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#maxx speaks

I don’t know where the first post went so I’m making another about the same thing-

Uh if you want, please send me asks or submit things (hcs, ideas, lo smiling, etc etc) for me to use as countdown posts!

I’m running out of ideas and I need to restock my Lo pics-


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Should I reblog Lo ships here? I’ve been avoiding it just in case but I dunno. They’d all be tagged, I just need the ok from y'all

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Rewatching the entirety of Stampy’s lovely world and all the other videos from my childhood bc I refuse to let go? yep. That’s what I’ll be doing for the next few days.

Don’t be surprised if I don’t post my countdowns.

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Okay, we know of all the new mcytbers, Dream, Techno, Quackity, Wilbur, Tommy, BBH, Skeppy, Schlatt, Tubbo etc etc.

But I’m feeling nostalgic so let’s bring back some names you og mcyt fans may remember…

AntVenom, Skydoesminecraft, CaptainSparklez, TheDiamondMinecart/DanTDM, PopularMMOs, PrestonPlayz, UnspeakableGaming, Jelly, TheAtlanticCraft, Stampylonghead, JeromeASF, iHasCupquake, IBallisticSquid, SSundee, StacyPlays,

Grian, LDShaowlady, SmallishBeans, Joey Graceffa, Deadlox, Huskymudkip, BajanCanadian, Littllecarly, Littlelizzy, Littlelizard, Logdotzip, Mithzan, HouseOwner/Yourpalross, RedVacktor, Aphmau, Shubble, ThatGuyBarney

And many, many more. They brightened up our childhoods in such unique ways and I want to remember them and everything they did for us.

I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m getting at so I’ll tell you.

If you can, please tell me some of your favorite members of these people (or others that I missed) and their content. Don’t think about them now or how they’ve changed, just tell me some things you loved seeing from them.

Let’s all reminisce together cause why not

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