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#maximoff twins
chaoskisses · 3 hours ago
Wanda’s Jewelry in AoU: An Analysis
Tumblr media
In an interview in 2015, Lizzie described the Maximoffs as vagabonds and revealed that all of Wanda’s accessories are an amalgamation of things that she has picked up over time and that Pietro has swiped for her.
When you compare the items on her left hand to the items on her right hand, there’s an obvious difference in quality.
On her right hand: cloth and chord bracelets, rings of thin, flimsy metal. These are the things that Wanda has found and collected for herself.
On her left hand: a silver bangle, a string of pearls, a gold ring with a red coral stone. These things, precious and costly, are things that Pietro has stolen from shops and thoughtfully gifted to his sister.
Wanda wears these gifts from Pietro on her left hand because that’s the hand on which one wears promise, engagement, and wedding rings.
Thank you for your time ♥
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bumblesimagines · a day ago
Green Thumb
Tumblr media
Part 5
Request: Yes or No
TW: Pietro dying imsosorry
I'm still unsure about love interests but I'm leaning towards Wanda and y/n having a brief romance and then Wanda goes to Vis and y/n goes to Bucky or someone else.
Sokovia was chilly but not too cold. It reminded you of the orphanage. Depressing, quiet, and not much interaction between the people around. You weren't surprised. War and bombs weren't something to celebrate. You directed people down the street with Clint, seeing some red energy moving around the streets as Wanda got to the civilians inside their homes. People slowly drove out of the city.
"All these people.. What happens if the city's destroyed?" You asked, frowning as you watched the mothers urge their children to walk faster and the elderly couples help each other.
"Well.. They'll find new homes somewhere else." Clint replied. You turned your head, making eye contact with Wanda. She frowned at Clint's words but stayed silent, looking away from you. You turned your head, hearing shouting and screaming.
"Shit." You whispered, feeling the roots wrap around your fingers. Wanda made a shield with her powers, buying time for the civilians around her to run. She grunted, falling to the ground. You quickly helped her up, hearing her whisper a thanks. You raised your hand, making the root shoot out and impale the robots head. You made a fist so the roots wrapped around the head, swinging your arm to the side and flinging it towards more robots. Wanda gave you a nod before walking away, helping some civilians up. You turned when an arrow whizzed past your head, breathing out a soft sigh.
"It looked cool." Clint grinned. You rolled your eyes, approaching him. You felt the ground begin to tremble under your feet, the screaming getting louder.
"Clint?" You heard Ultron speaking through the robots.
"Stay next to me." Clint said, raising his bow and shooting an arrow at a robot. You nodded, raising your arms. The roots shoot out, wrapping around the neck of a robot and squeezing until the head shot up, making the body go limp. Wanda shot down one robot though you could see the fear in her eyes. She didn't know what to do and it was obvious. You looked up, seeing more robots flying in. Clint suddenly wrapped an arm around your waist, doing the same to Wanda and jumping through a window to avoid an explosion. He quickly sat up while Wanda whimpered and whispered panicked things under her breath.
"Wanda? Wanda, hey." You crawled towards her, placing a gentle hand on her arm. Clint frowned, scooting closer.
"You alright?" He asked gently.
"This is all our fault." She whimpered, hands trembling as she took in sharp breaths.
"Hey, hey, look at me." Clint called, watching her look at him with teary eyes.
"It's your fault, it's our fault, who cares? Are you up to this?" Clint asked, staring at her. Wanda didn't respond, still taking in quick breaths as her gaze flickered around.
"Look, I just need to know cause the city is flying."
"If you can't do this, you can leave with the civilians." You told her, gently rubbing her back.
"Look, the city is flying, we're fighting an army of robots, I have a bow and arrow, and (Y/N) is Mother Nature. None of this makes sense." Clint told her, grunting when the wall was shot at. Wanda flinched, leaning more against you.
"I can't do my job and babysit more than two people, okay?" You blinked at Clint's words, scoffing softly.
