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#max lobo

Max Lobov with an s/o with severe social anxiety

A/N: Here you go, Anon! Sorry for the delay. My exams are coming up so uploads will be slow unfortunately :(

  • Max is a very caring person, often putting others before himself.

  • He’s very attentive as well. So even if you hadn’t mentioned your anxiety to him, he would’ve picked up sooner or later.

  • Max always wants the best for you. As such, he would avoid situations that can trigger your anxiety to the best of his ability.

  • Dates at home or a picnic at a secluded area. Even an empty restaurant or cafè if you’re up for it.

  • He’ll do alot of research on how he can help you calm down if you did end up having an attack.

  • He’ll try to get you out of that place as soon as possible. If he isn’t able to, he’ll try to make you focus on him and calm you down.

  • Max will always prioritise your comfort before him.

  • He’s the sweetest and will always make sure you’re okay.

  • Checks up on you often in public. If you’re unable to say it, he would know. He’s memorized your behaviour and knows you perfectly.

  • Having Max as your s/o is such a relief. He’s the most genuine and understand person you’ve met and he does his best to take care of you.

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i think either sing or max told ibe over the phone and ibe told eiji in person. maybe sing called eiji about it?? idk if he would’ve been able to break the news directly to him tho :( or maybe even jessica, after finding out from max. her and eiji seemed to get along and i’m sure she’d call him to check up on him anyway. idk but i’m sure whoever told him felt horribly guilty even tho they did nothing wrong :((

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Shorter: So, what's the plan? We go in there and just pow, pow, pow! And defeat them?
Sing: What was that noise?
Shorter: Gun fire.
Sing: No, I think you mean pew pew pew.
Shorter: That sounds like fire works.
Eiji: Technically, those are like pa-choo, pa-choo, pa-choo.
Max: Ok, enough with the bad sound effects. Besides it's more like blam, blam, blam.
Eiji: What?
Sing: No way.
Shorter: Wrong.
Ash: Guys, focus.
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so no one’s gonna talk about the fact that wonderland by taylor swift is literally about ash and eiji.

!spoilers up ahead!

“i reached for you but you were gone, i knew i had to go back home” — basically the last ep.

“didn’t you flash your green eyes at me” — ash has green eyes and that’s one of his key features that everyone notices about him.

“so we went on our way too in love to think straight” — ash is usually so focused and has such quick reflexes, but in the last couple of eps they dwindle because he’s (probably) realised how in love he is with eiji, i mean those guys were right behind ash when eiji got shot but ash was too focused on eiji to notice, and in the last ep when he got stabbed it was because he was thinking of eiji.

“oh, we found wonderland” — ash was so happy with eiji, and if you recall he said that he “finally found a guy who doesn’t ask for anything in return.” eiji makes him happy.

anyways, that’s it, hope you all have a fab day 😋

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WHOAAA THAT’S A GOOD QUESTION. I think the most likely to be okay with it/change their own last names are Eiji and Ash. Eiji doesn’t see the big deal about it, and Ash’s name gives him bad memories. Both would be fine with it.

Characters like Frederick, Max, and Yut-Lung will argue back on your decision. They’d rather you change your last name to Arthur, Lobo, or Lee. But ultimately, they’ll cave if you beg them enough.

And finally, characters like Shorter and Blanca wouldn’t want you to keep it. They wouldn’t accept it. Shorter wants you to be connected to him in all ways possible. Having you change your last name to Wong is part of that master plan. And Blanca? Well, it’s similar to Shorter. He wants you to stay connected. It’s less of the “building a family” like Shorter wants, and more of feeling more close to you. He’d rather you change your last name to Varishikov than you keep your original name.

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i finished banana fish like 5 days ago, and i’m still crying about it,,,i just read max’s letter to ash and i’m sobbing

someone take the internet away from me so i stop making myself so SAD

in the past week i’ve finished banana fish & given, watched i want to eat your pancreas and your name, AND i started orange. WHO LET ME???? WHO LET ME WATCH ONLY SAD THINGS??? eye-

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