s sad, yes, but it’s not as if they had no time together at all---we just didn’t get to see it.
And damn. Jack Lawrence has such an amazing hand at displaying emotion in his work. I mean, look! I believe Drift’s pain. I feel it.
Tumblr media
Also, all that gorgeous scrollwork carved into his plating. <333 Would this a better comparable to Earth tattoos than intricate paint, maybe? It’s a lot more permanent, after all.
Then, we travel back in time to just after the events of LL 24. Rodimus is again meeting with Prowl, harkening back to even earlier days. Prowl is still as much of an aft as he was then. Turns out Rung lit up a whole bunch of super-sparks when he ignited the fields of Luna 1. Point one percenters aren’t quite so rare, anymore, now.
Prowl is also hell-bent on controlling the amount of sparks brought to term because resources. Understandable, yes, but Roddy---in the beauty that is Rodimus---is not impressed. More to the point, Prowl’s real reason for being there:
Tumblr media
This is where we either remember or have it pointed out to us (again) that Megatron at this juncture in time (and actually for quite a good while beforehand) is very aware and more than willing to subject himself to whatever punishment is coming his way. This is Megatron’s redemption. Not him getting away with everything and being accepted as a free mech or whatever. Redemption comes in many flavors. Megatron’s happens to be in him coming to terms with his role as the major villain and ultimately not running away from what his actions have earned him.
This is a very submissive Megatron. One that’s seeking atonement, following the path that Drift walked. His path, however, is not as forgiving, but he very much understands that and bows to the hand fate has dealt him. IDW!Megatron is my favorite Megatron, hands down.
Also, why I love IDW!Prowl:
Tumblr media
He straight up literal shooshes Roddy with a finger over his mouth before Roddy can get started. Prowl is so done and has been for so very long. I love it. Prowl with No Holds Barred is excellent. <3
Rodimus, though? Rodimus is... well. He’s getting his first big jolt of sad reality now that the Lost Light’s adventures are over.
Tumblr media
This? I think this is where’s Roddy’s utter disillusionment that we see so far down the road at Ratchet’s memorial service starts. Megatron, of all mechs, is backing down. Megatron, the Great Adversary, is saying “no more.”
Prowl, logical Prowl, simply takes is all in stride. Of course. And it continues when Prowl next threatens the Lost Light---their home, Roddy’s home.
Tumblr media
Rodimus does ultimately understand and give in on that, though, once Prowl plays the Billion Sparks on Luna 1 card. He’s not entirely happy, though.
Then we get a lovely, cackle-worthy little aside by way of Megatron. XD
Tumblr media
*CACKLE* Poor Prowl. Nobody wants him. XD
Rodimus ends this scene attempting to sweet talk Prowl into letting him and the crew take the ship on a lap of honor.
Then we head back to the future, wherein we learn that First Aid might have slowed Ratchet’s degeneration if it had been caught earlier.
Tumblr media
The keyword here is “delayed.” Yes, Ratchet would have been around longer, but the burnout still would have caught up to him. Drift would still ultimately find himself alone. Maybe Aid or some other medic could have find something more permanent during this delaying of the inevitable, but chances of that were likely not strong.
And I really like the other thing we see in this particular panel:
Tumblr media
There is such a gentle emotion in Whirl here. This is a Sad!Whirl. ;_; It’s beautiful.
We get a rundown of the basics on a few of the other members of the Rod Squad. Nautica has written her memoir of the journey. Swerve had a big franchise of bars, but went bust but for one. Rewind and Chromedome.
Well, Rewind is stuck in alt mode, his memory corrupted, but Chromedome is there for him. Chromedome, we learn, has also become a grief counselor.
Tumblr media
Domey’s got you, Drift. <3 *...adds to fic notes*
Rewind, though? Rewind, because of his blending of memories from two universes, is the only one to still remember Rung in this future of rather stark realism.
Then we fall back to the past again, where Rodimus has successfully talked Prowl into that last jaunt with the Lost Light. <3
Magnus is trying to keep them all on schedule, as usual, of course. At the same time Rodimus is scoffing and calling Magnus a clock watcher, we have this going on in the background. XD
Tumblr media
Whatever Brainstorm has created this time, it looks like a mini Perceptor. *lol* Oh, Brainstorm, you lovesick fool. <3
Tumblr media
*grabs chest* My heart. ;_; Ratchet. So astute, such foreshadowing for his and Drift’s life in the main universe timeline.
Tumblr media
And probably the best look at who Megatron has truly become at this point in the series. <3 He is become a mech of Peace. <3
At this point, we also learn Rewind hasn’t remembered Rung yet, before his delving into all the information New Cybertron has.