"It doesn't matter what you did or who you were. If you can't, stay here and I'll get your brother to come find you but if you step out that door, you are an Avenger." Clint said. Wanda stayed silent, thinking about his words. Clint stood up, getting three arrows ready.
"You coming?" Clint cocked a brow, kicking the doors open and stepping out. Wanda watched him go before meeting your eyes.
"You can do this, Wanda. Where's the girl who was able to put half of the Avengers out of commission?" You gave her a small smile. Wanda swallowed, hands clenching and unclenching.
"I-I'm scared."
"I am too. So is Clint, Cap, and everybody else. You know who's even more terrified? The civilians running around without a clue about what's going on. We have to ignore our fear in order to protect them because they're defenseless." You placed your hands on her shoulders, feeling her trembling. You gave her shoulders a squeeze. You noticed a small flower in the cracks of the floor, moving your hand over it and watching it grow. You plucked it from the ground, placing it into her shakey hands.
"You'll be okay." You stood up, feeling her gaze on you as you exited the building. You swallowed, hands tingling as you searching for roots underground. You found some, raising your hand and watching them shoot up from the ground, wrapping around some of the robots flying. They wrapped around them, making them explode. You turned your head, seeing Wanda outside. She took out three robots at once, panting softly and turning towards you and Clint. You relaxed, the ground shaking gently as the roots from underground retreated back down.
"We're all clear." Clint said.
"We are not clear. We are not clear at all." Steve responded, voice strained. You hummed, chuckling softly. A flash ran by, picking up Wanda.
"Keep up, old man!" Pietro called as he ran. Clint clenched his jaw, raising an arrow.
"Nobody would know." He muttered, thinking it over as you laughed softly. A gust of wind went by again before you were picked up as well.
"Oh, fuck me-" You held onto Pietro, eyes shutting as you felt the wind hitting you. You could hear Clint mumbling things about Pietro, calling him a quick little bastard. Pietro set you down besides Wanda, a hand on your back as you stumbled a bit.
"I forgot I had a bagel for breakfast." You whispered, finding your footing.
"You'll get used to it." Wanda said with a chuckle. She walked forward, hands glowing red.
"No, no, I don't think I will." You replied, raising your hand at a robot. You blinked when the ground suddenly opened beneath the robot, causing it to fall in.
"That's new." You mumbled, surprised as you closed your fist, the ground returning to normal. Pietro grunted when he was grazed by a bullet. The robots stopped momentarily so you and the twins quickly rounded up as many civilians as possible. You heard Natasha and Steve talking before hearing Fury. You spotted the aircrafts, letting out a sigh of relief. You directed the people to the aircrafts, watching them get on.
"Avengers, time to work for a living." Tony called. You walked back to the center, seeing the others. You turned to face Ultron, adrenaline pumping. You were definitely gonna take a nap once the mission was over.
"Is that the best you can do?!" Thor shouted at Ultron. In response, Ultron raised his arm, hundreds of robots running and flying in. Your shoulders slumped as Steve looked at Thor.
"You had to ask." He muttered.
"This is the best I can do." Ultron replied, smugness in his voice.
"This is exactly what I wanted. All of you against all of me. How could you possibly hope to stop me?" Ultron asked.
"Well.. Like the old man said.. Together?" Tony answered, hearing Hulk let out a cry. The center was quickly swarmed, robots coming in from above and the sides. You raised your arms and pulled apart, making the ground open.
"(Y/N), what the hell are you doing?"
"No clue but it's new and it's working." You glanced at Clint, bringing your arms together and crushing the robots stuck in the ground. Tony, Tony Jr, and Thor took care of Ultron while you and the others continued to fight. The robots began to retreat, giving you time to breath.
"You guys get to the boats. The air's getting thin." Steve ordered, looking over everyone.
"What about the core?" Clint asked.
"I'll protect it." Wanda announced, looking at Clint. "It's my job."
"Stay safe." You told her, brows raising. Wanda nodded.
