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#max x penelope

Me, makes a post about how much i like Max and Penelopes relationship and that i do not want them to break up in season 3.

Me, twenty minutes later remebering how season 2 ended: Well, shit

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Can someone with amazing Gif skills please gif the scene where Penelope had to get on the couch to kiss Max Because that was adorable and there’s no gifs of it

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Why Saturday (15x4) is my favorite episode ever of Criminal Minds


Girl: Just some guy in the elevator.


Penelope: And now we will… Wheels up. 

Luke: We’re not going anywhere. 

Penelope: Shut up, shut up. Just because you look like that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want with this part of your face.


Kristy: How much has she… 

Rossi: Two glasses, 8 doughnuts. 

Prentiss: 7 doughnuts! 

Kristy: Ooh.


Spencer: Now, if you focus all of your attention to the center of my hand, you will create a beam of energy strong enough to make this penny disappear. 

Sammy: What… how’d you do that?! 

Man: What the hell, man? You hit me with this penny. 

Spencer: I’m sorry. 


Penelope: Oh, um… Open. Ah. 

Emily: Ah. 

Penelope: You’re gonna need that. You have wine breath.


Penelope: I can do it. Please, let me do it. I can ask those questions, and she’s freaking out already. The last thing she needs is some random person who won’t understand, making her feel bad about something she’s already really scared about. 

Luke: Ok, sure.


Brian: Here’s a question: why did you fake your own death? 

Emily: What? 

Brian: In 2010, ya died. I watched them empty out your apartment. Then, in 2016, you’re magically back at the FBI?


Penelope: He cannot get to you there, I promise, ok? We are gonna go find him, and you’re gonna hang out there and relax. Sound good?


Michelle: She’s single, by the way. 

Max: Good-bye, Michelle. 

Michelle: It’s our father’s dream to marry her off. There’s a super sad dowry, if that sweetens the pot. 

Max: Good-bye, Michelle.


Luke: Hey, stop for a second. I know you take our cases personally, ok, but not like this. Want to talk about it?


Tara: Think about it. 

Brian: CIA. NSA

Tara: Shh.


Spencer: Right in the face! There! You like that?


Max: What do you do for the FBI, for real? 

Spencer: I’m a profiler. I use psychology to find people. 

Max: Good. Find me.


Kristy: Red! 

Matt: Yeah. 

Kristy: You chose red?! 

Matt: What do you want? The crib, I can I can I can paint it, I can duct-tape it…

Kristy: Just burn it, burn it! 

Matt: Ok, ok.


Penelope: You took your whole day off to help Elizabeth. 

Luke: Elizabeth

Penelope: And that was very kind of you. 

Luke: How about this? You get a lead on Alexei Stanovich, you keep me on speed-dial

Penelope: Deal.


Prentiss: What’s… What’s her name? 

Matt: Her name is Rose Mary Simmons. Closest we could get to Rossi. 

All: Ah! Oh! 

Rossi: It’s a beautiful name, and it goes with her rose-red crib

Prentiss: When can we meet her? 

Matt: Right now.


JJ: But what did you do on a Saturday to get you into it? 

Spencer: Just, uh I had a conversation. 

JJ: Oh. Conversation. Well, whoever this conversation was with just put a smile on your face I haven’t seen in a really long time. So… You know, there’s only so many people they can fit in the delivery room, so… 

Spencer: I’ll wait. I, uh, I should say hello to the baby. 

JJ: And you will, you know, a week from now. The baby will still be a baby and will have two very tired parents that will want your help. 

Spencer: Yeah? 

JJ: Yeah. Go. 


Max: Took you long enough.

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Who are you?


I don’t think I’m easy to talk about. I’ve got a very irregular head. And I’m not anything that you think I am, anyway ~ Syd Barrett

Dedicated to my French friend @thejoyhopeworld 💖

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