And the crew discusses the incoming end planned for the ship---their home. Even without the quantum engines, Rodimus declares Prowl would snatch it up to use. He’s right, honestly. And turning it into a monument? That’s just disaster waiting to happen.
Tumblr media
As the plotting hatches, they all retire to Swerve’s. <3
Let’s highlight a couple of particularly lovely bits of that big panel, shall we?
Tumblr media
Megatron watches fondly as Cyclonus serenades Tailgate. (Still don’t like Tailgate, sorry, but Cyclonus. <3)
Tumblr media
They are not forgotten. <333
And, finally:
Tumblr media
Drift, you are so far gone. *lol* That face. XD The only thing that would have made this better would have been it being Ratchet’s hand on Drift’s thigh, not Drift’s own hand. <3
Tumblr media
And thus we learn last minute that IDW!Bluestreak is a smooth bastard. *lol* <333 I am so here for this. XD Of course, he’ll likely strike out with Anode and Lug, but hey! He’s trying.
Tumblr media
I hereby dub them A Roll of Nickels! Or Two Dollars, if you prefer. *lol* So, who’s writing it? (Not it! Sorry. XD )
Also, adore Fort Max apologizing to the Scavengers for trying to kill them. <3 Even better, though? Misfire under the table. *lol*
Tumblr media
Is it considered rude to play with a mech’s leg guns like this? *cackle!*
Then we move on to Drift explaining a theory that maybe he wasn’t having visions, but instead being fed information from the future by the telepaths on Mederi. Only it’s not Drift’s theory, but Ratchet’s, as farfetched as it might sound. Ratchet, the soppy old fart, calls it Meeting Half Way.
Tumblr media
D’awwww! Ratch. You’re such a softy! Drift has completely decimated your hard and crusty exterior. <3
Tumblr media
Yes, Roddy, he sure is. And there’s just enough of it showing on your face that it crushes you that it’s not someone say that to you. Rodimus, you’re such a good mech. Anything to for the mech that holds his spark, whether Drift knows it or not. <3
Then in comes Thunderclash with Rodimus’ desk and the memories of the good times (that we never got to see on the page) flow. <3 And we learn that Megatron wrote Minimus’ favorite poem. :) Which shoves back in a dark moment to remind us that times are not all good.
Tumblr media
If I’m ever going to ship Minimus with anyone, it is Megatron. There’s such a deep connection that grows between them over the course of the story. These panels just sock me hard in the gut. So much pain and the empathy on Magnus’ face? Guh. It’s heartrending.
This prompts a speech and a toast from Magnus wherein he ruminates on the quest, how he thought it would be something good for him in an entirely different way than it ended up being. And he gives up and admits that he views them all as friends, not colleagues.
Tumblr media
Yeah. I could ship it. :)
This is followed by Swerve panicking and locking them in because he just can’t give up this found family of theirs. Unfortunately, his action is completely blown out of the water as the quantum engines are simply completely ripped from the ship moments later. The journey is over. The range of emotion is fantastic. We’ve got bots that are shocked, bots that are sad, bots that are disappointed, and bots that are resigned. A feel-good moment turned to ruin as reality steps in and takes over again.
And the Scavengers take their leave:
Tumblr media
Time to go pick up the baby from the sitter, you know. XD But, what’s this? Dammit. Swerve forgot to get Misfire’s number. This saddens me. They got along so scarily well and for them to lose contact? ;_; At least Misfire’s still got Grim, though. <3
There’s more promises to keep in touch as the rest of the crew heads out. We know from the scenes set in the future that doesn’t turn out as planned. Does it ever, though?
And let us never forget how Cyclonus says thank you.
Tumblr media
And then... Prowl comes for Megatron. TT_TT This is some deep stuff for Rodimus. It only furthers his disillusionment with returning to life after the adventures are over.
Tumblr media
The way Megatron uses these few moments to soothe Rodimus are rather special. He calls him “captain” again, like he did back on the Necroworld when acknowledging he thinks highly of Rodimus. Rodimus sends Magnus with them because Rodimus? His world is falling apart again and he’s not quite capable of dealing with it as well as one would hope. (He wasn’t really capable the first time around, either, though. I mean, escaping from it was part of why he leaped at the quest in the first place.)
Tumblr media
There’s another return to the future, wherein we learn around half the ignited sparks have been harvested so far. All the young bots are having no trouble blending right on in with the rest of society, don’tcha know? And we see Drift give one last gift to Whirl from Ratchet. Whirl of the Easy Day Release from Garrus 10 because he’s Low Risk. <3
This is also the first usage of Ratty as Drift’s pet name for Ratchet. I am entirely of the mind that the first time Drift ever used it, he did it entirely to annoy Ratchet because that’s just the way the two of them are. *lol* Then, like things do, he kept using it until it just stuck. <3 I’m sure Ratchet had a pet name for Drift that was just as terrible to use in response. :D
There’s some stuff with Brainstorm and Tailgate. Brainstorm damn near did himself in.