"I will, Mother Nature." Wanda smiled softly. You returned the smile, following Natasha and Clint to a convertible. You got in the back, listening to Clint talk about some new plans for the home as he drove.
"Laura deserves a vacation." You called, staring up at the sky.
"That's what I've been saying! We need to go on an all girl vacation." Natasha said, earning a chuckle from you. You got out of the car, hearing Hulk grunting. Natasha quickly got out to go find him. You noticed a woman calling out for someone, frowning. Clint looked around for any movement, noticing a child stuck in the rubble.
"Stay here." He instructed, getting off the boat and jogging towards the kid. You frowned, watching him. You heard gunshots, looking up and watching an aircraft shoot down, aiming right at Clint.
"Clint!" You screamed, getting off the boat and running towards him. You came to a slow stop, watching as Pietro's body fell over. You slowly walked towards him, getting down beside him. You pressed two trembling fingers to his neck but found no pulse. You looked at Clint through watery eyes, shaking your head. You swallowed, remembering the time when you were a child and healed an injured cat. You hovered your hand over one of the bullet holes, watching the root reach down but nothing happened. You frowned, feeling tears slip down your cheeks. You hadn't known him for long but you were looking forward to having a new friend.
"I'm sorry." You heard Steve's voice gently say, resting a hand on your shoulder. You sniffled and stood, watching Steve pick up his body and take him to a boat. You followed, mind blank. You knew death came with the job but Pietro had years ahead of him. Clint reunited the child with his mother, grunting as he took a seat. You did the same, staring down at his body. Clint lied down, resting his head on your lap.
"You don't have to become an Avenger, (Y/N)." Clint grunted softly. You swallowed, shaking your head.
"I'm just gonna need a therapist." You whispered, hearing Clint laugh softly.
You smiled, watching the video of Nathaniel playing with the toy you bought him. Wanda looked over your shoulder, cooing softly.
"Is that him?" She asked softly. You nodded, chuckling.
"Nathaniel Pietro Barton." You cooed, watching him. Wanda hummed, resting her head on your shoulder.
"Hey, love birds." Sam greeted with a teasing grin. You looked up at him, rolling your eyes as Wanda shook her head.
"We aren't a couple." She reminded him.
"Mhm." Sam nodded slowly, sounding and looking completely unconvinced. You turned off your phone, looking over his outfit. Sam noticed, hands going to his hips.
"Looks dope, right?" He grinned, nodding to himself.
"So.. All you do is fly?" You asked, watching his face drop when Rhodes cracked up.
"Yes, I fly. That's.. That's cool, right?" Sam asked, looking at the others. You shrugged, giving him a playful smile.
"I mean.. He can fly, Vision can fly, Wanda can fly..." You trailed off, chuckling at his scowl. You stood up, nodding.
"Yes, it is cool that you can fly, Wilson. I'm just messing with you." You said, putting your phone away. You turned your head when Steve and Natasha entered.
"Avengers, assemble!" He called, code words for get in line. You walked forward, standing beside Vision and Wanda. Natasha met your gaze, smiling.
"Did you see the video?" She mouthed, clearly excited. You gave her a small nod, smiling softly.
"(Y/N), Dr. Cho wants to talk with you after training. She has some theories she wants to run by you." Steve told you, heading down the steps and standing in front of the line. You nodded. After Hulk disappeared, Dr. Cho had approached you to finally run those tests. You still had no idea what triggered your new ability to open up the ground and it was something you had to work on during training.
"Let's begin." Natasha crossed her arms, a grin on her lips. You swallowed, watching her. You shared a glance with Wanda, being sent off to different spots in order to show off everyone's abilities.
"Let's start with you, Barton." Steve said, standing infront of you as Natasha placed down a pot with dirt. You lifted your hands, humming softly and taking a step back. Steve and Natasha hesitantly did the same. You made a fist, watching the bonsai tree burst up, overgrown and roots spilling over the pot. The roots moved, movements following your fingers.
"How are you doing with your other abilities?" Steve asked, watching the roots. You swallowed, looking at him.
