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I’m back on my bullshit and I’m really gonna need some answers here, CRWBY.

Nora’s had a sudden, drastic change in both her style and color palette, shifting from dark pinks/blues to pastels. It also just so happens that both of those changes line up directly with a certain group of Huntresses in Mantle.    

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literally that was the funniest moment in the show because they have may come up & tell rwb_ right to their faces that they’re sitting on their ass doing nothing in weiss’s cushty mansion, drinking fucking tea & rwb_ STILL HESITATE & DO NOTHING WHEN MAY TELLS THEM TO CHOOSE. how am i supposed to root for these people again when they’re doing nothing to fix the mess they created?

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May: we need to get information out of the arc.

Fiona: i got an idea.


Fiona: he doesnt know anything

May: how do you know

Fiona: cause i tried fucking the info outta him.

May: *shocked pikachu face*

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May: its was nice of you to help move thses supplies.

Jaune: its the least i can do.

May: *tries lifting a heavy crate*

Jaune: here. Let me. *lift the crate easily*

May: *looks at the display of strength* i’m gonna rock his 6ft world.

Robyn: may you’re drooling

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Jaune being a “pure soul” decided to show whoever ships you want that he can tie a knot real quick

Would any of those ships react in a nsfw way?


dragonslayer, knightshade, rogue knight, cloak and stagger and sherwood knight

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robyn: hey there cowboy. you want me to be your cowgirl?

jaune: giddy up*

elm: nice digs.

jaune: uh thanks?

harriet: hey nice outfit rookie

jaune: thanks.

fiona: *smiles* i like your outfit jaune.

jaune: *smiles* im glad you like it.

may: hey can ride you cowgirl style

jaune: uuuuh what?

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fiona: i cant believe you guys are making me seduce the arc fellow

may:… no one is making you do it. yoi volunteered. in fact you dont even have to seduce him


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Pietro: Well, I could try to help them with that….

Nora: But you dont have the equipment, do you? 

Pietro: I’m afraid not. When Penny gets back-

Jaune: We can go see if we can find some for you.

Pietro: I couldnt ask for you to do that-

Nora: No, he’s right. Jaune, Ren, and I can find our way back into Atlas and see if we can get the equipment you need. We stole an airship once. How hard could it be to get into Atlas? 

Pietro: It’ll be dangerous for you. Maria will be able to get you to Atlas, but getting out-

May: *walking over to the group* Leave that one to me. 

Pietro: *sighing and moving over to another table* I’ll go make the list then. 

Nora: You’ll help us?

May: *nodding* Of course I will. One, it’ll let me have a bit of fun with the general, and two, Robyn would want to help you guys out as long as you’re telling the truth.

Jaune: Great! We’ll get our friends back to normal in no time! 

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May: I just want to be confident enough to say, “oops that was an accident” as I stab someone repeatedly…

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This is gonna be shorter than what I usually write, but I love animation. I love it a lot. It’s one of my favorite mediums for storytelling these days, especially when we start seeing lots of LGBT characters in them. From the Legend of Korra to SU to SPOP to Kipo we’ve seen evolution in allowing queer characters to exist in animation more than just a passing blink or you’ll miss moment. Video games too have been doing much of the same, but there’s always been one kind of person missing I feel from representation.


RWBY is the only animated series I’ve seen at all to give us a real transwoman character who feels more like a person than just a token. Okay let’s simplify this. RWBY is the only animated series I’ve watched in the last ten years to have a transwoman in it, period. Somehow, of all the things I’ve watched, it was RWBY to make this step. Not the LGBT heralded shows like SPOP, which I still love, or Steven Universe. No, it was RWBY.

Seeing myself, seeing a transwoman, in an animated show openly say she’s trans means everything to me. It took until 2020 for it to happen though. Her having a major role thus far in volume eight has been wonderful, and I hope she continues to have a major role as long as the group is in Atlas. To finally see myself represented in one of my favorite storytelling mediums makes me happy. I’m sure it makes a lot of other transwomen happy too. 

(I know there’s Lily from Zombieland Saga, but I’m not counting anime or trans characters voiced by cis women)

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May Zedong: *fighting at the battle of beacon*

May Marrigold, loading a sniper rifle: there can only be one

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I wrote a scene for the trans Oscar theory because I love him. After Oscar is rescued/escapes the whale, if they can’t contact the others to know to take him to Schnee manor, they’d probably take him back to the Happy Huntresses’ base camp to heal him up in one of the medic tents.

Ren helps Oscar out of his jacket and onto a makeshift medical table.