Tumblr media
...Rodimus. You amazing bot. You lied for Megatron. <3 And then Megatron reveals he kept the Rodimus Star, the one thing that connected him to his best life---his time aboard the Lost Light. *WAILS*
Tumblr media
*WAILS MORE!* Oh, the feels! TT__TT Megatron, you’ve come so very far.
Tumblr media
Welp, I may not have been right in my sleuthing regarding the retirement of the Magnus Armor being the big “death” reveal at the beginning, but I’m not being entirely denied. :) <3 Also, swoon?
Back to the future again! Rodimus finally shows up to the service, after it’s over. Oh, Roddy.
Tumblr media
You’ve got Drift all worried about you now, Rodders. You’re so dinged up and dull, too. ;_;
Quick scene switch! Cyclonus offers Whirl a place to stay with him and Tailgate when he gets out again. Whirl is very enthusiatic. :) *smooshes them together*
And back to Drift and Roddy. Rodimus leaves Megatron’s Rodimus Star on the plinth among the bottle of innermost energon. He’s been carrying it around a long time. *...adds to fic notes* Drift approaches him regarding what they’ve become. Rodimus takes it the wrong way because he’s a disillusioned drunkard.
Tumblr media
Perhaps even worse? He’s basically an errand bot for Thunderclash.
Quick scene switch! Whirl asks the funeralbot---who reveals himself to look an awful lot like Rung, like probably most of the Lunarians, I betcha---to return the gift of Ratchet’s hands to Drift. He doesn’t need them. <3 Whirl definitely came out the better end of the journey, all things considered.
Then we get our first hint that something weird might have happened when Drift catches Rodimus again, just before he leaves.
Tumblr media
It? What is it, Drift? Honestly, I guessed it was an alternate universe before it was revealed. It was the only way they were going to get a happy fairy tail ending somewhere in this. :) But, yeah. I rather like the realistic universe, too. So much to chew on.
Tumblr media
For me. For me! *lol* Drift! For you, indeed. <3
This is followed by my favorite panel in the entire issue.
Tumblr media
(Edited to include Drift’s response from the next panel.) This panel says so much to me. <333 The way Rodimus is holding Drift’s hand? My shippy heart beat like a drum for the air of love that radiates off this panel.
Ratchet was Drift’s great love. The fairy tail romance.
Rodimus? Rodimus is Drift’s best friend. He is the one that’s been in love with Drift for longer than he can remember and knowingly stepped aside to let him be happy with Ratchet. Rodimus is Drift’s next great love. (It’s already there. It just needs time to find its feet again.) *happily continues ficcing*
Then we get a splash of the plaque across the front of Ratchet’s memorial plinth:
Tumblr media
And then we’re plunged back into the past again, during the last jaunt aboard the Lost Light.
Swerve finds the Nightmare Fuel and Roddy offers up to buy the first round! And asides to Drift he might need to borrow some money. *lol* Drift is so indulgent of the guy. <3 But wait! Here come Nautica with word of a Magic Trick she and the other science bots want to talk to him about! (They totally have him figured, yeah.)
The science bots proceeds to instantly kill Rodimus’ brain with talk of Infinite Universes and duplicate ships. *lol* The original duplicate ship canceled out because it was forced into the same universe as the original original ship, though. What does this mean?
Tumblr media
How does Roddy respond?
Tumblr media
As if there’s any doubt they would all agree. XD But, still, this does give those that don’t want to go the option to leave. Can you imagine being the one that chooses not to go, though? Forever wondering if it worked, but knowing that even if it did, you weren’t there? Ouch.
Tumblr media
Of course it works. :D
This gives us a love little spot with Brainstorm and Perceptor. <333
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There’s a beautiful panel of Megatron and Rodimus both sat in captain’s chairs with several crew members around them. Misfire is curious about the new universe. Drift explains it could be anything from fairly similar to fantastically different. Chromedome, he’s all about settling for fantastic. Rodimus?
Tumblr media
<3 Absolutely, Roddy. :D
We end this joyous series with a rough guesstimate that it will probably take about forever to explore this new universe. And, guess what? Everybody’s all on board for that. <3
Seriously. This ending has it all. Especially for us of a creative bent. Want a stark and sadly realistic universe to play in? We’ve got it. Want something where literally anything is possible? We’ve got that, too.