"Still working on it." You answered, lowering your hands. The tree retracted back into the pot. Laura had mentioned that if there was more to your powers, you could end up being the most powerful person on Earth. You just needed to figure out how to control them at any given moment. The two moved onto Wanda. You watched her show off her abilities. Pietro would be proud of her. You thought about him a lot. The way he sacrificed himself for Clint and the child. How broken Wanda looked.
You turned your head as the boat landed, watching people get out and be tended to by medics. Clint got up, leaving the boat as well with soft grunts. You spotted Wanda, relieved she had gotten to safety before the rock exploded. Wanda silently got on the boat, expression blank until she saw her brother. Her brows slightly raised, eyes watering as she gently got on the ground beside him. Soft sobs left her as she raised his head and placed it on her lap, gently running her fingers through his hair. Tears ran down her dirt and ash covered cheeks. You sat down beside her, wrapping gentle arms around her and pulling her against your body. Her sobs turned into cries. She cried until she couldn't anymore, letting them take away the body. She stared blankly at the spot where his body had lied, sniffling.
"I'm alone." She whispered. "I have no one."
"You have me."
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With Joaquin being the oldest amongst Kate Bishop, America Chavez, Kamala Khan, Peter Parker and the Maximoff twins, he'll probably lead the Young Avengers and I can only imagine the amount of crackhead energy that team is going to have.
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☁️ - for Pietro and Wanda?
“Do you remember those times when we were at the orphanage after mom and dad died?” Wanda said, as she approached her twin, “Remember how we would stay up all night to watch the storms?” She chuckled a little, as she remembered the pleasant memory of Sokovia.
She remembered the vision of sitting against the window ledge, staring out and watching the sky light up, at a time when all the other children were in their beds. At times, Wanda missed when it was just her and her brother against the world.
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little-witchxx · 3 days ago
newest fc <33
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bumblesimagines · 4 days ago
Green Thumb
Tumblr media
Part 4
Request: Yes or No
TW: Drug mention, needle mention, overdose mention
I'm still unsure on the twins ages in age of ultron since one source says 16 and the other says 26 lmao. Imma just say the twins are 17 or 18.
You stared down at the city below with a frown. You knew Clint wouldn't rest until Natasha was found. Everything had happened so quickly and even if you had tried to catch her with a root, you would've been pulled along. A sigh left you as you sat down at your desk. Your room in the tower felt like a cell. Gray walls, white bed, white desk. The only real color in the room came from the line of potted flowers on the desk. You felt your stomach grumble, standing up and leaving the room. You headed to the kitchen, getting a granola bar. You opened it, taking a bite from it. You almost choked, hearing crashing and arguing. You swallowed the bits of granola as you followed the noises to the laboratory. You headed up the stairs, dodging a flying Steve.
"What the fuck?" You turned your head, seeing the Maximoff twins. "What the fuck?" You repeated, watching them in bewilderment. Another one left you when Thor crashed through a window, raising his hammer and letting the electricity power the cradle. Nothing happened for a moment before the cradle burst open, causing Thor to fly back.
"I should've stayed with Laura." You whispered, staring at the red man that emerged from the cradle. He slowly stood, looking between everyone. His gaze settled on Thor, lunging for him but Thor grabbed him and threw him to the side, causing another crash.
"(Y/N), stay close." Clint called, eyeing the twins. You quickly walked over to him, hearing the crunching of glass beneth your shoes. While Thor and Steve took the dramatic way, you chose to use the door and head to the room Vision was in. Thor raised his hand, stopping Steve from attacked. The man stared out into the city, staying silent and motionless. Thor set down his hammer as the man landed on the door, apologizing to Thor and mimicking his cape.
"Thor, you helped create this?"
"I've had a vision. A whirlpool that sucks in all forms of life and at its center is that." Thor explained, pointing at the crystal in the mans forehead.
"What, the gem?" Bruce asked, watching Thor look at him.
