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darkavcngers · a day ago
it’s gonna be absolutely soul crushing when (inevitably) one of the main characters dies in vol 2. but imagine one of them actually dies the same way vecna’s other victims did.
it’s going to be so gruesome to watch. absolutely traumatizing. seeing a character we love so much die in such a brutal way.
but what’s going to be even worse is seeing the other people’s reactions. we’re watching a beloved character die like that. but they’re watching their friend, their family, get murdered in such a cruel fashion. and it’s going to be absolutely heartbreaking.
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mikeslefteyebrow · 2 days ago
ok but what did max write to mike?? like they were always at each other's throats, so what did she write?? "dear mike thanks for being there when my brother died at the mall" 😭
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frogs-and-lilypads · 2 days ago
Even MORE useless Stranger Things headcanons with @dawg3i and some stolen from TikTok thank you
Steve and Robin cannot spell restaurant. They will spend hours trying to figure it out. Do NOT make them spell receipt
Mike is terrified by butterflies. HE HATES THEM!!!!
Steve puts his shoes on the wrong feet sometimes and he never notices
Modern Stranger Things AU where Holly likes to watch Miraculous Ladybug and Mike hates it because the main villain Hawkmoth literally is themed after a butterfly and uses butterflies to attack people
Nancy pulls up a picture of that one Spongebob episode with the butterfly (yk the image) and chases Mike around with it
He's screaming and crying and throwing up
All Lucas has is a pollen allergy and a girly sneeze against the world
Eddie is terrified of dogs. Even if it's tinniest dog in the world Eddie will still call it bloodthirsty and out to get him
Erica has chased Eddie on multiple occasions with the intent to kill
Robin has no idea how to swim and if she was left alone she would drown in three feet of water. Steve tries to teach her how to swim and it never works.
Steve Harrington caught teaching a graduated band kid how to swim in a crowded ass pool in the middle of July
Robin: Steve you gotta go. It’s too deep. I’m drowning. Save yourself
Steve: Rob it’s 3ft deep
At the end of the day Steve gives up and gets her those arm floaties
But imagine how scary that would be for Robin at Lover's Lake
The feeling of losing all the air in your lungs and your body slowly going into panic mode cause oh no you can't breathe you can't breathe
and then she feels a hand grab her arm and pull her into the Upside Down and it was Nancy
Anyways Robin and Steve pretending to be siblings when someone’s like “So… how long have y’all been together ;)" is fucking gold. They don’t hold back. They get offended. They ruin friendships.
"We just ended a relationship"
"points at a bickering couple theirs"
Steve can't play any instrument If he touches it it will fall apart
Eddie will NEVER live to the day he lets Steve touch his guitar
Steve touches it and it blows up like a pipebomb
Jonathan is a cryptid. Will goes into the kitchen at 3 AM for a glass of water and finds Jonathan hunched over a bag of shredded cheese with nothing but the open fridge light illuminating his face
Sometimes Will joins him
El is just concerned
Then she goes back to befriending the wolf spider in their house
Nancy plays tennis and is very competitive about it
Robin bites string cheese
Steve still counts on his fingers
Will has drank from his paint water cup on accident several times
Max chews her nails
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mendessimp · 3 days ago
they only have each other
Tumblr media
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will80sbyers · a day ago
in volume two at end of episode 11 they all go to a pride parade
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mcbride · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I know you’re frightened. You’re terribly frightened by what you’ve seen. Your friends are not prepared for this fight. Hawkins will fall. My friends need me.
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denimveststeve · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
"If I only could make a deal with god."
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local-redhead-bookworm · 2 days ago
Time for something that might be a hot take to some people.
Max attacking Billy with the baseball bat is not the badass move we’re meant to see it as in the narrative. Rather, it shows that she is caught in the same cycle of abuse as Billy. Billy overreacted, but he’s under threat of violence if he doesn’t bring Max home, and he finds her in an undeniably shady situation. He’s already down after Max injects him with the tranquilizer, but Max repeats the same tactics that we saw Neil use on Billy.
“Isn’t that right? ISN’T THAT RIGHT?” “Yes, sir.” “I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you.” “Yes. Sir.”
“SAY YOU UNDERSTAND! Say it. SAY IT!!” “I understand.” “What?” “I understand.”
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funkymeow · a day ago
ST incorrect quotes pt5
Mike : It’s not gay if i wanna date Will, but like as bros, right ?
Lucas : I’m not an expert, but that does sound kind of gay.