Overall, I think the only thing that would have made it better would have been simply for the series to have run longer. For it to be able to fill in some gaps. I’ll take the fact that we actually got an ending over that, though. We’ve achieved what so many comic series don’t with this. I’ll be forever thankful for that.
We’ve got an ending that begs for us to keep playing in the sandbox, friends! Let’s do so.
Now, we wait for Unicron and OP to finish up. Then, we---eventually---see what the next bunch of losers (I love you, Misfire) thrown at the franchise can come up with. :D They’ve got a big challenge ahead of them.
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maxtaro · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
“You know what you are? You’re a sizeist!”
So I just saw the first screening of the John Cena bull movie in its completed form. You know, Ferdinand? I don’t know if there’s an embargo in place, if there is I’ll privatise this post, but I’m glad I saw this not just because I got to snap John Cena for all to see, but to confirm to the world that the dabbing scene you may have seen on TV was not just made exclusively for promotional material.
The prologue feels like a sort of return to dramatic form for Blue Sky, who’ve been playing it safe since Soto was impaled by icicles. The film explores the dark side of the matador world, from beef production to bullfighting itself, which is heavy stuff for a Blue Sky film, albeit not with the poignancy of Okja; those kids deserve to see wacky hijinks in that slaughterhouse rather than the ugly truth. It starts off a bovine Bambi, as little Ferdinand’s father falls into a death trap, until Cena-bull says his first word two years later and the movie continues Blue Sky’s potholes as storytellers and not as animators. Comic relief overload? Check. Turning the highlight gags into running gags? Check. Selfie sticks? Check. Butt jokes? Check. The Macarena? Check. Modern pop soundtrack? Check. A mediocre credits song? Check. Dance-offs that result in the horses dabbing? Check.
Tumblr media
“Oh my god, they f---ing dabbed,” I quietly murmured at this split-second, censoring it because children. I hoped that we’d have to wait a week for this to circulate, that I’d be the first to tell you that this movie I just saw at an art cinema has legitimate dabbing, but of course a TV spot would reveal it a few days before the premiere. Just a few actually noticed it. The jokes that do land earned me a slight chuckle, I only heard half the cinema laugh at everything else, but much of these came courtesy of the animation, which is as fabulously spunky as anything Blue Sky have ever animated. Take, for example, Ferdinand’s curves or Lupe’s everything, who from her animation alone would be better off replacing at least one extra bull and those Sonic the Hedgehogs. Take also Machina, the genetically engineered one, who’d be better off replacing all the other bulls. There are a handful of voice replacements for the UK version, none of which I’m familiar with. None of them are even necessary, as whoever voiced that policewoman is AWFUL.
John Cena in this role sounds like a hokey choice at first glance, but has a certain charm to it. A daisy-whiffing softie such as a cartoon bull is a change of pace as well as a relatable aspect for Cena, the man famous for his almost bone-breaking attitude, a chance to let loose his sweeter side. It’s hard to criticise a voice job like this, no matter what the outcome. I just wish I could say the same for everyone else besides McKinnon. The emotional heart of the film, Ferdinand’s caretaker Nina, comes and goes. Sure, there’s not much point in seeing a girl mope in between Ferdinand’s farm frolics, but Ferdinand makes too many friends to give her the opportunity to develop. It’s a film that retains the original story’s message of acceptance, whilst adding bleak-ish subtext on animal cruelty, but other than that it’s a festival of CG kiddy feature clichés.
It was at this moment that I was more desperate than ever to see Coco, even though I’ve been spoiled by a tweet that I had yet to realise was posted by that s-bag Max Landis. This is the last film you’ll be taking your babies to see this year, and we couldn’t give room for Coco to help us celebrate our belonging at the perfect time after all this Brexit chaos, despite of the potential spoilers (predictable as they may be). Then again, America won’t be seeing Paddington 2 until January either. Ferdinand doesn’t end with a dance sequence, and nobody farts like they did in Rio 2, but if you want your kids to grow up knowing the cold truth of bull farming, then just break it to them rather than subject yourself to cringe material, and take them to a better family film. Blue Sky have made worse, and 2017 has given us worse, but this really should’ve lived up to that Wikipedia editor’s promise of including Paul Feig as a producer.
When it was over, I sat in the front row out of curiosity and they ran a projection test - a muted, 35mm print of a British oldie named The Four Just Men. After seeing three horses dab in 3D, I might as well have stayed.
In the photo above are JOHN CENA, filling in for producer John Davis, and director Carlos Saldanha. Disney would play it cool whenever they premiered a film of theirs at the BFI, but not Fox. They set up a giant Ferdinand balloon outside the cinema and decorated the interior. Anything to keep some people hyped, I guess.
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