Jaune, to May: Where are the others?

May: Last I knew they were at the manor up in Atlas. They wouldn’t leave, so I came back to help Mantle.

Yang: We have to go there, we have to get to them!  

May: Look, they’re not answering their scrolls, and we need to get him patched up before he can go anywhere. So unless you want to leave him here while we-

Jaune: No.

Yang: No way.

Ren: We’re not letting him out of our sight.

Oscar starts to speak, but he’s too tired to argue.

Jaune begins to heal his open wounds to stop the bleeding.

Yang: Here, let me help you with those.

She reaches to unwrap Oscar’s bandages.

Oscar, sharply pulling away: No! *winces from the movement*


Oscar: I mean, uh, no – no, thanks. I don’t like taking them off.

Jaune: But, I can’t heal you with them on. You have a broken rib, and these bandages are too tight to set it back in place.

May, seeing Oscar’s expression: I think I can help. You good to walk, kid?

Oscar: Yeah, I can walk. Can someone hand me O- my – cane?

Yang hands it over, and Oscar is visibly comforted by holding it. He gets down from the cot and uses his cane for balance.

May: Come with me. [To the others] You all wait here.

Yang: We said we weren’t letting him out of our sight.

Oscar: No, it’s okay.

Jaune: But-

Oscar: Please.

May: We’ll be right back.

May leads Oscar to a nearby tent, empty aside from several large boxes. The citizens were told to pack, and a lot was dropped in the chaos, so this is the Lost and Found.

May, holding the tent flap open: You know, bandages aren’t really very safe.

Oscar: I know.

May enters the tent after him.

May: Don’t they hurt?

Oscar: Not as much as having them off.

May nods, and starts going through a box labeled “clothes.”

May: How old are you?

Oscar: Fifteen.

May: Ah, no wonder.

May pulls a half-length binder out of the box.

May: Here.

May tosses Oscar the binder and a simple, loose white shirt (not dissimilar to his original)

Oscar, who had been unable to afford a binder when he got his new clothes (which was one of the reasons he went shopping in the first place), holds it almost reverently.

May: You get changed, I’ll stand guard outside so no one comes in.

Oscar, sincerely: Thank you.

[Cut to May and Oscar re-entering the medic tent]

Yang: You’re back!

May: Alright, lie back down.

Oscar does so with Ren’s help.

Jaune: You good?

Oscar: Yeah, here.

Oscar pulls his shirt up just high enough for his broken rib to be exposed.

Jaune starts to heal him as Ren helps realign his ribs.

Oscar looks over at May and smiles softly. She nods at him with a trace of a smile, and heads out to help with evacuations.

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Rough transcription of the intro to Robyn and Her Happy Huntresses (via Forest):


Screen recording:

I think actually there is a violin in there, but the tremolo upper strings are the stand-in. Double bass, cello, and a guitar too, it’s really fun to listen to.

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…..Why is everybody so obsessed with a jaune harem? I went to the happy huntresses tag and had to block somebody because I was seriously disturbed 😐

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jaune: im gonna pound you into the ground

may: promise?


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The AceOps’ leitmotif demonstrates the oft terrifying effectiveness of propaganda music. Conveyed through major key scoring and bombastic fanfare, the illusion of heroism is reinforced in juxtapose with the Happy Huntresses via tighter voicing, chromaticism, etc. In this essay I will

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(someone wants jaune to get laid…not yet, tho)

It should have been the perfect plan…it should have been flawless!

When Councilman Arc came to Mantle again, to visit the sites and see if Atlas upheld their promises, the Happy Huntresses sent him a letter, asking him to meet Robyn Hill in a hotel to discuss further policies.

It went unspoken that those policies involved the mutual exploration of bodies.

Then May found out and wanted in. Then Fiona found out and wanted in!

Okay, fine, good, dandy, the more the higher the success rate! Not that Robyn wasn’t confident in her seductive abilities, but…it had been some time since her last tryst.

It should have been perfect, but they didn’t account for the most obviosu thing, something they were currently seeing play out in HDTV.

The immense popularity of Jaune Arc.


Why? Why again?!

He ran and ran, yet they seemed everywhere. He should have arrived at the hotel a while ago, but being chased around got him lost in Mantle.

Their home turf.

He jumped over some stacked boxes and ran, ran, ran.

Right into three more.

“Ara ara~”

The thirsty moms.

He would escape, certainly, and he knew help was on the way, but it still took a toll on him.

Especially since he realized that he couldn’t run away from women’s feelings for him forever.

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