Robin : I’m an expert. That’s gay.
Eddie: you don’t have to be the best at everything.
(At 3am)
Robin: hey, Nancy.
Nancy: I’m trying to sleep.
Robin: ok I get that. but did you know that in Britain they apparently don’t say “rock, paper, scissors” they say “paper, scissors, rock”?
Nancy: *shooting up in bed* they fucking do what?
Lucas: and what do we say when life disappoints us?
Max: called it.
Lucas: no.
Mike: I never run voluntarily so if you see me running, you should be running too because something is coming.
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lil-stark · 2 days ago
steve after he found out about dustin's other parent 😭😭😭
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ronancedaily · 11 hours ago
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MAX + ROBIN + NANCY Stranger Things S04E04
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kaylawritesfics · 2 days ago
Could you do HC's of coming out to Max as Bi and then asking her out? Please female reader but if you don't want to specify that's fine :D
Coming Out To and Asking Out Max Mayfield
Tumblr media
summary: what it’s like to come out to max mayfield (and subsequently ask her out)
pairing: max mayfield x fem!reader
warnings: none :)
note: sorry this is a little short !! it also took ages !! i hope you like it :)
Tumblr media
Max is probably one of the easiest people to come out to in Hawkins.
She’s very supportive and open minded, listening intently as you struggle to get the words out.
She’s also very patient, encouraging you to take your time. She’s not going anywhere.
Max also struggles a bit with her sexuality, so coming out to her is probably a pretty big deal for her. It really helps reassure her that it’s okay to question your sexuality.
When you finally form a comprehensible sentence, coming out to her in short, careful words, she’s incredibly proud of you. She hugs you, ensuring you that she loves you and nothing would ever change that.
Asking her out is a bit trickier. Max is your best friend and while you know she would do her best to let you down gently, being rejected would surely put a strain on your friendship.
She’s also not a very romantic person, preferring pizza and a game night over an expensive, fancy dinner. She’s not really one for big gestures.
Making her a mixtape is definitely the way to her heart. She loves music and uses it as an escape, so she’s always open to discovering new songs.
You add a bunch of songs that remind you of her, some of them being a bit more than friendly.
Max loves it !! Nobody has ever gone out of their way to make her something like this before.
She’s so appreciative and giddy and before she knows it she’s crashing her lips onto yours as a token of thanks.
This definitely makes it a bit easier to ask her out.
You both pull away, both of you flushed and flustered at the sudden action. Max sheepishly smiles, her face as red as her hair.
After stumbling over your words, you finally pluck up the courage to ask her if she wants to see a movie with you.
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mikeslefteyebrow · 2 days ago
Looks like Venca is getting into arts and crafts in his spare time
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elmaxed · a day ago
if this season had a feel good epilogue, i would really really want it to include everyone cheering for lucas at one of his games. also i'm just talking now, but maybe all of it happening to a voiceover of the letter max wrote to lucas (like with the letter hopper wrote to el last season), except then during the part where she talks about her feelings and such, they also include a shot of mike looking at will’s painting hanging on his wall. let me near the writing room please
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mendessimp · 2 days ago
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alliesway · a day ago
Tumblr media
as she should.
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stranger-nightmare · 2 days ago
Who You Gonna Call?
Mini Drabble
Pairing: Eddie Munson x GN!Reader
Summary: Eddie is on the run, Dustin and the gang are trying to find him but to no avail, suddenly Max remembers that there’s someone else who might just know where he is... there will be a part 2 that actually features Eddie lmao, it’ll be when you find him and you reunite <3
Warnings: fluff, angst, secret relationship, this fic does use ‘y/n’ if that needs to be a warning?
A/N: an Eddie fic that doesn’t even feature Eddie? just trust me!! I literally wrote this in like 20 minutes, it’s mostly just like a prequel to the wonderful angst that will be Eddie and Reader reuniting in part 2!! so anyways I hope you guys like this nonetheless <33
Part 2 (coming soon)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Shit shit shit shit SHIT!!” Dustin yells, slamming the phone back into the receiver.
“Woah woah woah, that’s the company phone dipshit, take it easy” Steve interjects, picking it up and moving it far way from Dustin’s reach.
“He didn’t know either?” Max questions.
“No” Dustin sighs angrily. “How is it that none of Eddie’s friends know where he is or where he could've gone?"
“Well shit, so what do we do now?” Robin muses. “There’s no one left to call.”