"The mind stone." He corrected. "It's one of the six infinity stones. The greatest power in the universe with destructive abilities." Thor explained as he faced everyone.
"It looks like a citrine." You muttered, continuing to unwrap the rest of your granola bar, swiping away the crumbs that fell on the floor with your foot.
"A what?" Clint asked softly. You glanced at him.
"It's a type of gemstone. It's supposed to motivate you to take action." You shrugged lightly. Gemstones were pretty interesting to study, even more so when they had so called 'destructive abilities.'
"Stark's right."
"Oh, it's definitely the end." Bruce said quietly.
"Why does your vision sound like J.A.R.V.I.S?" Steve asked as he watched the man walk forward. Tony explained why, still in awe and surprise. The man looked at Steve.
"You think I'm a child of Ultron?" Though it sounded like a question, it was obvious it was a statement.
"You're not?"
"I'm not Ultron." The man replied softly, almost confused. "And.. I'm not J.A.R.V.I.S either."
"I looked in your head and saw annihilation." Wanda said, stepping forward as she glared at him. Clint scoffed softly, walking towards everyone. You followed, tossing the wrapper into the trashcan.
"Look again."
"Your approval seems jack to me." Clint said, gaze staying locked on the twins. Wanda's gaze went to Clint before going to you. You maintained brief eye contact. It wasn't everyday you met another meta.
"Her powers, the horrors in our heads, Ultrons powers.. They all came from the mind stone. Nothing compares to what it can unleash." Thor revealed. "And with it on our side-"
"Is it?" Steve interrupted, looking at the man again.
"Are you? On our side?"
"I don't think it's that simple." He replied softly.
"Sounds pretty simple. Death or life for humanity." You said, shrugging. He looked at you, giving a small nod before looking at the others.
"Then.. I'm on the side of life. Ultron isn't." He took small steps forward, not wanting to agitate anyone.
"What's he waiting for?"
"You." The man stared at Tony. You were already coming up with names for him. Tony Jr was the one sticking.
"Sokavia's our best bet." Tony said.
"Nat's there too." Clint told them, looking at Bruce when he approached the man.
"If we're wrong about you..." Bruce started softly. His threats were always amusing until he turned green. He stared at Tony Jr, letting it up to his imagination, if he had that.
"I don't want to kill Ultron." Tony Jr walked around Bruce, continuing past everyone.
"He's weak.. And in pain but that pain will roll over the Earth, so he must be destroyed. Every forms he's built, every sense of his presence on the net. We have to act now and not one of us can do it without the other." Tony Jr turned, facing them. He looked down at his hands.
"Maybe I am a monster. I don't know if I will become one.. I'm not what you are. I'm not what you intended. So there may be no way for you to trust me but we need to go." Tony Jr finished his speech, picking up Thors hammer and handing it to him. The room stayed silent as everyone took it in. Thor took his hammer, clearing his throat and nodding.
"Alright." He gave a small smile, walking away. You sighed, turning around and walking towards the bar.
"Don't even think about it." Clint called as he walked past you. You huffed, watching him go.
"Seriously?" You rolled your eyes, looking over your shoulder at the twins. They walked away in amusement, following Steve's directions to the lockers. You walked to your room, putting on the outfit Clint had designed for you. You looked at a picture of you and Clint, smiling softly. You left the room, walking down the hall. You noticed Thor and Tony Jr talking outside, arms crossing as you approached the glass. You stared at the two, gaze locking onto the reflection of the twins. You turned to face them, seeing Wanda pause and stay in her spot.
"Sorry about choking you." You spoke first, looking between them. Wanda gave a small nod, hand gently gripping her arm.
"Did you get experimented on like us?" Pietro asked, head tilting. Some white strands fell over his face. You shook your head, biting your bottom lip as you thought on how to explain it.
"From what Bruce told me, my mother had drugs in her system during labor. It was an unknown drug that they still haven't identified but Bruce says that it might've given me some freak cell mutation that gave me these powerd. It's weird. Clint said it took a long time to even find any information on my family. I don't know if it's true or something that they told me to make me feel better about being orphaned." The twins gaze softened, glancing at each other. Wanda licked her lips, glancing at the ground.
"When were you orphaned?" She asked softly.
"When I was a baby. My mom died in labor and my dad had been found dead with a needle in his arm a day later. I was put into an orphanage cause my parents were seen as a Jane Doe and John Doe. Again, it's weird." You told them, shrugging lightly. Pietro took in a soft breath, gaze becoming distant.
"We're orphans too. I'm sure you already know what happened by now but.. A bomb killed them." Pietro said softly. He took in a deeper breath, giving a small smile to lighten the mood.
"I suppose that's another thing we have in common." He pointed out with a small shrug. You nodded, smiling softly. It was nice to be around people your age who understood you. Even Wanda seemed relaxed and more comfortable.
"(Y/N), what'd I say?" You looked up upon hearing Clint's voice.
"You were the one who left me alone to change." You reminded him with a soft huff, going around the twins and approaching him. Clint shot you a pointed look, glancing at the twins. You understood why he was distrustful of them.
"Clint, they're like me." You said quietly as you walked with him to the aircraft.
"You're not like them."
"Yes, I am. They're metas and around my age. Weren't you the one who said I had to work on my people skills?" You cocked a brow as you stared at him. Clint stayed silent, giving you the answer.
"They were fighting for their country after it was attacked. They have all the right to be distrustful-"
"After one conversation, you can tell apart the difference between good guys and bad guys?"
"I don't know, Clint, you tell me. You were the one who chose to take in a kid who almost choked your best friend to death and attempted to impale Americas biggest playboy with a fucking branch." You hissed lowly, frowning and looking forward.
"You were, and still are, a kid." Clint said, voice becoming hard and stricter.
"Oh, well, fuck me, I didn't realize the twins were in their eighties."
"Quit giving me attitude, (Y/N). I want to protect you. You don't know if they're gonna stab us in the back when we least expect it. If we destroy Ultron and they stay on our side, you can play dolls with them." Clint said, approaching the aircraft.
"Whatever." You entered the aircraft, taking a seat. The others entered not long after. The twins sat down beside you as Clint headed to the front.
"We didn't get you in trouble, did we?" Wanda asked quietly, glancing over at Clint. You shook your head, toying with the roots in order to relax.
"No, just.. Strict dad drama." You muttered. Wanda tilted her head, making eye contact with Pietro before it clicked.
"Oh.. He adopted you? That's nice." Wanda gave a small smile. "Maybe the Avengers aren't so heartless."
"We aren't." You assured, looking between her and Pietro. "It'll take a while but.. We can all grow to trust each other."
"I hope so." Pietro breathed out, hands going to the belt as the aircraft lifted up. You chuckled at the nervous look on his face.
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zappyzena · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Quicksilver aka Pietro Maximoff! This was supposed to be a sketch at first but made it to a full drawing!!
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chaoskisses · 5 days ago
Title: Two Minds, One Soul
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff / Wanda Maximoff
Rating: Explicit
Chapters: 10/10
Words: 25k+
Summary: One night, during a particularly terrible thunderstorm, Wanda seeks refuge in the warm embrace of her sleeping twin brother. The next morning, she receives a surprisingly different type of affection from Pietro than what she had been expecting, but as it turns out, it’s exactly the type that she’s been longing for.
The Maximoff twins have always been in love with each other, but they don’t realize it until their repressed feelings begin to surface through sexual desires.
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inkstainedkeyboard · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Before he was fast and she was weird... a collection of Maximoff twins' backstories.
Part One- “Last Time Together”
Part Two- “Oncoming Storms”
Part Three- “As Everything Ends”
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residentmiddlechild · 6 days ago
Okay, so I keep reading these fanfics where Peter’s Wanda is dead, right? But I didn’t realize until this morning how horrible Peter would feel on his birthday because it’s not something he should be celebrating alone, it’s something he’s supposed to share.
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