Everyone sits in silence for a minute, completely stumped on the how-to-find-Eddie agenda.
“Well...” Max trials off, her face twisting with a kind of awkwardness. “That might not be entirely true...”
Everyone’s heads whip round to look at her.
“What do you mean that might not be entirely true?” Dustin’s voice is laced with suspicion.
Max’s face twists again, like she was hesitant to reveal what information she had.
“What do you mean that might not be entirely true, Max?” Dustin asks again, his voice raising as he eyes Max with a narrow glare.
“I just- well... there might be someone else we can call” Max shrugs.
“Who?!” Dustin, Steve, and Robin yell almost in unison.
Max again hesitates for a moment before she finally utters a name.
Dustin, Steve, and Robin all look round at each other in confusion.
“Y/N? As in Y/N from school?” Dustin looks at Max incredulously, as if he didn’t believe what he’d just heard.
Max just nods her head.
“Why would Y/N know where Eddie is?” Steve questions.
“It’s probably better if they explain it to you themselves” Max gives an awkward smile. “But just trust me, just call Y/N. If anyone knows where Eddie is it's them.”
“Someone want to tell me what the hell kind of emergency requires me to come to Family Video? Hmm?” You grumble as you enter the store.
You’re barely two steps inside when Dustin comes sprinting up to you.
There’s an overlap of unintelligible noise as Dustin, Steve, and Robin all begin yelling questions at you. Through it all you think you hear Eddie’s name pop up and you feel your face warm, praying it doesn’t show on your face.
Once the yelling stops they all look at you in expectation, waiting for the answer to whatever nonsense they’d just hurled at you. You look over to see Max stood just behind the others, looking at you with what looked like an apology on her face. She was the one who called you after all.
“Max, do you wanna tell me what the hell is going on?” You raise an eyebrow at her.
She gives you a small apologetic smile before she speaks.
“We just need to know where Eddie is” she shrugs awkwardly.
You again feel your face heat up at the mention of his name. It catches you off guard and you have to swallow before attempting to answer, hoping they wouldn’t see right through you.
“Eddie? As in Eddie Munson?” You question as if you didn’t know exactly who they were talking about.
“Yes!” Dustin almost screams.
“Why?” You ask. “And why would you think I knew where he was anyway?”
At that everyone turns back to look at Max, seeing as she still hadn’t actually explained why you were the one person who might know where Eddie was.
“I’m sorry,” Max directs her speech towards you, “but I know you and Eddie are a thing.”
“What?!” The trio that is Dustin, Steve, and Robin yell in unison again, looking at you with wide eyes and open mouths.
“Uh I don’t know what you’re talking about” you try to dismissively laugh it off.
“I’ve seen the two of you at his trailer. I live right opposite, remember?” Max cuts off your nervous laughter. “I’ve seen you coming and going, kissing him on the steps before you leave, always wearing his jackets and his shirts, him grabbing your ass all the time when you’re outside” she makes a grossed-out face on the last point.
You stare at her wide-eyed, stunned into silence for a minute, refusing to look at the others who were all staring at you.
“Well shit” you mumble, mostly to yourself, deliberately avoiding the gaze of the others who were still gawking at you.
“I’m sorry,” Max apologises again. “But it’s important. I wouldn’t be outing the two of you like this if it wasn’t” she looks at you earnestly.
You huff a small sigh of defeat; “why? What’s going on?”
In your peripheral you can see Steve and Robin mouthing at each other in disbelief at the revelation of you and Eddie being a thing.
“Have you not seen the news? Where the hell have you been?” Dustin almost yells again.
“Uh I’ve been at work, then I took a nap, which I was then rudely awoken from by some teenager telling me that there’s an emergency that somehow requires me to come down to the local video store so” you shrug sarcastically, waving your hand in Max’s direction.
They all look at each other awkwardly again.
“What?! Will someone please just tell me what the hell is going on, what it’s got to do with Eddie, and why it’s apparently important enough for Max to out our relationship?!”
It’s Robin who finally speaks again after another moments silence.
“You might wanna sit down for this one..."
Tumblr media
A/N: so forgive me if this doesn’t exactly fit the timeline and plot of how shit went down in the show but ya know this is fanfiction so just go with it lmao! Part 2 should be released shortly, depends on how far I get with my other fics <3
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modsisawesome · 2 days ago
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sittin in a tree
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babygirlifier · 2 days ago
stranger things textposts!! p1 // p2 // p3 // p4 // p5 // p6
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endiness · a day ago
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